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Silks, Velvets & Plushes.
Our offerings this Mason, now fully ready
for examination, represent the most complete
assortment we have erer had the pleasure
of oflerin#. In lllack Bilks and 811k
Textures we ihow the most reliable make* ol
GrosGrulns, Cachenilroa, Surahs, llhndatuei
and Satin de Lyons. AVe have also
Brocades andDamassecs. In
Colored SilliH,
We ihow full lines in Gros Grains, (Marvel
leuc and Ithndomes In the neW*
est colorings. In
Our 8tock' Is most complete In both Llacl
aud Colors.
llO'lMain Street.
icig w. xa.
For This Week's Display,
In Black and Colors, from $2 00 to $1)0 00
Would cull special attention to our Satir
Marveilleax Dolmans anil Circulars, whicl
we claim to be tiie cheapest wraps for th<
money in the city. Also new style* in
("Simps, Braids and Ornaments for Trimming
WoaUonhownn extensive lino of undressci
To match our Dress Goods. A complete stocl
of Underwear for ladies, gents And children
An Immense Stock of Homemade Flannel!
and Blankets. Some Special Bargains it
these goods.
1.000 yards Indigo Blue Print* atficpery'd
fl.OO?yards I'laiil, pretty for the prlco, 6c.
104) dozan I'urc Linen Handkerchiefs nt5c.
L'm) dozen fonts' i'nre Linen Handkerchiefs
line quality, at ISJiC.
50 dozen Satin Djiuask Towels at 25c. Thej
are 1)1 vards long by 22 inches wide, and are
a grand bargain.' Come and look at them
Will show our goods with pleasure whethoi
you buy or not,
Eleventh St., bet. Slain and Market
1106 CLOAK HOUSE 1106
Fucloile?, Ml Markat Street, Philadelphia.
5 Walker Street, New York,
New Cloaks,
New Dollniaus.
New Walking Jackets, . ,j.
New Ulsterottes,
New Circulars,
New Ulsters,
New Cloaks for Misses,
Now Wraps for Children,
New Cloaks for Infant?.
New Attractions adiled daily to our Extenslr
Stock of Wraps.
Our (iooils, nit of nnr own manufacture, find on
Styles of the Latent Importation.
No Wraps carited o\>r from lust year, but guai
tee every garment Fresh and New.
Come rtiid look through our Cloak Itoom and se
our style#. . .
Blum &; Marks'
Sf-gl HQ.; Main SI reft.
ored Womttn who can well cook, wuslx am
iron. Good wdKCitand steady employment. icon
ncedlo n|?i>ly without good icferences. Call ?
HK .i.KlfS. I'nlt'.li Honsejn Fulton. so-l
Ufa SMlifum*
Otliro: >oh. 25 mid 27 I'oiirlPcnlbNtrMl
Xcw Advertisement*.
Vocal Lessons?Mrs Slieib.
Five Cent Music?Win. II. Slieib.
Sir Knights, Attention.
Baskets?Stanton ?fc Davenport.
Dr. Trice's Cream Unking l'owder.
lloyul l>.ik(iig l'owder.
Opera. House To-Night.
For Iteut? Furnished Itoom.
List of Letters.
Ilium it Marks?Head of Local. ?,
Wanted?Cook?Head of Local.
THE usual merchants' lunch nlllteXci
21cLure House Sample Kootus dully.
Washington, D. C., September 22, L a.m.For
the Ohio Valley and Tennessee -wind
moslly northerly, fair weather, and sUtior
ary or higher barometer aud temperature
To-Day ous of the Important Jewisl
Last evening at sunset the Jews all ove
the wotUI began the celebration of one of th
most important festivals of their rellgior
Its character is unlike any other least of an,
religion. It is not only a time of repentanct
lint out? of ntoneuiont and fnriri vriicss. 1.n?
eveniug was, and till of to-day will bo, spen
in the synagogue and devoted to prayei
meditation and preaching. Kvery Jew win
has not entirely deserted tbo standard of hi
faith hastens to meet with his brethren be
fore God. The day of atoncmen t is ordainei
in tlio ltible, (Leviticus xvi. 29.31; ibidxxiil
1!U; Numbers xxix. G). The ordinance o
fasting on this day is oue of its negativi
features included in tlie general com
maud of abstaining from every earthl;
pleasure and devoting it entiiely ti
God. The dav is called in Scrinture, "'thi
Sabbath of Sabbaths," becausoitisa perfec
day of rest. The principle thought u lha
repcntonce brings forgiveness. Nosacriflce
except that of the ovit propensities are rc
quired. Man's will is las mediator betweei
himself and bis God.
The Jews of this city assembled last even
login their ysnagogue, the,congrogatlon be
ing one of tlie largest over gathered insidi
the walls. Several w<re present from Bel
laire, Bridgeport and ticeubenville. lt&bb
Sessler preached a very impressive sermon
that was attentively listened to. The oiusli
was very line* Services will-bo held thi
morning, afternoon and evening.
(Innrtcrlj ltevlcw.
The Sunday school quarterly review forte
morrow afternoon at It o'clock will be cor
ducted according to the following programme
The Sunday "schools of the Higbth war
will meet in the Wesley Chanel, and que.1
tions will be asked by Allen Brook and Judg
The Sunday schools of the Fifth ward wil
meet in the Chapline Street JI. K Churcl
and be reviewed by Rev. \V. B. Thomson an
Judge G. I*. Cranrtier.
Owing to the sad news of tho death of Rei
Rowe, and thedesireof the English Luthera
Sunday school to hold a memorial servici
the Sunday schools assigned to tliatchurc
will be sunt with tho other* of thectmtrn
purl of the city to the Fourth Street M. 1
Church, to bo reviewed by Kov. J. G.Lyl
and C. D. Hubbard.
The schools of North Wheeling will bert
viewed at North Street M. K. Church by tb
Superintendent, assisted by Col. ltobt\Yhit<
It is desired that all the Suuday ecboc
scholars- aud teachers will tako an Interes
and to present as assigned.
Myi.es, the photographer, recently finishc
up some line cabinet pictures of some of th
members' of the?ity reportorial Rung. Lik
all of the work turned out from Myies' ga!
lery, they were good and true to nature, gi?
ingtliebeft of aatisfaction. Myles has re
cently tilted up his place on Main street ii
elegant style. New furniture, pccnery am
apparatus have been secured, rhotograpli
turned out from his establishment have i
softness and purity about them that denote
careful and artistic. work, and the tlnhh
which*is the suedes* of all pictures. Is tlx
finest and most clFeotual work Jhiit this tlrn
has reason to feel proud of.
llrief Uliiiiccn nl Currrut Loral Event*
ol Intercut.
Dark by 7 o'clock now.
Tear up the weeds before they drop their
Cluk Hook yesterday Issued one marriage
llou lIuiiDXTTB at tbo Opera House this
evening. ' , *
Tub harvest moon is assuming ils proper
IjIuiit fall overcoats for evening wear will
soon be fashionable.
? Tiik farmers are happy over the prospects
I or corn and potatoes.
(iKAi'ien are telling for one dollar a bushel
nt Bethany for best Concords.
Tiik Democrats have tholr primaries this
evening, and their convention Moadtiy.
OmcKii Uahl-m Is otl on a visit to Pittsburgh
and Olllcer titelnbicker is pacing his
Wm. WnucciiMtn, of Germany, wmadmittt>il
in citlzenshln In Judire llnvd's court Yes
terday. ? i,
The icliool levy for next year vrill bo II
i cents on the $100 valuation; litis includes
everything. j
The coiuinerclul tourist with his fall samplea
ia pouring into tho hotels in large numbers
at present.
' The argument in the Scioto case at Whet-ling
continue?, all, we think to do effect.?
liella ire Iinlejinultnt.
All the Jewish places of builiiPM were
closed at aunsel last evening and will rctnuin
so until suuset this evening.
Liiihahian Pendleton is pushing things, in
order to have the Library ready for opening
the first Monday in October.
