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County Election Notice,
ELECTION M 10, 1882.
i* liwio"
.umuwi. w,"1!1I"'..jLVrucU-Hl l?*?J lle,V
2S, w Ia-tMii'iruc^ r o( 0nlo Conwy
meal/, in' iw' . _ ijij*t a vote b<5 mkcii hi
}X 00* d 1 f^' ".'hi ouoAion of iMilxilpHon by
Llnmnty uwu > \ ll0 ^it | nook of the
Suiaoiuinr Wl !>? |U| way Com.
"MKimwhi!!.1' l?i.WorJ??l >? >?
W^'SrKliW "r J?"c I88i,|
fcalnruujt K. imey aiiJ F? * *'>". an hereby
M. &1warl'. J" ?n MjjniJ t.|W iioiutth*voi- \
^Ku S" '"" Vl<"*"1 t:'"""c
ISc, to KiiiM. ?ro (tcreby apL.
win. I '^iZnol uU etelluu "
ESffiSJS'Sw"'?"HI.?ton dULi.i
f fnitfi Mrtiuw
k. ale ^*C??:uruVv-f /hctji o/'*told dec-,
En.uS voltnKpUrt to"l.!rounly,on Wheeling I
1TV\>nrtibM5 ft* ?nd T. II. Logan, are
I ^ u .villiIIte.1 ConimW'1'"-1" of h 1(1 election i\t
SfSffiSSinWi^if.-tlheWd. Ward
iifuu.' In .V?<'ix>n dMrlut.
uiililr 'iV.F.iV tenon ?tt?l JohnClator, aro
htfrr'brii' - inkU toMiulmhiwri of ?ald election nt
Siw'lfiWta^ wluu>''ut Court Uoums, 1
GuctHiJt. K. Jeffcw ?nd Crawford, are |
vmhriiiiuliitc*! ominkdonent of Mid election ut
Jltal5luVl'Ijce ,n nl lllc AtUnllc Kn-1
/>?. it jiso, tii Ciiimi <li.?trirt. I
Tim Vefler. -"'f., T. II. itoffat n?d Wnj. Myles art!
hereby appointed CommKdonent of mM eh ctlon nt
tfierotluVfU** l'? wM louuty, at the tiuard'a Hose
jfautjin I cutrv dktrlet.
a. tfark. J< M. To-IiI ninl L. H. Crosse, are hereby |
ippofntolCotaKii.Mlor.mo/jiuJtl elrcilon atthevot
lm puce 1" w*i'l tt-unty, at the United Engine
llou*. In vrel>?uir ditricu
Thin.m McCrwIy, ?. n. Han-llnn anil John
Bruwu 4? herebyappjluted '.'ommLvloaers of aula
tktilun ?( rutJux i>imv In mIJ count/, at the
Iwtueof Lewla AsmII.', In HItclile dLitrlct.
J.S. tiarrln. It. I'rbwell nn.i John llyvman are
hereby appointed (.'omtulaloners of miM lection at
the votliu ptee l" 'a"1 to'inty. hi Bethlehem.
/Mai'sdwol iloiiH-, In Jtltchle district
John HelfeiiUiie, Andrew Vance and L. Wheeler
webereoy ?pj> "Intel omuilsdouera of election at
the Toting place In sal* county, at l'reclnct So. \
itthehoiueol Frederick Hier, In Trladelphla d&
Wr?Iey Robln'on, Alex. Mct'onn and James Oldbus
are hereby appotitid Coaimlahloners of .?<uiU
eletlurutthe vodni: place m ?Ud county, at Tieriotl
no.'.',?t me bouie of Lesley ItoOlusun, Trl
unpnisui!"" '
Jc?*ph L HodHon. Hco. Woods and ^ Illlnm
3icuit jet we hereby u|>|M>ititeil < omndsslonersof
uMflwil'inni the voting jilm*.' in said county, at
Fru-inct No. i. at the Si:tlo"I Hoiwo ncjr Leatherwood,
in TriiJelplilaill>trlct.
\Va.(i?i?n. K. >. Williimson anil Isaac flavin
ire hereby |f?'We?l rnmmlfeloiier* of taldelecth??v??tins<jjUmo
county, at I'rcclnct
So. I. at the hou*? of Wra. Uoagloy, In Liberty dlstikt
i iJicob. ffoMiv [[("Iguloy and James fllxon are
hereby appointed CommMonbn of said election,
?tUwToili:?l'l*a' In Mia county, at htelnet No.
HtthtfIw'Jbcof rtillUm Irvine, in Liberty dLv
J. C. Furfe. Jatnw Vcf'ammon and Isaac Sneileker
wheaby api? luted comuiMonew of sulu elects
at ih- voting place In ?aid ciinnty, at precinct
So S, at the hoUM* ol (ilium's lielra. in Liberty district.
Ho. North, sr,Euzenc KiiiReley nnd John TtirrlnmhertbT
?M>oliited eiiinmi^loiDTS of Mild
rectiimt the voting place in mid county, at predial
So. 1, uthleblaad school UoiiaC, at itlchUud
i. D. Gsrlen, A J. McCoHoch attd Ebcnezer 31cGw,
are her by apiiolnud cotnniisjloncra of ta?d
election at the voting place in saitl county, at prednci
Xtt 'J at Gleu's Huu school house, iu RichUad
Ami u >ha!l be the dntv of said commissioner*
hereby ipjmlnted for each of said voting places
_ iM-mM to c?uso Mich vote and po'l to l<e taken,
to uke the same, and to a? rtalu the result
thetmfat the voting places in said couniy for
wMubther aw uppoJiju-d commissioners. And the
814 rot-and poll at each uf said voting Plaos
?k*UbetaSeu '-n the day and year af rcsaid, and i
tie n>u!t ascertained and certified according to
Insulations prescribed by law for ascertaining i
tn-i certifying tlie election ?i behool oifie-rs.
The ballot." u?ed at suM elec ion shall he ve
*rfifnor printed on them either the w.?rds "For
EobKrinjio.i," or thi* words "No subMylption."
The clerk ?if said Board shall cause iu many copfciQfthls
order to be written or printed as may twj
salary for the u->tice? required by law to be given,
allien thes-tine. suklUo k simll lotthwlth post
OMflf aid copies in ti conspicuous place in hisolllce
u>l deliver the other copies to the Sheriff of the
oaaty or Ohio, who shalj forthwith oost oneoi
Meplcs ii< a conspicuous place at every place of
Win; In the sild county,
Am it U ft r: ier ordered that a copy of this order
tejwit?lL?h*-d l:i the dully jutpera until said eUction
' la the folk-wing newspatwrs published in said
fflflMp The ally Wheeling ItegitUr. the Pally.
iWinR i.nTeujge.ncer mid the 1/ally \\ heeling
A Copy-Tcfite;
art of tho Board of ftmunt ?ion<,w.
U.>i J.i?U .111 ;
Louisiana State Lottery Company.
ltw>tyjnue<l In lata, for ?> years, by the Let;i> lawn:
for educational and charitable purposes?with
*c*piui i>( fi.ouo.ooo?to which a reserve fund 01
fcw.cuj h?* ?lna* been added.
ty ui overwhelming popular vote, its franchise
*w cmle a i*rt of the present State Constitution,
Mpywd l?<e?mbcr2, A. D. Ib79.
numbcr towtoss wUl take place
Jiavrerunlet orpoitrxiacs. Look at the follow
In? ?M<crthntion
JJRt.Vl) PKOMEXADE CONCERT, durinc which
*111 t?ke placv the HSili GRAND MONTHLY
wa the
Extraordinary Semi-Annual Drawing
Tussday, - - - June 13,1882,
CnilcrthepcNonal sunervMon and management
e'jiEN. <?. T. Ut.vUKK'?AlU?, of i oulslmw, and
OC.V.JUBALA. fcVKLY, of Virginia.
Capital Prize, S^IOO.OOO.
^Notiw.?'Tli-ke?*ar?Ton Dollars otfy. Ilalvei
fc Fifth*. f-'. Tenths. SI.
