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[I ' ' - rr . .^'^trTi-nv^HaT^ vv^xTnTtyn^G- JULY 12, 3SS2. V01A)M^ XXX.-NUM ilKli 2<i<5.
I AUGUST 24, 1852. WHEELING, WESfr VA-.^ED^EfeDAl MOllNJ^u^
0B fMlqmt
^TwiiiTin I'mirlwiUli Wlrwt,
"? ^
"thV k*" Kpjyt loinen abviul ot
.0?ing lo IliK fact llinl li'lc'?ni|?li beam
V.,1,, i? traversins tlm diatnnco ber'\
Alexaixlrin un<L tbo Western world
"?I'lionr*. l)vl!iutimollii?|iurngrnpb
* print we limy have ? biillcliu in
2 to ilio okhIi'K operations o( tbo
(TslEepoblirauH ?f the nil West Vu. v
JjtiiA i" llx'r 111 ''' I'lwisnnt
?5l,pl<v, nominated Ex-Judgo Goorgo *
l ^oll'iikt'n'liuni.furCoiiKroas. This 1
a'jtTi'itlial nomiiintloii, nuil ouo Hint )'
tillmBBW'1 ibi'lf not only to llcpubli. ,v
?n!tiattoin?y "Ihers in the 4th district. 1
flie J?lp ?-1 I^I'iutC "penkor on tho l!
^^yjllirlio heard Iim Opera Ilonso I
b7ii nui testify, lie is also 11
of hiith personal and profea* 0
^(fancier. Tho Convention did u '
fllJ wurk in nominating him as '
ifainainhnl l>c.iriT. <1
l.oml j
from all tliat we can gather, it would j;
irrni tint the region around (iiiw city, say t
for tifiymilw. will have an assortment of ti
tliU year tlint will rank decidedly {
stove tlio average. As compared with tho ,
crop news coming from the West it shows (
liut litis region lias much more than an ,,
svrrJip prospect. The wheat could scarce- t
It be belter. The hay is a very full crop, the |
wu, barley, rye and jwtatoea scarcely less j
so. The corn is doing well, stands well, v
looks well, and labors only under the dis- j
alvantage of being behind time. Still, it ,
is growing rapidly. We saw some lields j,
teftenlay fully live feet high, and the (
sulks were as stout and the blades as dark f
jrct'ii :w any farmer could wish, t
We can scarcely fail, as
tiling uow look, to have a very fair crop j
of corn. As for potato lields, there seems t
to bo no end of them, and we hear very i
little complaint about the hugs. Certainly (
we will see potatoes selling at a very reu- j
sonableprice this fall, if the general pros- \
pat throughout the eonnlry is anything
like onr own. i
This is eminently corn weather we are |
now having?close and aultry, with a ten- ,
dencv to showers. Under such inlluenoes j
a great ileal of lost ground will be recovertl
Taking everything into consideration, j
it looks as if the farmers of this region had
lioen highly favored. ,
.i.rco.vu tii k .noir.s i ai.vs.
Alllic Cn|)llnl of i'reslon County?Slntc
Lriuriilioiint Convention.
Kinowood, July 11.?Yesterday morniuir,
on the early train, in company with
.Sii|frintendent Hatcher and G. A. Howard
ami ."liter, of Cincinnati, your correspond
flit started for this beauiiful little, city oil
the hills. At Fairmont und Grafton .the
i-mipauy was reinforced by others until,
liy the time we reached Tunnelton, we
nnmkrcd fifteen?eleveu gentlemen and
four ladies. Soon thereafter we were in
The good people of this vicinity have
thrown open their houses and there 'will
be free entertainment fur nil who come.
The prospects are that the session of the
Mate Kdltoational Convention will open
with a goodly number in attendance. State
Superintendent Butcher, I'rofessoM ltobt.
Kiihl, of Upshur. Watson, of Glenville,
Craig, of ^*ewSalem, and Hall, of Weston,
with .Superintendents Johnson, of Gilmer,
Hawthorn, of l'resion, und quite a number
<f others are here ready for work. Miss'
Mar*h, of l'arkersburg, is also present. In
company with l'rof. Watson, of Glenville,
your correspondent is adopted for a few
<U\sinfhe family of Mr. llermon, the
ucmri UI inc IMIJ^'WUUU UiinK. lie IlllS
the fini-Jit residence and grounds in or
a\m\ Kingwood. The view from the
lumipuua of hid house is simply magnificent.
His dwelling is situated on an
fuiiaonce, just outside and southwest of
the Ionn. ITie little town just below, But
a* a win uinoug the surrounding hills and
luotmLiiii?, forms a picture that would inspire
tiie brush of any painter.
County Court is now in session. A
I'ifflcoratic convention was held to-day.
I have had the pleasure of meeting Judge
Moke, formerly of Iveyser, but now of this
V'acv, and his partner, Mr. Worloy. Also,
IV. U. Brown, Jr., a very clever gentleman
of Ki wood.
Crops in InwHiind Nchrnskn.
fChicago, lix., July 11.?A Lincoln,
Nfclinwka, special says The crop indications
continue favorable and weather fine
or corn. Keporte received from various
sections of the Slate confirm the
?>piiu(ni that all croj)s in Nebraska this
jwwill go far ahead of any previous year.
Cedais Ramus, I a., July 11.?Gentlemen
, ^vlio have been traveling through the State
lor the past ton days seeking information
-uyuvtnijtjt, Kiy uiu prospects lor com ai
present are poor, especially in tho south?lm,
where thousands of acres are ruined
completely. It is better in tins northern
lialfriiiuuu the southern. There was an
increased acreage over lust year of about lo
per cent but the crop is fully ttO per cent
j-oorer, and it the rain continues the uuin W
will amount to 50 per cent. Other
?-T".?in looks fairly well, live is now being
tarvested. *
^ llrnvy llnll .Storm.
Uastisiw, Nkii., July 11.?A bad storm
"plover here this morning. There was
Iwrlail in the eitv, breaking .most of
f^gtasonthe north side of the build"Vsand
destroying fruit, atul gardens. The
toil, however, extended ouly about ft mile
vvi*Uu*\ uonh and but little further east,
hui\i H\veyi down the southeast with ae*
euiiuuuteu lorce, unroofing the depot and
school house at V.lenville and doing other
damage. The crops are badly damaged in
the circle of tho lmil, but .fortunately ^ its
area is not large, at least in this section,
i he elevator at Kenesaw, west of us, was
moved a little and considerably nicked.
Ohio Mo rim.
t 1.na ANON, 0., July 11.-Nearly nil tlio
household furniture of the four houses
swept away by the lltxnl in Turtle creek
yesterday evening, is ruined. One colored
woman, who had been sick for sometime,
died upon being told that the reservoit had
broken. People are searching along tho
tonka of the stream to-dav for lost property.
IM-mudta, 0.,.!uly 11 .?A storm passed
over this region last night. There was a
heavy rain and wind and much lightning.
Two barns were struck and destroyed, aud
one fanner lost four cows by lightning. I
o)rni?i , M 1 mcu uuu u Uulfr,i
is all broken down.
Wlml Storm.
lu^v^ .C,TY' Mo*? Jul>* U.-A vorv
wind Hwijj passed over Marvsville.
rrwii 0I? ttud Western railthe
f',1,0|lil !? morning. From
down i? f^ograph vjjvs urn all
donotllii 1 *Wfnoiw diunui^j was
""in tothe town.
^ (
Postlafr Him far tlie (oitfnpt of III* Com! I (a
vuU-iU UItci Ilia llratoD* for Yolliiff fur j
the "Jfml Blll-Jfahoot U?Inftu Start
a JUwipiptr?Wuhlnftoa .1?m.
Ipeclul Dhiwtcli to the IntcUliicncur. '
Wasui.moto.v, July ll.-Col .Wilson was
isked to-niuht if ho hml read what Uiu ,
sew York .Sun naifl about him and his ,
otoou tho Naval Hill. JIo unit] that ho j
iad studied tho mutter win-fully nn<t u.,.a
- V ?- j
atisfled ho was right. The Government (
lad spent $1,500,000 on the live unfinished
nonitors, and tho" question had arisen, j
thon tho Democrats wero in control of the ,
ho House whether they should be competed.
Several hoiirds luffl been ni>- |
lointcd to exanjino the subject, ,
nd all agreed thai these vessels
mght to be finished.' 2v'o sufficient reason i
lad ever been urged why they should not 1
>e. As to the necessity, he could not tinlerstand
how thcro could bo two opinions. ;
Ve have a vast exposed front, our fleet in i
he South Pacific consists only of four or '
Ivo wooden ships. They were ail we had (
here, when, interference in the Chili-Peru ,
lifliculty wus talked about. Chili then had i
hree iron clads, any one of which was
nore than a match for our combined fleet.