. A Wiireli.no clerk is wanted in Bellaire
1 for fust driving. A tax of $?'> and costs uwnita
him at the Mayor's olllco.?llellairc Jmltjtrnil,
i Mike Miller, of Kist Wheeling, while
i running to tho tiro lost night, was pushed off
? the pavement while on Main street, uqd foiling,
cut a large gash iu his head.
The lecture by 11 J. Durdetto at the Opera
. House this evening bids fair to tx attenaed
i by a large crowd. He had a magnificent
house at lleilaire last night, and all were dez
Officer Duklap yesterday found Margie
9 Hi lies iu the Second ward market house in a
, bad state of intoxication, and locked her up,
after considerable trouble in getting her to
the lock-up.
Tickets aro now on sale at Wilson A. Ban*
nier'd music storo for "Wardour," at the
Onera House Monday evening, and "?20.000."
Tuesday evening, by Joseph Wbeelock
* and company.
f J uikjino from his letter this morning, our
> Stcubenville correspondent has entered the
, lists aa a compel! tor-for the championship
r "irainst Kli Perkins and the liojiiUt stall.
We bet ou our man,
Great complaint is made about boys and
half grown men playing ball every Sunday
on the lots tormerly occupied by the btrcet
car stables. They played nearly all day last
Sunday and made a great deal of noise.
Last evening, about 10 o'clock, two iudi
viduuls got into a fight mar tbe corner of
Market and Fourteenth streets, and wero
scooped in by the police. What the light
wastibout will be found out this morning.
I Ax excursion was run on the 1'., W. it Ky.
' road to the Pittsburgh Exposition yesterday.
About sixty passengers went from Wheeling,
and the number was added to at every station.
The train returned about 11 o'clock
last night.
All the Senatorial and Judicial Republican
conferees have beeu notified by Secretary
Schulfze to meet at the Lincoln club rooms
nex^ Tuesday afternoon at 2,o'clock sharp.
It is particularly desired that every member
be present
Tiik Regulars and Riversides played another
game of base ball yesterday aftmioon,
on the open space nearthesouthorn terminus
of the street car line; about five hundred
people witnessed the game, ttlnch at times
c was very interesting. The Regulars downed
r i he Riversides bud I v.
,TiiK"Hou8ehold of Ruth"societv held their
" anniversary at Market House Hal 1 on Thuraday
und Friday nights. Some of our best
colored citizens are members of it. The proceeds
are for the benefit of the poor and sick
among the colored people. There is at present
about $100 in the treasury.
Duncan Anomr, the' popular green grocerymun.
is justly proud over the red rib
bon attached to bis,big qooce. Ilomeo. Thii
r young Jumbo weighs 40 pounds. He had a
1 tine diphty of Mammoutli geese and a pair ol
swan and wild geese, which were decorated
with a blue ribbon at the State-Fair.
" This Wheeling Pottery folks are justly
proud over the beautiful and magnificent
display they made at the Statu Fair with their
own goods. .There was no hesitation on the
port* of the awarding committee, about
= awarding the display a big red ribbon and a
* silver medal. The hand uaitited decorated
: ware was as fine as any made.
Last evening at the United engine house,
the evening being cool, a lire was started in
the stove for the first time this season. When
the alarm came in the reel horses were harnessed
before those of the engine, and in their
eagerness to go, undertook to pass the engine
<>. tKnlmnco M? W?: 1.1.
to hold tliem. The result was they crushed
Into the stove, upsetting and breuking it and
scattering the coals.
SomkoI our philanthropists would have
their eyes opened if some night they would
take a walk with our police in certain parts
V of the city. They would find young hoodlums
cuddled up in. sheds, under wagons,
about board piles and in other out-of-theway
places, fast asleep. They have no place
deserving the natuo of home, and are kuock"
ed about, learning all manner of wickod3
ness. And yet there is no place to send them
A post mortem examination of the remains
of old Mr. Jordan, the man who died night
before last from Injuries received Friday
li last by being run over by a bupgv, waa made
last evening by Dr. Wilson. The decision
was, that the accident was undoubtedly the
cause of his death. Squire Philips will hold
15 a legal examination this morning in the case,
i. with a -view to ascertaining whether Itine,
y .who drove the buggy, waa legally responsible
>, for the man's death. t
\ A ceutificate of incorporation was yester.
day issued to the Dominion Oil Company,
' formed for the purpose of miuing for and producing,
or selling petroleum oil and itsproduct*,
and transacting nil business incidental
J thereto. The headquarters of the company
ate at i'arkersburg; $10,000 has been ?ul>;
scribed to tho capital stock and $1,000 paid
J in, and the privilege is reserved of increasing
"m the stock to $100,000. The shares are $100
* each.: The corporators are live IMrkersburg
^ men.- * -' v'' ' f. - *.
a Last evening, Turner Hall contained a
t very happy assemblage, it being composed
t almost eutirely of our German citizens, who
B with their wives and daughters and sons, had
. gathered to welcome back to their. midst,
i Messrs. I). Roetner and C. Repcke, two of
our merchants, who have beeii paying
. fatherland a visit for tho past few months.
. Tho Opera House orchestra waa present and
c furnisiiedline muscboth for promenading and
Jg dancing. A bountiful sujpex wasspread and
V therecption, taken altogether, was one of the
if mostdellghtfnl|aflairs;thatli s taken place in
u the old hall for some time. The gentlemen
j report having had a glorions lime.
Fplt tlie past two or uiicu uajo tuu knu
men at the Pottery t have been on a. strike.
What the strikers really want it is a little
* dilUcult to find out. Tho Tule throughout
?* the country has been to allow 20 days for Ml
ing a kiln, and the wages $2 per day. "NVhen
d the pottery was started hero the prico was
?- placed at $2.25and 20 days allowed. This are
rangement, the extra quarter, proved very satisfactory
until recently when the lillers
II wanted a change They wanted to be paid by
>. piece work. The firm offered 21 days at $2 25,
u but this did not suit aud they struck. The
r -1.1-1- 1? ? .t
.v...buu-* ui uauui ui nuiuu ur^nuuuuun mey
' were members, took charged the strike invests
tigated, and refused to snslain it. A comJ.
tuittce of tho Knights of Labor visited Kast
1} Liveri>ool last evening to assure potters there,
d tnat they could come here without any duns'
ger of "black-sbeepiug." If no fillers are
e sceured, tbe Tottery may have to shut down.
1 The city belle'wlio regretfully leaves tbo
"e delightful scencsbf wood andPdale just as
tho trees begin to put on their richest and
[\ ran s*. colors, finds some compensation in 're-,
it sinning'.her wanderings through the fashionablo
stores. . These certainly rival even the
autumn woods in their display of autumnal
il color. Windows which looked so dainty
e and cool in their drapery of soft and creamy
e laces, and in their folds of light and sheenv |
h silk, are now docked out with satin audvel
v?t in all tho glowing colors which are to be
i- worn during the coming winter season,
i Every conceivable color is there-blue and
1 brown, purple and }>ink, green and gold,
s with all tbe intervening tinU between the
? highest und darkest shades. . The peculiarity
s is the combining,.of many colors in one
, piece. So the returned wanderers have
b plenty to think of, copeclally aa this week ia
i devoted to the fall openings at all the leading
shrines of fashion.
Dmlriicllou or the Null Clly Clan*
' Works I.nut Nlcbl.
About nino o'clock last night flames
were observed in tho north end of tlio
Nail City Glais House, at tho north end of
Bridgeport, nnd un alarm was raised, lie*
foro many minute?, however, that entire
end of tho building was wrapped in flames,
and owing to the absence of any sort of apparatus
to check a liro at Bridgeport, all
that tho crowd which quickly gathered
could do was to stand iuly and ueo the
light frame structure licked up by the de*
I voliring clement. The glow wprks con*
Bisted of two parts, the factory building.
