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mdm ? Jtotclliynrrr.
^ 1" rnt mi ni *?- I 41,11
?kt wntywtx.
., d H,. !? ? Fourth Weat
v L ?j, Jwrirt lmvc railed ?< ongrrariontl
? 10 meet at l*t. Pleaaant on the
1 ri' wmwl ??< CoU.S. lUwIerlua
hiuMlfaa n c-aii'U?late for tlio
IIil i.?iivia linl.1
i i iVMb) lVi?iua ih |iiii/iiv??i, |
j>ir?-wnouiiiwlinif convention to-day.
i,i-n. jlnvrruili undoubtedly Ik? their cm.li-laie
/or liuvcrnor. Hois the popular
cl,,,i(v I. v ir."l Joubl, There arc some
I ? i?r howcvi-r of a di He rent charac!.
?t'lnl. Uiat will invent the proleal
of general interH.an'l
lliut m i.1' H*rioualy allect the liar\jl;>
U, . "f l'ennsylvauia, seems on
tl?. |.: mmitting a serious mistake
in x'.oin);: l'i- name to lie used on the
,jeim>/i!i<k< t to-morrow for Ue'ntenant
(/orerniir. lie lii? motive ever mo good, lie
hill to the suspicion of havin;,'soM
out all his independence for the
aw'ol otlifial recognition. His Candidarv
<>( lx?! year will he regarded us a case of
Hrv-lii'.i'lnliioiS and he will certainly not
reap a l.arv*?-*i ?>f public respect. It is
Vfrvailly i >r him t-? consent to such an ar:mxr.'tn,
II he is actuated by the projt-r
motives in fullinu in with the meu with
whom lit; fell iMit libit year, he should sternly
rufuso tu pi on their ticket, hoth far
their sakes ami his own. He will be badly
ni! at tile polk
! mi:, (if N? vada. who was here
w-tcrthiy, and who proposes to be one of
the builderso( tlio Uiver railroad, is an
Irishman bv birth. lie was born in the
North <?( Ireland in is:;and came to the
l'aitcd .' tales in isW with his parents,who
-"lll'.il in Illinois. In 1SIU, on the breaking
out of the California gold fever, lie
went t?? that State, and was engaged in
mining, and as a mining engineer, until
- a n);en he removed to Nevada, and be*
ume thesnpcrinteiulant of a mine on the
i'niht'M-k lode, and in 1807 he entered into
u partnership which (controlled several valuable
mine.', in some of which was the
"! 'l^nanza." ffe was elected to the
United States Senate as a Democrat, to suc(v?
I sburon, Republican, and took his seat
March 4, issi. His term will expire in
March, 1S>7. lie is said to be worth $10,U<H),000.
Tlie Senator is a rugged and stout
ict man, llorid faced,evidently a good liver,
and has heavy whiskers considerably
tinged with gray.
UM4.II IH I I Hri.AIt.
'1 h?? 4.rami Coitiiiiiiuilrrj' of Weft Vlr?
Siiuiii 1'ri'M .Usorlnllwii .Mi-i'diiK.
S^Kvlal in the liiirlllgeticcr.
Maktismh ru, \V. Va., May 1).?'The
I Ur.unl Commundery of West Virginia,
Ku'mhtH Tvuipl ir, will hold its ninth auuiiaU'oiu
lave in litis city to-morrow, K. K.
v;rKni^lit J. H. Purnell, Grand Commnndor,
presiding. The conclave will open
promptly jit 10 o'clock, a. m. at the asylum
ufPaliMinecoinnmndery, No. 2, and will
l<tvbuhly conclude its labors by ti o'clock
>' m. In tin' afternoon at 4 o'clock, the
weather permitting, there will be a public
procession of all members of the order
pra^rit. in full uniform, through the principal
Hired# of the city, headed by a lirst
elans cornet band of twenty-two inatrumnu
A iter the parade the eommanderv
will undergo a formal review and
insertion m the public square by H. K.
ftr Knight Robert E. Withers, the Deputy |
' r.uul Master of the United States, assisted
bv<Commander I'urnell ami others.
At ' i'. m., a grand banquet will hi? spread
in the Hpavious dining hall of the .St. Clair
itotmi'tW ami more generally known as
Xhw ?iram\ lYnlral) hotel, at which all
visiting Sir Kuik'lils, with their ladies, will
bi'fli-' l'Ui'.sls of Palestine commandery.
c1ioiiJiJ i)h> nt'.ulier prove unpropitious, as
i* now threatened, the public exercises, to
lW'reat disappointment of the expectant
citizens, will necessarily be much curtailed, |
and it is therefore earnestly hoped that
tlw wwitlier bureau will be generous.
The present ofHcers of the .Grand Coin-!
luandery are:
'! 1- sir Jesse H. Purnell, G. C., of lien W.knI.
V. K. sir \V. II. If. Flick, 1>. G. C., Mar-,
a 1 sir F. Scott, G. G., I'urkersbnrg.
J"--?Sir W. II. Kiggs, G. C. G., Martinatmrg.
sir i i. A. < iibbons, G. PrelatJ, FairI
, ' -sir 1'.. F. Keifsnvdcr, G. S. W., l'arMraburg
K Sir I' \i i> ...: r\ i \\r v..:
.. v. .11. IMV1BUU, *-' - " ? iali'
V.. >ir.I. .\. Miller, l?. Treas., Wheeling.
I i >ir Uco. K. Irvine, G. K., Wheelingi
I v?r .luo. W. Ugbt, G. St. Bearer, I arVmburg.
, .
i: sir. .\. J. Stone, G. Sw. Bearer, l'airanont.
K. Sir w. W. Van winkle, G. Warden,
' ^r Frank K. Nichols, G. C. of G.,
band employed is from tredcriek
^ M . and will bo In attendance at the
Mart Mburg will be "at home" to about
?'no humlri'tl and tifty members of the
I'^.v. on Thursday evening oi this week.
I'ntnherlaiid Yullcy association is "exviut\n?M
through this section, and will call.
\ meeting ot vh? citizens was held last
evening, ujnu the request of M^yor Logan,
to dovl*. ways and means (or the proper
Ti'(V|itnm "i Uu-sc Laor visitors, and a Btttiioactory
programme was arranged.
rKi i; <. t;r.i:\u\i ui:KM.
Olllrlnl Itrnlnt Hint ttiry W,u?l to Atlllintc
Willi ilit* Drimwrntit
v im Mm, ^lay l?.?Dispatches Irom Washiugton,
of the i?d inst., stated that General
James K. Weaver, of Iowa, had written to
1 Senator YoorJws, proposing a general coa1
litiou betweoM the Democrats and the
I Greenbuckery,
General Weaver contradicts U*o report
u? tli<> following dispatch:
"Bi.ooum:u?, I v.. May 8.?Tho publish?
i dispatches concerning tho political
negotiations between Senator Yoortaecs
ami oilier prominent Democrats and myself
arc false I did writo Senator Yoora
personal letter concerning Iowa
polities, hut it is not of the character indi
I ated in j)?> dispatches, nor of any inter*
cat to the public.
l%u?d.) J. B. Wiuvbu."
jAivirr LUiflMlSiMUjN.
OJilv'j UrttJ for Old Caution ?f Tall Abo
BUIat-Kad AcclJ?it to AWck. Stephen*.
More Xoitj fur the Kr?e School*.
Thilill Uourboa Xotiurnt.
