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"Best SOe Corset
Ever OITeroil to (Im l'coplo.
Cull uml aeo it.
1 LO^l Mnin Street.
tviiKi:u,>u, >v. v.i.
Telephone F-r>2. ? hu25
We ofTcr our entire Stork of Ladiei' and
Miwh' Linen, Mohair, I'oplin, Dusteru and
Ulstrrn at a great reduction, both wtoleaale
and retail.
Country nie*clinnti dwdrinj: any of the
ulnve will pleaa* order promptly.
Also the bahnce of our Rummer and lost
Hfif flnn/U Trlmmtr.irs. Hosiorv.
(Jloves, <fccV
Eleventh St,, bet. Main and Market,
I'omom uiacrievcH by erroneous or excessive ??
ncwmieiiUiof real or petsonal |?r*)|?oriy. will find the
Board of Kmuliutlon nml Appeals in vcmIou hI
the fit)' Building at 9 o'clock a. m. of the day* and
for the want* mentioned below, for the purpose of
hetring petition* for tho correction of such tua&sv\*.nls;
First and Second Ward". Thursday, Aug. 31st.
Third and Fourth Wards. Friday, Sept l?t.
Fifth and Sixth Wards. .Monday, Sept. 4th.
Seventh ami Eighth Wartln, Tuetday, Sept. 5th.
By order of the Board,
an30 W. A. WUSW. Chrtrnun.
Household and Kitchcu Furniture.
Under? deed of trust from J. 0. Baker to me, *
lot of Household and Kitchcu Furniture will bo
old TO DAY *t .No. 11116 y-ofT*tre?l.
.site begins ht 9 o'clock a. m.
1k fuMIcjrntx*
Office: Xoi.aOimda? Fourteenth Ntrect.
New Advertisement*.
E. A. Weber, Teacher of Music and Organist.
Ho, for the Cincinnati Exposition.
Ice Cream?Thos. P. Heyiuan.
A Business Man Wants Rooms.
l<ost?A Pocketbook.
The Celebrated Pearl Shirt.
Itay Wanted. ,
Wanted?A Girl to do Housework.
Public Bale of Household and Kitchen
Furniture?Head of Local.
Board of Equalization and Appeals?Head
of Local.
4JRA.NI) Turtle Soup Ltiuch at A. "Waltcr's
Tidal-ware Suloou to-night from 0
to 12 o'clock.
CANDIES, Fruits, Nuts and thefluest
ltel'reslimcntg at Mrs. Zci;cnfclder's, A'o.
iit> Twclfili street.
F. (J. Caldwell handles tho prodnctof
the Hivcrside Furnlturu Factory. Save
SO per cent at 1G00 and l.>02 Market
GRAND Turtle Soup Lunch at A. Walter's
TMul-wave Saloon to-night from i>
to 12 o'clock.
THE usual merchant*'lunch atfhaXew
McLui*e 11 o uho Sample ltuuiiiu daily.
Tlioriuonu'UT ilecord.
The following shows the range of the thermometer,
as observed at Scbnepfs drugstore,
Opera House corner yesterday:
1881 1882
7 M. 12 M, a l\ M. 7 r M J 7 l. M. 12 M, 8 r. M, 7 r. M
72 W % 85 '| "A 82 82 <8
Washington, August 30, 1a. m.?For Tennessee
and the OUio Valley, local rains, fallowed
by slightly cooler* partly cloudy
Weather, higher barometer, light, variablo
Xeiriy Nolc* About Various 1'roiulncnt
Mr. Jim Adams returned last evening from
an Eastern pleasure trip.
Misses Gene Logan and Jessie List left for
Mountain Lake Park yesterday.
Miss Angio Hall, of Steubenville, is the
guest of Miss Ella Phillips, of tbo South
Mrs. Dr. Pipes, Mrs. Dr. Keed and Miss E.
J. Stevens left yesterday (or tho falls of_ N'iayara.
Miss Jennie Cassell will entertain a number
of her friends at her home, on Fourteenth
street, this evening,
Hon. Seliuon Wells, who so ably represented
Tyler county in the last House of
Delegates, was iu tbe city yesterday.
The "Island crowd,"as well as all the friends
ol Gbarlio lieed, of Harpers, can tender their
congratulations. its a loveiy oauy.
Tlioa. Carnahan, Jr., of Marshall, Kennedy
' Go.'h atore, goes to West Liberty, W. Va.,
with his grandmother for a viait of two
Rev. Geo. K. llite has returned from hla
Hummer vacation, and will resume the services
of his church,beginning with tho Thursday
evening prayer meeting.
Henry Schiuulbach, of the celebrated
Wheeling brewery, accompanied by Mat.
Aultmeyer and Hen. Hanke, bully boya
the Nail City, are seeing our townspeople
to-day.?SteuUnville JlcraUt.
Mayor Egerter was at death's door all day
yeateiday, and several reports were circulated
to the ctrect that he was dead.. Inquiries
as to his condition were being telephoned the
City Building all day. Last night the Mayor
v was resting easier, and hopes are entertained
y? for his speedy recovery. Drs. Balrd &ud
titifel aro attending him.
Ainongihe recent promotions of West Virginians
in the . Pension ofilce at Washington,
we find the name of Capt. Jas. A. Macauley.
principal examiner from $1,800 to $2,000.
Many of our citizens who recollect tins brave
soldier as one of the State otliclals, Treasurer,
who came to Charleston with the Capital in
1870, will be pleased at the succoaa his merit
has won.?Charlejton Tribune.
Mr. Greer S. Smith, son of B. J. Smith,
Ivaq.. of New Cumberland, W. Va., was la
the city last eveuing ou his way to Washing*
ton College, l'a., where he finishes his course
this session, which begins to day. He i9 one
of the debaters in the contest of next March,
and will defend the Cause of Protection
against an opponent from Virginia. Heertfecta
the college to have about 225 students
this year.
Col. J. A.-Boyd, of theBalUmore and Ohio
Railroad, who has been In Washington & few
days, left for his home at Boyd Station, JId,.
on Tuwday morning. He took with 1dm
three fine, large horses, which will be used
n his plantation. The Colonel has a farm
of one thousand acres upon which he conducts
a large daity business, finding o market
for his nrouuekin Baltimore and WashitijgLon
City.? MluAinpton, l'a., Importer. I
CIIY liltr.VfTift*.
Minor Ucourr.incfM from nil I?nrt? of
tlioJLocnl Flfld.
Tn* material-is on the ground for putting
in a new front at the Vigilant engine house.
It neeua one.
J axis J. J, JoiiNsotf writes that the United
Blatej Court will conveue in this city, Monday,
September 4th.
The State Fair Association thus far this
eaion hua realtzid about $1,300 for rent of
the ground# for picnics, base ball, etc.
'FqI'ikr Wt'Kiii.NH yesterday placed Mary
31.tier utidefafSO bond to keep the peace for
ai* months on complaint of Augusta Ablo.
uaoi nriiiiiK ?<oo urecn ceieoraieo ma
birthday by giving n water melon party at
his hotel on Water street. A wry social tune
was liad.
Frank Hittru whs yesterday sworn in us a
special and' with a shot gtm will guard the
vineyard on Wheeling hill. Marauders
should beur this in mind.
"Oeoiuik" and "Archie," the hick horses
from the hook and ludder and Vigilant
liousw, who have been recuperating >n the
country, were brought back yesterday, feel*
log tlmt-cltisg,
Tiib nut proceeds of tho picnic recently
given on the new fair grounds for the benefit
<if tho Sisters of 8t. Joseph foot up nearly
$1,000 from all sources and with all expenses
paid. A nicy sum.
Tub attention of all thoso.who feel them*
felves aggrieved by erroneous or excessive
aMetmnenta.ls called to the advertisement of
lite Hoard of Kijuallzation and Appeuls In
this.morning's tane.
