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; ?
vX i :' "
. "-OF
an Attract!v? Job Lot of
Fine White Dresses and Gingham Suits
Now OflVrcd at from
lltMMain Street.
J fyi7
IMUi'd Aott.USnuil U7 Fourteenth Ntrcel.
New AtlvrrllNriiifiim.
Difflolutlon Notice.
11iggln*. the 1'hotogrnpher.
I.iMt of Loiters.
> Notice?No Visitors.
For Sale? Building Lots, ?ts.
' Curd of Thanks.
Cbromoa and l'aintings.
G. 0. Smith, Heal Estate; Bond and Stock
' Wanted?A Olrl to do Housework.
" . / Luke Fitton?1'ractical Plumber.
kkbucki! Wicks.
To close out the rcmuiuder of our stock
or White Chip Hals ire hare made still
further reductions in prices.
We nro closing out tnenty-llve dirTercnt
patterns of Cotton Laces at 10 cents per
yard?a poll tire bargain.
F. (J. Caldwell handles the product of
the Hlrersldc Furniture Factory. Save
20 per cent at l.?00 and 1502 Market
MUS. ZIEGEXFELDEIt Is prepared to
supply families with a Hrst-class article
of lee Cream to-day. No. (JO Twelfth
|&j Street.
TUE usual merchants' Inuch at IheNeiv
JIcLure Honse Sample Kooms daily.
Tbrrinuiucivr ltMuril.
The following shows the range of the thermometer,
as observed at Schnepfs drug store,
Opera House corner, yesterday:
1881 1882
7 l._V. 1'2 M. 31. X. 7 r U |7 A. V. 12 M. 8 f. U. 7 F.M
Washington, D. CM July 1a. m.?For
Tennessee and the Ohio Valley, partly cloudy
weather, in some ]>ortion9 local rains, winds
. mostly northerly, stationary' temperature
I/-' - ' and pressure.
' For the Lower Lake region, fair weather,
light winds mostly southerly and westerly,
- stationary or higher temperature, stationary
feS&'.:V'\- I.OCAI KKIKFS.
Scvih ntul Comment From All 1'iirtH of
Tl?? Vicinity.
I, The Main street bridge should have a railing
on the pavement,
' Yesterday was the anniversary of the Sun
day labor riots at Pittsburgh, in 1877.
Visitors are not allowed in the South
Wheeling glass works, the pottery or reJlnery.
^4;; v--: Vennor predicts sultry weather with strong,
;:v . .. hot winds and thunder storms to-day and
v to-morrow.
It'rV-': Mb. Ron rut Mason, of Eleventh street, left
yesterday for Charleston on a visit of two
or three weeks.
The National colors, red, white and blue.
; are represented by the different varieties of
raspberries now in market.
Antoine Kohl was kicked yesterday by a
^v,t-rVr'. horse belonging to Hon. C. \V. Seabrlght,
$0?^ and sustained serious injuries.
Hilly Dkickland entertained several of his
friends in a quiet way at the Leasuro boat
1:club boat house yesterday afternoon.
The first roasting ears of the season will be
BBSS?!1:;- sold in market this morning. They come from
Moundsville and sell at 25 cents a dozen.
- Workmen yesterday commenced on the
big porch and stone steps of the Court
l-v-V: House, preparatory to thoroughly repairln?iL
'SquireMuruins yesterday issued a warrant
for the arrest of John Stabbs, charged
;sv ". by James Frank with attempting to cut and
carve him. .
"TheCentury for August has been laid on
our tablo by Itbees, the newsdealer, who
always has the popular periodicals as early as
r any d eal e r.
' From six hundred to one thousand buckets
of blackberries are daily sold in this city,
!$&$$?* " K?"inK ?ff readily at from 60 to 70 cents per
" bucket, according to quality.
Kf' : J. I.W.? ,.-a? .1!?I 1 t
jail last evening. The doctor pronounced
n'm compos mentis. Po. flays it is the last
time that he will bo locked up us n crank.
The Mermaid Fishing Club, composed of
Centre Wheeling young men, leaves thiseve JSj
ning for up the river, near the mouth of Shorl
Creek, * hero they will camp for sometime.
Adveutisi.no car No.2 of the great "4 Taw"
; show,which pitchesits tents in this city next
August, luus been in the city for the past two
V' days and 1ms (loodeU things with highly colorcd
Tnr. Saturday evening Union Sunday
school teachers meeting" at the ]<uthenin
% - church at 7 o'clock will be conducted this
- week by Elwood Hughes, Esq Next week
' by Itobert Mcl.ain, Esq.
& v/. Tiik A. M. E.church of Martin's Ferry comi.::
mences an eightdays' cninp meeting ut Wul^^^p^'^vnutgrovo
noxtSunday. Thecolored minis
^c>vpr>?. urraoituuiciiy win assist una wnceiing will
8e"d lnr8? delegations over.
/ Tur front of tho now Hess building near
W*0'Y- the Oner a House, Is about completed, and is
i.\; one 01 the handsomest in town? It is of iron,
^u'~ pressed brick and stone. It is ornamental,
Sffi;and at the same timo substantial.
Miu J. M. Clousto.v shipped tha first car
SJafe-#-"load of now wheat from this section yester C,'
~ day to Baltimore. $1 per bushel was the price
received. It was pronounced extra good grain
SBrasjjl^'V" ami was from Creep's Bottom, down tho
. The members of tho First Branch of Connhftvo
agreed to hold a special meeting on
v i : Tuesday, August 1, for tho purpose of reading
tho strcot car ordinance the second time
for amendments. This matter has been
3HHBS&--. hanging fire for u long timo.
a max named Hudson, living at Triadel
; phia, cut the large artery in one of his
thighs yesterday with an adz with which lie
.was working on ono of tho B. 0. railroad
^company's bridges. Dr. T. 0. Edwards for
tunately reached him in timo to save hit
Jons A. Hanlan, Chief Engineer of the
Wvffijiii Wheeling aud Lake Erio ltailroad, with a
f?rcc ?*ten or ^we'vc mcn? making the
?? <?Ilnal and locating survey of tho \V. ?fc I*. E.
ltailroad Hue between Bowerston and this
); city. Tho party is now a few miles above
^fartin's Ferry, and will reach that placo to.
day or Monday.
V !> tho Munlbl pal court vesterdayjhc case
:oi Arrasirong, uoen ?s to. vs. Theodore
^McGinuis. etol., in .chancery, was taken up
vV :/ : utul an order entered directing the receiver to
v'coliect and pay over to Eva -O. Dunnin onctwelfth
of the rent* of the real estato involvSBpSBSwyivtHl
in tho caso. The court adjourned with*
out transacting any further business till 9:30
Robert Taylor is a large negro employed
as tirenmn ou the Abner O'Neal, llo stop7;'
: , ped off Thursday to visit a friend here and
while hero conceived the ideaofgoinR into
lajarty^thelunk business. Ho procured a sack, and
KHKhieing himself to the 11. & 0. yards yesterday
SkS morning, filled it with links and pins. The
watchful Dominick Morris noticed him
5. while ho was on lrfs ft'ay to to tho junk shop
and arrested him there. Ho was takengbe
fore Justice Philips, the property identlfle
and Robert sent to Jill lu default of$10t]
boud to answer at the next term of court.
At a meeting of the Democratic Congret
ional Committee of tbo Seventeenth Obi
district, immediately over the river, held i
Columbua after the State Convention o
Thursday, it wan decided to post|>one tb
Congressional Convention from August 1, tb
day formerly net. to September 5. The plac
of meeting?St, Olalrsvllle? wasnotchaugei
Homu, llrockunicr ?V Co., it will bo notice
in our advertising columns, havedccided t
allow no person whatever notcounected wit
the gloss house, to go through the work
YUltora have become so numerous that the
have become a nuisance, taking upthetlnj
of clerks, who were obliged to act as guide
and distracting tbu attention of the work
men. No exception to the rule will be madi
Tiik Committee on I'oor House nnd I'an
of the County Commissioners hold n incetin
nt the Poor HouveThuisday Afternoon, an
determined to erect at a cost of $3,000 a ho
pital building. The plans call for a huildin
10 by .'18 feet, of brick, two and a half stork
high. On tho lower tloor will bo four room
for special purines or contagious disease
on the second floor will he two ward*, and I
the attic will be the water tanks. largo an
ample bath rooms will also Ik? provide*
The prico named includes everything.
