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Clearance Sales
To make room for llio KAIL 8T0CK *
lmvo made yreni reduction* in all of ourd
Lmlioji inteiultnu io iiiiicIiu.mj Kiiiuiih
floods now is the opportunity to ace o con
plete stock and at very low prices.
HO 4LMain Street.
Telephone F-W. Jy31
ThoTAMPICO COHBRT take*it* name from l!
Tum|ilco fibre, with which It la nayed, In aubatlt
^ llou for tho old-fitkhlomd, lucakaule lame*. Tl
I;...'. 'rmiiplcottay will not bo effected bv heat or col
niiil while It alforda n more comfortable aupi*
3 ' thuti any other, U cannot Ih> broken, howe?
acverva tint It may bueittoMMl to In wear. It w
l>i) tcfiiKliliiK to laulc* to tlnd the Tani|>lro a i'on
that will never break. Aa an cvldcin-o of 1U I
Irlitklc merit*, a tcwarU of f.O la offered to t
wearer of every Tani|>ico Conut, In which any
; , . thuTamideoataya break. Ithaa the valnablo i
Uehment known oatho "triple buck," which alfor
n eoniplete protection to Uio luoat vital part of I
;y . body.
Eleventh St., bet, Main and Maike
T. S.?1H{? Drives in Summer Uoods_
nil kind* to clow out. jy-7
Proia my liable Sunday evening, a light n
horse. The animal wu* a younc one. Any In!
iniitlon IcadltiK to bcr whereabout* it Uwlrctl
Albert Bclmeii, at Geo. IIest' meat ?hop, on Ju?
Ik SnMlx^tmx
gslgs&i OiHi'fi An<t.UA uutl 27 *'ou rtwiilU Ntrw
Now AilvrrllhPinrnlM.
Beautiful Kesidence For Sale?Alexand
. Notice as to Frooerty, Ac.
Episcopal Female lustitute.
Turram's Sellzer AperieuL
(Jurden City Super-i'liofjiliate.
$10 to $20,0u0?ll. E. Keudall ?t Co.
1 X L Cider Mill-S. K. Itoyd.
"\Vllsou Female Collejjc.Chamberaburg, F
' The Ferry Harrow?b. E. Boyd.
An Educational Keforni?.Aurial College,
lticlimoml Champion Grain Drill and filei
y'. fiower.
Ken more University IIigli School.
The Meat Flow lit the World.
University of Virginia, Department of La
University of Virginia, tichools of ilei
Department of Engineering, University
For Kent?James L. Ifawley.
: ' For ltont?-Store ltoom 114S Main Street.
13 ruu t. Ih>il lift Inn in W.t.ioa
Strayed horse?iluad of local.
SAVE 2i) per cent by bitjinp 1'iiriillii
pS-; from *' (" Caldwell, 1501) and 1502 Mu
ket street.
CANDIES, Fruits, Nuts ami the line
Refreshments at Mrs. Zcigenrclder't?,
M l'weinii street.
I'HE usual merchants'hiucli at IlieXc
illcLure llonse Sample ltooms daily.
Wfailier Indication*.
v.: Wawiwotom, D.'C., August 1, 1 a. m.?F
.'/ Tennessee anil the Ohio Valley, slight
warmer, southeast tosoutbweat winds, part
cloudy weather, in eastern portion lot
- raius with lower barometer.
For tho J?ower Lake regions, general
'v cloudy weather and raiti, with variab
winds, mostly from southeast to southwe:
aud slight changes in temperature and h
ling, followed by rising barometer.
done up | Tor Haul of a Quorum?J
It is about time that a new Council was t
| ing elected. The present members are gettii
tired out and it is the hardest work imagi
able to get a majority of tliem to attend
0y--':/ ' special meeting of Council. There are ret;
v lurs in each Branch who always attend. Tin
arrive promptly at 7:30.o'clock and renin
until 8 or 8:30 o'clock, when they sadly ?!
part, anathematizing the other inembe
r : . who refuse to attend. Such was the ca
last evening. A special meeting had bet
called and there was business for eai
Branch, in the First, it had previously bet
ij&h:, . agreed to take up, on tho Jirst Tuesday
August, the Street Cur Ordinance, whii
; several months ago was read on
. and laid on tue table. It
yet to be read a second time foranienduien
then a third time and then it is to go to tl
V Second Branch and be read three times thei
As the matter now stand* it looks as thorn
a new Council would come in before tl
matter is out of the way. In the Secoi
Branch several papers are on tho table th
have been there a long time aud should ha
attention. They could have been distnwi
but evening had the members attended.
Seven members of the First appeared 1c
- night, and seven of the Second. About ha
past eight the two necessary to make
^$'?V?r-C quorum in tho First appeared, but the othe
: had become disgusted ami left. Members
: the street car company and its attorm
were present, but received no satisfactio
Those who did show up last night spent ti
time discussing the circus, admiring tl
' gorgeous appearance of the otlices of tl
' Clerk and Chief of Folicc, and abusing tl
i : r uieinuers wuo were noi mere.
Lcllvr Carricm' Kr|>ort.
' Chief Clerk Henry Myers, ot tlie 1'ostoflU
f. V furnishes the following'report, showing t
- amount of matter hnmlleD by the boys
gray lost month:
SS? \ Kegbtctcd letter? .. i
r- Mail letters tt.i
\v MatlpOftUK ?,*
, . Droplettew 5,!
Drop jKMtftlt - a;
>/. IMfcni - - 43..
K;Total _ i?.^'T^'*,v
<i v ;: . Mall U-ttera?..... 67.J
" Drop letters.. ........ 4,<
c-it," Postals .. 21,t
i-aiH.ni ? ? 7.1
Total 90'
Total plccca handled . 230.1
J^v -. lucreaMi over July. iKSl-,.. ? a,i
An KUucnlloiml Reform.
One of the reasons why ninny young m?
anil women do not uue to ntkeu course
i. study at college Is that there are studies us
ally laid down in the courees that they do n
b'; : ' have the time nor the apltuile to pursue wi
pro lit. Admin. College,'at Adrian, Mlcl
advertised lu nnotlmrcolumn, ovorcomes U
difficulty in the way of a college ednction 1
K; : . /. allowing sufficient flexibility in the cours
K . of study pursued to make it possible that tl
necessities and bo;*tinterests of each indivi
student may be secured. The arbitral
?J restrictions that usually surround a collej
wwwfc course aro there abandoned and tho logic
ERBBgrafc relations of studies to each other, and tl
:v necessities uf tho student alone determii
.what studies shall be pursued and in whi
SSjj order. This important educational refor:
j1 lias been in successful operation there for fh
years, ^ntulji roves to be a atfp forward in tl
SIjS?re?' In Bridgeport, a tiret-clasa'business roor
with new counter and shelving, next I
/burner's drug store. This is the best star
in town. Inquire of Zioimer's, Uridgepoi
In I be Chain of Current Events of Minor
| Interest.
I :0?* marriage license was lsraed yesterday,
r New Hour la quoted, wholesale at (5.60a I
0.00. ; I
Omen'' Comm run In a negro tramp last
Tut mud on tho old Fair Ground# was aim*
ply terrible yeiterday.
Tall clover, tall wheat, fall rye, Is now
the boasting farmer's cry.
1 "Too much of a good thing" is in a fair way
to be illustrated by the rain.
Kxtkaobdinahy stories of big s day's work
In the harvest Held aro plenty.
Tiik turnout of people yesterday, especially
re from the country, was wonderful.
e. Tiikrk will he a meeting in Beck's Hall
this evening of District Assembly, K. of h.
Tiik circus drow to many Councilman to
Hr tho Island last evening. Result?no quo*
Tiusos were dull In tlie city yesterday,
most every body having apparently deserted
the town for the circus.
Plack oat meal In ycur ice water and you
can drink as much as you pleuae this warm
weather without injury.
II A ki'wukh of pickpockets who were driven
' out of town during tho titato Fair lust fall,
came hack with the circus.
Til* local re|?ortera of tho country press
have been lingering about the fence corners
_ of tho harvest Held, anxiously waiting to
. scoop in the first reaping machine uccidenL
'B O.vaof the most notable wedding* ot the
season will b? celebrated at tho Cathedral
this afternoon, and this evening a grand reception
will follow at Germania and Alienhc
nerchor Halls.
A circuh employe and u man whoso name
(l could not be learned got into a ditllculty on
>rt the Fair Grounds last night, in the course of
or which the circus man tired at the other man
III with a revolver, without hitting him, how;?
iiv Unci.* John Roman, contrary to all expcctations,
attended Council Inst evening,
and was overwhelmed with congratulations
l)V over his recent marriage. Jle received tbem
smilingly and appeared several years younger
than usual.
'Squikic Piiimi-m yesterday lined KateKrhman,
whose robes are not at gutless as those
of the other ermine, $5 and costs for assault
and battery on a man named Dick, and also
required her to give bond in the sum of $100
to keep the peace for one yeur.
if Tiik treasurer's wagon of the Forcpaugh
show unset on Zune street, near Virginia.
yesterday forenoon, and was badly wrecked,
r It was an elegant wagon, and cost several
thousand dollars. Several ornamental figures
_ and other decorations were entirely ruined.
~~ Cait. J. W. Haouaiity, Chief of the recently
organized "llaggarty Detective Association,
is in tlnj-eity disposing of stock in the
tfcU company, ami is meeting with very satisfac?r*
tory bucccsa, having already disjiosed oi
by nearly all the shares of capital stock that will
*>b he issued.
