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ll" ElllUS FAIL.
l r j by physicians for a
vninforau'wre Ulooil Disease,
["c/rriJ'I:\tcLirr, Richmond, Va.
?3 ij H. atop the hair from fallS?rt,
. .hortlime. Wonderfulclfeclaln
itf'r . KUmhI lH>M?S?i.
^ 3 w, h. Pattikhon, Dallas, Tex.
t fired me of Scalp Sow Sores In
Kir-, after everything known to
^SKuity ImU failed.
v* jw s. Taouakt, I el. Operator,
*' ' Salamanca, N.
i; s. for r.-itar-rli is u sure cure, uureui
?Hoilierlr?'rtliiiont hail failed.
54 C. l\ Hikm. (?rccncaatle, Ind,
/v.wntleniin who had been confined to
will. Mercurial Uheiltna.
. h^b^nentirt-ly cured with 6. S. a.
,":D, (jmLt* A Bxkky, Chattanooga, Tenti.
Milj*mMany chemist who will find, on
ilivjol l'f> titles S. y. S., one particle of
Iodide Pouusluui, or any mineral
Atlanta, Ga.
W/iokNile Agent, Wheeling, W., Va.
jll ?
* JtM
^ Ay
# //
Tlic (1,000,000 Children
In tin: United States
Who Suffer Pain,
Who Fret ami Cry,
Who Have Pule Facffl,
Who Have Hail llreath,
SMI Use l-niglilln's lVorm Sjrrnp
The ChlM Whine Sleep Is Disturbed,
TherhlM Who Wakes In Terror.
Tlj# Chllil Whose Appetite Is Vorndoui,
TS<Chlhl Whixe Appetite Varies.
The i lilhl Who Domi Not ThrifB,
The Chllil Who Is Kinifelated,
The Chlhl With Internal Irritation,
The Chll'l With Sullow Complexion,
5bonld Use Luigliliii's Worm Syrup
No lHvuv! So Dangerous A a Worm*.
Nu Chlhl Is Free From Them.
rhuj Caune Disease Themselves.
Tfier Aftravute uther Complaints.
lie Child's Cure When Teething:
RcciTiiRnnis: AM .ays PAIS: HEDUCKI
Iimruiika, Fi.ATft.HNCK, Colic, ktc.
M'lthi-nwlllllmlltvt'rr vnltmble: tin* child will
UitlUvit.g't intiiawntir tUrp.imil \rnkr iijirltrrrfJ.K-ipjiy.nnil
fttllng rr,m/orlnUr. We giinrante<
?u ti toidr,an<l will refund Uioprlc^oOveryoni
artdwug as rrj>rr*eiitcil. Sold by all druui;uta.
rriee per Bottle.
LAUGHUN BROS. & CO., Proprictou,
S '/yY-f^v ^
- " -C-Vx -N ^
If apocltive ana effectual remedy for all Nerrotu
DV*** In every ataccof life?youns or old. maker
female: such a.? Impotency, iTostratlon, Low of
?'--er.Eth, Ln? of vJUliiy, Defective Memory, Im|?i.vl
llraln Power, and diseases from which an
nrsitural wa*teol life uprincs, all of which cannot
WlU? undermine the whoU>?y<tem. Every orjjaTJ
l? vtakencd, every power iirontrateil, and many
lsa? of dlmm; are generated which, If iiotcheckea.
j??the way to an early death. It reJuvliuU* a?e
*M fflntlKorHit* yonth. Each package couufn*
r.S*Uat for two wee Its' treatmeut. Write for |*raV-X?*lch
will bo sent free, with full particulars.
soil Ij ill DniRdht* at N) cent* a package, or
t?#Jrrjwlajje* for 85 00. Will bo ?eut freo by mall
03 jwnpt of money, by addrewlng
tnreguaranteed. Buffalo, N.Y.
LOO.t.VA CO.. Wholesale and Retail AcenU,
'baling. n.%w-T*27
WECTION. to ti|,08iuve euro for oil Di?cfcarf<8.
-sr-V. Bmurtinir r.Unnil Ccnaatlona 01 tbo
B R Ql fl fi per bottle. For anl? by ill dm*-.
y ? nntJ ni-wntw cn refl
U c?:diof prtro. JOIt.V D. r.VUJC <S BON*.
CUB lTftr.nd 17? Sycamorc tft. CINCINNATI,
OHIO. Fl-ntomention tbl; pnpor. x * A
w <.! '?y |.?ijgl)1i'i Brr*. .C- C+ ___
lis and Steam Fitters,
H18 Market Streot.
Hniingand Tcnlllutlng of public buildV,iiwelllng8
nud factories u specially.
Gas iM steam Fitters,
1314 Market St., Wheeling, W. Ya.
kw!*fltWn,b ?J lc*J. wrought and dial Iron
*u chim?ey tori, Ktciun and
^^V&Vffirorffy valve<*b
Celebrated Cameron Steam Pump,
Padenrritcrv Gas Machine. Ordcn from the
- wintry promptly flllcd. m*23
I WM. hare a snv
I .1
All So. 33 Twelfth street.
u. *ork done promptly at re**ou?h!e priow.
J,bke fitton,
p,actical Plumber, Gas and Steam Fitter
1416 Main street.
prnmmlv mlsmlnl to.
A1'1' l'i.AIN AND FA NOV
S'Vitiv ? JOIl \\oi;K
I)V1I.V IXTVI if.Tk-IV.I,.
&*. 2.S ami 27 Fourteenth Street.
_ medical.
|j^ kkS ?
U^wcfcircJ by thvie
fSi:' *jM ? '^u"'. ?^ '" * *up?f?r I
It contain* tnlleruU
wVfcjH? TiC'^y onV ?l?at are Wndkul I
W*7/?S5vy to the lulu and Joi, !
| Resloret the Youthful Color la Crcy or raded Hair fl
I Hair Baliatn U finely perfume! mj it H
I U?rnni ,10 Erc**nt fMling nhe lutir and to ?. I
I nwv?il*inJrulf ant]iidiing. lliscox & Co , N.Y. []
! t? H
wuuuu^iiaQU LI tJ 2
A Superlative Health and Strength (leslorer.
If you aie a mechanic or farmer, worn out with
overwork, or a mother tun ?!ow n by Cimily or Iwujohold
duties try I'amkkh'a Cinucn Tunic.
If you are a lawyer, minuter or business man ex?
hsuttrd by mental strain oranxiou* care*. damn Like
' intoxiciliiigiliniu1ants,lMitutc I'arker'stiiiigcr Tonic
If you have Consumption, Py?pc|rtU, Wlieiinu.
Um, Kidney Coniiibinu, or any diwrder of thelunut,
stomach. 1-owelt, blood or itervei I'ai* Kirn's (ii.sr.RX |
Tonic will cure you. ItistheCrcatntlllood Purifier
And the Ccst and Surest Cough Cure Cvor Uied.
If you are watting away from pge, diuipation or I
any ui?ea?e or weakness and rt<|uhe a stimulant take
Cinckr Tonic at once: it will invigorate and build
you up fro-n tlio first dose but will never intoxicate.
It has saved hundreds of lives; it may save yours.
CAUTION t?H?f?>?tllltililll?t?i.T,?iW?Glnn'Trekl|
ctoijoti J .(Ik* Wit ? jrtti In tb?werM.tn Jluntlrtly
dif.r.nt tnm prrforttWei ?f erpr ti<T?. S?o.l for rirtuUlla
JUcoi k C?., >. Y, t>". A 11 iu*i, ?i drtUti la Jtoju
I ! < k.I. -.? I?? ' ? * --
dcli^lhiftii perfume exceedingly popular. I hero R
in nothing like it. Iniitt upon having Floru* Q
| ton coiaai.su and look for signature of >1
J(jAsScc-x I
I on tnrj bottle. Any drvrrlit c? d?*l?r In tvrfiuurr H
t?n tn]i|ily job. '"} ?m! *i <rx* il? t. H
ui?:c s.wixn miyivj :* . sjre. i
uuiva tonuiuiLi, jzry&ipuias,
Pimples and Fr.co Crabs,
Blotches, roils, Tumors, Wetter,
Humors, Salt Rheum,
Scald Head. Sores, Mercurial
Lis eases, Femalo WccUrncss
aud Irregularities, Dizziness,
Loss of Appetite, Juandice,
A flections ot tho Liver, Indigestion,
Biliousness, Dyspepsia
and General Debility.
Acnurteof Rurdock Btood Bitten will MtUfy the
mo?t *?eptt<al Ih4t it is the Creiint lltooit I'uiiMr on
c^rth. Sold by medicine dealer* every- here. i
Direction* acleteaLi'isujjcv. 1'itlCK, Jij*x
FOSTER, M11BITM L CO., Pro?'?, Buft'o, N.Y.
