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pty El6Ction Notice.
action 5l10' 1882,
, .t,? lumMof Cointnlwtoncn of
,uXt UlBblU J?rp! M?Y.
?nJ taiJu.,.imioneii" of tti? County of
tZ omp.ny.' tu !u v l'liou?iid Dollar* ,
Jfu).DJ|, tu ?M '? V'luirilcUJ i? ??(1 UOl,r U,J
&, JUl.?0i , 'roi only O.uuir t
r... in* H.*rU ('V; X hit * voto I* tak?u lu
A Jlfn't ?i'J ;Jee/,J , 0| a ?ub?crlutlou bjr
Ol 1 1 1 wf.lt ,1 ?,MK'k of tb?
gyujjiiurul 1U1 w.vtom.7
Tttciity 'ltiouMiid Dollars
'?t"? i?yB i""?i?1,l|u j";
Ci<. Ml'. , .V.Vi.VfS.Urannx ?C
II *t>* ' ul ./liuiii wr Mutiuut hhu
$fTwTlh?j ?f J""?. 1882.
S&SSt&MU* **?* K'"""
Cil-iSSS"'1 ,,","'""um "- '
|lua(UuM^UM.?JWf ^ |1(1 T. u. i,ogan, arc
V ? ?h?'. IdeUctfonat
I ",l'1 John Clator, are
I >?b*2 laid tomm?-^ur??-r* of mMdcciJon at 1
I Kffiiin-1'1 w?uuty, at the court House, j
K. C. Jofler* anil It. Crawford, arc 1
I hM*br ituafoMit' (nitii'Maiier* ?t wdii election at H
I ?S 51? ?' ' ? tl'o Atlantic En- s
I hnf 11 iU?- fa I "I"" diitficl.
I J. bu Vuc'ler rt? T. It. MolIAt mid Wm. MylOs nro
I txrvbr { MiiiiK''' of wild cUetionat
I ttfl rotlii^Ui* ttl lllu Hoso
[ Tfui fti. To>M ?iiil L. it. Crows, are hereby
| .ppolnlfJadd diction at the vol
I liit l??t In tfl'l f.tuity, ai the United Engine
I fai*, Ju ffdakf <1 Mici. a
Tbuuui iiomdy, A.'. Ibm-fton and John ,,
Sn?n *w h?rel'y*PN?te?l '.'oinmi.^ioaer* of mild u
elation it \otl"K i'liu't' in mid count/, at the c
I ioowof Lewis Afiiim. in Kitchie district. il
J,.i(i*ivln, il t'rfawcii and Joint iJuivman are t
>mbr"Wulaltd C'ouiiiiitfioncni (,f Mid lection at
th< Tutliaf |.Inre lit M?l county, hi Iklhk'hvut, *"
iJimj'.ShijoiliouMJ, in Kitchledmtiicl
John lieiA-nbettft -t'dntr Vana' and L. Wheeler
ucbenoyapp iinted omutlvioiier* of election ut
Itewt/njfpiacviHwi'itwiiiity.wt J'recJnci >o, 1,
ittbeboiiK'et Frederick I Her, iu Triadeltthiu dinner.
W?sley Robin?on, Alex. Md'nnn and Jnine? Oldtinmehembf
ajtj*>iitcd Conimksloneis of said
f!?tlotut the votlnit I'lute m ?aid county, at Pie- i:
dad so,i Ailne hou*.* of rtcsley Uobiunou, Trl- r
ideli'liUilutrift. .. p
Ju*pl; L Mi ion. ?ico. woous nnq v jiunm .
jjfiul Rcrsie Iji'teby ap|>ointcd i omndfislonersof J
ilia election ?t tin-\oliuu |,luce In said county at >'
Ffiducl N(v. 3. ?t tiic School House nour Leather- c
*u*l. In TrUdt'li'hla dUtrici. C
Win.O'ttstim.K- * itilfhmvitt and imac pavis
irtbtrfby njiiKil' toil i nuiuilvliiiiors of wild cleuli??tthfViiuiiK'l'^ci'
in Mid <vimlr, nl I'rvchict
SiJ.it thehoiueui Wui. Itoasley, in Liberty dUtlrt.
s S.Jautb, Ilorcre ttldccU'y and James Dixon are
ttrrbf s/i[>cliite'l t'oinmMontr* 0/ mIJ ejection,
11 the Tuitiu |il'Ci> In Vila county, at r.K'lnet No.
jiltiotoux-ff 1Ml1l.uu Irvine, lu Liberty dls?
J, U Farls, Jitrw vCfftnunf>n and lanac Sncdekpr >!
litherctjjr luted conuid^loners of aula elct> i<
tioo ?t Ur? Votln* place In ?uld county, at precinct
>0 3.?tihe Iioum; ol Ulbeou's helis. lu Liberty dig- *'
tiki r
ttm..S'orth,ir,Kiiwne Rldgelcy and John Tur- 1
pIn*K ht-rrby appoint^ coiwnU?loncr* of wild V
Mttliwit the *oti"K place fu wid county, at pre- c
riiftSo. 1, hthichluuaM;huol ljou?e, at lllchland ?
district. "
A.I'.Gjnlcn, A J. .VcColloehand Ebene:?r Mc* v
Cff, *re htr cnmiuUslouvrs ol said V
rirttinsut the voting place In Said county. nt prees?
% <) nOlvli'a linn scluxji house, in Jlll'h*
AD'I u ilia!] lx? the tlnlv of jald commissioner*
hfitby apiH-lnldl for each of wild voting places
t'onuM tor-use Mich vote and jio'l to bo taken. *
jil t-i take the wine, and 10 jlsci rtalu the rusult.
then*! #t the toting pint-en in K>dd county for
b!<n they ?re Rpix?l??tv\l ?i?xnjniK-Ionvn<. And the
Bldvutfand poll at each oi wld voting nlac?a
6*11 Le t&kvu '?the day and year af rcsulu, and
the nsult KKt'rtnlntd and oertirtcd according to
t3ffju[i?tliii?> preMTitM-d bylaw for nscertolnlug
and Cvilifvltii' t ie rlci'ilivi i f Srhfwil r\t!lm-n;
The Uiftow iiwl at fitfrt doe Ion shall have
vritt.'nor printed on tht'iu either the Wor^s "Tor
Sfl'wJlifldfi," or ih?* word* "So >!ib>0fiplly?."
ThctWrkof said Ikwnl Mmll came us many cojv
Ju of ihLiofdfr to lx- written or nriuted as rany ce
Etvwiry for tlien? tlce? rn[iiircil by lsiw to be ulven,
M'UlgntbfMme. knitull loitbwUli i?ost
one of aid copies in aconniiicnousnlnccln
mil ilcllvvr tin! other ro|>tc* to the Sheriff of the
(uuuty oi Ohio, who Minll forthwitli w*t one of
o!<l c pic* in h ty-tist'ii-nous place nt every placo of
rutins in the Mid county,
Ami u u further oukwl that a corn* of this order
to vutilisli. ii fn the tf?lly papers until Knid ebctlon
in the following uowVpiipers published in tuild
iWltUv: 7fit' ally Wheeling JitflWcr, thn I>Hlly
wlicriiiuj 1.MEUIGE.VCLH and the Dully Wheeling
A Copy-TeMe;
tnvQ CH of the fourd nf Co)rnnl'";lo"rn'.
Louisiana State Lottery Company, ;
Juajq-unittd hi InJs, (or years, by the Lcyiflatorciiutailoiinl
niiil charltaWo purposes?with
JoHuio!|i,uw,ooo?to which a rcsfcrvo /undo/
?>w.(W hut time been added. i
Bfft&overwhtiltniui! popular vote, it* Ir&nchisc .
*j*tau\?- a v?rt ill the present 8tuto Constitution, !
IkwmUit 'i A. i>. 1^79.
n'? ijrniail tlngta number drawings will take place ,
"iii'vcrmtlMorrostponcH. Look at tho follow*
Ins hfarjMition:
*111 take j?l*ce the 1I5IH GKaND MONTuLY
ana the
tslr.mrJiHiiry Scmi-Aminul Drawing,
Cmlfrthepcrsounl supervision nnd jnunni;emrut
?'t?tV.(r.T. hc.'A(JKK<tHKI?. of i ouLiltilitl, nlid
^S.JUUALA. MKbY.ot Vlqnuin.
