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ivti^aad ~
Slaughtering L'rives for (lie Next
Thirty Uajs.
Every lady who consults her own ?
Interest, we request to commit to x,
memory the liuportniicn'of this in- '*.
formation. Feeling highly encour- ?'
aged sinew wo linve cohie In your S
midst, uiid appreciating the klnil
patronage extended to us, we hare p,
concluded to reciprocate by n Grand ;
II ark-Down in all our depart incuts. ?
l)o not say, "Thin Is a boast,1" but ( iinin
utwl elmvliii'n vnurvnlvnu that. W
what wo say wc ran TuMII. Our L
huxini'ss is system Ized nil Kastcrn principles
and every lady will re- w
ciilve the siimo courtesy and attention
whether a purchaser or not.
Kvery article Is plainly marked,
uud One Prleo to all. When we
say all our department*, we mean pi
Just What We Nay. l)o not fail to y
give us4111 early call.
i tirm.'vit ii'ir? una <
ill ?? "IIVM '
invl.'i 1104 Main Street. ?
Oun llmtirnllnn ! '
and Parasols <
\ si
JStylos New nud'Nobby. I
Every Taste Suited. 1
Prices the Lowest. \
. ij
1111 MAIN STItEET. ?
myi:l J
-rfSSu ]
$8.00. |||||g|^$?0, :
Bet of Teeth on Gold $nr> 00
Hot of Ikst Gum Teeth 8 00 r
Ikftt inM Filling ? 1 W c
Hllvcr Filling* fiO a
Krtrw-tinn 25 ?;
Gas given. All work wnrntnte<l. 1
DR. 8. 11. M'CORMICK 4 BRO., t
aprfl Managort. j
No. 1143 Market street. Wheeling, W. Va.
All operation* warranted. ]y30
ik SnMttgtmXr
Otllrn: Xon.25 nnil27 Fourteenth AUreet.
.New AUvcrllMviueulN. . ,
Wall Paper?John Fricdel. * ' 1 5 '
For Kent?Alexander Bone. 7
White Mountain Freezerd?Neabitt it Bro.
Kanawha Itiver Packet?Chancellor/, i A
Grand Excursion?Miunnerchor Singing
Society. , . , .,
Shoes?Carnahan vfc English.: ''' '*11'v 5
Hymnals?Stanton & Davenport.
T1IE usual merchants' lunch at the Jicw
HIcLurc Ilouso Sample Rooms daily. ^ < ^
Thermometer Kecurtf. ( ^
The following shows the range of the ther- 0
mometer, us observed at Schnepfs drag store, r
Opera House corner yesterday: ^ j
look 1004
7 i. U. 1*2 M. 3 r. M. 7 P U I 7 A. U. 12 X. 3 P. K. 7 P. M
.VI 57 tt) W j 51 74 72. C6 j
"Washington, D. C., May 18, 1 a. v.?For
Lower Lakes and Tennessee and Ohio Val- ,
ley, warmer, fair weather, light variable
winds, followed by stationary or falling ba- w
rometer. , t
OdknIP About Prominent People Hero or
Klncwltore. ,
Miss Lillle 8haron, of Mt. Pleasant, was in ?
the city yesterday. v
Mayor Egerterlenvcfl the city to-day4-for i
an extended business trip, and in his absence a
President ticott will be "monarch of all he 1
surveys." h
Dr. F. II. Adams, medical Inspector of the r
Ualtimore fc Ohio Railroad Kellef Assocla- w
tion, and a very clever gentleman, was In the c*
city yesterday. R
Misses Louisa llupert and Annie Auth, ''
two charming young ladles of Washington,
D. C., are visiting Misses Annie and Aggie
Hess, North Main street. si
Mr. II. II. Mansbach, the merchant tailor, n
left, yesterday, for the East, to bo absent b
several weeks. He goe/Uast to purchase new y
Kinma auu icuuw UIU iii-ijuuiilluuCCS. [i
Wo aro glud to be able to Bay that Mr. tl
Daniel M. Kdington, who has been lying ill h
with what was expected to be his final ill* cl
ncss, shows considerable improvement, aiid d
that, in spite of his advanced age, there are n:
hopes of his being able to be about once more tl
soon. '' 1 I ^
* * *
A l,Dell" Answered, . a!
The enthusiastic base'ball editor of the r'
lUyhter shot otV the fdllowlug in yesterday's r
issue: ' ><*. i i i r'.> *
"A picked nine of the attaches of the liojUter
nre satislled they can wallop a similar ci
team from thoIxtkkliqbkckr, atid aro willing h
to try conclusions whenever the latter aro n
prepared. Make your statement" V
In answer to tho above the compositors o
of tho nows room of the .Intkluoknckkjiu- tl
tuorire us 10 state mat tney are ready; hay n
anxious to meet any nine men taken from
the force in the news room of the lleguter. n
They do not, however, pro jxjsc tq play against fi
the athletes of the counting room or auy'of
the profeisionals who adorn the local departmenu
This is a fair answer, and the condi- si
tions are also equitable. If the "XI Dashes" b
of ntir Mark?*t str?#?t N\nti>innAi-?ev> trill. I
}iiK to meet tho "Asterisks" oI the Lvtelliokx- m
?er, Saturday the 27th., day of May. a?.v. i
j8S2, is suggested as a convenient day to
settle the question of superiority, and if the I
jAstcrlsks" dont "pi" the "forms" of the J
"M Dashes" we will eat tho ink on the proof I
roller?that's the kind of a patriot we are."
No head-ache or back-ache for ladles 1
who drink "WINE OF AARDIII." i 1 M
For sale by Logan Co. ' V j?
Forty years' trial ku proved " BLACKDRAUGHT"
the bdt liver medicine in i' J.1
EWorld. I
For sale by Logan tfc Co.
aSrSnrx Kruptions anting from Ttupuri t Q
Jimd, speedily removed by S. S. 8.?try it. ' b!
iical. llri*b,?( iai;,aarlii si. Tlmtljr
i ')'* s ,v.
Hia frost yesUrday morning
Srniftn Is still somewhat Uuilil.
1'oAiin of Kducatiun to-night. ,
I lie Board of Education meets this even- ]
itflSSjif p/KV fW-if ix'. * '
Mtoicirii. court has adjourned until Bat- \
Mm?* comet Is now vInitio -near tli. '
ortli star. I
Wu* hasn't 'tliu north end of Market 1
rccv wecu potpu.' v o (
Ouik'^kuoWm' atirilrer8flVysc?iobralloij at i
e Oper?Houm tbtitvunlhg)J l"- y"
OrriCKit Muruu la too nick to bo on lil> l*nt. i
JKmle ukM hil plae# temporally.'" '
t'oLiCK cdurt ycntt-rilny mornlni. >u ,i 1
liltowiuh?not n bum or a drunk appeared.
Tin St. James Hotel w&'(?7fmineill?iely, n I
cohd-buiil beer cooler or Inra Ico boi. An1
?tUt?.onice.'??t ?v>k
T"?*JBIrd Ifoue of the Wlieellng Timti, the
'lured;,l"?|i)e'? paper, rame out yesterday,
id still bIjown im]>rovotuprit.
Two nien unlimited a woman on tlio old
empncld depot licit nlulit. before lant. but
r screams attracted Ofllcfcr Frigate'; who was
andiug near, and her assallanta Hod.
Tub Wheeling dr Uke Rrle BrMkeCommy,
increase of capital from $260,000 to
MX),000, was incorporated day before yester*
iy, and the pai*rs tiled at Columbus.
Sicrvicm will be held nt St. Matthew's
hurth this morning at'lOiM)' o'clock. The
ev. O. C. l'eurson, of St. Luke's Church,
ill preach a aerinon appropriate to Ascenon
IlKa.AiRirra go fo Wheeling for their spreef.
doesn't cost mo much .when they wet arreatI
as at home. In Wheeling a plain drunk
only il and casta, while at Uellalre the
ne la rUlc. (jiuutUJ .-ft I . > 11:, s'.
Real estate appear* to be improving in
rice in Kast Wheeling. A half lot on eigh*
>cnth street was sold yesterday by Alexanor
Until! rnal ullnln niuinl f... ! I Atfl . Tl.?