Prize of $100 0C0 SW0.0 C
1 (trawl Prize of ... 50,?00 50,0(X
1 Gr?ml Prize of 11).'00 '-M.OUt
I ...... I'ri. / 1A(V? <>AiaY
41 ?w Prizes of .. .... &.000 20.0W
a IrUcS ol l.iW) 20,(XX
50 " W ...... 25,OW
KM " ...... ?x? ?>,oix
JO " ? 200 4t,(XX
m " io.' co.ikx
M,(W ' ID 100.00C
IQOApproiluniiou Prizciof S$0 $ W.OCC
?'0 " - ... 100 10,(OC
IN " " 75. 7.60C
'1^5 Prizes, nmountitiR to...- .....fS22,MX
' Ot.b.T. 11K vIUIEUAK ?, of U.,
( Ex JUBAI, A. tARLY, rf Va.,
% Application* for rates to clubs should only lx
?w< to the office of t ie Company in New Orleans
'urmiormatlwn #i.ply to
.. New Orleam, La.
n-tDAOraftf UM,eB,tct'' CMra60'im
vW* seventh street, Wiuhjncton, D. C.
h # a.; ort ??ce Is removed to Chicago.
? !? .~^"crs **Mrc**cU to New Orlean* wlU re
gl^wiu Hin'iitloii mv3 -w.tH
lu the City ot LouUvMe, oa
rnuny, .June 30tb, ISS'2.
du,C^S?h^uc,5efur m.outhl? ISundiyi excep
J^^lSS101 1111 L{ 01
rJrf>i<IlJL0,1,s,Vltt3 Circuit Court on March lli
V^??JoIlowta* 'l^ons:
PMrlilcSl m?^wwUUl c^butioa Con
X R1U'fc* n1"*" riUr'
R^7vl,LCot?.1'*'^ hlU now on hand a Jan
?ww Fund. Read carefully the list of prhca Ii
\ te --S-M.fXO.lOO Prize* f tOO eaeh,?10,0
?&""" Prize* each, 10 0
tt PH^Vr^--v .MS0!1500 l>rilt* fJOcach, 1^0
> ffiS So SS' Approx.l.?aUoQ p#cs'-~
lido etch* ? ? ^ '$
\J?Prtx,>* mi,
Whole Tickets $2. HairTIckotn, $1. i
*JT.? "" ^U- ?? Tlckels, $100.
l?5 M,"?>') ?' "}i;k I'rall In Uller or Had
35%l.r if T"'1'? 8??W?i?a Letter or. Pc
SabiWt.. n 55upward*by Expn
p^i^orR.M. MU^gyj.
B?^ ?
v <CiFic^=i5SS233:5^-!v Br
'f you are skepilciil, and wl]
will como to Atlnutn, (in., wo wil
take j our cn.se TO HE PAID tt'JIE;
CUKEl)!! 1
Wrlto for little liook of euros.
$1000 REWARD
" "i uo paiu any Chemist ivl;
will find, on analysis oflOl) Iiottle
S. 8. S., one particle ol Jlercnrj
Iodide of Potassium, or any Mit
ernl substance.
>> A?.*/
The 0,000,000 Children
in tlic United States
Who Hnflfcr Wn,
Who Fret ana Cry,
Who Huve i'nle Fiicm,
U'tin Ituvik lli.il Urtfnth
Slionlil Use Lnnghlln's Worm Sjrnp
The Child Whose Sleep la Disturbed,
Tho Child Who Wakes In Terror,
The Child Whose Appetite la Voracious,
Tlio Child Whooe Appetite Varies,
Tho Child Who Do#** Not Thrive,
The Child Who I* Kmacfated,
The Child With Internal irritation,
The Child With Sallow Complexion,
Should Use Lauglilin's Worm Syrup
No Disease So Dangerous As Worms,
No Child la Free From Them.
They Causo Disease Themselvet.
Thcjr A^ravato Other Complaints.
Tlie Child's Cure When Teething:
?orrK;s TirnOms; Allavs-Patx; Uewth
Ixri.amm*tiojc; COSTHOLH TlIK Bott'KL*,
CflitNO SL'JtU Kit COM j'uaint, DYhENTKRY,
Diakkiika, FlaTULKNCK, Colic, ktc.
Mothers will llndltverr valuable: the child will
/ut, hapm,ainl frr!hig rnm/ortaLle. We guarantee
each liotue,Mi?l will refund tin* prie* or every one
not doing iu ri'prt>Mute<l. Sold by all druggists.
'J Priec 25c. per Iiottlc. .
IAUGHLIH BROS. & CO., Proprieloi.,
"fco. 1117 CHAPHNE STREET.
The best evidence of a physician's tucctss Is the tc
timouy of lib patient*. The increasing demands ft
ray piofcs-ional services prove thai.I have deal
houoiably and fairly with th'tcwho have consul tc
me. t never use a patient's name without pennii
slon thoueh I lmvc many hundred certificate* froi
those whom 1 havecured after they had bt-enpri
nounced incurable. A thorough medical educatloi
with man j years hospital experience and faralllarll
with thenrutfc agents a cIoki ub?crvatice of tea
pemraental peculiarities and strict attention t
nymcmc manatement insures purees.*. 11 cure
possible, and I frankly give the patient my opluioi
Kidney and liver Disea<ca and Rheumatism
Suffered Terribly.?1"Nothing ?w emed to help m<
could not getout of bed. Dr. emlth cur*d me."
Wheeling. W. Va.
Catarrh, Polypm of Sous. Impaired Voice ?Sul
fared for yeanr.imtent.medleinq failed to help mi
I)r. Smith completely curtd me.
of Spcldel vt Co, Wheeling. W V?.
DyspepMa and Ulcerated Htnraach ?'Treatraei
for j ear* failed lo Rive mo relief. I)r Smith cure
me." THOMAS HoLT. Insurance Agent.
Fits.?"Had them for fourteen yc*ts. Dr. Sralt
curtd me." 1.0U1S F. WASHINGTON.
^refula. Running Sores on Head?"My son wi
nRlicied for fourteen years. Nothing seemed I
help him. Dr. Smith cured him."
Market street, Whet-Hug, W. Va.
Cancer.?"Suffered for years with eaucer. Ilnd
cut out three time*. It returned after each oper
lion. Dr. Smith cured mo without knife cau?Ucc
1 pain." >1IW. H. M.nnnUTr.
files, Fistula of Anus.?Fiat of my b?clc for i
weeks. Reported dying. Dr.Smithcure-i mowltl
out knife, in five weelu.
1 Wholesale Grocer, Main ?t., wheeling. W Va.
rjeeratfuns of Rectum, Protnpsu* and Plies
"Wg4 given up to dio and pronounced incurabl
Dr. Smith cured me without knlte."
ilartln'i Ferry,
Rev. II. 0. LaiUl writes;?"Dr. Smlih'# pmJesvion
services in ray Nmily have lieen most satLiiac'oi
and I enmnnnd Mm to alias a gentleman and
skillful physician."
Mrs. M.rgaret K'olb says ?"I had been sufrerli
for wen yawmntl treated by many physician*/
. uyMW'iem. "r. muiui sum i uau n iniiu ?itfuiui
' lu I'Jjjht hour* removed n monster 100 f. ct long,"
, .Female complaint*.?Three' yean In hospitals f
fcmnles. give me peculiar ad vanuue# In such cam
Person* en'Cd of int irrli, dl<uasf4 of heart, Uv(
1 stomach, kluneys. ?lcln. blooi, nervousHffeetlo
; and weakn<*Mst of men and youth, scrofula at
' asthma testify to my su< cess.
riles cured without the knife.
frtJenf* at a distant may be treated hr letter ai
wtlsfactlon guaranteed. A ihnrt f r self eiumUi
; tlou sent on reeelnt of two three cent stamps, at
. advice returned freu. , , ,
Consultation at ofllee frco, OJIlco hours from 9
M.toTP.M .aally. (.Won or mM?m ^
myl2 Ka 1117 Chapllno M.. Wheedng. W- V"
I ^ I
Is apoflttfre cm] effectual remedy for all Nem
DIkh> 8 in every ium of life?yontip or old. mi
or femule; such as Impotcuof, i'ras'.patloa, Los
Strength, Loss of liantr, Defective MumarT, J
paired Brain Power, and dU*sos from which
unnatural wwtc of Jilt springs, all of which cam
tail te undonujno tho whole system. Every or?
la weakened, every power prostrated, and m?
fortna of dlseaseare generated which, If not chock
nave the way to an early death. U wluyinatcs i
tiul rtlnrlgoHU* youtb Each j^age coata
uifflelciit for two weeks' treatment. Write for w
t> uhlet, which will be scat free, with full parilcnli
U Bold bjr all Drawl*" at IB conu a package,
twelve packages fork 00., WW bo wnt Geo by tr
J* A cun) Guaranteed. , wjnoio, p. i
LOGAN <b CO., Wholesale and Kstkil Arci
: ^BHaaaa
XHJECTXOtf. |b aposltivo euro ftpgjl Dinctian?