Ciipiml Prize, -jilOO.OOO.
? 'UHI-V.? iK'kcitnn! ivii wuijuin um;. num-s
ft Httht,&. Tenths, SI.
1 Cipllal l'rlzo of S100 0C0 S100.0C0
1 (imtul i'rlze of 50.KW 50.000
Itittiul I'lUuof .. '20, (X) '2u,0 0
2 Larue I'rius of 10.000 20,000
41 atvje Prize* of f?,?!00 *20.001)
0 {files Of. l%tkQ l!0,0tv
" .. WO '25.000
W " 30J 30,l>>0
-xo " 200 \t.m
JW " 30- C0,0C0
wMfl " 10 lOO.UOO
|W Appro JI mutton 1'rUos of 5'2CO 5 SO.CCO
'0 100 10." 00
1(M " ' 75 7.60)
" p Prizes, amounting to SSif^fiOO
Gt.VU.T.HKU'RKUAK ?, ol Ui.,
titCN, JUBAL A.tAKLV, rf Vn..
Application* for rntcM to clubs should only be
lo the uflla- of tn? Couiimtiy in hew Orleans.
Mlaformiitivn#niily to
New Orleans, I*.
"lA-WtMllilr7 U e"""S"VC'' C",KE?'""
W7seventh street, Washington, D. C.
>vi11 r0
JVjartc?ijr oKoitfon nf the Public U cnU?l lo th*
tethitbKirt number ojthe llckrt/ortoch JfonthL
tov*fyuiiM iwd fdiwjiifitlly all tliC yrizef in (Mh
*jy ritgare ?M gut! liniim mill jfflhl. inylO'W**
Vo\u\\ar MoaUjlj* Drawing or the
lu the City oJ LouUrtHc, on
Wednesday, Slay SI, 1SS2.
TbCK> Drawings occur monthly (tiuwlayi except&1)
wider the j>rovlslonnol au Act ot the lieuor.il
Aiwmbly ol Kentucky.
Tbe United Suites Circuit Court on Much 81 si
ttodcted this following decisions:
Ut?That the Commonwealth Distribution Company
I* U-r.il. )
Pair. I
X. B.?The Company has now on band a lareol
twerve Fund. Jtead carefully the list of nr<ti>? ?7>? (
XIV liit.urixu
2 ?I'rizi* 8100 each,$10 000
i im,,,' ?. lO.OOOrA*} i'rlu* t^Q each. 10 000
l.S?0 htxc*.
ffi'O^TicVol.,Ilnir Tickets, ?f'.l2,27
trail a^ # 100.
pJX V, '1Uo??;ot ?ndW
OBr? Older0?T?? un?r or VMV
lor1, ?pr29-imvr
Tlio Great Norvo Conqueror.
The only known ?peelfloJlonic<ly for Epilepsy
itirw 8pnBins, Convulsion?, St'. Vitus Pance,
/ertigo, IiiNUiltv, I'nmly&ls, NorvouaVrostrn- ,
ion nnu tlenernl PebllUy,
RAM AliT'l'ANT 1
nervTne !
lever known to full. It equalizes tho circulation,
repair* Its waste, und gives tone and
Igor to tho system.
lures Spermatorrhea. Seminal Weakness,
mpotenry, BypbjJis, Bcrofula anil all fler*U3
and IJIood diseases.
'he greatest tonic known. It. aids digestion,
nsurcB good appetHe, gives tone and vigor to
ho svstetn. irtmriuitf-'t'S auvnt nnrJ
leep'and restores enfeebled and nervous con- f
tltutlons to robust health. I
t3E2Z?2S?2E&ES2BBBgZl I
lafe, Certain, Sure and Speedy. Itisinval- 1
able to ladles who are experiencing the t
hangc incident to advanced yearn, by assist- )
in* nature at its Important period, retaining i
ha vigor mid tranquility of early Ufa and t
arrying them with ease urn! safety through, j
fe^MAuRS i
i the only honestly guaranteed remedy
laced before the public. We guarantee r
very bottle to give satisfaction or return the \
loney. Leading physicians tesii v to Its be- ,
ng harmless and pood, eminent divines de- :
lare it excellent and uueqtuiled and people f
>ur>v\.iciu i)cur ciivurim aim YOlUtlUlty Its- *
[mony to it* ureal virtue.
S25g3BBE ':i
j unfailing and infallible in curing Alcohol#111
and Ouiuiu Katinir. To conic before the
niblic with an absolute cure or a specific to
(miiovc the desire for ulcoliolic stimulants or
helm it of opium eating, seems to many,
re have no doubt, an absurdity, smell is the
a?e nevertheless and before offering our u
uctlicine to thu public we thoroughly conl?c?<l
ouraolves l?y actual experience that it
;oulii tlo all v.e claim for it.
FOR saijK ?Y ALL uvumsTS.
Laughmn Bko?. <? Co., Ageuts,' Whe-Hng.W. Vu.
Owinp to a popular Idea that n remedy said to
sure a vuilety 01 maladhs should he treated with
nutloa, If not- suspicion, the Inventor hesitated
ome liiae In placing It before the public: hut fr-'tn
he gratifying jittturanceby a great number of the
lire vitalizing and health-renewing pmpertles of
lis piepnrntl.in of Ifypophofiphftcs. under n varft-ty
if circumstances, he Is equally satisfied that these
>tfect* are secured by ft# use- ihtit ft# no fori tapeMiliar
to his preparation, and that CONSUMPTION
!<t not only CuKA i'1'iC, but up to a ecrtain s'age, Is
is easily i-ontrollcd as most other organic diseases.
While It Is the aim of the inventor to convey Information
to such ns require hisltyjiophosohlte}<, It
is his Arm belief thai It* use will be vuluaule to all
whodeslio a long llfo or who arc struggling for i
health. i
With a faith based upon the experience of twelve ,
yi'nm. hu woui'i nut ueapmr oi restoring n patient
suffering from the HbovetJ-disenso, eventho sh rojuced
to a very tow stale nuct not complicated t>y
ucttml organic lost
Vust, Mich., May 10th. 18s0.
DkarSir:?Al'owmc toroytbat I esteem your
"HypojihosphiteV' most, highly, and for those eu*
;?rcU in piofc-vintw which druw largely on the
nervous system It 1* Invaluable. 1 have used It my*
iclf with tho most Mitlsfitctory rvsiiltaund have In,reduced
it to u large number of my people
KKV. it. \V. {MIRK.
nprlTSAw 1'nstnrSt. Mtehnel'sCiUhnlli'. Church
Cures Ilhonmatism, LamImza,
LaaeHacl;, Sprains and
Bruises, Asthma, Catarrh,
Covers, ColCs, Soro Throat,
Diphtharia, Bums, Frost
Bites, Tooi-'i, Ear, and Bead- 1
ncho, ana al'.pzins and achos. '
Tha l<?t Internal ?nil external ramedjr In llie 1
Every txjitla guaranteed. Sold bjr mctlclno
dealer* j?ciy?htie, DiiccUor.ilneljht lan^uagci.
l'rtec 50 cents and |?.to.
FOSTER, MILBURN fi. CO., Prop'ri,
UUI-'l-V.LO, XY..V.B.A.
Rocking, AKt..Rml Charles Mocnkcuiocllcr,(ARonU.
HB eure ,b^a,, D1??btrffc?.
HUnjinir. Stunt Uni; and Pftlaf.il CeciMlont ot Uto
K p ?KSiKKafS3a2S532a32i^5a?sfi3a
I | Sgl q Q per bo'.tjo, For aato by nil ilrusr
y^fnt'of'iTr'lcO, JO/IN D. l'AJUC ft 80N,a. .
37?nad 177dycarooreSt- OINCINNAT>1,
OlliO. ficnaomonUon ihta paper. * * ft
Forwle by_L? Kalilln ACr. Tiros.
