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wiiue hans, ?
Dolled Swisses, I
India Lawns, and . ?j
Fine Swiss Embroideries.
It 11 MiVirs* ST.
Until I'lirllicr liotlco wd will
cliwi) our Storu .'sit 0 1'. M,, Nutiirriiiy
ovtiiiiiigs <!xwi>t<!tl. "
. ! . T
. ci
1U4 MAIN ST; a
. ci
?: ti
'' Wiiio Suit*,' TVnnlifulIy Mndo and ^
Wonderfully Cheap, from $5.00 lo $20.00. ^
;? ll
... M
Gingham Suits! ?
' Our-ftinftliant Suits are noted for thetr'cx- l'
cluAlve atyUu We liuvo them from $t.uO lo
. Sa.OU. "
llOliVlain Street.
T^lfpliono I'V?'2. jy3
?M MiItytmx* J
Otftfc: Him. u.t miuI 27 ]'<>urtr?ntU Mrnii, o
' - u
Jfi'W Allv?>rl JsrmonH.
Notice?Sealed Proposals. !
Wantud?NVhile Oak Timber.
Tin Tooling?li. Caldwell. .
1 co For Hale. ,
ahcet Music?Wilton it Haunter.
Oil Paintings and Chromos. . S(
MltS. ZIKUEXFELHER Is proiiaml tn [j
Hiipply families with n Urst-ehiM* article* f<
or Ice Cream lo-Uujr. No. tit) Twelfth u
Street, j
F. (?. Caldwell huudies the product or
the llirersidc Furniture Factory. Save J'
i!0 per cent at 1500 and 1502 Market
street. t ..
THE usual merchants' lunch at thoNcw J
31 u Lure House Sample Kooius daily. ii
?? u
'ftiurwomuleir Kecortl. ii
The following allows tho range of tho ther- si
mometer, its observed at Schtiepfs drugstore, f<
Opera ilouse corner, yesterday:
l&i van ?
7 i. x. 12 u. a r. u. 7 r sc 17A. x. 12 x. s p. m. 7 r. u 1<
711' US 100 'Jl | 71 SO 73 ~i ti
indications. 0
Wasuinuton, D. 0., July 7, 1 a. m.?For ^
Tenncsseo and Ohio Valley, partly cloudy S
weather with local rains, winds mostly southwesterly,
sUitionery or higher temperature v
and lower pressure. ?
rr.RSOMAI. L'KNCIM\<;.S. f.
Note* About Rotables at Homo ami a
Abroad. s
Miss Annie Braidonj of Warnock, is the
guest of Miss Jessie Briuton, of the South
aide. n
I) W f. C.nrrnll nn<1 ??!f? . ??l *?:?, .1
Maggie Hughes, of Pittsburgh, spent yesterday
in the city.
MisaMollie Smith, of tho South Side, who g
Iiils been visiting friends in Cincinnati, re- jj
turned home yesterday. n
Messrs! Lawrence and John Kay, of the c
South Hide, left yesterday for Ocean City, ii
where they will spend a few weeks enjoying h
tlie.coul breezes. ?-v- g
'l'ho Brown brothers,; proprietors of the a
New CumberlanUTiMfrj?cn(fc'ii(, arrived yester* 0
day morning,in time.to attend'the morning s'
session of tiie Press Association. tl
Tho genial and popular President of the ?
Second Kranch of Council, 'Col. X.' P. Scott, "
represented the city at the bauquot last night. !
The: city, was creditably represented,-it is '
needless to say. _ > . ' ?
I n addition to otliors heretofore mentioned, j
Mr. 1. II. Johnson, of theParkers- j
burg, is accompanied by bin wife in his visit 0
to tlie city. Mr. J ohnson is a brother of J udge v
Okey Joimsoii aud Col. Pan, Clerk of the
Senate. .
8. L." Mooney, President of tho Jl., Z. & 0. ti
railroad, uccotupanied by his wife and Miss w
Kate Mooney, of Woodsflold, and Miss*A. g
Kirk, of lleulsville, were at tho McLuro i(
House yesterday. John C. Hriggs, of Woods- b
field was also in town. v
In this morning's issno wo annonnce the "
marriage of Mr. 1>. A. Thurber, oneofour *well
known citizens and energetic bn3ine?j
men, to Miss Klma Martin, one of St. Louis's fl
accomplished danghtors. May they have a ,l
long aud prosperous voyage down the stream a
of life. " " w
Attempted Hun;Inry. , , e
A neatly laid plan to blow open and rob r
the safe in Shultr's confectionery, was discov- t]
red last night and frustrated through tho t.
vigilance of Nigbtwatchman Stovo Wilcox. a
It happened last night that Wilcox was in ..
the store,twhlclt is on his beat,, when; the
clerks were closing up, audlte himself turned
I he gas in the ottice on full head. About v
eleven o'clock Wilcox happened to be. pawing
tho store when he noticed that the gas jot
was turned nearly out. An inspection of
tho building showed that a front window
on the eocond story had/been opened. |
and revealed the ingenious plan adopted to U
i;?a inu) luc uuuuing. a no open uuuuing
now in process of construction next to the g
house entered, and belonging to C. Hess it o
Sons, furnishing the opening for the ot>?ra- o
tions. The second story whs''reached by ?
means of the bricklayers' ladder, and from <
the front the. thieves walked along the awn- d
lug cornice to the window of Schultz'a t<
second story, where an entranco was p
elfccled, the windows not being faa? gi
tened down. From here the first story was tl
easily reached and after the gas had been ei
turned dowu tho burglars made their escape liy
the same route by. nWldch they entored. si
Tuoy were undoubtedly on watch in tho vi- vi
cinity, and had tne watctiman not noticed tl
the change in tho gav would liave returned p
late iu*t]ie night and operated upon the aa/c. ei
Hut. by the watchman's vigilence their dc- ai
signs were made fruitless. r ei
v-' ?_ v' ti
;0?b licsfLawua reduced from 12Kc'to 10c,. w
to close. Oko. U. JioTtL F
oteoflhellailflfitHtMlottiorthtKUta I'rrMAi- C't
iefI*llon-Ati AfUmoon HfrotfJ to I'lMiarc.
The lUhquit l.itt ?KuJ of j?','
an I!nIr>faLIAaanil MMllnr. S?
__ ^
The business of the Htato I'ress Associft* m
on was mostly completed nt the forenoon ^
sMonutthfi Opera Houio yesterday, only M
line minor mutters, such ns the adoption of ,j
solutions of thanks, being i>ostjH)ned until M
ter. The orator being absent, the oration ..-j
id poem were also post|>oned until the con- m
usion of the banquet last night.
Upon re-asscmbllng, the following new M
embers were prot>osedand elected:
\i. A. Jiowtber, JuJUjwuleiit, Slstersviile.
A. W. Urown, hnltjtaulcnt, New Cumber*
J. I), llrov.n, SimtepemUnt, New Cumber*
K. L l'emberton, Ilmild, Moundsville.
As honorary members the following gentle*
len wore'proposed:
Dr. J. K. lteercs. Wheeling. sf
Hon. J. J.. Woods, Wheeling.
Hon. J. It. Douehoo. Fair view.
lion. George II. Motiett, Cloverllck.
Ur. 1J. W. Allen, Wheeling.
j-j TilB OUlTUAItY COMMirritR, ' ' '
y Mr. Johnson, rejwrted, and on motion a
>rtifled copy of the memorial to Mr. Fugue,
blob was unanimously adopted, wus order* u
1 to be sent to the widow of the deceased.
he report was ?s follows:
Your committee having committed to them
m Had duty of giving expression to a auii.su
f tho Ions sustained by the West- Virginia .
rcsa Association by tho death of our brother, j"
, F. Fague, of the Mountain Echo, in our in*
[vidua! sorrow and sympathy with tho be- {"
Hived llud it dlfllcult to speak for the Ateo- 1)1
ation. ni
IJrother Fague was known and appreciated
mong us as tho light and life of tho social
role. Guided ever by tijo 3011I of honor, be ;;!
as courteous. genial uud bravein all his In rcourso
'with his brethren; and especially 1,1
id lib patience, cheerfulness uud courage in
ittling against the disease that claimed him JJ1
< its victim, draw forth our liveliest nnd "j
igliest admiration for his lofty manhood iu r
10 faco of danger and death.
Let our loss in his death bo compensated 1"
y keeping alive his memory In our hearts.