Bomo 100 or 110 by 50 or 00 feet, undof
wood, und another buildiug, also of wood,
to tho south of the factory, und measuring
probably 00 by 80 feel, lioth were entirely
consumed, together with a large amouut
of finished gluts ware, including about $1,*
000 worth ot beer bottles, $1,000 worth of
glass in the leurs, and two carloads of
goods packed for shipping to*
1 day to Texas, valued at about $2,000. Tho
works were constructed, at a considerably
less expense thau they cun be rebuilt, the
company buyiug an old buildiug ami remodeling
it for their uses at an expense in
all of $1,1100, more or less. The entii e property
was wortli in the neighborhood of $20.000,
and the loss will reach $17,000, which
is about the amount of the insurance. The
iiiBurunco was placed by flolliater d: Eider,
1 of Bridgeport.,and on the buildiug there
was a ;;ribk ot $1,200 in the German Insutauco
Company, of this city, and the
bulauco was in vurious Ohio mutual companies.
On the stock the Columbia, SpringHeld
and other companies had policies, the
exact amounts of which could not be learnI
ed last night
| The daines are believed to havo been
originated uy spontaneous combustion
from n quantity of unslaked lime which
was stored in tlio portion of tlio works
where the..blazo first'appeared. .'Some
straw was Btored immediately over the
lime, which makes this explanation very
The company owning the works consists
of' Mr. Charles Rhodes, President and
owner of a controlling interest in the stock; I
II. W. MuLure, Secretary and one-tenth
owner; Albert rranzheim, Jacob Berger,
Mr. Clator and a few small stockholders.
The capital stock is $'.'2,000. Mr. Rhodes
told n reporter last night that the works
would be rebuilt at once. The fire caught
the company at its busiest season, and was
particularly disastrous for that reason.
About sixty men and boys aro thrown out
of employment.
The lire made a very vivid light and tlio
impression prevailed in this city that it was
on the Island, and accordingly an alarm
was r'uug in aud the department brought
out Both the Suspension and Back river
bridges were lined with spectators duriog
the lire, and it presented a most glorious
sight from.there, the flames being reflected
from the overhanging clouds and the river
Between IlcprvNentullven of the 31 ill
Owners mid WorUlnjcmcu.
A conference was held at the oflice of
t.ha Riverside Iron Works, on Main street,
last night, between a committee from the
Amalgamated Association of this district
and representatives of the leading mills in
the district. Some thirteen of the workingmen
and a considerably larger number of
manufacturers were present, lion. 0. 1)
Ilubbaril presided, and Mr. W. L. Glesener
acted as Secretary'. Some littlo disposition
to exchange views was manifested, but this
was cut Bnort by Mr. Frank.Hearn, who
announced tlmt the manufacturers had
unauimously decided not to start their
mills until all the workmen would goto|
work at Pittsburgh prices, lie supposed
that the workmen had made up their
minds, and could say if they were ready
to goto work on those terms. If not, there
was no use of any discussion.
Vice President Thompson thereupon
moved to adjourn, aud the motion was
The situation is not dillerent from wliat
everybody has expected. Both the mill
owners and the-woikmen said last night
that the strike would be tedious and disparate,
and nobody would venture to predict
the outcome.
It was rumored among the workingmen
at a late hour last night that a dispatch had
been received here by Frank Haaelv, a
roller in the iron works at Clifton, JIason
county, this State, telling himto come home
aud bring another roller with him; that the
mill had-signed the So 75 scale, and would
resume at once. The story seemed to coiue
straight, and caused some jubilance among
the strikers.
A number of w jrkmcn have left the city
in the last day or two to accept situations
in mills which aro about to start elsewhere.
Seven helpers go to Alicanna, which is iu
the Pittsburgh district, seven or eight
boileis have gone to "tho Valley," six
boilers and helpers left yesterday tor Cincinnati,
and several will go to Clifton. A
prominent member of the Amalgamated
Association here said last night that tlie
number of iron operatives in tho city hkd
been materially decreased, and if some of
the mills were to start up now they would
find difficulty in Ailing all the places with
desirable men.
The Argument In (lie Scioto Diarutrr
ttuii. uiu ui{juuivui. 111 uie manor ui
the investigation of the fatal collision between
the Scioto ana the John Lorn as,' at
Mingo, on the night of the Fourth of July,
which has been in progress for a most
wearisome length of time, has been concluded,
Mr. J. C. Gray, of counsel for
Long, pilot of the Lotnas, making the
closing speech yesterday. He addressed
himself principally to summing up and
answering the points made by Mr. Dovener
in bis two speeches on the other side, and
also went info a consideration of the precedents
established by the-Supremo Court of
the United States and other courts in the
Groat Kepublic~case and other similar
The interest in the case has not l)een
great or general, since tho long recess in
the argument, but has grown smaller by
degrees and beautifully lose, until yesterday
Mr. Gray's really interesting and able
argument had no listeners but the Inspectors
and an occasional lounger who
dropped into the United States District
Court room, whero the argument was made,
or the reporters who dropped in and out.
Tho decision of the Inspectors will be
looked for with intorest. I
Kugcue Citily Found (Inllly?Au Uncivil J
Civil Suit.
In'partlof the Circuit Gourt, Jacob,
Judge, the case of tho State against Eugene
Cady, indicted for grand larceny, was finished
yesterday, and given to the jury last
evening. Prosecutor . Jordan was assisted
in the conduct of tho case for tho State by
Al.; Caldwell, ?eq., and the defense was
conducted by Messrs. Cracrnft and Barr.' i
The jury was not out very long when it returned
a verdict of guilty. Mr. Cracralt at
uiilu uiuvcu ior a new iriai, wmeli motion
was taken under advisement by the Court.
In Part II, JudgoBoyd presiding, the appeal
case of Cox vs. Dunlap was tried to a
jury. The case was a suit brought hy Dr.
Cox, of West Liberty, to recovo a bill for
medical attendance, and in response a
counter bill. Somoof the testimony was
of a natura to cause h sensation in the
court, especially when Dr. Cox described
the character of somo witnesses who had
testitied. on a former occasion that they
would not believe him on oath. The jury
returned a . verdict of $C0M3 in favor of
| Dtinlap. . -
IfSirnrly Itcnd
after taking somo highly puffed up stuff, with
lone testimonials, turn to Hop Bitten, and
have no fear of any Kidney or Urinary
Troubles, Bright'* Disease, Diabetes or Liver
Complaint, These diseases cannot resist the
curative power of Hop Bitters; besides it Is
the best family medicine on earth, TTbsav
I About Men, lVonwn and Cnrrrnl Topic*
I In Hoelfly,
Mr. Geo. 1U Taylor baa gone east.
T. J. Campbell left for Faola, Kansas, on
Mart Wayman, of Bocklug's, la off on a
recreative trip.
Mlta Marie Kevins is at her father's home
at Columbus, 0.
We are sorry'tohear tbat Mr. Harry Hub*
bird is very sick.
Archie Hupp went to Clarington on Thursday
on a commercial trip.
Flat buttons in every stylo and fancy colors
will bo In voguu this season.
Our friend Oren P. Klsner Is learning the
drug businctfl with Laughliu Bros.
Mr. John Young left last night for the
East via Watkina' Glen and Albany.
Misses Kannit and Alice Caldwell have
gone to Hollldaysburg, Pa., to school.
Mlsa I'hcube Uonhnm is visiting her broth*
cr, John Bonham, ICsq.t In Jeriuy City.
l)r. T. B. Campbell and wife returned home
from Canton, Ohio, Thursday evoniug.
Mrs. Prof. Whitehill,of Mt Belleview,left
yesterday for Heaver to visit ber parenta.
Mrs. Cyrus 8cott. of Steubenvilte, is visiting
hersister, Mrs. John Frew, on Fourteenth
Mlsa-Mattlo Gary, of Nineteenth street,
goes to i'ittsburgh on Tuesday for a few
Mrs. M. E. Lunsford arrived IromWooster,
0., last evening, on a visit to her father, Or.
A. 8. Todd.
Mrs. Chas. Eoflfhas quite a larco vocal class.
We congratulates her pupils on having such a
competent teacher.
