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We dhow toonr trade nHhlrt or our Own
Manufacture, mado from Utlea Nonpareil t,
Cotton, the bent Hldrtlng Cotton Manufac
ture'd. JHchardaon'fl Mnen, deservedly re- ?:
pnted hi the bout Linen in tin* world. Kront
lined with l.inen, linen collar bund, rein- u
forceinent fancy double Ntitched, donble
pointed yokes on nhonlder, phwinw, wide ?
fancy Pitched, pulton-holes hand finish.
A trial of thin Hhlrl will demount rata its I
nui..i?t,>? .mi.lllo ii u llinu nr? tic I ilnlltf lis I ma ill
Hi) arllclo <ii) it i.s p0H?il)l0 to product), ami
IL<>4Mnin Sl i'cet.
mii'j w. va,
\Vc otter our entire Stork of Ladies'ami
Misse.V Linen, Mohair, l'oplin, DuhUth and
Ulsters at a great reduction, both wudesale
ami retail.
Country merchants desiring any of the
aliovo will plea.se order promptly.
Also tho balance of our Bummer ami last
HCiuson'a Dry Hoods, Trimmings, JloMerjr,
Gloves, Ac.
Eleventh St,, bet, Main and Market.
S8.00,fife^ $8.00.
Set of Teeth nn Gold........ Jrtf 00
Hot of 15<*t Unin Teeth 8 00
Ool<l Killing 1 K)
Silver FUtln^ M
Ghs given. All work warranted.
1>R. b'. 15. M'COUMICK .t 11RO.,
. *pr3 Matmntiry.
No. 1143 Market ?Uect. Wheeling, W. Va
^llniM'rwtlam vfrtrrxiitril. tr^O
Sk MAEmmii
_ t
OHIcc: Jios.23nii<l37 t'oiirltwiiili Ntrccl. ,
A'?!U- AttvcrJIst'HU'iUN.
Wanted?A Girl.
For Sale?Old lirick.
For Sale?Piano-jMelodpou.
For .Reasons Why?B. F. Caldwell.
IF you wantu Marble, iMarbleizoil or
Slate -Mantel sec those nt F. (?. Culthvoll's,
ioOO mill 1502 .Market street.
CAXDIKS, Fruits, .Nuts and the linest
Jlel'resli incuts at .M rs. Zeigen folder's, >'d.
<i<? Tiralftfi street.
I'll E usual'merchants' lunch at tlioXew
JleLure House .Sample Idioms daily.
TlittrmoiiM'K'r Uccut-tl.
The following shows the rangy of the thermometer,
as observed at SchnepPs drugstore,
Opera House corner, yesterday:
18M 1SS2
7 K. M. 12 M. 3 P. X. 7 P M I 7 A. N. 12 M. ? P. II, 7 T. II
71 SI S7 78 | 72 S'J SS 80
Wahiunhton, August 22,1 a. m.?For Tennessee
and the Ohio Valley, partly cloudy
weather, and occasional rain, slightly
wurniur. custlo south wiiuls. .sfiitiniiiirv ?r
lower barometer. > i
For this Lake ilegion, local ruins, unci t
DiirtJy cloudy weather, south to weal winds, s
lower barometer, or slight change in temperature.
An Important Clmrch Coiincil. '
An important church council meets in tins (,
city to-morrow, and some hundred, .and \
twenty-five or hundred anil fifty ministers
will probably be hero from abroad, most of :
them arriving this evening or early to-morrow
morning. The body referred to In the |
Pittsburgh Synod of the Lutheran clrarch,
which comprises a large number of churches
scattered over a radius of perhaps two
hundred miles from Wheeling in all directions,
reaching as far west as l)ayton, Ohio,
and ?is far east as Central Pennsylvania.
The annual session will probably last about
a week, thus securing thu presence of the
visiting ministers in the city on Sunday
next. The business to be transacted will be <
mostly of a routine character, but will beof
considerable importance to the religious
body represented, which is quite an important
division of the Luthoran church. Some J
of the ministers are men of considerably
more than JocaJ reputation, and interesting
meetings are anticipated.
Cost ?f Xoriimt Kducutiull.
Superintendent Butcher, of the Depart- 1
mcnt of Kducation of the State, lias prepared
his statement of the amount* <lue ami paid r
to the various Normal schools. The school* I
are entitled to receive 2.07)4 per pupil per
month for the pupils received treeof tuition, \
provided this does not aggregate over $2,000 1
per annum. 1 n one case, that of the Fairmont
school, this limit was reached within j
ti small sum at the first two terms of the ,
scholastic year, so that for the third term
they can only receive the balance of the
$2,001). This works a grave Injustice, and is '
an unfortunate plan. It makes prosperity 1
umlersirable. The appropriation was not
sulllcient to meet all the liabilities, and so i
they were paid pro rata. The number ot
individual months taught at each school, the
amount due, and the amounut drawn for the ,
third term, are found in I bo following statement
. ' |
llmitiiiKtou lui-li 3 ,
0^>iu:unl 1st f. 10.50 .Ul.U0 '
West Uln-rty M KVJ.(h) 1GO.CO
tiJenvlJle l:w iw.ix) iHti.iU
Mhei'benlxtown.. "6 -Jit. ID
I'nlrnioiit as) l.xa.oo n.s.rm
Vlic (!lni'k>iliii rK Cuu vent Kill.
Secretary Cowden, of the State Kepublicati
Executive Committee, is in receipt of a letter
from h. M. Cole,?Ksq., General Passenger
Agent of the JJ. & < >., stating that amenta of
the road between Wheeling una Grafton
have been instructed to sell round trip ticketa
on tho'JOth and 30th ihst. lo Clarksburg,
good to return on the 31st for one fare, which
. will be $3.05 from this point.' It is tlie idea 1
of the Uxecutivu Committee to lave the del- 1
egates leave here at 1:35 a. ji. on Wedne*- 1
day morning, August 30th, (tho day of 1
the Congressional Convention at Chirks- 1
burg), and arrive at Clarksburg by mak- 1
ing connection lit Grafton at 7:-10 '
a. m. Upturning,. leave Clarksburg nt 5 (
r. m., procuring supper in Graftoti; leav- 1
ing there at 8:10 i\ m. on tho regular Haiti moreexpress;arriving
Jiere at 12:J5 mid- r
ntght. Delegates irom Wetzel county ate I
re(|iie.ste<l to agree among themselves as to i
what station , the 1:35 a. m. train shall stoj>? J
Burton or Littleton, as the train can only 1
*top at one t>lnco. Ohio county will ho eti- <
titled to forty delegates on the basis of.one i
delegate for every one hundred votes cost for t
Oarftuhl. This will give tho districts four u
delegates apiece. Already therols much en- t
tfhustostu being experienced,'?nd theCVnnty (
invention next Saturday is being looked ?
forward to. t
city strrruxuh.
nine NpitrU* of t Itcsnti-tl
from III* CIiiIiiIn ?f IMNl.
Oil, tbu Utwt, tb? horrible iluii,
UtilUliiK u|>oii thu i'viI aihI Jim,
Klilluic our hom.*, otir ejin iuul our car*,
Mnkliijr molt ?rH> wlin km* jotillilul lit yean
Ami 't I* k fun, too, Admit It wo tnunt:
Tlio now* fluid Udry tw thu turrlblo ?lu?t,
CoUXeii, thin evctilliff.
I.onu linger nulls iiro now xc.Hthotlc.
Hocirrrv upper crust In often too lliln.
Thk I'l'oQtJipIck" ?hi>? fur vemlvrnen is said
o be K'>luj; out of fufililoii.
Ohai'Mn* ctmit, nortli o( Twelfth, Is being
icwJy itml ni'alJy ri'juivod,
To be u "swelH' youtijj nmn?'Thke n quart I
f drivtl apples ami a Julian of warm water. |
Tiik llarti^arl lodtfeKrtvea picnUi at Mont-1
iilnj?t'iJ?y?'?te?'dHy, that was a very pleamiut|
Ojff?v two vagi were rati lit by the pcilleoi
uitorilny; quite mi Improvement ovor Hut*
mluy. iv
lif.TTKim advertised Tuesday, August 22d, i
-Uuv. J. \\\ limn, Killiuiui ,0. ilainmill,
Idward Uohan,
Anutukk match game of basn bnil will bui
ilaywl tliis afternoon hetwnm the lalund
itarn and h picked nine of Garden Hpotters. i
A HinrntHK party will be given ut Mourner-j
:hor Hull by some North Wheeling yoiiiit;
adiea this evening tlint will be a very line'
i/Mr. ' ,
Tiik A. M, K. campnieetingat Ilornbrook'sl
I'ark closed last evening. The families who i
iuv? been tenting there returned to the city
Munich'AI. Court met yesterday at half-past
wo o'clock, but without transacting any
m>lne?K adjourned till Wednesday forenoon
it 0:110 o'clock.
