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i\i n r nii/r a n I
UlNUiinwuna !
Our Stock for tliis Full ami Winternro now
open, niul wo uro prepared to show u very
large stock of Hosiery and Merino Underwear
uf tlionio.it dcMrablo uiul fashionable
goods at very low prices.
glove Department.
We hitvo just received a farco invoice of
Bilk, Cashmere, Kid and Merlin (Sloven in all
varieties and fashionable shades, for Fall and
A very large assortment at VKKY LOW
Klcgatit Wraps in Coats, Jackets, Dolmans,
1'1st ere tics,Ac., in all colon.
A. Siedenbach & Bro.,
For This Week's Display,
cloaks, dolmans, Pickets,
In Ulack niul Colors, from $2 00 to $00 00.
Would call special attention to our Siitin
Marveilleux Dolmans am! Circulars, which
we claim to he tiio cheaiie.it wraps for the
money in the city. Also now styles in
'Ciimps, Ilraiils ami Ornaments for Trimming.
We also show an extensive line of undrebsed
To match our Dross Cooils. A complete stock
of Underwear for ladies, gents and children, j
An Immense Stock of Ilouienmdo Flauhels
and lllankets. Some Special Bargains in I
these goods.
1.000 yards Indigo IHue Prints at 5c pery'd. I
5,00) yards Plaid, pretty for the price, 5c.
100 dozen Pure Linen Handkerchiefs at 5c.
200 dozen Gents' Pure Linen Handkerchiefs,
(Inequality, at 12^0- i
50dozen Satin Damask Towels at 25c. They
are 1J{ yards long by 22inches wide, and are
n grand bargain. Come and look at them.
Will show our goods with pleasure whether
you buy or not
u cmcucimcd
Hi LillOliLlll73L.II|
Klovcntii St., bet. Main ami Market.
1106, CLOAK HOUSE 1106.
Extraordinary Inducements Tor This
Coining IVcck.
200 Walking Jacket* from M50 to 510 00.
LMU Cloaks (nun Si M) to SU UO.
I)olninii>, light or dark, from SflOO to 8.10 0).
1W) Circulars from SI W to87 .V).
100 UMen fiom $.'? 00 to JlOOi).
WW Mii>e?' Clonks from Si to Si- 00.
:h? Infant Cloaks from SI SO to Si') 03.
Silk Dnlmms and Silk Circulars at prices to ns.toulsh
the natives; lo be seen, In to he appreciated.
Our jjo<kUare our own styles and make.
For elegance in lit ami liulsh they will cxeel all.
No Cloaks cunlet! over from last season. Our
(irtrmeut* arc all Fresh mid New.
Ladies, when out shopping, be euro and call at j
our Cloak ICoom and I'-rlurs.and Inspect our sly lc?.
131 mil Ac Marks,
KjieUiries, Ml Mnrkvt Street, Philadelphia.
?h-2 !< U'liikerSlrn t. New York. |
W4AV r*'* * '>' AAJ *. v>.
Ortlre: Jk??^. S3 mut *J7 Fourteenth Street.
.\?'W AtlvcrllirmciilN.
Wuntod?To Kent a Farm.
Trustee's Billc.
Wanted?A. Clerkship.
Wunted?Cigar Makers.
Public .Sale of Building Sites and Coal
'I'll K usual iiturc'luiiitsMuiich at thcNcn
McLurc House Sample Kooms daily.
Thermometer Keeortl.
The following shows the range of the thermometer,
lis observed at Schncpfs drugstore,
Opera House corner:
1881 1882
7 t. k. 12 x. s r. k. 7 r m 17 a. x. 12 si. a r. u. 7 r. x
71 81 80 7rt | &S 76 70 70
Washington, I). C\, October-I, 1 a. m.?For
Uie Tennessee anil Ohio Valley fair weather,
northeast to southeast winds, no change in
, temperature, btationarv or lower barometer.
For the Lower Lake Keuion slightly warmer
and fair weather, light variuble winds and
lower barometer. >
Ntii*i:ni stkni?Ksrv convkxtjonn.
A New ltlen In MlucitlloiuilWork lit This
Superintendent of Free Schools Butcher
announces that tliere will be two meetings of
school oflicers and tcuchers this month to
ami most eftlcient course to be pursued by I
Superintendents in performing their otlicial I
duties. Visiting schools, "What to do ami
how to do it," many other questions relating
to the duties of school ollictrs, their pay
and responsibilities will be discussed. Kditcational
methods and school management, |
school law, blanks, reports, Ac., will be given
place* on the programme. To these meetings
the County and City Superintendents, teachers,
parents, tax payers and others interested
or uninterested in educational work are. to
bo invited.
The circular announcing the meetings has
the following;
The lirst meeting will be lield at Koyscr,
Mineral county, \V. Va., October 17th, 18th, |
19th and 20th, 1882, at which Hun. ,M. A.
Newell, State Superintendent of Public
Schools, of Maryland, will be the leading inMtructor.
Other prominent teachers and
superintendents have been invited and are
expected to he present.
The second meeting will lie held at Charleston,
Kanawha comity, \\\ Va., October Ulftt,
November 1st, -M and Md, at which Hon.
James II. Smart, ex-State Superintendent of
Indiana will bo the leading instructor. KxState
Superintendent Kutl'ner, of Virginia,
cx-Statc Superintendent llyrne, of Went
Virginia, anil Or. Thomas II. Harvey (author
of Harvey's grammar)aro expected to bcpre<eut
at this meeting to deliver one or two lectures
each. Dr. J.'l?. M. Curry, General JAgent of
the l'eabody Kducation Fund, is expected to
uddress both meeting*.
Kach County Superintendent'who can attend
should do so, as questions etlecting the
Superintendent's work will be fully discussed
by men of experience and ability.
You are expected to bring your questions,
ei|>erienci'; opinions, etc., and contribute
them to the interest and protit of the occasion.
Hoping that the school ofllcers and leathers
of the State will do all they reanouahjy
can to make these meetings result to the very
beat interests of the schools, I am
Your obeidient servant,
Hrknaiui L. Butcher,
State SupL Free Schools,
T. S.?Cerliflcates of Attetulauco will he
given those who attend these mcetingw, and
tho same will ho accepted by County itoardu
of Kxamineis as sutlicieut to admit teacheru
to examination.
VIISnrlH oM'iirrrul r.teulNItrlclly Ni?r?
rnirri fur IIiinIj Itrntlom.
No more baso ball this season. .
"Ikky boi.onoxbm this evening *
Onk nmrriiiKe license whs issued yesteriUy.
Tub GolT htngeraund bndgca tuokitkc wildfire.
, v ? .
Tnr. Supremo Court of appeals meets to*
Did you bet on yesterday's gome of base
Tiik 0|>m lloiuugot its electric light yesterday.
Tub, Henwood nail factory'Juid HI macbiiifjj
on yesterduy. * .
Tiik l.vrr.i.MOKKCKii ofllce. now frjiprta mi
electric IIkIiI in front of It, j
Tiik town begins to look natural;* tmoi;c
and soot uro round everywhere.
Vox Hi.u.mkn rides her blcyclftnt thu Pitts
bur^h Exposition next Moifduy',^ ' . (
JI h.iiiy Tiiomi-hok is a candidate for Just!c?
of (lie lVacc in Washington district.
'Wwrr ViKiiiM.v Conference wf ,lho M, JC
church iiuoIh at Clarksburg to-dny.'
A iman named Mr.Cloiio was run in bj
twicer j-ugute last nfgul Ijr disorderly con
K*TiAiATf? of the number cf pcrxonsat tin
Gull meeting last night ranged from 7,(WO h
12,000. .
Gw). Hoi.tiumkii, a native of .Canada, wa
yesterday admitted to citizcniihip by Judgi
'Tiik nail feeders lmvo been oft bo long thai
now the feeding hurls their wrists in a pain
fill manner.
JoBErn Aiiciiy was yesterday apnohitei
committee of John il. Archy, heretofore tul
judged n lunatic.
