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rour'wml. "1^1
and 110 deaths at
...^n,lll,. far the year ending liiBt oI
L __==
Itteemi bv Sow Cumberland advices
u consiJtfMblu interest has been
rimed in Hancock county in re8?rd to
ujjroi'l from Steuben viiio (unction that
rillwnncct liio Panhandle road with the
Pimtanili ^I-'1"'
The m?T\'in!ini? M. & Conference
.ill be Ml tbla yi>ar at Ciurksburg on the
4th olOctober,?i'l Andrews will
,,reside. The Uhio Con',ir<!nco wl"
jjeWdatXeir Philadelphia on tho 27th
, Kislion Peck presiding.
I Ji^'untv, ol Uie Stcubenvllle Gauttt,
I would ??' ""P1lhl' l,?-'"?oc'"?tic-nomina
|io? hrCmsrtut under auy circumatancea.
I He prelen to puljtish a liret-class liemof
mlieiaW't*-''- He savs that liia politlI
,-J ambition was satiated, anil likewise
I qukhtil, l?i J,ear. n'1' llc aspired to
I the legislature.
I Arriiirui* ami l.ntn>r Trouble*.
] ?^i*l t<> the Intelllgcnccr.
j Weosville, 0., May 10.?The Wells
ville >. I. iv r. null was the scene of two
accidents last evening. David Lynch, an
employe, attempted to remove n tap, which
exploded, filling his shoe with molten cinders
ami bailJy burning his foot. His
home-w in Irondale.
Uter, another employe, named James
O'Grady, walking backward from the rolls
with a sheet of iron, caught his foot, somehow,
and fell backward uoou a red hot
sheet of iron, lying behind him. In risinir.
Ilia hands came in contact with the hot
metal anil they were badly scorched.
Juliueville coal miners, .">00 to 000 in
number, representing Beveral mines, refusal
to IP to work this mornijig, because
of a refusal upon the part of the companies
to restore the 10 cents of the recent reduction.
The men seem determined and
the companies may have to accede to their
.McFar!;in<], a merchant of Irondale, was
closed up yesterday by the abend' of JefTerk
n coun iy.
Tlic Wheeling nml l.uk* KrlpRontl.
Special Dijjwtch to the Intelligencer.
Xorwai.k, 0., May 16.?-The stockhold
era' meeting of the Wheeling and Lake Erie
railroad ratified the consolidation of the
Cleveland Iiml Afnriotfn triffi fhotr m<i/(
No action was, taken on the Wheeling
bridge; tiiatandalf other matters postponed
till some future time. Commodore Garrison
and party visited Ilnron this afternoon^
and inspected the large coal docks, now
building there.
jiikdek AT IMKK CRAB ma.
ASaluou liroprrN DcNpcrnle Arnault on
Ills WfFnrrtmour.
SpecUl Wspitch to the Intelligencer. .
P.IREE1WBIKG, W. Va., May 10.?Our
?ity, this evening, was the scene of one of
ihe most di'/iberate and determined at
tempts at cold blooded murder ever known.
Tie actors in the scene were two wellknown
citizens of Wood county, and, as
usual, there was a woman in the case.
Joseph I'aull, who is the proprietor of a
faloon and boarding house in Volcano,
this county, was called away on business
and, returning unexpectedly to his home,
one night about a week ago, he found a
roan named Reuben Markus, who was
iu his employ as a barkeeper,
in bed with bus (Paull's) wife.
ue was about to shoot Markus then and
there, but liia better feeling gained the control
of his passion nnd.hc alio wed theguilty
lnatl to escape, kicking his faithless wife
out oi ihe house.
The gu'vUy pair came to Parkersburg,
ao<3 PauiJ, taming of their whereabouts,
came here a day or two ago, with the
ayotvecl purpose of killing Markus. This
afternoon, about 5 o'clock, Paull met his
victim near the B. <k 0. depot and drew his i
revolver, when Markus started to run.
Paul! followed, tiring upon him, but i
without effect, until Markus had reached a
dwelling, about one square from where
they first met. Markus endeavored to
wuer tue house, to escape, but the door
was locked. By this time Paull had overtaken
him, aud, placing the revolver within
a few inches of Markus'a head, he fired.
The hall entered the right side of the face,
in front ot the ear and, ranging through
the mouth, came out on the left side, below
the molar bone. A second shot took effect
in the back, to the left of the spine, passes
upwards. This wound was probed by
Dr. Harris, but at present the ball lias not
been located. The victim was removed to
the American bouse, where he lies in an
unconscious condition, and death may occur
at any moment
i'aull was promptly arrested and comfitted
to jail. He was perfectly sober
^hen the act was committed and does not
**?Uo regret it. Paull has always been a
^V.egs man; during the war he killed John
lichen, at Burning Springs, on a slight
rrorocation; enlisting in the army, he esttped
a hearing until after peace was dented,
ami on his trial for the offense was
(acquitted, l'aull's victim is about forty
years ol ago and a siugle man, having alwayabornea
fair character.
I MHHllt:RN. Mimiunism
Kletlion nrnuiio|M^i)alic|Iltfn|1(l circus
^3"V";'-E; T,:ss" At the
e "ljo the general conference ol the
- fethodistfcpisoopal Church South, to-day,
the coram,ttee on revival, submitted a rel?rt,
recommending that a ehapl? bo
inserted in the discipline, to prohibit onipgrag
in promiscuous dancing, cither in
private or public exhibitions: or vi?itlnc
?ne theatre, the opera or the circus,
fhc election of fire additional lii,lions
taken up. and A. W. Wilson, ot the
1 utinioro conference, for the put (our
. cars missionary secretary ol tho Churcli,
''""Iinarters at XusUviile, was elected
tlie first ballot.
k i.itk cyei.ose.
. Lx'", M?S' Ht.?A Fort Smith, Ar
*3n?n.o. BtlOfinl om<n ft>t 1 . < . .
L:n | ' .>8- ioiai oi, tin
a 34WO"ndetl b-v tho recent cycJon,
Or / r' n(^an Territory,foots up 120
1 those fifteen are already dead; ven
?any nre maimed for life and others caii
^ot recover.
formation of the commission
CmiMiwI tjr (III PrulJfit ill fcta Clliloi
Th? Htftr UoaUri-?t-Sratlar Dor?py Comci
to TlBt-Arur Forfeited Laad Grants
to Uailroada-Gtatral .NuWi.
Bp?clal DUwitch to th? lnt?*UUeucer.
WAsuixGToy, May 10--Judge Tuylo
from tho committee on judiciary, to-dn
reported favorably a Mil to forfeit certal
lands granted to tho Ontonagon & Stal
Line railroad. Tho grant was tnado to th
.road in 1853, on tho condition that the lin
nuouiu uo couipieieu in lew years or th
| land revert to the Government. The roa
was not built, and, Under the Impressio
that the land had reverted to the Govern
ment, without specific act of forfeiture, tii
Department of the Interior sold certain c
the lands to settlers. Last year a new com
pany organised, got a charter for the On
tonagon & Brule River ltailroad company
and a grant of lands from the State am
went on to build the road under the oh
terms, the State of Michigan being truate
of the grant to the Ontonngon ?!k Stite Lin
railroad. The lands, sold to settlers hav<
been found to be immensely rich in mineral,
and the new Comnanv built the twonti
miles of road, which the grant require*
should be built before the 120sections wen
given to it, and then went to tho otlie
end of the route and took the sections uj
on the land sold to the settler*
The settlers appealed to Congress and th<
committee ou judiciary has now recom
mended tho passago of the necessary ac
for forfeiting the land* and thus confirm
ing the title to-tlie lands bought by settlers
who were nearly euchred out of them bj
the shrewd move upon the part of the al
leged railroad company. This action is es
pecially important, as it indicates the posi
tion held by the committee upon the sub
ject of forfeiture, and will effect some twen
ty roads mentioned in the bill introduce!
by Cobb, of Indiana, some time since, pro
riding for tlie forfeiture of several millions
of acres of land, granted by the Unitei
States in aid of these enterprises nevei
The committee on judiciary, to-day
agreed, almost unanimously, to report ad
versely to the House the bill providing foi
the forfeiture of the land granted to tbt
Northern Pacific railroad. It has beer
under consideration for sometime and has
caused no little disturbance in the North
west. JThe committee consider that less
than GOO miles of the road remained to bi
completed; that Jay Cooke's failure hat
hampered the road and that a forfeiture
wouiu t>e inequitable and really not witmr
the spirit of the law. 'It is believed tha
the other Pacific roads, the Southern
Pacific and the Atlantic & Pacific, will be
treated in th^e same way.