A And Morphine nabit can bo cured In from JO
to 30 lw?-no p?y till curod. Established JO
y?an, i/XO curvKL litter to p?tlonu Jft a)l parts
otUiecountry. Dr. **, K, JltuiOi, Qulncy, Mich.
lb MAtytmv. |
A wmf Vlr*lnl? Miu? In l.otiUlanit--A 1
Untitle ami Eittliu?liuilta Letter lu t
llrtriiril to the Koucheru MtMisstppI (
Country?Tli HooU nod tho t'on* I
NHliiimccM of It-llow the Durltlc* dot t
Dvvti nMittrper. t
Famvirw, La., May 21, 1882. 1
EUltoni Intclltsonccr: j
Your readers may feci Bome inlercBt in ^
tho crop prospect of this region. The great v
llooil of 1882 will long bo remembered by a
tho Inhabitants of this great valley. This *'
water wiped out all other marks known to J
Ibis generation, Tho marks left on tho h
rues nro iw plain ns though cut by an ax. "1
It l? a alngular fact that tho water marks of j1
jyery year lu tho low swamp la left on tho r
rees at tho exact height of tho water. Tho h
lood of 1S2S was the greatest over known, c
ind n)l succeeding waters woro compared ^
o that year. The writer remembers ovcry [j
'Vater that did harm in this 1'ariah sinco o
1850. After that year thcro was a series of ft
low water yearn til! 1802. Then wo had the ^
l)ig waters of 1805-07-74-70 and '82. Thcro v
?as been so much written on tho suffering \
jeeasioued by this great ilood that it would J>
ire your readers to mention many tj.
ncidents that would bo harrowing to jj
lie feeliuuH. Tho water has mused T
ill' bo lar ua this region Is concerned, mid 01
;vo aronoiv 11s dry an n hone, uud many tl
praying for ruin. Vegetation is rank and In
- verytliina bocuis to shoot up out of tho
ironed. Jinny fruit trees escaped do- b
itruction. 'i'lie poach utui lig trees are 0!
oaded with fruit tluit will bo ripo within b<
.ho next tlireo weeks. There will also be ft
t*hir|ju erop of peennn. No people over pi
liBplnyed mora energy in putting in u crop. ?
L'hink of negroes wilding in tho mud for tr
wo or tlireo weeks, planting from duy to h
!ny us Iho iraler receded. JSy tliu time the el
KUter wus out of tho Holds tho cotton was ai
ill plumed and tho first planted ready to l!
vorK. i jjo ?cnpiures ten oi "water- Ir
ng the land with the foot" on tho Nile. On iu
ho iMishisfiippi they plant with the foot, gi
Seed germinates and comes up iu forty- si
;ight hours after phiuting in the mud. It fo
votild bo hard to estimate the actual loss T
>n this great.river. Many plantations luivo fo
jcdi greatly benefitted by the immense de- ri
>osit< Thev will need nothing in tho way w
>f fertilizers for tho next generation. w
The Government bounty, or rationp, es
riven the negroes, was as a wholo a great m
leasing. In somo cases undeserving to
IL'UJIII: JJUI, a mi ait.*, uill were wua more (IIS- ot
:retion uud honesty in the distribution fe
ban there was in 187*1. It would require nt
me familiar with tho country and tho vi
icgro character to fully appreciate the ait- at
lation. 1 will give you from observation la
in illustration of how this bounty worked, at
\n acquaintance of mine, living* in Miss- Mi
saippi, directly across the river from this ci
)lace, fiilt able to advance all the necessary co
inppliea to his hands during tho high w<
vater, charging tho usual price, thinking th
io could better control their labor by not m
illowing them to receive Governmet Goun- fo
y. Tins of course put them in debt Bay be
orty or fifty dollars for each family for m
lupnlies durini: the six weeks the water rp. du
named over the land, Sir. Negro felt that ("
ie had been wronged, as Mr. A. B. ?fcC's. p?
lands had drawn Government rations and ta
uid no debt to begin with after the water, se
IV hen the water disappeared from the land la
his planter found most of his hands on the vi
iver bunk with all their household goods, fo
vaiting for a boat lo transport m
hem to a plantation where they tr
Tould begin this new crop free of debt <h
Steamboats, as public earners, cannot re- Jt
use to take freight or passengers when pi
hey have the money to pay the usual rates, dt
' happened to be on the sunnier that land- Ji
d at the landing where the negroes had h<
heir plunder. Tho planter notified the re
taptain that the negroes were Ueeing tho in
State to avoid their debts due him forsup- 0
diesand, requested thevshould not be taken M
>n board. The captain did not refuse to to
ake them till the planter came on and gave th
; guarantee to protect the steamer from a bl
nit for damage, by refusiug to take them, te
t made 110 difference with the negroes, for h(
hey left in lints, skills and dugouts, and sli
he planter hud to get other labor besides te
osing his advances. An acquaintance of la
nine remarked to me not long since that bi
lie happiest specimen of human nature th
hat he Had ever seen was a negro, tho cc
iwuer of a dugout and a supply of Gov- Y
srnment rations. Oue thing may be said,
however, of the npgro this year that could
not be said in 1874, and that is that they
have shown more determination to make
a crop than ever before, and with a favora- }Xi
ble season from this out the amount of cot- >n
ton that will be made in the overflowed dia*
:ricts wil 1 be a sur prise to even the most hopeful.
Thesquabb.ing iu Congress over the
impropriation for the improvement of the
Mississippi river is simply disgusting. It
iccms that some of our Northern brethren J
ire afraid that a dollar or two will be i
'pent in the repairs or building of levees po
:fiat will in some way turn to the advan* {?
iage of land owners* on the river. Now, [j*
:o any one acquainted with tho navigation ul
m.uju rjvi'jf ina sunui/ riuiuuious 10 uuk *;?
if improvement without levees. Some of g
ihe magnificent steamers have in the fog
ur dark ran over the bank, out into the vc
corn ileitis, aa did the General Jno. A. i
Quitman some years since. Also the great 10
steamer Katie flouted in the fog through jf
'.lie Bonnet Carrie crevass a mile or two st
Jovvii to Ihe woods which cost the insur- T<
ince companies a round sum for tugs to Tc
iraw her out. A few weeks since, coming g{j
ilown from Vickshurg on the splendid cii
steamer J no. "\V. Cannon, I saw the Caj>- of
lain hailed by some raftsmen, whose rait $
af timber?their winter's work?had float- 2j
.(1 throughabreak in tho levee a hundred
I'ards or more and lodged on the ground, {{j
rhe raft would have been a total loss had \
not Cant. Campbell backed his steamer th
:lown the break and made a line fast and ^
;lrawn tho raft out into the middle of the a?
river. *
For this work, which required more than NN
in hour, tho captain made 110 charge; only Al
remarked to the raftsmen that when they e*
reached "New Orleaus ami sold their raft C.
they could coine on hoard and pay what ?[
they thought right. I may hero mention
the fact that this magnificent steamer, com- 1
tnatulcd by Captain Campbell, carried sev- Cl
iiral thousand heatl of "mules, horses and c.
uittlo to places of safety, and returned c.
them to their homes after the water went jj]
off, without making a charge to those who di
were uuable to pay, and only one dollar Hi
charge per head to those who were. This, F,
of course, fixes theso Vicksburg packets in ?:
tho hearts of tho dwellers along the banks
of this river, and in a measure atones for H1
the unreasonable charges they make in u
Rood times for way travel. They are able Ls
IU uri*u uwiiy uii ufiwct*u uii- r.
fercnt poiuts 011 tho river, and while (heir ',
charges are reasonable from through points, M
their way charges are simply an outrage.