Tiik Actives, a colored baseball club, of
Wheeling, have Issued a challenge to the
colored people of Ucllalre to play them ji
uiHtch game, and It Is probable that a nine
will be found to play tbein.?Uellalre Tribune
Tint Actives, the colored bnse bull club of
the city played a very exciting and Interesting
game with the Iluckeyes, of South
Wheeling, on the Island yesterday afternoon.
Ten innings were played and then the
gamo declared a draw, tho score standing 4
to 4. The Actives arc anxious to hear from
the Kngles.
Tiik WelUvllle Union tells of scores of children
in that town who have been cured of
whooping'cough by Inhaling the atmosphere
of the local gas works. Several children on
the Island have the disease, and there have
been one or two fatal canes. It might pay to
try the Wellsville experiment.
Yesterday morning a lady, whose name
we were unable to nscertuin, was driving
along Chapline street, when in crossing the
coal bank track on Twenty-sixtli street, the
front wheels of her vehicle parted front the
rest and dumbed her in the ruud She was
not injured beyond having her dress torn,
Kkllky it Jones, Pittsburgh; d. \v. Kelley
it Co., Columbus; Trimble it Lu% Wheeling;
James Fitton, llellalre, and F. A. Ilare,
Steubenville, were the bidders on the heating,
plumbing, itc.,on the new city building.
The bids will not be made public until the
next meeting of Council.-i^Sfeukniif/t: Gazettt.
The fortieth convention of the Pittsburgh
Synod of the Kyangelical Lutheran Church
concluded its sessions yesterday morning,
having been in session at Zion Church since
last Tuesday. Nothing of much importance
was transacted beyond ilnishing up odds and
ends and saying good-bve. Next years convention
will beheld in iirie.
At last the Fifth ward fountain is to be
tnade presentable again. Since the last time
it was faltered down by the careless driver of
soiue country wagon, it has been a disgrace
to the city, The top ornamental pieces are
being replaced and the affair will be painted.
It was presented to the city by Dr. Blum,
and the care that has beeu talceu of it, is
An interestinggaiue of baseball was played
yesterday on the "Little Green," at the North
lind, between the Police Gazettes nine and
the .Hough and Heady boys. The score
showed a victory for the Police Gazette to
the tune of 3 to 2. A good crowd witnessed
the game. The return game will be played
thisjifternoon. The Police Gazettes would
be glad to hear from the Oscar Wildes.
Harby Mason, the tillerman of the hook
and ladder tiuck No. 1, is an inventive
genius. He yesterday rigged up an arrangement
of weights iron rod* wirou otn thiit.
he attached to the gong, so that when it is
struck the horses are instantly released. It
is something on the principle of the one
gotten up by Foreman Rose, of the Eighth
ward. It worked to a charm yesterday and
the company is justly proud of Mason.
A teleouam was received here yesterday
by Mr. Davidson, foreman of the I'ottery, to
the effect that Goodwin Bros., proprietors of
u well-known pottery at East Liverpool, had
consented to recognize the Potters' "Association
and allow the members of the organization
to go to work. The strike there involved
merely the existence of the association
and concerned no question of wages. If Litis
telegram he true the men have gained their
Concernino the blind man who induced a
girltoaccomnany him from Steubenvilje to
this city, and from here west, the Newark,
Ohio.vlt/roc/ife says In response to a Telegram
from Marshal Mayers, ol Mt. Vernon, LieutennntGrillith
went there to-day, and brought
buck I). W. Jiurrjpk, the blind thief and kidnappor.
He will l?e tried here for horse
stealing. The parents of the abducted girl,
Kva Swan, do not intend to prosecute liiiu,
being contented with getting their Child
I back. Th*y are laboring people, and do not
I cure to go to the trouble urid expense which
i they seem to think it would cost.' A ticket
j was sent for her return to Steuhcnyil|e.
I Mick McCmjskky called last evening'to tell
his side of i he htory about the trouble on tlu*
I'eninsulu Monday afternoon. It seems he
is employed there and not Ilalplu.
Hulpin and one or two oihera cumout
and got comfortably full, lltilpin
so much so, that he wanted to
light. He followed McOlnskey around,using
: uireuiening una insulting language ami final*
Iv lunged at him with his list. McCluskey
I cnt'ii knocked him down; but uged no knife
McCluskey tells his story in a straightforward
manner and gave himself up 'to the jiolice.
llulpiri would give the police no particulars
Ullker Morris says for years past
Mcl'luskey hus been an exemplary character.
Okjckk IUuj;,v made an arrest yesterday
that should be generally applauded. The
person hauled in was a young lad about 15 or
10 years old who hud in his possession a paper
suiting that lie was subject to tits and was
miubit) to work and that he had at home a
mother with three small orphaned children,
and, in fact, that t|u'V were about as destitute
as could be founu. With this paper he
was soliciting charily. IJo Sb/w good, nor
are any of tue bait dozen gangs who are
working the same racket in the city, and
people charitably inclined should have nothing
to do with them. The way the scheme
is usually worked is in1 this wise: at night,
three or (our get together and the smallest is
sent up a> a crowd with the paper, What he
collect* is divided among the gang,' JJand
them over to the police and if thure iB really
anything in their storlfcs they will find it out
and then there will be a chance for charity.
R Vylle, Wttkh'pm, J'a, 11 Goreuet, Mil.
UFro, Pittsburgh. H B bj?ln^), Chicago.
J Tlnuns, Columbus, WJ* i.|?)u, Pallas, W.Va.
J KJt-ln, Wt'llsburgh. Thos Walton, p|fr.
8 Wells, Lonj; Reach, Geo Well*. Iajiik Roach.
J W McCoy, Fairmont. J H McCoy, bUterivlile.
Geo McCoy, SiKtersvhle. E A Sealley, Tyler Co.
J M Workman, u & o It. Dr. Hull, UrMotln, l'a,
, J Kitoln, Independence SCUalbrattb, 1'hlla.
0 II Clitic, Baltimore J S Keun, Newark.
IJ F lood, Steubenville. Win Brown, Hlncham, 0.
It Metreger, l'ltuburuh. J Ciuey, WclUburg.
I II rainier, Cincinnati. E M Richmond, Zaticsv.
1 Win Mculnre, 1'nlUd. II Wagner, New *ork.
I Geo Gibson, city. M Kirtier, Sew York.
| S KvdiiH, ltaltlmorc. J Aiwlcmth. HaltimnrA.
J N uoon, w. Vs. Mr* rt'eljeruiiiu, il'dav'ie.
J liiUrteuMajjer, Newark. 1) Wagner, city.
VV, K Inkald, ? *. J I'ouue, I'd.
Wni Miller, New York. Jim Aictier, Brooke Co:
M WdU, UrookeCo. J McConnell,UloTclatiil.
A Flue Piece of Workinnniiliip*
While visiting the cemetery at Greenwood
our attention was called to u cottage monument
just erected to the memory of the lute
Robert Marshall, the design being the latest
and most uniqus style of Gothic architecture
in tho cemetery. This monument was
completed by the firm of Messrs. Archcr &
lloal, of Steubenville, Ohio. The granite js
of the finest gray American granite manufactured.
' This tirm has also in completion several
other large monuments for this and
other cemeteries iu our city. Numbered
among these is one for the grave of S. II.
Woodward, formerly of the LaUelle Iron
Works, and it will be one of the largest and
choicest in tho cemetery. To all wishing
anything in their line we can cheerfully recommend
them to this tirm for howeaty and
square dealing as well as being able to furnish
a larger and hotter uolection of designs
to choose from than any other house in this
section of the country.
Graxd Turtle Soup Lunch at A. Walter's
Tidal-wave Saloon to-night from i) to 12
"WINE OF CAnDUi" makes roa/
checks ami clear complexion*.
by Lo#an &Qq.
