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I. MEPICA1;' ""
t'liH'S FAIL.
..... kdx tr'iifl by pbyjlctanj for ?
M 1 .kaTia wi?'? ?"'???l>lwe.
I'* ' c\ U. Ituairr. Illclmiond, Va.
I J'J" !' *** from fall.
W iiilc;rful ulltfciafa
W. II. I'mMwoar, DuIIm, Tfx.
I s csr^tl u?e of Sfulp Sorcn, Sores in
."VjVJ K.?n?. tfi^r uverythint know n to
^ i/j| fnii'Tnlt? Inifl fulled.
I u"'' J>o. S. Tawakt. Tel. Ojterator,
I .Salamanca, X T,
ii s forCaterrli is u sure cure. Cured
I .1?ar*!l('l'|rr,r''M,,nenl 'ia(l'^iled.
1 C. C. Hihsii. (Jreoiicaatle, ltd.
I ovcfnt!?nian*li'iIia?|[keen confined fo
I kis,,hii*?ks ?iil> -Mercurial iCItcriznaI
?a bab#ntnlMy raretl with S. 8. a.
I ' (mm k Bimt. Chattanooga, Tenn.
I <)()() 1JEWAKD
,1V <nt ttanitat vvlio will llnil, on
S- s-S- ?'M I",rlicl,!?l
ur al'5' ,"'Dtr"1
r>M Win srEClFIC CO.. rropra.
Atlanta, Go.
11*0,000,000 Children
in the United Suites "
tt'hn illtr^f I'ftln
Wlm Fret and Cry,
Wliu Have ! ?!? Pacta,
Who Have Bad llreath,
ft??M Do Lmaliliii's Worm Syrs?
p? Child WhoM* Sleep l< Disturbed,
p#itifcl Wlm Wakea In Terror.
r* itiiH Wlnm? Appetite I* VoradOM,
IhlM Whiee Varies,
" The niiM Who Not Thrive^
The C'hllil Who I* Krmu'latwl.
The t'htlii With Internal Irritation,
The i'hll.1 With Sallow Complexion,
?mM l> Utiglilin's Worm Syrny
si I iuii serous A j Worm*.
NoCli'M ? Free From Tliem.
h'V Cvwe liliwisf Themselves.
Tut ii;?v?:e Other Complaint*.
Tlif Child':* Cur? When Teething:
tntsixnr. nni?.: Atuv* I'ain: Hkdi'ccc
l*r^?*4?*niix; Costuols TIIK IIOWKLS,
Crssxu SrttvKK C?m i-laint. Dvsk.ni kjiy,
I.uiiiinu, Klatklexck, colic, vtc.
Wr?will tin J Itvery valuable: thn child will
hPtsrt'iyt hiftui;)?nllf ultrp.aiuL 1rake up chrr.
V. Uiw.iviit ("litip fi.mfnriitlAr, We piaruiites
tt-s i?iuV,anil will refund the price of every on?
set d?l 113 >! represented. Sold by all druggists.
'.J Price -oc. per liottlc.
UUGHUN BROS. 8l CO., Proprietoi.,
? 'rymm- c
2 ' / yVt /\\V cf
' y i - ??v >
' active aud effectual remedy for *11 Nervous
Hew* In every Knee of life?young or old. male
alctule: roch as hnpotency. Prostration. Loss of
iastifc. I/m of v ItAlIij, Defective Mcmorjr, Ini
onuu rnv,cr. ?uu uiswo itum wiuuu tu
natural wasteof life nprinp>. all of which cnnnot
utvlercnlne 'he whole system. Krcry orpin
]i??ken?l. every power prr*trnied. and man?
tct?nf<JLvMs Arci?en?ni:c<* which,'U notchecked.
tftlhe way to hu early death. It rejuvinate? ase
o-i rtinrijronite* youth. Each parkaee contains
r.-drnt for two weeks' treatment. Write for panfir*
which will be sent free, with full particulars.
<m by all Dru?ii;B at M ceut* & package, or
*t'.ve Nf ti.-es for JS CO. Will be sent free by rail
o ivctipt of moHvr, i?v addressing
<fnrf^4ranteod. Buffalo, N. Y.
WfiAN A 00., Wholesale and Rotall Aconta,
is atvsltive cure far all Di?c.*-.ar
Smart las n*?J iiinful BcnaMtona or u>o
h !j r'Tg^'~ ~ 7/"'* ,Ty?Tr;.M
w [-! C! p?jrbottl3. FcrfJilabr?!ldfiijfS
[i ?r?st*. orc!r^'.lJ .' Kxi.n s? cr. ?*H
w; ITTn.aJ t77aro?i:aarotit CI.-ICtSf.VATl,
^ OHIO. I .'uotiKiniicn thUyatwr. * * *
J M-VSy l!w.A O
'pslMELE k LUTZ, 7
b aid Steam Fitters,
UiS Market Street.
1 1 Wing ami ventilating or public build*
I ^Jwrllitifi nnd factories a specialty.
| ipMrsoX a H1BBERD, " I
k\ M steam fitters,
1314 Marktt S\M Wheeling, TV. Ya*
JtaSen In til kiadj of i<*i wrought md cast Iron
*K?*er Hpcs wd cilraaoy lopMteta mm
':Phoa putm*. wiJety valves, batfc
" ?**. Ac. nolc 4?ci?\? tor tho >
telsbraled Garaeron Steam Pump,
^ ZzierKfatf (ju Ujtbine. Onlert Ironi the
? country tcmnptly filled. *aa23
1 So.STwcllthi'ttcet.
i ** *01 c done prcn t>tly at ie*?oniblo prlct*.
fefal Flunitier, Gas and Steam FMei'
I ilO Main street. I
^ uromtit'iy attended tn.
>?, mi -ri Fourtwuih RtrvcU
lift Mit
tiubdut* lnf!ammntt(n\\Control* all 11cmorrhaqtt,
*lc?ttand C'/ironw. I Vmmu and Mucvtu.
etc., OtO* 1
1 For Pitt*, llllnd, nicfdiitg?r itch- I
i o g, It U Iho greatest known retnod j,
F,or Horn a, H* nld*, Wound*, Hrt?i?c?
and Npriiinft,ltl*utv*iu*llM?*u?pplngr*ia 1
?u?* amuuQ in n marvuUcm manner.
for Ittflnmcd nad More Fycr?It* effect
upon them ildlcato orcuiM tu ctlutply marrolloafl.
It is the Lnilici' Prirnil^-AU focult '
ccmplalnta yield toltl wouilroun jwwor.
For L'lcrrn, Old Note*. or Opea
"Wound.., lu action ut<on tboso la nest remark*
Toothnrhr, Fnccnchc, Rltra of In*
ecu, ftorc Feci, *ro certainly cured by
Caution.?fOSD'S EXTRACT hc*btrn irnU
tiled. Th* ffenuint luiJ the vord* *' I'OSD'3
EXTHACT"Uctrn in Ihiglau.andmir pidurt
trade^mart on surrounding bvf wrapper. Sons
tther it genuine. Alxcay* iimiil on having POM?&
JIXTJUC1'. 2blz no other preparation.
' It la never told in bulk or by mature.
arret at. rnmTunoNs cv rotDT. crrn act com.
iiiMU) wrriiTHE ruitrar and most dujcatk
rutruus run lid its* louiwik.
TOND'S EXTRACT-.........-50c, SI.00, $1.75.
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Denlifrke 50 Plaster 25
Up Salvo 25 Inhaler (Glau 60cJ> t.00
Tcllct Soap(3Cakes) 50 Nasal Syrlngo- ... 25
01r.lme.it........... 50 Modlcatcd Paper.... 25
Family Syringe $1.00.
I.ndir* rend ja?r* 13, Irt, 21 and 2C In our
>ew lliiuk vfUtcb accompanied each bottle oX our
prei*ratloa. S?ui free oti application.
Sv Oou N nr Pam pu l*t with Umtort or ocn
Piuu-aiutiomi Best FUIX ox afi'Ucatjo.s to
14 West I4th St.. Now York.
run iiueui ubuvu jueparutious displayed
in one of Pond's ExtractCo.'a Show Ca*ca and
nld by liOgnn ?fc Co..953 Main Street, Wheeling;
also by C Mueiikemoeller, corner Market
Mid Twemy^econdStreets, Centre Wheelin
. HS-rrhMtW
of tho present generation. It fa for tho
?uro of thia diseiigo and Its attendants,
TUTT'S"PILLS havo gained a world-wido
reputation. Ko Remedy has ever been
tn.Hoovorecl thtit acta bo gently on .tho
digestive organs, giving tHom vigor to aaafinilato
food. Jta a natural result, tho
ore Duvcloped. and the Body Hobust.