For instance, tho rate from Vicksburg to s<
New Orleans is $10, $8 from Natchez,
?5 froui Baton Rouge, but, say for twenty f?
or thirty miles they have no charge less JJ
than S3. There has been a constant 5complaint
for tho hist twenty-five years $7
over their charges, and still they do not }?
heed the voice of the people. Some years ?
since several planters living near the land- Si
ing entered into an agreement to resist the }l
charge of three dollars from here to
Natchez, a distance of only twenty-five 1
miles, and agreed to go deck passagoutone gj
Cioiiur, IUU iruurgu iur u uifciu U1I iuu \
lower deck. They thought it best to eavo cl
two dollars cach way and forego the pleas- g
ure of cabin passage. Only one held out, g,
and he a planter who ships between two d
and three thousand bales of cotton annual- ^
ly. Some of tho packets charge him t,
nothing, hut ho still goes on deck, pays his ?
dollar and says ho is saving a dollar an ?
hour. Tho time is not fur distant when s
thoro will he a cluingo iu tho way of a
chaiges. *
Keturning to the improvement of tho 2
Mississippi river, tho day is near at hand v
.. Miii fit?? trremt \Vi>Kt U'lMl f ilA u hflln DUDU- ?,
ilution on noth sides of this river for thou* \
Bands of miles, aided by the Suites of Peon- l
syivanin, Ohio, WeatVirginia, Kentucky
and Indiana, will speak in such tones that (
their representatives in Congress will wako |
juste to do their bidding. The Utile New !
England States have had In tlielr day ruoro '
it the public money than all the great i
West combined. Tbey have bad prottc- i
:lon for every cod flah tbey have caught ;
lince the formation of the Government. It <
s now time for them to understand that J
his selfish legislation will no longer bo en- '
lured. Tlioedueatel commission appoint- 1
id to improve the river should bo lull tin- [
ramelleu to cany out the work as tliey J
hlnk best. I notice in the papers u pros- ?
)ectus, asking Government aid tor a rail- J
una from Memphis to Now Orleaus, to be J
milt on a levee so many feet higher than <
he water of 1882, with a base so many leet 0
ride, and a top fifty-five feet wide, five feet c
hove the high water mark, Ac., Ac. This r
nlglit bo a success if the road was lo- *
ated on the west bank of the river. The
ountry that would boprotccted on tbo east 0
u,. .intiif.... ii... r
'his whole Mississippi valley has at some {'
crlod of the world's history been a sea V
otn Cairo to the gulf. The channel of tho
Iver has worked east and now Hows at the J
asp of several ranges of bills. It 1s a [
urious fact that from Cairo to tho gulf, a *
intauce of 1,120 miles, thoro is but one Jj
uigu of hills coming out to the rfvor. aud a
.,?.??? A.I," rri.nvn ta ..n(
Mviib <ivicuii| iiiviuin iiui uiiujiuiui ?>
(land on the river, on tlio west side, tun J}
:et higher than auother for this whole dia- r|
ince, while on the east side there are 81
inges of hills runlng close up to the river, jj
iz., at Columbus, Ky., Island No. 10 iinu i\
[emphls. There aro four hundred miles of ?
at country to Vicksburg. Then wo have
iuh land at Grand Gulf, Rodney, Natchez, hl
litis ClifFs, Fort Adams, Tunica hills,
ayou Sam, Port Hundson, Haton Kouge. 7.
hen L'50 miles to the gulf with rt dead flat 87
n both sides of the river. What caused m
lis freak of nature to make all the high to
md on the east side of the river ? Jt
I am spinning out this letter too long to to
e interesting. Volumes might bo written N
a tho resources of Louisiana. The climate. M
>il, birds, lakes, rivers, fish, flowers unci m
uits have not attracted the attention in <i>
ust years they deserve. In former times,
hen it required months to visit this cotm*
y, people made their wills before leaving <:?
ome. With the mpid transit of the prcsat
day, this "terra incognito" is becoming gj
i familiar to people from a distance as to hi
le nativo population. You see visitors g
om all parts of the world hern now look, \
ig for investments. I heard of n sale of a tii
oup of cotton plantations a few days g
uee on the river, to northern capitalists, at L
mr hundred and fifty thousand dollars, ji
wo years since they would not have sold <1
t half tho money. There ia faith that the J;
ver will be controlled. The sugar crop n(
ill be laid by in ten days as the points that 2
Bre overflowed never looked better. The ^!J
timated loss of sugar by tho flood is six he
illions of dollars. Land has been given 71,
rice that will pan out moro than was ever
;lore prod uced i n Lo u isinna. 11 is abou 11 wo J}}
et high and looks flourishing. Quite a wi
imber of citizens of West Virginia have li?
sited New Orleans the past winter? **
nong them my friends lion. J. "NV. Gal- . 1
her, wife and two sons, Master Johnny vi
id Joe Walker. They were here at 35
dardi Gras" and saw a good deal of the Jj!
ty. But on such occasions the citizens *j
,unot give visitors that attention they m;
ould like. I, have heard many regrets >u?
at Mr. Ualluher and family didn't spend g}
rtune a week or two since to get on
Mtrtl the Chas. Morgan where I found on
y friend, Judge Thos. G. Smith, wife and
ittghter, of Itokersburg. Mr. Clemens, a,
Mark Twain,") Mr. Osgood, the Boston i
iblisher, and Mr. Phelps, private secre- co
ry of Mark Ttvuin, were also pas- f7
ngere. The Morgan lay at the '
nuing at Baton Kongo while we f01
sited the Capitol, which was just ready
r occupancy by the Legislature which
et on the 8th. We hud a very pleasant Li
ip to the city. While in the city lor some It
iys it was a great pleasure to" visit with bj
idge Smith, wife and daughter, many
aces of interest, such as Carrol ton gar*
?ns, West end, Spanish Fort, ?fcc. The ^
ldge visited the Cotton Exchange where q,
5 met many friends. His old Virginia t0
putation gives him a warm place to
the hearts of many citizens of Kew
rleanfi. It was a cause of regret to
rs. Smith, who is so devoted to flowers, 'il
find it so late in the season that many of j511
e choice flowers and roses had shed their
oom. The bright, beautiful and cnltiva- d
little daughter, Miss Lou, enjoyed every
)ur. West Virginia ought to be proud that l)C
ie could send such a bright little daugh- f),
in rU.nl !?? l?: ? *-*-* -
. .w ...... (iiu lunvM ui mis Minnv
nd. The judge and family went to Vicksjrgli
on the steamer Cannon and from
ere to Hot Springs, Ark., where, I siu- so
fjely hope, his health may be restored. I*1
ours anon, Alex Campuei.i.. th
- ? ? ?? af
CUtclunati'H tinrbage. ai
ncinn&tl Commercial. te
Cincinnati is to get $3,000 during .the iV
uxt ten years lor garbage instead of pay- [
g$I50,000 for the pri?ilege of placing it
i a boat for the fertilizing company.
New York Honey and Stock*.
Kjcw York. May 26? Money 2a3 per cent. Prime
ercAiitiienr.per per cent. Sterling Exchange
nkei* bills aientlv at SI Rt% demand 5-t 89>$.
liovKRKXKSTH?Unchanged, except for iJJj cou- 11
us. which are % percent higher.
S. G*. exte??ied....lO)%|Lchlgh ?fc Wilkej...^lW
S. 6h, extcnded...,lOl% St. 1'. <fc 8. C. flrsts .U0% 1 >1(
S. l^s, coupons,.,ll&^jilu. P. bonds. 1 r.
o.coui?nh......i^ U. I. Una Gronm...iia?4 l,)
l??cfa?;w n> U. P. sinking fumUi'21# to
ntral 1'uclllctlr?t*?l 17 klTex as I'ttc lima ct.C W
losccouda. UlHldo. RlaGmndodlv... ",?%
Raiuioad Bonds?Generally weak on a moderate
ilumo of limine**. ril
aJJTE Secukitiks?Dull, Irregular ami generally w
mlslana console... BSlf Virginia Cs 34 ft
Issourl tm? 11% Virginia comols, ex.Joseph
no tra mnt. coupons... 62 f"1
muessec 6? Virginia deferred.... 13 ^
nnesscc Cs, new... BbJi Offered. e\
STftCK9?hlia-e speculation"* opened generally di
ro?s and price* VjalK p-rcent higher than at the In
jsing figure* Thursday. lytrly, a general decline 1}
y*A'/t pwr cent wan followed by an advance of k* \;
percent, lno market then became dccldedlv
auk and by 11:45 Wabash preferred had fallen off
i per cent to 4')7/, and the remainder of the list >4
ft I*r ???$; in ihe early pari of Hie alternoon n to
covery of jjal per cent was recorded, after which
e market again became weuk and sold off kal'f
S?n ral recovery of \{*>A percent look place'in \\
elate trade, but in tno final dealings prices de*
lued 'yU per cent. The market cloud Wrak and
iwTOiniiire* BI wierjose inure>y,
tho latter Hannibal A St. Joe preferred, The
rakiM shares during the day were Tcjm Paciflt
"bash and Missouri Pacific.
