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The Wheeling daily intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1865-1903, August 25, 1882, Image 3

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l|1' HI)IbIS KAH"
j!:-t hWjgKla wvtte Uliwd Ulacane,
lUchmonil, V?.
. u < ,1011 tlio Imlr from fillSi!'*n,iw,ni"H.
Dallas, Tel,
,,i s'ruli> Sores, Sore* III
S 5 > "i-ip, alar evuryHiiiiC kuowu lu
W'J ii?.t.'riiity
STA.W.IKT, Tel. Operator,
i*lQ Salamanca, N. ^.
. f.turrli is iv M,ru cure* Cure(1
* V,ihrr trfiitincut bad fulled.
\\w*, nreeucantle, Indj
, tri.o luul been conllnod to
Os?i??wW i v?itli Mercurial Uhuuiuab:'
'^' w^ntirtly Hired with 8. 8. 8.
in?.u V iw.r. Cbaltanooistt, Tenn.
tl, ?(|? lilSWAllD
' .....rtlinnlst who will Und, on
M'."';; wti"s s-i"1"1"1" ?[
JS(fotasilum, or any mineral
BV'""avirr SI'KCIHC CO.. rroprs.
Atlanta, Ga.
' ur?"o'^ A^?lTheelI..B. W., V^.
J'.l . *
5%^> ^
# # //
The (1,000,000 Children
In the United State*
Who Suffer I'nln.
Who Krwt ami! Cry,
W'liu Have 1'nle Fncci,
Wli? IIuvh Hail llrentb,
SiwM fte Ijiiifliliu's fl'urra Sjrcp
fcrfalM Wlni?f siti'ji h IMsttirbed,
T-.riiiM WIiii Wakis In Terror,
fi? CMM U'Ihim* A |i|n'lU?' In Vorndooi,
T4f lilli Whiw? Aj'lH'llw VnrlPH, '
The Uillil Who Doe* Not Ttirtrfc
Tlie I'til lil Who l.n Knmclannl,
The (.'lillil W.tli Internal Irrltntlon. ,
flm ('MM With ^ulloiv Comjileiioa,
ftnM l> hugliHii's Worm Syrup
\o !?:?-?<< Sii Panijerous As Worrni..
Nol'lilM 1.1 Krw Fium Th?m. ir .
Ifi^JT IVW* lUfPK^ 'riUMriJIPlVM. ; ' ' ? ,
rin-y AffinviUt' Other Complaints. J
ftf Chilli's Cure When Teetlihiy:
mm cordial ;;
LnmiriEdrus: Am.avs I'ain; ItKiircc* *
Jtru?m*rin.v; Chntiiui-m t'iiikiHowki.*, .?
O ilVilSl MUHIl cumim.aint. dvhrntkilv,
In mini Ki.atii.knck,,Colic, ate. .
y^t.rr* will tin a it very valuable: tin* child.will
W-r I.'I'I InhiiliJintlr tlit/i.inul U'tlkr tii>cJirtr\L.w:,<wit('fling
ri.mff.rhilJr, \\V j;uaraiit?.-#
i*Mtl?,tmfw|ll n fimil tlwi.dou.f.-vrrvoiis
t(inu:Airi"|ifi'?ciitcil. Sold Iiv ull ?!nsj;j;lJito.
'JJ I'rici! 25 c. per Bottle. LMlGHUN
BROS. & CO., Proprietou,
I*?l?nitirc ami effectual remedy for all Nerroui
D>w? la every since of life?young or old. male
? ftsu'? ?iicli iu lmiiotcucy. Prostration, Lossol
\x*t of vitality, Defective Memory. Irafcw
n?in l'owtT.Mjil dlMMM* from which ar
?rie.r?lwi>toofU(L'h|irliir>. all of which canuol
^ '- aaivnnlue Ihe whole Ky*tem. Kvcryorsnr
*t*itai'd, every power prohtrKted, and nmni
iraMiSbowafeKcuemtM which, If notcliecked
f*tf the way to mi e*tly death. It rujuviimtc* hr<
^'.iTl^orntffi youih Kach packnac contalni
.ft;lor two wet'kV treatment. Wnlo for pam
will K?rout free, with full particulars
>' ! tj ill UniKKiHH at 60 cents a package, 01
v?th(![?Ai3for 8j 00. Will be cent free by mil
on nwlrt o! trxnty liv mldrewrtng
^romruwuneed. Buffalo, K. Y.
jAi t.s i <jn Wholesale and Retail Acontu
j^WN/^AHOSitlVrt euro I'orntl BlJClllirwii,1;
omll'alnful BcnHatlounoi tUo
lj C | r> ft per bottle. I'or a.ilu by nil rfrucfl
- ' v^u iristn. or fiuntl:v Kiirroti*on ioWof
v.rlcu. JOIIH D. <k M3NH.
$ !;."?r.iuil?7Wycniu<>r?y? CINClNNAri,
^ UlUo. li.':iM? montlon thUpupur. x * *
l .iicl.lln Hri?..tr?. Cubing,
gas and steam fitting
Tumble ? I.DT/7""
(8 tii Steam Fitters
HIS llnrlict Street.
""ling am; mililatiiig of public linilti
^"liiiijBauil factories a spccialt]
)l II .1; I !i.f
fe it Steam Fitters
1 ? 1
3!arl,ct St., Wheeling,-W. Ye.
*ro?Kht Rnd'oARtlro
*l^rvjtiV !ui. . ^"'wiiry topg.fctwuu an
t 'cf I'Hnijy, Srtfi'ty vilvea, bat
Mau- soil' UfieJiLs for til,.
I Cclebia\ea Garaeron Steam Pump,
^CcitrjritetV Gas Machine. Onlcrs [rowUi
- omntry ^.Mm;aly filled.' m?23
hare & son, w i: 'a
I No. M Twelfth street.
B lone prumiitly at tca?onable price*.
total Plumbei, Gas and Sleam fitti
I 1110 Main street.
onUry nnnnpUy -to.
1 \ u. K1N us 0V T'iTaTn A X I) V A S C
.... _ Jou wtir.K
1 ^viu INTKI.I.UIKMJPU JOU office,
Niiv 'is ami '27 Fourteenth Street
" ' VV*2tmtdrying
u I,iefe,,cJ l,y ihow'
t';MJ' 1^/*% -*^A ^liulmvcuudit, tanny
of l" ^"pcnor
111C0l",,i,u ?"iiori'if?
Viti.x T>'Ty ciilyllutnre bcncficM
and luit
BRtilorci the Youtlilul Cole; Is Cray or Fadjd Hair
I'.irJirr'c I l..ir l'Ji.im ! C??l.. i .
? , ;- pvuuiiich 1IIU I* M
M warranted to tir?neiit lallinj; r the liair nml to re. H
M tiiove ilJiiuf ulf and itching. lltscox&Co, N,Y. H
I M*. *?<l |l iIih, !'<ltd?r?lnilnigi*ndnuilicUM. U
lhTTrrTOVTrCTgrtTC*'T-.^rr.*-i T.YT nmd
A Superlative Health and Strength Rcstorsr.
If you are a mechanic or farmer, worn out with '
overwork, or a mother run down by family or hotuc?
hold duties try I'akkkk'a CitNtiCK Tonic.
If yon arc a lawyer,# minister or buiincM man ex*
haunted liy mental tiratnornnxiom caret. do nut take
into.xicatingitimiilaJiU,but itJcI'arUer'iLtnucr Tonic
If von have (.'onumnption, Py'pejuin, Klieunia.
Ism, Kidney Comiilaints, or any tiiwrder oftlie lung*,
stomach, bowel*, blood or nerves, I'.mu.'w it's (Iinckh
Tonic will cure you. ItisthcUicateullloodl'iirificr
And the Best and Surest Cough Cure Ever Used.
If you are waiting nwny fruiting#, dissipation or
Any uiicu<c or weakness and remtit c a stimulant t'al:o
Gimoeh Tonic nt once} it will lit vijjoraio and build
you up fru-n tlio first dose but will never intoxicate.
It Jus saved hundicds of lives; it m.r/ save yours.
, CAUTION I?ll?fu?# ill ?ubrtlt?i??.lVWi (Stuff rTotik It
roni|?ii?it ol lh? Uit rrtnmlUl tprhUln tlie?orM,*i>dlnitillif ly
dlffmnl from |<rt|>.ir*tlonio( i;lnc?r?l.>o?. SmJ for circular H
llUcct A Co., N. Y. &0<.& 11 lUn, aldraltnln Jru^t.
