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The Wheeling daily intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1865-1903, September 25, 1882, Image 3

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U"', Jlii?|?:ifnU?; 1 liutiicuHfltiffdoraitn/lt, [ltr
Hi'tjiJjl crvlivs MUVO Unit 1 Iihvu iloult
' ifriixJ Mtly *,,h w liulwvo cuuau Jtal
M*!*?'<* *l*tk"riiMtne?llhput K-rmlv
' .IStiS I w?ny lymdrwl wrUJIcaten from
'*^3 lb?wciift?I nflcr llitr liml i^en pn>.
.UJiwui??h wwlltai cHJuoitloii'.
^Sff?w*4,?*l,|lal 1M|jcr,w,1c? l,(| fawNftrihr
's)vJ/ADJJ?rilli'1' nml htrlct nttfiitlou |0
^aliutincnt lumiro* KUt-cw, |/ aira i*
Wvjsji/rmililyBht' Ihu 1'iitlfiii my oplalou.
I .J*f ?<IJVcr .r,"l*,|U?? W'llthoumiitlim.
, . VVIicclixjfr, w, Va.
Mr'" ?! JwpHlwi Voico?stif.
' fa lira! to licit, mo
i if"1 *r
faf&ffuuw CIIA DDUCIv,
ofypcldi-l ACo, WhwUtiK, W, Va.
n i-i'l CIcvmUmI Htomnvh.?'"Treatment
Jtf&Jtoelw me relic!., Dr. Binltli cured
if TUOitAfi HOLT, iJlllirftlJCO Agtiit.'
? .Bui tlicta for fourtuen year*. Dr. HmlUi
irt RttBtilsigSotMOU Dead.?"My am wag
rfi, i^riaii >ym*. NiMlilng Bccraed to
H,l* sicitficuteil him." , , ;
Ip- n' MI&tiATIlXKlNKOAfti, . \J
ilnrktiairvet, Wltwllag, IV. vu.>
foryiNint with cumtr. Hail it
It returned after each oj>era?
cureduo without kui/o ramtloor
i*. rwuU of Auus.-Fht of my hack for 18
h LMiolI Dr.Hmlthcurod mowith*
'ij Infitc WC.'if. '
->'-4<t fin?vr, Main "t., W heeling. W, Vit.
*!??:.? of Kf't?fni Piotupcfis ami i'ljes.?
Jv^as V) ?li? ami i>ro?!ouncod iucurallc,
jfVr.vl we * Uliotiv knife." ' ' '
Martin'fl Kerry.
,. an liM writes:?"Dr.Pmlth'HprofcfHlouiil
Junfa afl*allf have been most KatlHiictory
Sifadwi l>lM U> all on a gentlemitn nud &
^iihnlctun.1'' 1 "
Kolb wyr?"I had been gnlTerlnK
/SIrem*ni'ltreati.'il by many phyalcfrtrw/or
STa i-r. .Smith ?uW I had u tuixj-woriu auU
monMer 100 it et loll#.* *
iSfouj'UfHf.?'Three jeawJH host>JJula for'
, mi1 |vcul!'.inuKiuiUi:en tn such mm*.'
v^iciftd dI c.twrrh, dl^wiK* of heart, ltver,
Mwyt, ?ii?, Mood, niirvous infection*
.jihU.w* ul wen and yjuth, scrofula ami
IJiMMtlJytomrsiHcw. , . .
-amuNI without the knife.
iV>?taH'Ur.t may he troaCol by letter and
i^tirafi^rantC'l. A chart for tcif, (vsamlmu
IjTslon rwvlvt of Uo three-cont.stamps,-Anfl
free. , ,
W-lutim it office free. Olflro hnura from 5 x.
m?dally. Call on or address
|U J. K HMmt.M.D., .
trvj No. 1U" Uupi'iient., Wheeling. W. Va.
? # >v
[<% $.//
ft <i,000,000 Children '.
jit tin; United Statct ' 1
Who riull'er Pain,
Who Prut nml Crr, < i <?
Who llftvo Pule f'ucM/ ' '
'A'liii Have Uiui lireutb,
jkiU Isr Ijiuglilin'a lVorm Sjrcp
h?itilld Who**- Hlci'p IsDlMtirbed, , ft;
Tfc*(llil Who Wulse* lit Terror.- :. /. j
rWWi'l Wlitt*.' A|>|M'((tc (5 Wirmifos*, '
*t?CbUil Wlioto Vitrlcfl,
The I'lilliI who JKm'N Not Tlirlfn,
The UlilM Who In Knirtclaiiil,
The Chllil Willi Internal Irrliwloa,
The child With Snllow (JouiplMlon,
guild i'se hinglilin's "Worm Syrup
Nj Kiwwo So Dftiiici-rotirt As AVotou.
So ilillil It Frt-e From Thorn. ' 1.0H;ry('?iM
DIscusp TlirinselVM.
Pay .\gsnvult; uilter Coiuplkluli. 5 ?:
Ik riiSM's Cuvo When Tcctlilaj?
mm gskuial
I f ytcvi Tffrr lieu*: Ai.ur.i I'.u.v; Iuiuvcxt
'-INK Sl'JIU Kit I'lJk I ST, I?YH KNTK11Y,'"
U?kuiik.?, Kc.atui.knok, Colic, rrc.
Vit?owi!l flml it \ i>rv vnliialilu: tlio clillrt Hill
biifmif.iKf M?,illH\ll< lit fp.tliul trnJfcr tijicVxxr>'+ba%a?il/tflliip
ronifoihtLlr. AWfctiaraut*?,*
^Wilr.nii'inUI r?f>mil i)i<*i>rir?><iruv?ritmc J
?3i?a;?n-|triKcnUHl. Sold by all drUBCLHti. ?J
'J I'ru t' jii'r liottic. WIN
BROS, & CO., Propri.ot^l
u lenfestv. of Atlanta. Ca,, iajv. & S. $
violent wh' oi fcrutul* wbleli'hw
^ syjdij |0 ujj oibcr Ireatuieuw
{#?/ur {? n sure cure. Clued moaUc
l&rtrv<itmcnt hud fallwl.
C. C. Uuisss, Green castle, Inu.
I'.T.J. Robinson, member, North GeorjriftCoii
ujv "Hare taken S. 8. S. font 'clear ess
'hat. Kiuption hits disappeared; Itunwdl!
^yal'.eniim who was cojifim-tl lo his bed ri:
*fih SiiTJurUl Rheumatism liaa bccnWra
18. entirety. '
unus a Bkui'.y, Chattanooga, Tguu.
J?ibin?jntid<OJ)ijs would not purchase froi
?uts. s. s. Iihh i-tlU'tcd in my cure. J had Mil
W6unmHiI*m, AIHHIB Thomas,
Uihriil the Republican, Springfield, Tem:
, wis am) hi.001) diseases: "
t HOI SnrtlJg.1, ATK., wy?: iviiow
taiamutcA wlih 8. H. H. after the Springs an.
Hi u-iiittl irvuuuont hud failed?dihfcuso neve
.^ wmuathglittvopjLviSlfcJncoI q'lll taking J
liajcuttil; urn certain H. K. 8. did It.
t. 8. TmjUA.lT, Tel. Operator.
SidnmauM, N, x.
1<hlllM?, m. n., Bulojri, '4. a.''"?1
three UiuKtiS.S, S. on owe Nlood 1)1;
5N?u w\> to die, am Kiitlsded It will recover.
^jKlcmvhr.* nut made known ft CoinblnalJoi
"Jito^5.S.f?rSlcln or lllotxi Uhcnscu,
T. L Massesbuko; i'h. G., Macon, Ga.
r U1T.II1.IS HI103. A CO.,
? mioWie Agent. Wheeling. ^ a.
? r
in*M(*Mfcctnnlremedy for *11 Nervov
?fcr,u!',f,r?T?tA;c of Ufe-yoiing or old. ma,
fciscth iSf1,'?" '^potency, frustration, Low <
^ Etih s N iUilUf, 1 (elective Memory. In
*?a from which b
lUe springs, till of which cann<
wholo system. Kvoryorsa
boiBlHi?: Cv,;ry power prostrated, unci 'taan
{if iho wT^*^' Wieroted which, If notcliockw
tl rilatit???.au wl7 rt^lh. It roJUYlnatcn.RS
*5dt*?V. youth. Fjich nackoRc con tali
toi *h ?k treatment. Write for pas
ir^ v* ,ii .l 1m- ^nt tree. -wlUt full particular
iifSiri.t. I):pinHsU at 60 cents a pRdcRgo, <
,0r *s w- w?ll be wilt free by a*
1??'.^'- HnCfJo, X.Y.
f.viit; * WLoImcIo and itotAil /con)
_ daw.IIV27
cu,a 6U DiachAttfM,
AjnAjJ BtntiUions ot Uirt
I) ft *? 1.00 >>r,?*Ut,\ I'or w.lo Vjr till rtjui'
^Sr Ayr^r """"""* * *
i'or S?lo Cheap.'
<l"?o llrupo Sugar ami BHIiiIng C
A.' 0. JMEUTKIt,
r 'm ?> y.l i^-j >?. s?