A oamk of baseball was played lu Xorth
Wheeling yesterday between the Ojcar
tildes and 1'olice Uiizottes, the latter being
jenten by a ncorv of I) to J.
Kuaxk Waj.tekh will give a grand concert
ii ni.i |iiucuuuL me national roiid, io-morrow i
vening. li will pay you to drive out by the;
light of thu moon ami attend.
JiniliNo thu time that Foreman Shanley, of
lie Vigilant Company, isuttvntllntf the meet-,
tig of the Knights of 1'ythioa at lJetriot,
h'rancis Klhcrt is in his place.
JaukhM. IIuwkii wm yesterday qualified
is administrator of thu estate of llarlleld
Itriggs. deceased, giving bond In the until of
>-'00, with Charles lv. Bulger as surety. ,
Tim Active liasc Hull club (colored) played
in Impronitu mutch with a South Wheeling
line yesterday, and beat them by a score of
!l to 111. The other nine refused to tell their
tame after the defeat.
A Kirr/,B girl, jincd about five years, daugherof
Samuel l,i?nh, o/ the Columbia House,
Market Square, fell from a tsecond story winlow
into the alley yesterday, and received
njuriea of an extremely grave character.
Ykktkuuay about thirty of our citizens
leaded by 'SquireScbullze, left for Detroit to
epresent the State at the annual meeting of
ho Supreme Lodge 1C. of i\, which meets in
hatcity to-day and continues in session urn
il the 'J tth inst.
Tun walls of the Highlit ward hose bouse
vera never intended to he whitewashed; they
ihould be painted. They look horrid, espe-i
dally siuce the ceiling bus been whitewashed.
Nie committee uhottld also see about some,
amps for thin company.
A o.me of ball was played on Handlan's !
icUl, bixth ward, between two picked nine*
resterday, that was the source of Iota of fun,
ind besides there was some excellent playng.
The clubs were named the'Turalyzcnj"
mil tho "fjiinch-pufilsliers."
Onikk Kculkn will Rive the Clator ladder a
rial before the Committee on Kire Depauneiit
this afternoon at $ o'clock, pmhtthiy
?efore some of the high buildings on Main
itreet. A resolution was recently introduced
n Council looking to the purchase of this
A stiv I'lttsK party was tendered Mies l?ouisa
\ ricler tit tint Sail City I knit Club house,
South Side, last evening, by about eighty of
ier young frienils. They bad a glorious
imo, and were sorry when the Just waltz was
ilayed. The music was by Mayer's Hue or:hestru.
W.u. ]f. Kor.i, of J>"ortb Wheeling, yesterIn'y
caught two fine rock bass in the river.
Niey were strange (specimens of the iinriy
ribe, and none or the old fishermen could
tame them. Mr. Korl showed them to State
j'iah Commissioner Ifcnry H. Miller, who
eoognized them. They are almost as raru in
his water as awhi.ecrow among hisi inky
Ox last Saturday evening Messrs. II. A.
fthmun, \V. Jl. SSIieib and George Mathews,
)dd fallows of this city, Frank Walters, of
he Two Mile House, and Mr. Maeder, went
>ut to Triadelofda to visit the newly insti
ntod lodge of I. 0. 0. 1'. tlierti. A very
ileuMuit evening is reported, and the mejniers
of the young lodge express high appreiliitiotiovi
for the fhiternal cull.
flits printers of the ijrrKu.icJKNcsa ofllce
tews room challenge tt picked nine of the
winters of the city to play a game of ball,
rhe I ley ulct boys, some time ago, challenged
mr compositors, and the challenge was ncepted,
but for wniie reason nothing further
k'us heard from them, llere is their chance
0 get a "soft knap," which is evidently what
hey are after.
Tiikub is great complaint in the lower part
if the city about the oil lamps at the corner
if Thirty-second and Jacob streets and at the
ornur of Wood and Thirty-lirst streets, the
irst at the ndlrottri crossing, thetecond at the
at itelle mill, both dangerous places. .'Jhey
ire seldom cleaned and the wicks are so left
hat by u o'clock the inside of the glass is so
looked up, nothing din he seen of the light.
Ci.eitk Hook yesterday admitted to record
1 deed made March S, 18.4'2. by James Wiley
Sell and William Davis Del I, of Iroquois
lotinty, III,, John Milton Hell and Leonora
lane, his wife, to Nancy Jane, Hophia KIJr.a>etb,
Mary Virginia and KobertDell, of Ohio
lounty, in consideration of-?1,000, for all the
uteres: of the parties of the lirat part in a
mrcel of land left by their father, Joseph M.
ien. in n irucioi hum situate on uie wamrs
if Little Wheeling creek, adjoining the lamb
if Kdward Sisson, and containing ?18 acres
ml KT porches, lew J l acres and 76 perches,
lso acres and 11!} perches, heretofore con eyed.
and I'crfHftiiiii? to
Various I*eo|tl<>.
Mr. Win. JI. Frank is Die happiest man
ou ever saw. Two of a kind?girls.
Miss Bessie Jackson, of Wellshurg, is the
fiicstof Henry Morgan, Jisij., of the Island.
Mrs. M. J lagan and daughter, of Dunganton,
Ohio, are at the Stamui,en ruutn for ,\It,
le ChanteJ.
The many friends ot Mr. M.C. Slechterwill
egret to learn that he is seriously ill with ty>hoid
Major W. \\\ Jackson, the Governor's private
secretary, returned to i'arkersburg again
nut evening.
Postmaster Sterling left for Baltimore
ast evening to nttend the funeral of the
.vife of Jiia intoa?jisi/mtt, Mac JJeiJJy. ,
Misses Julia I'urviaand Virgic Barclay resumed
to Bethany yesterday, after having
spent a week very pleasantly in this city.
M hs Taylor,president of the Wheeling Female
College, is tlie guest of Mrs Win. K.
Itison, at the Moundsville camp grounds.
Mr. lloburt Mason, of Eleventh street, has
arrived homo from a tlireo weeks' visit to
friends at the permanent seat. He re|>orta
everything lovely in the Kanawha valley.
Miss F. A. Marsh, of Utica, N. Y., has
been appointed Professor of Mathematics
imd Latin in the Wheeling Female College.
Miss Marsh will succeed Miss JCIbon, of this
Mrs". M. Kerriek ami four daughters arrived
ut tho Sianmi lust evening from Kim
Grove, where they have been spending tho
summer. The young hulles aro returning to
ML do Clmntel.
Misses Mamie mid Nannie Dullois, Miss
Hello Armstrong and Miss Mattie Perkins returned
yesterday via the Cleveland, Tuscarawas
Valley (t Wheeling road from a delightful
lour of tho lakeo.
It is with sincere regret thatwe announce
this morning the death of Mrs. J. M. Keiloy,
kvifo of the Into Assistant l'ostmaster here,
which sad event occurred yesterday at Haitimore.
Married less than u year, Mrs. lteilcy
raided in this city a largo jwirt of that time,
ind made many friends here, who will he
ihocked toheurof her untimely death, and
jxterid their huart/elt jyynijMituy to tho be caved
Lillian M. Culberlson. forinorlv of this
but now of 8L Louis, w/w married to
lobert Johnston, of that place, on Thursday,
Vugust 17. at Philadelphia. Mr. and Mrs.
[ohnslon will arrive in this city on their way
lonm this evening, and will remuin over SuniHy,
the ot Mrs. Johnston's brother,
>. Culbertson, of the Gazette. Wfi wish
lie newly married couple the bestof fortune,
md all the happiness they can appropriate
o themselves.?Steubcnrilk dwelt*. Miss
?ulbert?on formerly resided here, and Mr.
md Mrs.JohiiBton will visit Wheeling friends
his week.
\ J'OUUJ vwxtv.
A MornJnu In Juilw* JcUViV Now Court 1
Tho recent Improvements in the Police
Cuiirt room have iimdo it such an attractive
ami comfortable resort that a reporter con- :
eluded to call there yesterday and bco hovr
Justice Is administered In lionuepathic doses \
hy wholesale. Though he was curly In hid i
arrival, he found tho large lobby already full 1
of eager men and boy a, who craned their |
necks iw If a wild beaut show were goln^ on
in tho roomy b|xicc within the ratling. Ilia ;
Honor shortly a|?i??ared, closely followed hv ;
Clerk Hurrah and u llle of haiidsoiuu l?oIicet
headed by Sergeant jiru tan. Hylvl.i. The ma*
ttliitit] was tlit'ii turned looxe. ami fuurhmii
cases ground through in leas than tu many
minutes to tliu cilsu,
The Hint ouu culled was that of Patrick
Nulty mtii Jnko Sjwiiiel, charged with lighting
on tho South dido. Kyo witin'SJU'fl teatilied
that Speidei hulled Nuity with a request
to "out Viii up." The luttur replied that lit*
"would not trout a bum." Without much
further preliminaries the men wont into uii
impromptu pri/.u light, wltlch only hinted fur
one round, and resulted in no tlumagn hut
dim of u pecuniary nature, fixed by Judge
Jellera at *1 and costs euch.