Ii nothing like it. Insist tipon having Flokes.
tok Culounk and look for signature ot'
[email protected] 9
on fTfry botil*. :Aor draaht rr d?alfr In r?ifuiutir
cm lufpljr you, M and 1} r*s'. tit u , 7
UWiB SAVING lll-yiNU TSe. fTfff.'
Pimples an:I Faco Grubs,
Blotches, Boils, Tumors, 'fetter,
Humors, ZJzlt Rlioum,
Scald Head, Sores, Mercurial
. Diseases, Fomalo "Weakness
and Irregularities, Dizziness,
Loss of Appetite, Juandice,
Affections ot tho Liver, Indigestion;
Biliousness, Dyspepsia
and Gonoral Dobility.
A court"! of flurdock Bitter* will MtWfjr the
mo\t kkcptlcal that it if the Grc.nct Hl<v*| 1'uiliicr on
earth. Solil l>y uicdlclno tlealrr* cfcrv liari.
l)irect?oii? mi eleven Un|,T?tfe*. l'MICK, jt.oo.
FOSTER, MIlBUW&COl, Prop';, EufTj'o, H.Y.
LogainfcOota Wholesale atul Retail Agent
WbcoliggTW. Vu. . kovv
DISCO VERB I? $# 'ife ^A^omsi's
Tht.1 remedy wilt nct'Jn harmony with tho Ke?
turIo system at nil time*, {Ui<| fjl?o immediately
upon the abdominal and pterin*/ ini?ecki?,>niil restore
thorn to a healthy ami utrnnjj condition,
J)r. Marchlal's Uterinu Cntholicon will euro failing
of the womb, Lcncorrhcca,'.Chronic Inflammu*
tlou pud Ulceration of tho Womb, Incidental
. llcinorrtiaaa fir flooding, Falnful, Supprcfyed
- and-lrrr^iifnrMen.etfn-ition, 'Kidney Complaint,'
nurrcnacBS nnd la especially jujapted to tho chaugo
of Life. Send for pamphlet' tfeef All Jetton of
Inquiry freely answered. Address na'abovi/. Fof
I Mln bv all dmjrulstB, S'ltvrrdy.i; 81 per bottle,
: Old*r/.n &l.t>0. Ilo sure ami n?k (or I)r. Jlnr?
; chlai'd UtcrinoCathollcon. Takonuothur.
.. Wbt'liwileilud Ktuuil by
?_ l/" '- .AX &. CO.
87 L-.ti s kiK"d,i?i
-r.: Di&QOVERY!
victim of youUjtni iiauruilcaco ciiti>ilni{ Premature
Decay. SoVrotii' Debility, 3.n?f Ma:ih<xvl, etc.,
' asviui? tri' il in vojr nv?;ry known rmtiedy, ha* ?l!s.
tfuvrr- ! a Mif.I'V a<-!. r.i?r?. ho will neniri'RF.B
w i i> oMrce? .1. ?j; I::;J;VKS,
BlTrashpfl'lGS, VA.
A Kent* for thoonroof Fcrofti'.H.CIir^Inh! IMnrrlwci
rfinl DynMitorjv .Venrakla ami all DIs
nti-os urislnu from , Dobllllv; osjKclr.lly those o
women. \F|vc'dllVerrnt vitrlt'tle* of wttter.' Th
prettiest plutv In.th?simmntiimsof tho Old tjoinln
Ion. TKb.vs: 8-oo .pcr 'diiy, 810.00 pur week
kso.OO por mouth. i
H".| nnviv UP.annMR Prop.
' Ilna the Largest nnd Finest
- Photograph G-o-ller^
, -Jtoit 80.00 (,'iibluets <nly 8U.OO pcr'dozen.
jt-'.t 11.HS.M AIM STKKKT.
. [8827 " FALL TRA.DB. 1882
' Ono lltiiHlrrd/riioit^mitl T!uvo!oj?c?!
v l.cgiil I.OKitij iirlci
' 'i.cIHt. Hill. Nolo, ill lU'imiH mid I'iiiN,
1 15,000 (jaires IJIiink J>ooks.:
J' V ' ltOOIi*. . :*>
\ 1 Just Received and Sold at \Vhol<
sale prlccs'br J>
mils Vd Twt'lhh Stri'oi
' i Boy's9- Bookiji. P
' Wofrfnrr^VTollWlnp1*>oV? n* well fifHrtMt
Jf lirlght tiovs who \vnnt to instruct ftinri'iiteitul
or the $.*>.<*). fc"eiitU/cfc\?y'?iRll on rcici|tw
_ Life of Ihu'uI Hoone. M0 i?KCf, cloth.
X.fftf of Kit Xtamm. JiS-2 eJoih.
, Life of lhi\y i rocketi W?5 IxijrM, loth.
71.rcof Aowlmm Lincoln. 470pugo*, elojh,
Life of Diuilel Wctater. 4'JS cloth.
Six Nights In a Hlnek House. 4M mj-e*. cloth,
if 61'XX iON it U.V VK*N TpUT, t
?u!0 ' |3iM'.Mnrket Stree
p ass auk tickets!
V 'J. Occnu Pus aj;e Tickets to and from Ettrop
al lowest rates Ustted by
Hug 17. 2217 Market Street.
???!? ? i ami J7 Foilill Ntru'l.
'Ilie liny I>r<Mi111 of nn Iron .Ifntiu*
1'lttUburgh (imottoof 2l'Ji. ]'
There in a mini iu Pittsburgh who thinks
lio l?i*? discovered perpetual motion,or if
not that, Koincthing licareir.tp "It ,thnn nnv
one Iuih over achievud before, llo is an
iron manufacturer; It'mfty 61?'ft6l! to state,
nud dreams of the time when ho can run
hiu machinery without tho cost of maintaining
steam boilers nud engines. Yesterday
afternoon he explnlned hlrt'plniiHto
a reporter of the Cuhmerciul (luztftt in the
following Btrain: "L have dincovered,1'
ho said, "no new
power, hut have alinply eoneeived
a method of harnessing
the atmosphere to carry out1' my
idea.} 1 will build a mill of brick's. It will
bo circular in form, with doublo walls, ami
within tliOHU walls all the furnaces required
will be built. ' ltislng'from'thb center of
the mill there will beiihhaft Rtrorg enough
toau])port the roof of' the building, and
that roof will furnish the power to operate
the mill. The roof will ho made on the
i)lan of a Venetian Bhutter. Of course it
will be round, and the slats, each Bet at
angle, will radiate from a hub, which In
turn will bo fastened to the shaft 1 have
mentioned. Tho shies, or rather, outyr
odye, of the roof \Vill bo entirely free,
and wlteu tho mill is in operation
will be n few inches ubove tho top
of the walls. The air rushing up
through the building \\ill turn the roof uud
with it the shaft, and the furnuces in the
walls will furnish a draught that will be
enormous. .1 have ligurcd it out and tind
that the machinery of an .ordinary mill can
be ruu nud power to spare. You understand
that nil the machinery, rolls, hammers,
squeezers and shears are geared to
the bottom of the shaft. When the mill is
not in operation, the shaft/is lowered until
the roof rests on the -wnlls and that stops
the motion. For ordinary stopjmgca the
machinery can be detached lrom the shaft
aud it be allowed to continue revolving."
"Admitting that your principle is correct,
where will you Hud a bearing for the
shaft anil how will you steady ilY"
"Nothing easier. The shaft will rest in
water and will be held in place at the - lop
I... ii'iiinK ....... ...:u I... i
uj nmvi. uu uatu
ittul there will l>o'no difficulty. It will be
perpetual motion us long us the shaft will
stand the wear. We know that any material
will give way under continued usage,
and that one fact forever forbids perpetual
motion. 31y plan will provide a free power,
to maintain which it will he necessary, at
times, to replace parts of the machinery.
Look at this model," displaying a miniature
castle, "this is meant for
a dwelling. J ust now the people are goiuj;
Wild pvereverything that is' old. What is
older than a turreted tower? See how my
in venliob would come into play, there? I
would have the wealthy men build castles.
Through the centre runs my, shaft.supjtortiug
the roof, just as in.the mill. The
stairway will be a grand spiral all'uir capable
of being ornamented and beautilled to
iiriy decree, as taste and money may decide.
The revolving roof will not have the
l ower of that over that mill, for the current
of air will not he so great, but it will
keep the atmosphere always1 frefch and
pure, carry oil' all obnoxious smells and
muke living in doors as healthy as In a
k house with the grass for the floor and the
sky for n roof. The rOom all. open on the
spiral stairway, which by the way
will conceal the shaft The. shaft
can be mudo tp do, duty, in pumping
water to the upper floors,, in' running elevators
and'anything else required of it. 1
..i.i 1 ? i.U.-i -- .1--- i.:..i.......
