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Silks, Velvets,
F.ycrjr Grade, Lvcry Color and nil Iholcc I ntt jtur.
i/iidira' Wraps mill Jackets,
Moit Elegant WinterOnrmenH Manufacture! to
order Irotn KxvlUilvc De?lgu?.
W? have J nut owned llili week Fifty Robcaot thi
Uteit PurUlau filylw, which wualmll u-U at vwj
low jitlcei.
Our Hvo Dollar quality la without i\ rival. Olhci
Kiudi'.i ut fi (X) to 8li! W,
Wo lavlte lnnpectlon by the Udleaof our niug
nllW-ent iHxnlny of FhO hihI Winter tfotlout, coiu
jirUiiig all (lie Lutcrt Novellic#.
A. Siedenbacb & Bro,.
1104-Main Street.
Cleveland Knit Hosiery
Wo Uke p'.ciuure In infoimlng onrcuntomei
thai we hwo ?K?ln n (nil line of thin celehmtei
Hosiery in itock which is very much improved
Alto OtoK\NK4VllJ?V YAUNd.
Wo have on rule over 100 ityleaof
..J v
Comprixlng a rollcctlon of pretty wittcnm rarel
to bo seen, hi iirico.i within the rcftcli of *11. Ai
coir openlncifl/icnrlet
At 85 oo per pair, which are very cheat). Also bi
otliur loi rfiliu-o Fluid* lit6c,*?Eix40 Towel*utId
mid a beautiful lluuof
AT . 0
Bottom Prices. ,
<.. U
We Invite an examination of our 25 am! 35c ytfi
wide ('Mtinierts, ami ultto of our 00c black an
colored CiUiUmeres,
Ulcvcm li St., bet. Main and JIarkcl
For THIS OMl?G WKKK we will oiler tl
groateit variety of l.&dlcs'. Children'*, M foes' *i
tfuf" UmJffvvejir, hi Merino, Whlie anil Colored
all wool In White ami Ited? tit Mich prices ns l
meet with the nnst sanyulnc buyer*. Over &
doxju to select from.
Our Stock of HQHfKRYl* fall and complete, an
will be Hold very low. Comprise* the celebruti
C'lnclimitl Hosiery, hand ttud muchluo knit.
OurOl.OV'K and C0K3KT Stock* comprises tl
latest styles of the season, uml will be sold very lov
Our CLOUC DEl'AltTMKST. consisting of hl\
Dolnuns, Silk Circulars, Walking Jackets, Ulster
Ulsieretlej, Circulars, Mi.wcV and lu/a?u' Cloak*
ttiu latest and mou iipproved styles. We are *tb
to meet any competition, no matter where It com
from, in this department all goods are nuuufa
tured by tia. all good? ?n> IrcsU ami new, aJi wyl
are our own, aud every garment is guaranteed to I
and wear.
Ladles avail yourself of this opportunity. Co
ami nee u* when out shopping.
Blum Ac Marks
Factories, Ml Market Street, Philadelphia.
_ cvlG ft Walker Street, New Ynrjc.
Otn?'o: >ow. -T? nuil 27 t'ourtceutli Nir??
Xew Advert IfteiiicuiM.
Opera House?Alice Duuniog.
Argand Parlor Stovts?Nesbitt it Bro.
For Cincinnati?Steamer Scotia.
"Wanted?Girl to Cook.
Notice?U. 0. A. M.
Knights of l'ythias, Attention.
Attention. Supporters of Goll'.
A. Siedeubach ?fc liro.'a .Bulletin-?Head i
iwrgiiiiis jsrtraordiuary?Jiead of Local.
MRS. ZIEHENFEEDER id prepared 1
supply fa initios with n llrst-ciusH urticl
of lee Cream to-day. No. GO Twclfl
street. tav
THE usual merchants'lunch at the Nc
JicLure House Sample Ilooins dally*
Nii]ircin? C'utirl uf Aiipculit,
This Court met in its room at the Coptic
Saturday worm tig, nil the Judges bein? pre
ent, and transuded the following business:
11. D. Fisher vs. Thomas Brown, froi
Jackson county, appeal and supercedeas a
lowed; bond
Samuel Carothers et al. va. Thomas 1
Sarueant et al., from Taylor county; opinio
by Snyder; decree of Circuit Court atlirmei
Pennsylvania Lightning Rod Company v
Hoard o( Kducatioti of Cass township, froi
Monongalia county; opinion by tinyde
judgmentof Circuit Court alllrmed.
Jones and wife vs. Win, Fox et al., froi
Kanawha county; opinion by Green; decrt
of Circuit Court reversed and cause remam
Jteid and wife vs. Stuart's cxecutors et al
Qiltilan aud others?, appellants, from Greei
brier county; opinion by Green t decree i
Circuit C'ourc a farmed.
John 1). White's administrator vs. C. A i
Ity. Co., from Greenbrier county; rule i
mandamus was awarded, returnable ut Jan
ary term.
Stata vs. John Thompson, from Muse
county; writ of error was allowed.
