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tv e"ofi^e It
In W'liltc, Orey nml fienrlot, nt very LOW
In GruHt Vdilcllci
Cloaks, Dolmans, Jackets, k
Our itock l? complete, ami <it? show you tho
ft.'liisuiiilroly ti?vr tMi mjuwu, you will IInil all
thc.Nownt nwl I.Htesi btylo* in l-adlim'
(io^lMof nil descnjitloii*.
A. Siedenbact & Br#.,
IMnin Street.
For This Week's Display,
Inllluck and Colors, from $2 00 to^iOOO
Would cull special attention to our Huiii
Jtarveillcux Dolmans and Circulars, whlcl
? in l.? ?i.? wpntm fur itii
WO vittliil m i?c IIIO w?iv??|>vo? " ...|? ?
money in the city. Also now styles In
(Jitupa, itruida and Ornaments for Trimming
We alio show an extensive lino of utulretaui
To uuitch our Dress (lood^. A complete stoc'
of Underwear for ladies, put* anil children
An Immense Block of Homemade Klnntiel
and Jilimktitj. Homo Bpeciai Uaryainw ii
these goods.
I.OOO yards Indigo ltlue Prints at f>c pery't
yards I'laid, pretty for the price, 5c.
loo dozen l'uro Linen Jlandkerculofn at5c.
2<K> dozen dents' Pure Linen Handkerchief
iine <|tuilityf at 12J?c.
f)0 dozen Satin Damask Towels at 25c. The,
are I\{ yards long by 22inches wide, and ar
a grand barium. L'ome and look at then:
Will shoto our goodi with pleasure w he the
you buy or not.
El ovoiith St., bet. Main anil Market
1106 CLOAK HOUSE 1106
Factories, Kit Market Htreet, Philadelphia.
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New Dollnians.
New Walking Juckets,
New Ulsterettes,
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JCfeW Attraction* a-hlcd dally to our ExIcmsIy
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flirlesof the tatcrt ImiKKtatlou.
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iijtne hiuI look through our Cio.xk Room and sc
our style*.
* Blunt ?Sc i>Iarkss
se2!? lKW, Main Street
nciilly furnished rooms with fuel, HkIiUaii
attendance, can be hitd by single gentlemen in
j.rlvute house. Ueferonci'8 exchanged if require*
iiui'ilii- nt ll-.D Olinplitm street. sc'J.l
Ukt SnhUqmm
outre: Bio*. ?5itnd 27 Fourteenth Ntrt>?i
New A?lvcrtiN?'iiieulN.
Il.ise Hill at the Fair Grounds.
attention, Sir Knight#.
I"'or Cincinnati?Steamer Sidney.
"Wanted?Two Girls.
Notice to Owners of Property on Main an
Market Street.
Wanted?Girl to Cook.
<ien. UOU at lJenwood.
To My Friends?John W. Nichols.
Opera House?Hey wood's Original Xo'
York Mastodon Serenaders.
burnished Hooins To Let?llead of Locn
THE usual merchants'lunch attlioXci
Jit;fitire House Sample Rooms dully.
Thermometer Kvcord.
Tbo following shows the range of the thei
mometer, as observed at Schnepfa drugatori
Oi?era Houso corner yesterday:
Ml 1832
7 m. 12 u. 3 r. ?. 7 p u |7 a. m. 12 *. a r. H. 7 r.
Z'i be 87 82 | * CO TO 71 CI
Washington, I). c., September 20,1 a.m.For
lhe Ohio Valley and Tennessee parti
cloudy weather and local rains, souther)
winds, stationary or higher barometer an
Willi luopcelop Yoiiiir'h Report on (It
Scioto DlMUNter.
ilesule the report published yesterday cot
cerning the causes of tbo Scioto disaster, It
spec tor Wilson sent the following "minorit
report," or rather separate report:
WiiRKLtNO, \V. Va., Septembr 27,1SS2;
Juhn Fthrenhalch, Itsq., Supcrvfwiij Jimpcch
of Steam 1 'ends, Seventh Jfistrict, Vinci,
nati, Ohio.
Deaii Sm:?In section 1,152 of tho revise
statues you will llnd the following: "Whc
there is a disagreement between the Loci
Inspectors, tho Supervising Inspector whc
ho requested shall investigate and decide tli
While Mr. Young and myself agree i
regard to the revoking of Pilot Keller's 1
cense in the collision of tbo steamers Joh
iwonuis anil the Scioto, we do not agree i
holding l'ilot Long blameless for the colJMoi
I contend that Long win fully us much t
blatue as Pilot Keller for the accident, an
he should in my judgment have his licem
revoked, and from the testimony before us
propose as briefly as possible to givesoni
reasons for my conclusion.
In the tlrst place, Long made the first mi.
take, which was, I may say, for want of goo
judgment as a pilot, which was in siunalin
ivr mu v/hio sine oi tlio river. This uud(
the general usage of piloting is not done i
ttiis point in the river. This has been show
from the testimony of good experts, whic
has satislied me that he has proven that )j
win an unskilled pilot. This alone slioul
revoke his license under section 1150. A gait
under the rule*, the signal for meeting an
passing a .steam bout was not given at the pr<
per distanco of S00 yard#. Again, Lou
should notafter Keller, thepilotoftheSciot:
had crossed her lirst signal, have respom
?d with two signals at such close distant
from each other. Under the rules he slioul
at once have stopped his engines and con
menced backing, which the evidence doi
not clearly show that lie did. For these fc\
reasons I am clearly of the opinion the
Long's license should bo revoked.
As you have the evidence, diagram of rivei
ito., A:e., before you, and we re on board of th
Scioto whore she lay in hor track, placed am
plantjjd there by the Lomas, I deem it out o
place at this time to detail or retail any thin;
more about the case submitted to you for Una
settlement. , J respectfully your/,
Tnoa. U. Wilson,
Local Inspector.
Editors Intelligencer.
A portion of the published report as giv?u
by lus|>ectGr Young in regard to the accideu
tu tlio Sciota and homiis as published in yes
terday'H Intki.uuk.ncku was not as I agree*
to, and the use of my name to it was no
authorized. & C. NV imon,
KHef Bllm Of Current aud Quitlp
of Inlrmi,
Wats the leave* begin to turn,
Ami the Autumn day* hnve dawned,
Thou ilio young men loudly yuiru
For the ovorcoau they pawutrd.
]Jasb ball to-day.
No allow this evening.
The ice has been broken.
Dusjnkm Ii dull with the Justice!.
Gkii'Ex still cotninand a good price. .
Ok.h. Oorr speaks at Ilenwood to-night,
i'kaciiu are a rarity in i lie nmrkels now,
StitKKT sprinklers are enjoying a brief rent.
Tub exodus of mill tueu will now probably
\Vateh melons ate not so plenty as tliey
At midnight tbero was not a single occu*
punt in tlio luck-up.
Go to Ilenwood on the Lucas if you want
to henr Goir to-night.
A h'eciai. meeting of Council has been
called for this evening.
Trnc comet.is having bad weather for ItB
present stur engagement.
Thk police are beginning to net on (heir
winter suits and loolt viry nobby,
Thk Standards and Alleghenlea cross bats
this afternoon on the State Fair Grounds.
Tiib Iron situation was the absorbing topic
of conversation about town again yesterday.
Lihiuuuy I'kshlkton is working early and
late to got the rubllo Library open by
Wednesday next at tb> iu thesU
It is expected that the gradlngof the WhopU
' ing and laike Krie ituilroad between / wand
Bowerstown will be completed this week.
Tub damage suit of John Arrui?rongfv.#,
Michael Kellly d alfor the recovery of 4M,000,
as compensation for falsa imprisonment.
i? utijl jn progress in ran 11 01 me virvuu
Court, beforp Judge Uoyd.