UUlilU liutu IIIU IkHUMCil Uii IIJU (JigUl'bl
lloor, where it propcrl v.belongs an there u
man is not obliged to know what he is to
have for dinner, before lie sitsdown to the
table, as is the'ease in u bonne where the
scent from the stew puns (ills every room
and passage way. The power from the
shaft would hoist all the'materials to the
kitchen,' and lower it to the dining room;
there would Jje no lumps of coal scattered
over the stairs to trip a ipan and break, his
neck, and the hardest labor of a"l!P||8ehold
would be .avoided. By simply raising
or lowering the shaft, something a child
could do, the speed and power can be regulated.
Jt will he a grand thing and inilliono
of gprynntB unborn will some day sing
my praises and call ine bjess'cd."
- "Will vou permit your' name to he published?"
_ ". ' . .
"Not a hit of it. Am I afraid my idea
will hetjlojeii? Most emphatically no. J
am fully protected, and j)9 WW can Hike
anything away from me/' I
The Coining I'uuleHt at itariio.Hvillc ?>ti
I lie 2Mlll.
Baj-nr^yjlle Ktitcrprlio..
Tho arrangements for the Convention to
lie held nt Baroesville i?e*t Tuesday are
nearly completed, local committees having
taken the matter in charge. At a meeting
held in City Hall Friday night, It. 0.
Graves wns appointed Chairman, and G.
Hilles, yep rotary, The following Committees
were appointed: Executive,' Drs.
Ely, Wellons and Trimmer, S. p. Jfilleij
and T. ,1. Buchanan." Seating, decorating
and arranging the haill, S, B. Piper,. M. C.
Starbr.ck and J. 11. McCall. Finauce,J.W.
Lewis, ?lefise istarhuck- and Geo. K. Hilles.
i. Entertainment, K, T. Potty, llMinidy, _W.
f F. .laneway, M. fe.. Wilson and A, Floyd,
f; Printing and music. It. C. (graves an?i 4 *Af.
Lewis. 0. Iv Jljlies was apnoidteil Treasurer.
.1. . I"
- " i'llOGItAMMlI.
I The Convention, will he called to order
' at 11 o'clock a1 .m.. by John.C. Brown, K-q.,
Chairman of the Congressional Committee.
Prayer by Jtev. f. 8. Winters. Announcementof
the,temporary organization of the
Convention. Announcement by the (Jh;iirliian
of the respective countv' delegations
of the names of members of; the following
committcs, viz: Credentials, Rules and
Order of Business, Permanent Organization.'
These committees will meet at their
respectivtrheadquartere immediately after
recess. Recess until 1 o'clook r.
, Upon reasBomMing'reports of CQtijnjitteea
will be made;;aud tho regular order of
the Convention will follow;
The delegations from the several comities
will meet at 7 o'clock a. m. at .the.follo\vlii?njucus:
Belmont?City Mall; Guerii7
.sey?Clerk's Ot'jjce, .City. Hall: Harrison?
Council' Chamber} ! Jell'ersou ~ Mayor's
ollice; 2iohle?I3r. O'JJrien's ojljce, oppo:
site the Albert House.
- ' For tho purpose of Heleutiujf one president
from each county, and a member.of
each of the following committees: On Cre?
, deutials, headquarters' City.,Hall, .Rules
and Order of Business, Clerk's oliico; Permanent
Organization, Council Chamber.
APHI^ION TO TUB 11.V I.I..'1 ,J'
Delegates will bo fip-nlshpfl badges and
two,tickets/ each; iirt'd neither delegates Or
i other persons will bo admitted, to the hall
exedpt upon the presentation of a,ticket,
^ which will be taken up'at {ho door and
* returned . upon their .'leaving' tho hilll.
'' Tickets and badges will be delivered to the
several delegations at,their respective, headquarter
Badges alone will not eutitlo the
t. holder to admission.!> DKI.KGATK
II.WKiKa. 1
Helmont delegates, red'hadge; Jeflersori,
white; Gnernsev, blue; Noble, pink; Ilarri&
son,green;The Press bufl*. v . ,
ii ' ' '
. - "''"TirFmss."'.' " ' '
i/ \ Representatives of theTrei?.will',bo.iiir)f
nisbeil with badges and tickets, on application
to the Committee at," Graves and Co.'e
Book Store.'". , ? ' ... -
; pni'iuj'f ain m knt.
The headquarters' of tho Committee on
entertainment will be at where
. information as to "lodging may bo oljthinei)
= between the hours ot 15 to 7 I? M., Monday,
August L'Sth, and each day of tho Convention
Music by tho Barnesyille Cornet Band,
to . )lt
Don't Hli? in (lie UutixD. .
"Rough on Itiita" clears out rots, mice
roichcs, bvd-bugs, (lies,- ants, iuoles, chip
munks, gophers.. 15c..
minuo junction
A* ii li??o>iili?tr M?iitifucltirltitf 1'owii.
Stuubt'nrlllo Gawtto of tho 23d.*
A Gd:<lte man yesterday took a trip down
to Mingo to sue how tho people of that place
were getting along, anil fouud they were
getting ready /or a boom. Tho men who
owned ground in and around Mingo are
making money, for land that formerly Bold
by the acre now Bulls in lot*. About one
hundred men are at work building the
new iron works, which is a mammoth
affair. Major Hurt, the Superintendent,
said that the works would bo ready to com*
inenceoperations in October. While taking
a tour through tho new mill we learned
that the mill would have twenty-four boil*
ing furnaces and four heating furnaces.
The total number of nail machines that
will bu used is 120, of which 8!) are now in
position All the machinery is now on the
ground, and will be nut in place as soon as
possible. Mr. Crossloy, of .Martin's Ferry,
u the contractor for the building, and tlie
rooting is being done by AlonzoCady, of
Steubenvillo. When finished, tho works
will employ about GOD men, and when in;
operation will make Mingo quite a place.
While going down on the train we
found that Mingo, although onlv a small
* ...... ..II .i... ihr.._
ou.tho train wero men from New York,
j Huston, Philadelphia, Portland, Me.', *?t.
Louis, Chicago and other cities, and after
I leaving Steubenvillo they all made a rush
i for the east bide of the cars and began eagerly
inquiring about the locality of the
Scioto river disaster. The conductor, brakemen
and pusseugrrs acquainted with the
1 locality were kept.';busy pointing out the
place whero. tlm ill-fated steamer wont
down. After satisfying their curiosity about
the river disaster they would inquire if tins
was the same Mingo whero the great railroad
disaster occurred somo years ego, and
on being assured that it. was, they manifested
still greater interest, and began inquiring
about the history. We had just
related to a group the story of Logan, the
Indian chief, and commenced on the
Ouadenhutten maajacre, when the brakeman
called Mingo, and we wero compelled
to leave the interested travelers to llnd out
the rest of Mingo's history from the conductor
and brakeman.
Not having been at Mingo for some
weeks, we were surprised at the' scene of
activity Unit met our trii/.e after landihi: on
the plfitfurm. The" sound of,the hatchet
and saw could bo heard from all,quurters,
and new houses were -standing where formerly
nothing but green Holds could bo
seen. Following is a partial list of the persons
who are erecting new dwellings; 13.1'.
Giddings is building four frame houses oh
the Wilson MeKee addition'to the town of
Mingo; James Cunnirighani'Jand William
Kramer are each building houses on the
Adam Tecler'addition; David Simpson is
putting up a two-story brick business
block west of the ruilroud depot; JOdward
MeLeister is erecting a brick business
block near the depot; William
liicksand John Wagner are each putting
up a lino frame house on a lot in the Wilson
MeKee addition; H. II. Turner will
break ground next week for a new residence
on the laud presented him by the
Pennsylvania railroad company, located at
the north end of the town. Mr. Turner
owus a number of lots here that will be in
demand in a abort time if Mingo continues
to grow, as she can't help but do, as it will
require seventy-five new houses to accommodate
the employes of: the new rolling
mill. In fact, Mingo has a future, and that
future is not fur oil". Jt may be part of the
city of Steubenville before the next.ceusus
is taken, notwithstanding the insurmountable
hill between the twp places,
Sevr York Money unit SIocUm.
New York, August 2 i.?Money, 4uf? per ccut.
cIohm! Rt-tJ^'por cent. 1'riinc mercantile i>Hj?er 5*-^
u!l>4 per cent. Sterling KxcImiirc tunkers' bills
steady at 84 81 tlunmiui f I8i>.
