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Bargai nS
Great Clearance Suit' lor the nex
:t<> days, including every depart
oienl. We Imvo made great redm
I Ions to close out all of our Humme
stock prior to rcctlviug ami opcr
in? Fall i,'00ils. Ladies now is til
opportunity to purclinso; ovorj
tiling Iiiis been marked at loi
llpires to Insure ready sales, a
wo do not want to carry any good*
Come curly and inspect our stock
HOfl.IVIn.in Street*
Tnlen1i'>w? K-.ri2. jvlO
88.00. gw||g|& $8,00,
Hot of Teeth oil Gold ftt (
Ha ill Hwt (htm Tucih ? (
H. *t JoW Filling - - 1 ?
Hllvi-r FHIIiik*. ....
KttnutliiK given.
All *ork warnmM.
m>rl Manual*.
No. 1143 Market itrcct Wheeling W. V*
AllnP"rntlnn? *?rrnmo<1. 1*^
Ekt ZnMltmnm:
IMIIt'p: Ao*. 'J.lnuil 27 f'ourUruiU Hlrffi
New A<l v<-rlin?-mt-iii?.
A Complete Stock?Stan ton & Daveni?or
I-'ly Funs?Ncsbitt it Bro.
Host?lluncii of Keys.
For Hcasons Wliy?1J. F. CJdwell.
Judge for Yourself.
CANDIES, Fruit*, Nuts ami the lino
I'tfrcslimeiit* ut .Mrs. Zidgonfeldcr's, >\
?;<; Twelfth si red.
THE usual merchants*Inncli atlheXci
JlcLtire House Sample Knows daily.
Thermometer KecorU.
The following shows the range of the the:
mometer, us observed at Schnepfs drugstori
Opera House corner, yesterday:
1881 18S2
7 i. M. 12 V. 3 r. w. 7 f It 17 X. H. 12 il. o i\ M. 7 r.
80 HO ltfl U5 | Hi 91 ?M M
Waaiiinoto.v, D. C., July II. 1a. m.? Fc
Tennessee and the Ohio Valley, parti
cloudy weather, local ruin, followed by clea
ing weather, southwest to northwest wiud
stationary temperature and higher pressur*
Miivn IliniM ir Up.
Yesterday John Harden appeared befoi
'Squire McOurdy, of ilic Eighth ward, an
gave himself upas a fugitive from justici
tie was bound over in the sum of $.100 to ai
mver at the next term of the Circuit Cour
no the charge of assault and battery with ii
tent to kill. His boudhtnan is Caspt
Heil, his step-father. Harden, it will be r
menibered, slabbed bis wife ou the morniti
of May 9th for refusing to give him moue;
His wife had money willed to her and for*
long time kept him iu ease and pleut;
She also built the house in which the attenij
?t murder took place. Is is situated on tl:
river bank, near the lower end of the cit;
After slabbing his wife ho lied, mid it wi
Htipposed that he had gone to Ohio, but
seems that he crawled under the house an
heard every word that was paid while tl
olUcers were in the room overhead. He a
terwards went to Chicago, his wife, it is gei
rally believed, furnishing him the mon
ey to go with. A short time since he returi
?il and has been living with his step-fathe
^Irs. Harden has fully recovered from h<
wounds and was on the Scioto at the time c
its dire disaster.
Some Groumllcvi Iron Humor*.
I'or it day or two rumors have been "alio:
here and also at Pittsburgh that two of tli
iron mills of this district, the Top mill, i
this city, and the .Ktna mill, oC .Ktnavill
were about to start up. The story was so in
probable* that no attention was paid lo it, bt
cist evening it was reiterated in such a pos
live way and from such a quarter that it wi
deemed best to investigate it, and accordinj
ly a reporter was dispatched to the resident
of Hon. C. I>. Hubbard, President of tli
Wheeling Iron and Nail Company, whlc
owns the Top mill, to obtain authoritative ii
formation. Neither Mr. Hubbard nor h
turn, C. l{. JIubbard, who is al*o connecte
with the mill management, Were at homt
but a member of the family assured the n
porter most positively that there was n
foundation to the story. The mill was nt
ready to start even were all the dilllcultic
with tho employes adjusted, a state of allair
which is apparently as dl&Umt as at the con
niencemcnt of the strike.
None of the managers of the vKtna Mi
were accessible, but parties who have talke
with them recently and are poBtcd as to thei
atTairssay the rumor, so far as it concern
that mill, is not only untrue, but ridiculou:
They are making extensive repairs and add
tlons, and have no idea of starting at presen
Humors of weakening iu the Amalgamate
Association were run down witn tlft same r?
suit. No authentic source could 'be foun
for tliciu. Prominent men in the Associatio
say tliey are as strong as ever, mid prepare
to staml out for months yet without wcukei
ing. Apparently, there l? 110 break, and n
nigUH of a break, in the ranks of either aid
Arconipunletl l?y lN'ciillnr Mclrornli
tfienl l'lieiioiiiciui.
A wind and raiii storm of some violent
prevailed over the city hist evening ahoi
seven o'clock, and was accompanied by son
most unusual phenomena in the air an
among the clouds. The sky was coverc
with a dense cloud at the commencement <
the storm, with the exception of two snia
strips at the cast ami west. The setting su
crimsoned tho western edge of the clou
bank, and created two brilliant rainbows i
the eastern sky, both peculinrlyjwell define*
At the height of the storm the otmosphei
was disturbed by a strange electrical coi
dition, which so affected the telegraph win
that when tho usual 7 o'clock test of the lit
alarm boxes was sent in, the charge of tli
electrical tluld reinforced that ty-otn tho ba
tery, an4 the result was |he continuous rinj
Jug of the gongs and central alarm at th
Stata House for several minutes, creating
t'oou aeal 01 excitement on the streets, whii
was increased when tl?o crowd cast thci
W?7.o towards the north, and saw; that tli
clouds over Jho upper end of town had
lurid jjlaro as though a terrific conflagratio
were in progress. A rush for that part <
town followed, the department Joining i
the run, which was only stopped when tli
red changed to a brilliant sea green, and i
was seen that the sun's rays, affected insoni
mysterious way by the misty atmosphen
was making a fantastic exhibition in th
northern sky.
When the alarm wasstruck the horse at th
llope hose house, in coming from his stal
ran against the stove, upsetting it.
Tim wind accompanying the storm ha
sutRciont force to bUw down several shad
trees in various parts of East Wheeling, an
also partially demolished a board pile o:
twenty-second street.
During the storm a peculiar light, simila
to that during a total ccllnseof the sun, pre
vailed, compared to which the gas light ha
n ghastly hue. The clouds were of almos
every conceivabia hue, ami hundreds of t?oc
pie gathered on the street corners watchin;
the changes of color, which ver? rapid am
,riUti)IKNTAKY new.
I Uriel" lleinw of liitereMlnfc Lot-til
a ml ('umuieiit.
Council this evening. 0
Tins Is two-papercollars-aday weather.
Tne new dial has been put In the west aide 81
of tbo big Capitol clock.
. Tiif. rain yesterday nflernoon was the first
t for nearly forty-eight hours.,,
i Dlki.nu Olllcer Williams' vacation, his beat
1 in the Sixth ward Is being patrolled by ex*
>. policeiiian i/ou Stelnbicker.
Wis acknowledge the receipt of an In vita- M.
I* tlon Ut attend the picnic at Selbert'a Garden,
on Wednesday, to be given by the Uellairo ?'
I* Literary ami l'leaaare Club. v\
Trtc Scioto piano was brought from the
wreck yesterday and left at Lucas' music 1
. store, Mulii street, to bo repaired, If that is
possible, which is very doubtful. b
V 1'haxk Lit/, was yesterday summoned to o
appear in police court this morning ami an*
8 Mver to a charge of m*llitijr liquor oil tiumlay,
, preferred by ex-Policemen JJrady. Otllcer n
' Hlrd served tbo warrant. n
A kink thoroughbred Kentucky colt belonging
to Mr. Wilbur Urockunier was badly
gornl the other ?luy bv u bull while running tl
about the fields on Mr. llrockunier's place
out the National road, towards tit. Clairsvlllo.
I.rttkkm advertised Tueidity, July 11th, n'
ISSlf ? Win. Hrien, l'hillp Ditmau, Woodruff n
) Donnelley, Mi.?s Joe Harding. Mrs. 1!. Han- .[
non, T. J. Hughes, K. Mengel, John Markovita,
W. II. Ore hard,' Robert K. 1'owur, 2; W.
I,. .Smith. V
Tun Merman Fire Insurance Company L'
r elected the following directors at the elec- ?
tiou on July ID, 18S0: John Oesterllng, Win. *
_ F. titlfel, Anton Uevniann, Augntt Itolf, **
p Phil. ticheuble. J. titroehlcin. A. C. Kgerter, }v
Fred tichenck and Camper Hull. it
It is said that on last Friday, just before P
the thief John Wilson was arrested, a proiu- *'
inent citizen living on North Main street nreived
an anonymous letter warning him L
that sneak .thieves wero operating in tliat o
part of town, and had designs on his house, p
Tut Finance Committee of the Hoard of u
County Commissioner* had a meeting vestor- \\
day, and ordered the Clerk's annual state- a
W meiit of the fiscal operations of the county to
^ be published in Knglish in the |vtrluok.\crii ..
w anu in German in tho DtuUcUc XcUuuy. The
u statement will bs rwady for the printers in a
day or two.