Two conveyances of real estate were nt
nilttod to record by Recorder Hook yeaterda
as follows: A deal made July 3, 1882. b
l'ricllla PHutchison and J. P. Hutchisoi
herhuslminlet.nl. all of ludiaunto Job
McCrum, of a piece of land situated on tl
National road, containing four and a fractio
acres for$7000. A deed nmdo July 10,188!
by Mary (1. Mcrritt, of Cleveland, to Phlli
Hermann, of Ohio county, of the Itouth linl
of lot No. 70 in division K, as designated o
the map of the sub-divisions of the Josep
Caldwell estate.
Sqciiir PuiLiit) had before him last nigl
three small boys. James Marshall, Klirn
Hawkins and Nick Halpln, who were charge
with assault and battery on a larger boj
Charles C'npell. The snap boys at the Coi
tral Glass Works struck Wednesday evcnlni
or rather quit work, without notifying tli
company. Capell was working in the moul
shops, and ut the request of the manage
went into the factory and took the place <
oneof the strikers. AsCapell was going t
work on Thursday, a crowd of tho hoj
stoned hltn. Ho recognized tho threo naiuei
and the Glass Company had 'them urreste<
He did not deslro to appear against theiu, hi
was compelled toby Prosecuting Attorne
Jordan. A bordo of boys of all ages, sizi
and varieties attended tho trial, nnd n nun
her of them swore point blank that uono <
the defendants were guilty, but. tho evideni
was dircct and conclusive, nnd each of tl:
tlirco was lined $15 and costs, the line heir
suspended, however, for six months, duriu
which time the boys are to be on probatioi
and if one of them offends against any i
the laws of the land in that period, tl
judgment will be executed. The tiquiregai
ihc assembly of gamin a wholesome lectu
before he adjourned court, r~
An interesting suit was heard last night t
'Squire Arkle, occupying the entire evenir
in the hearing. It grew out of a footrace rti
on the Island early in the present month b
tween George Bond and bainueL Davis,
good deal of .money was bet on the resul
and the parties were evidently so uncvcnl
matched that heavy odds were given in favi
of the best man. To the surprise of ever,
body but those who were in the secret, ti
other man won. There was a good deal
"kicking" at the time, ami this culmiuati
in the swearing out of warrants by John 1
McFall and John Loomas. two of the heavie
losers, for Herman llildebrand hml Ann
Mossbaugh, on a charge of conspiracy to d
fraud, in the preliminary examination
was conclusively shown that the race was
sold one, and the charge wassustainedby tl
justice, who required the young men togi'
bonds in $300 each to appear next Mondu
evening at 7 o'clock and give a new bond fi
their appearance at court. The offense is
serious one in the eyes of '.he law, aud tl
penalty severe?imprisonment lor one yei
in the penitentiary and a line of three lint
the proceeds of the conspiracy. If this cai
tiua me vnctv ui uuiug urtuy wiui put up JO
in foot, horse aud boat races, it will Le
A petition has been numerously signed 1
pilots and oilier river men of this yicinit
praying the powers that be to restore the o
rules in regard to the signalling of approach
ing vessels on the river. It is a general bell
that had the old rules been in vogue tl
collision between the John Lomasand Scio
could not have taken place. There i3 al:
talk of petitioning Congress to institute t
inquiry as to whether the new rules do iv
increase the dangers and dilllcultieH of riv
navigation, and a general investigation ?
the conduct of allaire pertaining to stea:
boating by the Supervising Inspectors. At
numeromly attended meeting of river men
Pittsburgh Thursday evening, Capt. Micbae
said he believed with Capt. Stockdale, tit;
it was no use to present any more petitioi
to the Supervising Board. "Why," said h
"Captain Fahrenoatch, a member of tl
13oard, acknowledged 10 me on this Hoc.
that the new bignnls were impracticable an
dangerous, but'nothing has oeen done f(
our relief. I believe that our only course
to petition the Secretary of the Treasur;
ilis signature is attached to the warrant tbi
caused tho murder at Mingo Island. Tin
was a murder, whether the olllcera ofeithi
or both of the boats were under thcintluoiii
of liquor, for tho testimony shows that tl
ct ....... .?u. ??I. ?
f.iv.u. tnuuviuiU OIUOUTII;! LilUti^U IU 31
why iii the name Of God dvn't the Lom
whistle.' I believe that the Secretary of tl
Treasury can be induced to remove li
name .from this death warrant, and that th
istheoulv means by which relief caul
.MovciiiciiIm or liitillcM nuil GcnlleiiK
II ore uiwl KKcuiicrc.
Rev. R. Rush Swope will return to-di
from Cleveland.
Miss May Mack, of the South Side, is visi
ing friends at Woodlands.
Maj. J. T. Alderson returned early tL
morning from Mountain Lake 1'ark.
I. L. llutchens, of Raltimore, formerly w<
known in this vicinity, is in the city.
Mr. Gus. Mathews arrived in New Yo
from Europe yesterday, and will be home <
Chief Clerk Wilmoth, of the State Super!
tendent ot Free schools oflice, is nc
| quartered at Mt, Relleview.
Dates Woods, of the Auditor's ofilco,
going to take n trip to the Virginia Xatui
bridge in September, on his wheel.
Miss Etlle UpdegrafT, of Wheeling, is vi
ting at the residence of Mr. J. W. Uuri
this place.?Fairmont li'?t Virijininn.
Kcmnleis preparing a new lecture <
"Tne Ilumors of American Politics ." I,or
deliver us l?JJcllaire Tribune. Amen.
We regret to note the painful illness
John It. Duulun, editorof the Sunday Lead
who is conllncu to his bed with a bad atta
of sciatica.
Miss Minnie Black returned yesterday fro
Colonel B. M. Kofi's pleasant place at Woe
lands, where she has been spending the pi
two weeks.
We are glad to see Tom Scanlen out aga
after a protracted siege with the typhoid :
ver, and his numerous friends will'rejoice
hear the fact.
' Mr. Sol Ingersoll, a prominent olliciul of t
1). it. 0. express system, was in the city y<
terday, and left laat evening for Washlngto
l'a., on a visit.
Ben Hardcsty is studying hard for the fir
Naval examination, which the Secretary
the Navy has informed him will take .pin
September 22J,
Sheriff Candy, of Mineral county, was
1 the city yesterday and settled to the last ce
with the State Auditor. Something Sheri
,i~ k.. * .
svauuiii "< ?? "J iuu nu.v.
Mr. Harry T. Black, who has been swir
> ing around the circle of tlie summer rcsoi
of the State, is expected homo tonlay.
A telegram was received yesterday fro
' lion. Ben Wilson, saying that Col. T.
1 Shallcros?, whose serious fall we chronicled
day or two ago, wan more seriously hurt thi
i was tirst supposed, and his condition is grin
A party of ladies this morning excurted
1 Wheeling on the Abner O'Neal. They we
well supplied with lunch baskets and oth
' nece.ssary equipments. Among the numb
we noticed .Mrs.,R C. Turner, Mrs.Thos. Bi
clay, Mrs. Hatcher, Misses Mary Barcla
Belle Evan?, Ina'McFeely, Lizzie Melk!
i Etta Stark and Ella Melkle.?Stcubcnville G
:t tie,
Wheeling Fcutnlc College.
Tho President of this Institution has bei
making cxtcubive improvements djiring tl
vacation, and everything is being made nc
and bright with papering, painting, Ac.
, The Faculty for the next year is now cor
pleteil by the engagement of Prof. Wald
mor Malrucno to take charge of the conserv
ton* of music
Prof. Malmeno has. studied at tlio Ifoy
Institution of Berlin, also at the Iinperi
Conservatory of Paris, and is a graduatei
the University of Cambridge, England. St:
dents will have every facility in the study i
piano, organ or vocal music.
d HO i:\ I'r.n rH m:i:d APl'lY.
After CoiiinraltiR HcTrrnl Day* Willi
Kxpcrt Tcwtlmony In ihefklulu Inve*
** IIkhIIoii, ibe Innpeclorn Rule It oatTlie
Bonrtl Tnkc* n Xccdnl Km I.
0 Only one witness was examined in the
e Scioto Investigation yesterday, the balance
|? of the brief .session being consumed with an
1 interesting discussion on thu admissibility ol
j expert testlmbny.