>rmer owner purchased itJ7.yeania^o.. j
Patrick Daily, ex-jallOr, w1?a was so badly
urt.Tuesday on th?P.r W. it Ky. road,; hnsiceived,iJiore?crloti.4r,lnjiirie8
"than was at
nit Mjpnoseil,"trill fears were "yfsterday en;rtaineu
of a tytal result oHils wounds. j, f
Onk deed \fras admitted to record in the
tecorder's oftico yesterday. It was made by
idelia Otterson and others to Patrick J.,GilIgartyfcouveylng
to lilin'a1 certain trtiet of
ind east of tlio Hemplield tunnel for a conideration
of $1,200.
ArrK.vriojr is called to the excursion to
'arkersburgand Marietta, under the auspices
f the Mu-nnerchor Singing Society, on Satirdajv
Jun^ 3/ The elegant steamer Diurnal
ias been chartered fur the voyage, and a
ileasint time is assured all who go.
A It. ?t 0. TuxrN at Handlan's crossing yeserday
delayed the cars on the Citizens railray
so aa to throw them completely off of
chedulc time. .Several passengers were loud
n their complaints, buftliu drivers agreed
hat the dispatcher was always very careful
tot to jiermit such occurrences.
Ckow;* Williams.-; u young mnn. son of
TnrrtHnii WMllfimTQ "wnn "iinnglnn t.nlrn'u
I very stable, yesterday when a lurge coach
log bit him on the left leg, tearing the tlesh
iadly. lie entered the stable on vengeance
icnt, but could not find the dog. 1 low it
nine to attack him was not unknown to our
Fhkk . Weisoehhkh,' who /ell on Market
treuti Wednesday uight ami cut his head so
everely, asks us to make the statement that
le merely slipped and fell, and that he never
lad a lit in his life, which we do with pleasire.
lie does not know what caused his
oot to slip, but presumably it is another
ase of banana peel. There ought to be
omethingdone to abate-the nuisance of this
langerous stuff thrown on the side-walks.
One of the ''cheekiest" steals on record was
'priKjtrated) at ] George YWetsgerber's boat
,ouse yeHterduy by unknown sneak thieves,
:iost probably boys. Weisgerber and John
teiU were out practicing in their shells, and
ladUeft-their . clothing in the boat house.
Vhen .tliey- returned ,tbey4 found that some
ine hadigone' tlirough their pockets, making
iff with all' their loose Change Reitz had
.bout $-10 concealed in the watch-fob of his
lantaloons, which fortunately the intruders
lid not find.
It was rumored; this morning that Maggie
ihultz had written a letter explaining why
he attempted suicide. _ Our reporter weut
lowiyhud was met by all the wonien in the
loiise.'! They saidj therewas no letter writen."
and any person'who" ever said there was
lad lied, and that they could whip them if
hevcaiue down to their house. "And von
;an bet," said one ot the women, "if any
wore of you reporterscome around here again
fou will get your heads mashed in, for you
ire all a lot of liars." One girl iu particular
very,loud In her remarks about what she
votild do. So beware, 'nmTicni?J'HUnrgli
jr.* mw&w iw
Thf.kk was a little episode'ofn practice
fame of base bull on the old Fair Grounds
resterday; which was not. recorded on the
core. The scorer in some way offended one
if the players while the latter was on a base,
,nd when lie reached home he preceded to
tunish the keeper of records by slapping him
lightly on tho side of the face. That gei.lernan
objected to that mode of punishment,
tid in fact did not approve of punishment in
he abstract under such circumstances, ami
>y way of emphasizing his protest drew a
.op-gun of the kind displayed by a youth in
he West on the historic occasion wh^n a
uiner saw the weapon and remarked that if
he owner "shot him with that thini?iinil ho
ountl it out, be would slap his darn jaw."
'h'ejplayer grasped. the scorer's baud and
revested him from firing* whereupon u
riend of the latter struck the former a
right Miiart" blow on the* bead. Procceduga
then stopped. We withhold' the names
f the partivs, because no doubt they are aleady
conunendably ashamed of themselves.
,00 ~ .
notice WnycH, of Wwt Alexander,
Keoren IIU Two ThoiikiimlLh Couple.
Justice J. Flnley .Mayes, of West Alc*anur,
whom the ancients certainly would hate
rorabiped for Hymen, has married two
liousand couples. This is an achievement
hat brings either blessings orcurses. and hist
ow much joy'ami liow much misery the
miable ami accommodating Justicc has been
ustruinental?innocently, of course, for people
will marry.?in producing will never be
no'wn until"- the 'roll tof hi8vfour thousand
ictinia ifl called on the Judgment duy.
'he two thouiandth ceremony, however wan
ccompuniod by some features of interest,
he Bloch Bros., of this city, some time ago
1 formal Justice Mayes that upon the mariage
of the two thousandth coupic they
ould preaent the groom with a box of their
tlebruted "West Va. Mail I'ouch Smoking
nd chewing Tobacco." The other day the
nil receivod.va letter from Justico. Alaycs
bicb rtads as follows: L'| J > ? y { Ji j
<Jr..rri.EMK.fr-1-rim in receipt'of ybuVof
lie 13th inat., in which you state you had
ant hi" ?viirouu u l>lVnut AM_?!
ia Mail l'ouch Smoking and Chewing Toacco,"
with a request that I present it with
our congratulationsandcompliments to the
ivo thousandth .couple married by me, On
le name 'evening it was deceived, Saturday
ist, a young gentleman and lady, from your
ity, presented themselves and expressed a
esiro; to 4,be made ^one.", After tlie cerclony
and'presentation or the gift; ntulmany
lanke to you for your celebrated tobacco,
hlch the groom will no doubt "roll as a
veet morsel under his tongue," they left,
nd will never forget the day of their mni>
age and your gift.
" A < i; ; i , - /, >
Tlie Court*.
Circuit Court 1'urL Jl-rJudoe, JfamU?tThis
jurt met at'the usual hour yestenfayiiiorn*
ig when the trial of the, case of (the Haiti*
ioro'?fc Ohio!; Ball road- Coihpahy*V8i G. P.
/hlttaker & Sons was resumed. The case ,
ccupied the attention of the court during ,
lie day, and at the time of adjournment was
ot finished.
MunkijuiLCouTfr-Jiidge^Jeffcf*:^This court
let^'patyrdujviuornlni. oijdC.trnnsacted the '
allowing business.
Daniel Peck, * trustee, vs. Henry 1^.
.iat and others".' The court rendered a decV
ion in tlio cuiiQ diimitsinglthocomplainants'
ill. This case refers to tljo sale of the Grant
touso property, a more extended account of
fhlchwillbe found .in. another column..
LdjouTiied until Saturday at 10 a. v. . .
[f*iBLACK?DRAUOHT " makw cbllU \
umFfever impossible. ? 5 V. ft
flRor salcby Logan. A Co. ; ?v ')
5You can- buy the ' celebrated cog-eeared
'ovelty Clothes Wringer of Itoyd, Market
qithtV, for $4 cash. Just one-half the price
barged by .ppiLJJt'rs. for third clans wringer?.
jifp^cjKK.of real ^ merit, pie?pribed by
lanv Uailln'ir tdiVMcIans. aim uriivpriutll?
scomnicndcd byvpsp who hare'tiicd' it, aa
true tonic In, Brown's Iroo IJjttew. n.tw '
o i ti .j : ;r?? !: -wt. i"? xr
A MCK-rirriNO shoe makes a pretty {oqU i
ermtn Corn' RemOY?T:H'BliW ?t cojuforta- I
Lit. druggists.
3 :>
A )Un Arrnlrd fur Murder and 1*1 ned
10 for Amnlt. *
About a week ajro Edward Scarry and! Al
Hose, two drivers employed in tlie Beliriftnt
tnllljcoal Unk.gptinio an altercation in which
Rose struck Scarry with a whip, Inflicting a
nrloua wound orer the eye. Since tbattftne
Scarry has been confided to hla reeidenco,
ind early yesterday morning ha died. The
police were notified of the death, and OIUsera
Williams, Kennedy and Barum were
iletuiled to urrost lloae. Stationing them*elvea
at the mouth of the bunk, they patientlv
nwAltPil lhn nnnonrnnnn nf Ifixiv Mhnrtlv
{(tor ll o'clock Ilono .cm?c out, and Ulliter
Uaruin nuulc a .grab for him, which Ito.se
al uried and immediately started off on a race
for liberty. The offlcora were not Blow to fbilow,
and after a xlg-xag course had been run
nicer Williams tlnully captured Rose. '
lie wan very docilo after nis capture and accompanied
the oOlcera without resistance until
the Fifth Ward school house was reached.