Logun tt ('ois Wholesale and ltuiail Agent
Wheeling. W. Vu. kow
discoverer 'op "dii. 'mahceisi's
Tlil.i remedy will net in harmony with tlie Female
fy.?{em nt nil tiraefl, and aim immediately
upon the abdominal and uterine muscles ami restore
tliem to a healthy and utrong condition.
n? \f ifrliut'j f*i?t1in1frnn irtll rum fit'
lnij of tho womb, Leocorrhrca,.Chronic Inflammation
fl?>d Ulceration of the Womb, Incidental
Hemorrhage or Flooding, Painful, Suppressed
and Irregular Mctietj-iiation, Kidney Complaint,
Barrenness and Is ccpcclally adapted to tho change
of Life. Send for pamphlet freij. All letters of
inquiry freely answered. Address on above. For
nale br all dnipclsts. XetVaizo I? I perboftIrf
Old fti/rt $I.OO. Be snro and ask for Dr. 31ar?
chisl'a UterliioCatbolIcon. Takouo other.
Wholesale a ad Retail by
LOGAN* .t- CO.
St Met (i LSStiO
victim of vonthtnl ijunrudcuc-* tvxsijjg Frenulum
Decay, J*urvouj? Deltflltr, Loiit Manhr**t, #te? ,
oaTinc tried in voir .'.very knnwn remedy, lu? dLv !
cov^dAflniple.aelif.rrrt. which bo v.!l r?.iid FREE
in Ms fetlo* .-HVvia. addrcw .1. lUIKVIX
N. > ^
Agent* for the cure of Scrofula, Chronic Diarrhoea
and Uyventr;)'. Dynpcp?In Neural* in and nil Disease*
nrlsitiK frnm Debility; especially those of
women. Klvc different varieties of water. The
nn>ttl<?it nlnn. in liw inotinlninanf tho Old Pnmlii.
Ion. Tksms: #260 pcr U?>v (filial) pgr week,
830.00 per mouth.
a"4 IWWIVI.ll'^^Nfn |*rnt>.
Photographic Studio,
jofi Opposite McLuro ?nu?c.
r> a " ?/-??? nnnifD ( tTO IfT
Ibu the Largot anil Finest
Photograph Gallery
nost ?0.00 Cublnct* wnlr 8?.?0 per down.
)fp )1:N M ,\ I N* STKrKT.
1882'. FALL TRADE. 1882.
One Hundred Thousand Envelopes!
Fifteen VnsvH I.ecul I.ennl; Itrlef,
I.elfer, lllll. .Nolo, In Iteuiimuiiil l'mlx.
15,000 Quires Blank ltooks.
Just Received and Sold Uetail, at Wholewile
prices by
nii IS gft Twlflti SI reel.
13oys? Books.
We ofler Hid following book* a* well udnpted to
bright l.oy? who want to instruct and enlciloln
Your L'fiolwfor
or the t>lx for 55.00. Sent free by null oji rrceij.t of
Life of Daniel Iloone, S50 pflRiT, clnih.
Life of Kit Canon. 3.V.! |*gca, tlolh.
Ufa of l?dvy Crockett 403 (Mice*, doth.
Ltwtof A^rNliHii Lincoln.-iTrtpHite*. cloth.
l-lfr of luniel Webster, WH p?Kc*. cloth.
Hlx Niuhutn k JJlock ><onn\ lis p?gc.?. cloth.
ST.iS'lOS jt DAVKNTOllt',
anil) WIN MfifKpt Street
f.b Snidlipiu
u<(!? * i mid 37 l'onrlo?iiih Mr
HfcEt'llKlf* LliUIUlt^ .
"liie.?ir I'rofckMloii** In the l?ro
?Iihi ?f TenrliInff llic iliihlrfii ?'
1'rrr School I lie only l{cKulntor or !
Complex CUIIlKMllon.
liuv. Henry Word Iiecclior lectured
>.i 4n.?..c-iin-j uuuicuuu iu uiu luuernai
subject, "The new Profession."
Tho people of tho world comprehend
ly nro worthless Tho majority niitfht
cut oir without low. If Africa were si
nothing would bo lost. Tho bubl
would como up, each bubble filled w
the nothingnesa of ono human creat
gone. Tho condition of tho human fun
at all times is Maddening, and tnero i
prospect of it* so continuing for a li
lime. Men are weighed, g
erally by their valuo in polit:
economy. Men nro looked upon
producera, and ho who works product!'
of tho mind, of thought, is ranked high
Then comes inventors, artists and agrii
turista. Then follow those who nelt
think, invent nor work. They are be
eat and drink, and die. Society is fill
mum, leeuio m uouy, leeble iu mint
feeble in conscience. Are they not G<
ami our brethren? AVe do hot think
for wo in ensure men by their value to si
ety. But men are what they are, not all
I ot themselves, but largely by what tl
I inherit. I am what 1 am by reason of w
II received from father and mother?
one-tenth part is of my own merit,
often heroize men who have little a
That society is best which makes the I
individuals. All men need not be eqi
even iu a Democracy. There must
ranks. Every man ought to bo just w!
God has made him and what his pow
will make him legitimate. There must
graduations. Is it wrong? No. Is it wrc
because a six year old boy has a ten y
old brother? If there were no steps, ii
could anyone ascend? But Jesus en
"Inasmuch as we have done it unto one
the least of these, ye have done it ui
Me." God wrote his endorsement on l
buck of the most miserable leper. W
can tell of a basket of cocoons what g
geous silks will be woven from them? W
can tell what these beings shall be wli
released from this world where thev he
been so badly treated? There be wallowi
in the ditch "who shall-wear crowns. lit
?o ? iiv n} uii ??u mi, it jjmuu uieusureim
of men. All in the sight of God have
value you caunot afl'ord to harm. OursU
dard "of human measurement has be
purely secular. God is otherwise.
In Europe men are measured not
what they are, but by what uses they c
be put to. The mass of the people J
looked upon as good to be saved. Tli
are good to make churches and armi
Like bricks, not cooil for much s'ngly, <
cept to throw at cats, but valuable "wli
put together in symmetrical masses. The
tore, ttie common people progress slov
over there. The Reformation, the exti
sion of civil and religious liberty, all met
the quickening of the individual value
man?an estimate of man not by reason
what he can do here, but what he is to 0
and is to be hereafter. That movetm
produced the sturdy puritans, who felt I
inspiration of the dignity of man. Fii
ing pleasure and art all sustained w
wrong, they spurned them rather tl
waste time by trying to clean them. Tl
came over here and founded a
for all men. Thev founded ? nhurnli u-1
out orders in the ministry. They found
j New England and its Democratic ideas, a
all America is simply an enlarged N
England. Our government, founded
such Democratic idea, based on the val
of individuals, was a long wonder
Europe,which doubted its stability. Our \
opened their eyes and showed them hoi
Democratic people could be strong a
monarchy. The; war over, they said
could never get rid of our armies. But
showed them the difference between a c
zen sold if ry an d irtno narch ion 1 army. '
assumed our enormous debt and are rapl
paying it. To day Europe believes th
is "something in American institutio
The people over there heard it, arid tl
are coming over. Eight million neo
live among us who were born abroad. 1
people do not emigrate; we get the crei
What shall we do, however, with
many hett rjgeneous elements? Men: tl
not "be kneaded together? Yes. II<
Government does not educate children
rook the cradle. The newspaper cannot
it, for it is 'made for the market ami
what the market desires. Well, then
religion and the church; will they not r
ulate this great complex, dangerous ci\
zation? Religion, yes; the church, no. I'
religion will do it. But religion formula
into systems becomes adulterated. Churc
are always quarreling. The church i
house divided against itself; yes, diyic
forty and a hundred times. All the ohur
es are shooting ut each other, althoi
things are growing better in that respi
What shall do our work? I think
Our schools are to unify our nation I
ter than any nation ever was unified. r.
profession of which f s;?eak is that
teaching?old as the hills but jiow be
made a new profession,
1 love our schools because they are cc
mon. I love the common flowers, oloi
roses, daisies, which everybody can phi
All start even in the schools, the rich ms
dunce on the same seat with the n
man's genius. We have a ground
equajity for a starting point. The bond
union there formed will never be brok
unless perhaps h man joe? jnto polit
The schools are public and tree. 1
State has a right to preserve itself by e
eating its component parts. An ignor
man |s blind? Our schools must' be c<
jmlsory. $o man bos poht to put
nig children's eyes, especially the eye;
their minds nnd souls. Jt i?s popipljls
education that made Germany supenoi
Frauce. The school house whip;
France. "
The schools of the commonwealth aho
be the best. No private schools should
allowed to surpass them. The sch<
pever be sectarian. [Applause.] Tl
must touch p?|v enlightenment. If i
parish wishes a pprppjijuj school ther
no reason why it may not ljave it,
there (s no reason why the State slip
pay for it. Will tljc schools he godly tli
they ask V "Godly" is a taking word,
has*little or no meaning there, An oui
vatory is not godlewj simply becaufi
does "not say the commandments ev
day. The schools are. not godless situ
hecaiiM tljpy omit what they were
meant to do. T'lPfP l?ust be "division
i.iuui 111 uui mil iuaiu ui/uicifr
All churches agree in 'morale, Ti
differ only on subjects on which tl
know nothing. AVc can tench the bca
of truth telling, and all churches agree
that, 1 ffdvopate pthical instruction i
reprobate sectapqjilar# jjj |,}]g schools. [
Then the school house should be bea
fill?the most beautiful building in to
The lloor should be carpeted and tho c
ing frescoed. The building should be\
ventilated. Most of our schools are
one-third as well ventilated as our ji
The school room should be just as bea
fill as man can make it. and no class ne
beauty more than the children of the c?
mon cahoojs.