T ruusiic iIoju 2a#,000 sham. *
Jams Bxprew 1% Northern Pacific -11
mudn Southern.,.* do. ore/erred 7'J ,%
' / % I* cr? NorthWf?tc*m J2J?i ,h
ntrol Irtciflc" MX Jo.preferred..... Mj'2 k>
icsnneake & Ohio- 20k New York CteutMUiraZ K
do. 1st preferred..... 2f,% Ohio Central viy. r
do. ^d preferred-... 2iU Ohio.1: Mlu 31-M M
ticHjjo A Ailon 130% do. preferred- ?ioo a
do. preferred lil? Pacific Mall g
, B. A Q 12?J< Clevc. A Pllt* fl
, C.. C. oj 1 71 Heading 55 I
si. A Hudson IO3V4 Hock Island ?12H n
jl. Luck. A VV mte sit. Paul ?II0%
jnver A It. G 5sVi do. preferred 110
te v 31% ('exaa Pacific...... 3fi}A
do. preferred 72 Union Pacific ail-}? ?
)rt \\ at-no 134% United States Ex -7M ?
Ml. A bt. Jwwph.... 90 NY.. 8L L. A P .. 20H tl
do. pre/erred 7i> do. preferred bOii
nrlem -20^ Wells. Fargo Kx ?127
ajinu Pacific.. 2S)? WfBiom Union.,....,.. UV.i
ike brio A -V 24 Little Pittiburgh...... vl
ike Shore.. lOlVg Onurio S5
lllUvllll' it NltNlt ?:(>/. Ctull'lruUvnr 1.1/
. &C. istprefd...? il" ^do. preferred 4779
do, 2d prof'J? 0 Silver Cliff. 1% ?
lohlgan > mural Standard 17Yt E
ls.suurli'rtclllc..,.?'J>;i .Sutro ' %
iah. ii Chat - &H Itobluson .. 2
isw Jt'iv.7 Cant 70^ South I'aelllc. .. 2
Ntw tfoaa, May26.?Cotton quiet at 12j-jal^c; ?>
turoa steady,. Flour dull; receipts lou.ooo burIk;
exj-orts 1,700 barrels; supertino western ami
ute (' Wh5 00; common to Rood ft 00; goad <4 751 C<
70; eo#J to choice 35 80*9 25; white wheal extra g<
25a'J &\ .extra Ohio S i WitS 60; St. Louis So CO
1 20; Minnesota patent process $8 25a9 75. Wheat ai
dn'.'Kc lower, uh?U1ou and depressed; reedpw .
,000 bushels; exports 50,000 bushels; No. 2 spring ,
35: ungraded red 81 2,s*i 45; steamer No. 2 re<J ?
Mai H9; No. 2 red SI 41tyil 15; delivered 81451$* tc
4014; mtlllcatesSl 23% l.n.b,; No. 1 whits 81 35a u
lik; No 2 May, sales U2.000 bushels ai$l 45%a ?
IfM, closing i?t 8H0; June, sales 464,000 busheis
81 l-'Jial closing at 8140)4; July, sales912,- J'
X) bushels Hi 81 28?V>1 30J-C closing at 81 29J4;
ugust, sales 400,000 bushels at 81 20j?al 22, _
o%lng at *1 21% . Corn depressed; cash T
nd May 3*3}?c. lower, receipts 129,000 |
u*hels; exporU 11,000 brnhflls; ungraded 78a
Ike; No. 3, Me; No. 2,84?Kl}^c in elevator; &taS(X<j
oltveml; f?o. 2 May fc3aS5c, closing *t ate; Juno
iXtt79kc, closliiff "t 7SAc; July "8}{h~9J4c, closlnc .
i rjV$c; Au#ukt 7Ja80Jic, closing at_79>*e; Scptein- I
cr I9}in80^c, C'MIdk nt out# Jn?c Tower: n
jcelpts i36,700 bushels; exports f00 bushels; west* r>
ni mixed 5'JuC2c; white western G2a67c. liny qulft c<
ml iteady at 65<70e. Coffee tlrm for choice Rrnde*. ai
Hjfar and molwiR'S unchanged, Klec in Rood
cinmd and steadily held. Petroleum unsullied ci
ml lower. United Ci^c; crude 6%a7Hc; rellnod b
tfc. Tallow linn; prime city S#c. Rosin |J27&i tl
ao. Turpentine dull ami lower at 4te. Kjnrs,
. e*tcni fresh higher and llrm at 18KaItte. i'orfc
lull; new mew 3.*0 2Sa20 U7Kc. Beef quiet and e
Irin. Cut nteaU quiet nod unengaged. Lard
reak; prime steam stl 75. Butter dull and weak. m
ftt23e. Clietw qult-t and llrm at 7*lQ>{c. (
Chicago, May 26.?Flour steady and unchanged, V
Vheat unsettled and lower at II i3Mal SB?auh:
il 2l^al 24 May; fl 'li June; fiscal 23V,July
it (Nft Auguit; |l Q3& year; No, 8, *1 UaiUjre
looted MaBlo, Corn unsettled and loyer.it Wc .
ja?h and May; G8Xa?Ko Juues C9o Julj; 67ttc fear;
rejected 680. Oats unsettled and lower at Va J
IVHj CAihi 49oMajr; 46>io June; tifto July; tfoSSJfc
*ujru?t: MHc September. WaWWo year. Rye?teauy
it 77a77J$c., Ikrioy Heady at ll uO. Pork unwttlcd
uid generally lower at tW itftyiio f>0 cash: $10 WJJ
il? to Juuo; 110 82kJuly; 115 70 August: fit W
September. bird active and lower at $11 SO cssh;
HI atoll MX Jntw IU 43 July; HI MallMK Au:u?t;
111 7Pait 7iS September. Flaxseed 8187*140.
Jutier easy, hut uot quoUblr lower. Eggi rwler
it 18,So. Whliky steady and unchanged at II10.
jalj-whMt Irregular*! $13IM Juiwfi 23J* July?
I I'll; August; 9101 year. Corn unsettled nud tcurally
higher uttf>??n May; 67JicJuue;CiiJjn6l?c July;
^nOOHio Augusts 67^a5Xo year. Oais generally
itu-hanged; kdiuv sales rulher higher aHOftoJum-;
V/A July; ajjjo August; 33}{*a3Mc year. 1'ork
lulvruud Irregular. Lanl active and lower, and
Tho followiiir dhows tho fluctuations In tho
'hlCHRo grain and provision market yctlerd.iy. as
eported by John M. Hoou A Co., broken, No. 1100
lain street:
Wheat. Corn. OaU. Pork. Lard.
. June. July. June. June. June. Juno.
penou^l flu 'I'M 70 a? 10 10 11 M
Sic \m ii "It !$ IS IS HSjl
'fj i $ "IS ?g$
Um/i/onr, May 20.?Naur qufct and ?tcadv.
neat, western fairly aotlvo mid lower; No.'J win*
'/?/ .5,"r " ,0al ">><: Juno St 40%n
40& July II ?ui *21)^; August ii lU.^nl an. Corn,
tOoslijtf cn?y, mix a] mivi mid Mm*
>>v.hUV; Juno 7l?H?50o: July 7'?ia40e! AukuiISUM
50/Jc, OhU stj-mly; wenlern white C.'hOJo; tuUt-d
taO.cj Pennsylvania Cafttc. lUo dull and lower,
wwwWr to jjimmI &5?hfec. Hay eaiy ?t 917 00a
i?wi rovlilonsfirm and /airly active; mi'**pork,
Id 120; new til. Hulk meat, nlmuldent and clear
b M.lw packed ?'J 02^12 :i7& bacon Mioulden
0 tft'/, clear r > i 4t:i ;?i. t........ ci i >'...ir.
trd Jf'iT-i. Uuttcr quiet; choice graMand western
>a'20c. l^gs steady at itnilUc. l'eiroleuu? dul'.
jfl'eo firm and quiet nt Sugar lowers A
ift :< 'rt hlnky quiet ?ud nominal.