Gkorok Aliiiiuiiit and Dave 8chnefer,oMbt
T.n IJella mill, who have becyi working u
Delloville, returned yesterday. r
Frank i.it/., the jovial proprietor of ;th(
Delmonico. yesterday afternoon becuiiiu tin
proud fattier of a bouncing hoy."
Tiik $.r>0,000 damage suit of Win. Arm
strong vs. Michael Ueilly et al. was still bo
ing argued by the attorneys yesterday.
Tiik monument law suit between C: Jit#1
and P.D.Carroll has been set buck "to tin
next lerui of court by tho lawyers of 1\ D
Cat roll. - ?
Ji'ikik IIoyd will hold a ?cMion of court ot
Thursday evening at 7 o'clock, for the pur
pose of naturalizing those who cannot up
pear in court in daytime; V"
NV.ii. ?t lCr.MN?li.\M hrfve received an in
voice* of new crop buck wheat Hour, wftrmniei
to make the very host (lap-jacks that ever ye
tick led the palute of num.-it 1
A tvivhiuai'IIICal error yeslonlny made u
connect Lrti. Stifel, with the daruugi
suits ugainat the Lonuw vmd Sciolo'. w<
should have said I<. H. g^ifel.
Domi.mck Mounts, the faithful and popu
lar policeman of the Fourth wurd, is Jioim
from a ten days' vacation, bpent in visitinj
liia old haunts out in the mountains. .
Jack Gmks, n'nailer from Botitli Wheeling
v?its a full job in the ISellttire nail factory. ii
consequence of \V. C. Stewart accepting tin
nmnageruliip of the Mingo factory.?lUlluir
Thk early hird catches the worm,so' th
early citizen must rise before the sun, jay a
lire o'clock, if he would view the coun t ii
all its glory. Don't wait till sunrise, or yoi
will not see it.
TitEclectric light is becoming more ntu
more i*>puhir.' Yesterday lights were put tt|
in- front of the Intkixkikncku 'ottlee am
Opera House, and Sheeky and Walter, th'
saloon is ts, have one each.
Tub Arthur Love Combination will giy
oneof its llrst-cluss performances in Bri'lgc
port this evening. lt is a j;<k>i1 .show, am
prices of admission are low^ Adults.'J
cents, children 15 cents, reserved scats &
On petition of the trustees of the Slior
Creek Congregation of. the Associate Jtt
formed Church of Norih America, J ndg
Jacob yesterday issued a decree ordering tb
wileot their church properly on Short Creek
iu this county.
M.\win's restaurant had an .unwelcotu
visitor yesterday in the shape of a. wild he
fine, which, white being driven along tli
street, hulled into the open door, causin;
considerable consternation to thote \vbo vver
inside and amiwement for those who wer
outside. (
(,'i.kuk Hook yesterday admitted to recon
a deed made Octohei J8.S3, by Daniel i<
Jacob to Benedict Speidel in consideration o
SI'J,.*13 DO, for 2.1} 0 acres'of land dn Shor
Creek, on the Wheeling', West Liberty am
Dethany turnpike, ahout live miles west a
the city. '
Thk McCoy farm, on the Hempfield roail
east of the city, near Mt. de Chatital, will b
told at public sale to-morrow forenoon oi
the premises, in lots to suit purchasers J.
special train will leave'theclty at JO o'rlocl
a. m. sharp, for thesale, and will returu afte
it adjourns.
Thk Hurmonie-Miennerchor last crenih;
guve its last dance at its hull On Main strec
slope. A very pleasant crowd was iu attend
ance, and the evening naMed-vtiry pleasant
ly. Hereafter the ' llarmonie-Mtunnerclio
will ue no more, everything heing merge*
into the Arion. The Opera House oreliejtri
played timl furnished some of its new music
which lit line.
I.v the accounts ol the big 0. A. II. parad
at Pittsburgh,' it is noticed that Thoburi
Post No. 72, of Martin's Perry, W. K. Meek
commander, occupied a prominent place li
the line. The - Pittsburgh J)i.<initch says
"Thoburn Post, 72, Martin h Kerry, Oaic
presented Abe Patterson Post, 33, with ni
inunelife canteen anil haversack. Should (S;
ever go into camp these utensils will he lurjj
enough to accommodate the entire camp."
Nam.-ma kino by machinery is of America)
invention, and is said to have originated ii
j Massachusetts in 1810. In 1310 there' wer
not to exceed one hundred uuil machine
west of the Allegheny mountains, with i
capacity of about 100,000 and but sixteei
nail machines in Wheeling,'now thu greii
uuil manufacturing center of the world. Tbi
present product per annum, cast lind'west'o
the Allegheny mountains, averages abou
0,500,000 keg*, with a constantly incrcasin}
deuiund.?StvubeuvtlU Gazette,
Tiik Arion club building at t|je corner o
Main and Twentieth streets, is that far fuj
vauced that a meeting of stockholders, wa
held there yesterday and the following Soari
of directors chosunlfor the ensuing year
Louis C. Stifel, J. U. Holiuiann, Jr.,, if. F
Behrens, J. L. Stroehlein, F. Kiwhter, J. A
Hess, C. M. Appenzeller, Louis F. Stifel, C
Arnold, (5. A. ileuter. This is an excellen
board and will do much to make the >ocietj
a success. ,Thb grand opening ball will bi
given ina'few weeks. The membership i
rapidly increasing.
J iik Upcra liousc (in! not contnin a larg.
audience last evening, the. big GolF meetinj
serving lo draw away a lar^e percentage o
ouramuscmeriHoving citizens, who on tbi:
occasion were anxious.to Jjefjr. "West Yir
ginia's most prominent citixeu. The aUrnp
tion that held tbe?bourdg wus 1 Icy wood'i
Mastodon Sereriaders and Specialty Com
pauy. The company is a regular old-fusil
ioncd minstrel company, containing moiih
good points better in .fact than. th?
average. Sergt. Geo.'"W. Labbree, in.hi!
drill, sword exercise and bugle calls, wit
tir*tolats,andsomoof the sketches provoke(
quite it storm of ?pii)fUJ80. Tho company
appears at the Opera Jiousu a^jl) Ibis even
ing.when no doubt a lunch butlercrovjf tyil
be iu attendance.
The Philadelphia", litcml says; ''Mr
Frank. Bush made a decided senna
tion last evening in his capital represen
tatbm of 'Ikey Solomons' in tiio pluj
of that name. Mr. Hush jmrtrays the lie
brew character iu its.most comical view, am
is surely one of the most, successful mimic;
that has cverapjKjared iu thisflty. Jfis owi
sense of humor is w keen thut lie tafces?d
vantage of every passing cjrcnjnsiance to ipi
prove the situations of the pUy, The and
ience were " convulsed ' with laujjh
ter at his frequent and unexpect
ed sallies, and his performance was withoui
doubt the attraction of the evening. Jib
coining on the stage was a mark for tlx
awakening of fresh spells of mirth, and hi:
departure was regretted by the many whe
had been entertained by his pleasantries, lit
was ably supported in thp fepdition of th(
play by II. 1J. Malm's Comedy Company
The drama will be repeated eyery dny-"d|jr
ing this week and at the matinees on Wed
nesday and Saturday." This i? the attrac
tion at the Opera liousc to night,
"Indian Department," Washington, b. C.
I amanxious to introduce Dr. Bull'sCougli
Syrup among my Indians, having used it
myself for several months, and think it one
of the finest remedies 1 ever found. 1 assure
you, it is the only thing that ever rolicvcd
me of a protracted cough, brought on by exposure
while on Ijie Sioux Commission last
year. A, G. lkx?N",
Agent for Poiicas and U. a. Ooipiniasionor.
"WINE OF CARDUI" eurifc1 irregular,
painful, or ditlleiili nivlbtrualioii.
Sold by Logan ?tCo,
A flit; Crond, * Wood Spiieli, ami A Mrmorabte
Mrrllnirln Krtrj Hi?p?rl-Mbat (lie ltrpubll*
ran I'arl; llat l>on? for (he Amrrlraa
PfOpU-Thf KvIIm of Krie TraOf.