You will never hjjye {.he common spin
what they ought to be until w'ogjeji vol)
the matters of school economy. Tho
about bringing up children, but they h
least to say of it, School teaching ough
be made u business for life, not a etepp
atoue. We have too many hop-skip fl
jump tcachera. Young men going to
lege tench school in tho intervals to r
the wind.
This subject comes near my heart,
my life lino been dedicated to liberty
no greater dangers to our liberties tl
the bondage nf jvinorance. There will I
revival In our sunoola. great Chrial
commonwealth should do as"Jeans i}j
take up little children, caress them,
bless them.
^ TbeUrent Anchor of the Nineteenth Cci
= PhllKJelphli Ledger.
There are n few peoplo who never can L
made to understand how Building Associi
re?. tionB are wo?kcd. There are many mui
i he who look upou Life Insurance as a com pi
#Mr cated puzzle, such as "no fellow can tin
j out," except the professional mathemat
^ cians of the companies and the more iw
"thcmatlcal among the directors. Posaibl
not even all In the management of lifu it
surance companies have ever hud th
Ive- courage to follow out tlio "averages" an
be computation to their latest figure. The
ink accent the loiiLMihnroved Hchedules as otl:
ilea cm do tho multiplication tables, and there
ith in are right. Life Insurance may almost b
ure naul to ue an exact science; even on sticl
lily an apparently inscrutable thing as th
h a laws of human life, a principle uas beei
ong found which governs the risks. It is ug
en- necessary to go into the calculation; jus
iciil as we can trust the astronomers wh
?is predict an eclipse, knowing that i
ons will come round at the hour predicted
est. without insisting on tho figures, so it can b
2ul* accepted thuta certain proportion of hutnai
her life.will be eclipsed in certain termsc
>rn, years. With the improvident, thedeatl
I of of the working head of a family is a possibl
I or permanent eclipse. lly the wise fore
xl'a thought of life insurance the family light i
so. not put out; the obscuration jm, nmJ th
9ci- household fires can he kept alight. Th
one aim of the insurance principle is to protec
iey the family after its support is gone. Ever
hat adult working human life is so muci
not capital. It has its earning power. It i
We an investment, bo long as the man lives it
elf- full working capacity ajid has his fairly
paid employment. A man 25 years of agi
who makes $1,000 a veaf really is the satin
i05t 'or tliat year, to his famil v, as a capital o
ial, $-3,000, in four per cent bonds. But it ii
be a capital that cau bo extinguishei
hat at any moment by his death, am
ers cannot bo converted in his lift
bo time. Life insurance undertakes t(
>ng convert it at his death. Not for thi;
our round sum, perhaps, but on a plau whicl
ow binds all the insurers together to pay bach
id, to his widow and luirs a certain part or all
i of of it from a certaiu fuud. This fund is ac
Ho cumulated by the yearly contributions of o
he number of men. Each one to make* hit
ho own family secure, agrees to put his yearly
or- eavinga into a heap of other savings, anil
ho they agree together to share the loss that
en his death will bring. The heap loses by
ive his death not only his next year's contribu?rg
tions, but all the rest of the contributions
re which he might have continued to make
nt during a long life. It is agreed in life in
a surance that ins lamiiy is to take out, not
in- only the few payments he has put in when
en he dies early, but an actual capital which
all these contributors have agreed shall
by represent his share of the aggregate fund
an Every death is a loss to these contributors
ire and associated insurers. So every long
icy life is a gain to them. Between the* early
es. deaths and the loug lives systems arejealcujx
lated which divide the burden fairly."
,en Members of the Stock Exchange have
rc. one form of insurance. They tax themfly
selves whenever there is a death. Conse
jn- quently, the older members of a stock
mt board have to pay the tax many timet
. of over if there is any heavy mortiditv among
, of the members, and the men who die early
ioil may never have paid a death-tax at all.
unt When the oldest man or the man who hat
tl,e paid oftenest comes to die, his family gel
ml. no more than if he had died among the
itii early ones or had never paid ft cent. It is
lUn a tax of honor and good-fellowshin. Lift
ley insurance represents the good-fellowshiji
put upon a business basis. It is a funded
debt. It taxts the men who die early n
*t, trifle heavier in their pavmeiits,
? iU..? i-... * ?....
w| bU lUilW UIUSC WHO live JUU?i
eat shall not have to pay sc
much out of their own pockets as it they
bore the full burden of the sums lost The")
i all pay the same tax, but the men whe
live longest get part of Cheir payment!
back again. Ta take one of Mr. Greene'*
admirable illustrations in the 'Interna
' tional Keview" for July, the man of thirty...
live who earns a thousand dollars yearly
represents, if he is sound in health, tlu
future sum of $17,500 for his family. If lit
iy lives the average life, that is the rash sum
ji the present value to his family of his futun
earnings: that is what they will lose if 1?
L dies. If 100,000 men of this same age
1 ' making y early this same amount of income,
V come together to insure each other, tin
m, ? present total value of their lives to theii
L families is $1,050,000,000; "during the year
by death, there will be lost out of it $15,
055,500; ten years later the loss will be a
the rate of $17,021,000; twenty years later,
it has risen to nearly $23,000,000 " -Ingteiu
. of each family losing by death lis futun
$17,500, the los3 must he put unon ajl o:
, I? them. It will not be heavy divided amonj
' so many at tirst. It will grow heaviei
V every year, however, as the number o
" deaths increase and there are fuwei
. j left to pay. It can be eased, of course
by the constant coming in of new member?
But it can also be made lighter by throwing
led f?nVttrc* burdens of the heavy latei
I years upon the early years when all ar(
ich living, or nearly all.* These are the twe
A principles of |jfp Insurance: First, thai
L the survivors agree to nhaio the loss f
man's donth i? tn his fntnilv. nnil tlint tl??\
pool their interests in ft mutual protectior
>?t* society; secondly, that the united lossei
.'? must not fall heaviest on those that liv<
. ?' longest; they must not have the whole bur
inS den of the payments, but must get at
equitable sljafe of the benefits for them
,W; selves or their fafplljea b\' tlip puipbej- P
re.r? years they hftve been ipsuring or helpjn}
" 'If- all the rest.
id 8
oor From Eminent Dr. C. V. Chirk, Onwrco
of N. v.
I of "Colden's Liquid Beef Tonic is by far tUi
en, best of all preparations of the kind?foot
jo. and tonic?time I have ever used. To tin
sufferer from chronic disease?, or to the con
(i.. valence*)t,it is invaluable, as it is botl
1 nourishing and atrengthening. (Take m
other.) Of druggists.
ODt Tlml II unburn! of Jllne
' fs three times the man he was before he be
orY pan using ''Wells' Health Kenewer." $}
' to Uruggists.
pea t"- ?
Qo to your druggist for Mrs. Freeman'
,.l,l >?oa* VklinnnI 11vi>h. Knr hri??htno<?? nm! rim
jje ability of color are unequaicd. Color fron
vjju two to five pounds. Directions in Engllal
liey and German. Price 15 centa. iw?w
"Hackmktack," a lasting and fragrant per
1 8 fume. Price 25 and50 conU.
j1, Siiiloh'h Cure will immediately reliev
icn ?ro-P' Wl00PinS cough and Bronchitis,
i..,! Fqr DyspEpsfi and Liver Complaint, yoi
!' have a pruned guarantee on every bottleo
Shjlob's Vitali^er. |tneyer fofls tij gijjp,'
A Nasal Jjfjeajvoh free with each hottlp q
A Shilob'n Catarrh Ueniedy. price 50 ccnts.
P - 8old by E. Bocklug, ugont, under Odd Fel
uo1 low's Hall, and by R. H. List, 1010 Mali
s of street.
|jey Glenn's ScLncua 6oai? purifies the skin
jiey IIill's Hnir Dye and Whisker Dye, 50 cti
uty Pike's Toothache Drops cure in one minute
on *"*
in,[ Motlirr*! Mother*!! Mother*!
