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=S^|iigl06DST 24. 1852. ... I. TOEELIS6, "VYEST VA.. THTOSDXY M6ROTN5. MAY 18.1882. VOLOME XXX.-KUMBEH 229.
' T
Slit InWlifiiwfc
?l.?l W !*?"?<* 1
==71^7^^1110 out of the lulo
,il.?ap in much bettor Bl.upe th*nw?a
' , nr? lint in ured. And
will U" 'itUiiHH. rlicrrlw tmil aouio
tmSciTvbric lluIMm of ycstorilay liiw
hittf III" in'licato u tendency tow?rd> ?
'* * i? i"0 Ko?! "** "* 01 ;
JuihweUnJ California, and nays that I
tie inttalico is miming .?? in uw *
tel. = J
Men. St. Si J- l'"> '-W'K WCTS receiving (
I |,r?iy h?w vi-iterUay ot tho Piwlllo
S Wy??V??? Perbu.h?l. J
... _.I,.ratlin M'liK'it annXnrnil
There to 77 " ' " "
around in the Uwl' t'10 '"""era ol this
Kgion. WIkWIbS !'??? ? ?P '? B?"t- ,,
mare [iiwMil"K hi
jlfWBfMfl the Treasurer ol tho '
1'iiHtJ Ma showed that on May 1st there
nw in Ik' Treasury $31,51)5,05(1 silver "
[ Julian ami JSS.SoIl. t IS 111 gold coin. At ?
the rate at which the latter Isgolnpoutol "
i.?t?enrwfliwl lh? former l'olnir in. the 61
IHl'tU^-J r, ~ -F
lilvcr will i?>n be in exccffl 01 gold.
oi the counliL's in Ohio through t|
ubiL-Ii tliu Ijike Shore ltoail imsaea, fixed g
tin' In* valuation as follows: Locomotives, g,
illctoi', H000 each; |iU8scnger cum, all tl
cl?w,$.',500; oil raw, $.'500; express and ^
(Bilal carl, $500; ha^'iKo curs, $800 ;Jjoi 0]
cars, 52"'; stock cars, S'.ViO; coal care, $200; ?
Hat caw, $150; wrecking cure, $3B5;ca- p
bo<kKS,$t00; pay card, $200, lmml cure Rl
Willi IIU l liroi?U!nt. f?
CiiABi.nsro.v, W. \*a., May 17.?I). W. H
Cowan, iu Union district, this morning, w
found the body of a dead man, witli the
throat cut The inquest failed to discover
the man s nauie. 11
f.'ooil fur (lie Old Hitclielor. ^
tpccia! DlMutch to the lutelllKonccr. ct
SrcniF.NVH.i.K, May 17.?The breach of 0
promise suit, brought against Mr. l'arkln- *c
son, a wealthy old bachelor of this county,
by Miss .McKiunev.was compromised, this w
evening, by the payment by defendant of w
MX), ine suit was brought lor Slo.OOO. n
'flip I'IimmI nr liniutsmflon.
Washington, May 17?The number of ?
immigrant!*, arrived in tho United States, j(
ilurin^' the month of April, was 10S.823;
tirc number during the last ten months,
ending on the JlOth of April last, was 544,099.
*? . V
Another Larue Influx of Forelsuen a
from lUiropc.
Xr.w Vduk, .May 17.?Since Saturday no jj
fewer Hum u.000 immigrants have landed e
at Castle Garden. The Garden presented j
a very busy appearance. The new comers
Wonged to a class of laborers and mechan- 8
its which have been coming here within *
the past few months. On board tho Ger- h
uiaii uuu inuui snips wens a numuer 01
skilled artisan*. The steamers from Liv- ,
erpool brought many laborers, and a few (l
gardeners ami sign painters. Tho tl
'(feiser," from Copenhagen, brought si
iron moulders, plaaterera, -carpenters, e
ar/uers and wool dressers, and on board .
the "France" were a number oi Russian 11
Jews. Since September last over 3,000 of tl
111 we people have landed in Now York, C
and these, with tho exception of about
three hundred men, women and children,
have been furnished with employment. In
Chicago there are 300: in San Francisco 2
ami on the Pacific coast, *100 Moat of v
these men are tailors, cigar makers, locksmiths,
carpenters, farmers, shoemakers ,
ami builders. From J^aeken, near Brus- 1
wis, by the "Wiesland," from Antwerp, 1
*e received a number of Drasse/n carpet (
veavera. These men (thoro are nine
them) havo come to Amorica not
through any sou-city of work 0
m the factories abroad where v
they vicre employed^ but in order to com- ft
\naiu\ a )MiUer social position. Henri ?
Gamier ml: "ttusiness in Brussels is not
ko active at the present as it has been, but 1
I suppose the Netherlands, as Brussels 'is p
t'ailed, is tm different to what it was til- c
.MHO ilgu, iiiu lltllUUlUllllH ur? IUUHU/
working jieople, who aro employed in the ?
Many factories. Living and rout remain 1
aiwut the s iuie, but wages are a little lower i
tuan thev were. There are a great number
ol embroiderers, male and female, who
weak of emigrating to this country." J
In the lal>or bureau there was a constaut c
demand for all classes of labor, skilled and |
unskilled. There was not n hundred per* r
*ons left of all of last week's comers. Or- '
lllTt^ u\r nin.il f.._ 11..1 ' 1
Vv' ."'wwiiiw, winners ;tuu niuure aro 1
"Jiimijr in from all parts of the Uniou. Of- j
m to pre-pay emigrants' passage to' distant
Suites are being freely made. The arrivals
since Saturday consist of ten steam- 1
stops, bringing a total of. 8,80S steerage
passengers, as follows: "Neckar," Bremen,
y^I "Germanic," Liverpool, 8SN; "France,"
Liverpool, 1,205; "Spain," Liverpool, 1,201,
Amsterdam," Amsterdam, 1,155; ."Amivon.
Bristol. "ftmanr" r'nnonliamn
MS; 'Tularin," lltimljunr, 977; "Wlo'?><!,
Antwerp, 823; "UoKuyter," Ant ?erp,
750. ;
Mmiiin i lilcnco.
. Cmc.uio, May 17 ?Wheat was unusualij
Jiuit't tonlay, and prices irregular, avers
lower. Good weather and advices
umav?rable to holders brought about a
?Pening was Je below yes??jT
s oUI, but, under a speculative de
auvanraa ljc, Men ruleil
I 'ind linally closed Jc lower for
hS.fi "i; lmVL'r 'or Ji'ly llinu for
!i?ji&r !10ura before, On call, miles
Ju/p'U 'rasl,lt''s "ml I'rices J a Jc lower,
'f, September ami year ruling weak.'' i
,|",,ls 'leci.ludly active and strong.
wiilm.it1 vexlBl.w^ specially for Juno, but
aliov.. Iti 1''e I"' llmt option
low? ?,i?T1,orS. Pri?* ">'?! I?ic
hour lair i'.i during the noon
futures tlmn on'm 086 WU91? lower-for
'"Ca '"S ITth W
andprices lain l? I-S .1.'9',"'000 b,ls.1";1!
steady. * ? ono remained
I'ork ?-,Mf"irlv activc, butsomewlmt unMil"
,.pnra drop,,i?g 1 Oniric, early bSt
*e V-?"B and advancing lonSOiv the
unng rates were somewhat oil'best
Pncos. On callsnlra R.non 1,1,1. .... ...V?. .
SET rarl-v'but Sia5c- to* ? "<?'
m&n" lrccl-v nll'crci1 ?n(1 fairly active,
taU 8?1,M SV>W
in prires " ""-v 'luotablo chungo
?V " tUo.irlil JP IIin,, llliuwlf.
Wox, Kv. \U, 17.?Robert Breck*!;!?.
a son of n.ivM Breckenrldge. of
ii . ^ P^T' i1' Wllsll'"Stoii conntv,
f j i i 11111'" suburbs of Springilw
i WM 'own yestcr
Iwil ana robiwu 01 a pocket
*orih !'t"l,lin? Jf Honey and $200
lonn! i? "01>S' lll''s 'lo'lillK lie was
I0?aa hanging oua tree, ilea?.
rk? Ktpahlltaaa Dcaiaad that tk? CoatMtrd K
tloa Caiea b? C?nlJ?r?d, aad tka Dfmorrati
OtJ#et?A Diad'Lork TkrtaUaad-LatMt
Aavai in* Tina uuamiMioa.