- A OENTr.KMAN from Fairmont was wiliinj;
? along Zsne street last night after the circus
, when in trying to edge ids way through tin
crowd which jammed the sidewalk, lie struck
* his face against the edge of an open gate and
received several severe bruises and cuts on
^ the right cheek and temple.
? "Punch" Donu yesterday shook the dtis!
of Wheeling from his feet, metaphorically
sneaking, and left for his father s home at
er Cincinnati. He was accompanied part ol
the way by his attorney, Hon. K. (J. Cracraft,
who goes to Toledo on business connected
with the Watkins-Ferguson imbroglio.
I.ast evening the following were installed
by Installing Otlicer Joseph L. Degant as
, otlicers of Knterprise Lodge No. IK, 1. 0. 0.
rt- T.: W. C. T., David Teater; W. V. T., Marv
Miller; W. C., It. J. Haller; W. IL &, Frank
, /.ink; W. F. 8., M. II. McNabb; W. T., John
Moouey; W. M., Jotin Crider; W. 1. C., D.
Wilson; W. 0. 0., Frank Wilson.
Tur.iir. was a report etirrent on the street
w last night that a man had been shot at West
ij* Wheeling. No particulars were obtainable
except tha^ihe ball entered his leg. It waa
for a time rumored that ex-Policeman Mar,
tin Malony was the man, but this was without
foundation except that the injured man
somewhat resembled Martin in appcarance.
The quantity of blackberries daily consotned
in Wheeling is almost incredible.
Yesterday the steamer C. W. Datchelor. running
in place of the Courier, brought up
rc 2,070 bucket*, of an average capacity of three
r- gallons each, to say nothing of the quantity
linding their way into market by other
means. They sold readily at 50 cents a
bucket yesterday. The number of buckets
sold in the city in the last two weeks will
average 1,200 a duy.
Shortly after 1 o'clock this morning as
w engine Np. 00, drawing the third section ol
" f'orepaugb's circus train, was posing a
switch on the I'., W* it Ky. road between
Fifth and Sixth street, the engine was derailed
by a broken froir point. An effort was
or made to pull it on with another engine, but
]- failed, and a wrecking car was ordered from
jf. Steubenville. The accident was an annoying
ono and delayed the circus several hours, as
the empty cars of the circus were all above
jy the point of the accident, and the freight beIg
low. A loaded train was also detained on
lt the wharf. The train drawn by the unlucky
engine contained the tine horses and chariots.
An lunatic Gcrninu Who 1m 'l'lrcd of the
'? Morlnl Coll.
For a day or two a nice looking German
,e* has been about town, and on several occaaug
ions has exhibited symptoms of a deranged
i). mind, lie gave his name as Frank llodl*
u warth, and was said to be a coal miner, and
M. formerly in the employ of a coal company at
jjy Clarksburg. II?m eccentric actions attracted
in attention, but as he seemed to he entirely
le. harmless no attempt was made to restrict his
ra( liberty, lie was heard of ut several places in
3e' the city yesterday, and stories of his pccu n
liarities caused considerable amusement, as
jlJ when he went into the Jteguter otllce and said
;i, a lady had told him to call there for her, and
In he proposed to fctay right there until she
sj) came. He also called at Squire Philips'
ce otllce yesterday and told the Justice that he
js wanted the $150,000 he had deposited there.
I8| He was heard of on similar missions atone
l,u or two of the city banks, also, in the last
e, forty-eight hours.
?|, Last night about eleven-o'clock he was the
princi pal actor in an adventure which was of
a more serious character, and which but for
at the timely interference of three gentlemen,
ve would have resulted. asHoellwarth planned
eil and desired, in ending his own life. He
went to the river bank at the foot of Paper
Mill alley, in Centre Wheeling, nt the time
If. named, and waded out until lie was beyond
Q his depth, when he deliberately allowed him,r3
self to sink. As he rose, three men who had
of had their suspicions aroused, and had been
uy watching his .movements, caught him, and
n, with soino difliculty dragged him ashore,
lie lie was given into the custody of OUlcer
ii't, lJaruiu, and consigned to the lock up for
l)e safe-keeping during the night. Word will be
[ie sent to Clarksburg, where, it is said, he has
an uncle living, lie is believed to have been
a member of a troupe of Tyrolinn singers
which recently disbamh-d.
Q, The Forcimuicli Mioir.
'.,u Forepaugh's circua has come and gone.
In It is a big thing, and no mistake, but many
a smaller amusement enterprise has furjy
nishetl more that was interesting, attractive
130 and marvelous. The menagerie is a really
rai tine collection, of aninialf, in good condition,
jW the herd of elenhants boini? tmritnitnplv
meritorious. The expectations created by the
_ advertisements in this respect were
131 reasonably fulfilled Of the circus one cannot
conscientiously say the tame. Some of the
WS features are both novel and excellent, but
wi they are a small proportion of the whole
jjjlj show. S-me of the horsemanship was good,
__ and Miss Deacon's stud of trained thoroughr57
breds was worthy of admiration, and got it.
l&j Tho performing elephants are interesting,
but too much is claimed for this feature.
The bicycle riding, especially the ascent
of the spiral incline plane, was new, but
L" not thrilling. The Herberts are remark*,
j" able tumblers, aud the young L'oyd brothers'
performances on the tight rope were am usM
ing, novel and difflcult. This, with some of
the trapeze business, includes about all of
r merit in the rings. The closing concert,
barring one or two act*, was no good.
^ The weuther and tho late arrival of the
opwiut limn uiuuu iv ucccssary tu onm me
I? usual street parade, much to tUe disappoint*
a; mentof the thousands of people on the streets.
W The tent was packed and crowded with
5? people in the afternoon, hut at night was
al only about tworthinla*, full. Several little
10 accidents, such as the breaking of trapeze
J? guy rope*, marred and curtailed the evening
al performance somewhat The Kdison electric
111 light was conspicious by its absence, as were
J? also thegiaut and giantess.
Turner*' Kxcnntlon to lMttlbtirgli.
The Turner* of this city and vicinity will
u, havo an excuraion'to Pittsburgh Saturday,
lo August 6th, to attend n great Turn Feat to be
id held at that place. Fare for round trip only
t, $2. Tor tickets and further information apply
to the committee.
And the Plaoeta-A Few Potntera for 8
liar Oaun anil Iky Dbierrcn. .
The month of Auguit has arriYed tod pro- '
Tided the skies are not obstructed with '
clouds at night, it will be a month of rare t
enjoyment to star gazers. With summer's
last month always comes a grand display of (
heavenly beauties aud sights in which all the (
planets play a more or less prominent part. (
To describe in detail what positions they }
will take during the mouth would consume 1
more suace than we have at our command at J
this time, and that is ivacrved for a future 1
articlc. What we propose having reference
to tbls morning is the display that will soon
take place of tlie August meteors. Before so c
doing, however, it might be well
to briefly refer to the planet*. ,
Venus takes the lead in the evening eky,
and is (lniton the progruuime in her brilliant
conjunction wnu Ainra. jupuer uuces mo
loud In the mominir tiky, holding his court
surrounded hy brilliants of the first order.
An exhibition of special interest may be expected
on the mornlugof the Dili, when the
waning crescent of ttie old moon pays her re*
si>ects to the king of the stars. hvening nnd
morning stars oro equally balanced during
the month, Venus. Mara, and Uranus honoring
tho evening sky, Jupiter, Saturn, and
Neptune gracing the morning sky, and Mercury
dividing tho honor, being halt tho time
morning star and half the time evenlngstar.
The lull moon of the 28th will llood with
silver light the sereuc night* of the last week
of summer.
The August meteors will give variety to
the monthly programme im I hey full with
their flery trains. On tho nights of tho Oth,
10th and 11th a display of celestial fireworks
may be looked for. The t-arth then plunges
through thu domain of the erratic member of
the system, known as the August meteor
zone. This zone is a gigantic ellijigo or hoop
whose perihelion is within the earth's orbit,
and woflo aphelion reaches beyond thu
orbit of. Kentutie. It is mysteriously
associated, as ocinuparelli discovered, with
the seconu comet of 1KC2, or has been gradually
formed from its substance. The meteors
are distributed through every portion
of tho ring, though -somewhat unequally.
Kvery year, therefore, when the earth crosses
the zone, about the tenth of August, there
is a shower of meteors more or less ubund
am, according 10 me density or the cosmical '
clout!. The meteors shoot from the constel- '
lation Perseus, which is for this reason called
the radiant point, and the meteors are called 1
Perneides. Sometimes the showers are very I
brilliant, utmost rivalling the famous November
ones. At ordinury times an observer <
iuav be reasouably sure of seeing ,
several hundreds on the nights men- |
tioncd. These meteors are distillt
guished from those belonging to other i
meteor systems by their yellow color, and
. they leave behind them trails of luminous
, vaj?or that often last several seconds. Poetry ,
and superstition have given to the August
. meteors the nume of the fiery tears olSL
I Lawrence, because they occur on the anni- i
{ versary of the day made memorable by the 1
martyrdom of the famous saint. The con- .
stellatiou Perseus rises lute in the evening 1
' in the northeast, and may be known by u
; fiend-circle of stars forming the sword of the ;
; hero. Observers on the nights mentioned i
: will be sure to sec u moderate display of <
meteors. They may be rewarded for their I
1 pains bv the sight of a golden shower of tin- i
usual abundance and beuuty.