BUnjrt?nr. 8 mar tic Ur?w??l Painful Cessations or t
? 11 si.oo^^^gm
_ ^Sy OHIO. FIOOAO mention tills paper. * *
100 For mlebv L-ushlln <fc Oi IJroa. > ' .
to And Morpblno IUbit can " from
UK, to ? tayv-no pav mi cured. KsfnbfMed
id- curedT tofer to patljnu In nil put
f p/ )^e counter, pr. 1\ E. Jl?r*h, Qulncy, SIlc
lUh miwrnx
#? m&j / } .t^ifj f I
K =
1 OlUcct Son, uaiiuil27 ?'ourlo?ntliNtr?c
, Til 11 1.A3IEXT IOB OABriKLP.
A Hymn tiuuirX llinluuib on Uccorntloi
; I.
Israel'* betuty
Main in high iilftccs!
I lllUuyoyo.r uct",
, MouriiltiK the chiaft
How u tie rxlioii 1
Joy wan abounding;
Fur Li resounding
Wall now ana grief.
' Bravely tho hero
{ otuiu ilfe'a Hurt? battle
Heeding no ruttio,
Fearing bofoo;
|l Mimm turn but,
II litgio In vioon.
Hull In dtvUIou,
II Unhu would go.
V NoVe In liiipulnc,
Just in lib Huilmi.Fan
from rctiuctloii,
lluinbio lu tnitfUi;
Yet nover fali'ilug,
Tenuis not nlt'rlnir,
I?mt'?l tic ihu KlKlit.
Oh, what is mankind's
Ik'KUljrmnl alorjr?
JIi'?r yo the utory,
8ml! Kid! RkiUH.
OA* until IheiUiri" "Iml
Bnuk down a i!ower,
1 lilt llllf III, IwiLV. I
g fimamun Uhlii'ln.
Hot from thy labors;
) lLuvtm rutCisolteriiiiTt
lUwfrvin lay tutoring,
[ l'oftcel?ai>ovot . _
Great was thy burden?
Drog* hail thy chaliec?
Itcatfrotn the malice,
frowned by love I
For thee lie mi lie red,
(tlorloii" Null m,
Who to his station
lial'&t Mm <w chief J
Me nlng thy welfaru,
I) -I'ltf hit duty,
Slain wa< thy beauty,
Just la thy grief.
< ? ?'iiiluIt'll .Uutniirv'n Love.
"l)o not slug him. papal" Gweadolet
Malm fly suid these words quickly, anc
with nit earnestness that showed how hei
heart was wrapped up in the young mat
in whoso bclmlt they were spolcen. It wa?
a beautiful evening in June. At 7:4^
o'clock silence reigned, gave tin
occasional note of a cricket be
^ ueatli tho flagstones and the lo^
twittering of tho swallows as they nea
iled beneath the leaves and chirped ti
......K .. 1 4 r\
""-II uiuci u aircpj gwu nielli. UBCUI
R-dingote was Adelbert MnhaUy's adopted
son, Years ago, when Gwendolen wot
uut u baby, and the proud father bad gont
out one evening for another bottle of soothing
syrup to keep her from howling-the
roof of the house o<r, he found Oscar, then
i boy of peven, trying to rob a blind man
He had taken the little waif home, brought
?t up us lua own child, and now, at live-amitwenty,
Oscar was on tfie Board of Trade,
lie had resumed the old business.
During all these years that Gwendolen
and Oscar hud been growing up together
there had risen in their hearts a passionate
love, almost wicked in iis intensity, ami
not two months nyone they had plighted
their troth and sealed their vows with a
lame toot h-st ui-tin-' kiss that tnniln fJivun.
dolen club herself for all she had been
missing. It was the avowal of this second
compact that'bad caused grim-vi>aged old
Mr. Mabafly to rear bis horrid fruut auu
declare that it should never be.
"So you have given this young man
your heart, ray lass?" said the old man, in
cold, sneering* tones.
"Yes, father, I have," was Gwendolen's
replv,"and Lubuli never repent my action."
"You had much better," 6aid her father,
while a baleful light shot from his eyes,
"have kept your heart and given him your
liver, for it's little need you'll have for the
latter if you depend upon him to furnish
food to keep it going." And,with a demon
like laugh, he started over to town to get
o ? * * a
Two summers have come and gone.
iunvuuuiuii, u iooiw 01 nappy contentment
in her face, sirs in a tapestried room of the
Castle MahaHy, singing a mother-song to a
babe, whose big blue eyes look wonderingly
arountl the apartment, and whose
chubby 'little hands tug' heanily at the
>ide.s of the cradle in which it is lying.
Presently Oscar comes into the room and
> kisses Gwendolen.
"Do you know, dear, that it is two years
to-day since \\e were married ?"
? "Yes, sweetie," is the replv.
j "And do you remember what your father
? said that evenimr. when he first learned of
? our engagement?"
lt "Yea, darling." iy
"We have been living with him ever
'0* sinro our mnrriftue, have we not?"
is "Yes, my love."
a. "Tne out man has a great head, Gwendolen,"
said Oicar. 4 He sizetl me up exactly.
He is eHting old now and we must
- never leave him."
2: "You bet we musn't," was Gwendolen's
reply, 44if we want anything to eat"
f. A Ditwn-Klvvr Kouiuiicc.
- troratho |>ca of CHptain Bob McEluowney candl jHtcforUongrcssuinl
LHlitorof ttiu Wetzel Democrat.
lt Thompson, of far-oir Minnesota, loved
<1 Hall, of neur-by Sard is, with a fierce,
. -teven-wevk?'?Btnnding, Narrows-run passion.
Hall loved Thompson with a tlewlis
get, Sardisboumt-to-run-hira-down-or-die
[0 affection. Thompson being a young man,
and Hall being a voting woman, there war
no escape from these states of wretchedJ1
nets except in the gulf of matrimony. Sc
jr thought Thompson, so thought Hall, and
tliey determined to take a nluuge. Strange,
U nobody caught Thompson by the diagonal
uiuiu*iii-iuriv-i;cJHa-?v\uiu tuui Ulli, nobody
Ecized Hall by tbe thirty-geven-and
_ a-lialf cent back hair that Hows and
2 lluttcrs down the nape of her yumyam
yum-gimme-some-more neck. On th<
contrary, the wedding quests were invited
,il and the wedding feast was spread, the fat
ry led calf was shipped on the Courier tc
H 10 Wheeling and sold to a batcher foi
ig three dollar*, but the mighty rooster thai
o[ has waked up the Lodi echoes nightly ant
"l morningly for the last thirty years was las
or soed and slain, fn the meantime Thomp
aon hied him to Woodslleld. Thoqipsoi
jj; is not the only man that has heretofon
?1 hied him to Woodsfield. "Woodsfield ii
. MAllmrnn tl..i linn.) ?f C<<n?.l.