Tlio Itujiuldican meeting at tlia Statu
llotiM* hut nljjlit was admitted to be n glori*
oils' demonstration of tl?u )?o(>ular interest
' in the iasucs involved in tho present caml>ni};n,
a* well as admiration for nnd conll*
' ilixmnih tlie man who lends Ibu iteuubiicaii
, lionla in Iho cnmpai^n. <
J/orin before the time (or tlio Bpecch to be* 1
nl? tlio people begAi: to gather, and by a
quarter past seven/, when the Opera Home
band arrived, there waa
' covering'tho large space at the north end of
, the Btale House, and many on tlio opposite
. .side of Fifteenth street. The platform for
the speaker was erected just west of the
' north entrance of the Capital, facing north,
1 the space thus secured for the audience being
capable of accommodating thousands of
' people. The stund was tastefully , draped
witnthe National colore, and in me centre
hung an engraving of (Jen. Coffin a neat
I frame, while two others were suspended at
- the back of tlio platform. "Two electric
liglitK shod their sun-bright rays over the asI
semblagu, making the sea' of faces plainly
visible Irom the speaker's |K)sition.
The Opera House band played several stir,
ring and appropriate nirs, the strains having
[ the elTect to further augment the crowd, until,
when the fpeuker ot the evening arrived,
there was not less than 7,500 people within
! sound of his voice. On the north tiio dense
' .mass of humanity readied to und across Fif
H'cmii fiii'ui, mauj uiuira |'uaiuuii3 i
ilnide of St, Matthew's church, where they '
listened from the windows. Westward there |
was a compact crowd acros* Chnpline atreut, i
i anil eastward tut) audience leached to the
. Llosley Institute on l''iftet?tlf street. The i
. estimate/given of the number present ii !
a mud est Stale.
j A few,'minutes before eight o'clock Gen.
. CioU' arrived in company with Mr. Messrs.
. Spaulding Wallace, Frank Johnson, Julm
Oesteriiiitf nml other proiliinent gentlemen, s
and a hurst of applause went up from the i
[ Hfsomblfcd mullitude. Mr. Wallace called
j the meeting to order, nml nominated Mr. 1
1 Oesterllng for chairman, and he was Uliatii* '
niously chosen for that position. { I
s The following named gentlemen were then 1
f chosen as Vice Presidents! Win. liastingH, 1
a Nelson K Wbittaker, Henj. Fisher, James
Robertsand A.W. Campbell.
Mr. OesterllnR thanked the meeting for the
i! honor conferred upon him, and britily iutro- >
. " Dt'STllY.
i . Gen. Goir said he could not but be grateful
? for this more tln.n royal greeting. He feltns j
t he hid always .'e.t, th.it tha people of thiscity
and county would never reluse a hearty wete
come to a man who came lo advocate a prin*
t ciple which he conscientiously believed to be
i vital to the cotafort and the prosperity of the
i people, lie (ell grateful for thu warm-support
he had received in the past. Turpive
j years ago he came before this people as the ,
, ad vocate and champion of the same idea, the ,
i same principle, as he now came toadvocute?
the cardinal principle of our futhers?the ,
protection o( American industry by the
broad shield of American law.
e Over U.OoO.QOUof freemen are about lo se^
Icet by the ballot tho^e who shall represent ,
J and eorye them. The ballot is a weapon
I more to be-dreaded than the: sword. But
J when east by men not-blinded by prejudice ,
it is not to beheaded j it id,the beacon light
I to which we'ran turn in", our differences.
!- The speaker referred to tbfl dilfcreut parties 1
e into which voters had been divided, and a<l- 1
e 'jiired his bearers to cast their vote* bo as.to .
, advance the Interest", not of party, or sec- :
lion, but- of all the people. lie was not 1
0 liere to abuse those who differed with him. '
There were b:id men and good men in all
e parties. la tbia cuntcst he represented the 1
^ llepublicau party, and ww the candidate of
i> tho.se who do not admire the mode by which
e his distinguished competitor hail been nominated,
ami who thought that by the suppressj
it?n of the doctrine of protection the bunds
, would lie turned back on the dial of progress
; a century in our midst
' Gen. Ggllreferred to his metaphorical rej
marks about
f ' the feast at which mr. good presides,
nmde at Hen wood, and criticized by Air.
\t Gracraft in ; luu into speech at Washington
f. Hull. JQc ngUIn contrasted the food offered j
by the two parties, characterizing the spread
^ at which Good was the Oscar Wilde as a diet
I; of husks, affording no .nourishment,
r He W'shed to speak more particularly tonigliton
the one cardinal {I'jctrine which ha<]
made this country one of the foremost on the
"? Globe, ai\d won for iLs banner respect upoti ]
ull lands and seal. If in any of hlsstatemenls ,
* he misrepresented the facta, the opposition
had until the tenthof October to correct him (
j in, And he asked tliem to do it. He did-not .
desiro to misrepresent; he was not here to i
beg votes. If the people of this district can
St:llid tin? nilrtntioii of :i fri'M. triole iinltrt* lin ,
j could. He believed in protection whether |
P his hearers did or not,, and if he went to
1 Congress; every vole he cast, every official
act, would be in favor of the protection of
? A meripari labor, and not for the fostering and
' advancement of Ijritish progress. [Cheer*.] 1
'i Tlie earl}* history of this govern/pent was re- 1
viewed, and the speaker claimed that the I
I doctrine of protection of American industry '
e wwi ojdtr tjmn t)iegovernment. In 1711 the
. English ' Parliament, cjpiting n jealous eye j
i across the Atlantic and seeing that the jndns- |
i tries of the coloniu were making them
^ rnosi'EitoL's ASt) curat, s
t declared that the factories and furnaces that I
t had been eroded in the American colonic.-]
^ were detrimental lo British commercial su- i
j pretuuey, anjl ahould not ho encouraged. In |
[ 1751 again, I'arliuiuept pronounced the fur- i
[ mites and factories then In existohec on tluu
? side of the Atlantic "common nuisances." ?
_ Are they common nuisances in your midst |
; to-night? Do thojnen of Ohio county be- I
lieve tliey are coalition nuisances? [voice:' s
r "No."] No; neither did your fathers believe ?
? it.then, and in 1776 they.threw oil the, yoke ?
of'tyrduuy.'and la }7|K} passed an act for^the |
' protection of American hid fist rips. This pet i
' remained in fori? till ISjC, and then wps t
' amended to extend its protecting wing to the 1
! bister InduBtriw that- had sprung up. The
fathers knew that goods manufactured by
^ cheap KnglUli labor could crowd out the
product of 'American mills , if American i
workingmen were to he paid living wanes.' i
. This latter-act remained in forcc niitil. 182rt, ?
5 when the high protective tariff was enacted i
{ A ?lmrf tiiim lii'fn l?n<l ati ?...
' the British Parliament. that any manfin i
3 America who manufactured any article of j
: iron should he subject to a penalty, and in j
tjjatyear these articles prohibited by England t
1 were sppciajly protected;-1 In'ISfti the Clay i
f compromise tonl^wifsajjontejjj proyiding for i
' until 1H12,when nil articles imported should ,
i be taxed at the uniform rate of 'J5 per' cunt ,
s ad valorem. The speaker called upon those |
I of his audience whoso memories could go ,
' back that for to ?ay if that was not a period j
- of gloom. In 1S4G the Walker tariir for
1 revenue only wits enacted, and another period
cf gjoom and poverty was inaugurated.
. lasting-until 1S57. l)j$tress reicned every- ,
. where, and in ItioU so apparent had this jjc* ,
. come UiALlVcMdLMit Bnchunan"called atte'n- }
,* tion to it In a State pa|>cr to Oongreu. A .
, large portion of the furnaces of I'ennsyl1
vania were cold and idle, and President Bu4
chanan, with his love for that State, was
?; moved to make an appeal on behalf of the j
. destitute laborers. Yet in those same, days ?
thp ^tlantjpwas white with British-ships j
1 bearing'ioqurphorco thp products of British ?
- mills,.
Two years Jalcr, in ISfil, the Republican
t party came into power, and among the /)p<t
i acta of its first Congress was the passage of i
? another protective tariir law, and the mills t
i aud factories of the land sprang up into new t
> life, and otico morn plenty and prosperity i
? reigned within our . bordeis,' and the ?