Star-gazers in August will, therefore, find j
material for great enjoyment, as they look ,
; upward on starlit nights to the grand con- |
cave stretching over our heads, studded with ,
joints of shining light, which will furnish ,
studies of fresh interest to the lover of the ,
stars, and illustrate the harmony, symmetry
and obedience to law that prevail in the myriad
worlds that peoplo the boundless depths
of space. 1
I'rointiient VNltorn in the City and
Wheeling 1'olkM Abroad.
Local Inspector'Wilson is down the river
on otllcial business.
wji. Alex, lampoon, Jr., oi UetUany, suent
yesterday anil Jxist night in tUe city. '
Francis Brown, K?q., it Son of Boston,
well-known wool men are at the Stanim. |
Joe Curtis, one of Brooke county's brightest
young men, was in the city yesterday.
Muj. Will Jackson, the Governor's Private ,
Secretary, returned to Parkersburg yesterday, ,
J. W. Newman, Clerk, of the Circuit Court
of Wetzel county, was in the city yesterday.
Miss Laura Harden has returned from an i
extended visit to Wisconsin and the north* i
west. i
Mrs. W. W. Plummer and children left 1
yesterday for Pittsburgh, for an extended 1
yisit. .
Mr. Chailes P. Freese returned yesterday
front an extended pleasure trip through the
Mr. J. B. Finster, a prominent and successful
husiucss man of Weston, is in the city on
Mr. Horace Grauper, wife and sister, of
Reading, Pa., are visiting relatives on the
South Side.
Mr. Clement Hess and Miss I.izzie Frank
will be married at the Cathedral at 5 o'clock
this evening.
Miss Rebecca Mcsalander is visiting her
niece, Mrs. George Swift, -Fifth Avenue,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Sheriff Thomas Smith, of Tyler county,
settled with the Auditor yesterday, paying
in a balance of $1,359 14.
Fred Laughlin leaves to-day for a three
weeks' business and pleasure trip through
the mountains and Virginia valley. }
Hon. G. W. McCord, of Brookecounty, was j
among the throng of people attracted to the i
city by pressing business yesterday. ]
0. N. Koon, C. A. Pritchard and J. T. '
Koon, all leading business men and staunch !
Republicans of Manningtou, were registered \
at the SUunm House yesterday. J
Hon. Sen. Hall, of Wetzel county, and i
Hon. Charles 10. Wells, of Marion, both well- 1
known and popular members of the last J
llouso of Delegates, were in town yesterday.
D. Hardy, of Albuquerque, N. M. and W. j
C. Dean and 1'. A. Honebreaker of Mans- J
Held, prominent railroad men were at the (
Staium. with Manager Delleville, of the 1\, !
W. it Ky. ]
Mr. J. Mac Iteilly, late Chief Clerk in the
Wheeling Poatofllce, yesterday assumed j
charge of the Harrisburgollice of the General j
Sales Agent of tho Philadelphia Si Heading
Coal Company.
Ex-Sheriff W. M. Powell, of Tyler county,
and the present 8bcriffThotnas Smith, were j
at the Stato House yesterday; also Sheriff J.
W. Cooper, of Hrooke county. They did not
come to the circus. j
The following glass buyers are at the s
Stamm: C. II. Perkins. Des Moines; W. II. ,
Webster, St. I.ouis; 11. C. Clark, leaven- j
worth; J. II. E. Weigand, Leavenworth; A.
0. Peterson, St. Louis-; and C. M. Capen, of
Burlington. _
Mr. Frank Henig, whosejsuccess in securing
a footing on the stage we recently noted,
is now visiting his father's family on
Eleventh street, and iti a few days will seek
the seclusion of the country to preparo for <
his first season as a professional actor. sui>
porting Miss KatherlueJlogcrs in standard
plays. ,
Dr. James L. Thayer, an oUMtmo popular
circus proprietor well known in Wheeling, is
a prominent figure in Forepaugh'a show. He ^
introduces Bolivar, the big trick elephant. 8
and lends a hand to the general conduct of
the show, llis many old friends here were 1
pleased to recognize his genial face, portly '
form and fog horn voice.
Robert M. Wilkins, of St. Clairsvllle, was
in town yesterday.
llev. J. 11. Rodgers and wife, now of
Durnesvllle, were in town yesterday.
Mr. Davis, the father-in-law of Rev. A. R.
Chapman, left for his home yesterday.
Mr. Taggart, of Richland township, is
visiting his daughter, Mrs. Jas. H. Darrah. '
Rev. J. R. McKallip left yesterday to join
his family and enjoy his summer's vacation.
Mr. II. L. Beck," Superintendent of the
Bcllaire Kail Works, is back after a visit to
The Second Presbyterian church will not
be used at all during the absence of the
pastor, as that time will be necessary to repaint
the interior.
Rev. S. B. Monro nf *r,? ?.m
preach nt the Disciples church Bunday next, v
August 0, morning and evening, and the t
Wednesday evening following. 1
Mr.W.H. 8tewart,of Cleveland,Division c
Freight Agent of the Pennsylvania Com- s
fiany for the Cleveland & Pittsburgh road, is c
n town, the guest of Col. Thomas II. Morris.
Tho-School Board met Monday evening, ?
expecting to Hnish the work of appointing
teachers, ,but there was no quorum present, s
and an adjournment was bad until last
evening. . f.
Wheeling merchants must have done a ii
thriving business yesterday, judging from <3
the number of Bellalre people who had 1
argent business up there. Very fow went to
ee the circus.
A great many vent from Bellalreand
;brough Bellalre to the circna yesterday,
rhe narrow trauge passengers found the 0,
t*. Lucas at the upper wharf boat, and walked
ip in the hardest of the rain.
The Bchool Board last night appointed the
ollowing teachers: First ward, John Hood,
klary Powell, Mrs. Wni. Lilly, Ella Gorby.
Centre building, AUice Cunningham, Mary
?ratty, Lucy Anderson, Lavinia Merrill,Julia
?aupei. Anna Paris, Maggie Morrison, Kmnia
Jill. German teacher, Kev. llelnre. Fifth
vurd, Mattie Williams, Alice Ilankin, Eliza)eth
Arrangements are on foot for establishing
i Post of G. A. it. here.
I). D. Wood, with a party of Pittsburghers,
scamping out a few miles east of here.
Work was actually begun on the founda<
ion of the Pauhundlu Glass Works Tuesday
veck ago.
ino itivcraiue uiass works, alter having
>ccii completely repaired, went Into full oper<
ition on Monday.
The II. W. Itoss party, ot Pittsburgh, who
lave been spending a lew daya here, left for
loiue ou Monday.
The Pewiky engines run rather too fast
h rough town, Home day somebody will get
lurtaud tben there will be a fuss.
The trestle work on the P., W. it Ky., It. It,
it the mouth of Cross Creek, will in a abort
itne be 110 more. Tho company is tilling the
ipaco traversed by the trestle with rock and
Hoary C. Kemberland, well and favorablv
mown as a Deputy Sheriff under John ll
dcKlroy, afterwards County Assessor, and
attly cashier of the Hank of Wellsburg, died
m Tuesday last after an illness of eight
Why did it never occur to our enterprising
bounty Commissioners to ornament tlie teni*
do of justice with shade trees on Water and
Jharles streets, also with shrubbory inside
he enclosure? The expense would bo but
itlleand it would add very much to appear*
mcea. Try it.
A much-needed rain for the corn crop fell
icreon last Monday evening.
It is currently reported that somoofour
armors will harvest one hundred tons of hay
liiu Hnnunii
They have instituted a sextet choir in the
J. 1'. Church, at Honey's 1'oint, of which the
lev. M. M. Marling is tlic pastor.
You can hear the merry voices of the hoys
ind girls in their teens, as they go romping
>'er the hill, and,brambles in guest of the
Several tests ot work by machinery have
wen made by our farmers this harvest. Mr.
William Uuy, of this vicinity, cuteighteon
lozeus of wheat in twenty minutes on the
farm of Mrs. Mary Gitlen.
Many fields of oats have l>een seriously injured
by the rust, and theyield will.probably
not exceed 70 |?er cent in this community,
We know of one field at least that will scarcely
be worth the cutting.
Tlio seven o'clock passenger train passed
yesterday morning, well-tilled for the great
diow, at Wheeling to-day. These who have
mdured toil in the fields, these hot days, and
Imve been drinking too much cold water,
need a day of amusement,
Now that the grain has been housed and
the harvest almost ended, and the farmer*
enl'rally pleased, let them come together and
tiave a harvest home picnic in a truly plain
aid style in the forest shade. Some of our
longressionul aspirants jterhaps, could come
and talk to us, agriculturally m> to speak.
Quite a number of our people took in tlio
excursion to Spring Grovo camp meeting at
Wellsville, on Friday. Some of them came
home rather worse for wear. Too much Wellsville
lager beer.
The DiEciples congregation here is making
in etlort to secure the services of Klder
Fowler. The ladies of the congregation arc
working up a subscription, und meeting
ll'ltll irPllH mtPCOUJ TiVva-l/.l- I" fdtn.
Dev. J. S. I'otueroy lectured Monday night
lo the teachers and people assembled at the
Feachera Institute, at frairview. The Institute
is flourishing like a green bay tree. A
large crowd was in attendance, and it would
been much larger bad the weather been
more favorable.