Mrs. H. B. Birch, of Pittsburgh, was in the
citj y?Merday, the guest of her brother.
Prof. John M. Birch.
Mr. Peter Castle and family, of Fourteenth
street, leave next week to make.an extended
tour through tho east,
I Mrs. Martha Whittaker will give a musical
soiree for the benefit of her pupils, next
month, in her parlors.
Qilte a number of ministers of the Disciples
church are here attending the 8late Convention
of that church.
Madame Atkinson and Mrs. 8. 8. Kisnor
leave to-day for Philadelphia and.Now York
to be present at the fall openings.,
Mr. and Mrs. 8. 0. Taylor are expected
homo this evening from a trip on the fckes
for the benefit of Mrs. Taylor a health.
Miss Edith 8cott, who has been visiting
Miss Annie Naylor, on the Island, returned
home to WelUburg yesterday afternoon.
M.Jacob Long,of Tucicer county, was in
the city yesterday. Mr. Long represented bis
delegate district in the Legislature of 1879.
Yesterday was a perfect day?thermometer
70 in ttie shade. The ladies took advan
Messrs. Will anil "Walker Peterson, with
tl sir mother, have been visiting In New
Yorlc. Walker returned home last evening.
Messrs. Jas. Withers and Will Williamson,
of Kentucky, passed through the city Thursday
night, on their way to attend Bethauy
Master James Caldwell left a few days
since for New Haven College, a preparatory
school for Yale. James took in tue Oriole on
the way.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hearn and sister returned
early this week from an extended
Western trip. They greatly enjoyed tbcirstay
at Denver.
Mrs. George Johns has returned from
Roiuuey very much improved in health, and
is accompanied by her cousin, Mrs. Vance,
of Kornney.
Misses 8ophie and A melia Schcnk, of North
Wheeling, arrived home on Tuesday from
Milionsburg, Ohio, wnere they have been
visiting friends.
We are glad to learn that Mr. Robert Delaplaine,
who has been traveling In Kurope for
some time, in search of health, is much improved
by the trip.
Prof. Frank Basset, of Cleveland.' so well
known in musical circles here, has been tendered
the position of organist in the leading
church of St. Louis.
James Campbell, formerly of Wheeling,
late of Lincoln, 111., has gone to Rollinsville,
Colorado, where he will reside with his
daughter, Mrs. Geo. Barrett.
I tj? ii 1
I mi. L-aui naiurria iiuuie on iivisii preparatory
to settling in Texas. Mr. Prather is
I well pleased with Texas, and intends buying
ii ranche there and locating.
I Mr. Harry St?hler, of Norristown. Pa., re|
cently came home from an extended EuroI
uean trip, has been the guest of his cousin,
Mr. Eugene Boyer, for some time.
Mr. and Mrs. Jean Hornbrook, formerly of
Wheeling, have moved to Berwin, Chester
county, Pa. Mr. H. has gone into extensive
'cultureof hot-house plants, flowers,Ac.
| Rev. Frank Power?, pastor of the late President
Garfield's church at-Washington, I). C..
is announced to preach at the Disciples'
church in this city to-morrow at 11 o'clock
j A. M.
Young ladies having the aristocratic long
! foot will be able to show them off to advantage
in the present style of Oicar Wilde shoe,
which is long, narrow and laced up the
| front.
I Mr. Kennedy Friend and sister, Mrs. Jean
Reed together with Mrs. Hebe List, leave for
j the Cincinnati Exposition on Tuesday. They
I will go and return on the popular steamer
I Andes.
Mr. W. B.Simpson, wife and sons, Howard,
Robert and Harry left for the east the
first of the week. Mr. Simpson enters the
two former sons at Cbeltham College, near
Was it Mollie Scott or Elizabeth Zane who
carried the powder at the siege of Fort Henry?
is the vexed problem that is now agitating
the minds of the Wheeling people.?Batnttvillc
Mies Ida M. Crow and Miss Owens, of BalI
timore, who have been visiting Mr and Mrs.
Joseph Bell, at Mrs. Patterson s, Main street,
left for Oakland yesterday to visit friends beI
fore guing home.
Mr. J. II. Asire, of Canton, Ohio, is prescription
clerk at Alex Young's East Wheeling
drug store. Mr. A. fills the vacancy made
by Autou Hess, who goes to St. Louis to finish
his course in pharmacy.
Mr. R. J. Burdette, who lectures at the
Opera House this evening, is another Ohio
man, having been born, we believe, in Belmont
couuty, and lived there during his
early life. He went west and grew up with
the country.^, ,
Ladies fond of blue dress goods can have
their fancies satisfied the coming season, as
the diflerent shades in this color are numberless.
There is the hussar, Russian, cadet,
sapphire, bessemer. marine, Belgian and even
the electric, which is a cold blue and very
Th. t.n.Ult. I., ?u.t. ? '
tuv ?<* ?? >u btuiu kuia osoauii is unprecedented.
Short plush cloaks covered with
buttons, long plush Russian pelisses, trimmed
with fur and cloth in all colors, shapes
and lengths. The same is seen in dress goods,
so that the plainest as well as the most elaborate
taste can be satisfied.
I Mr. and Mrs George Trisler. who have
I been visiting among friends at Bellaire and
."Wheeling, returned Saturday. They were
accompanied home by Georpe's aunt, Mrs.
Harriet Haymaker, of Wheeling, who will
spend some time here, taking in the Fair,
Yearly Meeting, etc.?JJaniuville EntcrjirUe,
Rev. G. L. Wharton, of Buffalo, N. Y.,
brother-in-law of Rev. Thompson, of this
city, and his wife, together with Rev. Norton
and wife, of Rochester. N. Y., sailed for
India on the 15th of this month. Several
young ladies accompanied them. All of the
party go to engage in missionary work among
the Hindoos.
Mrs. Kate Rammelsburg is studying vocal
music at Paris under Madame Marches!, who
is one of the most celebrated vocalist* in the
world, and who was tbe teacher of Madame
Gerster. Mrs. Rammelsburg has been urged
to make her debut in Paris, but will not do eo
for some months.when she will nodouhttake
a leading role.
Mrs.' Geo. B. Caldwell, one of our most
noted vocalists, who received such an ovation
at the recent Hamilton benefit concert, will
| hold private parlor musicales during the winter.
Music of the most classical composers
will be given'. This lias been a long felt want
in our city, and we congratulate Mrs. C. upon
its introduction.
A noted society event in Jewish circles
will bo the marriage of Miss: Rosa Horkbeimer,
of this city,to Mr Lairier, a wealthy
gentleman of Denver. The marriage will
take place at Germania Hall next Monday
evening at 7 o'clock, after which a handsome
reception will be tendered them at.tbe same
place. Denver will be their future home.
Miss Horkheimcr is & great favorite here.
Dwight Pendleton, a ten-year-old son of
President Pendleton.of Bethany College,took
the red ribbon for some fino drawing and
writing on cardboard, at our State Fair. One
piece of drawing represents a lad riding a
hog; another specimen was ah immense
elephant, bearing a pennon on which was
14 Work for the Night is Coming," in beautiful
rustf? letters. The work was all worthy
of an older bend and uioro experienced
Mr. L. 8. "Wooiibildge, late of theBellaire
2Vi'6???, was In town yesterday.
In Baudimky?'the r?rticnUr*nuil Nome
Rote* About tlie Miiu.
Tho announcement was made in ycotcr*
day morning's inane that llenry Welling*
hot!', n former resilient of tills city, liad died
very suddenly iu Snudusky, and that his
muaius would be brought hero for intermeut.
They arrived lust evening, nnd with
them the startling announcement that
WellinghofF hail been murdered, which
fact was ably ultested by six large gaping
wounds hi the body tliut was enclosed in a
llcnry WelHoghoir, it will bo remember*
ed. resided ill liiu Eighth ward, and left
tliin city a year ago lost July. At tho time
of hit) departure he was bookkeeper at
Arbenz's lower furniture store, and a
prominent member of one of our Hinging
societies, lie left very suddenly, leaving
his wife aud children behind with no
knowledge as to his whereabouts. It was
generally supposed that he was behind in
Ilia money affairs, although his employes
havo refused to say a word to this day.