)ur navy presents a pitiable spectacle,
md tho additon o( the unfinished moni- '
brs waif highly desirable. It was thought
l>y some Democratic members several
ears ago that when completed, they
vould be tho equal if not superior to any
ight war vessels in the world. It was a
unall matter to quibble over in view of the
rreat and absolute necessity of Naval reKuistruction.
llo did not think Mr. Kobeson
hail any sinister motive in die mater.
The item in the Associated Press dispatches
attributing to Admiral Nicholson '
ho remark that if fired upon at Alexandria
ic should return fire, is pronounced a
sanard at the" Navy Department. It he |
thoultl commit audi a folly tliey say It
iVOuld be his last shot.
It id'reported to-day that Gen. Mahone
s about to establish a newspaper at Norfolk
and give the editorship to Col. A. AV.
Jones, who has'thus fur been left out on
:he distribution of oiliees.
The sugar men, producers and importers,
,\re gathering here in force to prevent, if
possible, the' adoption of the proposed
amendiiieut to the little revenue bill, providing
for a reduction of duties.
A Postotlico has been established at
Poorman, .Belmont county, Ohio, between
Bridgeport and Bcliaire.
Commissioner Baird is made supremely
happy by the agreement of the House to
conference the report ou the Great Falls
fish way. The expenditure of the $.>0,000
appropriated will be ample to enable him
to'get his shad and other tish over the falls
for the purpose of spawning in the upper
James I). Butt, \)r. II. H. Flick, J. X.
Wisner and Charles Ward are among the
late West Virginio arrivals.
t-itoi'.s of .ttii: country.
Nlinwlw?of thft'July ltrl?mi*to Hie UeIinrtmrnt
of Auriciilturc.
Washington, July 11.?The July returns
of the Department of Agriculture
from all the States and Territories in the
United States indicate an increase in the
urea planted in corn exceeding four per
cent, or fully two anil a half million acred.
In Ohio, Indiana and Illinois there has
been a lows in acreage,, but in all other
States of any prominence in corn growing
there is somo increase.
In the Gulf States the advance has been
heavy in obedience to .the instinct, of selfpreservation,
the usual result of a . high
price for crops. The immediate extension
of its breadth and cultivation was prevented
in the Ohio Valley only by excessive
rains and temperature that made early
planting impossible.
The States reporting a decreased area
are:Maine, 1 per cent; Ohio, California
and Utah, 2. Nevada. 8; Indiana,!}; Illinois,
G; Washington territory, 0; Khodo Island,
J; New York and Oregon report the same
area as last year; New Hampshire, Pennsylvania
and Delaware make 1 per cent
increase; Vermont. New Jersey, .Marylaud,
Wisconsin, Missouri and Colorado, 1';
Massachusetts, North Carolina, West Virginia,
Michigan and Iowa, :i; Nuw Mexico,
4; Connecticut and Virginia, p; Louisiana
ami Tennessee, G; Mississippi, 7; South
Carolina, Florida, Arkanea and Kentucky,
9; Kansas, 11; Nebraska, 12; Georgia and
Alabama, Irt; Texas, 17; Minnesota, 20, and
Dakota. 4G. Though 20 ner cent in Minim
sot a seems large, the corn area of that
State has, until recently, been less than
that of two eounticsof Illinois.
The condition of the corn has beeu low
from latu planting, cold anil wet weather
and replanting after floods, but has been
improving during June and is generally in
fair vigor and active growth, promising a
far better condition in August should tiie
season continue favorable as at this date.
The genend average is &> against 00
in. July of last year before
the disastrous drought set in.
It is above 100 in all the seacoast States
from South Carolina to Texas, lu Tennessee,
Kentucky, Kansas, Oregon and Nevada
it stands at 100; Arkansas, at 07; New
Hampshire, Connecticut, New Mexico, 00;
North Carolina, California, Utah, 00;
Maryland, Virginia, Colorado, 04; Massachusetts,
Missouri, West Virginia, 03; Vermont,
Dakota, 02; New Jersey, Delaware,
Nebraska, Washington Territory, 1M).;
Maiue, New York, Michigan, SO; Minnesota,
S3; Pennsylvania, 82; Rhode Island,
Wisconsin, 8; Indiana, Iowa, 22; Illinois},
The State of tbo largest acreage stands
lowest of all in condition. Upon this area
anil condition the medium yield of production,
1,700,000,000 bushels, is scarcely
IKwsible.. Willi the yield last year the product
would exceed 1,-00,000,000 bushels.
The range of possibilities covers at least
five hundred million bushels, the result depending
upon the meterologlcal condition
of the succeeding eighty days.
Condition of winter wheat: The average
is higher than at any previous July return,
104 against S3 last July. Tho
Spring wheat average standi at 100
instead " of 00 in 1881. Uuless the
proportion of wheat to straw should
bo less than usual, or grain be darasged
after threshing, the crop must prove-one
of the largest ever gathered in the country.
The average condition, in tho principal
winter whoat Statos is as follows: Ohio,
101; Kentucky. 104; Michigan, 100; 'Indiana,
104; Illinois, 105; Missouri, 111; Kansas,
111). Pennsylvania and tbo Southern
States each stands nt 100 or above. California,
!X>, Oregon, 10.V
The spring wheat States averages are:
W i8con8in, 1)4;-Millneaotn, US; Jown, 103;
Nobrnakn, lOo; Dakota, 1)3: Colonula, 08;
Maine, 101;" New Hampshire, 103; Vermont,^.
The liarvcHt ofwiuter wheat on the lut of
July mm coraiiloted in tho South anil n
in active progress in Kentucky ami com- ?
inenclng nortb of the Ohio river, At thin
'lulu it had reachod the altitude forty
liwwH and will ?oon bo coinnletcd. Tho
sondltlon of oata Ib very high, averaging 14
IOJ, ryo 101.'barley95. Cerpate, cornalono ol
JxcepUKi. all promise a vlekl*i>cr ucro it.
above theaverage.. f, . *? ...
I'lmnirc* llnilo by th? ConferenceReport, B'
Willfli PIIMUHI ConirrcuM YrNlordny. II
washington,' July 1 l.~Tliebatik charter u
>xtcusion bill una sent in its full text on tr
he;nlght of June 2*2, the day on which tbe "
l>lir passed the Senate.' Tl/o conference r<> J
port upon the bill passed the House yesteiv n
lay and the Senate to-dn^ v
In section 4, tho clauso^'And provided M
nrtber that no attachment," etc., is' strict
m out. . I \
Section 6, after the words, "Shall inure tc
'.o the benefit of tho United'States," is to ^
read as follows: a ' h
And fro'ui time to time as. sucli'notes are y
redeemed, or lawful money deposited a
therefor, as provided herein, new circulat- p
ing notes Hhall be U8ed, as provided by this v
net, bearing such devices, to bo approved s
Ijy tho Secreturv of the Treasury, as shall b
ulaku them readily distinguished from,tho h
circulating notes "theretofore issued;! pro- y,
vided, however, that each banking associa- h
lion which shall obtain the benelit of this T
let Hhall reiinburso to the Treasury the cost u
of preparing the plato or platen for sucfi tl
new circulating notes as hhall be issueirto it. oi
Section 8 is changed as follows: ; fi
That national hanks now organized? or \>
hereafter organized, having a capital of u
5150.000 or lt'HH. kIijiII nn? hit ?
keep on deposit, or deposit with tho Treas- b
urer of tho United States. United States .
bonds rn excess of one-fourth of their capi- a
tal stock as security for their circulating tl
notes, and such banks, etc.. j a
To section 0 tho following is added: ' t?
And provided further, that tho pro- e,
visions of this section shall not apply to y
bonds called for redemption by tho Seero- ?
tary of tho Treasury, nor to the withdrawal U
of circulating notes in consequence thereof.
IIIn lilcuctiluif. p
Washington, July 11.?Tho Slur says: tl
The process of boiling Guitcau's body in ?
the vats of tho''Medical Museum, and the !'
removal of tlie flesh therefrom, was com- ?
nleted last Saturday. After tho bones hail I
been scraped they were removed to the u
roof of the museum to be bleached .in the tl
sun. Tho bleaching process will continue ii
for a couple of weeks, when the skeleton A
will be articulated and placed in a case s
which has been prepared for it. It is said p
that the Museum authorities during' the
culinary operation took the quadriceps,
extensor, deltoid and sterno-cleido-mastnid
muscles out of the boiler, and after dividing
them into small pieces placed the
pieces in jars of alcohol and distributed
them among .many mcdical .iuen( in- this
city. I * c
>Va?h!usion 0 r.
Washington, D. C., July 11.?It cau bo
authoritively stated that but one United
States Senator is expected to be criminally ii
connected with the Star Route frauds
through newly discovered evidence. . . j. r
The House Committee on tho Judiciary
directed Representative l'avson,. of Illinois,
to report adversely on 'the Mormon p
war claims pending since 1859. The s
amount involved is'SI 110,000.n
ii ia iiiu lutmiuuui in uuirui win mission
toar<-ange for the"liearingof testimony
with n view of saving time, and persons v
desiring to he heard, will he notitted.of, the ^
time and place. President Hayes may be
addressed on the snbjeet at Long;Brunch.