. S<?.mk excitement was caused on the hillside ?
- in the .Second Ward lu*t evening by scream*
from the residence of n young man nsiutd P
Charles Clark. Policeman Fugato and l'a- 'J
trolman M urdock and other neighbors rushed tl
in, mill found that Mrs. Clark hau taken u t\
' violent lit. It-required the efforts of both n
i>llicers to hold her still until a physician ur- h
Yesterday afternoon, Mr. W. 11."Howell, p
the marble cutter, was-married to Mrs, Louis ti
Lingamann. The ceremony took place at
" West Alexander, and tbe bride and groom j,
were accompanied out the road by several of t
their friends. They returned to die city last
J evenlnir. und will ut once go to house-keeping.
They were recipients of numerous congratulutions.
' The Turners celebrated their twenty-ninth *.
anniversary last night at their ball, which, in "
spiteof the bad weather, was ?juiie well filled n
with tlio members of the Society and invited
gueals. The programme consisted of gym- is
nastic exercises by the Turners and it speech ft
it l>y L F. Thoina, editor of thu \'olksblttU,nm\ T
ioncluded with u grand bull, for which the (|
' Opera House Orchestru played. j,,
Joiibeiw in glam from all the principal a;
citi?s of the west urebeggiuning to come in
und purcbaso stocks for their full trade. Mr. j(
Uonner, of George 11. llonner it Co., of Chicage,
was here from Saturday till yesterday, ,
und bought heavily. Mr. A. Hull, of J'\ it K. *:
r- Jaggtr .t Co., of Chicago, is now here, and I1
j( Ulso Mr. Geo. A. Pollard, of the firm of Geo. 1!
H. Dean, Shipley it Co, and both expect to X
lay in lar^e stocks All reportgood"probpects w
it forahe-yyfj-ll trudc. u
'Squihk Sweeney disposed of two cases yes- o
terday which have been pending in liis court ii
>r for some time. One was that of Al Hose, V
y charged by Tom Wilson with the crime of
r. ndultery. Wilson failing to appear ltose was Cl
jff discharged at his costs. Daniel Magruder, C(
e. charged with carrying concealed weapons,
was also discharged ut the cost of the comnluiranr.
who wus the father of the nrisoner.
?e urid who failed to appear at the time set for j,
j tlie hearing. 0
f. AKrEcfAi. meeting of the Board of Educa- j|
i. tion was called for last night, but a quorum c
t, failed to muieralize and nothing was done, j.
The meeting was called for the purpose of ,
<r ordering furniture and lixtures for the pub- .
e- lie library room, which ih about ready for
occupancy, Mcssr?. Maxwell, Caldwell;
f, J'ipes, Kboling and Todd were piesunt. Mr. v
a Maxwell was called the chair, the roll wan l!
called and an adjournment had to Wednes- p
,t day evening. ri
ie Yektkhdat a boy, whose name could not be ti
f. learned, met with an accident on the river in tl
?s front of the wharf, which might have cost b
it him his life, and narrowly escaped doing to. r,
d lie went out iu a skill'to deliver a package to tj
ie a panning tow boat, and in some way fell into ?
f- the river. Another boy was with" him, but
)- could do nothing to save him, and had not a |
man from one of the barges leaped into the
i- hkiU'and caught him he would lmvc found a J.1,
r. watery grave. *->
!f Jou.v Ritchie was conlincd in the County
11 Jail yesterdav by 'Squire Arkl?'a mandate,
because the Justice had more than probable
c?.u3c to suspect him of lunacy. Kitcbie at- tl
tempted to poison himself by taking arsenic n
( last Wednesday night, but ho did not suc\
ceed. He imagines that the jail is full of
snakes, fish-hooks, devils and all kinds of
**' uulv thimra. John has ifot the snakes in his !
boots badly. Family troubles are said to I;
} explain his insanity. c
u Tim new Hoard of Public Works, the li
City Surveyor and tbc Street Commissioner n
.e have ollices on the second and third lloors of S
e the building adjoining the I'copies' Hunk, on
I, Main mreet. Tne Water lloaru will occupy t|
the lirst floor. The Hoard of Public Works u
is formally assumed control of the city streets
j and alleys yesterday, and Clerk Gailigan is,
sued several permits to plumbers
ji and others during the day. Work "
0 under the old regime will cease
,t at once, and hereafter all repairs to Btrcets, a
,s alterationsnf grades, etc., will be under con s
trol of the Board. t<
? Tiik Water Works Committeo met yesterday
and let the contract for laying the ten
II inch water main from Fifth street north to **
d the Top mill, on Main stieit. John Farir
ley and John Gallaher were the successful ti
is bidders, and the price to be paid for excava- u
i. tion Is 155 cents a cubic yard for loose earth. ?
i- $1 a yard for rock removed by sledging, and j.
t. $l.f>0 a yard for rock where blasting is ncces- '
d sary in'the' oninion of the Superintendent of
j- the Water Works. For laving the pipe the
d contractors will be paid *l.Si) per ten-inch n
joint, and $1.25 for all side joints and con- Cl
d nectious. The work of excavation will he
i- begun at once, the pipe being already on the J
o street.
Xi-nKj' Notes ami <io**i|> About Various
? r?M?i?io.
Miss liccky Evans,of the Eighth ward, is
:e visiting in New Castle.,
11 Miss Jiillie lktker entertained a number of
ic her trieuds at her country home by giving a
J very pleasint little tea party.
el Mr. and Mrs Geo. Zoeckler, sen., and their
f littlegrand child, having been seriously ill,
aresince yesterday a little better.
\Mr..Theodore W. Kink, of the Garden Spot, ^
n left" for Ocean City, whem he will spend a
d tew weeks enjoying the cool breezes.
jl Mr. Harry T. IMack, city editor of the Hctj'
titer, left last evening for a three week's soe
journ at 'The White." Wc predict broken %.
l" hearts by the si ore.
Miss Ida Curtis, of Netlmny, a young lady,
ie possessing a number of friends in this city,
'. returned last Saturday from a live month's o
visit in Kentucky and other Southern Stateu.
ie t Misses Virglc Harclay and Mary Lamar,two ui
u handsome and attractive Southern belloi, se
h spending toe summer at the residences of
ir Col. AUc Campbell and l'rof. W. K. Pendicle
ton, at Uethany, will probably spend a few
a days in this city, the latter part o! the week,
n Capt. Fred Yahrling, who for a nuntnber Cl
?f of years lias been connected with the drug
n business of this city, has accepted tUe posi- .
e lion of traveling salesman for the firm of
it Mackeown, Thompson ?fc Co., of Pittsburgh.. g,
c "Fritz" is one of tho best and most widely
known drummers on the road, and his ..
f Mnmlan-tlt >u. ?WI c?? ' 15
* IIOII'.l. AKKIV.iLM. ?
tt'Daiilos'.dly J \VMeftftjk. MotmiUvllIu L"
\ 1. A Kur^v^on. Belldrc J 1* Hie*?, IVmIoii 7*
u U A Toll* nl, Cincinnati Mr> J L Kerr, WelMiuie "
n Ml? J K Kerr. WcM.-bnrg J K Mile*, l.exhiRtnn
j K lUlm-y, Caml>riilue T h i'hIiIwoII. Woligbure
. E II Atklmon. New ^rlc A M llucliantioii, \V Vh
> M Keoit; N Cumberland W M Oliver, Coltimlun ,H
: I.J lta*. i'<unerou John Kenton. llltKburvh
il n C?rntll, II .t O J 11 llobinxm. Fairmont
it Junca Toriil. lUltltnnrc t? W Cochran, Baltimore ?P
u W I, Harrison. Mt I Van'I A Mcbinchllli. New York ??
? J II 1'ylw, Littleton I) W Wu^enor. city 81
^ Harry L?w, Uuilfiml U 11 Bryan, Philadelphia
11 Clias Ca?r. Sew York K J Campbell. l*alatlne
J U PommorrlUu and wife, WelUbutg At.
LIU Iicnulii Da; bj Daj-TkrM More Bodlei
Foatd litre TeiUrda/?Tk* Lo?t llrllcrrd
to ke Mot all Kaowa-llotk ofthc Pilot*
Kaiptadrd-Tka lamtlfratloa.
Yesterday morning parties crossing the
iiapension bridgo noticed a body of u man
outing In the river, which hail just been
ashed to tho surfaco by the waves of a
assing tow-boat.
None of the observers having a skill', the
oily was permitted to float on down, but
pposite the Bcllnont mill It was recovered
nd taken ashore, and 'fc'qulie Philips being
otifled held an inquest. Tho body was
ot identified at tho timo, but when it was
;nt to East Liverpool it was recognized as
mtof Arthur lloagland, of Wellsville.