? ? Are you disturbed at night and broken o
^ your rest by a sick child suffering and cryin,
vfyft flJppjcruciating pain of cutting teeth
If so. go at once *r?d gjst a jiftllitf of l?rr
uti- Wlnslow'a Soothing Svrup. It will fehe'v
wn. tbe poor little sufferer immediately?depem
:oil- ?pon Hi tbprp is no mistake nbput it. Thcr
ve 1 is not a mother on oapth who lino avi>r u&ai
ot it, who will not tell you at once that it wil
i regulate tbe bowels, and give rost to tli
"*]' mother and relief and health to the child
UY" operating like magic. It Is perfectly safe t.
ecl9 use in ill cases, and plnasant to tbe taste, am
is the prescription of one of the oldest bes
female physicians and nurses in the Unite
3ols States. 8old everywhere. 25 cents a bottle
2 on MWfAW
ilnJ w!l! J'Heiui,
ftVy He was ottlicted with a lame back and ger
. eral debility: be was recommended Tlionia*
j 1 Eclectric Oil, which cured him at once. Thi
^Jj* ||?fpou3 specific is a positive remedy for hoc
VlNfble 11"|>rt?venien f.
Mr. Noah Bates, Elmira, 2f. >\, write!
All "About four year* ago I bad an attack n
, j bilious fever, aud never fully recoverct
ban My digrtitlve organs were weakened, and
_ would be completely prostrated for day
linn "Afler U5'n8 two bottles of vour Burdoc
. Bloo<l Bitters the Improvement wassovisibl
W-r fliat 1 was astonished. I ctn now, though C
aud years'oi age," i}o a fair and reasonable day
work." Price $l,UO." **'
u* Nrw York .nnuff nud Hlixki.
New York. Aupuit 22.?Monej* 2K*rt per cent,
cioM.il at 2% percent.. Prime mercantile paper &K
nfi)4 per cent. Sterling Kxchmtjra t? inker*' bills
?e ?u?.ly at f i ?AW: ;<|puuiiil H6?. Produce cxporti
for the ucck J(5,iWi.UjO.
* UovKAMJu.NM-Imnulnr.
"0 0. H. ti?, eJHeiuled.M.lui}4|I/jhli{li A M'llkes...?107
t U.H. 6?, extended..., lUtkHL I'.JiH. C. flntU~~ill>>f
U. 8. 4^*. eou|?on?...lHHju. l?. bondi, llr*U-...llC>t
d U. 8. 4*. coupoiu. llt?)5|U. I'. tana Omiit?...ll5
|U, r.mUMIIK iiiiiu.miz|sfe
i? Antral I'aclflc tlritii.il* Texa? l?ac laud Kt*.? Mjg
Krle iccoudfi. hiiM UTHl'lo. HioGrnude (Ik... 8l>t
Kall.r.O.if) IIOHM-I'lfUJ.
y State bo.hd.h-Dull.
Louisiana coiuwl*..,.. VlrRitita (to ? 35
? Missouri (mi... ?.10?k VlrKltiliftcoilnols, ux* i
U Ht. Joseph Jl'J | tro m*l. coupon#... M
il Tennevee t* M^iVlrglnla dclerred,.,..li:J
y Tounewe 6?. netr.?. WH|
8t0ck?-Sliaro fpecu'atlon ou the Stock KxchntiKe
opened we?k and prices In the main were a fmctluu
lower ilnn nt tnoclow ycntcrdir.
0 Dnrln; the tlr*t tml( hour biiilnm dealings were
\, characterized hy h decline of J-inJfc per cent, the
latter In Deluwure, Lackawanna & Western. North*
u urn I'rclllc, Ht. Paul and Texas I'acltlc were u'io
q conspicuous In the decline, After thU the market
,? generally l>ecamo tlrm and nu advance took pl?ce,
. ranging (nun x,i to 1 per cent, tielmvare, LackaH
wanna %U Western, NewJerwr Cental, Northern
0 I'acltlc preferred and Luke Shore leading the up
ward movement. After 11 o'clock speculation be1
came dull nnd prlcf s fell oil",' jal p;r cent, the latter
' InSt, Joneph preferred, Denver ds Kloiirande, North
0 western, Like shore nnd Bt. 1'aul were exception*,
,, the former two rising^ percent and the two lat?
ter yt |k.t cent. St 1'aul 6i Omaha and Delaware,
'l I aclwwaua & Western were also iiroiulnent In the
h downward movement After midday dealing* bec
tine Irregular St. Joseph selling up 1% j.er cent.
lofllJJ. wldl* Denver ?fc Kto (SmihIo went down
" per cent. Tills wus followed hjr a downward move*
8 ment of y?*% per cent, the latter In I^ike Shore, St.
u Joseph pMerrcd, however, Bdvniiced per cent,
and s|>ccuUl{ou bcctuuo dull, (ho market closing
0 generally weak. showing a decline ou the 'lay's
t ou*lne>3 of iH?r cent?Maware. Uekawana
., ?fc Western, Kaunas A Texan and Hannibal A St. Jo
' preferred t*lnir 'he most nroininent in thu di-i-llno
? Trans ictlotis,' 2,115,000 shares.
S Adami Express Ji'J Sash. AChatl ...... 64^
l American Etpross... 03'^ Sew Jersey Cent 7s'f
. Cannda Southern fil% Northern Pacific !'/;?
? C.C. A I. (J 12* do. preferred DJVw
L Central Pacific 9.1 Northwestern J45
j ChoiwjM'Rko A Ohio. '21 do. preferred 1G7
? do. ltlpreferred-.. 37% New York Central... 13GJS
do. 2d preferred-... 25 Ohio Central -H"k
{ C., C., a A I Ohio A MIfcv...- 137&
I Deliver A It. G 6l%! do. preferred- -105
i Erie - :M Pacific Mall 44^
do. preferred 7'J O. A I' - 138
Port Wayne JSW Reading ?... 01^4
) llau. A St. Joseph-.. *8 St. L. euS. F. 40}<j
, do. preferred MS do. preferred - 5'J
Kansas A Pacific IWJ; St. 1'muI -123^
I Lake Krlo A ?V 40 do. preferred ~..187
; LakeShore 114 Texan Pacific........... 51*4
I LoulivllIeANa*h.... 71,^ Union Pacific -115^
1 L. N. A. A C 70 United States Ex 74^
M. A C. 1st pref'd lift W., St. L A P 7S?/s
i do. 2d pref'd- -100 do. preferred .. G5
. Mcra.AfhM CO Wells. Varyo Ex J30
Michigan ?;entral WXA Western Union 8'JK
Mo. Pacific 107 Offered.
saw voirn, August 22,-Cnttnn cutler at 13 HCa
, 13}-?c: futuresdullatid steady. Flour dull: receipts
, -J,000 parrels: export* S7U. barrels mi peril ne state
and western S3 50a4 CO; cointhou to good f!50a52C:
good to choice S> 2.w3 2">; white wheat extra 37 00a
I ? 25; extra Ohio St i>ki7 00; St. Louis ft ftonS 0J; Mln,
nesota patent process 37 (Was 5a IWhcat oj?ened
' easier, afterwards became firmer anu udvaucrd X* ;
' Kc, closing tlrm; recelpta 230,000 bushels; exports ,
, 407.000bushels; ungraded red Jl till 13%: steamer ,
No. 3. gl 00; No. 3red, SI lljj: steamer No. 2 .
red Si I3.il 13^: No. 2 red jl'3al 13)^ certificates'; .
81 lS^al Hl4 delivered; No. I red ungraded ,
, 81 10 ?; No 1 do sale* 35.0J0 bushel* at Si IC^a
1 16%. No. 2 red august, sale* 18 400 bushels at
SI l'Ail 13%. cloilng at Si 1354, feptembor sales
1 .TJS.OO'J bu?h"ls at St 13%al lt%. closing at St 13JS;
October, sales 301,000 bushels at 51 ll'/iil 11}{, clos!
lug at St 14jf: November, sale* lOi.uou bushel* at
St ibft. Corn. cash and August lir.l^e higher and
strong: icctlnls '.'0,000 bushels; e* ports 1,000 ungraded
SSaS'Je: No. 2,i\S%c; in store SSaOftv In ele
, vator Wu delivered: No. 2 Aiigud H7)ja90)ic,
closing nt 00%: .September S5%aS6c, closliu ai nk ;
October Sl&rtStJJc. "-losing at S?J'?c; November.
. S0%$)%?. closing nt 80%c. O^ts, ca?h white 3s5c
. lower; mixed all ides easier: receipts 91,*00 bu?h- ,
' els: export* 50 budiels; western mixed 4Sa58c:
t white western A5a?lc. Hay at MuTOc.