Wednesday niglil thieves visllcd llie shoe
shop of Louis Conrad,corner of Tu'f j)f jeth ami
, Main street#, ami entering it managed to net
, uway with quite a number of boats. This is
x thu Mjcoiyl time |u about /our months that
s C'ourad's place has been ftjfcmlf
At a rccont meeting of the Woman's CM*
tian Tempcrance Union it declared itself
. auxiliary to the 8fate orginfjtatjon, tHid h
] now working under its direction, The l/nion
ho)d?i Its meetings every Friday afternoon at
?:30 in Fourth Street Church. The Christian
k ladies of the city /jro invited to attend and
> help in the work.
J Ykctekday Jim Mekln, of tlio Nail Oily
11 boat plub, the amateur oarsman who recently
challenged {Jus Knoke, was out on thu river
practicing In hiiuholl when he met with an
[, accident. Ho undertook to crott tbo course
of the ferry boat at Benson's, when ho was
run into uiid his shell cut dpwn. James
ft went under tbo steamer and came up on the
other side in a half drowned condition, lie
y had presence of mind enough, however, to
o grasp thu tudo of the boat and hang on until
i. the deck-hands could reach hJni apd pull
r him on board, it was a narrow escape from
fi?? OTino r.f lima t.ntl r\n ihn B/ftrfu Patr
QrounJa tnis afternoon between the Aliogbepics,
of Pittsburgh, and the Standards, ol
this flily, will be the most interesting one so
far this upd if the weuther is at all
* agree*hie the audleiifia wijl be unprecedent_
ed. The home club will be 8tfeui;tJjpf)ed by
the substitution of two players from 'tire
Crockery. City nine, and wesball not be at
all surprised if the game results i? a victory
for the Standards. Whether they are able to
I down thu professionals Qf not, however, an
interesting and exciting garuo is assure,4. 'php
game will be nailed at/} o'clock.. ladies will
be on the same footing a# gent)et|>en to-day,
and have to pay at the gate.
Joun Dkal, one of the three brothers whe
try accused of the murder of Marry Puxton,
was put pa trlsl i" ^art iof the Circuit Court
yesterday, before Judgd Jscob, to the follow.."5
jury: Auetist ilfllff, jfenry Srinjlt?.?,
August Jtolf, Oscar Sand rock, /j: \y. irus/jn,
H. C. Fetermail, K. M. Uavln, Henry (lanleyj
Daniel Maxwell, Char!?" Cunuiuuham, |rr^<j
Markle, Win. llagans. Dr. Garrison of this
city, and Dr. Todd and l)r. Wagner, oi
Bridgeport, testified that the wound was the
cause of death. A nqipljej of other witnesses
were examined, but the ease ivjao|}ly fairly
ir begun when the Court adjourned! 'Mftwre.
Jordan and Hichardsori represent the State,
r" und A mutt and A. B. Caldwell the prisoner,
ic Tjik farce-comedy called "The Two Johns,"
introduced as the heroes;a po/jjils pf threehundred'pound
comedians?John Jfaptaiif}
Joliii Stewart?wlin. urith t.hf? assistance of 11
very fair cast, gave tjiu audience about an
hour of constant laughter. 4ltl;o|f(/li the
_ comedy niakeu no pretention to literary
:: merit, it is crowded with ludicrous and com
~ ical situations from iiret to last. and wUJ
Jj make tho dyspepsia medicines of all kinds
1 take a back seal us a cure for that disease. II
you want a^ood, square, hearty laugh, set
- the "two fat Johns." Mr. Joljij Mart; ?in old'
time favorite JCthiopian comedian.
by his rendition of this part that'lie is just aj
" good In white-face cotnt,ly.?Chicinmti En
onirer. At the Opera House tQ-iiom>w evenly
2 Ax Italian boy aged about fourteen years,
son of Arcangelo Mariani, the fruit venderal
I'ollock's corner, on Market street, while
stealing a ride on an express wagon on
Twenty-first street on Wednesduy last, and
becoming entangled about the wheels in hit
attempt to get oir while the wagon was in
d motion, received a broken right leg and othej
serious injuries, lie was conveyed to his
home on Market street, near the postotllee;
but the parents not comprehending the trui
character of tbair son's injuries, a surgeon
** was not called to examine the boy and re
duce the fracture until yesUiriliiy St noon
I. after K. lUrtholeiuey, an intelligent J .tuiigi:
friend of the family, had convinced tljeui o:
... the imperative necessity of surgical aid
whereupon J)r, J. C. Hupp was suuimouei
una administered to tl:e sujleriug lad.
r- ?
>( WliercnbotitN or WheciJu); People nut
Their Friend*.
General Gofl' will be in the city to-day.
" Major S. P. McCormick, of Grafton, is ii
tbe city.
S. S. Block and wife registered at tk(
- Stainm yesterday.
y Mrs. Robert Simpson and little daughter
Xora, left last evening for Aledo, 111.
ltay Patterson, of West Alexander, is visit
ing his aunt, Mrs. Rickey, on the Island.
Dr J. I). Moffat, President of Washington
and Jellerson College, was in tbe city yester
Mrs. Wrn. Byers, of Youngstown, Ohio, Is
visiting kersister, Mrs. Henry Hoop, on tht
? Island.
y Mr. Henry Digby, of Pittsburgh, was ir
the city yesterday in attendance at the wed
ding of his brother.
Rev. J. W. Webb, of Huntington, former^
,r of Wheeling, was in the city yesterday, or
n his way to conference at Clarksburg,
i Robert McLain, Esq., and family, returnee
yesterday from an extensive Western visit
and are at their old quarters, the Stamtu.
i) Mesdames George Mellor and fleor?<
,o JtaKde, of Pittsburgh, are visiting at the rest
dtincfl of Captain Henry Seamon, on Watei
u street.
i- Mr. Stark L. Baker, of Beverly, Rahdolpl
n county, and Mrs. U. S. Flemiug, o{ Fair
n mont. were in' the city yesterday shopping
J. and calling on friends.
? John Klari, of Moenkemoeller's drtip
store, has been obliged to lay ayidfl his duties
I for a few weeks on account ot hi? healih,
* He bus gone to Franklin, Pa., to recuperate.
lt- G. G. Christlelb and Miss Sal lie Plummet
s, yesterday went out to West Alexander ami
j called on Squire Mayes, who having proK
nouneed the necessary words gave some o|
.f his usual good advice and smiled his most
^ benign stuile; the happy couple returned tc
n the city last evening and were duly congrath
e The following paragraphs about Wheeling
d people are from the Bella!re Independent: Miss
i, i.im iiiuu^, ui ? uvciiiig, 19 vmuuiK menus
d in this city. Mr, Frank llhincbart, formerly
y of this city, now of Wheeling, is the father of
g a bouncing boy. Mrs. Ida; wife of John Tom*
?, ilson, of Wheeling, Is at her father's home in
I- this city quite side. (Jen. Dirndl, Internal
e Uovonue Collector in the Wheeling district,
d was in town to-day.
l* Hev. C. 1'. Masden on 8undny closes his
's connection with the Fourth Street M. K.
v Church, which for the past four years has
1 been as pleasant as any that ever existed in
the city. On Monday ho will leave for the
\ Clarksburg conference. Dr. Masden, it is
e understood, will go to Detroit, as was intiJ
mated in this paper some time since. Ills
1 departure is not only a severe loss to the
^ church but to the community.
To ljullo*
suffering from functional disarrangements or
any of the painful disorders or weakness" inl
cldeiit to their sex. Dr. Tierce's treastise,
t illustrated with wood-cuts anil colored plate?,
suggests sure means of complete self-cure.