At this point ho was informed iu answer lo
Inquiries of the charge on which" he was arrested.
"Well," said Itoso, 44if that Is what I
am arretted for, 1 'might as well die here."
Hu't aiMr. Hose still lives, he, of course, did
not die. lio gavothcjofncera aomo -trouble
in getting him to jail, but he was Anally com
fortably ensconced"! do a cell,"tyoun which,
however, as the sequel shows, he soon emerged
a free man
Yesterday afternoon 'Squire Philips, at the
request of some interested persons, inipannefod
a Coroner's jury to-Inquire in what
manner and by what means Scarry came to
his death. The following persons comjK)sed
the jury: *
George Mil, Watdmar Gepp, K. S. Hopkins,
Castier llell, Verdinand Weber, II. J.
Kelber, James Acker,. Krliard .8tji'hcr, K,
Ackerman, John A: Uering, Joseph H&aenauer,
J'rederlckiKorstor.i ; ;,i Ijh-/,
?n.? ?... .1 tl.l I 1 11?.
jLtiu iiuuj ni? icnoum UJ? IIUUW Ul MIU
father of the deceased, and the Inquest was
then adjourned to the ofltce of 'Squire
Sweeney, where testimony was taketi as to
the dilHculty in the coal bank, and also as to
the results of a post mortem examination
made yesterday by several prominent physicians.
? . , J C\ iVij
.. .George Barum was the first witness nworn.
lie was in the Kelmont Mill coal bank at
the time of !the light, and licartl the disturbance.
though he was too far oil* to sec any of
it. Jle reached the party after the fighting
bad ceased, and was told by Scarry that llokc
hud struck him across thoeye with a whip.
John Hanson was nlso near the light, .but
did not reach the spot in time to see it.
When he saw the two men they were some
eight or ten yards apart.' arid Scarry1 was
holding bis eve with liis uand and crying.
He had heard no intimation of any dilHculty
until he heard the noise of the tight He
testified in a very indifferent way that he bad
not paid much attention to the noise^ as he
minikin buiiiu aiuuu iiuu muntiy luuen OQ
somebody or a mule had kickcd a driver.
John Krider was in the room witli IlansOn
when the noise began, and ran out. He passed
Hose, some ten or twelve feet from Scurry,
with a wagon between them. Scurry said his
eyo was oat. and tho witness imagined a
mule had kicked him until the,wounded
man said in response tofc query from George
Darutii that Al. Hose had hit him with a
whip. Krider hud previously asked Hose
what was the matter and got no reply.
Dr. Campbell waa next called, and ques
1.UU1.U a.i iu im: luiiuiuuu ui 'vuung ocurry
when . on last Tuesday week, J just after the
fijjht, lie hail come to his' ofllco in company
with Georce Burn in. The doctor said he
found the man's eye somewhat congested.
He was also present at. the post mortem examination,
and could find no ailment
except in the left lung, which showed the
presence of Inllamation, or pneumonia.
This was the result of cold, and notof violence,
and there'was no indication of the
results of any. violent treatment ' \ j iJ J \\
l)r, Hardesty also testified'as to the condition
of Scarry On Wednesday, the day
after the injury was sustained. His testimony
did not differ from Dr. Campbell's,
either as to.the condition of his eye or the
results of the post mortem examination, Dr.
Wilson corroborated the other physicians'
testimony so far as it related to,the,post
mortem examination, i at which lie was
Ofllcer Joe liarum told about the chase
after Ko.se yeste day morning, and said that
when he and Policeman Willinms were
taking him to jail, they told him Scarry was
dead, whereupon he said he would go no
further; they might as well kill him there as
OlHcer "Williams testified to the same
effect. -' - v i OI
The jury then retired, and shortly returned
a verdict that the deceased came to his death
from pneumonia.
Later Hose was arraigned before the Justice
on a charge of assault and battery, to which
he plead guilty. He was lined$10 and costs,
which he paid, aud was released. v
Next Thursday the well-known Seiber
S I-..- "I- ? "1
uuiuuki uuiiiciia! miicueuiib vutiuy, will 00
opened. On this occasion there will be a
concert giyen in the evening, to which every
body is cordially invited. During the winter
this garden has had the latest improvements
added to it, and we can with surety say that
it is now the finest garden in the neighborhood.
There will be concerts given every Thursday
evening, which will he a treat toAevery
one who attends them.
WellMbnri? <3im Work*.
Secretary of State. Stalnaker issued, yesterday,
a certificate of, incorporation to the
Wellsburg Gas Company,- which corppration
intends to bore lor or otherwise, obtain gas;
petroleum on/other oils, aiid manufacture,
refine and sell the same. The principal
office of the company is to be in} the town of
Wellsburg. Five thousand dollars have been
subscribed to the capital stock, and $.r>00 has
been paid in. The company has the privilege
of increasing the capital stock to $50,000 hy
the sale of additional shares of stock, which
are $100 each. The following gentlemen, all
of Welfsbiirg, are the incorporators and hold
10 shares each: E. W. I'axton, W.1I. Tarr, I.
H. Duval, Benjamin Harvey and W. C. Burclay.
lu Hot Wnter,f.?<|l)t-}
Orpha M, Hodge, Battle Creek, Mich.,
writes: "I upset a tea-kettle of boiling hot
water oti my hand, lat once applied Thongs'
hclectric Oil, and the effect was to immediately
allay the pain. I was cured in three
i u
Iwo hundred more of those elegant oil
cloth windovv;bHndt,with fixtures ami fringe
ready to hang, for50 cents, c "1
Also good'striped carpets at 20 cents.
Good ingrain carpets at 25 cents.
Good superfine at 30 cents, 40 cents and 50
Good 4-1 lloor oil cloths at 25 cenls.
Large stock of wall paper at 8 cents and 10
cents. ,,. . . . cr et^'Z -.? ,?
fiarul not? r. ,i A'2.Ti?
Great variety of dress goods atSio 12&
cents. . I'yU.v.; 1
Bast 5-ply carpet chain at-25 cents.
.Good black and fancy silks at CO cents. *
Good black ihid colored cashmeres ar-25
Exclusively for cash. Call soon If you wish
to save money, at Nos. 2010 and 2021 Main
street.. John Rormkhj
Just Think ol II!
$a0,00Q for $2; $15,000 for $1; besides a
number of other large prizes awaiting distribution
in monthly drawing May lllst. Send
in your orders at once to It. M. Boardman,
J.ouhville, Ky,
8t. j auks hotku
p.cu?tor.x a, n<to 1| llHUUlty
G II Mamlull.MoundaY'o Jesse wrrelLVaiminKl'n
C Moore, New York J D Komi*, Sow Vork
J J Uullck, Now York CS Mayer, Hdladelphla
1 Van Deuson, 1'hila J F Sivecnry, cliy ,
\VS Mitchell. fein'tiivilln J AmlcnuMi
W T J ml kins, Woodaflelil Vf I. Morris, WoodsBcTd .
J as; A Gordon, rUtoburjjh J A McConneU, Cleveland
J C Wllsou.KiiiRsviUo iJ I) Itiirr, WtuhlliRton, l'a
JIIritmuu,Baltimore -..Henrvhwanu, JLlbauy
1) R Hume, uxnberland G II Donaldson,Rochester ,
0 \V Shomnn. Newark W II IfiUI; Kansas City * j
Jiiwcs Anderson, Pittsburgh.