A Snw'Vm nit nil lri)rAT,ItjWE.\K.
' NligHKM, Including I.oiicorrhrcn, lrrt'?iiln*
mul ritlnful Mcufiirmuloni
lullinntiiutlim iiml tllcorutlon of
'"tlto Womlh TIaotlltia, Villi*
\ li.M'BUa CTKIU, iVc.
'ttrriciwaat to tbo^nito/etflrndouii ami Immediate
in in infect,-- It 1* n trrwt help tn rrrraancy,' nnd * ro-~
? lluvet p(Un^uH^Ialwrttr\d a^cilar.|!i^C|j-(,^
I I riiTsicumfiEU iSDPKts(r.ii:r.iT ntmr,
nrFon AtxWEJKxcaiiiM of tho generative otfinn*
or either no*, It iiweondtono remedy thapiaa ever
licforo Cbo (iuIiUc | will for nil (Itieaw* of tho
ItinXBTrt It la the Ormlnt HckicJu fn the U'orhl.
11 ud"(; rciU UcUnf Snita Ukov ,
! lyima r.. p;ntni.ur?'tilooi> vuitirir.it
will fin/lhaUi vrvrr' yc/MrO cf lt?mnr? Inifii Ififl
111Dod, at thoMtno time will iclvotmio and 'trt nulh to
thuij-ntcin. AamarvcUouuln iiHmlUaithoCum|?u?a
'nTJJoth the Cornpavnl and LIcxk) I^irl/ler nro rrel<krtiil
ut 231 anil "i^S Veatorn Ay'cnue, Lynn,' Mars.
IYIco of either, ?1.. BirbottUfl for fi. The Compound
N rent 1/ mall la the form of pilk cr of loztnert, on
f itcclpt of price, 81 per tox fo'r 'cllltvr.' 11 rn, I'lnVhain
< freely onswera nil loltrrdof Inquiry, Endow Ocuut
fteftil Mr painpfiM.* HaUUm th<tI\{p?T,
'ryi.rnn f- n*MAii'< l.tVRRllVA euro C?nittpnlluii,
UiUounncM nnd Torpidity of the IJvc r.' 53 cents.
[ tfirSoid by all nrucglwtH.-Ca (*)
S JEll'tT 1
Tluiclcfcant dressing
U" preferred ly tl-ov;
JS&&.t'jfre* whofiavcusctlii, toany
JKS^J^ffi^gf^^Msjniilar.aitldc, on acof
i* superior
l^fe^S^^^glal^'JeanlinCTiantl pc?ftj'.
11 contains materials
| 0I?'y l'ut are Judicial
'j to'ahf ^p aud lulc
Restores the Youthful Color to Grey or Faded Hair
Parker's'I lair Balsam 5* finely perfumed and is
warranted lo prevent falling ?t (Ua hair and to re.
m?ve dandruff and itching. liiscox & Co , N.Y.
50c. mil fl.tlitt, M tlcdm In ilnigt ami mrilklntt. j
CtmriK<'Ha-alikiiSi itmjViiiuif. i^i*.U^'tir" fiTTBra
A Superlative Mealll; 2nd Strength. Restorer.
1. If you are h mechiliic or farmer, worn out with
overwork, or a mother niji down by family or household
duties try JUtttBii's Cj.vck? Tew. ' '
' If you arc a lawyer^ minuter or butinws man exhausted
by mental strain or anxiom cares, do not take
lntoxicatingstinui)aiits,butuse Parker'} GingcrTaiiic
1 If you have Consumption,' Dyspcj?j, Klieumaistn,
Kidney Complaints, orany yisorilcrofthclunjs,
y stomach, bowels, blood or pcrves, I'akkrr's Gtscntc
Tonic wilt cute yott.' It is the Greatest Blood l*urificr
And the Best and Surest Cough Cure Ever Used.
| If voti arc waning away from age, dissipation or
any disease or weakness and require a stimulant take
> Giscctt Tonic at once; it will invigorate anil build
you up from tho first dose but will never intoxicate.
It has saved hundreds of lives; it may save yours.
, vau ?iwmwtii ?uuuiiuir?.i_aittr'?>iini?r ion)c 11
(ompotvtl of tha twit reuirdial agtali In IheworlJ.nnJlirnlliely
iiffrrml/ram rr?fwaiJi>?i of Ciller/Stnii for circular to
llUcox Jc Co., N. Y. tOc. & $1 ilui, at dtslcrt la ilrnju
? I j Its rich aril taituiR fraRrnuce has made this [
* ] 'delightful perfume cxoxiliugly popular. Titer a t
] <ls nothing lilio It. Insist upon having Flokksj
]toh CoLooHuandlooIi fbr sisuaturcot , .
| on frfry bottle. Aty dru-jlst or tSultr b pcifwaerjr
I taa iupi>lyynu. S5 an J *S crn*. lU ?,
| !
axna. VAI* fiutusN'a
- i\ roemvo uuro lov oil i-cmaio
c? j Complaints,
I. | *vr: . ; : ..
Uvllcs' Tunic U rtfrircl by the Women's Mtdical I n.
Mllutc of liuifili), S. Y., and hus l>ccn umM ?uctcv*fuUy _
Ji? for ycJti. Jt i* a iur* t*r< for all i:ct?ala ~
CiJuiilainif.SKkaud tfcivuuiJlc*<Iatlic,l>y>|*p?la,aiid
-fi'l "caknoic* fauled bytliuso Irregularities *ntch ate .
a - otoamon to womankind. Tlili 1* n? J'littiit Mtri'ur,
"Wj l? prepared, AJler ycart v{ e?|>c/Jr)nc, an.J rcfr-w
mended, knowing ttittfc willi:i*e new lire to any luukcnttoWn,worn
If vouhave tried other rcmedlcj without turccst; do..
II nnl be diicouiatfci!,but Rive "LADIES' TONIC" a
HAcle trial. It iicvtr jJi.'r to give anil/enn.i- ,
Hf:t rtlirf. * '"
II you are ttouhleJ with any wcaUneji or complaint
} eotmnoBtoeur icx. lay atlde the doctor'* picicrtptioii
f f >r once, and try V^attt'Ttmk." which *e cuarantcc
will fx>4?twcly rj|??you.. Onn llatt'.o in DuiUclcRt,
\Vi>iner?'s M^dlCaUnttifuriMJ an AMoclationof Ifixit
n tni) .M.'h.-n of y cm' cxptrirncc, viho givo advice and
,< ftntwm f?iter? from Udie*./r#r, .
. Jjouwill lie.KiVLn.foi anycaju ?rFcmMoWjaLne-.*
T crfnaWlilV whUlfl-viln'Tenlc" will not curt. Thli
It i lunar!,it ultcr, |t>ad? liy rttftHtib/t ladle* whnkanw "
frtm ttftritH.t nhit "MUlfiS' TQfllC" fa? Jo,
I scoditaeijroi i'j ;.t[.il[i ii 1 ? '
; ( Sol'd by Druggiili.' Prico, il.OO.
At wholesale a ml ri.Util by
J J Cvrcs Scrofula, Erysipelas, I
u . jPJnpips nil'! -Face ?nils,|
is llllotolitnii JIqJIs,-Tumors, letJl
Iter, Humors, . Salt Rheum,
. I ''call! Llcatl. Sorcz, Mercurial
,ti (tEisccscs, 'JFcnnlo V'cakhess
n ' BaacJ Ziwzslaritios; 'Dizziness,
I l
i* .IfrMWun,- J3i!ic,uoncss, Dyspep-1
' ' h'ti aM Goqarnlpoillity,1)r
/" H Acoureef JtorlocV IJIool Jliti'en u\\l ta'.l-.fy tuH
M * RrK?Hk'C?K?|{nJl)t |jilta(."MlcHni.*.4'fafUifrvn|
II , A-Djjiilr, f-tMb/iufUlHafluicnereir-heie:, ' ' 1
3 k Ifci eotou lA f'.itcn ;r:"n.T?, rmcc, (uu. *1
,gF03tc'?'. MIL'aO:w"&ro . Proy>. tilTa'a,N,V.|.
^ r^lirun it Co.'; \Vhnle^nlea1i<l ltetail AKflnto.
I . ' r Wp ?tiu#ff/;'wUrJFreralcut In tiU roua-lfi
); k *^w<WrtSra?^w>.'??vj r^^xmcdyiiMCTcr ?.
*,v Jpoi?bndH%>4Atv^iTi ?? 0 c
c curcy Whatever the cauao.howbyor obiuuaie Q
' fS3RI Pfi wHW UiairwliC com- g
? nfciG9? plaint Li very apt to be ?
? <mpilc$tcd vttbcozrtjdj'jsn. "Xiiln/TAVort "J
*i ntroagthcun Uiu wcVkCtic^p*fi#'?Uitqiilokli- s
ckjurcaftUklnd?ofl'C?M Ove?wh?u pWdcwwi g
??nd ractlidn'w haro before foiled. e
p[*> tVlf 7outovodUK?rof thcco troublca 3
0. ^PRICS $1. | USE roruSStiscH *
j UlllftM Xi>M,'j3 HlHl 27 Fonrl?H??tl> HUM!,
NK.WIA>.\ ti ll. 31LKTIXU
Of (lie Woumit'N l'rcuby(erlnl Noddy of
Hi? iVmnIiimkImii Vrtuhjitry ttt tfw
t'llliiberliiuil, W. Vn.