- Coffee dull and unchanged. Stitcar steady ami more
! active; fair to g-Kvl refining 73 l6a~5-lC<\ Molasses,
quiet and unchanged. lUcc. firmer: Carolina and
Louisiana 5%a7;J?c; Kancoon 5Jia*?>5c; Patua f^^afic.
I I'etr.'Ieitni, ilulland urich ?m:cd. T-Ilow firm: prime
. city 8%e. itoaiii. firm at SI tO.il 9>. Turpentine,
steady a14"c. Kag*. western fresh dull and lower at
' 22c. Pork, strong: uiw mem |<ork 822 00. Beef,
i dull mid uuchauged, Out meat* seiree and firm;
, long clear middles ?13 75. Lard, weak: prlinebteara
' St2 70al2 72%. Putter, in good demand and firm at
> l5u27J.Sc. Cheese dull and unsettled: western flat
| 0H0c.
L Chicago. August 22 -Flourouiet and unchanged.
Wheat quiet but steady: jqiilor 31 03V^al0:tJ4 Au'
gust; o^aosj'.o sep to inner; 05^ia'js>{c OcioIhi*;
" y^nOa-^e November: 975?c year; No. 2 Chicago
I spring Si 05)4 cash: No. 3 Chicago spring 01c: No. 2
red winter actlvp, firm and higher at 8 03tyi 3!^
cash; St03 August: Si 01V?September. Corn iutlve
' but a shade lower at 75;^c cash and Aiuust: 75J<c
, September; ?.l!;a7l'j October, 6C^c year: rejected
74^a7lJJe Oats active bn lower, at 41J^e cash
' and august; SCVJn-WXe September; 35^c October
I and November. 3>%e year, it-jact?il 3Sa:*.H>^c. Kye
. dull ntC7c. Parley dull at ytc S-ptembfr. Flax
sce<l firm atSl ::0J4al31, for merchantable. Putter
sto.w|y and unchauued. kg** quiet at 18a19c. Pork
, active, tlnuand higher nt S'215da21 r^casn ami Au,
CUSt:S21 57 Util'J ."OSc I it c m I .o?- s-' I ?ft.> ln)u?~
[ 819'JJ January:Sl'J(Oiil'Jyear, btrdfairiytclivc
' amint htindo liluhur at $12 tfiM c*?ill and Aiuutt:
, 812 32j<al2 35 Soptomlior. J 12.12)4 October $12 32ka
? 12 35 .>avcrabi<r. S12 !T*4al2 W January: 812 25
year. Ilulk meats quiet: Khou^tlcik 89.75; short
' rib513 25: short clear 3i:5 -J.V W|iis?y quiet. Call?
, Wheat drmcn WK'ilar Si Aueust; 9<%e S^ptcmticr:
'JS^o Ociolter; 9S%c November: OT^aOT^c
k year: No. 2 Chicago sprimt !l USK Aunuit: 99c
- September: 97^'! your; No. 2 red whiter 81 WlWa
r 1 01 August: Si 0154 September: S101%al 01% OctJv
her. SI 01^'al 0114 November 81 OO'^al 01 year.
' Corn higher, 75%a75%u Aiis;uM; 75'4c Heptctnbei;
HJJe Octo'-cr. 7u;{c Novemln'r; year;
t 63c May. Oatshi?ncr; Jlcbidcsh: W/,o. Auanit:
Sep'etnber; :?55$? Qftobor;
1 November. :t5c year: 3>J$c May. i'or'c irreunltr
1 at 521 70 August: S I 60o21 02% September 821 72%
i a2l 75 Qctolwr: S'9 70 y.nr. $H 92^ January,
f I,anl steady at 81'2 ft!'? Seplemitcr. S12 October;
, 8 2 ;|2tyil2 a<)<; Novvmhen 814 15iU'4 Zi year and
? January.
Chicago, Auuust 21?The Droitr't Journal reI
Ho-,.;* -Receipts S..V0 licad: shipments H.RQl head.
General demnm! fair and mo tcmiely active at flalOc
higher: common ??? k-hx! mixed 87 75uSl5; neavy
. f.S ISlUi'JO: Hfllt <87 7.1 uSSO-'HI Qiitvnlv
r well cleared.
[ Cuttle? Receipt*.1i,5C0 head: shipnionU^/iCO head.
Market (lull un<l slow on common to fair: others
! steady: exports 57 10.i7 75: g'md to cholco shipping
) S'i 50a7 00; common to fair weak at Si ,.'5?575;
. naUvcbutchersslroiiKen common und mixed $2 50a
^ :! 75: common mediuraSl OCUI .'>0: choice Texans
[ fjsftis (x): ha]f-breeds nnd Americans Si 50a5 50:
stookers >? 05nl
Sheep?Receipts 701 heat!: shipments 200 head.
1 General demand fair and stronger: inferior to me-*
i dlum natives and Texaos S:i50i?4 10: good fat raut;
ton tf-l 20al 05; choice to extra (t ftOiU 73.
Cincinnati, Aueust V2.?Cotton quiet at 12%e.
Flour weak; family $4 -l a4 7C; fancy S'? 00a t"> uo.
1 Wheat steady and firm; No. 2 red winter SI CO
- al 02 spot; SI 02al 01% August: Si 0:t>j October;
f 510131 year. Corn, tiim at SOe spot: 7l}$n75J?c
; flelobtrr Nqvemfaer, tl-J-J \i-Jo fear. 'Oat*.
? weak at 4'k*. Rye, hl{lu-i ?t Vit^u Mjrk, firmer
at 522 12^. Lard, strong at $12 25. Hulk meats,
strong; shoulders S'J clear rib gin fi2J4, Racon',
strong nt 810a?Jy clear rib 511 62^: clear 515 U]?.
Whisky, $117: combination sale* of flnisued goods
405 barrel* our ba>U of !l 17. Butter quiet and
e unchanged. Sugarquietand unchanged.
1 Nf.w York, August 2i?Dry Goods?'The Im?
provwd JobblugJmovemcnt noted yes'erday has been
. continued on an Increased ?nle with the buytrs
, present in large numbers. The demand ha* been
' of moderate proportions for miscellaneous ofsort*
3 ments,but deliver!' s on previous engagements have
been very Kood. Prints tiaveboeu iu Ies? general
inquiry, but talcs have been very Rood.
WOolens have bepli iu ' befter rcuiiett
and of heavier f-incifs' nnjl overcoatings.
!t The clothier's bikings have been more free, while
. there is more Inclination to place spring ordeps.
East liberty. Pa.. August 2i?Cattle?RcccipU
1.054 h?*nd; piarket sloiy; nrime 57 OflaT 23; good
s W Wait SO; comrion fa 0CtiQ23.
Hoes-rKeceipt> 16,000 lieao. Market firm: Phjla>
. ijelnhjas. $75QhV00; JiajtjnjorttJ, $H0a8 JjO; Yorkers
U |7 75aS 'J5.
* Kheep?Receipts 3,GOO head. Market slow: prime
It 50a4 75; good St Wa 150; common SI '25a3 75.
Toledo, August 22.?Wheat quiet; No. 2 snot
51 0M: August SI 05; September and October
81 November SI 01; year 81 K\% bid. Corn
dull and nominal: high mixed 79kc; No. 2 year
0 GiJ^c. Oats qtileti No. 2si?ot 42Kc; Septemher37c;
October 30c bid; yoar35^c. Closed?Wheat dull;
, No. 2 > jx?t SI OcrJi: August SI 05; Sc-ptemberSl 03Ji;
J October Si 03% bid; November 51 01 bid;year SI
f 1 itiLAnp.t.i'HiA. Augnst-22.?Flour inactive, |lya
ISntlrinbeittcrdcinana at $'? 74. ^heat. niOreexr
pornleinabd and prices uliout steady; No; 2 rod
elevator SI MKal 15: !l 11; No. I red August 81 M%
al 15J4; feptcmlter SI I3.il 13>i: October81 Hal lift:
- November $1 lfiK.ll |6K. (>ni. ?;e?fly{ *at\ n.lxd
il MntiOc; ?U-HmcrMat|iC: ? ??, i Su%noijr, tjuii mixed
Cincinnati, August 21?l.lvc, hog* unlet: com'1.
mon and litfht ?rt OOiui 25; paeking unci butcher's
(> S7 75a8 75. Receipts 505 head; shipments none.
?. PiTTsnuncii, August 22-Petroleum quiet; United
crtlticttte* weaker; closed at 57c; retiued CJic for
Philadelphia delivery.
. lStCbvn i.it, Fa., Artgust 2.\?Qil opened at KKc;
1 highest 57}|C; lowest 5# j?c;'closing at I.e.
g incuts 70.815 ltarrcU; charters, 51,402 battels; tidg
7 waur, 10,614 Imrrels.