Ipeclal DLnpatch to the IntelilKencor.
Washington, May 17.-?The llouso I
ilevating the Agricultural bureau to t
llgnity of an Kxecutlvo department In
ng beeu referred, In tho Senate, to t
ommitteed on agricultural, was, to-dn
)laced in tho hands of a sub-committ
omposed of Mewwrs. Plumb, Blair a
)avis, of West Virginia, who nro toi
huko certain amendments to be made
; There is no doubt that the committ
'ill adopt this propositions made by Sen
)r liavls, as embodied in tbo bill, ]
roduced by him in the early part of t
jeaion, detaching a number of burea
om the various. Executive departmer
nd instituting a number of new burea
> be eastabtished in connection with t!
ew Executive department. Tho bill w
e reported to the full committee in tl
imiug week.
Tho Housu riimmilipn on nnfnnfa ??
ike up (or final consideration, to-morro
?e bill to extend the patents upon t
lemons' regenerator furnace aud the stes
rain shovel. It is generally believed (fy
le committee will report adversely upi
oth of these bills. The general dispositii
[ Congress is against the extension
Rtentsof such general value, as theso ha
roven and, despite the fact tliafistrong i
amenta have been made by the mar
icturers already using the furnace,
,vor of an extension, the committee I
eve that the best iuterest of the count
ill be subserved bytnakingthis iuventit
ee to tho general public.
Gen. Greene B. U.ium returned from
nois to-day. He reports tho Kepubiicr
arty prosperous iu that State and prac
illy. announces his caudidacy for th
ni ted States Senate by stating that !
mud his prospects encouraging.
A private letter reports Dr. J. J. Woo
ard, one of President Garfield's surgeon
ho is abroad in Switzerland for his heall
etter, but not yet out of clanger.
The Senate will pass the 5 per cent b
iving the States of Ohio, Indiana, Ulino
[issouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minncso
&wa, .Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, Xoui
na, Alabama, Mississippi, Oregon, Nevai
nd Colorado 5 per cent, of the mon
ealized from the sale of the lauds locat
rithin their borders, at ?1 25 per aci
rithout amendment, This will give Oh
bout $100,000. '
Bon Cameron said, to-day, that he I
eved that Harry Oliver, of Pittsburg
x-Governor Bullock, of Georgia, John
lay, of Boston, secretary of tho wo
rowers' association; J. Hale Sypher,
rouisiana, and ex-Secretary Kirkwo
ould be members of the Tariff com mi
ion. This is doubtful, as the Preside
etermined, yesterday, at Cabinet meetin
tiat special interests should not be repi
[jnted upon the commission. This wou
xclude Sypher, who represents the sug
uteresta of the south, Hay, who represen
lie wool interests of New England, ar
Hiver, who represents the iron and 6t<
Immediately '.upon the disposal of t
(ational bank bill, Mr. Calki
pill call up the contested electi
:ase of Mackay against O'Connor. I
ias written and telegraphed to each abst
iepublicau member of the House, showi
hem the necessity of their presence
nforce the demand ior considcrtion
irder to give the Republican^ a quort
eithout their euemies. On the oth
land, the Democrats have sworn that
ontested election cases shall be consider
inui ninner appropriation urns area
>osed of aud have announced their det
uination to uso every means within th
>owerto prevent Bach consideration. Ti
3 said to mean obstruction and a seasi<
nto August
John Or. Thompson has retained II
loun mcaweeney, trio prominent ur
iriminal lawyer, to defend him in the e
3rought by Uallet Kilbourne against hi
Chompson says that ho expects that K
journe will recover but not nearly
imount secured in the hist verdict.
Representative Wilson, who has b<
absent for several days, returned to-d
Representative Kenna was in Baltim
yesterday. Clarence L. Smith, cou
clerk of l'airmont county, is in the. c
August Mathert of Wheeling, is at
It is thought that tho syndicate, wlj
failed to make good its previous purch
of the Washington & Ohio roud, of wh
Hoyt was the head, add in which ex-G
ernor Young, of Ohio, was interested,
purchase the road at its forthcoming s
Henry 0. Trump has been commissio;
postmaster at McG raw's, West Virginia
.. W.asiiinqtok, May 17.?Guiteau is
ported as being much affected by the n
posed decision of the court in banc e
porting the verdict of the court below,
talks very little, appears to recognize
Borious situation, and has said since M
day that he relied upon Executivo cleir
cy. He is not so insane that he has m
complete appreciation of what the effcc
a decision of the court in banc sustain
the trial in the court below would be;
Independents iu (bo LoncNCnr Ntni
Marshall, Tkx., May 17.?The it
pendent movement in lavor 01 non. u.
Jones for governor of this State, seems
gather in volume with tho mas
especially in Kastern Texas. Favon
mention of General Jones' indei>enc
candidacy cornea from other portions
the State, so much so that the indieatl
point to a straight contest between
Independents and tho regular Democ
The Lftle Uovernor W?hbnpne.
LaCrossk, Wis., May 17.?A sp?
_ f it.... l.o.irln.r (Kn m...
IXUlll Ul UVU UUUtlUUO, ucnxwk wuv iciti
of ex-Governor C. 0. Washburne, nrr
hero at 7 r, m. * On board were mem
of the family, committees from Mad I
Milwaukee and LaCrosse, Governor 1
and the funeral committee of ex-goveri
appointed by h'ini, State officers and c
distinguished men. The remains 1
and placed on a catafalque, where
were delivered to the care of the LnC
committee by Justice Cole, of tho Supi
court, in a'few brief rem.irks, to w
Judge Bryant, of this city, respon
IT Thu remains will llo in atiUu until Tliure
") <i?y evening, when tUc J(uaen>l will take
The will of the deceased will bo opened
ss- to-morrow. Jt iB understood that it contains
a number of charitable and public
lee. bequests.
1 Urn em I Wnntiltitf Ion N'olei.
Washington, May 17.?It is stated upon
tliu authority of tlio ]>ubllnher that .not
more than one huudrcu cbplta'of Guitoau'h
IWSnlr hiivn lnw.ti B-.t.l I.1.1..
great expectation from his work. *
Geueral Jx>gaii is expected to rcsumo his
no legislative duties nfext wefek; k J
iv- Betty B. Bassott, of Virginia, yesterday
ho petitioned Congress to purohaso of her/the
LV family Biblo of Goorge WasUixigtoci,' ;n6w
in lior posseMioh.-iiv/ iUMmivju
ee.' Co! Tlios. Ochiltree, who was United
na States marshal; pf {L'ettistpudbr Gen. Grant,
nr- has announced himself as an independent
to candidate for Congress for the Galveston
uo district at the ensuing election!?' v.iJfirDJ i
M* Department mill fct^?iNlo tin I -Note*.
in- Washington, .May> 17, rp[l,l?9i.Treasury
ho department will soon fssuo a circular to
us oflicials within its jurisdiction 'reminding
them of the rule# and , instructions laid
lt8 down for tho prevention' '6! 'overcrowding
us of excursion uud pleasure; boats, and reho
Quiring frequ6nt'and thorough inspections
HI of them.
lie " "? A* ^Illury was confirmed yesterday
as assistant attorney-general of tlio United
ill Ktuifrninn has been confirmed as collecw,
tor of internal revenue for tUo . uinth Vdialje
trictof Pennsylvania?a Stalwart victory.
im* A:recent bill defeated in the Ilonse eon.
teinplutcMl tfio enrollment for volunteer
1,11 militia service of all persons between the
on ages of eighteen and forty-livo years,
on The secretary of state him roceiviwl in.
of formation JIUat TfracoU-fUio Giirfiel'd coinmitwioner
to make just termd-of-peace between
J'era and Chili?baa started for
ir* homo.
lU" Mr. UpdcgriitF, of 01?io/liag presented in
jn the House tlio petition of Jicv. S. W.