Reported for tho lutolllgcncor.
The scinl-annual meeting of tho Wo*
man's Prewbyteriul Society of Washington
Presbytery eonvoned in tho Presbyterian
church of Now Cumberland on Thursday,
September Slat. Thcro wero about sixty
delegates present.
The meeting was opened by Mra. Orr,
of Holiday's Cove, one of tho Vice Presidents.
Alter u short season spent in devotional
exercises, Mies Cordelia Stewart
gavo a beautiful address of wclcomo to tho
delegates, which was responded,to by tbe
President, Mra. Cunningham, of Wheeling.
Tho Secretary, lira. Storer, read tho minutes
of tho previous meeting niul tho mlnulna
nf lltn WmuiHw*
....... - ...? .<,.vv.<uivi wuiuumiv'U MlWUUg,
held hi West Alexander, in June.
Mra. Wilson Kelloy, of .Wheeliug, was
elccted Treasurer pro turn in thoabsence of
Miss Baird. Mrs. Storer rend thu Treasur-1
of'a report, contained in a letter from Miss
Uiiird; also a report of tho uiltu boxes, in a
letter from Misa Noble, of Clavaville. They
bavo been contributed in . eighteen
churehea to tho nnmbi r of nbout COO aud
have not all been heard from yet.
The .Secretary read n paper from Miss
Brown, a member of l'orks of Wheeling
ereck church, who wiia nnablo to bo present.
Also an essay written by Miss Brown;
entitled,"Thoughta on giving," commencing
with that beautiful text, "What shall I
render unto the I.ordforall liia beneiita
unto me." Tho subject of .giving liaabeeu
like tho little stone cut out'ot ihu mountain
which shall incrt-aso until it shall fill the
whole earth. A liiudoo boy wuaotice conversing
with a missionary about Jesus,
when ho looked:;up earnestly and said,
"How long have your people known
about this great light?" Ho answered for
hundreds of years.' Hd^said, Oh, why
then did they not comoand tell usBponer?
Whose hand gavo the mite that sent the
light into that darkened mind? If we can
not go to carry the gospel to the heathen
can we not give it silver wings "
Mrs. Torbes, of Toronto, Jefferson county,
Ohio, was invited to sit as corresponding
member.' Mrs. "Williams read a_ report
oi luiuiuinuiu meeting 01 me ?miuUelptita
Society, held in Trenton, New Jersey.
There are now 51) Presbyterinl societies; ten
years ago there were only seven. The report
was full of interest, aud suggestions
for work. ,
The session closed, at 5 o'clock, after
singing " What shall the harvest .be?' The
evening meeting at 7:30, with a largo and
appreciative audience, gathered to hear the
Hey. J. 1*. Graham lecture onlndia. After
the usual devotional exercises and a short
address by the pastor,KevT. Grier, Mr.Grahain
was introduced, lie made an able
address on the religion of India, Pantheism,
Uindooism and Buddhism, etc., comparing
its different beliefs with the doctrines
of Christianity, closing with an earties
appeal for more consecrated effort, and
believing prayer;, /Meeting closed by singing
"All hail the power of Jesus name"
Friday morning session opened 0
o'clock by -Bulging "Tell me . the old, old
story" and/prayer by the President,;prayer
and praiso continuing one-half hour.
A paper read by Mrs. Cunningham giving
a glance at the differcnt-miBsionai^ stations,
viz, of Syria,- Persia, Siatn, etc., was
listened to with' deep . interest, after which
came the' missionary lionr.j Letters: .were
read from.Mrs. Tracy,' of India;1 Miss 51atetr,
of China, Miss Coli'mau, recently of
Siam, and,Mr. Dunlup,<who expects to'return
soon to his "chosen field of labor in
Siatn. Kacli letter was fall of interesting
information concerning the work, and urging
more faithfulness in, prayer., Reports
were then read from di He rent mission
bands in.the -Presbytery. After, .singing
"Come, thou fount of'every' blessing, an
ersay was read by Mrs. Forbes, of Toronto.
A committee was appointed to receive subscriptions
for the historical sketch of the
Presbyterial Society. The Committee on
Resolutions returned thanks to both pastor
and pGbple for their, kind <hospitality
throughout tije meeting, lunch being served
both days in the basement of the
church. Meeting adjourned after .singing
' Shall we meet beyond tho river" to meet
April, 1SS3, at Vfayneeburg, Greene coun- I
ty, Pa. ., . . . , , > ?' S..,A.<McF.m \
i i t f ?; - . . ?>yl C|
liieCullivHtloii ufunv <Tf WoNtYirglulH'*
XCciiity 4'ftsti I'rotfiictH.
Copied from ."Unbeaten Tracks in Japan" for llic
Intelilgcn'cer. ' ;''1 I : i
The most valuable crop of'theTajima
(Jiipan) rcgion is Nwjin, the Chinese tjuiynff,
[ the 'Jiolanic(U_J'auax rcpaisi-i In the
Chinese pharihacopia, it occupies.a leading
place (even apart from'superstitions that
are connected with [it), ami is usetKfof
favors na ivn nun nnininn. It imanl titmm
been sold in the,East forJts weight in gold,1
and though1 the- jirice lias fallen to 40 shillingR
per "pOund," the prdfitfcii"its'cultivation
is contiderable. The Ginseng exported
annually lrom Japan is worth, on itu arrival
in China $1,000,000, and in another
two years more than double the present crop
will be placed on the market The exquisite
neatness of Japanese cultivation culminates
in "hinjin." It is sown on beds 27
feet long, 2J feet broad one foot high and
2 feet apart. In each bed there are 438
seed holes, and in each hole three seeds. 1
mention this as an instance of the minute
etiquette which regulates all processes in
this curiously formal country. Asa protection
from the sun, neatly made straw
roofs cover the beds both in winter and
summer. Only the strong plants are allowed
to survivo the first year. ,In tbefifth
year the roots are taken up, Ecalded and
roasted in trays at a gentle heat from four
to eight days, according to their size. The
stalks aud leaves are boiled down to make
a black, coarse jelly, much like liquorice,
but very bitter, whiuh is used in cases of
The friend who has taken the trouble to
copy the above extract for the Lntei.ligexckk
adds the followiug note:
This >8 the most important and reliable
Information ju regflftj (o ginseng that has
been given, and is especially interesting to
Wejit Virginia people as showing the right
way to cuUiyatp "pans " |t has been generally
supposed it could not be cultivated,
hut this article shows it is the length of
time required, live years, and the shade
tjjat glvt's ginseng a cultivated habitat in n
soil. West Virginians would do well to
make a noto of the Japflncse method of
The IVlicoliujr State I-'nlr.
(Ctarkhliurg .Vcw?.)
The State Vair at AVheellnu was a phenomenal
success financially. The weather
was flue all week, and it is estimated that
over 45,000 people paa-ed the gates. Tho
receipts were over $20,000. Next year we
hope tho f|ij-pctory will seo its way cloar to
more particularly Interest tho pcjimljea
thnXtnfn in lhi? KnlV nn tnnfr It
flirty fiepoipQ a Stale institijtipn In fact, afl
well as jjipanie. If say a commissioner
in every county were Hppolnjpd ^hQse
duty it should be to circulate patalqgueg,
distribute information and neraoqal|y Interest
his people in Mjo KxhibJtJon, ?#o thai
they might be. ipduccfj to both p*hibij
tlieir stock and products and visit it. This
is 0:10 way. There aro othern, probably
better. But with 6omo additiouaV labo'i
arid money invested in such a direction,the
Wheeling Stato Pair in time might have
jjnj:j) a tinpio and Bi)ch a prestige that nc
other annual ocpjirrpngo WQllItJ mpet \yitl:
so hearty a \yelpoipe by the citizen# of tb(
entire State, or do so much nrnpljcal good
while Wheeling itself would surely reaj
.ft BWlJ1 jiarvcQU
Do balil|y what y<ju do at a)l. l}old|y (If
we oftlrm that lyidney-^ort 13 the erpat re
raedy for,hycr. bowels and.jddney ijiseas'e?
rheumatism and nllej yauisU fliefQJTilt jTlji
tonic effect of kidney-Wort isIprodaced'h'
its cleansing and purifying neiioff on .thi
blood. vAVhere there isva(graYelly deposit h
the urjne$3jy milky) ilbpwurine from'disoi
dcred klunoys, It always carts: " *vmwrivf '
I'rocviMUiiKN of I lie UriMiblfcnu Convcu*
tluiton Nntimliiy*
Corrcjpondencc of ibolntelMjtcncer. '
Ghaftok, September 23.?Tho Taylor i
county Jtcpublicans assembled in tho
court-house at 1 o'clock this ufternoon and
were called to order by John Latham.
On motiou, J. 0. Gather won made tern* i
porary chairman and John Latham tem* ;
porary secretary.