? The 1thv. tlko. H.-Tiiavbb, of llourhon,
? hid., snys^ ''lioth jayioll aiiiHrifc owe our
j uvea 19 oimoirgyonsuuijujon uurti."
li Ahb you maiik miserable by Indigestion,
e Constipation. Dizziness, i^ms of Appetite,
I Yellow Skin? Shiloh's Vitalizer is a positive
0 cure.
d Why wu l you cough when Shiloh's Cure
it will give immediate relief. Price 10 cts., 50
d cts. and $1.
Shiloh's Catarrh Kenedy?a positive cure
for Catarrh, Diphtheria au'd Canker. Mouth.
Sold bjr'E. Bockirig/aceiij'.' tindpr'Qjd F?W
lowVIJalJ, and by pJli. LtsV, 1010 Mah>
i9 j&rAsk yourdruggistforacopy of "Young
I- Men's Friend''?win rend it
Otif LUKhRitD t?**cdfora betler
t, remedy. Williams Indian Pile Ointment i>
mnm min for PHm nur
i IJ'UJV iwunja ^ ilA.MJ
1 1 hil.i>*'
Oo to the ISTELL1GBCCRR JOB KOOM3, No?. 25
k ?nd27 FouHwuthrtrett, where you can bcnccommft.
(> illtpd il iWtnnllro
For ne?t Bill Hejul*. Letter Hernia, Note H**di,
Oardj^a. c> tothcn*l]y Intflllsenrer Jobofllc
One Iluntlrttt full Xutie L
pMrn dIMInett MhooK Twentr^irht teacher
In Liberal. AfU, Mu?le, Drawing, Painting. Klori
NVorlc. J hirjjrti Im than *nr?iiiu?l ?chuol la tl
Vunbtr tth. tkiid for new Catalogue to
W/CCT ?t"n to Jlolh 8*tf?. M<>?t
VV laVJ UllIiIl.lTl TO 1 ACIHH1,
JHuileal Lontrrrnlnrv in the Winpi
Vwinir |iert?m?uf limited meant .V 11% wll
by II. 3i 0. It, It. College year Dc*in? Sept. ??h.
W?, etc., idJrtitllouard N.Odgen, I'm
,& Acm M
V??v cream Tarter ? * 3
Thl> baking Powder 1* made from strictly pure
grape crtnin tarter, and every can Is warranted to
give latlifactlon er money refunded by
Je2* 1403 Main utrost. Whaling.
Hon and Biliousness, the wa'erof the famous sellEerftm,
Is duplicated In h moment with a spoonful
of TaMUNT'M tiRl.TZKK APKItll'.NT, WhlCll MJUtMUtS
every valuable element of thcGermnn spring. *Ihe|
Kreatest physicians of Europe pronounce thatlree
gift of Providence the mo^i po-ent of nil known
alterative*. ami Its fncsim?le. fresh and foaming. Is
now placed within the rvach ol every invalid iu
toe western world.
"Feed Your Land, und it Will Feed You."
Acts quickly, and stand* without a rival as a Reliable
Crop Pro Incer. It Is adapted to all Crops.
Made by the Oldest Manufacturers with the largest
This article Is strictly pure Hkw IJori*. The bono
has not been steamed or baked, and wo gtiarantte
it equal iu quality and mechanical condition to
any none mauct-r w;d In the Uullei States.
Plows', Harrow?, Drills, Cider Mills.
All Goods Sold Under a Guarantee Analysis,
Our Guarantee! to Forracis.
iwif our good* are not as ropiesented, we will
forfeit the en ire bill
uirEvery bag lias a Guaranteed Analysis of the
quality of its guoda.
?*"Goods are dry, and drill with case aud reguIn
i?tJ*\Vc authorize our DEALERS to Insist upon
the verification of any advene statements which
rompelitois nmy make?regarding OUR CLAIMS,
our Guarantees, or the Quality of our Goods, or
their Purity?at ourKxpguse,
$10 to $20,000
In legitimate judicious speculation in Griin, Provisions
and Mookc ?'U our perfected plan, yield* sure
monthly prollu 10 lareo and small investor*. Adores*,
for 'nil lurtlciihirs, K. K. KENDALL <v CO.,
Coin'n Mc'chams, K7 ?fc 179 Layalic8L.Cnlcago.lll.
Will produce one-fourth more Cider than any other
W ill p* j* for itself in grindfnc 100 bushels of tipples
Id the amount of eider saved.
Rollers run at same speed, completely crushing
every ci'er cell in the apple.
Two cranks ana fast r]<e?d.'
For light running, and fast grinding, and pressr
ing ft has ii i equal.
Two men can make from G to h barrels of cider a
S. E. BOYI), Wheeling, W. Ya.,
Plow.", Hnrrovs. Prills, Fertilizers.
OPKN'K SKI* I'K.tl It lilt 20, 1SS2.
Has a Collegiate, aScminary and a Special Connie.
Graduates Young Women in Music.
Fine Arts a Specially.
Highest standard?tho best Teachers. Write to
Key. J C. CAL*>*KLL, I) P.. frc^t,
The I'orry Harrow
Is wanantcd to do jnore woik than any
1-spUe Harrow-.
Cannot be chokcd with weeds. Stones and Roots
do not aticct It No jerking of the team.
Use ours a half day and yon will never hitch to
another Spike Hanow.
S, E. 110VI), Wheeling, W. Ya.,
Plows, Cider Mills, Drills, Fertilisers.
Course of Study sufficiently llexlble to meet aptitudes
ami purposes of Students at
Adrian College.
For both Sexes. Inst ruction thorough. I.nrge
Museum, Laboratories Libraries. Ac. Steam-heatlug.
Bathrooms. EXPENSES LOW. Five Schools:
Collegiate, Music. Theological. Normal, Preparatory.
For Calendar, Ac., address U.S. STEPHENS,
President, Adrian, Mich.
Force-Feed Grain Trill. For e-Feod Grata Seeder.
Forte-Feed Fertilizer.
AllHoppers Ueiui'hfthU', Lifter Par In front of
Huppor. bleel Sprinu IIck-h. Nochanne
of Gear Wheels.
Beyond doubt the most perfect Groin Drill ottered
the trade.
H. K. ItOYI), tVIIKEIilMi. W. V I.,
Mown. Ilarrowa. Cider Mills, Fertilizers.
HOHO'H?For circular add retail. A.S1RODK,
Amherst C. 11., Va.
No Sir! You can't GIVE mc your Plow! I hayc
tried them all. and wouldn't gfve ;he liSPKKlAL
fjr all the Plows I ever saw. 1 ttll you, t-lr, it Is
III tll?5 "Wpi'Ul.
No Mistake! nudyuii Knowjtl
1ft P?WMt'? l(xht^r than thp Chilled rlo>v?.
A boy IU ye-?ra old can handl? It with greater.
case than a inan can handle ho ChLlcd Plows.
S. K. mYI), Wheeling, W. Va.
Harrows. Drills, Cider Mills, Fertilizers.
wu2M? Hff
of the By-Laws can bo seen by call?
ipg on either of iho undersigned, who will
fl|sr? receive applications for stock until Friday,
Hr pieinbcr 1st, at 0 o'clock p. m.
The attention of skilled workman is particulnrly
Invited to this notice.
David Spaulding, Steubenville, Q.
Tneophilus I'ugh, Wheeling, W. V*a.
Thonius B. Taylor, Steubenville, 0.
Lewis Clohan, lU-llr.ire. 0.
diaries II. Spaulding, Steubenville, 0.
au!8 Corporators,
t3f< ?' ^"i",'? *1" Chicago, v
" 'llk?<! I**t*? u *?; +lirra, Un> i^jK
IfKL '? I "I. I*0 f-c. ^ k>!T?rim /[
J JH IiuWin??ii, mii Um, IWlw, Irra-i ' /
TV*'**' EpiiMi. Ctp L? " ?, f U?4i. V V?2Ji
Atn lima J!?,m'i fl?fn?4 lliii fiUfi
. /\ l'?-?l O-i'tw. r^ilnfjlvajl'i ?w. i?/I'll
The l*rg?*?t H?*ortrupni in the city at tke
Hardware and IIousefurnisMni; Storp of
NEsniTT ,t imo.,
iv'n 1312M?rkptHtn>fft,
-r">r\CTT?I>0 l J ? vnnrio n , linn
HdWUWB, UAnUS, r. l U.
1. In ?tyl? lhat cau't be beat, At the Dally Intnl.
llKCacerJobOOlce. ?M \
estonM for Eightetn Dotlart.
?. Attendance wwt ymm Hupertor advance
utlun. .M'Nlrrn Languaitet, .Vt*iit-Work. ami Wat
" i
healthful and beautiful location. Uniqvalib in*
lteat unit Chtnjwat Colltfft.and only fint-cUw
All M Stale. kannikt. 1'maltical.tiiomoluii.
raiM thould write at onc?. ?a?y of Aeertt
hurcal*Joioi??,clrcu.^^| I FAP*
FUinlngton, W.V*. W wImLiIm V?Ci?