Special Dbpttch to thy liitcllwciucr.
wasiiinoton, May 0.?The Suprert
court of the District began to hear the :j
gutneut in the (iuiteau case to-day. >i
one was present for the prisoner excel
Col. Charles liccd, of Chicago, whose argi
ment waa able und udroit. lie waa coi
atantly interrupted by the chief justice, wli
kept up a Hort of running debate with tli
attorney. Col. Ueed, however, 'ield h
own and gave the bench aeverai ne<
points upon the case. The argument wi
bo fltnriluul tft.mn?wiiii
Tho I louse spent tho day in debate upo
tho bill making tho llureau of Agrieultut
an Executive department. Speeches wor
mado by a largo number of member*
atuong whom were Mr. UpdegmlF, of Ohic
and Messrs. lloye and Kenna, ot Wet
Virginia. Mr. Kenna's substitute for tli
pending bill was defeated, but the Hons
adjourned without getting u voto upon tli
measure. The bill will pas* the lions
without much opposition, but will not
through the Senate, as the members o
the latter body do not have to wrestle witl
the agricultural element, for a return t
Congress, every two years.
Kx-Seuator Katon has been mentionei
for a position on the tarifFcommission, bu
says that 1 ft will 4?ot accept an appoint
ment because he introduced and advocate)
the bill which has just passed.
Chalmers, of Mississippi, is going to dthe
Catalino aet. lie is so incensed witl
his fellow Democrat**, because of their fail
uro to work for his retention in th
House, that he is determined to lea<
a crnsaue against tli?j JiourhniM in Mis
sissippi. lie will ran for Congress ia hi:
district on a combined Itepublian am
Liberul Democratic ticket, and will aid'
stump the State in thy intermit of such :
ticket. It is allege I that he has beei
promised administration aid.
Kenna was warmly discussed as a prob
ably strong candidate for United State!
Senator from Wojt Virginia by a coterie o
politicians in the Capitol to-day.
The Senate spent two hours in debat<
over the nomination of Worthington, to b(
collector of customs at Boston iu execu
tive session. 1 loar and Dawes couldn't fa
the life of them down the dose they lielpet
to give Conk ling last spring, and appealed
to the Senate. Conger and Hale spake in
favor of Worthingtou.
No Ohio town is complete now withou
a number of condemned cannons, Bill:
were passed in the Senate, to-day, givinj
six condemned cannons to Hamilton, iivi
to Mansfield, four to liallipolis.two to Milai
and live to Bellaire, Ohio. Whet
the bills came np for passage
Mr. Kdmuuds asked how many
condemned cannon the government owned
air. uocicreii repncu / 7-1; upon which Mr
Edmunds caused a good ileal of mirth lr
inquiring whether we had any cannon thu
were not condemned.
Tho friends of Aleck Stephens, the vet
eran member from Georgia, are alarmed
At noon, to-day, us he wau entering tli
Capitol, he slipped and fell, lie is consul
erably hurt, and, owing to his feeble state
fears are entertaiued that the shock to hi
nervous system may prove very serious,i
I not fatal."
PcunHj'lvHiiln Appoint men fx.
Washington, .May 9.?Don Cameron it
again victorious. To day the Senate I'i
I nance committee in whieh the llalf-breedi
under Mitchell have been endeavoring t<
defeat the Stalwart nominations met am
decided to favorably report the noiniua
tions <>f .Jackson and Kaufi'man to be col
lectors of internal revenue for the Allegheny
and Lancaster districts. The action 01
these nominations wili probably be taker
i the latter part of this week. Scnato
I .. ill n.-wv... ?. >.??)
I .MUV.-V.. ..... uj.t.uau vuillli million, ** ?'
Senator ( ameron does not cure about tin
men being confirmed until after the liar
risburg convention.
( okNlp About *;* *?>? re I ??ry Illulnc.
Washington, May U.?Some of Mi
Blaine's friends say that he hasabout madi
up his mind to listen to the pleadings o
certain Maine Republicans and yield hi;
own inclinations to their wishes. That it
the way they put it. Stripped of politica
rhetoric, it is almost ollicially announce*
that Blaine intends to go back'tothe Housi
of Representatives. The only question tha
he has at all considered this winter ii
reference to political action has been thai
of health. He has. however, gone througl
n trying winter without any severe recut
rence of tfie rheumatic goui which assum
ed such a serious form last year,and he is in
elined to think that he has this enemy in
subjection. Blaine is known to have great
lv wished that he could have been on th>
tloor of the House this winter. He ha
spoken of the utter lack of leadership then
and oi the splendid opportunity for it. 11
Bays that the Republicans have throwi
away chance after chance of doing tint
which would greatly strengthen the party
and he has used, by all accounts, prvti
vigorous Anglo-Saxon in his comments oi
the course the party has taken under it
many-headed leadership. Hut great a
have been, in his view, these opportunity
those that will open to the Uepublieaus ii
the lower House in the Forty-eight
Congress he believes will be great
er. The session will be that whic
will precede the Presidential eonvemio
and election of 1884. The opportunity fo
a leader of experience, Blaine foresees, wi
be great Besides he has said that he nevi
for one day has been out of the House tlui
he did not have a yearning to be bae
there. Blaine believes, it is said, that thei
is too much taxation, and the next can
paign may be on that issue. With a sir
nlus rolling up towards two hundred mi
lions, and at the same time the nrices <
provisions ami the necessaries of life it
creasing, lUaine thinks that the Kepublica
party in making a great mistake in not cui
tiug down taxation. The failure to do th
may give the next House to the Democrat
The Arctic Ocenn Horror.
"Washington', May U,?The Navy depar
loiu pruHtU'oil tin nililitinnnl inform
tion concerning tho tititling of tho den
bodies oI Captain DeLomt, of tho |o
Jeannette, Surgeon Ambler and nin
of the crew.
Norot describes the parting with i
tang's party, when ho Mini Nindermu
were sent ahead for relief, us on u Sunda
Tho Captain hud held Divine service, tl
men seated on tho banks of the I^oua rive
After service ho called tho two men at
' told them he wanted them to Push alien
, and that he would follow with his party.
"If you tintl game." were his la?t won
"then return to us: jf you do not, then
to Kumak Surka.
Noras thus describes the parting: "Tl
Captain read Divine service be/ore we le
shook nunufl with iw.und ma
of thorn lmd tear* in their eyes. C'ollii
waa the laat. Ho nitnplv said:
Lt 'XoroH, when you get to New York r<
member mo,'
" llu'y seemed to have lost hope. but i
ul wo left they Kave us tliri-e cheer*. We tol
them we would do all that we could d(
and that waa the last we aaw of them."
1 lie wife of Lieut. Danenlmuer, who rt
sideu in Wawhinjjton, haa invited the wi<
ow of Cupt. DeLong to come to thiacit
and meet the lieutenant, who is expecte<
here early in June. Mm. Del/mg ia wit!
her fliatcr, a wealthy lady of Hurlinutot
r* r.iivn. Kin. Ium.pu I,,:, L..
u sorrow. Capt, DeLong always insisted lh?
>t ho would come buck from the Arctic r<
j. gion. "WhenhI^II I expectyou?" aske<
Mrs. DeLong one day. "In throo yean
l" but wait live years, if you do not hear froi
o ine, before you inutgiuo any accident ha
0 befallen u?. Yes, always expect us uuti
|M we get back." It was liis coulldent niar
nor. his assurance uud faitli in the succes
N of the voyage that pive Mrs. Del/mg si
11 many hopes, even when she knew the vcs
set was abandoned.
Tl?t? llnltlc or UplljNburK.