On motion, the chair appointed tho com- (
mittce on Permanent Organization, and :
the delegates from each district selected n
member for tho other committees. '
A short reccfs was taken tlint tho committees
might have time to preparo tliofr
Tho committee on permanent organize
tion reported for permanent chairman Arthur
Sinscl, and for permanent secretary
Mr. Rector. Tho report was adopted huu
a committeo of three appointed to couduct
Mr. Sinsel to tho chair. After somo brief
remarks from tho permanent chairmau the
convention proceeded to nominate candidates
for tho House of Delegates.,. General
Georgo W. Brown was llrat nominated, ami
his nomination seconded bv two or three
delegates. Major Flemming was next mit
buforo tho convention as a truo UemiblU
can and n staunch temucrauco man. James
Ifoit was nominated in an address Setting
j forth his temperance principles and strong
Itepublicaui?in. The naina of Kov/<l)aviu
I Powell was next placed before tho conven- 1
lion as a ptiro man and a'tcriiperahco man.'
Mr. Powell declined the nomination,1 and
when tho nomination' was seconded lie
again declined and asked ilia friends to
vote for Major Fletnmiug. In spite of his
declination, on tho lirat ballot ho received
eleven votes, General Brown being ahead,
On second ballot Brown lost one vote and
Powell gained three.
On motion, it was ordered tlmt' after tho
third ballot the Iowcat should be dropped.
On tho third ballot brown's voto remained
the same, FJemming ami JIolt; both lost
and Powell advanced to twenty. Holt was
dropped, and on tho fourth ballot Brown
gained one vote, Flemming's voto boinc
theBamo as on tho third ballot, ',Powell ,
jvwttvu uriiii^-oi'vcu vuiui.imctuy-aix
being necessary to a choice. Tho vote was ?
announced and l'owell was declared the c
nominee of the convention. On motion of li
Major Fleuiming, Powell's nomination was ?
1 made unanimous. i,. r
Mr. Powell was called and made n neat e
speech, iu which he declared lie would use Jj
none but honorable means to secure Iiin c
election. - - . * 7
At'this point tho convention seemed'to J
get in a hurry aud could scarcely be held ii
long enough to. nominate a County Com- .8
missioner and a County Surveyor. Tho ^
Chair succeeded in holding the convention 1
long enough to have the ticket, filled, li
John Ilenrv was nominated for the former [1
ollice and 1 lay wood Flemiug for the latter, c
Tho convention was quite harmonious, t
aud so far as your correspondent could u
learn, good feeling prevails. v
The Kepublicana ol Taylor county feel i,
conlldont of winning, and they propose to ^
poll u majority not onlv for their county ~
ticket but also for John \Y. Milson for Con- 1
gre83. ' E. c
Fou assistance to sight already impaired. jj
there is noartiflcial aiu equal to tiio Celluloid g
Xve-G lasses. tl
For sale by all leading Jewelew and Opti- ti
cians. mwfaw . y
Sometime ago a project was set on foot to 3
ascertain the tbickuess of the vein of coal ^
that underlies the Valley river and this c
section oi country and whiqli comes to tbu ?
uurf.wn J.. ?.? it...- ?. u
??? *?yy uwvut , n ?uuu uuiun
town. A'Mr. Johnson, a practical miner, a
was employed to do the work, lie lias J
done so, and lias ascertained that the top- &
most veiu is ten feet in thickness anil that v
it is a first-class quality of coal.?Pliillipi j
Republican. e
? > u
Thousands of ladies cherish grateful ie- ''
membrances of the lidp derivca from tlie use 8
of Lydiu E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. t
MWf.iW u
That hacking couijh can be quickly cured
by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. ..
Will you suffer with Dyspepsia and Liver
Complaint? Shiloh's "Vitulizer is guaranteed
to cure you.
Sleki'i.kss nights, made miserable by.that
terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is the remedy
for you.
Cataruh cured, health and sweet breath secured
by Shiloh's Catarrh Jlemedy. Price 50
cents. Nasal Injector free.
Sold by E. Booking, agent, under Odd Fel:
lows' Hall, and by K. II. List, 1010 Main
street. kowdaw "
? Mothers! Mothers If .UofficrM
Are you disturbed at night and broken of
your rest by a sick child suil'ering and crying
with the excruciating pain of cutting teeth V
tf so, go at once and get a bottle of airs.,
Winslow'a Soothing Syrup. It will relieve
the poor little sufferer immediately?denerid
upon it; there is no mistake about it. ' 1 here
is not a mother on earth who has ever used
it. who will not toll you at, om?e that it will
fuiftilnla Ilia Knmula tin.1 iiiwn wnuf. In IIia
mother ani relief and, health to the child,'
operating like "magic. .It is perfectly safe to t
use in all cases, ami pleasant to the taste, and t
is the prescription of one of the oldest best t
female physicians and nurses in the United <
States. Bold everywhere. 25 cents a bbtUe. 1
mwfaw '! j
Aslageof water amounting to 8 feet IS look* J
ed for. ? .. . ' ' ,, I
Bad complexions restored with Glenn's
Sulphur 8oap. ., , '
Hill's Hair Dye, black or brown, fifty cents
Pike's Toothache Drops cure in one minute '
Kidney I>l?cnso, i
Tain, Irritation, Mention, Incontinence, <
Deposits, Gravel, Ac., cured by "Buchupaiba."
A Couon, Cold or Sore Throat, should bo :
stopped. Neglect frequently results in,au :
incurable filing disease or Consumption.. :
Brown's Bronchial Troches do Jiot disorder :
the stomach like cough syrups and balsams,
but acts directly on the intlauied parts, allay- '
ing irritation, gives relief iri Astfcma, Bronchitis.
Coughs, Catarrh, andlheThroattroubles
which singers and public speakers are
subject to. For thirty years IJrown's Bronchial
Troches have been recommended by
physicians, and have always given perfect
satisfaction. Having been tested by wide and
constant use for nearly an entire generation
they have attained well-merited rank among
the few staple remedies of the age. Sold at
25 cents a box everywhere. ttIibaw
Doctor bills are abominable and not need?
ed in kidney and liver olfactions, as Peruna
and JIanalin will cure them.
Decline or Mnii?>r *'
Nervous weakness, dyspepsia. Impotence,'
sexual debility, cured by "Wells' Health
Henewer," Price $1.^
Klnsaftlio i'utlicru VlNilcd on Children.
Physicians say that scrofulous taint cannot
be eradicated; we deny it "in toto;" ' If
vou go through a thorough course of Burdock
Blood Bitters, your blood will get as pure as
you cau wish. Price $100.
For lame Back, Stdo or Cheat use Shlloh's
Porous Plaster." Price 25 cents., ^
fliilifiii'H (Tnilffh fttirfYVmMirnnffnn <7nVo !
sold by us on a guarantee. It cures consump;
tion. "'v-; .
Sjjiwift YiUHser la'vfbht you nccfl far
Constipation, J.033 qf Appetite, Dizslnpssnnu
all symptojps ol Dyspepsia. Price 1Q and lb
cents per bottle.
Croup, Whooping Conch-find Bronchitis
Inuutfdtqiply relieved by fajiijQh's Cijro.
Sold by U. Bockiug, agent-,-under Odd Fellows'
IJall, aud by . R. H. List, 1010 Main
strcot, . _ kowdaw
JJftlm i? (sjlomi,
There In a balm la Glload to heal c?oh'gaping
1 wound:?' ' ' "
In Thomas' .Eclectric Oil, the remedy Is found. v
For Interna) and for outward use, you freely may.
apply it;'.-' "
For fill paln'and |uU*tninatIon, you phould not (all
Ik only cost* a trifle, 'tis worth It* weigh' In gold, .
oygfy tjpalpr |ii }bp la^t[ t^fciflcdy js so|tl,
Dqn'j doubt?S. S. S. f|ifC4 all iuijrurltla?is
tipittprs riotpf )iow Ipng standing. orj f, ? (
^ rtt :? '
1 ..Pr TM?itr'Iniawf for,*!?- Frepmnn'#
: New Rational ilycs. lor brightness am|durv
.ability of color are unequalcd. Color from,
*'two-to five'pounds. Directions In English
l end German. ^rjceA^-CeUts.; -ttt\
j r-r. . .. .Mi, 1 ;
1 a.Onr bundrxd dollars reward for a boiler,)
. remedy. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment is
" asure cure for Pilgs. daw |
KflwTork .ifmicynnU fttock*.
Niw York, September 23.?Moticjr 2*8 per cent,
dosed at 'i iht cuut. I'rimo .Mercantile p?por 6*7
J or cent. Sterling Exclungo banker*' bills W 6'.%
emmd ft *"%. 1 "
aovBaNM*NTa-8tr?tii? and higher.
tJ.8. fa, extended....IQO'4 Ht. V. A H. 0. Bnit*. UJ
U. B. 4HS, Coupons,?U2V|, 0. P. bonds, tlr*tM.....llG
U. B. in, coupon*....., llt^ U. P. Land U rants... 114
Pacific 6# 01'% IIW IT, F. sinking fuud-*U8
Coutml l'aclflc HrsU^lMJ-4 Texas l'oc land gts... g*J{
Krle MK?ud*. XJUOV4 da HloOrande dlv... b?
uii/gij <* wiim*.* jwJJ offered
Uaii.roAn ltoHDs-lrrogulnr.