Miss Doll, a sister of Joseph and James
Bell, on Saturday by accident fell and broke
lier arm, and put the wrist out of place,
making a very bad fracture.- Only a short
liinc since by falling over a fencc she fractured
her left arm, and now the right is going
through the same process.
f Johnson. Parkenb'g. 11II Mallony, Clarington
I M Mitchell, MHtamoras M Baceman
R Patterson, St Marya J Kooutz, N Martinsville
Miss K Kbbcrt, Falnn't Miss A YVernlrig, F'rm't
I L Amos, Clarksvllle Mint B 0 Mcthsy W Va
Miss L Keny, 4-1'awSh Miss LDeacon, 4-Paw 5h.
MlssTilbc-ni(:slst.,4-PftW Mm Purvis Si Sarbro do
MnOdcllft Victoria, do MmSacble, 4* Paw chow
Sirs Homer, 4-Paw ebow Mm Konctb, 4 Paw abow
V IILotlerce,4 Paw Sh K KBiker, ftcw York
I 11 King, Cameron (! A Creel, Moundsvllle.
SI CoddltiRton, W Vft J Newman, N Martlnsv.
f Worley .v da., Blacky, II Cbcxley, Pittsburgh
r Donnon. Pittsburgh \v Kelley, Fairmont
r Lewis Jidau. Wellsb'g A K Hutter. Baltimore
>V Stock, Baltimore J \V Dory, Mouudsville
Sllsii Davis, MuuihIrv'Io J Dorsey, Mouudsv'le
I Horsey, MoundsvlUe D Maroor, Morgan town
I W Irwin, Fairmont It L Adotasi lady.Llttle'n
kf 1? Wiluiti. ll.rrUl.nw I? Cnrul.l ? X. 11 U II
jcoIt Kinereoii.B<k O ? RC Lenpef, HAORH
lame* Garvcy. B & 0 R R MB I'uultou, Leuperville
virM BPoulton.Lcuperv Frank Long, LeupervlJIe
Mb* L Long, Lcupcrvllle L K i'oultoti, Leu]>ervillc
D I'uultou, Leupetvillu J Nicflwmiger, 8t Clalrsv
iV J Davis, New York A W Oxnard A wf.New M
3 BTurner.Pbiladelpbia RK Wanlnian, ludepetid
A'J Br&dy. Wcllftbuix A M Hedges. Wcllsbuig
U Brady, WelUburj; 0 1' Brady, Wollaburg
Z W Conner, city J K Hole*, Iiidcj>cndcnce
I BPhylwu wl, Littleton MS Holer, Puwfiatan
5 S Holer. Powhatan W 0 Barclay, Welkburg
tV (5 WinJet. St Ixnils IIW WIInjii, city
1 I. CtirtiH.Wcllhbunc V M I'ftswoll, Kenwood
Ta I.lnis, Clariugton S M Brasch, city
5 Kordgcr, Ohio Geo M Dickey, Ky
it L Dickcv, West Va A K Thorn, Clarksburg
1C Gray, Martln'K Ky G A Brannel, litdiunt>ollK
H LThoma?, New \ork L(J Durst, Bcllalre
? W Graudict, Cuinb'd K M Labeen, Pittsburgh
I M Jouca, Cameron 8 A Carney, sllverlllll
' l'arncll, Benwood J U Perkins, Mubeuville
J Wells, Stoubunvillo I 1' Delly, Pittsburgh
Id Kills Z<?iti*svlllc K T KdBington, N x
I D Barr, Wash I'a P 11 Stover, W Va
>0 Edwards, Pittsburgh 8M Meanor, Pittsburgh
IO Mellor .t wife, city MIm Lizzie Drake.city
I I<erild, 11A0 RR G McMod, B & 0 R ft
JII McCoy, Wash. Pa J 8 Davldiou, Antlocb, 0
I 1' Mar\'ins W Va W 11 BUbup. Sir ScloU
Forepangh's Great Show, 80 peoplo.
Cait. M alloy, of the Kansaa City (Mo.)
tollco force, miyh: "We use 8L Jacobs Oil
v. U.UIKH-, vuui, I1IJIII If?, UIU, ItlCUieiU U)
lolicc business. I have used it myself with
be most beneficial results, and tlio men arc
enthusiastic in their praises of it, 1 conlidcr
the Oreat German Remedy a truly
nurvelous substance, completely fulfilling
ts every claim.
"WINE OF CARDUi" cures irregular,
painful, or ditliuult mcuxtruntioii. '
Sold by T^ocan it Co.
" It IV fill NKW8
JlnUctiernlXnluro 1'lckrd ti|? Along the
Local packets did a rushing businessyestcrlay.
The Andes got away about four o'clock
vith a first-class passenger trip, and conliderable
The C. A. Anderson, a recently built
>acket, passed up yesterday from Parkers*
>urg to 1'ittaburgh.
This morning's dispatches announce 'the
reto by the President of the Jtiver and Harbor
till, a fact that will furnish plenty of disiusaion
along the levee for the next week.
The river was stationery yesterday with a
lenth of three feet seven inches in the channel.
A slight rise may be looked for to-day.
business outside of local excursions to the
:ircus was dull.
A party of eight young ladies from Dayon,
in charge of Chas. E. Clark, Esq., and
vife boarded the Andes at Cinclnuaii. and
xe making the round trip Sir. Clark is the
uislness manager of the Dayton Journal.
A dispatch from SL Louis, under date of
uly 31, says: In a row about 7 o'clock last
tight between Win. A. David, second mate
if the steamer Fannio Tatuiu, lying at the
eyee, and Charles Wilson, a negro roustbout,
the latter threw two rocks at the
ormer, striking him in the right side and on
he head, intlicting wounds which caused
lis^leath In three hours. Wilson, who beongs
in Wheeling, was arrested, and David,
vho has a family in Memphis, was taken to
lie L?'iiy Hospital,' where Lis body now is.
'he trouble occurred about $2, which Wilson
laims was due him for wages. Wilson also
ays David hit him over the head with a
lubon the way up from Cairo.
Oil City,'Pa., August 1.?River four inhes,
rising, cloudy, rainy.
PiTT8Hcnoi!. July 1.?River'14 inches and
tationary. Raining and cool.
Cincinnati, 0., August 1.?River eighteen
eet at Cincinnati from great flood in Lickng,
unchanged above Cincinnati. It has
lone greatdamuge to coal fleets. The weather
J hot.
New York Monex ?n4 Stock*.
? N*wYo**^uitutl.rICont72k*4p?rcent.cl?taf*t2kp?rc?nt.
Prima mercantile Hptr U6 par
??ut8t?rUng?ciuuiga banker* blk ?lro??
1 - I
Gpvkft?Muro-U per cent higher lor ?tendod
5?, X Mr cent higher for li couponi,and unchanged
I for extended C?, i^e and u registered.
There were to da* aotna trauiactlona la the new
h Percent* andaalee were reported u hluU m
1WX and low na 101H, wllew making the dtlTrtry
of now boudi dependent on their adrlcei from
> Waiblngton.
U. H. ct, extended.-. 101U Lehigh 4 Wllkce....JW
H* S* *".?** tended....ioiG at, p. 4 a. C. flnu?111
1 u. a. <K?. coupun>.uii4H u. p. boudi, nma>...nos
& SA1wuj?b^h.M?J4 U. P. Luna arnnta...lnX
Pacific of 'W. 130 U. p. Unking fund-123
Central Pacific flnU-lloW Tczm l?ac laud gta? 70><
Kriew-cunda. _ WH do. KloGrando dlr^ 8JH
Raiuoih Bonm?Irregular.
STATE KKCUMTIIO? Dull anil wltlimt fiutnm. ?*.
Wpi for Tcunewct mixed, which aro 1 |?r cent
Ix>ul?Una console.... Virginia to - 31
Mlmouri 110 Virginia consols, ei8t.
Joseph......;,?, ill iru nut. coupons... 59
Tcnneweo Ga 67^ Virginia deferred...- II
Tenuettce 6a, now- 6C OUfcrod.
Stocks?The market In tho first forty-live minutes
was feverish and weak under a continuance of tho
bearish lullueucea which controlled prices yesterday.
The market theu became steady and tho
early decline wa* not only regained hut- price* beclam?
Percent higher lliau at thedoacMou
'fho stock market continued strong up to tho
clow, harly In the last hour there was n Wight ru
Mtion from tho curly advance, but In the late dealings
thli waa recovered, as a rule, and tho closing
I'rfceii were ut or near the highest of the day.
harly In the hut hour a single transaction of 6,iuo
thores of Oregon 6s Trans continental itock *iu
made nt 89; the H'llcra were Decker, Howell & Co.,
and tho buyorsJLounsburryd: Hoggin. Tho latter
linnnt the/mm*lime took M) sb.rea from other
tellers and on purchases of 40U shores Minnesota &
bL Louis preferred advanced to fisfc fmtn in.
Thu ivwi HAyn: A i>ccullarltY of the present market
Is that it require* great effort to depress prices
ami the moment the pressure Is withdrawn prices
advance quickly, lit othor words ilia neccssary to
aell about twice as much stock to get prices down
a point as it would be neeesawy to buy to advance
them a |H>int, and this N nut because Wall street,
as a rule, would not like to see a downward reaetion,
but because the outside public contluuo their
purchases particularly on small reactions.