. .... r:- ' j /. 'V J
Cossi'icioL'H among the inlluentnl men of i
the Dominion is Mr. J. H. Metcalf,: member
of Parliament from the city of Kingston,
Canada. Cojjfing to a personal matter, we ,
wvulri mention that Mr. Ifetpajf wgs former?
ly subject to extreme sopencas of ihji cliesf. :
for which, as he himself says, could find
no remedy but St. Jacobs Oil, the GrcatQcrman
Heroedy, | wo|jh)'"not bp without ft
for ton timcslts'fccUingprice." 'XV }.xl j
Is the Monte Uuilding, Larimer street, I
Denvor; Col., Is located tlieofllcc of Mr..l'\'A, 1
Park, extensively engaged in coal mining. ;
In Mr. Park's opinion, St. Jacobs Oil is an
exceedingly valuable article for rheumatism.
UJa ,\vifa Sliced with a very paiuful affection,
which Ihially.remiiwl tbi) use-qf nu e,t- ?
terjwl.renuiUy.Declaim; upon St. ! Jacobs
t>if,{8lie uieti It with sUcn RtatffyitogtriicceM i
that slic would not' be without it for Kfty- 1
(liing, iii)d cgnsidery it a household panacea. 1
AflVctlliff thf Kfcrnt Stale uf (he Mriuil
House Property. 1
About one year apt tha Oram House prop,
erty was sold at truidee'a sale, and wu.i
knockcd down (o Mr. Usury K. 1.1st [or $22,.
000 to round numbers. The conditions of
the sale were that the property was to be disposed
of In the manner that would realise
the most money. In accordance with this
provision the property was put up In parcels
In the morning, and when tho sale was declared
adjourned until the afternoon the aspresato
or the hld? amounted In round numbers
to ii),000. In the afternoon the property
wits tillt tin n u-li.iln ??.i .fs..- J--/-i... _i
,,y.v ? ? 7 -?viv|.IH utici rump ninrui'Q
b hidingwas knin-kc.l down to tin) lilghrat
bidder, Mr. llenry K. List. Soon aflcrthosale
was consummated Mr. I,lit dticoTereil tlmt
tho property Imd been run U|i by llctlilott*
bidding; Hint some of the bids were undo bir
parties In tho Interest of tbe tellers am! were
not bona ihlo bida. When these facta were
disclosed Mr. 1,1st refused to lake the prop,
erty at the sum it was run up lo by pull' hid.,
bill a?reedlo take It at Ills llmt bid, whleli
was about *111,000. Mr. Woodtuansce, tho
party most Interested In thu sale, refused to
agree to this aud brought suit in the Municipal
court to compel Mr. I.lst to take the
fMupvi %j ?i inn UIKU091 uui. a great amount |
of written testimony wus taken, proving the
facta above stated, and the east* was argued i
before Judge Jell'ora by Alfred Caldwell, and
A. J. Clark for Mr. List and \V. IV Hubbard
and Jacobs, Cracraft and Ferguson for Lewis
Woodiuausee. The counsel for defendant
claimed tbat puff blila were Illegal, nnd that
no oue had a right to hid secretly, and that
when a party bids in tho interest of the seller
it must be so announced by proclamation.
Judge Jotters took the case under advisement,
and yesterday morning rendered a decision
in favor of tho defendant, his position being
sustained by citations from Kent's commentaries,
and likewise by the Supreme Court of
the United States. Tho sale was thoreforo set
aside, and it will be put up at trustee's wile
some time in tbe future.
TnousA!*i>8 testify to tho cures that l)r,
Wiggins'Lungwort-Compound has accom.
pllshed. Try it. For sale by Logan ?fc Co!and
all druggists.
A Drfruneof the Cow*.
Editors Intelligencer:
In nnswer to two ^protests" from just
about the Mine number of badly persecuted
individuals on tlio Island. wo would suggest
to both the propriety of spending a little
more time nntl money in needed repairs on
their old board fences and rickety gates, before
they commence the wholesale destruction
of a score or more of Inoffensive old
cows, who arc not only useful adjuncts'in
the matter of household comforts, but exceedingly
ornamental fixtures when stationed
at our cabin doors waiting patiently
for their semi-daily rations.
Swirr's 8.Specific cures Scrofula. Mercurial
roison, oia bores, or any impurity.
Geo. II. Math ban been re-elected chief of
the fire department.
J. W. 8anders and J. T. Merccr left on
Wednesday for a trip to Cleveland on business
and pleasure.
Miss Mary True man, who bad been in
poor health for some tlmej died of consumption
Wednesday morning.
The Methodist festival at tho church Tuesday
night was as much of a success as could
be desired in every way?a fine evening,
a good crowd and plenty of money.
A meeting was held here quietly last evening
to talk over matters ntid prepare for the
reception of visitor* who come Thursday in
the interest of the Ohio Valley railroad.
A canary bird, evidently o nosed to living
and tired out, dropped into the river below
the wharfbo&t Wednesday and was picked
up safely by some one on the ferryboat.
The residence of Mr. A. Roomer, on
Guernsey street, is about finished. This
makes one more added to the numbei of excellentdwelling
houses built in Bellairein the
last few years, and quite a number of ourcitiurn
*lrui?<lv '?
r?' ? 0.1.4*5
building others.
David Henderson, of the eastern suburbs,
died last night, after a protracted and painfnl
Ilervey, the alleged horse thief confined in
i'ail here, ia in luck. Ho held a ticket in the
Louisiana State Lottery that drew $20 in the
late drawing, a clear gain of $10.
The sentiment in'favor of a "chain gang"
in our town is growing rapidly. Tax-payers
say thev are tired oE paying jail fees for persons,
who are committed to jtfil for violations
of town ordinances, and come out, not only
unpunished, but anxious to ?arn another
term of resUmd board. Jail officials assert
that municipal prisoners are much more exacting
and troublesome than State or county
Your writer's attention has been cal led to
the fact that some remarks of his, printed in
Tuesday's issue of the Intelligence^ in reference
to. the exposure of fraud on the nart
oi our town ollicials, to be made by Mr.
Bryan in bis speech iliut evening, might be
misunderstood by readers at other places.
Every person here, of course, interpreted
thorn in the Pickwickian sense intended by
the writer, and it is hoped that this explanation
will set the matter right in the uiinds
of your readers elsewhere.
Your correspondent listened so long to the
"song of the siren," in the shape of the
Opera House orchestra band, accompanying
the Andes excursion to Cincinnati, that he is
unable to report the very able speech of
Majar Bryan at the Court house square last
evening. Arriving at the place, at the close
of the speech, and listening to the many congratulations
poured upon the orator, the conclusion
was that the speech was well received,
and the platform'nnnunoiatcd by the
candidate for municipal honors was heartily
endorsed by the large audience.
Ilenry Norenmn. of I'arkersburg, is visiting
friends in the neighborhood.
Capf. McCoy, with his steam portable
saw mill, is now sawing upon the waters of
Harris Kun, this neighborhood,
The past few weeics, with its rains and
floods and cold weather, lias convinced us
that our seasons and climate are changing,
and that we are on the same line oh the locality
where it is "eleven months winter and
one month mighty late In the fall."
Corn, mostly planted, but some that has
been planted three weeks is only sprouting,
owing to thf ground being so cold. The late
rains haveatarled the grass, and stock of all
kinds is doing well. Fat stock scarce.
Hogs less number than usual. Corn (last
year's) scarce and high.
The oldest inhabitant knows of no winter
unu spring wnen 1110 crops nave had as tough
a time as this spring. The wheat crop In
this neighborhood is;injured some where it
was jointed, but not seriously. Regardirg
fruit prospects I would report'that'in this
vicinity the loss is not so bud as at lirst supposed.
The early varieties suffered considerably,
such as early apples, peaches and cherries,
but the later varieties of fruit promise
" ' _ TTE8T ALEXANDER." ' (
About 8 o'clock yesterday morning Fannie,
a sprightly fifteen year old daughter of Mr
Samuel loster, residing in the east,end of
town, was fatally burned by using oil, for
starting a Ijre. She had procured a gallop cqn
full of pil and was pouting it ipto the grate
when the explosion occurred, tearing the can
to pieces and completely covering the poor,
girl with the burning tluid. Two neighboring
womeu who were the first to reach her,
attempted to extinguish the .{lames, which
by. this titije completely pnyeloppd.lipr l^ody,
but were unable to control' hfir or rouder
much assistance,and when finally mcuedslie
was leaning against a fence, back of tbehouse.
lind WasoxelflimJnwf 'T nm hiir??<1 ?'