Our slucerest sympathies ire with the
ereaved wife ami child, who realize their -ai
wn loss as wo cannot, and Mrs. Fague's h
eroic courage in determining to curry on p:
le noble work her husband had so ably tl
rosecuted has our heartiest praise, and shall I
ave our contiuual good will and fraternal sc
ipport. 1'. W. Momus, ri
J. I. Jounho.V, w
A. W. cami'bkli^ a:
Committee. A
AS 0rat0u and a poet u
ere to be"chosen. For tho former position, .a
iessrs. J. U. : Ileal, A.11. White, A. W. J*
ampbell, A. F. Gibbons, Lewis linker, I. 11. *'
uhnson and C.. F. Scott wero placed Id 1,
omination, and although all these gentleion
declined, thrco ballots were taken, the
lird resulting in the election of Mr. Scott, Jl'
Ir. Campbell moved that his election he *
jade unanimous, "which motion was heartily -Ji
For poct,'A. F. Gibben?,of the State Tribune, w
harleston, was tho only nomination and ou
lotion his election was made by acclawa011
without a dissenting vote. 81
On motion of Mr Gosorn, of the Piedmont
burner,n committee of three wes appointed '
) make arrangements for an excursion at
jc time of 01
the .next meetf.xo, ...
jo chair naming us members of.such com- jft
litteu .Mr. G. T. Gojoni. Mr. W. M. Work- U:
lan and D. 0. Maupin. tl
On motion, tlie time of the next annuul hj
leeting was lixed for the lirst Wednesday w
i July, 18S3. U
When a place for the next meeting was p;
onsldered, Mr. White, of the Stute Journal, tl
atned Purkersburg, saying that Mr. "John- o'
ju, of the Freeman, would furnish the water yi
<r the entertainment of the members of the pi
association, and ho would skirmish arouud tl
nd'get the bread. h
Mr. Workman, of Ceredo, named Hunting- tl
} . and supported its claims with some u:
jrcible points. w
Mr. Clark, of Buckhannon, wanted the As- a
ociation to come to his town;'and,assured a
lie-members of a warm welcome, and also ri
Imt the town would be accessible by rail be- c<
jr'e the time of meeting.. "
Mr. Tippett, of the PL Pleasant lleguter, p
,rged the claims of his own town.
A ballot was taken, with the following re- o
ult: u
arkcrsburg.. ; 191 Huntington -1 o
t. licusuM 11 Jiuckhannou o n
MINOn j1atter8. et
Mr. Reed moved that the time of the devery
of the oration and reading of the
oeui at the next meeting, be set for the
veuing meeting of the first day, and spoke
l favor of this, instancing the slights put
pon the orator and poet at former meetings u
s reasons for having some distinct under- \t
landing in referenco to the matter for the q
aturc. The motion prevailed. n
Mr. Wiley, of New Martinsville, made an ^
ral report from the committeo on needed
;gisloiion, saying the committeo found the
eld commltUNl to tlieir care was so vast a jj
ne that they were coustrained to ask for
arther time. On motion their request was (,
The matter of a special business meeting s(
oia uiouuoavu uk, auuic icuyuj, mm liuaiiy q
ntrustod to the 1'residcnt and Executive 0,
ommittee. U
Uy request of Mr. Hoffman, he was relieved 0
rom tho committee on needed legislation, p
nd Mr. J. E. Hart. of Xew Martinsville, stib- [|
tituted, in order that the members might be k
ble to consult conveniently during tho re- j,
ess. ?
Shortly after the Association adjourned to {j
icernt the State House at half-past one, for s(
lie purpose of going to Hornbrook's l'ark. j,
as a very pleasant- feature of tho day. e(
pecial cars furnished by courtesy of the 1"
.lm Grove Itailroad company, were boarded ul
t tbe Capitol about two o'clock, by a merry 11
rowd. Thu trip to Hornbrook's was made
i very good time, and once there the mem* I
era were not slow at scattering over tbe
rounds, inspecting "the lay of tho lund," \\
nd admiring tho beautiful attractions. T
f the spot. Tho Hying horses, the ^
ivings, the swinging ropes and "all 0
lie amusements of the Tark were availed
f to make'the time pass pleasantly, and
rith the refreshments provided by the com- c<
llttce, consisting of lemonade, aud some J
bicker drinks, entertained tho crowd us well j'!
s could be desired for an hour or so, after ir
rhich time the party started on the return. i?]
tefore leaving Mr. lilack, of tho Register, was
eputed to express the .thanks and pleasure s,
f the visitors to Mr. Dedilion, of tho Park,
rhich he did in a very graceful spcech. ,t
On tho return a stoo was mado at Seibert's -n
arden, and the members indulged in rolling ..
jnpins or playing billiards, whilethose who ?
rero so disposed rested upstairs. The ele- .,
ant house was Inspected, tne dancing pavilm
admired, und after a hearty lunch oi rye ...
read, Weiner wurst'and beer (for the few ,i
rho cared for it), and a brief, but happy u
ddressof thanks by Mr. lJunlan, of tho (j!
nudity Lender, to Mr. Scibert for his ho.spl- nl
ulitv, and to Mr. Licdl of the Volhblatt, ??
if fiia >?mp<oiinv in nnwiirrint* tl.a 11
ml arranging for its serving, tlio party
gain embarked for town, which was reached
ritliout incident.
At Ko(T street, tlio excursion came to an w
nd with an unanimous and enthusiastic w
ote of thanks to Mr. Hermann nnd tlio Kim tl
Irovo Company, and. the party proceeded to tl
lie Atlantic engine houae, where, by the pi
indneto of Foreman Healy.'Hostler Henry M
nd Engineer OotLs,'the working* of the firo rii
larm apparatus were watched. Mr. l?d Cla- hi
jr, Sr., also displayed his patent ladder, and F
ritli both orMbitions the visiting members r(
rero del ghted.) ri
They tuuu msporsed, to prepare for cl
TircilAKQCCT. ^
This was the moat successful and enjoyable j(
lature of the entertainment provided by the <
)cal press for their visiting brothreu. v
The members of the press and the invited {j,
uesU began to gather in the spacious parlors
f the McLure House shortly after niue ?.
'clock, and about an hour was spent in social
The inarch was then taken tin for the largo w
iningroomof tho hotel, which was entered su
> the ravishing strains of a grand march,
layed by the Oneru Houso Orchestra, an ormiration
which on this occasion extended
le fame it has so worthily won at homo to Fi
rery section of the Mountain >?tate. i?a
Jn the dining room a gala and attractive Al
ght met tho guzeof the Association and tho
isitors. Two tables, the entiro length^of ly
ic dining hall, were laden with the accotn- Sv
iniments of a raro feast. In the centre, of
ich table a magnificent floral piece reused, th
id midway between this and each
id a smaller but not less bean- vo
fill or fragrsut bouquet acented tho air Ka
ith tho delicate uerfunie of' tho flowers! ,wi
or these the committee of the load jiress are iii
dcbted to tlio generous court pgr of Mr.
leodore Schrelbcr, the fainou# bland florist.
ie guesta found at each plat* a handsomely
inted urogratume of exercises and bill of
re. Tb? program mo was us follows f
J'lrraan .. .. Lllon. 0. 8. Lou*.
Mukr . Dana L. Hubbard, K*).
itmnco March- ........... L -.lthm-r 1
lection?Overture Roman hue ......Koter Ucla '
k'Cjlou?I'aUcncOy ? ^? Hulllmu
lection?M luteal Melange M..ltott<iu>r ;
rho 8Uto IVcm" given by Hon. o. 8. Km# .
e?|<onw ..... I'rwt, of AwkxIaIIoii 1
iulc-te?t Overture- ..Untauii '
jur UuwtU"..... glveu by J', I'. Jer*ou, Kmj
WMIue....... ... A. D. Willie, l>q i
ig grauuateu iroiu the trials and tomptamis
of newspaper life, can speak of them 1
liilosophicnlly. He introduced lion. 0. 8. '
odk. Clerk of tho Supreme Court of Ap- 1
pals. i '
Mr.'Long said: u - J jj ^ 1J. 1
GENTLEMEN OK Till 1'llEKS As80CLvrif>R:~I
in deeply sensible of and gmtefuE.'forJtlie (
onor conferred upon me in soliciting me to
reside at this annual reunion. For more ,
inn half a score of busy and laboring years,
toiled in your profession, and have, in ,
mie sense, earned by ncttial servico a vete- '
>n's discharge. Some of you 1 remember I
ell as contemporaries in editorial labor,
ltd I am glad to And; u|tf>n': the roll of the I
.ssociatiou many new names, representing ,
cw journals, which tho increased activity ;
ud prosperity of the Inst ten years have '
rotight forth. I am glad to renew to-night
iendly and fraternal greeting with many :
ho labored in the journalistic field in West
irginin during tho years between ISflSniul
J75, ami to greet with cordial welcome the i
0 less gallant and intrepid Knightaof the
uill, who have since that time won their ,
>urs upon the Held. To all of ycto?old
lends and new?I speak a mopt Cordial wel)U1C.
r > ' .
There are here present some of the men
Mo, out of the chuos of *wor, gave 'Torin and
ibstance to theStato of West Virginia; there
re some who molded thought in a time when
ic now State was. "making history hand '
irer hand," and each one of you, 'gentlemen
1 the press, lias made some mark upon the 1
jndition of the people. With your pens
ou have graven a record more lasting.than '
luitibiuuu iiwu u?c, iui nut'u iuu iiituie uis riau
of thtwoi times bliall searchforno&bnly !
10 ripened notion, but the causes and tlie
;encies that brought forth such fruit, lie 1
ill lind them in the editorial teaching* of
ic ne wspapers of the period. It isthoiuiwa*
apers that in these days, "hold as 'twere, 1
ic mirror up to nature; show virture her ,
ivn feature; scorn her own imafce, and the :
jry age and body of the time his form and j
ressure." Hut they d6 greater and more '
tan this. They shape events. Line upon '
ne, precept upon precept, here a little and 1
icre a greuter deal, the euilor dins into the 1
linds of his readers an idea; and after a
hilq it crystallizes into action and becomes 1
u accomplished fact. There is scarcely a 1
ian here present who cannot point to one or
tore important measures successfully nc* .
amplified in his county and truthfully say :
f did it;" or to important changes in State :
olicy and say, "1 helped to do it."