When the workmen at the dry docks
ent to work a short time after, they found
10 body of a boy lloatiug in the eddy wabout
tho docks. Squire Philips was
otilled.and had the body towed over to
to wharf, where an examination Was
mde and tho body was recognized, from
10 description in yesterday's Inti'i.mok.n*
k/i, that of Lincoln Jlwirdmore.
Another body was nicked up near West
nieeliiiL', and towed to this side, whero
ijuire \\ ebb held an inquest. The body
as that of a woman, and could not be
(entitled,-but when taken to East Liverool
was identified by acquaintances ot
Irs. Michael Kinmerhng as her body.
This leaves but one body missing at East
.iverpool, that of Albert Snow, llo had
11 a dark sage-green suit, one kneo of his
ants darneu, a ring on his left hand with
dark green set An old English watch
as in his vest pocket lie has dark hair
ml is about 21 years old.
Tho entire list of missing has probably
ever yet been ascertained. Capt. \V. \Y.
,C8lief a river man from .Wellsville, in)rm?l
ft reporter that buggies and spring
agonn[had been driven into Wcllsvilleand
last Liverpool on the 4th, und had remined
there yet without any owner callig
for them.' Thin in tukeii as evidence
uit there are others lost, but so far in the
rcelteiuent they have been unable to find
i?y trace of who the occupants of the veidea
Sidney Burrows, aged 25, of East Liverool,
was added to the list of missing yesinlay.
As an Intelmokncrk man was standing
i the Wellsburg depot, yesterday, he
arned from very reliable authority that
ico. Medill and family, of Smithfleld,Ohio,
ere missing, and the'generai impression \h
nit tliev are victims of the awful calamity,
hey left their homo on the afternoon of
le Fourth, intending to go to Portland
nd then take the train for Steubenville,
here they proposed visiting friends. It
i known that they missed the train and
)ok passage on the Scioto as it came along,
hey have never returned home, nor have
leir ,Steubenville friends seen them. The
unilv consisted of Mr. JJedill and wife
nd three eh I dreu.
Some of the papers still persist In eata>gning
Frank Hull, of Bellaire, among the
i using. Ho was reported all right in the
stei.liuescek last Friday, and the Bellire
Jndc]>einUi\t of hist evening says he was
ot lost when the Scioto went down at
lingo, but ho had a narrow escape. He
as on the boat and was plunged into the
rater with all his clothing and his shoes
n, but he struggled for the shore, removig
his shoes and coat while in the water.
I'nen he reached near shore where the
ater was shallow he was assisted out,
ompletely exhausted and minijB his bjtt,
oat, shoes and watch.
A-tler looking over the situation and takig
into consideration all the circumstances
f the collision so far as known, Superyisjg
Inspector Kehrenbatch yesterday eonluded
to suspend both pilots, Dave C.
teller, of the .Scioto, and B. J. Long, of the
ohn Lomas, pending the investigation.
Hint the final action of the local inspectors
ill bo will depend entirely upon the doelopmcnts
at the investigation, but until
:ieir report is reached the order of suscnslon
will remain in force. Mr. Febcnbatch
said to a reporter yesterday that
iie investigation would be searching, and
!iat no favor would be shown anybody,
nt the responsibility must be allowed to
2st just where the testimony places it, be
:ie conscipiences what they may. The inuiry
will be public, and* to accomodate
le large number oi people who will doubt;ss
desire to hea^the evidence, the invesgation
will be held in tho United States
(ourt room, at t)ie Custom House.
The Nltniiiiuii m Min;u.
The following dispatch from the sceno of
je wreck was received shortly before midight
last night:
"The bodies of Stephen Kent, Mrs.
liehnel Emerling, Liucoln Beardinore, of
last Liverpool,' Arthur Hoagland and
'rank Smith, of Wellsville, have been reovered,
leaving missing Albert Snow, of
last Liverpool, and two doubtful?Corelius
Palmer, of Washington, Pa., anu
loan, a boy 17 years old, of Cleveland.
"The hull of the Scioto is partly out of
io water, and Diver Karhart is patching
p the hole made bv the Lomas. To-mor>w
tho boat will be raised, and wliile
aising the water will be pumped out. The
oat is about one rod from the shore, and
'.amM !.? r..ji :n \ x.i.A.
ad dry inn day or two.
"The total number of bodies found isoG;
)tnl missing ll, two of them doubtful."
n Kxplitnulloii From mi Kj t Witiie**.
dltor* Intollitfcticcr:
In your issue of the 5th insL your repor:r
makes me Hay it wasnbout three min*
tea from the time the Lomas whistled,
ntil the Scioto answered. This is a misike.
I said, or at least intended to say, it
as about live minutes from the time ol
jc first whistle of the Lomas until the
eioto sunk. Will you please make this
orrection, and oblige
Arthur MrXai.i.v.
Ioutii of Cross Crkkk.BrookkCo. W.Va.
Important Nolico.
Closing out u large lot of befit quality of
'riiits at 5c (very slightly damaged).
All of our tine l)r-s.s Gmglinms ut 10c.
Fine Imported Lawns at 10c.
Japanese Silks at 25c.
Light Colored Cashmere* at 10c.
Prussian Light Lace Shawls at$t 00.
Ladies', lien's and Children's hose at 10c.
New styles Wall I'aper at S and 10c.
Good Striped Carpet at 20c.
Good Ingrain Carpet at 25c.
1-1 Floor Oil Cloth at 25c.
Oil Cloth Window Uliuds and fixtures at
Best 5-ply Carpet Chain at 25c.
('all soon if you wish to save money, Nos.
)10 and 2021 Main street. John Kormkr.
Thk Chapline Street people will picnic at
tahan's grove to-morrow.
U(mIiicIIou in I'Iaimin.
Present stock of pianos, Steinway. Knabe,
bickering, Hallet it Davis, Emerson, Hard*
inn, Guild, ifcc., at the very lowest prices,
id ureal reduction for cost. Call early and
euro great bargains.
Lucas' Muhio Stork,
1142 Main street.
What gives a healthy appetite, an ineased
digestion, strength to the muscles,-'
ldtonototho nerves? Brown's Iron .Ultra.
A* la roe crowd will attend the Chapline
reet picnic to-morrow.
rlcPlniiiM'lutorlloul Knee at llrnrfriockM
Saturday, July 15th, tho P., C. ScSt. L. R'y
will soil excursion tickets to tlio boat
ice nt Braddocks, Pa. Fare for round trip
LOO. A special train will connect at Wheelinjunction
with train leavinR Pittsburgh
iturday at 8:45 p. h. Tickets good for reirn
passage until .Monday, July 17.
Fou piles, constipation and a torpid liver,
jver fail to take Ma.vau.v.
Tint train will leave nt S:50A. m. Hound
ip 50 cents, children 25 cents. Chapline
rcut picnic.
A nuns, positive curator costiveness Man.IX
nkiuiihouiiooi) ni;hn.
The Andes unloaded a lot of freight on the
k lower landing yesterday on her Up trip.
Miss Addle White, of Lewis*- Mills, after a
i visit here, left yesterday for 8t. Clairaville.
The 8outh Bellolro M. E. 8unday School
will have a picnic to-iuorrow?a sort of addition
to tlic Fourth.
'lheLuchs brother! ore proposing n dramatic
company for the next season, com(
j?osed of iieilairo Uilent alone.
Austin Ault, who has been in Texas for
several years, is among old friends in this
i neighborhood. IIo will return in September,
i Miss Jennie T. llover. a young lady well
known iu Belial re, died last Thursday ut
Oberlln, Ohio, at the homo of George bordeaux.
Henry Lazuro started yesterday to conduct
nearly a,score of glass workers of this vicinity,
to Halifax, where they ull'go to work-in
n new gla?s house.
1 Hawthorne, the "bull peddUr," was in
i town yesterday, loading stock for the Pittaburgh
market. One bull for him could not
bo got to town, becoming obstreporousou the
M. Hon licit, of Wheeling, is expected to
address u meeting of. workingmen here tomorrow
evening. The purpose of the meetlug
la to orgauize 11 lodge ot the Knights of
The membersof the Disciples' Church have
in view a man whom they think will suit
them for u paator. lie will be here soon to
stay for a week, when he and the congregation
can judgeofoneauothcr'scompntibility.
Mr. \V. 0. Stewart left yesterday for Mingo,
where he goes to superintend the placing of
the machinery and ihe arrangement of the
machines of the new nail works, of which he
will have charge as superintendent. It is not
yet known who will take his place among
the nailers at the llellaire Iron Works.
maitm's fkruy.
There are fonr prisoners in the "cooler."'*
Mrs. ltydcr, wife of Jacob Uj'der, is quite ill.
Win. Linn, Deputy Marshall, is too ill for
Shafer and Fields, both colored, paid $1
and costs each yesterday for a plain drunk,
Saturday night.
There sceuio to have been an epidemic of
cholera morbus on Sunday, many cases being
reported yesterday morning. |
Uhicken thieves nre becoming troublesome.
Messrs. Cro wound Kyder uro the latest sufferers
from their depredations. ,
Marshal llunson avows his intention of
Using' his ]*eruianent headquarters in City
llall, and has bought himself a cot.
Two unfortunate youths are manipulating
the gleeful hammer upon the lliuty Itmestone?tiie
tail end of their "(ilorious
Fourth." .