Unfortunately, Mr. Foster,' who la a painter,
was at his work in another part of town, and
Mr. Sutherland, who also lives in the same
house, was a way. .-Death relieved her sufferings
about ouoo'clpck in the afternoon. The
funeral will take p(laco to-day, and will
pe attended by a large number of sympathising
frieud$. * " ' '
.?T*"*-- 'J . .
Wk beg to refer our lady readers to the advertisement
of Madame Luzello' Vaunt, the
leading ortiat fn-ljer line i'n Philadelphia,
who Win pur pity for a few di^va only. To
such as appreciate n tastcfijl and really be-'
joining arrangement of the' pol|lurc the
Madatuc will be tfulr vfekpuie, for,: having
'undo her business on art, sno haa ucrom
i) isucrt womlcra In beautifying the fair Ma- .
Jios of uer own city, and she can do tho samo
for ours. Go aud sec her beautiful gouus at
McClate House. . ( ;' m I
KvlU to be Avolilnl.
Overeating i? in ono .sense as productive of
svil as inteinj>erance. iii, J drinking.- Avrtid
ftth, and Jieejj the bpjly Rurifkil with Hurlock
IJIood- UUttrt) antf you win bo rewarded
yith robust health and an invigorated sya,em.
Price $1 (X). ' " - ' '
mvr.n nut km.i
Mtivi'mriil* or Nlennit>onl?-llnN|iip?m oil
tlii* I.rrrr, At.
ThAtunrkb Inst evening liidicnted 15' feet
ivtiil fttlling.
The river railroad proinlsea to eat into the
business of tboMwatnbouta.
1 Tho Courier will be to-day's packet for
l'arketuburg, 1'shving at 10 a. m.
Tbo Trod Wilson No., 2 with coal, anil the
Annie h. with tie burgra oaiwd down.
TheSL UwrenceleflCinclnnuti last night
una Is due ut the wlmrf tomorrow evening.
Cupt. Couison hui information that the
Bnekevo Suite will urrlve at this point to-day >
and will return to St. hernia Saturday.
The Weleomo but been chartered for two
I inii iii in* 01^ .uurvn aim rarKVfH*
burg trade, Inplacoof tho Georgo Strieker,
'J'hoi Scotia l.i duo up am] tlia Kmma Clriiham
down,to-day; The Graham will takoa
nuiubor of I'lttsburghcrs to tho Cincinnati
musical featlvul.
Th? llurnurd. IIopo and Monitor passed up
yeskrday wltii tows of railroad ties, the
ljelle I'rincH with atone and cinder Hats, uud
the 1 orceykclsey with a tow of empties.
rimnuitoii, Pa., May 17.?ltiver U ieet 2
inches uud fulling?wcuther clear und pleas- .
Stkuuknviu.k, 0., May 17.?Itlvcr 11 feet 2
Inches uud fulling?wtiithor clear and wurai.
My mother has hcen aimlFerer with intlarn*
matory rhuumutlsm for tho last llfteen years. ..
writes Mr. J. J, Schubcrt, Kankakee, III., in \i
which time she hits tried numerous remedies ci
without relief. At Inst her limits became, so w
swollen tbalsho could not go About, and I 01
gavo upull hone of her recovery. A a a Dual _
resort, I tried St. Jacobs Oil. The llretan* ~
plication gave her relief ami tho use of six
bottle* has performed a euro. She can go
about as well as over.
IteUiiellini In I'limoH. .
Present stock of pianos, Stelnway, Knabr,
Chlckcrlng, llalleUt Davis, Kmorson, Hardman,
Guild, Ac., at the very lowest prices,
and great reduction for cost. Call early and
secure great bargains.
Lie.W Music Stouk,
114'J Main street.
Fon kidney,,and pelvic dllllculties take
Iflvouu throat sore, dear? Dr. "Wiggins'
Lungwort Compound positively euros all
throatand lung diseases. Try It! Sold by Logan
Co., and all druggists.
Kidney Disease.
rain, Irritation, detention, Incontinence.
Deposits, Gravel, tfcc,, cured by "liuchupalba."
New York .Money mid NtocltM.
NkwYokk, May 17.?Money 2a4 percent. I'rlmo
inerpntlle paper -MXperceut. titerllug Kxeliancw
banker* bills htcwly at 81 ?7: demand JlsWi.
Uovkksmenth?Katlier weak and k p?r cent
lower forextonded r*. ' J nrccni lower for 4a, urnl
unchanged for extender! Cs nnd tVC\
U. a. On, extended.-. 101%; U-iilgh a Wilkes
U. S. fts, extended... loih St. I'. i a. C. nrsUu..llO>2
u. a. -Mn, eoti|K)iw...ll.vX U. I?. bonds, llntA.?.li;ft
IT. B. -Is. coupons. lvOiiill. I\ l.a?(1 (Jrants...ll3?,
I Keltic w o 'U5.; lffj ii. K sinking /iiiuul-oji
( ttiitrnl l'aeltle UkUJ 17 Texas l'ac land ut*...
Krle second.* itt^do. Wo Grande dlv... 8$
Itaiuioad JifiNns? Irregular.
State Skcujutiks-IiihuIIvc.
LouLsUnh console... (M Virginia 6s 34
MUsourl to.... 113 Virginia coiiHjli<,?exnt.
Joseph ICS tm mitt. coupons... 63
rennessee CM 5'J Virginia deferred.... 13
Tennessee lis, new*-... W < Offered.
stocks?, share. speculation opened Irrcgula-.
Dutluu the mornlut; speculation was dull. In early
trade n ucneral advuiue of percent tool: pmce,
after which the market bcuuinu weak and about
nooti prices fell oil" per cent. Speculation con
tinned very dull until about 2 o'clock, when an
advance of per cent wiw recorded. In the
linal dealing.olivine ii ( lmtUu.oipi decllneJ
\% percent und t?ie remainder of the list generally
V?nj.g i*>r cent, the latter 1-ouUville A Nashville.
Central I'acllle however wild up \\\ pnr cent and
Klehmmid cu Allegheny 5* per cent. The market
clomldull and generally weak, with Irregular, but
only froctionil chauges hom yestenUv s closing
Transactions aggregated 1:18,CCO shares.
Adams Express -135 Northern Pacific U
Alton A T. Ii - do. preferred ?'J
do. preferred Ct Northwestern J29%
American Express... SO do. preferred Mi
C. K. .t N 80. New York Ccntral...l'27U
Canada Houtheru...- 51 Ohio Central.......... 11%
C., C. & I. C J11 Ohio it Miss..? Central
Pncltlc WjS do. preferred- -100
Chesapeake it Ohio- 21 Ont. & Western - 25}^
do. li<l preferred-... 20J4 pHcltle Mail- 4.'!
do. vd preferre<l 22 Panama -205
ChlcaRO & Alton 1!W% 1'.. I). Ji K.... 28^
do. preferred- l.ll Cleve.J: Pitta -180%
C., ?. ?t Q..?:..?.....U3154 Ueadhi{?..v 57%
" IU>CXiBjIlutl .llij
? *Wr - ftl 3t. k-& s- F :w><
?. . 7;l'^ do- preferred - M)
M- f Ilutlsoa. 105V, do. 1st preferred... DO
Del. Lack. A W........12024 St. Paul M&C
Denver A K. G fll >; do. preferred 12W2
Er e....;.... .. a*,k st P., M. A M 123
do. preferred 7\% dt. Paul A Oanlia..._iarVi
Fort ??yne ......137 do. preferred my4
linn. A tat. Joseph... 90 IcsasVucIOo {M
do. preferred 78 [Jnlon Paclllo WVA ~
"rtrlem ........205 United States Ex. 73*
Hmwionf A Texas..;. 71* W.. St. L. A P J30
Illinois Central _1.T> do. preferred . WPA "
jnd.; II. ?t VV -IIJ< Wells, Fargo Ex. .127 "
Humw l'acillc 30\/t Western Union
Uke fcrle A W '*)\L Eaj,t Tennessee uk
Lake Shore lir.'!; do. preferred ... 'JO
tanlKville A Nash.... 7lyt Caribon jv
b V* c-;r; .{'J (*ntrul Arizona""" %
M.AC. Iktpref d...?111 ExeeWor. 2^'
do. 2d nrePd? 4 Homes lake ? \-.i'
Mem.AChasfn 50 Utttc Wubuntb ill
Michigan < entral H'AOntario ... 35
MI.*ourl Pacific wk Qulekfliver y
Mobile A Ohio 21 do. preferred...'....T"jo
MoirisAEfyex pit silver cuir....:.; v/H
Najih. A Clmt . V) Standard _ 1.^2
New Jeney Cent 7i<ya Sutro........ w
N. A W. preferred.... 62 Robinson 2
Oll'creil. South PaclUc.......'.'." 10
New Yo?K, May 17.?Cotton easier ut 12'iHl2J4c;
future sleiutv. Vlour stertiiv mi.l inifli.n..%.! ?.
eelmI* 13,000 barrels; exerts 6,000 barrels. Wheat
o|M>ned Jfelower and weak, hfterwmia recovered
from decline imd adranced K'ti&V'closlug dull: receipts
7'J,CC0 buMiulK exports none:-No. 2 spring
5laG: ungraded spring fly.-: No. 2 red 8141; f.o.b.