It la reported that a gold shipment, ranging from
8750,000 to 81.500,000 will Iks made to morrow. Upon
this report the iVwf says: If such shipment is made
It will Iks an arbitrary transaction not warranted by
current rates of foreign Exchange, there being
many remittances cheaper than sending gold. It
Is to V? said the too usual offerings of KxcIuiiko
against such shipment us la reported,, have not appeared
on thu market.
Transactions 452,000 share#.
Adami Express -139 iSash. ACliatt - f?i
American Express... 0t |Now Jersey Cent siliJi
Canada Southern...- 6:% Northern Pacific 50
C. C. & I. C ? ll.'iV* do. preferred 'JlJ\
Central Pacific W!, Northwestern 135H
Chesapeake & Ohio. 2514 do. preferred 152
do. 1st preferred-.. :w?* New York Central-Kl^S
do. 2d preferred-... 20% Ohio Central....-.,.Jl'J
0.. C., C. AI 88 Ohio4 Miss - 10
Denver A K. G Ot^i do. preferred -107V4
, Erie :. - 40k IVcific Mall....; - 47JJ
do. preferred 7'Jk C. A P. ..........Us
Fort Wayne -I3u Heading 01%
Uan. 1I1St. Joseph-.. 85 St. L. AS. F. 43
1 do. preferred Wk do. preferred - G03?
Kansas Pacific....?.. 41^4 St. Paul
take Krlo A W 42k do. preferred 131}$
' Lake Shore Ufyi fexaa Pacific-..-..,-.. M-k
l-ouhville it Nosh.... 75*4 Union Pacific ..117-J',
I.. N.A. A C 71J* United.States Ex 73%
, M.AC. Istpref'd. 110 W.. St. L. A P iW% <
do. 2*1 pref'd? 100 do. preferred - CS
Mem. AChas .V? Wells, Fargo Kx??P2S I
Michlgau Central llOM Western Union....?. 'JO
Mo. Pacific - 100 'Offered.
nxw Yoxk, August 1.?Cotton firm at 1213 ic&
13 MCc; futures steady. Flour firmer; receipts '20,
710 barrels: exports 8,000"barrels; su|?erfinti went-1
em and State 13 60 >4 40; common to good $1 50a
523: g(KHl to choice S3 80a8 60; white wheat eitra
S7 00aS50; extra Ohio $1 C0ii7 50; St. Ix>ul* St Coal
8 50; Minnesota patent process ST 23aU 00. Wheat, j
1 %alc better on cash lots, %al%c higher on options;
receipts 4 J8.000 bushels: exerts 374.000; No. '2 sluing I
none In market: ungraded red 81 OUil 15; No. 3
St 10%al 11; steamer No'2 red 5112al 13: No. "2 red
31 i:ut 1 'S% certificates; SI 14%al 15 delivered; No. I
1 red St l tkal 15; mixed winter, 81 llal 11J<: ungraded
white SI 17al '20; No. 1 do SI 23; No. '2 red
August, sales ics,000 bushels nt 81 ll^al 14)?, <losing
at 81 l.jjj: September, sales 1,230,000bushcl?, at
SI 13}$al 15&. closing at SI 15J{: Octob. r. sales
fiOt.OW) bushels, at 8115&il W/As closing at 51 M%: ,
November, sales 320,OCObushels at 5117al M, closing
at 5118 Corn, Kale higher and firm: .receipts 1 Wo
bushels;exiH)rU 5.0tt) bushel8:utigradod84aNi%c;No.,
'2 85c; in store and elevator 8i%e delivered; No. 2
: white 8100; No. 2 August84%oS.x:, closing at 8-l^c;
September S5aS55?c, closing at 85JJc: October Sl%a
8l;?c, closing at 84%c. Oats unsettled and.4aBci
, lower; receipt# 25,000 bushels^oxports none: west-1
1 crn mixed GlaCSc; white wemrn 70a75c. llav in
fiitr ilitmaml ?t <Ku?n? rvn-~.
Sugar firm and unchanged. llolaxsca steady ami I
in fair demand, llicc quiet and steady, Petroleum
dull and unchanged. Tallow quiet and steady at
51 SlalSC. Rostu firm at 81 S7>^a2"00. Turpentine1
steady at 4lJ4a45c. Eggs, western fresh, demand i
fair and market firm at 22J4?. l'ork dull: new
mess 821 87Yf Jlccf steady and In fair demand. Cut |
meats quiet and steady: long clear 513 50. Lanl I
strong; prime steam 8l2 70at2&0. llutter dull mid
weak at 14a24c. Cheeso dull und unsettled at GaiOc.
i CHICAGO. August 1.?Flour nominally unchanged. |
Wheat?No. 2 red winter active, tlnn and higher at
8lOOalOOJ4ca>h:lluO&al(X)>4 August: No. 2 Chi-1
cngo spring stronger; Si 32al 31 cash; I0)?e August; |
1 W&c September; regular active, Arm and Ulelicr:
twkc August; W5?c September; OSj-ic year. No. 3
; Chfi?go tyring iwjiu9?%c. Corn fairly active and a |
shade niglier. 76%c cash; 7G%c August; 75)?a75)<c
September. 73>?c October; GG%cyear. rejected "l&c,
Oats?Options higher and cash lower: 47a51o c**h;
39}?c August; Scptemlier and October; 3l^a
34c year. Rye easier at G3}?c. Earley steady
and unchanged at 83c. Flaxseed quiet and unchanged.
Uutter weaker, creamery 1'Ja1!4c: dairy 14
a20c. Kggs fimier nt 17al8c. Fork active, firm and
higher at 520 GOa'JO 05 cash; $20 G0n20 62)$ August:
820 75a20 77% September. 820 90 October 810'25
year. iJtrd active, firm and higher 81217l4 cash;
312 32)4*1235 September: 812 42Xa12 45 Octoben
81215 year, Hulk meats uctlve.Utm aud higher,shoulders
!%c: shore rib i'^c: bulk short clear 13^'c.
Whisky steady nnd unchanged at 81 17 CallWheat,
No.2 red winter InvgularSl 10 August; Vi%
atWJ-Jc September, No. 2 Chicago spring stronger;
SI U3^c cash: 81 OO^al 00% August; regular irregular,
9'J%c August; 90>ic SeptemlKir; October;
DS^c year. Corn easier and not much lower.
Oats generally unchanged, but some sales nithcr
higher. Fork unsettled and lower, 820 GO August;
82U G7V? September 820 70 October; 81912)4 year.
Lanl in fair demand but at lower rates: 112 15ft
ItlV/C August: 81230al2 32>i September; 812 37Ka
12 40 October; 1212>$ year.
Chicago, August 1.?Tho Drovtr'i Journal reports:
Hogs-Receipts 14,000 head: shipment* 4,500 liciul.
M<rket fairly active but weaker and values lower,
slilnpcrearethe principal buyers; quality better;
light 10c lower at 87 70aS 10: mixed lots 5al0c
lowcr?t$7 50a8 10: heavy unalteied at $8 30aa 75;
sklj>s quotable at $0 25n~ z'k
Cattle-^ReceiptB 400 hcati; shipments 2,400 head.
The market continues weak on all gnules except on
choice sDluplng; the decline amounted to 10c per
100 pounds; common and half fat native steers in
excessive supply; fair to choice shippers80;00a7 00,
with occasional bunches at 87 20a7 40: poor to medium
lots 81 50flf> 75: through grass Texan* 83 25a
4 85; Wyoming ad Nebraska Texaus $3 75a4 50; native
butchers 82 50o3 75; stoekere and (cedent 52 GOa
4 00.
Shec|>?Rccolpts COO head; shlpmcnt>{uonc. Firmly
held under fair inquiry and mthcr light offerings:
fair to choice lots 83 75a4 00; breed lambs $2a3
l>er head.
Nf.wYouk, August 1.?Duy GooDS-ThroURli a
large movement, which includes all classes of
goods, It Is very evident the distribution of merchandise
In process Is much larger than Is comprehended
by onllnary observation and in cxeesi of
the siiparent demand. In"cotton goods the leading
brands and qualities arc well sold up aud a rood
production under orders. Prints In duplicate
order request to a very satisfactory extent, while
new selections aud deliveries on Ardent
are absorbing n large supply. tires*
goals are doing well. Dress myles glnghams
are having good inquiry. Undervvenr aud
hosiery in good request.- For doeskin Jeans there
have been more doing.-For IltiuucU there Is a
well sustained inquiry. Woolens steadily but
slowly Improving In dema<id, and selections for
skirts and shawls in uioro mineral request ninl fair
to good takings. In fact. though a steady request
for selections of miscellaneous assortments,
there Is a satisfactory trade lit pnitfrcss. I
cincinnati. a?kuki l.?Cotton ftrotic rt hv^c.
Hour dull and unchanged. Wheal active, iim
aud higher; no. '2 ml whiter OSjialMc. m?.if iwuji
w* aukiim 5100 1*1.1 ^picmli sc s#
corn weaker ami demoralized; .No. 2 mixed Trth'
i.'mvw y'ft ^hv%: september; "s^jc
1?U1 October; ,.Xn,^c November. t;7c year, Out*
lower: No. 2 mixed new Nwle. u)e ,|,lt|: ,,d
ioc. i'ork (Inner at 821no. nt Si"* 12 wl
Hulk nunt* In gom! dtmwnd uiul nitem udmifc
higher: sbouldum SU Mi ,i u,,r ,n, fa -5i
stronger: . shoulder* ?.? 7ft: char rib 813 62k'
clear si 137Vhl-ky dull at $1 15; combination
!??? iV *. \,0 Ulrrol*. on a lnuix of
$115. Hotter did and lower; choice Western liewive
l'Jc. choice Central Ohio JSc.