L Washington, Muy 1h?Various Congress
u nun have received letters from l.'oloiic
i, Batcholder, who is employed by the t?ov
t> eminent to locate the various points of in
(t terest on tho battle Held of Gettysburg, ex
tending an invitation to attend a series o
L* reunions of ollicers who fought in that bat
e tie. The.se reunions are to be held for the ^ut
i> j)ose of more delinitely locating tho point
about which there is at present some doubt
f They will take place about the middle o
'5 June. Not only will Union ollicers bo in
if vited but Confederates as well, and thus i
ti is hoped to so designate the spots of bis
toric inrcrest on the lields as will tend t<
l) perpetuate authentic records of that dcci
sive fight.
1 ?*
; Aid for Ilit* I'rcc School*.
Washington*, May i).?Representativi
. .Sherwin has prepared a favorable report
which has been agreed upoy by the com
iiiivivD ?n c\iuc?viuii iiiiu muur, on lilt
tj educational hill. It provide!! fur the suu
, of $10,000,000 for distribution among tin
States and Territories according to the pro
portion of illiterate population. The re
i' port will set forth some interesting sta
1 tistics, showing, among other things, tha
. about 7.j per cent of the money will go tt
the South; the money will be propor*
tionatelv distributed among whitts and col
I oretj children. The Secretary of the In
0 terior is to disburse the fund to the Stnti
lt authorities, to be expended under direction
of the proper officers for common
1 schools only; nothing to go to colleges o:
sectarian institutions.
' The President and his Cabinet enjoyed i
sail on the Potomac, yesterday, in Jama
? (iordon Bennett's yacht.
? In the Senate, yesterday, attention wai
. called to the fact that in the District jai
n notorious prisoner (Guiteau) holds duilj
r levees and receives on Sundays from 00 to
1 100 visitors.
1 The Senate, last evening, passed tlx
i House tarill' commission bill?yvas, .'ft
nays, 19. Six Democrats voted with tin
Republicans in the allirmative, and tw<
t Republicans with the minority against tin
a bill.
. A Woiikiii llnU'licm Out* of lior Children
Ull<l Wollllti* (lie OlfM-rs.
Boston, May 0.?-Marie Konig, a (ierman
' woman, supposed to be half-witted, wa*
the chief actor, this morning, in a terrible
' tragedy. At an early hour she entered the
room where her children were sleeping,
' She lirst attacked August, whose threat she
cut from ear to i?ar. The woman next a.s>
Baulted Mary, whose throat she cut in
* three places, probably fatally. The girl
ran screaming out of the apartment*
e into a room opposite, occupied by othei
persona. The screams of the girl were
* supplemented by the shrieks of Mm. Kon',
ig, and the wildest excitement prevailed,
s though none of the neighbors dared to enter
the rooms. Meantime Mrs. Kouij,
stabbed Alfred in a dozen places in the
left arm, and then assailed Kuril, who resitted
quite successfully, although hi
* was badly cut. By this time the police
" had arrived. The officers found the
4 woman sitting on the floor in a pool ol
J blood, she having cut a severe gash
1 in her left leg and made an
" attempt to/Open the arteries of both hei
" wrists. She appeared very composed,
' and expressed herself quite satisfied with
1 the wholesale slaughter she had completed,
1 The officers took her to the station, where
r her wounds were dressed and she was af1
tcrward placed in a padded cell. Wound*
J5 of the living children were attended to ami
no Buriuus reauiis an; apprenenueii. una
afternoon Mrs. Konig was arraigned on the
charge of murder, she was unable to stand
alone, and a more haggard or wretched'
looking person never was seen in the dock,
The officers were unable to make her un1
derstand the crime she was accused of. It
3 was deeided to have her waive examina
j tion, and she was committed to jail tc
j await the action of the grand jury.
i St. Paul, Minn, May 0.?The Trihme\
t Anoka special says: A tire, this evening
? (listroved three lumber dry kilns of W. D,
w Washburnetfc Co.'s. Total loss $10,OlH); in
sured for$->,000.
The residence of widow Smith, Anaka
1 was struck by ligblning this afternoon.
A little boy, four years old, was killed
L' Two other children were seriously shocked,
H( The house was set on lire but the ilnmci
^ were extinguished before much diunwg<
1 was done.
I HAIl.UOAD nmciu.
r Citic.\(io, May U.?The annual report o
II the Hurligngton, Cedar Hapids & Northern
H shows larger business than any proceed
8jmg your, but not entirely satisfactory re
'? suits" Snow blockades early in 1881 were
I the chief cause of the decreased earnings
'l ami increased expenses The gross earn
|* inga were $2,000; operating expenses
'l $1,(520,000; net earnings, $M2,t8U, aguins
II ?710,000 in the preceding year.
,r. Chicago, May 9.?The Chicago, Mil wan
keo ?fc St. l'aul road has issued an orde
j against the sale of liquor to its employes.
? Orders have been sent to all persons keep
ing eating-houses on the lines, prohibiting
" the sale of intoxicating liquors, or thi
keeping of a bar on their premises.
|. St. liouis, May 9.?The advisory freigh
commission, appointed by the trunk line*
j. to adjust freight rates betweou the Wea
n and Eastern seaboard points met, thi
[. morning, in the merchants exchange. Kx
js Senator Thurinun, of Ohio, and Judge
Hi Cooloy, of Michigan, were present 1
letter was read from Mr. K 1:
Washbume, of Illinois, explaining thn
he was at the bedside of his brothi
sick at Kurcka Springs. A suh-committe
i nf th? merchants exchaniro of this cit
'ft submitted a report taking no sides but sut
l0 milting facts ami arguing that, if privat
freights were established instead of ditlei
)G ential rates, no difference siiould be mud
in between this city and Chicago, (ieorg
Uuiu, president of the National Mil
jy ers' association, submitted a repot
,r> from lliat body, advocating unifon
rates and the abolishing of diflerenth
,j rates. Mr. Clooner, of the Indianai>ol
' merehant's exchange, submitted a repoi
|s in favor of differential rates. The con
go mission then made pertinent enquiries i
to the amount of grain and other shipmen
,e from this city, after which an udjourumci
[j, was takeu until to-morrow.
,1 Th? KiclUiruut Still laUn?t Throughout Ureal
), UrlUln-Krriti I'nrLlcnUra or the Amnion*
tluM-UlBgluf StntlmenU or the lloiton
j"_ Iriihwu-Ltteit Advlen from Dublin.
y ________
3 Dublin, May 1).?At tho inquest on the
|l bodies of Cavendish and Burkes medical
(t' evidence was Kiveu to the effect that the
it victims had apparently been stabbed ?im'
ultaneously from before and behind with
long bowie knives.
,J All the Dublin newspapers are in mourn?
1 It is stated the police are hopeful of cap?
turing the assassins. They received evij
dence which will enable them to identify
- the murderers. It is also said that the car
in which they escaped has been trace'd to
Loixlip, ten miles northwest of Dublin,
h where the men alighted to procure liquor,
il Charles Moore, arrested at Maynook on
- suspicion of beixjf one oI the assassins, has
limm tn n.iki:.. 'in... i
j against him ia weak.
lieorgo Otto Trevilyan'was appointed
- Chief Secretary lor Irolauil. Immediately
* upon bis acceptance of office a special poj
1 iceman was placed on duty before his
. residence.
I An important arrest has jant been made
* of the ihuu believed to be the carman who
I drove the assassins. lie cannot give an
account of himself. Three more arrests
were made iu Kildare.
The illuminations in honor of the release
B of the suspects have been abandoned.