Treaw vs. Simtns, from Kanawba count
petitiou for appeal and supersedeas was r
In the caso of Neylor, Smith, McYoyvI'fo
and Urowu va. Joseph Smith, judge,etc., ar
the C. &0. Ity. Co., from Kauawba count
petition for prohibition was. re fused.
Samuel Casto vs. Marguret Kintzel, fro
Mason county; appeal and supersedeas w
allowed; bond $300,
J. N. McNally vs. A. M. Bean ot al? fro
Kanawha county; petitiou for appeal ai
uupersedeas was refused.
J. I'. Near vs. liar bar* Mauck et al., fro
Jackson county; petition for appeal and s
pereedea* was refused.
Adjourned until next Saturday at 10 a.
A Valuable llook.
Wcarain reccipt of X. W. Ayer & Sot
Newspaper Annual forl8S2, which con tail
in addition to a carefully prepared list of i
newspapers and periodicals in tbo Unit
States and Cauada, arranged by. States in g?
graphical sections, aud by towns in alnkab.
leal order, tho population of the Unit
States, and of each State, Territory, coun
and county seat, the chief cities and towi
and of uearly every place in which a papei
published. Similar information ia given cc
earning tho Dominion of Canada.
In the United States the populations a
from iho census of 18S0, and in Cauada fro
that of 1881.
It also gives tbo political majoritiesand t
Greenback vote of States and counties at t
Presidential election of 18S0, anil a careful
prepared description of every county in t
united States, of each State and Territory
a whole, and of each of the Canadiau Pro
, inces, giving valuable information concer
ing their mineral deposits, chief aRricultui
products, principal manufactures, nature
the surface and soil, location, area, etc.
gives also a table of tho cities and towns
the United States having a population of fi
thousand aud upward, arranged in alpbabi
ical order.
1 There Is no other singlo publication,with
our knowledge, which contains informatii
of such varied use and value forgeueralbu:
nesi pur|>oacs.
Ciiuncit-Y.vnn coughs can bo cured 1
Ilale's Honey of Horehound and Tar.
Pj Kit's Toothache Drops euro in oi
minute. mwfaw
Urlcriilt* of Ciirr^nt^ctri nWl G<ix?f|?
About Tntrii.
Cnsnvttt arc In market.
Kay la becoming cheaper.
' WiiitkBuvk'1. thiaeveujpg.
Ykktkuday; was a lovely Sunday, w u% m ,
vnccir.t? CourtmeejjMhla J
tiir. Oiilteil reefis again ready for service.
N'UMKuous'Cdaca.ol pawpaw poisoning ore
Tub Public Library evidently iUla "ft-long
felt want."' "' -f'l HA ~i
>r',,M'V will be a called meeting *of Council
to-morDrtf wight. __ 1
i Aiii< the mills but Ihc Qtivet&ldo aro ruuultig
duuble turn.
Thk Iron frame, work oUhe Standard mill,1
i over the river, is about completed.
> TukSi. A IphonbUH Society exourtedjloCfln*
ton Saturday, nmhwHIwurn'ttwlay. ' *
.uAiiun s r r.ui;i mune ot mu moai uusiiiiih
munufacturliiK towns in thisivlcinity.
Tiiurb petty catea nt 1'ollca Court 8s(Ur?
day morning, and one attlm mutjnee.
Tub Heiialre nn\l lias 'ordered some
additional inachltua of liweeney it Son. ,
Tub route of the K. of l?. i'roccsaiou appears
* in i;ur advertising coluirtns this monjipg. >: !
Chicauo brewers'have raised (ho fpfifcfei
beef. CVYilijAVheeling bft^tn follow, ftiftt; |
Tub Odd Wdows leavo for tho Grand
Lodgo mooting at Oharliaton next tfuturdayi
' Tiik Grand Lodge of Knights of, Pythias of
West.Vhginla meel? in lids cily'ttwiiorrow!
] Tub Ilourd of Coinmliafonera meet to-day
i to canvasa the ballots cast at the recent eltci
| turn.'; i >,. I f j . 9;; r j u ) k K i
s Mit'Otarsii GlAis, of;tUls city,lias enjrifod
1 in tbe brlcsmaklng' business at Martin's
| Kerry, 0.
I. Tuu Oporn-liduseJ lamlTweijt up Jo Wellsbun?
yaturday to play fir tue' 'Republican
O.vb by one tlio native fruits disappear ami
tropical substitutes'take their places on the
confectioners' stands.
J TilitvBS* broke Into J ijstlce Caldwell's frflVce.
ou Ttvcl/Ui street, Saturdny morning* but had
their laborer their pains. *' ***** j
.. Colonic I.'ou Marhiiaix was again arrested
e Saturday for disorderly" conduct, but gave
security aud was released.