,e. 1'ringle and others. in behalf: of tlio J'reshyterian
Church of Mt. Pleasant, Tcfloraoa
county, praying for*GoVtfrhment aid for
educational purposes in .Alaska.
.. Moro UoK<ii{> Aiiikut i:iiiin<>.
- \Vasiiinotox, May 17.?A New York
correspondent has) this to say of lilaiuo and
the Independent movement In Pennsrl
|? vania:
uc Senator 'Mitchell*, declares lusintenHon
to tight Cameron and all liis ways. When
id- told that by so doing he will tight the Adig
ministration and I030 its favor, Ins reply is:
"So be it." The power behind Mitchell is
' Blaine. It is Blaine's light.' There was
bound to be n row in Pennsylvania, whatill
ever the convention did. A ti^ht there
ig this fall is a necessary part of the Blaine
' scheme. . . ^ \. ..-r .
ll|? The ex-secretary's plan is to show-himsi
self in the autumn elections everywhere,
la Blaine may or may not conclude to be a
ey Presidential candidate himself. That
^ question he may not'have deteuiined iii his
ea own mind. But he has determined that
*e, Arthur shall not bo nominated if he can
iio prevent it.
Whoever tliiuks Blaine is to let things
^ slido and retire on the receding wave, de,2*
ceives himself. . If he' cannot realize his
;h, ambition* as to the Presidency, he can at
L. lea-st have something important to say
about others. He. intends to dictate, who
. shall go-to the rear.,. If it 'bo' true [he is
01 there, he intends to'have company,
od He begins -in Pennsylvania because the
Is- convention there emn<? eiirlu'HL~~~ITn )???
Qt ull the more relish for that light because lie
n has a tangible foe there, and because, if lie
?? succeeds there, the result will go :i good
e- way. Cameron may as well understand
ild that it is Blaine he is contendimr with, and
,ar not Mitchell, nor Wayne MacVeagh, nor
' the Committee of One Hundred solely. He
ls will be opposed by ;all the,enginery which
id Blaine is able to put in ^motion tnrougb
>el them.
Ttiis explains Mitchell's unexpected hos.
tility. Maine took him up on the moun110
tain and showed him many things. He
ns has taken the trip with others, and not in
on Pennsylvania aloiie^i;:,
Ie Already Blaine rs'Heginnihg to 1)e felt in
. Virginia, where Mr. Dezendorf manifests
the courage and purpDse usual after having
ng come down from the mountain. i.hiine
to has had Ilia finger in the Virginia pie ail
ja the time, and Mr. Mahono is able to say
with what effect.. Ih'.Ohio the ex-secretary
11,1 is working his plans. FWVhen conventions
er begin to. bo UeUlftt will be discovered how
no he is doing it:* Aftei^Pennsylvaniaf-Ohio
,C(j is the special field of his operation. Jle
has particular objects to achievo there, and
1S" he p03sess(!s instruments for the work.
eir miihuyhcjkxk i.v i>eritoiiv
'is A Shocking Sult-lilc CcToro llm Eyes of
OU Uic Mnyor uiiil n Policeman.
Di.thoit, May 17.?About 12:15 o'clock,
to day the attention.of Mayor Thompson
on* and a policeman on the tyiswold street
lio front of the Mo flat, block'was driiwn by the
luit sound of a pistol shot to a man near them.
lm lhe mayor was scarcely three
feet distant, when the policeman seized
' * the man's right arm and asked, "Did you
1110 tire that shot?" Without trying to remove
his right hand from the side pocket of his
ien coat, the stranger suddenly drew a revolvoi
with his left hand from* another pocket
*' placed the muzzle to his ear and blew bin
ore brains out'.before the .horrified | police
nty man and Mayor ^. Thompson could
itv. interfere^ (' The suicide happening . al
the n?on;?n.on?jif thejiiosi_ prominent jor"hereoflhe"city,
drew an immense-crowd
and caused much excitement. The body
licli was taken in charge of the corner, and al
last accounts had not been identified. [I
II I was that of a uiar. nboutc.thirty years oi
ago, dressed like a mccnnnic,* nnd~m hu
,ov" pocket wns found u box of cartridges and
will the stub of a railroad ticket from Hamilton
ale. to Chic ngo.
lied TllK WQKK UK FlKK BUpH.
.1 Court IIoiinq in U ?u I ueUy Destroy i-tf
With Vnlunblt; IU'cohIm.
Fhankliv, JCy., May 17.?This morning
re- about 12:30 o'clock, the second attemp
nip- within the ; past .thkoe^vtfbks to' burn (tlx
iup- court house was )nadc; .this timo with.Ruc
lie cess; This mornlngithe itlno; larg'oWbricl
nis Quiiumj;, wnicn was ouut 10 or L'o vear
on- npo, at an expense of $1?,00G
len- and which was an ornament t<
ot ft the town and a credit to the county o
:t of Simp.sou,-, is in," ruiiip, Jilie solitary am
ting smoking" brickuwalla'^eins'all that bea
the marks of a house. Most of the hook
and records of the circuit court clerk wer
aaved, but with this exception cverythin;
uic- 'u ^l0 ',ouso WftS ,0ta'b' consumed.
W* A lKiimaii llj'ctm.
I tO ... . -Kt ... r*. r,,
?V ti.i.lNuTOK, iv.v?.,nuiy I /iJJivcoiini [.
K a gambler, lias arreted, at Caldwell
, , for robbing-Iho "grave of the Into Georg
f Woods, a dance iiotiso proprietor, of a $25
1 0 diamond pin, which was buried witl
?.y Woods by his wife. An oflicer has gone t
Kansas City to secure the pin, it being i
the possession of a gambler now then
Knowledge of the rpbbory- was obtaine
223 from a women to whoi? the'ring was give
jcial by the robber, and who^vMhfc trans
atari' action away in a lit of jealousy.
hers Civil Scrvlrc Kcloriucn* lN-Joloiti;
ison, %New Yonk', May jlf-i?The civil sorvic
lusk reformers' who' brought the notion again
uora. General Curtis for.violutiu2-tlie_.liiw. J
ither levying political assessments, on ,CusU>
were House employe*, areJWnsi'k'rdljly;Uutc
ousi; over Judge Uarnard'n decision overrulh
they the demurrer in Curtis' case, which wfts
rosio the effect that ho did not lev'jMhe a&jQ.'
reme menta in his capacity hs ft Governroe
hich ollicer, but as an officer of theTteJVnblfci
ided. Suite committee.
The But Wheat I'rotptrU la the Ceaatrj'a
tor;?The Labor Situation UautUfaetor
The t'anhaadle MJaeri and the Clm*
laid Mill Mea Ntltl Oat.
1 1 ;
1 Chicago, May 17.?Tho crop reports I
the winter mid smug wheat Bootloni
luoro assuring. Tho present cool, lit
weather in said to bo favorablo to tho
tor wheat, as it prevents rust and ni<
the destruction of tho chinch-bugs. w
were becoming very numerous befort
recent rains. Tho sunshine of the
fow days is also rapidly drying tho gro
and aiding corn-planting. Manager!
Foiwvthi* of thn < :hlrn??n nnd Kasttirn
note railroad,, Bay* the prospecta for i
crops on the line of liU road trorn Chi
to tlio Ohio river were never better tlm
Dkthoit, May 17.?From different ji
of the State come reports of heavy fri
Last night at Uoldwuter the frost air
amounted to u contiug of ice, aud pom
aro'gr'eatly injured.
Galiok, 0., May 17.?There was a lu
frost in this locality last night, cut
down vegetation to tlio ground. Chen
apples and other fruits are not, it
thought, very much injured.
Dallas, Tux., May 17.?Thirty car 1 <
of new California wheat unused thrr
Ik.'re, yesterday, over the Texas I'acilie
New Orleans, whence it will bo shippe
Liverpool. It is tho llrst shipmew
^000 ton contracted to bo delivered
^ewOrleans by Muy 2Jld.