; Up to the :'?lnt of March last, 872 "Sua-1
] poets" were arrested iu Jreland; many have
' been liberated,
A man has been arrested at Limerick, 0*1
_ .suspicion of being one of the assassins. He
[ bought a suit of clothes, and while rem^v]
ing the old oues blood stains were observed
* on his shirt and trousers. Two men,named
Bailey and Annan, were arrested while
loitering in Phoenix park; the former had
a dagger sheath on his person.
Cloonan, supposed to be the carman
[ who drove the assassins, has been remanded
fur further inquiry.
' Crowd at station hooted at Moore on his
arrival in Dublin. Moore was brught before
the police court to-day, but as the police
oflered no evidence and as his account
of his movements was considered sutisfuctory,
ho was discharged. The Limerick
prisoner and Mailey and Annan were also
discharged. The police still think they
have a clue.
The following additional information
j with regard to the assassination lias come
, to light: Two bicycle riders, in the employ
ment of the railway company, state that
they passed the spot where the murders
were committed. They saw the assasins
5 strike their victim# unci hmml T.nrrl fWon.
i dish cry out, "Ah, you villain," to his as5
sailant, who then stabbed ^ him again.
) l.ortl Frederick fell over against the bicy!
cle of one of the young men, who was
coming to his assistance, but the murderers.
with bloody knives, made towards him
and both bicyclists thereupon got.
i away as fast as possible. They saw a car
oei the road awaiting the murderers; the
, driver's back was turned. They saw a man
stab Cavendish in the back, as he lay on
the ground.
An Irishman, from America, has been ari
rested at Castlu Bellingham. Two other
prisoners are under custodv at Monaghun.
The body of Burke was buried in lilasneven
cemetery to-day. Crowds of people
lined the streets. Nearly all the shops were
closed and mourning was worn by many
I people.
A<lvIcon from London.
London, May l).?Miss Annie Parncll, in
her letter to the Timet, says she doubts that
1 the policy is conciliation when families in
f Clare whom Foster turned out are living
! in hovels, and GOO people in one county
, alone are liable to death by cold, It being
illegal to help them. She concludes by
saying if there arc any persons surprised
f that the assassin's arm is not idle, they
must not forget that there is such a thing
i as human natureamong Irishmen.
London society, beginning with the
Queen, who sent a telegram of condolence
to the family of Ixml Cavendish, has
made a demonstration of sympathy as rei
nuirkahle as that which occurred on the
death of President Garfield.
i The Timet, in a leading article, says:
Kven if it he true that the murder of
i Cavendish and Uurkc was done by
American-Irish desperadoes, wo must not
1 forget that Parnell has boasted of cousolidating
an alliance .between the Irish of
America and those at home. We are un
able to accept the plea that the men who
have pursed the Land Leaguer's course are
- divested of all responsibility for the crime
> they now denounce.
'lhe Time* further says of the Pamellite
members of Parliament: "It is morallv
impossible to enter into any understanding
with those who denounce an outrage
' for the fir*t time when they feel that it
' yripples their operations. Though they
profess to negotiate in the ilouse of Commons
for the bloodthirsty element of the
Irish people, they are only powerful to ex,
cite uisallection. They cannot diminish
the malignancy of the whole -class, who
. wallow-in blood like the beasts of prey."
It is stated that John Holmes, junior lord
of the treasury, will succeed the late Lord
i Cavendish as secretary of the treasury,
Herbert Gladstone to succeed Holmes.
A rumor is current that the forthcoming
Irish protection bill will provide that, in
certain eases of murder, trial by jury be
1 suspended, and that the accused bo tried
1 before three judges, with tho right to appeal.
" Spencer is ex peeled to Arrive in London
! to-morrow. On his return to Ireland he
1 will be accompanied by his wife.
Mr. Gladstone, in a published statement.
announces that he has received a Hood of
t communications from every part of the
Kingdom, expressive of horror and indig
nation at tho crime. IIo nays that it is
r only just to state that none are more remarkable
[or fervor and sincerity than the
large number from all parts of Ireland, lie
: wishes to express his sense of the genuine
u feeling shown by the communications, and,
his personal thanks for the svmpathy man-1
t ifestcd.
i( The remains of Lord Cavendish have ar-;
t rived at Chatsworth.
s It is stated the Irish party will ask the
. Uovvriwictit to carry on the arrears hill,
! niong wiin new protective measures.
Huniilton, permanent secretary to the
I. admiralty, Im gone to Ireland to take
t Burke's place for six months.
0 The Meutlnient in America.
y San Fuancisco, May V.?The Land
t, League, last night, adopted a resolution
r- that the executive league telegraph to Pare
noil, offering a special purse of $5,000 for
? the apprehension of the assassins.
I Boston, May 0.?The Irishmen of Bosn
ton, in public meeting, representing the
il Irish people of Massachusetts, express
^ their unmixed abhorrence of the dreadful
x. crime in Pluenix park, Dublin, on Saturday
is last, and their profound sympathy with
t-s those whose hearts are scarred by the blowi
11 of the assassin, and also with the people ol
Ireland, in whoae midst the deed was done
and upon whoso dawning hopes lulls its 'j'j
awful shadow. * *
It was also resolved, that "wo are convinced
that tho u.HKoggination was deliber- thi
utely nerpetrated by the bitterest enemies
of Irefanu, whoso Hellish interests would
: bo injured by any conciliation but served u*,b
by a continuation of the coercion, and who the
played this last terrible tumblers card to j,
shatter the Rood will and arouse the angry
passions ami, to use Mr. Gladstone's owii
word?, 'embitter tho relations between
, Great Britain and Ireland.1 We exhort tho k
people of Ireland not to rest until these Bj
murderers, not alone of men but ..
of Ireland's .National reputation, are up- ilan
prehended and brought to justice, and we ussei
pledge ourselves to raise $5,000 to be otler- Repi
ed as a reward for tho apprehension of tho jt.
assassins or any one of them, and that this :
money shall bo placed for that purpose at
the disposal of .Mr. i'arnell. We repel with ing c
indignation and horror the infamous at- u(
tempt, in certain quarters, to connect the
Irish in America with this cowardly mur- *
der." wliel
London, May!).?In the House of I<onls *
the Marquis of I.ansdowno announced that. wor*<
in consequence of the recent ministerial entei
statements, relative to impending measures proti
for the protection of life and property in
Inland, ha would drop the motion, which
be bad announced, against tho Irish poi- ran81
icy o( the Government, lie said that he ami
wished to impress upon tho government troul
very earnestly the necessity of not yieid- Wolf
ing. to popular demands without the adop- him
tion of measures for strengthen^ law. for w
The Government will oiler a reward of coun
?10,000 for any information, givon within Davil
three months, which will lead to tho con- manviction
of the murderers, and a re- ever,
ward of ?1,000 for any private information, this i
The Government will also grunt free oar- ing i
don and extend thospecitfl protection of the will r
Crown in any part of the t^ueen's dominion by ae
to any person, other that the principals in ler, si
the crime, who mny give tho information nut ii
required. he wi
The body of Lord Cavendish is laid out Tlx
for public view in the chapel at Chats- vcuti
worth. The features are calm; only one at lei
scar visible, across the nose. The queen judge
i sent 11 soeeinl lnoRM'iK'or with n upomh!
I wreath for the coffin seeui
Gladstone has written to the Mayor of come
Cork, acknowledging the receipt of the oppot
I resolutions passed at a meeting of citizens ring,
on Sunday. In the lettor ho says: ami o
"It in my firm belief that there The
will bo but one conininon send- forwa
meat througoout the three kingdom's Genei
concerning the terrible ussassination, and Chas.
that Ireland, in particular, throughout her Senat
length and breadth, will demonstrate how Itawh
far she in from the slightest touch of moral tor Ui
complicity in ho black a deed." but t
Parnell has received a telegram from the cided
President of the American Laud League Jud
and ollieers of many branch leagues and proba
affiliated societies, requesting him to con- Kx-Ai
vey to Gladstone the expression of their spoke
sympathy for him and their abhorrence of
the crime.