. : ' ?? t ' ' ; " - : 8
Cliniicpil iIn* Dnic. ' d
Washington, July 11.?The Senate tl
Finance Committee adopted an amendment
to the Internal Revenue Bill, cluing- s
ing the dale from May, ISSh, to October,
1S82, when tho provisions of the bill '
relating (o stamp taxes on bank checks,
drafts, ordenv vouchers, matches and other n
articles embraced in Schedule A, shall go S
into ell'ecL : q
, Wcdifj'nu Female Collect*. ; |
Cincinnati, 0? July; ll.^rTho Wealeyah g
Female College, of this city, was ottered for
sale by the Sheriff to-day under foreclosure
proceedings. The appraisement was one j,
hundred and three thousand dollars. S|
Under the law it could not be,sold tor less
than one-third of the appraised value. ,l
Not a bid was received aud a new ap- n
praisement must bo made. Tho Method- ?
ists. under the lead of Dr. iWalden and Bishop
Wiley, have made earnest efforts to
secure SiO.OUO with which to save the col- n
lege from sale, but only' obtained $20,000 I1
and abundoued the effort. V
Stuck on the I.akr.
Ci.evki^ni). July 11.?The steamer City 0
Detroit, with about 700 excursionists ' from {|
various points ou the New York, Peun- si
sylvania & Ohio railroad, left hero this J5
morning jor an Tsland, twenty miles from [J
nere. wnen near JSallast island and ft 1
mile and a half from Put-in-Itoy,the steamer r
suddenly grounded in a shoal of cobble v
stones so lirifily that three tugs were unable j1,
to pull her oil'." The passengers were transferred
without accident to the steamer
Gazelle, which brought them here to-night
in time to take the train for home.
Good Ilyc, Mlk? ! n
New Youk, July 12.?Michael Davitt r
took leave for the present of the Uuited s
States, by appearing before a local Land fi
League (organization which had secured tl
for him a great throng of listeners and loud d
applaudere. lie made only u short speech o
and said he would be able to say to Par- |<
nell in a few days in,Ireland: "There are ii
no dissensions in the United States." The tl
mother of Tarnoll also spoke. . f,
. ~ ' j ! tl
llontii la London.
London, July 11.?Edwin Booth, to-day
cava a matinon herformnnne of 7Hrhfillm
the whole dramatic profession of London t(
beiug invited to bo present. Booth wna
enthusiastically received and called lor- r
ward after each act. Amonp those present ?
were "Wilson, Barrett, Irving,* Bancroft. >'
Toole, Forbes, Robertson, Warner, and t"
Mrs. John Wood, Miss Ellen Terry aud ^
Mre. Swanborough/ 1 c
Militia Claim*. T " a
St. Louis, Mo., July 11.?Governor Crit- c
tenden has been notified that the, United s
States Government is ready to pay over to
the State's agent in New York ?250,000 for
the militia war claims. Senator John F. >
Heard, Uio State's agent, will receive about t
$11,000, as Commissioner under the law t
providing for his appointment. 1
CnuTcIl Better Later. . \
St. Louis, ' July. 11.?Tho Republican f
Congressional ConvcntionjjLtlie 18th Illi- j
nois District nominated Col.', W.' C, Keff- (
ner as a candiuato for Congress. (Thisis I
"Win. i Morrison's new.<-district> and( is be*
lioved to liavo 500 Republican majority.
v m:
Dou't Try IIIin.^Lynrh 111m. - y ]
^KnKNBunn, li.u,'Jaly ll.?The wife of e
.Tiieob Miller w;us outraged )>y a 'trauip ]
named Cnpple, six miles north of hero, f
Cupplu' wtw captured. and will bo given a 1
hearing on Monday if tho exuited ' citizens i
ilo not appeal to the lynch law. ^
' *' ' . Y ' ' ? )
AT HIM Horn:.
II Unpolitical ltrffDllun T. ndrriil
I'onUlliitf ni t'llcH.
Utica, N. Y., July 11Itoscoo Conkllng 1
night was serenaded by a large crowd
! his friends of both parties. Mr. Conk- A
ni: in the course of his address to the
L'oplo said, the net of courtesy so kind
nd Haltering as this would, be
rateful, indeed, at any time.
: was doublv crateful now because whollv
nexpcctcd. Two years ago Oneida county e
listed to mo the honor of representing her
1 tho Council -of the Nation. For years lj
fterwnrd some humble part fell j
) mo in public --and political
Qaire. In any of tboso years had Ibis 1
fait been held it would have signified p
tllo personally. Now you como with a ti
reeting to ouo wholly unconnected >,
ith public or otllcial transactions,
'ou como with a . warm --welcome 1
> u private citizen, having no claim on s
our regard except his warm and abiding 8
ttachment to your' interests and your ,i
otne. Under these circumstances .
ou will let me believe without 11
thought tluit your presence here ineanB t
ersonal kindness of valued neighbors and 'j
alued friends for six "and thirty1 years,
omo of these I see around ""me 1
oth by my side and in; front fl
avo been found faithful during all these i
ears.- But these thirty-six years j
ave seen many saddening changes. ,
hinking of thosu who are gone, makes
le feel it ifl Veil for theso who are left f!
mt wo1 gather together sometimes with- a
at party?as was said by my t
ieml, without faction, without acrimony ?
ut in united feeling for tho dead, one
ear to another, and strengthen and r
righten the links of that chain which 8
ind.s us together here. . l'
inueect. mere is mucli in the present L
unditlou of .the country to make men .n
jink together, net together, feel together
a to general uud public mat- '
;rs to bring ?men toward ^
ach other who liave thought apart in the
ears and days that aregono. Old'pafty e
sues have largely passed away, at leant as 1
ividing pftrty lines. ' i
We are in ji period of peace and great ,
rosperity, but let us never forget that J
rosperity often tests and tries the wisdom", ,
lie Nations and of men more even than
dversity. The tendency is to spending
trgely. The tendency of the Government .
j too profuse, perhaps lavish,
11 appropriations of public money. .
n theatrairs of the Government and in tlje
llaii-s of business, unless I greatly mistake
lie lesson, the need and admonition of the
iour is frugality, foresight and care.
Ve have moro need of a brake than of j
team in a good many ways justnowv[Aplause.]
* * { ; e
TIIK lUSlKlCr. 1
tejiublJcau Convention?Judge UouiIn
-Nominated for C'onicroM.
pecUl dl*patch to the Intelligencer. 1
Foist Pleasant, July 11.?'The Kepubli- fi
au Congressional Convention for tlie t
:ourth district met in this town to-day. c
!he.attendance was large and the interest \
nanifested was enthusiastic, every-county. *
11 the district being represented except one. ?
I'. W. Morris, of Ritchie county, was t
residont of the convention. *
Resolutions arraigning the Democratic '
arty, State and National, for their many fi
ins of oiftission and commission were 1
dopted.' w t
lion, ueorge J-oouiis, ot I'arkersburg, *
as nominated for Congress by ucclama- t
ion. - t
. There-was.a most earnest and aggressive 1
pirit* manifested by the delegates, and a 1
eteruiiuation expressed by all to go into ^
lie'fight to win. ! I
' l
Tli?Bnckr>-?> C
f?cdnl Dlxputch to the Intclllgcnccr. I'
Clakksduko, July 11.?At a field trial' of t
lowers held here to-day under the manage- I
lent of Uie Harrison County Agricultural
ociety, the following mowers competed:
isborn, Buckeye and Champion, and were i
ach put to severe tests. The lirst prize L
as awarded the Buckeye. 1 t
. ? -C K ? S v
TIio Frolshl Ilrtiullcr's Strlkr. (|
NhW.Yokk, July 11.?Thero is no change y
l the condition of the freight handlers' i
;rike. The companies declare that1 they s
re disposing of the freight received al- j
lost as fast as fonuerly, and now :han<ls 1
re Vapidly becoming skilled at theuwork. "
hipping was liiiht this morning. Commit- e
?es from the different Germau societies H
re engaged in visiting the different piers, c
ersuading their fellow countrymen from L'
orking against tho strikers., /* j K .; [ 1
Jkrsby City, N. J., July 11.-?There was \
erious riotini; this afternoon at the docks
f tho Xmi' York. fjikp .C- W'nui/.cn
oad. One Italian was drowned while
eeing from the strikers, and a number of
trikers were wounded by pistol shots tired ?
y the Italians. During the march' of tho a
eight handlers to -receive their a
ay many young men were nut out of the
unks. These assailed^ the Italians laborers
flip- in .turn;tired indiscriminately, killing T
striker named Hayes. In. the attack upon c
lie Italians that followed one was drowned x\
ud several on both sides injured. (
Fceln Strous:. 1 ^
Toronto, Oxt., July 11.?-llanlan is a^ j,
lost entirely recovered, and says: "I will s
o'w any five men in tho world two miles 0
traight away or two miles and turn tor ft
rom SI,000 to $2,000 a side. I will row
lieso men after a lapse of 48 hours (two full ii
ays) of each other on'any suitable waters 0
n the continent of America. This chal- ?