11 Hemrd loth* latrutloaiof the Iron Maaafce
Corrri aad |h? DUpotltloa ol thr Amalgamated
Auorlatlsa'a Miaibrri-Kipcetatloaa
of Son* Kind of a CoIUpir,
The auppowil climax in the irou lockout
and the possible outcome of an attempt U
Mart ohe or two of the mills al the old price*
and, if necessary, with nun-union workmen
was the absorbing topic of conversation ii
tlie city yesterday, not only where knots o
idle workmen assembled or among the inter
eated mill owners, but among all classes o
iieople everywhere. Uo Into a grocery am
the women were discussing the situation am
quoting what their husbands say; go into i
cigar store or a saloon nnd the proprleto
would at once spring the inquiry, "Jh then
anything new about the mills?" Still, wltl
all the talk, there was
notiuno new developed
yesterday.in regard to the Intentions or plan:
of the l?ullello and Belialre mills, the tw<
which aru generally believed to be prepariti)
for an early resumption.
A reporter opproaciied President McCourt
uey, of the Belialre mill, on the street am
that gentleman did not hesitate tostate, tha
lie was not at all overjoyed at being stoppei
by the questioner. '1 he question was aiket
it bedtslred to say anything on the preset!
status of the iron outlook, the Belialre mill o;
the article in yestetday's Intelligencer, Be
/ore the question was entirely finished Jh
wild "I know nothing that I care to say any
thing hi out," and looking at the reporte:
with a chilling gaie ho added, "When yui
get anything out of me, just let .mo know
will you?" The searcher after inforniatiot
solemnly promised that he would and de
Soveral other manufacturers were inter
viewed, but the only expressions of sufllclen
Interest to justify their publication wen
heard in a
conversation with mr. 11 earns,
in conversation with Hon. \\\ L. llearno. o
the IHvtrside Works, wlioattended the Man
ufacturers' meeting at Pittsburgh on Mon
day, lie said Hie strike wan looked upon U]
there us virtually ended,and that now it wa
only a question as to terms of agreement
such as the existence of the "Mill Commit
tee" of the Association, &c. It was knowi
that a portion of the men were anxious ti
resume work, and that delegates from tin
West had been in Pittsburgh (bringing sonn
money along with them) electioneering witl
them to hold out. The Mt. Hickory Works
at Erie, had gone to work at $3 25 for boil
ing, and this fact had had its effect in Pitta
Mr. Hearne was asked whether it was tra
that the manufacturers had Hgtiitleu a will
ingness to sign tiie oid scale for a year. II
said it was not true; that they had not conn
to any understanding on that itoint; they liai
formulated nothing, find much less made an;
overtures of any sort. They were waiting fo
events, feeling sure that a denouement was nea
at hand.
lie was further asked whether the, Wheel
ing mills would sign the old scale?that is
paying the extra quarter for boiling ovei
Pittsburgh. He replied that he could apeal
for the itiverside and he believed for ever]
mill in Wheeling, when he said that the;
would not. They would insist on the Pitts
burgh scale clear through. These were tbi
Cincinnati termsuand why should they no
be the Wheeling terms? They intended nov
to come in on an equality witb other mills.
According to the JJellaire Independent o
last evening the project of startiugthe mil
there has been
That paper has the following paragraph:
"There is quite a different tune to-day a
regards the starting of the Bellaire mill. Yes
terday some of the folks were excited mon
or less over tbo matter, and thought that tbt
mill would really start up with only a fev
workmen, a"d try to till in as they wen
along. Others were calm, cool and confiden
that nothing would be done. A nailer or tw<
wbo had intended to go to work if the mil
started, were feeling round yesterday fo
feeders, but they were scarce, and the proiec
of starting the mill on the terms pro
nosed was discouraged, and now wi
learn it has been abandoned. Presi
dent McCourtney said this mornini
that they would just-drop the matter for tlx
w.wvih, uiiu men ur worn away. his be
lievetl there is to be a meeting of the rnanu
facturers, and that tho matter is to be dis
cussed, and, probably, sonic terms of com
promise effected. From what bus been dent
onstrated by the feeler and -the general out
look in these part?, it seems-practically im
pobsible to start the mills without signing ib<
scale, unless the men surrender, and they d(
not Jecm likely to do so. As the 1st of Septem
ber draws near we may look for new and tier
haps agreeable surprises in the iron situation
The manufacturers, it seems, want to star
A reporter yesterday piet Mr. Ed. Rogers
late Vice President for this district of tin
Amalgamated Association, and asked bin
how the current rumors and discussion, wa
"It certainly looks," he replied,''as if th
mill owners are more anxious to start thai
the employes. And there is one fact I wan
to call your attention to. Tho manufacturer
are constantly referring to the mills in ojier
ation at tho old wanes, as a sjgn of weakne*
in the Associatjon. But tp my mintl th
number of millff tb^t have sighed th
bcale, or gone to wprjf uufler ai
agreement to do so wlien t|ie othp
manufacturers doso, and the increase to dfit
from the time of resuming work, sSiowsweak
ness on their side. J lonestlv and frankly,
believe the members of tho Association are a
determined to-day as they were lastJune.om
just about as hopeful. The state of the nai
trade demands that the nillls here start up
or enforces them to remain idle at an enorm
ous sacrifice. I think this attempt to forci
a break will show who is the strongest it
their position. No mill that has started u{
with non-union workmen has been a success
Hut new milts are getting ready to goinU
operation, and already many old employe.1
of the Laughlin mill have gone to Cincinnati
to accept situations there. This nmkrs ihf
burden to be borne by the Association lighter,
and increases the number of contributors
We can stand it if the mill owners can."
Mr. Rogers was asked about the extri
quarter paid boilers in this district, and wha
tiie men thought of the determination ex;
pressed by manufacturers to have it deduct
ed. I{e saftl thpre $*ap nothing the boilers
would so tlrmly unite upon ofso persist*}!!])
oppose as this concession. This cents pel
ton for boiling in nddition to Pittsburg!
prices has been paid for a quarter of a century,
and there are many reasons that il
should continue to*be paid. One of these fc
that the greater percentage of sulphur in
our cofll fjiajces it necessary to clean
the bars ofteppr and this ;is very la
boriouw work. The tjoilprg hefe. have
two helpers, called the helper and tjic
third hand respectively, while at Pitts
burgh they have but one. Th's extra man
? i paid a.part of the boiler's wages. By his
aid the boiler is enabled to make more .ami
bctteriron, and in the extremely hot feason
be can stand the work of course much better.
JjooJcingatitin the light of these facts
it is a measnrp ftf cponqmy for the mill
owners to pay tho additional 2jj cepts, and
M r. Kogers saul the boilers would never al
low it to be deducted from their wages. He
also thought that tho only way in which tlx
mills could resume operations in thB near future
was by slgningibe scale.
PiTTsnunoH, August 29.?There was noth
ing in the iron situation to-day tochange the
opinion that the strike was nearing an eud.
The reported meeting of iron workers die
not take place, but those who are in a posi
tion to know, say that it will-bo held sonu
day this week. This morning Wilson, Walk
er A Co.'a mill started up one set ol
rolls, and with the aid of the boss puddlei
and Manager enough iron was turned out tc
last several days. The Uuion hammermen
are at work in the mill by leave of the Association,
and the fact that they did not refuse
to work the iron turned out by the
bosses is regarded as a creat concession.
The cntlro community ?'M very much
shocked yesterday morning, to heur of the
sudden death of Mrs. Louis C. titifel, the
esteemed wife of one of our most prominent
business men, which took place at her home
on North Main street about 10 o'clock. She
was sick only about a half hour before her
death,- and paevious to that time, was apparently
in the best of health. Mrs. Stiff!
was the daughter of Wnu Stamm, Esq , of
I he National road, and was in bur 37th year.
Mrs. Stifel was a lady of lovely deposition
and wan admired and loved by all who knew
her. Her loss is keenly felt by the family,
who idolized her; they have the heartfelt
sympathy of a host of sorrowful friends, both
in the city and surrounding country.