Dermis <.farduer (colored) tvas the next dofenduut.
Jle did not appear. Ollicer
Junkius tcstilled that hu was drunk ami tliaurdurly
on the street, Saturday nigh I; &> and
costs?$7.60 in all.
(J?orgu Johnston, a mulatto barber, and a
good ouo when sober, was found-asleep in the
Market limine Saturday night, ami taken
where ho could repose with less danger of
catching cold or having his pockets picked,
lie was assessed $1 ami costs, amounting to
$0, and In default of pay incut, wan committed
lor thirty days.
illcnry Donfkcrwnsarraigned on ? cJiurgo
of assaulting his aged father, llis father and
mother both appeared and desired to with- ,
ilr/av iJmeaao. uillmir t)ml
tliey iitul had him arrested. hut afterwards
"got sorry of it." lie was discharged with a ,
reprimand on the pay muni of the coals, UO, ,
The next batch of cases were those or the
prisoners arrested at the low divo of Hannah
Shade, on Alley 0, Sunday morning. The ,
women, Shade herself, .Maggie Day ion J
and Mrs. Kittle Uoehuleln, were sent up in
default of lines (if $2U and costs in the ilrst
case and $6 in each ot tiie others. Mnj.
Boehnlein was released last night hy the
Mayor, her husband promising to take her ,
homo to iieilairc. Tho two ruen arrested at |
thesamc time did not appear, having given 1
security for their lines?$5 and costs each.
The most interesting eases were thojo of <
Jacob Hughes and Jacob Watson, arrested In '
McGinley's saloon Saturday night. The
cases wore partially heard ami postponed 1
till Saturday afternoon, Hughes not being !
able to appear on account of injuries rcceiv- 1
ed at the light. It seems that Hughes went
Into the itiloon, and Watson accused him of .
having insulted some ladies. The two got
into a row, which was stopped by Olllcer
Williams, who placed both men under ar- !
rest, but allowed them.to go home. Hughes 1
subsequently returned with a double-barreled
shotgun, out it was taken from him and J
he was pretty badly used up.
]5d Combs was up on three charges?assault
and battery on A. Waller, disorderly conduct,
and carrying concealed weapons. Tho '
assault was a dasUtrdlv one. Combs used the .
vilest language in Walter's saloon, for which
he was very properly ejected. A short time
alter he returned, sneaked upbehind Walter,
mid slruclc him with n lirns* W??no.L-h?. Tho
disorderly conduct of the young umn was
chronicled yesterday. Tne third caac will }
be heard this morning.
A Minimal'n .11 It-Step. 1
j A sad slory of the faithlessness of a man t
| who hud taken upon himself the holiest of j
vows, in Mgitntingspmeof our neighbors oyer ,
I the river. ltev.(save thomarkl)Dedall 1ms been (
I in charge of the ttallsville, 0., circuit for the i
last two years, and has been well liked by his *
i people. They looked upon him as a good (
man, and one trying to do lunch good in his 1
calling. He has a wife and three childre") 1
and Ins domestic happiness wan all that could <
I he desired, as far as his neighbors knew. It
seems, however, that ho has a weakness for (
women, and it now comes out that last t
spring he became enamored with one Kosa [
Arnold, a lifteen-year-old girl in his employ. ?
His wife noticed their familiarity and" told
him he must not be so familiar with Kosa or
people would talk; so he sent the girl to J
W'aynesburg, I'u. J
On Friday the 11 th inst. hp toll] his wife '
that be hud a letter from his mother, .who i
was very ill, and wanted him to come and :i
see her before she died; so he started post- ji
haste to see his "mother," with the understanding
that he would come back in a few (
days. j
"""When he had been gone a day or two ho
wrote to his wife to bring the children and .
Hjeet him at Armstrong's Jlills, a. station a !
few miles below Ueallsvillo on the K. ifeS. 1
W. K. K. She only Jjail.one dollar, but sjHint *
seventy-live cents'of that to comply with his t
request, thinking, as he said, that it \yould i
bo a nice trip for her and the children. .'
The nearer tho tilUP approached for the arrival
of the evening train from H*l|nire the t
greater was their anxiety to see the husband (
and father, but their happy expectations :
were all in vulti ami they were sadly disappointed,
for the''faithless father failed _ to
make his appearance U> the anxious Waiting
wife iiuil children, and it began lo dawn
upon Jipf that she was the victim of misplaced
cou|)deiipe. bjie began to feel that it
might he possible that thp ubjpct pf her lifetime
uHeciiotis had cruelly deceived horj vet
she hoped she might be mistaken, and that
her companion would return as lie laid always
done before. She returned home possessed
of a mingled feeling of surprise and
sorrow?not knowing what a day would
bring forth?in blissful ignorance of the fate
thfjJ. awaited her.
i,usl Friday slie received two letters which
relieyed her so/neiylfat pi hpp anxiety and
suspense relative to her husband. lint what
a relief | She found that all her hopes had
been in vftinf-tlijit she was indeed Upaertpd
by the one she thought mout dPftr. The first
letter she opened was from her truant husband,
staling that he had concluded to go
West, uive up preaching and go into the book
business. The other was from her sister in
Alt. Union, 0., informing her that Mr.Uedall
1 had passed through there and had young
I Mis? Arnold with nirn, but whence he came
or whither lie wpnt shji could jjot tell.
I Jleregisters tjmler n ijciiiiohs ??aijte ajid
I passes olf the young miss as his daughter.
I ilesiduu luuvlny a store bill of ?500 unpaid, he
left nothing for bio wife, w)|0 has no
means of supporting herself and children,
'I'lm ?
.?.? jn? m.m ami iuivu given .
her money to supply her temporary want?.
A "Deader" Tlmt Wa.sn*t Dead. 1
Yesterday morning about four o'clock 1
Night V/utcbmu!) Clifford. in his rounds, ,
noticcda well*dressed young man lying on j
the sidewalk at Warthen ifc Tfenicn's corner, j
opposite the lower end of the Market House,
with his head hanging down in the gutter, j
lie tried to rouse him, thinking he was mere- 1
ly intoxicated, hut failing in this, became
alarmed, and got assistance from the Hope
hose hojfie. Several gentlemen passing also
stopped, and the man was lifted to the sidewalk.
In doing so ope pf the gentlemen
happened to touch lib face, j?})(l fpund it
cold. His hand werealso cold, and the inevitable
conclusion was that he was dead. Somebody
recognizcd him, and word wus sent to a
relative nenr. A telephone mcssnge was also
sent for all the doctors who could be waked,
and only the fact that Coroner ScUitlUa had
no telephone prevented his being called.
Finally the young man's uncle arrived, and
asked what was the matter. "He's dead or
somethin'," said Crawford. u'Somethin',' 1
guess," said the man, "he ought n't to
put so much bunzin in Mm," Just then
the man began toshpw signs of life, and he
was picked up und taken . home. After a
hearty laugh the speotators left, just as a trio
of medical men begun to be visible in tjiefou.
They drew near, eyed each other suspiciously,aqd
without any questions or explanations
kept on their so vend counw-s, us if three very
sick people were awaiting their services in
iome remote part of the city.
Went Virginia Col.oho a i'romincnt Clt17.011.
! This evening the Knights Templar of Fairmont
will tender to Chas, N, Davidson, Esq.,
a complimentary banquet. Preparations
I have been under way for some days, and it is
expected that the event will surpass anyone
of asimilar nature ever occurring at Fairjjnont.
The occasion is Mr. Davidson's departure
from the State. lie has been for
several years Superintendent of the West
Fairmont and Marion Coal Company's works
at Fairmont, and has acquired in that time a
wide circle of acquaintances, by all of whom
ho is held in high esteem. He leaves West
vitn ? ?
, w r_..huKc III UUMIH'SS Oil a IHTger r
scale in isew >ork City. llig high standing 1
as a Mason unit Jytiiglit renders it appropri*
atc that the parting testimonial should he r
under the auspices of that order, but many
not members will entertain and express iw c
friendly and regretful feelings on his depar- t
iure a* hi# Mawmic brethren. Several warm t
personal friends from this city will ho present c
this evening.