I Sent for three letter i?ostagc stamps. Address
t World's Dispensary Medical Association,
DuM'rtlo, >\ Y, daw
A I)if of Excitement and Krrati In the Iron
Strike?A Frultleii Conference Betneea the
Opposing' Forcif, Followcd by a Mori
fruitful Stock fcoltfert* Mtttltf,
Yesterday was an eventful one In the Iron
strike. The occurrences of the previous day
were fully narrated In yeaterduy's paper,
and IJjo disappointment of all interested In
the situation when no conference viaa called
for by the manufacturers, referred lo. The
men who had been deterred from going to
Chicago the day before in hopes of a settleluent
in the meantime, determined to be
temporized with no longer, ami all expreuod
their determination to depart yesUrJay
spito of nay proposition from the manufacturers
or uppeurunce of prospective settlement.
Yesterday forenoon a meeting of the mill
owners was culled, in answer to which a very
full representation of the mills in the district
gathered at the Wverslde Iron Works olllce
on Main street about 10 o'clock, undalortg
and interesting fietsion was held, the results
of which, however, could only be conjectured,
us the manufacturers who participated in the
meeting were very reticent, refusing to indicate
anything at all iu iegurdto what
transpired there.
About noon a reporter Qf this paper palled
at the Stamm House, where Mr. Tunberluke
has hail his headquarters during the post two
days. The oflice and the pavement in front
prevented an animated hemic. About one
hundred iron-workers wero there,all discussing
the probable outcomo of the manufacturers'
meeting, that was then in progress at
the llivertldu oflice. Every once in a while
a delegation would go up the ulley to Main
bttect and u'R/.'-' at the windows of the oflice,
but no'neWn or consolation was to be obtained.
About 1 o'clock some una fried out:
"Well, boys, we'd better be getting to the
depot," and the crowd began to lnoye. At
th? U. $ fb dfipQt 11)9 tjcpne wus sifuply
IndefpriljabJe. 'f/je bto yoitlfiff tgotus
4ii([ the platforms wero "packed ^jth
nullers, feeders, boiler?, helpers, 'in
fact men from every department of a mill
and from all the mills iu this vicinity. In
addition ucre business men waiting to
set their customers leave; and CC!"" ^eui
from tho South Side wore lung fuce>: for iu I
this exodus of lmruy bawled toilers, they
jaw a wofui lack of trade }n store for them
the coming winter. Outride tlio depot there
was a big crowd; on a) 1 sides good-byes were
i being said, anxious inquiries were being
i made as to whether the manufacturer*' meeting
bad udjourned, and the doubtful ones
were being urged to pack up and follow on
to Chicago. Those in more prosperous circumstances
were wishing the departing boys all
manner of good luck, nud expressiug sorrow
Jthal t|jpy hgt) not gone on Wednesday.
Tiwrewasaliuw a}}<) f djn pf eg*
ciu ment everywhere, The train tyas to havp
left at 1:30 o'clock, but that time passed and
, the word ran around, '"It's held'till A o'clock!
Something's up, sure." Train Dispatcher
. Norrington was interviewed, and said that as
all had not arrived the train was to be held
three-quarters of an hour. In the meantime
the ctovd fcept on increasing, until fully six
hundred men were yrebtui.
, About two o'clock, Vice President Thorn p*
was seen hurrying along South street. His
, approach m as eagerly awaited, and as he en[
tpfpd thp niain waiting room, the crowd
pourpu in pe(l-mei| a/tef him, (fn mounted
4 bench and said: ''^E^Tf.KifKN, the
mjliltjfacturera hare'just sent wofd to
measking for n GOnfercnfceatr o'clock,which
. L have agreed to call. You all know what J
said vesterday?we expected a manufacturer/
meetipg last night, but there was
none. I advised you to stay yesterday uutil
to.day. '{"(j-dav I do not want you to he inj
IJuented atjjufyy vbgt f 0?y; Jf V0? Jjave
mi?de up your minds tp go-^iro. y/bat the
t result Of to-nijrhi-'s meeting \fill be ( do hot
; know. The manufacturer!!1 met at ]0 this
morning, and have been in tesUon tince
' then."
As Mr. Thompson stepped down the crowd
yeJJtd, "(jo," and with a hurrah, started for
the do'o,s, vhei) tjip yplce of Mr. Timberlake
was heard. Standing uu u tptijjk, he said:
vine train starts in ten minutes. You uon'i
know that the manufacturers will do an)'
qjore to-night than they did lait night, and
what f wajft npw is for those who lire going
i with me io Jjolff uu f.hpjf huj}<Is ?nd pledge
themselves to reniain t\yo'weejcs. you pan
' ijifit (ijfd cpme hack, if vou want to at the
end of that'time, pnd everything wi|l be
I square between uu. I'll guarantee yoij stepdy
i work for thirty days if you wunt to stav, but
f I want you to promise uie that if the Wheels
ing mills start up next week you will remain
in the West for two weeks."
i The hands went up rapidly, and then a
J movement \?as made toward the train, which
rapidly filled tip. #any present siiid the
scene reminded tbepi ot war times, yhpn
troops were leaving for the front. Two
| ppaciipa packed to overflowing held the uei,
parting ones," and Hip rpi'i'jjjiiidef of the train,
i even to the baggage c&r. vvas jjlle'd \yfth
i friends going as far as Ijeuwood to see thp
I boys ofj;
i At 2:30 o'clock Conductor Lan6, after scvi
cral starts had been made, follo\yfn| by as
many at?>p3 to Jet some one else off, gaye I
t tbo word and the trip \yas commenced. An
; I.vrKU.iOEMiEii repQrterftcpompahipd the train
. as far as Ben wood. iVom tho'ilepQt to tyater* I
i house's brick-yard in the lower part of the I
. city, there wiih one continual cheer from
, the train. As the train passed the ttiverI
jide and Belmont works, liearty yells were
gh'P.'}; an(}hijta. handkerchiefs and grip sacks
were wuyjjd fr.quj fjig wjndows. At the
Thirty-second Htrect ft'rnwlnr/. It Sr. II slmnn
pottery ami South Wheeling plats Wor({s, |
crowds were gathered that cheered as tlie
train whizzed by. All along the line women
wayed tfipir sun-bonnets arid the girls kissed
. their hand#. 6t>ypr$J y-'ere seen who were crying.
At the lfen woo,d iron Vj'pf'Vs ^yas
another crowd. At "Benwopd the two pars
wpro attached tp tlio regular train," ana those
t whoacmnjufnipil the boys, after .one morb
hand shake were whirled fcapj: Iq jgwn. Thus
, they left?how will they'return ?
Mr. Thompson's statement to' the tneu at
the depot waa n|l that vyjjs Ijnotyn during the
day of the results of the jjjeclin#, What l\w,
conference was called for could not even be
guessed, as some of the mill owners were be-1
trayed into the statement that the manufacturers
had not decided to sign the scale. Ac.
cordlngly the conference was looked forwa?d
to with u|jsorhtnp intere^ pd whenL about I
half-past seven evenjthe uonrefettyp
, committee of the Anialgqinatcd Association
and a large number of theolllcersof the mills
of the vicinity had assembled in the Riverside
1 ofllce, the street in front of the building \yas
crowded with workingtnpn, merchants and
others who were to }{uqw "^lietbef
there was a prospect of an early r^AurripUon
i of the mills and a conscnuent unproyetnent
of business It was impossible^ judge what
I progress the meeting was making tpW8*l? 4P
understanding, but nevertheless tbe'proffd
1 grew larger as the time passed.
After the meeting adjourned the proceed5
irigs.werc obtained from the secretary and
[ others who were present. The manufacturers
present were the following named
i From the JKtna Mill?\Y. W. HolToway
and Lewis Jones.
; Holl?jrp Mill?J. D. McCortney and James
; Belmont Mill?A. W. Ifellj' qm} J. )).
i DuBois.
, ^ Benwood Mill?A. \Y.t Campbell and A.
Jeffersoi) "N^ill~\V. If, Wfllltjce qnd Spauldi
ing Wttlluce.
haBelle Mill?Harry Harden.
I Laughlin Mill?Alex. Latighlin and W. L.