Mrs. Dehmey, wife of Michael Delancy, a
soldier of the war of 1812, died ut her residence
in Darlington on Sunday and will bo
buried at Sinlthlleld to-morrow. Hbe was
about 80 years old, and came originally from
the neighborhood of?Mt. Pleasant. Stie had
lived at llurlington many year*, and was
probably the oldest lady in" this township.
Donjatuln Dawson, probably the oldest
glas;* blower in this pari of ^he country, and
well known to every glass worker in this
neighborhood, died* suddenly early yesterday
morning from an attack of cramps or
cholera morbus, lie had been out on Sunday
afternoon, but complained of being unwell,
and was tuken badly ill early in the
evening. Medical aid was summoned, but
without avail, for bin death took placc about
5 o'clock Monday morning. Ho was'about
U-'J yearaold, and had lived.here upwards of
thirty years. Dawson's funeral will take
place to-day, and the Buckeye Gloss Works
will suspend operations to ullov; those employed
there to attend the funeral.
C. A. Fellows, of New Alexandria, this
county, lost a roll of money at Mingo Sunday,
amounting to $3,405. Whether stolen
or dropped from his pocket he does not
Some of our preachers had the exceedingly
bijd taste, Sunday, in referring in their sermons
to the tycioto ucoident, to charge that
the disaster was a Judgment sent by the
Almighty because of the wickodness of the
neople. Where they g>t their information
has not as yet been learned.
An examination by Council Saturday
night and a trial before tho Mayor this afternoon,
has revealed to the general, public
here the existence of a plagne spot of vie
in our midst whose rottenness probably
equals anything to he found in the same line in
the large cities. From the testimony it up[ ears
that two women, Mrs. McGilvery and
Sal lie Welsh, have been running a couple of
lewd ranches in the old Suteliff property, on
South street, at and around which conduct
of tho vilest and most ouircgeou* character
has been Indulged in to the fullest extent."
A great deal of the testimony was utterly unlit
for publication, such as indecent exposures
of persons by men and women,
vile language to i.assers-bv and within the
hearingof the neighbor*, and continued lights
and rows, with an occasional shooting a Hair.
All t||ls to tl)e great annoyance and disturbance
of the neighbors, who are good and respectable
people. They hare been slow in
making complaint, owing to the desperate
characters of the tnen who visit these houses,
and whose ilbwill they feared to incur. The
trouble finally became so b?d that the City
Council began to tuke notion in the matter,
which stirred up the Mayor, it would seem,
to make some effort to do his duty. Thj decision
on the charge against the above two
women for keeping disorderly bouses will be
made known to-morrow.
"Several of tho employes of this hotel are
happy to say they have been entirely cured
of rheumatism, ncnmluln unil liinilini?n hv
the use of St. Jacobs Oil, writes J. K. Shaw,
Ks?j,, proprietor Grand Union Hotel, New
Tiib fifth annual camp meeting of tbe African
M. E. Church of Wheeling will be held
this year in Hornbrook's Park, four miles
from the city of Wheeling. commencing
August the 5th. and continuing till the 15th.,
The object of the meeting is Glory of God,
and to assist the Church."
IN'rsoiinl | To Men Only !
The Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall, Mich., will
send Dr. Dvo'a Celebrated Jilectro-Voltaic
Belts and Electric Appliances on trial for
thirty days to men (young or old) who are
afilicted with Nervous Debility, Lost Vitality
and Manhood, and kindred troubles, guaranteeing
speedy and complete restoration of
health and manly vigor. Address as'above.
N. B.?No risk is incurred, as thirty days'
trial is allowed. , imw
I.l?|ll I?1 ( Dill.
l)an'I Plank, of Brooklyn, Tioga Co., Pa.,
. describes it thus: "1 rode thirty miles for a
bottle of Thomas' Eclceiric Oil whicbjelfceted
the H oiulerful cure of u crooked limb in six applications;
it proved worth more than gola to
me." . f
"Hacrmktack," :i lasting aud fngrant jicrfume.
" Price 25 ami50 cents. .#
Siiim?i'h Curk win. Immediately relieve
Croup, Whooping cough uml Hronchitis.
* For Dysi'KI>sia and Liver Complaint, you
have a printed guarantee on every bottle of
Shiloh's Vitalizer. 11 never fails to cure. '
A Nasal- Injector free with each bottle of
Shiloh's Caturrh l'emedy. Price 50 cents.
Sold by 10. Hocking, agent, under Odd Fellow's
Hull, and by K. II. List, 1010 Main
Train leaves at 8:50 a. m., on the 'Tewiky,"
for Mahan's grove. Chapline Street picnic.
\otc.H of ii Ucncrn! A'lWtiro MnUc While
on the Lcvec.
The J. C. Jibber passed up with empties
yesterday morning.
The Katie Stoc|:dale will pass down at an
early hour this morning,
Tho Andes arrived in port early yestvrduy
morning with u good trip, both of passengers
aud freight. . j ': ? \)\t&
The Scioto disaster still remains the topic
of conversation along tho levee, as well as
eyerywhere. else. T- |\ j} U J
Tho river at this point la still falling/the
wharf gauge lust evening indicating only a
depth of 9 feet, a fall of 0 inches,in twenty*
four hours. business was lively:all day;
This afternoon at.'} o'clock the large and
commodious steri? wheel steamer Andetf will
leuvo for Cincinnati, with Cnpt. Charlie i
Muhlenmn in command, and Mr. Mart Noll i
in the clerk's office. Any one .desiring to <
take a pleasant summer trip can not do-oet- i
ter than make the round trip on tho pleasant
OilCitv, Pa., July JO.?River 3 feet 0 inch- :
es and fulling. Cloudy;,warm. j
pimburoit. PaI, July JO^?River 5 feet 3
inches and.falling. Cloudy and very warm.
MfocufxinNO.? July -lO.-lUverlQ'feet
Weather cloudy and warm. Departed: Scotia <
Pittsburgh. t
J New.YnrkMoney nu?I Ntork*.
Nxw Yonic, July 10.?Moncjr'2i4 per cent, clcali
at 3 per tt'iiu Prime mercantile paiwr 4*A t?
ceut. Sterling Kxchanin banker* bllli stcAd
it ?? demand II MM.
, Uotxrnmkm*?Uncluuiged.
Louisiana consols? 71KI Virginia Ba SO
Mlwourl bs?.. llGw| Vlrglulaconsoli, fxHt.
Joseph ..... UOh tru uut. ?mj?wns... 69
Tennessee fis Ms Virginia deferred? 9
Tennessee to. no it? &9}^| OReml.
Riimmao hoj?rw?Active and generally higher.
static sultritiw?strung.
U. 8. (*, t'Xlouilctl.M.IOOU'l/oliluh A Wllke*....-103
U.S. fin, extended....tow St. p. a h. c. Up.u?ill
U. 8.-I H*. coupons... IH U. P. bonds, llt*W.....UC
U. H. 4*. coupon*..,...libj( 11, P. Ijinn Oranta?lU
Paclllo (U of 130 IJi P. linking fuiid.,.121{
Central Pacific UrsUJlO Texas Psc land bU... G.S
Erl? seconds. W}{ ilo. IUoUrando illv... M
Stocks?share speculation opened strong an
prices wer?%a2per ceui higher than nt ilm cl?*
Saturday, the latter Altou A Torre JIuuto prule
red, while Memphis ?v Charleston opened 4 pi
cent higher lit W. lu tlie c?rly tuulo tliu mniki
iva? active and xtnnig and rerouted an utlvimcu i
jjaljfyair cent, In wldch Mobile ?fc Ohio. \Vubasl
I lien utirvj STirnni mm loiuwrmu ?v .-muiiviii
| woromoit prominent. In tho early part of then
ternoou l111! was followed by r reacllmi of ){nl p<
Cent, New Jersey Central nu?l l<otiltvlUo A Nasi
1 vllle leading therein. Hitt Knt?e?|tictiUy price* tol
tin )i*lH percent. Norfolk A \Vo*tern preferred rii
Cdiwuo, Uurllntcton A Qulncy belli# tire inu
conspicuous In the upward turn.
Tire in ?rkut then nold otVwIth occasional fractln
at recoveilta of i^?ii9(J per cent, Denver A III
(imnde. Mtmipt)l?& Charleston *ud Colorado a*
belnu proinlnont in tho downward inovvmcu
White Louiivlliu it Naahvllla declined 2}< perm
toTUJi. In tho late.tmde ptlcw advanced 3 jn
Cent for Alton A Terru lUulo preferred, }fal% in
cent f ?r the remainder of the lut, Oiuaha, Chle*K
k Alton Htiil l.oulsvlllo A Nashville helm; prom
newt therein; bat there wHi'h jrenrrnJ reunion r
* percent In the Hunt denllim lluurci of
percent, till) latter I'hcIIIo Mall, while Alton.
Terr? Haute preferred waa 7 per cent and Meinphl
ACharlmton 5 i*r cent higher ami Luulavllhx
N?*hvtllo tJii |H'r cent lower.
, Tran.uetlooa Li),000 share*.