; party" formed Itself in one solid t
, column about that law and have (i
. j>in<}e-; preserved it intact, and that law .?
. has creatpd that prosperity by virtiio* of a
. which' the nation "waa saved, .weal Mi haj n
tioured into her colTers, her'great manufacing
enterprises have been bnihled tin, and
the continent spanned with hands of steel, s
Tho people of this country are to-day pros, i
i porous, nappy and great. I
In reviewing t
1 YEARS, 1 c
Gen:GolTreferred to the carccr of Lincoln, l'
the mention of whose name provoked up- s
platisc, whicli was increased when he alluded c
-to'".the martyred Gartleld, "the thread of p
Vhpce renown the fates spin round and' full a
out of their .choicest and their whitestwoof." c
lib continued to portray 'the prosperous t!
condition of the country, its advancement in tl
piatcrial wealth, culture and all that inakc^ 21
tlvlllzation- desirable, and then asked: Can
ill of these tiling be and there be no virtue
n the principle 1 advocate? to-uight Why
ran not the laborers of Wheeling work to*
iluht for the , wmie wages as the English
oiler receives? Men who have lived in our
roe country, and who know wlmt It Is to be
reeuien, can never go down to the level of
,hose whom our fathers commiserated when
:hov tied from British oppression. 1 ho|?e to
3ou they never may. The speaker would
urotcct this doctrine just as he would protcct
.lie Ihg of the country If an armed toe
ihould Invade the country and attack it.
Hie difference in the cost of producing iron
n this country and in Kngland, the higher
tvngts j?aid here, and the greater cost of
transportation, the convenience to the fur*
iiftces of the raw materials in Kngland, and
the long distances that ore must be carried in
this country were referred to, and the consequent
need of protection forcibly pointed
Gen. (loll then turned to inquire
lie hud known Mr. Uood long and well.
He had been Ids friend, lie believed him to
lie a true, upright, honorable gentleman,
lint was he a Protectionist ? lie thought be
could say atlea*t that he was notn veteran
loldler in those rttiiks. If he has been in favor
of a protective tarlil ho lias been silent
lil'uiiu ; nils iiinc riuiii? i uu laci is iuui me
Committee on I'lutforui hl (lie Cincinnati
Convention reported n resolution In favor of
"o turill' for revenue only," unit Mr. Good, a
member of that committee, ugreed to it. ami
afterwards unoko all over this 8tute in favor
if the election of the candidate chosen at
[hat Convention, and In {ttrtlwrnnco of lis
platform, Tim pint form of the Convention
it Weston which nominated Mr. Good was
lilent on this (|uestion. They dodged it
for exi>edienc)'? sake, itud they will
linve more trould? in explaining their
;<|uivorul position than they think;
Adam hud more chance of hucccts in
concealing himself with a tig leaf than they
Imvo ill hiding from the people the suHpicioun
course of tliulr CungrcMiioual Convention.
Hut why did not Mr. Good call attention to
Lite omission? Probably the Convention had
forgotten it. And Mr. Good forgot it too.
riie present speaker had heard of tils digtin{iiinhed
conipetior making several pet chef,
iinl he hud never yet he ird of Ilia saying he
ivas in favor of n protective taritl'. Did the
men of Ohio County think this was right?
If they did, vote for Mr. Good, if not for
Mr. Cracraft had felt culled upon in his!
jpeooli at Wuahinuton Jlall last Saturday
night tu truck the party lash. He hail intimated
that the Duinoctacy of Ohio county ;
could be bought, 1 do not believe it. I Imve
x higher opinion of Ihe Democracy than the
gentleman seems to have and 1 hope Mr.
Uracraft has. 1 believe he has, but in the excitement
and earnestness of his speech he
liuil let his polished tonguu run awny with
his discretion. i do not want the votes of
this people if I cannot gut them honorably
and right. 1 would rather go down beneath
Ihe storm of your ballots, [lleurty applause ]
Col. Wilson spoke at the same meeting,
and lie advocated u protective taritr, and did !
it right royally well. But remember he is1
not your (tamlidate tins year. 11 makes u
it real dealer dilleronce who suya a thing.;
[Laughter and applause.] If the Colonel's
ideas are correct, why did not the Weston con*
veution adopt them ? Why did Mr. Cracraft
not advocate them? Let me tell you a little
inside history. Col. "Wilson had got to be
too strong u tarift' man for the democracy of
this district. They beat him. When they
ndopted that platform ?jt Cincinnati (hey
dapped the Colonel in the face, 'lljeysaid
to turn, "You have been weighed in the balance
und found wanting."
(ion. Golf called attention to an article in
the Uegistrr of September 17, beaded "a taritl
for protection, and not for revenue only,"
mid which advocates almost free trade, lie
read a few sentence*, showing that this was,
the tenor of Hie article, that it was in advocacy
and lie asked bow his hearers liked llicse!
doctrines advanced by the Jlcyhter. The
man in America why works ill HP iron mill
receives fc'l Su for the M?iue lai>or for which i
in English workman gets $10. This dillerL'ncc
of wages is not even alluded to in the
Ile<jialer's discussion, if the luen of Ohio
county think that the doctrine advanced by
the linjifter, a tarilf for revenue only, should
prevail, support .Mr. Good.
The openjtjons of the protective tariff upon ,
the wopl jndustfy \ycre reviewed. Though a J
heavy. (nritT is levied upon woolen goods, I
limy are cheapur and better than they have
been for Lweuty years. What future bus |
West Virginia unless the wealth that God
has given her is protected? Her great interior
is now being opened up; her coal and |
iron are being shipped to the factories and j
forges of the country. That coal would not
bo dug from the bowels of the earih>were|
coaj not,protected by the t;tri|]. The American
miner is paid three times as much as the
English or the Canadian miner. Would you
reduce him to their level? You can do it.
It is.well to have a giant's strength, but it is
not always well to use it.
Gen, Golf said be jJisj not i]psirpt{> lc,;jYP his
liearers until lie had tonchud upon ueveral
it her points raised by the platform of the
Weston Convention. To the workingmen he
upl^caled to know why any of them would
vote/or his opponent, and reviewed some of j
the numerous reasons that they should not. |
i lie .|}emioilcan imrlv had passed the pro-1
lective taii|l' afilj had given the golden
prairies of the west.to the workmen for homestead.1;
liail established
Had tliev never done aught hut this,
lliey would deserve the lasting gratitudu,t
of nil mankind. You never
puss a group of laughing, prattling
:hjldren abguf, t Jje door of one of these school
house*, bill you tee a living, jnoylng ljioiuir
ment to litis gift of the Republican party.
Here followed the most eloquent nnd beautiful
sentences of the speech, and they were
responded to by the crowd in tho moat enthusiastic
cheers and applause.
In taking hit* farewell, the General again
thanked his hearers for their welcome/and
[minted a flowing picture of the prosperity
spreading over the land.
Afier thj) applause wjijfji fo]lowei] hja
Hosing words had ilied"ftway, Mr, Wallace
proposed."three cheers for Golf, and a tiger
ior victory," and they were given with a
spontaneity and force which woke the echoes
.......... #!.? .It.!....* USll.. MM 1 ' -
-?? ??iaunii. tiuis. iuc (uecillUiy IHCH
lisperaed, slowly, as if reluctant to go. all
pronouncing it the grandest political meeting
"Hiii in Wheeling. for years, not excepting
my, unless it lu tbp Hjainc meeting of the
ust Presidential campaign.
A Com p li m ciliary Supper.
After the meeting Inst night a complinentary
reoeption and supper was tendered
;oOen. QolT at Rolfs restaurant, Twelfth
itreet. A number of prominent gentlemen
vore present, and a feast such us Kolf knows
10 well how to get up, was spread for their
regalement. There were no speechef, the
iffair being a very informal and sociable one,
jotten up as a farewell expression by
lomo of the General's distinguished friends,
n the city, and one or two from other
joints. An hour or so was spent in discuss*
ng tbp good things of thn feast, which ditlpr*
h1 materially from the metaphorical oae at
vhich:Good Vnd his sunnorters sit nn.i
vhioh was yo buppily described by Gen. floil'
11 hlk fcpeech utMoumlcville and again lust
light. The General lift for the interior of
he district at 1:35 thisjnorning.