Under the United States law a persor
who helps a criminal to escape or take*
plunder is an accessory after the fact ant:
cannot be tried until after the principal if
trial and convicted. As many of the
principals are never caught the accessoriei
are of course never punished. The com
mflteeon judiciary, to*day, reported a bil
changing the criminal law so that the ac
cessory after the fact can be tried at an\
time. This action is due to the aunoyancc
given to western officials by large numbers
of citizens who sympathized and aidet
such desperadoes as the James brothers.
Sir. Hoge presented in the House, to
day, the petition of Wra. Gray and a larg?
number of other citizens of Palatine, Ma
rion county, West Virginia, for an appro
priation for educatioual purposes.
A new posloflice has been established a
Daisey, Morgan county, West Virginia.
The Cnbluet Meeting.
Washington, May 16 ?All the member
of the Cabinet attended the session to-day
i The membership of the Tariff commissioi
was discussed, but no decision was reached
The physicians attending Mr. Defrees
ex-government printer, have given up al
hopes of his recovery.
Secretary Lincoln will go to Rye Bead
in June. .Mrs. Lincoln's health continue
to be very delicate.
Gen. Robert C. Schenck, ex-minister t
England, declines to he a candidate fo
Congress from the Dayton, Ohio, district.
Yesterday the fund raised by the Phi la
delphia Prat, $3,542, was handed to Mrs
Sergeant Mason. She promised to set asid
$1,000 for the baby.
Ex-Secretary Kirk wood, Edward Atkin
son, David A. Wells, Robert K. Porter am
Harry Oliver are among the gentleme:
suggested as.tariff commissioners.
Congressman Ben LePevre, of Ohio,hav
ing taken a look at the new district la'u
out for him, tells a newspaper man that h
thinks ho can worry through for anothe
jLiie i resiueui vraiuniuy pruuiihuu, 11 pot
sible, to visit New York on Decoratio
Day. The Cabinet, General Sherman, an
Admiral Porter may accompany the Pres
The bill to extend the charters of Nations
hanks was discussed, at great length in th
House, yesterday, but no vote was reached
Kelley and Hewitt had quite a lively altei
cation, the Pennsylvania!* coming ou
Amongtho New York delegation, Abrai
S. Hewitt, Roswell B. Flower and Wald
Hutchins are'candidates for the guberns
torial nomiuatiou, under Democratic rule
Each gentleman named is possessed of in
mense wealth.
Mrs. M. M. Ricker, just admitted to tli
bar of the District of Columbia, passed th
best examination among seventeen appl
until nil men hut hptvnlf. Shi> wtiu fnnn
to be particularly well versed in the law <
real property, a branch supposed to L
beyond the reach of the female intellect
Surueon Woodward, of the army, one i
the physician? who attended Preside!
Garfield, is reported to be seriously ill i
lfaropa, The continued strain to whic
be was subjeotiid during the President1
illness broke down his neryoijs svstem, an
soon after the President's death he wei
abroad. He is now atKice, and the r
iwrta received from him do not encourpj
hiff friends.
' Tb?Prrsrtnufl of IheTuriir Con?mU*loi
"Washington', May 10.?'Tho tariff-con
mission bill was passed by Congress upc
May 0, arid already over one week h;
pftfcsed without auythintf being done b
innrl (lninAiirMnii.i>Uii <it mimiM nnunnfji.
I"?u IIIVLUUBIUCIUtlUllUI ||n?|(Dpwx,iiK
3 It is highly important to have this comml
s sion organizer! as soon as possible, for tl
i, reason that it is obliged to report to Co:
jrretw at Its meeting upon December 4, at:
tlie eybject is such a vast one that the cor
mission uoecls every day between now ar
jAen to in a Ice eyen a superficial study
r tho tariff and the nccessary modltlcations
(o remedy tho greatest wrongs now com
Jm i, ?! by>portcre nnd consumers.
Y rho J resident ha* been overwhelmed with i
letters nnd dispatches from all parts of tho
country upon tho matter.* Nearly overy
Kreftt manufacturing interest is sceklug to '
get a representative, hut, as ther?j aro only
nine -members to ho appointed, tho
1 resident has llnally arrived ut tho
conclusion of tho thorough hmmir.
tieability of organizing auy commission
tnade up of representatives of special Interf(
oats. He therefore will ha guarded in the
v ^ctlori of men largely by geographical j
n It is probable tlmt ox-Secretarv Kirk- r
lo wood, of Iowa, will bo the president or fc
ie chairman. Mr. Kirkwood is a little too ,
much inclined to free trado to please tho J
extreme protection element, but he fs a 1
0 very/air, judicial-minded man, who would t'
d preside over tho commission with dignity f<
n and report impartially. Edward Atkinson, c
of Boston, an authority upon textile tab- ,
lets, who was connected with the census
e work, will probably also he upon tho com- ?
if mission. It is bpliovod Ihnf *hn mninliiiN i u
1# ship will bo made up in the interest of 0
conservative protectionists, and, while it
l" may not suit bucIi extreme men as Kelloy, u
', it will yet lie reasonably satisfactory to the ti
j majority of the manufacturers throughout u
j the country.,The President believes that tho ti
Republican party Is practically committed
L at present to tho adoption of protection, 11
e and that ho must be guided by that fact in
u making his selections. n
j K.v>Scnntor Homey Ajipmrt In Court, 0
IMendrt not Utility, una UIvm llnll.
Washington, May 10.?Attorney Gen- Ci
r eral Brewster was in court this moraine ..
' when tho Star Route cases came up. The c
* deputy marshal reported that he had been n
3 unablo to arrest John AV. Dorsey, and hud ?
no information as to his whereabouts.
1 Judge Wylio suggested that perhaps Dor- It
scy might bo in court, and directed his tl
| name bo called. As the crier called the
name Mr. Carpenter rose, and, to tho sur- tj
prise of the spectators, said John W. Dor- ii
sey was in court, and had been in the city n
for ten days. Ho added that it had been
- Dorsey's intention from the first to attend jt
. when "wanted. Dorsey was then arraigned, It
. and he pleaded "not guijty." "
1 Mr. Merrick ssiid the Government was cj
* ready to proceed, but stated that the grand ^
i jury was now considering the lierdell case j>
j and that, if -Mr. Rerdell wero not tried with c
the other defendants, it would necessitate n
r another trial of his case. ?
The hearing; was then adjourned until &
, tho 25th inst., Judge AVylie reminding the G
marshal that he was responsible for the ?
[ person of Dorsey until bail was furnished, tj
r Ex-Postmaster General James was before "
} the grand, jury to-day in connection with t]
i the Star Route cases.
joiner id mouay iur. juorsey gave bail in ?,
the sum of ?10,000. * E
Protect I iik tlie Farmers. j"
"Wasjm.vgto.v, may ]tf. -A bill of irnpor- lc
tauce to the fanners of the West has passed
the House. It seems that a practice has
grown up of annoying farmers who buy -ir
patents, and of black-mailing them. For ninstance,
a fanner goes .into a hardware ;l|
store and buys barbed fi nee or a patent 'c|
hay-fork, or some similar article. These fn
lie" uses in improving his farm. Along g.
comes the agent of tho patentee and claims q
the use of the article is an infringement of w
a patent, aud threatens to bring suit fur p,
such infringement unless the farmer is willing
to pay $25, which is. the*~usnal w
price exacted The farmer is com- Cl
polled to pay or take the alternative of a sl
suit. Should the suit be brought the w
former would be compelled to appear in a j1(
United Stiltps nnnrt nrnhnhW mont? milna ..
1 away, and the cast of travel to attend ta
would be equal to the money demanded. f0
. Hence, as a rule, he submits to the extor- tj
lion. The bill in question protects an inno- uj
cent purchaser in open market of anv c(
' patent. While it may m some cases work < .,
1 unjustly to a patentee, it will protect an
innocent purchaser from prowling wolves.
