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(gfe fyth
M M,,,lSlrrtl,
r. II. IlKVNOI.IJS, of fit, Alllium, in
I'.V u corn*?|H>ii?lcnt of tliu
'/>il?'"MaU'iii|iuriiiia> ratuli^jdcfl'oiicnw
i" llmt ilinlrld.
;,illin!oii It'/iMmii i.iil.-li^htol with
|i,?!Jr<siol llie Kupublimu Sliitu Com.
tW>< '' i". ilHitrmiv'nmuiit of our
JX Viixii'ia l!oiirl?ona in only mcoml to
^im?iniii''"t ol the Kiiulish ltourlwiiK
[dlielwUralioii of Ititle|iuii<lenco.
Jut n-purls by teliyniph frotn n largo
?m|*rol l?'Iii? I'ol'iM throughout the
- nn to tlie clone of liwt week, show
; (udiihji -i ... . .
I .fxja^w0-' activity in the dry goods
febtol ^ ,c,'ort w'rw' frum
I whwliog '">< it is nn averj
ige iirtin" "l0 roI,ort8 'ro"' other
I cuirtrf*
I I [Migood* business is improving. Wo
I hw tW rwuwn to anticipate a large
Ltii cheerful at the prospects.
t^arv bwnning to move quite freely.
I JlmJjIrffU' Journal thinks the corn crop
I thii jwr, counting the increased acrengo,
I jiiir run up to 1,800,000,(XX) bushels. As to
p?pn-tive prices*, it says:
II "Tlie net conclusion, then, would seein
I jo be that if prices remain high, so n? to
induce economy of the crop during the fall
I aoJ winter, there will he a fair surplus and
I conse<|iieiit lower prices next spring. But
! j iftliey decline, so as to induce free con1
lump'tion during the winter, the stocks
I cext spring?even under the most favorable
I conditions this fall?will be as small and
I u high as now."
| .SmKisr. of the linancial and business
I situation at Pittsburgh, the Commercial-1
j Giivite of yesterday says;
j Financial moveincnls during the week
B jast closed have been confined almost ex
clumely to routine woric in me names. j
there being comparatively Iiitle demand
for discounts^ ami a good request for prime
commercial papers. Much attention is
a^in being given to the question of a resumption
of work in the iron trade, and
there are those, and not few in mimtor,
who predict that a settlement will be
brought about l>etween employers and
employes inside of ten days, and that this
means'the beginning of good times for
Pittsburgh once more. Whatever grounds
there may be for this belief, it is certainly
rery generally held among financiers and
merchants. Should it prove true it will be
the financial salvation of many small
trailers whose living was depedndent upon
the prosperity of the laboring classes.
How Mfxiraii Nhf|>|icin I'racllec Troiih
imIoiih I'rumW.
I'iiiLADEi.i'iiiA, August 21.?An investigation
into the loss of heavily insured vesfc-U
from Mexico to the United States reveals
some startling facts quite as sensational
as the attempt to sink the bark L. E.
Cann. The Dos Ainigos, a large bark,
with a cargo invoiced as sugar and insured
for?$07,000 in the Atlantic Mutual Marine
Insurance Company of New York, was
lbst in aj manner suspiciously like the
Caun, and the steamers of tlic Alexandre
Mexican Line have several times since reported
having seen her floating in the Gulf
with holes bored in her hull.
Subsequent inquiries at Vera Cru/. disclosed
the fact that the shipment of such a
<~.uyo as the Dos Amigos was supposed to
Jiave ken loaded with, was not only improbable
but almost impossible. The insurance
was, however, subsequently paid.
A Mexican shipper, speaking to a reporter
rImiih the issuing of bogus cargoes, says:
"Tbe ilrst transaction of the kind of which
I have any knowledge was in 1870, but i
have been unable to lind the record and 1
cannot now recall the names of the vessel
or of the i?ersons implicated. A man
named Zorilla seems to have been the pioneor
in the business. In 1878 he shipped
a cargo of merchandise to New York from
Vera Cruz. That cargo was invoiced at
V27,(?00, arid was insured in the American
Llovds. The brig Unique was selected as
ti* vehicle " of that venture, and
dm was said to have sunk to the
twwoin of the ocean, without any provocation
whatever, beforo she had been
a week at sou. The next venture was
tlie Dos Amigos, in which the Atlantic
Mutual was the victim to the tune of $7S,
&?, and now we have the L. K. Cann, with
a cargo invoiced at $120,000. In both
these instances Mr. Lane seems to have
been interested, and in the latter he had
for an associate a man named Granes, who
is a new accession to the former fraternity.
In this instance the Philadelphia company
sought to be tnade the victim, for the
reason, probably, that the New York companies
had become too well posted in
tliAt'sort of business to be Again drawn into
tin. Inin
It is positively stated thai theCarin was
three months in the harbor of Vera Cruz
picking up her alleged cargo, and wca
charging tremendous mte3 for transportation
of freight?fully two-thirds more than
is charged by the Alexandres. This is a
highly suspicious and Bignificant fact,
going to show the boldness and audacity oi
the Can 11 fraud.
Tnrlir <'?iiiiuiHHloii Topic*.
I/iso Uhanch, August 21.?In the Tarifl
Commission communications were presented
from the United States Consul at
Londonderry, Ireland, suggesting the removal
of duty of 15 cents per bushel on
potatoes; from the Mining Exposition Association
of Denver, extending an invitation
to attend, and also communications
recommending the abolition of duty on
lumber and the imposition of export duty
on it; the reduction of GO on hair cloth to
30 per cent, and the increase of duty on
any line of dyes to one dollar and a "half
or two dollars a nound. Arguments made
.yy J. L Mnnq., New York, rice broker, in
lavor of abolishing tho duty on rice in
ISm ,0lr''Va,^y" By Alfred- Vnnsliaw,
'"'^aelpVia, importer of iron ore, for the
Kuniiswion of iron ore and manganesioiifl
Jr?n ore duty frev, and by Thouina McKelJar,
philadelphia, Iviks founder, asking for
continual ? *?._./ - ??
fv^uuu, unu iiiui au viuurcui
duty on tyj>e be made specific.
A JenlotiN IIiiNtmtiil'N Deoil.
Chicago, August 21.?A special from
Warren, Ilk., says: James Bird, a jealous
cooper, who had quarrelled with liis wife
yesterday, sought her out at her sister's
liouso in Gratiot, Wis., and after a few
minutes talk,and telling her if they could not
live happy together thev ought at least be
friends, lie drew a revolver and shot her
twice, inllicting possibly fatal injuries.
He then shot himself in the abdomen.
I'hysicinns say ho cannot live.
llnlch'n WmCorn Trip.
Chicago, August 21.?Kufus Hatch and
P^rty returned from their trip to tho
northwest of the Northern Pacific and Canaan
"I1" *LTL 00 i/Uanee to.
anil exhibited specimens of oats
uku Iin.lera.ss, which attracted much atlidr?".-i
A1[,woro vcr,v neilrly rondy (or the
anil vi wht;U am[, 0:,|H
5? "tiorous from the root to the berrv.
eiwinietia came Irom Dakota.
A l'oni|i|r?rj of Alaliaraa .frgrnra lo Jla*?arrn Hi
Inlutiltantu hitroTrrril la Tlmn la
I'rumt lu Kxtrullou-Tlift Klngl* ailrr
l*roi?i|tlljr Hong on tlip Spot.