I)r. PiERce'a "pleasant l'urgative Pelleta"
ire sug*r-coated and enclosed Tn glass bottles,
heir virtues being thereby preserved unini)aire/|
forunv li-ngtl? of tjp]o 'in any cjinate,
so th'atth'ey arc always fresh aiiil r?*!iiblc.
So chenp wooden or pasteboard boxes.
iy druggists. wfaw.'
Go to your druggist for Mrs. Freeman's
few National Dyes. For brightness andduribility
of color are unequaled. Color from
wo to five pounds. Directions in Knglish
indGeriaan. I'ncelft ccnts. daw
*?)??}}* Cuke,
Take tl|e whites of eluven egg* beaion stiff;
hen beat liild the" eggs one and a half tea*
:upful white coflee augar; add the juice of
wo lemons, two teaspoonftils extract of
>itter almond; stir gently "into this one and
, half teacupfnl of flour, having one meas*
ire "Hanner" Daking I'owder mixed thor?
inghlv in the dry Hour; make an icing, and
pread over the top when baked. This makes
n elegant cake,and is economical when eggs
,re clipap.
A CocGn, Cold or Sore Throat should be
topped. Neglect frequently results in an
noumble Lunc diseuse or Consumption.
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he KtoruRch like cough syrups and balsams,
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ie few staple remedies of the age. Sold at
3 ccnts a box everywhere. ttIjsaw
I.ANT OF Till!
Tlio NiniMlnrtl'llrlroU Unmr?A Ilmnc
Ncrmoii on llano Hall.
The game between the 1M rolls anil Standards
yesterday closed the baso hull ftcason in
tills city, niul ended In tliedefent of the homo
club by a scoroof 15 to 2." There are many
who profiM to bo dltgusteil with the home
nine, yet the same persona never stop lo consider
what has been accomplished In the post,
and under what uufortunato circumstances
the Standards played toward the latter end
of the season. Vome peoplo were'w unreasonable
us lo believe that our amateur nine?
organized late in the muisan?could cope
with professional club?. We hvue this to
say for the gentlemen who have composed
the liniui' niiif 11 mt tlinv Imvn hL'iki
belinveti as gentlemen, whicli is moru limn
can bo said (or tliu unreasonable audiences
lliat have by compliment witnessed the
games. The fault, or rather the miKforllino
of the Htandards in the recent game J was
that Ijilrd and tlio two lluinlviii*? were compelled
to leave to resume their studios
at college. This weakened the Iioiiiq nine
most perceptibly, and with tliu loss of these
men they should have cried "quits" and
ended the season with tliu most honorable I
rceord any amateur club aver attained; To
their credit, however, be it said that having
engagements with the Detrolts they determined
to till them us honorably as they could,
and when people wbobnw no pecuniary interest
in the club express their disgust they
should remember that citizeja in other cities
liberally pay for the amusement thut Is
served up to them, and often?very often?
have to swallow wo me dotes than ever the
Wheeling club gulped down with u wink or
agriiuaee.Cliurity.it is said, makes n good
beginning in looking after home affairs, and
we sea no reason why tho axiom
should not apply in the caso of the
Standards, Wo cito three games when
the Standards played as good us could lie expected
of any nine, viz., Crockery Cities, Ncsbnnnockand
Drowns. Do tlitf people forget
these? The ungrateful do, und duuin an
I umuicut uiiiu uvrauau mey wiiri oeai a
leagueteam. The reporter thinks they did
admirably considering the di<i.idvatita^ca
they worked under, and tliiUull tho hooting
they liavo received should he turned into
shoula of |?ralse.
We close by remarking that tho home club
showed wisdom inclosing the season when!
they did, especially when such unreasonable
result! ore expected of them?they should j
have closed with tho Allegheny Kame. That
they have earned an honorable record i3 not
lo be denied, and if next year there is a continuation
of the fever we hope to see the mime
nine on the diamond, and our word for it it
will take a mighty energetic team to make
them bite the dust.
To the chronlo growlers and misanthropes
we would say, if yOu want a professional
team show up your shekels. Then you can
have one, and not till then. In the meantime
don't growl so infernally.
The Intrll ukkckr takes this occasion of
saying that while it may have criticized the i
players sometimes, it did so for the good of
the club, und not becaufo it held enmity to-j
wards any individual player, Itslinal words'
are, well done amateur Standards, and although
your star has set beneath a cloud I
this season, may it rise as bright as the light I
of the sun next year.
Finally, thank?, gentle friends, for the
tiiiuaeuiciK. vou nave uuunicu u*, nnu may
your future be u thousand times brighter than
that of the chronic grumblers.
Rolen Concerning llio tt'tirreiilioiitN of
Mr. J. D Bonnet,of Weston, was registered
at the Mc 1.11 re House yesterday.
Mira Delia Swarti, a handsome brunette of
Brownsville, Ohio, is visiting friends in the
city. '
ft?v. llr. I?\>ster, of the New York Conference
of the M." 10. Cliureh, was in the city
yesterday en route to Conference at Clarksburg.
Kennedy Friend, Ivsq., and *lstcr, Mrs.
Bogfu and Mrs. Jleed, returned yesterday on
the Andes from Cincinnati, where they attended
the Kxposiiion.
Tommy Wilton, of LnUelle street, the well
known nailer, is iiomc from Dakota, where
he has become a farmer. He looks us if life
out there agreed with him.
Last night Mr. and Mn?. \\r. Clarence Find*
leyandson liarlc, of Akron,.Ohio, arrived
in the city on a visit to their father, Mr.
John ltoeiner, of the South Side.
Bishop Andrew?, of the M. JS. Church, was
in the city yesterday, on his way to Clarksburg,
where he will preside over the annual
meeting of the West Virginia Conference,
which convenes to-day.
Bernard Horkheimor, of lite firm of Horkheijner
Dm, was Inst evening married in
Detroit, Mich., to one of the attractive ladies
of that city, Jliss Kstella Sinn. The wedding
was attended by a large number of Wheclingits.
relatives of the groom. Mr. Ilorkheiiner
and his bride will go on to Denver
with his recently parried sister and her bus-1
uatiu, Jacob t-'lelsotier, aud travel hi the west
fur some time.
We are indebted to Mr. J. A. Metcalf for
an examination of it curious aud somewhat
ancient family record kept by his great grandfather,
who was a native of l'rince George's
county, JIil., but at the time of this record
\yas liyinj; i? llerfceley county, Virginia,
now West Virginia, tt is not a voluminous
document, and consists of a few leaves of unruled
paper stitched iti a cover of thick linen
cloth, and recites the birth of Allen Metcalf
and wifevm August 22il, and the'Jib of September,
I7.r?3, respectively, and their marriage
on thcOth day of June 1775, each being
in their 22d year. Then follows the record
of each of their children, and the removal of
the fnjuily tq Rpfkpley county, and finally
their further removal to this (Ohio) county
near the Ohio river, in November 17d3.
The year 1781 Is alluded to in the fuemoranda
as the year of a "remarkable hard winter."
A further mention is made, June, 178),
that "people began to settle west ot the
I Ohio." The year 1790 is spoken of as a year
of "graat scarcity of bread, on the western
waters, occasioned by frost." Members of
I the family removed from, this comity to
I Guernsey county, Ohio, where the late J. A.
Metcalf, the third In descent from Allen
I Metcalf, and father of the present J. A. MetIpnlf.
of tlii.q plKv wnu horn 'Pl.n
stops iu the year 1S12, no one seeming to
have taken up the thread of the family narrative
since that time.
"ldulV* Ionic,"
The firoat Fe|||al\) lleinudy ia prepared by
the Women's Medical Institute of Jiulhilo,
N. Y., nnd is their favorite prescription for
ladies who are suffering from any weakness
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can obtain advice free. Send stamp for
names of those who linvo been cured.