! Glcsstier.
j Riverside Mill?W. X. Hearnc and F. J.
' Top Mill?C. D. Hubbard and C. H. Hubbard.
* .
' The Association's Coininittce of Conference
1 was composed of the following representatives
1 of the different depurtmanta of the mills:
Vice President Thompson.
Boilers?John Scarlott,' Michael Grogan
' and John Powell.
Nailers?Newt Lynch, A. B. Daane and
Chas. Itultjecll.
Nail Plate Rollers-^Wm. B. Lewis, Win.
Hastings and Alex. Rodgers.
i Nail Plate Heaters?Ambrose Holden and
Thos. Potts.
i The Conference was called to order by the
selection of Mr. C. D. Hubbard as Chairman,
and W. N. Lynch as Secretary,
Mr. Joseph I)uBois made a succinct statement
of the points of difference between the
manufacturers and workingnien, and read
the following resolution adopted by the
manufacturers at their meeting earlier in the
L'csolval, That we are willing to start our
mills on the same wages and conditions that
were in forco when the mills stopped on the
first of June last, provided the workinpmen
agree that on and after tho tint day of June
next the some rate of wagC3 shall be paid in
this district ns are paid in the Pittsburgh district
and no more.
Some discussion took place, nil in the best
humor, and shortly the manufacturers
withdrew for consultation. The workingraeu
also took advantage of the pauie to ex?
change views, and, upon again convening
the latter proposed that ther return to work
nt the old icale, but with ths new arrange*
nient for repairs on nail machines.
This was rejected by the manufacturers, and
the worklnkmen then withdrew the demand
that the mill owners should pay for repairs
on machines. The manufacturers again
withdrew for consultation, and upon returning,
declined to sign the scale with these
concessions. Mr. Thompson then said that
all th<? concessions would be withdrawn, and
tho Association would hold out for the live
ftoltitaof di Here nee between them. These
Ive points, It may not be remembered by ull,
are us follows:
Twenty-live ccnla per ton for boiling In ad'
vance of the price paid at Pittsburgh.
Thirteen cents per ton advance for nail
plate rollinj;.
Five cents advance for nail plate henting.
A modi lied scale of the weights and lengths
of nails.
The mills to pay for repairs to nail
Tho conference thon on motion adjourned.
A short time uftcr the adjournment, Mr.
Alex. Laughlln met Mr. Thompson at the
McLure House, and informed him that the
mocKiioiaeraol (lift bauKiiitn mill nail Jjau a
meeting, tuul iiud resolved to siRn Inst year's
bcnlij ami resume work on Monday. The
news wns at once circulated, and a no 11 era I
feelingof rejoicing followed the depression
caused by the adjournment of the oonference
without any agreement.
The manufacturers, men, and public at
hrge, were unanimous in the opinion that
this was the beginning of the end. One mill
having signed, of coiirw all will have to
sign, and probably hefore to-morrow night
tho preliminary stens will have been taken
toward startlug all tne mills in this vicinity.
t'ftwerea consummation devoutly to be
wished." _ _
Celebration of n Time Honored Festival
by I tic llt-brewi*.
Wednesday evening at sundown began the
Feast of tho Tabernacles?"Chagllasuccoth"
?a festival generally observed here by the
Hp^rpwSj botl} thp Qrthfldox and Reformed,
Tho Feaht commenced on the evening of
Wednesday, oj-in the Jewish cou?t tho Jf?tb
of I'jahrl, 4111J fill tout eljjljt dqyi. Tho Buccoth
1? q series of festivals embracing two
whole and strictly observed holidays, followed
by four half-uolldays. These are called
Choi Hamoid. On these days the Hebrews
are forbidden to do certain servile work.
Next to them come "lluusclrannoh Jtabbo,"
"Cheminl Azereth" and then "Simchas
'fhp ifapt Suptfltb la cpUfr^ted in honor
and conunpinoratlpn pf tl}c e^odqg qf tt>e
Israelites'from kgypt, thpi'r ftoliyeranpe from
boml?ge and their safe and happy arrival In f
Canaan. During this feast, moreover, thanks 1
urn l'Ivpji fnr llin riicppbs of thfl rrnns. !
lu regard to the origin und observance of |
the same, it enn be learned from Leviticus,
Chapter xxiii, verses 34 to 37.
According to the HeDj^w dute the fpjjst pp:
curjj in tliisfjiofitli aftfif t(ip Mtiiefliig in of
tlie fruit. 0}l jiijil" wine' epos Tradition
has it that on the l-east of SqccQttuherp
was a oustom of wpter dipping from the
well SchiloHoh, the water being poured Into
golden veisels and mixed with winp, and
the whole poured out on the west aide of
the altar, while music was being played.
While the Petsacb, a feast that occurs after
Suepoth, bn<) in jU} seven days two hplldava,
1 SIlccoU!'hasbUti>pe, day.' A|Iplher
day, the eighth, however,' is to be coiitidered
as a distinct holiday notstrictly belonging to
| it. This series of teitivals closes the cycle
nf feasts for the vear.
otyjefying'7 Uje tfycqqth, fftnts $nd
braucbes o'f'coftairt trees as signp of joy are
talteh, bping the fruit' qf J^fee'Kg IJaOijr, or
tho fruit of the, tvee }fadar. This is a fruit
that rriuiiuB on the tree from year to year
and is given the name of &fru#f or ItbpaeJ,
Hijmifyimr "beautiful or nice."
I^ter oh, however, the I'ura'dise apple was
used instead- There are added palm branches,
the fnyrtje bfapj5|i fpjjn tlje myrtlp tfep,
which grows in' Asla'Jo a Jipijjhtii bf twenty
feef. and wiljows of the brook called Arba
Saahul. Tltebe are all bouud together, the
palm in the centre. This is tield in one hund
and the fruit in the other. These during the
morning services at the orthodox house of
worship are waved to and fro, after which
prayers are said and benediction given. In
fhe old country nearly every man had one of
them in his ha|id,' b'pt'herCj as 7f (9 }oo expensive
to impo'rt'thein from A?ja, only a! few,
sometimes but one, are boughf, by the congregation
and used. . *"
Yesterday ^hpfp'^pj-e seryiccg at the Synagogue.
apaeyerjr day of the ttiefe >yill
evening} During the morn jo g the above
symbols will be usod, sermons preached, fine
music rendered and benediction given as is
general on every Sabbatli. The afternoon
and evening exercises wilL not be so extenj
"Jtmicli 10."
Thij drjjma of Amcficau barker life was
again presented at the 'Opera House last
| night to a good house, many who saw it the
l|j:st night returning to enjoy its many at1
traptiyp feature's u?ja|n. jt ij wonderful
plaj*, uniting an Intricate and interesting
plot, unusually thrilling spectacular, effects
j and life-like and enjoyable incidents, the
whole presented by actors fully equal to
?upir rpfee." tyiw Vadprs' piip{)dH)flcfy) ppptralto
voipe, ntijl tbp appropriate song sue
sings, were again greeted with'the heartiest
applause, gn(f {hp humor with whj^jj {hp
play abound* caused, i) powlb|e, even morp
uproarious laugblor than on tho previoua
evening. Mr. Meredith himself Is a
tine actor, and his effective portrayal of the
two brothers is ably seconded by Mr. Hunter
as the versatile doctor, Mr. Smith as the
judge. $ff. Cjiftaq 53 "fted Bullet," Miss
Douglass a? lithe boea ol the $ancb(" Miss
Vaders as '!lhe Massachusetts'.jldee tree,"'
Miss Do Gray as the frish domestic, and31iss
Acosta as the poor Indian girl. Tho beauty
of a)l these characters is their likeness to life.
Tliey hayp tju? nij* of' beinc photographed on
the Bpqf. ajirt no doijRt nipfch onjip success
of the play Vowing tp llip fqct that the
author had had considerable experience of
MlS typical westefn scenes which bp portray
IMensniit Wetltflug on the IhIhiiU.