Monii.B, Ai..\, August 21.?In Clioclnv
county, A);i., on the l.r>tl? iiimL, a LmjikIIo o
l'fipenj (linoloHing a well organized' j>!o
among the nc^roi* to kill tliu entire wiiili
fioiml'it i/111 nf ..mi..It. ,..na
one of their rendezvous by two gentlemen
who laid the matter ln-foro the Sollcftor
On the 10th a quiet meeting of the citizen
of Mt. Sterling nlid Sutler was called a
Duller to consider the beat inoile of sup
pressing thu intended outbreak and maa
After a dlsciiRsion it was agreed that th<
following ringleaders, Jack Turner, l\ 1)
Darnley, Jessie Wilson, l'eter Hill, Willit
Lyman, Aaron .Scott and llango, to wlion
had been assigned tho.dutiejof leading
respective squads to Duller, Mount Sterling,Desotavillo
and other places, and
killing nil white? at each place, should b(
arrested and lodged in jail. Their arrest
was cllccted on the 17th, without dis
turbanco or bloodshed. Thu same day i
mass meeting of citizens of all classes w.u
calle?l for Saturday to decide the fate ol
the prisoners.
mi 1 .? i i .
i a.ik! pioi mis usen in exisienco uitict
1878 and the conspirators now number
100. They lmve powder, shot anil gum
ami think themselves sufficiently strong tc
accomplish their fiendish design. Sunday
night, tlilPfrtii of September, had heei
appointed as a date for its consummation
The papers further showed that this daj
was selected bcc-uise then the white peoplt
would be at campmeeting unarmed am
could ofler no resistance.
The meeting called for Sunday brough
together about 700 men, among whom wen
about 150 negroes, who, after hearing th<
papers read, by an almost unanimous vot<
decided tlmt .lack Turner was a turbulen
and dangerous character, a regular fin
brand in the community, am
that the public demauded his im
meliate death. He was accordingly
hanged about 1:15 the same afternoon, ii
the presence of the assembled multitude
The crowd then dispersed and all signs o
disturbance ceased. Everything was quie
Saturday night. The other prisoners ar
still in jiiil to await further developments
l?rour?'SHHt .Hiitnmorn* iiikI <liiiirntiliu
Against It.
Matamouas, Mkx., August 21.?Mexio
is getting afraid of the yellow fever cpi
detuic at tins point. Vera Cruz 1ms obou
quarantined against Brownsville and Mat
ainoras. .San Fernando and XJurjrtf.s, tw<
considerable places in the interior of tin
State of Tanipieulns, have also imposed i
strict quarantine, and it is thought Mon
terey will follow. Mail from there ant
from here for Mier is put through a threi
days' quarantine outside 'o
that towu before being admitted
and mails coming here fm
the interior also change hands there. T<
show the extent of the disease here am
the short duration of many cases tbepolici
authorities estimate from their records thai
there were over 200 cases of fever. JJurinj
that time onc-iifth of the wholy populatioi
were sick. At this rate, taking the nimihc
of sick previously, another month will se<
the disease at an end, as all the inhabitant
will have passed through the infection am
Yellow Jack will have no further food foi
his fangs. In Brownsville things are, i
anything, wotse than here, as the diseas<
moves with greater speed, and is generally
more largely distributed all over the city
and many prominent citizens are dowi
with it.
Washington*, August 21.?Acting Sec
retary of the Treasury French to-day re
ceive'd a telegram from the Governor o
Texas asking the Government to taki
charge of the hospital and yellow fever pa
tients at Brownsville. The acting Secrc
tun* rnnliiul tli-it Kiimnnn Mnrniit tin
i Marine Hospital service of Memphis ha
: been ordered to proceed at once to Browns
ville via Galveston.
Surgeon General Hamilton received
telegram from Acting Collector Goodricl
! of IJrowusville,stating there were U2 nei
causes of fever to-day'. Three deaths.
Fill lit' Klrurlw of n Trio of OfUccrw I
Ciitcli Him.
Washington, Pa., August 21.?The dit
, tillerj' of a moonshiner in the .wilds c
Greene county was invaded on Frida
evening last by Thomas 117 "Mcllvaine, c
| Pittsburgh, and James F. Gabby, of tlii
place, Deputy Collectors of the Twent}
second district, accompanied by Constabl
Beehler,'of Waynesburg. When they ;n
rived it was nearly night. They had n
difficulty in finding the little frame build
ing built in the side of the bill in whic
the distilling was accomplished. No on
was present, and the still was soon outsid
the building. The worm was not easil
found. A dilligent search was made fo
it, and it was tinally discover
eu Ilia away in inu mgu wucua ui u j?:iuof
corn. About tliiA time a daughter c
Mr. Roach was seen leaving the house, an
the ollicers, supposing she was making ju
rangeinents to notify her father of afl'airs
watched her closely.' Site proceeded to lie
brother-in-law's, n short distance, and h
was soon on his way to Littleton, \\\ Va
where Roach was at work. Melivaineam
Ueehler followed, leaving Gabby to tak
care of things at the housa. The officer,
saw their man ??<) doubtless would havi
captured him, but night flime on and h
made good use of the darkness, JJpIlvain
and JJeehler did not know the country ant
got lost. They were till daybreak llridin
their way back to the house".
(t'ornrll'N Denial*.
Saratoga, N.Y., August 21.?Govetno
Cornell, when interviewed on the subject
of the Klevated Kail road tax Kill and tli
American District Telegraph blind poo
said: "Whoever stated that 1 promised t
sign the Elevated tax bill I say is a liar."
lieing told that Gould says lie did proir
ise to sign the bill, the Governor repliet
"Whoever says so I tell you is a liar. I d
not want to get into a controversv witf
Gould. It is sufficient for mo that the pe<
pie know this man is opposed to me."
Relative to tho Governor's blind pool i;
1 (....niinn HiafrW Tflloprnnh stfti'k fli
Governor made no response to the inquin
simply repeating, "Whoever says that
promised to sign the Klevated KailroA
tax bill iya liar." Without eliciting a n
spouse tiie interview ended.
Jloj coltlutc ill miwnukrc.
Milwaukee, Wl% August 21?In spit
o( the efforts to make it appear that Ui
brewers o( this city have not decided on a
organized boycotting of those who eigne
tho ant i-lhentrical protest, facts show that
no quarter is to hejthown to thoso who aro
mijipoaoil to Ito In sympathy with tho move*
ment to enforve this Sunday lawn. Just
iMjforo the tetter nroleatiny* against the
f opening of'tliu theatres on Sundays .wan
published, ono of the leading brewers of
tun city gave n verbal order to a leading
coal house for 1,'JOO tons of coal for future
delivery. The agent of tlio eoal house
inauo inquiry as to the time when the coal
v should ho delivered, and has received a
. repiv 10 iiiociii'cttimttno nainoor tho 11 rm
1 having appeared on tho lint of signets to
t tl?? protest in question, tho order for the
a coal wiih revoked.
r t'lrn Uirortl.
? Mar.su fie 1.1), Mass.. August 21.?Tho Sea
View House, n new liotel opened in July,
g burned this morning. The boarders, some
* seventy-five in number, escaped, ivany
* with only their night clothing. Many of
- the inmates of the hoteh were obliged to
jump from the upper part of the building
to the ground. Several children were rescued
with difficulty. In the office were a
number of wutclies and valuable docui
mcnts and diamonds belonging to the
, guests, which were lost.