(jovKu.NsiK.sia?}-'inn. ?
U. S. Ca, erte|i(ivn!....jQl>1'|LohlL't> A WUkof...?,107
15. S. 5s, uxieniied....lOl.V;L-jt. 1'. >k S. G. Ilr?ls.?.?il6
0. 8.1J#, coupoiw..'.1ll-'j, U. 1'. bonds, tir?ts.....l]ti>J
U. S. 4s, couj>ons......liywU. 1\ ljin-J (>rnjjtf...ll6
Pucille G* uf "J5........130 jUv P.sinkini; fund'J'Jl
Central PacifictirstaJlfv Toxiu 1'hc lunJ
Krle Kocotnls. 'J7J4 do. BioGnmdoiiiv...
Offered I.
RAii.RnAi) Boni>*-Generally h.rong.
HTATK Bonks? Iiul).
UhiWhiih consols..,.. 67 | Vistula fa - 35
Missouri fcs IW Vlrgiuia cohnjIs. exSt.
Joseph..... Ill tni toii|ioiis... .')S
Tcniicsioe Us.......... 55 jVir^injrt ijefcrred 113 i
4uuul'b>l'u ?u, hulv..~.t>;) |
8locKS-The umrSwt o|n>ncd Jieueittlly weak
p lees being liiU.'/i oer cent lower limn (he clou? I
ycsU-nluy. New York, t hieago *V: St.- I<ouis whs an
exception and -o]M*iicd % per cent hUher, A ft*r
tho oK'tiiug speculation became modemioiy active
and prices declined to percent, th? most conspicuous
l>eing hike Shore, i'Ioxhs Pitcitif, Denver
-1 HloGmndfj. Nprtwestern, Uekawannu, Northern
I'ueltie.prefcritd, New York iJeiilnil un.l St. Paul.
After this there was a general reebvery of JJal-ft pet
cent, the hitter Oregon Trans-conjlnoiital. tfiid
Texas Pacific, Lackawanna, Si. Paulit Omaha, Lake
jjifjfc niul fttl i'njil were also prominent ill the npV*riinl^emwiu
{lie 'market1closing with stroiig
pricpo, '
Transactions;t57,000 share*.
Adams hxpress ?MQ Nash. ifcOluitt .v., 63
American Express... 95 New Jersey Cent 7S%
Canada Southern...- ivtj-j Northern t'acitlc -isJ;
C. C. i I. C 12 do. preferred..; S>lk
Coutml Pacific 92J4 Northwestern HHjj
Chc-Mncftke?i Ohio. 23>;j do.prelcrred... lf>7
do. ist'prti'erred.... 0^? New York t>;ur*l...lH;jVii
do. 2d preferred-... 2q Ohio cwituil u/15
C., C., C. tit I 7ti ' Ohio it Mite ......137*'!
Denver & K. G 6i>% do.'preferred- 1UT?
Erie Sift Pad lie Mail 41 y;
do. preferred 77 C. A 1' - 13k
Fort Wayne; ..13i? Reading: GV%
Han. & St. Joseph.... W St: L. ?s3. F.... ....... 3*'}$
do. preferred 9% do. preferred fkS^
Kansas it Paeillc JW St. Paul 122}^
Laku Erie <t W til*/, do. preferred 12G'.<i
Lakl'Suoro 114 Tc-wi L'licllii) M'V?
Louisville i Nath.... ~<V/a Union Pacific UbVd
L. N. A. A C 70 United States Ex 7A
M. it C. lht pref'd.. 116 W., St. L. ?t P toft
do. 2d pref'd do. preferred ?.Cl
Mem. itchiw 58* Wells, Fargo Kx {..ISO
Michigan Ceutral 97% Western Union. S3 '
Mp. Pgpjfl? 106^1 ^Offered.
Nxw york, AuQU{.t2t.-pottou dull and caller at
lflnia 5-lfic; fulurts dull but' steady. Hour ouic|
and unchanged: receipts'' 17,010 barrels: exports
2.1SOO barriOs. Wheat, opened %ale higher and
firm; ufterward* loM tho advaneo u?d dcollncd ka
J?c, closing with inon-rstrensili; receipt*
bushels; expoits 92.50) bushels: ungraded red SI ol
ul lftM: steamer No. 2 jod St 00; No. 3 re<l,SI 13a
lil.TJs: steamer No 2 led St 15: No, 2 red
$1 -tljul I tU certiUcntes; SI I5.il 11*1 deltv red;
mixed winter at 13}f; ntiKr.idcd white St 12: steamer
No 1 do51 ir>; No. 1 white, sales J.5C0 biuhelsat
Si ir*%"*l 17: No, 2 red August, sides 272,000 bushels
at Si ttfca] 16. plod nit at $1 14J.J; fc'eptembir s.ilcs
792,030 bijshelkat SI l.W. clDiluJ: Ut (t
Outoljcr, sales SOS.OOO bushelsat 5115>iHl 11% closing
at $t 15>j: November, ?de* :|52.000 bu?he!s at gl \c>%
al 175.5 Corn, optlonu opened J<a5^c lilther, a<te^
wards lost tho advance, and closed steady: ic*
i cut tits 5.000 bushels: exnorts fi.OOO lnmlu?l<- tin.
crude.! ?7n'J0c; No. 2, 01 c in store; !>2&i9?$gc
No. 2 August W%u!)lo; closing nt WXc; Senteiutwr
87D?aS7j?c, closing at 875*c; October S.ri%u80J4',
cIoMiik at S&*^c; November Sl^aWJfc cIomIiik at
8l;Jic. CMs. U!k; hither ami cjIosuir weak; receipts
07.003t|})$hel|>; exjHirtjnone; mixed western MjG.c;
wliitc wpstern 07 A":*!. flay, fifthly held r.; C0u70n
Coliee dull and unchanged. Sugfjr dull: fair tn wood
rolinlng 7j?a7;ic. Molasses, steady and (n fair de
maud. Utee. (inlet butstundy. I'otroloum, steady
unit stronger; United M}ic; crude tH{at%c; rellno
?3#UJj?c. Tullovv firm at S^ah^e; Jlosiu. tjubiat'd
sundy at SI SOiil 05. Turpentine, dull mid weak
nt4V/ic. Hugs, western fresh dull and lower nt2!a
2l%c. Pork, higher and firm; new icesn 322 25.
Hcef, dull and unchanged. Cut meata siwree and
linn: long clenr 313 75. Lard, weak: prime btcuui
jtx V2Jvil2 77V< flutter, in kockI demtun] ami n
thadif Ijotfor at Vvj'J^c. Uhewo dull iinq Ofuopjnsi
western ||at Ga.Oj:.'
. CitiCAQO. A?iiuM24 -Floitrquietand unchanged,
Wheat strong and higher, I'loned easier; tegular
51 OCal 00% August;. Ifi^iaOy^o 8eptemt>cr: 9S}(c
October; We November. OsJic year; No. 2 red winter
5'. OCal oaj$ CHsh and August:, 81 02 September;
No^ J1 Chicago spilmr 92c. Com.'unsettled but
e?nerally blgljk u* '7Xn~7)ic cash and August;
7ti%a7t'?kc SopRfnbcr, 71J4j October; 7l5?o Novt mb*r;
GGjtfafiffKc year: rejected 7fic. Oats, active,
firm and hiKnerat -Sl^n pas)):-jlWj aubu^:
gjptcmbci-; ."jT^c October; year* Hi'cu*]
'37c;- Rye Armor at -'Q7Ke. ,Barloy easier at pike
September. Flaxseed firmer at 81 81, Huttor steaifv
with a fair demand. Kkrh steady and unchange l
i'ork active, firm and higher at 821 70a
21 SO oust); 321 77)4*21 iOSeptemlien 821 90a2l OM
; October: $20 CO b d .January; 819 S5al9 87year
' Lard fairly active and a tlmde liialifr ? d
12U7K cash nud Se^'.'o.ter: StiM2Hnritt October:
i 312 .T7J4al2 to November $12 22&U2 2? Januarys
SiQHOycnr. Hulk mqi'u active, nnn and' hkher;
Stiyu[(fpii,35)?Jl sliq'rt rib 113'-10; short clear 814 CO.
Wldskv kieadv unfl utieliaiiBwl. (U11?ivi...o? n,
hut nol ouotablv higher. Cprn firmer bin rips
higher. 0?t? ouster and declined Pork Irregular
at 821 Kl% August; 821 8 Keptcmber:
8JI \)1\$ October Jiu 77^ y.nr: S?0 oj nsked
January. Urd, Irregular At-512 30(112:w August;
512.17)4 September: 512 \~X October, 812 42}0"ovember,
$12 22>?i\12.10 year; 512 25 January.