Adam* Kxpren J37!$'Na*h. AChatl CO
American txpreai... 92?* New Joiner Cent 7?J
Canada Houthem...- M Northern focltlc 44
C.C. A I. C ll'i do. preferred ?'.?J
Central Pacific tWU Northwestern 131)
CheMtiHiake A Ohio-El}* do. preferred 147
do. lnt preferred..... JfclvNcw York Ceutral.J323
do. "2d preferred-... Z'i Ohio Central -ic;
C., C., C. A 1 75 {Ohio A MIm
Denver AUG &.sV; do. preferred- 101
Brio Pacific Jl.ll JO)
do. preferred ... 76ft C. A I'
Fort Wayne ;....?J8U (tending.. ..... bV,
do. preferred Si <3o. preferred .. 4'J
Kanfcu hieillc......... l'aul U4v
Lake Erio A W S3 | do. preferred.........la)
Lake.Short llOM rexaa Pacific....-...;.. 4(54
Louisville A Nub.... 70Ja Union 1'nclOc 113^
L N. A. A C ?>" United 8tate? Ex ?.*J
>1. AC. 1 ft prefd....- 10 W.. St. 1. A V 3i?
do. 2d pref'd? b% do. prcforred M>
Mem. A Olios fi2 Well*, ranjo Kx.?...-lto
Michigan Centnil U2VC Western Union b7j
Mo. 1'uciflo UT'i cOHored.
Nkw York; July 10.'-('niton qniot nnditeady a
I3al3)?c; /uturus steady. Flour liriu; receipt* lv.ou
barrels: ex j?orts lt?,000 barrel*;jiu|a'rlino western ?uii
stale 53 7i>it I f?3; common to irood $1 70.iHH);good ti
choice S-'i 7(M'J 00; wlillo wheat extra S7 26a!) oC
extra Ohio Jl fc'iaSH): tit.l?ouis 51 '/.-ai W); Miunesoti
patent process JS 25a!) M. Wheat, hlghe
and very Mrong; receipts 12t>,000 busiicl? export
243,000 bushels: No. HpriwK 81 HI: ungiadci
91 81; ungraded red SI 12al 34; No. 2 red. 81 2AJ<i
t 2rt; No. 2 wlilie 51 2D; No. 1 do sales lU.OOd bushel
at St '3l?l 31% eertlllcates: $1 32?:?l 3J^ delivered
No. 'J rod July, wit* 100,000buRhel* fit ?l 31^
closlug Mt SI 21: August, Niles 1,032,'WO bnslieW a
}l 24?1 iC.cloMngatSt 2tl;October, NUes lil.OOObusb
els ?t 51 IV/ialt??f, during lit;*?! 26& Corn
carii lots Una: options opened K'O^e lower, sab
i'((iiently recovered Hiid udvaiiceUu trllle, clotlni
with lest strongth; reeelnta 81,000biulicls; export
2<>,000 bushels; ungraded b7(isS:; No. 3. S7kude
llvered; No.:2. elevator: feSc delivered
No. - July Wj^aii^e, closing at ?7^e; August MVki
SSe, closing ?t Seiricmber &7&i*>i}4ul tlurini
atxSVie. Ontt IJnljgC higher and tidrly active; re
eei pin 110,000 mufselt; exuorts 2,.ViO: western inixe<
(iU>t3c; while western 03?6bc. liny quiet anil llni
at G5c. Coil'ee quiet tuid Jinn. Sugar and lao
lius?es uncsiingou. Kiec qnlt t and steady, j'etro
leumilnuRtid higher; United f>6fto: crude
relined 7>?o. Tallow linn; city si 25. KosluHead;
at U0a2 10. Turpentine.steady at Ekrs
western fresh ftfiliiuleeaslerat'JOJ^c. l'ork lowei: nev
mesa 522 Wa22 -:b. lkref/ialct and >tendy. Cut meat
scarvOAud nominal; long clear ?IU5 ul3 75. Lin
demand ft"tlvc; prime t-tearn 513 37}?ui;i 40. ltultei
Ann for choice at Ha2le. Cheete dull and \rcal
Chicago. July 10.?Flour in good demand at fit!
prlccs. Wheat; No. 2 Chicago -spring hlglier am
dull at SI H2 cash;, SI 32al 33Juiy; 31 l-i August
SI WA September; 81 US year; No. 3,5102aI 0Sj.ru
jeete? 170c; No. 2 rod whiter 81 Wcnsh; 51 July
si 12Ji August; regulurstroug and higher at jl W/.
July: Si ll% August; SI September. Con
steady and Urm at60jWJ4c cash: 80*|C July;'
W)Jic > ugutrt; Me Set item Ijci;*.?k October; 71cy?ar
rejected 77'fa77Xc. Oats fairly active and nenadi
higher at &ccashi52;?iKie July; 42jC?13c August
?0>?cSeptember, Kye easier at 74)<ft7li?c. lUrlej
dull and nominal. Flaxseed quiet and weak; nn r
chantabic St 22; rejected SI Iftal 20. fiutter stronger
creamery 1'Jh"2T?c: dultlcs, fair to sine, Ho2ic, hgji
steady and lit fair demand at 17c. l'otk uurtMtioc
aud generally higher at 522 2-M22 CO cash; 522 30?
22 August; S/2 50 September. ?22Ma22f.0 Oc
tober; S20 30ai0 3j year. Lnrd unsettled and gene
rally higher, at $l'2.H0<il2& cash; Sl2 32K*l2fv> An
gust; $l2Utal2 l?75a September. ?i:> 05nl.l 07^ Oc
tober; 812 H0al2 fi2V2 yiar. Hulk meats quiet ant
unchanged. Whisky steady and 'unchanged a
SI Call?Wheat. No. 2 Chicago K|?xins flnuci
at $133 July; SI U% August; No. 2 red white
higher at 8117JS July: ft V.l% August; SI loy.i
al 10J4 September; $1 07)4 year. Com, fair de
maud hut at lower rates; July: 7t>Xc August
71V/j: September 70;tc year. Oats unsettled am
generally higher at &!$?? July:-V.^o August; IOJ^i
September;year. J'orti Irregular at $22 30 July
tii 27)4 August: 120 47K September; $20 GOart) ft
October; 520 :ir? year. Lard active and lower a
BIO K'll/ * ? ? ?
w./JI ??~bu >?, ?-i. n./joi-j'iviuwr, ;u ioVl?
1'aiLAOEM'HiA, July 10.?Flour little better feel
liie: tnide dull; uo shipping demand; western 1'eun
sylvan In extra $250*4 00: Minnesota extra SO Olh
0 50: do straight SG 75: choice $> 'JO: Minnesota pateiii
good SS00; choice $S 23: winter wheat patents S7 10
Rye ijour quiet at 21 25,- Wheat Strong and higher
No. 2 ml In elevator SI 3.1; No.2 red July SI 2V/hi
1 V.s'-j; August SI 23%al 23J$: September $1
1 Z% October $1 23at 21. Corn in fitir dornauu
prices further advanced ltyiJC; Sail mixed IKV
steamer SSAS'JC; No. a, 8Tc: sail mixed July S'JuVOc
August h7J4uwc; W ntomber 872JrMJ<o: Octobers
VJc. Oatfe, demand active aud 2o higher, No.
white 66c; No. H, Otic; rejected CtJ^c; mixed City*
Provisions steady; mots beef 820 .r>0; ine?s pork $?l 60;
smoked hams S15 50alG IW. bird firm: city kettk
SIS ti2>?al3 75. Mutter steady; New York and Hrid
ford county, I'a., firsts 2ia23e. Eggs firm at 23a24c.
Cheese steady; full cream U'/Jatike; fair to good
SXh**c Petroleum llrm; refined OJic. Whisky dull
at SI 17.
IJ ai.timouk, July 10.?Flour'Arm but inactive.
Wheat, western active, higher and strong: No. !l
wjnter red spot il 82hI 32}?: July Si 2Gal 2gyt: Am
gust ?1 V.H^ai.23^; September SI 23)4; October {121
bid. Com. western higher andnrni; mixed spot
85%nS6c; July SGc asked; August S6% b7c; September
88aHH^e. Outs higher and firm; weiterr
white 67ati?c; mixed CCjul7c|:lVnn?ylvanla 67aG8c,
Jjye steady at 75ofcOc. Hay llrm at Sl'J OOalU 60
raviolis strong; met. i>ork ?22.3J.23 W: bulk
molt*, sbonldew and clear rib sides packed 511 00ii
14 25; bacon shoulders 31200; clear rib Hides S15 50;
hams 315 75iUC 00. Lard,.refined sr.; 60. butter
steady: western parked 14?20o; creamery 23n27c
,..Sh.? ii?ii?r m iic. i viroicuin lower aud dull: refined
ojfufijjc. Coffee steady nt 8Siirui
steady; AsoltU>{c. Whisky ashade bettor at |110
Chicago. July 10.?'The Drorcr'iJourmtf report:
Hogs-Receipt* 22,000 head; fchipinunu 6,W0 head,
Market weak u:\?l IOij lower than Saturday: very
poor common to kckhI mixed 5<i M'n.S *20; heavy
packing ami vhis>]>inu S-"' 25aS s5; skips 55 UM7 -JO.