Ciiicaoo, III, August 21.?At 1:150 this
afternoon a lire broko out in II. l'a pica's
box factory, 478 South Fifth avenue.
There was a lively blaze for a time, but the
. loss amounted to ouly $10,000; insumnce
W. A. Miller, a carpenter, unable to es*
capo, was burned to a crisp. A number of
i horses were standing in the rear yards at
j Uio time and three of them were burned
. to death. Two teainBtcra endeavoring to
1 rescue them were severely but not danger
oiifliy burned.
5 Shkn'a.ndoaii, Pa., August 21.?The
, engine houso of Turkey Hun Collier, this
place, wns destroyed by lire this evening.
* IiOKs 000. Three hundred men und boys
> will be thrown idle for about a week.
! A New Motor.
Chicago, Ii.l., August 21.?J.B. Atwater,
, an inventor of some prominence, lias
, secured patents on a unique and entirely
j new. motor. It is founded on this principle.
The poles of an electro magnet are
t changed to a point distant from where
2 they are usually located, and by this
B transfer a stroke of 5 to 510 inches is secured
( and a reciprocating or nil oscillating en}
giuo without breaking the current which
t connects the battery with the motor. With
e the greatly increased power thus gained
j there is no increased battery necessary.
The power gained its continuous, noiseless
and the cost a minimum. The machine ,
.* will shortly be placed on exhibition. |
1 .Scientific men agree that many of its prin,
ciples are new to suleucu and that it may
'j work a revolution in motors.
t Mother Gurlirlil Taken a Trip.
2 Kalamazoo, August 21.?Mrs. Garfield,
. mother of the late President, his oldest
son and a sister of Mrs. Lucretia Ga'tield,
passed through here on the north
p bound train on the Lake Shore and Michigan
Southern this morning. Mrs. Gariield
1 is going to visit her son at Jamestown, OL
tawa county. The party left Mentor Irst
t night, they receiving every possible courtesy
from" Superintendent Amsden and
Conductor Curtis. Crowds gathered at
J every station to see them. Mrs. Garfield
i bears the journey remarkably, allowing
x little f iiigue. The grandson rode on tho
engine from Allegau to Uyron Centre. At
I this place the patty took a carriage for
, Jamestown..
K?'?l I'loiitl Si|ii<'I?'liril.
r' Wash ington, I;. C., August 21.?The fol)
lowing telegram was received today by
I Commissioner of Indian AUHira Price:
j Pine Ridge Agency, August 20.
r To the Coiamitfioner of Jiul'mn Affairs, Was//'
^ imjtonfc I). t\:
r Ked Cloud and the hostile^ are comL?
pletely Hinelched. He. was forced to come
s to the oflice yesterday and hear your-warl
rant for his arrest read, lie is now on
r parole. Thechiefsand polieeareresponsible
f for his conduct.
[Signed] McGili.ici'dy,
1 Clmiifnuqim A km* in My losc?.
Chautauqua, N. Y., August 21?Five
thousaud persons attended the closing exj
ercises of the Chautauqua Assembly toL.
day. After the most interesting intro
ductory ceremonies, addresses were made
* by llev. Frank ltussell, of Mansfield, Ohio,
3 Lewis Miller, of Akron, Ohio; Prof. W. F.
8 Sherwin and Gen. Lewis, of Cincinnati.
?* Benediction was then pronounced and the
services closed.
l, The Star Kuiilc 1'iwrn.
v Washington, August 21.?Mr. Williams,
one of tho counsel for the defense in the
i. Star Route trials, and especially represent?
ing IJrady, addressed tbe jury this morning.
His speech was, for the most part,
. a protest against the adoption of uujust
J" piactices, which, he claimed, had con"
trolled the Prosecution throughout the
y whole case.
' A Horrllile hlxcnvery.
8 Mount Pulaski, Ills., August 21.?Chas.
* McMnhon, who lived five miles West of
e this city, and who has been missing for the
** past three days, wos discovered yesterday
o with two young men who has been work|.
Ingforhim. All three were blindfolded
. and their throata were cut from ear to ear.
So cause is known,
e ???
^ SIiinlortMl nut! Hoblird,
y Milwaukee, August 21.?Doctors Shei'
man ami Beehe, while botanizing three
.. miles south of this city, yesterday, found
li the body of a man in the bushes several
f rods from the road. The body wan badly
J decomposed, am} his pantaloon pockets
turned inside out. It is supposed the man
i, robbed and murdered,
r e
Vonuor linotVH.
Toronto, Ont.? August 21.?Ycnnor prediets
a severe storm period on the Lower
^ takes toward tlie end of the present
i? month and early in September. He also
e predicts similar* disturbances along the
e New Jersey coast, and southward to and
j uuvuini h.*muu uu mu -xiihiuiu uiusu
Hfwfi'vrd IIIn Fate.
St. Louis, August 21.?A ra:t-Dispatch
special from San Antonia, Tex., says: Clin?.
* Uf. ^V'arJ, colored, a discharged United
s States soldier, vyiuj i? Jail here toQ
day about noon for raping u phjte jrjrl
i named Pom Kllerman, August 21st, lie
' met death without fear.
0 M. . .....
Ilnxo Hull (Jnmrw,
At Philadelphia?Cleveland, C; l'hiladeli.
phia, 0.
' At New York?Detroit, 5; Metropolis
i. tan, G.
A t Troy?Ch icaico. 12; Trov, 3.
At Louisville?tfclipae, 7j Baltimore, 4.
11 Itonil AgciihntWork.
,c Sax Francisco, August 21.?-A Tucson
/ despatch says: The stago going into Globe
d yesterday ivas jumped by road agents.
> Andy Hall, messenger was killed. The
treasure box, with over $5,000 \vai taken,
lU'ntli oTn Simlhem Iron Mrrplmnl.
e Na.siivii.lk, Tkxm., August 21.?Geo T.
0 Lewis, a well known and succef^fql iron
Iiu.viiin.uiuifi uu uiu iiiiuun>.11111 u>ur,
<lic?l nt his home nt River Cliff, Warner
county, to-day.
The Ilrarri I'ultlnir On the l'alnt For the Wa
llaace?Free Trade Turner Kipeeteil to Stir
Up the liurke?Tim Clarkuburif Com en*
tlon?Wood I'ountr .Nomination*.
S|iocI?l Corroitfmilenct1 of tlio Intelligencer.
Wksto.v, W. Va., August 21.?Tli
ground of tlio coining batllo on Tlmradn
pri'HuntH ii mtlier peculiar nppenmnco tc
day. Tlio Convention la to bo hold in th
Grand ,Stand (a kind of hugo covered jja!
lory), on the Lewis County Fair Grounds
The plnco is about a mile below \Vc.stor
011 the lino of tho Weston & Clarksburg li
Ii., niul on the banks of tho West Fori
Kiver. During the sessions of tho Conveu
tion tho ItiMlroad Company will run
tniin from Weston to tho Fair Ground
and back every twenty iniuutes?so Ilia
tho crowd, and there will evidently bo;
hirgo one present, may liavo a chance I
dilute. Tho Committee of Arrangement*
whereof Mr. Win. JS. Lively is Chairman
seems to be at sea. l'oor fellow, ho lui
made every effort to enthuse tho Dome
eracy, and induce them to aid phy.si
cally and pecuniarily, in making th
needed arrangements; but tho mei
seem to be sullen and tho ladies in
different. Were it not for John Miltoi
Steele, a sewing machine agent from Mon
ongalia, who is really active in his efforts
I fear the Democratic delegates would b<
received as is any other cargo of third-clos.
freight. However, I hope to see a kind o
revival before tho momentous day comes
Tim citizens of the town, both ltepublicam
and Democrats, have tendered rooms nu<
"shako-downs" in their houses for the usi
of delegates. Weston is well enough uro
vided with hotels for a town of its size
and even the crowd expected on Thursday
can easily be fed at the taverns. Sleepiuj
room was the trouble, and this difficult)
has been removed by the action of the citizens.