'l a youth of 17, living at Wellsvilje, was the
' first witness, and he testified that he was one
J of the excursionists on the Bcioto on the
' Fourth. When the I<oina* met the Kcloto
he was in the engine room, lie did not hear
tho Lomas blow, but heard the Scioto's an*
swer, and immediately started toward tho
n bow of tho boat, thinking slio was whistling
Sfor a lauding at Htcubenville. lie got to the
engine-room door, when lie noticed the pea)>lo
running hack from tho front part 6t the
'8 boot. Ho did not realize what was the matH
ter, and did uot see tho bourn* until she had
" lauded, lie beard no bells ringing. He
'i sturted back toward tho stern of the boat and
n got into a sklfl*some one had shoved into the
} river, but so many had gotten into it that it
> swamped. He hung to the skirt'as long as he
could, aud then swam back to the 8cioto and
i* uiuuuru upon me nurricuno roni, mo omy
y the only dry spot on tho boat. Ho thought
y tho bout lay In the middle of the river after
), she sank. He was not In the pilot house till
n after the collision, though ho tried to get in
e once and it was locked. There were about
n half a dozen i>coide inside then.
2, Not more than a minute or so elapsed bep
twecn the Scioto'n whistle and the collision.
If The engineer, or tho second engineer, grasped
u a wheel with which they stop and start the
h engine with, and turned it, though the wit*
ness did not notice which way he turned it.
it Ho did not know how hist tho Scioto was go,r
ing, but ho did not think sho had been
<j checked up much. A bell might have rung
r in the engine room without his hearing it,
,1 At tho conclusion of this young man's test
tlmony, a discussion arose on the subject of
'e the kind of evidence that was desired. Capt.
j Young said that these pilots were being tried
r by the rules provided for their government,
,{ and expert testimony was not of uny value,
0 and would only extend the investigation in.a
definitely. This met with some op(>osition,
lt and Mr. lJovener said ho wanted to know the
j| full effect of tho decision. Tho Hoard was
Arm. however, and refused to receive any
v further testimony except as to facta connectr3
ed with the collision..
In response to Inspector Young's very Arm
}f announcement of
:e Ttir. decision or the maud,
ie Mr. l)ovener said, with sonio warmth: "Lei
'K me see if 1 understand what you say has
'B been tho decision of this Hoard after conllt
sulfation. 1 understand you to say that thh
n Hoard docs not want the evidence of any ex10
pert witness or pilots who were not tfiere,
iioiwiinsiauuing wie puoi 01 me ocioio, wiio
re is here being tried for an infraction of the
law, expects to prove by those pilots tbut the
>y position in the river that lie held wua that
)K which was proper and right for a pilot asin
ccnding the river at that time. And uotwitho
standing we expect to prove by any pilot
A you can producc, that tho ]>ositiou ol iht
It, I/unas was not the proper one in the river,
ly and furthermore, that tne pilots at the wheel
or of the Lotuas are not recognized as pilots, noty
withstanding tho fact that they am licensed
ie by the Governniont as pilot*), and that theii
of standing dots not comparc in proficiency
?d with regular pilots on the river. Do I under
I. stand you refuse to receive testimony as tc
st their knowledge or eccentricities, either
as mentally, physically, ar anything else wc
e- may be able to show was attached to the
it standing and character of the pilot At the
a wheel ol tho Ixmias? Is that your decision?"
ie Inspector Young: "That is the decision."
ire Mr. Dovener?That if we can produce
iy pilots of long experience to show thow that
or Li. J. Long, notwithstanding the fact that he
a received a license from the Government,
je never steered any boat along there, and thai
nr ho is not a proficient man at the wheel, and
es by men of I'O years' experience on tho river
se as pilots, and who have seen him make sucli
bs mistakes as this; and notwithstanding we
a propose to show by other pilots of experience
that Mr. HolJman is not a iirst-class pilot,
and whose opinion has been received here as
to the proper position of the Lotuas, you
fj still refuse to hear that testimony?
I,. Inspector Young?That is it.
ef Mr. Cracraft? Upon the introduction ol
1C that testimony we intend to show that David
t0 Keller never was a skilful pilot; that he was
jj0 not competent on that day, or a safe man at
in any other time by reason of his habits, ant
we will prove it by some of the best pilots oc
er the river.
-,f Inspector Young?Wc will rule that out
u. gentlemen.
Mr. Cracraft?We did not seek to introduci
such testimony, but if they do so we will dc
k so. We expect to vindicate Mr. Long, ant
a\ when he had his Government license that thai
:1S license was conclusive as to his competency
e until some act of his broke it, and whal
might be the opinion of other pilots don'i
)r amount to shuks. Do the facts at thotinu
d of the collision hold either pilot to blame'
,r That is the question. Take the great bit
is prominent and conspicious facta, notwbai
one pilot may think of another, Sometimes
lt't those pilots have a great deal of feeling
against others and haven good many quarrels
;r Cant. Doveuer?What the gentlemen maj
ce say he will prove as an ofl'set. I am no:
1G objecting to, but we expect to show that Mr,
iy Keller not only has his license from the
^ government and that
1c he is a competent max.
j3 and expect to contend before this Board am
- umore uny court mm tuc tact that a man Uui
JC u permanent license in bis bund i:
not jirimufacie evidence that be is a good pi
lot* What would be the necessity of investiga
ting this man if such would be the case. Tlx
.n fact tbnt a nuin lias bad experience for u lonj
time time up and down the river for a dist
anc? of 100 miles certainly allows be hasmor<
W experience and better ability and judgnien
as a pilot than a man wbo bus steered a ferrj
boat from 0110 side of tlio fiver to tin
oilier. 1 only desire the stenographer t<
lis take down the decision bo that we may knov
the position that is taken here. We have sev
,n eial witnesses hero who have passed ove
that track day by day for the last threo 01
four years and it seems to me their evhlenct
r* might throw some light on this investiga
>n tion. Such men as George O'Neal, who dai
by day passes over that track.
n* Mr. G'racraft?We might offer tlio sann
,w man.
Mr. Dovener?You do,and wc won't object
is Mr. Cracraft?You have been talking t<
al him and we haven't. I can prove tlio coursi
of bis steamer on the next day was to tin
si- channel at Devinney's warehouse, but I don'
18 care about that, ilerc is what I say, I an
' not going to answer an absurdity. A pilo
that has authority and license is authorize<
:T to go between the points that license grants
' anil he is recognized as a proper pilot unti
that license is takeu away by his irregulari
ol ties, it is the law of the land and what i;
*"> the use of talking about it? Whenever .
c* have a license between Pittsburgh and CIn
cinnati over tiiat course I go, whether all thi
iu pilots who may be jealous and green will
id- prejudices against me may say 1 am not i
ist good pilot. But when I err, and show unfit
ness, and fail to keep good my license, then
jn you may take It away.
[e. Inspector Young?Gentlemen, the decisioi
we have just made debars cither side fron
presenting evidence of that character.
Air. Dovencr?I gave a list of these geutlo
lie men to your honor, as your honor well
knows, during last week aud requested yoi
n' to summons tbem. Since tbat time there
have been summons sent to Wellsville
ial Mouudsville and other places for theothei
of side, and now at this late hour
ce we are told we cannot introduce oui
witnesses which we requested to bo sum
in inoned last week. We had witnesses here al
nt along that we wished to put upon the stand
lis but. yielded to the other side, and allowed
them to put their witnesses on because the)
came from a distance, and because I s<
.,o yielded to them I suppose we aro to be de
prived of our witnesses' testimony. Air,
George O'Neal was hero from day to day, and
did not your honor remark to me thai
* these were witnesses that were brought hen
1 u and could not be called up atany time, and
10 now you tell me I can't call them at all.
e> Inspector Youngr?'This is not an opinior
to just arrived at by this Bonrd. Tl|ia Board car,
re attach no weight to the evidence of experts,
er Captain Dovener called attention to the
er caso of the steamboats Thomas Sweeney ant
lr- Fannie Fern, in which Capt. John JlcLurt
y, and other expert wittcsses testiQed in refer
le, ence to the proper positions of those boats,
'a- although they were not within fifty miles ol
the place of the collision at tbo- time it tooli
Mr. Cracraft?Theso rules weren't in force al
sn the time. ,
be Capt. Dovener?There never has been any
_. rule in force as to where a boat should be
* in the river. That has to be proved by experienced
river men. Jf a man has his boat
n- out in the river, in the wrong place, that is
e- very good-evidence that he is not a goot)
a- pilot. V
Inspector Young?The Board understands
al that it is not impossible that improper men
al may receive their license, and they.are to be
of considered good licenses until there is an inu
fraction of the rule that governs them. That
of is tho point. Now, what do these men know
nil to tno aotinti of thptn ti ?~
? ....... r..WM>, may
know about the custom, but what do they
know about what they, uld?The Uw.vprc
sumes Improper men may get their license,
' and provides how they shall b? deprlred of
their license. This Board Is competent to
determine Just to what extent the rule has pi
i been observed, not what the custom has been of
. and what experts say here, Hut If you will
agreo what luen you want,this Board will ?
summon them. 1 think tho inwltlon of the
! Hoard Is well understood.