Alle|te<l l.ihcl. issued
BvPFAt/j, May (K?Complaint was to-<lay !? a. m
served in a suit brought bv K 11. Lee, vice be he
president and manager of the Atlas Kelln- Chi
?ng Company and Buffalo and Hock City a tta
Pipe Line Company, against .lames N\ gates.
Mathews, proprietor of the lirprm, for him
alleged libel contained in a statement pub- for
lished relative to the passage of the Atlas eron
company and pipe line to the control of lJrowi
the .Standard Oil company. There are two .MeMj
counts, on each of which Mr. Lee asks 'lleli
$50,000 damages. the St
The Heathen Chin ewe. f
i. union;
>an l-cANcisco, May 0.?A \ ictona die- \Volft
patch says that the Chinese from J long
Kong are being forwarded to the main ccmce
land as rapidly as possible. Four
steamships and several sailing ships are 0pt,n
about due. It is said, now, that 24,000- uon,j,
Chinese will land here before the first of ,,,Uc.8
August, and that work on the main lines yn tj1(
will be pushed with vigor unsurpassed. yen
Fear is expressed lest the province should jj0cj,j
bccome Mongolianized. ainom
LAlton Noim sent t
as nla
Vorxd.sTow.s*, ( )., May 0.?Tho Malleable Dick s
Iron Works, one of tho largest manufacture light
ing conccrus in the city, hus closed down Thi'
for the present, and will he fitted up with the ah
improved machinery that will enable them place i
to manufacture products of malleable iron in th
at a very low cost. .Manager Van Doren count;
started to-day for the eastern cities to in- up in
spect several now improvements, which it speed
Js proposed to introduce. The works will of no
be started again in a short time. reeogt
There is no truth whatever in tho roports ticket
sent out that the Church Hill co:il com- t.U?: i
pany had procured one hundred Italian the C
miners to take the places of those who are warts
now out asking for an advance. Manager
McCartney states that the company hits
made no contract to employ Italians, and Nas
have no present intention oi doing so. odist (
Clkvki.an!>, May i).?On the 1st of June ported
the Cleveland Rolling Mill company ex- hishoj
pect to light the tire in their large blast fur- China
mice. It is s.iid its capacity will be 'J00 quadr
Pittsiutroh, May 9.?Parties from Ohio ..
have been lately (piietly leasing large tracts ^KV
of land from farmers between Krie and Jj-aa r
Edenboro, Pa. It is reported that tho oh- '.y0 *
jeet of the speculation is to work rich veins |"?,U9t
of anthracite coal, which the Ohio parties .
clainvto have discovered, the presence of 1. i
which had never been suspected. writte
? Mr.
\vii?tiiiiuiuii. i*?., Note*. Clill' r
Washington*, Pa., May U.?Gen. John teran
Hall, recently appointed receiver of the and .1
Washington savings bank, is closing out order
the business of the institution as fast as momi
InjoalUIU. >AU itUVUIllBUa Ul J'UWiii; Pilic lilt' iUIHfl J
winking house and three Washington the
county farms. _ the
Yesterday Mrs. Kate Wishart McAdams appea
died at the residence of her husband, I). .1. Miss !
McAdam, a nrofessor in Washington and rant a
Jeirerson College. .She was about 2o years ''I wa
of age. The exercises at the college have it was
been suspended until after the funeral, them.
She was a daughter of Captain Alexander restai
Wishart. lings
The liul;;tits of Honor. ' '
IUi.timouk, May 9.?The ninth annual f
session of the Supreme Lodge, Knights of
Honor, met this afternoon; delegates were Lo:
present from nearly every state and terri- handi
tory in the Union. The order numbers Five i
2,860 lodges, embracing ovtTr 1:10,000 mem- by si:
bers. Death benefits paid last year $-','*00,- G.,
000. Among the officers present are Su- ?100
| pretne Dictator Hoke, of I^ouisville, and opera
I Supreme Vice Dictator Cochran, of WheelI
inif. West Viruinin.
t.'unrnioiiN DciiiftiKM ul <'tii<-n|co. tiiHjs
Chicago, May 0.-?The annual meeting for [\
of tl)0 Chicago Grain, Provision ami Stock p0^0,
Board, better known as the call hoard, whs june
held this afternoon. The annual report of unn0
transactions for tho year ending May
1, 1882, showed dealings in grain jmH ?
to amount of $505,740,787 50; in provisions tton,
$170,080,000?a total of $742,435,787 50.
For the year ending Mav I, 1881, tfie total fv:n
was $428,073,172. menl
National Tnupcrunce Convention. |
Nicw Yokk, May 0.?"The National Tem- deair
pern nee Society re-elected Wm. K. Dodge, Jnvil
president Receipts of the year $00,000; man
expenses $00,000. Resolutions were adopt- not ;
ed heartily congratulating the friends of
temperance throughout the land upon the
marked progress of temperance reform the Ci
past year. acco
Curtis, formerly a special agent of the 147 (
Treasury department has been indicted in nn,{
New York, for collecting assessments from qoOI
the otliceholders for political purpose#. ^j8
J as. 11. Doyle, the noted bond foruer, \V
; was convicted by a Chicago jury, yester- ceip
: day, and recommended to the mercy of tirst
1 the court, und
trlag oftktf tlxniVrobihlr l'omp)nlon ol
I Urpubllcti State Tkh?t~N? Oppoiltloa to
loaver-i Hrttsa Over the Jadffihlp.
Llftlj ('aucuiula* .Much A&lnotlt jr.
aurikburo, .May U.?It is many venra
u so many persona were gathered in
riflburg on the day previous to the
jibl'in# ?f the Suite convention of the
iblican party. Tho hotels are filled uj>
delegates and politicians who are not
sates, ami some energetic work is bo
neral Beaver arrived this morning and
! m1 his headquarters at the Lochiel,
0 lie id receiving u constant stream of
1 is surrounded by a number of strong
;ere who assist him in receiving and
taining visitors. 1 lo had a somewhat
acted interview with Senator Cameron
morning and it is understood that armients
were made for the organization
t'ao completion oi the ticket. The
ilesome thing is what to do with
e. A movement is on foot to give
the nomination for lieuteant governor,
Inch place Senator Davis, of itradford
ty, ist slated. If this is done,
i will be noininnted for Congressat-Large.
The friends of Davis, howare
making a vigorous kick against
novement, and tuny succed in defeat*
t. The indications are that Heaver
eceive the gubernatorial nomination
chlmation. Up to noon Farmer llutiid
to want the nomination, has not
I an appearance, ami his friends say
II not bo here.
j most interesting feature in the conon,
to those from the western sections
ist, is the nomination for supreme
. Major Drown has a largo and agve
force in the Held, but it would
that Kawle, of Philadelphia, will
out of the contest victorious lie is
ted by McManes, of the (las Trust
but he has the support of Cameron
tiier influential bosses.
s following ticket will probably be put
rd by tlie leaders: For Governor,
ral weaver; for Lieutenant Governor,
S. Wolfe; for Congressman-at-Large,
or Davis; Supreme Judge, W. 11.
r, Secretary of Internal Allaire, Senaeer.
There may be changes later on,
he above is the slate as at preseut doupon.
Ige Kirkpatrick, of Northampton, will
bly be made temporary chairman.