L'Uge is open to tho whole world." Hanin
further adds that if he could eet on 11
Iieso mutches in America ho1 would forego "
)r the present his intended visit to Ausruliu.
Kvidoncc ol a DUciimciI Mind. 11
Sr. IiOris, Mo., July 11.?Mary Engling- g'
011 Barr, only daughter of Kev.D.Englingan
IJurr, a well known Episcoi>al minister,
ecently deceused, ttled a suit to-duy to set
sido her. father's ,will. ,Sho,alleges undue *
nllueuce and diseased mind tl>rough in- II
tmperanceand the use of opiates. l)r. Barr a
icqueathed nearly all his property to
haritable institutions not leaving his 8
laughter a penny. Sho has brought suit t
gainst the executor, Ex-Judge Wickhum, i
hancellor of the Episcopal Diocese of Mis- t
ftM' ' :|:!-| ! I
An Old t'oHliluncil llnncln^ f
St. Louis, Mo., July ii.?a special from n
Jreensboro, N..0'., says: " A Clinton special
eportsv that Phillip Hiw.on was* hanged 8
hero this afternoon for the jnurder of,
ienrv Sellers. A great crowd in town fol- 1
owed the condemned,to tho scaffold,which ?
vas an old fasliioned trap and cross .beam, t
luu trcvicu ui.nn upru ui'ifl OD UlO'IllIl
ide in the suburbs of town. Haizon never
linclied and 'died game. The drop hviis
>ver live feet Six thousand people were
n-eseut. No trouble. , f
_ Killed llU.Ncpliew.
CiNC]NNlA^ri,';0., July IK?A Parksville,
Ivy., special Rays: :, John Rowaio yesterday
rtioCaiid killed his, nephew, John l.amb.Rowsie
and I/imbliad quarrelled, and the
ormer''ordered and the latter leavo his
premises, when Lamb cooked a rifle ho had i
11 bis hands. Rowaie immediately fired
ivith fatal effect. I
flrr Ihf Heavy Caaioaidlof of tlif IlrllUU KUel.
A Hot Cuatrit -Kir* of th*Ka|liih Killed aid
Tneatj.Sffia WoundrJ-HnulU of lit*
Uaj'i Work-The Porte IHtpleiied,
Jxjndon, July 11.?A correspondent tolgrupliH
ns follows:
Alkxandiua, July 10 ?'Tim signal hits
?cn hoisted for the flout to clear for action.
QHule thu liurltor. hpointiliitr frnm Fort
'haros, lio tho Temeraire, Alexandria, Sucrb,Sultan
amrinfluxlblo. Hero onboard
lio inflexible all"ismuly for action.
lUinorotis wind sails for ventilation biiw'eiiri
tho'decks during tlib' action form a
Imnge look an they tower, fur above the
ombre turrets. We Khali sec tho hottest
ght.' A large contingent Will""' embark
rom the Ihig ship, if required, to complete
lio dismantlement of the forts. 'Miifor
Hillock,'the!military attache, will accomiany
tho shore brigade. lie lias in frouent
recoiinoisahcos obtaineel complete
nformation as to the forts.; Gatling and
ierderfeltgnns will cover their movements.
iVing benind tho iron cladsare the JJittcrn.
)ecoy, Cygnet aud Condor. -Tho gunboats
,re all outside of the rango'oflire from
lie batteries. Behind this again is a groat
loot of kteainera.lyiug there to await the
esults. Tho Austrian and German war
teamen* appear to bo at last gutting ready
o move outside. At 11 o'clock the Invinible,
Monarch and 1'enelopo moved out
.nd anchored outside tho harbor.
Tlie scene now was.impressivc in a high
legroe.'-Slowly all foreign steamers inovd
from their berths and steamed out of thd
larbor. The merchnut steamers presented
10 order, but the war ships of various naions
steamed out in squadrons, saluting as
bey passed the Admiral's IItig, while the
mnds played national airs. Scarce a breath
>f wind was'blowing. The various euigus
drooped against the masts. The
)right eastern sky overhead, the deep blue
ea, the white clothed crews.clustering in
ho rigging and the knowledge-of the
:hange which would soon take place renlered
the stately procession o( war ships
txtremely-T impressive. The merchant
iteamers were all crowded wilh refugees.
to half past 12. o'clock the American
quadron of three shins, two Russian vesiels,
one Austrian and one Gernmu alonft
At 1 o'clock, a steam launch, towing a
argo boat full of Egyptian officials was
ecu"approaching the flagship' Itconained
Hagheib Pacha and other members
if the past and present ministry. -*They
vere received. by the, "admiral and,lion.
tlr.'-Lainbrau, flag lieutenant, and a guard
>f marines,- band playing and a.-general
alute being fired. It at once appeared
hey had not received the admiral's letter,
tnd hail come oil'to inquire the reason for
lostile preparations. The'interview was
louducted with great courtesy on both
iides, but the Egyptian officials looked
)lack, indeed, unouthe adinir.il informing
In* 111 he !)ii<l sent iu a demand that the forts
:ommanding the harbor be immediately
lismautled. \ The members of the deputuion
talked somewhat excitedly aiuong
hemselvcw in Turkish, discussing 'apinrently
what Arabi would say tothe.denand.
They inquired who would lie
leputed to dismantle the forts. While
his conversation was goingon the admiral's
etter, which had followed tUoio from the
Chbdive's yacht, Mhhronsisr, was bronglit
?n board and handed to them. They tlicii
eturae<l to the shore to -consider the mat-)
er iti the council of raeir.bcrs'iuid will re-:
ily. before") o'clock this, evening! ; i; . j ?
"While the Director of Customs was coning
on board the Tcnierairo ho was stopped
ly a guard of soldiers who took him anil
ho cash chest which was being carried
kith him, before Arabi. The latter
lemauded that the money should be hand*
d to hiiii.' The Director of Customs refused
o do this, whereupon Arabi took posession
of it, saying that it was timo the
'UVA.WI nuaaciuuu uu.iiu uuuui iUI UUgUtU.
n H6ycr.il instances Europeans hail; great
lilliculty: in-getting away. Tvvo English
hgineers on tlio tug boatChnmpion wore
eized by nil Arab crew and were being
arried oil'when Uic gunboat I.ittern startdin
pursnit mid rescued them: The last
f the EngliBhinen on board were the
/Ornish manager,of the: water works and
he Secretary of tno Port.
rbady fou action*.
On the Invincible even-thing is really
5r action. The water tight compartments
re closed, the topmast is struck, sand bags
re piled on the 'upper lottery deeir to prot?ct
the meir working the galling guns and
iljemon posted there., We shall probably
ng'age the forts at close quarters. Our
lieUiuin nnd small-arms meir' will be able
a do much to keep down the lire of the
nemy'sjguns. They are doubtless taking
ur range at present, but will be deceived
f they think we shall light from our proem
mooring. The Invincible is anchored
pposite the Mex fort in the outer harbor,
nd the Monarch isclosoby. In the fort
nd on tlio;'adjoining - works are seven
lenvy rilled guns bearing on the llect. All
i ready for action. The gum are trained
n the'forts in readiness forjnstaut, work,
bould the latter take the initiative. % The
test spirit prevails atnoug the ollicers and
nen, and a quiet, reliant air prevails. All
novements are conducted quietly and
without fuss.
The Khediv.o declined; tlio invitation of
he Hritish Consul-General lo embark on
n English ship, saying lie; qould not aford
to give bis enemies an opportunity of
aying he deserted his post.
kihk oi'esuu on* tlie touts.
Ai.kxanokia, July 11?7:10 a. m.?The
llexahdrln, Sultan and Superb opened the
iro upon the fortifications. The batteries
,t once.replied, but their.sbotu nt first fell
hort of the ships. The rest of the fleet
hen joined in and action became general
Ifter twenty minutes cannonade two nf
ho forts censed ,tir I rig. Fort Pharos uptears
to be inuclrdamagod. pTIio. ships as
ar as can bo perceived have not Buffered
,ny'damagbr '* "* 'V ' ' ' " v '
Alexandria, July 11?9:10 a. m.?The
Itnek on the forts 'ltas'now been kept up
hours. Smok'o'lmnpi over the town
ilong tha line of-the' shore batteries' and
itnong the. fillip#, and it la difficult to see
vhat damage has been done. It is certain,
lowever, that tho enemy has suffered very
leavily. Fort Marsael' Kuniit has 'been
jlown up by fire from .this other batteries,
forts are slackening their fire.