_ It was significant that the only opponents cj
of the measure were the "down-east Yan2
kees," whose constituents have been in the
- habit of practicing the extortion.
Another Arctic Scheme.
t Washington*, May 10.?Master Lucien e^
Youug. one of the bravest officers of the oi
navy, who desires to go to the Arctic re- m
jjions unuer tne provisions ot iur. Ualkir.s' \
bill, says that his plan is entirely, feasible ti
and will* incur no. special risk or loss of tl
life. lie proposes to keep near shore. He jo
i would make two depots for supplies to fall 1*
, back on in case of a retreat, oue on the
western coast of Greenland and au- sc
other further north, at Lady Franklin d.
Bay. He would then keep up the
>? Greenland coast until he struck the ai
1 northern limit of navigation and- make fc
that the base of operations. lie would then h
i send out parties by land, and, if the end of e<
s the land was reached, on the ice establish it
small depots. < This would he done during o;
o the fall and winter, ro that the next spring h
r the party could make a dash for the pole, e
following the line of the depots left the fall p
previous, to insure rtrntwiHnn nc.nnst star
* vation and enable them to travel unencuui- tl
bered by stores. He has the opinion of va- a
e rious Arctic travelers that bis plan is the a
most feasiblo devised so far for the sueccss- ^
. fnl penetration of the polar regions. He ex- t<
\ pects to find -a more moderate climate at b
u the pole than for some distance to the w
south of it. o
Exports or BremlHtnlRl?? - ti
' Washington*, May 1G.?-The report of ex- "
e ports of breadstuff for April shows an
r export of St),S35.000 as against$20,421,000
last year. The ten months ending May 1st
3. show an export of $Io7,5-16,000. In the ?
n same months lost year tl e ex ports-were c
d $225,510,000. A notable feituro in these tl
i- exports is tne increase ot ban L-raneisco, u
Portland and Willamette, their increase v
. beinj? -10 per cent. The April exports arc A
11 heavier than has been anticipated, nearly I
. five million bushels of wheat going out, as e
[' against ten and a half millions last ytar. h
'* Of this, however, one-half was from" the t
lt Pacific coast, the shrinkage being entirely t<
in the Atlantic ports. New Orleans, which C
n threatened a year ago to become a rival of a
o Atlantic ports for wheat raised in the vali.
ley, ottbe Upper Mississippi and JMissonri,
3, sent only S10U.000 worth, whereas, a year
j. ago, she shipped nearly $2,000,000. An- fc
other significant featiiro Is? the "exnort of n
wheat flour. l,ast year it waa 655.000 bar- t
10 rels. This Aoril it was-ISO,000 barrels, the Q
!? heavy I033 in the breadstuffs being in wheat ,
l* and corn. Barley, oats and rye hold their j
own this year as against last. * 'j
^ ^
?C TlioClucinnnff ifiiy f'cMfirnf. j
Cincinnati, May 10.?The first oveniug f
poncert of tho 5th Mav Festival,, at the n
it music hall,.was attended by 4,500 people.
n The weather is cool but pleasant. The
:}i audience was prompt in coming and Theo H
doro Thomas prompt iu beginning
j the performance, with the doors :
nt closed again9t late comers at halt
e. past seven. His appearance with *
re Maierna was greeted with warm applause, "
* btjtwhen Miss Car>* appeared, who has j
beep a soloist at all the festivals, aho.-vas j
rmtrircd with shouta. Materna. however. :
' achieved a personal triumph of, unusual
demonstration. I
q* A ttljpbtbona'Ncnieiic?.
d. New York, May lO.?Mprris A. S'ibwab ;
\d- and Robert J. Rutninells, who swindled .
10 Helen M. Lewi* out of $300, on the pro- (
n- tense nhe should bo the loading,lady in a ]
id company about to bo organized to play
n- "Daniel Rochet," were sentenced, to-day, .
id to state's prison for three years each. A
o new trial was denied. 1
riiat the *urilfr?r? ofCtrenJIiIi aaJ KurL?ar? ,
on a Ktfaiuer line Id that Port-OOetra Seat I
to Intercept tits Holhla-Thn Latnt j
from Ireland and Knglanil.
Nkw York, May 10.?It is stated hero ?
hut the United States Marshal and (our of l.
lb deputies have gone down the bay in a ,
evenuo cutter to meet the steamship
icy una, on noara 01 wmcn vessel, it is bus
>ected, nre two of the party concerned in J
be assassination In Dublin. The story is
lint at Liverpool tho pollco ascertained that
3iir men, two of whom answered very
losely the description of tbo two assassins, t
ad taken .passage ou board the Sythia,
-hich wailed two days after tho murders 'I
,ero committed. Tho London officials nt
nee communicated with tho authorities r
t Washington, asking tho arrest and ex. L
radition of tho fugitives, immediately
pou landing, and that in compliance with [
iiis request the ollieere havo been sent to
neet the Scythla. r
niM.itv \ta%f in tn?i ^
"ftiiu uivmi'ijum,
splying to n deputation from Dublin uniersltyand
Qneen's college ofsiirjfcons, ex- '
ressed his determination to pursue a vigrous
policy to root out tlio evil which has d
itused the desolation ol Ireland. 1
The return of outrages, lirst quarter of the
ear, shows sis murders, without a singlo t(
onviction. Altogether U17 outrages com* >
dtted, for which fitly-one persons were
pprehended; of these twenty-one were <1
nnvictcd. e
The Queen has written an autograph
;tter of sympathy to Miss Burke, sister of
:ie late Under Secretary Uurke. :
London, .May II).?In tho Commons this '
fternoon, Mr. Gladstone, in replying to
:ie request for further information regardlg
the negotiations with the Susnects. P
- iterated tlmt it was not conducive to law
nd order to explain the details. He said
was the duty of the Government, neither
>oking to the right nor the left, to open ai
le prison door. He had had nocotnmuni- w
ition with IVnell, and there were no T
(Jieial communications nor stipulations,
n consequcnce of Gladstone's answer Mr. jc
lelfour (Conservative), moved an adjourn' |c
lent of the House. A long debate ensued. ai
Ir. Belfour paid the compact with the 0!
aspects was unexampled iu infamy. Mr.
mustone. speaKing witu great expression,
eclared th.*re.wasnot'a word of truth in
to charge that the compact existed and
wt'such accusations were a disgrace to
lose making them.
Forstei, Paracll and O'Shea had an nni- .
lated discussion in the House relative to "
gan, the treasurer of the Land league. b.'
O'Knrke, Mr. Egnn's partner, Maloney
atl many other Suspects have been re ased.
Tlio .St. Lou!* Church Scnnilnl. ^
Sr.LouJs,May ]l).?Ten deaconsaml prom- ut
lent members of the Third Baptist church pi
lake a statement regarding the reports
jout Rev. Dr. Lofton, the pastor of the
uirch, charged with being drunk and
iflking au indecent assault upon a re- ?
>ectable lady in a sleeping car ou the
. M. road.] Its chief features are that, >0
hile they neither admit nor deny the re
>riH, iuuy ueuevc mat it is aue to L>r.
ufton, ins family and to the church of l,i
hich lie is pastor, to sa ythat his mental w
edition for months has been 0<
ich that, at times, he was ca
holly irrespchisible for his acts; that
a had been threatened with paralysis of
te brain, and.has had several delirious nt- I'i
cks, being unciertreatmentnt JfotSprings w;
r eight weeks; that he had a sunstroke, m
iree veins ago, and has been repeatedly ki
rged to give up his labors until his health in
mid be thoroughly re-established. They
irther say that he has bcen'a most active r
id useful pastor and has constantly over- j
orked himself against the protests of his
lurch. f*
- >-?. to
The .ttiilley.lloitRfn** Murder Trinf. W
isew IIavkk, Juiy 1G.?In the Malley
ial John Hunter testified that he saw r0
mnie Cramer at Savin's Rock, Friday w
rening, August oth, in company with four 0j
live people. One of the party, a young ;n
lan, acted as if he had been drinking. ft,
lie two ladies in the. party seemed par- q
cularly merry. The one he saw dead on y
ie bench the next day laughed aud acted
illy. She said at one time, "MvGod, Tin
iirnlyzed." " . ci
Mrs. Inwood, of Hartford, testified to I'
icing .Tames Mallev, jr., at 10:45, on Fri- A
ay night, at Savin's Rock. h
In the afteruoon Reinhardt Meunzer ^
nd Joseph H. Marvin testified. Tnu 4:
irmer was proprietor of the "flying S;
orses" at Savin Rock, and the latter push;1
them around. Both testified to know>g
Jennie Cramer and to the circumstance
f her being one of the riders on the Hying it
oraes on the night of August 5th," the ti
videnco entirely corroborating that of p
revious witnesses in this particular.