Gusbivi. M, T.. Julr I. WB. !
Having remorcd fmtn We?t Virginia, to the great ,
ivllowatutio Valle/ in MouUna Territory, where I 1
propose to make in)' homo for tho future, and eu- ,
K*Ki> lit tliu Ileal .(klato llutlucaa, tecum Howe- i
?tead? for kvttlm, on Government bunli. alto ?*
cure faruii from the Northern I'alflc Railroad for "
w tiler*. so they will I ave a placu to locato on arrival,
without the trouble or expeuw of hunting t .
desirable location.
1 wll buy and wll all kinds of Real Kfltato for \
uon-rvsidenu a* well m dllxeniof the Territory.
()l>lNirtlltilt(i>fl lini'K i-lli'd In imn>hiu tli.i I-..I n
lnmV now offered fur ?<lo Allow prieet, which in a
yt-rtrortwo wlllbo vrortn live to.ten time* their
patent cmt. My facllltlt* /or tranmctlng burinrai
witli thoU. 8. Land Ottlcu umurpamcd. Charm*
moderate. Correipoudeueo nollelted.
jyl-DAw Olemllve. M. T.
Loani negotiated, itocki bought and *old, merchants'
and iniinufHcturer*' booknopened.exaimnwO
and c1om.hL Estate* settled, note*, book account!
and rent* collected. Hounca rented and lwu*d
Collectiona promptly remitted. Adrancca made
All bUhineM correspondence confidentially attondo<J
to. Tend (or circular to rvlerencca. 1318 Market
itroct, (Cranule'B Block,) oTer City Bank, Wheeling
W. Va \jt__
Civil Engineer, Surveyer anil Kxaminer
of Land Titles.
Office:?42 'Twelfth Street, Wheeling,
W. Va. Telephone. No. 5i>. aul7.
rp B. CAMDEN, M. D.,
l'liyMioimi and Sur^oou.
Rixlilnnnn .?<4 nlU-w* in* .V. ?
oniix* alio Ht 11.13 Cliapline ?trc?L
Telephone No. C-6J am! No. It
Ck1I? promptly answered. roy2S Z
J) It. J. B. REED J
Has removed hia office and residence from 1
the Eighth ward to the corner of Twentysecond
and Chapline streets, Fifth ward. n
Ollice hours?7 to 9 a. u., 1 to 3 r. u., 7 to 0
p. m. Telephone F 10. ruy30
Real Estate, Rond & Stock Broker. a
Special attention Riven to collecting renU and tbi
general management of Real Kaute. Qi
mhl 1230 Main street. Wheeling W. V*
DR. IIULLIHKN has returned to the city and re- Bi
sumed the practice of mi-dlciiie aud surgery. He
can be fotiud at (he PI
over the City Bank. Market street. myR
' B<
Carpenter and Builder. ~
Brick Buildings erocled complete In all modern vv
Improvements. Also wooden building fitted lit
complete on lot. Wooden bulldinn framed and
fitted up In yard at work (hop and taken to anj
part and completed. ?n reasonable terms. All al 2a
terations made on old buildings, roofs valleys and
sky-llghUnartlcularly attended to. Desks, counter* Co
and shelving htted up on short notice; store Ironti
put In and storea altered. Residence No. 89 Six ct
teetith street'formerly occupied by Mr. Ben Exley
Shop In rear of Capitol, on alley 13. myll gj
Manufacturer* o' portable, stationary, marine o?
Doner*, urmMric, clilmnevs, tanks. itills, door*
shutters mid *11 kinds ol heavy aheet iron work, qj
Dealers In second hand boilers. For Information
apply to COX i MOKltlaON', r.
No. 1606 Market street. ?:
TeleplioHc C-21. Repairs ipecial attention. Term*
ro<M>nu'de. my!9 ??
?) 0. LIST, JB., jo
\ud enrer of tho celebrated CHESTER MEATfc
which are now ready and (or Kale at
My S. C. Meat* are all branded. "List'a Chester.' ?
Grain, Ground Feed,Baled IKaj, Straw &t V
South Street, Near Market Stmt Bridge, J
Will pay tho hliche?t market price for wheat, corn
and naf*. lal*
Dealers In (Jrain. Provisions and Oils, in \
Car Lois. R*
ui?v?|>iomu iwi niu-'uuAiivii in unuu, rro- p
visions, Oil and su>cks on margin In Exchanges at rTChioiKo,
New York and Oil City. T_
Chluigo Correspondent*?B. Davenport & Co.. M. A:
S. NldioI? A Co. Jel_ ji
General Of D. Eggleston & Son, Special **
Dealer* In Grain, Flonr, Seodi, Provltlonx, Cbee*
and Dried Fnilu.
0 1R7 WAR.'.IN?TOK BT.. (TRWA^ B,
Geo. r. hT gilchrist, ?
Offioe with Taylor A Barr, v.
No. 42 Twelfth Street 11
Admiralty iwd Maritime Law a gpeclalty. Collec w
Uoo? promptly made. an24 jj,
No. 1222 Chapllnc St.. Wheeling. W. Va raytt jj,
I I ATTVltlUW im * ??
Office. Custom Homo. Wheeling, W. y> |iH LJAMES
No. 1207 Chanllne 8t,, opposite Ui Court Houm
Wheeling. W Va. feW_ =
No. 1318 Market itroet, (orer City B*nk.) whM) 1
hz w.vi. J
Offlcc, No. 1222 Chtnllne 8L, WbMUni, W. V*. w
Wnmpt wttpntlon tn >11 hnMn<w ^
By virtue of a decree of the Municipal Court of
Wheeling, cntared In the thumj of A*'KU?l E Nolle, *
adm., Ac., Hcaimt FrederlUa Nolle ct *1., on the H
20th day of July, A. !>.. 1882, the undcmlRtied _
Special Cammiu^oner will, on Wednkmm y, the 6lh -
Dav or 8kit* r.KK, A. I).. 1W2. commencing Ht I
10 o'clock a. h., Kt the front door of the Court '
House of < hio count), proceed to fell at publta
auction to the highest and ln.i>t bidder, the follow* Cj
infc described real estate. v!?: l-ot 12 In rqtiare 30, T
Virginia. BJ
Terxs or Sai.k.?One-third o( tho purchaso
mo cy, or much ronr* w tho nurchskermay elect .
to jwy wish, and the btlancu in two initial install*
ments payable in rix and twelve months from day J*
of mIc, with interest, and to be evidenced by note* J*
with uood per-onal utility. Title to be Tetnined H
till imymcnt of s?id notes. T. J. Hl'GVi, _
SpcclsH'omuiiiiJoucr. ' ?
IIallxr, Auctioneer,
1 cert\(y thai bond and fcecmity as required bT kw
be* been given in the above ou>e by the raid T. si
J. Htiau*. Special Commissioner.
wnft Olork Mnnl'inal Court of Wheeling. *
<&Jfi YOVlt t'Al'lTAI,.
y 2 ijJJ dubnina Id Iiuikn money
~ - km*t nil nmi tiirviimn Investments
In cram. provinl jib'itud stock
"jwiiliitlo s. can do so by otter* II
n tine on our plan. I-'rotn Mity uv.
"=* ^ 1 ?3l. to tho vrosent ?W vW til- *
*'sttuents otilUtH^l.iHio.cahU
WHFAT P""Hi Iiov-a uaon renltaod nu<1
\y.ut w'iti'veetors s auionntlnc tc
j idvcriil iliiiM inn or.u.n.1 i.,v???
V&jifl Mul U'livln^ tbo oriental ln? *
I Yi'itiiwtit ucmmc money cr imy.
1 ai-lwou(Iftnanrl. Lxplanatorvci? ?
?.,? cular* an i tnti-inem* r-t fiin.l X
STOCK- *?r'1 ,r'n)v Wn want riponethU
u?i'iiw. Who trill won Oil ?n>M 7
$sr.s\ n"1 ,"tro,|uco ?h0 irtHM- LliK-mi I
ahflia SWSlfiW Aiuiicii. i
r . lUI "VtMi A UKItKIA.U. V*m. "
?* ?? V!V'\1 _rvliaiil?, Mujtfr-RlarL,
| t-Uruca. |U.
|quaxges and lemons,
so boxes norn oranges.
Jnst arrived.
BUU 1311/ Al-rtel ai:?L ?
Time table for East ami \Vc?t wrreclctl to JUNK
1th, mi
Trilni leave Panhandle Pewit, foot of Eleventh
itrvet. ncrtr Public Landing, dally, oiccjh Buiulayi
m follow*:
IPUU.I Ka?t Kail Pac. | if"
Wheellnu Time. Kxp'? Kxp'? Ksj?'# Kxp'ijc'm'u
Leave- la. m. r.m. r.n. v.