After some some further Informal talk the
Investigation was adjourned until next
Tuesday at 9 A. m. 1'
Church ItcniH itud Ueiieral IlrliRlouK
IntelllRvucc. vl
Services at tho Second Presbyterian cr
Church to-morrow, at 10:30 a. u., and at 7:30 81
r. m. All are welcome. w
There will bo services at the St. Matthews JiP.
K. Church to-morrow morning at 10:30. ,]
How It. Hush Swopo, pustor. Xoovenlng wr- l,J
vice. I^1
Tho sacrament of tho Lord's Supper will bo
administered in the Third Presbyterian
Church at 10:30 a. m , and tlio usual services
ui v:3U v. m., uy mo pastor, icev. J. U. I,ysle.
At the Wesley M. K. Chapel preaching to- J?
morrow by the pastor, Uev. J. \\. Urltlltts, at ,n
10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p. m. Baptism of adult tj.
persons after cacli service. Buiiday School at
- * ' at
Fourth Street M. 15. church: Prayer moot- in
lug Sunday, 5 a. m. 1'reaching 10:30 a. m , ci<
by Rev. Franklin Ball, 1). I). No preaching
at night. Sunday School at 2 p. m. Young
peoples' meeting Monday, 7:30 p. ?. ?
The servicos at the Disciples church to- '
morrow will bo conducted by tho pastor, W. ?i,
B. Thompson, at 10 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. The j
evening discourse will bo un lllustruted sermon
on "Christianity versus Sectarianism." 1
In tho North Street M. E. Church there ,
will be preaching Sunday morning at 10:30 .
o'clock, hy Rev. E. J. Stowe. 8unday school *?
at U o'clock p. m. At 7:30 o'clock the ltov. 11'
Frank Ball, former pastor of this church, co
now of the Now York Central Conference,
will occupy the pulpit. J"
Rev. J. B. Mulford willi preach to-morrow 8
morning in mc rirsi uaptlst L'uurch on i..
"The Promised Itest." At 'i p. m. the regular ...
sessions of the Sabbath school and l'astor's J,,
ltible Class. Theme at 7:30 r. m : "The
Creator's Glory and the Creature's Duty."
Young Peoples' meeting on Monday evening
at 7:30. Theme of lecturo by the pastor: n
"Things not Worth Trying." Strangers wel- |i
come 10 al 1 services. jJ
Iu Incorporation C'erllllealCH t'outlil* J
?ic?-Aiiotlicr Kallroail. UJ
If all the railroad, in this State were actual j$
i roads; instead of being on paper, we would ai
' be developed to a wonderful extent; we can 8'
, only hope that a largo majority of them will ^
i muterialize, and among them the Kanawha si
t & Chesapeake road, for] which accrtiliate of tc
, incorporation was issued by Secretary of tli
State titalraker, yesterday. si
It is issued to a party of gentlemen agree- a$
: ing to become a corporation for the purpose a]
! of constructing, operating and doing other
< railroad business iu this State under the
I name of the Kanawha & Chesapeake Rail- d<
road Company. The roud which it is pro- ni
I posed to build will commence on the north &
side of the Great Kanawha near Charleston,
and run thence by the most practicable route ol
' as fur as may be on the north side of the m
' river to a point on the Chesapeake it Ohio at
road on or near the Kanawha Falls in Fav- cc
! ette county. ot
! The corporation which is to be perpetual &
; will have its head oflkc In New "York City.
Tho capital stock is $1,200,000; divided in $100
shares which are held a* follows: Coll is 1'.
! Huntington. New York; Isaac E. Gates, Jji
Elizabeth, N. J.; James B. Howes, North
i York mid Geo. Howes, New YorR, 230 shares Pj
each; William H. Hogenmn and C. P. Snyder. ul
' o? Charleston, 10 shares each. " ?'
??? ol
i JIouiul.svlllc Camp Ucdlni; Alfttlrtt. ol
: The Wheeling District Camp Meeting As- ^
s sociatiou met at the camp ground, at Mounds- T
, ville, on Tuesduy the lStli, with a large
i attendance. In the absence o( the President,
i Kev. Kvan, Mr. George Edwards presided.
Several committees, standing and special, jj
made reports. The following named minis- ^
f ters were elected to serve ns a Committee on gj
I Public Worship for the coming camp meet- ,y
> ing: E. W. Ilyan, Geo. E. Hite, G. W.
Copeland, Samuel Griflits and Kev. Warden.
I The Secretary reported correspondence with m
i otlicials of the Ii. & 0. IL R. Co., in which ,jj
they a?ree to run no extra Sunday trains to a,
, Moumisville on Sunday, August 20th. James
Lytle and Robert Kelley were appointed as 0I
s gate keepers. Some work was done, such as
> repairing roads, bridges, itc. The sanitary (j(
I rules arc to be strictly enforced this year. As
l the grounds have been purchased by the g,
' Association, the great problem is now how to
pay for the sunie. The following plan was
t adopted for the present year. A committee
! consisting of Messrs. George Edwards, J. A. tl
' Lancaster and H. P. McGregor was appointed si
; to value the lots and buildings on the camp se
t ground, report to the Board, they to tlx the
i rate of taxation, and any one feelingngrievcd
; at the valuation of his property can appeal
. to the Board for redress, i'lie chairman of k
the Boarding House Committee was directed *;
i to rent the boarding house for the .season,
. which was done. Aunt Minty llollingerand
! her daughter, Mrs. Hagans, will run that cs* tj
tablishiuent this year, commencing August
1st. They need no recommendation, as their
reputation as first class caterers is well estab'
lislied. There are a larger number of cot^ b;
| tages on the grounds at present than have ui
nvnr hi>on thorn un rnrlv {?? ?l>n uooo??.
the approaching camn meeting promises to ai
be the largest ever held on the ground. The ei
Sunday gate question having been settled, at vi
least for this year, peace and harmony prevails
in the camp. T
Oucc IUItid, Seeing to Itcail at Arc or 5
I hereby certify that I wasbliud for seven
years from the eirect of cataract iu both ta
eyes. I could not see to read for nine years. i?
On the 21th of June, 1SS1, Dr. Sadler, 250 sj
. Penn avenue, Pittsburgh, removed the cata- 0roct
from my left oye. With the help of cataract
glasses I can sec to read common print u"
and writing, and can see to go about without _
' glasses. For the benefit of those suffering e.
from loss of eyesight by cataract, I wish this
e to be published over the country. I am fc
nearly 82 years old and this my owu writing.
John L. SIcCullouuii, J
3 Cross Creek, Washington county, Pa. w
i Doctor bills are abominable and not need- m
t cd in kidi.ey and liver affections, as Peruna
i and Manalis will cure tlieni. jfl
\ For Kent, tl
In Bridgeport, a first-class business room, (e
j with new counter and shelving,' next to tc
Zi turner's drug store. This is the best stand
" in town. Inquire of Zinimer's. Bridgeport, ^
Ohio. tc
. ...??*rr:? ei
- wirct ur UAHUUI " lor Ladies only.
For salo by Logan & Co. iB
A full feeling after nicals, dyspepsia, pi
heartburn, and general ill health relieved by ij.
Brown's Iron Bitters. n.tvr UJ
In llicKliniicor C.cner?l NoIch Untliercd ?]
on I lie Levee. **
The Scotia will pass down at an early hour e>
this morning. ^
The II. II. Towusend and J. S. Neil passed bi
down with empties.
Considerable lumber Is arriving these days bt
from down the river. o'
Business was livelier on the landing yesterday
than it has heen for some time. ^
The W. K. Chancellor passed down at noon tli
yesterday, several hours late, with a good Ci
trip for Charleston. ea
The Jennie Campbell arrived with the it*
barge Philo from Louisville, and laid up beside
the llarry II. and Nick Crawley.