I'hu.adelphia, August 1.?Flour, no improve*
ment In market. ltyu Hour quiet uud unchanged.
Wheat, options irregular; rejected in gmlu depot
81 00: No. "2 red August 81 l'Jjful 12JJ: September
81 13>4:OctolM.'r 51Corn in good
demand: option* (Inn; No. 8, feT^nftVc; steamer 89c;
tail mixed 'JOrt'Jlc; sail mixed August
September 85a?5^c; October Wtyiitfc; November
80a82e. Oat*, new crop more freely ottered; conecs- ,
shinsof lalKcmado to ciTect fales; No. 2 white 72a
~&%c; No. 3 white 71 )?c; No. 2 mixed C'Jc. Provlv .
ions quiet and unchanged. iArd quiet and unchanged.
liutter quiet and unchanged, Kestunchanged.
Baltimore, August 1.?Flour quiet and unchang- !
ed. Wheat, western higher ami active: No. 2 ml
winter spot 81 12V4a>ked; August 8112Kal]2}(;
September SI 12%&l I'lfc October 81 H bid; November
81 15%al 1C>4 Com. western higher;
mixed aunt Stc bid; August 83J{aS4c: September
85J4c affiled: November WJ^aSic. Oaw, lower and
quiet; western white C3afi5e; mixed CiaC2c; Pennsylvania
G2aG5c. Rye. mote active nt G5a"0c,
Hay unchanged. Provisions unchanged, liutter
weak; packed 14a20c*, creamery, 2a?t27c. ttrgg
?teady at lGc. Petroleum unckancod. Cofleo
strong at flViaUJ^c. Sugar firm; A soft Whisky
steady at |118.
East lidkhty. Pa.. August 1.?Cattle?Receipts
1^445 head. Market^dull: prime W hOa" 25; good
iouu uuiuiunu ouaa w.
i V*?1??Boctfiiil* 600 licft'l. Market iW: Plillnyr
slis^O Ualtlinorea, 6a 40?JJ CO; Yorker*, '
.fehwi'-Hcn'hiU 4,200 head. Market dull: extrv I
5-1 50?n CO; jjood 54 ooaI '^0; common 92 50u3 M. '
Ittoburoii. Ait^irt l.-IVtfoieum moderntelr 1
active: United ccrtlllcnti^ Kieadr: opened at C2r '
Umy 11 ClC: lL'n,1L"1 tur ''ktiKlelf.hU dt> ]
fciTEHP5&y? Aucn*t J.?OIl opened at 60V?c:
lowc?t hyj- dosed at 01c. 81nS
menu 65,Us barrobi; run* 17.100 bnrnjK
Cincinnati, Aucu?t 1.?Uvo hog* stcadr com- '
SJ?|7%8 6*! W 60a'S ** PUcklnK ftud bS"
' Tolkdo, Au jju*t i.-Noftn bodnl opened: Wheat '
ateaUy; new .So. 2 ml a^t Jt WkJ; Aneuit 81m- i
September SI 0.% Ostubvr ft C4}^ rti-ii mv* !
wrnutm and uumlnM; hlBh luUerl ?*. o?tT ,
1 ho, 2.1*1 to* Ai?iui r?:? Jwr ?i;(cf cTu
Wheat stronger; No. 2 ml spot U Q3K: August
HOSU; aeptJmier, tl 04: October ?.?: year,
li 0%. Corn held firmer and nominally unchanged.
Otu nrmen No. 2 n*t and Ovtobar
85^c; 7MrS5c bid.
WhMlIni Wholesale Harkd.
ixtiixiokxci* Orricx. 1
WHXKUM, Tundiiv. Aug. 1. J
Trade during the past week has been tery quiet,
although steady prices have predominated In every
department. A chauge In the prlc? of several Important
staples Is looked for.
Grain?The generally accepted prlcc for the open*
Ing of new wheat Is II. Some little old still r*
mains lu the market and soils at II 80. Cora Is still
quoted at Wo, and oats at Me.
?t^lirr,'Vw,1u"ur h?s appeared and la ofll'riog at
Ia6tiaeoo. All brands ot old Hours havu been
marked down 25c, an follows: Choice amber, KJ73a
!.2?i .medium amber. KS ounfl -25: Wisconsin.
fOTM7U); Minnesota extra, |7 7AuSU0; fancy at.
Louis, Id COdS 50: fancy patent!, $3 2MB 75; com
nieal. per bushel, VOo; oatmeal, fancy per barrel.
15 75^0 00; common, So 25; rye Hour, per barrel,
95 50aft 75.
J/oi/i?Trado lua been dull but ptleea liavo remained
steady. Advices from Chicago yestcrJay
Indicated a slight rise.
8 C Hams, 8 to 12 lb average....... 1G
" ? 12 to 15 lb averagu .. . 15>{alMi
' " 1C to 18 lb average... 15%
Breakfast Bacon t......J5 al.'iU
8CHhould?ra. l-s
I'lalu Bacon Shoulders. - lis
Clear " Side* 15},
Mcm I'ork (barrel 200 lbs) 23 00
Dried lJecf, 0 - 14,
rure Leaf Lard, Tierces, 350 lbs 13 }f
Barrels. 2.V) lbs. 18K
' " " Half Barrels, 150 It* 13k
Bologna Sausage 12 ,
Cheese. Klch and Mild - 8a 10},
Lard Oil. Kxtra Western Strained !> '?
Carbon Oil ? 8
White Millers' Oil. Winter Htralned CO
Orocaitt?W'a make no change fn our quotation*
of to-day over those of last week. The prices given
below may bo a little close, especially on sugar*,
but the suite of the market will uot warrant a
change for a -day - or two. Trade has been
moderate, no special transaction* being reported.
Quotation* are given as follows: Collec
lair UK cents; good Klo 10e: prime 12Sc; choice
He, best roasted 14>4e, yellow itio 14c, Java
25c. Syrups. common 40c; prime 45a50c, Now
uril-mm iuuiunM.ll, priini) OOC, CIIOICO 1I0W 7UA75C,
maple syrup |115 per gallon. Sugars: hard crushed'
lOJie, granulated 10c, powdered loxc, confectionary
A Ukc, A 9%c, A |>rulrio 9j<c, palace A Vo,
golden C ?Sc, pritno b%c, yellow iXafle. lUco,
Carolina choice Sc, New Orleans prime 7Jic, Itangoon
fish?No. 3 mackcrel, bbls., (9 00; No. 2 medium
110 00.
Wooden Ware? Market steady. No. 1 tubs, per
dozen, 19 00; No. 2 tuba per dozen, 98 00: No. 3 tubs
per dozen. 57 00; 2-h?oppall* i?r dozen, 8175; B-hoop
palls, 9*200; koelcra per neat, SI lift; butter tutu,
ft lbs capacity, (150; do, 8ft lbs capacity, Jl 00: do '2ft
: lbs capacity, $150, washboard*, plain, tl 50al 75;
washboards, patent. per dozen, 92 50*2 75.
SiU?l'cr barrel 31 00.
bwd Own?lOallc per pound.
Seal*?1Timothy 5'2 75; clover 15 OOoft GC; lllue
Grass (110; orchard grass 52 09.
Hitq/ar?Double strength wine vinegar. 25a30c;
standard, Ual3c: lOallc (or country stock: wine
| vinegar 50a
1 Jlean?? Receipt* light and about all out of mar:
ket; prime navies FJ 75; do medium W 50; luiported
52 75*3 00; red pink 12 7fta3 '25; Urn as 7c.
OlbrLinl oil, extra western strained, OftcaJl 00;
carbon oil, 8c; white miners' oil, winter strained,
Chene?ln quoted In Jobbing at' 8c for prime
Western, and lU%al5c for New ^ork. 8weltzerl0%
al7c. according to quality. Limburger 12c.
Featheri?Uvo geese tlrin at 50ui>5e: 40a-lftc for
i\'ail9?The enrd rate Is $3 50, and the market Is
quiet; stork* light. As yet there la no sign of a
break in the lock-out.
Avfite llutlrr?60 jierpound.
Ifoney?Scan'eat IGal7e per pound.
Tallow?Market steady; country CaC%c per pound;
city 7a7Kc.
Ilttfteaxr- No. 1, 12c.
Canned G<mU-The market Is on let, and not much
doing. The quotations are as follows: 8-lbcau*, pie
peaches 52 0U; 8 tb can* i>eaches 52 80: 2 tt> can(teaches
5"2 00. Tomatoes. 3 lt> cans, 51 30al 40.
Sweet corn, 51 00al '2ft; Wliulow com, 81 -to.
Strawberries. 2 tb cans. 51 43. Blackberries. 2 tt
can*. 9180. itaspberries, 2 lb cans, 81 40. Plum* .2
tb cans, 51 40al 70. Lima beans, 2 tb cans, 81 aft,
string 5115. Cove oyster*, lib cans, light, 75c; full
weight 81 25.