At wholesale and retail by Logan it Co.,
Whe ing, W. Va. daw
K Davenport, Futo;vn. 1* 1' IuKinan, Baltimore.
J Hawken, (.'anion. II >luny|h!nny, N. < u'nil.
A r.nmir, Littleton. h 1' (JefMhorpc. WclhbV,
J I) Mower. jhirtH-M'ille. 0 Fm|icc, Hjiriiwvllie.
illV UtiTiljiUii. wjiMI'i;. A Hoopenlowht'r, K. Y.
M S|iiUel, New York, J Bony. city.
J M Mitchell. Mnumonu. J M UnrkniHii, It. ?t O. K.
J M Sohcrbml. Muortlebl, J PDukehiui. ItaUlniore.
1). M It Kay, Cincinnati. (i Winter aw., Mrafion.
M M Everett, WellhbWK. No l Owing*. Columbus.
It I. Hicks A filead,city, .1 K WikmJh, rarkerabunr.
It titiilhnv C'lHim.ir. Mrj.I A!?v I.,- ...n_
Mr*I' Alexander,,W.Alex MrsKii (iardner, K Mv.
J S Youth. City. 1. U ainitli, N. Cuinb'and.
II Morgan, Morpuitown. Th Allen, liiiimore.
A Voiiuer, Cincinnati. J M MtConnell. Cleve'nd
Mlfti W1) Chambers W- Alexander.
. |lf.VppO|>'8 KHV vom; JJAt-TGUC.N MI.ShTHUJ.
Mr and Mm Hey wood. George Uirbrcc.
Charkx Poller. (ieorve Allen.
John A Loiter. J I) Wnodback.
J C lliiic. Krnnk Hell.
Tora Donnelly, J Uopvrood.
tMorueMarklmm. John Carney.
A I< Fanshawc. Cu'8 lUinsey.
UnaMorley. J S Diuihani.
George Williams. 1*. (J lialey.
SI. II White.
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never fail to take Manalik.
PorMciml! To Men Only!
The Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall, Mich., will
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trial is allowed. ttsaw j
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nation are eutirely curable with Makaux.
s?:iuiiiu?nii?m> mi:wn.
Miss Hello Diy, of Steubeuvlllff, is visiting
at Thoi. NVetheruld'a.
Oyster s!k<im arc replacing tbo ico cream
signs along our streets.
Mr. Mnrclmtit, of the High School, mlvortlses
for pupil* In elocution.
81 x mora gondola curs arrived yesterday
for the Harrow gouge railroad.
Mlxs MarvCoen. of .Marietta, Is visiting
Mr. llattello's, on Gravel llill.
There will be preaching to-night at seven
o'clock ut the Fret Presbyterian church.
ini- irwunc says iweniy people applied ior
0110 house advertised for runt tho other (Uy.
Theodore J nek ley lias brought lib family
and household goods hero from New Kiik*
Hon. A.C. Hal telle, of Maine, will inako a
speech In the Utpublican cuu.se at City Hall
The Immorlal J. N. was in town yesterdny,
but made no attempt to lift the veil or re*
movo the pressure.
V. T. Morgan desires to retign his )>ositlou
as member of Uim tichooi Hoard on amount
of bust urn* requiring more of his attention.
It. W. Nelson went yesterday morning lo
liariU'Hville to attend a meeting of the Hoard
of Missions for Ohio, of the Disciples'
The Ladies' Aid Socioty, of tliC M. K.
church will meet on Wednesday afternoon
at 2:30o'clock, at tho home of Mrs. William
Thompson, Noble street.
Tho 0. l\ railroad will carry passengers
to llriliant Saturday to nee the' fat man's
race at tho Wrllsburg fair grounds. The
fare will be$l 00 tho round trip from J5cl*
Mr. K liner Robinson got back yesterday
from Yoimgstown, Ohio, and he will take his
place us one of onr citizens, having bought
the drug store of Dr. J. II. McCollough, on
Gravel Hill.
Jlev. U. SI. llrown is tho only one from
Uellhire attending the meeting of J'res by*
tery at Lore City. Tho representative and
pastor of the b'irat Presbyterian Church were
unable to go.
A.J. Mcrcor, formerly teacher of our liigli
school, and tho most popular of thoio wiio
Illlv u llflll llllll IUU1UI-IMI U)>|>UIMM'UUIIU
of tlio examiners of teachers for ltelluirc, in
plncc of the late Dr. Wood bridge.
It is one of tlie disadvantages wo have,
living in our vallev and under otir smoky
and loggy atmosphere, that we cannot see
the comet. Fanners up oti the hill nay they
cunfcee it most mornings at any tlmo between
3 o'clock and suimjje.
The congregation of the Methodist Church
here is disappointed in not baying Kev. A.
1L Chapman returned for his third year.
They know nothing of his successor, ?ldle
they do know that Mr. Chapman lias few
equals as an eloquent preacher andsynipath*
etic iiastor. Rev. Armstrong also leaves us
and the church he bus organized, but bis
leaving wtis necessary by the church's rules.
A considerable amount of hitter feeling
wssaroused here by the Jleyitter's infamous
slander?infamous, bccause no lie can reach
a lower depth than one which is put nlloul
for the double purpose of injuring both u
man's characterand his business. There are
already signs that this, like all other kindred
lira, will react, and instead of injuring the
I.nticli.iobm'f.k will in turn injure pernuntutly
the originators of the calumny.
It wan reported yesterday morning tlmt
during the night Charley Bradford had been
caught in the act of breaking into M. Craft's
iewnlrv store. The truth is that he was seen
by Ofllccr lieu Turner going down the alley
in the rear uf the City Hall, and olticers
Turner, Johnson and Arnett followed him.
They followed up a ladder into the hay-mow
of Manlev's stable, where thev found lln-ir
man lying apparently sound asleep already,
with a pitchfork grasped in Ids hands. Under
him was ii bag of bursar* tools, some of
tliriu very well made, ami he was taken to
the lockup, notwithstanding some demonstrations
with his pitchfork. It is not known
certainly where ho was aiming for, but tbcie
were a great many rejoicing that lie had
been caught. Suspicion has pointed to him
many limes for burglaries during ten years,
and yet he bus never beencaught when anything
could be proven against him. It is
notprobable that he can be punished severely
this time, hut people should not in the
future give him the opportunities they have
done. This publicity will warn those who
did not before know of the suspiciou attached
to hi 111.
A young man who has been in town the
past few davs canvassing for an album, insulted
.Mrs. Uosburry and afterwards met her
husband, who, Tug Wilson style, kuockcd
him out of time in a few rounds. Thcnlbum
ajjenl sought other climes more congenial to
himself by crossing the brottd Ohio.
"Yesterday afternoon Mrs. 15.'J. Campbell
was laid away in her last resting place.
There was a lar^e crowd of friends* and acquaintances
gathered to pay the last Sad
rights to her. ltev. W. II. Thomj*on. of
Wheeling, olliciated in the ceremony. The
bereaved husband and friends nave the
heartfelt sympathy of the entire community,
I in this their hour of trouble and mourning;
vb-Hivuiiii.t ?>c uitii uca. iu uuuerioiie uiu
whispering* that J. Hanson will be in our,
midst to regale the unterrilied by one of his
characteristic speeches on the iMtliiicnl is>ucs
of the day. It is intimated that bo will be
hereon Thursday evening, but from present
indications it is the furthest from the
thoughts of the knowing ones as to the time
when he will swoop down upon us like a
mighty avalanche, sweeping everything before
hint. Hancock county on the lOtli of
October will give no uncertain sound.
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CUT1CURA. . ' '* <
Mr. AlWrt KlnRibury. Kcenc, N. II., ftnuhled
With bid humor on hand*and neck, earned by h-iwl
poisoning (he's a painter). .,At time* It would break
out. crack open, aud the skin separate from the
llcMi lu large piece#, wittering great continual itching
ami Ktiuglug. Purchased your remedies; used
Cutlcum Resolvent lutcttiully, and Cutlcum and
CotU tim Soap externally, and in lens than three
inoatliR cUVeled h complete cure, unit ha* not I
itcoii troubled since. Corroborated by llullard &i
Foster, Dru,gists. Kccne. N'. 11.