The river rose yesterday morning, but yesterday
afternoon was stationary. The gauge- w
marks on tbe levee indicated a depth 01G feet ea
G inches in the channel. t<S
Commencing next 8unday evening. the ^
Little Anna will loavo thn whnr7
s Martin's terry at 7i30 o'clock, during the A.
I M. E. camp meeting at Walnut Grove. lie- Cc
i turning, it will leave after tbe evening ser- be
> The SL Lawrence arrived about 8:30 a. m.
| with a fair trip for this season of the year, Al
and will leave this afternoon for points be(
low as far as Cincinnati, her regular port,
' This elegant side-wheel steamer is a popular
one, and can be commended to all who wish
to travel by river.
Secretary Folger has demanded the resig,
nation of Supervising Steamboat Inspector
: George X. B. Tower, of the Second district Ut
on account of insubordination. Tower is the mi
' inspector who has almost continually during an
his term of oftlce mado issue on many points set
with Inspector General pumont, who is thus
, vindicated by tho Secretary.
Pittsburgh, July 21.?hi ver 4 feet and fall,
inc. -.Weather clear and warm.
Oil City, July 21.?River 10 inches and ^
1 falling. Weather clear ami hot, I ;
> Constitution and IbcBjr Lawi tiov*
1"8P'^ *
As a matter o! general interest to the local I
ibllc, and as showing tbo nature and . alms
the recently organized Humane Assoc!* ^
iou of this city, we append its .
This Bociety shall be kn6wn as tho "Writ
iry/nfu Humane Society for the l'rexei[tim of \
meltji to Children ami Aninmh,"
Tho objects of thin 8oclety shall bo to prode
elVective measures for tho prevention of <
uclty to children ami annuals within tho i
uto of West Virginia; to enforce all laws |
hlch aro now or may hereafter be enacted
r tho Legislature of West Virginia or by |
ingress, for tho protection of children and j
imb animals, and to tccure the arrest and ,
inisbmunl of all persons violating such 1
The annual membership feo shall be one ,
>llar. The feo for life membership shall be, 1
r Indies and minors ten dollars, and for
ntlemen twenty-llvo dollars. Honorary l
embers tuny ho elected of person* noted for 1
clr cHlcloncy in the cause. No person 1
all become a member except by election,
id elections shall he made hi regular meet- t
ga of the 8ociety, by a majority of the So- <
ety or of the iioard of Managers present. i
orricKiw. ' 1
The officers of the Society shall consist of a
esldent, three Vice*Presidents, a Secretary, '
Treasurer, and a Hoard of Managers, con* 1
iting of eight persons. No olllcer or mem* j
r, oilier than agent, shall receive any com* '
nsation whatever for Ida services.
mkpttnufl. '
The Hoard of Managers shall hold meetings <
r the transaction of business, at least onco
sveek, at which meetings five members shall
nstitute aquorum.
The Society at lurgo shall hold a regular J
eetlng at least once a month on the first '
itnrday nftcrnoon thereof, at 3 o'clock. 1
The aunual meeting of the Society shall be <
>ld on the third Saturday of April In each 1
ar, when the annual election of otllcers
all tako plate by ballot. Every member t
ho Is not in arrears tor dues shall be en* <
tied to vote at said election. i
At this meeli ng the Hoard of Managers shall i
esent In detail a report of the cases Inves* j
gated during the past year; and tho 1'resU <
iut, Secretary and Treasurer shall also pres- ]
it retorts for tho year. ]
board of managers.
All officers oMlio Society shall bojx officio 1
L'niuura 01 me i?uaru 01 ^Managers. Tli? aaiu 1
Qurd shall have the management, control '
id disposal of all tho funds of tlje Society; '
iall have power by a two-thirds vote, to de- :
aro vacant the seat of any member who I
mil have been absent from" meetings three 1
icccssive months; to fill, for the unexpired i
rm, any vacancy that may occur in any of 1
le otllces of the Society or itoown body; and
mil appoint a Solicitor and the necessary
;ent or agents and at pleasure revoke such i
ipointmento !
The President, or one of tho Vice Presl
;nta, or in tho absence a temporary clmlr- 1
an, shall preside at tho meetings of the 1
jciety and of the Board of Managers. 1
The order of business shall be, the reading '
' the minutes of the previous meeting or <
eetings that have not been read and ;
iopteii, hearing of reports of oflicers and
numittees, aud the transaction of any
her business that may come before the j
Dcioty. i
It shall be the duty of the Secretary to j
een minutes of all the proceedings of the
>ciety and of the Hoard-of Managers, and '
i record the same in the books of the Society j
rovided for that purpose; also to conduct
I correspondence, and to perform such
her duties as are customary in such an 1
ficer, under the direction of the Board 1
! Managers. Unlets ordered by said Board,
3 shall uot draw any warrants on the t
reasurer. <
The Treasurer shall have charge of all j
mds belonging to the Society, and shall j
tburse the same only upon warrants sigued J
f tho President and counter-signed by the ,
icretary. Prior to the annual meeting of ,
le Society, he shall submit to the Board of |
anagers, for their audit, a detailed state- ,
lentof his receipts and expenditures for (
ie past fiscal year; which statements, so au- (
ted, he shall present to the Society at its j
mual meeting. Whenever required, he ,
iall produce for the use of the . said Board
any sub-committee thereof, all papers, .
joks of accounts, ,warranto and other evimces
of receipts and disbursements. !
The tucnl yearshall begin with the third 1
iturday of April in each year. J
juuouuciiursuuu oo me legal adviser 01 I
le Society, ita oilicers and managers. He ]
mil not receive any compensation for his ]
The appointment of all agents shall be in
riting. Part of their duties shall he to
:ep a full uccount of cach and every case
ported to or investigated by them. They
mil each receive for their services such
jcuniary compensation as the Board of
anagere may from time to time determine.
These by-laws may be altered or amended
a two-thirds vote of all the members present
any regular or special meeting of the 80ety;
Provided, that the alteration or
uendment was proposed in writing and
itered upon the minutes of the last preous
meeting of the Society.
Iio (Jrnnilc*! Kxcurnioii or the ScaHOii
hich is to take place on the Pennsylvania
antral and New Jersey llailroad, from Pittsurgh
to the renowned summer resort, Cape
ay, N. J., is one that will be taken advange
of by many of those who seek pleasure,
ealth and recreation. Wo 1#* ti?i?
oti starts from Pittsburgh, July 27th, at 7 J
clock, a. m., arrivingin Philadelphia at 7:30 *
5i.; in this way enabling the tourists to sec
ie great sights of the Allegheny Mountains
Horse-shoe Bend, ifcc. At Philadelphia the
ccuraionists will remain over night to see t
ic grandeur of that city by ga? light; the
illowing morning leave for Capo May by j
>ecial train, arriving there one hour from
me of starting- having the pleasure of the
onderfnl sights of the New Jersey State by 0
lis direct and elegantly equipped road. '
ickets for this entire route from Pittsburgh
id return, huve been reduced to eleven dol- a
,rs, and the advantage of this low rate is I
mt passengers can return on any train,
xcept New York and Chlcagolinutcd), up t
i*and including August 5. t
Anione the numerous enjoyments at Capo
ay. will be a Grand Musical Festival to enrtain
the visitors. The programme will y
nbrace concerts at the Stockton Hotel, and
ingress Hall, Saturday afternoon, J uly 29th;
id Grand Balls at both places in the even- j
tg, with promenade concerts on the lawns? *
ie dances and concerts alternating. The 1
aces will be handsomely illuminated and
ie entertainments will conclude with a sere- c
ide at midnight. t
On Sunday, the 30th, a grand concert will i
s given in the afternoon on the lawn of one
! the hotels, with all the combined forces of j
!5 musicians and 300 voices, in an elaborate ?
id miscellaneous programme. In the v
ening another magnificent concert will be
ven at the other hotel with nil ??.? ???.?
ned forces *
An additional attraction and novelty will ?
> a scries of balloon ascensions to the height 9
1,000 feet in the air, the balloon making 11
cquent trips.
This will be ono of the moat magnificent P
aside excursions of tho season, and with v
0 attractive programme of entertainment, t:
ipe May, ana the exceeding low fare, tho ii
:cureion cannot fail to be a success in all ?