Clxills and Fovor.
E. RIVAL, n Planter ot Bayou Sara, La., oar a:
Jty plantation lit in a malarial district. Por
ucToral years 2 could not rnakohalfa crop on
account of bilious liloeaaoa nod chills. I won
cearly discouraged when I bo^on tho una of
10TT 8 PILLS. Tho roauK wm marvelous:
my laborers eoca beccmo-hearty ood robust, i
ccd 1 have hod no further troublo.
T Lt\r re'Acro th? cnRorcwl Wrcr. eleau??? 1
ttip tllooil from poltouou* liiimon, ana
rmi?e (Ik- ixtuplt to ari nninrally, nltb<
out ulilrli :iooni>rnu fn-lurll. 1
Try?tii> reined* fulrlr.uuiJ.iou trill mla
n lionlth701^llon,Vi:ur?u*SliK]r. I'uro
Qlooil.MronB.VrTcs, rm! nftouiiil Llt rr.
X'rlce.23l'?*uU. OHU'c. WJlurrnj ?*t., X. Y.
MI'S 111 mi
itnw IIaihit \Vhiskkjw chanpwl toaGi.ot>v
]sl.?ck by a ninelc application of tbf3 Dvk- It
luip^rt* a mttirnl colur.nntl arts imtotitnneuualy.
fcolil by DrucsUta, or sen: by cxpre&t oa jeceipt
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Office. OG Murray Street. "New"York.
(Sir. TI ttvi .Ua VIJI, of Vnlttublr\
Information tnil l'Mrfnt iCrrrijif* B
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it :
Cures 'Rhezunztism. Lambo,
c;o. Lame Each, Sprains and
Bruises, Asthma, Catarrh,
Coughs, Colds', Sore Throat,
Diphtheric,, Barns, Frost
Bites, Tooth,'Ear, and Head'
ache, and all pains and aches.
lie Lot isteriul aa.l external temdy in the
wor'.L Every bottle cuarMtetd. Sclii by medicine
tUileti ercrj-whei*. Directions in ei^ht Sin jujgej.
Ftiee 59 centj tad Ji^o.
FOSTER, MILBURH d. CO., Prop'ri,
BUFFALO, :.*.Y..L\5. J*.
Tlnnrrhtmin Wiiroa Mniiionn 1
imiynoiflj 111100, milmo;
'i '
utica.h. v.
TiIj remedy will act In harmony with the Female
ostein nt nil times, and also Immediately
upon (lie abdominal and uterine mucclw, and restore
them to a healthy and strong condition.
Dr. Marchlsl'* L'teriue Catholicon will euro fall..
In? of the womb, Leacorrha-a,,Chronic Inflammation
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*a mcuecinj?:i w;,.,., -?
that or any other remedy, nnd la tw only ! C
a ciedlclno nc3'!c4 in almost every discard. -A
01 which flesh Is helr-Kpllcpsy (Falling Kits.)
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a i-IkiuIJ- m t 1.0 used. la lkm;tl|atl<>n and 3! Diseases
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MArfAMN**h<iuM beclveti whft It. J'unjrXAl 3
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each one? nccorillr.!' to medic.",I .tiithon n 5
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thoActlvo principles frmi the.?i lntjrtxllchu 8
f. and In combining thorn Into 0110 3?uip?? com. H
Jound. whichatonr3Colucld?*v|tlitho VisM
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^ . I
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pMtl?-si plnco In thecioiii.iKijv"'he Old iNvnlnIon.
S'i.oo pcr.duy, .Gitf.iiw iwr week,
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aui jKvn^.i!i'jco.vn, imp.
Ub %dA\x?mx.
illicit .Niti.a.lnmli* I'oiirlwuf li Mtrrrl.
- - 1 '
?.%! ?: 5!AY.
ItoiiiUM of I'liMliluiiMblo People nl I lie
"Illy l?j lilt* Men."
Cape May, 2f. J., August 29.
SpwlAlCorropotulctiee of the Intelligencer.
The Hi'UHon at Capo May In aaiil to bo divided
into three distinct period*, a gradual
ascent, n temporary pauue, and u precipitate
diseent, and ao closely aru these period*
marked tluit tho very day fortho be
I ginning nnd ending of each are often
named. The end of tho second period is
1 already drawing near, and visitors are Ik*
ginning to pack their trunks preparatory
to their departure.
J The encammnent hero for a short time
of the Washington Light Infantry Corps
lias had tho effect of prolonging the season
for a little, and the various hotels and
hoarding houses are even yet crowded.
-Accompanying the soldiers is tho famous
United Stuteb Marine Band, and wo are
now having a musical treat such as is set*
dom enjoved at tlie Cape. As is well
known, this is the band that plays at the
Presidential Mansion, Capitol" grounds
and marine barracks, and a conceit will
bo given every ovening during the encampment.
The season has been one of
military and musical feasts. The permanent
orchestras -at the hotels have been
composed of the best musicians to bo obtained,
the musical festival of two or
three weeks ago was a niaguilicent attempt
of its kind, and now the concerts of
the marine baud will form a titting end to
tho successful season.
Cape May has changed very much of
late veare. * The old time rickety frame
buildings, tho scenes of so many lovemaking
and heart-breaking episodes, have
given place to palatial brick ami frame
structures and a display of architectural
bpiuuuor 13 everywnore seen. 2\o\ a more
beautiful resort is found anywhere along
the Atluntic coast, ami the buildings ami
improvements are of the most durable and
substantial kind. A new railroad has just
been opened to Cape May Point. The.
road runs along the beach, and is built
upon a terrace which is protected from the
rubbing of the waves by pilings driven in
thesAnd and cedar brush winrowed in behind
theru. The wind blows the sand
against the work where it is checked! and
the result is a natural barrier is formed by
wbat would have otherwise been a him
diance to the permananey of the work.
The different resorts along the coast
from Long Branch to Cape May have long
felt the want of direct railroad communication.
It is now proposed, and the necessary
mfrvevs have already been' made, to
construct a road the eutire distance similar
to the one just mentioned. Such a road
could be constructed at no very great cost. 1
and the interest on the investment woulu
be very large.
There seems to be a regularly prescribed
programme foraociety life here"at the Cape.
tlaving the mormng'hours to ourselves we |
breakfast nny time before 11, and then the
bathing period continues until 1. During
the three hours the long- white beach is i
crowded with the bathers and their friends i
:ind thousands of ladies and gentlemen are I
seen in the water together. "We have ac- I
commodations for two hundred people/'
said the nronrietor of one of the hathinir 1
establishments yesterday, "but every day J
would-be patrons are turned away from (
our doors." The usual price for a suit and ,
rooin is 23 cents, and the amount of profit .
in such a business can readily be reckoned. ,
there is but little style exhibited here in <
the water, and aside from the different col- <
ored turbans worn on the head the suits <
ure very simple and pretty much the same.
No ropes are needed here, but the life- 1
boats are moored just outside the bathing j
limits, to be use?l if occasion should de- ;
mand. J
The afternoons are generally spent in
strolling along the beach, in lounging
about the hotels, in listening to thc-Ortlies- ,
tras and in watching the manoeuvres of
soldiers. Towards evening the driving begins.
About six o'clock, if the day be
dear, the crowd of pleasure-seekers gravitate
toward the ocean drive, and here are
seen turnouts of every conceivable pattern
and cast. In a few minutes can be seen 1
handsome road wagons, covered and open,
costly barouches, eurrevs, coupelettes, Ian- (
daus, Tcarts, aud other.vehicles, and these
are drawn by horses which in many cases
show remarkable speed 6n!the road.* 'Most
of the horses are private property and
brought here by their owners for the season,
yet the charges for stabling and urooming
are very high, and only very ricli people I
can afford the luxury of calling their turnouts
their own. There are many blooded
animals daily to besedn.but beauty, rather
than speed, as at Saratoga and Newport, is
the main characteristic to be noticed. The
ocean drive is level, hard, free from dust
and always cool in the afternoon and eve- '
After the. driving hours, comcs supper,
and theu follow the usual hops, concerts
and other amusements of the evening. It
is generally remarked that diamonds are
more generally worn here this season than
ever before. Such a display of precious ,
gems is, seldom anywhere" seen. Kvcn
ladies whose walk and dress would' stferii
to place them iu the inferior orders of society
win at least boast of a pair of earrings,
while their richer sisters fairly revel
in their costly splendor. The other evening
oh the veranda of the Stockton Hotel
an.old lady was noticed who.wore-three
diamond clusters on each baud. In'addition
two large stones hung from each ear,
and a huge cross lighted up her bosom
with a glare. List evening at the hop
given at Congress Hall in honor cf the visiting
military, I counted. twelve pair of
costly diamond earrings immediately adjacent
to the spot where 1 was sitting, while
in other parts of the room the display was
equally as great Xor were the costly
ornaments confined to the ear alone;- but
pins, bangles, crosses and couibrbacks
dazzled the eye at every turn. Even young
ladies have caught the infcction, and shirt
siuua lor gentlemen areas uuck iis nucicieberrita
injiutumn. ;..l
If Cape May can boast of more diamonds
than any other place on tho Atlantic coast,
if can also boast of more mosquitoes.