Tiik jLcUvo Base IJIill Club, of the East
Side, bout the llivernidcf, of tlio South Ktid,
Saturday, iu a score of i to 2..; , f;) i
x\ , fXiiKiic were'two, burials from ipiirlcl'fom
at Rridgeport'ycaWday.' The diaeuse tanking
jib an epidemic over there,
A call is found in this morning's bsue for
amteting ot G oil'supporters at tiic .Lincplii
Clubrooms to-night to urrauce for a*ct!ebra.
tion., ,, . ,
lUrrrr-ky cami'iitli/fl ''WhKo SlAVe^ com9
binalion airirmHn tbe.dtyat lu'ulotxk lbif
morning, ou the I). & 0. traili, mid uro at the
AlcLure. ^ |
Wasiiinoto.v has ''comct narUptJ' , Tbj
guests assemble at 4 a.m. and view'the comet
until the sun rises. w Jleautime refrwbiucitti
are served. . .J. b^L i
t? Tiik United Company's reel hag been r*
I IT.I...I In Ihokxnvu ? {?!. ? l*r.n uvlu in
"* place of the' broken one, ami uUo a new set
of springs. l i ' u
An office lias been opened by the Ualtimorc
it Ohio Telegraph Company at Claviville; foi
the transaction of buolnesi.) John 'Dell,
of West Alexander, is manager.' wv j
A hoy named O'Brien was arreatcd Saturday
evening for stealing a pair of shoes from
'1 a Market street store, but owing to his youth
_ was released nu restoring the *h$t>?, ) '? >}
10 The African. M..K. Conference, of Western
w Pennsylvania, Kastern Ohio and'West Virginia,
while in session at Uniontown, agreed
IJj to meet next year at Washington, i'a.
A new six Inch water main has been laid
ic on Twenty-third, Twenty-fourth, Twentyv.
fifth and \Vood? streets,4 South fijdU The
Ik main on Ohio street, Island, haa been relaid
?. to accommodate the recent change of grade,
k Fiied Miu.eb, janitor of the United Statei
Custom house building, was relieved Saturc
day, Charles Dickerton having heeutup
^ nojnted to succeed him by-Survtyo/ tteQcii.
Fred haa served in the capacity of janitor for
(jj the post fourteen yeara.?'
At the last meeting ol tlfe Ohio County
Medical Society, the following officers were
elected.for the next year; President, Dr. B'.Ji,
9 Jepgon; Vico President, Dr. K. C, Myers;
Secretary, Dr. A. F. Btlfel; Treasurer, Dr." 0,
F. Ulric; Board of Censor-, Dm. W, j. Bates,
Sr., It. W. Hazlett and L. D. Wilson,
- Packed houses Saturday afternoon and
night applauded Tony Denier's "ituuipty
Dumptyv troupe to the echo. AlfreifcMiiico
k the clown, is surely the funniest', scamp thai
ever whitened a /ace, and he made tbe pari
f totuime a wonderful creation. . The remain
J ing members of tbo troupe werd aji fldjpif
? able. ....... . _ |
a large amount of, wool is. still In the
hands of the farmers of Washington county,
it is worth about 3Sic0ntb' ;Mr. Geo. Taylor
who baa represented the Harris Woolen C'oni
I nany here for some months, will return tc
Wdonsocket, K. 1., in a few days, having
bought 1,500,000 pounds in this and adjoin
ing counties, at an average of 33 ceuls.~A'?
jmter. fi ; ? "".Til*'-' Iti] "'J ^ i
0 Saturday W. M; \yiikins, better known m
"Dad" Wilkins, aT veteran'^eni^qyVof ll&ir
man it Son's" South" Side"tahhery, wus pre,t
eented with a complete suit of clothes by his
ll> employers. t His iellow workmen also gavt
le him a large easy chair,*and afterwards thj:
j. entire force sat dawn to a bountiful dinnep
provided by the proprietory it was the thif
tietli anniversary of Mr. Wflkina'connection
with the establishment.
^ Tije worksof the Elsou1; Glass Co., in tlx
First ward. ure beginning to..8how up lm
niCMioly. and are the prominent land mark
just now. Their main building' is ap'prouch
}, mg completion, arfdij^nov partlv nndei
s- roof. For light, couvonicnco and sine ther<
is nothing in this region that cJtu conmarc
)i with this building, andflt;prdpJiies -t&bo t
I. model glass factoryJn.eYeiyjrcspect. $Sliotil'tl
there be no delay on account'of bad weather,
). they will be ready for operation by the firjl
n of January?Martin's Ferry Timet
Tub articles of agreement.in. the "W'tisger
s. ber-Bricelaud scull, race! wertfalgnecl Satur
? day- night. The purse }l,(iQ0 o|
r; which was put up by the ltriceland' xnen and
$1,000. by Wefcgerber. .The race is thre't
u miles, aud is to oe rowed over the Wellsburg
J? course on the 28th of Octqber. between tlx
- huuio ui i. uti? ? y> r^.cv.iFiWituagei!
was appointed final stakeholder. 1'be reaso);
1., for choosing the Wellsburg course was. tUat
n- the citizens there offered each rower $100, am
ol other considerations which were deemed yul
uable. ' : *,f . -' / V it I ? ? !