Htatr BrcuitniRj?Dull,
Louisiana consols M Virginia 61. ..... 35
MUxourl <>?... .....Ill Virginia consols, ox*
U. Joseph 10'J tr* rant, coupons... 58U
romicweo <W.......... W)4 VlrgluJ* dc/orred,,... 18ft
runnefiBCO Gs. new?.,W
BTQcXHr-Murkut more actlvo than of Into and
)Uoy<mt in tone, ; Willi two exccptlouof two lrn<*
.loiml reductions In tlio middle of thy day. The
market continued strong up to the Close, when the
:ilghoit prices of the day mcio made, and an ad?
ftince recorded on thuduy's transactions of ka:fl?
per cent uiicouui. uicltawaun*. St. I'uul, Mltinoaj?ills
A Manitoba, Mbwurl l*aclncand KlcUuiond A
Dativillo leading. The othfr Hharta prominent iu
ho upvrurtl movement vrero Northwestern .Denver,
iVcMernUiiloiii Alltuheny Central, Union Pacific,
WlmiwU A^t. Loult pft/crrcJ, Soriliern Pacific,
;.oulsvilto St Niwhvllle and St. Paul A Onuba. Ttiins
at'ilouH a7 j.uoj share*.
VdHfriK -Express.. UO ' Suit, AChatt. ,?? <12ji
\mericAn Kxprosa... MM Now Jersey Cent KOtf
Junada Southern W>4 Northern Pacitlc...... 61$*
J.l'.A J. 0...10 do. preferred,, OH
Jontrol I'HClflo I)'i)'t Northwestern...........147J J
JheaapeakoA Ohio. S4JJ do, preferred lC7iw
do. l?t preferred.,,. SW Now York CeutralMja7}2 ,
do, '2d preferredi..; WX Ohio Contml 11811
0., 0. AI M Ohio A M1m JWJJ
Jeuver A It. (J Ol'i do. preferred^ JO'j
frto : Padflu Jiall...... 45H
S lo. preferred 0. A P 138
ortWayno Heading Ct'i
Jan. A at. Jowph^., -T*, Hi. h. <JtB, F..,; v...... 41 %
do. preferred 8Hh do. prulorred flS}4
Camas A raclflc...... ftuiU. .UoK I
jiko HrloJt W,40Ji do. preferred ?125% i
jikeBlioro:.....,..'..,.;...llft,Ji t'exna Pacific.,.. ftok
xiuImvIIIh A Nuh.... ";t Union I'Hcltlc
* N.A.AC ..74 United BtatcaKx... ~ G8 ]
f.ac.litprofd^.115 h'blujtp 87j6 !
do. 2d prvl'd- Wii do., preferred ... GbJi '
tern. AChas. t0H Wolte.TargoKx J'20
licfijgan CentriX..j,10J^ Western Uulon l>0
io. Pacific 10>;; 'Offered. jEx-dlv.
Nkw York, Boptembcr 23.?Flour unchanged;
cculpts 25#COO biirrcJx; expartt 8,000 barrels. Wheat
ic,lower; options jfajv^c lower; cIobiub dull and
leprestteit: receipt* W),UiO buihels; exports 273.000
mMiels; No, '2 spring nominal; spring8t 26 to arrive;
mgrudod rod "oca?! 07^6: Hteatoer No. 2 do ooc;
io U ml Si tMjial W?: hteaiucr No. 2 red SI C4j{a
0l!4; No. 2 red 31 U?5liil 0734 corti Heater, 81 osa
osjd delivered; ungraded white Wteflfl 12: No. 2
0I109M: No ldo, 8Alcn 7,000 buBhebj, at 81 W/A
I 1'2K: No. 2 red September, wUes 112,000 bnbills
at >10(>>?*11?7; October. w?)cb 352.G00 bushels, at
107aiu7!'4, closing at 81 07;.November, aalw 432,00
buiholajutlfcttu Oil, doling at|l OBK; Deember,
Bftlei '261,000 bilMiels at 81 lOul 10}?, cloKnicat
110; J inuary, 141,003 buahel?. at 1 ll%tl 11J4,
loslnu at 8111%. Odni, oi>tiiied J^alc lower, after*
mrda rocovoreil from the decline and cIoHedatrontr;
eceip(K4 f>i> bufheU; ext?orw 14,700 biiHhefKiittRrud- >
d 70a73^e; No 3.72a7'2^o:8temner7^e;Noa,72S
~^Yt'elevator. 704c delivered; No. 2, white 76c ,
cJlveredj No. 2 September "8J<?"3c, c'o61dr at 7.'; ,
IcUiber 7'2Ha73;?e. dosltiR at 7kK?{ November
IH-Jft. cloxltlir nt >7tfUM 0.?l" n Imnef oml !?
ctlve; ruccipts Cfaw bushels; export* fit) bushels;
llxed'wb-tern 83it4l? whlto western 40a48c. Hay,
n good demand atGTa"5.\ llop&troug; New.York
late &5ftc5<', latter .lancy, Coil'oe dull and uu*
hanged. Su?arflrra; refining good 7 7-lC.i7,?-lCc.
IoliLssi'M uiictiHiiKcil. Hleu MeAtly. Petroleum firm;
Inlted 85%e; crude i%a7kc; retintd 7^h8c. Tai??y
slcady at JyJJaSjfcc. Jtosin michaugod. . Turentino
tinner at 41c.. Kites, western unchanged,
oik higher; new mess 122 25a22 50, Beefdpli.
>111 meats scarce: 'long clear mldulcs SU 25.
,ntd active; prime, steam $12 55al2 CO. Uutter
nchanged. Chcesa uucliaugcd. . i. >: .
Chicago, September 23.?flour unch?nged.
I'hout, in fair aenmud; ,e*ah higher and options
jwer, regular SI WJjJulSeptember; 04%cOcto* .
en November; U3a!KS%s year; wh'.to No.
spring SI Vl\i cash: icit same as regular: No. i
ed winter 51 OJ^al lfM cmJi; St 02^*1 O^fi-Kep
ombcr. Com lower at u?}<o. cash and September,
October;, (JJ^mCIWo .November; 5J?&45?c
ear: 4S!<c Jamlary:*5fij^o May,. Oats lower at ate
ash: 8l|<c September 31 October and Noveml>cr;
I Jiyear: I'J/tC M?y. Rye dull anil lower at &9%c.
iarloyduUflt b'lJ^^ Flaxseed 5122. l'ork ac-, Ive,
firmandhlgturat'82t45a2150 casb.'SeptCmcr
aud October; $2110 November; $10175^119 20
ear: 5iS yrjtftl'J?/ January- Lard higher at
12&2I4*1'265 c*r1> and' September;October $12 37 ,
12 -10; November SIT (10, llulk meats: Shoulders
11) 00; short rib J] J12# >hort cJexr SI: 3.\ 'Butter
lichanged. Kgg^ilrincrftt'.'llc;' Whisky Jl ,20.'
Haltimoke. September 2a.?Flour ('inlet and unbanged.
Wheat, western lower. clodng dull; No
Winter red spot and September $l Otiat 06)4: Octocr
81 U-'%ilOV^; November II 0G%il 06%; Decerncr
8107&ul 07^; January si 08)^iil 09. Com easier
ud closing dull; wired October*3c bid: November
VuC Jisked: November Or, December WJ^aGOc; Noember
or [Jcoertiber new or old 57JfriGGc; December
ifo naked; January fiSc asked. Oats steady but dull;
restcrn white 4ialS>ae; mixed 40allc; rennsyl
aula Watac. Rye quiet at 70a7:ic. lJay unchauged.
'rovlrfonsHrm ami uucbujijed. Butter Jlrm; westm
packed'lCa?2c; creamery 2Cj32c, lower
nd weak at 22c. Petroleum urichaugca. Coffeo
till at T^uOkJc... Sugar steady. Whbky steady at
120ol 22. 'Freights dull and unchaiiyed.
(tkctSNATi. September23.?Cotton quiet at l2Xc.
'lour, unehanceu. Wheat. easier: No. 2 red,winter
7c sj>ot: 0 jkjc bid October, 'Ji'A bid Novem ber. 95Xe
Id year. Corn, heavy ami lower Ht W^UH^e spot; <
l%o bbl September, iCljjc bid October; 52}?c ,Noemben
o0>jc' year. Oat*, eatleratttwi:i7%c spot;
t'^c bid beptembet; 31c bid October, 33V4C bid Noember,
32>ic bid year. Kyo, in good demand ht
Barley, No. a/all ?0f. J'orlr, 522 75. Lard,
rinerut81220. UulkmeaU'.tlrm: shoulders 810 *00:
icar rib 5H 31%: .Bacon, in gooil demand; shoul,era1
SI 125: clear rib $16 60; clear 8IGUJ. Whisky,
rm at 3117; combination sales of tluisncd goods
.'0 barrels on a basis of Jl 17. Batter, dull at 20;
Jlftlcc Central Ohio 23c.