1 features. ?
riltsburcT Excttrftion. t
The Turners of this city have arranged a
ith tho P., C. & St. L. Ity. Co. for a grand o
;cursion to Pittaburg, Saturday, Augusts, s
attend the great Turn Feat to be held in o
at city. J
Scholars are still entering the Business *
>llege for the vacation. Another class of j.
tys and girls are to begin next Monday. *
A sure, positive cure for costiveness, Man
.i .
" BLACK?DRAUGHT " cures costivenerts
and Sick-lieadache. }
For sale by J^avit Co.
.'Kcilncllon lu riimo*.
Present stock of pianos,. Stein way, Knabe, ^
dekering, llallet & Davis, Emerson, Hardan,
Guild, &c., at the yory lowest price*, f
d great reduction for co&i. Call early ana ?i
sure great bargains.,:
Lccab'Mcsto Stork, n
u-i-jiain iireot, t)
A triil package of" DLACK?DRAUGHT "
:ee of charge. ??????? j,
For 6ale by Logan & Co. T
An addition to the Episcopal rectory Is 1
wing buUtffiMMjfljMflBl t
Two prisoners concluded their stay at tbo i
Penitentiary last Tuesday.
The Iron work for the Grave Creek bridge t
a expected to arrive next week. \
An application for license to sell Intoxlca* P
lug liquors, beer, ale, Ac., was rejected. 1
The heating furnaces mid bar tulll havo
jeen In full operation since Tuenday last.
Jailor lllrks keeps his proteges conllned to \
their "cages" since their attempt to escape.
Hon. G. 8. McKadden is highly exalted
)ver the discovery of what promises to bo a
rich deposit of Iron oro on his titull'a llun
farm in Webster district.
Work at the Union Coal works will probably
follow tbo starting U|?of the mill, as the
Union Company have the contract for sup*
plying the concern with con I.
Tbo engine and necessary tools for sinking
lhe experimental oil well near town will ar?
rive hero to-morrow and at onco be placed In
l>osltlon and work commenced.
iiic pairousui our buiiuuih ore 10 oc congratulated
upon the securing of tlio services
jf Prof. llaiucs, and his entire corps of able,
ind efficient assistants for tho coming term.
Messrs. Trimklo tfc Luts, of your city, conLractora
for placing heating apparatus in tho
iry house and rebuilt shop at tho prison,
wut down the necessary gas pipe and fitLings
last Tuesday.
Sargeant Uranuon's salary was fixed by
Council at its Wednesday evening meeting
it $200 per annum. This, of course, is in
iddition to fees, .commissions on taxes,
icense, lines, etc. etc.
Three members of the Common Town Coun:il
aro in favor of granting license for the sale
>f intoxicating liquors, and a similar number
vnlm; and that is the ragged-edged condition \
)f things in this lively village. r
Tho Hoard of School Commissioners for
3lay district have insured tho six school
louses in that district in the l'hu'tiix Company,
of iiartford, Conn., in the sum of $600 (
ach for a term of Ave years, at a cost of $12 j
>er building, or $2 40 on the $100 valuation, t
At tho July meeting and organization of J
:he Hoard of School Commisloners for the In- {
lependent school district, W. il.II.Showacre, 1
tor reasons assigned, tendered his reslghation
w. a member of tho Board, which was uc- 1
:epted, and the vacancy thus made filled by (
bounty Suprintendent Held appointing D. ]
L Logan, hsq., of the Second ward, to tho '
[ilace. ' ]
The trial of tho first case under tho newly
idoptcd "itiot, Tumult and Disorder" ordi- .
nanco resulted in a dismissal at tho cost of
the town. The alleged violution took place
an the 24th of last month, but action was deferred
until Wednesday last, awaiting the
printing of the ordinance aud the necessary
tortus. Meanwhile tho memory of tho witnesses
had proven somewhat treacherous,
mid tho uvldcncc adduced failed to substantiate
tho chargo.
The County Commissioners have been in
session since Tuesday last, their time up to
last evening being occupied in examining
and certifying to road orders, confirming
jettlements With Sheriff and Board of Education
and similar business. It is expected
tbat the county levy will ho made to duy,
und tho opinion of those in position to form
ngood opinion is that the levy will he 10
cents on the $100 valuation higher than last
year, when it was GO cents.
In order to obtain some data as to what
would be a fair price per square, yard for
graveling the principle thoroughfares of the
town from the wharf to the upper end of the
town. Council at its last meeting appointed
Mr, Gallaher as a committee, with instructions
to have Second street, between Bowers
tiridge and Purdy street, graveled to an av;rage
depth of six inches, and sixteen feet
teet wide, and also to advertise for proposals
for haul ing gravel for the balance of the
proposed route, and report at the next
nceting of Council.
Tho case of the town vs. James II. Founain,
charged with violation of the license
)rdinance, set for trial Tuesday last, was, on
notion of the defendant's counsel, adjourned
o yesterday evening at U o'clock.; rending t
he result of an application made by Judge e
(acobfora writot prohibition, the defend- >
mt agreeing in writing that in case the writ c
vas not granted by that hour he would plead tuilty
to the charges. The application having
>eeu returned rejected, a plea of guilty was
ntcred and notice of an appeal to, the Cir:uit
Court filed. The Mayor reserved his
lecision upon the application for appeal, not
)eing fully satisfied as to the right of the
lefendant to appeal on a confessed case.
Members of tho Amalgamated Association
lere object to the word "captured," made
lse of in this correspondence a few days ago,
n speaking of the newly arrived Klonmn
mil employes being in attendance at the
nesting of,Thompson Lodge in an hour after
lie arrival of the boat; also to the statement
purpose of taking such action as was deemed
proper in view of the proposed starting up ol
ihe mill. Their side of the story is that the
uen were not "captured," but on the contra y,
sought information immediately as to the
place and time of the meeting of the lodge,
ind by their own option, uninfluenced by
nembers of the louge here, attended and
ook part in the meeting, and further that
;hc meeting was not a special one, but a regular
meeting, and at the usual hour?1
j'clock v. M. The writer wns led
nto whatever errors the statement
nay have contained by current runors
on the Jstreets on thejevening in ques;ion,
strengthened by the, to him, apparently
musual hour for holding meetings of orders
>f that character, and not, as one somewhat
>verzealous gentleman prominent in the
>rder so quickly concluded, by any wish or
ntcntion to misrepresent the Hctious or
notions of either the order or of individual
nembers thereof. As to the objection urged
igainst the language employed in the ex*
>lanatory noto preceding the telegram an
luuuumg me signing 01 lue scale, it certainly
ooks as if a ten-year-old school boy could
lot fuil to understand that the article was
vritten in the ofllce of the Intelligencer,
md could not be chargeable to any other
Mrs. Ransom, of Illinois, is the guest of her
irother, Engineer Chisholm.
Col. Jos. Harris, of Bridgeport, was shakng
hands with friends in town yesterday.
Mrs. Wm. Garrison is lying dangerously ill
.L her husband's residence in the Fourth
Several IJellaire families took their baskets
,nd went to Hornbrook's Park yesterday,
>icnic style.
Miss Jennie Kelley, of the First ward, enertained
a uumber of her friends on Thuralay
John Zewig, the popular Union street tinier,
went to Triadelpuia Thursday and got
liinself a wife.
t1?pai> fiunhioo ?ii?~ ? '?
A uncus, Will
ving's ami J. W. Yost's, went to Burr's Mill
Jump Ground yesterday to spend the heated
Mrs. Morris Miller, of Gravel Hill, was
ailed to Salinevillu yesterday afternoon by
ho news of the dangerous illness of her
uother, Mrs. Baron.
R. G. Faris and wife, blisses Anna and
laggie Faris and Ben Faris left yesterday
aorning for Fish Creek, W. Va., where they
rill camp out for a week.
Quite a curiosity may be seen at tho northrn
side of the public square near the east ate.
One of locust posts of the fence is
rowing finely, having one thrifty sprout a
sot or two long.