Ltorney General Lear is the only man
n of for permanent chairman.
Ruisnunu, May D.?A call has been
I for a general caucus of delegates at
'. to-morrow, but otiier caucusus will
Id meanwhile.
s. Magee arrived this evening, with
uiber of the Philadelphia deleThe
Allegheny delegation charge
with acting iu bad faith
the purpose of aiding Cam
in Howie's programme against
a, and, they are holding out to the
lues delegates the proposition,
? us on Brown, and we will give you
jcretaryship of Internal Allaire."
re is a great deal of bad feeling
g the Regulars against the action of
, and the discontent grows wider aud
r hourly, if there was any one to
utrate the force, there iH iu
feeling, it would become an
revolt, that would make a
lation impossible. Some of the delethink
Wolfe will not accept a place
3 ticket if tendered him.
ator Cameron has returned to the
el house and is in Quay's room, It is
5 the possibilities that he will eona
so much of the revision of the Slate
ces Wolfe iu it and takes Dick oil'. ,
ind his friends threaten to carry their
before the convention if this is done. ,
re is a marked dissatisfaction among ,
ilwart element over giving Wolfe a 1
on the ticket. Utiis baa cropped out
e Northern tier and Allegheny '
jr. Tom Marshall threatens to get 1
the convention and read Wolte's 1
i denouncing Cameron. It will be
avail, however. Cameron and Quay
lize the importance of nominating "a
that will cover the whole field and
in Independent* of the Wolfe order,
knitinental Independents, the Staland
all other classes.
The MHittivrii .llrliiudhiv.
uvili.k; Tksn., May 1).?In the Metli:on
fere nee, to-day, a committee rel
a resolution authorizing the College
>s to organize an annual conference in
and Central Mexico. durint?thnni>vt
Tb? .Uttiley JieiriiiT Iriiil.
t Havks, May ft.?'The Mallcy trial
esutncd. Mrs. Klippstcin testified
he saw Jenny Cramer at the Klliott
5 the Thursday evening before the
was found. Ihe defense admitted
the letters signed "Blanche" were
n by Walter Mallcy.
Itawlings, manager of tho lied
estnurant, testified to knowing Wald
James Malley, Blanche Douglass
onnie Cramer, lie ideutiliod an
for steak and mushroom, Thursday
ing, August 4, and said that he saw
Douglass and another lady come into
restaurant at 10 o'clock in
evening, with Walter, who
red to like the ladv that was with
Dougk&K Walter visited the restan-1
gain on the 8th of August and said, I
s mistaken about the two ladies; that j
i ins consul, J nines, that was with
" Subsequently, J ami's visited the
irant to corroborate Walter, but Rawstill
believed that the party consisted
i two ladies and Walter.
inox, May 0?The New Market spring
icap was won by Lorillard's Mistake,
starters. Mistake won, in a canter,
c lengths, ridden by Luke.
J. Ilolyoako hits received a grant of
to go to America and report on cotton.
,rniy of ttic I'otouuir Hounlon.
ritoiT, May 0.?Extensive prepara*
are in a state of great forwardness,
le annual reunion of the Army of the
nac, which hikes place in this eitv on
11 and 15. Gen. Grant has written,
uncing ids intention to be present
Mrs, Orant. Lieut. Gen. Sheridan
mule a similar response to the invitatent
to him. Kx-l'resident Hayes exed
a strong desire to be present, and
lie hire unle&t coiitrfiliimr I
;s interpose. Secretary Chandler has
red the United States steamer Michio
be here to take such part its may b?
ed in the festivities of the occasion,
uitions have been sent to (Jens. Sherand
Hancock, from whom replies have
yet heen received.
C'lilcnuo Uruiu uml t'roilncf.
iicaoo, May 11.?'The Chicago elevator,
rdinj; to official %ures, contain
mshcls wheat, 1,(>47,000 bushels corn,
KK) bushels oats, 11)5,000 bushels rye
50,000 bushels barley, a total of
jushels against 10,722,000 bushels ut
time Inst year.
'heat to-dav was moderately active, rets
small, shipments pretty Ko"d? At
prices advanced iajc.; then weakened.
it free oll'eriuys, jalc, but later ruled
strong, fluctuated, and finally closed at lgt
1 higher for June uud ;c. for July than o
change yesterday. On call price# were :f
1c. higher; Hales were I,U'J0,(K)0 busheli
aud the feeling whb buoyant.
Corn to-day was decidedly irregular nn>
f unsettled. Market owned' jjai|e highe
with lively trading; ottering then increasei
and a drop occurred of |ftjc; about nooi
various facts and rumors combined ti
st iHen the rates, and there wasun advnnc
of 2al Jc and closed at that figure. Receipt
were fair and shipments heavy. On eal
sales were 1,:U5,0(X) bushels and prices Ji
ic higher.
Oats were improved in feeling and pricc
options were chiefly active. On call, sale
LU.'),000 bushels and prices were a triflt
higiier, the greatest advance being in May
l'ork was quite active for speculation am
ruled firm, at ITjaCOc. higher, though thi
clrwn U'im n Ilillunll' ?I??
. .. ..v?.vu? V..V "Vni pm;u?.
Lard was liberally offered; demand act
ive, at5a7.Je. higher; closed steady.
Willi Mr?'l <<??hhI|>.
Nkw Yokk, May 9.?Gold exports to
day $1,000,000; nearly $'-',000,000 engaged
for* to-morrow's steamers.
Foreign bankers say that there will bi
more gold shipped this" week than last.
Londou bought little stock in this mar
ket, yesterday, hut was a free seller ol
Sew York Central a ml Wabash.
Point hunters gathered from Gould, yesterday,
that he looked for a bull market
some time this summer; that the country
was prosperous, that it was difficult to tell
what Congress would do about the National
banks; that the market might go
lower and might not; that some stocks
I would do to buy and two or three would
do to sell. Most pronounced bears do not
mlviflii tlm wiln *r \f ??
Itucl KiWfrom! W reck*.
Dallas, Tkx., May 0.?There was a disastrous
wreck, caused by a washout, on the
Waco brunch of the Texas Central railway,
on Sunday night. A freight train went
through a bridge, killing the lireman and
two brakemen, and badly scalding the engineer
and two other men. The point is
remote and the railroad officials are reticent.
A little later the same evening there was
another wreck on the same road, which
was attended by the death of one man and
the wounding of several others. This was
ulso caused by a washout.
Sr. Loiis, May 9.?Very brief reports are
made of two accidents yesterday on the
northeastern extension of the Texas Central
railroad; one at Aqilla creek, in which
the engineer, fireman and two brukeinen
are reported killed and several wounded.
The other was near Ctaco, in which 0110
man was killed and several injured.
!> EST It i:? 11V K <v clones .
Wauuf.ntox, Mo., May 9.?A cyclone
struck the Central Wcsleyun college building
in this place a little after 12o'clock last
night, tearing out the east wall and parts
of the roof, which were carried half a mile
away. Seven persons sleeping in the building
mid a narrow escape. The loss is estimated
at from $10,000 to $13,000.
Alton, III., May 9.?A storm early this,
morning did great damage to a brick and
iron building, corner of Second and Piaza
streets; damage $5,000. Owned by U. B
Smith and occupied by Singley Co.,
wholesale druui/ists. \vho?n ninelr ivno ilnm
aged $1,000. Oilier buildiiifrs were considerably
injured and hundreds of trees uprooted.