514 wit -UiK; No. 2ted May 88.000 bushels at 145>*
nl 15%; closing 143: Ju'y asi.oua bushels at 8i:iiu
1 31%; cluing at ?1:11%: August 1G3.000 bushels at
closing ut 51 -?l%\ September 88,000
busbelK tit si 2.?%til 21%: doling at SI 24. Com
opened at}?a%c, closing lower Inter mid stronger,
recovered and c!os?d dull mid weak: receipts 81,000
bushels: exports 1S.OCO t>inh"Ls; ungrided SltUsGl^;
No. 2, SOaStiJI: Na 2 Muy 8.")?h i8fi; ciodng ai MJi:
Juno7Gkn8'J?i: closing?tS2j^: July 82%'8.'i,/?; closing
at 8'.%: Aug S2%uk3Vf; closing at Xi/t\ Sept. Kla
8l#e. Closing at KJo. Oats %<\a higher; receipts
IG,000 bushels: exerts itk'i bushels; western mUed
GJnGlJ^c; while western Kl^uG'Jc. Iluy in good
dcmiuiU and llrm at 7i*a7Jo. Hop.* tlrm and uncfianged.
Coll'eo quiet and firm; Uio cargoes 8Ujn
10>?c.. Sugarbtrotiic fulr logood refining 7%?7kc.
Mohifsei, demand fair and market lirtu. Kicu qufot
and tlrm. l'ctroleum higher tuid firm; united 7.i'4?;
crude G)jjfi7!?<j; refined 7%3. Tallow linn; prime m
city Skc. lbisln firm at JjIIO. Turpentine strong
auu higher at IGI?h47c. Ivgpi, we-tern fresh unlet
and weak ut I'JftiiSOc. l'orfc stronger; new mess
519 50. lJeef quiet and. firm. Cut nniits quiet j
and strong;lougclear311 n7^ill,50. HniusSll.TA ?
unnrweiiK: prime steam tiuuujl 7M, . flutter ?iull
una unsettled ut lOa'JGc. Cheese dull mid weak at
TalO^c. ~
Chicago. Muy 17.?Flour quiet and unchanged,
i Wheat dull uuu lower; JCo.-il.Oliinigd (spring?1 vsCft
KlJaJ'?ie:121iil2?^Jiily; 111 August; fft
' SI September; 21 iMJ^year; So. :t. SI 13 i 16; *
I rejected Hie. Corn active, but lower at'.ft-S^iTo^e N
1 May; 7.1c bid'June. July ??d August; ?J>4c fe'oii- V
1 tGiuberi year. reject d lUfoi'Mic. Oats in 'U
i fitir demand, but ut lower Men at .Vic ca.sU and
May: oijJJc Jline: ! %'?l&cJnly: August; c .
I fiei>teinbi^r; 1,35^1' year... JUrley, dull and .'horn- *
inul. Ityo Manly ntid unehting.td. Flaxseed H
luuclmugul. 1IU tor'O'ulet and unchanged. Kggs 0
steady mul unchanged. Pork fairly neilvu and a a
simile higher at i111 lOaVJ 15 cuib. May and June; ^
Sl'J ROalU JWJa July; $iu Mu'ii Any list; Sl'JTO Z
Sepli/mb'T. Ijird cnslorat 511 37)miI1 10 cadi: $11 10 H
all VJj^Jnne; S'152}^ July: SUtAnll 77J.J August; Q
311 7.ruiU ~lVi September. Hulk meats in fair de- 43
maud but uClower rates; thouldeis SS .rK?; short rib a
911 lft; short clear SI I 70. Whisky steady at SI 10. M
fall?Wbeut irregular *t 51 IWJ^h> i'l May; 8124); 0
June:{1 't&i\ July; ft 1KJ;; August: 81 w?jj rfeptem- j*\
ber;Sl OtU; year. Corn aelivo and lower at "ujjjc 'JI
Muy:72J4u7:i;;cJuuc: 7'^cJuly; 71J$u7'.,o Septem- _j
be?;'59Jfceyonr. Oats dull at t!io opening and de? ^
cllne<l J/^ayie. Pork unsettled and generally lower fij
at 8101-)^ Juno; 5il??t> Jt;ly; SlU i'% August: 2
*iw niii tt<>v scj|ien?>cr, uiw oaMer, but not M
quotauly lower. gj
Chicago, May 17.?Thb Drover*a Journal report#:
Hogs?ItcceiptH'.it.OOO head; shipments 2,100 head;
eeacml demand fair and market aver<u;a3 t>tr?>n?: >2
closiUK weak: common to good mlxeu S7 10u7 70; M
HtsbtS7 1V7 7.V lienvy packing nhU~*hIi*u!titr' in" 15
nG^eo" 67 73u8$; nklps and cu/l* ti
Cattle?RccelptB" r..0W head: shlprecnta 1,300 M
head; weak averaging 10; lower avomgo heavy and ri
lean; exports S7 4ca7 &*?: good-to choice shipping
?T? 00a7 30; common to fair $5 Wat! SO: mixed b;:tdf
era,steady at Si75aJ?o(); maw Toxtuiii active njd "V
Hnu; poor to fair M 00*1 75: medium to food S l y, u p
a5 20; stacker* and feeder* yl 25a/? bO. ^
Sheep? Iteooipt* 000 head; shipment* 100 hc><1. ntf
Market Meatdy and firm; common 10 fair 5103o.r? r<>; J,,'1
medium lo good 8 J 2ia5 7.V; choice to extra $0 t0a7,.
50; shorn *6 25a5 3)t \? * * *| j.-JJ
1 'Rfrrsnunolt. May 17.?IVlrriioum unlet: ITnt'rd nth
ffssesy "* :j?*; ,d"""gL'. ?
|*A New Discovery, J&
Jth??*lw?*ibfeniurpo?rtlh4i 1\
inedlie head became |Uxoi ?ml Tho K<^?lp . ,ir..ll?
?n njr.lt x??lwii*1c??tos*uMiiny * ~^.R ^
n*lf.'TJiU iv erronewn, ?< hive < \rnli
K?*n hilt on JiuniliccH cf he?ih tl
it ?ctn duzci like a *< l>illUril- f(\
ImII." TliuiutUa mkrmcoplc iw
Wcwnftbr follicle amiI'aiillu (torn ?.. . *v\
hlcti the hair gtpw*. It will read- niiViti.n.
llyt-c xrrn thai though Hie hair la "*** Btub~? ? JgM
Cone I torn the kutlatc.it It Mill alive ffitl
ami healthy bennth the tcalp.and WH
laCTriWisKf; cS,vu?. tJS/
hlch |r ?houlil jrow. Thejutini: , \ fy.f
Ml I. Mill 4IITQ KI1I| nC3IIBriI"J< /I
(rtcs it. th?au?H the The ItUn!until
thcMurficoiisoft- aew'llalr.,., g. ,'fl
tyihe (iKOWKX. The ti??u?> [M
thro ?bvirt?tho hatr food (alio to rM
uiuiif In - the-??M). /n
the ?nk life It MlmuUtwl.Mil the Tl,e P.ntt|. Pi <1*
tuit turn on h??li tniwih.' 1
' ' loas
f* ? .