.rini.adklriiia," September 23.?Flouri' steady;
idr demand for lies: winter wheat snide*; bye
lour 11 rm at 84 '25. Wheat quiet; No. 2 red eleva*
orSlOO'/i; No. 2 rod reptomber St 0ii'4nl 07; Octoicr
SLCk^ul 07^; November SI UH^ul 08%: l)o
iciubbr St iW&d Wfr'. Corn, lower, mixed 74c;
?'o, 3 siwmier 7;}?74c; sail mixed Sen
ember 72a7Jc; October 72%ti7'.'%e; November 7(/J#,
)cceinbcr c.'c; year file. Oais, No. 1 white 4xr,'
<o. 2wbiio4t!<cj No. 3do40c. 1'roylsloiiHHteody. :
Ard steady, lliuter, fancy scarce and ilrm; others .
lull; erehmtry extra 5>2c. Htca dull. 1'ctroleum
"rdi.Kim; September 23.-AVheat steady; No. 2 rod
pot 08%e; September US/ic bid;'October Ofe; Norember'jy^c;
December Oi>Xc; year -Corn,
ilfft mixed 7Cc: N'o. 2, C'jc; September (ilk;;' October
UXe; November 5ye; year Wc,- Oats, No. 2 spot
mil' September U5Uo; October 3;'^e; November,
Jcto.uborjor ywir;J3x?. ,
Imsncitcn, September 23.?retroleum was very
iiclted and tinner, today. Under bullish luflu>nci>
prJces'Advanceu from 84}4t\ at the opening lo
17c. at the close, the highest figure reached ulucc
he Cherry Grove strike. Larj;e crowds were in at
cndance. ..Kctlucti.iJ'Se; for 1'nlladel^hia delivery.
Oil. CiiYVSeptumbo 23.?l'etro'eura?The martet
ojvened Strong and excited at 3 cento above the
:loso uf yesterday, and a lew irilnutea after opculnu
here wero salts at 87e. There were sudden ad.
. *uces Mid declines all day, clcslne at 87Ko; highest
87Xc; lowejt8J>?c. Sales G^lP.OOQ barrels.
New Vouk, Sontgmbor 23.?~DnY Goods?In conequenee
of the .luavlest r<Uu stonn of the year,
business has been at a standstill, .and although
K<me orders have been 'placed It' has been Impossible
to ship any good!, of perishable character, ,
IliiADFoiln1, September '23.?'Petroleum?StiU ridwildope?8'1atfi)5Kc;
highest SS^c: lowest 83%c;
ilothig ul o7e; sulcx tr.Ub.OOO barrels: total shipments
Friday, 75.VJ2 lurrols; charters 82,200 barrels.
T?"i7sv/f.tK,Pi.,Septeniber23.--011 opened at S5c;
tilghost 87%c; lowest- Wife; Closed at STI^c. Charten*
83,730 barrels; -runs 76,204' barrels, shipments
.3,1)00 barrels.
New York, September 23.?Wool?Steady; domestic'
tleece 3Vnt"e; nulled 18al2c; unwished r.a
32c; Tfcxas UaSso. , . ,,
Cincinnati, September 23.?Live hogs, firmer;
:ommon 25a8 15; packing S7 75u8 7j.
NkW'Yokk,' September 2.1.?Leather?In good
demand; hemlock- sole ,*2u26c. '
, , ; "j-niUe* Joule."
The Great Female Remedy is prepared by
the Women's. Medical Institute of Butlaio,
N..Y.,'atul is their favottto. prescription for
ladies who are suffering from any vyeakness
or rnmnlftlnto mmmmi in fl.o ?nr H ??.
Bold by druggists at $l.00 per bottle. Ladles
can -obtain .-advice free. 8cnd Btamp for
Dames of those-who'have been"'fcured.
At wholesale.and1 retail by Logan it,'Co.,
Wheeling, Wi Vft.1' 'daw
DErAarum: or trains?wniUHJNO TIME. '
Sua-. ;i- . ~ . >; ?i
day. a.m. X.K. p.m. p.m.
B.40.B.B fl:35 R:5C 3:10 4:65...._.
. ..... o . ,yi> ? . p.m. * '
Cent, 0. Dlv. ,fcS0?lgC f4:fl0 11:16
W.,P. 4B. Dh... 6:40 1:80 6:10
. I: t.'i ",u?t ' A'.Ui . ' I .J! I .
Clor. 4 PJtU &00 11:10 1:50 ,J4;K?
- p.m. P.,0.48t.L...
8:52 6:82 3:62 1:57 4:17 6:47
, x.u: -.v. p.m. thi a.m. .
q. T. V. 4 W. ..J *5:30 1?00 6:004 14:00
i a.r1uval oy.TtAlW8. '.i
' r dun*.., . . .-w
j'.*l 'day. a.m. a.m. r.m. ;a.m. , t
B. 4 O, R, R 12:16 lO.SO 2:30 fc20
i .. ' ji?' i.v . p.m. a.jt. a.'m. a.m.
Cclit. 0. Dlv... iMw i:w 10:00 1:55 10:45 .........
W..P1&B.D1I *7:55 11:20 0:25 _
"* A.m. p.m.' a.m. '
Clov. 4 Pitta. 11:40 5:68 7:17 |M2
i. a.*, a.m. a.m. a.m. p.m. p.m.
P., 0.4 St. L. ljiw 8:52 8:87 11:02 4 02 f 7;17
diT.V.AW- ?fe40ltl0:2^ MS *5 W.'.lJL
t ually extent Sunday, ;
J Stcuoeuvillp Aotamwodatlon.?This train dnrlag
tho day puasca backward a?d forward between
Martin'* Ferry audlhlleire; stopping whoa required
At the Blicnnan House; JBtnavfue, wont Wheeling
and Gravel Mill.' -
t Maiailou Accommodation. U:u*i ?r.
'^t.ClalrsrillA Accommodation. ><
C.; T.; V. 4 \Y. Trains run by Columbus time..
On n|ter ilONlUY; September: 18,1S52< cars
on tho WhiHitliu und KlmUrovo, Railroad, will run
1LS fnllawn Ichrlnn thn'rlt* fmrriop Tfli?vhtilli 'unit
'M&rkclelTcem.Knfl HornbrooV? Wrfc. nt
I ' WC:'J) X. U, 10-.20 A'. *. P. M. Q -20 r. If.
7:00 " '-11:00 " 8:00 "
7:10 11:40.,' H;iG 7:40 '
8:Jl " llWt.V. - 8.W "
fl.Oa 1:00, " , 5 0) M a.oo "
' l:40l'M-..'I 5:40" 9 40 "
Snnd^yiexccpN. K. ' v
?clg ..r.joq.KLEKH.BupcrlnU'nJcnt..
J- lu style* thatom'tbc best, ?t thu DaHt IntelItyrocerJotOfflw
lifFCT Oprn to TiothSrjrei. Most
Mualeat lonirrra (oru in the l/|OP(
Younir pcrKm?i'fllmUeii means \ |l\V4l
by ll.&U. It. II. Collegeyenr bcijintSept. 4th.
lar?,ctc., a<ldfgmllo%?'aril IV. Odgni, I'm
iSf Wpf S|\
Tbla Baking Powder l* mado (ram itriclly pirn
jrapo c rciun Uvrtcr, and every can 1b warranted to
flTeaallilacHon ?r money refunded by
e28 1403 Main street, Wheeling.
Tlito remedy will act In harm our with tlta Fcmalo
Fyftcin at nil times, and also immediately
upou the abdominal and uterine mu?cles, amlroetoroDicmloaljoflJlh/
and atrong condition.
Dr. MarcUisl'a Uterine Catliolicon will euro fall.
Ins of thowrtmb,I,cQconhaitt,;ClironlcInflamina.
tlon and Ulceration of tlio Womb, Incidental
Hemorrhage or Floodlnp, Painful, Suppressed
and Irregular Menstruation, Kidney Complaint,
liarrenncsa atidia especially adapted to the change
at Ufa. Send for pamphlet free. All tetters of
inquiry freely answered. Addreaa aa above. For
sale iif all druggist*. NewidzoSlperbottlr,
Old fdza SI'HO. Be BUro and aalc for J)r. ilarcliial'a
Uterlno C'athollcon. Take no other.
Wholesale aad Kctall by
Electric Appliance* ara tent on 30 Dayi' Trial.
xitho rto ralTcrlnir from Nhhtocb Diruurr,
W 1.ojt VrTAUr*. Lack of Nkuvk Fonca ahd
Viuon, Wa&tiso Wbainkhsiw, unit all thoio disease*
of a I'ermkal Kawii* renuulntr from Aatiaita and
OTiir.ii CAUaaa. Hnottly rvlloC and complete re*toration
of Health,Vigor and Manhood guaraxtmd.
The j^ftnrtwt dlwurcry of I ho Nineteenth Centnry.