Ciucaoo, May M.?Tho Proirr't Journal reports:
llo^n? Uecoipts 21,000 head; shipment lO.OO-j
!ftd. Market dull and weak, but mostly all sold
. AaIOo decline; common to cood mixed 8" 25a
M: heavy packitiK?nd shipping 87 WaS 50; light
40*7 W); skip* 80. <
Cattle?Kecelpta 1009head; shipment*3,200 head, the
arkct Mill cxclted a d ISalfto higher than yes* 0//,
rdayiexpob W Mai)00; common to Mr 17 00a _.ii
?0; butchers active at 82 "SaC 00. grass Tcxans, W1
roup and neljve; poor lo fair $1 mv> 00; medium :?
good 85 00a? 00; stockers aud feeders steady at
; uOaS 05.
Sheep-Receipts 1,300 head; shipment* 105 head.
arket firm and active; Inferior to lair 8'J85a4 6U; L
edlumto choice 31 CUaSGO, all nliorn; wooled 7{
llet; quoted ut 85 Wnfl 50. V
Cincinnati, o., May m.?Cotton quiet nt ll&c. SJ
lour firmer, but not quoisbly hlxucr. Wheat lr*
uulan No.'4 icdwinter81 mat 315 spot; 81WV4 July. ,j
irn active and lower; So. 2 mixed 77}$a77%e spot; ^T.
c bid May: 7.r?k??7Miu Juuo; 75%h7Co July; '?>?? flJ
Yfi August; 75%! Xii?l September, 74*<o October: ^
cbld year. Oats quiet ana lower at 77c. lSitrieydnll ?
in unciuitiged. Pork easier at 819 75. Lard a
saily nt Jit 05. Hulk meat* wMur: 'houldora ^
160; cUur lib 111 "20. Itacon In Mr demand;thoul* j
'ta$9 23; clour til) SI'-' 25; dear W (W. UiiNfcy
mat 81 13; eouib'uation Ktles of finished goods ^
j barrvlx utt ? lusts of 81 J /. Uutter Unit and uulauged.
Tolkoo. jfay 2fi.?Wheat weak; No. 2 red fpot
37#; May |t ?7? offered; Juno 81 31*4; July w
lfl?; Augu? II 1B?; year 81 11. Corn quiet and Q
cak; high mixed 'So; No. '2 ?i>ot 75jie; May 'l>\\c; J
mc 71c: July 7l^e; August 72c: H'er ft"c. 0?W ri
imlnttlly unchanged. Closed--Wheat easier, No. _i_
red spot held 18! .17M: May It fflfli: June 81 38; /ft
ily 81 U>?; August 81 1 year nt It 10J.J. Corn V
i'Hk; No 2 *pot 7&}ic ntkvu: Mny 75c a>ked; June ..
'Ida! "0J^t7(^c old; July 70%c: Augutt helu at 0
1 iti'sviLLK, Pa., May 2<J.-oll ojxjncd at <vl>^c;
gbeat iMJta loireat WJic; closed at alifn- r .
imta 70,50 > lwrrela: charter* 12.700 barrvln: tlao
iter rim* 10.0W barrel*. The United [>l|>e line w
s a mistake in their tuns which wo cannot corft
until to morrow*. * 01
PilIUDKLHtiA, May 28.?'Wool, stock light and
rothcr better demand; Pomisvjvanla and Weft
rxlnla XX and above medium 4f?U"%e; eou'se
u!J7c; New York, Michigan. Indiana and Western
io f odium 45?-?7v; tub washed fair at SSutlc; gtt
tiers unchanged, K i
>r.? iuuk, amy zu ?unv <,;ooi>h?Demand very Rij;
IliJ, and, apart from mi?cc!l*ncoufi ns-wtnivntH In A <
Hlomte quantities, the quiet of previous days 1ms
uiluucd, without hijj change promised mull ai~<
inner weather gives encouragement tocousump* pou
e request pro
S'ew Om.KANs, May M.?CofTee Ann: Rio cargocs lias
Jluary to prime Aiio^c. tiiwrhwer: amnion n ?
KthHl common ti^HTc: fair to f.illy fidr TJlaT^c; Urt
lmo to cljoJee SaJJMc; yellow florJUcd ?_f{
)la*se? quiet. "J"
ZtSciS'NATi, Milj* 21.?Live linss nctlrosiKl firm: etai
tnmoaand ll?ht fdOQiiHOO: laicKlnu uml butchers
d0?8 30. l{i)'fjj>tflt>7jhe?d;?lilj>meiiL'? l.lOOhertd. ^
Pirrsnuniiit. Pa., MnyUC.?Petro'eum quiet: Uni1
ccrtlilcn'c* stcudv; closed at 63%c; refined 7%c
r Philadelphia delivery. <j,
- oc
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tngwort Compound till he catue to America.
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LA.Vtf, OJUfiK Ji BA2RD,
W ?w Mwlo Etrpct. Wheeling.
A' U ii .5.-; ARTICLE
is t ilciiig- dcr.
Ask your Grocer or JJritggfet for the
Sold Wholesale Mid Retail by
ke New Rich Blood, nnd will completely chain
blood Jn the entire system in three montli
r person who will take one pill each night Iro
> to twelve weeks may be restored to sound beaU
uch a thluir bo possible.
ent by wall lor eight letter mumps.
urwlAti VI?M (nrniMlf Unnnor U?
uc, IHHoujums, Constipation nnd all dlscoi
Lira anit Made Mure Permanent Cures tha
it tlio blond is the life. Keen that nur? uu!
ul DUUGC.I8T8. * niyG-1
ills, Asthma, Pneumonia, Consumption,
iront, Chest null Lungx.
always been one of the most important'wca]
Idcd by the MEDICAL FACULTY against
N in Us incipient and advanced stages, anc
JS, but it baa never been so advantageously c
and RYE, In addition to ita soothing Bals*
n] tonic, to build up the system after the cc
led dealers who try to palm off unon vnti I
HOCK turn ltYE, which is tho only Medic:
lure, LA WHENCE & MAItTIN', oil the i'r(
:nno, III., mid No. (1 Barclay street. New York.
ItS mid DEALEllS EvtTytrlioro.
I will supply the trade at mimiiteturing pricra.
isai-SL'ltlKU MEETING.
f West Virginia Expositi
5 XXali'. Mile Trac
^ Wednesday, Thnvsiliiy, Friday
J* Saturday.
Purses, t*?3,4JOO.G
I Entries c!o*.? May 27th.
j First -^Vcihicisdji)', Juuo 71b,
) 1. rur^c, Sitfr. 3 00 elm First, S2CQ; ?ceond,
i third. 5ti0,* fourth $10.
! 2. I'urve. SoW. 2:2(5 chiM. First, ?250; second,
third, $75; fourth, $50.
Second llay?1Tliursilay, JiiuufilH
3. Purse. S'jOO. 2:3u clii.'p. First, 3.J50; BC.oud,
thrill, $75; fourth, fc'O,
~ 4. Futr,e $100. 2 UOcUwlVccrs. First, 5^02; aw
$100; third, 8CU; fourth. 810.
- 5. Fur>e.fc.'00. KunuinK. mile heats, 2 in 3. !
S10*. sccond, S30; third, Soti; fourth, 820.
ii ... ? ' *
AMiiu imj?i rnmj, unite 'Jill.
f?. Purse. S1WJ. '.'.Go class. First, $K0; second
third, MO; fourth, $10. "
7. Purse. $100. Ifurscx owned in Ohio comity
never having trotted for money, First
ttcoiid, ii'i; third.f 15; fourth, Sio.