OsiiKosir, Wis., May 17.?'There
great scarcity of cattle in this vicinity,
h beef famine is feared. The entire sec
has been completely scoured for live Kl
but without much success. Farmers 1
raised few cattle on account of the scar
of corn. An ellortwill bo made to ue<
the importation of cattle from other poi
Memphis, May 17.?The frost in No
cm Mississippi, last night, wjis se^
enough to do considerable damage.
cSt. Paul! Mar 17.?A largo "number
('i-iouiis iu xiuruicru uukuui hcuu rupc
ully confirming the estimate of the
creased wheat acreage in that section
on both sides of the lied River val
The increase ranges from 10 to 50 per <
and averages fully 30 per cent between
Mississippi river and the lied river.
North Dakota the increase ranges from
to 50 per cent. In the newly opened t(
tory, along the Northern Pacific "road,
tween Red river and Devil's lake, the
crease can hardly be estimated in percent
Wet prairies of'last year now contaiu tl
sands of acres of wheat. Tiio weathe
favorable and work is progressing fin
Equally favorable reports come i
Sninlirrii Minnnen??i Afnnli mnro
will be planted than 'heretofore.
l i iVirrsuunGH, Slay 17.?The coal mi
of'this district", in convention, to-day,
solved to continue tho ntrike.against
reduction of from 4 to j cents per bu
for mining/-and levied an assessmen
one dollar per man on all miners, eti
work, to defray the expenses of the sti
The operators are firm in their determ
tioa to enforce the reduction. ,
Ci.KVi-LAN'n, May 17.?No sign of
'open violence is seen among the stril
but they "are constantly intimidating
few* men who are still bus}* about
works. Already some of the men, impe
by dire necessity, have earnestly besoi
lor work at uie mi us. as an exampi
the destitute cireumstauees some of
families uroiu, one of the. mill hands, w
Jje was paid otf, wentdirectjy. to his gix
mid'handed^liiin the" unopened envoi
containing $54. Even this did not ea
his debt, and ho is now dependent on
credit. Numbers of the men are lea'
town every day. Some intend to rel
"??? ??*? ?"?un aiui i up ii^aui, iiiiu un
aro in search of other work. The mil
of a compromise has been talked of
some time.
New York, May 17.?The price of
iron was yesterday reduced by the mal
irum - o-ju cents per pound
2 (110 cents per pound. It cat
with it u corresponding reduction in.
wages of probably one thousand five li
dred workmen. * Sinco January lat
local price of bar iron has been 2 8-10 C(
per'pound; and, in accordance ,witl
sliding schedule agreed-upon some *1
years since, between the manul
urers and tlieir employes, the wages
year in the puddle mills have been
follows: First roller, per day. $2 07A;
ond roller, per day $1 75; catcher, per d
. m uij; urng-out, pur any, 51 mj; squei
man per day, $1 57A; hook-up, pur c
70{e; puddling, $1 85 per ion, less c
third to helper. On'the first Monday
June, in consequence of the reducl
; of the selling price of bar" irou
2 (r 10 cents per pound, the wages will b
duced to to the subjoined figures: First
lor, per (lav, $1 97; second roller, per <
|1 0(5; catcher per day,' SI 53-}; drag-out,
day,"$1"53}; squee/.ftr man, per day, $1.
! hooker up, per day, (59 cents; puddl
1 $-1 00..., per. tou, less, one-third
Helper, lne direct cause ot this
dilution is seemingly inexplicable,nltho
' all the manufacturers attribute it to
' unexpected and totally ineomprehenf
1 depression; in the Iron market. April
; May are usual I v the very busiest montl
the year, yet for some reason, which
manufacturer seems able to clearly expl
the trade for the past sir weeks has I
L remarkably quiet. The railroads
< finished, aud nearly all relaid with
' for years to come.
1 \ Comity Trenttirer.
1 ]Iauuisuuug, May 17.-*An inve.s
tion into tho uccounfs of Adatn K. J
(lore, lute treasurer of Herka county, by
auditor general of Pennsylvania, htu
suited in the discovery of a deticionc
over $11,000, about $10,000 of which
oWCh the State on the various kinds c
t censes. About six weeks ago the State
b tied an account against him for about
- ouu lor money dun it. according 10 tn
; turn of the mercantile appraiser. S
* then facta have been developed indica
i, collusion between Dnudore and the
0 cantilo appraiser, by which the State
f cheated out of $11,534 80 and Berks co
1 of $.5,150 additional. Dundore's bor
r over $70,000. -The delinquent is n
s heavy bail for embezzlement.
c ? +?? ?
? - The llorry
i)..-... ir-i- "tifiti:.... iv
J)AL>I IJIUUc,, 1UUJ' 4.1..-N J1U1.UJ .'JTU
Cumberland, Mil., Hpoken of inconnoi
with tbo famous 'Morey letter,. atteucl
[? meeting of the Democratic' .State ce
'? committee anil apoke freely * of .Toll
? Davenport's recent visit to Cumbei
P and his. (Davcmport'a) unsuccessful i
11. tojinspect^ptne of his (Price's) prtvat
0 perd.
u . ? ?
B. The Flooiioil niNtrlft.
ct Lirri.uilociwvAmc., Miiy 17.?Mujc
n H.'Maugnrn, commissioner for the d
b- bution of government rations in the
Ii'jVvIMI district 01 ill is ouiiu, uu/a jqj
! *c!i^tributo<I '450,000 rations nltogethcrj
thogovermuent uitl vras sulljcienj, to
:e ply'all in actual neecl'ap to tbe lQtlr
st that the crop prospeots uioui! tbo line
in llood in this State were never better,
?(l (?lyyc)itiiMli Jlity Fcsllvnl.
ig ujNu.vNATt, May if.? itie ajiei
to concert of theiMiiy festival \vw att<
? : by.au audience of nearly -J,000.; I'll
ut gramme' introduced Materna, Cjir>
in Miss Crunch. All the soloists wererti
with warm approval, particularly Mi
pa and Cary. The chief feature of tho pw>*
v gramme was Beethoven's 'seventh )symphony,
which was Buperbly. rendered. by
IED. the orchestra.
At the evening oonccrt the weather wus
delightful, and the house was tilled with a
11 ll* brilliant audience, numbering more than
j. 5,000. Tho entire evening waa
devoted to , llach's Passion mu*
sic, in which Maturnn, Carey
and others appeared, ns soloi* t.s. The an*
dlenco not only listened, with intense in
from tereat, through.the whole of the^edlous
?are composition, but became enthusiastic over
ight tlio great achievements of tho chorus as
win. well.as nearly all of tho soloists.
hich r,TO Murderer* JLyiirlird iu Lotiialana.
> the Nkw Oiu.kanh, May 17.?A^St. MartinspaHt
villa social nays: Threo,liuudreUAllien
uud took Joseph 15. JunkiiiB. who.murdered his
Huh brother-in-law,- from 'the fall 'to*- the
Illi- Place of tho murder and lumped
ai^o hhn. On tho way from St. Martinsville
cago they came across a colored-man; Kugene
ji at A tare, who killed a young man in January
ladt. Aznro was haniicd'dn'th'o 'aaWtreo
. with Jenkins. The Governor oilers a ro,
ward of $2,000 for the arrent and conviction
no3J of tho persons engaged in tho lynching.
3',ea A IIoyMurUerer.
1vv Kiukkvim.k, Mo., May J7.~Cast evening
',{nJ A1 McDonald shot ami -instantly killed
l!ue> wtn:,? i\.ti... ,.,i
1*108 luiuici ?o iikvu. it>vi>u
jy years und the. latter cloven. Tho killing
took placo in thu yard of the dead boy's
mother. Both boys had been out hunting,
3lu,8 and after coming,home young McDonald
,UH" stepped up to within a few feet of his vie.'or
tim, aud resting his ritlo across a yard
J110. fence said, :MYour money or your life,"; and
} ,ot tired, tho ball taking <>tf(u:tbelo\v^l(oco]lar
,n bone, nii<7 severing the jughlur vclh. Youog
Quintal stag^red a step or two and fell
is a dead. McDonald is under arrest.
and ?!?..
tion Homeward Hound.
lock Hull, England, May 17.?The steamlave
ship Hidalgo, with Lieut. DanenhowerJ
city Mr. New comb, tho naturalist, Jack Cole%
euro the insane 'seaman, and Long Singi surinto,
vivorsof tho.Jeannbtte Arctiooxpecutib^
rtn-i arriveu nero tins morning, an in goou
rero health. Cole, with tho exception of one
night when he lmd to be contined, was al
of lowed perfect freedom during ithei voyage.:
irts, The party will proceed on the mid-day'
in- train for Liverpool.
and Liveki'ooi., May 17.?United .States Conley.
buI Packard has issued an invitation to
uent leading citizens to meet, the Jean nette Burthe,
yivorn, to-morrow, at liiiicheon. 13'h'e ;sur3n
vivors are booked for tho Celtic, sailing to20
morrow for New York.
be- Murderou* Tramp*.