The estimates of the crowds expected t<
1.,, .1., w.l. Tl.,. f^ll
ing will give you the Weston idea thereof
II uncock,'Jo; Brooke, 25; Ohio -03 (and Kra
nier'a band): Marshall, 50; Wetzel 50; Tv
ler, 50; Doddridge, 75; Harrison, 250; Gil
mer, 75; Braxton, 75; Lewis JJG0; making
including the bands and other adjuncts u
a "big show," an accession of probablj
1,500 non-residents of Weston, To mak<
matters still more lively, the Democrats an
talking of abandoning*their primary election,
and holding a county convention oi
tlie 24th. The idea is, it Is" alleged; to ob
tain the aid and assistance of the brethrei
from Wetzel, and learn from first hand:
the Democratic mode on Fishing creek
Dr. Kunst, the President of the railroad
informed me yesterday, that the com pain
had made every preparation necessary, aiu
that they could airy any number of pcopli
who might attend."
Col. Dan Johnson took in Weston afte;
his experience meeting at Clarksburg,
had a brief chat with him, and I canno
say that he either looked or talked like i
candidate with bright anticipations, lit
has but few acquaintances here, and the
fact that he is a pronounced prohibitionia
did not lind favor in the eyc3 of the "active"
workers. Dan is too light-colored foi
a dark horse, apd lacks the personal popu
larity to make him a dangerous oppo
nent. lake, brother Lively, he will hi
"prominently mentioned" once more, anc
then he will again return to the shade o
his willow tree in Tyler, there to remaii
until the next Congressional campaign.
The news from Clarksburg has not cans
ed any peculiar thrills of joy to stiffen tlu
Democratic spine. It is universally admitted
that K. M. Turner and John Basse'
will be defeated. Judicious action on the
part of the Itepnbiirans.of Ilarirson, wit!
Hen Wilson out of the way and the righi
kind of candidates,willgire us Harrison In
a majority that will throw the Democratic
majority in Braxton into the shade.
Again, it is understood that Mr. Turnei
will come here loaded clear to the muzz It
with a Free Trade speech, which must bt
tired oif at nil hazards, lie bos been ir
travail on this subject for a long time; am
August24 and the Weston Fair Grounds is
named as the time and place of accouch
menu An ugly rumor reaches 'qs thq:
Col. Ben will be hero to afsist in the opora
tion; and that he boldly asserts, on hi:
reputation as a political surgeon, that Tur
ner is troubled with a tumor, or bus worms
?simply that, ami nothing more. Tin
diirereneo of opinion among doctors wil
undoubtedly cause a "disturbance" of con
sjderable dignity.
The oppouentu of Col. Wilson, it js alsc
understood, will introduce a rcsolutioi
condemning the members of Congress whe
voted for the passage of the Kiver am
Ilarbor Bill. In opposing this, the Colo
pel's friends will be ably seconded by tin
strikers for Qamden, who are delegate;
from Lewis, Braxton and other counties
At all events, there seems to be enougl
combustible material to make "right smari
of a lire," and the Apostle of Free Tmdi
from Clarksburg is nominated as the in
Outside oi these two matters, though, ji
is generally believed that the conventior
will be a tolerably orderly one, and that it
will ratify the work already prepared for ii
by the bosses without any serious rupture
true "a fellow can't most always tell. "But
judpinp by present appearances, the nomi
nation of Good will be rushed through bj
mere force of numbers. Turner and his
resolutions will be S4t down upon, $nd r
flatforin will be adopted on the'plan of th<
ndia rubber hand?you can extend 01
contract it to suit every purpose with bqi
the slightest effort.
The prospects for the Clarksburg conven
uon on tiiu sum are glorious, in nil m>
experience 1 never knew the Republican*!
to be so thoroughly in earnest or bo hope
ful of success. And let me guy here, tlia
if the party in other counties will follow
the example of Lewis county?nominnt<
good ipeu and get right down to solid work
a Republican majority In the IJ01160 o
Delegates is not an impossibility, by anj
means. The Republicans here have"mad<
arrangements for an excursion train tc
Clarkiiburu on the 30th, and the delegate;
from Lewis, Gilmer and Jlraxton, aocoin
nauied by the Weston Cornet band and 1
large number of people, will go to Ciarks
burg, as proud, happy and hopeful a set 0
men as can be found in West Virginia.
A Republican Senatorial Convention.foi
this district has been, called, to meet a
Phillppi, on the 14th day of September
The place selected is not a'good one, in mj
judgment; but nevertheless the Repubh
cans expect to nominate a candidate'then
who yrin. The djstricK on the (jar
field vote, va3 so mpejj p)n?er tin
democrats anticipated, tliat they an
alarmed at the prospect. You will observe
by the following figures, taken from tin
IsTELLiop.scKit of the 10th, tliat the enemi
havo not a "strong grip" by any meana;
Countlcji. Unrllcld. [Ilnncoct. Weaver.
Lewis. US1 I 1,-1" "lTo"
1 "vi 1 nm 11..
iUrbour M-' 1,017 I'll
Tucker ltt> 510.1 4
Ktiii>lot|>hM 361 &?? I if,
Upshur. .. _.... VM fiSC ' 201
- Total*... "5.M7 I 1M
It is claimed that Weaver's strength >va
cpmnosednearly altogether of Kepubl'
"fins, so yop wjl| pendily see, if tliat 1)
true, that with a reftepnabje plJort, th
Democratic majority of a little more thai
jOOof llancock over Garfield, cafibeensil
.vinMoitf, , , ,
Did it ever copio to your knowledge tha
oway out in the wilds of TupKer we hay
one of the brnveft little Republican organizations
in the State? Garfield received
IKU out of tliu illO votes east; mid Col.
j, Menear, a gallant old "stalwart" Rcpublican,
whs elected Hlierill*. I received u letter
from u gentleman residing there the other
,r day, in which ho said: "We are in a strong
]>ourl>ou county here. Ten yeura ago they
voted live to our one; two years ago they
hiul not *two to our 'one. The
Republicans arc united nnd the
Democrats divided; nnd if we have proper
candidate#, who can talk well and have
o the right kind of stuir in them, the. Hour*
bona hero will have dill'cnltv in holding
' even n majority." [The Fairmontconvenh
tion should make a;not? of this]. Several
e gentlemen have been mentioned in con|.
nection with the Senatorial nomination,
, Among whom are Lewis Wilson and M. 1".
' Nail, of Harbour; Capt. l'oundstone and
'? Major lleavner, of Upshur; John W. Mat.
son and S. 1\ McCormick, of Tavlor; Col.
i, Mi-npiipund M. V. Miller, of Tucker! Hon.