Whirling 1:57 4:17 8:W 6:4?
ahfih. i i i
W'?U?burx...^? 7:0ft] 4:5(4 fcaJ 7:1?
3leubvuvlllo.MM...M.. 7:36 3:10 f.i.o 8:1U
PltUburgh law 6:10 7::tc
r. M. A. M.
EUrrUbarf^MMM^M.. 11:15 4:1*...*-.
DalUiaonLM....mmm 7:45 ...mm.. ...mm..
A. M.
Washington 9:15 ,?.M '
Jhllmldiihl*...... m.. J.55 7:50
<ew York.m..mm.m.... 6.15 ... 11:15 ..mm
r. x.
to?toll.w...,mm mm.) mm j.. .mm.. I 8:00 ...Im.m^h
I'ho. I Cm. V>r?t ay* ,\r?
Kxj)>]Kxji ? Mull o'm'ji c'm'n
LcATO- A. M. I r. M. A. M. r. X. P. M.
Theelinf & 5.' 4:17 tS2 1:6? 6:47
ItOUbonYtllO 5:3. 7:3i 8:10 *10
fcdli m.wm.mm.. 11:45 8:00 6:55 ....mm.
r. m.
)enul?ou...... 12:01 8:15 ... 6:10
lewark ? 2:2^ 9*
k)lumbiia...MNM 5:30 8:4ft 10:a
Leave? i. v. a. v.
!olumbui...NMM 85". 8:55 3:&'? 9:55
Arrive? r. ?.
>ayton ........... 6:25 7:Ooj 7:0< 1:30
!indun*U....~. i:w S:(M 4:00 2:40
r. m.I
Ddlauapolll.,.MM 10:5(i 12:30 G:C0
a.m. r. m.
t Loul*........ 7:30 R:Cf. .... ,ru'
hlcago. .. 7:80j 7:-'0|......... * T:ftt ...... .
Sunday exprvsi leave* Wheeling at a:w a. m., ar?
Ivea WelUbur* 9:2* a. ?.. Steubcuvlllo 9:55 a. m.,
taking close connection for western points.
Trains leaving Colurabui at 3:50 r. m. and 3:m a.
run dally. Through Chicago Kxnrcm leans
Olumbui dally, except Sunday, at 5:00 p. m., with
leeplng car attached, arriving In Chicago at 7:80
ext morning. Berths can be secured lnadvancoa
talon Depot Ticket Ofllce. Columbus.
Pullman'a l'alace Drawing Koom Sleeping Cra
iroueh without change from SteubeuvUlu but to
hllauelphla and New York. Wot to Columbnc,
Inclnnatl, Louisville, Indianapolis and St. l.oub.
For through ticket*, bagnigo checks, sleeping car
ccommodations, and any further Information, nt?
ly to JNO. 0. TOMI.INHOS, Ticket Agent, at Panandle
Depot, fo?t of Eleventh atreot, or at City
lcket Ofileo, under McLur? House. vn heellug.
Manager. folnmbua, Ohio.
. ? K. A. FOHD,
Gen'l Pmb. and Tlrket Agent. Pittsburgh. Pa.
?nau'&^^Lir:"e" """" *""
ixtrt bound. 'S'?-<3/ No. 6 No. 1 No. 9* No. :t
I?t*l Dill) Dally Daily Dally
?***?>- x.m. a.m. a.m. p. m. p.m.
hMling 7:15 is.'. 8:60, 3:10 4:65
5}Wi?* ? 7 31 1:45 9:00 S:50 5:'20
Arrive? at?
r. m.
rafton 3.10 5.4s 1:00 7:16 ?20
imberland.,.^,,.. .......... 9:33 4:47 'il^j
Mhlngton Clly fcVo 9:50 fi:0S
iltlmoie........ 3.20 11:00 7:15
...... p. m.
illadelphla?. 7:40 8:05. . l^SO
iwYork...- 10-.W C:.?0 1! 3:50
p.m. a.m.
"to" - 4:a- .... 6 15
Dally exceptUunday.
So. 43 and No. 9 stop at all Station*.
r- * * m. | p. m. p. m.
heeling 4:00 9:30 1:3ft 11:16
!llaire....?.M.MMM 4:40 uuo 2:10 lL'M
ArrlTe at?
r. 11, 1 m
aesville?? 8:101 lis; 5,ft'. 8:06
!, ; - 1:50 6:10 4:10
dumbua.? 8:10 7:50 6 SO
ndnuat! 8:00 *5:00 ""sllO
ndmky ?_ 7:00
dianapolii ? 11:00 12-35 1155
? .
? 7:30 7:55 7:30
. a.m. p.m.
. .... C:00 8:00 7:30
unuu City _ 8:30 8:30 9:00
B'n Drawing Kwjq ana bleeping Can
1 all night trains.
Clow; connections are made for all point* 8011th
idBouthwest, Northand Northwest, making tliia
lemrablc route for colonists and persona moving
the great West, aud to whom particular fcttentlon
save Wheeling 6:40 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 6:10 p.m.
No traiuB run on this Division 011 Sunday.
rickets to all principal joints on sale at Depot,
flee open at all hours during the day.
Information to the trawling public checrfuUy
K- T. DKVR1K3. Gen"AmntTWhwltog"' T"
cSS'mJVKkTisv'1' 1,|UicllBt'r cor
Kxpret* KxpriMi. Actum.
ttaburgh 8:00a.M. 1:20p.m. 4.05p.m..
ilccheuy 8:10 1:30 4:15 ?
>chc8tcr_ 8:53 " 2:20 " fi co' '
"*er &:a " -X " 5:05 " '
Livcr'L 9:37 " v:t9 " 5:45 " LcaVi?T
elbvlllu. 9:48 ? 3:10 fiitg " &Su3.
ronto ... 1C:27 " 3:.'0 " 6:39 ' 7:C6 "
cuben'e_ 10:47 M 4.re G:57 " 7-29
art Fy? 11:42 5 01 ' 7:50 - S:3l
MjCCport 11:49 " 5:0S ' 7:57 8:42 "
illalre,... 12:00 p. m. 5:20 " 8:10 " 8:55 "
Acoom. Mnll. Express, j. A'x-om.
illalre ..... 5:50 a.m. 11:00 a.m. 1:40 P. ji. 4:40 p. *.
idgenort 6:00 " 11:10 " 1:60 " 4:55 "
nr'B F'y.? 6:07 " 11:17 " 1:67 " 5:01 "
eub?mrle. 7:01 " 12:17 p.m. 2:48 " 5:68 "
ironto-... 7:20 " 12:39 " &u& " 6:19 "
tfUvMe.. 7:49 " 1:15 " 3:40 C:{5 ,l
Llver'L- 8:15 " 1:49 " 0:15 "
saver 8:59 ' 2:26 " 6:47 "
X? ester. 9:C5 " 2:35 " 6:62 "
Ilegheny. 10:20 " 3:20 " 7:35 " ...
tUnurgn 10:30 " 3:30 " 7:45 V
*rrt*burg 2Ui.m
dtlmorc.. ....... 7:60 "
ublng'o .. U:22 "
illadera_ 6:15 "
?w York. 9:25 "
?ton ... 6:10 r. M
>OTK?'Tntliih having tk-llnlre hi b,!A) a. M. ituil
10 r. m. connect at Yellow Creek for Cleveland.
All train* dally except Sunday.
General Passenger and Ticket Agent.
ffM. A. BAKU* IX. Mnnmrer. I'lttstiiirvh.
LFITAL. .fl75,000
k. A. larrr President
v. B. SocreoN .. ...Vlco-Prwddont
Doca a General Banking Burfnoca.
m. A. teett, I Vm. B. Simpson,
A. Miller. I !??>?*
, M. A dims, I Victor Ro?enbuiy.
ennr Bpeyer,
m*18 P. P. JKPSON, CMhtCT.
kPlTAL. 1300,000
N. Vahci...??.?....?.. ........ ~-.....~,...~~~.Prt*!dent
imqil Lauqhum ...Vlce-PrcKideat
N. Vancc, H. Horkholmer,
UuRhlln, W. KHiuaham,
B. Delaplain, A. Vf. Kelly,
>hn Ftkw,
M JOHN J. .TOWra. OuMrr.
iaj. kkadb. aol xnm. vi'.aii, junxa.*
3. KRATJS & CO.,
(Snccewor to H. Bchmulb&ch A Co.,)
nines and Liquors, Brandy,
Y<>. 1133 Market Sti cet,
The Association Ileadqiuirler.H.
TVo\v Oiw... *
Ternii from $2 Ou lu ?n.00 |>(-r ifay.
For further information adtlrci.*,
?" * ' ' TCOPIttKrOR.
/ Km u?*?l Hill lliu lt (>rtcr Flo** Ik, Note
i"/3>,C* r"r0 ,n' TnicM!^fnccrJoy?

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