When the weather is warm here, and there
is a land bretze, life is simply a bunion.
I have seen the walls of the t*o principal
hotels literally black witlrthe troublesome
insects, while at Cape May Point they are
simply terrible. Tho average mosquito
here docs , not mako .much loss. over tho
matter, by singing-around your ear some
time before he alights, but he gets right to
work from the start, and the amount of
miser}* he can produce is awful to relate.
."I would rather have a swarm of wasps
around me than a swarm of these mosquitoes,"
said n Ijidy in my hearing yesterday,
I and elio looked uo ghe meant every word
| sbu had uttered.
parasols and hats. ; ;
Aside from diamonds and mosquitoes,
I the most prominent characteristics of ci\!
ilization here are parasols and hats. Very
few plain parasols arc seen, most of them
| beiug light colored, tfjmmed with lace mid
! lined with cream, scarlet, bp/ft blue opd
I other shades of silk. Many of these paragojs
are imported, and correspond exactly
with the suits which are worn by their fair
owners, jlndcr tfaese elegant sun-shades
tho fair beauties from every section of the
country conceal 'their features from tbo
public ga^e, and listen to the same old. old
story their mothers and grandmothers
heard long years l>eforo
Ilatana* conspicuous W their absence.
The sea breezes teem to bo especially antagonist
io to bangs, curls anil plumes of
every kind, and consequently the headgear
pi Ibc ladies is of the most primitive
pattern. On Jljp streets, in the h6tels, and
uionp the beaph tne parasojis^jeonly protection
top the hfjul, apd wliope thji ouu's
rays do not strike a nlevo of lapo is tf}e
material used. ,Tho dresses worn aro j^envrally
neat and costlv, sometimes imported
and very elegant. Ihe various styles and
materials are best seen at the hops. They
are worn with grace, and iiro thu products
ol the beat Eastern and European rnillin
'The number of marriageable young men
here this season is not great; and this in
spite of good crops, a fair business year anil
an encouraging outlook for thu future. At
tho hops seldom is the proportion of male
dancemnorH than one in six, anil thu
young lady with n gentleman for a partner
is much envied by her Iefs, fortunate
sisturt*. The nresencuof militate here this
week has made tho i?ro|?ortion more nearly
equal, ptill tho relief is only temporary and
tho belles and match-uiakers aro inconsolable.
To those of tho fair sex who had attendants
last evening, and who were ho
fortunate as to Btroll along tho beach, a glorious
scene was unfolded. Tho roaring of
the waves, the trntnpingof horses' feet, on
the main drive, tho music from the hotel
minus, tho siiouta ol laughter, mo deep
shadows of the hotel columns, tho colored
liuhts on tho piers; thcso were thu elements
wuleli fascinated tho promennders, while
tho light from the moon and.tho electric
lights un additional splendor to the
Bcene. On tho whole, Capo May is provided
with all the occcsfioriea of a delightful
resort, and with thu improvements
which are being added will bu more popular
in the future thun ever before.
. Touuisr.
isoojii.tiu niu.
IlnlllmoreTri'iiiriiilotisly KutlitiftOd Over
(lie Approaching Oriole ami >ew AC*
traction* IteliiK Continually AiIiImI.
Tim* Baltimore Oriole is having a tremendous
boom, and the indications point unmistakably
to the greatest demonstration ever
made tn'tho Monumental City The hearty
endorsement of the railroad companies and
other corporations, the leading commercial
bousei and business interests generally in the
shape of tho most generous subscriptions,
render tho matter of money one of no anxiety
to the committee, and enables them to
devote their whole time to perfecting the
details of the three days festivities.
The responses from the military organizations
iuvited to enter into competition for
the splendid prizes offered, are of such a nature
us to insure a most spirited contest. The
military parade on the morning of the 12th,
and prior to the competitive drill, will be
strikingly brilliant unu of a remarkable extent.
All the competing organizations will
on parade present ttieir fullest ranks, from
which the company of thirty-six will be
selected to contend for the prizes.
Several of these organizations number from
two to four hundred men, and it is now contemplated
to oiler a magnificent silken banner
to the organization making the finest ap
III nic fjurauu. iUi! -uarviunu regiments,
batallions and companies will turn
out in full force, and the display as a
whole will bo a grand one. The second
day's programme is now so far along as ,
to insure a most unique aud novel I
parade and attendants attractions. The mil- 1
itary feature will he particularly interesting, ,
as the winning organizations in the competi- '
tion drill will have the right of the line.
The immediate escort of f/>rd Baltimore will '
ho arrayed in the most gorgeous costume* of ;
two and a half centuries ago. Cecelius .will :
I e accompanied by U-x and the Carnival
Court, Mom us, Comus, the Veiled Propbc-t
and other royal personage? of the famous
mystic circles of the Smth. The 'tableaux J
following, showing the progress Baltimore >
has made the past two hundred and fifty i
yean, will constitute a particularly interest- 1
ingfeature of the parade, a* the citizens have ,
become very enthusiastic over it.
That the mystic pageantof ThursfiUy ni;bt !
will surpass allellorts of the kind ever before
ittempted in the United States, if not indeed '
in the world, is now a foregone conclusion. (
It will be a marvel of splendor, of mwjestic
proportions and of superb costuming.
The participation alone of the celebrated
uiystic'societies of the country renders it an i
unparalleled demonstration; but when are '
idded the matchless divisions of the order of
Lhe Oriole, it is perfectly safe to claim that
nothing to approach the pageant as a whole
was ever before attempted. Aside from all
)ther systems of illuminating tfie route, there
will-be four hundred bearers of j'ateutlights,
constructed especially for the .purpose, and
;ach light having four burners.
The utmost care is being taken to insure the
convenience aud comfort of all visitors. No ;
increase will be made in the charges at the
hotels or boarding houses, and a complete list
iabeinc made of all places in the city where
accommodations can be had," and the. price i
thereof. These lists will be printed and circu- i
lated at the railroad depots and throughout :
the city in large number.
The Baltimore and Ohio, as characteristic '
of the management, has thrown open its en- (
tire system ? main line, divisions and
branch?-to the exceedingly low rate of onclialf
of the regular fare, or one; fare for tlie
round trip.
. Every elFort will be made to satisfy the
most exacting as to time, comfort in transit
mil number of trains. A large accession of '
new conches and motive power render certain
the accommodation of, all who may '
Ticket Agents'anywhcre will cheerfully
furnish all information in <lctr.il.
Horsfurd'N Achl lit fresh in;;
Dr. C. 0. Files,Portland, Me., says: "After !
perspiring freely, when cold water has utterly ,
tailed to satisfy my thirst, it lmsaccomplished
the pur|>ose with the most-perfect succe*?."
That hacking cough can he quickly cure
by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. '
Will you suffer with Dyspepsia and Liver
Complaint? Shiloh's Vitalizer is guaranteed ?
to cure you.'
Slkki'less nights, made miserable by that
terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is the retucdv
for you. ? *
Catarrh cured, health and swoetbrcath secured
by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy; Price 50
cents. Nasal Injector free.
Sold by E. Booking, agent, -under Odd Fellows'
Hall, and by 1L II. List, 1U10 Main
street. " Kowi>.tw
"Konxli on Stnin.**
Clears out rats, mice, roaches, flies, ants,
bed-bugs, skunks, chipmunks, gophers. 15c.
Say. maiden, wl?h the raven hair,
Sii bcuuiful ami lithe and lull,
With eyes so bright *nd cheeks *o fair,
W'ny let your teeth destroy it all ?
Fur th?y are dark, nyd feet tne want
Of a soft brush and SOZODJNT.