Baltimore, August 21.?Flour quiet ami un
clungcd except for western family, which was te,
ducvd 10c peruarrel. Wheat, western higher. No. C
wlnterrod spot 31 14nl 14^: August51 HV?h1 uy.
September 81 13!4al Itfj;: October 81 lH>;al U:
November 8115111 1SJ^. Corn, western Motdynufl
dull: mixed snot Sfc nsked; Septemlmr Sl'iaik!
October j-lKavij^c: November 7'i}^?bkc: >uvem'
! Ijcror Pfcombor ne\7 0t old'TOnWp. oats higher;
western white Wa32n: m|xed 4.1*45(5. Ityo Iojtci
nnd dull nl fdaMc. liny unclinnged. 1'rovisioii!
firm and unchanged. IhitterMcudy; woftern packed
Hn20c; creamery V 3.127 j. Kpg* easy ?t lauJOc.
Petroleum unchanged. Coffee firm at .V/{nflc. Suuai
quiet; A soft O^c. Whisky steady at 8l lflftl 20.
Phiupki mia, August 2i.?Flour, deslniblt
Spring wheats In smal| supply and watited: eholct
ild w|nters in fair demand nt full rates;. other
dull nnd weak. Ilye flour, 8.1 5 *ik3 7.V vv^eat, ^poi
' lot* IchlehenNo 2 red elevator Jl 104: rejected
In groin dei?oi 81 fi: No. 2 red August St Iflto
) 17; 'optcmbcr 81 HVJ*! lift; Octobcr fl
115>S; November It 16Jial 16. Corn. In more doinutnl:
wll mixed mWbsjc; steamer 87aH8c: No. 3
NJasr?Vic: Sill mixed -\uuuit 87j4*Mj4e: HeptetnU'rN'KR9)So;
Ociobcr Novembers^
Mw. Oau, Irrojjulur; No. 2 white newC8c:o!d 70c;
No. \ wliltw ti'JtO I'mvMon* ntuuly; uicki beef
f 18 MMIti (K);iuw< pork !.' 00.12.1 00. Um Arm hii?1
tinoh?ti|(Vd. Hut tor, Hrtn: cliolcowell wild tip:
otliuiniKKtuctLHli-.Auw York Htnte nnd Unulfotd
county, I'd., oxt'ul'H! Kk<? ?tc*dy. ClieeMj nominally
iincliuiKctl I'etroluiiiii dull at Ukc. Wlilv
ky Arm mid uucliuiigid. Oilier* unchanged. .
Chicago, August 24.?Tho Lrovtr'i Journal rc?
I log*-Receipts 1H.0C0 tientl: htpnientiH,CQ)licnd.
Market rtmiiif. ncllwfttid fully 6e lilithcr: nttntlty
lwor, mixed M M 8 rft he-uy fs oai'J Ou; Hutu
a? 8i?uSiJj; ?klpian>li!UlliMMM7 Ik): clunoil Hroiin.
Cntt|y?IUhm!I|'U".W.O head; Milpuiciiu 3,Wx) head.
Marki'tAcUrc and dwlnibluumdw ntrouner;oxporla 1
87 20*7 W): k1*'"! to I'lioUv HhlppliiK |<) mm? 10. common
to fitlrSI Atoll 20; mixed, out choice, active at
81 '.Mai (?0; iioukcn and fecdeta |.l IUi I 2ft; range "
cattlu uotlvoand better <|iiailile* Hiroii|;cr; cnunetn
only uteiuy; Texan* 51 iftaa w; half-breed* 81 7jii
fl hU; Toxitli cows U -lOiiU 00.
Hheoii?Keceli't* 1,'i0) head: nhlpmcntA .TOO head.
Market tdovv Hitd Weak on account of unfavorable
uantern advice*; juior to fair fl OiUul f>(); medium to
good ?! 70ai (X); choke to extra 8t 20<i4 in.
Cincinnati, August IM.-Cottou ,0uu ami uuehunncd.
Flour tinner; fumtly 51 Mul 70; fancy
8'iOO.tO 00. Wheat strong and active; No. U red
winter 11 0i M|K>t: fl ojal aiy, August; 91 *\?\
November, Cora linn; No. 'J tuuuel hue upot: 7&K*
"Cc October; GG)?tir?t>)i<j November; fil?fii3?o ymr.
Ohtf, weaker; No. - mixed -13c. Uyo,stronger lit 76c.
1'ork; niftier At t-'J75. Lard, dull at 812 J5. Hulk
meat* strong: nhouldernfJ 7.1;olour rib 81.17A. llacon
trout: nml higher:shoulders Jli)7 : clear rib 111 H7>g:
clear fflft37&, Whisky Heady at tl 17; combination
sties oflli.lsuod uuod* 170 barrels on u balds of |1 17.
Hatter quiet and unchanged. . ,
Toi.kho, August'21.?Noon Hoard?Wheat opened
higher, closing with thoadvance partially lost; No.
'?! upot $1 07ji; August fl 07S: September 8I0ITJ;
October If I ifi; November 81 Ofi^J: year fl 0-1 bid.
Corn * toady: high mixed MV: No. 2 sjhiI 7'JVJ; Au?
Kiht 79^c bid: September 77Xc bid; October 7fic
bid; year <U'J$c. Oats quiet: No, 2 iq-ot, !ike;
Augu?f -tie; September H7}4q bfd; year ;io'K?).
Closed?Wheat ru?ler: No. 'J spot fl 07^; August
SI 07H: September 81 01 bid: October IJI OIK:
November fl 04%: yviir fl WlKbld. Corn, a bhatlo
easier itnd prices entirely nominal.
i nkw YoitK, August t!l?diiy Goons-TlicJobbhiR
trade shown a steady Improvement \vl h h largo dciniirtd
present and at work. Tho movements In
goods by agents itro very litruo, but though tins
larger port |>iii It In the oxcoutlon of old otii?u?o
merits, the dully want* through relented order* for,
and selections of, miscellaneous assortments, give
very good total iwles. Tho condition < [ tntdo Is
mtlsr.cto.y In cverv restioct, that i?. considering the
per.o I of me month and season. and every Indlea* ?
tlon points to a large distribution for the season In ?
sight. The tone of the market Is very steady and
Ka?T LtURtlTY. I'A.t AlWll.lt 21.^?Crtttlc? llCCOlpta Ji
408 head Market Klow: jiriiuo So Ma" 00; giMKl 8-'? 75a Z
CAS; eoinnon SiMuS 00.
lIoKh? Kcceipt* V,2t>J head. 'Market-tlrm; Phlla*
ilelnhlnH, 8S 75u'J00; ilaltlmurcH, 88 'I0uS 6Q: Yorkeis
87 ?H?8 25. "
Sheep-UeceiptK '2.400 head. Market dull;- prime
81 75; good 81 wJ.il75: common 8;iOOu'J 50.,
TlTUrtVll.l.K, I'A., August *J1.?Oil opened atftfijy?;
highest f>7j4e; lowebt Gti^c; closed at 67J?e. Shin*
rnetito 07,24! barrels: charted, JW.SS'J hara-ls: tide
wat-rrmiMy,J36 b-irrels: the Unlud fire unable to
give runs.
*Hiwi>fohk, Aimust2t.?Pctiioi.kum?Firm; opens
Idijlnwt lowest 5t%c; elodiiK 57J<e: sales
l.l'ji\000b.urels total shipments Wednesday 07,2-12 '
barrels;; charters3S.9C? barrels.,, % .
i ClNcixNATi. Animit ill.?l.lve hog? ilrm: com- ll
mon and llidit SO Wtok Jfi: nacklnu and butcher'* zi
87 75h? 80. ItecelptslOJ head; shipments 170 head. 01
' I'lrrMifiioii,'Aiiniist'JI-l'etroleuiiiactive; United e'
certlilratc Jlrm: "e:o*cd at 50}Je; rellned CJ?c for 8|
Philadelphia deliver)'.
rruiit Kmiuriit Ur.t!. (', Clurb. Omwoijo, J1,
S. V.
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Spring Styles
tnh17 ,
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liKi'nccr Job Office.
One J7i<mt.Ifi<?to !&?