;SIr., Doolittle, of the prosecution, said ?
wt expected witnesses had not arrived ai
nd that tho Ptato could not go on; lie tl
sked for an adjournment until to-morrow, tl
Ir. Jones, the defense, requested the State
) notice when their testimony would all .
e in, that the defense might have their K
ritnesses ready. "You'd better have vour t(
wn witnesses ready in court,' then, by day il
fter to-morrow," said Doolittle. Adjourned ?
ill to-morrow. The State closing sc soon jf
as a surprise to everybody. "
TIio Woman SuirnigiHtH Euchred.
Kew Youk, May 1G.?-The effort of the r
romen who want to vote in New York hns ~
otno to a rather sudden end. They made
he noint tlmt as tho Constitution <lul nnt
n so many words say that they should not
ote, they should be allowed the privilege, \t
l bill for the purpose was presented in the $
legislature. The Attorney General, howver,
has been looking into the matter and .
e decides that the proposed act of the e
legislature is unconstitutional, lie con- P
ends that women cannot vote until the 11
institution has been amended, and that's" k
thing not eusily done.
Fuller* Heir* to Knormou* rorinne*. a
Dai.i.as, Texas, May-10.?It is reported, o
lere, that two men have just fallen heirs to p
fortune of $33,000,000, treld in trust for tl
hem by the German government; that one c
if the lucky individuals is M Brossiiis, au- o
jerhitendeut of the Dallascar factorv, and J
he other one B. Ednjunda, of Pennsylvania, a
"he latter i3 also heir to the property on t<
chifili t!u* navv vnril in WnlsliSnntsm YlWv f
s built, It wasleased to the government s:
or ninety-nino years by his grandfather S
md the lease has just expired. , li
Ons-l'lmiigc in ciili'iiaro.
CiUCAf.Q, May 1(J.?Flont rules barely
iteady. buyers taking ^nlv enough for i
mmediate wants; talk, of shadod prices ^
s more common, as the wheat market I
leems more inclined to settle. Millers pro* v
est against a reduction in rates and say f
hnf thnv nro obliuod to mnlcn nil kimla nf V
inheanf-shiptncnts to secure enough wheat x
.0 grind. ?
Wheat unsettled and weaker. Opening r
lower, there was a rally of 'Jalc.;- then a j
frop, under free offerings, of 2c. for June, (
lie. for July; iinallv closed *al$c. below i
yesterday's rates, with Juno the weakest. 1
At one time July wold the game a? June, t
On call sales only 400,000 bushels and i
prices were |a3 lower. (
Ccrn was active and prices advanced la s
jc. About the middle of the session there l
was a feeling of weakness anil the mar- <
ket was^dull, (gradually declining JaJc 1
>nil this ruled stonily to tlio close. Itoccipbi
small, shipment* good. On tall,
sales 340,000 bushels, unci prices jc lower
tor July, Jo lower lor August and jc lower <
[or September.
Outs were quiet; near deliveries averaged
j slmilo higher. but prices woro not main- 1
lalncd. On cull, sales 310,000 bushels nml
prices unchanged, except that May wa.1 Jc
l'ork was active early and 25a30c higher
3n tho wliolo range, but heavy offerings
ind an easy grain market causcd a declino
>( 25a.'i0c, and closing easy. On call, sales .
',750 libs; prices 'JAc lower lor June and
nn.l ?1a I
itjjij /ju iu?L'i JUI otrjJiuiiiut'r*
Ijird freely offered; prices advanced 2Ja >
?c. but this >vaa barely maintained. On r
all, Bales 5,000 tierces; prices unchanged j,
ixcept that June was 2Jc lower. ^
Over $3,500,000 in specie will bo shipped li
o Europe to-day. c
An6ther singe robbery (s reported from t'
'exas, near Gainesville, by masked men. I
An "Iron anil metal exchange" was for- y
ualy opened in New York city, yester
my. ^ tl
At Cincinuati the houses in tho lower
art of the city ure Hooded, for tho seventh a
irae this year, c
Dr. Joseph McOutcheon, of Indiana, iust v
eturned from Europe, died in Brooklyn, n
Y., yesterday. tl
The nomination of Samuel P. Carter, of
\jnnsylvania, as a rear-admiral in . the tl
favy, was confirmed to-day. ^
A tramp ha3 been arrested at East Hen- *
ereon, Minn., for outraging , a littlo girl. ?!
le will probably bo lynched. 11
Her. A. .11. Bullion?, a retired Presbyjrian
clergyman, fell dead at Lunsingburg,
Y., yesterday. Heart disease. jj
The Georgia Independents yesterday en- t,
orsed Hon. Alex. Stephens for governor, {]
nthusiasticftlly and unanimously. j,
Augustus D. Leighton, convicted of the ii
mrder of Mary Dean, has been sentenced it
) be hanged in New York city on Friday tl
Mantrop, conccrned in the Peruvian com- a
any, was found guilty of forgery, in Phil- n
Jvtfuiu, jcaicumj'. OVUkUUC'U .WUS UtJ rred.
At the New York college of physicians tl
[id surgeons, yesterday, 115 young men
ere graduated. The prize man was J. B. at
ay lor, of Illiuois. ^
The anticipated duel between two fash- h
inable New Yorkers, growing out of alged
insulting remarks about a lady, is in e,
jeyanco. One party is in Virginia; the tt
ther in New York. * ^
The "Wisconsin Prohibitionists will make tl
o Congressional nominations, but a vigor- ei
is attempt will be mada to capture enough w
lembere of the Legislature to hold the bal- 01
ice of power next winter. if
Moses Taylor, who is thought to be tho
chest of New York merchants?his fortune hi
iiing estimated at fortv millions?is very tli
ck, and will be obliged to take leave of ul
is fortuue and life in a verv few davs. th
A beef famine in Colorado seems a3 im- th
jssibleasu'coal famine in Newcastle, yet t|1
ic announcement "No beef to be bad in
ly market in-this city to-day*' was lately t0
inted across hotel bills of fare in Denver. llr
At.Leavenworth, Kansas, yesterday, a u;
irty of drunken tramp printers attempted J'
capture a freight train. Shots were ex- .
langed, but without serious effects. The w
ngleader and several of the gang were ,w
dged in jail. *e
Flannagan, the Texas delegate who in ^
e Chicago convention rose to inquire re
hat everybody ,wasthere for if not for tiie
lices, is now in Washington as a
>Hdidatesfor U. S. marshal of Eastern
jxas. Wi
By a railroad accident, on the Northern ^
icifu*, yesterday, a construction train
XV S .
an, unci two laborers were instantly l0
Hud", r,there are missing; pobably buried or
i thevrejk. A number were wounded. 0f
One lot of ballot-box stuffers in South si]
urolina escaped punishment through the
jstinacv of a Democratic juryman, who
id: ''If God came into the jury room and
Id me to lind these defendants guilty, I
ould not do it." . cr
Chief "NVason, of the Milwaukee police cc
rce, promised to run tiie police force
ithoutauy regard to politics. A new force V{
eighty-seven men has just been sworn tj<
r. Forty-five are Germans, twenty-nine b,
o Irish and thirteen are Americans,
hief Wason is now in hot water with the
Baso ball games yesterday: At Cin- in
nnati?Cincinnati, 0; Allegheny, 4. At w
hiladelphia?Athletic, 5: Louisville, 3. ai
t Albany?Piovidence, 11; Troy, 6; ten
mings. At AVorcester?Worcester. 10:
oston, 7. At Philadelphia?'Philadelphia, p(
Metropolitans, 3. At Detroit?Detroit, ni
Clevelands, 3. _ ^
- . a
Crop IScporfM. jj
Kansas City, May 10.?It is estimated
om what is deemed reliable data that n
icre will be fully 0.000,000 acres of corn '
lanted in Kansas this season. b
Reports from various sections of Mis- 0l
>uri and Kansas show that chinch bugs j>
:e doing very little damage to wheat, and rt
ley have very little more time to pat in ft
leir work. * p(
Nf.w York, May 10.?Reports from Flor- T
la show the orange crop of the past season
> have been very large, the number of or- q<
nges shipped being 28,911,700.' It is cal- n
ilated that the yield next season will be si
irgely in excess of the last should no mis- ai
ap befall the crop. tt
DrNlmctire ConJlng-rnlion*. \
Peouia, III., May 16.?J. Hutchinson it p
to.'s cooper shops", with machinery* and gi
:ock, burned. Loss, $15,000; insurance, w
J,o00. 1:
Pamplik, Va., May 10.?Fire this morn- ^
ic burned ten stores and dwellings. Loss,
35,000. J
Cleveland, ^lay 10.?Roberts} & Co.'s g
stn'nsuvA hnoL*of u'nrks \vori\ /iMtrnvad ?a. n
ight, bv fire, supposed to have originated p
1 the drying room. Loss not definitely p
nown; variously estimated at from $25,000 a
) $50,000. Insuranco $15,000.