Cattle?Receipts 7,eOO head.of which 5,?0 were
Texan*; shipment* i.t'-Ol .head. Market strotu: on
good natives; exports 87 (TmiS 35: Rood to eholee shipplug
57 00a7 .r>0; common to fair S5 tfJatl 40; mixed
butchers fc! C0a5 00; Blockers uiid feeders S-J 00a 1 Wl;
Texans, receipts 2ii0 curs cann?rs lower at 8?15a
100; shippers and dressed beef Texan* 54 OOrtii 00.
Sheep*?Rccclpwl .200 head: shipment# none. Demand
fair and uuuket sternly; i>oor to fair SJtQai25;
good 84 jO)i4 75; choice 51 SSn.S 25.
Cixnswnr. July 10,-Cotton higher nt: like.
Flour Drm; family $2 7fmrt-tw; fancy 5G ?UM7 uo.
Wheat linn and higher. No. 2 red winter old |L 31:
new 81 lCul lb; "k;k.i ?l ia%al i;i}$ July; 81 0$ji
al IK% August. Com in fair demand; No. '2 mixed
81/^c spot and July; 8J}^iiS0%c August; 8 InSl^c
September, 70a"0;-?o yenr. Oaw stmngcr: No. 'J
mixed Mc. Rye stronger-.lit 770, Pors llnu at
Si! 76. ljud tlrin Ut 512 75. hulk moats qulel aud
firm: shoulders 8'J ".V.clcarrlbji:! 25. Racon steady,
shoulders 510 50: clear rib $14 00; elcar 811 N),
\Vhl?ky steady at 81 13: combination Vuiles of n?.
Ished goods SuO barrels ou a busls of 81 i:i. lluttei
linn aud unchanged: choice Western Reservo 20c;
choice Central Ohio 17c. , Unseed oil llrm at Md53e.
Toi.kdo. July 10.?Wheat strong; No. 2 red M>ot
and July 51 18%: August 8114; September held ut
81 14%: Ortolwr 5113%: year 81 \i%: Com nominally
unchanged; No. 2, a|?ot Mo; July 81c bid;
August aud jjeptembor Oe'olwr 70!?o: year
C'JVwc. Oais omet nnil unchantjed. closed?Wheat
drm Hiidu .hade better. No. 2 red July 51 20; Augut-l
8114%; September 51 11JJ; Odober St 14 bid; year
9113. Com firm: No. 2 July 83c; August and September
hold at Sic; your
East uiikuty. Pa.". July 10.?Cattle?Receipts
2.958 head. Market slow; prlrao 57 !K)aS 16; good
H 00a? 3{?: common 60aZ? SO.
Hogs?ltccclpls -I.SjO head, Market firm: Philadelphia*
%6 75ul) 00: Ualtlmoics 58 SOuS 0); Yorker*
e? "/(UK jx
""Sheejv^ltecelptVS.COO head.' Marktt Arm: nrimo
}4 75ftA CO; good 51 '23a4 60; common $"J Mid 70.
Titchyiuk, Pa..' July 10.?Oil opened' nt biy.c;
highest Me: lowest H%c:> closed ut 68J40. 8hli>>
inenU 101.1-17 burrvls; charters rj.cv?7 Imrrels; rutia
Si,tW0 barrels.
Cincinnati, July 10.?Live hogs active and hljch.
cr, tomjariu ?od llcht JG 50u.S 10; picking nud
Viutcl}cr> ?7QOaOOQ. Kccclpt* 555 head; shlpuieuU
iiono. ' ' '
Prrrsiionou, Jnly lO.-rotmlcum active: United
certificates ilnncr, eUwcd at 6i>Xc; rufhiedc%c fcir
Philadelphia delivery. .
Dciith to tlit- i'liraMlli'd, "
which hido between tho gums and teeth, and
eat into them tq their destruction. Sozodont
is master ot the bituntiou. Whoever uses it
regularly after every ineal, and cleanses his
tceth> and .month, will soon bo rid of the
p^rabitet.: v|?!t,
lloran d's Acid rinih|vl?jiic?X Wcrviify".
Dr. C. 0. Fiiev Portland, Me.,-says: ' Of
all tliu sninpltH of-medicine bent me during
Lhe past dozon ye*rsit.i? tl?? only one I have
ever found which has bccome a necessity in
my bwn houachoUl "
Go to your dru&iift. foj.iirs. Preomnn't
Sow National Dyes. I-or brightness and durability
of color.arc unequuled. Color from
two to five pounds. Directions in linclish
nd German. Price 1.r> ohih
Ir .vou want ngooil tiiiio, with little or rib
xnense, ro with, the Chnpilne Street iifchic
o Muhan'fl grove.
>i .
? Nennlnr Krllopi nml tlir Nlnr ltotilm.
r Wasiunuton, July -10.?Senator KcIIokx
wns Beun to-night with referenco to tlio
n... ... tr !.1 i... J...1I ..?i
nuir ikuuic inuuvr. iiusmu uu tuuiu nut,
,, make a specific reply to any charges now be*
cause lie did nut know wliut they were, lie
had been told that ruinora wero on the
street connoting him with the Shir route
frauds in sAmn way. Uu nnid its to thin,
J however, tlmt be,could and would muku
i( uu emphatic uud unqualified denial of any
personal knowledge of corruption in any
* way. shane or manner In this Star route
. service, lie would guarantee one thing
and that was that hiiv checks or drafts
r- that might ho found indorml or drawn bv
[ him could bo accounted for without Uiflf*
if cully as part of a leg timato biwlnwa trans*
i, action. He won in the habit of negotiating
Ltf drafts and checks in the ,course of his busf!r
new all the time, and his namo Would bo
? found attached to nothing that '.would not
'! bear the closest scrutiny. Ho was as emit
phaticund unequivocal a man as could bo
in meeting a charge, and his friends are
'* satisfied to await the decisiou of tho grand
j jury beforo pronouncing judgment, even
t. should the story that he is to bo indicted
J prove true.
x, Mother*! Mother*!! Mother*!
Arc you disturbed at night and broken of
/ your rest by a sick child ait tiering und crying
( with the excruciating jmin of cutting teeth ?
is If no. go at once ami get n buttle of Mrs.
k Winslow's Soothing 8vrup. It will relieve
the poor little sufferer Immediately?depend
upon it; there is no mistake ubout it. There
/ is not a mother on earth who hiu ever used .
* it, who will not tell you at once that it will
i regulate the bowels, and give rest to the
* mother and relief and health to the child,
, operating like magic. It is perfectly wife to
4 use in ill coses, and pleasant to the taste, and
\ is the prescription of one of the oldest best ,
femalo physicians and nurses In the United
< States. Sold everywhere. 125 cents a bottle. .
i uvtrjk w
i Til*
lUv. Oko. II. Thayer, of Dourboti,
i Ind., fays: 'Both myself and wife owe our
n lives to Shiloh's Consumption Cure."
? .Auk you madr miserable by Indigestion,
J Constipation. Dizziness. I airs of Appetite,
4 Yellow Skin? Shiloh's Yitalizer is a positive
^ cure.
^ Wjiy will you cough when Shiloh's Cure
will, give immediate relief. Price 1U cts., 50 '
t cts. and $1. (
j Shiloh's Catarrh Remkhy?a positive cure i
j for Catarrh, Diphtheria and Canker Mouth,
i; Sold by E. Hocking, agent, under Odd Kel? <
? low's Hall, and by U. II. List, 1010 Main i
* street.
' Doctor bills are abominable anil not need
? ed in kidi.ey and liver ulfections, as I'kruna '
; and Manaun will cure them. I
! No head-ache or Inek-.nclic for ladles 1
; who drink "WINE Or CAROUI." <
For sale by Logan it Co. t
l)ou*t I?l? In tin; JIoiinv. )
"Bough on Hats." Clours out rats, mice, (
roaches, bed-bugs, llie}?, ants, moles, chip- <
m unks, gophers. 15a. t
Forty years' trial bs proved "BLACK- \
DRAUGHT" the best liver medicine in f
the world. :
For sale by Logan &. Co.
You can buy the celebrated cog-geared
Novelty Clothes Wringer of Boyd, ilarket
Square, for $4 cash. Just one-half the price
charged by peddlers for third-olass wringers. I
" BLACK-DRAUGHT" makes chill*
and lever impossible.
For sale by Logan <fc Co. c
Do not be deceived. Insist on having the \
genuine Brown's Iron Bitters, made only by *
the Brown Chemical Co., and take nothing *
else. n.uv r
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies A mnrvel of purity,
strcuutn Anil whoUsomenew. More economical
i than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be Hold in !
. competition with the multitude of low test, nliort V,
weight, alum or phosphate powdeni. Sold only iu ,
fy4-IUW N'nw York. j
No Whiskey! 1
Brown's Iron Bitters
is one oi me. very lew tonic J
medicines that are not com- ti
posed mostly of alcohol or ?
whiskey, thus becoming a
fruitful source of intemperance
by promoting a desire
for rum. p
Brown's Iron Bitters <j
is guaranteed to be a nonintoxicating
stimulant, and
it will, in nearly every case,
take the place of all liquor, L
and at the same time absolutely
kill the desire for
whiskey and other intoxi- >.
eating beverages.