SUIIIU M flCI U Ul UHI1.1 V?? fcuw IIW4U \Ji ouiiuau
?J We know it, we have been there, and so fa
in* as stated upon our own 'knowledge, tin
1,1 allegations ot tins bill are true. N<
A> matter. Thompson was not long it
getting there?the fleet-footed, swift
winged Thompson. Thompson want
? ed a license and wanted it bad. Alas fo
' Thompson! He carried about his persoi
no sell-registering log book of his daily Hfi
for the past -14 year*, 8 months and 17 days
(We do.) Hence to the eagle eye of (hi
Monroe county dispenser of suicide, per
mils . and marriage license, Thompsoi
looked like an over much married man
p ButThompy wasn't at all, he only wante<
to be. >In great disgust dfd Thompsoi
>?? turn hiip'self around in the public road
Jj aud a meaner feeling, "sneakener" lookini
m- man itban the meandering Thompsoi
?"? never stubbed his toes alter dark oi
JJJ the boulders of Sard is hill, !|e go
six duck ai ib?i, uuw no wiiau i m a nurry auou
w coining in, though the guests were hue
ins tl,? r008tcr waa baked dry, the coffe
,bj. wna cold and Hull was weeping like than
in. Utr. They found him wandering abou
the smoke-house and dragged him in a
dumb as an oyster. They searched hi
pockets and found a bone comb with eei
enteen tcetji gone and nine left, a jacl
!7 ' kuife, a plug of '.'badjy phased" nav;
ninetv-tfiree cents and a small pack wit
Q a Hush arrangement, but never a marriag
, license. A dampness and a coldnesa bo
tio tied down upon the meeting and Thom|
S son retired early that night?lie slcj
" by himself very uneximctcdly, an
filoreil like a liippotamiis. Mori
i?- in (-"me at lost, happy morning fi
" Thompson) Hard by was the Land of Wf
*' zol, a refiigu (or a|l retched and diitKBsi
candidates (or matrimony from cruel, r
morseless Monroe. There too, was tho ci
of the Jungles where .the knot can alwa.
bo tied lmrd and fast for a dollar. Ov
the rushing wrier, went early in tho raor
10 inc, the indefatigable Thompson and tl
|J faithful ;Hall?with several sistera ai
a. consins and " aunts. . Tho document .w
, procured' and (be preacher was aontfoi
anil came upon the wings of the morning
* and there at the Point Houso at the houi
of ton, "t*o souls with but a slnglt
- thought" were tied together with a never
' break-looae-orget-taugled knot that will
= take si* lawyers and a judge to untie.
DlfllcnuiM or vmiHi mm itieLlquoi
ClilcWM Timet
Jllohlgun had until recently tho aunt
kind of a Constitution that Ohio has, but
it bad it different kind of Supreme Court,
and what the .Supreme Court of Ohio regards
us "unconstitutional the Supreme
Court of Mlchlgun atllrmed. In the Constitution
of the latter Suite, adopted In
1830, tfiero wus tho clause, "Tho Legislature
shall not puss any act authorising tho
grant of license for the Nile of ardent spirits
ui vmcf iiuuAiruiiu^ nijuura xiio prohibitory
law was repealed In 1875, anil as
the Constitution eu joined tboenactmentof a
license law the Legislature sought to circumvent
it alter the Pond law fashion. A tax of
$150 wan imposed on retailer# of intoxicating
drinks and alcoholic medicines, ami
a tax of $40 afterward raised to $50, on the
sale of fermented or brewed liquors. Of
course the constitutionality of the law was
promptly denied, and a case to test it came
before the Supremo Court within nix
months after the passage of the law. Its
constitutionality wasaUirmcd by the court.
Judge Cooley delivering the opinion, and
repudiating the idea "that the State lends
its countenance to anv mirticnlur truffle hv
taxing it." "Taxes," tfie Judge aillrmetf,
'are not favors; they aro burdens. . . It
would be a remarkable proposition that a
tiling is sanctioned and countenanced by
the Government when this burden, which
inav be disastrous, is imposed- upon it,
while, on the Other hand, it is frowned upon
and condemned when the burden is withtield."
Furthermore, a faijure to pay tho
tax did not reuder the busiuess uulawfu
any more than the failure of a merchant to
pay the tax on his Btock of goods made his
uusiuess illicit. The liquor-dealers understood
this as well as the court did and refused
to pay their taxes to such an extent
that the next year tho legislature, undtir
the advice of Governor Bagley, passed a
. law making it a penal offense for a man to
deal in liquors without having previously
paid his tax. This certainty came very
near being a license law, but the question
whether it were or not soon ccased to have
.tny practical importance, for the clause for.
bidding the license system was stricken
trntn tho nnmitiintlnn I...
financial a.m) t unnmui,.
New York Jluufy and Mock*.
New Yori, June 2 -Money 2>fcu per ceut,
down# at 3 per cent. Prime iuenai;the tuper&i,
>>? per cent. Sterling Exchan<u tunkeia bilL,1
iteady At ft HSJ{; deumnd ft &!)}{.
UovernmKNTa?Wenk and %%Y\ pet cent lower.
(1.8. fa, extended... viy, Lehigh & ttiites no
11. a. 5s, extended... lul it. i*. it 3. C. lints I lo'-i
tf.3. cou1?[u...1HU u. p. bonds, anm....us
U. AKroumiu. 1 U. p. Luna Unuiu..Ha?
. eaciflc w ?i '?j \u ij. r, Binkiiicr luud.'ia
telltial I'uclllcllRU.UTX Iei?.? rut land ula...
- '-"A lo.Wo(imudedlr
Kau.koad Bom tvs?Irregular and generally w?ak.
State Securities? wittioiit feature except fur
Tennewee mixed, which Is per cent lower.
Louisiana cotisok.... tiT^lVfrglnfa ft .... u
di-cjourl^ 113>,| Virginia consols. exit.
Joseph llo | tra nut. coupous... 61
renue*?e<! 6s 575^1 Virgin in deterred...* is
retmeasee Gs. new... 5'J | Offered.
t w"'rrci;ulttr throughout the
d ?jr with prices faUlug and rising as the market be
caine weaa or strong. In the final dealing a general
recovery ofiWi per cent took place and tho
uwrk? c osed t r but p?r c?ut lower than
4t jtMenlav s -Io4-\ the latter New Jersey Central.
TMnsacuoiU 353,OOU ihare*,
^,& s<.^pre? -133 do. preferred ... loy<
UtondiT. II......? -ib North western.....?
do.j> referred 63 do. preferred h3>,
\meriwn fc*presa... 95 New York Contral...!^'
B.,U R. 4S; ?,o Ohio Central.?...- lis
^auwla Southern.... 48^ Ohloi Miss aiS
L." . i i; 9?V* 108 do* preferred- lft!
^eutral Paclllc.. Ont. ?si Western 21
iyhesapeake <fc Ohio- "20^ Padflo Mall.
do. 1st preferred? 29 Pan.ima 205^
do. ?i-preferrcd-... 21V; P..D. & K 28
ohicauo at Aium 130^ cievo. & Pitta ~..12H?<
do. preferred- _i:? Reading
? & ?? ....-11*0 Rock Island J i;'
u' u i''A 74 k ?sS. P.... -~~i 3i
5r ?,cv'v- 51 do- preferred &o
n't I t. . *? do. 1st preferred... bs
DcL ji Hudson ?.io3 St. Paul li(V;
Ud. I.ack. <4 W. .?HSi^ do. preferred Ho
Denver & R. G 5frit sl P.. M. .t m ... . irtu^
Erl?- v *7 - St. Paul A Omaha?
'do-preferred. do, pre/erred... liu^
' 1? ?,!M rcxosmiHc?. ur)i
Han. dc isc. Joseph... 90 Union Pacific l!2k
do. preferred 79 United State* Ex
ilarlem. j?i \\ St. L. & p ..27 k
foiiston A Texas..., 73 do. preferred M'i
{Ul,u?k Central jifJi Wells. Fargo Ex 12s
H. & H' 89% Western Union tlti
Jwhonw Pacific. ak East Tennessee
Wffrte * * - d?' Pretowl 171?
Lake Shore... 10^>Caribon H-.
Loulwllle&Nash..- ?.!% I Central Ariioua h
I* N. A. <fc C- M I Excelsior.. i<!
M.L C. lat prefd 10 Uomestako ... 17k
?do- 2d prerd-. 4 Little Pittsburgh....? i?
Mem.& OhttHt n?.?. 48 Ontario ..., 35
Michigan entral.... K&iQuicksllver ... s?4
Miwouri PacJiic 91 do. preferred 50
Mobile ? Ohio 22 Silver Cliff. it/.
Morris ii Ekwi 122 Standard is'
Nash, d: Cnat.. 59 Sutro , y.
Jersey Ceflt 68J4 Robinson .. i?
N. &V,. preferred,... 49 South Pacific.?.... in
Northern Pacific..... 41% ^Offered.
. Chicago, June 2.?Flour quiet, Arm and un*
, changed. Wheat active, firm and higher; Jl -?7d
l2?>*cash: St 27KJune; ?l2S^al2? July; 51 \>*/.