1 Jn" St. Louis, May 17.?Kouri trainns were
arrested near Carlinsville, 111., on Monday, I
l0^* for robbery, and lodged iu lidwardsville |
r.18 jail. Yesterday, one of them confessed
. y* tkey not only coinmitted the robbery for
rom they "wero arrested, but that on I
"orn Sunday night they robbed and killed a
negro near CarlinsVille, and then put his
dead body on the railroad track, which |
was afterwards run over by a coal train
era and terribly mangled. ' ,
re- 1 1 !
, The Jfulley Murder Trlnl.
, c. New Havus, May 17.?In the Mai ley
shel trial," to-day, Win. \V; Seeley, a telegraph
t of operator at Stamford, testified that on'A a-1
11 at[Wst 4 th lie received a message' directed to I
j Walter Malley. ^.Ile said the following was'
. ' a copy: I
ma- "New IUve.v, Cox.v., August 4, 1SS1.?
Received at Stamford Depot at 5:05 p. m.
any To Walter E. JIallev, Stamford, Conn:
fere, 'Blanche 0.1C.;.found lieratdressmakers.'I
the j. m alley."
tJj(f Witness said that he delivered that dis-,
lied patch to Malley about . 0:30, upon the arriiglit
val of tlie train; he inquired for it at the
ie of depot, and upon receiving it he uttered an
the expression of relief. Witness said he (Malhen
ley) returned-to New Haven on the next!
icor, train.
ope, Jiexij. F. Brady testified to seeing the
ncel body of a young lady on the shore August
his Gth.and recogn izedjier as toeing at jiis.tent
,-ing in thegrove on (lie profiling Friday night,
urn Q" cross-examination he testilied that Fred,
fiers King offered to yet' him $300 if he would
itter divide it with him and leavethe State, so
for as he could not appear as a witness.
Several other witnesses were. called, the
ljllr statement of all being similar to to the previous
statements as to "Jennie Cramer's
.j.jpg August 5th. Barton Cochran swore
that lie saw ; Jennie Cramor
lim_ and Jamea Mai ley together on that eventjlL"
ut?, between 7:50 and.&JJO; they were then
?nts ?011,o towards the Sea View house. \Vit\
a ness added that he saw the body of Jennie
two the next morning on tho shore.
faet- ^?',n ^row a'so testified to seeing
tj,j8 Jennie and .lames Malley together at Savin
Jls Rock on the eventful evening. Adjourned.
see- ~ *"*"*
[jjy t'oimrvKfiloual Proceeding*.
Mer Washington*, May 17.?The proceedings
lay, in Congress* were dull to-day.
>he- In the House the-hill "to extend tho
of flmrtor nf .....c ? -
lion sidered. Mureh, Greenbacker of Maine,
""to offered an amendment reducing, from
b re- twenty to three years, the period for which,
rol- banks may extend their succession. He
lay, was willing to allow banks three years to
per go into some honest.business.., Rejected;'
yeas 01. nays,117.- Mr. Buckrier, of Misinia',
souri, moved to make the period ten years,
to yeas and nays ;.\vere ordered, pending
re- "which the matterJvent over for'the day.'' !
ugli ? I
an Fooil or n FlKlit.
lible Washington*, May 17 .-f A gent'. Xojvel 1 v n
and telegraphs to the commissioner of Indian
iaoi. affaire that in viewof the failure-of Conno
Kress to make appropriations for aubaiRtinsr
lun? the Mescalero Apaches, and in view of;ibe1
>een facts that tho beef and Hour on hand will
ar.u only.last till about July:lst. and that these
rail* Indians'-'havo ncmeahs of subsisting
t<j themselves, it seems to him, it will
bo the policy to' transfer them
to tho war department, who
should take charge of them before starva
^UfJ* tjon compels .them, to .commit ^depreda'11,0
tions,' which naturally.4tcad' to 'great loss
' ro: of life and destruction of property. As soon
>y ?f as the supplies are eutoir, the military will
1 have to act, therefore, ho thinks it advis"
Y* able for the troops to take charge of ttywe
! SOt- ' Anncbes at Vh^h!n6', sHinrf. rif fnrro
lie Hays,' can compel them to.remaiu.ontho
? re' reservation and starve. The action of Coniinco
presg in tltig matter simply moans,to- the;
tinB Mescaleroa.extermiriation. v; J,jj, V. frr
tner- . ... - & ^
unty n .5.
nder DeUwXrb .Breakwatkr,; May'.lfar-The
Mallory Line ateainship Rio .Grande, from
Galveston for New Vork with ft Cargo of
cotton, arrived with her cargo on lire in
the forehold and n)idahipt The pnasenpera
:<j? Ql jyero triwaftirretl to an Jtnli.'ui'bark seven*
-tjon: ty-fivo n?ilca southwest of here. ^TJiciptia^
a; fienRep txaiVbferred to tho bark numbi'red
ntr.al ninety." "She was bound for New York. A
1 L: dispatch received from the captain of the
?.n . steamship says he decided to sinkthe vessel;
Lr.ort It was valueil af $250,000, and has' a cargo
elFa" of one thou'sand bales of cotton and elcveri
hundred bales,of wool, worth $120,000.
.'}" ' "Waterloo, 1}ueuec, May 17.?Tho Stai
>rJL.' I'cg ^niahufacturi'ng^ 'companyfa'\ factory
liairi' bnrned. { A portion* of the tnaoiiihery jhrid
oyer- most' of the luhjlffri4 k\Vdd; fTIfty' .^TiandF
it ilie were thrown out of .employment. Low
that $100,000.
sup- Paius, Phanck, May 17.?The village ol
inst.; Murcillac was burned.' Highty-fonr liooses
of.the wore destroyed, and over six hundred pep
sons nro hoiuelehs.' '
, r '#,>?.. v,,. '
Base ball games yesterday: AtPhiladel
noon phin?Athletic, 11; Louisville, 4. At Bal
aided' timore?Kt. Louis, 5; Baltimore 3. At A1
e pro: bany-rTroy; 7; Providence, 4. i At Roatoi
' aipl ?Boston,'4; Worcester. 0.> At Cincinnut
Jeived ?Cincinnati. IS; AlleghenyM. At Phila
iterua delphia?Philadelphia, 0} Metropolitan,!!
Th? Terrible Coidltloa of the Irlih Ttaaatrj-'
PronilwJ Heller that wu Mpped by the Dub
111 AiMiklaatlon?Latent from the "Old
Rod"-*ore Arreiti-Kxrltcraeat.