Grand Turtle Soup Lunch at A. Walter's
*pdal-wave Saloon to-night from 9 to 12
A Box Suddenly lllra-A Mad His hi aud
I A very luJilm death, anil one thot has
many mil features about it, took place at tlie
mouth of tho creek ahout 5:30 o'clock laat
evening. The partloulari are as follows:
Yesterday morning u very dilapidated sboro
boat came floating down the river, and by
the man in chargo was poled up tho creek.
Tho men at work driving spiles ot the mouth
' of the creek watched tho wretched looking
1 croft uud wondered where It was bound.
, After it passed out of sight thoy
, paid uo more thought to it uiul went on with
. their work. Shortly utter dinuer tho boat
came back again, and gutting over tho bar
' tied up to the bank, 'l'ha man, a sickly
looking, swarthy individual, climbed up the
f bunk and departed, while a boy ?ut on the
I bow o( tho boat and idly watched tho men at
] work. About tho tliuo muued ho was seen
i to enter tho bout utid skortly afterwards apr
pronched Superintendent Gibson and plain-,
L, lively asked if he could tell "when a man was
, dead." Mr. Gibson, with sotno surprise,
a*ked why, anil tne boy replied (lint he bo-,
lleved his brother was dead. Leading tho way !
to tho boat there was found on the lloorl
n tho body of a boy, about 0 yturn old, with a |
> pinched, wan face; although tho body w*Bi
5 still warm, life was extinct, llo was laid
nut on tho rude pallet tliut served as a bed.
by the men, who straightened out his limbs |
I (or burial. Tho other boy, a bright, sharp
1 little fellow of 14, Mild they were brother*
I and that their father had gone up town to
i buy some notions to poodle along the river,
t The dead boy had been sick for some time
r and had gotten up !o get a drink of water,
(then he suddenly fell dead. Mr. Gibaou
3 started out with . the boy to see
what could be done ana encouur
eringan Intkllioknckh reporter.tliey started.
1 back while the boy went to hunt his father,
i On reaching tho boat Mr. O. and the writer
1 found the father, who had returned and was
horror-stricken. Ho was completely overcome
aud Ills grief was terrible. He said his
name was Q. W. Wilson, that he had left
1 Pittsburgh in April and had traded down.
? About six weeks ago he tied up at Steubenville,
us his wife was very sick; there Bhe
died of the heart disease. His son had been
f very sick with a complication of chlldrenjand
summer complaints. Ho had gone
up the creek bccause ho thought
i there was a trading county
s beyond, but found out he'was wrong. He
, was destitute, and the barren appearance of
- the tumble-down craft did not belie his
i words. On one side were some cent prizs
) packages, some tin and china ware, aud a
e tew bits and ends. On the other side a rude
? bed and a few cooking utensils, and one
i clmir. He had $2 in money and wanted help.
, i no reporter noiuieu uomtulMloner CaUI*|
* well, who had the body removed to Mendel's |
i- from where the funeral will take place this
afternoon, a proper certllicate having been I
e made out by County Physician Wilson.
There was no necessity for an inquest, yet
e Squire Webb felt compelled to telephone I
i Coroner Schultze, who was put to the trouble
1 of coming up from the independent lie-1
f public. One conld not help pitying the
r poor father, he was evidently broken hearted.
r ?
As Co n Hide red by tho Fiimuce Commit*
| fee I,hx( Kveufuff.
j At the City Building lust evening a re{
porter ran across the Council Committee [
i. on Finance and Boon discovered that it
* was preparing a report to Council recom-1
[ mending what appropriations should be
made for the various>avenues of expendit-1
[ lire for the year that has already been en1
tered upon. The ordinance provides that
there shall be submitted to Council on the
Btcond Tuesday in every June an estimate
of the needed monies for the ensuing fiscal
s year,andthatsaidestimatesshallatthattime i
" be acted upon, and an ordinance adopted
? appropriating the same. For some reason,
, known probably only to that wonderful
[ and mysterious body, the present Council,
l no such estimate has been preseuted by
) any committee except the one on Fire
I Department, which wants $25,000 for this
r year, but which it won't get, not by a
1 large majority. The result is, that the
* Finance Committee dccided to take the
2 matter its own bauds.
Accordinglv, it figured up the revenues
> as follows: Value of real estate north of
; the creek $7,645,001; south of tbe creek
. ?4,072,715; personal property north of
. wuta ;i),auu,oiUj DUUIU Ol CreCK 90i0,lTJ3;
. total $10,403,144. Oil this is a levy of 50
cents on the ?100 valuation, which brings
into the city coffers $82,015 72 from that
source. In addition there will be the 50
e cent head tax and the dog tax, which in
' round numbers will reach $5,000. Licenses
ure estimated at $35,000 and-from sundry,
other sources $3,000 will be acquired. Out
I of these resources there is estimated an expenditure
of $122,0S0, which counts in the
if various loans and all other departments
u eayethat of Streets, Alleys and Cjrades.
i That deducted from the revenues would
s ltave nearly $4,000 for the streets--where
now are Kimberly's arguments about how
the new Board would swallow up everye
1 It must further be understood that in
1 the revenues enumerated above, noaccount
is taken of fines, and wtiarf and market
fees which go to the Board of Control.
e In addition to these figures, the Finance
? Committee will recommend a levy of teu
i cents on the !$10Q valuation lieing made
p under section" ]0 of the jnco{*porae
tion of the cjty, wjiiph pro
vides that money go collected
E shall be used /or street purposes Thin
would net over $10,000 for the Board and
[ with its other revenues would allow it
about $35,000, which would do admirably.
Some puggestions as to the Fire Dejmrt.
ment will probably be made and the numi
berof citv assessors planed at one.. The
> report will be interesting.
I For the CcutfiuitHl-UvNt Virginia FInI)
, ' at the NIhIc Fair.
, The annual exhibition of the West Vir
ginia State Fair and Exposition ; Association
is now so near in the future that any
facts about it will have considembln in.
' terest. The report that a tournament was
. to be added to tjie attractions was prerna,
ture. The subject was broached by some
' ot (hose interested in last year's toufhi\
ment, but the pirectore thought the time
i elapsing before the commencement of the
- fair was now too short, and so refused to
L entertain the proposition.
J The Fort Henry centennial celebration
' bids fair to be the most interesting feature
I. of the week, aud a step was taken at a meet"
ingofthe Committee, at Judge Craniner's
? o'lfjce. ^Ionday'eyening, which \vill add
- much to the attractiveness of the affair. Jt
i was resolved to build a log or picket fort,
i similar to the old block houses in vogue in
I the days of the Centennial, on the-Fnir
1 Grounds, and this will be occupied by a
' committee of ladies and gentlemen cos1
turned in the garb of 17S2, who will deal
! out to visitors corn bread, buttermilk,
. sivpet mij|> and other stiiple arliples of dje?
with the pioneers of Wheeling in the days
of Fort Ilenry,
Mr. A. K.-Jacobs left yesterday for
Columbus aiunntermediate points to talk
up the fair with farmers and stock men in
. Ohio, aud induce them to send their stock
j here for exhibition. The intention of the
. stock committee, which is composed of
l Messrs. Le Movne, of Washington, Pa.,
- .Buchanan, of Wellsburg, and Jacobs, of
! this county, is to make the livestock dia:
play excel! anything in this line over seen
[ in this region. They will succeed in this
laudable plan.