' ?n*UM; ii U5H September, U 0# )wn No. 3,
S11 'Wtlar or No. 2 wheat $1 i2%al i3it
ift, 'Wust. Com active, firm ami higher
Ht?lftc.i aih and June; 72a72Vfc July; w?a72kc au1
gust: TJ'/gC September, 70c October, A9Ji? year, re0,rt,,s
i r,)"S ?nd higher at Wic
cH*h; 49J^c June; 43]^c July; atki-'WJiC ?ugu?t; 30v4c
September, 3l%cyc?r. Rye quiet and unchanged
at .Co ca*h, June and July; 74 August lUrley dull
nuu uuuiiuau} uiicnailRUU III 91 > U. HaXMMKl (lull
' Hud lower, merchantable tl 35*1 XM. Port active,
rtrra ami higher *t f 10 62Sal9 7S osli; $19 62&09 ?.
June; 119 7&a'9 7JJ4 July; 819 92Kul995 AuRuat
, SJOuQ blil September; Jl79 H17'Jo year. Lardac
, live, firm ami higher ?t $il 35 cn!?h *nd June;
511 -tt&alltf July; 511 h"]A August; fll 70 Septera
bcr ami Octo^r. fill ITi.SnU 35 year Bui* meats
! uteaily wlih a fair demand: shoulders 19 00; siort
rib ill 75; short clear Sll 15. Butter quiet am'
unchanged. Kggi quiet at I0&il7c. Whisky sternly
' at Si 17. Call? -v heat lu fair demand but at Iowei
. rates: $t 1254U i'"^ August; SI 03 September.
, rejected or Su. 2 irregular ?t 9U3Ktl ISjtf July;
3107J^ August; (tOtVial.OlK Sep'embor. Corn In
I fair'icmatid but at lower rates nt7lj<c June: 7i*ja
. 71JgC July. 72c Aueust; 7ljfc!-eptetnber. 70}?c Oc
woer. OuM. *t<*dy with a fair demand at 4?%c
June:43}?c July; 3Mc August: 3tV$c September.
Kork moderately active and higher at $ 0 77^1
. 19 H'l July; $19 97>i August: $ 0 .Ui23 00 .September, i
I 320 27 U October. Lard, 111 30*11 35 June: 8 1 lb I
1 Ju ) ; SU 57H*t!l GO Auguat; Sll C?%*11 70 Sepfern'
ben III 70 October.
> The following shows tbo fluctuations in the 1
I Chicago gniln aud provision market ye?tcrday, a>
reported by John M. lloou & Co., brokers, No. UC0
Main street:
i Wheat, Corn. Oats. Fork. Lard.
. Jun<?. July. July. July, July. July.
rl Onemxl 1 07V* 1 ?>*t* * i/- ** i? " "
closed ....l 27* ia? :i.$2 rs% 19 so iuj
Highest... I 'JS\? 130 7M ?? J9S) 2145
Lowrst_ 1 27m 1 71# ?? l'j 72J4 11 42*
Variation I 1# t\ Va 'H -J4
N*w York, June 2.?Cotton quiet at 12 l-]Ca
125 iCo: futures ca*r, Flour dull and uncbang-d;
receipts lfi.OUO barrels; exports 4,500 barn-lf. \\ fccat
opentd JS'tlJic higher and linn, nubs-quently be
curae weak and Kit most of t&c advance, elosl g
hteady; receipts 38.5 0 bushel*: exports 88,000 b?shels:
No.-2 spot $133: utimded red 81 I8ai 45J<;
No, SdoS' ?>$: No- 2 red 81 43 delivered; 81 l&i
U'?J< certificates; No. I red 81 17; steamer No 2
red fl 3Sal SS}<;: ungraded white 8110: *o.l white
irtlev 10,000 bushels at fl 40: No. 2 red June, wilt*
2)6,000 bushels at 81 4%al 47, clewing at 81 4^:
July, sales 1*1,000 bushels at 8127J*al '?> closJujf hi
Jl '.'OJ-i. Corn opened KalKc stronger and higher,
subsequently weaker anil lost most of the ndvntice.
closing dull; receipts 63.<XW bush eh; exports'.a.510
huiheb: ungraded 78dStc: No. 3 80c; steamer 7Sj<c
So 2 81c delivered, No. 2 white 92%c: steamer
white 91o; No. 2 June 79V$ftS0c, closing Ht 79^c; July
SOoSBjc, closing at 80K<n AUjUst 80J4?8IJ^c, closing
(it SOyJc; "fptemtjer stasia, closing at ?lc. Oats
Ka2c higher,
UatTJMOftE. June 2.?Flour quiet and steady,
Wheat western tlrin, but closed dull; No. 2 wjntei
redspot 813Sai SSJf: June 8137%al 33K;July 8l 22^
at '?.% August 8118al ?8>J: September 8118at lt%
w?n. wtsicni opcneu nncncr ana aettve, clo?itiis
I "PiPtiir. spot81c bid: Juno SinSlWc; July SlkaS yJ'
Au?ust%c bid. OAti dull und lower' w?t?m
? white COaG'ic: mixed 5'MG?.e; I'emigvjvunii 5lUt}0c.
ii Kye dull at 85c. Hay dull. Provisions Arm: mess
a pork fJU 00*21 00: bulk mcaWji shoulder* and dear
I ; packDd rj bncon. khouldera
J 110 50;dor rlhi sides SI3 37K; hams ?I5 75aicou
t Lurd, rodned f 1275. flutter dull; west.-rn packed
i- 5aisc; creamery ,S0a32c. Kta firm at aac i%
0 Petroleum nominal; refined 7Ha7kc. roffec?t.idr
duiftlliauiT' qu'eu A8oil 0Ka9Wc* *hb*>'
it Cincinnati. 0., June l-Cotton dull and un
3 changed at lljic. Flour dull; family ?5 75aG 00:
ifl fancy 5? 40a, Z). Wheat scarce and Arm: No. 2
18 ?ed winter t\ 3lal spot; SI bid; July si o;
-* Id. (kirn Ann: No. 2m(xed "6y.tr,7c June; 771k
c- July; 7*c August: JSic September. 76c hid October
Oata quiet; No. 2 mixed 55c. Uyo firmer at TOaSOc
Ikrley scarcc, firm and nominal Pork firmer ai
U 119.75. Lard itroncer. held at $1137. Bulk mean
'e firmer; 'holders is 75: clntr ifb 111 12k. Bacor
It- ?,MF ??I!KfHL?
P* finished goals 1013 barrels on a bails of 91.10. Hut
pt t?t dull ftnd cmt; c hoice Wcattra Reserve 20c
caoice C'eotr I Ohio IGC.
... Cuicaoo, June 2?The Drortr't Journal report*
11 Hrw>?Receipts21,000 head: shipment 8.500 head
or Market fairly active an'l Arm: common to ?hxk
it- mixed 17 2Qa7 85; heavy 7 90o8 70; ligftt J730uf 83
?,i G\ttle-Recelnt*?.00o &r*a: ihlpmerit*3,400 a?ui
' Good to choice higher th?n ever. grass cattle nailvi
6' and Texas *1111 deeljnjnjR expo U 98 8*9 30; com
ty "on to Mr ? 65a7 'J5; butch-n' Hock dull ai$2 00i
' h ?Jt. m.lnlv CI "J\i I XV ..Mi-a TiiT.n. u nA. ,
to alrS350a4 00: medium torood$4 2ta476:choto
er heavy tl ?ift5 50; itockrn and leaders K 50a5 40
n* "towp?roor to Mr tl 50*3 tO; medium to coot
13 75a4 25; good to choice 14 50.it 20.
,,i Tolwo. Juno z?Wbc?t quiet and weak; No.
3U whJ spot $1 38: June tl 81j$; July I114H: Aubui
ft3 -10>6; yeM|10?H. Corn quiet; bl?h mUcd 76<
8* 3 ipot 74c: July and Aajuit ?8kcf year SOc.
??5S?r" W i"1"5 No-3 2* "P01?' bW.
S W "Auiuit II lofc year II WW bid!
fil^.Mkwl- ,f'uru infcctlre: >o, a ipot held at
> June hold at 73Kc; July ?J3*c; year held at
, Oau, UltJcJvlim Sa 2and August hold at
. Wc; September hero at Bfljfcc.