Go to your druggist for Mrs. Freeman's
New National Dyes. For brightness and durability
of color'are unequaled. Color from
two' to five pounds.' Directions in English
and German. Price 15 cents. daw
jffiTAsk yourdruggistforacopy of "Young
Men's Friend"?and read ill
Allow a cold to advance in your system and
thus encourage more serious maladies, such
as Pneumonia, Hemorrages and Lung
troubles when an immediate relief can be so
readily attained ? Bobchee's Ger.maj< Syrup
has gained thelargostsalein the world for the
cure of Coughs, Colds and the severest Lung
Diseases.' It is Dr. Boschee's famous German
presciption, and is prepared with the greatest
care, and na fear nceu be entertained in administering
it to the youngest child, as per
directions. The a?le of this meuidne is unprecedented,
Sjnce firat introduced tliere has
ueen a constant increesing demand and withaut
u hinglo report of failure to do iU work in
bnycase. Aak your Druggist aa to the truth
of the.-e remarks. Large aisea 75 car.ta. Try
Hand be convince i. " rrhrAw
One hundred dollacs reward for a belter
remedy. "Williams' Indian Pile Ointment is
aiure cure for Pilw?. iuv
A Cour.H, Cold or Sore Throat should be
stopped. Keglect frequently results in an
incurable Lung disease or Consumption.
rirowu,3 IJroncnial Trociscs do not disorder
the stomach like cough syrups and balsams,
but actsdirettly on the Intlamed parts, allaying
irritation, gives relief in Ast'.ma, bronchitis.
Coughs, Catarrh, and the Throat troubles
which singera and public speakers are
subject to. For thirty years Urown's Bronchial
Troches have been recommended by
physicians,'and hove always given perfect
satisfaction. Having been tested by wide and
constant use for nearly an entire generation
they have attained well-merited rank among
the fc?v staple remedies of the age. Sold at
25 cents a box eterywhrre. tt1)F4\t
A ssnr, positive pjirp for ppsfiycpvw. l!.ix
For lame Rack, Side or Che.it use Shiloh'b
Porous Plas'tr. i'rice 25 cents.
Smtoii'a Coijijh and Consumption Cure is
sold by us on u guarantee. It cures consumption.
Suilou'h Vital izer is wbat you need for
Constipation, Loss of Appetite. Dizainessand
all symptom* of l)ysnepsla. Price 10 and 75
cont? per bottle.
Cuo(?r, Whooping Cotwh and Hrohchltis
immediately relieved ny filiilob'h Gu?a.
Sold by h. Itocklnp. spent, under Odd Fellows'
Hall, and by 11. II. List, 1010 Main
street. cowutw
Wlicvlliiir Hliitimnle Mnrkeii
limLLtoKxcw Orrtcs.)
ft HEtUKU. Tuwlnv. Aug. 29. J
1hott4teof trtd^duilnslhe i*it wct'k hiube?n ,
ii fniroue, and thcraU a feelingo ul?f?ctlon preVAlcilL
" . .., r '
F>our?'Then? U no clmmre to report In tlil?
branch. N?\r ItourImclllutf in thlilocalitynt$W4
MJ U). Tho regular lirntnU uro jnot <1 ?i follow*:
Choice timber, 84 75it7 2ft: medium urnher,
10 WW! 2r. ft'licomltl, !?'. 7:>u7 UU; Mill
nesoU extra, |7 7.'oS IV: fancy St. lx>ul?. Mifl hS
60; fnncjr piitenU, & 'A*3 73; com ?eitl. Jcr
buahel. Wo; oaunenl. fnncy l-crlmrrcl. 8?7ft*ii 00;
common, lM!i: rye Hour. per tuiriri. fft W)uft7fi.
r/frifH,?New wuhuI, ji Onc-iM, Si mt?, Mj.
tlrati ? \ uoxt ltu? cMiiln m iicullhe lu qnolnIion*?
murkeil l.ut wetk'a Iminef* in this Hiu*.
Hindu* *< ?km, in fict, fl.itelm. To liny'* plcti
uruiu follows: =
I a 0 lluuu., h to U lb nvNKQ. 10^4
" " 12 io lft lh rtvurnuu..-..? 16
" " 16 to 13 lb average UM
Hrenkfujit lUcotr..... .. Iftk
8 C Shoulder* ..... .... 1JJ-5
Fluln uumjii Hhouldcra. - 12
Clc*r " FMin. _ .. .. 10X
Mfi Pork (barnl :U0lbs).. - 21 '.ft
Uriel BeeU; lJUii:t
Pure Leaf Urd, Tkinv, JIVJ It* ; i:t? f
lUirrvU/AMMU" WW
" " " Hull lUrr-l?, 150 1L*? l ik
Kolomna Hrtiisrtm" IJU
Chccw. Klcii and MIM ? taloj^
Lnnl oil. Kxtnt \V*?teni Strained W
Carbon Oil .. 8
White Miners' Oil. Winter Strained 67
I Urvcerta?A few chtiiKOinrc whirled, but gener*
ally tpeiikhiK price* have, been very steady, mid
trade hM beeu tlrst-cliu*. Cotfcc Mr 10 ccnu;
kood lllo H?Sc: piine 12kc; cholco 14c, be*t
roiudcd HK-e, yellow I'.fo ' 14c, Java 2Sc.
Syrui", common +?c prime New OrI
lentil* tnoln??, prime C.V, choice new 70c, maple
lnymp 81 Ift per pillon. Rugum hard mudied
iuj^e, KnuiuiitteO y^c, powh-retl lO^e, run feet Ionan'
A '/>io, A,V}Jc, A prHlrie ''So, rMlare A 'Jc,
golden U SV4C, prime Sc. yellow (a7!i.c. Itlco,
Carolina cholee Sc. New Oilcaua tirliua 7^c, linn*
goon 7}(c.
ri*h-So. 8 mnckorel, bbls., fi W; No. 2 medium
810 00.
H'oorfm Wart? Market ilendy. So. 1 tub*, per
dozen, f'J 00; No. 2 tubs per dwell, M 00: No. fl tuba
por dozen. 87 0>J; 2-h?opp<lil.< pordozen, SI75; 3-lioop
pail*, JU00; keelers per nest, fI S3: butter tub*,
ft Incapacity, *1 TO; (lo.T.'i lbs capacity, $1 W); do 25
lbs capacity, it.V), waAlibo.ird.-t, plain, II 60aI 75;
wajdilHwrd*. patent, wr dozen, fci 5Qa2 75.
SiJi-Pcr barrel 8100.
SilWlOnnt?lOullcper potiud..
Sent*?'Timothy si f5: clover 85 OOaj CC; Uluc
Gram 8110; orchard S.'O1'.
?inttiar? Double ?trengtn wine vinegar. 2'm.TOc;
?tnndr?rd, llal3e; lOullc for country stock: nine '
vinegar 50c. gn
IlMnih-Itccclpu light and nlwut ill! out of m?r- gl\
ket: prlmc'uitvle* ?;< 7."?: ?lo medium s.l 60; lmport.nl
82 7WI W; red pink i- 7.ta3 2.">: lima* 7c.
OiU?l.?td oil, extra western Hralrfed, yvajl 00; Jc2
carbon oil. Sc; whito miiicn.' oil, whiter Htraincd, ~f
67c. ?
Chtctt?1* .quotedIn Jobbing at 8Xf for prime
Western, nntl 1U}?i16c for New York. tfweitzcrl6}6
nl7e, according to'quullty. Uinburger 12c. 0
Feathert? Live geese Una at 5Uo65c; 40*150 for
mixed. . a
Saib?Tho curd rate is SI Wl, nnd the market Is
quiet: *to\ks light. As yet theruls no klguof a
break In tho lock out.
Api>t'. Mutter?6c |>er pound.
Imiey?S?We at lfinl7u per pound.
7hli/>u>?Market steady; country tiutJ}?c pcrpouml; .
clty7u7'/c. A
llfrtm vr?Krt 1 l"'/? *
Canned GootU-Tiw mirket i* unlet, and not ranch
doing. The quolatioittart as follows; S-tt? onus, pie
penche* Si 00: 3 !t> cans peaches 82 2 n. can*
peaches 82 <x>. Tomatoes. 3 It- can*. SI 20al 2.1.
Sweet corn, 51 OOal 25; Window com, 81 4U.
Strawberries. 2 tt> cam, 81 45. Blackberries, 2
caus, 8130. Raspberries. 2 lh cnii!?, 81 40. Plums ,2
Beans. 81 40al 70. Lima beans. 2 lh cans. 81 .V.