' f Vliiirninrl?ilN wlilcli MrclK ntMnienrn 1
low I'oIiiIh, 1
The iiicmlierauf the American I'imrmaceu- *
ticnl Association will hold their annual 8
nieell?K September 1-th, at Niagara Kail*,
rjiia orjtuniauitlon, which was ntiirtod In Phil- f
luli'lpliin in 185'J, with leu than twunty-Hvu f
luumbeM.hiu^ntcmllly InereiwedlttndKrown.un t
til now themembershipreachesover l,600.and v
the organization that had ttnch n small uml v
lnal|*niilciitit ntart now In size, strength atul I
importance, rank* high with thu inostiinpor- li
taut national organiz itlons wu have, and In
yearly ramlfyiiiK and Increasing in impor- >
:hat should be enroll raged, as will bu noun liy L
i i'lanco over tlio following objects it alius to t
ittain, t
First?To Improve and regulato tho drug 11
market, by preventing the importation of in- f
furlor, adulterated, or deteriorated drugs, I
ind by detecting and ex [toning iiomo iidul* c
urntion. a
Second?To encourage propor relations bo- s
wimmi druggists, physician?, and the poople I
it large, wbicli shall promote the public wel- a
fare, and tend to mutual strength. n
Third?To Jinprovo tho acicnco and art of (
I'harmacy byditfusing hclontitlc knowledge t
uuouga|>otliecurics iind druggists, fostoring a
)harnuiccutical literature, developing talent, f
itlmulallug discovery and invention,mid en- a
:ouraging homo production and manufac* t
ureln the several departments of the drug
msiucsu. fi
Fourth?-To regulate tho system of nppren- ?l
Liceship mid employment, so iw to prevent, t
w fur as practicable, th? evils /lowing from I
leiklent training in the responsible duties of ?
l?reparlng, dispensing and belling medicines. A
Fifth?ToauppresM empiricism, and to re- j
strict tho dispensing and sale of medicines to I
regularly educated druggists and apothecar- v
It's. o
v.... ,lh ?!til S.I .?n/ut oUn.lt...r
""j '""pb*"* ft""" " " " k ?" wxuiiiu
i member on the payment of $o per annum, t
ivhlch will entitle him ton cony of the bound I
proceedings. brupjista in this city wholmve u
them, prize them lii^Uly on account of tlie o
valuable information they contain, and
ivould not part with a volume for twice the t
money. Tlie proceedings of last year's meet* t
ing, at Kansas City, is one of over 7(H) pages,
learly 100 pngt'S of which are <ie- t
voted to the progress of pharmacy;
the book is really val- a
Ujibfe. Every Stale and Territory is rej>- t
resented in tlie Association and the expert- i
snce of every member has been, that he 'g
found tins membership beneficial. Agents
ire appointed in every locality each year by ,
the President of the Association. Korscveral ;
years Mr. Kdinund Pocking has been the \
tgent fur tin's State, ami Ife is as assiduous in !
bis efforts to promote the interests of the As- J1.
<ocsntlo?, as he is everything lie is con- !j
nected with. . This Statu now lias eight }:
members, and'Mr. Hocking hopes to car- '
ry on several applications next mouth,
with our Hoard o! Pharmacy ami ,
Slate Association, the State should" have a ?
large representation- in the National Assoc! a- [
tion. There is much to be learned concerning
the society that is interesting, and Mr.
hocking will gladly inform any and all who
nail. The society will be in session two or
three days, ami reduced hotel rates will be
trrangt'd for.
The delegates this year from the State
Association are Kd. Jtocking, Chas. Moenkeuoeller
and A. N. Williams. Alternates A. ,,
C. Young, 1). McClellan and II. L Wells. '
tVIio Hut lie lor tlie I.oril ami AiraliiMt tlio
or Sin.
Special Correspondence of the Intelligencer. 1
jM6u,\mvji.M:f Auirust 21.?-The biggest "
lay of the cainpmeeting has come and p
;one, und with it the eiowd of people, h
nany of whom were hero merely as lookers u
m in "Vienna." In roaming.through the '*
voods this morning, the onlv truce we ti
:o?!d find of the croivt! yesterday was the 11
mmqiise quantity of melon rinds that were rt
icivtteruil here and there through the en- P
.'ampment. _ Everybody seemed to breathe
t sigh of relief that the.Sabbath had passed e
ind they would lmvo no more crowds to !j
lieturb the quiet of the camp. tMany
of the Wheeling people remained
>ver until this morning, preferring to re- w
nain in camp rather than rein chances of
lie train coining from the East being on w
iine.^ . t(
Tin's morning in camp was the most
feasant one we have yet experienced. "
)hl .Sol began rather early to pour down lj
lis melting rays upon saint as well as sinicr,
and the many wraps that were notice- y,
ible On yesterday morning were wilted ni
.way, only, we fear, to be resumed again, k
The meeting at 1) o'clock this morning in w
he Tabernacle was largefy attended. '1'
?uia ucoit(fii:u. ni. una llUlir, II "
vouid be supposed that owning to domestic ?l
abora that the "sisters", would be largely 'A*
n the minority at this service, but such ?!
vas not the case. The sisters outnumbered
heir "brethren" two to one, and for genu*
ne earnestness give the weaker sex the
Kev. Owen, of the Uenwnod station, con- j
I noted tjio services, Many related their V
Jhrifitian experiences, ami although varied '
n their manner of expressions, yet uli -j"
vere of one character, viz: that there is a M
ealily in the religion of Jesus Christ. One *
;ood brother in referring to the conversion j,
if his friend, said that the Lord gave him J
0 much at his conversion that it tbrowed ?.,
iim. and he lay on his back nraising God. (
1 gentlejnan baying lost one limb remark: 4'1
id that bo "bad sent the other one on beore."
These morning services aro the best
leld on thegronnd, and there is no danger
)f them ever becoming monotonous. pi
There was a dole, dismal sound that was
icard ubout 10:15 this morning, about the
itne the bell usually rings for service al
lie main stand. The sound regepjljJpd
Jiatwc eojnetlmeg hpar comiiig'hom a
leighboring pasture field. jJpon investipi!ion
it was found thai the be)l used for
- aljing t||e sinner U> Attend eerylnes, was j"
jraeked and entirely worthless only for IJ
>!d brass. I suppose we will be called io .
vorship by n trumpet.. ImagineBro. Hast- j,
ngs blowing it.
JJtir. Geo. ]{. Copelaud, of Zane street
:hurob, preached this morning. We wero
miible <o li?|ir this sermon, hut from those
,\ Uo (lid we gather that it was one of pecit- (j|
iar interest and., considerable depth of m
hotieht A't tbo dose \\w alUtr serv'iM at
vaaliejd. . * sc
The children's and the young people's
neetings at their respective hours wero
argely attended. The voting people's
neeting was without the least doubt the
:nost impressive service yet held. Atyor 1
in earnest appeal by Itov. ilite, one young
ady presented herself at the altar, while
;herc were seven or eight arusp apd asked
"or prayers. ' ai
Rev. J. J. Excell preached at Ji p. >i. to a
large audience. Thin minister is from the T.
[Cast Ohio Conference and has done good P.
,vork since be came here. 1
To-morrow between the hours of one and
Jirco o'clock the annual election for direc- w
;ors will' take place. Each person having jji
i lot registered in their name is entitled to a
>uo vote. There are nineteen members of
lie Afisoplatjon tp bp elected this year, and 2jj
ib ip bu uu uu|iiru biiuc iiivii nm uu eiecieu 7-|
>n (lie Hoard thai will make such improveucnU
on tliis ground tlmt will further add 0,1
;o the comforts of tho dwellers in tents in !!!
.his part of tho globe. X have heard of 110 U"
Issue to be made this year in the election fij
3f Directors. Those who arc entitled will w
given a printed list containing3S names,
from which they will select 11). Tho ballot
box will be at the oflice of the Association, ni"
whore voters will deposit their ballots.
At the evening service Rev. Kini; de? }J
liyered a discourse from the text, "beloved 11
now are, we the sons of God, ifcc," Wliile Sl
:he minister was preaching the greatest
ittention was paid to him by the large o>\
:ongregation that had assembled. At the >'4
2I0S0 of the sermon, an invitation was ex- J,
tended to tho unconverted to present o?
.hemselvca for prayers. Some young ladies ,t0
:ame forward and kueeling at the altar, in
verc made the subject of the prayers of St
Christ's followers that were in anil around lhe
altar. "While I am writing these lines,
he "Soldiers of the Cross", are shouting }J
heir pnuRes to God, and under the leader- w
iliip of Elder Ryan are marching forward
letcrmined to "die on the field of buttle." p,
CAM 1* NOTES. <|f
Several ministers arrived to-day. Si
The laryest congregations are at night. 5}1
Rev. Worthington, who left to till hit} ?u
>u!{)it on the Sabbath, returned to-day. in
Jteys. K?>g, WHaon, Dix and Ryder ar- K!
ived this evening.
The tax collector will be abroad in the n?
ainp to-morrow, and it will be necessary o1'
o explain the action of tho board in regard K
o the increase of ground rent, to about su
ino-third of tho people, ?"