It is slowly dawning upon the minds of our
eople that a mistake was made when wooden ^
rater maius were laid here. Would it not be
rue economy to at once replace them with "
ron of sufficient strength to bear the pres- c
The School Bonrd met on Thursday ovenng
to consider the bids for the erection of ^
be new school houses to be built in the Fifth k
nd Second wards. But they were again laid ol
ver until next Monday evening. We under- "J
tand that bids wero deficient in the matter [j
f guarantees for bonds. During tho evening *j
liss Etuma Gill was elected teacher, of thn I?
west primary room in the Fourth ward, w
rith a salary of $-10 per month. Mrs. S. 11. M
.illy was elected to the same grade in the 'irst
ward, at a salary of $37 per month. We
re clad to seo that the labors of the primary
sachers are at last being appreciated. r
The colored cnmp-mccting will be^hi at
Valnut Grove to:d?y. :j'V '
Council failed to materialise on Thursday ?
s'f-ning, and i o meeting was held. ' tj
There will bf no camp-mectirg held by the
I. E.Chuioh iu Walnut Grove th's year. . _
George ' I'nehus, who :||M ,l?een fcufferin^ T
rom n succctsion of htrmorrl'ages, was ie- f
ortfcd to be in?i>rovingliwt ewning. ^
John W. Crooks has acotipud ihe npenoy f
the Wheeling Sunday Ismlcr, and will Voll
iatpapirin Martin's Ferry hcrer.fter. -l
The Wheeling and Lako Krie enRineeri 1
ave arrived at this *ltd <-f ihe line and are *
ow at work between ht-io tnd Portland. .t
he arc making their heiiityuarters at the di
Iheruian House. They will bo at;work
r I thin our limits by Monday.
^'Chubby" Campbell was pulled In ou
rbursdav, charged with disturbing the peace
if tlio Third ward by the reckless tiring of a
evolver. Ik-was
Thtro lias been an unusually heavy morality
among tlio infants during the past
reck. Tbo general health of the town is
tood, and no diphtheria or scarlet fever has
>een reported.
Yesterday Mrs. Eric 8cott, mother of W.
\.and P. M. 8cott, while visitlngat her son's,
ill. i. uiuiu, nv i.iiav uivurjmui. v., nu
itrlcken with paralysis, and as the report
wines liore is in a dying condition. Mrs. 8.
9 a largo woman and has been rather feeble
or a long time, yet able to go about. She is
i woman of strong will (tower, and has long
jeen a member of the Presbyterian Church,
ibc has been keeping house for W. A. Scott,
ho druggist, who at the present time is away
ipending u short vacation. Tho frlonUs hero
A-ent to Kost Liverpool to, if postiblc, relievo
icr from Buffering.
llOTKI< AKltlVALh.
p1 J Fuller. Boston. I.B Noble.,Pittsburgh.
' WcMunui, Columbus. A T Tutor, ctljr.
it M llurnUon,city. 1> M llsrrls, l'ltuburglr
' A Holcombc. J)HUVillC. D r UlllM. city.
I'M McConnell.Clevel'd. UW AnithUU.lltUblirgh.
II K Duller, Baltimore. A 1) CroMlftiid, Montreal.
1 KHtcele.Moundnvllle. UK William*. WeBaburg,
IV I* lira, 1'hlladelphla. V Sheldon, 1'ltUburgh.
E U<'mii[>l?cll, Chicago, W N lUKorvoll. Newark.
IM Workman. 11 &u. W K Uriniet, PitMburgh,
I Litton, licllalrc. J w Hnlllugaworth.Fluth,
IV S Mitchell, Cojumbua. F W Wclghiid. Elyrla.
\ Caywood, Chukaburg. 8 llarrln. Cincinnati.
IV It llrlgibr, Columbus. H \V< ochnin, Baltimore,
I Twlil. Baltimore. Mm.l)onncy&2chltda-u.
MIm Lou MeClay. J 1* FruncU, Newark.
I M W leslllng, city. Frank Truxcl. Scott title,
[ Truxell, Scottdnle. U Vehr, Cincinnati.
Tn* usual Gosjtel temperance meeting will
jo hold at Parker's Hall to-morrow afternoon
II >r,w,
<'iiHlnr?l 1'itlio (IlcllclutlN.)
Take two cups sugar (powdered la beat),
>nc-haU cup butter, one cup milk, two eggs,
,-olks and whites beaten separately: mix toother:
llavor with lemon or vanilla; add two
ind a half cups sifted Hour having mixed in
t ono measuro "Uanner" Baking Pawder;
jake in jelly cake pans,
For the Custard,?Take two cups of milk;
ivhen it boils add two heaping teaspoonfuh
:orn starch, two eggs well beaten, one-half cuji
vhlte sugar, flavor with same as in cake; put
be custard between tho layers of the cake
vhile both are warm.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of purity,
trcngth and wholesomeucm. More economical
han tho ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold In
ompetition with the multitude of low test, short
reight, alum or phosphate powders. Sold only In
fv4-n*w Nnw York.
A great many people arc asking
what particular troubles Brown's
Iron Bitters is good for.
It will cure Heart Disease, Paralysis,
Dropsy, Kidney Disease, Consumption,
Dyspepsia, Rheumatism,
Neuralgia, and all similar diseases.
Its wonderful curative power is
simply because it purifies and enriches
the blood, thus beginning at
the foundation, and by building up
the system, drives out all disease.
A Lady Cured of. Rheumatism.
Baltimore, Md., May 7,1880.
My health was much shattered by
Rheumatism when 1 commenced
taking brown's Iron Hitters, and I
scarccly had strength enough to attend
to my daily household duties.
I ant now using the third bottle and I
am regaining strength daily, and I
cheerfully recommend it to all.
I cannot say too much In praise
of it. Mrs. Mahv E. Hkashkak,
173 1'rcsunanst.
Kidney Disease Cured.
Christiansburg, Va., >88r.
Suffering from kidney disease,
from which I could get no relief, I
tried llrown's Iron bitten, which
tw ? ?t" , - *
mine, recovering from scarlet fever,
had no appetite and did not ?eem to
be able to eat at all. 1 gave him Iron
Hitters with the happiest result*.
J. Kvm Montagu*.
Heart Disease.
VineSt.,IIarruburg, Pa.
Dec. a, 1881.
After trying different physician*
and many remedies for palpitation
of the heart without receiving any
benefit. I was advised to try llrown's
Iron Hitters. 1 have used two hot- '
ties and never found anything that
gave me so much relief.
Mr*. Jknxi* Hns.
For the peculiar troubles to which
ladies are subjefl, llROWN's IRON
Litters is invaluable. Try it.
Be sure and get the Genuine.
In chancery lu Iho Circuit Court ol Ohio County
r. II. Koblnson anil other*
barlea D. J. lilngell anil other*.
Hy virtue of ?n order mado by tho Circuit Court
I Ohio county, on the 3d day of June, 1882, In the
bovc entitled cause, the uudenk'ncd Receiver
111, on TJIUR3DAY, J ULY 27,18S2, commencing at1
) o'clock x. at the front doorof the Court Houmj ;
f Ohio Co., W. Va., proceed to sell the ouUtandliiR 1
^counts due to the firms of Houston & IIIhrcU una
baric* D. J. Illnrell, being tho name reported to
10 Court and ordered to be sold. Any j>ereon doring
to bco a lint of wild accounts can do so by
illlng on tho undersigned. A list of mid account*
III bo exhibited on1 tho day of sale. Terms of
ile, cpah. It. H. 1.1RT, Kccelver,
jy!5 loio Main Street
' ^ HAl.TlMORE, MD.
Unsiirpajyd Cllnlml n?iv?n???w- ??
ftnS?- Matcinlte and Maryland
iVrt??nf ill t xrh,ch n|u "n?lcr tlie excludvo
utjje of Mil* ecli<?!. A pn.y fur a catalogue to
*1IIOMAS Ol'IK. ?. I).n>ean
-33 .v. liircy SuiH. ruitlmorc. Md.