I do not speak boastingly of the influence
f the 1'rcss. flewsaper men are quite as
loilest about vaunting their achievements as
ther men are, notwithstanding the mere
lention of this virtue as belonging to the
iitorial and reporter's craft -may crcato a
erisive smile. It has been humorously said,
"Who would not be nn editor'.'?to write
The music 'we' of such enormous might;
To be WKreut beyond the common spun
It takes the plural to expn.ss.the man." '
Put to him who rightly appreciates and
nderstunds the power he wields, editorial
ibor is really a solemn thine. Napoleon the :
rcat is credited with saying "Pour hostile
Qwspuoers are more to > befeared ,than a :
lousand bayonets." And so they are, for
le power of the newspaper is behind the
ayonets, and, against a thousand men ensted
in the service of despotism, the news* i
upers can put a million in the Held to do i
ittle for liberty and the right of man.
In West Virginia, now emerging from ob:urity
and attracting attention because of <
ur wealth in timber and ore, and because 1
nr Slate lies immediately athwart the direct i
no between the great cities of the Eastund i
f the Pacific coast, there is opening a pros- :
erous future. There is now every prospect i
lut the census of 1800 will show'a gain of i
>0 per con tin our population, and it be- <
ooves the members of the Press to keen in i
tind this fact, and be ready for the coming
de. The West Virginia Press has heretofore 1
ood nobly in the vanguard of tlio army of
rogress, and nobly have its triumphs been i
on. Still other conquests are to be ochiev- <
1, and, with tho increased wealth; and.pros-,
erity now so near, will bring new questions <
nd new duties. Let me coiumend to you i
je admonition of the poet Saxe: .
Firm hi theright, thodiillv I'reMshould bo
tie tyrants foe, tae champion of the free; i
ullhiul and constant to it* wcred trust: ,
ilm In its utterance*; iu ita judgments Just; ,
'lie in its touching; uneormpt, and strong
ospeed the right, and to denounce the wrong. 1
oa? mny ii be eru caudor must coufcu.: ? \ , 1
n Freedom's shores a weak and venal Prcsj."
In conclusion I propose a toast to the
State Press of West Virginia." May it ever I
ratinuc to fuUil. the promiso written "by. I
udge Story many years ago: f > ?2 .? <
Hew shnit the Press the People's right maintain, 1
uawed by influence and uubribed by gain;
ore patriot Truth her glorious precepts draw, ,
lodged to Kellglon. Liberty auu Law.''
Tho Toast Master, in announcing the re)onse,
remarked that the sentiments so ably 1
ud eloquently expressed could ijot bo more I
uy responded 10 man uy "Uur worthy and, ,i
brice-Honored President,"' nnd lie called i
pon Mr. Morris to answer on behalf of the I
Mociation." The speaker said that ho hail 1
otmuch idea what he was going to say, i
11U judging from appearances those who ere
to listen would have very little idea in
10 morning what he had said. [Laughter.] *
!e went on in at first a ; humorous. strain, 1
ut finally warmed into an eloquent eulogy 1
[ the press. His remarks were cheered to I
icecho frequently, and we are sorry we
mliot give a full synopsis of them. I
After anether selection, i
as sprung. Mr. J.E.Fleming, of Morgantown,
as introduced by tlje Chair, who onnoqnced ,
mt a pleasaut little episode was in store for ,
le assembly, the nature of which ho was not i
rmltted to divulge, but if they would lis- .
u to i|(r. Fleming while he mode some
imbling remarks, they wo'tjld be wiser when :
e sat down than when he got up. Mr, ,
leming then, with some complimentary
imarkv presented to President Mor6
an olegant gold watch. -' pup ,
jascil from Miller & Frarizhehn last eve- ,
ing by a comuiitteo of tho members. Sir. ,
iorris, when the hearty'applause which foU ]
iwed had subsided, brletiy returned . his
lhnka for the liigli honor conferred upon
im, an honor which ho would over remcm* ?
jr v*ith tjie warmest feelings, an\l which, ho j
ilt, was muclimoro due to tho good Will of ]
i? follatA* tUAnihnro ?tinri fn" !>'??'
"our ocms''
as given as n toast by Mr* F. P. Jcpsori, wlio
id F '
"What can I say?
bon I hurrcjr ihU throng of facca turaod to moot
ray own. ij; f/M'ij
icniilyanil Mr. nml yet tomourilcnown.
lute you! Hull you! Tukcyour bundi In our*,
id crown you with our udcumo tu with ilowor*.
Ye Potentates wielding a power universal*
acknowledged to be hiightifcr than the
cord 2
Ye Knights of tho illustrious Fabcr and
e Sacred Pad I
i e jiNiii aoi urn immortal^nui teat jmhjg 1
ur chariots ol Homing verje with duxterons
nd^oaclunom a separate pulsu throbbing
th the intensee motion. l'olymnia filla her s
spired votaries, as they reel oiT sentences j
HMO?W MIX Uiantllly .Waldtctifcl I
>nr Work, Our Howard" -Julia I'. Day, Xmj ,
tin? I'crnonal Column" ...John II. DuulftV, Fjkj
uric?Election Uunto llUtter... W aimer (
i'lto IloiK?rtor" II. T. Black, Kmj
Hio lUllrond Km"...... lion. W. 31. 0. linvwrn
iixlo?Uulop, "\VI?r Not" Kobleppejincll I
Phe Han# Crop of'82" (!e<i, K tnrxent j
riio Kaned Soil ol Wist Virginia and Its relation
tn I'rUo riKht*" J. W. I'Uttenbont
mlc-Frlili auf Mardio '...Unttfi
Opera IIuumj Orchestra. i
And tho following was the ;
MENU. * ' "
Green Turtle. , . ' 1
Bollcl Mackinaw Trout, Shrhupftmoo. ,
>rinKChlckon, Broiled onToait. a la M-dlred'Hotol
JHivjllctl Cntb*. MarylMnI Stylo. Cro- ,
?iu?'tt*h nu ronmieteTerrc. Fillet of Bwf, '
larded with Mn?hn>om*. ywcet '
llrciul, l.iirdcd, on Tout; 1
lettl hilfl. J '
ijcken Salad, a laMayonaleo, Lobster Salad,
Sliced Cucumber*. Sliced Tomatoes. ?
French l'eas. .Cauliflower," Aipani^us.] .
PASTllY AND DCMr.ltT.' ,
smon Merlgue 1'le. ?Jolly,'Tart lie. ,
Vanilla Ice Cream
Strawbcrrlc*. Aworted Cakei Fruit.
Mixed Nut*. Mixed Candle*.
French Coffee. i
At the conclusion of the more solid portion 1
' the feast, the champagne and cigars warn
itroduced, and tho "feast of reason nnd the I
>w ol soul" commenced, Mr. Dana L.- Hub- 1
ird, of the Erie, Pa., Disputch, acting hs toiisfc 1
The exercises wcro preceded by an elegant
ilecilon from tho orchestra, after which
r. Hubbard announced the lirst toast, 1
I'lic State Press." ami culled upon one who 1
id earned the right to discourse upon the 1
ibject by activo experience, but who, hav- 1
that bum with IIvine fire, ami words tha
ihake our planet with thelr-iulghty echoe
ind reverberations.
Ye Wizards of our Mountain State whos
maple sjHtlls can weave an Kplc 1'oem (roc
the miuutcH of a Democratic Convention, o
throw an inspired glamor of silvery th^e:
upon the records of a dou-flght. Can las
Into a tempest of emotion, tlio reader's min
aver the modern personal,news-Item, Mi*
ileta, n handsome blonde, is visiting Mrs
Delta, or lull it into sweet serenity and r<
nose with a thrilling local that ends wit
Jones the hnttcr, or Smith's cheap cloth in*
Gentlemen of tho,Press. Patriots, pollt
clans, public benefactors, wo salute you, nc
is the gladiator of old when' About to dli
within thy amphlheatre greeted Caesar bu
is those who como to dirt (with you) wo ei
lute you.
We imprint, in imagination, the kiss c
fraternal regard upon your chaste brow
still humid with, the dews of genius?stll
moist witu the distilled vapors arising froi
Ihfl PXurtlnn if wmtdlnit
mul lonely watches of the night with leudct
on Guiteuu's execution; the two per con
bond: the glorious Kourth; Congresstonii
candidates and other kindreu topics, or auoi
scouring the town in a fruitless endeavor t
collect a delinquent bill.
I welcome you in the natno of tho citizen
nnd Press of Wheeling, to the metropolis o
West Virginia, and to tho festal board tc
night, anu ask you to cast your cares int
tho Lctho of forgetfulneM for a time.anrreii
ior youreclves to the .enjoyment of thehou
and :j ... . !
"MIiirIo with the IIowIiir bowl
Tho feast of renwn and liiu How of ?ul."