Hiring SI 15. Cove oysters. 1 lb cans, light, 75c; (nil
weight 51 25
Dritil FruiU-We qHote prime quartered apples at t
5c; evaporated apples Itoilc per jrfiund: evn|>orH- \
ted poachm f unbred) lSc per pound; evaporated
rasp be riles :>0u3yc per pound; unpaired peaches,
halves. UafiKe.
Jltittcr?Wholcnltf prlc* i* lHvlJc per nottud.
Ornnyrt -Scarce at 34 7 V 00 lemons r> 00n7 CO.
Dry Ifoodn?MusUii*.'kusc.giiighumn CuQ%c. dre*
ginghams Kal2e%. l!erk?hlrei(iii)riiarcsSV{c,nud l.*n.aster
9Uc. dievolts 7allc. Uucusvidc crashes
ialiv, uenims 9al3J4e, ducks '.UlSc. jeans ItlalOc.
tabio linens PJd45c. una dress go?ds6i3Uc. Prints h
ire quoted from
II Issiill quoted high, yesterday's figure# /J
being SI 17 jwr proof gallon, and the sime figures
prevail to day. Small Hales took place thv past ,l
week. :
Giii?n</-The price li?s remained the same?SI 75
i2 00iK."lb 'oii>liPutl)l?* is earning in. n
1lW?There bus been lio change in the market
ind piieca remain the sitae. L
Wheeling Live Stock .Market. ''
A visit to the stock yards yesterday found ilbout c
X) head ?f good home wttlu theie quoted at the fullowinc
(Ikuus: Trade hrsheen fair: i
Otitic? For l,UO {Ktuiids 4)4; l,2.u?l -r0jK)unJ.s .
Jlo>;*?l*6r goo 1 animals Sr.
Caftr*?Vccordiog toqudity and si*c?5?0<:SI0. c
itiii 77-777-. ... " *
HiMiiiiurL- nillCH Jiariil'l.
Okkice ok CALVKirroN Ljvr Stuck Scale*. I Monday,
annual. is.fi. /
sheep and* iambs- _. 7,10!
Total - 11,10.' |
(The quotations given in our live stock rc|M?rt?are ?'
ItitjN; of the rvrtttil market, except when otherwise
rvjKulnl.] J1
Very best on sale this week- sG .V> u7W r
riuit generally raid fir>t quality h 7"? xC M o1
Medium or eoodfairnuality....... > 4 75 a.ri7.'? t
Ordinary thin Meets, oxen anil cow.?.? .100 at -ii P
Extreme range of prices .. 3 iO a7-o fc
Most of the Mies were from 4 73 n?i 'Jj r
Virginia: 1,(517 jt
ililnoii ... :tl0 k
i)i> io La ft
*e>t^Vljj!lnU?. ? llh Mj
The arrivals of cauIc during: Lhu week amounted r.
to -J,Ml head, h miii.?t ','211 la?-t week and a,.VkS head jj
the corresponding week of li.styet*n mid the Mie.s f!
itxriuu Che week amounted to 1.727 head, against ft
564 last week, and head the corresponding ?
week o' last year, anil were as follow*:
To llaltimore butchers-. *
rocountry dealers ? M:t ^
l'o Eastern dealers-.............. 1*2
TotaL....; ;. -..1.7:27 H.
The offerings of this week were heavily in excess /j
nf l.ot week. ut:d the salts cHocied ju<t do fbie toe G'
number then ?old. The quality averaRes. ve-y Vi
n ariy, if not r^uite, ?s good as la>t wees, the only j gyj
uuii-ii-utc. in.-iiig linn me inps inm wcuk were ?g
digh'ly superior. Tlic inaiket whs nctlve h]1
though, tliouuh prices wore oir 3?c, s*>inc few
dealers reiM.riing the decline at a less fraction.
Piices ranged from :t t?i 7c, with most s.de# from 4% ' u
nflj.fo. lUltlmoic bougljt some,250 more tic,
cattle than they took lunt wr-ek, mid a country de- -mnii'l
was more Mils nctorlly uie*. ' fi
Arrival* this week .. ..............1.197 /;
Arrivals liu-t week 3.S01 j,"
Arrivals one year ago .............. ...^14*<3 ;\
rem.vuks. at
TJic rceclrs are slightly In excess of lust week, luit ue>
thenunlfty does not average quite as good hs the (j
Glarings then, as there nre fewer superior hrgs and v
more grassers. The receipt* are about (juid to a
moderately good demand.und price* a thade higher. -?
We ijiiote com hogs &i 1 latlJic, with a few extra at
12c, net: greets Italic, Mid hard to sell.
tltkslleei* m4kkct.
Arrivals this week .. 7.-101 I
Arrivals last week ; y,'J?7 ?
Arrivals oue year ago ;. .~JO,teO ft
itpuiiks. tc
There Jsn faMhigotT iu therecuipU, na <s?j|ipir;\-l Li
with Lvtweek, of n ur!y 1,1if) huau, and the quall?y
1* not nig'**! as 't v*.* the, nearly all the
oircrinirt are of k common older. Trade is very
slow, depending wholly on the home dctnano. ?
which l.-qifteslnck; and, will no outside demand,
all the den ew rqtort tint the decreased supply is
fully equal to, and indeed in excciisof.lhe demand. H
Prices of 8hcep3a5Jic; lambs 4aGc, with very few at
the latter price. .'
I'ulpitnlioii ??r thcllonrt. l
J. M. Might, Syracuse, X. Y.. writes: J
"When I first commenced using youT Burdock
Blood Bitters I was troubled,with liuttering
and palpitation of the heart... 1 felt
weak and languid, with a numbness of the
limbs; since using,ruy heart baa not troubled ,
me, and the numbing sensation has gone."
l'rice $100. g
Doctor bills are aboniiunb!** and n>*>t tieed- 2
od in kiditey and liver affections, as J'cfunft "
and Manalin wil| cqre them. ' ~
I'crsiiual! To .lien Only I "
The VolU\ic Belt Co., Marshal), Minli., will ?
send Dr. Dve's Celebrated ftiectro-Voluiic h
Belts and J'jleotric Appliances op trial for
thirty days to men (young ?>r old) who are
aiUicted with Xervous Debility, I?nsl Vitality
and Manhood, and kindred trouble, guaranteeing
upecdy ami complete restoration'of
health and tuanly vigor. Add reus as above, i
N. B.?No risk is incurred, iuj thirty days' {
trial is allowed. ttkaw
Fon piles, constiuntion a'ld a torpid liver
nsver fail to take Manamx.
JJajrlc i n't In* Miirlrmlli Outur.v.
N'. Mdtca, WyobridK*', Ontario, writPK: ' [ (
have sold larjje ijuaiiiitit* of Dr. Thouio&V j?c': t
lectricOil; it is us*d for cold .sore throatj
croup. eta,atid, in fact,fprjijiv ajlectiqn Qf the
throat it worjfs like ruaplc." "it 15 a sure cure
for burns, wounds and bruises."
Never, forget that biliouMicMt and rontdir
nation an* u*irMv iMirsildn with M ana UN ~
====== r\
jgrjQ $100 SloO $-00 foOO. 1
VflC OP.Ti i.ss IS U'Al.l. T- KKr. i:1sioiK
ixi.iiAA(;i; Mxniiru-s.
TtieW-tand.p f?xt plan ilpv(k,l f..r maljns
tAHlC pp.llH tt?VP,|tim'|iih.wJtn giC'it raKx^.ai'u
Dry ikjOktcn fr(w.- Adifios;
WxjA.K GKAV .fe CO., Bunker*.
?uCti I'ost Hiijliilt'ii. 16 Si lii Kii.hanso HUrv, N. V. f
Flavor* for t?*~Ij?y and to-niorrorr, IVacb, ?
llanana and 'Yanilh. Al*o Fresh Cakts.
Private parlors for lailhtf, Telephone tfo.Sa. 7
TII03. F. 11KVMAK. *
nulJ) 1011! Main Street. 01
One Iltindrtil full Music Lts
Fwcn distinct whnols. Twentr-olRlit tt&rhrrn.