ItoraamlCnpt. \V. M. Hunton, of Lewis,
and others. ItiiKineiM is meant unci tho
u Hopublirana will nut full through any luck
s of effort.
t The democratic Senatorial Convention
for tluVdistrict will be held nt Grafton on
the iiOtli. Leroy Cofran, of Kovser fume,
0 has already secured tho championship,
i, From nil indiciitloim, it will ho another
1 Keyser on u smaller scale. lUrbotir eoun'
ty cluims the nomination uk u mutter of
right, the purty having adopted tho idea of
h rotutiou in 1872, and Captain Tom JJrudi
ford is the chosen lender from 1'hilippi.
u IIou. A. A. Lewis and A. W. Woodford,
both of Weston, are hot on the track, una
each oue is willing to bet hi* bottom dol*
lar that he will .curry oil' the prize. Col,
l Jim Smith, of Fetterninn and J-awyer
. Snively, of Grafton, nre dark horoisr. My
i impression is, that it will either be Tom
Bradford or some one not now spoken of.
H In any event, the caudidute will not have
f a "walk over."
1 Dclecnlfd (o Hie ruiritioul (,'oiivciitiun,
i ltcMololloim Adopted.
Piedmont, August 21.?The-following is
I taken from an extra iisucd by the Piedf
mont 06?rtvrr this morning: "Pursuantto
t a call of the Executive Committee the lie
publicjns of Mineral county met at the
} court house in Kevser at 1 r. m., Saturday,
. August 1!), in muss lneetingnRsembled. All
: the districts were represented "except Klk.
- The attendance was large and the delibera
tious harmonious. A good deal of interest
was manifested, and n glance over the'lake
, of faces convinces us that intelligence and
) industry, as well as Republicanism, was
represented. The meeting was called to
i order by Chairman Reynolds, who nomia
nated Mr. John Miller, of Iveyser, chair
man of the Convention. This nomination
i was ratitied, and J. li. 0. Clemm, of Key
ser, elected secretary.
i Mr. Miller upon taking the chair made
? some appropriate remarks nud stated the
. object oi the meeting.
, Oh motion of V. II. Reynolds the Chair
r was authorized to appoint a committee cont
stating of one from each represented
i district, the duty of which committee
was to be the naming of delegate to the
r Fairmont Congressional Convention. CarI
L Here, pending the naming of this comi
mittee, Mr. J. T. Miller, offered the follow
; iug resolution:
IlcwUcd, That the delegates from this
t couuiy be instructed to use all honorable
means to secure the nomination of Hon. J.
r T. Hoke for Congre?s from this district.
This resolution provoked some discu>
sioa, the debaters taking the gromid that
i instructing delcgatei was bad in conveni
tiona, but if wejare to restrict delegates to
f vole for one man against their discretion
i and expediency, one delegate was all
that was necessary to appoint, whereupon
Mr. T. R.Carakadou oll'ered the following
i substitute, which was accepted :
Jiaolccd, That the Republicans of Miner'
al conntv remember kindly the brave fight
Judge llokemadein the last canvasi as
1 tlio standard hearer of the Ueiuiblicau
! party, and that if nominated at the l?'air*
r inont Republican convention we will give
: him our hearty support.
The following persons were appointed
r by the Chair as the committee to name
5 delegates, who were einjjowered to name a
new Central Committee and an Executive
j Committee for the county, .arid the num1
ber of delegates selected from each district
to be left to the discretion of the commit
t Keyser district, T. R. O.irdkadon; Piedmont.
G.T. C?oshorn; Welton, J. 0. Hull;
Frankfort, I). C. Arnold; Cabin*Run, Chas.
Thin committee retired and soon reported
the followind delegates:
Sew Creek?F. M. Reynolds, .T. T. Miller,
N. S. O'Neal, 1). G. Miers, J. Anderson, I.
C. Puigit, J. F. I>ayton, John Kabriok, T.
It Oaiskadon, W. J. Stuini>, D. 15. Anderson,
G. \V. Parsons, Fiovd Knight, C'apt,
C. A.-Woodward, Paul II. Nelllen, E 13.
Creel, J. 11. Straitt, .1. Mulliuaux, G. Poland,
S. C. Moody, N. It. Carskadon, J. T.
JUedmuni?W. II. Gilbert, Joshua Williams,
J. R. Wolvertou, P. Mullen, F. 0.
Berk, T. C. Powell, P. S. Miiuhnll, G. T.
Gosoru, E. Nefllen, John Gardner.
Welton?W. J. Taylor, J. Sloan, Charles
* Taylor, John Dane, J. 0. Hull, 0. L. Mil?
, ler. S. . >. St rite. K. It. Qarnef, <\. Chamber1
lin, 0. Davis;'
1 Cabin Han?G. S. Arnold, John S.
; Tnruali, T. 1). Arnold, T. B. Rodruck, R.
1 II. Dayton, J. W. l'owell, I. P. Carskadon,
> V. Thrush, W. K. Head, J. Dai ley, Charles
? Carskadon.
* Elk?J. F. Dixon, I. Il.Oflner, J. Taster,
Alex. Kalbaugh, J. Kitgrailler [of Jacob.]
i Frankfort?IV M. Dayton, Charles Ridge1
ly, Joscpli liizer, D. C. Arnold.
i ' Sixty-.wo delegates. Mineral county
I entitled to In votes. _
w me following 19 the KxccuUve Committee
: F. M. lluynolds, T. II Carskudon, G.
T. Go^orn, J. T. Miller.
Members of Centnil Committee: J. 0.
} Hull, Wellon; I. J'. C.irskndon, Cabin
" Run; J. 1'. Dixon, Elk; I*. M. Dayton,
^ Frankfort; W. II. Gilbert, Piedmont.
' There beinir no further business the
> convention adjourned. '
' Jjeduped puce have been secured, which
| will not exceed four cents a mile, and as
' the distance to Fairmont is about ICO
i miles from Piedmont, the railroad fare
ueed not exceed ?V'
s ml
. Tor IliiusJ? of lleU'RHto* Hint Senate-An
f I'mhinlnsilu Cuiiy**iili<?ti.
S pedal Correspondence of the Iutelllgciicer.
I'AnKEiLsnuito, August 20?The* KepubliI
cans of Wood county met in convention
) yesterday and made their nominations.
. After a ringing speech from ex-Governor
^tevenson, and speeches from other mem
berg of the convention, the foliowinp ticket
i v?s plftccjl ln.i}o;}ilnfttlQn: ?S. S. Spencer,
for Commissioner, S. T.'StapJeton, of this
I city, W. A. Cooper, Helleville, and Jr. &
r ]). J. llond, of Claysville, for the House of
Ik-legates. All the nominations were made
by Reclamation. .
Upon the adjournment of the County
Convention, the Senatorial Convention whs
called to order. All the counties were rep-1
resented. Captain Anthony Smith, of
Tyler county, was nominated by acclamn
Ttio conventions wpre largely i\ttonded
9 and were very enthusiastic. The ticket jg J
a strong one and will be elected. Your cor-'
2 respondent never knew the Henuhlicans of
e this epction to bo more thoroughly aroused.