Pourtli Day?Saturday, Juno 1011
8. Purse. 5*200 llunniuK. mile heats, 2 in 3. ;
S1W); Mcoiitl. 5.W; third. S i); fourth. $20.
t?. Purw. $">00 Freo for nil. First, 8:60; set
$l2f?; third, $70; fourth, W0;
10, Purse $t00. i; 4*?class. Flrat, S200; sccond,
third, SCO; fourth, 810,
CONDITIONS.?The above wees to ho mile 1
3 In 5, in hnrocM, excepting No*. f> ?nd 8. '
Kovcrncd by the rules mid regulations of tb<
tional Trotting Anwciiition, n* amended Fcbx
188'2. Entries c!oso May 27th, nt 11 o'clock r. i
the Secretary's ottice. Fntmnec fee, lOpcrci
jutrsa. Four entries required to fill and thr
utart. A horse distauiiiiK tue Held, or any
thereof, will receivu but ontf money, Addrcs
communications to the Secretary.
GF.O. It. TINT. MS, Secretary.
18 8 2.
1, Wrnnd Exposition SKP
REil 11, la. la ii, i5ftn?! 16.
' outeiniM bny, 8 nUHDAY, SKPTKMMSR
it fl-.-petrlies l.y dbtiUBUtShcd Orators on F
ilnv. 1H* Ii ,
pnoroGRAn/io studio,
l'.'K Market ?rw
OpiMintc McLure Hoi
Ritsiier &Ding-c
jiaxufactdrejts ok
^ Hayes1 Patent Metallic Skyiigi
(Uixlcr i.lron%p)
~ The onJr Skylight* that arc
Fire, Storm, Condensation ai
S "Weather Proof.
si mtkekk foit circular.-?l
j? Wo. HIS Third Aveni
rrrrsmmuii, pa.
\ Machlnu aver Invented. Will knit a pair of
' j lags, with heel and toe complete, in 2y mlmiti
) will also knit & Rreat variety yf loncy work lor i
I therel*alw?y*a read? market. Scud lor d
. and term* to the TWOMJILY KNITTING maq
w 00,, 409 WaabJugloa itreet, Ucftoo, Mm .
oi tbo
? l'rcston County, W. To.
^ l?unuant to a decree of the Circuit Court of Prc??
ton county, nude and entered on tins Wth cloy of
April, A. 1). 1WJ, in a c-rtaln cuums in chancery
2s pending Itt laid court, wherein Charles B. Lavt-rty
Mini other* arc plalntM# auu George 11. Caldwell
and other* are ucfeudauu, hud by virtue ot the
authority in mo vented an Hpeclal CommibMonor
by Haid decree, 1 will, on
3 FRIDAY, TllB 10TH DAY OF JUNE, A. D., 1882,
at the Iron furnace on thu prvmlne* to ho k.M,
coruweuclng at 11 o'clock .v. m., procecd to
sell at 1'nbilo Auction to thu highest and
best bidder, the real estate and pereonul
W property hereinafter dcflcribctl, or m much of cald
J real estate tud per onalpioperty as may bo nece*'
mty with tho fuiid* in uiv hand* a? Truitw,
Jl'/j 87, a* mentioned In Mild decree, to pay thu
. Ileus reported Inmid cuuse, with Interest until paid,
m on the laud and personal property, imdi lien* a?*
^ greeting lift,'251 41, aa oi April l.?th, 188'i, so far us
.uvu iiuus anu micron remain unpaid, being this v.fiSfl
IGthdayof May, ISW, the whole antouut thereof
reported a* above, tnc expeuhesof whs, and of tho
mild trustee and commissioner properly lucumnl as
such trustee and commissioner, Including the
^ cotnmlsslonvr'sVommlsslon; Unit Is to say, tho loU
^ lowing realustato aud property,situated In I'restou
county. Writ Vliglnla, on tlio water* of Three
Forks Creek, known ? the
Olades Iron Works,
* Including tho
01 Coal aud Iron Lauds annexed thereto. For tho
description and boundailes tlitrcof lefcieuco Is
hereby made to the fulowlng deeds conveying the
said lands to Uvorue llardiuan, all ol winch mm
recorded in the otlTeo of the clerk of tho county
court of i'restou county, Went VliglnU, to-wlt: A
?ea of d. ed for two tracts of land, one containing '.M8K :
ai[ acres, the other W acres and (wo poles from ii, A. ,
aud Acnes Heidelberg to wild ueoruo llardmnu nnd >. ;
1 J 011 alary K At Miner, dated Alay is, HuO, and recorded
Ms in deed book f>o. !W. on page* akl aud 207; a deed
??? for llM$ucrc* from W. 11. Heidelberg to ??ld llitrdman
dnted May 'i7,1874, and iccorded in deed book
No. 10, pa#*} ifflf; u deed from Harmon aud Mnjilm
A. Trlcaet to tho said llnrdman and Mary K. 'MUl*
dated Juno 11), 18*30, uiul tecoroed In dewl book r.o.
33, pages U.M. ami deed (torn John 1). Hliorrutd and,
others to wild llurdinuu, dated May 13.1872, and reP
eonled In deed book No. 41.pajjesliandS; a deed from i
Margaret,George H.Jame* v? Julia A. arid SaruhE
K. Jackson, to bald Ucbrvo lUrdman (or otic rure,
v dated Uttici 10, 1672, ana recorded In deed book No. '
U 1W, pawn W-35; a deed from \\ in. 11. and 0. llrowit u?. .
mU iwrdnjwti,/or twoacreif arid Kf jiercht*, dated
0 March U7,1874, and recorded In deed bouk No 41, v;i{l?3
n?fic? 4 and b: a deed from lyruiand Nancy J.- :
Llntnu to said ll&nlmau, tor Uticrvn and'2U]>oi ones, '
Q dated Juno 17,1874, and recorded In <ietd book So.
Zt 41, pages 18and ID; a deetl froui llnckutr and He* :i
5 betca Fairfax to tnld Hardnwm /or ill) awes, dated
r?a August IV, 1872, and recorded lu deed book No. 41; '-.-.'If.-I
pages '?!0 and '21atul a deed I twin John K. and M?rv;
m r.. m inner to the Mid llardman, for four tracts of . ,'j~*
w hmdHgnreguilog883ncrc?,datedlMftrch 10,1874, and
Oruturdi'd lu det-u book No. 41, pagea 'AS '2. aud
24; the whole containing In tiie iiggtcgnie about
850 acres, with all thu improvements ?nu upputtcu* : .'^j
ft nncca thercuuto belonging, or In any wine upper* r. '
pt wining, including the iron furnace thereon, ami *11 ,
H the machinery and fixtures tiieruon, whether fixed
0* or luovubiO, and all tools aim implement* used in
opemtltiK the same, whether fixed or movable, Mtld ,,'
( bind being Uio&uneconvcjed to Oniric* & Laverty.'
by Kugeiiu List by deed dated September 30, A. 1).
157*. aud recorded j?j?oh? tho public land records ot
said county, in deed book 46, page 71.
Also, the following penonal property now on tho
above real esuite hereinbefore mentioned namely:
Alld -l four-wheeled tram-road cars: 2 six-hurso wagons, .
1 two-horse wagon. 10 sets of harness, 1 slx-horw en* .
glnc aud upright etigluu boiler used to operate tho j
t erms of Sale for the Real Kstnte.?One-third of
t,,e purchase money.orntch greater amount thereof*:
.n"10 us the purchaser may elect to pay, Cosh in hand; : ;
- the tho residue In two equal yearly payments, with in-'
Tig lwrest from day of wile, and the deicrred payments
I _jj to besecured by deed of trust on the polity sold.-. Mfikz
i uii Terms of .Sue for tho Personal Property.?All
:om- glims under one hundred dollars coth; over one . . i
miic hundred doliatK one-third, or such greater amount ffifM
?ugb thereof as the purchaser way fleet to mv. cash: iho ' .mat
resiuuu in uvo?i|iial installment* at three ami
. t month* respectively, bearing iiJtercxt from the day
o( wlo, with approved personal security.'
>pri- my!5 Special Coininln>toncr.
Livery Stable Stocls.