Tho question as to when the camp meet- >?'
ng will closo, ia to bo (IccMcil oil to-mor?
ow morning at tho meeting of tlio board,
t is thought thut tho meeting may con*
inuo over next Sabbnth, t (J. T. J.
[poc-lnl Correnpoadi-nco of tho Intelltacnccr.
Mft.tr Caup Gtiou.u>, August 20.?
Saturday afternoon was Hjwnt in preparation
or tho entertainment of tho expectod crowd
in Sunday. Chickens wore slaughtered, beef
k'lis rushed, pies were baked, wateruiellons
wro bought, and but very few seemed to
lilnk that thoao who caniu could havu any
il?lier needs.
Those who have sncn the crowds hercevcry
ear say that there never was a larger one
linn Unlay, It faofnonno spcnkhitfof nutii'
ers, for'tho very careful nay there are live
hoii8and, while others go as high as twenty
hotisand. Tho forenoon was busy with the
rrival of excursion trains, composed of
rum fdur to thirteen curs, ami nil crowded
o tho utmost. On ovory hand can bo Been
andidates, tho.hu already nominated as bucIi
ml tlnwrt wl&liliig to ho no. Wo venture to
uy thero is far moro politic* than religion
lero to-day, tin far we huvo neon nothing to
Iter our opinion that Sunday cantpmectinKS
re wrong, Tim thuo was when It was a
JhrlstJan pleasure fur nwinbersot ihvchnrch
o meet for a season, for then many, to reach
place of public worship at all, must go
or miles?now, every hill top almost
hows a spiro from which rings out
he Sabbath summons.
I (the church Insists on holding,annual
lundny picnics she certainly mukes herself
loubly guilty by not going among the
lining mid proclaiming the truth. Jlev.
torby preached til8:30 a. .m., Key. (iray, I'reiding
Kiderof the district, preached at 1U:!11>
.. m., and again at 2. i\ m. Key. Iludillcston
wachpd. AI ivich hour ?ujjh>i1 ?? n?>?iui?>il.
y large andiencu assembled and the order
.'as almost phetiomlnnl. Indeed throughiiit
the^roumls tlio best of order nrevnlled.
Tho press in represented by Bhaflcross, of
he &itvr<Uiy Ih't-muy Juurwtl; Taylor and
James, of the Guernsey Times) McClelland,
f tho Uurtiesvllle Enterprise^ and Anderson,
f tho Uellalro JmlrjiemleiU.
Col. J. L), Taylor, of Cambridge, at present
he most popular candidate for Congress In
his district, was on the grounds to-day.
Frank Schooloy, of Kansas City, arrived on
ho fiLit lino this morning.
No one can appreciate tho prevalence of
lang so much as one who listens for an hour
o the conversation of a mixed throng ]>aja?K
jiceJiil Correspondenceof the Intelli^enccr.
Kuan's Mn,w Cami- finnu.vn, August 21 ?
Cveryone is enjoying the <piiet of to-day afer
the rush anil crowd of yesterday. Very
uw are in uttcntUncc, but nil./ire hi expcct/iion
of another big day to-morrow. Com*
mini on services will bo held to-morrow foreloon.
hast nifjht after the excursion trains
tad left for more distant points the grounds
fere still well tilled. Many of these listened
ttonti vely to a sermon by Kev. J. II. Rogers,
ifter the service two trains took hundreds
o Harnesville, but a lar?e number waited for
he midnight trains. These nersons, probbly
to pass the time more easily, kept up an
ncessant uproar, much to the annoyance of
aore peaceably disposed parties.
This morning's meeting in the laherriflcle
. as conducted by Key. Henthorn. One good
i.ster became very happy and her shouts of
'Glory, JI nl lei u jah" made us think of the
ooil old-fashioned canipmeetings, when
lore than one got shouting happy. This
ister's happiness inspired her to preach a
tirring sermon on the possibilities of the
our if we would only work.
At 10:150 Kev. Ferguson took for his text
Heboid the Lnmb of God that tuketh away
liesitis of tlio world." The usual children's
ipeting was held at 1:30 i\ m.
llev. Mttllitiix, formerly of your city, hapenedon
tho encampment to-day, and when
is identity became known, he was induced
:> deliver a sermon, which he did attt o'clock
. m. from the text "Go thy way for this
me; at some more convenient season I will
ear thee " It is not necessary to tell your
jader.s that the sermon was an . ablo and
owerfnl one.
The children have been busy to-day gnth- j
ridg up scores of fancy little bottles that are |
mattered by scores around ami that tell by
ieir smell what was in them once iipon a
me. Notwithstanding this showing of the
resence of a large amount of whisky there
as little drunkenness to be seen.
The stands for the sale of articles, which
ere closed yesterday, are in full blast again
)-day and seem to do a thriving business.
Any quantity of tho most delicious waterlelons
have been on hand,and tended to ally
the thirst.
uakt evening quno a nuiuuer ot (Jnlliolic
wing men met at the Whelau Literary Hall
ml formed a Benevolent Association to be
nown ua the Knights .of.St, George.. The
letting was a large and cntlausiaatic one.
he new society starts oil" with over iifiy
lumbers. The following gentlemen are
llcers for the ensiling year: President, Geo.
Mathison, Jr.; Vice President, 0. Ilium;
icretnry, A. J. McGarrell; Treasurer, L.
UUib; Messenger. C. Gilligan.
May. MnnnlnKton 0 tamlley, ilnntlnuton
a Kelly, I'Jt^'iiirvl) Jf a Steelo. >l?>-svl)]p
S Stee.o, atHynville S S Kean, Columbus
Workmen. B it 0 K It J Johnson ami lady, JlifcO
ilui Boll.yatidiihky N Sclbrlitht. city
5 HI ley, city 1> W T VMiikirk, Gmflun
is. Mil ml I'mkIi, Gnfton J It Von a lo, Cleveland
Wells, Revch Bottom CCiullettAw, .Steub'v'lc
Uassel, riiilmk'li?hla W Pool, GiUvostim
Sweeney, eity J-you Bij/jjs, Betlmny
Myer.t lady, New York 1> Wagner ,t wife, dty
hiililwhi. Louisville. K it Pool. Clefuland
j\ Wcjl.^. fji{?n}M.':n*(ilu I1 Wic^wil. K>{S
Chiwlunl, I'lillaiMmijii .1 I' l'|u?bur?h
Klllott, 1'lttslmreU Mr ,i,Un? W??y, Dayton
Kcau, Now l.oiiflim Mr* WuliH.Wi-Htcotinhand
Nkvrii forjjet that biliousness and constixtion
arc entirely curable with Makalin.
Take "BLACK-DRAUGHT" and vqg
will never be bU&llS.
lfq/Klle by Lok.hi &. Qg
on Hum."
01 ears out ruts, mint;, roaches, flies, ante,
nbbugs, tklinks, cUipmuuks, gophers. 15c.
Beauty, health, ami happiness for ladies
Forsaleby Logan tfcCo.
Hi'itiH'lliui in Piiimm.
Present stock of pianos, bieinwuy, Knabc
liickoriiiK, ilailt't A Duvis, Emeraon, llardan,
Guild, ?%o? at'the very lowest prices,
ul great reduction for coat. Call early and
cure groat bargains. .
Lucas' Music SToait,
1142 Main street.
"WINE OF CAKDU1" four times a day
nukes a household.
For sale by Loxnn it Co.
A- kuue, positive cure for coativeness, Man
T),.w ?.n.i i.m'.I?- 1
A u, nu>?i >??4 a uinuiGiij neeu
rovvii's IronJHtlera. It wilUlicngtben and
iviKonUo tlicm. mw
Chicaco, a iignnt 21.-lflonr qn'et hi>?1 unchanged,
heiit inactive Mint lowe r; r >;ju f ft' a <4 [ ve; A u a ust y ic;
r;'r. September; OTltp October; t)aj4c Novvinbcr.