To ono accustomed to pubHts speaking it i
no light tusk, I assure you, to make a maide;
effort before tho literati of the State; but th
sympathy rellectcd from your couutenancc
encourages me to proceed. I apnJecinto ii
Its highestseuso tho distinguished honor o
addressing those who mould tho opinion
and elevate to lofty plauca of trausceudeu
patriotism and burnished honor the e^ci
growing stream of humanity that fructille
und ornanienta your mountain homes, you
smiling valleys and flowery plains.
Like Plato with his disciples, you give tli
thought, the Idea, tho germ which beneat!
the fostering care and suulit skies of Aiuer:
can freedom blooms Into tho luxuriant
;>f those Amaranthine cbaplcta that wreat!
tho orator, thesoldierand the statesmen wit
Iho laurel and thebav.
As I speak to-ni^ht in somewhat of n rer
resentative capacity, allow me to express th
unanimous feeling of heartfelt pleasure c
> :r citizens?happy in tho reception of
distinguished unil honored a body nmongs
Individually ami collectively each heart i
an open Ei<same;each hand presses yours in co
dial salutation to welcome you to our Horn
Isbingmantifacturlugf emporium; rccQgnizin
you 113 the pillars and supports of the glori
sua elements that constitute our now-bot)
State. You'are the solid substratum; you ar
the grand key-stono to tho arch of our grow
ing prosperity; hence we welcome you a
Alcander welcomed-Solon when he said
"This is Solon, this is Greece." Wo say t
you, you nre the nower that vitalizes our.ri
sources, you are west Virginia. Hut
"The banquet waits our presence, festal Joy
LiughH in the mantling goblet; and tho ul^'lit,
I Iluuiln'cd by Uiu takers dazzliuj; beau.
Rivals departed day.
Aud now in tho name bf Virginia; wlios
sons w? are, we, arising, salute our guests.'
Mr. A. B. White, of the Parkorsburg Stol
Journal, res]K)nded to this to:ist in a neat i:u
promptu speech, expressing the feelings c
ihe visiting brethren toward the Wheelin
Mr. Day, ot the Intelligencer, was calle
upon to respond to the toast.
rind did so in a neat address.
Mr. Dunlap, of tlie Suiulmj Lender^ in,
sarcastic vein that was at the same time quit
happy, referred to the somewhat farcical con
ilition into which the |>eftonal column of th
press had degenerated. At the same timo h
showed that while it was a slur on true joui
nalism, it was an absolute rifceessityr xon
tiered'.. so by th'et vvitiated - taste ' o
the readers. ' He spoke of lb
postal cards aud letters that flowed ii
asking for personals, and of the offense tba
was inude if their contents were not inserts
in the "personal column." llo .begged, hi
brethren to so conduct their papers that thi
practice might be killed, Mr. Dunlap'
jffort was a finished one, and was generall;
spoken of as one of the finest speeches of th
evening. _
Mr. Hubbard referred to Major Aldersoi
is "the best built man to straddle the small
ust, but the biggest littleStateof the/Union.'
Major Alderson in responding to the "Wes
Virginia," said he could not imagine why h
had been called on to respond to this toasthe
was no orator, and could not read withou
liyht. In a shortspecch,sparkling with brigh
thoughts and fluent language, he referre<
feelingly to his early playmates |\Vnshiii{:
ton Jtllurson and Dan Uoone who since h
learned had passed away. The Major'
utipeoh wni n ?n?rin?? nMintimr tu ntwl ? ?
loudly applauded by the large company
Ho referred enthusiastically to WestVii
giiiia, her past," preeent and her promise
glorious future. He spoku of her great men
her great resources ana great capabilities.
W r. Illack in a, short and neat speech, r<
ferred to :
113 the maker of the paper, on whose reporl
the editor made his comments. He was
mirror, which reflected the passing events c
the day?one moment around the festal tabl
where wine sparkled and beauty reigned 1<
the next in the midst of scones of horror. A
the end of the week he received the pittanc
allowed him. not that he earns, but that al
lowed him, with the proud conscientious
ncss that if he were paM' what wa
due him,he would bankrupt the whole estat
lishiuent inono pay. The reporter make
the paper?on 1dm devolves the responsibil
ities of correcting reports and that of allowinj
no "scoops." Mr. Black's little talk was ex
temporimeous and was admirably received
it was in his usual bright and witty style
ilelivcred in an easy agreeable style that wa
lelightful. . v
Mr. Dawson, in speaking of "The Itailroat
Bra," referred to this age as the age .of- rail
roads. He spoke in glowing terms of tin
progress that had been made in railroads am
if the progress that was bound to bo made it
West Virginia in railroads. The era wa
Duly fifty years old, yet see what had beei
iccomplished in our glorious country am
ivhat it had produced. The transformatioi
was wonderful and miraculous, llallroad
ire now almost equal to the press as publii
ducators. His speech was practicable am
sensible and provoked liberal applause. Hi
references to tho "Itiver" railroad wero ea
Judge R. H. Cochran was called on hi
roast Master Hubbard, to supplement th*
ioast "The Railroad Kra.". His si?eech waji
live one; onu that diffused enthusiasm an<
Milled forth a round of applause as this well
cnown and elegant speaker took liis seat.
Mr. Geo. P. Sargent.'of the Jlarlxjur Jejftr
rnian, who was down for
"tiu: 8 a no 'chop of '82"
ivas not present, and .Mr. Harry Snively, o
:he Grafton Eagle,' was galled on. II is speed
ivas'in a vein that was at the same time hu
norousand logical. It resolved itself int<
lie question, what would wo hayo been ha<
,ve been properly developed, instead of re
niaining "sang diggers and haw eaters?'
Mr. Snively was short and sensible.
Plattenburg said that he had stood man
fully for the sacred soil, and that what hi
knew about prise lighting came in too Iftteliere
he hesitated, gazed around the roon
jewildered, and sat down.
At this poiut the annual poem wascallc<
for, and given by Mr. Johnson, of the Free
iwm. Owing to tho lateness of the hour, it i
impossible to publish it in full this morning
[t was full "of bright points and ideas.
By this time it was 1 a. m., am} the bannue
:losed with every ono vising nud standiuj
with hands joined around tho table, am
'Anld Lang Syne" was sung with orchcstri
A business meeting was held in tin? parlo
immediately afterwards, aud appropriate re
solutions were adopted, which wdl appear ii
to-morrow's issue."
Col. Alec Campbell, of Brooko Connty
.vho was one of the guests, was called on ani
lelivered a, beautiful little poem, and thci
pith hearty handshakes all around the mem
jcra departed for their several couches.
A CoDaii, Cold or Sore Throat should b'(
itopped. -Neglect frequently results in ac
ncurable Lang disease or Consumption,
Brown's Bronchial Troches do not disordej
he stomach like cough syrups and balsams
jut actsdircctly on the inifamed parts,'?llay
ng irritation, gives relief In Asthma, Broiv
:hitis. Coughs, Catarrh, and the Throattroub
es wldsh singers and public speakers' art
ubjcct to. For thirty years Brovyi's Bronihial
Troches have been recommended by
)hvsicinn3, and liave olwayi given'perfect
atisfnction. Having been tested by wide and
onstnntuse for nearly an entire generation
hey have attained well-merited rank among
lie few staple remedies of the age. Sold at
5 cents a box everywhere. ttIibaw
Never forget that biliousness aml coustiiation
are uotlrely curable with Max.uj.t. )
ilfviliitf'oi Mfiii, ' '
Nervous Weakness,. Dyspeiwiu, Impotence,
exual Debility, cured by '^Veils' 1 leoltli
Eeneweri" $1. '
t Till: MC'lOTO NUtll
* A Libel AKftlnut Her Hint In the IT. H.
e Conrt I'lnlmiitff 83,130. - { . (
u Papers were yesterday filed in the ofllco ol Ml
r the clork of the United States Court' In thin
P city, lniutfiratin& iTwft agfl!h?t'the|owneni ?v
j of the ileamor Bclotoj sunk at Jllngo on the
? night of the Fourth, to cprnpet them to for^
felt thu sum of $3,130 for carrying an excewj 0j
jj of pamengers over the inuiuber allowed by
her license. The suit is brought by Wnv C. g|,
I- lleans, oT this city, against "tho Wheeling, at
,l l'urkeraburg and Clnclnnntl Transportation <
' Company, n corj>oration duly orgauized and CI
- incorpormcu uuaer mo lawn 01 mo auiio ui iu
l" West Virgluia, and whose place of business
. in Wheeling, West Va., ami whobe'principal g0
I1 offlco is at said city, now or late owners of ^
!t the uteamur or steumboat culled the Bcloto."
11 The luw bearing oil thin subject it) found in ;
11 Title LI I, bf, tho, .revised nufcutvs;i>( (bo . '
8 United Btulw, Chan, II, Fee, -UfWj.upprovfd (
'J February 28, 1S7I, wlilcfiprovides, that:
| "It shall not bo lawful to take on , board of ru
11 any steamer a greater nunlber of perwnjs than sU
11 is stated in tho cerUflcftfo'bf Inspection;'and r?
0 for every violation of this provision the master
or ;owiter shall'be Haolo"fo h'tty'person cb
J suing for the same, to forfeit'the amount of jr
1 passage money and ten dollars for each pass- In
eager beyond the number allowed."
0 In the nest section It is further provided, gj
'* that. "If any passenger aleauhtr engages in w
r excursions, the inspector shall haue,tu such
steamer u special permit In writing for the 1 ,
occasion, in which slml! bo stated the addl- ?
tlowil number of passengers, that ?muy,.bo P?