? Tub "White Slave," the latest play of tha
prolific writer, Mr. Bartley Campbell, wai
u" produced in the presence of a lurge smdjentie
in the Fourteenth'Street Theatre* last "night
,n and was received with:a runtiifcguccompani
ment ofapplause/ which Seemed (a jnificat<
that it is likely to prove a popular sucoesa
c" The story moves along very briskly, witl
plenty of incidents aqd a most liberalallow
, ance of ,Validations,-"! which jippMrcd^toJbt
heartily enjoyed. ; Th>]play washaridaoiuel}
J' mounted and verv well.'acted.'??ZVifui Yuri
Evening Pott At the Wheeling Opera Houst
this evening and to-morrow evening, -lie
served ;seats at Wilson?, -Bomber's - ulusli
in ?>? ?.. . J ' ( ';V! V
^ On last Saturday afternoon; at tbo wheel
ing hospital, Dr. John Prissell,msiatedibj
,u Drj. Ilullihen. Hupp anil Hildretb, success
u. fully operated on the eyes of Mr?. Luciudi
Houston, of Washington county; Pa.,.for tin
M restoration of her eyesight,-of whicli she hoc
for a long time been deprived by tJio diseaat
known among medical men as cataract. Sat
, unlay afternoon was a joyful one /or Mrs
:H Houston, as for the first .time in overUwt
!il years sho.was able;to^recogui*e pereona'anY
J, } objects. Immediately? after 4bel operatloV
the old lady was in ecstaciea over her ability
?:* to see; her face beaming with smiles, she ex
"j claimed: "Why, it's a nice day; it don't loot
J" cloudy; I see the people on tha street; I se<
^ the houses, and doors, and sash and glass it
.5' the windows across the street. I see some
" thing yellow, and red passing; I don't know
what it is."' 'The old lady .bad never befon
__ seen a Citizens'- Kailwav,car." 3 5 ;
itu -'Quits a surprise wm given* to Mjs&Tayloi
on Saturday evening by tho students at tbc
lie Female Col lege. Tho teachers and yon ng Ih
ho dies were spending tho evening sociably It
|y the parlors, and after all had enjoyed tin
he music and usual Saturday evening's amuse
as ments and recreations for'some time, Mini
iV. Taylor was invited to accompany the rest o
n. the party to the library, Upon enteringth<
al library she fouud.the.joom tastily and elab
of orate)y decorated, and in the midst a table o
It elegant refreshments, Miss Taylor seemec
of quite astonished, but tho wonder ceascd
ve when in a graceful and eloquent lltllo speed
?t- by ono of the young ladies ubo was reminder
that it was her birthday, an'd 'was'Invited t(
in eat, drink" and be;merry, while pusslng an
,n other of the milestone* of life's journey. The
,i. surprise was entire, and the joy of feacben
and pupils was perfect. Miss Taylor receiver
the hearty congratulations of her student
>y and their "thousand good wishes." In re
turn, in an'oarneit add row, slieei pressed hei
30 surprise and warm appreciation of the unex
petted expression of regard on the part of tljt
young ladles. The affair was a success and
the occasion one of'gouulne enjoyment.
price ol pafaloea Is agitating tbo roinda
d^iOdsekeepera. They are as high as in sea*
?0^?,wllp.n,tlw crop waf abort, and yet tbey
never werepleniler than tblsyear.
Comi'Laim Is made that the lamp at the
east end of tho Fuck, river bridge has not
be*n lighted* for -several months, and that
darkness has pre vailed. This matter should
I be looked after by the proper authorities
I h Tmk friends of Joo N'ouc and WUl Loowos.
Of the K.iat Knd, met at. Joseph Nlohaus'
saloon, No. 1625 Market street, and arranged
a foot ruco of 100 yards, the purse to bo $.*00,
tlOO a side, and (lie race to be run at Horn*
brook's I'ark on the fourth of November.
I] Tins evening tlie llellalro Turn Vereln
will j-i'lchrnti' tlu? sixth nnnfverflurv of their
6rgan!zition, at their. Imll in Hcllaire. A
large number of Ihe W'litelliiR Turners ami
Ui*lr friend# will go down on the steamer
O.^Y. lucm,"leaving the wharf at 7 o'clock
P. M. t
^GvsOuEtiDicK, (arctimu of Pollack'* cIgar
factory, who lives on Alley C? reported to the
police lAHt evening -that his Hon, a boyol
tJjJrteeu; \y as J mipunj*/ !Tho. bpy had been
playing ttuant from-school. and his father,
iviueD)0, thr'atentd to punish him, which is
&uppo?eyfto(exp)alirldB absence. ,
t^unM having wktir iliotoh. watercloset*
or qtL'ur,targe flows of. water .emptying inti
tbe^lain'htrtfbt.'iewer, are requested to ust
th'etu to-day 'as Utile, as - possible, as workmen
are eu^ud in repairing the break it:
the main Hewer south of Fourteenth'Street
which sprang a feaic Friday night.
TifK County CoMmlssloners'Committee or
Finance met Saturday afternoon to sctth
claims against the iiog Tax. After a thor
otigh examination of theaubject the commit
tee dfoided that tbey would only be ablo tc
pay 75 per cent of the claims at present, ajs
that was as far us the money would reach.
Tiik little five-year-old daughter of Wiliian
Shield#, of the South Side, who fell over the
balustrade of her-father's house, from tin
tccoiid to the first floor, on Friday afternoon
a* was reported Baturday morning, died ves
tcrday morning from the injuries she re
ceiveu.-vTha family have the sympathies ol
a large circle of friends, /.