Mr. George T. Digby and Miss Nannie M.
Cecil, of the Island, were yesterday united as
man and wife by Rev. Pearson, 01 St. Luke's
Episcopal Church, at the residence of the
bride's mother on South Broadway. The
wedding was very quieL oqjy q half UGjien of
the Immediate /ripiJdsof tbo brideond groom
besides tho relatives being present' The pros
ents were numerous, notable among them
I being a China dinner set from the "Blue
Goose Fishing Club," which consisted of one
hundred and lour piece:*, and bad the initials
of the cl||b iu'o'riiftmenta} letters OP thp jid
' of tiictidfw tureen, anfi tj(e -groom's present
of a pairofbandsorpc bracelets, Tlip biide was
I dressed in a bronze silk and the groom in
I the usunl'blacjj. Thp attendants Mis?
$lla D. ttachfap and \\r. .jus l\. Oep||. bfothqr
of thp bride. The happy couple left on the
4:17 train for St. Jiouls. Miss Cochran and
Mr. Cecil accompanied tiiem as far as Steubenville.
Foil assistance to sight already impaired,
there is noartilicial aiu equal to the Celluloid
For sale by all leading Jewelers and Opticians.
Dok'y fall to cftll fqf ounpef atfhotnsou
^f. E. Churph social, 89 yirglnja street,
Island, tornight.
; -**??
John Irwin,Cftrabtldge. WACurotbers,Pgli.
W lIGllcross.l'itUburiU. J II Thomas. Alliance.
J113 M Bradford, Itanch 10. J K Windsor Nc?ch ttyt.
Myor IlorkUtlmer, city. J II fvlvculor. Denver.
J A tyolfwood, Mound y, J T Ooujiliuat. routers.
Jiis L 1 (wly, lUilllinorc. fcdyaw Lowell,\.*
H1) lialrd, t\ty. J v* cluuey. Ualiiinoro.
J. O Schrleypr.tllcvelnuil. J p Freby. New York.
Sum M I'og^enliurg.Oblo. J M il Ounell, Ohio.
MUs li I'ogKctiburKiOhlo. V ihnutiuo, Columbus.
L A Auktoue, Prideus V. K L IUchardson, Ml Ver. |
K M Ulchmond. Zaucsville. I
Bad complexions restored with Glenn's
Sulphur Soap.
lull's Hair Dye, black or brown, fifty cents >
Pike's Toothache Drops care in one ruinute
A Vnllnrt Minn of ofnn.lt> l,?KN. !- --.J
j -'-o ? - - '"j """ ??? ?uul+ i
circumstances, desires to correspond with |
6on?e respectable widow lady. State bow
situated, ite. Address David .Hilson* 1U1
Ohio street, Allegheny, Fa.
Redaction In I'ianoi.
Present stock of pianos, Steinway, Knabe
Chlckering, Hailet Jt Davis, Emerson, Hardman,
Guild, 4c., at the very lowest prices,
and great reduction for oost. Call early ana
sccure great bargains.
Lucas' Mcbio Stork,
1142 Main street.
Take "BLACK-DRAUGHT" ami you
will never be bilioua.
For sale by lx)guu <fc Co.
Yioon, strength and health all found in
one bottle of Brown's Iron Bitters. daw
Hoss J. Alexander and Bobert Eaton Vftrt
In town yesterday,
Dr. Stowell yesterday moved hlsliousehold
goods into bis borne.
A child of NVm, Frederick died on Gravel
Hill of dlptberla yesterday.
Mrs. Jos. H. Darrah Is at 8t. Clairsvllie, attending
tbe funeral of her uncle, Mr. Isaac
Dr. McClellun has commenced house.keep*
ing in llelluirc. Ilia borne la in the same
building hs his olllce on Uelmontntreet.
A man rowing In a working bont was upsel
by the waves of the Lucaa near' Ucnson'i
1- erry yesterday, lie was taken out safely.
Conductor Stephen llaydenj of tho Narrow
Gauge, who was laid up with malarial fevei
: upon taking Mr. Ilurkhtad'a place, la better
I Has any one figured out the effect of the
present exodus of mill men upon',the fall
elections V It will not atrect Dellairo so inudi
as other places near us unlets a' great muny
more leuveustlian have yet gone. r ? ?u?
Two coaches filled with tho iron workeri
leaving Wheeling for Chicago,' passed
through here ou the afternoon fait train.
George SqulgRens joined them here, but
Charles lhdtxuli did not go. Home nail feeders
who Intended to go .missed that train.
11. W. Nelson's navement from Union street
to the alley Is being put in good shape for
wet weather, and on the opposite side of
Union street, J. W. Hollars aud the lieljaire
Window Glass Company are putting down
pavements of sawed stone. \ ,
The workmen excavating for the pew
waterworks well have unearthed some old
locust stumps perfectly preserved In the mud
of the river uunk, and at a good distance be<
low1 the present river, When Del laird was
nothing but a hill of castor beans there was
a group of locust trees along that bank.
It la bpclnnlno tn hn inllriwl nv??? ?K?i? U
would be a good tiling to have a light wagon
to attend to all the .trains and boats bringing
[malls here. The postoflico department
now pays for some of tlic delivery^ and the
railroad companies buvo to pay part, but a
united arrangementis possible. A man cannot
ulways carry the pouches on bis back, even,
at two trips, and a wagon could bo kept
Those who were' members of the old Belial
re IJght (Jnurds remember that when unlI
forms wero bought part of the money w&s
| borrowed. Two of the members became responsible
for this money, tUty dollar* of
which is yet unpaid, and they will now be
sued for this amount unlets the money be
I paid. It is proposed to ralso Ihotooneyby
an entertainment October (>, the tickets fur
which will also entitle the holder to one
' Cll8!)c0 In ft tfoM wateli on cgliilili|qn j\t X.
L. ijarshfs. 'Jiu$ 'muiuoeja flhoulQ certainly
all lUpy cap.
Quite a number of our Ohio neighbors were
in town Wednesday night, who came over to
hear General Golf. They went home well
pleased, indeed. :
There is a prospect ii] y\ey \\0\i o( a lot ol
tp\j tpnap^ bosses bpmg built. This is a thing
we very iut\ch need, and anyqng vy*i\o dpes So
will |jnd it a pofld paying inVpi^pphJ,
JHvenuort, the facial artist,.will be in town
and give one of his inimitable performances
to-night. Alf Burdett is also billed for Fri.Inv
mwl ...?I. 1 ' -
?11V ?..? goimuej ui|ji||. MCVIV. If IUUK3 Ufl
thought we would be surfeited in this particular
Goupral Goff s jiero Wednesday night
audv nlullc one pf "the'brat ami ruost forcible
argume'nls tiiibri the tarill" question ever presented
to our people. He portrayed the
efleets of the tariff laws ami hp\f tl^y/ bore
directly tinoi) o\\r veoplfc?euhaucjng their
i'riUjvltfuw interests1. His speech' Whs well
received by qt\r (ol^a and.tliW eotpriftin n
very warm' (<pli?g for him, The meeting at
FalWiew was a success in every sense of the
word, and taking it all in all a good day's
work was done.
Tlic lU-uuIt ?r l?crwov*rmice.
Yesterday morning {\ jppreepntatiYe of the
happened to be present at'the
ofl|ce of the J.ouisii\na State Lottery Company
when Mr. D, P. Blair, of Columbus, Miss., received
a check for$l.\0o0, as the lucky holder
of one fifth of the capital prize of $75,000 at
the last (September) drawing. He presented
the ticket Xo. 4.2,101.