New York, May 17.?TUo Sov/\\
Jlerald correspondent bail a! long' iiJt
view wuu air, rarneii, in J/muon, yest
day, relative to tho " situation in Irela
and tho true 4 policy'.to be pursued. J
Parnell said:
For some time before my releaso frc
Kilmainhatn, on parole, to attend t
funeral of my; nephew ini Paris, I, in co
moil with.all my fellow prisoners, h
been very much impressed with thogra
situation which appeared imminent) I
the Irish peoplo. We saw evictions, da
increasing in number, of poor tenai
utterly uuable,to pay rents,~7,000^pereo
having been evicted during; tho ilrstquari
of this year without being readmitted
We had every reason to fear Hint duri
each ensuing quarter tho I number wou
increase in arithmetical progression; i
instauco, in the second quarter of last ye
tho number of evictions was three times
tnilllV it? In flirt nwndinn
making the proportion oi increase of lu
year as a guide [or this year, there won
lie SI,000 persona evicted for tho currei
quarter, aud possibly mauv more, its \
know tlmt the greater proportion of small
tenants in tlio counties of Sligo, Uonegi
Leitrlm, Mayo, Gal way, Kerryand parts
Itoscommon, where tho famine reaclu
such , an, extent ill . 187II-SO, in
merely' settled' temporarily ! \vi
thfir landlords by paying them; si* ni
twelve.months' rent on account; they we
still liable for arrears to the extent of fro
tllPOO fll Hvi? llnil in 1)1.1.M. mmu ?n..n_ .. .
eight yearn, and in some inalnnncH Met
years; and Hint, as time wont on, if i
settlement of the arrears nuestiuu tO(
l>lace, they would be literally turned o
in thousands during the coming winter,
may.mention.that tho I.and/Leaguo hi
done its best to relieve these poor evict!
tenants at a vnetexpenscduringthe winti
hut that wo found it absolutely inipossib
to do anything for more than a titlio
them, the remainder being left on tl
roadside or having to go into tho. wor
house. That was the nrvuiinn nf tit., tn
Oil the. other hand outrages were t!:ii
Increasing in number and gravity. V
were threatened with this Coercion bi
which baa been introduced in the IIous
Tiio situation summed up tiien was
wholesale and .daily .increasing eviction
stringent and oven .'severe coercion wil
Bnvago retaliations. I expressed these viei
while passing through London to my frier
Captain CVShea, member for Clare, at
dihiv.. iw guucrauy mo measures ui
I considered necessary in order to ligbti
and disentangle'the situation. On my r
turn to Kihnuinham, I'received a lett
from Captain. O'SUea saying that be w
coming to sec me on the subject of n
conversation.- i
In order to save bim ' tronblo I put n
views on paper in the letter which w;
read in tbe House. . Captain O'Siiea, iio'
ever, did not receive that letter in time
prevent my coming to Kilmainham. 1
visited me in prison and obtained mv pt
mission to show the letter to one perao
uui. 11, nua mil IU quit It In IianUaildW
otherwise to bo regarded as strictly priva
and confidential.
Had the poljcy indicated ;in my lctt<
been carried out tho changes in the situ
tion in. Ireland would have been this: Evi
tions would 'have been stopped small
tenants would have been saved bv wipii
oir their arrears, all tenants would ha'
had their rents made lower than Griffith
valuation, and in the meantime by the pr
prictary; clauses suggested by me >th<
would after a little tune have been enabh
to purchase their holdiugs by an annu
payment something like twenty per cec
less than Griffith's valuation spread ov
fifty-two years, In my opinion; as well':
ui uitM.-ij-iwuu out,gi every one nil
dred persona in Ireland, this would lift'
been a linal settlement of the land que
1ji(<in1 About the AMxnnnltiM.
New Yqkk, May 17.?The steamer Seytl
ia, in which it was suppoaed themurdere
of the Irish secretary and under-secretai
had taken passage for this city, arrived
her dock this morning. United Stat
Marshal Knox and his assistants boardt
the vessel down the bay and made a the
ough search among the passengers for tl
ment but without success.
LiVEhi'OOL, May 17.?The police her
acting on a private letter, boarded tl
National line steamer Egypt, which saih
i tn-duv fnr Ynrlr incf tiafrvm ol?? 1,
1 Mersey. The passengers and crew wei
I all mustered on deck and the vessel w
then searched. Ten men were discovere
stored a way in'different parts. They've
, taken to the police station. Two of the
appear to be Americans and three a
Irishmen; tho remainder are seafarii
men. ; ;;. _! ' .. ;
NkwYoiik, May 17.?Steamship' State
Indiana signalled by U. S. marshal aud d
tective, on the lookout for Dublin,assassii
Not be ablo to board "the vessel bpfo
a . foiu.iu.y hot km bv cable.
London, .May. 17.?William Meriens,
German compositor and printer of a f
cialist paper, the Frciheit, was arrested, ai
arraigned at the Bow street police court <
a charge of publishing u scandalous and t
ditious libel conccrning tho murders
Cavendish aud Burke, thereby encouragi
persons to commit murder. The poli
thn 'iRttnn nf1 KV*{
warrant was issued against John Xetier, i
active socialist engaged on tha Freilinl.
London*, May ;17.?'The Garfield lion
estnblshod in respect to the memory oM
late President of the United Suites, w
formally dedicated to-day, Minister. Low*
presiding.' Luncheon was then nerved,
which'there was a >largo assemblage,-:
eluding -the n Countess; of Jersey, Lc
Kennaird, Wm. II. Gladstone and Can
.Spencer.-' Lowell said he had been drai
to the home, tirst, by the name of Garlie
and, second, by his own real interest
the object of the institution. Me referr
to the good the Peabody buildings h
done in London; he announced that
iirni oumm.iinuu iu mu iiuiiiu; 'j^oix.
regretting inability to be present wore re
from Spurgeon, Lord Salisbury, Lc
Gairin and the Lord Mayor of London.
Trovellyou, chief secretary for Ireini
baa. ?been re-elected to Parliament,-'
Howick, without opposition. " 1 '
Tho Nphmoii Opened.
Waiusii, Isn., May 17.?Alioutone vi
ago a gang or lightning-rod sharps came
tliis city and began operations. They ht
thus tar boon as successful as they coi
i wish. Ton or fifteen farmers have be
i caught tor nearly $1,200, the notes to wh
. thoy appended Ihpir names calling lor. fr
r $50 to SRO dollars each. Most of ihoso'l
, leu considor themselves shrewd ijusfu
. men, Tlio notes will ail be paid, tho kit
not thinking it worth while to litigate,
UlinritNl Willi .H lirilprlnB it Tramp
- . Obimoo, ,May 17,?Joseph Ledlvitl
young brokernnn on the Chicago & A
I railroad, is under arrest for t|\o killing
i tramp, who-was mealing n rido on
train, yesterday, near Sag llridge.
tramps have cauaed a good deal ol (rou
) ' lately, mil when warned off thetiiitia
' have token roveng? by throwing atones,
breaking Into care on J committing' other
.L. ootragee. Led with flrcd with thelntent,
ho !UJ>',8' ,0' frightening the lucklcaa tramp
and his three companions.
Maiiiktta, 0., May 17.?Our city and
township, as well an those along the proposed
Hue of the Ohio Valley, railroad,
>rk from Bellalro to this city, are all alive to
er* their interests and making great efforts to
cr- secure this proposed line. A convention
nil lias been called to moot at Iteilaire on
Jr. Thursday to lake immediate and decisive
ctlon. . Thefollowing delegation has betn
mi selected from our best businessmen to rep*
he resent the interests of this city: A. T, Nye.
T. n. Dale. Jewett Minor, R. 1". Jaraue
Henry Ilolil, I). B. Torny 8. M. McMillen
J Benj.Kodick. 0. B. Welis, C. B. 11.11, W.
vo F. Curtis, I. Ji. Waters. S A. Cooper, K. R.
for Aluermau and John BUir. and otliora will
jjy bo added.
. Pirrsnunair, May 17.?The contracts
n8 between tlio Baltimore and Ohio, the Pittabnnrn
and Western, and the Pittshnroh
lia Junction roads, just concluded, provide
that the two first-named roads shall furnish
n sufficient tonnage to tlio Junction road at
ij the lowest allowable estimate sufficient to
or P?v the interest on the bonds of the road.
All shipments from points on the Pitts*
burgh division of the Baltimore and Ohio
u road intended for points on the lakee and
a,t in the west will be sent over the Pittsj(j
burgh and Western road and its conneent
tions, via tho Junction road, whilst the
v Pittsburgh and Western and connecting
er 'jno8 W'IJ throw tbetr trailic to points on
j] mo ui?ioiuu uMuiL-u, Kim uumwaru, over me
of Junction roud for the Baltimore and Ohio.
?d It in estimated that th? cost of the road
ul will not exceed $1,000,000, allowliig $100,*
Lll 000 per mile, which includes the brldgo
acro?s the Allegheny river in the vicinity
re of Wainwright's island and the heavy tunm
"ding which the route necessitates at two
id P?lnV* W(]rk N commenced imme,n
diatelv, and finished within ten months,
jQ and the Pittsburgh and "Western will be
)k changed to a Htnndard gauge by the 1st of
ul September.
id One hundred and ten vessels arrived in
a*, the port of New-York yesidrdayg
'LJ A Brand banquet wuh given to Governor
j|j Ifainiiton, at Baltimore, last night.
k- irawiuHjo steamers irom flew York to
n. Europe took out *1,550,000 in specie.