The top of the tower of Fort
Pharos has been carried away "and
nanv guns have been dismounted on that
md other forts. Tho flng of the Geneva
[ted Cross is living over the hospital in the
ijty. Butch and Greek tlagsaro hoisted
iver their respective consulateo." At tho
itUtWnino ?l,n .? " I
L" W? HIU UUIIIUUIUUIClll liiiuiuunu
jxeitement was visible. Crowds <Jf people
ffere Been wending their way toward tho
palace. The streeta are now deserted, the
people having Hod or taken refuge in eel*
lara. Thereare nonlgiiBof a siincnder no ,
A telegram from the K>i*torn Telegraph
Company'* steamer, thoChiltern, nonfat *
11:16 thiti morning, says; "The bombard* M
uient ntill eontiniii'H. Tim furls nro grud- t
ually being ailonciMl. The lUa-KUTin forta
are miflering HOVcreVp from (lie heavy and i
uiBiuuroim uro 01 me snips Alexandria, Ml;
perb and Teuicraire." * 0
itob^'Mt.kscRn r
Alkxandhia, July 11.?Shortly, alter d
noon all the exposed gnus on the forts were '
dismantled, and only those in a sheltered 11
position were able to return the British
fire. Fort Marsa-et, Kanet, which was ^
blown up, was only completed a week ago. v
The Monerieilc battery and 1'hnroa fort ii
have been nileijeed bv tue guua of the Tern- tl
peraire and Inflexible. It is reported k
that the Khedive's yacht has been sunk io tl
the harbor. Up.to noon four forlnin all ii
were blown up. No casualties to the duet li
are discernable. o
Admiral Seymour recommences the at* a
tack on Fort Guberrarl -and the Harbor ii
forts in the morning. The small ell'ect of L
the eighty-one ton and other heavy guns
on the earth works caused some 'disap- i
pointment in the Ueet. The Invinciblc [
bad four men wounded. Tho Inflexible! t|
was hit five times. ti
The afternoon report of tho sinking of j
the Khedive's yacht is untrue. There were t
fortv British wounded. Tln?K?fvi?tt.in 1i>?h -
is unknown, but in likely to bo severe, j|
I'ort Itas-el-tin Palaco is in ruins. The j,
light house was slightly .damaged, 8
jiesui.ts of the day's work. ' 11
I/jndon*, July 11.?A special correspondent
of tho Associated Press with the llrit- ^
islitlcet telegraphs: 'OH'Alexander 11th, ?
0 p. inThe British naval olllcer has fur- |(
nishcd me with tho following nccount of v
the day's operalion: Tho bombardment ''
eommeuccd ut this morning. Tho t
iron-clads Superb; Pulton and Alexandria r,
engaged and totally destroyed Fort Pha- ' !
ros and tho light house batteries, which Jj
are ut the entrance to the new port, aud n
were intended to dominate tho approach a
to the new lmrbor. Tho flagships ?
Invincible, Monarch and Penelope
took up a commanding position
inside tho reefs and assisted from the outside
by the Temeraire, attacked with de- Q
structi'vo elleet the Btrong position of Fort Mex
and light houso and shore batteries, y
The Indexible wns stationed so as to com- n
maud the light house batteries, Fort Pharos I
and Fort Mex at the same time, and was c
thus'in position toco-operate both with the
division outside and that inside the rosfs.
The gun ve>?sel8 Uittern, Condor, Iieacon;
Decoy and Cygnet attacked the Monadont
batteries at the entrance to the harbor, ami
uiking a close and destructive range, M
soon silenced tJiem; after which they ran n
in and shelled Fort Mex on the southern {?
side of the entrance to the anchorage or J|
outerharbor. The Invincible undercover v
of her own guns and those of the Bittern q
then landed a party of blue jackets and j,
marines, who entered Fort Mex and blew u
up the heavy.guns. >
The bombardment practically ceased at |
noon, though some heavy guns* are ut this j
hour still sholliug Fort Xapoleon, a large
work situated at the southern angle of the' J]
inner harbor, and dominating tho town. f{
The fort does not reply. On the whole the <?
Ivgvptians fought their batteries with more
iietcrnnnatton'ttmu was expected. Several n
oftho earthworks, bohiud which guns a
were mounted were found to be mere henna ?
of sand." ; ! 1 ' j
TIII: inuTisK loss. 1 [1
In the Commons this evening Campbell
B.mnerman, financial secretary of the War u
ollice.read the following telegram : j
At.n.v'ANnm A/July 11.?7:m v. m. ^
The total number killed is 5; wounded,
27;'distributed as follows:'-. v
On the Alexandria. 1, ,
Superb 1, ' 1
Sultan 2, .'J1 '/*:1 'j
Indexible 1.',j
Wounded: l<
On the Alexandria 15, u
Superb 1, .... f;
.Sultan 7, u
Inviueihle 0,
Inflexible 2, 5
. Penelope 8. . ii
Twelve officers and men landed from the l1
Inflexible under cover of the fire of the ?
Condor and Bittern and destroyed with ii
dyhauiite the heavy guns of Fort Alex. v
Flt<>3f A l'KF.M'H Sr.V.VDPUI.VT. fl
Wlint France 'MilnUs ul' ilic ltomlmrtU (,i
iiirnt of Alexatiilrlii.' v
Pauis, July II.?Though of course it was 1
not unexpected, yet the news that Admiral
Seymour had begun the bombardineut of v
Alexandria, this morning, created a great
sensation here. The belief gains ground "
that England has all along had a secret uri- >1
derstanding with Turkey. It is even said "
that Da Preyeinet knows of a secret treaty n
between the two powers. 11" the question ?
cotncs up in tho Chamber, tliiH afternoon, ei
an exciting scene irniy bo expected, as the (l
Committee on Egyptian credit will doubt- i>
less lay its report before the House.
G mribetta may also find a moment favor- ?
able lor presenting an elalx>rate defence of &
his foreign policy, which he has for some
time been meditating.
A dispatch to tho Flguw announces that ?
Taulba Pasha yesterday proceeded to tho n
palace of Kas-el-tin and'iufonned the Khe- l>
dive ho was to consider himself a prisoner.
A cordon- of Eevptian troops surrounded
Dervisch I'ashas residence at Izedtlin, k
making efl'orts to approach the shore to j?
carry oil' the Dervisch, lint without success, u
The Khedive's sons are on board the Mali- a
roussa. u
Popular feeling in Alexandria grows d
more atnd more hostile to Arabi.
An agent 6f tlio .Sue/. .Canal telegraphs "
n..l nnnftn i :.* <
iKUb iiu IllUI wmicn 10 1110 IUt* w
val commander*, protesting against the n?i- [;
tiou of the British Consul nt Port Siiiti in
preventing vessels from entering tho canal
as a violation of its neutrality, and declaring
tho company will hold the British }('
Government responsible; r.
The wholo stair of tlie canal will remain
at their posts.
? 0
II H'anl* IIomIUIiIc* to (loitM; to Avert cj
Still (irenter MNforlttno.
CoxsTANTixori.K, July 11,-?Lord Duller- v
in, British Ambassador, notified tho Porte, ^
on Mohday, of Admiral Seymour's iuten- ?
tion to hombard the Alexandrian forts if
Arabi Pasha remained obdurate. The h
Porte, on the same evfching, teleyra plied :
Musurus Pasha, its embassador at London. "
that such an net would constitute a grave
infractlon.-qf the sovereign rights of the
Sultan, and that it in expected that the
British Government will order Admiral
Seymour torabstain. ? ^
3 >PW ;.T>rtrla j-.imi X ? --? *?- ?
-.i?w..v nw .Miisurus
Pasha, tbo Turkish Ambassador ut Lon- '
don, tho following:
"Tho Porto Juia, learned that Admiral
Sey mour.has -opened fire.' It is miperlluous
to dilute upon the extreme gravity of thi.s
met In view of the.uiveiicy.of this matter
the Portaconfines lUfelf to requesting
you, without a moment's loss of lirno, to
nmke pressing "representation's to !?rd
Uranville to issue orders to cease tiring
I immediately, in order to avert wtill greater
Tin: iho.v sritim:,
HI Quirt Ml l*lllNlMir?ti?The Nltuiif Ion
nl Hunili ClilonKU.
I'lmui'iKiii, July II.?Allaire In llio Iron Tl
trlko were ti'nusunlly to-day, i.V(n
lio neciistoiuod rumors were wanting, He- or
lortu of Urins who are'about tostgnm
iaily becoming fewer, nn>l as thu mills
ne by one linlsli repairs ami malto prepr.atloiis,
both sides stem (o bo settling
[own lor? king, hard fight. XothinK had <
icon heard (roui President Jurrott this
nornlng.' Hi
1'resident Jurrett, in talking to it Clew- r?
reporter of thesltunlion in Pittabnrirli.
aid: Lverytblni: is lookiue fuvor.il,I.. ,t 1
lumber of men luivo signed the scale, uiid 'aa
11 ho doing they havo given evidence of u.
Iieir ability to pny the demands. 1 mu*t u.
ay tlio proprietors are acting gamey in !!