Form dlntlnct wliooU. Twcntf-flulit tonrtitr*
In 1,1 in;ml Arm. Muilc. Drawing, |*?iiiilns, Elonj
work. Charge* lew tfinn unviiiuul mIiuu! Id tli
v-ml>cr Mil. Hi'Otl for new u?uloisuo tu
*?| c ? TP ?Prn tn T]0,h $'*" Mo,lhl
Vuuiiir tienuinitof Itinlleti menu* w I^41T
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lif, etc., utiJrcuHuwttril X* Odtf en, m?.,
l *
Ttato Uniting Powder1 in uihuu Irom'Hinctly puro 0
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?W l-KM M?|n "Whneilnt. 2
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[ lAI'.KANT'K h'Kl.r/KK AfKIIIKST, 'WllU'll COUtHltlS
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Made by the Oldest Mnuufii^Hrer* with die Urg- ?
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This article is strictly puro Jttiw Bon*. The bono
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E. i;(>\ I), WHEELING, W. Ta. II
Plow.-, Harrows, Drills,Cidpr Miils, . Ui
All Gwk^So1i\ yyiJeriv.CMrtrasico.Arolyfci*. P
Our Uutirdiitcoiu Kormuts. si
ittf'if our goods nre not as rcpicsenutl, we will ?
>rfflt thecu Iru bill. '
JtWEvery bug liasu Gunraiitcc<L Analysis of .the
mdlty of Us goods.'
uiruoods are dry, Hn?l dtlllwilhcuHO nnd rctju- ft
111 y *1
iotWc Authorise, our l^KftljKUS ioimtst upon U
lie veritlpiUoii of &s?y uuvoVmj htitcnieiit? which rj
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ur ??UHmniee.i, or the Quality of our Goods, or
luir l'inlty?at our Expanse. n
$10 to $20,000 '
ii legitimate judicious speculation la Grain, Brti? *
talons and locks (Hi our perfected plult. yields sure
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.'OlU'U Mer?:lian'S, \n& IT'.I Ln.cnlH'8t.,?k'HK0. lU.
Ylll produce one-fourth more ciderlhnn tiny oilier *
./ .Mill.'
Will p.y for Itself in Krluiiiim I OB bushels of np- (
vies In the amount of elder saved.
Rollers run ar same speed, completely crushing .
very ci-'ercell in ibvupplc.
Two crunks nun last ?pecd.
For light running, mid fotj jjrindjtip, nnd press- "
iik ? hm ii* e?iui?i.
T\yo in pa can mnfcc from ti to S barrels of eider u
S. E. 150YI), Wheeling, W. Yu., <
I'low.", Harrows. Drill?. l'Vrtilbors. j
?i?kxs si:rrt::tim:ii au, g
Una a Collegiate, aSanlimry ami h Sjkk 111 Conwo.
(ipiijiiuliai Yuuntf viouicn In Muslo.
Flno ArU n Specialty. .
Highest standard?the best Teachers. Write to
Rev.-J c.CALQWKIX, |)'D? Pres't.
rJ?lie Perry HarroSv 1
Is warranted to do more \vm U thmi any
l-?})Ue llsirrow-4, :
Cannot be clinked with weds.1 Stones mid Roots .
do not altecl it No jerking of the team. .
Ube ours n half day mid you will never hitch to <
another .Spike Uanovv.
S. E. 110VI), Wheeling, W, Va?
Plow;?, Ciller Mills, Prills, Fertilisers." J
A N E1 > I JO ATI ON A l7~i{ E P01! 57 j
Ct>ur?c of stmly Millk'leiitly He'xlble to meet aptl*.
Unlets ami purposes of StmUuts at
Adrian College.
For both.Sexes. Instruction thorough. J.trpe
Museum, Laboratories, l.ihrarlus. Ac. .SleanvlietitInk',
tinth rooms. KXPKNSKs.LOW, ^Hvesn-hools:
Collegiate, Miit-le, Theological! Normal, I'repam* '
tory. For Calendar, ifcc.,'address I). S. Sl'KI'HfMl.
iTcmmnt, Adrian. Mich.' " '
It JC11 HON, 1) CH AM 1* 10S
Forcc-Fced Gmlti Drill. For. e-Feert Gnuu Seeder.
'Forte*Feed Fertilizer.,;., ,
All 3 Hoppers dotarhnblo. I.lftvr Piir, In front of
Hopper, frteid Sjirlng IKv*.'' Kochitygc
of Gear Wheel*.
lteyond doubt the most perfect Gmlu Drill offcfad :
the trade.
N. 15. ItOY1), >V.V.i?
<'jder Mpla. Fertilizer*,
SCHOOL?For circular address 11. A.STKOUK,
Aniherwt C. H.,'Va.
KoSirl Yon can't GIVK me your Flow! I have
tried'them'fill. nnd wouldn't Rive the JMI'KIUAL
fur all'the Flows I ever sty. 1 tell you, sir. it {
Ju (|?<! World.
No MUtukel nttdVou Know It!'
, It) pott it dk Ikhtcr than the Chilled I'Iowh.
A boy 10 you? old can handle It .with greater
c ase than a icnnran handle lie Chilled l'lo\VnS.
E. 150YD, Wlietmng. \Vt Ya,
Harrows, Dfilla. Cujer }\u\ax Vgrtjliaers.
A New CIi\(;*cl? Husic Hook,
, IMTSON A CO. take p'eitsttrc la inir(HtURinn to
the public their new MV'lr AVx?V ?"f HSi-lSw. Nftt
(inly a Choir lijinV, b.nt gsitotiue CJiss and onvejv
tl(?:t Uool:. Not oidy Oiyv.'". liufac.tpl\ul collection
pteiwy GleoHud So\ir n\u*tc, of : Hymn-tune and
-iwiuium .iiiumi:. U'tr.y,: ineuijug, nu? IDoroilgUiy
inukicui, Ju.vrocn,
Jt would be well to. send' ciirly for n copy for examination.
prigs 31.00.
A New HiibIok School nml CoJiviJiitlon Itook.
1IY \v. 0.1'ERKUvS.
while the CHOUi< one of the l*?t
of SjHK\n? lknik?. liKeinsnecfwotry to provide
(iir the \vnm.i u( tho?e wht> yr fir to ums * rheHwr,
lighter mid Mnnller lM>k. ^'ho iti
lur ill iirntngctncntHud quality to' Its torpor com:
ranlon. ?1iiruiiiiR only ip |t? Mze,ntu|)n tfic manlier
of iJewiof * kind w||lu|> it contains. Ik-uinnerii
cannot bnt bo di'llghu-t) tho lunjt nuraber of
very f?T und very pretty Meicitw* ttud fnugs,
PKIUh 7Ti 01*8.' 'end early ( miicf-lineu copy.
M?Ued to any Addrew for tilwve |.ri(r?.
OLIYF.H D1TS0X A: CO., liostoii.
C. II. D1TS0N iCO., 813 llroudway, New York.
nana for Eighteen Dollars.
. Attendance prut yonrtu Buprrlor julvniitflWi
Hun, MihIitii I^iiguiutc*. NwUlvWork, nn.l Wax
u UiiIUmI Mlali*. Ttmitjr-?ljrlilU ywir oikmii K*i>.
11KV. 1. C. PBlWIIHftl, fi.D., rituburkU,
faithful und beautiful location. Uniqualid IN*
teat and Vheajtfat Collar anil only tint-clan
JI A State. kahnkit, Practical,Tiiumouuii,
HI fw% mourn write ui once. T,aty or Aecrtt
I'or catalogue!. circu?^%^\| I
Fleinlligton, \V.Va. WW* mm Em VJ|Eb?_
GLKNDIVI, M. T.. July 1, ISM.
Having removed from Wcit VlnrlnU, to the great
fellowatotio Valley in Montana Territory, where J
lropose to muke iny home for tho future, and enikko
In the Heal iKtHlo Uuilueas, hccure Home*
tcMilN for keUlvr?, on Government Uuida. nUo teuro
farm* from tno Northern I'a-ifle Kuilroad for
iHtlen, mi they will hate * pi nee to locate- on urrihI,
without tile trouble or expenw of hunting a
leslrable location.
I wM buy uud fell all Kind* of Heal KMato for
lon-rwrtdento ?* well on citizen* of the Territory.
OpportunitlCN unexcelled to purchase the r>wt
and*, now allured for ?le at low prlcwi, which iu a
ear or two will bo worth live to ten time* their
irvwnt cost. My facility* for tranuetlng btulum
rlth the U. B. Lund Oilliu umiurpaMed. Charges
aoderate. Corrcipondeiico noliclted.
Jyl-Mw filendlve. M. T.