Helena, Auk., May 1(5. This morning, 11
bout 3 o'clock-, a fire broke out in a block,
n the east side of Main street, and com- e:
rising the entire business portion of that ^
iiorougnfare. Before the fire company
ould get to work the World newspaper
ftke, grocery house of T. G. Vaughan,
ohn H. Cooltdge ctCo.'s mattress factory
nd the clothing house of XL Fink were P
otally destroyed.- O.K.Bailey, hides and
urs, Frank "Canfcet, butcher, A. Gerlin,
aloon, slightly damaged. Total' loss, e
50,000; insurance will nearly cover 'the .1
I'.mltfruntH from Ireland. J
Ottawa, ost.y May 16.?In the Senate, i
n repiy xo a question put uy senator g
Vorth as to what arrangements, if any, had
>een made with the Imperial Government
rith a view to bringing out .emigrants 1
rom Ireland to the Dominion, Sir Alexan- r
Ier Campbell said that efforts had been ?
nado with considerable:assiduity to.make I
irraugements with , the, Imperial Goyern- }
nent for bringing out emigrants from Ire- 1
and, but bad not succeeded. The English
government had not thought proper to
:nter into any such arrangement for fear,
ie supposed", it might complicate their <
.roubles in dealing with Irish subjects. It ;
tvas hoped, however,',without interference i
;rora the British Government, to.make <
iome arrangement for bringing out and set- I
.ling Irish emigrants. He indicated, how-. ,
ivcr, that he could not give the details of I
ihe scheme.
rh# CtrptMUrt at CJathattl Uo to Vfork-Tkt '
Urn igala Lighted at lYarrcn-KxclU* I
eat fa Iron Clrtltt at '
The Situation at Cleveland. '
Cleveland, May 10.?Things tnovo along
n the same rather desolate manner each J
lay. The eamo spirit of good order pro- c
llilml tnwlav Tim I
""vu w ?.?y. *mu luiiinuiu wuuiL'in rt- v
wrted a liig trade in trunks, and wagon 1
oads wore noticed on their way to the do)0L?;
an indication that many of the strik- '
ire are nuking a change of huso. It was t
tilted tlmt the foremen in the wire mills l
lavo been canvossinit in the interest of the a
ompany to get a autllcient number of men <1
o start up one or both of thosu mills, tl
t is estimated that seventeen aaloons tl
fill be closed up by reason of the strike. 'I
This morning a number of strikers were
ecu skirmishing about the mills to satisfy
licmselves whether or not any work was
*ing dono by "scabs" or "black sheep,"
s reports to that effect lmd been freely cir- si
ulated during the previous evening. They n
;ero not allowed to go inside of some of the n
lills, watchmen being stationed to see Unit b
his order was carried out. Some of the tl
He men are indignant at what they call o
lie hard hearted ness of the store-keepers, b
rho refuse to do n credit business until
*ork is again begun. Signs are seen in
ome of tho store windows announcing
bat goods will be sold for cash only. b
Philadelphia, May UK?Considerable 't
xcitement exists in iron cirlces, owing to p
lie decision of tho leading manufacturers '
3 reduce the price of bar iron from 2 8-10 P
) 2 0-10 cents per pound. The fact that 11
lie decision carries with it a correspond- JIJ
ag reduction in wages, and that fifteen
undred men are directly involved, make
, a matter of moment. X'eara aro expressed
mt the workmen will not Btitimit. ci
Philadelphia, May 10.?The running of 8I
nthracite coal will be stopped three days c'
ext week: also, tho week folJowinc. al
.--o' 111
Wakrex, 0., May 10.-?The iron workers' A
:rike ended by mutual concessions, and
le tires were lighted this morning. "
Cincinnati, May 10.?The carpenters' ^
rike ended in this city to-day. Many
len have already gone to work on the
asses' terms. ai
Chicago, May 10.?Two hundred tauners se
nployed in tlie preparing departments of fo
le city tanneries have struck. They have $1
een receiving$11 a week, a dollar more
tan in other cities, and demaud $12. The tl:
nployers say that to grant the demaud
ould make it impossible to compete with if
itside firms; that this is a test strike, and, hi
successful, would be followed by others. \\
New York, May 10.?a. -powerful lobby s*
is been dispatched to Albany to push 31
irougU the bill for suppressing cigar manlacture
in tenementhouses, on the ground n?
iat it is prejudicial to the public health, ht
lough eminent medical authorities declare Ti
iat there is nothing to support the allera
in. The real backers of* th6 bill are said
be the Trades Union and Socialists, who
e desirous of preventing competition A
ith the members of their societies, who to
ork in the regular cigar manufactories, ai
e that as it may, if the law is passed it Bi
ill drive from IS,000 to 20,000 men, te
omen and children out of the New York n,
nements to Xew Jersey and the surroundg
neighborhood, where their industry
,n be prosecuted without local interfere.
# K
Philadelphia, May 10.?The journey- hi
en tailors held a meeting at their hall, at
bich it was stated that the advance of 10 fr(
?r cent in the wages had been generally Qj
ceded to. "
At a meeting of the journeymen bar;rs,
yesterday afternoon, .it was resolved ..
appoint a committee to wait upon May- ffl|
King to urge upon him the enforcement ?!
the law requiring the closing of barber tj"
lops on Sunday. u,
??? Se
Mauch Chunk, Pa., May 1G.?An in- q"
ease of 10 per cent-in the wages of the at
nployea.of the Lehigh-.Valley railroad |J;
impany is talked of. . f.j
Philadeli'Hia, May lG.?The Pennsyl- ^
inia railroad company has issued an orir
that no veal under months of age shall St
j shipped over the road. This is done to If
ronL- .?* il.n hncinMii ?* ?1 ? 1 #l
""fiuww in UIUIlive/
Austin-, Tex., May 10.?Only ninety J*
iles of track laying remains to be done ^
l Texas in order to make a through railav-connection
between San Francisco !
id New Orleans, ht
Philadelphia, May 10.?The proposed gj
etension of the Southern system of the 71
ennsylvauia railroad by the construction J;
! a branch from Pocomoke City, Md., to !
herrystone, Va., upon which latter point ar
line of steamers will be established to 51
orfolk, will soon bo actively begun. cx
New Yoke, May 1G.?It is stated that
000 freight cars are idle at Erie, and a J?
eat many at Chicago and Syracuse. r. t
St. Louis, May 11}.?'The washouts and
:her damage done to the Iron Mountain \
ailway in Missouri and Arkansas, bv the sj
Tucui. luma uuu uiku wuiura nave uecn us
illy repaired, and all passenger trains for Jn
Dints on the road and for all points in ?t<
exas were resumed' to-day. ?y
Toledo, Ohio, May 16.?The long-rumor- ^
1 changes in the Ohio Central manage- cii
lent have at-last assumed a tangible
inpe. General Manager Hedley becomes
distant general manager, with headquar- n,
irs at Corning. The following is the ofli- Si
ial circular notice just issued here by jjj
'ice-President J. P.,Martin: "The vice- j?
resident having assumed the duties of ci
aneral manager, heads of departments ^
ill hereafter report to him. Mr. G. G. u,
[adIcy, assistant general manager, will
ive special attention to the coal depart- co
lent. All communications in., regard to
le production and sale of coal should be
Ulressed to him. Mr. AV. H. Vande- j>r
rift, superintendent; will transfer his jj
eadquarters to Bncyrus, Ohio, aud take ,,,
eraonal charge of the transportation deartment,
the oflice oI trainmaster being to
tenth of u Prominent IVnniylvunlnii. tc
York, Pa., May 10.?'Thomas E. Cochran, ,
x-Attorney-General of Pennsylvania, died i??
lis afternoon. " sii
. x , * in
Lon'ook, Mav.-16.?'Johnson & Roy, pro- l\
rietors of the Moorefield iron works.'Stock- w
)n, have failed. Liabilities, XI20,000.