Iieir light, but I expect developments with- j-i
a the next two weeks .which will enighten
us in reference to the exactstatufi
Pthings. What these developments are I F
in not prenaj-ed to;say,, but I think the by
resent strike will be of uUluiato"valub and arc
enellt to the men. i
South Chicago, 111., July 1L?Every- Uo
tiing is quiet at the mills of the Calumet ^
ron & Steel Company this morning, nl- (in
hough large crowds are gathered around pt'i
lie depot awaiting the arrival of trains.
depurations are being made to startup A(1
liree o( the. sixteen furnaces with noil- ah
nion men. Ollicors of the Company are Cm
iere, and thero in a large force of police on ^
land. About lifty specials have been ub
worn in. The union men claim they will <
tot make any trouble. G'
The works at the Calumet Iron and J>?
Heel Company at Irondale have been siir- ,]
ounded by a high ti^ht fence, and the Fo
Joinpauy" has provided boarding and Ho
odging accommodations for non-union
workmen inside the inclosure. No work u
ias been done yet. Only fifteen or { *
wenty men are inside. Thero were about
wenty-flve of them, but tlio others were m.
lersuaded or scftml away by tho strikers. <!
'he company professes to be perfecting arangements
for u full force of non-unionists. Mc
'he strikers say it will be impossible and j
nticipate that they will be called in within Wj
, feiv days on the basis of the Bav View J**
greument, They say no violence Is iu- Vv?
ended by them. : Iflri
ltrlcf nuil In the I'oint. 13
Sr. Lor is, Mo., July 11.?A Posl-Dispatch
nata Fe, N. M.,' special saya: At VlugJitaff jj|
eslehiny .lim llrown and Miml Jim not
nirdered two men tiutned Story ami F. P. |{
)ictricli. Thu whole town pursued,
auyht and hanged the murderers. 51
Wlioullui; WliulvftHl* Jlurkct.
WHEKUNO, TiiebduV.July 11. J do
Trade in all department* I1.1B been steady the SfiJ
;cek aiid very few changes tire reported. Jl?J.
Grain?Thu trade done the post week lias been: a :vy
joderate otio, Did wheat commant r SI 30. Nothing J.
a been dono In new wheat husyet.alUiuti^h some "
as been cut lor about two Week* utid would rapid* V."
.'couie in, were SI W i*r bushel paid: the price at
rhieh It will probably open.will be $110; corn is
noted ul 'JjH'.iic, and U a little scarce; oats 50?35c. y*
Flour?Iteuiuina the same, 110 cliauge being nude
1 quoutions. Choice amber, ?7 23a7 73; incdi*
tu umber, f<> 2."*uu> W> Wisconsin. 57 00a7 i!5 "J,
linuesota extra, W?0. no ?>; fancy St. Louto, W155*
73; fancy paten t?. S3 5t>a9 00, corn n-cal. per bushel, ' . '
)o: oaime.il. (aucy per barrel. 5<J OOnOUi; common,
rt rye Hour, per barrel. ?3 70aG 00. ,
.Vfri/#?There cjutinuti to Uj<* good demand in <
Ilia market nnd a Bplendul tr^le is being done. 5?c
rlo* aro growing ?trj:igcri?i>eati bjs?eii by the er
il!owln< <|u<itatintei
0 liHiiih, t> t<? li lb average.: 1C SI
' " 12 to 13 lb amugu 21
'i ' 10 to lb lb a vera#}..".;.. . l.v. Co
a-akfast Bacdn -4;......, ^.._15 ul3k J"
OBhouldur*...... .'. . IjVj tolain
Uhcou .shoulder*... ' ilk 3"-.'
loar Mdt?.13^, On
ie? Po rk (barrel "JX) 11m) .... .T..r-...^....; 30 "<!
Tied Beef, 0. ..;...;...v..:.....;.... ..ISXalii ?r
are Leaf Uird, Tiercw, 330 lbs........ - 13{$ *
" * IUrfels, 230 lbs. 13k tol
" " " Half ItaireN, 130 lbs 14 lo?
ologna anisic... '.J. 12H sr.
hcese, lUch tuul-MUd.... .v.* .. Palo;.;, SI'.
ard Oil. Kxtra Western .Strained...;..., to >
nrbuii Oil h}', Wl
I'hlte Uluer*' OH. Winter Stmlni d iiO ?*d
(inwW-A fdr txad ?w hart Inst week, and 81
rlth comparatively Rieadv prices as will be keen by W
lie foMowin;;: - -. j - An
Quotation!) ? aro uivoir as followic .C^H'oe "?
ni vyij K"1"' lUr. p'llUU I2)<C; dlOlCO All
le, bciit runted He, yellow- IUo fie, Jaya wo
:?e- Syrupv common 4'Jc:'; prime 4SaS0c, New >V|
irleans moloKse*, prlino C5c, choice now 70ti7Scv "?
jrtule syrup $1IS per ipillon. Suga?>: hard crushed toi
T/a<, jinuiuluted 10c, i-owdercd lo^c, confectionry
A OXc, -A 0%c. A pniirio "JKc, nuhu.ti A 'Jo. SM
olden 0 S>4c, nrlmo s)$e, yellow .Xtoe. Kkt\ ;
Uroliua choice 8c; New Orleans urimoT^c; IUo- i'?
oon 7}?e, '? t jh<
rWi?So. 3 mackerel, bbis.; ST00; No. 'I medium sai
10 00. " ." " riv
U'ix>df!i Hnr*?Market steady. No. 1 tub?, |>er ttir
own, $9 00; No. 2.tubs per doztii, IS 00: No. ? mis i<.r
crdoion. 1100;!Mi?0ppulU perdozen! Sl75;8-hoop Hn
ltcelers per ne?t, 81 S3: butter tut*. nu
lltsrapacity, ?1 .'>0; ?lo,':i5 lbs capacity, $1 00; do ti J,?
>s!ciip?clty,.S:i>>0, ,WiU'lil>oardj), plnln, fl 60*1 7l>; \0\
ia:?hbmir?ls. |mte?t. iwrdyzen. W50a2 75. i wi
4tr?/< tbrn?loalleiwr'pouiid. ; ?j1(
&aU?j,linulliy. fcl. 7a; clover $3.00a5.,6J; Blue My
t<imSI 10; orelmrd gr.ifcS $-0J. ' i i,W
Hnc-jar? Double strength, wine vinegar. 25oil0e; ?,r|
Sudani, liaise; lOallc for country stock; wlue m*
InegnrStic. . rej
ifcaiu?KocelpWlIijht 'nndabout ull out of mar- (-ot
el^primd nuMcx*yi 7.V. do medium w SO; !?? fat
oricd. f2 704.'t.u>i red pluk 76h3 Umas 7e. Hj>
CV<??Is quote! 'In Jobbing al'Sc-forprliiiii. |i;
fesiyrn, anil ISjfctl.!*: for New York.-SweltrerlfiJ<j \
I7e," according to quality.' .Mmburger 12c.
J-ittitficm?Live goo*. urm^at Mu.Vtaj.MOalSc for >;
ilred. " ,/\ i '
iVnffn?'The rani rate Is $;? SO,' ahd' tlie lunrket Is h .
ulct; stocksilghu As ytl" there It no >ku of u .1:
reftk In the lock-out. , " " ' ~
AvpieJUuttn?I5cpcrponud. : r.vi El*
Jhtney? Itcmnius.tnc simie at 'J0u22c per pound for. *'''
eft clover. New-York,In -chmm, l&al'Oc. llueV. (!.re
jiCA(,it~Kur>c; unified lualili'. un
TuUot*?Market steady; country Ga6%c perpound; ""
Ity 7a7',<C.; rcJj
Dunned The market Lsciulet, mid not much "
qIiijj. The quotation* are in follows 11-10 cans, pie v,
eatrlios $2 0i>; 3 Hi' cana peaches 82 60: - l!? tun' l
eachea 5- 00. Tomntow. :: IT. Pans. SI S0.al -10. <
weet corn, {1 OUHl-25; Wiualow .com, SI 10. IT<
Iritwherrles. 2 tir caiih..St 45. lllackbcrrlcs. 2 ft chi
ins, jfllW. llaspberrtM. 2 tncuus, 51 40. l'lum , 2 2 1
cans, $l-40dl 70. Lima-henna, 2 Jtt cnns. II #:{:> Jul
rlu? 81 lfi. Oove oysters. 1 Bttans', lljjht, 75c; full Co
oiuht 81 25. ' >:? An
DriulI'fuiU?Wc quoUi primequartered Hpploa at vei
;; cvnivonitt'd apples in.u4c per pound; eviijioia- Ity
.tl |>eiu:lu* (unj-arud) 18c 1K.T pound;,evaporated 7.V:
ispt?errlcs iWiXtc jk.t i?ound; un|wla-d j>euch?, mi
ulvc.v.'aGlic. ?lUnlter?Wholesale
r?r!co Is llil-ic per pouud; 814
Ornaj/r* -Command i cr Itox il tOafi .Vi. vai
Dru 'UihhIa? Muslins .'niKo, BlnKhium WJj^c. dress Ml'
lliglmms Sallic^ llerk>hlrCk;in>:han)K8%c,i)nd Ijtn- I hi
iklisr 'JVaC. ehevolis 7allc, UncaMillc yj^e, enu-lio j
tin.', uenlnix OhIUJ^c, ?luck* 9.il5c, Jeans lOalUe, chi
ilile Uncus lU.itftc, and drew* Koods G^STc. I'rlntx t.x,
icuuoud from SaflWc.