v.c year; No. - red winter I i?KaiUil cash;gi Vi%
ugust; si <!l'A Seplcjube,*: No. 2 ubicd&o
.ring SI irt tu?n; * No. ;t Chicago fcprlng
ij^.iiOKiu "Com unsettled but lower at
r/M ra*h and Ajwust; September,
c October. NovtiiiiK-r; tKi}<nCtl>$o year. ie*
cu-il 7 ' Oats inactive ami lower, at 42c
ah: llj^c * urusI; 3?%c September; :i5^u October
id November: Hl%c ywlr; u-^etcd :tsc. ttyo dull
.07e. Barley tinner at Me September. I'ork acve,
tlrmuml ljfRheral$2l45a2l fiOciLsband August;
1 .?7J4h'21 M) September; $U fie October. Si'j 85a
1 S7& January; Sl'J &2V.ait) W year. ljird steady,
lib a fair demand at ?12 :W cash and August;
2ltOat282V5 September, Sl'2 10til,M2>4 October;
2 :riUal2 ;t3 November, $12 25 January; $12 20a
122* year. Built meat* quiet: shoulders 81011;
inrt rib Slit 21; abort clear $!3|5. i'ljyc waul higher
51 so. Whfekv steady Kt $l ID. ltut:
r quiet aud unchanged. K?kh quiut
id nncliftHKUd. Call?wheat higher; regular
Vi% August; V.J%c September; use Oclotor;
ovember; year. Wheat No. 2 red winter
lUKulOift Augu?i;!l OPVfrl 01* September,*1 DlW
. OlJ^OctotM-r, No. 2 Chicago spmiK $1 Otlal
ish; 5l Atwurt: 9)%i September; 07^a'J7%e
!ar. Com (airly active and shade higher; 75/hc
ngust; 75Vic Septemlier. 7-lc October. 70)^j No*
smber, year, GSc May. Oats higher; 42%c
Kb; 41J4?UiJjo August; :;g>$oSeptember, :iv%cOe*
ber. SRKc year. I'orlc li regular; 821 17% Septeuv
(r; 821 Gi% October. 817 fvi^al'J W year; |l9&ta
i am.. In Ij>?? ?? -
j ?.... pcinuiuuur;
2 Vi% October. 8r2:u}$ai2;tf November; 8l2j20u
2{j ycijn ?r;'iJXui2 H Junuury.
l'HiUiDP.U'liiA, August *21.?Flour quiet ami
>ndy: local demand fur choice old wheat faml:h
: nt'H'Ju licwt dull: Ohio extra f:i 75; Mlutn*ata
ctrrt Hmlftlit S< -y. choice frcsli Krulu 87 IX);
;nni?ylvMiil.-i extra, family, i?rxnl new und.ohl
heat?.'? 2f? Ohio do SO O-iii'. &0; Mhiuttiriln tmteiit
im!<? Ohio do 57 IK); Southern Illinois
(S7 00. Kyo Hour quiet mi WW 75. N hcut/.p<.'ii*
1 dull and weak; declined but tins doIno
recovered at the ' tfe: No. 2 rwd elevator
WK: rt-Wied Ingrain di'fot Si 05: tfa 'Jrett Anist
SI l??*l U'Al VoplemK-r 81 Inai Octobcr
14al HJt: N'oVembJrSI IjMl lft>?. Corn.qujet
id siendy for.locrtl lot*: <>l>(^is lower; will
lx?l Mk;; So. 3 grain duI
snil in lied Aiicnst ?SiJ?jiuS7J^o; Sejitemlior
vjxiiyc; October SisaS^e. (tats dull and 2c
wen ?0 1 white iO.iWv'-; No. 2 white 7Ha7Uo for
ir ?n<l old; No.-'wh!k* iieiv -"Mc; So. 2 .mixed
I 72c. Provisions Heady; iih-ns beef 820 00; tncto
rk 521 fiO?23 00; prime hum pork 522 10; smoked
huh 515 W)rtlC 00. Ur.t hteudy; kettle 813 2?.;
'am ?J2 .s7>P?lfW- lMller, firm for c/iofcc;otli
* (lull nt 17u27r. r^RHdutlat22c. rhewesteady
choleo nt l?i4?*l^Vs?. 1'ettoUum dull r.t 0<c.
hlskoy firm nt *1 lu
IVobahly no town hereabout* Is Increnainp
more rapidly, in proi>ortion to it* ante, than
vKtnaville. Dating Its existence from the
utarl ingot the J'limmill in 1873, one con
tinuul breeze of prosperity seems to linve
blown ever hlnce. Kven tlie present lonjj
strike ban not affected itn building activity;
uii avnilabio buildings are occupied wit" *
demand for ai ninny more. A yenr or twe
more will nee IlrldKeport, Martlti'tf Ferry one!
^KtnaviJJe forming " city of no mean proj>or
tlotiH, and out) for wnlcii, lu futuro yearn
Wheeling must have a care.
A reporter wn?delegated yesterday tomaki
an investigation into the growth of this onternr
ldiiir villain- It...?
end opposite tlm Standard Company's prop
urly, tho latest addition Is tho law, twostory
frame houso erected by Mr. Ktl. Herbert,
tlio suiioriutendent of the .Kina mill
coal batik, lor hi* own use. It in frame,
nieuauring Uii feet square, and cost $1 ,r?00.
Just west of this In tlu? now frame built , b)
Mr. Lewis Jones, similar in construction U
the above. Thia is lor tlio use of tlm mil!
bands, and when fully occupied brings $'<M
per month.
llelow tliw coal-trcstlo the foundations foi
Mr. John lllrlch's new house are rapidly go
lug up. It will be of brick, three stories higl:
uml measures (Wx<J5 foot. The entire cusi
will bo in the neighborhood of $>7,000. In tin
lower story will bo two stores, second stor}
tils own residence ami third story two largi
halls, ills old stand will, ,of course, then In
for rent. The one thing tho peoplt\ovor then
stand most in need of now is a good shoe
maker, and forati energetic* luan'of that call
lug thWwouldJbc a good opj?ortunlty. Tin
now buildlniw in this nart of tlio town ari
numerous. Mr. Jtobt, .Smith has just com
pleted a largo frame, containing twelvi
rooms ami measuring 10xl3'JI feet, at a cost o
fi,100. A large addition is also boinn math
to the brick school house, at a cost of $5,000
for which appropriation the readers of tin
Intkm.wkncjci< will still recall the /it'llt.
Near by is another now frame built by tin
/Ktiia Company for Its employes, .'12x10 feel
costing $1,100. jiml a small one story frann
belonging to \Vm. liberie. Just to the eas
MikoMiller and Jolin . Ulrioh have put 111
two more frames for renting, at a cost of $80*
cueh, and 011 the north Uosj MeMahon ha
built one of the satuo patern for $000. On tbi
south Mr. Schmidt, ot Wheeling, and Kviu
Jenkins liaye botii tiuisiied new residence
for themselves. Tho former a large two stor;
frame costing$12,-100. and the latter smaller
but very pretty and neat.' In this part.Afr
T- W. JniiPJl him nlvn ?>nnti<t<<lnil n Iiihk
new house for tiie use of the inTl
Jinmlv'f three roontsnnOvofttin^$l,H00. Am
lastly, fronting tho river, tho null comnan)
have crcctcil a large frame block, contatnlni
.six houses, feet in lentil) and uii in depth
for ita hands, at a cost of $(',000. All of thesi
houses lire now occupied, and with the open
ingof the Standard works this full, uml tin
consequent demand for quarters for its opcr
a lives, a boom in the building business is ex
pected which will almost double the size, o
the town.
The (ill at the trestle work on the I\, "W. &
Ky., at the mouth of Cross Creek, is beinj
pushed rapidly towards completion.
The Riverside Class Works have rented n
portion of Mr. Krvin's warehouse for the
purpose of storing and displaying tbeii
Saturday was quite a lively day in town.
Quite a larye number of farmers were in.
.Some wool changed hands, and a goodly
quantity of produce.
Our town Council, at its last meeting, ordered
that Water street be extended through
(be fair grounds. This will bring Midway
into close connection with Wellsburg.
Threshing is in full blast throughout the
country. Steam power machines are taking
the pluce of horde power. The latter will
'ere long be as obscure as the primitive Hail
and threshing floor.
Tho Devinney llros., on the hills, near the
mouth of Cross Creek, finished threshing on
Saturday last. They had J.IS-I bushels of
wheat, machine meaaurejof the Foil It/, variety,
which was raised on thirty-three acres,
being over thirty-five bushels to the acre.
l'ive hundred and sixteen bushels of the
1,181 was the product of-eleven and one-lmlf
lucres, being over forty-four bushels per acre.
I This is eonsidi'ivil it m,l>u,ii;il wii.tJ
I Our attention has been called to an inciI
droit in connection with the sad dictator to
the steamer Scioto at Mingo Junction July
1th. A coach dog swam from the boat to the
| Virginia shore .shortlyafter the sinking of
the steamer. But little if atiy attention was
paid to itdtiriujf thu excitement at the time
j of the accident and thu days following while
search was being made for the drowned. We
are informed that this faithful animal would
always bo about when a body was brought
from the water to the shore. (It would frequently
go over to the Ohio shore where the
bodies were taken, seemingly waiting and
watching for some one). 11 was noticed oacc
on the Virginia hills sitting and looking towards
the wreck. Finally the animal wjls
sent to Wheeling, as it whs supposed that it
belonged to some into of thu crew of the illfated
steamer. To the surprise of the neighborhood
it turned up again a fejv mornings
afterwards at Devlnney's wr.ndiott.se, where
it now is kindly cared for by Mr. McNally.
Prof. Jones is in town.