"Did you not feel elaled," asked the reporter,
"when you found you had been
/uvorefl In* fortune 9'1
"No,1' said^Tr." 11.air, u.not at all. I had
an idea I would win, I had been taking
tickets?well, novy it must be for nearly two
years, and 1 was billing .my time, for J felt
my t\|rn would come soon. J heard through
the hosfniaoter of the town of Columbus that
the lucky number had bean cold, tbere, and
somehow I felt that 1 had it, I never hurried
the Lottery Company up,, but waited,
taking my tickets regularly every month, and
now I've hit them;"
"What do you intend doing with the
money V said the reporter.
"Well, the night J believed | had vyon, I
sat duwh and Rentally disbursed or distributed'
it \ have children, q'nd I propose
to inyest a portion of the money for.them
while 1 am In the cHyj !'^n# * ma(ie on
that nlgh^ Intend Currying out. 1 felt on
that occasion by Intuition, it almosi
ecm, that 1 bad won. Thejeeling, of course,
is impossible to describe.''* .
Mr. Blair is a centlemim of about 48, ol
piping adflrw", mid mil. of bumor^and
spirit.?.ypiti Orfemu Times-Dcinocrut, Septchilar
MUl iinntucr*
Yesterday Mr. K. 1*, Johnson, of this city,
who won one-lifth of the capital priza of $75,000
in the last monthly drawing of the Louisiana
State Lottery,- received his money,
$15,000,through T.W. House'sbank. Mr. Johnson
has not yet made any Investment of bis
money and is still working nt his tradft-=that
of jeweller?in ihoesttabiibbment of Sweeney
itUooiqbs. He has, however, ordered six
more tickets in the next monthly drawing,
and will probably continue to make like investments
the -balance of his life. Arr. Johnson
lias beed purchasing tickets in, the
Loulkfnnn Hln?- f .?t??. ?, ( ? '
. J .*/ OVHIU lime ]IU3V,
but was always a very cautious buyer., lie
truly struck a bonun?i in the last drawing,
and the winning CfUUQ in very apropos, as he
had married only about three months before
the last drawing.?J/oiuton, Tex., Pod, SfpUinher
21. . , , daw
Thomson M. k. Church will hold a social
to-night at 119 "Virginia street, latum). Supper
will be served at o'clock fowe and
see us, , ^
"WINE OF CABDU1" four limes a day
makes a happy household.
For Sale by Logan & Co.
General Xatf* About "What it Tali (up
I'liiccou (lie ).?>vc.c.
The JI. M. Townscnd missed un whh ? tow
The J. 8. Neal is tied up near the Water
The monitorand Belle Prince arrived from
rintvii tl?? rlvor witli M?? nml ""> ?> ?>
... nwm .W.UUIIK
above the Suspension bridge.
The trim little Chancellor will pass down
this morning, cn route'for Charleston and the
Kanawha river. A 1,ne boat ^ ia (o'travel on.
The river fail a few inches1 W^nesday
night but reni^lneil 6tytiqinm' all day yesterday,
U<e marks indicating^ depth of 0 feet 2
inches In t]ie channel.
The C. Y. Lucas will leave the what! at J
o'clock this evening (or lienwood, to nccomj^odato
thpfee who wish to hear GotF speak.
It will return at the cloBe'of his address.
The Sidney will once more make her appearance
to-uay, after a'two weeks' absence,
caused by running on Crape Jsland in the
fog, when the river was low. This boat, commanded
by the Messrs. .'fjial, Is a ilne Btern
wheel craft, and is deservedly popular. She
leaves to-morrow afternoon for Cincinnati.
Attention of'shlppere is called to the' advertisement.
Cairo, September 23'.?River 11 feet 3
inches and falling. Light raiii.
Pittsburgh, September 28.?Rivor C feet 0
inches and rising. Clear and cool:
Evansville, September 28.?Itiver falling
slowly; 7 feet" inches. Weather cloudy.
vicksiiuru, September 28?River rose 1
inch. Arrived?Niama, Louisville. Weather
clear aud cool.
Cincinnati, September 28.?Itiver 12 feet
and rising.- Weather fair and pleasant. DeI
parted?Katie Stockdale, Pittsburgh.
Ixiuisvti.lk,Septejiiber 2?.?Itiver stationary
I with U feet 1 inchef; incunal ^ feet 4 inches
on the falls. Business fair. Weather warm
and threatening.
Mkmniib, September 28.?River fallen 0
inches. Arrived?City Troyidence, Vicksburg.
Departed?City Alton, New Orleans;
Steamer Genevieve, St, Louis. Weather clear.
St. Louis, September 28.?Arrived?Gem
City, Keokuk; Silverwave,r>*ew Orleana;
Polar Star and tow, Tennessee river. Departed?Grand
Lake and barges, Vicksburg.
The River has fallen 2 inches; 7 feett) Inches
by gauge. Weather clear and cool.
additional telegraph. I
N < r?f t Cn r Co lid aito t* HI rJik r.
Ciiicaoo, September *8.?The conductors I
and drivers employed by tho North Division
Street Hallway Company struck this
morning at 10 o'clock and ail the cars on
this division of* the city stopped. Tho
trouble was not one of. wages, but a short
time ago tho company employed a new
, Superintendent who, ah thu men claim, Increased
their hours of labor unreasonably.
They met and resolved tlmt the new Super'
Intendent bo discharged and tho former
hours restored or they would quit work.
; Tho company was given till morning to do.
(ildo,. Alter tho ears had huon standing
Idle iu the barn six hours President Tur'
ner Bout tho strikers a note Raying their
; demand had been compiled with, tho ob,
noxious Superintendent discharged and tho
old hours restored. Tho men at once returned
to work and had a full force of cars
, out in time to carry tho people homo to
I supper.
J1m?o ll/ill Yr?frrili?j\
| At Cincinnati?Cincinnati, 1; Louisville,
0; the last championship game here. Tho
Cincinuutls played without an error.
At Cleveland?Detroit, 4j Cleveland, 2.
, At Now York?Boston, 0; Metropolitan,
At .Baltimore?Athletic (Philadelphia),
5; Baltimore, 3.
At Philadelphia?Philadelphia .'I; Provl-1
donco (],
/? At Chicago?Chicago, 11; Buffalo. 5. Today's
victory gives tho Chicago club the
lioague championship for 1SS2. Its games!
won number 51, with ono more to play.
Providence has won filtAnd bus two more'
to play, so that wiuniugTwth it still will bo
one behind Chicago.
It is understood lhftl. Prnvhlonw'nrrmnana
(o protest n^aiiiHt the name won by Chicaco
from Buffalo in Butfalo ns illegal, beinR
played within Detroit?Buffalo schedule
NtlCCCHhilll t'llllclN.
An.yajw.m, Mi>., September 28.?TUo
.candidates who passed examination for
admission to the Naval Academy were:
W. 0.11. Ballard and 1\ W. Jenkins, of
Pennsylvania; A\\ II. Caldwell, of TennisHee;
11. H' Cossel and W. 11. Faust, of
Ohio; \\f. L Dodd and Miles (i. O'Neill, |
of Indiana*, IVT). Tisdalo and Jtis U. Tog-1
I'Ich, of Kentucky; Ben. J. Trafall, of
WcBt Virginia; F. i). "Webster,Missouri. 1
The Third Victim.
; Xkw Yoiik, September 28.?Miss Klixa*1
belli A. Croralin died thin moruinj: at thol
Grand Uujoiv Motel. 8Ue is the third of
Itho victims of the fatal collision in the tun-.
nelof the Marlem railroad who last their I
lives. number of the friends of(
v??w HviivuKu ifuiu mi. vunion, una nor!
fonder pupils from .Grammar School No.)
25, visited the hotel to-day.
[ A Chock on Kcnl(|tuir,
1 Chicago, September 28.?General passealer
agents on Eastern trunk lines at a|
meeting to-day decided to issue continuous
trip tlckctsfrohi differential points west to
dilverentiwi .points east similar to those
now tn \\se from east to west, These. tickets
allow no stop over and are intended to
put a oUcgk on scalping.
Klust linve Looked Tonuh.