Six thousand Swedish and Norwegian m
migrants have sailed from Hull for the **
Jniied States.
Dublin, May lG.?It is stated tlmt a mar- ?
iage haa been arranged between l'rincess 0(
teatrice, Queen Victoria's youngest daugh- p
er, and Prince Frederick William, eldest
on of the Landgrave oi Hesse. 11
Pajiis, May 10.?'It the presence of Eog?
ish and French fleets at Alexandria does
lot suflice to restore order, the Turkish e
lendarmes will be landed to seize Arabi k
ley, Minister of War, and those implicated t!
eith him and stop tho rebellion "by reduc- *
ng the rebels to impotence. - " 1
Attempted Suicide on n Trnin.
Cleveland, May 10.?As thevGallion ac- 1
jommodation tram was passing the stock ]
,-ards, on the.Qutskirts of tho city, this af- ,
l?inwii| ? yaa.-rcugcr uuiurcu uiu sillUKUlg (
:ar closet and cut his throat with a pocket |
knife and jumped through tho window. :
He was picked up and conveyed
to the City Hospital. The wound
id not necessarily fatal aa no large
artcrv in severed, but death will likely ensue
from inflammation of tno lungs, pro*
Juced by breathing cold air through tho
jreatgasn In, the wind pipe. In bis pockets j
wcro found allmlted ticket to New York,
two baggngo cheeks from Cincinnati to New
Vork, and a letter In German, signed Al- 1
bert riacher,and addre6ee<l to llerr fcicbarfejerg.
The coroner pronounces the man iulane.
I'rotiibUIou in Imllnnn.
Inuianai'oi.is, May 10.?There la a
liyided sentiment among politicans in
his Stato as to the fato of the prohibition G
intendment They generally believe, how- t
iver, that the submission of tiio amendment n
0 a popular vote is the only way in which
1 fair expression of the sentiments of the
>eople, untrammeled bv nartv connidpro. ^
ions, can bo hud upon the question, and li
lint the people havo an undoubted right 0
o so express themselves. By many, it is ,
rgued that now is tho time to settlo tho 15
uestion ; of prohibition once for all; ^
liat it is in tlio present campaign, and that j?
lie question must bo voted for or against at
lie election for njombers of the next a
.egishiture. , 0
Ml T
Apimllliisr i.ul of Slid (i ?ii Dentil*. it
]S'k\v Yomc, May 10.?A vast increaso in tl
idden deaths has been one of tho most k,
oticeablo features of this season's city n
locality, in proof of which it need onlv L
o stated that within tho past six weelis ||
icre havo been no fewer than 550 cor- v
ner's inqucHts. This is something whollv A>.
eyond precedent * ' el
- Tt-, ol
The l'coriii l.nntl l.engtie.
Peohu, III., May ,10. ?The Peoria "j
ranch of the Land league resolved to *
>rward the following message to the .1
easurer of the Land League at Paris: ?
We heartly endorse your refusal to ap- ?
ropriate any-portion 0/ tho Land League J
mds as a reward for the conviction of the
ssasaians of Cavendish and Burke.'' *
TheLnnhvllle Rnceti.
Louisville. Ky. May 10.? A large 8t!
rowd attended the opening day of the a,
jring meeting over "the Louisville jockey ^
:ub's course. The attendance from m
broad is very large; a magnificent day. ^
lie winners of the day were:
First race, club purse, $200; dash of a,
iree-quarters of a mile. Won by Gus llt
latthews; Mammoniat second; Duke of
ieut third; time 1:1(1?. French pools f0
iiid $54.(50."
Second race, club purse $ttOO; one mile ji,
id a quarter; wou by Glidelia; Burnham, n
:Cond; Caroline B, third; Fair Count, cu
*irth. Time 2:141. French pools paid ul
Third race, the Kentucky Derby; for !!!
iree-year olds; $100 entrance, half forfeit;
JO entrance if declared May 1, 1881, $4U m
May, 1S82; $1,500 added; &>00 to second [0
arse; distance one and one-half miles, w
'on by Apoito; ltunnymede second; ilen- t?
il third. Time2:40J. French pool paid ^
!bl) 00. . | j
Fourth race, for club purse of $350; mile
3uts, won by JJrambaletta in two straight 0f
^ts; Alinnda second, and Hokes third, r,
ime 0:49:]; 0:451. .
The Liquor War In lown. HE
Milwaukee, May IG.-A.ti agent of the d
nti-probibition society, of Iowa, was here, W
day, soliciting money aid to use in tho u|
iproaching election iu that State. The
rewers' association this evening contribud
SI,000 and private individuals ?300
ore. ,
' n m<
Ocean Steamcrn. ba
London, May 1G.?State of Nebraska,. (
ron Prinz. State ow Georgia and Glasgow* .j1
ive arrived out. a*
New Yoke, May 10.?Arrived, Salier, jj>m
Bremen; Vandalia, from Ilamburp; p*
Ircassian, from Liverpool; Scotland, from (Jo
)ndon; Titanic, from Glasgow.
Jhicxoo, May lC."-FIour unchanged. Wheat in S
ir demand but lower mtes: No, 2 Chicago spring ??
l5!ftl2t%cflSh:Sl23J4il'.!tJ>fay: UN%June; Vl\% ill
ly; 1\\ft Aus ; St luSept.; $1 07 year; No. 3. SI 12* St.
A. Corn dull and shade lower. cash. Te
ly; J tine and July; auk.; 7a Te
ptember; rt'ject'd 73J4. Oat* quiet nud llrcn at j
:. '.cash: 5i^a.Vi}ia June; 4ii}{c. July; 3Sj-i<c. we
igusl Rye easier m "Sc. llirltiy In ne
,U dutnand. Flaxseed- unchanged. nutter du
.let and unchanged; Kgas iteaay and ttrm i
16c, l'ork *ctlve. Arm nnulilitber: uas tiled at . .
J1 Sal9 25 cash and June; 519 ar?al9 37?4 July;
) 55at9 57J4 August; 519 75 Sept#mb?r. Lanl '
Irly active aim higher at til 40alH2>$ owh:
1 42.111 4$ June: S1157J4 July; 8117<J August; 311 S1
ptember. Italic rae<w strontr. *hmiijlerx S3 50;
1-i.mivii i.1. kuui t wivnr 51? ?\<. nuiMKy linu llfc p
10. <*ali?Wheat dull and prices a'ghade lower r:<
Ol 2S}&ii 24?$ June; $12l>4 July; 1114% August; p,
0G?S year. Corn lower July; 78ftc ,
jrusi; Tl%n.?ll/fi September. Outs nrraer. Fork
fair demand nut lower rales at Si5J 12J4 June; f,,,
332% July;. $19o2^ AugustiSH) 67& September." ,
ird easier, but not quotably lower. ^
Chicago, May 16.?The Drorer't Journal reports: c.,
Cattle? Receipt* 2.SM heaa: shlwneuu 2,200 V-,
rod. Market activeund higher: quality not good; C.,
? extra here; export steers 87 &0a7 75; good to o<
mice shipping S7:tfa7 4U; common to f?ir SfiOOn Dfc
W; mixed butchers strong m 82 '5*5 CO; grass Uc
:xan? uctlve and 4cc higher than lust week; in- Er
rtor to fair S3 90*4 60. <
Sheep?Receipts <00 bead: shipments 10? head. Fo
nrket ftroug. uctlve ana firmer; inferior to fitlr Hf
00*5 00: meuiuin to good 85 10a5 75; choice to ?