Dried Fruit*?We quote prime quartered apples at
5c: evaporated apples l:UI4c per pound; cva|tora
i?u 11m.1u.-g luinmreoj ioc per pound; evaporated
raspberries 3UiX!c |H?r pouud; unpaired peaches,
halves. VaC&u.
j;u//rr?Wholesale price 1* 13dl4c per pound.
Oranntt-Scarce ntfci 7ta" 00; lemons 00a7 00.
Dry </oo<k?Muslltis 5<ii>c, ginghams GaOkc, drew
ginghams fcal2c}j. UcrUhlrcjcinghama8)4c,iU)d Lancaster
y^c. chevoita 7alle. Uncasvlilo y?c, crashes
Mfe deulms 9ai:i>?c ducks 9nl5o, Jeans lOa JOe,
table linens llta4.Sc, and drew goods Gd30c. Print*
are quoted from fiaC^c.
HViWtf-Waa; quoted nt Ji ic per proof gallon today
ana was in fair demand.
jn?t--3Sa3?c for medium cradtaand rather quiet.
Hay?'The baled article told at $13 50 yesterday:
'ooseon wttgon sold a* follows; Old 10 50; ucw
511 00. There WMa fair demand.
Wheeling Live Stock .Market.
A fair trade was done at the stock yards the past
week. Receipts of stock have not been large but
what was received was of first class quality and
commanded the following prices:
QittU-FoT l.m andl/JUO lb. aulmals 5UaCc.
Hoat-7%n&c. r
Qj/nc*?Kt head K OOnSlO.
zntrjh-bor \vooletl,5aGJ4n dipped, Ha4c.
Itvductlouiti riniiOH.
Present stock of pianos, Steinway, Knabe,
Cbickering, HalletA Davis, Emerson, Hardman,
Guild, ifcc., at the very lowest prices,
and great reduction for cost. Call early and
secure great bargains.
Lccab' Music 8tork,
. 1142 Main street, ;
"WINE OF CARDUI" makes rcwy
cheeks and clear complexions. 1
Sold by Logan &Co.
Piiybicians say it combine! all the desiderata
of every ferruginous tonic prescribed
by every school of medicine. Brown's Iron
lilooil Poisonings, Scrofulous, Ulcers
and Itching Humors,
lltaoitoonn n.i.l 1
Mini uiuuuuiur i
Swellings. >
Scc"?i N- IrouUcd
k.u i?Ji i 9f? ?" nwnls a"J neck, caused by
*'i * 0 8 a I*1"1"-) At times It would
Hw. tiV'i i' ?irac ?LMjn?11,1(1 tho hkin separate from
Hluil?" 'n.'arRe pieces, KiiirerliiK great, continual
itching and stinging. Purchased your remedies?.?i
2?!?i (Wood purifier) inter r
null), and Cmticiird and Culicura Soap externally E
mJ'i n.th1lh,ree lnoiltbR oUccicd a complete *
cure, and has uot been troubled since. Corroborated
by Milliard it Foster. Druggists, Kecue. N. II.
Adorn*. Newark, Ohio,says: "Cutlcurn G
Remedies arc the greatest medicines on mil?
riiniv.i1UiWUT. .0-1,0 'heuin in this county. My
m?Oier hud lt twonty years, and in /act died from
*V., Relieve Cjiticura would have ?aved her life f
My arm*, brcaht Mini iicad were covered for three F
Vi V. lnB rw,,evetl of cured until 1 used
theCuticnm Resolvent (blood miriiwt
Mid Cutlcur* and Cutlcura Soap externally.
II. K. Carpenter, Esq., Henderson, N. Y., cured l
of ltorlafibt or leprosy of twenty years standing
by tho Cutlcura Re>olvent (blood purifier) in* .
ternally. and Cutlcura and Cutlcura Soaoexter- f
nally. Tlie roost wonderful case on record. Cure
certified to before a Justice of th? ja-ace and promiucnt
cltlzena. All afflicted with itcliiitR anu iicaly _
diseases uliould send for thU testimonial in full. TEUKllUiK
F. H. Drake, E?q., Detroit, has recovered from I
a terrible skin numor, which covered hit head, fHce 1
and handB, by using Cutlcura Resolvent (blo<Kl
purifier) internally, and Cutlcum and Cutlcura
Soap (the threat skin cure*) externally. This is good
news.?Tribute. ?
Those who have experienced the torment* of
Salt Itheum can appreciate the agonies 1 endured
for yean, until cured by the Cutlcura Resolvent
(blood purifier) Internally, aud Cutlcura and Cutlcura
Soap externally.
Mm. WM. I'KLLIKGTON. Sharon. Wis.
and Cuticorx 80 IP cxtcninllv nml i
UKsoiA'iNT internally will positively euro every
spcclea of humor, from a common plmiilo to scrofula.
l'rice of Cuticura, Hinall box cm, 60c; lareo
boxe# II. Cuticura Rksolvknt, Si per bottle.
Sold by all drumUl* hi
Depot. WKKKfl & TOTTER. Boston. Maw. ^
That pure, K\voet, wife Mid effective American _
llitlllutloii of witch-hazel,American pine, Canada ?
llr, marigold and clover-bla?om, called 8anfoui>'b
IUdicali'uuc for catarrh.' A fo<* do<w* Inntan'.lr
ru'.ievo the most violent raftering; or head cold; ""t
stop all watery db*han;cs from tho now and eye*. "
:uru he?dache r.ud nervouanoM, and banlnh all
InnRcrof fercr. Complete external and internal U*
ueatmentfoi tl.. ' : . ?
Krr.Krnnt *lth henhr.g bubnmr. rmlcura Soap. ?
COU-lNs? ful electrical action1!* obtain- J
ind- J-Vver mid iueuc. PH~ m E2?i MaUria
cvetywbtfic, JTice.ss trn., BoW .
Absolutely Pure.
Thli powder never varlea. A marvel of purity,
itrciiRth ami wholcaomoneM. More ccouomlcil
itian the ordinary kind*. and cannot be ao)< 1 In
omratlllon with the multitude of low teat, ahort
"eight, alum or phuaphato powder*. Hold only lu
fv4-n?iw New York.
The Secret
of Uic universal succcss of
Brown's Iron Bitters is simply
this: It is the best Iron
preparation ever made; is
compounded on thoroughly
scicntifie, chemical and
medicinal principles, and
doesjustwhatisclaimedfor '
it?no more and no less.
By thorough and rapid
assimilation with the blood,
it reaches every part of the
system, healing, purifying
and strengthening. Commencing
at the foundation
it builds up and restores lost
health?ill no other way can
lasting benefit be obtained.
Dearborn Are., Chicago, Nov. 7.
1 have been a prat sufferer from
a very weak stomach, heartburn, an J
dytpepsia in its wtorst form. Near!/
everything 1 ate pre me distress,
and 1 could eatbutlitde. 1 have
tried everything recommended, have
taken the prescriptions of a dozen
physicians, but got no relief until I
tocV Brown's Iron Hitters. I feel
none of the eld troubles, and am a
jtronjer, and feel fim-rate. I am
a railroad engineer, and now make
my tripi regularly. 1 can not ?ay
loo much in praise of your wonder*
ful medicine. D. C. Mack.
'Brown's Iron- Bitters
docs not contain whiskey
or alcohol, and will not
blacken the teeth, or causc
headache and constipation.
It will cure dyspepsia, indigestion,
heartburn, sleeplessness,
dizziness, nervous
debility, weakness, &c.
l'ie only Iirown'* Iron Bitters made Ly
Brown Chemical Co., Baltimore.' Crosted
nil lines and tradc-cur It on wrapj>er.
C. Hess & Sons,
muiiuiinii i iniuuiiUj
Have now in Stock a Full Line o(
?ancy and StapleW oolens
"Which wo offer at
'rices that Defy Competition.
Other Woolens at lowest prices. We carry
lie largest line of cooils in the city, and our
let Upsaie First Class in every respect.
A T7TTT.T. T.rwc rvw
Persons desiring anything in our lino will
nil it to their interest to examine our stock
eforo purchasing elsewhere.
D. Hess Ac Sons,
whO ('nr. Main and Fourteenth 8ts.
The only Mfe and certain cure for
uuiera, wioicrn Jlorbiw, Diarrhccn,
Dysenlary, Colic, Cramps, Summer
Complaints, &c.
Invaluable for children during their Second
immer. In uwj for more than twenty yearn aud
u never failed. No cure no pay. Prico Lo cents.
u A. McOAJJE & CO., Proprietors,
jyl WHF.EMSO. W.VA. !
Dwelling House, 1413 Cliaplino street, op
ositc Bt, Mathews Church, now occupied by
r. R. II. Dullard.
Knquirenn premise*. jy20
V/ANTEli. :
fV tembcrorO tuber Ut, a houWwlih C or 7
onus iu a desirable, locality. _Ctdlou -or I.
_ u.. nit. HfV. IMlttO. '- lUtlHll llnliw. nWr'
i ''.''f C()l.LI,S8' VOLTAIC (
KI'WrTHiC 1' I/A 8TKR8
/ \ ww hundred tlmi* superior /
L. ti? nil other ptMtcn for every '
/>. ISfiB c. fA1"- inHarn
lutdlrrellinoiUrl/iiK liSm^if""lWoA?|>
w0KMi?uainchji?coBv L
Iottli>prop?nr. """"' k?^t,Jv!