Jt now app.ears that ho went to Cleveland,
where he remained a short time in a.
furniture storo, and then he went to Sandusky
and obtained employment in a brewery,
where his family joined him Ju?t December,
he having sent for them. From
aneinployoof tbo brewery who accompanied
the stricken family and the remains
to this city, it is learned that Henry and
his familyv got along very nicely and were*
highly respected by their neighbors,
while Henry himself had tho confidence
of his employers. Last Tuesday
afternoon "WelliughofF had occasion
to correct a hlunderinir German lrrntrnhnrn
which ho did nulier sharply. 'flie fullow,
whose name is William /dicker, muttered
back that ho woulil pay for the words he
had used, but WelKnghofT paid no heed to
tho threat That night he left the brewery
about? o'clock, which was a little late for
him. lie walked home rapidly and found
his wife standing at the tloor waiting for
him. He wus just about to enter the yard,
wheuZeicker sprang from behind a tree
and pluuged a knife into Weiliughofls
back three times. As the
wounded man fell back tho fiend grasped
him in his aruia and with a terrible force
drove his knife into tho man's abdomen
and once into his loft breast. Then dropping
his victim ou the sidewalk where he
writhed and sweltered in his own blood,
this red-handed murderer prepared to walk
oir. but he had gone nut a short distance
before ho Was arrested and locked up.
The poor wife, who had been an eye witness
of this horrible aflair, was for the time
paralyzed agd unable to believe her senses,
it was an awful shock, and one from which
she has not yet, recovered. WellinghofT
was gathered up and taken into his house,
where he lived until Thursday noon, llis
left lung was cut and his bowels were cut
in several places. When the news of his
death was learned at Sandusky his friends
made so many threats that the authorities
deemed it expedient to remove the prisoner
from the lock-up to the county jail.
The wretch will have a preliminary hearing
on Tuesday.
The remains aro now at the housoof tho
deceased's father-in-law, Mr. JohnKiuner,
of Eoff, below Thirty-first street Wefiliugholf
married Lizzie Kiimer aliout fivp vpbis
Services To-morrow Ht llio Various
PlitccN of WorMliip..
8t Matthews"Church: Services at 10}A a.
m. and 7K r. x.
A Gospel temperance meeting will be held
at Parker's Hall to-morrow afternoon at 3:30.
8ervices at Second Presbyterian Cburch.
Kev. Wm. II. Cooke, pastor, at 10/4 a. u. and
7^ p. m. All are welcome.
0. L. Crantuer conducts the Saturday night
Union Sunday School Teachers' meeting at
the English Lutheran cburch at? o'clock.
The will be preaching in the First Presbyterian
church to-morrow by the pastor,
Rev. I). A. Cummiugham, D. D., at 10:30 a.
St., and at 7:30 r. M.
Wesley M. E. Church: Preaching by the
pastor, Kev. J. W. Griftilts, at 10:20 ai a. and
at 7:30 p. m. Theme, ''The Recognition of
Saints." Sunday school at 2 p. m.
Services at Chapline strewt M. E. Church
to-morrow: Theme of morning service, "The
Beaconstield of the Christian Religion." At
night, temperance sermon.
T. D. Power, of Washington City, wellknown
as Garlield's Pastor and Chaplain of
the H'use,will preach to-nightand to-morrow
at 11:30 a. m., and 7:30 p. m., at the Disciples
cburch on Market street, near Twenty-first.
There will be an excursion from Washington,
Pa., to attend the quarterly meeting at
the A. M. E. Church, Market street, tomorrow.
Services at 10:30 a. m , 3 p. m , 7:30
r. h. Rev. Rtss, of Washington, will preach
at 3 r. m. and 7:80 p. m. A special invitation
is extended to the citi/.:ns of Wheeling and
To-morrow's services at the Fourth 8treet
M. E. Church will be as follows: Prayer
meeting Sunday at 0 a. m. General class at
9 a. v. Preaching at 10:30 a. m. by the pastor,
Rev. C. P. Maaden. " Sunday School at 2
p. m. The missionary anniversary of the
Sunday School will be held in the evening;
interesting addresses will be delivered. All '
are ccfrdially Invited. Young people's meeting
Monday at 7:30 p. m.
Regular services to-morrow in the First i
Baptist Chuxcb. Preaching by the pastor, i
Rev. J. B. Mulford. Theme, at 10:30 a. m.,
"The Profession of Disciplesbip." .At 2
o'clock, Sabbath school services. Thcmo. at
7:30 v. m., "The Promised Savior," the first of
a series of discourses on the life and character
of Jesus Christ. Young people's meeting
Monday evening at 7:30. Strangers are cordially
invited to all services.
There will be services in the First English
Lutheran Church to-morrow at 10:30 a. m.
and 7:30 p. m., conducted by th8 pastor, Rev.
E. H. Dornblaser. The morning service will 1
be a memorial of the life and labors of the
late ltev. A. D. Kowe, the lirst missionary
sent out and supported by the children of
the Lutheran Church, who died less than a
week ago inGomtoov, India. An appropriate
solo will be sung by A. Jewel. Sunday
school at 2 r. m. This service will also be in
honor of Missionary Kowe, whose presence
and lecture! in the Sunday school rooms last
wiuter a year ago, the scholars well remember.
Now Being; Conducted nt (ho Dlnclplcs
Church. ?
The Missionary Convention of the Disciples
Church of this State, now in' session in this
city,met again yesterday morning."While this
meeting is, perhaps, not as largo and lull as
it was expectcd to be, it is full of lite, and the
reports received have developed news that is
encouraging and full of promise.
The reports from different sections Riven
yesterday morning were encouraging, nud
the report of the Evangelist showeu very satisfactory
SUCC8SS. The discussion of Ihe topic
"Church Finances," led by Peter Vogel, was
very spirited and full of interest. The afternoou
was occupied with unfinished business
and a very able paper by 8. W-: Brown on
"Order in Church Members!) p," which was
followed by a lively discussion, bringing out
many important points in church work.
In the evening, after a short devotional
meeting, mcamnu waa occupieu by Kev. F.
D. Powers, ot Washington City and I'eter
VogeL. of California, Washington county.
Pa. The discourse by Peter Vogel was an
able one on the "Liberty of the Gospel.-*'
The programme for to-day is one of unusual
interest and the services will undoubtedly
be largely attended.* It Is as follows:
0:30 a. m.?Conference on Sunday school
success, by W. W. Williams. - '
- 10 a m.?Essay,"ThoTeacher,"by Miss Jane
10:30 a. n.-Essay, "Model Sunday Schools,,'
by M. D. Adams. , 11
a. m.?Essay, "Shell and Kernel," by
Irene Myers. ' '
Iktermiiijg to every one is the caso lately
referred to by the Brooklyn Englc. it was
told by Mr. W.A. Davenport, connected
with the house of Messrs. Butler. Pitkin <t J
Co.i 470 Broadway, New York, and concerned
the marvelous cure of Mr. Erra D. Clarkson, '
] near Newark, N*. J., of a terrible case of 1
1 rheumatism, which other remedies had failed '
even to alleviate. He was on his way to a :
hospital when Mr. Davenport met him and
induced him to try St. . Jacobs Oil, with the
result named.
EvEHTDOi>y read the ImUr to-morrow. i
The "Pick Welti" met a I J. W.OslUher'l
last evening, and enjoyed themselves as only
that club understand how to do.
N. C. Criswoll, late of Washington City, la
visiting bis parents litre. Newton says ho
came back to stay until after GofTa declion.
Chas. Dellz, of tho Upper Mississippi nnd
Missouri river trade, is in town, navigation
having suspended there on account of low
The Union Coal Works have suspended
operations for the pment. It is hoped tlmt
the diiHculty will soon bo arranged and work
A cotiplo of guests who stopped at tho St.