[ Another lot of fish was put in the
aquarium yesterday. The aquarium will
. be something more than a mere attraction
this year. In addition to a large number
of rare and beautiful fish from abroad, it
will contain numerous lino specimens of 1
West Virginia fish, the most interesting 1
1 and worthy oLnote being a ntira.ber of 1
1 Herman carp grown pt Cold Spfinra' in
! -this State, They show the adaptability of
; this flah to our waters most admirably; hej
inglaose and in good condition for the table. <
Some jack fish, bass and turtles from nearer 1
. home will also be shown in theacquarium. 1
This new feature is an admirable one, and '
the home fish will doubtless attract considerable
attention. ,
Mr. faris's painting of the last siege of |
Port Henry will bo the leading attraction i
of the art gallery. It is worth yoing a good I
distance to see. We shall have something
further to say of it soon.
" i
"Will receive daily strictly, fresh Cream- <
ery Butter. Zaonitb Buos. & Co., \
1320 Main street. 1
Chan. McClain, thir N'ohlo street grocer, is
off to Magara on the T. V. escuralon,
The school houses are being thoroughly
cleaned read^ for the prompt openlug of our
A. letter is held at the pout #fHce for better
directions that ia marked "F, \\\ Flood,
Ueggs Co., Ohio."
The higher water in the river has suspended
work at the derrick for ilnkitif? the water
lilters at the power house.
Tim Pfitl.nlU . ....I. ? 1
iu vuHiuMu auiiuui gruuiius nave oeou
provided with two patent swing's, ouo for
tho boys and the other for the girls.
The llenwood ferry boat was lylug iillo at
the Kenwood eide of the river yesterday for
r^lrtf, und pusioiigem were carried In a
Beverai new M. l).*s are about locating
hero. They uro probably actuated by tho desire
to prevent overwork among our physicians.
Elderberries, plckcd and stemmed, are retailing
on our street* at twenty-live cento
tbu wooden bucketful, and yet patlefice la
not proverbially American.
Considerable moving of families from one
house to another is now going on. The new
home* built during the summer are easing
up the pressure felt for houses to rent.
Some larg- shipments ot wool uro going
east froui here these days, and large numbers
of hogsheads of tobacco for Baltimore are
coming in by the boats and by the narrow
gauge road,
John Roland, of the Cleveland fluid Dealer,
wus in town yesteiday, with relatives. He
will take home with him tils wife and children.
who have been visiting tier father, A. C.
1 liamage, of bmith township.
| A passenger ?6ach was attached to the
I evening Cleveland it Pittsburgh freight train
to accommodate the delegates returning from
j the Barnesvllle convention lastnlgbt. They
arri Ted here too late for tho last passenger
I Mrs. Glazier, of Mentor, is tho Ruestof M
Craft. Mrs. Glazier was known to our older
citizem when tier husband, Rev. Mr. Glazier,
1 was pastor of the Disciples church here. Hhe
' is now occupying a position iu one of the departments
at Washington.
The new Ohio Valley Foundry below the
I creek is one of the busiest places in tho valley
and is tUrilinif nut wnrtr ?? fn?* ? !>?? '
workman can do it well, for the owners
I themselves superintend everything in person.
They are making stoves, a manufacture
that is new for Bellalre.
The school board did nothing of general
interest at this week's meeting. A. committee
met at Jas. M. Bees' otllce yesterday and
formally entered into contract with the
parlies whom we have before named as the
contractors of the various parts of the building
of the news chool houses.
The tow-boats now so busy getting their
empty barges up the river while there is water
enough,- stop and drift awhile opposite
tho Western Union telegraph otllceto let a
boat's crew row ashore and send and receive
messages. Some quick work is made by the
rowers to the shore and back again.
A preliminary session of the Republican
Congressional Contention might have been
held at the depot here yesterday, where a
great many of the delegates were assembled
waiting for the train for HarhesVllle, which
was late. Both the C. & P. and the II., Z. &
C. roads had brought in numbers of them.
The rain was timely for the corn.
Miss Mary Bell is quite a tlorist, having supervised
the cultivation of choice selections
I of tiiemost beautiful varieties.
[ Mr. Dean and wife, of Point Mills, will
leave shortly to visit friendsand relatives in
Newark, Ohio. Mr. Dean was formerly an
The time is near at hand when the Congressional
candidate will tell the farmer the 1
sweets of country life as he holds the handles ,
of the plow on these rugged hillsides.
Henry . Chambers, Esq., a wheat operator
of ibis plaqe, purchased and shipped from :
Point Mills stution, by the B. tfcO.. road to
Baltimore, 1,000 bushels of wheat on Saturday
Owing, doubtless, 'to the wet weather the ,
grape crop is entirely lost, in this vicinity
at least. The vines with line clusters gave 1
promise of a good yield in the former part of
the season.
The School Board Commissioners of this !
district (Liberty) awarded the contract for
.uw v?vu?vu UI u otuuui IIUU3B 1U U BUU-UIStrict
north of this place to Messrs. Shorts, of
West Liberty.
The Harvest home that, was to have been
held in the Sugar Grove on the farm of exSquire
Whittam, has been deferred until
later in the next month, on account of previous
The Sample Bros., of Valley Grove, have
disposed of their wool clip to Mr. Aaron
Siruusse, of West Alexander, Pa., at 3S cents
a pound. Taking into consideration the average
of six aud a fraction lbs. per fleece of
u Hock of 300 sheep, it is (bp best sale in the
It is probable that a party of four gentlemen
here will purchase a steam thresher
next season. The Washington Reporter says:
"McDonough and Messinger thrashed for
Myers brothers on Tuesday last, with their
steam thresher, twenty dozens of barley in
one minute aud a half, making 25 bushels
of barley.
Miss Ella West, of Bridgeport, is visiting
Miss Clara Carroll.
The Belmont County Fair commences one
week from to-day.
A ball will he held in Welday'shallon the
last day of the fair.
William Alexander, Etq., ol Bridgeport,
was iti town yesterday.
J. II. Close has shipped thirty thoroughbred
sheep to New Mexico. '
The wool-buyers of this place have bought
over 700,000 pounds of wool.
Mrs. Winters, of Steuhenville, is visiting (
her sister, Mrs. David Darrah.
Auditor Coflland arrived home on Monday.
R. M. Eaton, E.-q "who accompanied him i
jsast, win not return for two weeks. I
Robert McCullen, who is under Indictment
for highway robbery, escnped from the county
jail at' five o'clock last evening, And lias not ^
been capturud. , ' 1
The St. Clairsville base ball club received a [
challenge.from Cambridge, Monday, the game i
to be piaved on the Barnesville I'air Q roundB. *'
The challenge will not accepted, as the
club was merely a picked nine lo play the
Uarnpsyille .\thl(stics. t
A telegram was recei ved last week at Karris- <j
ville stating that Mr. John llaker and one of c
bin two daughters, who formerly resided is c
Ooleraiu township, this couniy, but who re- r
moved to Kansas some vears ago, had been e
struck by lightning and killed. No further b
news has been received. t>
new cumberland.
Dr. J. Wilson McDonald, ot Urilliant, is ?
here spending a day with his parents and *
shading lu^nijs \yith Jjis ma^y frjeu^s, P
W.H.Thompson, pastor'of the-Wheeling 5
Disciples Church, is with our people here ?
this.week, assisting in their protracted meet- 3,
ing. t
The small child of T. J. Gorlick spoken ol C
Monday as being expected to die was buried ti
yesterday. The friends have the sympathy h
of the entire community,
James Bradley left laut evening for Clarks- f<
burg, lie is one of the delegates to tho Con- D
gressional Convention. Mr. Bradley goes un- E
instructed, but he is an out and out Qoff ?;
man, and says that if he has the voting of r
Hancock county, it goes for Gen. God hrst, 0
last and all the time.