:traJ<J?*G GO. H*
Hoto?Receipts 18,000 head; shipments 5,500 head; H[
arket very strong, active and 5c higher: common 111
good $7 OCtoC 50; heavy packing and shipping In
70a8 12J^. quality poor: skips and culls fc5 40a K?
K): all sold. Clused firm. j-"
Haltixoue, Mar 1?J.?Flour uuehansed and dull, r!
heat, western, dull; No. 2 winter red spot 51 39% j
1 40*4 May; 51 wy. bid June; 8141 asked July; ft
2TV11 25August; 81 OlXal 01?* SJcp'ember; 1 02& M;
I tl. Corn, western, shade off; fairly ncilve;
txed spot SlaJS2e; May 81%aH2Ke: Juue Ma82.S: ?!
ily S2)$aS3J4; August Oat* quiet and
>ady; western white. Glafclc: mixed Ma til: Penn- r:
IvauiaGOaW. RveflrmatlOlalOS. lfey unchang*
i. nuiiu-i ijuicit "iTivui unckvu imuoc; run ??
;gs tlrm at JUa'.Mc. ? Petroleum quiet and un? u,
an*ed. Cotfae quiet at h'4. fugar quiet: AJsoft v.
J.-'whisky ?tou?l>'' at Sl'ilal'Ji. Frelghti un- r,,1
anged. ' ; .
1'OLKDO. lisy 10.?Noon Board?Wheat steady; .J
). '2 red spot and May 81 37; June $1 SBK: July
17# August flvUX: September fl W/t bid;
ar held at 31 IX Com steady and in fair detnano; ?J*
gh mixed Sic No. i spot licld at 77%c; May 77J4c:
me 75c; July 7Sjflc bid; year 50c. Qsis unchanged. *;
osed?Wheat steady, futures e4S-Ien No; '1 red spot TV
-id at31S7?{; M?>'SI36J4:Junc July *1 1G%: A>
igttethcJdat$1 M;year$1.12*1-12%.. Cwij.nom- Pj
ally uncluuiged. , * '
Nsw York. May 16.?Dry Goods?Exports of wi
cton goods (he p.iat week were <.:Kt3 packages and jj,
r the expired portion or tue year 61,packages, j?
aln>t5<l.fc{0 packages la>t ye?r and -tl/JflOpttckugc* ci(
1*39, with Jfte demands lor contract* Hendlly ?;
essed for acceptance, The tone o! the market wus hi,
liter and buyers inoro cheerful. For Kentucky
aiis and doeskin there is more inquiry and buM' 03
>.v<, buyers arriving lu greater numbers. g?,!
East Lmehty, -I'a.,-May 10.?Cattle? Receipts 86'
0 head. Market Mr at yesterday'# priccs. . . H2'
Hogs?Receipts I,WW-head. Market tirm; I'hlla- hi;
slphlM 57 was 10; Yorkers 87 3ua7 50. po
Snetsf>?Receipts -1,100 bead, Market fair at yes- w<
rday's prices. . an
IkwroN*, Stay 16.?Woo b?F?dr demand frotu man* W
tocturent; desirable wool firm bat dull; Ohio and
mmiylvania extra 42a44c; Michigan and WI*con? Lc
o extra SUWc.; unwashed fleece* *25a3l; for flue './
id me Hum combine delaine select 43a4Hc.;
llled a0a50. !?
PlHliADELTHlA, May 16.?Wool, steadr and stock* J.\J
ghi; Ohio, J'cDimlvnnJa and Wcwt Virginia XX 5..
id above 4lat3c, unwasued. combing and delaine rr
ic; pulled X. menno 33a&e; others unchanged. |q
Tiresrate, Pa.. M?y 16.?Oil opened at 73>te
feb est 7 lowest 73l{c; closed at 7;f!ftc Ship ci,
icnti t'J,(i(.5 barrels; chat ten none: runs 60,MO
?rreu. J?
Cincinnati. May I1G.?Live liojp? firm; common a
nd lUht W Q0a7 75; packiug and butcher* 37 25a si
10. Ileccipfcs 1,300 head; shipments 600 head. /ji
Pmsiiuiwm. May lC.?Petroleura quiet; UnUcd
srtificatea steady, closeil at 7354c; refined 7%c for I*;
hiiadciphia deliver}*. }
PittLtDEU'iiiA. May 16.?Flour unchanged. Bye ^
lour unchanged. c]
Kvlla to be Avoided.
Over-eating is in one sense as productive of
ivil us intemperance in drinking. Avoid
H>th, and, keep the body purified with Hur!ock
Blood Bitters, and you will be rewarded
vith robust health and an Invigorated ?ysem.
Price $1 00.
My mother has been asuflerer with inflammatory
rheumatism for the last fifteen years, (
writes Mr. J. J. Schubert, Kankakee, III., in
ivhich time she has tried numerous remedies
without relief. At last her.limbs became so
swollen that she could not go al>out, and I
i^ive up all hope of her recovery. As a final
resort, 1 tried St. Jacobs Oil. The first application
gave her relief and the use of six
bottles has performed a cure. She can go
about as well as ever.
That the (JretnUaeluri Ut?nJ to do~Tbe Drum*
crati on th? I'tncf, Waiting fur DctcIuh
nimli-Tom B?r?h?1|'i Poiltloa?Th? In*
dependent* Firm Agalait BouUn.
Waiiiixgtox, May lO.?Senator Mitch11,
ot Pennsylvania, had on interview with
be President, today, and suggested a
lumber of considerations which, he
bought, should induco tlio President to
r it lid raw the nomlnatlnnR of Anilrnu- .T
[aufmann and Samuel Jackson (or colioctrfl
of ^internal revenue of the ninth nml
veufy-tfifrd Pennsylvania districts. The
resident w\iil '4tlmt lie would take tho sublet
Into consideration.
HAiuiunvnb, Pa.; May 10.?Greenback
late convention will be held hore on
hureday. Mass meeting to-morrow evenig.
General opinion of delegates here is
mt Thos. Armstrong, of Pittsburgh, will
b nominated for Governor. Wesley
hambirn, of Oil City, for Ueutenant-Govrnor,
Mayor Powderly, oi Scrauton, for
ecretary of Internal Atialra;. A. Coke, of '
orthutnberland, for Supreme Judge: and
tlier Henry Carey Balril or E.' M. Davis,
[ Philada, Congressman-at-lnrge.
Prrrsnuium, May 1U.?It was confidently
fserted this morning that Thomas Martall
had positively decided to decline tho
omination for Congressman-at-lurge, and
int the letter would be forwarded to the
uite committee to-day. Tho gentleman
as interrogated in regard to tbe rumor,
iu ?i? iv|>uvu. ouuiu ui 1110 newspapers
blch have assumed to speak for me are
itirely too previous. I have 110 letter
ritten, and have not given any decision
1 regard to the letter. No person but myilf
knows what I intend to do, and I have
lthorized no person to speak for mo.
'hen 1 cotnei to a conclusion it will bo .
ado public. Until that time arrived 1
n have nothing to cbmmunicate."
Philadelphia; May 1(5.?The Democrats
e awaiting further developments.. The
tnouncement some days ago that Judgo
runkey had deeliued to bo a candidate
r governor, upset a very pretty combina)n
which included Chauncey Black, for
juteiiant-governor; J. S. .Africa, for interil
akairs; Judge Ludlow, for Buprumu
mrt, and J. II. ilopkins, for congressman-large.
Since that announcement was
ade Buckalew's name looms indistinctly
It would be as well, however, for tho
ojector oL new slates to stop fi/nriiitf
ng enough to learn whether J udge'Truusy
authorized the withdrawal of bis name,
is asserted on fully as good authority as
at back of the original announcement
at he bus not., withdrawn. The fact is
e Judge is not a cundidato in the sense
seeking the ofHce, but he is, shonld the
invention cali on him unanimously,
ady to head the.tieket. .
The Independent-Uepublicans are.firm
id deiiant to bosaism Tliey expect full
ilegatjons at their State Convention next
eduesday; the slate is'as vet,"not made .
). ' ' v; r.jj ?...
FIXASCIA1. AM> (<).nui;itt i\L
New York Sloury mid KtitckN.