1 J^ook out for goo4 renqrti frui|> tfiji porppr
)' of the ^.Shoestring" district.
li * *.r /
i Tup most wonderful blood jiurif]erin the
0 vforld?crailifoki ercry Uiint?U. S. S.
A Social Xcetlox of the Cabinet la .Hew Tori. 1
Autuenieata for the t'rr?Mrut at import.
The Labor Sllaatlon-Colla|i%* of the
Miner*' Strike?The Iron Mtrlkr.
Washington, D. C., August 21.?1There ,
is nn erroneous impression ubroiul in ro i
gardto the- adoption of tlio President's 1
(|n.. fn,? <1....? 1 I
wife, iiiu 'n'H ia cnnruiv u iiuvm iiiiuir, (
ami la to be used on no other occasion ex- ,
cept when lie Is aboard ship. The navy i
has a weakness for Hugs, distinctive flag*, 1
and always bad. There is special lings for j
fleets and ships and for admirals und other j
o/Jlcers. Then there are half flags, as it i
wore, for small boats. Whenever it is dis- 1
covered that a new Hag is heeded all that
is required is that the bureau of naviga- \
tion be # informed, and in a few days that u
bureau will supply not only the
design but the flag itself. It f
is not intended that the %
President's flag shall fly on the White u
IIouso. There is an ordinary American 11
ling on the White House, lind that is all that *
is required. This Hag does not lly every ^
day. Sometimes the employes there forget
to hoist it for several days at a time. The *
Treasury Department hnildini? flloa n f1ni? r
I every (fay, though the other department "
buildings do not lioiht tlioir Hags except .c
?n public holidays, anniversaries, or at ''
j half-mast upon the death of public officials 1
| or ex-ollicialri of distinction. It can bo [
authoritatively stated that the President's ll
Hag will be taken to the Navy Department
upon his return here, where it will remain
until the President takes another sea trip' A
CARixirr M?:i:rix(i !.\ akwyorh
More oT a Social H?au a IIiinIiicnn tl
Character. y
Nkw Yohk, August 21.-?An informal n
meeting of the Cabinet was held at Presi- j(
dent Arthur's house to-day. All the mem- 0
b:rs except Secretary Teller and Po3tmas- \\
tcr General Howe were present, There was 'J
no business transacted and the session was ?
more of a social than a bushier* one. The j
cause of the meeting, as explained by Secrc- tl
tarv I'olger and Attorney General Urewster, o
wa?, that as Secretaries Lincoln, Chandler a
and Kolge?* and the Pre3ideut were in New
York, Soeie'uy Krclinghuysen in Newark, I)
and Attorney General lirewster at Long
Branch, it was thought beat to meet and 1
j inquire whether anything in either of .the *
I departments required joint action. Noth- *
ing of this nature came before the meet* ,
j ing. Uoth Secretary Folger and the At- 1
j toruey General denied that changes in the j1
| beads of departments had been discussed. |
i Nkwiokt. R. I., Auyust 21.?President e
I Arthur will visit the Cesino, the torpedo v
station and l'ort Adams. Gen. Hancock j,
I will come up with three of his stall", arriv- g
ing Wednesday. At least tifty invitations {(
have been sent the President inviting him H
to dinner parties, receptions, etc. He v
will meet many representative men of the e
country .here. "The Secretary of the >'avy j,
will arrive Thursday, The Secretary of j!
State will he here during the President's j
visit. Over 1,000 invitations have been j(
issued to Governor Morgan's reception in a
liouor of the President. j.
CO 11. AMI I HON. ''
Collapse of llir .Miner*' Strike?Tlic Iron li
M'wrkcrN'Ktrikc. S
PiTTsuui:c.ii, August 21,?As outlined
last week the strike of the Pan Handle Jl
coal miuers against a reduction from four v
cents to three and a half ended to-day in I
their defeat, and ail striken who mmM ah- 1
taiu work at the reduction went in this jj
morning. The strugglo has been the most t|
expensive ever known to that district. In n
the four months and a half since the first a
day of April, when the men laid down v
their picks, they have lost in wages $250, r,
000. The operators have lost their num. n
mer contracts and their footing to home ex- v
tent ip the market, and the railroad com- jj
panics have loit very heavily in freights. j
Wilkksiiauhe, Pa., August 21.?The Nol- 1
tingham and Washington mines at Plymouth
and Ilallenback, this city, are in
full operation again to-?!ay. The mules at A
the Empire mines are being lowered to the
pit this morning. Work there will be resumed
to-morrow. ^
The miners and laborers employed by t.
the Red Ash Coal Company in the Nq, 3 a
colliery refused to go to work this inoru- e
ins, Thoy have made no demands as yiet,
and the company are ignornut i" to the \
cause of the strike. c
It w?s Bubs-ecpiently learned that the J:
miuers demand an increase of 25 cent' S
upon each car of coal mrucdt Two men .
were d^cbrjrged lust week nuinmably be- 11
pa^e they belonged to the Knigh'ts of a
Labor, and the strikers asked that they be P
replaced before they will return to work. 11
PiTTsmJiaiir, August 21.?It seems to be
in the air that the iron- strike will enc| by
the close of the month jij a oomproxnise tl
on the basis of $0 for puddlers and a with- f'
dm will of demands aa toother workmen,ex- [
fspt probably the advi nee to Eenipjierr. j
,fu other words the lirst proposition made jj
uy the A?sociation Nyi|l prohahly beau- q
ceptcd. ,,
A statement from a reliable source, is to ?
the effect that there is troble at the Bess mer
Steel works, lIome:tead. These works
have been in active operation Bitice tae .
strike of last spring, with Union as well j'.s
n^n-Union men. To-day the mill is |<41e,
and the statement is to the effect that the ,
tlrm have determined to break with the
ynion element altogether. .
At the Amalgamated headquaiiera it
wps found that President Jarreit \vj\a ;\U- a
sent in Youngstown. Scwu'my Ma.tin .
atiiii\bly answered ipi^tions. He gave a J
general and emphatic denial to the Mat luents
cu lined. There was no district
meeiii.g to be held to-day, the As* !]
aociation hud in no cysje ahqwn inability to cl
pi\y relief to members, and there w^sxiQlhing
in theailuation to warrant a supposi- j
tion that the iron workers were weakening u
or were contemplating a resumption at the w
old rates anywhere. .Mr. Jarreit had been
gro:>ly misrepresented in being placed on l(
reeoru as advising any workman to go to
work. Jarrett had not the nowef W b
any such thing, am| >yoi^UI oejtalnlv autjer
if he did. '?'1U tMunieuts of destitution s,
and want among members hi\d been "uWq tl
grosoly exaggerated, n
I The puddier^at-lfutsey, Ilowo &Co.'s a.
mill went to work this nvirniug, while the
I Orccent Tube Works, corner of Secon av- d
enue and lirady streets, haa shut down on h
I account of a scarcity of iron. Tln?v h*tl
| to resume a;jnin in a short lime. s,(
A striker,who resides in Wood's ruu,was 11
particularly earnest in his assertions to-day
that the workers would be successful. "it >'
is no sen&e," he said, "to suppose thj\t v?o |[
will return to work at Inst year's flsures after
fighting for nearly tlirtni month*. Our Jj
lodge has made arrangements by which we yi
can eiisilv subsist The owners knot? tbftt a
thnttl\e I'ithburuh miils can no.*, he run c
without the Amalgamated men. "\S'e can a
sUiyoijt all,winter, aud \yill do so rather o
than an (Ter what we liaye never yet met?
a defeat." ' ^
Another, workman, \srl\a proved himself
$ membe? association, said; '-".There ft
irt nn ollicfnl whoso tiainu liiut seldom nj??
poured in ronnection with the strike. and
that mnn is Mr. Perry, treasurer of tliu
Amalgamated association. From tho Hist
In* wad utterly opposed to the strike ami lie
it* now more determined in his opposition
lo ? continuance of tho trouble."