The extra teachers examination to be held
on the 31st is causing some comment among y
our people. Some who failed lo attend the ci
? wv..io lumniu iiuw ana i>e "
examined and the County Examiner eaya he &
cannot examine them unless tliey comply
with the law. But it appears tliat on the ai
regular examination there were those who w
were examined, received certificates and got 1?
schools. The State Superintendent lias in- M
structed our Superintendent to comply with y
the law and he will furnish us with teachers, E
ttc. Thus it appears, that we must go into it
other parts of the State to find teachers to fill ai
our schools. Thppautjeof this* is no doubt b;
sauje^ by Ihp Jq'w vyagps pai(} tliti profession, is
^ASlllXQTOH, {v\. w
Monday evening, pfter a lone illness, Moses Vc
Arnpld, $ Jewish platbier, died ,^ere. 4t
ane time he curried a pack oyer thin comity,
and by his upright dealing made many fu*t bi
friends. For a number of years'he kept ?
jtore here and accumulated a very handsome ar
fortune, lie was about &5 years of age, and
leaves a young wife and two children, liy ft.
marriage he was connectetl with the Oppen-'
hcinier*, of Pittsburgh. Healio has a brother .
In that city, to which place bis remains will
be taken for interment.
The neighborhood of Prosperity and Van *e
Buren have been .vi>ited by extremely heavy
rains within the past few days and much ftt
lamage done. One gentleman had several
thousand feet of lumber floated; otF. Others in
oat fences and in ouc or two instances sheep at:
were washed down tbo streams. A number
of b;Jd?s? were also carried off bv tbe flood.
The lightning also played a prominent part,
burning up several stacks of hay.
The I'fTuiw of No tun Kxcltemcut on Jacob
Nlrecl Last IV iff tit.
An aflalr occurred in the Eighth ward
laat evening about half-past cltfhfc o'clock
that showed a want of flllal affection ia
such a glaring manner aa to call forth loud
and decided cries of "shame" from thoso
who witniSHcd the allalr. What llrat attracted
the attention of the reporter wan a
largo cfowd standing just above Asuiu's
livery Htablu on Jacob street.
In the centre of this crowd btood an express
wagon in which was im olil lady who
gave her name as Mrs. Nenon, and hernge
aa 70. Shu wan a paralytic, having lost tlio
use of all her limbs and w?* mmhl.i in
move hand or foot. In uddition tho express
wagon contained u few goods, tho
property of the old lady. It seems that
she has been living with her daughter and
husband, Victor tooao. Fooso hiis been
working in tho gloss house, but proposes
going to Martin's Ferry this week to
live, and work in tho new glass house and
wishing.to dispose of his mother-in-law
sent word to her other daughter, Mrs. Joha I
Marow, win. so husband also works in tho
glass house, that he was going to send tho,
old lady there.. Mrs. Marow objected; but
that availed nothing and the old lady was
bundled*into an express wagon audi
and Bent to Mrs. Marow's, before whoso
house she was last flight. Tho old lad/,
who is of French extraction
and wo suspect has a pretty
sharp tongue, was very much frightened
and grew uiore so as the crowd increased.
Some wanted to break the door of the houso
down. Finally Mrs. Marow appeared and
took the old lady, her mother, in. Mrs. H.
said that about niue months ago .Mrs.
Foose told her that aho was going to bring
tho old lady down from Pittsburgh; that
she (Mrs. Marow) told her not to, as tlio
old lady was in tho hospital and evenlujillv
would have to beaeut back. Mrs. Ma row's
husband and her mother differ ou religions
points and Mrs. .Marow's peace of
mind and family, she claimed, was always
broken up when the old lady was about;
however, she was going to try it once tuore.
Mra. Marow appeared to be a very pleas*
ant woman. Mra. Xenon whs very weak,
and trembled in a pitiful manner.
I.outurlllp a t'oriannto City.
This city has been singularly fortunate, as
several citizens have of late gotten small fortunes
in drawing prizes in the lottery. The
last fortunate one is Mr. Wm. W. Irwin, a
clerk in tho Auditor's ollico of the L. it N. It
R., 2d and Main sts. Mr. frwin yesterday,
while working In the otilce, received an olilrial-looking
document bearing the N. l>.
post-uiark, and discovered, to his great joy,
official notltlcatlon that he had drawn onefifth
of $75,000 in the Louisiana State Lottery,
amounting to $15,000. The lucky ticket was
No. 85,003. Some''time Bgo Mr. Irwin purchased
his first lottery ticket, very nearly
the number which then drew the capital
prize. He then thought he would try again,
and this time produced such golden results.
Mr. Irwin is a middle-aged man. married,
and has a small family. lie has been connected
with the L. ?t N. for several years,
and bus been a faithful worker, and many
friends are profuse in their congratulations.
?Louisville Courier-Journal, July 4th. daw. /
"WINE OF CARDUi" cures irregular,
painful, or ditlieult menstruation.
Sold by Logan it Co.
Gband Turtle 8oup Lunch at A. Walter's
Tidal-wave Saloon to-uight from 9 to 12
Will receive to-day 400 boxes choice
Peaches, 50 boxes Bartlet l'ears, 10 bores,
Damson Plums. Zarnits ISros. it Co.,
1320 Main street.
Grand Turtle Soup Lunch at A. Walter's
Tidal-wave Saloon to-uight front 9 to 12
Improvement* on the Ohio ? General
I,wee Talk hikI tiosni|>.
The J. W. Gould passed down light
The Heatherington passed up with a tow
jf ties.
The Andes got away about A i\ u., with a
fair trip.
At dusk last evening, the river was still
rising with seven feet seven iuchts in 'the
The I. N. Phillips, Fred. Wilson, Sam
31ark and Bengul Tiger passed up with empty
:oul boats in tow.
Attention is called to the advertisement of
tho Andes appnaring in this issue, if you
propose attending the Cincinnati Exposition
ion't forget the Andes.
The Welcome retired from the Parkcreonrg
trade yesterday morning and went to
aankatthe foot of Fourteenth street while
.he Courier resumed her place.
The river rose rapidly yesterday and there
s now an excellent boating stage
ind river men would be supremely happy if
.here was any busines from the mills.
The Resolute arrived from "The Sisters."
mving in tow the U. 8. dredge boats Ohio
tnd Oswego, whlch'have been busily at work
hi theohannel at that point. After remain*
ng here a short time they passed on down.
The dredges have done good work hereabouts.
The W. N. Chancellor passed up at 3 r. a.,
rotii Charleston to Pittsburgh with a good
;rip, as usual. This very popular boat wiLI
eturn to-morrow morning and thosedeuiring
,o view the beautiful scenery alone the Ktv
lawha should not fail to go by this popular
joat, wnich is accommodating and splendidly
rivxr improvement.
The snagboat K. A. Woodruff began work
fune 11, 1881 and went into winter quarters
jccember 15. Ten hundred and twenty-six
nags were removed and 34 wrecks were
Vholly or partly broken up. In addition a
lumber of special rocking parties were eni?
doyed at various point" during tho extreme
ow wqter o( Ifist summer. The result of their .
abofa w^s the removal"from the bed of the
iver of an estimated weight of 10,290 tons of
ocks from 42 different localities.
The original condition "of the Ohio river
ieforo the work of improvement was begun
loes not differ materially from ila present
ondition, except at the polnta where special .
onstructions baye heen built; No general
iroject for the improvement of the river hua
vec been adopted, hut special localities have .
een improved from time to time, according
a the judgment of the olflcers in charge.
Tho total amount appropriated by Con
ress for the Ohio river from 18?7 to date is
8,170,479 25. The river haa also received a
iortionof sqndry appropriations aggregating
1,047,0^0, made for the joint improvement
f the Ohio, Mississippi, Arkansas and Mis>
our! rivers. During the year ending June
0,1882, there was expended an the river
305,415 05. The work of improving the
hio rlyer is not susceptible of llnal compleion
except by a system of locks and daui%
ut a system i? not prepared yet.