Misseatomk, May 9.?A Jackson/Minn.,
special says: A cyclone struck a school
house, live uiiles southwest of l.akeliekl,
this county, yesterday. The building was
lifted up and scattered over the prairie, it
was occupied by a teacher and eleven pupils,
who were all more or less bruised,
fhree pupils sustained terrible injuries.
1..D owiiii > .uiit* 111 me ioral 01 mnneiBhuped
clouds, which bounded along the
prairiennd passed intoHerron lake, sucking
the water to the height of a hundred
Tlic Fruit Crop In .Hiclil^nu.
Holland, Mich., May 9.?Copious showers
are winking the farmers hippy, and the |
balmy spring weather has brought forward i
the peach buds and proven that the Michigan
fruit crop is not damaged. I
Dbtuoit, May 9.?A very serious storm
of rain and hail visited Lyons, Oakland!
county, last niglit. Fruit and shade trees I
suU'ered badly.
III? SltiC Of lVlKftC. |
St. Lor is, May 9.?One hundred thousand
bushels of S'o. 2 red winter wheat sold !
here, in one lot. this morning, and negoti-1
nt ions are pending fur another hundred
thousand bushels This is a spot grain '
purchase by undisputed parties, and it is
understood to be for country millers; the |
price has not transpired. This will reduce
the stock of Xo. 2 wheat hereto less than I
130,000 bushels.
An I'livoilly Vol I on Jiroln'r.
Kali. Uiviiii, Mass., May 9.?Green, who
perpetrated tho swindle on cotton men'
here, lias probably left the country with
5200,000. .Some ot the Mobile banks may
be losers. It is stated that five or six mill's
here will lose sums varying from $.T,0U0 to
$50,000. '
A JIluKtcrliil Flrc-Hut;.
Dktiioit, May 9.?-Rev. K. Dow, of DeerHeld,
a Methodist minister, hits been arrested,
charged with burning the parsonage,
two years ago. He has been absent
for a long time in England, and was arrested
immediately on his return. He
gave bail for appearance to answer.
l'riiliihillou tu limit.
T)v* Mmivvj \fni? U?'IM.a
amendment to the constitution of Iowa is
to be voted on June 27. It is not only opposed
by the large distilling interest in the
Suite, but by must of the daily newspapers,
yet the chances seem to be th.it the amendment
will be adopted.
Distinguished veteran soldiers and civilians
are assembling in St. Louis, to take
part in tke reunion of the Army of the Tennessee.
The annual convention of the ancient
order of Hibernians began at Chicago, yestetday,
with delegates from all the States
and Canada.
The winners at the Lsxin^ton races, yesterday,
were: Kirat race, mile heats, Lute
Kogef; best time 1:52j. Second race, one
anu one-eighth miles, Lizzie S.; time 2:01];
pools paid $10J 41. Tnird race, same distance,
Lucy May; time 2:0;5J,
A Jlotloru arlujtn.
Ljttjjv Hock. M.iy I).?Since Friday
morning thirteen inches of rain has fallen
here. The* rain ha* been general and
I heavy throughout the State, suddenly over
I (lowing many river bottom ^ and stopping
ruilro.nl trains.
No trail) left or arrive*] to-day on the St.
Louis ?fc Iron Mountain railway, owing to
washoutr. lVsicngei t 'id us from the north
stopped at He>vport, ami trains from the
south atTexarkuia.
A lleitrllfHN Will*.
Chicago, May 1),?.lohnC. Newhouso, an
old settler, died of hemorrhage of the
brain, yesterday, aged 8event>veven,
Had been an active politician here. llu
was once worth half a million of dollars
lost a portion of it, and two years ag<
deeded the residue to his wife, who, accord
ing to the story told to a reporter, treat*-*
him shamefully after that, allowing bin
only $3 30 per week for expenst*, ubiir*
him, frequently, gave him diminutive nn<
unhealthy quarters,and refused him a pi]
low as he lay dying. Several prominen
and reliublu citizens and neighbors eon
firmed this ahnost incredible story.
r \\ liy tin Wratrlt'* t'ouMfl D*m?n<U a ?? Trial.
1 A Hon In the Kttmllj-(iult?nu\ Sl?
n ler Ufjkfrln JItr The I.ttter'n
1 Klfortu to AicrrUlu hi r W Ik n-about*.
' Washington, May W.?The argument
upon the bill of oxeoptiona in the liut;
teau ease was begun thin morning toforu
? the judges of the supreme court of theDisf
triet sitting in bunt*, Chief Justice C'artw r
j presiding, aud Justice MacArtbur, llug*
ner and James. Col. Corkbill and Mr J>;ifidge
appeared for the Government, and
Col. Heed for tiuiteau.
Iteml. nf?..r .. i?ur 1
.. Viivi u|>ciiOIK, paSSQll lo
the questional tho jurisdiction of the court
' below, arguing that the erimo was not indictable
in this District, bemuse tin- of>
fenw wus not computet here,tlio mortal
stroke bavin? been given here, while
, death occurred in New Jersey.
Chief Justice Cartter interrupted, at oiw
point, to suggest that, while murder
was the killing of a person, and the crime
could not be detined as murder till death
occurred, yet an act of felony was completed
when the murderer had finished his
1 Counsel proceeded to discuss various authorities
upon the subject of jurisdiction,
lie admitted that Guiteau might he indicted,
and if found to be s ine, convicted of assault
with intent to kill, hut heid that lie
could not be tried lor murder.
Col. Reed argued that tho sentence of
death is void, because the day fixed for tinexecution
of the sentence is not authorized
uy iuw, claiming tnm, unuer a proper
struclion of the statutes of the District, tin*
date of the execution should kuve been
lixed some day within thirty days after the
fourth Monday in October, )ss-j.
At half-nast one o'clock, the court look a
recess until to-morrow.
Tlif AnMiMMlii'n Nitttcr.
New Yohk, May 9.-?Argument washea-d
to-day in the supreme court, on return to
the writ of habeas corpus obtained yesterday
by GeorgoScoville, commanding John
W. Guiteau to produce Frances M. Scovillc
in Court this morning, charging that she is
illegally restrained of her liberty bv In r
brother. It also says that since the lain
Guiteau trial Mrs. Scoville has shown
strong evidence of mental disturbance
The court room was crowded. Mr Se jville
was present with his counsel, .John 1 >.
Townsend,and near by was John \V. Guitcau
ami his lawyer, James Armstrong.
The latter read the return of John \V.
Guiteau to the writ. The return denies th -t
Mrs. Scoville is in custody of gr restrained I y
John W. Guiteau of her liberty, and says hi?
does not know of her whereabouts,* and
therefore he could not produce her in court.
Mr. Townsend then made application t<>
have the return traversed and read the
atlidavitof Scoville, in which the latter still
dee,lares himself of the belief that bis wife
is in John W. Guiteairs custody.
Scoville was called and testilied to the
wearing efl'ect of the trial on his wife, to
her strange actions, her talk of her brother's
case, and to her saying to thfr vitness
that she thought he had ceased to care for
her. Her leaving home and coming to this
city, and certain other facts given jn
traverse to the return were also elicited in
the testimony. The witness said he saw .1.
W. Guiteau "in the Aqtor house, and the
latter said he heard witmsswas going to
put Mrs. Scoville in a lunatic asylum, and
that he (Guiteau) would resist all further
attempts to prove insanity in the Guiteau
It appears that Scoville visited the police
headquarters, yesterday, to obtaiu the aid
oi uic police in the search for his wife, lie
declared that she was restrained of her liberty
by her brother, against whom bo
threatened legal nroeeedings. Two detectives
were placed on the case, but up to a
late hour this afternoon, bad jiot found
Mrs. Scoville.