V TiiDBBDAT.'eYflntn? ;l?ext .the.ladles of tin
Fourth Street M. h church will give theii
first supper and social of tbefoason. Kverj
ono remembers liow enjoyable tiie?e wen
last winter. Vupjter commences at5 o'clock
At 3 o'clock a literary entertainment wil
take place. 'This will attord'all an opportunity
to meet the r.ew pastor.
Tiic Public Library was crowded almost tc
aifflbcatfori Saturday nfght. ' Over one hun
dred aud,thirty books were taken ou? insidt
of-iwo houra, and It Is estimated that ovei
tivcjiiunored people jjvlaited ,tho.rooms
Yealerdiiy tbo rOo'ius were Open, as they wil
b<i ovury tfunday* from 1 to (J p. m., and wert
lllled fllJ the limp, T?e Library ispopu
lar iu the extreme. "
Somr intereit is being manifested in tlx
boat race Qjr'er.thc Upper course next Satur
day, between Joe llabertteld, of this city
andTieman, of Pittsburgh. The latter, ac
i computed by his trainer, arrived in the citj
, Saturday evening, hjd. Clator has charge o
i Ilaberllelu; and will put him in thp best con
dition possible for doing the best work then
(s in him iu the coming race. Some bettinj
has already been done on the.race.
Two NKf from Nfanuihgton, named liil
and {'at U'Jfyten, were in town yesterday
, and undertook to take the tiiVil home witt
. them, commencing in the FUth ward. A|te
knocking dovn.au old man and a boy, the'
jumped on avRvfc 0. engine and triod to rut
it towardvh<iniV;but it would not run, am
" Olllcer iJarun^captured tbtm. A warrant i
1 also pUt fdr thim for trying to clean out tin
1 United engine hduse.CIt will go bard with tin
bojrrip po}jce_C9Urt ,tliis morning.
Jous Wat^in# and Thorpaa Y^rnPri tin
" two Harbour coqnty red men who have beer
[ confined lu'the Ohio county jail for eotn<
months, were last night taken to Philippi t<
i be tried iu the Circuit Court. Sberifl'IIeather
ly came iu on the 12:35 train on the 13. it 0
: road;and was met at the depot by Captaii
i Hennet^.wJjO bad the prisoners in charge
having been miut^ted by # telegram ffUll
, t. o SUerUTto have them the;(/, ihtil be jmgh
. return on the 1:33 tram ou tue same roail.
Jacob rolfjirid -hia sister, of the South Side
were out yesterday in a buggy belonging t<
,Awnu3,,t|)0 liveryman. As tbey were com
ing along McOotlyoh atfgefo near the It. & 0
stock)yard?f tbey'met a crowd of boys }n 1
, pne-liorse'wugoi), who wore > making a.goo<
, dea} ofjjojse. The horse attached to the bug
; py was frjgh^n^ raped ?P. upsettinj
the vehiplo, which was uadly.proiton Up
' itolf hjui-bis .forehead severely crit, and hi
sifter suatained'souie injuries to one ol he
I t'jea. fhe Iiorao TytM not badly hurt.
. ,Titc Kourtll Bl^epi >f, Glltirpl) wa
( crowded yesterday morning, every seat bein,
. occupied,und several chairs had to hp brough
. into requisition,?,The new pastor, Itev. D:
. Spiitb, preached his first sermon, his subjec
. being "Alinistcte' Work.1' . Iu the evenin,
atioiljpr large congregation was present Th
sermon''>wca one pjj that fruitful subjec
^Charity;" " f)r; 'Smith hiju a very plegsin
addreu and uuis no njanuscrjpt. llisges
? tures'are easy and hu has the faculty of hold
' ing the attention, of hia audience all th
, time.J Tho KoarthTstreet people appeared ti
he very much pleased. Dr. Smith has estab
| lished himself at the parsonage on Chaplin
street, whore ho would be pleased to oiee
fflrjtb his parishoners.
" | " J 'jH'jKNO.VX'lS,
j !<4o??l|? ~?bont MhH>?ir People nui
Oilier I'onplo.
' W. S. Wiley, Esq, of Now Martinsville, i
in the dty. .
Auditor-.Miller left,on Saturday on a busi
1 npsg tjip east. . "* :
t John Dunlap Is ^ponding afewwec}>s^
! Urbana/Ohio.
: E. G.Cracralt, Esq., is in Monroe county
Ohio, on legal business;
Judge G. \V? .Thompson and wife are honr
> from un extended northern trip.
Hartley CjiMpheJl will be in Wheeling to
f day with his ' White SJave" combination.'
Missj. Clara Cleaver, .ofIMt) Pleasant, is th?
[_ guest of'Mrs. A. v. Mansfield, of Bridgeport
' '' Col. G.'W.Browh and family,'of Grafton
are visiting^'; E. Whitakcr, in the Fifti
] ward.,, . .. itV
' .Misb Mary McGraw, of Grafton, formerly
I student al A^OBPt Pe Cbantal, is visiting ii
j "the,.city,' _ .