H'/iWj/?There huhlK-'pii a fiill In this staple,It
I'Itu; only quoted at ?1 II i>er proo"gallon yvntcr- nul
nv. jec
tl'oal?For medium brand* "*a37c is lh? figure: sTl
!i;hi r Rradot belnn a little mr.re. . I11'
/Aijf? rialed hay still I>rim<?$i;i00nllf0; new hay u&i
111 soon Ihj In. market and will be followed by 11 ]jlt
ill lit ptlccs; loose 011 wagon eurcinandit 810 Ctu x\c
00. rnfl
Whrvlliic LlrcStork Markpt.
All the cattle received nt the Mock yard* during
lejust week were home cattle, and ranged m the ,,
Mowing prlee?: WJ 1U?. fm^e: i,400 lb< GaGVjc. ,*!
ulves8<l Wki7 00.accordingto slxe nnd oomlilloii.
"??' 'sv uiipiioi; auuc uncnppcd. f
Toi.Eno, July 11.?The norm bo ml npencil with J",1
beat tlini, cloMnj? weaker. No. 2 ml M>ot Si '29: :y'
uly SI 19>4: Austin SI Hjfc Pepteinber. SI HJ{;
etober SI llj^: year Si Com noTinnlly unhanded
atSSc, So. 2 ?|>ot S7c: July fefic. Ont# qnM; },rz
th 2>pot &Sc; Angu*l -Be: September -Itc bid: Goto* \ ??,
er ami 6cnteinlKT4le bid; October 4Uj Cliaed?I '
rhont wctiVbud lower. No. '2 red >j>oi held a? SI '.'J;
uly SI )V/4: AnKiift SI WA: 8ei?tcml<er SI 13%:
ictotor SI i:H*: year 8112. (Mm wen*: No. 2 July I
lSlKe: AugmtHk! u*ked; September ?Jo bid; Oc-1 in'<
ibor .oc b'd: year <l!k\ lllK(
Titusvii.lf, I'A.t July 11.?OH- opt-tud nt fife;] 1
i^hekt CQc; luwe?t fcfi}#:. pIomhI hi fC};c. Rb'p I .
j?nt? 5T.2V2 barrel*: runs .-J.W) barrel*: charters 1 1 '
I .sl>t lurry's. inj
" Apollmaris Water is an i
Nature.and is not the handiwo
j . - J '- > * ?' "
"'Hi- hoc an arujiciai Water"
Of all Grocers, Drug's, am.
beware OP
the Conditio* of Ue Jl*rk?t? it;tiu U.JI, r
Tride (.'altera of the Canitrj~Thi> It tiling
rrleetAtr the Principal NU|ilra~llM?ii.
cUI aid I'onmenlal Affalra,
JovKn.vMK.vis-\\cn?, mill iKt rent lower for
tuicltiiigcii lor 4*4* Ami vxtvuilul Aatuiil
uWanaconeoli..;- 71KI Virginia c? ;, -M
*wuri f*-....... lieu 1 Vint till oonh>i*
josopli ...........llOjil trainaL coupon*... 55
miMt deferred...- 10
une?ec 6*. uew?* 69 , | Offered.
Iaii.road ItoNtw?(ioncrullyntruin?.
Hat* Hiccumtiw-NVIthout feature except Ti unee
mixed, which Afu I permit lower.
8.0?, cxteiulod.Mri6aU|Lclilgh ?<? >Vllkii...M.t(K^
S. t*. C*tfli(lC(l....lCOh|st. p. Si 8. 0. ilr*t* ll
8. 4J4*.coupoiuw..ll4 Ju. 1'. lunula, UraU.....I)G??
8.4*. eoupoiuw~...lt.sTi10.1'. Luiki Grant*...! n
Side Os ol...130. u. M.rinkliiR fund...lvl
uttal I**cliie t)r?U~ll(j Texas l*?c laud lit*-. w.'i
,o n^onndt........^' MXldo. Kiodrando dlv.* lit ft
Offered. . , . . ,.i ? :
TocKi-WhUo the market |j ?tlll characterized
natron# undertone and tho uencml temper oI
culatlou remain* bullHli, there l* no dould
it the buojaiicoof the early part of the d*y was
sen advantageo! to an important extent to realprotlta
on what now K-eiti low priced Mock*.
um> tali* to realize drew nut a Rood many Miori
at. in|,lbo itoikmarket at iholmt hour.prices ,
it advanced H*}{ ' per cent, thdn decllucu J-iat
rcent, then recovered Hamper ccnt, hut In tlio
al dealings a part of thiH tocovery wan lost,
rraiiuotlons -110,000 aharca. ' am*
Kxiirew ?lM.j|Naah. AChatt..... CO
lerican Kxprcaa... W' New Jenor Cent 70*5
iiada Southern...- No^h'oro Pacific 4$*
C. ?$t I. UljJ do. urefcrred
ntral Pacific...."... Ot Korthwexteni..,.; 131
cMiKuWe A Qhlu. VMlii do.pAjferred 140
lo. 1st preferred-...':u New York Central...lav}:
lo;2d preferred-..; -AX Ohio Central lfi>?
0..C.A I -..,70. Ohio AMU*..? Jj7
nvor A R. O M% do. preferred- -loi
le a7.4|lVlllo Mall.
10. preferred.. 70 c. a 1*. - lXi
rl Wayne ?131 HeadluK... - f>S
11. AhU JoR-pIl-.. Rj nL L.&ti. F.... -
lo. preferred 81J-S do. preferred - 49
,ma* lVdlle.....?.,ioUISL Paul HMf
kc Eric Ji W JUtU do. preferred IS'J
keShoro - iliovj TMAti Pacific?..
uUvlllo ii Na>li.... 70 , Uuloti Pacific IISV.
N. A. & O RS I United Ktalcs Kx ~2x,i
& C. Ul jircf'd 10 W.. 8U 1* .t P - 1K&,
lo. 2d pref'd? r?X do. preferred - N'?;a
m. & t'haa. l> \ \ WelU. Vann? Kx Ji'.
dilRHii entral 'Ji I Western.t'liion b7^
1. Paclrte U%t "Oilered.
?'kw Yoait. Jul*? -
J ... ?Hnn-? nii-i ru'rtuy III
njic; (uturMc>*y. Flour quiet and uncln ngeJ;
tclpts 10.UU0 linnets: exports 550 Itarrels. W neat
. llodttud unsettled; opening ln2o higher, niterrds
lost theadvaitro and dcoilnul la^e dosing
u; receipts 15:1,000 bushels; expor h 12*, 9 bi sh?
: No. 2, spring SI til: ungraded t*a S> i^ul W-:
4 do Si 20; i*o. 3 do ?i :a); No. 2 rod SlSiSn
(x-rtllicnUn: ?l 2tUl 3f.Jsi f.o.b.; fl tfi
vrclsKn I red $1 3?<1mixed winter $i 29a
i>; ungraded white 31 2*J^al 31: No. ?. do nominal
SI 32# No. 2 ml July, mien 011,000 liuchU* at
30}<Cni:i2% dotingitt SI 81; August, sales 1,(50,i
busheu at ?l 23>;al us, doting at
2T?J<4: September, 'fcilfca 730,000 bushels. at
2o#U 2*k, dosing at SI 23; (Molar.
|ps Wo.'JOt) bushels nt SI 23,'v, dtv-lne ut
23^. Com unsettled And &tlXc lowci; recclnta
*UO bushels; export- 19I.0UJ buMiels; ungraded
i8H-t No. 3. 85c; No. 2 *7UcSSc; low
xed DIJ^c; Na -2 < white Vac; No. 2
ly H6&tS7Ki', doing Ht M^?c; Auuuhi S3>?h*7%c,
rtiitjt at 8-^c; fSootetuber tC>ia8S?, clo?lni; at
i?e; October S7aN>)ie, closing at hTe; November
<t?!S7c, closing BG^e. Oats un.*ettled: receipts 80,i
t.ushel*:.extorts none; western mixed ii?>nft:U';
ilto rtiitlSc. Hay In fulrdemaud ut f?5e. t'ofleo
n and fairly active. Sugarsteady with a fair do
md; fair to gool rellulng quoted at 7}/|a7i;?t?.
ilaj?os Meady. rtlco qulit and steady, l'etrounquiet
hut firmer; united 51V: crude CJ'Jt1?:
rctlucd ~}{c. Tallow quiet' Mid llrm ?t?o2;>.