In Liberal Arw, Music, Imwinc, ratntlnir, Kiwmt
work, Charge* loss than an/ eulinl Bctiyol In tin
U'inlicr 6th. Hum! fur new CutuloKUO to
isf COT ?l*n tn Srjrr*- M??t
Mimical lunurrralnry in the \/|D^|P
Yotin* peranna of limited mean* Jg IIV will*
bvll.AU. It, R. College year beein?!>*pt. 4th.
lar?, tie., adilrotlloward X. Odtfen, Pr?i?
ij ? v?
|S| a>>. 1
fills Baxiuk 1'owacr u mntlu !rom ntncily pure 1 '
ipc crcata Urter, autl every oui 1* warrautcil lo i _
19 witlifacllon ?r mower ro.'uadcd by
mxmufactomkm, p
a . 1403 Malmtreot. Wheeling. ^
While other Baking Powdery aro largely
dulterated with Alum and other hurtful ~
'rugs, i
JiWfc *
as been kept unchanged in all its original
urity and strength. The Lost evidence of
fs safety and effectiveness is the fact of
Is having received the highest tcstimoni- itsfrom
the most eminent chemists in the ?,
Inited States, who have analyzed it, from
ts introduction to the present time. No ^
'I'her ooivders shciv so acod results bv ths v
rue icsi?tho TEST OF THE OVEN. T
Chicago. 111., and St. Louis, Mo.,
Uncf?tlnr?r? ofLopa'.Ia T???? Gnat, Hr. Vrlrr'? Sprtlal I)
llaiorln* Hitr.iru, tad Ur. Trier'* Vnli|tir l'rrfum??.
Ti^z?szYryiyrLs.->??*ja aarrpt dU<^,
ITh^h 1 h * ).**. M fo3 i:
O!; SALE BY ALL DUUGOkT?. Julmmid "
iltjR, asl.kik! <turlc* Xoonlteuioi-Ucr. Aqoni.s
. nii".*nus_.
ARRiS'REM'ZO? Cd^"fga? ^
Liz&kLrfA 51 re >?"!? rr-ii". ol j 4
5\?di;^^3Pfil!f.Hll3?IS,Pt3IlllEBl!l?D> I !
Ivj Vw turns Mrn ?Q<1 cth'r. nho i-jITc/ .
fij- . '.^r^siiSfA-v?i">u? *14 J-hj.ic.l Im.il. lu
'' 1 *ru,lG,c i:*''?u?Uoa *a-l ~
Mr ro*3/ fm^sfDca.
' 11 ; ,7rr^* , ?'< HbW.I> ?U.| raJI .11. turr-L 1
r Hrae-ly It put ?p la boin. 5?. I (tutlnx m tuoutb). fa.
2 (rnnurh to rCrct? rarr. ua!??i U. mrtc ct ??.! *.'.;.%?.3
itlus thrw iro.ith'j. C<- iniit hr null in j.uiu . P;
.rrTiM.n....r?.irtK ?"?"?!>??} 1'MiJiblrl
I Uil? *a4 bw<!? if euic t<u ?c?Ic4 co ?pyUa?Uui? ~
: fiprrirnarin carhif div?i?* if tfcf illanil, ??in nn.1
>nr?.?Nervuu* ln?p*itrt>or, t>rs?i<Jo
rakni-**, Conorrh<ru, xypltlllilc ?n.l Mtrturlul
frtfllun* p?-clullr truotot un K-Untlij priatiptoi,
i> *(? ?ol ?gro ftcwd.ci. Call cr rrllo for Lilt of Qg;*.
liuh ?n?wm4 by tbiwdnlrlct trvatMeut bj mul.
VnuaoMlTrrlns [run llupturr ihuulil wai IhflrailiirnOk'
ad Ifarn nnirlMne lu llirlrn.1uulj,T. Ili< nul alru??.y
it]re*. inc. uutts i-' s. stu si* st. Uuis a#.
'jar frIBi .
gPtaNHEsmE \
A fnv'orlto prroirlptlon of ono of tha j
o*tni<t??l ami >u<x-c?afiil ?iH-uiiilht3 Sn tli?u.a. 3
ax n'llrwu f<T t!iocur?r.f.Vrrroir?# ifrbilitVi i|
vif'yiiiithoin!. iVeaf:nriuianrt ZJrrct*. Sent |J
pioln.s?uKiJeiivvI>i;><,/?*ce.Driisf:Utsi%uiflllu.' j
Adrfrstt DR.'WARD & CO.. Lcuiiiar.:. Mo. J
m....- > > r.
sn ? !. B
Knt.<jou.- -. . rg.yrw ojzx.I1
ttr szz \
Murray & limr/ arr's 1
'imm mm.
!esi for TOILET, BATH j
nd HA rir-KiiRCHIEF.
nr'fMVN ratf**:* is
k Mi V?
T'fO Vul'l! OAI'I'W!,. :ii
j'j vj T'um ili*iirii!a i*? i?o:i?'y
* ''Ij ? r.il nn unc-l*nn i;>vrjun?*nt3
r>. .CUK ilyi.obycj'cr- ^
. 'i Kvu^??iniur|?lu>f. r'rvui Slay In,
V*?w |>st. t.'Uir*.icrs',n5 vntc-on m
W7T?\Vr P'll*' lit-v.* o.mm ro.ili;c<i net)
' my i tj in'.vrOTH c:in i:r.:(m! tc
Sr_ ^ r?vcnii tiinca l..i> oriylnul JI.VP5^
K^K^ti^ ?:< ' nn fo,
Qx'it t yi',(TOUtnv.:nui;Uw u:on.?T orimy. ~
?Vy ^bruiJOiV-'AVaJitl. fc\|.;ai:aU!tyci?
Cufuu all j ?tnu:n>'i;:y of fund H; /
st,,,: *rfC- Wc vrtn,t '?>i>iM3n?ibI?
w w u rents. trim wilt reiwrl on cro|?
. au.l iurroclucr. ;ho j>lnu. l.ibcnil
PiiiiH&n cammi??on? nniil. A.Mrfss, .
KI.KMXIINU A: liEIMtl.UI. Com. '?
V'H'iJvy inl??l<?n Merchant*, Stujor H'k:'*, ill
Clilru^o. 111. '*'
c.f (be By-Laws can be seen by callirontitlierof
tbe undcrsi:;n?il, who will
o receive applications /or stock until Friy,
Srptc;nltcr 1st, at 0 o'clock i\ si.
lie attention of skilled workman is parulntly
invited to tbte notJca. David
aiianldinjt, fllcnbenTllle, o! \
ri:eoj?hilus I'u^li. Wheeling; \V. Va.
rhonfas Tnylor. ftmbenville, 0.
L?**h Clobnn, IMleire. 0. I
,'linrle.s II. Spauidirjj, Stcubcnvillo,' 0.
inig Corporators. (
J For nuAt Bill IleaiR Letter Iletil*, NoU l
iili, Ofc'' . Ac.. co to tts?s lMly Infilllcmcor JnV ?
IERYATORYof music. j
IJorif for Eighteen Doltn r$.
^Attendance iviit jrcArCQ. Superior ailvnnlwM
TNi. Mixlfrn LaogiacM. Nert|?Work, and Ufa
lll.N I. C-1 LllSlIlMI, f).D? illtiburuh, IV
rtlthful and b?autlfu| location. Unequal*!* in*
IrslftHil Chutt**t ColltQt ?tul only ftrtt>cl?M
91 A htflt*. kAHNK?T,rHACTICAL,TMUNQUail,
B | f\ (IioulJ write at once. Katy of At<m? V
Korcntalojpi?a,drcu?^\^| I
Fl.inli.||lor,A-.r^i/m,UCiVlCn '
?m< imi lutiL eitatk audit. r
Loana ueKotlated, atocka bought aud Bold, meJ? N
ihauta'and manufacturer*' booka<?|>cned,ftxaiulu?4
tud cloned. Katate* wttlwl, note*, book accounu B
mil rwuu collected. Hnuaet runted and Iwuod
3ollcctluna promptly remitted. Advance* made VII
bUftlnencorrcapoudcuoeronlldenUally attended
,o. Sctid for circular to referent**. 1318 Market
trcot, (Cranglo'a Block,) over C1t7 Rank, Wheeling "~
*1*5 ; J*. w
Civil Engineer, Surveyor and 'Examiner 0
A Land Titlen. ?
Orrics:?42 Twelfth Street, Wheeling, ^
IV. Va. Telephone. No. 69. an 17. Q
Jt B. CAMDEN, M. D., p
Physician uiitl Sur^oou;
Realdonw and oflico No. 105 Fourteenth attvet It
)tUco al?o at 1133 Chapllnc Urea.