Wilkkuiahhk, Pa., .August, 21.?The
Rock miners on striko at the Stanton Air
r>huft wero to-day, allowed an advance of
10 per cent. They returned to work.
Cumukhlakd, Mi)., August 21.?-Nearly
>ne tliousnud Htrikc;rs congregated at lx>niconing
by daylight this morning to present
the Georges Creeek and New Central
Companies' old miners from going to
vork. There was no demonstration. Those
vho expected to reaumu work tolay,
realizing their position, remained
iway. There is nothing doing in this re[ion
to-day excepting that the
vvuiim wm |'<tu v urc wonting
heir new laborers, about 18, in the Koontz
nine, to whom no resistance or even atention
was ]?aid.< Leading Knights of
-abor say no work by the old men will bo
illowed in this region until their organixaion
has formally decided the Btrike to bo
it an end.
Latku?The Knights of Labor adjourned
ate thin evening without detinito action in
egard to the strike, h is said the situatiou
vas discussed, and it was finally agreed to
t?k another conference with the companies
md they adjourned over until to-morrow,
vheu then ex petit an answer from the
lotnpanies whether or not another coufeimce
will be granted.
Jkrhkv City, August 21.?About one
Kindred striking employes of the Erie raiload
held a meeting to-day and resolved to
.bandon the union, and declared a willingless
to returu to work if the com pan v over*
Dokcd .their error in being carried away
ty the impulse of the moment. A resolu*
ion was also adopted denouncing the
Midcrsof the late strike.
tiii: it use uk or run ?;iha <ki:\v.
V Story of Ad venture in (tin Frozen
ltftflmiM of (lie Norlli.
London, August 21.?Leigh Smith and
lie other members of the liira crew have
leen rescued. The steamer Hope, commanded
by Sir Allen Young, C. B, which
aft here in June lust in xonroU af *!><?
f the steamer Kira, has arrived at Peterei\d
with the entire crew of that vessel,
'he Hope picked them up in Matotshkhi
traits Nova Zembia, on the of August,
[toy having lost their ship oil' Franz Josef
?nnd, and Journeyed in bouts to the straits
lirough the ice. Leigh Smith, commander |
f tin: Kira expedition, gives the followiugj
ccountof its experiences;
"On July 13,1881, wo steamed through
mckiceund ten days later sighted Franz
osef Land. We proceeded towards Cape
<udlow, which was close to the pack, to
he northwest. On August 2d we weut up
nightingale Sound, and thence to Kira
larbor and erected a storehouse. On the
Oth we started east to look for the Jeanictte,
but were unable to pass Berent's
look. On August 21 the Kira got nipped
tetween the land lloe and pack ice a mile
ast of Capo Flora, and sank before we,
irere able to save many stores. We
milt a hut on Cape Flora of turf and
tones and covered it'with sails. We winured
there, and during the whole time no
igns of scurvy appeared. Twenty-nine
. alrus and thirty-six bears were killed and
atcn. We left Cape Flora June 21, 1882,
ii four boats, sailed 80 miles without seeDg
any ice, and reached Nova Zsmhla
Unjust 2d. AVhen the Kira was nipped the
fak gained so rapidly that in two hours
ucr jc imu neen discovered it was necesiiry
to abandon the ship. Hardly hud the
ist man left the vessel when the Ice loosed
nd the Kira rapidly sank. A tent was
irst erected on the ice and the house was
ubsequently built.
London, August 21.--The Times, in a
jadiug article, aaya: The voyage of Leigh
mith proves that, at a certain time of the
ear, under certain conditions of the wind,
'ran/. Joseph bind in pretty easily accessible.
The rescued party renort that during
lie winter at Cape Flora the" enow drifted
5 suoh a height that it completely buried
lieir hut Notwithstanding this the therlometer
inside the hut was for a considerbletime
at zero, while outside spirits of
rine were frozeu in the hull) at -15? below
cro. The Hope would have effected the
escue of the Kirns crew sooner had she
o\} during July, struck on a sunken reef
rlule sailiug along the coast of Nova Zemila,
whero she remained for twenty-four
ours, beating heavily. Her keel and ruder
post were damaged and repairs had to
ie made before she proceeded.
A Ml'SS.
tn||clpn{oi| Trouble llelwoca T* o IIIvjiI
<> Ulcers.
Tucion, August 21.?A Star spccial
ays: Advices from Guaymos Sonora, of
lie 19th state that the .Mexican transporition
^toamer, Mexico, was expected daily
t Uuaynio.i with a general cargo and
x-Governor Torris with an pscort nf
ivo hundred federal troops. The general
umor throughout the State is that they
onie for the purpose of overthrowing the
ircswit Government, of. which General
Jarlo3 OrtPa ia the head. It is well known
lie Government has of late been organizug
compauic3 in all towns in the.State,
nd at Alomos he hps SOO National Guards
uder arms, with two Gatling guns. He
as ^,0CD stand of. Remington guns, with
large quantity of ammunition.
General Carlos and General Oilez have
:>r a long time been abusing each other
lirough the pres?, and there is a terrible
H-ling existing which will ultimately end
a a duel or general revolution in Sonora.
n case of Carles opening tho ball, Mayto
genista, a faction which is large, will join
tm, while the I'csuara faction will join
Irtez. Both being strongly allied with the
eneral government the outcome is hard to
ItlVKK M:\VK, ""
. llvMimc of Y?'Ht?*r?liiy*M CventH on llto
Lev CO.
The repairs to the Scioto ore being pushed
jrward rapidly.
The dullness ulonn tho wharf Incident to
ie low water season is terrible. Nothing at
\l i#en\s to he going on.
The John Ivimas is running in the place of
tu 0. Y. Lucas in the ilnilaire trade while
le latter is being repaired,
The riv*r remained stationary all day yestrilay.
Last evening the markson the wharf |
ldlcated a depth of 3 feet 7 inches in the.
The I'arkerhburg Transportation Company |
: having the Little Itoone lixed up prepara-1
>ry to carrying the mails during the low |
ater sason.
The J. C. Itisher passed up with a small I
)W of empties about U ? . m., and at dusk was I
endeavoring to get over the bar at the
tad of the Island.
During the (xoltcmerit incident to the
ciotu l,oma? collision the combination of
ic Scioto's safe wan forgotten and it has remined
closed ever since. Scleral papers
rc ill the safe.
The 0. Y. Lucas has been taken on the dry
ocks for a general repairing. This packet
as to make so many landings at the. hank
rnt she has bad some of her seams opened
> that she leaks a little. Thin will all be
The* Andes passed Marietta at 11 o'clock
estefday morning ami arOo'elock last night
ad not "arriyed. This large stern whorler
i adapted to low water, and under the
areful command of Qnpt Charlie Muhletan,
we hayem\ doubt out what she will
each this povt in fcafeiy ami will lcavo this
(lerunon at her accuMomwl lime, fur Cininnati
and joints between. 'l'liy And** ia
staunch craft and one \lmt can be relied
QlkCp-V. August St.?River I inch on the
land. mid hut,
PiTTflitcnoit Aliens'. 21 ?ltiver 15 ir.chrs
ud ^tatlonar;. C!i or and * arm.