J. \\\ Adams, Newark, Ohio, says: "Cutictira
Repiedle* nro the gieutcfit medicine* on earth. Had
the worst disc Nilt rhuum In thlti county. My
mother had It twenty yoaiK and lu fact died from
It. J believe Outlcura would hnvo saved her life.
My arras. bre.oit, and liend were covcrcsd (or tluee
yc are. which nothing relived or cured until 1 used
tlicCutlcura Resolvent (blood purltler) internally,
and Cu ileum and Cutlcum Soap externally.
\\. ft. Cpn?ei\tcr, ?j/\., Henderson, K. Y., cured of
Psoriasis or Leprosy, ol twenty years' standing, by
tho Cutlcum Kesolvent interually, and Cutleum
nnd Uutlcura Soap externally. The inest wonderful
caw on record. Cure certified to before n Justice
of th* peace anil prominent cltlxens. All mulcted
with itching and scaly disease* should send to us
for this testimonial In full.
Those who have experienced the tornrantiof Salt
Rheum can appieclate tho agony I endured for
yearn until cured by tho Cutlcum Resolvent inter* ?
ually and Cutlcum ami Cutictira Soap externally. "
Mm. VVM. I'KLLlSfiTU.S. Sharon. Win.
in?^ Cnt\cum Soan extcmallr and Cutlcum Rttolfont
Internally will positively cure every specie* of
(Junior, from a Common I'lmple to Scrofula. Price
>f CUTicunk, small boxes, &0c,; larjio boxen, $1.00.
2UTICUIU RraOLVKNT. $1 per bottle. CfTICUHA
:0At\ 25c.i CUTICUIU. bllAVINO 80AP, 15c. Hold byill
l5ei*)t, WEKK8 A TOTTER, Botlon. Maw.
Stcniul'ual unit Itlvcr Ncivn Untlitrnl l'i?
The local packets are all doing a flrstclius
The KatioStockdale passed down at noou
The Jloponnri Monitor passed up with ties*
the Diamond and thu lleatheringum passed
down with empties.
The C. W. Ilntcliolor had a big trip in both
directions yesterday, and did not get awity
for l'ittoburgh until abont 10 o'clock.
The river was stationary all day yesterday,
the marks indicating the same as the day be*
fore?a depth of 7 feet in the ctiannel.
'ci... w k pliali/tnllnr i.a.ufl.1 ni,.
lug for Pittsburgh. This elegant Kanawha
river packet will pass down Friday morning.
The following boat* arc at llio foot of
Fourteenth utri-ct: Kegular (old Scioto)
L'uio'l'ownsend, Welcome, i?ittlo Uuotiu aitu
1'aptuln Sweeney's new cotton boat.
Tho Antics owing to the fog and a big trip,
did not arrive until yesterday morning at u
o'clock. ALU yisterday afternoon this line
Mtatner departed for Cincinnati with a good
manifest and plenty of passengers.
k Tbo petition praying for tbo re-liututementor
Pilot Dave Keller, who was at tbo
Scioto's wheel When she was run down by
the l.omas, is being pretty generally signed
by captains and pilot*, who believe un injustice
was done.
Captain Campbell Sweeney's new cotton
traiihpurt now building at this port, and
which is about completed, will bo named
"/.hid Grove," ufler a imtotiko at the head
of one of Louisiana's bayou streams, up
which the boat will run.
Whispers among river men Indicate that
tho llright Light will re-enter tho Pittsburgh
.....I Mi I mil* In..1m nu ou 1...........
up, ttnd possibly the Montana will bu placed
in tin1 same. lloth liavu J>een engaged in the
St. Louis anil Missouri river trade.
A libel suit wai allowed against the Andes
yesterday that was wrong, Kcforetice
was made to it in onr columns last week.
The boat gnvo bond and proceeded on her
way, much to Iho dlsguatof certain parties.
The Government should protect the steamers
The l'itisbnrgh Disputeh is responsible for
this: "Captain 1UI1 l'rince, ot Wheeling,
being thought by "Some of his friends to bu
netting hard of hearing, lias .been presented
with a inagnillcentcar trumpet, about four
feet long, appropriately inscribed. A whisper
through it can he heard on a foggy day
troni Matt Cavanaugh's, landing to Davis
Island dam."
Inuddition to the new shaft the ISrntna
Graham received, while laid up, alio underwentathorough
overhauliugand renovating.
She received new beds and bedding, and enlarged
all the lower berths in the forward
cabin. The Captain's and clerks' rooms have
liron )innilMnnii>lv Hi tint tin Rlii? Imu
from stem to Bteru, and is now as
bright tiB a new pin.
Memphis, Tkn.n., October 3.?River falling.
Went her warm.
Cincinnati, October 3.?Uiver 12 feel 11 inches.
Weather clondy.
Louisviu.k, Ky., October 3.?Canal 2 feet,
falls 5 feet, unci atatiotiary.
IhtowNsvii.i.E. Pa., October 3.?Uiver C feet
and fulling. Weutner clear.
Gukrnhhch'.o, October. 3 ? Uiver G feet 3 inches
and falling. Weather clear.
Kick's Landing, October 3.?lliver C feet 2
inches and falling. Weather clear.
Oil City, Pa., October 3.?Uiver. 0 inches
and stationary. Weather clear and cool.
I'AitKKR, Pa., Oi-tober 3.?Uiver 8 inches
and" stationary. Weather clear and pleasant
PiTmn;r.nii, Pa., October 3 ?Uiver 3 feet G
inches end falling. Weather clear and pleasant.
Absolutely) Pure.
This Powder never varies. A marvel of purity.
sticiiKlh hiM whohwrnencre. More economical
tlinn the ordinary MiiiIh, and cannot be sold itl
c<-mpetition with the inultltuile of low test, short
weight, uhliii or phosphate j-owderv. Sold oni.Y
sofll-utw IOKAVhH Street. New Y?rk. '
to vigorously push a business,
strength to study a profession,
strength fn rnrrnliln o liAurA^^ld
O? " w "Vuacnuiuj
strength to do a day's labor without
physical pain. All this represents
what is wanted, in the often
heard expression, "OhM wish I
had the strength!" If you are
broken down, have not energy, or 1
feel as if life was hardly worth living,
you tan be relieved and restored
to robust health and strength
by taking BROWN'S IRON BIT- !
TERS, which,is a true tonic?a
medicine universally recommended
for all wasting diseases.
i , '
501N. Fremont St., Baltimore
During the war I was injured
in the stomach by a niccc.
of a shell, and have suffered
fromitevcrsince. About tour
years ago it brought on paralysis,
which kept me in bed six'
i montns, and the best doctors t
' in the city said I could-not
live; 1 suffered fearfully from
indigestion, and for over two
years could not cat solid food
. f and for a large ]>ortion of the
time was unable to retain even
liquid nourishment. 1 tried \
llrown's Iron Uittersand now
after taking two tattles 3 am [
able to get up and go around . - \
and am rapidly improving. > 1
a complete and sure remedy for
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Malaria,
Weakness and all diseases requiring
a true, reliable, non-alcoholic
Ionic, It enrichcs the blood, gives
new life to the muscles and tons
!c the nsrvr.s,
' . ' ' f
WANTED ftGENTS^T^'ol^ws!
Written by tho Wlfo and Moihor!
Tho onlr J.lfn nuUinriiml hyth?m. nnil ?*ldch HhoIh
nntl Thunder* wtory. Mjrlj ni otliwt* t>ut a TKUB
LIFE, hy Dm only itfimntM In iv>w?.?ion oi lh? tuclt?a
fMltUful WIKf.mid MQTKDicf Trull, more Inlerwt
?nij initn Bcllnn. Aurnu nhoiilil nptily for circular*nnu
(iwSGuuolInl Imirn now. K?-nJ 75? (or iiro?i?wlii? lxm\
J. H. CHAMBER8 & CO.,bT. LOUlB.ma
W r '.'"-AT wife-ii
i. \. *V"iSffi!'j?i''''?? WLCI!,ji
to"!'? ,iPrk Klllimu'u^!. I'jE"1'.'^!! i5;
ilrli "' wr '"" "?ti;
KOH sikui ^1
TT0 US I'.H k'O it"iAlitsTSll
ihl? i S. or would wil Material 1
further imrtlrulm vmn\w *? ltil? J J1
Uhih illV???Uv M'ii'i>T ullWc. jlfl
i 15 ?h*rc* UlWllo Nail Mill. I
i .. ? HhaiviH?!liiioiimW?stiirk. 1
IS) Khmc* l'lro <k Marino Itnunuiw W I
W HUltw Fmnk'.in hiMir.it tviMni I
h. .... ISAAC IHv,
I ycQft Ofllw.Nn tttTwrfsfl
I poll SACK!