Send atonco for lllastr*!wl I'amphlel froe. Addrau
II X-41TY n
A victim nf youtbtai imprmlcuco caturtefr Premature
Decay, Jscrvoue .Debility, Lost Maubood, etc..
having trlvd in rata: every known remedy, lias discovered
a MropJesrifenro, which bo Hill ?in<l FllEE
to Lis fcllow-mifleitts, nJ.lrcsa ltllliYliS.
4U I'linllinii' .ui.. X. Y.
All sittings bv the instantaneous process,at
PARSONS', 1205 Market St.,
nu25 Opposite McLure Home.
Has ibe Largest and Finest ,
Photograph Gallery
Best 80.00 CablueU snly 8:5.00 per dozen.
3no na? main street.
The Agonies or Dllioits Colic, the Indescribable
Vanys of Chronic Indigestion, the debility
and mental stupor resulting from a costive habit,
may be certainly avoided by regulating the ijBtcm
with that agreeable and refreshing StandanU'rcpa'
ration. Tarrant's Seltzer Aperient.
A t />/\ A
q>iu to y^u,uuu
In legitimate Judicious speculation In Grain, Provision*
anil Stock* oil our perfected plan, yields sure
monthly protlu to large aud small Investor*. Addrew,
for full particulars, K. E. KJWDALl A CO.,
Cam'ii Merchant*. 17?& 170 I?aSalieBt.,CbIc*Ko.lll.
MEDICAL STUDENTS. and full Information
addreft the Dean of tho American Medical College,
St. LouU. Geo. C. Pltx:r, M b., 1110 Chambers at.,
St. Lou in, Mo.
AltYKUTIKKKNby addressing Clfo.lMtowHl
< ?., 10Spruce ht.. New Yorlc, can learn the
exact cost of any proposed line of Adveutisino In
American Newspapers o?rioj page P&uiphlet,'.J5c.
Hil'MgFAW | .
The largest assortment in the city at the
Hardware and Bouaefnrnishing Store of
, .fy!9 1312 Market 8treet
(jjvgQ SKKJ $150 $200 $500.
The bc?t and ?Jest plan ever devised for malting
larue profit, from small Investments with treat rapidity.
Explanatory Jtookwmt free. Addrew,
KOUAK GHAY CO., Hanker*.
ungfl Pngt Rnlldllitf. If.A- IS Ksohsnce Pluw.N. Y.
Occan Passage Tickets to and from Europe
at loweat rates itsued by
1 . - -JI; >\ BKHBBNB,
augl7. 2S17 Market Street,
healthful and bcautlfullocatlon. UniqUALIOIN*
Jlrst din! Clycnprtt Coll'tfe anil only wil-clius
|>n I #A tlioulil write at nncc. T.tuy of Jrttil
1' or cutal?Kitt'*< clrni?f \ | I & f\ "
i.. I'lcinlnutnii, W.Yit.
f I
A . f Our New Fktternf aw noir
Qmntfl >? cmbrtdtiR MOQUETTK8,
|1 V Oar assortment of Run la very
HllflTO llaiK2i embracing SMYRNA. VKLnllU
IIUwUl TAPE8TRY, auil many otlicrt.
Linoleum Oil Cloths!
All wldtin and Btaudanl Mikca
Window ?ygs!=i
hitlora# lot Biora and Tri rule DwwJJujp.
Bailan Ohairsglfl
a fall line of the Waieflitfd and llcywood Broc
Folding Chairsliii
tho three leading factories of the country.
Chamber Setslslf
Rt I A | f Thaw goodi we have
Par mr
B II11UI vUlUlforleai moaej uss
any oiher house lu the city.
Constantly on hand nil the latest style*. MET ALIO
lurnlshtjd on short notice.
In the matter of the petition of the Board of
Trustee* of the Short Creek CoiiK~egution of Jhe Associate
Reformed Church of North America:
On this ICth day of ticntember, 188*2, camo tho
Hoard of Trustees of thefhort Creek Congregation
of the Associate Reformed Church of North America
and filed Its petition forthewiloofacerUiln
pleoe of land In said petition mentioned &nd described,
fcituato on the North Fork of Short Creek
in Ohio county, and containing one acre and twenty
nerches. Upon consideration whereof it li ordered
by the Court that notice of the tilling of xaid
petition, and thu object thereof, be kI von by posting
a copy of this order at the front door of the Court
House of Ohio county, and at Mine conspicuous
place on the premises sought to bo told, for the
spaceof ten day* and by publishinKtheFomelnsomc
newspai>er printed in the city of Wheeling for at
feast once a week for two successive week*, and that
the posting and publhhlngof a copy of this order
iv- hcivu) ici{uin:?i, hiihii uc iukuii duu iiciunnn .in
elent notice to all persons inreretftid. Jt Is further
ordered that the said Board of Truitoes. or any
I other persou or porous interested In tho land
I named In Bald petition, may take depositions to
| be rend nponthe hearing of said petition, after
first giving notice o( the time and place of the talt*
Ihr o( the same by publishing tho name for at least
once R week for two succcvsiva week?In tho manner
herein specified forgiving notice of tho filing of
said petition. And mid petltlou Ik tot for hearing on
the 8d day of October, JSS-, or as soon thereafter a*
A copy testa SAMUEL 11. McCOLLCCH,
. Clerk.
In the mutter o[ the petition of the Board of
Trustee* of the Short Creek Congregation of the AssoclHtc
Reformed Church of North America:
In the Circuit Court of Ohio county, iu the State
of West Virginia:
All peisons interested will take notice that tho
depositions of A. J. Wilson, Robert Trimble, David
Waddle and others will bo taken at the law office of
I. F. .tones. No. 120/ Chaplluc street, lu the city of
Wheeling in Ohio county iu tho State of West Virginia,
on the 20th day of September, 1832, between
the hours of 8 o'clock A. M. and 8 o'clock r. v., to bo
read In evidence upon the bearing of tlio above
nflincd petition on behalf of said petitioners. Aud
If,from any cause the taking of said depositions shall
not bo commenced, or being commenced >hall not
be completed cn that day, the taking of the same
will l>c adjourned from time to time until the same
shall be completed.
Tho Board of Trustees of tho Shott Creek Congregation
of the Associate Reformed Church of North
America, by
seI8-25iw f. F. JONKB.Thcfr Attorney.
cvi riti /N ^ I
For tlie Fall Trade I
Call and examine goods before purchasing
&e!4 No. 1130 Main Street.
IjQBU Tlios UcHirini; In make money
T oii8iinUlnuUniwUmuinvc?tmont>
iiraiu,. provisions'nud stock
CJbIbj HiicculatioiiN. can dosobyopcr*
n/CIln iitinuonuttrpluu. i-'rotn May lit,
i?&i, to tlio present Unto, on in*
Vf'fltllJL'JJtji of ?ll).LM) tO$ J.UOO, Ciuh
WHEAT prutu have boon realized and
" paid to iuvcBtors amounting to
-th m a Bovural .times tlio original investUfEul!
' uicm, NwIjijt tlieflrtclOflUn*
UjuBJ vustmout making tnonoy or pay-'
t? w w ttblo ou donmml. Explanatory circulars
ami statements of fund Vt
^TC\r.V* free. Wo want re?i>onBll)le
tfivvao nuents. who will report on crojm
A,_ _ mill iutroduco tlio plnn. Liberal
G"Dflnafl coimnisr.ons ml<l. AcMr?B9, .
3|||nf| FlXUMINU .1 SIEKUIAM.Com.
ntU.loii Merchant', Mnjor Dl??k,
TMI-wkw. IH. .
AcenUWanted. The Culminating Triumph
A complete Cyclopedia of hounelmld knovlwlM for the
mMMi'.now rcmljr. Nothing like It! UolnBftut!
Low prlcoil, lllu?trate<l, um-qimted In autLorntilp.
Send for I'rrni notlcci and full p?rtlculara now. Outfit
and Instruction how to sell, fruo to actual agenta. Success
guaranteed faithful workrn Mate ^jM-rleHCP, If
eny, ami territory ilenlred. IV. II. Thompson.
rulUlirr, 4M Arch Street, llilladelplila, i'a.
f'.YUN & H6ALY A
Slate, cor. ol Monroe St., Chicago, jtI
i&di?p4Vl W aajfcllKU. Uwfc
II, IM mm, tw Enrnrtsai afT
menu, featu. On, ?ll?. fwl *rS
ErnaUU, Cu Un[4, RUfcdfc V JlSOm
litlatS bUSktad lt?u, mndry
OclGb. R*f4lH?r M>'jri?l?S tW H- II 11
lh.tfu. tV.il, ?u4 liniWt f? AkuUur If Jl?
>U>uuIi?m I'-'-tn fir< II nil
SCHOOL?For circular mldrcaQ, A,8TR0D?
""* v-, : ^
}. V: '
TlmoUbleforKutaud Weil eorrectcd to JtJKR
4th, 1 Ml
Tralni lem Panhandle Perot, loot of Klevinth
itrect, uear Public Lauding, uallj, exccpt Buudayi
m follows:
| rttur. Mutt KMt Pac. IT
Wheeling Tlmo. Kxp'i Kxp'n Kxp'* KxpV c'm'tt
lcarfr- i. m. r.u, t.m. a,*. r. w,,
Wheel!n|MMMHMMN.. e:S2 1:67 4:17 8:52 5:47
W?lliburr...MMM.M.?. 7:0ft 5:30 4:50 *26 7:18
StcubviiTlllo 7:86 8:10 6:vo 9:66 &1Q
PltUburgh.............. 10:00 ft:10 7:50
r. M. A, M.