9, carried." - iu
? Tho libel filed yesterday alleges that after
u tho passage of this Act, and on the Fourth 1
a day of J uly. 1832, tho defendants, owners of M
the Scioto, did run said boat for]"the carriogo ov
' of passengers on tho navigable waters of the tri
9 United States, to-wlt: On the.Ohio river, be- uv\
1 tween the town of Mouudsvllle, in the State
' of West Virginia, in tho sulci District of West jp
* Virginia, and tho town'Of Kast Liverpool, In tri
r tbe.Stakvof Ohio, and had procured. for tho m|
said steamboat theputofbry;;iroiulnsp$c- i?a
c tors for the district of jWiieelingj a certificate ye
!> of inspection, which',' )terriiUted the Ntid ;t.
' stetnher or steamboat to take' (in board thirty ,
? passengers. This libollaiit further "alleges ,,
1 and Informs that oii tho dHy Und'yeaTl^st
I' aforesaid, the said Company Hod procured
from tho Innpectorsfor the district of "Wheelh
Jug-- for-the said steamer or steamboat,
* in ipursunuce of section 'I.-4GC aforesaid, a
'' special permit in writing for excur- ?"
0 sions to "carry, on tho day . and vear K"
1 last aforesaid between the two towns above V;
mentioned, DOO passengers in addltlou to tho :f!
8 number permitted by'theccrtlllcato of ihfcoec- :!
r tion heretofore mentioned,'and"!hat'said
'* company having procttred as aforesaid tho
t? said sneclul- itermit for* the snfrV?ik?j?mer nr Jn
' steamboat; Scioto to carry 300 passeligeraifi
ft addition to the number mentioned'in* the I
e certificate ot inspection aforesaid,, tbo said
'* steamboat or(steamer Scioto, did onithe,day ...
s and year last aforesaid, between the.town of ".r
Moundsvillc.in the State of ^Yest Virgijiia^u ill
? the District of West Virginia,und tbe town of
!* East Liverpool, in tbe istiite, of Ohio, on tbe
waters Of the Ohio river, unlawfully and in bc
open violation of' the provisions of the afore- lo'
aid section of Title LI I chapter 4J of the re- '''
vised statutes'of-tlie United States, take'on .
c board und carry 030 passengers, that is to say J?
k :|00 more passengers than the said steamboat {'!
e Scioto nught lawfully take,on board und in
h carry,unucr tueqertiheate qfInspection and CI
,f tbe special permit aforesaid;// n.. ,.f j.; ne
,, "This libellant further alleges and informs fa]
that said company On the day and year last Syi
j aforesaid' charged and" received 'frotn each *j,
- pussoi^er the sum of fifty cGnts for the round
triti between'the'said two towns. This-lU
bcllant alleges that by Teason of the liroviifions
and by virtue of said act the said com- rX
a puny, owners or late owners of said steamboat
e as aforesaid, forfeit anujbeeoniu: liable to pay J!'1
i- ' to auy person siring for .the. jumfc the sum of ,f)
e teu'dollars for each passenger curried beyond
e the number, allowed, and the amount of Ills
passage money; that the amount of iuoney so ' !c
^ forfeited by, tbo said company''is three thou- ,
f sand one hundred and fifty'dollars, and that
e by reason of the mid act the'said -company -lK
u has forfeited and is liablo to pay to this libellt
out who sues lor his own use and benefit the c,(
il said sum of three thousand one hundred and
3 fifty dollars, for the payment of which sum
s tlie said company hath become liable to.be^ . ]
3 proceeded against .sum marly by way of libel* Cli
Y and for tlie recovery of which this civil and m:
e maritirie court is instituted. an
"Second.?That all and singular the prenx- set
i ises aforesaid are true and '.within .the
- admiralty and maritime jurisdiction of the
United States and of'this honorable court in
t cuse.of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction <
e may issuo against the said, tbet Wheeling,Par- foi
- kersburg,andCincinnaticompany"thatitmay -
t be cited to. appear and answer all and singu*
1 lar the matters aforesuid, and that this ^Jon- p
1 orable court would be pleased,to, decree,the
' said sum of three thousand one hundred and j.
e fifty dollars to be due to to this ^libellant'to- . ]
3 getlier with the costs and expenses in,'tliis be: I0i
a half sustained,1 and that'tbis, libelant riiay "
' have such other relief as in law and 'justice '(
' he may be entitled to rccelvo."'flu
i The law on the subject is very unequivocal,
ft und it is not denied that 'the Scioto did on i
the day named carry a number of passengers '
!- largely in, excess of the, /number she was
legally authorized , to carry. The result of \t
the suit, which is without, precedent, wo '
s believe, in Judge JacksonV bailiwick, will ^
a be looked for wiih interest A similar suit tbi
f was recently entered at Pittsburgh against
e the owners of a steamer which took a lurge ,
o excursion party. to the "Weeden-Maloney
t prize.fight. .j::' a.: J?
'....j >. i.CITY'savins'; * an
!*: i'1 ti! iI'm ?i. ,i
a Little IiOcalM of nil Sm-u n?
, Toiiirn. C"
3 A jiKitmruL day yestorday., .
' Tin: editor* will moat, of them leave lor
; homeltMlay. ; i.l . :
; People aro behaving 'distressingly 'wel?-.
, viewed trom u police, or newspaper stand- ch.
s iwint. . . Hi
Timsnss holding city assessment blanks lr.a
i and not, returning them by. next, Monday S-,
-- will be subject to an arbitajy assessment. - {jj
l Sfacl.m train will leavetlio city :on the >" '
Ilenipfiolil roail at 0:30to-morrow* oveninjr. to R; ?
' enable members ol the order ot Odd Fellows SJ
? who desiro to go to Triadelphla to witness laS
tno institutlon o( a new lodge o( that order '<
J there. K
s ? E. r.Towssr-vD, of. the Internal Revenue ' s
8 Office. WnshinjjtosiD. C., paid. General I. II. {ft!
i Dlivnl s nftlff* in lliia xilt> .. j ...
_ . ......... v..j, u imii, vwiuruay, fit.
9 and nmdc the.usual/annual examination of Tct
the same. Upon thiu examination tho annual Tet
report of the internal revenues of the year &
. wil^he made lip. . , . .
e The colorod.school and their friends had trul
x an elegant picnic up at.Fairy Glen yester- lv t
1 day. There ; were about six cur loads of
. them, and they were as quiet and orderly a
crowd as ever,went;out of;.WhcoHng. The
- day, was one of solid enjoyment, without a ten
featuro to mar its pleasure. r;.<v ?n c . cfin
TnKhody of little Dan Thomas,; son of [?>*'
t Cnpt. Thomas, of the Scioto, was recovered uloi
yesterday morning, and in charge of his jctoi
brotheraChris and Adwiia placed on board the
* Xail City, and brought to this city, where it ?
I was traiiferred to tho Courier and taken to A(1i
tho'homu ofhi3 distracted parents at Clar- ;axh
ington." 'v:.i .J! 7.1 fill;: .I'dl Car
To-day is tho Eighth anniversary of the
. duath of the hinjenicd Biphoi>4Whalen, who Chi
j labored so long, 'earnestly rind successfully in d
. this diocese. , 8ervices will be held at'the dl
i Cathedral and Jit..Calvary chapel in the ? ;'
cemetery out the National road - at 0 A. m. Erf,
1 Elm drove cars will leave Capitol Square at 8 ti
- ? ?*?> KOt
? . WotAVhrfaino js.boconjing quite a'resort ^
for foot rnccs, i?rize .figbta,-; etc. The other Km
day two mcn?. Messrs. CVlcConkey. andShafer, La>
t iuaLtheroto nettle tbeir.diflereuceaaccording k1*
? to the code. A. ring was formed nnd thirty.; Vs
? four rounds fought, when ..the bnttlo.was yf,
i drawn* -Hwjll.besettled, ata time>not yet di
fixed..; Both uipn woro.used up budlyjui i!>. Mci
r A .numiieu of Martin's ferry Toughs, mem- mo
bpre of the: notorious'k'anj* known la.vthe ?'
1 "Dirty Dozen," and led by young Tom Pep- dm
pen?, a particularly offensive rowdy, attacked 'oin
I Captain'Seamon, of thev fettle Anna, last bid:
1 night while tho boat was near the wharf, ,<y"
1 and used him protty'acvcrely. He'tolcnhoned JJJJJ
' for tho police, and several' of tho moo were cih(
arrested, arraigned before. "Squire Philips, low
, and sent to jail so quick It "made their heads 'ljW
; win.." ,., , , i S
? ?" iU6l
HOTEL AUIUVA1.N. .... picl
. j BT. JAMES HOTEL., . "" Sri
' p Rank, f'ftntpn.. Am
Paul 2iiuick?u0lumbu?* 6'Hrownlnir; Columbus. N
Kll Dixon,,Mart'* Forry. A I'ulUu, ilniinluKtvu;, 133^
, JlIJG(trsuCb,feyko$vniL'..'liU IIUI*.ZkjichvIUu, imri
| >! I,Williams,VliUb'ch. J H Guirin. Qldo. ' gui
, J 0 Pnjiic. city. J T OUk-*^li' IWuccrerte,' chol
fi U Woodcock, S. M'txv'e C-A V. lilts, t'ouncllsrlllv. csti
v 11 51orvfn?,'N??*-York,-TPKXlleV; cityne?