Cloud hotel a short time ago, atid who said
they lived at Mannington, carried oil" with
tliem when they left a new shawl, tho prop*
erty of a servant girl at the house.
George C. Gordon raised steam In his now
boiler, yesterday, and is well jilcaaed with
tho way it wor>H, and tho small amount of
coal required to supply tho necessary pressure
of stearu to operate his mill.
A petition asking leniency for "Gene"
Jo'inton, now in your jill, awaiting trial
hero on a charge of assault upon Captain
Stottsberry, and throwiug stones into a pas*
sorger train, is being numerously signed by
persons here. Tho petitioners pray that a
nominal fine, only, be imposed.
Tho Kloruan mill has received, und is now
putting in position an ongino to drive the
Mtxiall rolls anil the sniLro iiinphitioa Tim
uawiy erected furnaces for keeping tlio bars
of irou at the proper temperature for conronton
into spike* has not yet been tested,
and will not bo until the new engine is put
in operation.
Elijah Fonney, whose dlsclmrgo from the
prison here, and arrest by ofllcers from Randolph
county, charged with murder in tho
tint degree, was noted in this correspondence,
and who afterward escaped from tho
jail of that county, only to bo recaptured a
few days after his escape, is now on trial,
with, it is said, llrst rate prospects of being
sentenced to death.
The Democratic Convention at the Court
Honso Saturday last adopted resolutions declaring
its belief in retrenchment and reform
and in the right of the people to petition the
Legislature lor the redress of grievances,
denounced tho Republican party for the
lavish and extravagant expenditure of the
money of tho county, demanding the publication
of an itemized statement of the receipts,
disbursements and financial condition
of the county affairs, and asserting their belief
that an amendment to the Constitution
of the Suite, prohibiting forever the manufacture
and sale of alcoholic ond spirituous
liquors therein, except for medicinal uud
mechanical purposes should be adopted, etc.,
etc. Henry Miller, K?q, of Franklin district,
was nominated for the Legislature, and
E. K. Harris, of Liberty district; for County
Commissioner. Mr. Miller, after considerable
consideration, concluded not to accept
tho nomination, much to the regret of his
The Intbi.lioexcer published, a short time,
ago, an account of the disappearance of a
daughter of Vincent Hyder, of. the lower
end of this county. Now comes the sequel
to the brief notice. Mr. Hyder, who is a
farmer of Franklin district, had in his employ
ono John Mason, a married man, and
the father of three children.. Mason is about
28 years of age, and anything but prepossessing,
either in personal appearance, manuers
or address 11 appears, however, that through
one of the unexplainable whims of female
naturtf, Mr. Hyder'a daughter, who is siid to
be uncommonly handsome, vivacious and
witty, became enamored of this man Mason
to such an extent as to determine
to give up parents, honor, virtue and
everything else that woman holds dear and
sacred and follow him blindly wherever he
chose to lead. Your correspondent visited
Mason in jail here yesterday evening, and
found him not only willing but extremely
anxious to relate the disgusting particulars
of the disgraceful laison. If the slightest
reliance can be placed in Mason's story of
tbo affair, the girl is entirely in fault, primarily,
and all through to the final ending
in Doddridge county, where they were overtaken
by oflicers sent on the! r track, lie declares
that he tried every means in his power
to break ofT the improper relations which
had been, he say?,kept up between them,without
intermission, since May last fche told him,
he says, that she could not live without him,
and that unlets he would go away with her,
sue would certainly commit suicide. Forced
him to leave his wife and three helpless little
children, refusing even when he appealed to
her with scalding tears Mining down his
cheeks to allow him to leave for, but a few
moments to again embrace his darlings before
leaving them forever. >*o, they mutt
go, and start at tlat moment; this wus ubout
4 o'clock r. m., of Saturday, the 9th inst.
They started on their tramp, whenver they
chanced to meet any of the people of the
neighborhood, they concealed themselves
uutil danger of recognition was past, and
gain traveled on, walking nearly ull night
and arriving at Pine Fork Id \Vetz?l county,
where they stopped, remained until morning,
and got breakfast. The girl here represented
that Mason was a single man, and that they
were eloping together.
Arriving at a point in Doddridge county
on the following Wednesday, they concluded
to halt. They were, and had been ever since
the second day, representing themselves as
man anJ wife. Stopping witu a farmer they
had arranged to go to work, when Jason
i'earions and Mr. llowell, who had been fol
towing mem up, came up with the fugitives
and brought theiu back to Franklin district,
where SquireCresap committed Mason to jail
on the charge of forcibly carrying the misguided
girl off.
The flippancy with which the fellow speaks
of the affair, and of the heartless desertion of
bis family is simply disgust! rg, and certainly
will not aid bis case, if indulged in before a
jury. Although his story appears to bear
the impress of truth in a great many particulars,
it is almost impossible to believe that
any girl could become so depraved at such
an age. Mason claims thatahe is 17 years of
age. Her father, I understand, says she is
uotyet 13.
William Sinclair has moved his family to
Philip Batsch, of Portland, has moved his
family to Bellaire.
Miss Ida Ambler was buried yesterday
afternoon at the Wegee cemetery.
The stores of the Jews in town will be
closed to-day on account of its being a holi-1
day. |
The Disciples congregation will hold a congregational
meeting at the church Sunday afternoon.
There are marriages and rumors of marriages
in the air. There have been a good
many marriages here lately.
Dr. and Mrs. Stowell are in town now and
will shortly take up their residence in the
house occupied by the lato Dr. Woodbridgc.
The lantern manufacturers are having
numerous calls for railroad lanterns.and have
something now that they are showing about
among the boys.
The employes of the Belmont glass house
and their friends propose to take advantage
of the large new warehouso before it is filled
up and will have a dance there this evening.
A special train went out to "Woodsfield after
midnight, Thursday night, to take Drs.
Kurz and Anderson to sec Conductor Burkhead.
He is reported to be in a very precarious
Wm. Rodewig's funeral to-day will be attoirded
by tbe Belmont Turnvcrein, Black
Princo Lodge Knights of Pythias and the
Pirn TJ- -
.... ?v,.?.?uvui. iic ?un a meniucr 01
Liberty flose Co. No. 1.
Aaortof Gypsy camp la established abovo
Gravel Hill, and some of the children with
the parly are down with a disease that it
might be as well for those 1 who have the
city's health in charge to look after. *
The hack which is now to be found at all
our depou on the arrival of trains aud delivers
passengers and their baggage in any
partoftlie city for twenty-five cents, not
only is a privato allalr,butit is a public benefit.
Thos. Leith, conductor of the C. ?fc P. "local,"
was unable to go out with bts train yesterday
morning. TUe evening before he was
struck on the head by an iron shaft that projected
from a freight car. He has a large
gash in his head.
There will be prenching in all of our
churches to-morrow. The pastors will preach
in most of .them. At the Disciples church
the pulpit will be filled by llcv. M.D.Adams,
of Steuuenvllle, and Rev. Jus. IC Frezier, of
Davenport, N. Y., will prcach at the United
Presbyterian church.
The county commissioners are in favor of
opening Guernsey street, the front street, on
Gravel Ilill, and abandoning the present
dangerous as well as sleep descent across the
D. P. tracks in going to and from the middle
ferry. The city council will procure estimates
of the cost and the city will have to
bear its share of the expense.
Lilierality is sometimes found where least
expected, and also charily has vagaries that
jften seem foolish; but yesterday morning1
thoro comes to our cars a story that eclipses
all predecessors in the line of diffunlon of ~
"what men call money and the gods call |
dross.1' On the local train on theO. & P. rail- J
road a man who tat in the rear end of the ..
car was noticed to "occasionally throw some- ~
thing out of the window, and continued to lv
do so till the train reached Toronto, where
one of the passengers, who liad been observ* P1
Ing his freaks left ttie conch, and after the _
(rain "luoved on the eccentric Individual was ?
again noticed manipulating his elbow, and
our friend curious to know all about the pro* 7*
ceedlngfollowed thctraluforashortdistance, S
picking ut> on his journey twenty-live cents
and a dollar in silver, thereby clearing up the ?
mystery. There is no doubt, but that tills bj
preceding had been continued all the distance n<
the train had gone, and the <pieBt|on now is,
who was the man who thus cast on the desert
air his worldly wealth, ' regardless of con*
sequences? 7:
A few 8t. Clalrsvllllans arc attending the
Uhrichsvlllo Fair.