,?ln easier at $1 O.VMJ7,'C' Ttit|?CMlnc atendyat
ilG%c. Kggs, wcsltirn fresh quid and Mcudily
Id Kt20H|iuIti. I'ork lower, now mess $22 50. lkef
let and uriu. . Cut meats soiree and uuuilnV.l;
ig clear 313 "V Lanl dull and drooplcg; prirre
urn llHU.tylSlio. . Butter quiet nud tlnn ut 11a
'. Ciiccie demand fulrand market Ann ut Gu*Je.
nnCACO. July 12.?Flourstcady mid tlnn. Wheal;
i. 2 Chicago apiing. dull, , nominal nnd highat
St 32nl s2}$ ea?h; SI 32>? July; SI 10>; fcepuben
$107% year, reitular active but lower ?t
H'ffiJuly; *111)1, August: St (W>4 Hepiember:
W^yoar; rejected 7G};c: No. 2 red winter 8120.
ru active but lower and weak at 7sMc cash and
ly; 77^e a ugust; 77)?e 8eiilendK!i: 2j?jc October;
kjcytiir. Oauunsott'.ed nut lower ni fiCc cnsli;
ru: July; 51 Jit: a ugu&t; J 9JJn3!|Septetuber. 39c
lober. 3Sj-;c year. Ityo sternly and undiangcd at
'4e. lturley tlull and nuiulnal. ivg<? senreo and
iu. l'ork Kctlvebui lower at S22 Ifa22l5cush;
tl5a2^17^a'i2 50 yeptotnbor, Sil42J$a22 -15 Oc>cr,
iil 2ihit2 25 year. Lard active but weak and
ver at'51270a1275 cbkIi; S12"2?<nl275 August;
185*12 S7!<J Keptfuiher; ill 92)^12 95 .October;
1 70.il2 75 >vur. Hulk meaW uteady and uu(uiged./Duttcr
steady and In Mi-demand. Call?
jcat. No. 2 red winter SU&M r'nly; Jl I2^ask-August;
No. 2' L'blfago iqVliig Irrcfiular at
32 July; .81; lOW.fiepUfinbeij SI 07>J veMr.
;ularacUve,firniniuInlgiierat2l 15)^ July; Si llj#
iptst;.St ltPjil reptcmbdr; SI 07>4: ycur. Corn.
Kelt led but generally higher at 7a>?c July: 78e
igusi; 77^0 September:'iWJic year. Oalu dull,
ak and lower ac 6'/;^.-July; K^4cWjiBUst:; 2.S?;o
|(tt>mb?'r;3SJicOclobt:r,'3Sc ywr. 1'orU nuseltled
it lower aL $2215 July: 12205'^AugnBt sud Sej>uber,
522 27? October. S20 20>4 year Lant
lerftt S1270 Ancost: 812 83al2 97% September: n
: 90 October, $12 70 year., ^ ,, ,
?>;w Yoiik, July 11? Ditv Goods?As usual
esdity tnere has been a quiet market, nlthongli
oxpecliitlon ofbuhlne's ihla week wnsnot vc.y
iguluc, howevef, from afew buyi'iti of recent ataLt.
nilswlloneoui iM>lectlous h ivobtcn of a fair
louut, thouga no, general attention will be exided.
' l'ilntltii:eloihM were'strong at \lYfi \vM\
advancing tendency. 1'rliiU la moderate in*
Iry for shipping assort 'ncnts, .with u . goml order
liiest for newmylr* to nnlvc. Hlcachetl eottoiiH,
v, and metllum .grades: In stsajly luqulry.iaml
cctlous, and with stocks.running low prices
iwacrcaterstfcngtli and an advance on some
les i? |>0Rvlblt"'Ht :an' early day. barker's -l-l
roched colton advanot'd to 9c- ulouctMler fnnov
uiB opcuc<i at GJ<o. . 1'htftu i? a hotter inquiry for
n's wiifcr 'woolen*. IV. r limbic s, 'liLuikois and
K-llnnl.* thcw Ii.ito hocn a inOdmti! Inquiry ami
rrcnoondlng l>u>iniss.. All wool Kicking and drr.st 4
-rlrs in mixture* and fanelwarohavingeousldurlo
attention: ' 7 ' ^ . "
:niCACo: July 11.?Tirt firot n't Journal reports:
toj;s?IteceilitH 20,000 held; slil|>meiiH,*00 land,
irket i;tmenilly *tronj?-btit -no^-tiWerenl; mixed
liais ;i0- liftyy4wu-kiua au(Jfil)lm?iy;; $3 Mutt'JO;
J,H $1-1A" M; light $SioA760. iittle?Receipt*
ftPO bend; shipments .Ml head,
tIVtfs aetlvonml 106 lifclrcr lixjvotH $7tOjS 2i;
jd t(?eholC(js?diijMiiR:{7iXiATCOf-^hnnion to fiilr
iGaG 00. mixed hutclU'Za?tcady at Si 75: i". '.15; stock*
and feeders ?5 IKMS'OO;' ninjju rattlo easier;
ouRbTexnnaS 0Ouf>SV train,NuUxaska mid Texs
67.1/0. average SI GO: Wyoming half breedHSO C.'?:
elptsf..r ran^e 170 li?-ad.
ihtep? KoeelyW 770 heed: MilpmcnU ?00 heud;
i?ket fairly active and "nntfliuneed: pour to fair
7ja120; medium SI 30*1 f.0; choice $1 VO.
Iincinmati, July 11.?Cotton Heady ut 12)fc\
>nr. 'domnnd fair find1 market firm and un*
?n?ed. Wheat':" uooddemand and llnner. No.
od winter oW 51 31; UfivSl K?1 18 mx.I; 51 115i
iy; 81 C.i.'4ul ('>)< Annual: }1 01% tieptemltcr.
ru easier. No. 2 mixed hlit rjk>I; 81Jie July; 60ku
rum: Nflfe 8c|?teint>cr; 80ti OetoW;' 7o>^c No*
si her; 70%e year. (Julii firm; No. 2 mixed ftHe.
e linn at 77c. Jtarley dull: No fall new offered
pArl- firm u? CO'I M I?.1 11
. ... ,~.w. linn nt CI- <11. HI1IK
ittri i|iik't bill linn: Mtoulders 7.">: clour rib
: "ft. Uncoil HYiii: shoulders 81" 7ft; clear rib
3% clear $11 "*>. Whl?ky bibber wllbmi ad*
iclnu tendency; IiIrIi wlnm SI 11: combination
MOf Mulshed good a 670 barrel# oil u buMs of IIIX
Iter uiichiitiBUi].
'iiiLAMi:1 riiiA., July 11.?Floiir quiet mid iui*
mged. Itvo Hour quiet nud unchanged -Wheat
:ltcdand UrcKUbin No.2red lit elevator SIS'.:;
. J red July 51 2Htyil \UKn?i Si 2?JJal2ft:
iteinber 81 Vl%nl 2IJ{; Octol>Cr$l 23al 1M. Corn
let: mixed 'Jln'J.'e: Heamcr lib:: No. 3, MM?; reirdJMl
?87c: mII ini."Oil July h7itH&t: August 87*
Jc; S i?toinln!r 87*57%": OcU?Ik.t S J^u.'v'c. Oojc,
( ood demand: No: 2 white G7a(VS%o; No. 3. do
; n'Jveicrt die; xntxed &%.' l'rovMom tlrm.
Iter steady and unchanged weak at 22u .
. ? heeso dull nnd unebunced. Petroleum flnn
inetKe. Whisky nominally unchanged. Wool
ady and unchanged.
ULTluonr., July 11.? nourmiehiing-?d and quiet.
ie.it. western higher and cloalng eiwlen No. 2
liter red f|tnt8l :<3?l 31; July $1 '?&y4\\ 2SJi: Anit
si V.'iiU SejiH-nilter Si 23rtl ir>Jl: October
y.Al'JVJC. (torn, woteru neglected; mixed
;C July 8IJ4h8.'i)4'1 Allgiut Wi^HTe; Sciitetil
bid. Ohim K-.unlv: western wlilto CoaGSe:
xed tllfir^c: l'cnn?ylvaiila Mnflflo. Kyouuiet and
inly at 7."wi8-'>*. lli?y uiictiHiiu^J.. Provision* flrni
1 uncharged. 'lJutter Ann for cholre western
iked ai 1-U'iXr. cn-aim-iyi'l'-^c:. Ksg* linn at
. l'clMleOtn dull aid unc iAiiged. Colfeohteady.
iiroiiT ui ?i |.?u-|U.
. - , .
f^TOUMfK?"n WcdncsJay. July 11 l.W aiji
T*\i1mSSui<rfThC,,,M MMl Snr"h -McC.nnltk:
'urncn* thlw (Wrvlnowl.ij) Hftcrnoon at 3 o'clwk.
len?N of the family arc Invite*! to attend. Inter'nt
<" Mr. f'wlvwry. ,
British Ahdical yournal.
rrucic viMCH is produced by
rk of man: it is a Natural
rreasury, 28 January, 1882.
f. Mineral )Vat:r Dealers.

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