?'.W^A;"Hoarne, Esq., and wife, are bom
! from Washington, Pa., where they spent th
5 'summer^/ , .. :
1 ir'Chariie Goetse, the .East End pbarmncisi
; is . In Pittsburgh -on business and pleastjr
\ (jombincd;/; :
^liss ilinnieMiliigan, who has been visi
. lug friends 4" this,city, has returned to he
1 home in Cambridge;-1.'. 1 .?>' - i
' Mr. Charles Burdctt Hart, of.the Phi lade
phiaiVrM, is iu the city visiting his fatbei
I Jn-JaWj.M^LiOUJSiq.
\ Miss IiJa Frew returned Saturday evenin
. from Baltimore and vicinity, whore she ha
i be<m visiting for several weeks.
Hartley Thompson and wife, now c
Wheeling, W-Va., are viaiting'thiscity,'thei
; old home.?ft'ncimiafi Enquirer.
I Frank Stan ton returned Saturday evenin
| ;(rop>rBeifontaine, .Ohio, where he has bee
mauling rails on a farm- for his heal th;
4.1. Harris, a ;Belmont mill nailer, has a<
cepted acituatjon in tlu new mill at Ming*
-Hon. H. J. Parker Jolly, of Peebles^ Scoi
land, was among the distinguished strangei
registered ut the McLure house yesterday.
'Hon. ThosI'A, Stewart, editor of the Clar
county Vtmocrdt, of Winchester, Kv., is tli
guest of Jir. A 1. S. Harden, on Fifteent
Rev. ChapllneMcCabe, the famous mtr
inter, now living at Columbus,-Ohio, is in tli
cliyfnnd oil)dated in yesterday's services a
St. Muthewa'CEurch.
Miss Emnm.Wliite, of Wheeling,, stoppei
oJTat Kejser frbni a visit East. She will b
the guest of Miss Berne Aliller for severs
diiys.?I'Udmont Disjxitch.
Delegate elect J. H. Burtt will slump
portion of western Pennsylvania for Thonia
Armstrong, Labor candidate for Govcrnoi
the'tirst part of-next month.
Dr.*~Gco"'HT"Balrd aud daughter, 7?ris
Jennie,- Misa. Mattie McColloch and Mis
Jennie Bradyr will return to-day from the!
cugiage trip through Virginia. .
'i.Slri G.'C.-Miiligan, recently an attorney o
tbiscity, hasopeued a law olllce at Bellnirc
He. is a younjr roan of sterling worth and w
predict will rlse.in thelegal'world.
Mr.'E. M. Pearson and wife aro visiting re
ati\es in. 1'hlladelphia. 'Sir. Pearson wll
again address the TarlfT Commission in rc
gard to the?duty on pottery ware in that citj
* jlf.^T. MfBuIaney. of the .firm of W. J, C
"Dulauev&Gx/df Baltimore, contractors fo
furnishing theState with stationery, wholio
been' iu the city for some days, left for hom
Saturday.' , V. .
F.' D. Young, "E/q./of New. Maftinsvilh
one of tho active and earnest Republicans c
Wetzel, gave us a pleasant call last evening
He sayjt that thbsmlllngdown there has bee:
of tho Lincoln Club pattern ever since tb
election,. !'..m! ' . \ j
Current Talk In View or the Coinlti
JIUIllClpHl tlfCllOII. '
Now that the fall elections In this State a
a thing of the past, the biennial city electlo
which occurs the Utter part of next Juiiuar
begins to attract a good deal of attention c
the part of t)io public. Owing to thecbang
iiimlo in the city charter by tho last Legis)
ture, there are two less olllcials to be' clcch
at this election titan heretofore. Tho oftlce
to bo chosen are a Mayor. Clty 8ergeAu
City Clerk and Wharf Muster. Tho Stre
Commissioner and Superintendent of Watt
Works will be elected by tho Hoard of I'll
lie Works and Water Hoard,respectively,aft
tho expiration of tlio terms of ollice of ti
present incumbents, who were elected by tl
people beforo the amendment of the churtc
Members of both 0/ tha branches
Council Will also ho Thrown frn
each ward, as usual.- Some Interest isr alroai
man I feat in one oflice, that of City St
kimuH. l'riur to this time two years agocu:
ill dates for this position linil already a
nounced themselv^*, and by the and
October thu preliminary campaign w
waxing warm, The reason for the presei
tli.Heront state of atTalrs U not vail
seen. So far only one candidate /ortholi
publican nomination haa been named, b
tidoCapt Dennett, tho present ctUoicnt i
oumbent. The ono referred to Is Air. Da
N'vflbltt. Whether he Is a cutidldatoor n
we are not authorized to say, but some of b
friends have mentioned his name. ' L'aj
Ittiuuett is understood to be a candidate t>
renomination by bis party, and as ho h
managed the city's police affairs ubly, 11
partially and with conspicuous success, 1
will no doubt be a leading cuudldate, to si
the least. '
For the Democratic nomination there a
at least threw applicants, Messrs. Port
Smith, John White and W. 11. Shatter.
Bo far no candidate# for the mayoral
have been mentioned. Mayor Egerter 1s sa
to bo willing to make the run again.