YoRK? ,JVn? ? rDnY pOQDa?The market
li without ipwlal Hctlvltv. Still more Inquiry hat
o*en extended, with more Interest manllwtvd In
. ?upidl?for*u utun. Expoitu of cotton good*, 3,119
p ckauei. (Jlntfhimi are In uwre active dlitrtbu*
to. irlnli are very quiet. Kentucky Je<in? are
d.lu* viry well In proportion to i educed ?tock?.
, ihu tone of the rnarkut U very Heady.
uinCZ ?*UA!*'t Jnn? l-OdTeo qui-1 and Heady;
Itio rnrgmi ordinary to prime bdiojic. Suuar ?ii
Kood demand; comn-on tow**! comuiou 7k?Sc: fair
M fully fair fctydtfta yellow clarltl-d
, Moln>? (dull; rcbulUd !jM7c; fair rebelled WiWe;
prlaio 63a V(c.
,frrmnfnou. i?a., Juno 2.?Petroleum active;
ki i OKifd ?ics clowd at 0 Kc;
nlunctt cikc: lowest 60c, refined 7JCc for Phlla
ueipnu ueiivery.
fiNciNSATi. Juno 2.?Mvo l?o?* quiet: common
nnd Unl>t 5<iuOiU?ou:packing and butcher*$7oVa360,,
Hl\cIi?w l/.to head; ihl|>iucnts atthetd.
8. S. S. cures I'iiuplcs, Bolts, or any ducaie
arising from Impure blood.
A llnptlNt Mlnlftler'N Experience.
I am a Ilrtptlst Minister, and before I even
thought of being a clurgyiuitn, I graduated in
medicine, but left a lucrative practice for my
nresent profession, forty years ago. I was
for many years a sufferer from quinsy;
"Thomas1 Eclectric Oil cured lue." I was
also troubled with hoursones.*, and Thomas'
Eclectrlo Oil always relieved me. My wife
and child had diphtheria, nnd "Thomas' 15clectrioOll
cured them," nnd if taken in time
Jt will cure seveu times out of ten. I am
confident it ia a cure for the most obstinate
cold or couch, and if any one will take a
small teaspoon and half fill it with the Oil,
and then plaeo the end of the sj>oon in one
nostril aud draw the Oil out of the. spoon
into thu head by smiling as hard ns they can.
until the Oil fails over into the throat, ami
practice that twice n week, I don't caro how
offensive their head muy be, it will clean it
out and cure their catarrh. For deafness
I1M/1 x. I? kii? ?? -
...... iu.ui.ucii uMuu ig wuiiuen iu my certain
knowledge. It is the only medicine
uubbed patent medicine that I have ever felt
liko recommending, und I am very anxious
to we it in every place, fori tell you 1 would
not be without it iu my house for any consideration.
I am now suffering with a pain
like rheumatism in my right limb, and nothing
relieves me like Thomas' Kclectric Oli.
Dk. K. P. C'kank, Corry, Pa.
I'urincr*' Wive*.
It is an evident fact that farmers' wives are
smicted witii many diseases which are the
result of overwork. They are constantly 4111
one ceaseless routine of toil from daylight at
moruing uutil late at night. No change, no
relaxation, no rest I .Farmers should note
una met, una bo forewarned beforo it in too
lutf. It is astonishing what an amount of
labor the wives of farmers perform. Many of
them get up and htfve breakfast ready before
their husbands are out of bed. Then it is
work, work, work until near midnight, their
minds during the time being constantly occupied
with their duties, and with thinking
how the food is to be supplied, when the
washing and ironing is to be done, when time
can be spared to scrub the lloor, how the
children are to be clothed and kept tidy, and
innumerable other things not necessary to
mention, all of which combino to overwork
and break down the strongest woman in the
land. Iu no ease is it safe to be continuously
l thinking upon any one thing, and in coses
where the brain has been weakened by
too great a strain upon it, thereby
producing insanity, epilepsy, vertigo, hysterics,
female weakness, general debility, and
a multitude of other oiseases, the remedy is
I Uest and a few bottles of Ur. S. A. liichmund
tfc Co.'s Samaritan Nervine It acts directly
upon lite iteivoos centres and invigaU<res and
strengthens the whole system. Many ladies
| have refrained from using Samaritan Nervine
on account of an existing prejudice against
advertised medicines Let us ask a question:
Are you prejudiced against sewing machines
becaUsa VOU Ikwg ?w?l\ thorn or
can you doubt the ingenuity ami skill requited
in thoir invention? A gain, would you
refuse to insure your house because tho company
advertised that it had paid millions of
dollars in losses and yet had a capital of several
millions left ? Do such advertisements
shake jour confidence'and create prejudice?
Then why refute to credit the testimony of
those who have found Samaritan Nervine to
be all tiiat is claimed for it in overcoming
those ailments peculiar to \ our sex? The
following statement speaks for itself:
Fairfield, Lenawee Co., Mich.,)
^ April 25.1881. j
Dr. Richmond?Dear sir: This is to certify
that my wife hail lits for thirty-five years.
They would last her for about one hour and sometimes
longer. I happened .to hear of
your medicine, and sent for some of it. She
had no more fits after she took the first dose.
8he is now permanently cured, and her
health is a great deal better than it has been
for twenty years or more. You areentire'j'
at liberty.to use her picture and this testimonial
in any manner which you please,
axd may sign my name to it. We owe you
ibis much at least for what you h?ve done
for her. Yours truly,
daw Henry Clahk.
Tub purest, best and cheapest remedy is
that simple compound Peruna.
Why Will Yon
Allow a cold to advance in your system and
thus encourage more serious maladies, such
as I'neumonia, liemorrages and Lung
troubles when an immediate relief can be so
readily attained ? Boscheb's German* Syrop
las Ruined the largestsaio in the world for the
cnre of Coughs, Colds and the severest Lung
Diseases. It is Dr. Boschee'a famous German
prescription, and is prepared with the greatest
wrej and ne fear need be entertained in administering
it to the youngest child, as per
directions. The sale of this medicine is unprecedented.
Since first introduced there has
been a constant increasing demand and without
a single report of failure to do its work in 1
any case. Ask your Druggist as to the trath '
of these remarks. Large sizes 75 cents. Try
itaml be convince4. TrhsAw,
One*hcsdrkd dollars reward for a better
remedy. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment ia
?4ur? cure for Piles- ' daw
Personal I To Men Only !
The Voltaic Belt Co., ilarsba I, Mich., will
I ?cnd Dr. Dye's Celebrated Electro-Voltaic
Kelts and Llectrie Appliances on trial for
thirty days to men (young or old) who are
ifflicfd with Nervous Debility. Lost Vitality
and Manhood, and kindred troubles, guaranteeing
speedy and complete restoration of
health and manly vigor. Address as above.
v n tj-if su jnonwil
trial ia hllowed. ttsaw
\ I ft uc irkuoirl?!iiC(l.
Mrs. Ira Mulholland, Albany, N*. Y., writes:
"For several years I have suffered from oftrecurring
bilious headaches, dyspepsia, and
complaints peculiar to my aex. Since using
vour Burdock Blood Bitters lam entirely relieved."
1'rice $1.
Hocncil Irom Dctitli.
William J. Coughlin, of Somerville, Mass
<aya: In the fall of 1876 I was taken with
bleeding of the lungs, followed by a severe
cou}?h. I lost my appetite and tlesli, and was
confined to my bed. In 1877 I was admitted
to the Hospital. ThedoctorssaidI lmdaholo
in my lungs as big as a half dollar. At one
time a report went around that I wasdead. I
cave up hope, hut a friend told me of Dr.
William Hall's Balsam for the Lungs. I got
a bottle, when to my surprise, I commenced
to feel better, and to-day 1 feel better than for
"I write this hoping every onenlllictctl with
Diseased Lungs will take Dr. William Hall's
Hakim, and be convinced that consumption
can bo cured. I can positively say it lias done
more good than all the other medicines I have
taken since my sickness*.