Absolutely Pure. s
This iKWdcr never rarius. A tnnrvel of purity. t
teiiKth wnl wholcsoincuow. Jloro ecouomlctu
inti the ordinary kind*, and ennnot be void in ,
>tii|>oUtlou vrith the multitude of low twrt, nhort IJOl
eight, alum or t>tu?|ihato nowder* Hnld only iu
(V4-MW N'nw Ynrk.
Know J.
That Brown's Irom Bitters
will cure the worst case
of dyspepsia. ?
Will insures hearty appetite ^
and increased digestion. p>
Cures general debility, and *"
gives a new lease of life.
Dispels nervous depression ,?|"|
and low spirits. . JJJj'
Restores an exhausted nursingmotherto
full strength fri
and gives abundant sus- Ji.'.1'
tenance for her child. r"
Strengthens the musclcs anil "-'"f
t 111 t sAry
nerves,enriches the blood. siji
Overcomes weakness, wake- tn*
fulness, and lack ofenergy lam
Keeps off all chills, fevers, muIi
and other malarial poison.
Will infuse with new life '",l
the weakest invalid.
37 Walker St., Haltimorc, Dec. i8Sr.
For six years I have been a great
sufferer from Wood Disease, Dy*? OfCi
pcpsia,andConMipation.andbecaine desc
so debilitated that 1 could not retain here
anything on my stomach, in fact, slid
life had almost become a burden. rot'o:
Finally, when hope had almost left i oil!
mc, my husband seeinR Knows'* d?C<i
Ikon IIittkks advertised in the ucrti
iiaper, induced mc to give it a trial. and
1 am now taking the third bottle .\jar;
and have not felt so well in six (ll j]
years as I do at tlie present time. for ]
Mrs. L. F. GituriN. man
Brown's Iron Bitters
will have a better 'tonic jj| jj
effect upon any one who
needs " bracing up," tlpn
any medicine made. J?'';
< Mli*l
?. I'
SS teP9l iSf?
piray i
rhla Bftklnu Powder 1* imule from strictly pnre shtt^'
*po cream tarter, mid every can in warranted to
LANa, GRABS <fc BA1RD, tho C
, ? M ASUKACTUREBB, "oil t
lc2S 14<W Muln strPHt, Wheeling. dw-cr;
" 'uryt
.1 tit , Urgut
T*f}? |Socrates Ipitu.cu.?, fornollns' Rft.iv inn>tl
crim LxU'.-y, Hei^riiof tliu May Klow'er Miilnfi-ht ^(linin
lllcj.no, Vol IIL. Jell, S|,TO Ito ?. Si ri*lul
>, Jcrwy. Village Klr.n, Tii?n at th? r !?S MIIW
nim. Hiaktspetuc Ucforo fclluiJth i?.i S, * <*Q(ln<
wi sbhi'uL| Aw"t. }o.y<;1'
?17i J mrhwij ?iuh il| IJXr r '0lnm^t*c?l th?
WV- W M? ?^lT^^rtrtUny
airact'nn^tho^o'owir wm?tB?io?t" for?ou
Bhould UBO It. B^TOn'maiI,r^^;La
PRY OOODB?; V*y.j-';?, j
?' ,%t.%saatiu "?i =
a : ' Ji/
:>'-'A j.W>
vlug to the backwardness uf Spring wo
jvcratocfccU with.
' v k
.AMY AMI jUr.aluAULr, am
' *ii
iring Dress Goods 3
' ii'ftA^?8 , u*
" " ' i OSVS.M ;{/ i'j
H'nc uooils wo will olll'r'llila morning at 101
than um-lmlf their former price. ,JJj \
...v!fr imc** i i.
"l ,-l^A ! w
tyring Wraps at Cost and Less. B
T1..I.J. f mil.
JUUIU8 lilplIIL tlllVKCIN nil? OIIK om
I iimns at Less than Now York ?>,
t. S
: , u
. plo
I . t '!/: VM
... .. ...... '' <-?M
1152 MAIN STREET. -r,
yio _ x
? t
; , ail
of tho ]
I'rcston County, IV. Vu. , I
rsuniit to n decree of the Circuit Court of .Pic*
?unty, niacc and entered on ilio l'.'th day of CV
!, A. I). 1832, lit a (.viuilu caiuw in ciuuiecry ll"(
linx in said court, wherein Charles K. Lawny 0111
others are nlalntlffii nnu George It. Caimreil *}.
others are defendants, and by virtue of tho 18}>
ofiiv in me vested as Special Comniiuioner _J?
lid decree, 1 will, ou
DAY, THE 10TII DAY OF JUNE, A. D., 1882, J>
10 Iron furnace on the premises to bo sold. >
mcucitifr at 11 o'clock a. m,, proceed to of
at I'nblle Auction to the highest and Cot
Milder, the realI estate and personal Ap
erty hereinafter described, orso much of Ndd ol i
estate ami per oualnroperty its may be.ueces- aft<
wiili the funrts fn hit hands,a?'l*rut>tec. mo
8<, as mentioned in said decree, "to pay tho the
reported in mid cause, with interest until paid, u
lie land H<id personal property, stinh Item bj? r=
litllig SIj,201 II, a* of April lath, 1S82, so far as
liens ami interest remain unpaid, being this
day of May, 1HS2, tho whole amouut thereof
rted as above, f.e cxpeuscsof sale, andliof tho
trustee and commissioner properly incurred oh
trustee and commissioner, including tho
uiwiuners commission: that Is to say,* tho lol.
ijK real e?tute and pro|>crty, situated in I'rcston
ity, West \l.ginln. on the water* of Three
s Creek, known us the
uludes Iron Works, G
Including the
mlnnd Iron Lands annexed thereto. For the x
ripUon and iKUindmies th?cuf jtfercncc is 1
by uiwle to tiny f >.lowing <iced* convt-yirig the
ui iuu luuuiy 11
t of Preston county, West Virgin!*, to-wit: A ?
; for two tracts of land, one coutaiuiug 238V5 T7
i. the other ft! acres ami two poles from G. A. h
Aunts Heidelberg to said Ucorgo Ilardtnau and
K. 9j 1 liner, dated May IS, 1871),'and recorded
*cd book ! o. :t0. on pa^es '2GC and *2C7; a deed
to^i acres from W. 11. Heidelberg to mid Hard
dnted May '27. 1874;and seconkd in deed lawk T
JO, pane 2U7; a deed from llarmon and Martha otl'e
rkket to the Mld.llardmaii and Mary B.t Hill*, of t
ortwo tnicts of land,both containing 6'J^acre}', Th<
il June 10, J870, and recorded in deed book fto. rlas
age* and deed from'John H/SheVratd and to 1
iBtosuldllardman. dnted May l.l, 1872. and re- abo
ml hrrlevd buolc No. 41.pities 2ami 3; a deed from abu
;aret. Ueorve It, James v., J iilia A. and Sarah fn?r
ickson, to said (icoruc I bird man for one acre, pur
,1 Maie i lf?, 1872, and recorded In deed book No. moi
ages 434-35; a deed from Win. 11. and 0. Hrown to 11,
liardnian, for two acres and *23 perches, dated the
:h 27,1874, and recorded In deed ? book No 141, w., i
s 4 and ft: a deed from Cyrus and Nancy J. two
rib to wid 1 lard man; for 12 acres and invents, proi
d June 17,187-1. and recorded iu deed book No. 1!
ages IK and 1'.'; a deed irom Itutkner nliU He- .
a Fairfax to mid Itardmau for'itO acxcs/dated Cha
.ist l'J, 1872, and reeorded iu deed IkxiIc Noj II, of
s'20 and '21: aud a deed fittm John K;and Mary
llllner to the said Uardman, for (our tracts uf
aggregating 383 acres, datedlatareh 1U, lb"4, and W
ded indeed book J^o. HI, J pages-22s, 2i aud
he whole containing In the1 aggregate {About myl
cres, with all the improvementsitnd appurien- ?
i thereunto belonging, or iu any wise apnerng,
including the iron furnace thereon, and -til w
machinery and fixtures tnereon, whether fixed * '
lovab.e. and all tools ttifii im plements'used in \
itlug the mine, whether flXtd or moruble, wild or 1
being the sauie conveyed to Charles F_ loverly
lugeno List by deed dated Sentei?W:tn a t> tmin
r** s&
?, tho following }K.'rM>iMi propetty now on the m
l"SuraUoiJ Srtp ~
tr-nhceled tram-road cam; Uhlx-hon*! wuconV T?
horn; wagon. IG hcta of hurnes*. l d*hoXn' JD
im<l upright engluo boiler u^l U) 0per?t?iUe
ins of Sale for tho Ileal Ilstalo.?One-third nf ?
u* hose money,or*uch greater amo.mtthereSl
l ijUrcliMMjr may elect to pay, c*j,b la hand* \*n.