For City Clerk we have beard tio nan
mentioned so far but that of Frank Dowei
I tlie present clerk. His claims toarenotnln
tion at the hands of the Republicans are 1
r faithful discharge o( his duties and hia ei
, dent competence for the poaition.
The Independent I?nborparty contemplat
putting a full tIckot In tho field, and the ?
uatlon tuny shortly grow more complicat
than there is any present prospect ol its t
XtvciluiC ot Hie Ninte r/*ii<J J.tuJgo 7
The thlrteunth annual fcesilonof the Oral
Lodge of Knights of Pythias of West V
idnia will convene in this city to?morro
There are in tho State tvyenty-two lodges
the order, nearly all, if not all,-of which w
1)0 represented, The sessions will probat
lilt three days, opening at 10 a. h. to-uiorro
and will be litld in Castle. Hall of Dlu
l'rince Lodge, at the corner of Chapliue ai
Twenty-sixth streets.
Grand Chancellor W. II. Logan, -of Mi
tinsburg, will preside during the session
the Lodge, but Supreme Chancellor Lin to
of Johnstown, Pa., will also be present, i
i companied by one of the Past Grund Cha
cellors of Pennsylvania. The other ofllct
| of the Lodge are J. H.",IIeaton, of Parke
Inirjfi Grand yice Chancellor .J J. Ituf
tinutu, of Berkeley Uprings, Grand Kee|:
r of Records and Heal; Johu Hniith, Grai
. Master of Exchequer.
The visiting delegates will be escorted frc
? the Stamtu house to the place of pieeting i
" uniformed Knights, and the preliminary bt
. in ess of the meeting will De transacted in t
forenoon. In the afternoon there will be
s ^rand par^d^of unifornjed d}vis|ona, l?eail
liahed In our advertising columns this iuoi
ing. To-morrow evoning un address ol w
come to the visiting Knights will be dell
ered at Turner Hall by B. B. Doveuer, Esi
and afterwards u ball will be given.
The meeting will bring large numbers
} pfoqiippnt pitijrens of tfep Htat(? tfl tjip pii
1 :.nd no doubt the Ofder will show to betl
advantage than expected by the general pi
Tlie Nullum' ISiinc linll Game.
>. Ten nailers of the LaBellc Kail Work?,
j thjs pity, and ten of the Bellaire naili
1 n|ayed a gajije o? b?*a* Ml Saturday
Bellaire. On account of the sickness of a la
5 wbp liyc4 near the Bcene of the proposed c
. ^3t,ou Or^vpl jlijl, tho game took place n?
s the B. 0. stock yards. As another club v
r using the ground the game did not begin I
four o'clock, and hud to be ended with t
s fifth inning on account of darknws.
u Tlie players wcrefts follow? i
t JjKf.I.AJUfc. liA DELLK.
. Gus. llartenstein, c. N'ewt Linch, s s.
t LJavid Stewart, p. James Travis, c..
? Geo. Simmons. 1. f. Cash Evans, p.
e H. L. Bcck, a. s. David Evans, 3d b.
t Lysle Venning, lstb. Frank Bero, Istb.
p Milt Stewart. ;)d b. Joseph Jjero, gd h,
i- Johu Wler, r. a, \Vm, Qreigltton, I. f
\e kewis Marshall, r. f. Finley Mclvinley.r
a Aaron Mills, c. f. J. Dickman, c. f.
6 Win. flee J, 2d b. Ilobert Clark, r. 8.
The score stood 13 toO in favor of t
6 Wheeling nine. The a core was keptby
t Battelle, of the Bellairo Works. Both nil
indulged in a supper after tho game, a
spent the evening resting and enjoying thp
eelvpfj. nine, although heat
j in one ftmse, ure content, for98 they play
amusement their end Is gained.
We append a summary of the score:
N. Llnch - (i 0. llartenstein.. .....
i? J. Travis. ......... 2 D. Stewart
C. Evans J G. Simmons
I). Kvmn - 8 11. Keck ....
4 ?
W. Crvlchton,...^ ( /. V.'ier ..
'i F. McKluley..* OiU Marshall.*
e R/ciVrk..r".!! r.,.r
Totnl .I ic| Total................
' SCORE IJV isyjfqs,
l i a 4 5?
wheeling ? Si 0 7 3 1
liollaire 1 2 1113
From eminent W, L. Alraou, PresitU
Medical College, Halifax, N. S.: "Colde
a Liquid Beef Tonic isTnyaluablc for fever,
ti digestion and weakness! and is unsurpast
for female complaints." (Take UO other).
c druggist a. ; mwtav
o F Mettiiiberaor, Ohio. Kobt tJluss, PltUb >rgh.
J U Hurley, Itcuwood, 11 C Rouatetl, Hiltlinoi
. llenrv lJi lndlc;Corlulh, J M Ailnmv, Chiotffo."
t* J?k Hedge*, city. J Hout, StcubtnvlUe.
ir W J Watson, rlttBburRh.'J Smith, city.