Judge Cowen will probably return from J
A large number of our peoplo took In the
Uarnesvllle Fair yesterday. _
Mr. C. N. Gautner, of the Gaxcttt, and ~
wife, are visiting in Muskingum 'county,
Ohio. -
' probate Judge Cochran bought the Woodmnnsee
farm, of forty acres, yesterday, at T,
$1!) 75 per acre.
Yerterday morning Isaac Taggart, a well
known farmer of tliis township, was stricken ^
with paralysis while unloading some corn in '
tills place. At tills writing he Is in a very ..
precarious situation and his recovery is n,
considered doubtful. oi
?> w
A YUlnln Ueln Ilia Desert*.
Scott Tipton, a ten year convict, was re- u
ceived ut the State prison at Moundsvllle, a ~
few days ago, from 1/ogan county. Tipton '
and two companions, learning that an old ..
farmer of that county named l'almer, had
received a largo sum of money, visited his til
house and demanded the money. The old tt
gentleman vainly protested that the money
was not about the house, but had been loan- ?
ed to a neighbor, which was the cose. The
outlaws threatened to kill l'almer unless he "
delivered up the money, or revealed tho '
placo where it was kept The old gen- hi
tlenian could only reiterate his former
assertion, when tho three friends proceeded m
to string him up by the neck. Mr. Palmer N
then gavo the outlaws all the money, there J.1
was about the hou?c something less than $100,
when tbey quitted the premises, leaving the u
old man still suspended to be cut down by tl
his wife. Tipton's two companlonB In crime, A
although known, are still at large. Palmer
accompanied the prisoner to the Penitentiary, c|
handcull'ed to hiiu as a guard, and had the \\
satisfaction of seeing him safely caged for his p
long slay. |j
8ave from $3 to $5 and go to the mannfactnrers
for your Gloak,Dollman, or 8iik.Circular.
Blum Makks, h
. Cloak Kouse, 1100 Main Street. J]
Win Tennis A w, Waa*n. J II Ogdeu, Pclladelpbia. J
N P CHbern, Jamestown. F l'riiio. Colorado. fi
K AClebraud, N. Y. City. J I1 Franc x. Newark. H
F Richardson, ML Ver'cii. J H 1'cttlt, I.lttlelon. Z
F W KlemHtin, Plthb'gh. I) W lleaton, Wayncsb'g. 1
J .Morrow, if., Fairmont. J Shrake. Moundnvllle. J
H MeKav, New York. K F I'hlllijx, Mannlng'n. tl
II I.atidls. Richmond. J Julian, ltremeu. It
II Cooper, Jeinesiown. Miss A Moore, AtaletJa. I
p Koontz, N. Martinsv'e. K Wells, Sistorsville.
J Hirrttt, Wellaburx. J Wiscner a L., Heattev'e J
\V L Hrlce, Httxbuigb. L I' Uukeliart, lUltlmore. i>
C K Ilrovvn, < Incintmtl. J M Workman. It. A 0.1L b
W 8 Mitchell,City. * J C dray, Martin'* Ferry. I!
T Frank, New Marts'vlle. G II Shltin, U M 8, Z
Oil Hrown. Phl'adclp'iiu J 1' Day, Zancavltle. V
J A Field, Toledo. J W Cluny, Baltimore. K
8 < Alden, Clevelund. C Moore. Cincinnati.
K Snxton. Cincinnati. J D Todd, Pittsburgh.
J Do'ehoo. Columbus. 8 M Scolleld, Marietta.
C C Tagert, Iltlliad.
C D Paulding, Ge. Ag't Hey wood Maatod'n Mlnitr'ls
C heap Hosiery, cotton or wool, at
Blum & Marks' "1
Cloak House, 110G Main streer." J
Lookout for the Leader- to-morrow.
Layer lec Ocmn Cake. jTwo
cups granulated sugar, three-fourtba
cup butter, beat to a light cream, then add ~
one cup corn starch which has been stirred ]
into one cup of tepid sweet niilk, beat this J
all together, adding one teaspoonful extract j
vanilla. Stir into this the well beaten whites ti
of seven eggs and two hcaniri^ cups of Hour, ai
having thoroughly mixed through the dry ai
Hour, one and a half measure "Banner" 0
Baking l'owder. Hake in three layers.
Icing?Take two and a half cups granu- ~
lated sugar, half cup water; boil three ]
minutes; when cool add tbe whites of three J
eggs slightly beaten, and one tablesDoonful
extract vanilla. 8
Cheat Gloves and Handkerchiefs at n
Cloak House, 1100 Main street. b
Boys ! sell the leader tomorrow. i
Handsome Lace,linen or Embroidered Col- ~
lars,l.acc FishuesorTies at
Blom Jt Marks' j
Cloak House, llOG Main street.
Kciltidlon lu l'lnnoo* i
Present stock of pianos, 8teinway, Knabe J
Chickering, Hallet?St Davis, Emerson, Hard- ,
man, Guild, Ac., at the very lowest prices,
and great reduction for cost. Call early and ?
secure great bargains. < 8,
Lucab' Music 8tork, d
1142 Main street. n
The -Leader' is the best Sunday paper 1}
published in "Wheeling.' a
* * i1
It will pay you to come to our factory and
cloak room if you want to buy a nice wrap
for the coming fall. Blum <k Marks, c
Cloak House, 1100 Main street. a
Containing all the essentials of a true ionic jj
and sure to give satisfaction, is Brown's Iron,
We boast of the finest line, the largest
stock, and the cheapest wraps in the city.
Bmjm & Marks,
Cloak House, HOG Main street.
The Sunday Leader never fails. j
Every garment is made in our own houses,
our styles are our own importation, our
goods are all fresh and new and our prices
will not fail to suit you. Blcm & Marks.
Cloak House, 1100 Main Street. D
The best fifty cent Corset that beats anything
lound in this city at -i
Blum <k Marks'
Cloak House, 1100 Main street:
Bead the Sunday Leader to-morrow.
For piles, constipation and a torpid liver
never fall totake-MAiuLix.
Newsboys wanted to sell the Leader to-morrow.
It will be newsy.
" BLACK-DRAUGHT" cures costive*
neas and Sick-He ad ache. j
For sale by Logan & Co.
A sure, positive cure (or costiveness, Mak .
A l.IN.
1?^ # =
0 1
Absolutely, Pure.;
ThU Powder never varlca. A marvel of purity. A
ftrenRih ?n.j wholesome new. Wore economical than
the ordinary kinds, ?nd cannot be told in A
competition wltli the multitude of low test, ahort A
wclKht, alum or i>hc?plmtc powder*. Eold only ex
se23-iuw 100 Wall Street, New York. i
for reht.
^OR ItEKT. ~
The fine Urge New Business ttocto,Ko.Uta
alii street. Also In same building ut>n?w;
ro Ilalls sixty feet deep. ^
All will be finished and ready for ocrn
tncy about llrst of September.
an'-'S J AMKS L. H AWl.Ry.
Scaled piopomIi will be received up toSeirttmb*
th, by the BulhMng Committee ol the Thlnl h* i
itertun Chuijh for excavation and ,to? ti
w church building, Hani and ?pvdftcatloti
id Information can bo seen and tcceWcd at u.
Ilea of 8. M. llovranl, architect. Addrm.
MW-TlhlS' So. KM JarohMwtt.
All penom who arc entitled to Vretuluty
, the State Kalr will please call at the Coun
ouw, Ohio county, \V. Ya., and recti,?