TeleiihoucNo.C-6lMiidNo.lt. * 81
Calla promptly agawcrgL injg CJ
n 0. SMITH, ri
or m
iical Estnte, lioncl A Stock lirokcr. ?
fllwyilnl filliitillon J ?w. n.
eii'eml management of P.ealjK/tate.* '
mhl m0 Main street, Wheeling. "V* "<
DR. 1I0LMRKN hM returned to the city and re- W
umed tho practice of medicine aud surgery. He CI
an be fouml at tho .
vcr tho City Bank. M?ritetjitreet tayfl Jjj
Carpenter nnil llnllilrr. ^
Itrlck Building* erected complete In *11 modern I
uprovemeuta. Also wooden bnlldiiiM fitted uj -*
impleteon lot. Wooden building* framed auc r
tted up in ynrd at work shop and taken to am ii
?rt and completed, ?ti reasonable terms. All ?l ~
rratlous made on old building*, roofs valley* and '
cy-llghts particularly atteud?-<i to l>ejk*. counters 2*
tid shelvingtittcd upon short uotlrc; storefronU ,
ut iu and stores altered. Residence No. riix
enth street formerly occupied by Mr. Exloy ?
Hop in rearo? Capitol, on Allfy IX myll I
Manufacturers o' portable, stationary, insriut
jilers, brtecblug, cMmueia, tanks, stills, doors Gn
Hitters and Mil kinds of liesry sheet in?n work
t-alers in bccond hand b-? !er> For in formal ior Cu
iply to COX .t MOSlltbOK,
No. 1606 Market ktrtcL Ws
Telephone C-21. Repair* ijtocUl attention. Term* Bal
wna'-le. my19 '
J C. USX, lu, 55
?< enrer of the celob?l?t CHK3TEB KF.AT> _
which ire now ready and for vale at
My 5. C. Meats are all branded. "Lilt's Chortbr.' ?r
2* : w{
r M. GLOUCTON, * ' Bel
I I ? ~ - A
ralu,t>nmml Fccil, Baled IIa), Straw &t se
Poiith Ptrcct, Near Market Strict Brirtjre, Col
11! ;ny tlio hizbe*t market price for whrat. ??n
Mii-itwu UT? Mr
roiiN m. uoo.v a cof
i su
calcis ill (jrain, Provisions autl Oils, iu Ch:
Car Lots. Ka
Order* pliccd for SPECULATION In r,r*in. Pro I
miosis. Oil und Stocks on margin lu Exchuugta> at on
New York and Oil Cltv. C
biruRO Cnmspourfents? B. Davenport k Co.. M *n<
Nichols & Co. . jel arf
to i
ficnerat Of 0. E$(l<*ura .t Son. rj*cl?: v
exlcra In Grain, Klour, Seedf, Provirioru, Cheen I
am! Dried Fruiu. . lv
" irrr -r. rrmrAf^ _i
'S.EO. R. ^ Gilchrist" ^
Office nlth Taylor A Barr, rw
No. 42 Twelfth Street ?
Admiralty and Maritime Law % specialty. Collec
)03 promptly made. tn34 ?
r U. CO WD EN,
I . lTTOlK'TV ITT ill' 1
No. 122*^''hnjiflno ^*1.,'WhK'Unr. **'. "* -fly*:
on Ho'iw, WhK'lIm: v- : Vi> r.
f AM? P. ROGETiS. r,l
So/ifeC '^hni'Mne ?L, opr^Ue IV* 'v-nr ttoute mh
hyt-IinK. W. VA 'o-Q jjfj
No. !5i8 iUrkol street. (ovt-r City b*mf) * nm.
I w Vh. ?
Oftoc, No. 1222 ChBpllne St.. Wheeling. "1". Tk Bri
nmtif attention ?U hn?tnr??
: fite
Si] il.DIi KN'TtO r.TI!AlTS to
All silling* bv the instantancous'ijrocchs.at j**
PARSONS', 12M Market St., W?
ri>:2.? 'Oi?nn?itp.McLuro Hoarc. hV
?--rr? ?? Ik*
lYUES' AKT studio,
N-n. 21.St VAIN* STRKRT. ^
Em tlio 1.argot Mid Hlicsl Hn
?liologfrapli Grallery ^
So.oo Cabinet* -lily g:t.<)0 per dbacn. CX
J?r9 n:? Jul*-STRKKT.
.u~^== J.!
882; FALL TRADE. 1882. n
L. i
One Hundred Thousand Eurelopcs! Jot
iflrpu C'nfcrH I.ci:nl <'n|?, l.esnli Xtrlef, ZZ
l.oitor, llill, Nolo, in Kcmnsniiil I'ml*.
15,000 Quirts JSjiink ItooVs. 7;
>11 i vv vs xxtt nt:noii.i.vi>i'n
IH.ous. ^
Jii?t Kcrfivcd and Bold Uetail, at Whole- ^
,lu priccs bv lo*
.josircr-jri gkayi^, J;
HU*>* Tvvtrni St'foQI. 'tip
\ NEW STOCK 01- Vh
33o.y.s' Ktsolts. ?
Wc cirer'hc Mlof in* bonis* m well ndnptcd to nie
Utfs WIJO waul to Inrtmtt and cntciWlu of
lemMilvw:. ' vri'
Ynnr Clmlro for 81.00. ""
itioil* i--"" ? ' - -
.?.< ?iiwvu ?' *" onicccipioi j
i'i'. i
l,i(i Of I\ll?yJ "<0 pl'KC? ?loth. , *
Lite of Kit Carton. 2K2 r*K'?. llolli. , ,
Lite of 40"? !<:? ??.. ?loth.' J',
U'C of A'-rihi ? l.ln'V.ln. cU?i'?. ,.
LUc of ImtiIcI Wwl^t. r, <0* jv if..*. t?f(.|h. __
six Sigh'* Id ? lUorW ' OIkc -H? m?cc?. rlojh. ~
tinlO i:'.D) M?rU?-i sir|.t>t JWTtiTiiiStSSSSsSSB!
WrltUr. t?/ .the Wife nnd Mother!
f onlf J?IR> by tb?ro.anrt ?btcb i?nnt a
ntoo.1 an4 TJvit?!?f* wh n* other* hut uTUUE \
LlFS, br Urn unly i?rtnn? J"po*v*<)<;o of thi fncU?a '
alttiful WIFE nail ilOIltnllj Truth ni?ir? luU>r*?t< |
AC tb.vo T.ctli.?. Atlanta ?Uo?l'l ?m<1? for rlr?uUrc anil I I
/ontldcntlr.I trrra* S*nJIV fur crt?i?rtu< to**. I I
d. H. CHAMBERS &. C0M8T.LO^Xg.Jt^ '
. y
Time tablo for Eait aud Wwt cArttcted to Jt'NK
th, lWi
Trelni lea?# Pinhandle Perot, foot of KleTrtith
trvct. near Public Lauding, u?lly, tuctju Buudayi
~ I'ltu. Eait | fait I*ic, Ii>"
Wheeling Time. Kip'? Kxp'i Kip> Kip'tc'ni'n
Uare- a. M.If.K. r. M. A. u, r. w.
Fhecllm , fcXJ ?y, 4:17 8c47
7:05 2:80 4:.SP fc2S 7:11
teubt'UTillo.^M...^.. 7:35 MO fcVO fclfl
1lUbur*U 10:00 6:10 7:30
, L r- * A* "
IarrliburfMM..MMM... 11:15 4:15 ?
Wtluior*-...^ 7:15 ?
i. *. _
I aihlmrton.......... M^*.. 9 15 .........
blladelphla ...... .... 7JA 7:50 ...^.
ow York.. 6.1ft 11:15
; i I ifVwj i
orton ~.| 1 1 iTooi
' OOlNfl WtKT.
on. Wwi Ac* At*
Kxp'? Exp'? Mull j'm't c'm'n
Lcar?? a. u. r. m. a. m. p. k. p. k.
'heel lug- 4:17 6;tt 1:5; 6:47
?ubcuTlll?M.M. 9:W 6:->: 7:J5 1:10 1:10
idli ...... U:? 100 ,5:66
:I w <j p.*.
cnnUon*. 12:01 8: lft6:10........
effvk..?M..H.M.. 2;? ?40
3lumb*?.?M 8:30 &4&..<m~. 10:3C ........
Loavt*? t. m. a. m.
jlumbui.....^....., i:5C 1:55 9:14
ArriYo? p. m.
ayton 6:25 7;0e...^.. 7:0i' 1:30
[nclnnatl........ S:0U 4:00 2:49 ,
,diw]spoils. 10:50 123C ... fc:C0
. ' . i A- *. P.M.