H*rrtiburg? 11:15 4:1 ft
Baltimore...,.,,... .... 7:45 ??
i. M.
Wwblnrton ...... w?. t>;15 ,H?M
Philadelphia .. 2,.V> 7:60
New York....MMM,M... e.1611:16
Bottan,? 8:00
Pnc. an. Went aI> M-*
Exp'? Kip* Hull o'm'u u'm'n
Lcaro? k.m. r.M. a.m. r.K. r. k,
Whnn1fn? i.ll ? ?! 1.M
Steubenrtlle 9:55 J:20 7:36 8:10 8:10
Cadli.. 11:45 ,S;00 5:55.....^
l)CQDbon?, 12:01 8; 15 G;l0
a. 11.
Newark 2:25 2:40......... 0:25.........
Columbua.u~~ 1:30 fctt 10-3C ~.
leave? a, m. a. m.
Columbua...^..,...... KM 8:M 3:55 tttf-5
Arrive? r. m.
Daj-to?:? 7:00 7.00 1:80
CllicinmU..... 8.00 8:00?.?,. 4:00 2:40
r. x.
Indltntpoll*.. 10:50 12:80 C;00
a.m. r.m.
Bt. Lou III. '.:3) 8:05 8:U
Chicago .... '.iSO 7:50...; 7:U
ttuuuav expre*# leave* Wheeling at 8:52 a. m., ai?
rlvei Wclbiburg 0:23 A.m.. Btcubcnvlllo 0:55 Ju m.,
making clow connection for western point*.
Trains leaving Columbua it 3:50 p. m. and 8:55 a.
m.. run dally. Through Chicago Kxprcm leaves
Columbua dally, except Buuday, at 5:00 p. m., with
decnlng car atwelied, arrirltig hi Chicago at 7:50
next morning, Berths can be iwcured in advance ft
Union Depot Ticket Ofllce. Columbui.
Pullman's Palaco Drawlnjf Koom Sleeping Caii
through without change from Bicubcuvlllo Kant to
Philadelphia and Now York. Went to Columbup,
Cincinnati, I/oulivlllo, IndUuapolls and Bt. Louis.
For through ticket*, bagmigo chocks, sleeping car
accommodation#, and any further Information, apply
to JNO. U. T0MLIX80N, Ticket Agent, at Pan.
handle Depot, /oat ol KerenLh ttreet, or at City
Ticket OSloo, under McLuro lleuie, Wheeling.
Manager, Columbua, Ohio.
K. A." FORD,
Gcn'l Paa. and Ticket Agent. Pittsburgh. Pa.
js waE^sagggsggsga
On and after M?y21, l&%2, paweuger train* will
rnn Ms follows?Wheeling Time:
iirr miiNn No'No-6 No-1 No-y* Nc' 8
I AST SOUND. Ucnl DaUj UtJly Uallj. D||1!y
Leave? a.m. A.m. a.m. p.m. p.m.
Wheeling 7:15 135 &50 3:10 4:55
Belial re.......? 7.30 1:45 fcOO 3:W 5:20
Arrive* at?
Grafton 8.101 6.48 I'M 7:16 9:20
Cumberland.,.***. ......... 9:33 4:17 1:26
Washington City 2:10 9:50 6:(Xi
Baltimore 8:20 11:00 7:16
a. m. r. h.
Philadelphia 7:40 5:0ft 1&E0
New York............. 10;50 0:60 3:GQ
p. m. a.m.
Boston. 4:20 61
Dally except Sunday.
No. 43 and No. 9 stop at nil Station*.
mm tmtrvn va u No. 'i No. 8'No.lQ
WMT Bomril. Dally Dlllj
Loave? p.*. a.m. p.*. p.m.
Wheeling ; 4:00 9:30 1:80 11:16
Bellilro 4:40 10:10 2:10 11:60
Arrive at?
p. m. a. m. %
Zanesvllle MO 12:55 5.05 8:05
Newark 1:50 6:10 4:10
Columbus 8:10 7:50 5:80
a.m. P.m.
Cincinnati........ .. 8:00 5:00 3:(0
Sandusky 7:00 9:25
p.m. p.m.
Indianapolis.....^ .. ?. 11:00 12:S5 12:58
Bt. Louis 7:30 7:55 7:80
a.m. p.m.
Chicago .... 6:00 8:00 7:80
Kan km City... ........ 8:80 8:30 9:00
B. & O. Palace, Drawing iUwm and Sleeping Cart
on ail night trains.
Clone conneotlons are rondo for all points 8outh
and Southwest, North end Northwest, making this
a de?drable route for colonists aud persons moving
to the great West, and to whom particular attention
S given.
Leave Wheeling 0:40 a. m., 1:30 p.m., 5:10 p.*,
No trains run on tiiis Division on Sunday.
Tickets to all principal points on salo at Depot,
fflce ojien at all hours during the day.
Information to the traveling public cheerfully
given. W. M. CLEMKNTS. M. of T.
R. T. DEVRIE9. Gen'l Agent. Wheeling.
^uon ;co r
rccted to JUNE 4,1882.
MalL Kifitia. Express. Accom.
8:00a.m. 1:20p.m. 4:05p.m
Allegheny 8:10 " 1:30 " 4:15 44
Jtodjester. 8:53 44 2:20 " 5:CO "
Beaver 8:59 44 2:20 " 5:03
E. Liver'L 9:37 14 1:? 44 5:4 5 44 Leave?
Wellsville. 9:48 44 3:10 " 6:6S 44 0:40 a.m.
Toronto ... 10:27 44 3:10 " 0:39 44 7:00 4'
8teuben'e- 10:47 44 4:W 44 0:57 4' 7:29 44
Mar's F'y.. 11:42 4 4 5:01 ' 7:50 44 8:ftt 44
unugeponiix:? " i a:c? " (7:07 " | 8:42 "
Bcllalrc?...112:OOP. M.| 5:20 " | 8:10 " | 8:55 "
Accom. Mall, Kxpmu.n ,Aecom.
Belial re..... fi:50A.M. 11:00 A.*. 1:40 r.K. 4:40 r.tf.
Bridgeport 6:00 " 11:10 " 1:50 " 4:55 "
Mar's K. 6:07 " 11:17 " 1:67 " 5:01 "
Bteubeu'le. 7:01 " 12:17 P. u. *2:48 " 5:58 "
Toronto? 7:20 " 12:30 " 3:U5 " 6:19 "
Wrilitvillc- 7:49 " 1:15 3:40 ' 6:J6 "
K. Liver" 1- 8:15 " 1:19 " 6:15 "
Beaver 8:59 " 2:20 " 6:47 "
Rochester- 9;05 M 2:85 " 6:62 "
AllcKhciiy. 10:20 " 8:20 " 7:85 "
PitUburgh 10:80 " 3:30 " 7:45 "
Haniiburg 2:55 a. k
Baltimore.. 7:60 "
WashlnK'n. .. 8:22 "
Phlladel'a- C:15 " '
New York .. 9:25 "
Boston ? C:lQr.M
NOTE?Tralw leaving Bellaire tit 6.60 a. u. aud
1.40 r. M. conncct at Yellow Creek lor Cleveland,
All trains dally except Sunday.
General Patscngcr and Tlckot Agent.
WM. A. BALDWIN. Manager. Pittsburgh.
Wx. A. Iam........ ....President
WK. B. Siicwoh ~.Vlco-Praddent
Poet a Qonertl Banking Btudncsa.
Wro. A. Iflett, I Wm. B. Simpson,
J. A. Miller, I John K. BoWord,
A. M. Adami, ] Victor Ro6enbarg.
Henry Bpeyw, I
ma!8 P. P. JKPSON, Quhlor.
CAPITAL. 1200,000
J, K. -..President
8 amdix. Lacqulw - ~ Ylco-rmldeul
J. N. Vance, | B. Horkhelmcr,
a Laughlln, | W. EUlngham,
L. a Delaplaln, A. W. Kelly.
John Frew, I
fe? JfaHN J. JONES. Caahler.
Offloo with Taylor & Barr,
No. 42 Twollth Street."
Admiralty and Mart (lino Law a specialty. CoIIeo
tion? promptly made. an24
'OBIce, No. lm CbifTlnc au'whoelin!, W. 7?.
Prompt attentlen to all brodnMW !o7iuw
No. 1222 Chapllne 8t, Wheeling, W. 7a.. myfl
Office, Cartons Hnuto, Whocllng, W. V*. Jal2
No. 1207 Chap lino St., cppodle tho Court Homo,
Wheeling, W. va. feffl
No. 1118 Market *Uoot, (over City Bank,) Wheel*
| tag W. Va.
Fine Fruils, Groceries,
Ac., &C., CALL ON
No. 1319 Market Street.
Country Merchant* ara especially Invited to call
before leaving the cl?y\
sen _ N. 8CIIULZ,'

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