Hew Yoiuc, Mnylfi?Money 3n4 percent Prime
ircantile paper -far) per conk Sterling ExehanRe
nkere bills steady at 34 87: demand (1 'JO.
Ioverxmknw?Weak and ^prce-it lower,except
extended C?, which are unchanged.
S. 6s, extende<1....101%lLehigh & Wllkc?...??10(>
S. 5s, extended... 101** rit. 1'. ?fc 8. C. flr?tx.?.lll
S. 4%s, coupons...U6WU. P. bonds, Ilrsti.^.ll7?i
S. 4a. coupon*.?.lvOftjiO. P. Uini Gnmtn...li:ilx
clflc 6s of '95 132 It J. P. sinking fnnd^.li,fi%
atial PacillcfirsU-117 Texan Pais land uts? C'.\yt
Ic Beconds. 95%!do. Rio Grande dlv... SIJi
Uilroad Bonds?Unchanged. "
State Skcubitiei?Active tlnd strong.
uislana consols..... 67 I Virginia Gs............... 3.1
stouri fa...- I Virginia con sols, ex- ^
nuwsee 6s Virptnia deferred-... 13^
tiituwe s. new?, 53>$| 0 Offered.
Itocks?'The stock market to-day 'was dull nnd
tiJc until lute dealings. wUen surprising Meadi*
H was thowu, although the market eontlnoed
1L ,
rrtmsactlons aggregated 193,000 shares.-.
ama Express -135, Northern Pacific....;. 41% r
ion A T. 11..:...?-.' '?1 do. preferred 7'J
io. preferred CI Northw?*iem.....-.-130
aencfln Expre^... W do.pre/erred
C. R. A N -Jit New York Centr*l-127&
wwla Southern? 60J4 Ohio -Central..?..1 i}k
C. A I. C 11 Hi Ohio A Mle...- 34
ntral Pacific? 9C: do. preferred?..-100
iesapeako A Ohio- 21 Ont. Jt Western - 25
Jo, 1st preferred..... SI Pacific MhiL-?,.',; <t:i
!o. vd preferred-... 23 l*anatna.....;...;..v-;.-2U*?
lcago A Alton?131 P.. D. A K. 29}<
lo. preferred?....-113 Cleve. A Pitts?.,.;..-135i2
B. A Q? 131% Rending.......; 57!^
, St. L. A N. 0 74S Rock Island
, 8. AC 53Jf St. L. &S. F.?.? ? 40
, C*., C. Si t T.l'/a do. preferred-..'..;;- M)J?
:1. & Hudson?.1UV . do. 1st preferred... 00
:L Lack. A W.^JiaOK St. Paul JllJJ
inver d It. G ?. do. preferred?.,?121
ie..- 35Jt St. P., 51. A M123}$
Io. preferred 7?]l St. Paul A Omaha;,.-Uis .... I
rt Wayne... -337 do. pre/erred.? -1C0T$ ' \
in. A at. Joseph,.. 90 Texas Pacific?.- 41
lo. preferred?...? 7S Union Pacific..?-.?113%
iriem.??;?...'-205 United States Ex.,.,,. 73
luston A Texas?'72 *,5 W.. St. L.A P.....,*.-ISO
iuois Central; - 34?s do. preferred-.- 02%
d.. B. A W.. 41*1 Wells. FanroKx 127 !
in*#* Pacific.....? 3lk Western Union 84%
ie Erie it -. '2&A Ea.it Tennessee........ Ilk
ke Shore. ?......102k do. preferred 20
uUvllIeifc Nash.-, H% Cartbon.'.....,
Jf.A. <fe C. 57 Central 'Arizona '% ' }
A C. 1st prtf'd?111 Excelsior?...........,... 1% i
lo. 2d pref'<J~. 4 HnmestaJce..... 1%
Chtt4t'n...?. 61 Little Ilttaburgh...... l?
chtg&n i eutruL.... J>7}? OuUrio.........35
*wuriP?cifJc....? 52Yt Qulclwllver....... !>>?
>blle& Ohio -.. 21 v do. preferred-....? 00
jriliut Essex-.;-... 123 Silver Cllll*. 1J-S
Ab. ,fc Cftat?/.? 59 i:>%
w Jersey Cent.?. 71 Sutro....-.v...., 5i
tfc w. preferred-.- 52 Robin win '2
'Offered. Sooth Pad 11 ex;-... 10
s'cvr York. M#y 16.~Klour. quiet; rcoelpt* 1G,)
barrels; shipments 4,*00 l>drrel>; sujH-rflne westi
and State 5i 00?5 )&;' bmmnn to good 15ODiiS 00;
wl to choice S3 85a'J 25: while when' extra ?H '.'5 :
i'r, extra Ohio 85 20u82Uah 50; 8L Uilh 55 60a925; >
uuwsota patent proce** S9 60.. Wheat .opened1 Xa
: higher, afterward lost the 'Advance and declined . ]
tV$c, closing dull;' receipts '95G,009; bushel-: exrUnone:
So. t spring Si 37i.ungrodfd red SI 22a
7: No. 3. si 40: no. 2red si 4?>Hul if^'elevator;
4Gal 47 delivered: kteainer N'o.C red il r.'J; raixoit
titer 5140: ungraded white Si 40.it 43; No 2 red . .. ;
ly.mle* KM.OUU bushels at 1455?uL<5ji.;cj0*fng ?t
4oU: June.sides bOt COQ bunhet* nt 51 *5al 4G,
tfing Qt SI 45%: Julr,-fnlMi?M.<K0 bwhols nt
StJ^a! .T.% closing nt tl HIH. t. orti opened
nher. then wcakar and lost the advance; cubing
hadostronger, rcreiptR. CH.OOOr buabel* i.'uxportu - >
'OiMiiwiicU; H/jfc'ni'luil 8.'fcUrO^; No. 3 ?5c; Nf>. 2 . -f
5^4SC]^c: elevator SOj^nSC^c; ><i. 2 delisted May . 1
^.closing at 6fi}?: June. 82KnSH2%fi, do>lt<g ut \
Vm July KfaMxfi, closing'at k:iy;. OatnJ4*lc . ' :
<ner ami fulrlyuctlrc; receipt! Sfi.lJOo bushels: ex*
its 4.&00 bushel*: western mlicd G2aG4j^: white
stern G.V77J4.,' Haystrong at Ti'aTSc. ?.'i>Kco firm
tl unchanged. . Sugnr in good demand; .iuir to j
od r* fining V/fr"yT MoIumi, demand fair and
irkettinn; WMefct refining,3e; Jtlcc steadily held. |
trolcnm higher and firm: untttfd 74*4": cnuio &3<a
[v. refined 7J4c. Tallow, - prime city
-hiti firm at Si U.VfTurp?ntiuc higher at 4o.t-lGV$c. i
:gs, western freih,demand c?sfcr?t 20tv Turk a >v,
firm ayd high; new mea 8t925a$l9fiO. Beef
dot and < tirm; Cut jurats quiet and monger;
rig clear li%c; abort >le*r H3A- I-"'"'! lower;
line steam $11 C7VJ. Jluttcrdull ariA drooping at
a27c. Chetee dull and heavy at Oallc..
CtycrjiUTr,- 0? May 1<L?Flour itcnilv:atul tinumgrd.
i Wne*i dull: ho, 2 ied winter $1 ?5al -10
ot; $1 lSKul 15% July. Corn fair; No. 2 ?fco
ot; n'/te U'l Muy; TS^rr June; 7h%c J uJy;
ngust. Oats firm; No. 2 mired.M^c. t > ye dull ,
: fc0?8lc. liarley watw and firm at 31 TO. J'nrk
Ji??t at 410- "j.^0 OO. JatO fltmjtt S?1'35. Unlit
icats firm: nhonldcrs $8 25: clear ribs 811 2*.
ncnn flrra: ahoufclm 8ti.>5: cJcar jibs 81'i 00; cltur |
1 i 50. WhUky Irregular, but actlvc; high vrlnf*
I H: comb'nation mlon of flnWurt Rocd* 1,000
?rreJ? on * basis of U. Ji liuttcr qulut nml tinlmnee.1.
) '
British Medical Journal.
"Uliau tic i able acs Kcincs.
Le GauJois de Pans,
Of all Grocer], Vrvjgiitr, & Mm, Wat. Draltn.

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