''"ill HKO. HOOK. Trw
VY Coal Company's Mines, two mllea out eat I
, V. & \V, Itallrood. Thirty ucmkI. ?teady I
eady work guaranttcd. rrlccs ol Minimi, ^ V
IV 1st, 75 cents per ton. 1
io2t J. V~ NN ATKR3,Son 1
VV HAN, re?pon*lble anit energetic, to ?Ji. '
?internum in Whctiltf I
iu?l beaKciiUeumuol riukI n-nln-M wlthth* lis
! recommendation*. 'Die business ktturted
111 Dttjf. 1* Ml article thai sells for (torn Hog'?
to, and pay* a Rood wwtlt. Address ?t unct ,c
ik refcrencca, the Aimtlcau Watchman's lie.
etccilngCompany. Uc\>Und. O. ^
l'r.TKNTand espcitemcd salesman to tm
ic wholesale and Imsc retail rum n In West \u.
ota, Ktntucky, Southern?-bio and hmiWra In.
lana Must be u man ol experience, ol utfxitt).
oualbabltxaml Rood ability, capable of kandltoi
us best claw of trade. None others need imW
Id rowwltn rclerouccs. Al'silN NlcilObsi.ru
\ to 71 Hudsou street,New York City, N. y, *
YY nwlc selling our lino of patented hun*.
Did ncccMiltles, ainonRnt width i\re thf Adimi
'ringer, Kcystouo \N rltiRer, I'cun Kluter. Kersion#
'aslier, "Mrs. 1'otta' "fcml Irons. Mule Bwwtcr,
'eat Ctiotipetfl, Ac., soldby sample. The new by* I
one "JJoll-Up" Spring Mattress, sold by modfi inj i
ellvered by uson trial. the Holl-up" Mtttiwa
a new article und I* "taking1 well. Sluiftam ,
nail enough to go in pocket. The* article* sre
le beat lu the market und arc (ally '
11 goods lold ou small weekly payments iml roi 1
otions made by ourselves. We have itotva In a) I
eateru eitles; If vou do not want to work in tula I
ty can seud you to any city. \> e %mnloyouly re- I
Aide men (none other* need apply) i<ood md
rorapt wages guaranteed and no security required
satisfactory reference* are given. Kii*r1eM?not
ecewarr. Every man out of employment ihwld
ill and examine our line of lut bvlllii^ articles,
our iiAtenla constantly n celved. Ae^nt* muo |
\nn >101'? HO per wees. 0?ll on. oraddtm KEYU)r?
K WHISUKR-CO., 1010 Market hlrvtl, n?el<
m.NV. v*- M'll-Ttbu
all neces;nry fixture-, and twoacrwol troend,
ve tenement bouses. Apply to 1). H. tKVJTY,
wl Kilftte Agent. Hcl'nlre. Plilo. wrB?
p win ?>f? ?', L '
? "? ?"? "v.* rnnUUKOfllc* In
iu city, or would led material inlnti toiuiL Fw
trthir particular* cimniic at tnlHifficr. jj?
170 u sale at a gukat sac81.
L' F1CE?Complete Printing bubllihmtatres*cs,
type, cuu, Ac. Hare thine* to utu? i
|C bargain. hnquire of Win. Knklnp, ?ttorie?
118 Market street. or Ht 172* Marki-t urett. Mu
^tocks for sale. ~
48shares In Jefferson Mill.
20 shares In Franklin IiirunineeCoapior
5 shares In Nail City (!ia.?* Compunr,
15 shares In LaUelle Glass Comity,
10 shares iu Gnipc Sugar Compio}-.
la a ac ip.u1s.
*"31 no.aitmmsuttl
por sale or rent.
kirkwood rp.operty.
Eleren acres on the liill above town.
H. FORUES, Wheeling,
iO. 7, U. 8. Custom House. Telephone F-8.
^or sale.
Fann of 191 acres, A]C miles from Moumbinif,
larsliall cotmty. \V. Va.. 12.'. nnn undrr reiiluon,
mostly In grass, twohewi-dlcghou*?.Gnb?.i!
tid a variety of small lruit new. llaf>toat kii,
lid well watered with never Miingspritigi. I
Inquire of JOHN L. UllWiN. on the prtabrt,
rto w. v. iiogl .1 bku,
n'l'-'G IMlM?lklSlrol
por sale.
That elegant Residence, 2205 Chapllne
outh Side. The building Is comparatively n?t,
l perfect order within and without; contain irt
halh room, hot and cold water, gis thrcutJlit,
the attic is iinbhed, cxcellint cellar; >>
rick stable, carriages and wash facuH*. Ihtlcrtion
and neighborhood one of the tut In ttediy.
ppljr to ALEXANDER B0>E,
au26 1318 Market Ftrcet.Cr?ngy?B!ack.
pUBLIC sale
Of Building SIlPs anil Coal I'r?|?lj.
The undenUned,executors of the will of Simuel
IcCoy, deceased, will sell at tiublicaucllon.it Ht
ie Chantal Statiou, on the I'. A B. R. R, ??
nd a half miles east of Wheeling, W. Va..os
nmmendnR at 10 o'clock a. m.. the tort of land
nowti as the McCoy Farin.itmtaitiIii|cK,)*'rt*oI
uriaeeand 47% acres of coal. said Uiidnuwtn
Prided into loin, and I* so lo-ated ??to n?le \?
lost desirable building site* In the tliritj W
Wheeling, being at Mt I?e < liBiiUl Jstitloii. omj l
in minutes' rlile from Hie city on the \v.. Y. at
~ j t or twent>' minutes' drive by tlie NWouJ B
ad County roads. a j 1st of mid UmI, uitb Ju
ub-dlviilons. can beieenatthf Uw cllhvif I J.
onw, No. 1207 chapline ?tn et. \Vhtelin<, W. Vt I j
Tkkmb or Saix?One-third of the purch.ui lfj
10 cy, (and as much more as tlie mitihiwr bm
lect to pay) In au>h. and the rcMdue lnthrcte<iciJ
nnunl paymenut, the puri'liiter Riving nrsntU- I
16 notes bearing Ititerol from th? duy of Mlc.fof
ue deferred payment, Kturd byaditd ol trurt I
n the projwrty. j
F. 5 BFLL,
H'lO-TTliRtw Kitfnun. Ac.
>'eir York Dental Coinpauj's Ofllce,
*10.0 MAIN* ST., WIIEEL1S0,
urlDR the post yenrThouwnih ofTwtb biteUM
extracted nt '?> cwita inch.
$8.00. |||g|||^ J8,(ll)'
Gas Riven for I'alnlc&i K*traction of TtciS., Mtu.
auM DRH. MiiCOKMICK .1 BK0.._
No. JH3 Market rtrcct. WhttUil. *-r" _
All or*>rwHnn? warrant^.
A complete assortment such ai
FocaaJe at Contract I'rfcw.tf
Joseph Gi'uveSj
gj_ M TWKinil STBKET. |
610 to $20,000 I
'JptfllnuU; Judicious *j>coiiIiUl<>n la Giiia. ^ I
Woniand .flocks on our ifrltctcdvl*n. jlelaiisre
onlhly profit* 10 Mrnc mid itnill lnreau>r?. *> I
ww, /or full pirtlculnm. K. E KESDALL* CO., I
)in'n Merchntim. K7,t l?.* IjLC/iIitgL.Ctic^o.jjj: I
Iila-M die Dean of thu Aincrlctn Jlcdlrtl WW' I
. I-otif*. Geo. C. i'JUir, .M I)., 1J10 C/uaUr??i-. I
Loul*. Mo. I
ruxMOKjj ti.vivKiBirr wcif I
J^yCHO^r^-Kor cirvuUr tt'Idrc-^U. X.SlKOft I
ahenic C. II.. Vn. I
r> VKItTINKHS l,y utMrrWrn l.fol'.H""''1 I
A' Co., 10Jj|iruc? hi., .New Vorit, <*n H . I
net ct*t of any proposed line of .Idvmtmino i? I
inerlcun.VeivtiptipeM. i><nwj*K,,l',,B1l'"'e' I
wl-Kwnw K

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