In the Circuit Court ol Ohio County, W. Vo., ss ;
A.S, Harden ctaL )
vs. 'fIn Chanccry. .
= C.E Wagner etal. J
Hy virtue of a decree entered In the laid court In 1
?- the above eiilitlcd cause on the HQ day ot bitty, A. / ' %.
1)., IhJW, the undersigned Special Receiver named >- iv.y
iu said decree will on
MONDAY. THE 12th DAY OF JUNE, A. D.,1883,
U11 Beginning at 10 o'clock A. u.. sell at public miction
at the Livery Stable, No. 15W Main street, In the .
city of Wheeling in said county of Ohio, and Slato
.. of a eat Virginia, to the nigheut mid beai bidder, :
N, the following divert lied property, that is to nay:
sixteen horecu, six linens, stop bugles. l carriage, . ,'r~$
1 pbustou, 1 open buggy, 1 road waitou, t big * prink
wagon, 1 four-noae sleigh, 2 two-hone bielghs, 7
I one-horfio sleighs, C set* luck harnew, 1 douule set v
? uuriigu unnivs.-, .i ?eut uoubio buygy harness,'IS'.'
sets sluglehuggy harness, 2 now double wagon liar-;
, ncss, a riding orfdlea, 3 saddles, 1 tide Middle, 30 ;
ana halters. 3 buggy poles, 4 bullalo robes, 8 woolen lap ' $5fXblankets.
8 hneti dusters, 20 horse blankets, 5 linen : *
home covers, 1 wardrobe, a stoves, 5 buckets, a sets
lio.'e, 1 fk-t scales, I block and tackle, 2 forks, 2 ' ;
shovels, 2 rakes, 6 neck joscs, 1 pair lead bare, 80#jMSa
harness covers, 3 buggy covers, - step ladders, 2
lounges, I cot, sleigh bells, whips, curry combs,
U. brushes, &a, &c., Including all ui'l'StoX articJc*
usually found at a well furnished livery stable.
Abo the following artlclon of ofllce furniture: -VOne
sale, 3 desk1 desk chair, I arm chair, 2 .
chairs, 8 pictures 2clocks, 1 stove, set of gas fixtures,
matting and 1 awning.
Also the following household and kitchen furnl* :V.- >:
$106; one Fct of parlor furniture, 1 set of dining room
* furniture, 'i ?ets bed room f .rnlture, carpets, mat
$125; ting, coal vase, water cooler and numerous other isgflagfi
articles of household nttd kitchen fumltuic.
Also one gold watch a?o chain
Tkrhs or Skix?Voc suras not exeecdlngcne ftun-,'
$120; dred 15.00) dollars cash; for sums exceeding ?>ne
hundred and not exceeding Uvo huudreo (?<">00)
?nd, dollars, one-half, or jo inuea more a* the pureha?3rv~?gftS
may elect, Jncssh and thcrcuuslnderin ninety (00)
First, day<, with interest from the day of s?lc; lor sums
exiceding live hundred (SKO) dollars, one thhd, or
so much more as the purchaser may elect, lu cash^^SS
and the lemahulerlu two equal installments, pava- . -CTg
i, 100; ble lu three and six months respectively, with interest
from day of sale, tho deferred Ins'aliments of \%
, and mirehase monev In all nm* tnhnwnniiMt livwnmt
, SvO; pereouhlscctnity. ROBERT MaKSUAI'l" " :
inyia Special r>ecviver.
***'virlue ?fa deed ,rURt mad? Bernard
iU1' Hlinnloy and Annie, bin wife, to me as trustee, dated -x'&Z
<irn- Aprt!,{,? 1S75, and of record in the ofllco of the
?uo. clerk of the Count; Court of Ohio county, West ,
Vifiilnift, lu Deed of Trust hook No. 8, page 802, I
icata, shall, on .
r? he SATURDAY, MAY 27, 18S2,
a Ki??
uary, comwcnclnR at 10 o'clock a. m.. at ?lio front door of ;V;t*
ui tno court JJouseof Obio county, tell at public nuo!ut
of iion to the highest ana b?nt bidder, the following
ee to described pioperty (or as much thereof as is ncces*
part jury to satisfy expenses of wile and the amount of ttvwfcs
a ull the debt uu|wld and secured by said deed of trust), '; .
ttiut Is to my: A certain tract or tmrccl of land burnt,
inn parts of sub divisions C and I) of the Shepherd l . ' j'-j
estate, a plat of which is on record in .the Clerk's]?'H
oillcoof the County C.>urt of Ohio county, West
Virginia, in Deed liook No. 65, page 673,and bounded
and described as follows, \iz: iicKlnuliiu at a
ri*M' stake comer to Henry iiervey, 8. 4t5. K. 10 80-100
ttole*to(iHUtka earner to HlcraniitiR; thcnc? with.'
l'10 ",ie ncinmiuK N. ?2? K. 47 88-H 0 pole# to a
* r* stake; thene- with said line JJ. S.W?E MW-lOO
-4 poles to a stake; thence with said lino N. bx/,?
?? IB M 200 poles to Ibe llalstead Hue; thenco on tho
aid line ri 61%? K. 25poles to a "take corner wlUiV'?r?5
McDonald; tacnco 8. W. 8S poles to a stake; .
-=a thence with Hervey's lino 8.87? w. 19 ot-100 poles
28 tn tlio 1.1.1PO rif "
J f J t *0 roods and twelve porches of latnf. bo the suiuoA^V#
2 raore "r lew, excepting only the reservations named -vSijfe
at in the deed hereinafter referred to. being thCFumo
property conveyed to mild Bernard Suanlcy by John
SB ti. fctorer nnd wlfoand others, by deed dated April
BE 1st, 1S73, and of record In wild Cfern'B ofllce In Deed ;&{%
0j Book Ko CO, page tt?9. -
5S Title believed perfect, but Felling as Trustee I , .
*h?U convey only such title as Is vested In ino by,
\'A suld deed of tout.
Tkjiws ok&u,??Two hundred dollars o/thopnrv
chiiMj raonry, and as much more as the purclJBScr^/gKfeS
may elect, cash In hand; the rexlduo 1j> three equal
Installments at six. twelve and eighteen months, :
with IntercH from day of sale, the purchaser givlnj^jsl^.
notes for deferred imyrncuts secured by deed of /
t, trust on the proj>crty. . ' ? ?'&&?/{&
vr. H. KallkRj Trustee//
Auctioneer. npriS
ity rJrtuo of a deed of trwt rondo l?y Jiiinw M
FT- Wheat mid wife to mc, a? trustee, (lit ted * upnnt 24.',i
1871, Rtrd recorded In Book No. 7, page* M7 and..'.
2GS, of thcrvcordnof Ohio county, 1 will oflVr for
>1 9 jwJenl the front door of th? court Howe of Ohio 7,
county, on , v'r,w.yg
Si.TUUD.IV, MAY 27, 1882,
At 10 o'clock A. M., Lot Ho.10. in SqulrcNo .11, lu ,
J. it J. it. lkker'H Addition to the City of Wiccllnit*?^#
Terms of Sale?One-half canh.nud the lmlnncc In &v?
h(x months. H. I'. IKMIKBTH,
nptt Ptnay27 Trumco^ft
> ==f
CAPITAL. - - ?1175,000
War. A. lirrr...... ............... ....Prwdilent
LU WJC. B. ButrcoH ....... ?........yico-Prraldent
Dow ? Q?ner?l Kanklnx Btufiow*. ; '
Wo. A. fecti, | STta. B. film j*on/ '
..i J. A. Miller, I Johu K. IU)t?!ord, / ''
Ml a.M. Adiuat, j Victor Bcocabuig.
Hctiry Spcyor, ;
mxlS ?*. P. JRP8Q.1, QuhW. pg?
Exchange bank.
? '
CAPITAL ?......J.iDO.aX)
J.!?. Yxmcs....... ...... -.....- -..President
cllthe 8*jcciiiLAuauu?........i....-.....?........vicC'),rwd(lear 1 3
stock* onracroiuu:
SS BfiSSS?* ^ ^ .
*<* jonsj.joi;is, Cashier,

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