, G11 Ulbcotr, dty. li'. t; 1 > ;John2tolifl,> Cleveland. unr
Will Hc?s >'i!w.-York, t U B Martin, CoUoctom Star
, Y W Wqlpuid. Elyrln. T L Jfueklc, city. aw
ECShlnnkton." ' J Fria?rmun.
7 i"- xspi
IIaz'aei,. tlio'clianiplon walker of tiie *orId"
saiil to n Xcw York rc|wlcr in th6'cour.ccif ft?
conversation : "St. Taeoba pit is a tvonderrisl g?'
nieilicincj.,1 do not itnp*- -\vlint iisiiejIiinnB SF:
V?uW d<Y vUlipr,t ?X7orit iaU|elrCLt [ricnd' &.
-V rub of,fit, JacolislOll aftqi-Icavlnjr the Out
iiialwan neir ii>an.'otyonc wid It la lilm.amin
for the contest. ' ' "wj
NEltillBimilOOD NGWM.
Charlie Robinson U off for a vacation neoi
Ingo. i, ..
A. child of Thomas Lilly's died Wednesda)
string. t-t-? 'Vv',v.'Vr. i
M. fynneborn Is In Philadelphia again
lery: For^oods?
Sext comes Iho jilculc st Sclbcrt's gardcr
the llellalre Literary nud Pleasure Club.
Elmer Itobthson' and Charles List wil
end a j?art of their summer vacation here
Mr. Itoblnion'shomr,
Clinton Carroll and, Walter .Troll,, two 81
alrsvillo youths, weriMteeliitf friends am
o Sights about Itellalru yesterday.
K. lVWInaiw Is assisting II.' O. Wilson
creUirv of tho waterworks, during tUo thin
t for tho collection of wntorrouls.
Mr. Cliarl'i Hunry and Mies Ida Camp wen
nrrlcd, according to previous arrangement
tho brldu's homeiu the First ward.
Iho Hellairu blastfurnace, that bus beet
nping right t along ^lucu Its neighbor
jppeu, banked its fires yesterday to take i
Tho Ladies' Aid . Society of tho M. K
mrch will hold usodul at tho residence o
re. James FUton, Friday evening. All an
riled. ?
Mr. Bdmiicl Klolz has Bold bis hat store
mon Boer, u young man who lir\i been en
ged in business here for wmo time, is tin
Iho Aid Society of tho M. E. church' o
Uth ltellalro hold a social with fee crCati
it night at tho houso of llobert Jfaukiiis,' It
e First ward.
There are many in Uellaire who wouh
;o to sco tho- Mutily-lloll boat race trio*
cr again, looking on it nan fatrutni nones
h1 of atreugth and'skill, with.no "giv<
Mike O'Neal Is out In a challenge to Henri
sil; (ho Winner of Tuesday's race, or hf
ilncr,-' SamtUl Sherwood, to row a threi
ile race. And nnothcr ruco is proposed bj
itrick liratiuon, who oilers toiuatcii a nine
ttr old bo/ngailist auy body in ikllaire, fo
[>uree of $200. _
fbo City Council had nothing new bcfori
tills week; Its commlttep on tho Uelmon
cot biidgo has not been ablo to tnuke an<
lisfactory arrangements with the Daltlmuri
Olilo Ibtilroad Compauy. Asono side o
c track Is abovo the atrfcet wbllo the strfe
! the other side Is considerably above tin
icks. there is some difficulty in arranging
ra bridge that will n'Ot bo too low for tin
e passago of cars nnder it, and at the sami
tie not too high to iuakunneaay grade u
e street.
iiiiilutlou of tlie Krtfion Around St
J.oiiIm. ,
St. Louis, July G.?Thu condition of tin
adisou dike is not ho serious as was n
st reported, and the condition of .attain
oroappeara to be more favorable.' Dur
g Monday night some of the soft earti
ar the old break wis washed away, al
iviii'g a considerable influx of water. Ir
nsbquence a good deal more of line lam
underwater, hut it is not believed tlui:
o.llood will exteud beyond the preseni
undated territory. Near Portage, in St
mrles couutv, and in the entire regior
iar tho mouth of .tho Missouri river, tin
rm lauds of Venice and Kast St. Louii
imed to be completely Hooded, while
at part of Kast Caronuelet lying upon
if low ground appears to ho inundated.
Bako'iins at Gen. G. Jtoth'n. Beat Calicoes
Je, brat Dress Giughatns 10c, Good Lawns
[c, best Lawns 10c, best Apron Glughatui
to close; Geo. G. Roth.
"WINE OF CARDUI" makes rosy
:lioeku aud clear complexions.
Sold by Logan <fcCo. .
EIkduckd from 8c toflKc,' best Calicoes, tc
ise them out. Geo. G. limit.
RlHllK'tlOU ill PilUlOM.
Present stock of pianos, Steinway, Kuabe,
^ckering, HalleUfc Davis, Emerson, Hard*
m, Guild, ?tc., at the very lowest prices
d great reduction for cost. Call early ami
:ure great bargains.
Lucas' Music Stork,
1142Main street.
Closing them out, best Calicoes, worth Se,
'Wc. Gi;o. U. Hqth.
"WINE OF CAKDUI " cures irregular,
ainful, or dillicult. menstruation.
Sold by. Logan & Co.
Best Dress Glnghauis.reduced from. 15c tc
^ to close tbem ou L ' Geo.'G.Hotu.
\u, Gingharus, worth 12Mc and 10c, re
ced to 9c, to close. Geo: G. Kotii.
" BLACK-DRAUGHT" cures dyspc]>:a,
indigestion aud heartburn.
aoitl by Logan Cc Co.
Uress Goods at great bargains to close \\y.
j season. They must bo sold.
: GKO.G.Roth.?0MP0BED_0f
tbo best known tonics, iron
il cinchona, with well kuowu nrotnutics, is
own's Iron Bitters. It .cures .indigestion,
d all,kindred troubles. * ,
tfowistho tiiiie'to buy your Dry Goods,
jaringontsaleat Geo. G. Roth's.
''NeirYorlc Money nmlKtnckN. '
ew York, July C.?Money 2a3 per rent. 1'riinc
rcanttle paper 4%a5 vet ceut. Sterling Kxintjo
bankers bills steady at {4 84%: demand
ovriwcments?'Unchanged, except for extended
which are Ji per cent lower.
3.'to, oxtendedl-.lMMiLchlRh & Wilkes... J.101
>. to, cxlende?1....100jj!su P. <fc S. C. t)r?ts 111
3. 4&, coupoiu...ll4 |U. 1?. bonds, llr?ta..;.llGU;
3.4.s, coujionb. 11%|U. J*. lyWict Grants...ll4%
.ub ua u> jo. |U. 1-. Sinning IU!IU.;.12L
itrnl IMclficflrtU-ll" : Texas l'ae land kIS...;C2^
u seconds..., - -to . jdu. Klo Grande dlv...
Aii.noAD Bonds?Irrecular.
rATK SKCUKtTitv-iDuU nnd steady.
ilslariacouMlB...-TOW Virginia G*.'....' .... 31
sonrl 6s? 110^ Virginia console, ex-.
Joseph .. HOW tra mat. coujwns.- G0^
iuewce 6s 6U Virginia deferred...- 10
mia-sce 6*. nowJi'fW | ?Oirercd.\ "
rocKBJr~SliRTti speculation 'opciiwl' generally
ing.-Adtliprices &il->Spor ccni hlRlicr than at
toulay's close. Hock libind and'Michigan Con1
leading In the upward movement. , lu the earnulea
lructloiinj advance In some Miares wa*
owed by a dec-line of J^at% per cent. Kocliemer
Pittsburgh, however, sold un to 28%.' after
i the uiurket .becatno strong and alKiut noon reled
ah'advaitceof^al^ per cent. lutheearlynfloon
tills waa followed by n reaction of KalJs jier
t,.,while ,OUio A Ml?l*.-|ppl advanced 1% and
stcd \<x bor'ceht: 'the market then sold up }?ui
cent, followed* by r reaction. The market
led genorally llrm and per cent aliove th<?
dng llgurcfi yesterday. Ohio 4 MIwlwlppl, und
jibrter & Pittsburgh leading In the advance of
ransactfons 1M.OOO shares.
tmi Kxprewi. J37J^|Na?Ji. AChatt.......... to
erlcan Exprest... <jx Sew Jersey Cent 7iH?
lada Southcru...- SIM Northern Pad lie -12
:. A I. O......... 108% do. preferred
itral Puclflfc........ 01% Northwestern... -lsnU
sapeako?k Ohio- '22^ do. preferred..
o.' 1st preferred-... 31 New York Cenlral...luWi
0. 2d preferred-... Ohio Central.......... n
li, C. A1 70 Ohio A Miss ivur
& IL (i hi% do. preferred ?im *
SG Piicitic Mali m;
a. preferred.;....:.; C. <k l,..;:..;.'..;.?..;......iw
t.Wayue..... -..181 Reading...... ?... r>7V4
1. A HU Joseph-.. W it. L. A d. F. Vi>\I
o. preferred Slli do. preferred - 47
imw Paeltic......... 24^ St. I*anl...,.....,.;;..?.,-ii2l4
;e Krlo it W..;? 29fc do. preferred 127
oSI.Am inci- --
.. iuSHJiJUClllC..?
iIkvUIc A NwJi.... fic Union Pacific aiuV.