Hurt Miller,of llcnilsvillc, was in town yesterday,
Miss Birdie Kipkins, of Martin's Ferry, is
visiting on Gravel llill.
Some of the otlicials of the 0. it P. road
were in town yesterday with a special train.
llaltzer Kraus has begun to build a residence
on North Belmont KlranL in SIikoIm'
Frank Spbooley, formerly of Dellaire, was
in town yesterday on his way homo Iron;
Kansas City.
John Xlt'i! has about Completed a residence,
eottage stylo, ou'Jetlerson street, and
Mchain alley.
Some of our sewers open entirely too far
upthebank, andtheir water has to rundown
so fur to reach the river that a fearful stench
iscuujied at limes, poisoning the air all
lsaih GolT, of the Fourth ward, had a cataract
removed from one of hia eyes yesterday.
Dr. llardesty of Wheeling, assisted by a
number of other physicians, performed the
The County cammittee fixes the time for
Republican primaries to commence between
oiiu and three o'clock; and close at six; hut
Belhiire's committee lias thought it best in
order to accomodate all to close at seven.
Patrick Tucker has a new house lip'to Die
roof, just helow the 11. &0. trucks otvllelmonibtreet.
Ho has it put up on a high
solid foundation, ready (or the level of llelmont
street when it is opened on across the
Not very many from Bellaire joined the
excursion to Detroit, over the Baltimore &
Ohio, although u number of people took advantage
of the truin to go to Hurr's Mills
and other points without waiting for the
regular train that was behind time.
mt. AKiruey unci wile, of Uarnesville, 0
father and mother of Mrs. Dr. 1\ C. McUne
arc hero spending a .toiison, the guest of their
son-in-law ami daughter.
Saturday a game of base ball was nlaved
between the Toronto Iiaso Half Club Wj a
nino picked uj? about town. Our boys did
some fearful kicking about the unjustnese of
the umpire s decisions on the gamp, and in
the lirst part of the ninth inning, kicked
clear out of the barney}, as the unfairness
was too apparent. The score stood 5 to 1 in
favor of the Cumberland boys.
Saturday evening Hummer Campbell gave
a banquet to ten of his old associates, ami it
was the social event of the season. All the I
delicacies of the season were spread on the1
board, ami Hum. was a host that forgot
nothing In his preparations, and knew how I
to.entertain his guests most royally. Those
who were frirlimnto ?T_ ,"Yrv
.. ouuufiii Ul IMJ Olio 01 lliu
crowu speak i/i unmeasured terms of praise
of the luxury ami elegance with which the
banquet wa* served.
Saturday evening Ibe Court Ifonso Committee,
appointed one week before, met at
the Town Hall and organized in a business
*0"? by appointing a sub-committee of five
as follows: JJ. J. Hniitli, John l'orter, J. II
Atkinson, Robert Morrow and John Gunmngham.
Considerable stock was subscribed
and the committee will make application
hiimediately for a charter and go ul.uud towards
building just as soon u: they can net
tn work They putting up the foiVn lalion
this failed hi the spring go uliimil
and nut up the walls and roof, practical I v
enduing ibe building. . un>
sti.l'hi:\vn.[ r:?A uomam* in i:k.w, i.iIi:
AbBiilftvuyi.?r?tlncii n liulv .,| cin?ei..
fc|.pcamnc?uiiil?roii,liiKly l>uIo'iiBini. u. n,Vllmlter
vnlks of life, cum- |0 tl.is city It
Ilurrishllrg, 1 a , unit took it room nttlie tirfiichml
lioiri nut] mat for ? i.liy.sicf,.,, \v't,?.
tliu lolil llmt sl.c eificctnl noon t.j hwom,. .!
mother, H1.J nske.l th?t J,e ti,,. ?(? inUti" ,,
lool'talNhM" hi.nr.Jin,, ),o??. j? ?
?l?lo unil ulso prociiru ?nt5 wj
woulit 1,0 willing to tttkt! II,c child ,1 kJ,
I. (or y,?. Tlio J.l..vsici?? 5g|
with her request, and In duo course of time
the child exacted whs horn utul taken In '
charge hy a rcapectnhlo #K??d couple
: In tills, city. Tha mother paid
i all expenses and promising to ;
> forward remittances for the sup*
- iiorijoi nor cnuu, ane vantsacgftsuiyaier'
? joitsly us alio cuiue. For a tlmo conuttutiica:
tion waa kept ui> by tho parties in charge'of
; tho child, and liberal remittances were sent,
t hut im (into passed the letters lee/uno low
> and less frequent and at last censed. Five
1 ycara have pawed oven the head of that
motherless child, utul now we find It a bright,
, intelligent little Hjirite, with goldon hair and
lovely retlned featurea betraying ita origin,
s hut alas It la nameless. the mother who gavu
it birth has forgotten her duty and the little
Ariilf la dependent on tho tender mercies of
Mother*!.MottiorrtH .HotIter*t
I Aro you disturbed at nlghtnnil broken of
your rest by n alck cldldauU'erlnK and crying
' with the excruciating pain of cutting teeth t
) If so. go ut onco and get a bottle of .Mrs.
, Winalow's Roothjng Svrup. It will relievo
I the poor little HUllbrer immediately?deitend
[ upon it; there la no mistake about it. 'lhere
is not a mother on earth who has ever used
. ft u.<lut u-JIt mtf. txll van nt Mica that It will
regulate tho bowels, unrf Kive rc<^ 1? tlie
mother' and relief and health to the child,
operating like ihuuIo. It'jsperfectly fcafe to
use in all cases, and pleasant to the taste, and
is the prescription of one of tho oldest bent
femnle physicians and nurses in tlio United
States. Bold every where. 25 cents n bottle,
UKAtrriFtn, skin, ami fair complexion, robust
health; and powers of endurance follow
thMUe nf ltrnwn'H Iron Hitlers,
bakino i'qwdek,
if (\ royal w.~t 2\
i ?i
Absolutely Pure.
1 lils powder never varies. A marvel ot parity,
strength Jim! wholesometiess. More economical
than the ordlimry kinds, and cannot bo sold in
competition with the multitude ot Jotr test, short
weight, alum or phosphate powders. 8old only in
Now York.
mmasmm mi ??
Malaria is an almost indescribable
malady which
not even the most talented
physicians are able to fathom.
Its cause is most frequently
ascribed to local
surroundings, and there is
very little question, but this
opinion is substantiated by
facts. Malaria docs not necessarily
mean chills and
fever while these troubles
usually accompany it It
often affccts thcsulfercrwith
general lassitude, accom
panieci Dy loss ol appetite,
sleeplessness, a tired feeling
and a high fever, the person
afflicted growing weaker
and weaker, loses flesh
day after day, until he becomes
a mere skeleton, a
shadow of his former self.
Malaria once having laid its
hold upon-the human frame, tho
door of the system Is thrown open
to nervous diseases. The body
weak and enfeebled absorbs no
nourishment, but subsisting upon
itself, the digestive orcans no
Iontcr perform their functions;
the liverbccQaies torpid, and otl'.cr '
organs failing to do their Routine
work .speedily bccoinp.i|SOrdcrcd,
mid dissolution ov.il death arc apt
to ensue.
In add-on to being a certain curc
for Ynalaria and chills and feve^,
Brown's Iron Bitters is highly
recommended for all diseases requiring
a certain and efiicicnt tonic; cs-'
pccialiy indigestion, dyspepsia, intermittent
fevers, want of appetite, loss
of strength, lack of energy, etc.
Enriches the blood, strengthens the
muscles, and gives new life to the
nerves. Acts like a charm on the
digestive organs. It is for sale by
all respectable dealers in medicines,
price, per bottle
Be sure and get the genuine
Take no other.
. mi nwvuini lun i
Sept. 11,12,13,14,15 and 16,1882.:
Trolling, Running, I'nclng nuil Blcjde
Ituccs Kncli llii}'.
Entries for Krctd ;tlO!C September 4lli, at 11
0 clock v. ?.