The estimates for the coming year are aa
avis Island dam I S 40,000
urns and dike* 8G8.'250
aaralug ; 25,000 '
rcdglng. : ic.wx)
amoving rocks - 60,0."0
Ulce czt>t'nscii, Inspection, engineering and
contlugcncics~ 2Sv<#0 "
The amount available for the present fiscal
ear is $435,933 31, and tho amount that j
juld be protitably expended during the
Real year ending June 30, 1884, is put at i
On tluTMonongabela river in West Virginia
ad Pennsylvania .no work of construction
as done during the fiscal year on accomitM
tck of . funds, but unrlfi
vuiivINUI Willi
lessrs. Bbipman *k Cari^ody ^,38$ cubic
ards of atone vfore quarried and delivered,
urlnjj llio present Season Ibp bead o.f tlie
tck and part of the aide walls v^ill be huiH, V
nd a frame dwelling for tbp (Qck^ceper will **
s conducted, An y?i|iropr atiou of $80,000 ,
^epo^iwunqed lor the completion of tlie
ork, to be expended dnring the {'^cal year ,
iding June 30, 1S8-V Theamount available
ir the present (\scal your Is $(12',W13 0Y. ?.
Pahkkb, Pa,, August 20.?Ulver 3 feet and
OumcN^iioito, Pa., August 21) ?Biver 8 feet S
id falling. 11
BhownkvilIk, Pa.. August '20.?Iliver 8
et, 7 inchjja and rising. ' ' .
l.ouifVju.k. Ky., August 20. - Canal iifoi i;
lis 4 feet and stationary.
lltcic's I.asuimj. Pa., August 21). uiver 8
et, 0 inches and stationary.
Pittsuituh, Pa., August 20,?Jiiwr 7, ft-< t
id stationary. Weather clear and warm. .
OilCitt, Pa , August 20? Ulver 1 (pf?t.'?
oIk's and falling.'
I'lghlliiir Itelwrrii Arnblnntl lliffEBKilih
, Port Said, August 29.?Last evening the
Arabs attacked the British position at Kas*
Bflssin and were repulsed with heavy loes.
1 Tho British lost ouu hnndrcd and twenty
men. Eleven of the enemy'i guns were
Alexandria, August 20.?'Tho enemy
are still strengthening their left. They
sont out an armed train again last evening.
Tho man-of-war Minutnnr shifted her po1
sltion to about a thousand yards nearer
Aboukir. Gen. Wood lioa gone to re*
connoitro iMeks.
The report of tho death of Toulba Pasha
is confirmed. Vas poisoned.
AfttttKM.' Anmmt. 'JK.inn?ti.
in# the Turkish troops attacked tiio Greeks
all along the frontier from Xorbts to'
Degani. Tho fighting was continued to*
I day, and tho Greeks lost 4 killed mid 10,
I wounded. Ttye Government haadeapatched
1,000 infantry, artillery and gendarmes to
the frontier. i
Another engagement took place at Kara*
Ilk Derwend last night anil tho Greeks
were again repulsed. To day tho Greeks
with artillery mado a third attack, tho result
of which ia yet unknown.
Tho Yellow Frvcr.
Brownsvillk, Tr.x.; August 'JO.?Eightytwo
new cases of yellow fovor weio jeported
yesterday. There wero eight deatha ot
I Mexicans. Six deaths are reported at
I Matamoraa. A few now caaea have developed
Washington, August 29.?-Captain Hopkins.
commanding tho navy yards at Pensacola,
Fla., has informed the Navy. Pepartmeut
that the yellow fever is spreading
I iu lYnsacolu, and that extra precautions
I will be necessary.
i Nkw Oiii.kans, La, August 29.?The
1 1 nf Ilaulfl. I...u t,M?ifhf*~I
the Louisville & Niislivillo railroad from
bringing any care, passengers, merchan|
dise, or baggage from Pensacola within the
JStnto of Louisiana.
A Ffitrful 1'iHiue In Kimlk.
St. Pkteusiiukg, August 21).?The Siberian
plague is appearing to an alarming exj
tent in most widely separated quarters of
Kuropean Russia. One death from tho
| disease occurred at Odessa.
Reduction in l'inuos.
Present stock of pianos, 8teinway, Knabe
| Checkering, Hnlletife Davis, Emerson,' Hardman,
Guild, Ac., at the very lowest prices,
and great reduction for coat. Call early ana
secure great bargains.
Lucas' Mobic 8tomi,
1142 Main street
" BLACK-DRAUGHT" curcs dyspepsia,
indigestion and heartburn.
Sold by Logan <fc Co. I
A sure, positive cure for CGstiveness, Ma*
Doctor bills are abominable and not needed
in kidney and liver affections, as Peruna
and Manaliu will cure them.
Hay, ruafden, with tho raven hufr, I
So beautiful and littie anil tall,
With eyes no bright and check* to fair,
Why let your teeth destroy it all?
For th-y tire dark, and feel t&e want
Of a tuft brush and SOZODONT.
For piles, constipation and a torpid liver
never fail to take Manamn.
Corn (Mock) Oyatcro.
Mix into n pint of grated corn three tablespoonsful
of uiilk, one teacupful of flour,
having in it one-half measure "Banner"
Baking Powder, two ounces butter, one teaspoonful
salt, a half teaspoonful pepper, and
one eg);; drop into hot butter with a tablespoon;
fry brown on both sides; serve on
hot platter.
Will receive to-day one carof large Jumbo
Watermelons, 2,000 Cantaloupe^ 251x>xes
Sweet Potatoes at Zarnits Bros. & Co.'a.
Mns. M. K. Wiiitakku will resume her
classes in vocal and piano music on Monday,
September 4th, at herrooms'1513 Jacobstreet.
Operates with Energy upon tho Kidneys, Liver,
Bowels, and I'oics of the Skin,
Neutralizing, Absorbing, and Kxpelllng Scrofulous,
cancerous, and Canker;
Thecause of most human Ills, and curing *he?
physicians. hospitals. and all other methods and
remedies fail, fcerof da or KIiip's Evil, tilandular
Swellings, Ulccw, Old Sores, Milk Leg, Mercurial
Affections, EryslpelHt., Tumors, Abace?*c*/ Carbuncles,
Bolls, Blood Poisons, Blight's Disease, Wasting
of the Kidneys and Liver, ItheuroatUui, Constipation,
Pile*, Dyspepsia, and all Itching andfcSculy
0[ the Skin and Scalp?such as Salt Khoum, Psorl*
aids. Tetter, ltingworm, Barber's Itcli, i?culd Head,
Itching Piles, and other disllguritig and Torturing
Humors, from a pirmrieto ascrflfulitln nlw u-h...
M?lsted by Cuticura and Cuticuea. Soap, the treat
61du Cures.
A sweet, unchangeable Medicinal Jelly, dears off
All external evidence of Ulm-d Huraors, cats away
Dead Skin and Flesh. Instantly ulhiyn Itching* and
irritations, Softens, Soothe*, and Heals, Worth Its
weight in gold for all Itching Diseases.
Cutlcura Soup
An Exqulslto Toilet. Baih, and Xutsaiy Sanative.
Fragrant with'delicious (lower odor* and healing
balhHio. Contains iu a modified form all the virtues
of Cutlcura, th#great Skin Cure, and ii indispensable
In the treatiuent of fcklu and Scalp Disdusts,anil
for restoring. preserving,aud beautifying
the complexion aud sain. '1 he only Modlciual
lltthy Soap.
CUTICURA RgsiKDiKsaro th# only real curatives
(or diseases of the Skin, Scalp, and B>oo<l.
Prlce-CtrrtcuRA Resolvent. II per battle: Cu
ticuka, 60a per box; larjfe boxc* 11.00; Cutjcoha
Medicinal TuXI.kt soap,Cuticura. Madicimal
Siuvjno Soap, 16c. Sold everywhere Principal
Depot, WEEKS & POTTER? Boston, Maa
York Denial Coinpaiij'n Ofllcc,
During the pugt yoarThousands of Teeth have been
extracted at 25 cent* each.
best sets
58,00, $8.00,
Gas given for Painless Extraction of Teeth. 60 els.
au26 1'HS. McCORMlOK <fc HHP.