Lain* negotiated, stock* bought and aold.mef
bant*' and, manufacturer*'booluopcued,examined
nd closed. folates settled, notes, book accounts
ud rcttU collected. Ilotiw# rented and loam*3
ollcctlons promptly remitted. Advances made
II bukiticJM correspondence confidentially attended
). Send for circular'to references. 1318 Market
reel, (Cranglo's Block,) over City Bank, Wheeling
Va ' laC
Civil Engineer, Surveyor nnd Examiner
f Land Titles.
Office:?42 Twelfth 8treet, Wheeling,
\f. Ya. Telephone, No. 59. nul7.
jp B. CAMDEN,*M. D.,
PliyHloliin unci Surgeon.
Residence and oflleo No. 1 to Fourteenth irtrect
fllce al*o Ht 1153 Cliapllne atrcet.
Telephone No. C-Cl and No. 14."
Call* promptly aimworcd. ' my23
^R. J. L. KEED
Has removed his office and residence from
le Kighth ward to the dorner of Twentyicond
und Chnpline streets, Fifth ward.
Office hours?7 to 9 a. m., 1 to 3 r. m., 7 to
f. m. Telephone F 16. ' mySO
^ 0. SMITH,
:cul Estate, Bond & Stock llrokor.
Special nttontlon Riven to collecting rent* and tbi
moral management of Real Kxtate. i
mhl lap Main ytrect, Wheeling, W. Va.
1)R. HULLII1KX hna returned to the city and ro !
imed the pruciiec of ini-dlclne and aurgery. lit
ill Iks found at tho
n;r the City LUnk. Mnrket street. niyfl
viii pcmer una uuiuicr.
Brick Buildings erected complete In nil mbdcri
npmvcmcnts. ALsr> vroodnn buildings fitted uj
uupleteou lot. Wooden bulldimrn framed ana
tteu up In yard at work shop turn taken to an; ,
irt and completed. ?n muouuble terniK. All al
rations mnde on old buildings, roofs vallCy* and
jyditthtsnartlouUrlyHttendeu to. Desks,counters ,
:id shelving ilttod up on short notice; store front)
lit lu and stores altered. Residence No. S'J Blx
lentil street, formerly occupied by Mr. Ben Exlcy
nop In rear ot Capitol, on Alley 13. ' myll
Mannfoclujow o' portable^" Btafionary, niarlnt
illor*. breeching, chimney*,'tanks. Mills, door?
luttervand ail kinds of heavy sheet tron work
vttlere In second hand bo-lers. for Information
pply to COX A MORUUiON,
No. 1G06 Market street.
Tp]t>phfine C-21. RcpalrespecUl attention. Tcrtm
Hhouwle. . . my!9
^ 0. LIST, Jil,
aidcuror of the celebrated CHESTER MEATS
which aro uow ready and for wilo at
My 8. 0. Meati ate all bunded. "idst't Chester.'
J M. CL0D6T0N, ;
*rnfn,(*round Few!, Ruled Hjijt, Straw &t
South Street,Kent,Market Strvet Bridge,
* '111 p-ty the haircut market price for *he*t, cort
HTlri Oftt*. <PlB
1160 MAIN STREET, , '
)eulcrs in O'raln, Provisions and Oils, in
. (Jar.Lois.
Order# plaocd for SPECULATION In Grnln. Pro
Isiou?, Oil nndStovk* on..margin iu Kxelmugus at
.'hiwKO, New York uud Oil City.
CliIiHgo Correspondent*?B. Davenport & Co.. M
. Nichols & Co. Jel
B. Daveni-OBT, , C. B. EOOI^UTOM,
General. 0/,D. Kggljtstou & Sqn, Special
)ea,ltrs in Grain, Flour, Seeds, Provisions, Chew
and Dried FmlU.
n U7 WA?.MKGTf>K cr.. nmOArw
B~R. oii/mmsr
Office with Taylor <t lfcrr,
No.<2 Twelfth Street.
Admiralty and Maritime Law & specialty. Collec
;lon? promptly made. an'24
No. Chapllne BU, Wheeling. W. V* myBl j
Hannibal forbes,
Office, Custom H0UW1 Wheeling. W. ?> ;aia
James p. rogers, *
No. 1907 Chaplin# Bt,, oppoidto the Ootirt Ronw
A-htvling, W. Vi. fe?_
Daniel lamb,
No. 1818 Markot itreet, (over City B?nk,) wheo!
Log W. Vi.
OQhXi No. 1222 Uhttlillue St., Wheeling, W. Va.
Promet mmntlwn Ui ail himlnma ><?7ru^
By virtue of ftdocrceof the Munlcl|ml Court of
Wheeling, enteral in the causo ol Ai'gufclE Nolle,
ndn., Ac.,'acalnia Fredurlk* Nolte et al.. on the
isith tiny qr July, A. l>., 18JW, the iinden-lnned
Kppolalt.onrniMoner will, on Wkd.nksd vy, thetiih
V OK Sma mkk, A. 1).. 1882. commencing at
10o'clock a. ut the front door of the.Court
House of Ohio county.-proceed to soil nt public
auction to the highest an-l best bidder, the fellowliiK
dc5crll*ed real estate, vl?: I.ot 12 in square liU,
In the town of South Wheeling, Ohio county, Wot
Terms oh Sai.Pv-.One-third of tho purchase
mo ey. or mucin more u^tho imrcliabonnuy elect
UVWycash. and the hilanee' in two equal Installments
payable In klx and twelve mom ha from day
W mk\ with lutoreat, and to be evidenced by,notes
WlthHWxl personal hecirity. Title to be,retained
till payment of-mid notes. T. J. HOiiya,
v Special Cqmra&lonur.
IIali.rk, Auctioneer.
I certify thaU>o|\<l *n<) wemtty as rcqnlrcd by
law has bwtVtlven In the above ease by the w\ld T.
J. Uuwuh, Special CouiniMouer.
mift Clerk Municipal Court of .Wheeling.
$rl/fh vol'IJ CAPITA Ij.
ll^jf .Tlmi (ilealrlna lo i?mk?; uioiicy
A-'_ hi cram, provini tia jniii Hiock
Vv?#bB cuii do *o l?y ojicrrfflft.flB
Htiiicon??tu*|U?n. From Jlny UV.
I.S31, to.tlie invHcut data ?>? hi'
* ' ' v. Rtmeiits of #10.0(1
WHEAT imv-i lvr?u r?j!ilizo?l nr.ii
I i?nii\ 4,A liivftoturi nmomithiu to
j.-,-. .?vomi. tunes too original, inventntill
(wiving theoriunml inifttaM
v?'Rtmr:it rnnltina tnotnir or my.
(inmnnil. K.splanitfo/vciv.
. culitm an i Ktutcj^csiu cf funil H
STOCKS "l'nt '^V W' ""'n't '''fiiwnsibU
OAUV^fvO ii.;.my>.'wi)(>'wii! rryort cm crop*
. nul lati'mlnci tho pint). Liberal
.cmuiuic* oua ii:uil.- AtldroRK,
tftflwJflB k i'.m Mr.Kitt.vM. ( m.
YdWjf Mrm-HuiiU, Aluia? illwk.
<,'lilrnui?. III.
ybr Bale Cheap At the New Building,'
a>i23 Xo 10flr> Mwin Street.
GlHLs. 19.* ('twrU"i Ht linlihi.n.u. Mil.
KjIhIiMiIioiI 1M! F.cihU the Irirgnncc of ilic
School. *ul w
lor K<ut Htnl West oorrvctcd to J UK X
4th, lJW'i.
Train* leave Panhandle Donot. foot of Klevotith
itrt'ot. tii'Hr Public Luiiiliug, daily, except BumIh)'h
m follows:
I'ltU KlUt K??t hlO. I AtV
WheclliiR Tltno. Kxp'> K*p'* Kxp'* KxpVc'm'n
Leave? a. h. r. m. p. m. a. h. I p. m,
Wheeling*,.* .. C:Si 1:67 4:17 8;62, B:t7
. Arrive
w'tMiiuurv....... 7:u> a.w 4:w 7:18
81ouIhjiivTUo 7:36 a.lo 6:20 9:K? ?.jo
PltUbuncli 10:00 5:10 7:30
r. *. a. v.
HftrrUburg^.....-. 11:16 4:15
4. M.
Wiuhlnuton... 9:15
PhlMolpnlt 2.65. 7:ftO
New York 6.16 11:16
v. v
Botton m?.l 8:00
ooino wk*r,
l'MO. Oill. Wwt Ac- a7?"
Kxp'f Kxp'* Mull ti'm'n u'Jit'n
Lca?t>- a. m. r. u. a. m. r. u. r. K.