Pittsburgh made over $1,200 yeaterdav,
ly from a wholesale raid on its many bawdy
,'e houses.
11, The Canada, Iroin London, and the Wise.
eonsin, Irom Liverpool, arrived in Now
? York harbor, yeatorday.
,1; Daniel Ilocker, an old resident of
v. "awnMi Ohio, fatally cut his throat, yen'(l
terday. l|o waainsano.
Ml ItalpH IValdo Emerson's estate is estial
mated at $100,000; little fouridatiou for the
,n report that a-will has been found.
e- ?A Jersey cow, Princess, 2nd, lately soil,
er in New York City, for$1,300. Mr.'Shooas
maker, of Italtimore, was the purchaser.^:
v oeneca >. nouoway, ueiauiting teller of
the Poughkecpsie bank, has been taken
l.v from the hospital to New York city for trial.
J? A colored boy died at Helena, Ark., dayJ*
before yesterday; of hydrophobia. lie
- snapped and snarled like a dog and dead
,r. in great agony. ; - ; y. ..
n *A man named Eward was coriviotedsof
U8 murder in .the necond degree, yesterday/ at
te G'rcensbiirg, Fa. He killed two old maiden
ladies, named MeanB. "'" " v .
or President Folwell and professors Pike
a- and Moore, of the Slate university, 3 of
c- Minnesota, are under arrest for assaulting
er one Ana Paine, with a deadly weapon.
AUHancock, Mich., vesterdav, Anton
^ Sohwermaper, n broker, shot his wife, while
1 ? she lay asleep iu bed with her mother, and
o- then pat a ball in'hisWrf head. Both are
-y dead; Cause, jealousy. . , w: v H
al -5-,c?Pt- Payrie'and his party of freebooters,
1 who entercd#the Indian territory,- with a
' : view to possess themselves of the fertile
lauds of the red men, havfc been seized by
n. the United States authorities.
ire t Thp i.onl?illle Kacc*. j
!S* Louisville,-May 17.?To-day's winners
were; ' *<* .
'jThe} Alexander* stake for two-year-olds,
|j. live-eighths of a mile, wou by Punster,,in
rs A"--:? . :
ine LMxmnn stakes, lor all ages; one and
T one-sixteenth miles, won 'by Checkmate;
at Hindoo'second.'. Time',-1:501?the fastest
e8- oirrecord by half a second.
;(1 Selling Race, mile heats, won'by Bub,r.
bier; a walk over.;
ie , Club Puree race, one mile, won handily
by lorce, in 1:44. . .
l' Advnuce ln the Price, of Coffee.
l(j . ^^^Iff'lKjiilAy.r^^Thero w much erv
citemeutamong.tue grocers and others in-'
re te,rcate" *n tbecofloe trade "in consequence
as an unexpected upward turn iu the
*j prices of . the principal grades
' and brands of this commo'iH.n
t il._
m Ul steam
slnp I'hny, which was loaded with a heavy
cargo of cofloe, - at Deal Beach.. Ki,J.,
* coupled with the fact that very little, if
any of the cargo, can bo saved, caused a
01 shortage in the supply, nud hence the ad?*
vance in prices
13. .
rL 11 aTi.MORE.Mnv 17.?Flour 'inlet nud. nominally
unchanged. \\ heat, wettern, dull, hat steady; So.
w'nterrod spot and May f uo*l 140^; JunSfi 40}*;
July $125; Au?u.st 81 llul lift. Corn, wchtern, dull;
mixed xnot mid May Sic: June 82c; July 82)2c; Au'
mist Oau ilnn; vroteru white flic; mixed
?i file; roun^ylvnuluG0a62. Jtvohlrly active at 05a
iO- W>e. Hay firm ami quiet at llfi UhilH 00. 1'rovlnlons
1(i linn nud. higher; mtw pnrlc, old; #IU 75; new, $20 75;
bulk menU, loons ahouldem nominal; denr rlhslden
3U limnlniil: nuckcil PrU)*c> ??..
(0- dear rib side* SI3 25; limns SIS 25*15 75; lard SW 76.
Butterdnllandlower;westernpacked lHa22c.'Eiro*
Kteady ut20o. Petroleum linn at TJJo. Cnilee
quiet uwUm:DlOMravnH}falo%a. Sugar firmer:
00 A soft i%e. W hl-ky quiet at si -tnt 22.
iur ' Cincinnati, 0., May 17.?Cotton dull ana noraMX
nulct;family 85iHJati25; fancy
$o50u< 2->. \\heat cft>Icr; No. 2 iu<1 winter 11 S5ti
ljtespot; SI 1&>; July. Corn I'^r;,V0. 2 mixed
;e, ''^o,sp?t: ,,y* bid May; TTJje Juue; 7aj{c bid
\u. July. OaUstroijtfat Wc. Rye uuletand atoady at
1145 81c. lUrlev demand wtlvo at $1 10. Porkflrraat
ras $10 J5?20 00. -?rd ilrm at 811 2'). Bulk meat*
L,i] atroiiK; shoulder* |* 25: dear ribs M 12K,
menu In god-J domandj'shotildors ti 50: clear rlbi
at JI2 00;' Clour- JI2 no. Whl-kf SI lVAmKiHiloi.
in- **k* of OuhUtd tfoods 670 barrels on a basis of
ircl ?.1 }r , "^'"steady; Western Reserve 20c; choice
CctltMl Olllo 18c.
?JJ TotKW). May 17.-Whca't dull; No. 2 red spot
*n 51MJ,': May 51 SO: Juno SI 37>j: July 91 WA\ An*
Id. cust 11 I'M: year *1121;. (Vim niimkIv! hl<rh
in 8,lc- ??> 'i*01 may hew ntjune 77^c;
wl ?ily '4^c;. fyits unchanged. closed?
wheat quiet; no. 1 red ?pot 8180% aaked; way
ad ii 3g>? june 81 s.%.-iuly snc^t august 81 ui<a
10 11u>6 corn dull; lilkh mixed ?jo bid; no. 2 upot
? bculat 7^c; m.y liejd at 77>fc; juno 71&; july
wj kaht libkrty, i'a., may 17.?<2*ttle?receipt*
>rd 600 bend. market jinn! bent 7%iise; fair to rood
6g7547&0: common sao.
1 iioks?receipts! 7001 heal. market firm: i'hlla>??
dclphlah 87 ttortsuuvyorkflw 8m0rt7 co. ' t
for sue?i>?reccima'ccoo ho?d. market flrrar prices
raiifilnjf from kjf to cc.
'nkw york. may n.^ditr goor>s-th'c market
was excccdiudy quiet wlih the gcnoral demand
very light and routined to immt rensmirtmeut* for
oli current requirement*. tbe ulatrlbutlnr trade in
t?rogrc?>iu|c quietly but with much ntcadlnc*. and
1 ?o. the volumeol trade i? much bctfer than indicated
ivc by appearances .**" t 1
illd new york, may l7.-mktiu-manufactured con
!uil P?r "omUiHliy unchanged;-lic*r nhenthiuj; 2Se;
j,.], ?nSOiJ?ko Iron dull and unIUU
chnnpcdr Scotch W00t25 OO; American 12200*20 oo.
Oin Kimla incctinB 111 23oll fi??. Kitlly, >.ut S33<M3 40:
jit. clinch?iOO*?00, 1 -*r .
OS NKW Orlkanj, M?y 17.-Snc*rlu good dc-wind;
nl,4 rsuqman lo pood common 6jU7Hc; fair to lull)
Wr 7$iSc; prime,lo choice yellow clarf
11M K' J AJio. 'tola"#?! qutetaud steady; ocmmon
;i? boiled 45a 17c; /air rebolled iUoirJv; .i>rlme K
nStic. . '-I lit',i'
n Bsauiviiu. l'a., Jlay-IT.'-Olliuadjr? opened ai
' A 7?Hc: higliMl V&c; IquwtTiiHr, cloblflu at TSUo
Iton wowi.uoo bar it; l*: total ihlftnctm <9,707 LarnjU
of a I,WO barrel*. ;j ^
tno . 1 ' A>u nou
,A1" uudwjuM.