D II IT JpVAl>0HA.i;0U8t
A 31 KK. Jl'VO l?.,
Wayitwl>oro. Pa.
w\TSv/il ,:,t AdvwtWnjj Bunmu, 10 Spruce
?1- I: JyrmwMw
^K;lyiH8BK8 AM) s)UU HAND
lBlood Polsonlugs, Scrofuloustt|
I cere <""1 ltcliliig lluinoti, I
I Abscesses ami liliuulular I
Swcllliigs. I
Mr. AllKtl Klliglblirr. IjKue, N. IU, i^u,
IwllhUJ humor on lundi .ud um,??K<
?I* .?HatllJa 1
1 luMKOttUCi*ck ol?", *tul Iho ikln itunufi 1
Uio llMll lu lli?? V ??. ?"?!"? f"?. I
UclllnK *Uil MIMlWI. |
iliJ cullcui* HewltMrt IJjIo<*1 v<i!t6niS* 1
a ?ud Cullcur* null Cullcur* iv?p ci w? I
.Suiioutl>??l?J UM'lf. ,???1?I>SS; I
I' ? ,,,,I1imuuI i>?n ituuiiW >l?t?. tSff<
M'.yi\uil.ri * vo'w. ?"""? I
IMOTUKU Mll -O lM",u
J. W. Adam?. Newark. Ohio, an. - I
llemedtcs are the greatest widicsl
Hail the wontcaie wit rheum In thU^'Wl I
mother hud it twenty yearn. ami tn uTg- ly
It, L boliovo Cutlcum would Uave?i*rtcS M
My ?rm?;brcwt and hwd were coTtitT&S
yearn, which nothlug relieved or ctirMV
, tbo Cutlcurti llwolvent {blood purifitru^H M
and?'ntlcum and CnUwim Soap gurr.,"^,
II. K. Carpenter, &n? llendemm Ny? I
of IVorhuU or Lcprwy of twenty jtin??* I
lug by tho Cutlcum Kdolveut I
ertmlly, and Uutlcurn ami Cutlcur* aS I
nallr. Tho moat wonderful on mai'Si I
certified to before a Jimtlcc of tU I
Incut cltliena. All ailMcted with llchltw I
dteoawa ahould wnu tor thlM>?tltnonuftnTi^M
TEltltllUiE SKIN uni.i^l
F. H. Drake, K*q., Detroit. hu rrevrfwdi.. I
aterrlblo akin huo.or, which covered hlih<312
, mid hand*, by ludng Cutlcum Re^lmitrtk!! I
purifier) Internally, ami Cutlcum ami CuuS
Soap (thogreatskin cures) externally. ThliiS
new*.?Trurtiiif. M
SALT KllEUH. " ? |
Thoao who have experienced the totals J m
gait Ilheum can appreciate the agon!* it^ri
, for yoara. until cured by the Cutlcnt* eS3
(blood purifier) Internally, and Cutlcur*aSVu M
cum Soap externally.
Mm. WM. l'ELUXOTON.Shimn tv
i Mill ftmciru Soij cjicm?li? Ul| cn,-, |
, RESOLVKMT lntornallr t??1i mJ"? -
tpcclca of humor, from & common rlmMe u 2?
ula. Price of Cuticora. raall toxi ul
boxes SI. CUTICVIU Kesolvkxt. |1 U-? k#?
. Sold by all drurclals. r,?Depot.
W KKK8 & l'OTTKR. Boston, y,.
That pure, invert, wife nnd effective Ann
distillation of witch-hazel. American Une (J
llr, marlKohl ntid clnver-blowom, wlltdsixrom
radical Curb for catarrh. A few do*** inulS,
relieve the ino?t violent meeting or hud (J
stop all watery discharge* from the now *Mnii
cure headache and liervomnws, and banbhd
danger of fever. Complete external and inteaS
treatment for 11.
Frngnuit with healing bnbamr Cutlrurtim
JfXfitfSow More continuous and joi*
^DlLUVS' fnl electrical action Uotuifrom
Collliu' Voltaic kW.
VOLTAIC J^jEUCTHOijjc platen than any JJUlPi
.--rrtQ ten* made. They are u^r
WIS I ! ?* and certain cure for 111: u
Weakness of the Lungs, Liver, KldueyiandUrtuij
Organs, RhcumatUm, Neuralgia, Hysteria, Kern
Weakness. Nervous I'alns and A'caknciKi, Vil-i.
and Fever and Augue. Price 23 cent*. Setf
everywhere. m
Market street. Apply to 0.1>. CooVe, No. n
Capitol Building. j?17-ua
Dwelling House, 1113 Clwpline strwt,?j.
posito St. Mathewa Church, now occupied bj
Dr. It. II. Bullurd.
Knquire on premises. jjj)
That desirable dwelling comcr Twelfth udftlstreet,
newly papered am! Minted, am! Inwrod
fn the latest style, 'J rooms, until room and kittiis.
I'ossewlon nt once. Kent reawuable to dolnUt
tenant. Apply to
liLHM 4 MARKS, '
]e!2 HOC Milnsitntt
Store-room No. 10G5 Main street, *tid>
when completed will he one hundred ?:!
sixty-seven feet deep, with two basement
rooms, each sixty-seveu feet deep.
Enquire of
mlgO J AS. 1, IIAWIEV.
The co-partnership herctoforeexhtiDRbotwfeaT.
8. Marshall am! Jas. A. Kennedy has Inert dbfl'ti
to-day, July SOth, 186.!. bv mutual coiwiil, Ju.i.
Kennedy retiring from tfie linn.
. i J. A. K&NNEDY.
The buriucss will hereafter be conducted by T.5.
Marshall under the tlrmuaiueol Maolall A f&
Sealed proposals will be received at the cZctd
the uiidLTsliroPil. nt I'ItM?tir*h. I'a.. until Ttrndit. .
August 1,1832, for the grading, pilinr.tnatjbf ttf-J
bridging required lu the bullillug of theeVWta
of the rttubuigli, Wheeling hentttky Kalfcd
fiom Warding to lien wood, n distance of rcEo.
Plans and specifications of the work can be s*?
al the above named office.
jy21 Chief Engineer I'. C. A St. L- Co..
the Drug Store formerly owned
late W. T. Dorr}*, I am refitting the fame lhrocftout,
and shall restock It with a complete line of it*
and fresli goods. such as usually found in a t?*
class pharmacy. Prescription." carefully
promptly compounded by a competent npuw
Pharmacist at all hours day or night I *a
always keep in stock a full Hue of Toilet Arycley,
Perfumery, Ac. The imtrotiagc of mrfiif?
and the public la repcctfully solicited. '
FI8HBK. ho. J'JtS Market street, two doon lost?
McLure House. )?'i
FOU SALE?the .stock ami good
will of a well equipiH.il Job Printing Office to ,
this city, or would soil material inloutoiult- '?
further imrtlcnluni enqulic at tnl? ofilte. ?L
For sale-a goou secoxmu?
Ten Hone Power Thtester and Cltwntr
Mr* w stacker, all in complete running order. ??
good work. Una not been used as much v wen.
season. Will soil loir. Enquire or addre* U>0J.
CLAHK. ML Pleasant, O. JiOtt
That valuable Coal property known u
nipii." fniir mil, ? frt.m iIdtIiv bv \V.. I'. AB. <li? .
?lon of 11.61 O. x. It. twomllw from theOMor.,?j
in a dlrcct line starting from Itelmont Mill. i
MOmrcnInndln Chase county, Kunni.toeittM'
lor Hy properly. v ,|0G? BKo
Jyl7 i:t? Marketi
Eleven acres on the hill nlwre town.
H. FORRES, Wliediof.
No. 7, U. S. Custom House. Telepboci W
ftprll ?
20 Shares Stock in LaRelle Mill.
20 Shares Slock in Rellaire MilL
20 Shares Stock In V. ,fc M. Ins. Ca
10 Shares Stock in Grape '
je27 No. 21 Twelfth
The undersigned oflVrat jiriv*te ?BoCir
known property, situated in Jj ?|uf?3
county. Wot Va., aliout a ?|?mrlcr <?1 * ?'" ;u.
tho river, and tho Mine dlrtmoe from *w? ^
lion on the P., W. A Ky. V'.'V 7, r, U
south of WelliburK, formerly owiif'/f
ttAT, more recently the homestead of tee wi
eis Cooper. The projierty comprint One " H
and Ninety-eight Acre*.and (joins laudiol
Agnoir, Basil Well*, Robert Miller and otflN?- ^
Thft improvement* nre m follous:
commodious Dwelling of nine rooms
bj shrubbery, well laid out.a flr>t ?,<***.
stable, the latter having rw?m for tvre'"' gUia
and other necosary *ud useful outbuilding*.
Kood order and repair. of ?9
There Is on tho picrabcx a row J on-0*
v.rtKnf fruit*lu rood tx-Hrini!condition. ,
The land J* underlaid
coil very M?y of aoec* to either rirer err ^
Penoni desiring to examine tbU Jg? ?
purpose of buylui: the ?meor Tlliofc
fur other information, will call upoj JWH1
ontholarm. aJL WELLS...
I^i?. jlfi'uraws

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