. Louls......^......... 7:? tOft.i.^ Uko6?^L.
ilcago 7:30| 7:N)| 7:M
Mundar cxpma leave* Wbeeliugal a;o'i a. m? m*
res Wellsbunt 9:'-5 a. 8lcubenrllle 9:55 a. m.,
aking clow connection for western points.
Trains leaving Columbua at- 3:50 p. m. and 3:58 a.
. run dttlly. Through Chicago Kxprvta leavca
munbus dailr* except Sunday, at 8:00 p. m? with
wplng car attached,'arriving in Chiewo at 7:30
(x t morning. Berth* can be ?ccurcd In adTanca a
nlon Depot Ticket Ofllce. Columbus.
Pullman'* Puliwc Drawing Room Bleeping Caia
rough without change from Btcubonville Last to
illadelphla and New York. West to Columbu?,
ncliinati, Louisville, Indianapolis and fit. Louis.
For through tickets, baggago checks, sleeping far
oommodations, and any further Information. hi?y
to JNO. O. TOMUNPON. Ticket A?ent, at Panindie_Dcpot,
foot of Eleronth atrwL or at rtt?
cket OSlce, under McLure House. wheeling,
Manager. Colnmbui, Obit.
Gen'l Tim, and Ticket Agent, Pimbnrgh, Pa.
)u ana after M.ysi.l&r!. passenger traini *111
n M follow*?Whcellng.Tlin'.-: <: ,
... anrvTt No. 43." .So. * No. 1 Xo.9* So. 3
EX*T*OtJKD. lyCal Dallj Qklly UBi|y
jCavc? a.m. *.*. *.*. r. m. p.m.
Ruling..... 7 15 , 1 3.'. &S0 8; 10 4:56
Sairc .. 7 3 * 1:45 *00 1.50 5t'J0
- r.X.
vitnn. 210 5.48 1:00 TM 9:C0
mi" - 1>m,
mberland..?M?- . .... ?:47...^ ~l:2fi
Ahlngtou ?nt> .......... v:li? ^50 I-.M
Itlmore 3?o U.QC ... 7:16
x. p. v.
Iladelnhla :.L. ' 7-40 ?:0f> 12:50
w York.., .... 10.50 6:.'0 3 60
r. a. a. x.
tton. L. 4:'Jt' 6 16
Daily except Sunday.
fo. 43 and No. 9 stop at all Stations.
""*??"> S?-" nSyjaS'jDSl'l1
-cave? r. m. t. m. ( p. m. p. m.
icellng 4 or 9:Sm?J:3CH lhlfi
'Jaire 1:40 10:10 2:10 11:U)
irrlToat?1 '
p.m. a.m. '
iesvllle..:...~. &10 12:55 5.051 8:05
wark ....... 1:50 b:10( 4:10
umbm 8:15 7:50j 5 SO
idr.nntt .J...'.....;... 8:CO 5.00 ,3.10
. ' - 'AiM." '
irtufcky 7:0C fc23
' " - ' -p.*; p.*.
HanapolU ll:0i> 12:35 lfctt
Lout* . '-:3b' 7:56 7:88
a.k. p.m.
'cago... - 6.00 8.00 7:30
n&dHClty S:30 8:80 fr.OQ
L i!t 0. Palace, Drawing Kuom ana Hletfpuig Curt
r11 nlnht trains.
lt*e connections are mttde for all point* 8outh
! Southwest, North aiul Northwest, making thil
nimble route for cdlouLst* nml pemma moving .
ihe great Went, and to whom jwrticular attention
j??*n - l .* > . * 4 . .
ive Wheeling 6:40 x. m., 1:30 p. 5:10 P. K.
Io trains ruu on ttiU Division on Sunday.
'lckcbttoall principal polnta on sale at Depot.
Icc open at >11 hours during the dav.
nformatlon' to the traveling public checrtullj
en. W. M. CLEMENTS, M. of T.
L T. DKVKIEn. Gen'I Agent. Wheeling.
V" jwi w r r\*?iTiviivxi ;
,fi ?5 "
Jonden^fd'Iline Table of "Passenger Trains, cor
ted to JUNK 4, 1862. *
Mall. Exprevt fcxpiu* Accom.
laburgh 8;00a.M. 1:20p.m. 4:05 p.M
egheny S:10 " liDO " 4:15 V ...............
ch ester- 8:58 " 2:00 5:(0 ' ;
ivcr..... M9 : 2.26 tt 5:to "
IJver'L fc37 /ul9 " 5:46 " Leave?
lHvllle. 9:18 " S:1U " . o:r8 " 6:?1 a.m.
iiben'e-10:47 " 4:i6 t57 7:!5 ..
t'k h y_ 11:42 6 oi .? 7:M . g:? ..
dKCpori 11:49 5:08 " 7:67 " *42 ?
lalre,.,. l~00r. ii. 5:3) " &10V s;S ..
Aocom. MaiL lixprew. A.vrni. 1
Ulre^.. 5:60a.m. ll:C0a.m. 1:40r.v. 4:10r.m.
dgeport 6:00 " 11:10 150 4-35
r's P'r 6:07 ? 11:17 i;?7 JiJ? ?
uben'lc. 7:01 12:17 p.m. 2:48 ' jt-i
TOW ... 7:20 " 123, JS .. ..
lUTillt- 7:4!> 1:15 ?>0 ?/? ..
UT.t'L. fc:15 ? 1:43 ?15 .. ? "
iver h:f9 2:26 6:47 "
Chester- 9:C5 " 6-52 " ~
eeheny. 10:20 3:20 ' 7:35 " "
Uburgn 10:30 " 3:30 " 7;? " ?
rrlAbarx ..... 2:55 A. M
tlniorc.. 7*60 " """""
shlng'n o'oo . .
iiHdei'A._ ?...\ ~r jg -
^rk... ?zzz -ws-fc
rtog ? ? 6:10 f. m
>Ul t?'lmlii* if&ylne Kvllulre at b.bu x. *. and
al^e]'9.w ttedc for Cleveland.
>11 tralnn daily cscept Sunday.?
. ? E. A. FORD.
VM i n Pie-ntfiv5?cn?*t *{$ Ticket Aitvnt.
V M. A. BALDWIN. .Manager. Pittsburgh.
jank of the omo valley!
rITAt- ?
!: b. <S?~:.~:rzr:."vto{^dS>
TV** a titnoral. tanking Bnsina*.
? Minf-111 ^ra. B. Blapeon,
V H1}}?h, '?.liU k- BoU/ord,
?7e{1V?;. ' Kc?cnbor*.
SS5 >. r. jkpso;;. cmito.
A ' _ . .
PIT AL. fax,000
r. ....PreriJent
iuxl LaoaHLW... ^..Vlce-Praddent
I. Vauoe, 8. Horkhelmer,
Aiighlin, W. Elltnghami
i. Dclaplaln, A. W. Kolly.
in Frew,
* jfalN I. JOKiW. CtMhlrr.
J ' ' * - -! , '
y vlrt^ic of adccrecof the Municipal Conrt of
leellok. entered In the chum; of Ai'utm k JSolte,
a., Ac., HKain-t Fredvrika Noltts ct al., on the
ti day oi July.-A. I).. .lfcitt, the uudenicncd
H-iklt'oinmiwirMier wf.l. oil Wkdne<d?Y, the 6th
y of smr ne*,- aV l>.. iS'sz. commencing m
I'o'oct a. *,;'nt the front floor *f the Court
tneof' hlo'o?m:t>. proceed to tell at public
:tIou to the bl<jhc*t uij't best bidder, the follow*
d?*crlhcd rrH|o>tnto. via; Lot 12 in wjuiue ?0.
I ho tmvn of South WhccdtiK, Ohio county, Wot
Xllild '
tKiis or Si us.-One-third ?f the purcha*o
cy, or k> much morv the Duraha^rmay #l?it
|w?y audi, and the bi!*uc? in two coual Installut*
payable In rLx and twelve month* from day
ale, \rlth interest, ttnd to bo eviden<*d by note*
It ko.h1,personal acuity. Title to be retained
puymcnt of mid notes. T. J. HUlills,
i ? Special Commissioner.
U1.I.CK, Anctjoneor.
certify that bond and-u-cuiity a* required by
> ban been plven In the a!>ovc mm.* ny the ?nld T.
iugtu, Special CosmlvJoncr.
n.'. fiorV MttnHwd Q*?rt (<1 Whirling.
)0G COLLAltS, . -
i)oa muzaEls, dog chains,
rhe largest asiortmrnt in Die rKy at Ifm
irdwarti and IIuusi[nrnl?M?;j Siore of
_ laiaMwIiotHirMt.

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