Rev. G. W. Rice, editor of
the American Christian Rcviny,
says of Brown's Iron
- Cm., 0., Nov. 16, iSSl.
Gents:?The foolish wasting
of vital force in business,
pleasure, and vicious imlul- _
gcnce of our people, makes I
I'OUrtirCDaralifMi t
nnd if applied, will save hunorcds
who resort to saloons ' X*
lor temporary recuperation.
Brown's Iron Bitters ?
lias been thoroughly tested 1,1
for dyspepsia, indigestion, ^
biliousness, weakness, debil- 1
it}', overwork, rheumatism, l
neuralgia, consumption,
;liver complaints, kidney
troubles, &c., and it never ra'i
fails to render speedy and permanent
relicC (
*." - ' ' . ' .1
' ' - , Oil
portion uf tlio UiiIIlhI FUtd by the Ufilvt
sal ltoncvolont AmocUUoii of California for U
niarrhd l'urrona, ofllre, luw Mleehm ctrect, ft
Kntiicl*?), 1*1. Plain original. New fcatun
Endowment ccrtnln. Not *|H*utatlYe. 2/Mnrriag
pnlil' In WJ day*. boiid? recorded. Itcfercnc
ulvcn. <torrc*|>ondon<*> solicited for Agcnta hi
Jlenibere. Opiwrtuntty of n lifetime for Arciv
Outfit free, ecndMampa for terms mid Marrln
Ins. Journal. Certificate* fl.OUU and M.OUO. IHv
rle# i wild within CO days of martinet!. Month
twt'tT. J>'in
jpou KENT.
That deslrablodwolllhR corncr Twelfth and Ft
street, nuwljr papered and tmluteJ, and lmiimvi
in the latuft Myle. Vroomx, tmili loom ami kllche
rovciwloti at once. Kent reownablu to doiral
tenant. Apply to
jel'i 110fl MalnHlrwt.
Store-room No. 1005 Main street, whlc
when completed will he one hundred an
sixty-seven feet deep, with two baseuiei
rooms, ouch sixty-seven feet deep.
Enquire of
nihil) JAK. I? HAWLKY.
X; will of a well equipped Job l'rintiu* Oflice I
thiscity, or would H'li unite rial in lots to tuit. K
further |*rllciiinn> ongnlio wt thin oftlrc. jyl
fiOOO Tons tte.it (Jualify Icc,
Fourteen to twenty Inches thick, lly car load f
( resent shipment, or tctsou delivery. 1-owe
height rates to nil |>oinU. Add res*,
Jy7 fandnsky, 0.
Eleven acres on the hill above town.
II. FORIIES, Wheeling
No. 7, U. S. Custom House. Telephone F-*
pOll SALE.
20 Shares Stock In Lallclle Mill.
*20 Shares Stock In ltellairu Mill.
DO Shares Stock In P. it M." Ins. Co.
10 Shares Stock In Grape Sugar Refinery.
J? 27 No. 21 Twelfth Street.
Farm of 770 acres on Kanawha river, Maso
!0linty, W. Va., about one-third under cult
ration; convenient to schools and churche
100 acres east of Junction City, Dav
:otmty. Kansas; good rolling prairie and we
W. V. HOGE it BRO.,
my30 1300 Market street.
In thnnecry in the Circuit Court of Ohio Count,
V. II. Robinson and others
Charles D.J. Biugcil and others.
lly virtue of an order tnndc by the Circuit Com
if oldo county, on the :;d day of June, 1882, In th
ibovo entitled cam*;, the undersigned lteccivc
v 111, on SATURDAY, JULS' 16, IHSi, comuicm-lu
it 10 o'clock a. m.. proceed to sell the outstandln
leeounls due to the llruis 6f Houston Mugellau
;harles D. J. JHiicell, beng the saint! retried t
ho Court ?nd ordered to be told. Any ]>er>on d<
Irlng to *ee a li#t of raid accounts ran do ko b
ailing on the undersigned. A li?t of said acco-mi
vlll be exhibited oa the day of sale. Terms (
nle.tmh. R. ]?. LIST. Receiver,
J'1-'" 1010 Main street.
?_> w A'Al'A K.?< JVI U-Tivy JL~fel JL
iMOO Foot Above Sen Level.
Spring Mills. Centre County, Pa., Terminus of
the I?ewisburg ? Tyrone it. It.
This Is a new house end newly furnished wit
verytliing tending to comfort aud convenience c
uesta. The air isluvigoratiue and perfectly frc
roni umlaiU.and particularly favorable for th
e?tora lou to health of persons ntllicu.il with Fa
nonary complaints, Malarial disorders and fla
'ever. The beauty of natural surrounding. th
irandenrof. scenery nud the perfcct purity of th
dr and water makes it one of the most dellghtfu
pots for health, rest and lecrcntlon. Near by th
elebrated l'min Cave*. surpassing any tiling of th
;iud known?sailing miles under ground?mid ir
pouting halls of great wonder of bygone ngei
Carriage* to the cave dally. TheMhle i* plentiful 1
upplicd with meats, milk and fresh vegetables in
ruits in smson, healthfully prejmred and tasteful]
erved. Good stabling accomodations.
'crduy, (less than a week) 2 C
er week, (less than a month) C C
'er month 'JO C
All inquiry as to Kooins and hoard will be prorapl
yanswen.il. GEO. It. NASH,
jy8 Malinger.
The New Summer Retort for the .
p vapi i' ? '?
- " ?? ? *> r.itinu.
[ * 'I lit! Association Hemliiuiirlors* ?*'
For Information uililresn.
ill1 II. II. VAXMKTKR. >l?imrcr.
Will be open for the reception of guests
.STSri*?"11,'1'""'! ?rc Iurnl?hc<
td thim i t'ouveuloiices. The situation 1
. ... .voikitiuik nnu UWUUUIIU HI IUI
ark. Tho table will be furnished with ever> thlnj
lie market can nfl'onl. Charge* will bo rvwoliable
For information a<ldm? the Proprietor of thi
lotel. Jyo
This popular house will beinnnuged this rooso!
v the undersigned, nnd throe favoring us with i
islunay a-ly upon havingtheir comforut propcrlj
>oked after.
We .rej-i>ectfully tollclt the patronage of oui
-lends and the traveling public.
For Information and circular* address,
]c!9 Orcnn City. Worcester Co.. Md.
A Celebrated Summer Resort. First-claw In nl
s appointment*. The ktandardof this well knowr
louse will be maintained as one of the leading ho
:1k in the country., Cood hunting and fishing it;
?e neighborhood. Rooms larca and airy, anc
ulsiue excellent. Chant** moderate.
Jy? JOHN It. 113 A NT. Manager.
? - "V^ KJJ
Occupics n commanding position on the summl;
lateau of tho Allegheny Mountains. The accom
lodatlons for guests itrchmplo, the rooms having
een lately refurnished. Good huntinsr and fish
ir In tho nelKhltorhood. Three passenger trolni
ich way dally. Teruis are reasonable.
iyo Proprietress.
; COLORED Finns, &c., Ac.
je'20 1310 Mnrknl" Strict.
PftrkcntbtirR, Poineroy, Gulllnolls,, rr-z* ^
onion, Huntington, Portsmouth,Mays- ua4??t?
llo, Cincinnati and I^ouisvllle, the do
,nt pnjscuycr steamer
E\V ANDES.. a.Chas. Mt'lilkuak, Master.
MaktF. Noilly Clork. .
.'are* TUESDAY.JULY 11. ?t :i p. M., poMtlvclv.
m-ngera and freight receipted through to nil
litila West and 8011th. For freight or passage, ajc
y on board or lo C. II. iJOOTll it SON,
)ylO Agonta.
higgle*! rititflotis and Spring Wagons.
All wurinntcd and great bargains.
Ic-rooms No. 1.W2 and luOl M*lu itreet, lately'ocpled
by Mr. Winner.
|y t j w VCIJOUrr
> o?!)" |!i"??f l,;v??>rkorB?U|.
|? X,w y?rV ? P,in?Ir|l)hl|li
I'of lutthcr liifonnnllou nu?1 Tl< kci*r*1| ?t
JG ~M' n'"> tSSlw Market Stroll.
*' M"*""! Time.
= u?>o- 1 TT.Wi?r-t!'1
~ ?ae= d a A >}'
s ~ - d
ii. imimoZ:::::::: ":,s ?>L,
i? ; ; - 'i?v;CS
WiutiltiKlou ' u I
_ Kfc::;:: g= ,$=?
:h wl?T
id J'?c. | ciu. sv?T>^
it ; ^
a U p w 7~~
_ BWulantme ...... av, *35 r& J"
C?dl,--|- - IMS mix J"
j) UcnulMn. Villi ' S:|} , p
!? V?w..W * *
1 "VSXa? **
"Kr - ? *? ? 'vv?j
Dnyion ? 2:, ? m J r 1
cincimi.ii >00 [? a
'][ ludlmpolit 10.00 *i "i
St. Ixiltll.,,,, t.jj ' I. ^
unicago .?.! 7:80l \ I
HviiuUy uxprvM icavinWhwiiiimuiiXf^ u
? rive* Welbibun; V;'2^ A. x.. SU'iiUuvllle IJ4V, H
inRklnK clow connection for weMeni pol&u. 1 H
Train* leaving Columbus at SfcMr. x.wilu, n
v.. run dally. Through Cliii^u E*pt?wi f?