J; a. & United state* Ex:.-...; 71)4
*0. lhtprcl'd,,,- 10 W.. 8U L. ?fe P...;...- tiW>;
o, 2d prut'd- !% do, pnilcrred ftijri
a. tVCKas,.,, ,4r?% Well#, Fargo Kx ?1'JI
hlRiin Control;...!-^ Western Union.........
inclflc 'Jo 'Offered.
iiTixoiuti July 0,-1'lour linn, active and unlined.
W heat, western opened . higher, but lull
md clc?d easy;' No. 1 winter red spot SI 5WK
; JuW Sl August inSKal 1S??'; Repber
eliHal lttf<; . Corn, western higher; mixed
I KtftbJKo: "July 83c bid; AucuKt.(j5^iwIr>^c; Nop.berHRclrid;
Oat* Arm and liw?er;jwi?teni wlilto
Uir, mixed ftSafiOc: Pennsylvania HtoOSc. ityo
or at:75c. Hay dull and unchanged..ProvMon*
icr; mess pork t? '?*21 35; bulk meats, Mtouli
and clear rib sided packed flQ 75*14 00; bacon,
uldeT* 511 75. clear rib ?\de* ?15it5, hams 815 50
"jo. . lard, refined C13'i5. Uuttor linn: western
ted .14a30e; creamer>V23a27e. ..Egg* steady, nt
Petroleum iinchmged. ' Uofloo firmer; Kin
loenand ordinary td fair 8KfcO>?<% Sugar, steady;
\Vhlsky tiuietat *U6.u:
tvr Yoax, July 6.?Cotton numlnol nt 12J>
c; futures .steady. Flour C(m; receipt* 15,uuo
els: cxitort* M5 battels; suj-ertlito western and
e W fl5a* 10; conimnn to eood ft 50irt 60; cood tf?
|imtnaM imjj; H>hXl Si,ii,'.'
Iiunjeil; wllaim opened? lT, i.^Lr
ibt rectiveritl and atlmnctxl "?.r"
?1 8-J.Mti No. J, vi lu
tor WftaMc dellverrd: No. 2 whlto Mc No, 2 July
ftiattftCi dualng at fO'-ie; Augud closing at
WHc: HcpiemUr Ni*A7ki;, cli*lng at Mc. Oat?, un<
. Milieu: ?pot ,S?'io lower, optlous Ua^cihlRhrr; rO'
ctlpts M.OUO builiek cxuotU l,aMbu?hel*we?tcrn
mued Clattc; while weatcrn ol?67)iC. llay do,
roand ?lr and market Ann at MaTOe. Coffee. ?uriu
, ami ihoUiMM unchanged. Klco ni '.U and Ann. rotroloum
dull and lower; Cnlted M&c: crudo f.'^n
, r->ic: refined 7c. Tallow (inlet and iteaily at 83 lift.
Itwln eo*ler nt 12 Wto2 10. Kggi. wextern /nun
higher and llrm nt i?>kra)k?. M'ork irtiong and
i higher: new mcM 122 60. liecf quiet and itcady,
Cut meat* *wroo and nominal. Lard atromr
. prime iteam 113 00*13 w. liutter Mwdyand in
1 good demand at lla'.Mc, iticcao dull and druoplng
, at "a9c.
Chicago, Juljr 0.?Flour nominally unchanged
Wheat unw'ttled and lower; No. 2 Chlrago 11 '**
: ISU ciuhj CI w July; J1 10? AuguM; 91 USJ'??1 ?
? September: II WK year. ??<>. 8, |i 02; roiulur,
SI IBM J?'y: SiAugust: IItotf Hcptemben
II ttl? yrar. Corn demand otlrtj nud rrlcc? ad
vanced at 7?ka7fKc nuh; 7s,v"?Jto July; 7^yi
9 Auguitand Septi'iuboi; 70c ymr; rejected 7tiku
Out*. Retire, (ttin nil I hlfherat Wcc?*h: 4Vj?o July;
? 40tfa AiiKtut; K?Hc September and OHobcr JWHo
ytur. lfvc iioady *t7le. liarley unlet and uurlmnxcd
< Kt 0Oo September. Hnxneed quiet aud fttondy; merchantable
8125: rejected 81 lfirxi vo. Jtuttcrijulul
, utid uticliRtiftcd. Egui?tf*dyaiid unchanged. 1'nrk
itcadyntid higher atftttlMttl OA cash audJuly;
B 822 10*21 12k AllRUit; I2227U Hc jitetJ)b< r; ??Mli
October: f.iM0 year. Ijtnl detoaod active, and
prlctahnveadvauoM at 812 50*12 85 ciuh nritl July
>|i 57SHl'Jt<0 Ausu?t; .$12 70h12 72)$ S pMuber
; 8l2fc0ai2K2k October, $12 M year. lluU aicati
? strung riii) hi g tier, shoulders fJ 7i| dour rib 813on;
b nho? clear Si t 10. Whisky steady Rttd unchanged
at <1 Sfi. Call-Wheat, demand fair mid piled
' higher No. JChlnigoaprlngntSlHlk July; 91 ll?|
! Auk.un; (i lie)i BepteuiU'r }l year. mcuUi
si UMti l^rJiily; liftMil o$4 August; 8?k>?i
p tk'i'tuiulior, 11 crikii ui? u*r. tJom, active, llris
and higher m MftaTVo July: 70H0*AiiriiM;
September 7eo Octobcr, 70^c year. Oats Irrcguui
f nt 4i>KaMk2 July: ICJ^o August; :wko 8epteinl?er
? iSj^aWjc year. Porn ?tn?riK and higher. at 121 WW
. hid; I2u10 miked July; *21 Si August: fctf42k Boj?
tcmlier; $22 52k Octobcr 82U52kyear. La HI strong
ftiul higher at iriA7){al20Jk Julys 91*2G.'%aI3 07)^
j Au?u?t; 812 S9 September .812 00 October; 112 ttfki
I 12 70 year.
? 4 Chicago, July fl.?1Tho Dwttr'i Journal reporU: i
Hogs-Receipts 23,0u) hcud;shipments 0,COOhead,
B Market atrong: one lot 89 00 clotted weaker mixetj
87 Wtf 35; heavy b 35u3 00; light 87 M*3 40; *klpt
; ?> 00a7 60.
' Cattle?ItccclpU 8.500 head; shipments 2,203 head,
3 Miirki't NlliHU'iT lllld liotlv.*1 i.viMirt? 17 iVutK 111? .'ruul
0 to choice shipping 86 00*7 60; common to fair 8.1 60?
/ 0 -10; butchers 8* Mai f>0: common to good* extra
? 81 60ar. 60; stockcr* and feeder* weak at 8J U0u> (X);
_ Texuins receipts '.','-00 head; cannem Btroug, Nalo
r |3 6tti5Jjo: six cars NebnuJra bulX-brecd* at $575;
Texaus 51 CO.
Q Sbceft?Iteeelpta COO head: shipment* 280 head.
, Pricesunchanged: value# II rm. Market active: com*
* moil to lair 8>l 60a< 50; good to cholco 8176a5 00,
[ 1 Cincinnati, July 0.?Cotton strong nt U%c,
5 Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat easier; .No.'.
1 red winter fl 25al iff. old: 11 Itol 17 ne*rJ?i?ut:
t 81 bid July; 81 August; SI 01 September,
u Corricxclted ami higher; No.' '2/71te?pot: 70c bid
, July; Toftasojjc. Augnut! ..September;
1 ?j%aS0c UctolKsnC.^^Oc "ytur. unta eniler; No
Q 2 mixed Wc. Ityo strong at 7or. I'orkflrm at 122,7;,
0 J<ard atrong and higher at 812 37J!!, Hulk meat?
) Mrongur.nhouldcwlij 02*4: clear rll>flfi1K>;"fticoti
111 good demand; i?houldcw$li)H7^J: clear rib SI I 00
clear SU -1. Whl?Uy btcady at 81 12: comblna
tlon hniolol flniahed good* 3,250 barrel* on a baab
of 8112. Butter firm and unchauKed. ;
Philadelphia, July f.?Klouc dull. Rye iloui
1 steady and unchained. Wheat strong: No. 2 red In
* grain de|>ol 81?): No. 2 led July $1 2l^al 21 k; Au<
t utist 81 lo^ial lSii^'; September 31 17i^L172?; Octo
ber 8118%itl l'Jjf Corn, demand active: sail mixed
3 ?liiH5c; Hteamcr S2a,S3e;>ail mixed July. WaW^c:
. August 85>jaM^e; Hcptombo''' Octohei
s*iJ{ivSOKc. Oats In good demand; No. 1 white W)<c:
1 No. 2, No. 3, G2c. I'rjvi-ion* flrraer'and
/airly active, l.anl Ktrong*. kettle 813 25: 'Monro
Sl3U0al3 \2%. butler quiet; New York and Hrud.