WhcHiuv W'liDlmlc MurUct.
Wiikkunu, Tuesday, May j
During the past week trade has been very brisk
awl the prices haw been wunilei fully sternly in all
departments. tn no case Ik there a downward tend|
ency in prices but in tevcrol, It is upward.
Grain?Very little wheat Is coming in. hnt hh
there Is ?n upward tendency in puce it jnuy b* the
farmers are holding lor It At present the p Ice palii
Jt fl 4D. Com remain* ?te?dyal U5e, ittul outs are
Mill (|UOtCll ?t .Vk*.
f'/tmr?Sing .larly, there has been no charge In
thu price of tuis staple. A moderate traders in en
transacted. tiuot.?lb>H.sn?e: Choice umber, iT'iiMW;
medium amber, tf? ".tiatf 50; Wisconsin, ti Ii)a7
Minnesota extra.SMWaS'AV, fancy St. Louis, ss:ui
8 7ft; fancy put cut*. &5Uu'J,i'0; corn n cal, per bushel,
UOe; oatmeal, lancy, per barrel, $6 CWutfw, common,
$5 fci; rye Hour, per barrel, i.'> 75at> uu.
Jfoifi?The market is very lirm, prices fct'oug and
the demand rerv uo?*l. 'i he western tnukci re
mains well up. J'rlecs here ure tn /oliowh.
SC Hatus, 1'- to 151b average HJial .'4
" 10 to 1? lb averuge Mal i'*
Ha'ukfast llucon I..-1
S CShoulder*,.- 10 u.u ,
Plain liacou shoulder# >' i
Clear " Hides
Knudly l'ork ibarrel 'AW lbs) l'j
Dried lice/, C ?l?;
Pure I<caf Lard, Tierces, ;?iU lbs ...I- ni'J!,
" " " Itarrel". 'i'?0 lb* l'??
' " " Half Itirrcls. l'-U lbs \:u
" M J'all*. is 11*
" " " One-half palls lu lbs J;h4
Bohntua Sausage ?. 14
Cheese, !Uch and Mild .10%al:i'4
Ijirtl oil, Kitru Western Strained yi
Carbon oil .. hJi
White Miner*' Oil. Winter Strained
Urocrrirt?"\\'u are doing u splendid bu*i?te?s ami
there 1> nlnolutely no change in prices ' ? .is the
reply of the whoiesple grocery men yesterday when
questioned as to the State of the muikcl. Quotation*
are given h? follow*: Cotl'ee Ulr U1., cents; ito.al
lilo JU -: ]) hue choke l ie, i?*t r?.i.vtct
14e ypllow itio lte. Java 25e. Syrup*,
common toe; prime 45a50c, New Oilcans molasses,
prime t>x*, choice new TU.ihV, maple syrup
9115 per pUlou. Sugars; hard cru?hcd lu\r.mintluted
1<?/ / , powdered 10^c, A coll'ec ID.*, h **',
A pr<ilri<! sugar C, pahiie Ati%c, goldett C Jjj4e,
prime yellow SiiS^c. Hicc, tarotlna choice.
7Xc. New Orleans urlme 7c r,.
If'wh?No, 3mackerel, bbl?], till uj; .No.2 medium
III! uu.
Wooden Wore?Market Mendy. No. 1 tubs |?c*r
down, fl) 00. No. i! tub* |ktiJozt'J?. fs (,?; So. ? tut s
per do/etl. 17 00; 'J-luoji jmll* perdo/.cu, ;1 '."i;hoop
iw?Uh, 82 10; kceler* j?er nest, $1 K>; liiitu-r tuli\
! lbs capacity, tf-t M); do, Il?< cutmclty, *t (At; doii
Dm (MjMifUy, W50, wa>hb?Mrd?, plrfin, H .tail 7.'/;
wiuhlHitinl*, patent, tierdo/x-n, fl i>uu'.! tit.
Xu-at Cum?lOalle per pound.
Double mrcnytli wlno vliio^nr, STmuTOo;
standard, Ual3c; for couuiry stock; wlno
vimunr &uc,
Ifcnu*?Receipts fair; prime uavicj* 8:'. 7do moilium
f-l 'i0; red kidney S- 7.'mUI 00; redplnk 7&a
3 00; iimus haVcChrtM?
Is quoted ill jobbing lit Vc fur prlmo
Western, and UJ^hIIk- lor New *ork. Swuia r U.,'a
sl7c. aocordliiK t" quality. Llmbiirner l.v.
Srt^A?Tht* prlct> ar? i;? follows: timothy i: T.'ialJ01
f'mfiers?Live geesv tltiu mi 3Ua.W; lor
Nafta?Thprt-'liMbe^-nn reduction In the po>t week
f?>iiu tliO$J t'l rute. I'i.r rule ou lull*, K'liw and
bud. frumlOd to M l?per k<-v;.
lloMU?Remain;. tin- saint* at 'Muiic per pound for
ticw clover. New York. In cam*, lAaJUe.. buckwheat.
l.MitiM-; ?tn?iued loal'.'c.
'fiitlmv?Market slt*Mdy; country CitiiJ^c pcri>ouu(l;
city 7a7',:c. ...
OrirtMil (iood*- The inatkct 1* i|Ul<-t( n*id not much
dniou. Tltt* quotations are as follow *: ;t?t> c,tii?\ pin
i jK-aches tf- txi. 3 It. cans pcueho *); v* ti> canteaches
*.! Toumt?x>. :t Hi can*. ton I .V.
Sweet corn, 81 :wal ? *?; Window corn, ?! M',
' tftrawborrfes, 'I R> cull*', 51 4 >. him kberrh >, 2 ft
cnn.\ JI SO. lUj<pbcrrU*. "2 lb can*, si 4;?. plums,'.!
tticaus, 81 4'Ml 70, Lima bean*,'1 It. ?uns, SI :t>,
trine 8115. Cove oystcis, 1 lb tana, lJ?ht, 75c; full
wvlKht 81 '?*.
, i/H/Mr?lU<v||iU:ib ilit equal to demnnd 11- tly
, frvfh roll Ha?-t ie; jitime ;k.Vi."v; comunt'i .Oa^Oe;
' cniimcry 4>Ut'(e.
l)r(n{ Fruit*?tVc quote jirlnn <iu irt'-n d u| |?lc* at
I 5ir. ev*|?v? atwl n|?pU-.i bUile |>i-r imiuu'I; ?-v.i|i >ra|
tt:d |m.*iicIi i> (tlii|Mtirv<l) l\r jwr |?-,?np!; . v.itx.r.itw!
> iw/v *.* ,vu l,tfr I"'"' I. 1
" HjW?Jt.'W'tpt*llboml; !. ! i .111 ntlln
j l.K! |kt uiiZt'n (.r frt-h: i?v'x>, i s :, .
ihiiunt It -.vliii. lit, i. r l.uM.i '.;< >:?
2.'? |H?r fatrrcf.
I I'rurl 7J.II..J/ -S'ov .1 mii'I I. I?t' m r |-<tuihl
j I'otatof*-In c ?mI ill imimi tit Ik) u*l It- |h i l,i|.Ju.i
I OH 11 Hi'*: |t lOill i'l IlKIII ft'III a , - VV, ? ; I m it ill it *91
* tjoutlicrn. fi tfi: pi .vi.^hi. '
t //<iy-H?lt-<| hay rumiiiAu ? sii and ibo
. lOU'l' Oil U klOll ? lis rtl SH.li'i.
I1'gi|-Tbl? >U||I? l< rather u-4.it,.tUu
pi id' ?Uii |Uiu.

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