!..> W. V lllVl. -
Eleven acrcaou Ihe hln ,bo,eJ;
No. 7, U. 8. Custom SSS^JSNki
ii>m Tti?pho,rr
jpOR SALE. "
20 Shares Stock In l.ulli.n- \it,,
20 81m Stock liiffiMft
20 Hliarcs Slock In K. ,t M i,
10 Shares Stock In Ur?|.0 Su?. ft
_l?2. _No.2lT^^, '
FOR SAu>-m:A5f7?r^
ro forty ?0) terra ol No. ||?L,,
dwelling house of six room* Um %i,wC ^-*4
(waiili- / *%% 1. ? .1 .. "Un K??Ju.7*
?ltu,) \?w; iictu 01 nunc* kt.4 ?Ulv;"te^: H
liouto and all nowsary outbuilding,
house, com cribs, amoke bouwi^,** I
also Uua orchard, couiUUngil ppte.j^zJ I
aud pluw Urn, grapevines awl mpUtrt*
ated about nine (9) miles fioin BclUltt, H
the U. & 0. Railroad, and on
Jlechen'a creek. Ai>i>ly to H
jjrgfi y> Twelfth strwt. wi^.'.irt V| m
^OTICR ""*>
Scaled proposals will bo reoetved at tbc rvw I
otllce ot the Itoanl of CommMoum ol thtr?2H
o! Ohio, West Vlrelnla, until MONDAY u?sH
Jar ol August, 1JM.\ at Vo'clock a.
tlon ol a brick building designed fur a HonX Wm
tho County infirmary 0 rounds, tesr Uni,**;
said county. B
Plans and RpeclficfttlnnKcun ins wuitCLP w H
llton'a Architect oflleu, No. HM M?iu Utrntw.'. B
lux. W. Va. |
The tight to xcjcct any cr all bldi l? n-wti
Clerk ot tho lWvudol CommlsMotien ol iUCw? H
o!Ohlo,W?Va. ^
y\18S0LUTL0X N0T1CK. '
The firm ol HIIUIUUD. I?AIHU CO, htto I
Joy been dissolved by mutual grwment, ur ?
Hubbard retiring. All ammnu win UwtWta
our successors, Mcsh. Hubbard A "
OKI). Ill'URiRD. H
tiW-wn. ^
HliKKUNO, MftrcU 10, IkSi. *"*
~~ March 10, lie.' I
. The firm of llUIIHAUt) A CO. luMtliU diy i#* H
dissolved by mutual agreement. H
UKO. lirilBARD,
jV'27 MY HON Hl'BhHD M
Applications will l>c rm-ivtd by theP?rJif I
Kducatlou of TrlHdelphin liiMrict unlit uicrfii H
August 5,1882, for tt principal Mini tttou?litu.U|li I
teach tho graded wliool nt TrU.lcli.hU, Jm*.
cants must have h Unrhen.' rfitltcatckoafo
Board of KxamlnetRof Oh?o county, dui^wu |
accompany the application. j
Applicant* lor mc i*?>ltlon of i-rinci[?J H
required to be examined In Algibra, ltij;laHm?.
raphy. Philosophy, l'hy>iolr*y una klHotk, utf I
lornwlstaul tcsrhcn-ln Alx' hrs. In addition toli*
studies prwcrlhed in the bcliuil Uw (or prituj
schools. .
The Board of KxumitH't* fur Obio fount! til
hold an examination at Tiiadtilphl* Augtat i cj H
U. Address applications to
}y25 klraliiorf, w.u W
Sealed proposals. emlorccd "I'rojiosili forCrvM
iugs and L'rchhlng," will Ihj rocfiv?.?l by the H
of l'ublic Works of tneCilvof WIiit'llufCDptotut H
of August 5,1852, for furnbhlutc mid wuit* r?
curbitigsand crossings and netting old r.rUnp
and crossings: On Chapline sticet (rum Here&ti H
fourteenth street. Ou Market I rum Mmnthntit'H
to Wheeling crctk. On Main Htvtt ftvn I
creek to 1 weuty fourth street. On Mua m
from Twelfth street to Wheeling cwek. .
A copy of specification* tnnybe had by apiiyirj
at the office of the Hoard, 113# Main Mitt.
Tho contractor will he required b> enter hi* H
bond for tho falthiul pcrfortntuceof the wwt
Name of surety tu l>eoiVcrtd inuit mixcjc]
the proposal.
Tho 15oanl reserves the rlsht to reject iny ?d
Jjgl K A. OALlJOAy.Ok.
Sealed proposals oiidon**], 'Tropottli lor riving.",
will be received by the fwnl of 1'jWf
Works ol tho City of Wheellngup to noon of Atjw
5th, 1&S2, for paving and repairing the wlblen*
mentsof the city us follow-:
une proposal for repairing rouble ravcmrc'Ja
Chapline street from hleveitilito Kourtwnth tern,
On Market street from Eleventh to Wheeling cmt
On Main street from Wheeling creek to Titi>
fourth street.
Another proposal for repairing Main street &tn
Twelfth street to Wheeling creek.
A copy of specifications may be h?d lyaptJjkt
at the otflco of the Hoard, 1135 Main meet.
The contractor will 1? replied to eiiter k?
bond for the faithful perfonmnceof the went.
The name of the surely to be oCeied in tit l?!
must accom|>nny the pro|iowl.
Tho Board reserves the right to rejecl my or i3
jyai 11, A. CiAI.I.IGAN'.ClA
Glesdive, m. t.. July 1. lii
Having removed from West Virgiui*. tothtpoj
Yellowstone Valley in Montana Territory, whjitI.
propose to make my home for the future, txAtt
gage In the Real Fstate limine*, Mture Iks*tteads
for settlers, on Government l-amU,
ctiro farms from tho Northern I'a-ltle Hillwd*
settlers, so they will have h plire to locate rao
val, without the trouble or eii-enm of hunui|*
desirable location. ? .
I will buy aud sell all kltuli of Real &a?H
non-ruddentu a* well as rltimisof the Ttrr.wr.
Opportunities unexcelled lo (.urvhax? tbr w
lands, now ollercd for sMc at low wbkhb?
year or two will be worth live lo ten iln-rt tn
preaent cost. .My facilities for trtwaclii* Itv*
with the U. 8. Land Olllce uumriwd. Cbtfpi
moderate. Corropondcncv wileitc?l.
Jyl-DAW (ilrnJlrf.X.T.
Loana negotiated, stocks IwuRht ?u<l tow, off
chatita'aud mHnufHclurer>'U*ik?n|icnHl.tui2-'?
audcloMxl. KstMtcswttled, not^ Uwt fcws**
Hid rents collected. Houm* rental isd mm*.
Colloctlona promptly remitted. Atlvtara zu.
All busdnera com*ponden?^ntH*)tfi!!F?t'f?j
to. Send for circular to wferena* 111!jM*
street, (Crangle's Block,) over City B*:ik, Wtw-t
W. Vk. *L
Curpenter uutl IlnlMer.
Brick Buildings crvctcd complete in allI erfo
Improvement*. Also wooden Itullulnp bum h
complete on lot. Wooden liuiMlnw J*
fitted un lu yard at work shop smiultn jo ijj
uTrattounmailoon oiil biilMiiiuv. root* Tillfj* .
nky-llKlitsjmrtlcu1urlyatteii?lcfi to. DaUM"**?
and HhclvfiiK fitted up on short
?ut lu and stores altered. Kol'Ieocc H ?' "J
Ksnth Btrect, formerly owniplcd by JJr. I*a "y1
8hop In rear of Capitol, mi a !ii-y i t -hL
J)*. J. B. REED
Has removed liis ollice and rw'tynw to?
tlie Eighth ward to the corner of T*W
second and Chnpline streets, Fifth ?'?
Office hours?-7 to 9 a. I to3r.
9 p.m. Telephone k 10. jolzl
DR. IIUI.I.IKEN- h?? ittnme.1 <
sutned the practice of lutdlclne ?tiu ?urj?ucan
bo found at the .lTm?
over tho City Itanlc. Market 2?
Q. 0. SMITH,
Real Estate, liond & Stock
8pedal attention jflven to rolloc!lu<
rencral management of llutl K*ut?i. ri
mhl iao Mm I n Mffi. u hi^ig?
^yiUSELING E0U.i:i! ?'uliK?
Manufarturcrs of jwUble, nitioii'y- ^
boilers, breeching, chlinne\>, t*n?\ *' lil ??t
di tutors and all kind* of funry ?h?t
Dealers lu secoatMmnd boiler*. F??,
Telephone C-21. Repair* M*cUl n:teuu?i
rtwonnble. ?
?) 0. LIST, JR.,
FORK: packer
Ud curer of tbe celebrated CjIKSTw
^" "SRKsssaggS.
My B. C, Moati are all branded "LW' w
*ps _ '
jy B. CAMDEN, M. D.,
PliyHloIan iiikI
Realdenco mid oflict? No. Ito Fourt?? '
)Ulco nl?J *11133 CIW|illli?
Telephone No. C-Cl mid .no. H. wj-n
CalU frromptir awwcn-a.
* DKALK* I* ..
3rain,fcironnd Feed, Ilaled Ilnji ^ I*
South Strwt.Ncar MArket Htn*t c?8,
Mil pay tbo l?lRbe*t market rriw li* ** jjjj
and oftUi/
- ^ I

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