ford county, I'd,, extra 2tc. ICngs tlrm'at j22a22l<o_
ChetH) steady, creamery1JXal'Xc. Petroleum dull
1 and uuclionged.
t Toi.kdo. July ft.?Wheat firm; No. 2 red ?>ol
t SI 25; July 81 11!^; August CL't-SM: Septembe:
81 0y%: year 5100}i. Corn demand, fnlr and ,uiar.
ket firm: high mixed 82c bid;.' No. 2 .yiot'WJfc;
I uioscu?mietu ami; no. - re<l spot Si l?id;
, July 70c: August"?Xc;;September 7Jc; year GTCfa
- Julv ti 14 bill: August $1 Sopumficr $1 0$}'.
i asked; yearfl 06j?bld, 81 07 asked. Corn null ami
. easier. No. -2 ?uot |fc0^o-blil; July -held at 80c;
' August bin; September 7^0 bid; October
1 7ac bid; year C7J{& Oats, little doiii)?. 0
New Youk, JJuly C.?l)itY: Ooom?A frccrcr inquiry
than yesterday, but very largely by new com3
ere for small assortment*. All clas-cs of cottons,
i> abo woolen*,, flannels, doeskin," bums. repellents,
underwear and hosiery, prints auci' In aetunl-ntyle*
' and qiialltics6f fabricsiiavu had some, inquiry, but
the selection* an? not In proportion, fctroux nnd
higher market for- cotton give* much strength to
cotton Koodsprlws. l'adilo dark prints opened at
6J?ceut*. >:
Cincinnati, July r>.?lfo*s nctlvo nnd firmer;
common and light SGuOaT V5; packing and butchery'
S7 T.V-M 65:
t umr
Absolutely Pure.
TUIr powder never varies. A marvel of purity,
fitrciiRtu and wholeeomcnecR." Jloru cconomlciu
thnntbe ordinary kinds, nnd cannot be hold In
competition with the multitude of low teat, short
weight, alum or phosphate powders. .Sold only iu
fv-?-n*w Now York.
will euro dyspepsia,heartburn, malaria,
kidney disease, liver complaint,
and other wasting diseases. : vji. fj
enriches the blood and purifies the
system; cures weakness, lack of
, energy, etc. Try a bottle.
is" the-only Iron preparation that
does not color the teeth, and will not
cause headachc or constipation, as . /
ether Iron preparations will. , ' ;
IRON "tl
Ladies and all sufferers from ncu
ralgia, hysteria, and kindred coin*
plainti, will find it without.ail equal.
H :: . ti*I.'"
INc\mi)nj)f r ArivertlaliiR Bureau (10 SrirtJCB
fTUKKT), wiikuh An* HIV1BI IIAVlIf
1 wuv tHiuuulo for It lu KlftiOT lunn.
__ WANTRoi
W ANT eTCaG KNTSiv ~ - ul
So" W ZlhL
g?a BK iisife
Ilia. Jotiniol. Ortlflcnti*SI i"1
?l.l,l,, co o.nJiB.'af.^ja;
1 JfOlt RENT. "
TIimI du>trnlil? ilwollliiB cotiicr Tui-lfii
; ?!"*!. ?wl,|?p,m|??l unlmr I ... I ,,01 ftj
' " "IC ??? >iylc, uidom-. f?iii ? *.
i rmacniouni once, Kent iciuonaliio UmiIv .*
tcuauL Ai'plyto ,f,U
151.11 M h Mvp. t j
JS}1 "<* M>3
KENT. """"
Store-room No. 1005 Mnin street, ?i.-.
wlien completed will be one hun<l>j
hixty-wveu feet deep, with two
rooms, each slxty-seYen feet deep.
Enquire of
mh'A) J AS. L. HA ^Yi.y>
. will of I\ well ctiuliMK-d Job I'rluUnr 0
tliln city, or would >cll inAterlnl lu Int. to *uli i
further vnrtlculnt* cinpilin wt ttiN i ?r.i. *. j'?
Tljo Drug Store of W. T. Perry, ?l?VAie.l)Cn y
ket street, Juit below the MeLurc- llou*. L
For vartlculan nj-i'ly to
i "'V,,1.' F,- ??**.
[ W U.MIiii. .iL,
| 20 Shares Steele In Lallelle MM
20 Shares Stock in llellairo Mill, (
20 Shares Slock in F. M. Ins. Co.
, 10 8hares Slock in GrnjK! Su^ar Kpfir.m fl
I. 11 WIS, H
'j?27 No. 24 Twelfth .Stnlt |J
j l^utt saw:. " - I
Thobenutlful suburban mMenro of Mm. n I
i Zouc. with about live ttcrcmif Krouinrmtwh^^l
' iintea hi I'lwwant Valley on ihuMMmial Kum ?
i uilles nut of the ? lty.
For particular*apply to
No. ar? Twelfth strw, .
l J??7 ' Orontlif I ;
Eleven ucrcs on tlio hill above tore. I
, II. FOItBKS, Winding. I
No. 7, II. S. Custom House. Telephone F-C. I
nprii . I
! Farm of 770 acrfflon Kanawha river,Muca I
; county, \\r. Yn., about une-thini unJtrcolti- I
vution; convenient to schools and ihurcla. I
1 100 ncrca'cnst of" Junction City, Djrj I
I, county. Kanmis; gooil rolling pmirie'andirii I
W. V.l 100 Kit uno., I
in>'30 1300 Market >tr?tt. I
In chancery In Ibc'CUcuit Court of OtloCwtlj I
' W. 1L Robinson aud other* :
CharleaD.J.-HltJucll and others I
Ity virtue of <tn prder made l?y the Circuit ('gun I
of Ohio county,-on the :sdday of Jiiim>, htt, bib
above entitled. cause, tlio uuilmtamst n??.v~
wiiii on BATUJlDAV, JULY 15, lvi, mmmwisf
at 10'o'clock a. M.. prowed to n-ll tlm wiuuMiv
i accounts due lo tho tlruu of Hourtun A Hinsrilud
. C!inrlo<D. J.'Utneell, being tho same* upon*: u,
tho Court ami ordered to bo koM. Any i-erncfe
i siring to sec a list ol uil?l uccounta rail do w Ij
. cnllliiKbhthoundenOjjm'd. A list of wld mtusnn
willilMs'exhibited on the ?luy i.f wk Temttf
side, uuh. K. II. l.l.-T, Jhtelrn,
, Je26 lUiO Main Mml
? f? $ f f mm
advertise daily intelligehcer,
adveutisf. W1SK
? T&ok
? advertising
advertise ^videIjV CIllCCIiA'I'EII
,? mmmm
ADVERTISE |^j)0 not onlcr Priilfrf
or any clmraetrr until p*
ADVERTISE, , ... .,,,1,
liavo Iioon olitdiiidi at ft.
<" "i? ?is? " "!? WfJrf E
oVIrw* ,)\0rkH.?r 1,10 ? '"y '>/ IVilwMUf. UOlil t H
llioKtr^'.^^'Oiulny. July 10. Ivi forEjJ
illS tn ^ ' mk'J'K a'"1 < "W,I"K' MlJ' HJ Effi
Boiinl . ' OM "'c 1'1C "flic* Eu
tiJ?? Bo<ml ,IM the nty Into ib** I" Ifo
*???$Siiff"1",lw" " I"" ?'"w r|
Tlj.lWrj.Mricuh.lln rf* I c?c?ol |?
Ti^i ^ ft"*** Wur-K
ftn<i iiSHsIMS l!ct 'hMI C0,",irK'lhc m~ ?
"hail be receive! from any i#fj* j?
Ril"? 0I,C ,ll),trIot: nor Mmll miy Rg
IrJcil ,n ??) . IwofNMl ./or niof -* K
The Jlounl n^crvin thit riirlit to rrjcit B
Kiidi prono?nl must contain tl"' "J1?,?,'
sureties proposed to bo oili-wl for Hie j??-'>
formnnor. of tho contract.
By order of tliultonrd. .1
RIVEIt l'ACKKT. TJic tine 1/B
FiuKcugcr Steamer.. W. N.<A.N,,,, t
K. I*. Chancellor. Caul. 1m Ji. 11 1'
I-chvos lltUriiutuh Tnuiwlay at < ?' *
I'uwwt Wheeling Friday ill 7 * *
leaves Charleston nudity* ut 7 * *
Pa*** Wheeling, up, Wednesday ?i1 *;* vjji
Cii*e connection nt <Jalilj*?H<
Pttoket*. Freight ami pwenjccranirlptrJ"1^
tMfrelBlaor MWMIP
IliiUSics, Plinclons ami Sprinir W as""'*
All warranted und great larval"*
I BalvrooiiUi No. IMC mid 1MU Main ni. t t. Utdr "
ciiplwl by Mr. Wagner. } w >krrF.IJL.
UleumUM or ITotriij-iiiK i i ., ? vr X
Rcitntly full* to euro. I'rvjiaiwl l.y J '; * '
D./J1R Airii St., Milk.. IV. N??nc
hit Migtifittirv. 8oM l>y drUKKbl*. y*.
ctiUr. 1XHJAN <Si (X)., Akviiu,
for lnyil Bill I-U,'1' Ki'wM
llciuli, Cud*. Ac., 10 to tli? 1>?HV

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