Cincinnati, .September 2S.?The police
made two arrests of men suspected o(
being guilty of flip diamond robbery, at
the Kxpoait|ou to-day, but in both cases
found the men were innocent. One was
II. Mi Hubbard, teller of a bank in Colum1
Bus, Ohio, and another was Mr. Lowstetter,
an estimable citi/en of Aurora, Ind. No
clue yet to the thief.
Slce|tiiiKT Cur Contract.
Chicago, September 28.?The Chioagox
Milwaukee it St. 1'anl Qomp(\ny have contracted
with t|ie \'uJ1 man Company to take
control of the sleeping car system over its
4,000 miles of road. This makes a combination
system of Pullman aleepora from
, New York to Portland, Oregon. The cou;
tri\ct goes into effect October 1st.
Ko Near and Yet So Far.
San Fhancisco, Cal., September 28.?A |
Salem dispatch says Mitchell received today
on joint ballot 42; Prime flt*, the jeat
scattering. M itchpli lacks only Jour votes;
of ( li'f.tjfm. 'Vhe situation is unchanged. |
' "" qUTjWRAi V "*|
I will now state that I made a miraculous cure of
one of the worst canes of skin disease known. l'hei
patient is a man forty yearn old; lmd hu tiered llf.
tcetiyeun'. Iliieycs, seali), and nearly Ids whole
bo?ly presented a frightful appearance. Had had
'the attention of twelve different < physicians, who!
prescribed the best remedies known to the profession,
such us iodide itotasMuin. arsenic, corrosivej
1 sublimate, sarsnparllia, etc. itnd paid 8500 fori
medical treatment, with but little relief. 1 pre
vailed upon him to use the Cuticum Resolvent internally,
and the Cuticuraaud Cuiieum Soap ex.
tcrnally. lie did so, and was completely cured. I
The sklu on his head, face, and many other part* |
1 of hla body, which prcx-uted a mo?t loathsome ap
penranee, Is now as soft aud smooth us an Infanva
with no scur or, trace of the dlfease left behind.
Ho has now beou cured twelve months.
Reported by r
F, U. BUOWN. Esq., Barnwell. g. C. I
' 'Bev.Dr. ??, In detailing hi? experience with)
the Culicura Remedies, add that thiough Divine
Providence one of ids parishioners was eure.1 of a I
scrofulous sore, which was Blowly draining away
his life, by the Cutlcura Ite*olvent Internally, and
' Cutleuraand CutleuraSoup externally. The polww |
that had fed the disease was completely driven out.
Sixteen, inwiths ?luc?nn oruptlon broke out ,on I
ani,\ vMcl1 ,^nied out to be ,
I tried various remedies with no roo<1 results, until i
1 I used the Cutlcum Resolvent Internally and Cuti- 1
curu and Cutlcum Soap externally, which entirely I
cured me so that my snin Ls tu> smooth and natural
as ever. . ,
. LEX. M.' VRATLEY.G1 South St.. tttithnore. 1
The puVUmm tx?alment, for the cure of Sklu I
Scalp and Blood Diseases, consists In tliu Interna
useol Cutlcura Refolvent, the new Blood Purifier |
and the .external uso of Cutlcura and Cutlcura
Soap, Uiq. Great Skin Cure#. I'riio of Cthj<:u?u,|
Kmnil boxes, 60c.'; lurfo Ujxcu, II.W). Ctrncuiu |
Rimoi.vest, V v*>r bottle. Cuticuka Soaj1, 'iOe.} 1
CUTiyuju shaving Soap, 15c.
Depot, WEEKS 4 POTTER, Boston, Mass. <
- MVJ-ySAVr 1
^oo.ooTTkwahd! "i
Will be paid for tiie detection and conviction!
of any person selling or dealing in any'bo-l
gus, counterfeit or ituitutlon Hot* Bitters,!
especially Hitters or preparations with the |
word Hop or lion in liiefr name or connected I
therewith, that is intended to mislead and
cheat the public, or for any preparation put
In any form, pretending to be the same as
Hop Bitters. The genuine have cluster of
Green Hops (notice this) printed on the white
label, and are the purest and best medicine
on earth, especially for Kidney, Liver aud
Nervous Diseases. Beware of all others, and
of all pretended formulas or recipes of Hor
BtTTEns published in papers or for sale, as
they-are frauds and swindlers. Whoever
deals in any but the genuine will be prosecuted.
Hop UnricRH Jfrn. Co.
scl2-rrheAW Bochester,* Is*. Y.
Thow fwn|iri* 8tcd PcjHj 3 jjnj|j ^
p ? KII
l'or halo every wUcrc. "
Ivison. Blakcman,Taylor&Co.,N.Y.
Opens 8cpteuil>erm, MJ. Ono of tho First
School* for Young Udlc* in the United
Surroundings beautiful. Cllm?tounsun>?2od
pUifroac tehtccn suu*. Tenia among the bSt
K'fiifeJwriK ,8tT",mbc"0ja?t',
bakino powder.
Tlili I'owder never varies. A marYet of purity,
MrciiKth uti I wlmliwotnenew. More.economical
llian iho ordinary klmli, ind cannot U* told In
com|?ct|tlon with the multitude of low tc*t, abort
weuht, alum or i)hon|ilitttc powder*. Boi.n only
H'W-DAW lurt WhU Street. WewYork.
That Brown's Iron Bitters
will cure the worst case
of dyspepsia.
"Will insurea hearty appetite
anil increased digestion.
Cures general debility, and
gives a new lease of life.
Dispels nervous depression
and low spirits, '
Restores an exhausted nursingmotherto
full strength
and gives abundant sustenance
for her child.
Strengthens the muscles and
nerves,enriches the blood.
Overcomes weakness, wakefulness,
and lack ofcncrgy
Keeps off all chills, fevers,
and other malarial poison.
Will infuse with new life
the weakest invalid.
37 Walker St., Baltimore, Dec. t88?.
For six years 1 havc.been a great
fr..m III...... 1 \...
l>ep*ia,andCot?stipation.and became
so debilitated that 1 could not retain
anything on my stomach, in fact,
life had almo-?t become a burden.
Finally, when hope hadalmostjef;
me, my liuibaud seeing 11ku\vnv?
Inns IIittkks advert\ve*l ?he
naper, induced n\c \Rgiye it a trial.
1 arn now Mile
(WW h?\c not felt *o well In Ux
y$a*s as I do at ?hc present time.
Mrs, L. F. GiurriK.
Brown's Iron Bitters '
will have a better tonic
efTect upon any one wlio
needs "bracingup," tlinu
any mcdicine made.
IPTM Mill'
advertise ADYEIiTISE
z* nri
advertise makic money i
advertise DEALEKS
j advertise th1
advertise ADVANTAGES
? I nto*
advertise NEWSPAPER,
advertise ,t
advertise igrBo uot order Printing
?' of nnjr elmrncter until prices
advertise |1(1(,n 0i,talncil at the
advertise OFFICE. '
rthe .
New York Dental Company's OIIIcc,
During the pant yenrThonwindH ol Teeth have been
extracted at 25 centt eacti.
? |||||||p $8.00,
Gwi given for Palnlew Rxtrnctlou ol TceUi, SO ct*.
No. 1143 Market atreet. Wheeling W. Va.
All operation* warrant**!.