Go to your druggist for Mrs. Freeman's
New National Dyes. For brightness and durability
of color are uncqualcd. Color from
two to five pounds. Directions in English
nn<l German. IVich la cent*. iuw
Murray & lanrrian's
i elm water,
i Best for TOILET, BATH
| "A CARp: '
f Tn *11 whn aro mffarlnV frnm lhi<iivfnr< an.I
0 crctlons of youth, nervous weakness, early decay,
1 Ices of manhood, Ac., I will tend a recipe that will
cure you, FREE OF CHARGE.' This great remedy
2 was dlscorered by a missionary In South America,
it 8end a aeltaddrcsed envelope^ the Ret. jomth
1 T, houtt, Station D, *Ne? York del^nusuw
Cures Dysnrpiia, Scrofula, Fever nnd Ague
tbo Liver ami Kidneys. Jt has Saved More I
other Mcdicinta, Tlie old Indians believe Hint I
will hnvp no Mrknea". l'OU SALK UY ALL
For Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, Bronchlti
all Diseases of the Tliri
over 1,000,000 dottle:
diseases of the THROAT, CHEST and LUNGS,
pounded as in the celebrated TOLU, ROCK. an<
properties, it affords a diffusive stimulant and
has been relieved.
PAIITinM f Don't be deceived by unprincipled
UAU1IUI11 and Ryein piace 0f our TOLU, RO
article made?the genuine bearing the signatu
etary Government Stamp on each bottle.
LAWRENCE A 3IAUTI.V,Proprietors, Chlca*;
C. WEI/TV a I5KO., WholcMlo Agents, who wl
For Pino Single and Double Barrel
Shot Guns, Rifles,
Paper anil Brass Shells, Gun Implements
and Ammunition, jit
122JJ Market Street.
Call and see the Somi-TIammerless Singh
Barrel Gun. something nevr. my 27
Spring' Water!
Celebrated for its Tonic and Diuretic properties
Highly .recommended for Dyspeptic*
and Bilious Affections. and prescribed ly
jur city physicians. For sale by the barrel
and in tiuamitics to suit patients. Bole
agent for Wheeling,
mv27 No. 1 Odd Fellows' Hall,
IF AAV* Our Uluitnted Lire* of the Jttnr*
l?\\K llrulhcr* is enlarged to 500
Lwvm K'lh *0 Illu>trutlon?, ind U complete
InclutlinjrUjc DeaJh and Burial of Jr**-.
AND WeaUoillimiate the killing. the houte.
--fc. m maam I*"8 J*">? # '? death, hU wife, lilt
H~ BJ fj CVfl I# twa children born In outlawry.the FonU
FRaraft who made the capture .ttc.aUo a full-pace
i ilrtl*!* enrrarlnif of Co*. Crittenden. AfiL.MS I
_ _ _ wX-HtED. rlrrnlir. < ? ??- - *
*nl" fciV|r.lu,. .r tuo Secure only the
.yaanu o.
B >JIZ.Tr11 tS?a 1 JluttrrK.lfM H
Sftli M SIMS?4 11 liO0V,"U?,B?fW
P'Ke,,ful1 >l?eTml Jiutlr, ailli gf
MM rUno?ccomp*alment. retail from 5i !o tit tenti e?ch 9
Rasner & Dinger,
Haves' Patent Metallic Skviigtits.
y- ~"J "O
(Pntlor Ucvnue)
Thu ouly Skylights th? wo
Fire, Storm, Condensation mid
Weather Proof.
rVo.S?3 Tlilrcl Avenue,
i'iTrsiii;i;?u, p.i.
jg:' rr't.t* ' '
| Scouring
L'j-"'?_? 3WU;' ':'C-RGCUR :
SjgF ^Hsv
, Blllograwa, Conmlpntlon onil oil dlsrarea of
'\eeSu\ 11 t ^un t'?r'm,,eni Curt* than all
: nuijnoiHTH;
U o'
s, Asthma, Pneumonia, Consnmptlon, and
nat, Chest ami Lungs.
ways been one of the mostimportantjweapons
:d by the MEDICAL FACULTY mmlnat the
in its incipient ami advanccu stages, and all
but it baa never been so advantageously cornel
RYE. In addition to its soothing Balsamic
tonic, to build up the system after tke cough
I dealers who try t > palm off upon you Rock
iCk and RYE, which is the only dedicated
re, LAW HENCE & MARTIN, on the Propri'TTLES
;o, HI., and No. 0 Rirclay street, New York.
S ami DK.UjKUS Kvcrywlioro.
Ill supply the trade nt manufacturing prices.
Mltqfmj GOODS,
Flro Octavo#. ono 3-5 Seta Beedfl.-Efp/i* Stops.
Including Sub-Bass. Oc'ave Coupler, Stool,
?w? Mujib, tu uuiiu uiuuk nouiut vuo
Fancy IUgh Top, as above.
ONLY $30.
Thm Oboax ib Spilt os nig Old Plax.
* Tho Fatuous jJeetJioven Organ
27 stods. 10 rf>ohc sfcqo
Boon to advance to $125. Ordor now. Remit br
Bank Draft, root Offlco Order, or Jlcglatered
Zotter. Boxed and shipped without? 3rainont'i
Delay. Catalogue Free. Address or coll upon
SDANIEL F, BEATTY.Waslanghin, Nei mqfr
style*. W GO and upward* nor month, til)
paid lor, at SHEWS MUSIC STOKE, 53 Twelfth
stiect. Washington Hall
ISV flr?t quality, warranted Mx years, $275and upwards,
nt SHEIIl'S MUS.C STOhE, 53 Twelfth
tr<-<v *'mhlngton lfall. myir.
^ "J ^
; SSBakiiig
Ask your Orocer or Drupnist for the
1 Sold Wholesale and Rotafl by
? ,1JB Markut Unset,
OniciiK McLure HouV
* : - i For Sale Clieap.
Wheeling (irajic Sugar and KeBnlngCo.
i 'Vrl8 SecnUuj.
Preston County, IV. Ta.
Purraint to a decree o( tho Circuit Court of Itf
ton county, made and entered on tbo Mb day of
April, A. I>. lhsf, in a c*rtaln rouw Jn clwnciy
pcndltiK lu uid court, whcrclu diaries K. UNcttr :!
nud other* uru plalntltl's nna George B. Ul. wtll
mid oihersarodeleiKlHiitR, mid by vlriuo of ibo
Kutho'liyin mo ve?tod ns Bpcclal Coramlnloner GH
by uld decnu, I will, ou
FRIDAY, THK lfiTll DAY OF JUNE, A. D? 1882,
nt tho Iron fumuco ou tho premlwi to bo lold,
commencing Ht 11 o'clock a. m., procccd to . J
itell at t'ubllo Auctlou to thy highest and - "i'i
lx*t bjuder, the rwtl e?uito and pcnonal ,'i
property hereinafter described, or so much of Mdd ,(
real coutu Mild nor nn?l
?,"??/ uccca* ;-i l
wry with tho funos la in* hands at Trustee, i
$tii 87, as mentioned In said decree, to \m tho
ileus reported iiii.ideaiiifl, wllhiuu'rcit until paid,
on tho land and penouat property. iurh lion* ag? '
kp'kmlnk 115,201 41, tu of April loth, 18!i'2, bo far
nucn livua and interest remain unpaid, being.this* I
10th day of May, l??f, the whole aroouut thereof i
reported as above, I >,o e*jx?nxa of title, aud of tfia
aid tru?tee and commUnmur properly incurred aa
ouch trustee aud commissioner. Including tho . )
coiumUlonur'acommUaioui tbatlstoiay, the iol* !
lowing rvaleatate and prupvrty, UttutOii in 1'rvntou
county, went Vl.ginla, on tho waters of Three
Forks Creek, known as tho
Glades Iron Works.
' v v-'-i ,V: Including the '
Ot Coal and Irou Landa annexed thereto. For the
description and boundaries tlureof icfcronco is j
hereby made to the fblowing dteda conveying the':; 'SSoffiaS
Mild lands to (Aoreo lUrdman. all.of wmch t.ro , ?,.*J
recorded In tho olnco of tbo Clerk of tho County i
. ourtol l'retion county, Wtat Vtiglnli, to-wlt: a , I??
d- ed for two tracts of land, ono containlug 12&X ;; \i
acre*. tltc other Wacres ami two poles from. 0. A. i
and Agues lleldelbcig to sold uconce Hantaan and' ?wS8?