: ?!WX"'.M5KK!rPai,?
under one hundred dollar* cadr over imo ^
le, with approved pcnoutl **urity. y
GEO. B. CAI.fnvvr i
LL Special Commissioner. . aj
'"Smohovr of rBOPERiar
of'llw. / " ?C,rtCOrU iu lllt) omco'o/ ihft Twt
^?5??riS&?gS ?
, SATURDAY, MAY*27, 1$&? '1C
IGIlcillg ut 10 o'clock A. H. kLllinr?M.t l ^*5
otirt Ilouaoof Ohio county sell
TOmcr lo Usuo iiL-rve/y .W'i'CSf ? ?
Sml^bfet'KSf S?M ^
in?" "!8S'd'"saM C
UUrr?t from day of wile r IT
for dofe.rcd DayX*'
m the property, "* by (letd of
MUU?. mp.no.wMl
Auctioneer.' * ' I.
: n'n?i lor Tjiiillnir lso four
ssmms? MIS
S J i $
,orthemon??onn'b??.Btto:u? ;i
.i?I ?M.th ,ta?n T%T
w,onuB, m?vguinrt.ft.|i
J 1 CartU,
Wednesday, SUy111'' l^i,
htwBl*wtaf? occur monthly (8Unil?.
EUtrlLuUoj J
I?Iti Drawing arc Kalr.
|*uiy DU UOW nn I. MB
ury.tad. Ri*dmrtlullyA,
i? I
Hrlm roociu'lilioioool """ lOMck.n!
K!iSs3l:Awr01.!m,,,"?r^-t, I
I'rlsua 9100 each, ? l.y E-l
10 Vriw*. ?^ B1
hole Tickets $2. llnlrTlrkd* if1'" Ki
; TtoktMSO. 55Tlckl? ? El
imlt Miner or talk Draft in U11J,'' , H ]
linw. Uou'l MMI.I liy KtuMuml |3J ?# 1; ft, I
ceOrder. Onlmwf Knii.l i];;\rnMjt,5*N H
i bv nont Kt our expuiikc. Adda**K9
M. 1K)AK1>MAN Courier uiJ'W ft i
ilnvtllo. Kv.. ftrUM linii> ,u J*Ufa7 11
. JVAN 1'hU. ^ B1
JW.'^ 5A&|,|iiSi?gl 11
- KOK K&N'I, ^ | |
BLK Country Residence on the wil I si
id, lately occupied by Win, ] Uul'I,^ I la
r terms apply to JOHN RK1U. l,UBW?rt.k |il
pOR RENT. ' ^ I
itotcroom No. 1005 Main ??,. rtu | ]
leu completed will be one liusdrnl.! !':
ly-imn feet deeji, win, ,?0 b U |.|
mn, euch slxty-tovcu (ctt dret, On]
"h*0 - JAB I.. Hawi iv |
h. V*' I
I meeting nf the SlncklioMen n[ Ui, K]
iclnnatl totniMny for [he elreita MS.' K I
j|i lon-ol lly ljiiM iitut mil, ,?|lt,{" "? 1 I
y be livdlyl.iiiiislit bcfiui! llim wj tt.i; I j
be tiiromexclnl ilnnlt mi saTi iihav flitf K
5, u 10 o'clock a. m. Jtyonlreiilili, * K
,'"ai! fOBIIIBlWf. I
;otlMin litrelij- siren Unit nt a rtcuUri.,,*. I
til (J btucklinlJim 01 Hi t. |i,n,|,
rll, a, D. lfthj, It miu rvfolvi<! lh?i ih? v?.'. B9
the Mild corporation be 0 K I.X A % Bfl
-r MUl date. H.wki oldrH R& I
ney on June nth, by pre*ntlnBlhiirwSSS I
i lucbannc Ilauk of v, hw-liiiK. ,0i: I
iayt-M j ; , a. J. s?]?xkv.iwu.
""" ' FOR SALE. " 11
'or price and ipformation enquire at
ayi? . . 1H2 Main Street.
1 Cu'-kk'b Office or tue 1)oasi> or i
\\ IlKEUNd, .Muy lvl. lisJ. j
he Commissioners of Ohio nnd ltn*>kc ewini'rf
rforwle the stone belonging to the abutmatt
he county bridge iicruM Miort Creek at lt.? month.
! BUne inlrwstd, ludded and jnltittd l?r ts
* work, about 10U cubic yurds leing vtlmitri
in the Houth Abutment, n-w ?tnnditif. ui
ut-iu cubic vurds Wnsiii-d out Irom die iiont
tincnt, which are believed to be rworcr*l>jt
n the neiphboriujrwind bursal low water. 1U
S"nw- "??' w 'imji ei*Ui>, KctllueoiH indrf- M
king Hio stone.
Ids will be.rwiiv.ed ut UiN (ialee, ntMrtwd t* H
undera'sned. until thcViith ilav of j|#r ?t i?
anil must be uccowiMUilcd by the ?iitutorc U I
resectable partita, who willit^rcc tu guinutte I
mpt payment b> the purcha*r?. K9
He right is reserved to rejcciHny ?txl ill biJi. *1
Irasti of the Committee <)u KodKffidfrt H
Ohio county. Ma
ARM. WJI =<)* K
. r, p Commissioner of nnxikefoBBtr. 1
. c. Smith, c. E.
. kobt. a woods,
6 (lerkofof the Board ol ComraMocm.
lnrgc two story Brick House MtiuWr !a Sims
j0'1"1'"? boufe, with miaou cttiiW. in it? kj
t aciirble part if the fjphth waid;*W.ato? K
utcs walk of Ln itollc Mill, Pottery.Inflow K
Brewery, where lliotisunds of vcrlcnttd B\/
iloyment. I. lhlVIN, H
y*' Office 21 TwfJ/ili ?in<U I
leven acres on the Mil nbore town.
II. FORBES, Wheeling. i|
7. U. S. nimtmn UmiMv Teloiihont* 1W. Bm-,
2 2 . For Sale Cheap.. .
eelliig Grape Sugar and Inclining Co. fry
A. 0. EGEKTF.lt,
ir18 Secretary. I
ot 42, 'cast side Chaplino street, below I
inty-fonrth street.
000 acres Timber Laud in Ferry county,
0 acres two and one-half miles from ltd I
[Marshall;county, AV. Vn.
W. V. HOG Is .t ImU., K?
2-t . 1300 Market Btrwt. MS
)HN 3$ 1IOON & CO.,
lers.fn Grain, Provisions and Oils Hi
uem pluccil for bitecillatiou In KxchanjtM ? ;
ago. New York and Oil city. ?t?r3_ Hj
Davenport, c. b. taolato*. w
General. Of D. H
era In Grain, Flour, tfcwls, Provision!, Q*? I ;
? and Dried Kruiu;. ,.A f H
5 if.7 vv^KHixrt'rns: <t.. rtnr*'-^ Kg
New Designs will be opened
G. iDBLiHiOjV'S)
*2*1 coh Very Low.
| AD E
tatnplo lib*, r? Aitomit rtylM of J'rrr)'*
;nw wnt for trial by mell. on n*s l[>t ?>f Scroti
*oli* A^rnl*,
ison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co..
mew voiiu. ..
TTV10 organs, 27 Mori, 10 let
III O IW. Piano* irn Tip. K*re
:<jmeuU Hi# J v. W'rltu or tull nil BlATi''
ittwfwv. h > .! ""H.
uohI Hill Heads, Lei tcr Hfcids,Note H? ?a*.
d^.KOtptliiiDaLUjf laiftjlljjeuccr Job ? *

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