.bic1; I
i n? Viifli V.i i
shlplurd, llif iiorh uf ill? rmiiljn Ctmpmr,
Haabbait b/ Iki Ceairaailoaat Comatitee.
He Pretaata anil A tan that ka ran A n>
mhilatp uiaiaa aid ike I'mldeat. i
Washington, May 17.?Shiph'crtl up.
paarmi before the foreign relations committee,
this mornim.'. with n I mini t
said to contain numerous documents and u
prepared statement, covering ilfiy pagiM or
more. Ho yru, addressed by the chairuiun
as follows: "The committor on foreign
affairs is directed by tlio Hoiwe to'demand
from you copies of all' correspondence between
youself aud any person or peraons
whomsoever and all papers anil other
evidences in your poaaession, , tending to
show what yon did, or attempted to do, to
enforce the claim ot thoTeruvlan company
or to induce tUo United. States to enforce
this, claim against ,,1'eru. Are yon now
prepared to iurnisli tho, document* called
ompneru.?"iam not.'5.
I Tho .Chairman^* Are you prejiarod to
furnish.,and will you furniah^ ull pilars
and otliui* evidences in your i?ofttusbum
tending to Bho w'what you did or attempted
to do to enforce tho claim of tho Peruvian
company , or to induce the United States
to enforce this claim against Peru ?'!-.
Shlpherd?'T will not. 1 positively do*
dine to produce tho papers and evidence
called,for."- ^
Tho committee then went into executive
session. ,,,After about .ten minutes tho door
wa-ireopenod and it was learned that tho
oommHtee had' agreed to Inform the torgeant-at?arms
that it had' no further net d
lor, the- attendance of Sliipliord, and that
he might be discharged .uutil further notification.
No'time \yas fixed for any future
meeting bf: tho committec'lit regard to the
Cliili-Peruvian matteh 'i ! J 1 1
|t has leaked out that tho committee
deemed to examine Mr. Hitt, ex-as4i*taut
secretary of state. A secret session will bo
held to-morrow, ' ;J 1: '
An Open teller from Milphcrd.
'WAtaoiox, May .17.?Shipherd has
addressed the following letter to Mr,
Williams, chairman of the foreign uffrira
committee,and adda, "it is all. 1 liuvo It
say on the subject;'?, ,, .
' Directly after my examination
James G. Blame, a volunteer wft now, wan
hwru for seveml'days and later ;Syual< r
Blair. Blaine occupied tho entire se^si n
in addressing thetcommittee, and j devote* l
consldjrable portion'of that addresi to the
creation of a cloud of apparent issues, nil
new, and supported by prima facio evidence,
intended to-discreuit me as a witness
and to destroy'the force of such testimony
IW T hflil n Iron lit' '
BlalPs recollection differed from mine 6u
a point^ hich Blaine and his friends deem
important. While Blaine's testimony, so
far as ittended to coutradict and discredit
me, was grossly incompetent ahd'mnph'of
it irrelevant, but by permission of the committee
it has gone.into the oflicial record
and out,to tlie Country as proper'evidence,
and an infinite wrong . has been done in
consequence, not only to ilie personally,
but to the very large interests I represent.
On the 12th. inst.y L was Iregularly .subpa-naed
to appear before tho committee, at
11a. m., this day, and to bring with me
copies of all correspondence between myself
and any person or "persons whatsoever,
and all papers and other evidence" in my
possession,.tending to show what I did or
attempted to do to enforce the.claim of
the Pernvian company, or to induce' tho
United States to enforce this claim. In
obedience to that subjuena I presented
myself , at the appointed hour, at the pluco
appointed, and was nskedby you. whether
i wits now prepared to comply literally,
with the total demand above recited.
I bud no choice but . to
answer in the negative, I .: was
then peremptorily dismissed, .being asked
no other question and being allowed to
make no statement and no explanation. I
now beg to ^notify the committee, through
you, that I am prepared to supply, in oiled,
although r cannot literally, ull the evidence
called for. I further state that the evidence
includes an important letter from the President
of the United States rocuully discovered,
correspondence with oJJicial and unofficial
representatives of Peru " and
with the Department of State through
my counsel. Whether ' this evidence
may or , may notj , be of
value to () ?> f'Aminiiiiui it
neither my province nor my ciiro
to inquire. I have "completed
my duty in the- < promises, ... in
bringing it as commanded, hat this
documentary evidences with, much more
which IJrieed not here specify,'enables mo
absolutely to disprove every imputation
upon/ my verneily ; and lithe consequent
vulue of my testimony, whjch, by assertion
or suggestion has been piitiuto record when
last hoard. I respectfully submit' that, in
tho premises, iny personal right as an assailed
witness, isentitlod to consideration.
To allow a volunteer witness, in a public
harangue, telegraphed to ail parts of, tho
country, to charge mo with -false swearing,
and i to support' those: charges
by improper, yet prima facie ..-proof
imnn.mvM. if 1 ?m ri.ilijU- .ul..
upon the committee, assuming s'6 gravo a
responsibility, an obsolute duty of hearing
a reply, as explicit os -tho premises' may
warrant. I ask no favor. I made no: suggestion
as to the testimony to bo taken or
rejected,, but Xd6!aubmitthat the committee,
which has allowed its swaiQns to be
made'tlie vehicle'of a persbnaV 'assault; in
the hearing ""6f"'thiTHvhole countrv,
has used a license-' 16'"'which'* "is
annexed an unquestionable .duty.-, In
answering Blaine anil in corrceting Senator
IJlair, 1 sliall confino myself, within the
same limits as if addressing a i!ourt of
judicature. - No limitation,' so narrow 1 as
?l.,'u I.oo Imnn >.l I... II. ' t;._
HIIO, urn uitu UOVU UJ WJU I'JIIlilllUUi: llUrC*
tofore. , I .wait only to know whether. 1 am
to bo heard at all. Will ypube'Ho kiiul iis
to lay this notebefore the eomtiiittee and
to adviso mo of their decision; without
delay. ,v.M* ...,'i '; : ,?i"
Had it not been /or. the unfortunate und
dreadful occurrence of Saturday week L
am confident this;, would, havo been
achieved this reason. .Fuithermore, the
government would have been enabled to
abandon coercion nnd would have returned
to Um constitutional! rights o/i tho/eoiuitry.
, \Vo should have been able to co-operato
with the liberal party in pawing several
measures of reform which are of the
utmost importance for,both''Ireland and
England, such as county government, the
extension of the representative syKtein and
the extension of the. franchise lo-bonsjholders.
JLawa ) would undoubtedly haze
been passed in a few years for. the, granting
to us of a more or leas complete iorm of
national self-government..; Such is the abstract
of my.policy.and[my motives.,
jjvj J? r n-**?1
The Flovrof Gold Co Europe. .
Nkw YonkyMay17.?I'residunt1 Verniilyej
of the Merchants' bank, savs ot the
gold shipments: "Sixty or ninety days ago
certain parties 1 bought larg?J* amounts of
Hterhng on tiuu* and no>v they.havoto
meet their calls, Jiathose ' who loaned in
Europe do not care to renew-them. Kills
are maturing nml lunlvw .win. 5^..,.,!
tbom> havo ,no altcrnutivw but to jneet
them.. -Tliis. . .\viil muUo , inoney
. dearer,. . London. '..is ... the j Vfe'ricral
' clearing.;, house for. '.'all ( the. 'Kpropeau
nation's, aud, thu?, iio .ouq^aii t^LI,4 exactly,
i how it is distributed; it is something which
. their own correspondents here cannot tell,
i CJold isnotscnt-ovsir ,for speculative purposes,
juj it;would not pay, ai'Uie pseeont
. rate of exchange. ? (4.00)' ^Uhoifcu gold
, coiild bo shipped for 'such purpose at
T 4.00-i with profit*" K

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