Wheeling *62 4:17 6:32 1:6*, 6:47
BleulHiarllle^ 9:65 6:20 7:36 8:10 8:10
Ctdli 11:46 8:00 .... 5:55
r. u.
DennUoa 12:01 8:16 ... 6:10
A. M.
Newark ' ?25 2:40.. 9 2.'.
Columbus 8:30 8:46 IOiHC
lchv?- a. m. a. m.
Columbiu...; 8:6C '8:66 3:65 0:66
Arrive? r. x.
Dayton .... 6:26 7:00 7:0i> i;:K)
Cincinnati 1:00 8:00 4:00 2:10
p. u.
Iudlanajtolli 10:50 12:30 C:(0
a. it. r. m.
8t. Loull 7:30 8:06 n uf,
Chicago..*,.*...'. 7:80 7:50 7:*
tfutiiuv expru* lenvi* WlieclliiK hi a. m., hp
rlvw Weltftbiin! 9:2> a. k? Ktcubonville 9:56 a. h,, s
uirtklnu cloto rotinrction for wcMtoin ixiIntK.
Tralim ICMVlnK Columbus at 8:.V> p. m. iukI 3:55 a.
m.. run dully. Through Chicago Kxprot* leuviH
Columbusdaily, except Sunday, at 6:00 p. m., with
sleopiitRcar attached, HrrivtiiR In Ohlcn^o Ht 7:;i0
next uiuniliiR. Norths can be noourcd in advaucv*
Onion Depot Ticket Ofllce. Columbus.
Pullman's l'aldcc Drawing Room SleetiliiR Cam
through without ehaiiRo from Bteubemille hai>t to
Philadelphia and New York. Weal to Columbun,
Cincinnati, Louisville, Indianapolis and tit. Loulr.
For through tlcketi, brtRtuRO check*, Mooplng nir
accommodation#, and any further iulormHtion, ni*
itly to J NO. c. TOMMNSON, Ticket ARent, at I'rjihandlo
Depot, foot of Eleventh street, or at City
Tickot Office, under McLuro Iloncc. Wheeling,
Manager. ColnrabtiH, Ohio,
6en'l Paw, and Ticket Agent, PttmburRh, Fa.
On ana Hfter .Nf?y 21, lSfi, j?assi>ni;or traJm will
run Hf folloffH?WhefHiiR Time 3. a 4. :
_._unrvn No. W.' No. 5 No. l No.'.i*|Sa :t
l,,;t DllljU.nyDalijD.il/
i/Jave?' a.m. 4..m. v.: p.m. Y, H.
Wheeling.., .7-15 1 S:50 3:11- -l:M
Belial re.,......- 7 3 1:4: 1:00 3.5C 6X0
Arrivea ai- ' ,
r. u.
Grafton 8.10 6.4S 1:00 7:U ft'/O
Cumberland.,^,.- 9:33 ;:t7 i:_T?
,ij.., p. ?j.
Washington iai> V:l?? 9:/>0 tvrr?
Baltimore 3 2?> H OC 7:1ft
Philadelphia 7-to '?:<* lis'o
Now York... 10;50 fi:?o a.'.O
J P. a. a. u.
Boston >:'.*? f? if.
Dully exeonCSuiidHy.
No. 43 and No. 9 stop at all Station*.
Ix?v?? P.M. a, SI. P.M. P.M.
Wheeling 4 0r ?:S0 1:.% 11:1ft.
Bellulre ^ 4:40 10:10 ttit il:W
Arrive lit- . x
f. M. A.M.
Z&nenrlUo - MO lif-r- 5.a*. &05
Newark 1:60 hill' 4:1U
OohimbUB .. i:l'3 7:f.O ft Ml
a.m. P.M.
Cincinnati - 8:00 5.1* a.10
' t A. 11.
S&ndusly..... .. ...... J.?... 7:00 -fc'ia
P.M. r.?.
Indl&utpollL,,..... 11:00 Ifctt 1?L5
K. M.
Bt Louta.. .v. 7:80 7:55 7:30
x a.m. p.m.
Chicago 6:00 8:00 7:b0
Kansajt Cltr....:.';..1...?.! ... 8:fl'l ??:Sfi 9:00
B. & O. iMbice, Dmwtug Koom am! iikepuig c^tn
ou all night trains.
Clow: coimeotiona are made. for Hli points South
and Southwest, North and Northwest, making thl?
a dealroblc route for colonists rikI persona moving
to the great West, and to whom particular attention
e RivenWHKE1JNG,
Leave Wheeling 6:40 a. m.. 1:80 p. m., 5:10 r. m.
No trains run on this Division on Sunday.
Ticket* to all principal {mints on wilo at Depot,
fllce open at all hours during the day.
Information to the traveling public chccrfullj
triven. W. M. CLEMKNTS, M. ol T.
R. T. DEVRIfiS. Gen'l Agent. Wheeling.
Conrteh.?ed Hmo Table of 1'A.wnger Trains, cor
rected to JUNK4, lfefl'i. "
~ " .? Wall. ExpioST Ex pre#*. Antom;
: Leave? ^
ijiwonKH O;WA.*. j;ai I\ ji. -TOS P. M.I..
Allegheny *:10 . V 1:30 t:16 "
Arrive? ,
Rocliaitcr. 8:53 '2:*20"s;(o'
lJenver 8:69 ' a/.'G " M "
K. Llvcr'l- 9:37 ' v:LU. ?* 5:4; .. 'Ti.'.V.'IIZ'
wciuvillv. 9MS ; sag ^
Toronto ... If :V7 3:! 0 fi;39 ? 7 CC '
Steuben'e. 10:47 4:?6 " 6:57 n-<M
Mar'N F'y? 11:42 " f, 0l ' 7i:>0 Jin Urlili{cpoii
11:43 " 5:0S " ' 7:67 " bV? ?
BolUlro,... 1*2:00 p. m. _G:20' " fciQ ? ?55 <
HI VKR D1V IS 10T^(fniSMrKA7gT~
Atoom. M?n.' "t:xyn>*.
Ix'flre? '
15Aniw^" ?:50a,m.* 11:00 x-u' t.u. imo r.M.
Brtdmiprt C:00 " 11:10 " 150 \55
0 Hr,hF^- S1"7 11:17 " " 6:01 "
Btcuk'ine. 7:01 " 12:17 r.M. -j:4S " 6f?8
Toronto..,.. 7:20 " 12:39 " s:(i5 n'.Vy ..
WcilsrlUe- 7:49 ? l:|5 " SM0 ? c; 5 "
IK. Llvcr'l... 8:15 " 1:49 " C:l/j "
B?HVcr &19. " 2:20 " GM7 "
1 Rochester- U:(5 " 2:35 " ^52 " ""
Allfffhcny. 10:20 ' 8:20 14 7:M "
PltWiurgn 10:30 " ftao 745 ? ""
|K5.:;:r::: f5}^=
! g :: =
??it i I I v:?? " |
Bon ton -I 'b:1Q r. m.|
WOTK-rTrulns li-avlnu. JJtlUiru til lt.hu a. u. and
l.W r. x. connect at Yellow Cicuk for Cleveland.
All train* dully exccpt Sunday.
General rawenger and Ticket Agent.
WM. A. BAM>*IN'. Mtinugor. I'itlsbiirtili.
Wu. A. Jrerr, ........ l'roildcnt
Wh. B. SwreoN Vice-I'rceldeiil
Dot* a General Hanking BueIuw*.
Wm. A. Iwtt, I Win.}!. rJlinpwn,
J. A. Niller, I John 1C. Bo Word,
A. M. Adaina, Victor Boscnburp.
Heu;y Speycr,
tnBlS F. I'. J EPSON*. Cn-hlcr.
. .. JtfW.Kfl
J. >t. Vahck ...... President
9AMVXL Lauoumn... VIeo-?re?ddi?nI
J.N.'Vance, | 8. Horkhoimer,
3. Laugblin, 1 W. KHInehRCi.
L. 8. Dclaplaln, . A. W. Kelly,
John Frew. 1
J ' /
311A 8. KRAUB. fiOL. JtRAfd. FHSl>. IUHKK.
C. KRADS -V fin
(Bucw?or to H. Bcbintilbncb A Co.t)
Wines and Liquors, Brandy,
No. 1133 MnrUot ?Sti ?iot,
S .
The Association Headqu;ir(ersfc
TVovf Open For Guests.
Terim from $2 00 to &5.QU p<*r day.
.For further information address,
ii. ii. tan iin't r.rr.
aft1 1 i:"i-i:n:roft.
For ucn BUI llptuU, letter KM*
an lis, Ac., m In till! IMIc Ilivllhitw'*, Job

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