Nos. 25 tu)4 V Fourteenth Btrwt,
Mosey to" loan onTKt&B
TATK Kcurltr, la lums (rota |aoo u utT Bl
ApplJ to G. L CKANMKK, Altorusy fl|
Orncn ok Covmy CoxMtuiomTr* fl
? or nur-otNTY orouio I fl
WmttDiY, ?cpumb?tLliti( fl
At * ipedal meeting of the Boitd ot Coaifci H
itoumol the county o( Ohio, held thu <Ut? ia MB
the c?? of the rrc.idcnt, a quorum UlntyttMM fl
on petttlmol twenty volet*, mldeuu ulttuSr.
pbla Dlitrlrt, lu Ohio county, * ** fl
U WKAonlotod,thntthepUccot hohlln?*Wctlotii fl
tccclvtni vote" and counting th? wmt In hwS B
No, i, lit TriftdelpUla DUltlct,Uj chatiM* nutldS fl
continued Irom the lum*? ot NNwltj RoUunm .2 B
that Uwtlonilu'rvaljmhoU UihelQ, xotri nriu2 fl
and counted, M ? houw ofJauiu Kullnmn 2 fl
Middle WtowsHwK Crvtk, In Mid l'tvclnet So, iZfl
Triadelphli Dbtrlel, county ol Ohio, suttol Wm B
VlrKtnl*. B
A truo copy, i
Two: ItOIt'T It, WOODj B
U'H ViW Jlcit fl
yOU ItKST. " I
The fine large New lln&hicsa Uootu,NvU?i fl
Main street. Also In suite building up,tll. B
two Hallssixty Jcot deep. fl
All will be tinIsheri nnd ready tor oct* fl
nnncv nbout llrat of Bentember. fl
That portion of mv Farm In Belmont town
! Ohio, alwul ono mile below llell* Ire, liutoKJiii.
I on the Ohio river,?Met) ha* been in theocvutn!! B
of the into Francis I'nuiRle, and u**l lor k^mVuIm
; iviul furcnliiK purposes, on which there U a H
ot the Choicest Fruit. Uood Dwelling llnutGcni I
Ham unit Stable, Spring llou>e ami oihtr utttoS
butldltiK*. , ,
This Uoiio ot the west desirable plwt, ia jy
innut county.
Persons wUhliiK to connect with H a Dairj im,
i*n bo accommodated y> lttj mltti-lent land luluul H
, (or that purpose.
?f.ll 1'. I'liAXfil.K 1
V Y t'oal Company's Mines, two mllw out en a I
T.V.JcW, lUllnmd, Thirty uood, nieaily miuttt
Steady work RUiiranUod, 1'rlee* ol MIiuuk. Oa*
ber 1st, i5ccuu per ton,
Wit J.h. ^ ATKK3.KapL
Wasted?tuuee uwes and 1
two Ktuilemen of plesslim atldrets to U?t?1 I
in a 1'Rht. houoroblo and profitable builo??. t*Qj I
home adilrcM (street ami number) to TYLKR 4 I
CO., M UtlsWolO street, Detroit, Mleli.. while tw*
1 re?enlfttl\o wl l call and explain biuliui*. K#kr?
1 encmo-mlrcd. tta* I
v cepful crtnvii>?er. to set a* Mau?i e r for our I
publication* In this State. Must Imj wflllug u> tra
out nial find the uncut*. ami tra'n tin a lor I
llnUlx mouths. Salary and eumiuMun altiious
uioinli's Ulul. (<sccuilly. Kefervtuti Olio
age. t'xwiilenca In fun
wHriMilway n'V
yyASTKU. ^
Theaildrcfsof JAMK8 HALI.OWAY, who vM f?
the employ ol UioundcnlRiied ut Wayunbuw w
till May, 1SS0. and prevlouily lu the vu,nbr J
Hon. II. s. White ut Helton, W. V*.
Ad ilrew. A. M.-F. 1UI.LI.XCSIEA
MSff.Mwi r 118 W. Chrv 91 , Hk-hcionj! V?
for sale.
X' will of Mvell equipped Job hliniag OASa in
this city, or would bc.l material in lot* toiuiTV
further particulars eui|ulu> at this office,or of-nT
l^niK at Sunday Leudfrolllre. jjj
JiOlt SALE. " "
IS 9haKS LaUello Null Mill.
8 Shares Helmoiil Glass Stock.
'JO Shaies Kite <k Marine Imunnco Stort
l!0 Slwea Fronklln lnsurr.tcegu*k.
BCtC Ofllco, No. L'lT* tilth StrttL
Eleven acre8 on the hill above town.
II. FORBES, Wheeling.
No. 7, U. S. Custom House. Telephow M
aprll _
Farm of 191 ncres, 41$ tnllcf from Jfontilitim,
Marshall county, \V. \h? lift urns uudcr tultlnHon,
mo'.tly lugrsM, two hewed lofihiu?t?,oahii4
and a variety of small fruit tiwx, llmcMotie *41,
and well watered with never frtiilngiprlnei.
Inquire of JOHN L. til IKON. on the iiiinilsft,
or to W. V. IIOGH i BRO.,
flttflj i:a? Market Sttt-tL
Gas and Steam Fitteis,
WhfPllnr. W. T*.
Steam Heating ami Ventilation,
Red Jacket Force rump,
Underwriter)) (in Jlwhlui,
?**Orileni from the country promptly 8ll?i
Gas and Stfiam Fitters.
"WW *M?? Mtvuui JL ?. mj
1418 Market Street.
Uealliig ami Ycnlllatlng of pobile buildings,
dvrcllluirs nuil farlorW a
No. 33 Twelfth Slreet
All work ilonc prom|>tly itt mwnmble i>rl<v?. Ji7
Gras unci Steam Fitter,
141(1 MAIN 8TKEET.
Allonlc'innroiiimlrmtcn'ifilto. J?< _
Popular Monthly Drawing of the j
In the City of LouUvllle, on
Saturday, September 1SSIV
TheseDrawing*occur month)} /Bnndipexc*^
ed) under the provisions of an Act ol the (Ku?w>
AfiHumblyof Kentucky. ? . M .
The United Suites Circuit Court on Mitch M>
rendered tho following decialoui: , ,
l?t?That the Commonwealth Distribution wopany
1h legal.
'-W-IU Drawingi are Fair. ,
N, B.?The Company fcmi now on hina ? ?j?*
Reserve Fuud. Read carefully the Hit of pri#*w
1 Priw mcoOlloOPHmlWuWUH
1 I'rlrc 10,(?)2(i)ITI??M?'i. JS
I I'rlie, t,000,00 IHtu JH
10 friKJll.DMMiJi.lo.coo l.aiOl'rlulHMt'1'"'""
SO Prta*
9 Prlres 1300 each, Approximation PriM^
9 Prists each, " " ? *?2
9 Priw* 1100 each, " " _
1.950 Prizes. $113,400 i
WhoI? Ticket* $2. IfairTIefcets #2. 27
Ticket*, ?iio. 5,ymct.',$m
Remit Sfoner or Hank Draft in Letter, or tead if
?pma. Iton t *cm! by Kegfctcrci! Utter or K?tomeo
Order. Orders of go ami ur?w*rd* by Kiprt*.
can be sent at our excuse. Adiln-m all ordtn to
R. M. HOARUUAS, Courier Jim mil BulMlnf,
LouUrville, Ky? 6r R. if. BOAUD3IAH, 3W Brow*
I **T. F?cw Vork. mini-mi* .
Bkg uur ' lrrmwiuui,, /?.>
JUVKK 1'ACKhT. The tine "II
I'*Acnger Steamer W. N. CIIANCKLWB
K J'. Chancellor. Cai.t. Ini H. IIimtiuutou, Cl%
U-avc# J'ittjiburv'h 1 hufwlny ut t j*. u. I
Wheeling KriiJuy at 7 a. v.
Mavca Mmrlwton Monday* ut 7 x. m. ,
I WheelhiK, up; UV?Jm-wl*y nt 11.1. [
i <'!(*? counifilon at UaIiljH?JJ* with Cluf/aMM
packet* Freight and pnAvciiKenireedpted thruufu.
. 'Or freight or immurc arijiiy to
?c-a '' C. II. flOOTH A soy..
The lwrfjest n-ssortmeiit in the city at tho
Hardware ami Jfousefnrtilsliiiig .Store of
.vkshitt a into.,
]yw 131'J Market Street,

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