I Farm of 101 ?iw, 1% lnllw from Vrj^.1
M*i?li*H county. W. \ ?..) :> ii-^l
I lion, mostly In ([???, twolu-wiil l'?h(,u*? ??1
ami * viuli-ty of Mimll fruit tut-*, HtttViStl
Kli'l well wau-rvtl with never Nlil?s?j.frV*M
lu.iulrvol JOHN i.. tin CJ
I or to \. ffflUK ,v ito i
i an'ift l^MintrtKlj
Eleven acres on tlio hill sbo're loin.
JfOJi 1(|;.VI\ ~ .
Tlio fine luivo Xcw n?.
Main street. AImZ ,
tlvn Halls sixty (eet ,|r " ""'''"'KupiliAll
will l.?i ||?|,|1B| J; ,
l>ancv about lint vl He,?r.
' 'MI'-SlJ HAWI pv
pou "?-^5
u'5 l*" colon
III" rlverVw l,!^! iilii u ,rC- Im&
of tho Into Francis Cmni-i,. uu.h! V.1" "
or 11,0 (n,oi??t
liani *11(1 t?tht< 1 o Siiflii,. II..,, w<'VpKlltBV ft,
blllldlllRM. oihWB^:
nont'liu'Iuv0' ? r.
lor Unt imriSM.
" r
The Coturtnershlti heretofore cxhtltr UnGeo.
Hook, I?, f. W. Sohrailor ami Kituk Lum
tier the Una tiiuneuf lfm?k, Sdiwla A On, wi
this ihiy <U?+<>lve<l by mutual eonjMt. G? ilu
mid 0. F. W. tfehwrter will *111**11 the ht<1.a
of the lute Ann. We hereby return curitntu
all of our ltulroii!.
C. f W. Sl'llRADtR.
MASK mi *
QCTOHKK '2.1RS2. jrtJ
TARIFF iliffl
The Commission to "Invn'JnV i!
the various ?jUf!>tio??'* lelslini; In the urkallan]
commercial uierrmiti ? . monuletturirt tialrc
Htnl industrial tmlustilnl hittresU ul tht Iciw
States. so far ?s the kame may t* imtxrj iithi
establishment of a Jwlliluiis writ!. tn ? niK:
justice to nil Interest*," l>? inc in tlicprwnntot;
Its Inquiries "eiit|?u\verc<l to \t>U >mh tlli'ttn;
ixdtlons and seciioiiv of theiountrj ?U!iaij6?t!
Hdvhnhle." will sit at the UclXtE liJlit
\VIIKKLTS(i."on October l':tli.
Parties dcsiiinc to cive u>tiiuony vfc'iuUi'rvt1.
statement" iu chief in writing. liHutojiij ?ia
Ikj allordeil for oral exolHiiati ju.
rresilient of the TriIiT t'eeew/a.
OPEliA lioUsE!
?>C'roi;i:it t tuui3.
Stij.|iarliiiR the Great IkbrvwliUlcrtCozdiu.
II. Wayne Kills' (.'umeJy, lu J Aiu,
I key Solomons!
*** *************?????
* "II you tjcklc iin ill) ?c iintU.j!i" t
Hebrew Melcdy ami Hebrew Fun. A fittai:
Laugh of Two Iloursandi Hill
t!'Tlio most amusing, IhhkIi pronUsj, pu
Comrdy, tuiin*?ive ol the em-iuile tsu-rdli
Children ofJu.le* In 'Ikev Soluicdu.' Sue.'
does Mr. Hii>Ii kIvc their aimu-ii;g i?n;lieiiS
soilg mnl miluieiy, tint lie chinrcU
delineates llie traits that nre undod ?i.J *Jt
(Hieing of llic teatlered wee."
Adnihsion .10 and T.'? cento. No aim rliim li
Reserved RiiUi. Heut#on silo 111 U|l*in AIUuebi
nniMe.More. oomnn iuliii! Monday, on.* ?'
qoji Missios Kirs s5u:
I if virtue of a decrco of the County Cowl of CLCounty,
\V. Vu., made Novemk-ri.I^n.lu il* k.
In Clmncery then therein |?iidliie between Ho
WIiiHiis. <oni|ilhlimtit, ami Anion. Whe?t. HI:
bethJ. Wheut and Stanley II. Wheal, d? f?*iid*M
the undendgiieu ComiaWouir "I'l-uiutrl by *
decree for the |iur|*r?\ *111, on
JIKK. lv2,
?t the front door of the<*ourl Homed ai'lfnuc:
commencing ?t ten o'clock a. *..*11 at
lion, the north half of the lot of snmno naniU. I.
(four) hi iheiijuHre iiiim!?.'rei!IMl]fUtii)n:ijdntof
ihotiirtrt of 'he t-lijr o! Wliitlhv'
county, known as Midllo Whwllii*.1v*hi?a
fronu on the cast side of nw|i.lhr.
Fourth) street, with the Lulldiep mw
nance* thereto la-donglug. , .
TKhMKOK.SAU.- lhe |.ii?chio?T toW ? ?
one-third of tiie pniehr.w money. n?l mtn.tnt
sum .w he nuy elect. Ht.d the MUmr I" fl"''
MtulIinenlHul nine mid eighteen *
terest from the day of sale: Imiid# wltnumi>
be H|iiiroved hy the l.'omniMr.iar.lt * ?'?/' \
the deferred in?talhneiilr, mnl tlie title w *
tuiiusl until the jAymeiit of the portst* ?(/.
bond ami ucuilty i.h.- lam plvt-n ly
'uuto'u", ',) m.|c,.0| l,). ||:i^
United static ok amhuci
ihsrillot ok ?i--t vims
u iif.kkas, nro|k.t c< * ' 1
comuitaloiier iih> 1-coii tliui in v.
of the united hlnte* f->r the .
kinirt. on the'-till day of (i,
i(mrr;.?ju nkhimi the meani'"** v,.. ^u:.(
ucklc, nppiirt'l mini furniture.k* lii.trw
tluit thereto ducmid ui.h'l to?m
for mariner'*? ?? ;?. themm?>' *? . < i?|.
die muster (if the wdd heman*! jfuxiil
to |ny, together *! '? tic or,>'
expenses. , (v,..
now. therefore, in tiuwiurcoof t.?- ,
cler the heal of said Court t?.,.7/r;
delivered. i do hereby ?i*ew", ?ijf, ?l
nouk claiming the wild teiuiimt,-j? . vrr>u
jnrel and furniture, or in nny ,?i
therein, thiit they he ni.d 'j u'w rr. i'
bntrlet court to bo hold m tic !ut
und lor the district of ww :?mh?
jiiy of octolicr, iks.'. hi 11 i??v*
of tliht day, (provided the '"f.
|url-diction. otherwise on tin nisi f- .few
lion thereafter) then find du re t>
:iuims. mul to make tl.elr*:!. ;*}l?a?uw?k
dated the 3d day of ort iu;r. wv
oril a.w. atki
dentistry.^, .
a ""
jfew york dfjilnl fflni|>ai>)11
10.0 uai.n'st.w-iikh.inj.
during ihc pn*t ycnrthniikwl* ' [**'
extracted ?t i.rrnii' w* .-~.fi
best g-xjm s-bi
at'tlght d0li?abs rsjlaefcm
riw" for fato's&g'gs'fflirc *jg
no. 1143 market street. wfittllsl * '
All operations warranted.

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