Columbus dally, cxcept Sunday, at few n m
sleeping car attached, arrlvlnR in Chirac ?-1 H
next morning. Berths c*u be k<md In idtcr,, K
Union DepotTicket Office. Columlm. w\
t>. Pullman's l*ulnc? Drawing Uomn S'.tttb- ft K
through without change from S:cubi?aTll!e K
"" Phllaaelplvla and New York. Wwt to iVilaab, K
Cincinnati, Louisville, Indianapolis and Eu U?
For through tickets, know chocks, ?1c*vImZ
accommodations, and any further luforsuUaiv
ply to J NO. (J. TOMLIKSOS. Ticket Atwl.ii>?. |
laudle Depot, foot of Eleventh street, ot it (j.
Ticket Office, uudei Mclup* IImih.1. wnwlinr '
MannKer.Ciilumbiu.ohv I
_ Qan'l rasn. and Ticket Attent. I'Uuht,\-h,h.
is On ana after M*y '21, Ittei, i*M*U|tr triiu?n I
y-,m a* follows?Wheeling | j
?.nnnnwn No.<:!.< No. 6; nil 1 hv?i
xabt bouxd. ixc?l d>u> Dally Dsliy DtCy I
lcrtvo? A.M. A.M. A.X.'r.X, 77 I
Wheeling ';1& 1 **? no m
Bellalre, < *- 1:4,S 9:00 :.V, ij
Arrive* at? j
* -J - r"'
..................... o.iv 0.1' 1:09. Till fj|
Cumberland 9:3:1 4:47i j ^
1 Wellington City aio 9:Stt. 1 u
,? Baltimore U;'JO 11:00, j ;:B
5 Philadelphia 7:40, S:&V I'jJj
}? NewYork..~ IOvV) C:50L._J u
Borton JVIL'^
y i 0 Daily except Suiulay.
If No. W ami So. 9 stop at nil Station*.
- Leave? p.m. a.m.
Wheeling 4.w? ).:? i:J0 h.'J
? Belial it) 4.40 10:10. tW ILK
Arrive at? i i
r.n.| ii
Zancavllle ? S IC l.wv $.% u
Newark - 1:50'. t:l(> ?:i
1 Columbus .... 5:1%, *:UI.
A.*, n
I Clndnnati - 6:W 500 lit
Saudusky .. 7:?S 1
, r.JL r.i.
li Indianapolis - 11:00- !?? ; liU
>1 A. M. | |
e 8U Loub ? 7:30 ,$ :%
e A.JL|M
1- Chicago too l?k 7JI
e Kansas City..... Hd| W M
? Jt. 0. Palace, Drawing Koorn (ndtilKpuisti.1
' on all night twins.
~ Clow connections are made for all polnti Son
? and Southwest, North ami Northwest, turtles tta
'* a desirable route for eo!oiii.?u and |<crwai corty
' to the great West, aud to whom piruculmttettk*
la given.
? U?veWheeling ?:??.?. MOM.
f. No train# rim on thin DlvlMon on yutulay.
Tickets to all t>rincl|?al joint* on talc atDfpoL
J*. fflce open at nil houn> dnrinu' the ?l*y.
^ Inforxnatiou to the traveling public chMtjaJj
l* given. W. Xl.ClJIMKNTS.M.olT.
H. T. BEVKHW. ticn'l Acent. Wheeling.
" '/M.BVn AVI. f- * *
iv x jixoDumui n. rConilonwil
Time Table of I't^nger Tnltw, r?
reeled to JUNK4.1,V2.
\c Mall. Exj.it*h I Kxprc* I Auua.
I- Leave?
t- Pittsburgh 8:G0a.N. 1:20p.*. 4:05 p.?;
i Allegheny 8:10 " 1:3] " 1:15 " ~
Roclicsler- 5:53 " 2:20 " 5;C0 " _
Beaver 8:50 " 2.2G " 5;P3 " _
E. LIver'L 9:37 " 1:10 " 5:15 " UnveWellsvllle.
9:48 " 3:lt) " bis " fciCj.i
Toronto ... 1C:27 " 3:10 " 6:30 " 7:f? "
Steuhen'e- 10:47 " 4:'6 " 6:57 " 7.2) -
Mar's F'y.. 11:42 " .101 " 7:!? ' &U "
Bridgeport 11:49 " 5:0s " 7:5* " 142 "
Bellalro?. 12:00 p. M. 5:20 " S:10 " 1 t'J> "
' - Accoui. Mnil. Kipyt*.;
LeaiO? ' \ ,
Bellnlre.... 5:50 a.m. ll:C0 a.m. 1:10p.*.,U?*Arrive?
Bridgeport 6:00 " 11:10 " 1:50 " |U4
Mar's F'y.. f,:07 " 11:17 " 1:6" " W
, 8teubcu'le. 7:01 " 12:17 p.m. ?4$ " vf
1 Toronto-... 7:20 " 12:39 " 3:u5 5 '
s Wdlivllle- 7:40 " 1:15 " J W " ?J
J K. Llvor'l.. 8:15 " 1:40 " '>:I5 '
? Beavor fc:J9 " 2:M " 6:47 ' ? ?
. Rochester- 9:15 " 2:"S " 6:62 " ???
J Allegheny. 10:10 " 3:20 " 7:25
Pittsburgh 10:30 " 3:30 " 7:45 " j
llarrUburg 2:551.*
Baltimore 7:tO " ???
Wtahing'n "
? Phlittdera. i>:15
i Now York- 9:'^5 ' ??
>' Bon ton 6:io r.x.??~
r .NOTE-TminB lenvlnc Bellalre u M? ' *
1.40 p. k. connect at Yellow furCkTt.ua.
All trains dally except 8uu?1?y. R A F()Rp
General ftuvcnKcr *r<JTkktt Ag-.tt
. WM. A. BALDWIN. .Mmin^r. llttrimnjn __
i j o
IJlood Poisonings, scrofulous ^
ccrs mitl Itcliim; Humors
Abscesses uml (ilamlular
Mr. Albert Klnpliury, Kecnc. K. )! '
with l)H(! humor on liiiuds mid iuy?.ft-_ j,,
Jcmt poisoning. (Ho'?a painter.) Al uu" IS
break cruck open. und the ?ki:i KB
the Holt in largo piecc*, MHt'ering ?n?' In
Helling him *unging ilirehu.vd ^ ifl
iim-(1 L'liticutt itesolvent (blood purlUf^-: KB
nally, and Cntlonr<t and Cutlciiru
Hinl In Ion tliun three month* el!?-<ten'
enre. ami has not l*vn troubled ?luit. "* _ i
nte?l liy linllanl ft Fooler. Pnicd-'.-.
MOTHEll DIED t'llO.M il'. , ,
J. W. Admits, NtnvarS. Ohio,^>k- -1 *"?i
Kerwilies ure tiio greatot medium* "?*|.
Had the worsts*# fait iht-mn In ihl?
mother had Utwenty jenw,wid in !?,!
IL I believe Cnticum would luvc '*v,
.My amis, brrnst mid head wi re ?*.> ? rc?
year*, which nothing rellewd orru.
meCuticuni ltesolveni (blo?>d |.ur;:<? '
ami rnUcurw antl Cntlcura ,-'oii? ^?-rsoitnsis.
II. E. Carpenter, Kwj? Hcmlervn.
oI I'mjiIiiMh or Leprosy of ivvrniy f)t>
log bv tho Cntlcnru Ke-olvi-nt I'!',,
tornaily, and Cnticnm and l ull - r* ,+i
nally. The most wonderful
rertllletl to beforen Justice of the j*'""'*;'. Ltr
incut citizen*. All aflllrtrt with iidisciM*
should H-inl for this t.-?ihii^jj!iiB??*
TEKlillil.K Hlil.v IH .VlOll.
r, h. dnko, i't-irou ? "* !?"
nterrible skin humor, which cow<<l M i ^
anil hamU, bjr using cmii-iiw ,'i r,.
purifier) Internally, and i.'utiiuw b:"'',',,^1
Soup (thegreat skin cures) extern*!')* ic
uewi.?Trthnnr. .__ -?
SALT fill HUH. ,
Those who hare experloiKw l ? : .?nj
Knit Uhvutn can npj?rc? Ut?* tl'e i"S"";1 i.,
f.?r year*. until curd l?y 11'0/1 *? ! C011"
(bloo<l imrllW) Inttimitlly, kik! rutlfi"
wntauy&vtmMj.^, .,..,WN.a^j?.
(JDTiUlilU ,7
anil Cuticuka So ip tr?*
Kiaoi.viNT lutenially will i"-"1 f
specie* of humor, from n iiunta*'*1 |- I ,
liltt. Price n! Citicvr*. Miwil 'V, 1,,r |.^iKiXt^i
?l. ClTUl'I'.l lOfl-VK-HT. *1 I Jf

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