? J
No. I14i Market street. Wheel!**, W. T?.
Allopflruttnm'-wwrmnUHl. lT?0 ,
ttlB. UUOB. 101* XBAU8. TftHD. HASU
C. tCRAUS & CO., j
(Buecoobr to H. Sdunulbach 4 Co.,) '
Vfaesand liquors, Brandy,
' ^Is/ nORBIAli Xkp WHIBK1E8, ;
sio. nan ftiuricot stioot,
Tlic Association Headquarter^
No~v Opou For GucHtw,
Term* /r?>m $2 00 to >9.00 per day, /
Vtiir further Information address, V
11. H. VAN METEIt,
1 ROI'ltlEfOS,
wa/ted-a girl to cookTvdI
\Y dogencr*! houwvrork la k nn,u ,*v'V,u 1
APltly ?l So. 1M? Chaplin* Unci U ???f. I
\Y llOl'SB-CenlrtUy toc?W, W,J ,111
tooroi Addrtw, A.U,.ihli ?mcc. I
JjJL good wotk UuUa wanted. |
iub*cnber for two wwkt, I'. L. XUBftLyJ^i I
cheater Coal and Coke NNotka, VN h a? I
rriiK fOut iiekry ctsussT^--1
All Pi'tntu bavin* Kellw. Indlin
iuy Article or luatrumtiil having ?ny
with Fori l?eurjrorlualene.wlli pluieW^
for exhibition ?t J he ptirotcklug VitJ/4.^ V
eU?o ot the Kalr Ihejr will Iw Uulj Murwf.^ W
rcapecllvo owner*. All artldrt g) ihU
ftliwlth Wilburltrotkuuher,1
cumroUU'u uu Hcllci. Ac. or ?Wi ?, CSJita 1
will\*properly cattd tor. 1
J^OTICli. ~~ 1
I, D. Uloouifield hu been appoint^ c?i 1
ierol tho Cltv ' ""
- ?' ?,ul1 I
doree and sign checks and attend^ I
?ral Interests ot the Bank. p8'
au25 M CnxSOU.W^ 1
CUHK'H OmC*| 7* I
Doian or Commimuxk*!, UMoCocm I I
Aususf.i.iai ' I
rropoMla ar? Invito) for the tuuoirt I
i proftchtu ot ? bridge lo U built of.f bhoruLx
i about oue-lialt inkle from I ?Juomb, ou vh? ,?, - 1
' Mul Hrooko county line. Tue wunurj, tis>w,. 1
ktinui'itOMblcyanli, tobo ot tU BntcW,;t 1
In fall cumcni inotUr. 'Ihc till >?IU 1
i about U.fM cubic >?nl? isltli will u mxliM?, 1
i tnli oAlco unilt thveth day of StjiUaWt ^ 1
1 noon, *1 ho C< inmtalouer* wwrve \h* rlthv u?1
kct auy nnii *11 bid*. It* onlerof the B.*,j I
^ KOUT 11. VSOOUi..,rv I
W. i\ SMI TIT. Countv Vncln-f r. * I
or Tin I
A meeting of Rtockholdcm will bo h?i.? ?
COAI Bli*ft?t ? "
nt 2 o'clock r. m.. for the purpose of e'cctlnt??,, I
t7) Directory ?nu the tmuwctlonof oih?r bunu. I
UAVinsi'Aiimisir ^ 1
THKOl'llUA'S I'fUli I
i anM <'?rtnr*tn B
(Stockholders Individually Habit.) I
NOTICK ?L. I). Bloompiki.0 Iim bctti ippolurf V
Cuhlcr of the City Bank, with full power to mdtm I
and sign check* und attend to the K<ucnl Inuiaa I
of the Bunk. I
It gives me pleasure to affirm officially Uit ?Uu I
publicnotice. Mr. Dtilii'II'*death *111 tool luuj I
wav luUrfere with the btuluivi of thu lunt ?sj I
bonnets contldwl to our jmnagcuunilwlll W lui I
jutly und promptly attended to. Kclertlngjuita1
Mr. Bloowtleld's Hgnatute, t urn I
Very truly, Ac.,
It GRANULE, l'rea'L I
SloNATCkJt?L. D. lJLOOMFlKLD.Cu. . 1
Our own Drafts on London and.*"
chum 01 Europe alwajk attainable. tr"u:!1l I
R CIlA.S'liLE, l'rv?'t. I
WHKEI.ISO. W. Va.. > tiKiint iw>. I
and Cart. J H. JoSKi?, Kltlufiod.O,
For sale-tii e stock and good
will of a well equipped Job iTlntluf Oflic* in
thl* city, or would tell material iuloutoiM. Fur
further particulars ungtili* at ttiln ofllit. ]?<
A Good Farm of 140 acres, veil improted.
Z\i utiles from Moimdsville; 12 miles frou
this cit3\* 110 acres under cultivation.
aulS Ofllce No. 1M Twelfth StrttL
Eleven acres on the hill above town.
H. FORHKS, Wheeling.
No. 7, TJ. 8. Cuetoin House. Telephone R
rami of 101 new, A% mllti from Wouudnllk. I
Marshall county, W. Va.. l^> acits undtr total* I
Hon, inouly in grats, two hewed lochoutti, wvi*L I
and a vatlety of email fruit tieci, linmiouft?Jl I
and well watered with never hliltigipriii&t. 1
Inquire of JOHN L. UllfcO.N. ou the Wta!*. I
or to W. V. HOOKA WW..^ I
uwaann rwtfc
A good farm, containing ?ercnlj flr? ?rrrc, ?1I
cleaitd excepting a few aern, Mtuittd on HMtl*
ing creek road, nwi I'leamut Hill, li fcu i houw
with fcc-ren rooms, aleo ktublt, jruin loci* ?nl i
good well, which iaoever dry, mid i luseriiun.
Upon the piece are two of thr fiii?lciclird?'ote
found lu the neighborhood. b*aiing *11 Until of
?. .K Fot Pr'ce or Information, rail on or ulilrm
CAKL LdllMAKN, on the prfinlfti 1'otoft.ctid'
drem Kherrard, 1*. o? lUnhilKounty, W.Vt
That elegant Residents, 2i06 Chapllne iirwt.
South Side, The building It coaptrdilrnl/ w*.
In perfect order within and without; ontilci tra
rooms, bath room, hot and cold water, ^ju throBRhout,
the attic U tlnbhcd, excellent ctlUr; ?1*
brick,btable, carriage and w?h houw. Tie location
and neighborhood one of the U?t In tk< ?Uj.
Apply to. ALEXANDER BftNP,
an26 1318 MarVet Ftwt (Wf'< llltx-k..
Steinway Piano!
Call soon.
Je29 1142 Main Btn*t
A Fine Second-hand I'iano, feren oclive.
iver Btrung, in perfect oriler, for}1S0. CaM
?t once to secure this bargain.
At half prlcc.
LoU of MuMcftl llrtrjjtliisforSOiWvjtow?*Kend
3a*tump for Uri'e CtttHlocH*?""
y> M. II
an2< M Twelfth St.. U'mHnttwi
in elegant assortment. Three for treat/'
lve cents, at KIRK'S ART STORE, 0
Hain street. Call and nee them.
Prlicllla, Socratoa InatructlHjr, J"ornclU*'R'P1/
llRrlm Exile*, Return of the May noww^Mif
3ialU'?ffe, Tolling Hell. tfparu lb*. AnrtoJ
V>?. Jemy. VllUge Elm, Ttunj atitheCigJ
"crrftru, hhiikeHjH'arc More KlUnLeth. ?n? c*3'
thordwdrableaubjecu. (.'*11 anil mo then.
K. h SICOLU Airent .
roy4 MoLnw
^ 'ai-ge, /reaji sujijtl)', just receive J si
J?22 u TaelM Street
Spring- Styles

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