Arabl MrenRtlirnlnit 111* l'o?ltlon?Itebel lorrro
Hunted at ShnluF \\ Itlt Smro I.OM-SklriuUli
at lamallla-Armt of Arabia Apfnl*.,
Ilflutlon* orHn?lant| ntidTurkrj.
'Alkxanmua, August 21.?Arabl Fnsha
is constructing extonsivu earthworks in
tho direction of Aboukir. The Khc*
divejn adecreo charging Chori Paslm
with tho formation of a ministry, myn:
"In troubled times like tho present direct
action of tho Sovereign authority should
become more sensible and manifest. 1
therefore use tho right to assemble a council
of minister* under my own presidency
as supreme chief of Egyptian foico. I also
intend to render my command eireclivo
without, however, restricting tho jowcr
which tho Minister of the War holds from
London*, August 21.?Admiral Llcwclfc
telegraphs from Suez at' -1 o'clock Oil#
morning as follows: Yesterday Captain
Hastings, in command of the seamen
and marines of the gunboats .Seagull and
Mosquito, assisted by 200 Highlanders
under Major Kclsey, proceeded to .ShahiC
by way of tho maritime canal ami found
six hundred of tho enemy strongly cntrenched
behind tho station. The Knglisli
force lauded and defeated them, t*.tkiii|?
forty-live prisoners, a small cannon, and it
quantity of. ammunition and storm Oar
lof-s was two Highlanders drowned and two
seamen wounded. The enemy's loss was
about one hundred killed and woanded.
The bank of the fresh water canal at Shaluf
was cut by the enemy hut it has been repaired
and is now guarded. A brigade reconnoitered
in force at. this siitue time ami
in the same direction. The transport,
Morton llall, withthoseventh Rengalinfan
cry n?s arrived at ?uez. 'J'liu French transports
and troop hliip Sliamrock, catered
the canal thin morning, Tim Catalonia in
aground iu the canal hut does not stop
Sue*, August 21.? (Jen. MuuPheraoii
commanding tlm Indian contingent and
his stall'arrived here this morning. The
Highlanders carried the entrenchments at
Shaluf at the point of the bnyoneL
J/jndox, August 21.?Admiral Seymour
telegraphs from Ismailia to-day that jtelichu
was occupied without opposition of the
enemy, they having lied.
Ai.kxandkia, August 21.?Gen. "Wolselev
telegraphs there has been a alight skirmish
at Ismailia.
It is just announced from Ramloh that
the enemy are moving up trains to Kafrel-D\var,
probably with the intention of
j withdrawing troops from there. Tlio person
arrested for communicating with
1 Arabi I'uhIm is ilanafi Kllendi, Arabi'a
Director General of Railways.
Other arrests on the same charge are imncuding.
A battalion of the Scropfihiro
Kegiment landed to-day and marched to
Ratnleh. It is reported Arabi 1'asha will
concentrate his forces at Damculinu and
that he has an intrenched cninp atTantah,
to which place ho" will remove his headquarters.
This information comes from
Arabi's sources.
Ja>ndon, August 21.?A despatch of
I tenter's from i'ort Said says: "Fitly of the
captured Egyptian soldiers will lie conducted
to Alexandria. The nativo quarter
of Port Said is almost entirely deserted.
Captain Fairfax has been appointed com
manUer of thu town. French, Uussiati and
Dutch despatch boats are arriving. The
transport Catalonia Inn been rellouted. It is
rumored that DeLesaeps U seriously ill.
London, August 21.?A dispatch to x
Lloyt'n from 1'oit Said states tli it si 1 of the
Arab laborers have lied, and llmt ships
traversing the Sue/. Canal must be eoaled
by their own crew.
London, August -21.?The Daily Xtu/3
has the following from a correspondent at
"I have just returned from Slialuf,
where I witnessed the conclusion of the
fight in which 250 of our men, including
the Highlanders, Blue .lackeh and marines,
brilliantly defeated twice their number.
The fight lasted from 11 o'clock this morning
until nearly f> o'clock this afternoon.
The tiring of the Highlanders was remarkable
for coolness and steadiness. The.
Catlings in the tops of thegunbonts worked
with admirable precision and did much
execution among the enemy,whoadvanced
to within one hundred varclsof the bank
of the canal. The success wa3 all thu
more brilliant owing to the extremely difficult
nature of the country which
bounded with low ridges and water
courses. Lieutenant I/)ng, of the Highlanders.
yullantly crossed the freshwater
Canal in the face of a hot tire and brought
back a boat thus enabling a eompnny of
the Highlanders and marines to cross and
take the enemy on the tight Hunk. The
enemy fought bravely. Their commander
was killed."
Till: SI'A'l'K. IKKLAXD.
Itcfcoluttnn <>r Ny initially for 17ray?All*
otlicr AKrnrliui Oiitrnirf.
Duim.in, August 21.?Tho corporation of'
Dublin bus passed a resolution of svinpatby
with Mr. Gray. The resolution describesGray's
imprisonment asarbitary and
oppressive and cxprcuia the opinion thai
the proceedings for contempt should be
regulated by statute. The conservative members
of the corporation were absent from
the meeting which parsed the resolution.
London, August 21 ?A deputation of
Irish members of Parliament will be went
to America by the Dublin .Mansion House
Committee for relief and protection of
tenants and to secure assistance. A conference
of the Celtic Confederation will be
held to consider the beat means of agisting
the movement.
Trai.ee,- August 21.?A fanner named
Leahy was shot dead near Killarney last
evening by a party of moonlighters. Leahy '
was dragged from his bed by an armed
party. '
Aii(l*C'lirisllau l?l*lnrlmtir^ In Nyi-ln
l?o*il?rtl?'Tint MHilary <'oiiv<>nfloii.
Constantinople, August 21.?Said Pasha,
Minister of Foreign .AHairs, Bent to the
Turkish representativea abroad u strongly
worded denial of the report of anti-Christian
disturbances in Syria, lto aUributefl
the reports of the existence of ^ruis of iliyorder
to malevolence. The arrival of
foreign men-of-war at Syria, lie nays, is exactly
what ia calculated to provoke uneasiness.
Many iulmhiia'hts apprised tho
Porte of apprehensions caused by the arrival
of two Italian war vefsela.
Said Pasha abandoned tho idea of re*
convoking the conference. He promises
DuU'erin lie will strongly urgu the Sultan
to accept the conditions nt the military
convention. The lirilish declare that the
otiu indiHiK-'usablu principle is that Turkey
shall not undeiiakcany operation in Kgypt
without the afsent of the British i.-ommantier.
.1 IViur.il \Toa-nl
Kbadin(J, Pa., August 21.?Tho Mayor
and l\ftv-ilve eouneilmen of this city were *
arrested on an indictment for not keeping
the btrieta clean. They gave bail.
Will Hp! .
TWr,? A .
...AO,., au^iui 21.?UongT"*
mnn U. \\\ Harris will prim n letter tomorrow
nnno?ni:iii^ Ui? willi'Jruwal as a
candidate far Con^ie^

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