All other entries close Seplomter lltli. nt 5
1 o'chifV ! >
Fort Henry Ccnlcimlnl Celebration, j
Srn.SI,!!'.? o! Jiiito a. L. Cnmmcr
fibrin . .!01.1 S Chll?lrci? uiutcr fJ years 25cent*. ^
?^ruiul hUm.l. dVccm *
Kxhlbltors of livo nlock will lto oiititlorl to nno
tt? * I U ,ur wvury ?i&0 01,t"li?;'0 fee paid by \
oiSS^iS'1"1' ?n *
ijiM lloo,s. rm??cn' ''""Wont. J
?.11!:" M'?i.>:i..M., r.'l?ry. jj
*- S1
Owaii l'u? ago Tirkills to an,] from liuropo
?t lowest riilra i>MK'il by
ii. v. iiniriiUNH, 1
""?17- Market Street. a
/iuk A .MofclnM,]', Kuniitllfn b*1, bin.
gRS^"" ^-AiSSft^JlS
The fluo lar*o New BuMnw ttw,m ?
itrwl. AUo In iwnobnlJiU?? ujui.i ^
slity foot deep. S <W
All wilt i?. * *
"u ?UI?iiwi nn,j ,
"Wutflm of R'|,t?nvr, " Kt^
Kk!must oFij
Uon hi Thk Pkowk'i UahkM}"* lw?3
Jvinla'r l, ljwij.nt wlikh Hum thm- h1*6.''*
iK-rtr Interval. ,L l"l> ^lll .L^V
"""" " tin , "
Notlco In hcreli)- BIVHI ||,? , ,
Mm It. 8i,wl?,,? .;I1 Mm iiawrilecuM U? k|>
Uiuitltie tn tlio i?t?to III III,. |,|,. |, , ?"??K1
.UlMirhuniirou mu?tl? w?|?,'
? fawiugiiij.M.?:,!a?}'tia
^wkssmknt xTrrTcK ^
wrt?l that.theH.SHW.WtfiiS hv1 J**"*^
the city of w lieelltm. Imv? mini *. U.ie ^wi
wont for tlio ywtr uml iiwi),, M i' li, ,! i?i
omee. Any wwon w kiting to ? *' I
KWrtcwtorueHlrlnBHuy wrrwilimi B
taiir Ht the City ltulWlng Mow \he {Lift I
KqUttUMlloli Riul Appeal*, OH tlifiilhrtij (J i*
iiust, Kio'eloek k. m., Htiihu f*V\ iio*rHiin? I
ut llmt time nt the ?hl Oily MiilMlng io wS |
ub]ccUo?nlo>wl?hu4owBcntM?l WVlwuJ^ E
nil 15 VRAXK B0NVKU3. Clun^ I
jjm,kctlon notick. ^ i
Notice I* lieiol?v KlVcnUmtft tnotunj 1S4 I
Hloekholdcwof the Ulk-llo Hullilltig a*<w I
No. 2, of Wheeling, will Ihj hcM in Kah'iiJ, I
MONDAY N1011T, AURMt2\ 1K?, at7 0-(^J
tho purpose ol tlcctliiK nine blmion,^> I
tntiutacWiig audi other butium u* may
brought before It. A fine ol S1.C0 will l?J H
for nonnUendauco ut such election, either |?w fl
M)ii or by proxy. See Constitution, Anton.
II. C. U LIU OH, Sec'y pro Wira, I
\vnKF.uy<i. w. Va.. I
vtotick as to rummy? i
in tills State of Martha K. KtlvunU, Hurln ? I
Edwards lunlMury \\.luiwkid*,n-?n-rv?l>!v&\niot* fl
children ol MiirUmU. lylwutu*, |a it. B
Circuit Court 01 Ofito ttiuuiy. Wot VlrrWt
the matter of the petition u Allium D.LUiU 1
non-resident Guardian of wild wlnoo. ^
Not let) l? heruw given that iw.|Ja:km ty I
lion in writing will Iks lunJcouthf m.dijulM,
tvinber, A. U. lSh2, to iiiild Cuurt by kI<1 I
who has been law fully' appoint uA quiUMii
meh In the countv nj si?ir ?
whore ho resides; for un order o!
iziuK mill GuardW Iri hug
twenty-one shares ofstuck in th*?L,
Works, owneil 1.V Mflrlhft Jl
lltHl, Hull tliu livlilcuil H<x-nn-.l ??.! "*
on which ?tock nil,I ilivl.taiJ Woi M.'i"
to his Willi wards, In )ik* intthiwt u ir .1?
Guardian hud t>oen aimoinM i.ww!,*'1? w
wards In lilts Statu, ..fffiftW
K'liHrd ttii to remove the same lothuC Jtv1
in which howHi,K|?i>oiiitiM mid iiu?liaSf ^
CaldwELL ?fc CAU?wku|'IAM ' 40 M?"
will of a well Pri0I(?. J
this city, or would K'll nutcrUl Irnnu uf.?^'.
further particulars emnilic hi thbogjJf
^?ULES J'OJl *xnr ?A
pair of handsome,quiet A.Na] nrola;at
ho seen at Carter <fc Co.'a Stables, comtrSiiteenth
nntl Main Street. inll
A Good Fnrmof 1-10 acres, well ifflprord,
VA miles from Mouiulsville; 12 mils free
this city; 110 acres under cultivation.
nn!8 OlHce No. 21 Twelfth Stmt.
That ynlunble Coal proi?crty known *1-wn#
Glen,' four in lies from the city bv W., 1'. A & ft.
sfon of it. AO. K. IL, two milt* from tlieOblo rc
In a dln-ei line jftartinR from ltelinont Mill u
MO Meres land In cIihsc county, Knii.su,toudu
for city property.
W. V. HOfiK k l!R0.
J**' la*) MarketaV^t
TTlAl? OAl i.' no m/v'P
r M,MJ" v,fc
Eleven acres on the hill abov'? iovn.
H, FGKHK8. Wheeling.
No. 7, U. 8. Custom House. Telephone F4
For sale clw.ttp.
Address X, Ihisoflicc.
a Farm of $?2 Acrn well mU]ilnl I?ir srJa?
pardoning. hand "tnl Frures in eiitltat
tlon, well watered Willinnfl well lh*la?
falls, a Dwelling llmiH', liHrn aud othtr ?t
building*. Two oielnmh, (iiiiiidiiliitj roup
iletleHof choice fruit. 1-ocaUM in lulonlc'J
ship, Marshall county, W. V*..:iSioile> HQ&tfj
Wheeling,on the Falnnont 1 ike, owned It ??
Hood, deceased, itccu|ik'd at jirtJtut by the B?
heirs. For terms emjulre on lliu farm, or
a. I). Hooi?, wire 2251 .Market street, Whctlbtl
Viu huuK-M'I
A good farm, containing a'VentjrfiTc k*I H
cleared excepting a few achs. iltimud wi
Jug week loan, hwi; J'Je.UMJil 1JI1L Jt tutUv H
with seven roonm, aim stable, gnlo hoc* im? K
eood well, which is never ilry.iuJ i UwtMta H
Upon the placenre t\v<? ?<( theiim>tont?re?inM H
found in tin- ndgJil/orh?*l. ixufo* w K
fruit. For price or information, r*ll on i* wdw K
CAUL J.OHM ANN, on the iirewUut ll?yf(,,s' H
dre^M Sherrard, 1'. U., .Maihlmll t-ountj. *.?* I
pion sai,u.
The desirable dwelling haute. So. 13 ^ K|
Hroiuhvay, Island, containlnc wveti raw '
bath room, gun, hot uii?1 com wuter bp
yard In high *tnto of cultivation, M fft't Kg
U'<0 feet deep. I fas nopio ami otto /W"
irithin easy walking dlcUiliiruf Liisintv^W"
nity. In eool mill delightful in fiimroeMWJ*8, HE
juiu pit'tiwini in winter, iuo emu wok?-,
living (n (lie country with tit cltf /driW
Jwner uicanx limitless. l'nimty mutt w * K&!
ance. Enquire of
""IS Cor. Fourteenth awl .VdBtW". Bp j
ire forty (10) mires of No. 1 bnnfDS M,S flgj
1 welling house of nix roflm?;l*m,*lili>uM>jfr^H
twenty ('JO) hoail ol hones mid i*Ul? tcw^M
louse nnil all necetsary outlmllillpp.mdu(l'&
House, corn crlt?s, moke
tlso lino orchard, coiihintiiiKof
mil pluw trees, nrn|M.,viiie> Hiid
itcil about nine (U) miles from BclUIrr, GhM?|
he H. ?t 0. Ibiiliuiul, mid on the vflR
Hcchen'scrcek. Ajijtly to (
'/..\ NK ?t STAI^AKEB* w i
Jygfi y. Twelfth nn--i wWi^-Ii. M
Compare A?eUi.lMA ]
itual Life Insurances i
ii round numbers f:\l
lew Yorlt Life 1 '
few KiikIhikI Mutual - ? '.m,)? ly
cnn .Mutual ~ J5.&3? BB
In rntloof mHiiiiwincnt MjwuutoW ' I,i
ur livS-j, compare- the Kg
lut itnl Life Ins. Co., or X.V., 3MO1" E|
with the
row York Life, J, 510 ^ K
lewKu^lnud Mutunl "is 410 K
'cnn *" "10s?-J0 " H
lutuul Benefit . H
Vliicli are tlio Lowest H*w
initial Premium for an IiiMinmw0"1:0?'^
Iii(mil Life Ins. Co., orX.V. "
cw York I.lfo - 2!
ewKimlmxl .Mutual * 2J>
onti Mutual
luiual ik-nt-flt ^
mrl.'. ,

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