Alary R. Aillner, dated May 18. lb7o, and recorded . I
In deed book So. liU. ou pages 2C6 and Vt">7; a deed !
for acre* from W. 11. Heidelberg lotald Hard* , ?im ^ j
man anted May 27,187-1. and lecordtd In deed bodk :
No. 10. page 267; a deed from Harmon aud Maitha i
A. Trlcket to tho Mid Hantaan and Mary E. Mlll.v?:.iMS^
ner.for two tracts ol laud,both containing M^afcre*. I
dated Juno 10, lttfO, and recoracd In deed book c>o. ,
33. pogrs W?4, and deed from John & aberrant and i
others tosald I lard man, dated May 13, 187.', and re- !
I corded In deed book >io. 41.paces'.*and3; a deed from i
I Margaret, Ucotgo U .James v., Julia A, and Baruh ' i
K. Jackson, to said George llardmau for one acre,
I dated Marco JC, W?2, and recorded In deed book No. * '
.id. page* 434-35; a ami fiom Win. 11. amlO llrowu to
wilu Hantaan, for two acres and 23 perches, dated !
March 27, 1874, and recoided Ui deed book No 41, ;
pages 4 and 6: a deed from Cyrus and Nsncjr J. "1
Llutou to said Hantaan, for 12 urns and 2k pci dies, !
dated Juno 17, 1874, and recorded In aetd took No. " |
11, pages 18 and 19; a deed from lluckutr aud He*
Ik-cch Fairfax to told Hard man for no amen, dated M${aflS5
August 1'J, 1?7a and recorded In deed book No. 41,
page* 20 aud 21; aud a deed Jjem John K.and Mary1 . '
K, Mlllner to tho-Mid Hanlmnn. for four ?rnciaof:!
laud iiCTrcgfttlng 383 acres, dated|March 10,1874, and "";
revOidetl lu dt^u booa >u. -ii, pages ?? .2 . aud
24; Uio whole containing in trie aggregate about I
850 acres, with oil the improvements ?nu hi puiteri* " "-1
ancea thereunto belonging, or in any wise apper* ra
mining, luciuotng U?e iron lumaco thereon, huuhH^ '
the machinery and llxtOna tuereou, whether fixed
or,movable, and all tools ann implements uH-d in^x^^mgH
operating the tame, wljether fixed or movable, Miid
land being the samo conveyed to Charles E. Lavertjrj
by Eugene List by deed dated September 30. A.
1878, and recorded among the public land records of '!
mdd county, in deed book 46, page71. -V* wJffljan
AUo. the following penoual propuity now on lho'&#3r&sK?8F
above real estate ?? ?? -
H four-wheeled tram-road care; '2hlx-hone wagons,
I two-borce wagon. Itlx'ts of harness, lsix-hone eu-. "
nine and upright engine boiler used to operate the
samo.| i
ccuis of Sale for tho Real EstAte.?Onc-thlrd of i
the purdinMj money,oriuch greater amount thcttofs^iJSftagMS
lis tl?o purchaser may elect topny, cuslilti hand;
the residue In two iqual yearly payment*, with lit-''~
icrestfrom day of wue, and the tlewred payments
to be secured by deed of tniht on the proi?-tty sold. >\
.Terms of Sale for the Personal Property.?All '
s'ims under one hundred dollars ca*h; over one
huudred dohare one-third, or sueli greater amounty
ihereol as tne purchaser may 'elect to pay, cash; tho 1 . ' '.
residue in tiro equal Installments at three and'tlx . . v;y
months respectively, bearingInterest from the day .
of sale, with approved pi reonal fccurlt). " - '/ ,..
mjrlS VpotIhI ' nrnmi*-loner."- ,
Liivery Stable Stoclr.
In the Circuit Court of Ohio County, \V. Va., ac
A.S. Harden* etui. V
vs. >in Chancery. >
C. E WifiNM -> -i l
. A ,.-~vyj.Uj33gaB
By virtue of a dccrec entered in the laid court in J
the above entitled cause on the 3d day ol May .-.A.
u., l?Si the undersigned Special Kecelver named
la said decree will on . ,r '
Beginning at 10 o'clock a. m.. sell nt public auction
at the Livery Stable, No. 1MW iiaiu street, in the
city ol heeling in said county of Ohio, and State j : . j
of * est Virginia, to the fcfgluat and fcesi bidder, ' 1 . ;
thefollowligdescribedpropeity.that-isto my: '' v^.L:$s$Sga
hUteen horse*, slxhncka, Stopbugglts, 1 carriage,'
l pha.-ton.l open buggy, 1 road vrayou, t big -pring fetesS
wagon. 1 fouMiorte slclgn 2 two-horse sltluhB, 7
one-horse sleighs, 6 ?et* hack harnus, 1 double set
carri<ge harness, 3 tela double buigy harncw.,13
sets single buggy harness, 2 seta doub.e *?gon bartieia,
3 riding tirldlw, 3 Middles; 1 tIderacidle,-80
halters, 3buggy pules, 4 butlalo robes. 8 woolen lap W
blankets 8 linen dusters, uo horse blankets 5 linen gS
horse covers, 1 wardrobe. 2 *to\'ef,; 5 buckets, 2 seta |
nose, 1 s?-t scales, 1 bl(,ck ana tackle. 2 iork?: 2
- *n?va, o necit joues, 1 pair lend
harness covers. 3 buggy coven, - hiepladders. 2 . < i,
lounges, 1 cot, sleigh bells, whip*, curry combs, . : i
brushes, Ac., Ac., Including all Uel scoi article* ' ''
usually found at & well furnlsheti llvtry f table.
Al?o tlic following article* of ofBco furnitures ' " &
One wie. 3 desk*. 1 detkchnlr, I arm cbalr, 2
.chairs, 8 picture*, 2 clocks, l stove, set ofpwflitures,
matting and I awning. . / >
Alto the following household and kitchen furnl- i
ture. ' v...
One'fct of parlor turniture, 1 ict of dining roo?.
furniture, 2 ?et* bed room f raiturc,"'carpeU.matting,
coal vase, water cooler and numerous other
articles o' household and kitchen furnituie.
Also ono gold watch a-.r chain ;lw$, ?3s
leans op Balk?For sums not exceeding one hundrcd
lStOO) dollais cash; for sums exceeding no ''1
hundred and not exceeding five hundred ijMO)
dollars, one-half, or?o mucn mote as the purchaser
may elect, In cash and the remainder in ninety t90)
day?, with Interest from the day of sule; for turns
exiceding Ave hundred 155C0) dollars, one thlid, or.
so much more as tin* ???? -1--* * * *
r-.v..?v. M>; i-icu, IU CUH, !
nni ihc lemalnderln two equal lusUllmont8.p?5able
la three and six monibK rtipccilvely, wl)n ln-Vvfirj w^S
term from day ol sale, the deferred ina'nllinenUof^/.^jTS^
pnrcbawi money in all lo be secured b> good
penonNl security. KOBEET Ma KfeHALL, .
myltf Special * ectlver. ' .'rJ^JWS
- =
Gas and Steal Fitters,
1418 Market Street. ''~0W?>
Heating1 and reutUatlng of public bullclIngs,
dwellings anil factories a specialty. .vla|?
*U24 1
Gas and Steam fitters,
'v-' VA'-i
1814 Market St., "Wheeling, W. Va.
Dealer* In all kinds o! lead, 'wrought and cmI lion ,T
pipes, sewer pipes grid chimney lops, steaxn and
water ranges, riphon pumps, safety valves, bath
tuba, uoka, &c. Bole agent# for tho , ; .-ygMBS
Celebrated Cameron Steam Pump,
And Underwriters' Om Machine. Orders from the
country promptly filled. ma23
Practical Plumber, Gas and Steam Fittet
1416 Main street
All ordcra promptly attended to. jt4
trfm. hake a son,
\ "
?I v?l An u OTJCAM'.';
kittkbs, '*$am
Ko. 83 Twelfth Btrcci.
All work done promptly at reuonable prlocs. < i
OAP1TAJ -4175,000
Wk. A. Iarrr ...?-......-..Pieildent .^l^S
Wk. B. 8mwow Vico-Prcddenl
Doea % General Banking Brmlnw"
Vm. A.leelt, '"T"*., * ? J.
A. Killer, | KBl$9*IP"V MS8
A. M. AdftBU. i ui P K- l^Wortl,
Btnir8j*r?, . .'ctor J^nbni*
y. K JKPSON, (M,l?.

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