C Dulz, Dakota Territory, w Comntock, Snnduakj
, M ? ur?iKiu>, voiujjiuuj, w A U1PK1WS, CUy. :
I* CLuntl.Clncl natl. W J Dull, Martini Fei
f. Mrs K llreckenrldge, 0. J Doraar, Wel'uburjr.
MlvsU m llrccketiondge.O. A W Crarcer.'WellHMi
MJj# Lizzie BjJdgeuuiD.O; C W JlrilJJu:
B Mrs J Hrldgnian, Ohio. -J MtiNeal, Brilliant.
Vi A Uebunheltn, N Y. M M Everett, Wellalmi
15 Hurt-hard, Baltimore. T l' Fryc Kvyser, \V Vt
, 110 Hunt, Michigan. Xf TSujder, Ohio,
it J I'Swlggs, AVoodsficld.. 1) A Ferguson, Ohio,
r C It Carter,Zaucsvldc. i,C.Shaw, Newark;
J L Alton, Philadelphia. It L Itutt, lut () R IL
J P Dukelmrt, Baltimore. T F HtsValt, lii O it;
g E Wagm r, Now York. A Dritccs, Onto.
ii T L lJonnovllle, 1'hlla: * ' C wuilumj, Ohio.
J Denour, lUvenswood. \V Fnzivr ?t child,Ohli
i Stochr. Woodllcid, E K LW Sandusky.
K11 Poole,Clyvelivnd,- J MRuwcll city.
>, 'f Altai, llaltfraoro 11 Carter, city.
It FIuuhbim,Huntington. II Ilebrunk, city.
. W K Snlvoly, BellaJre. F il 3J,iri)ca, Wiwhirgto
i* J MeCoimell, Cleveland. W K Wnyman, city,
a Ed Ellin Zancsvllle. V' BHiotnpMw.mito.
W 1' Plumcr,Boston. J Workman, Its O It !
. FDauetoo Columbus. Geo w Ttolero. cl r,
k C BTurner.l'hllodelphli. J V Mendel, city,
e Dana Geyer, city. W J dolman, city. .
Ii John McGetv Littleton.
TO.VV tJilNIEff'S JfJCtr Ht'Ml*TV I'UMPTY. .
. GcoSydnry, l'rof A l.Gleason,
'* aille hsura Mjaco, Cli&s I.eroux,
e Miss Ada Aduir, SI(?nor Sllvo,
,t JlfssC'nrrlo ttruwer, Fred Ott,
MiM J o*o Sutherland, Ed Smith.
, MlssSartle Connolly, Chag E Trischcr,
I Alfred h Mlaco, Albert Splllcr,
e (feo MTohack, Georgle Oak*,
\ GeoWStfll, ' \ I-ouli Eonley,
Chaa E Schilling, Win lUnton, "
Frank Husked. ,
a ' . ? ? 11?:'
f ' A HK.MRDY resting ou the basis of intrin
i worth demands the confidence of all. <]
Bull's Couch Syup.ia known and used m<
a satisfactorily throughout the land, as is
s tested by its great aalej.', Your druggist ke<
r it.
I lloj For Hnrlin'ii Ferry.
A good Investment can now be fount]
e Martin's Ferry building lots. These lots j
located west of Ihe new class house in Slirev
i addition. Lots are filly, feet front by o
[ hundred feet deep and arc offered at privi
w sale. Those not sold up to October 21st y
" be sold on the grounds at publiosale,'- sale
* commence at 10 o'clock m. These lota m
' be sold cheap. For Information and elegi
r photographic views of the lots Inquire
18 Abram Lashf Henry Ftoto or Mr. Med
? Martin's Ferry, or Mr. Medlll, Bridgeport,
C. A. Schaefer it Co., real estate agents, Whc
| lnK*
A triil package of "BLACK-DRAUGHT1
J free of charge,. ,
For sale by Logan & Co.
BOLD AND 1>A It 1 Mi
iff Attempt to Horn Anton IKeyuiami
re Liit evening,about 10 o'clock a verybol
n, and dirlng'attempt was made to tiro tt
y, residence of Anton Heymann, Esq., Pres
m dent of tbo Keynmnu Urewlnqj Co.;, forti
ea nateiy I1 was dltcbv^'red In time to ;irevet
a- the destruction ot Jlie property. At tli
:d time .named, Mr..lteymann and his wl:
rs wero sitting In tlio fumlly tooiu of the
t, pleajant home oh Fifteenth street, when
et nolao as If some One was walklm?' abon
ir was hoard from tho upper, story No atlei
b- tion waspald toltattirst, until Itwaaagal
er beard. It was suppowd to bo one of tli
u oui xiiiwi, win, u? n.msiy minsuu *nr. j?':
le niHim called up NUiira and receiving n
r. auswer proceeded to investigate. On h
of way "up atalra stuokflwas smelt, audit wi
ni traced to the garret1 Ilutryirg up then
ly Mr. Rey'mann found that a bed ha
tr- been puflfd out froni I ho wall n short d!
ii* tunco and a lire started between it and 0;
n? wall. The floor was already burned throng
of and the bed and woodwork about the wu
us was'allre. - This was hastily extinguished. .
Dt window was found open and t hanging out <
ly. it a clothes line, Uie end of which was tie
? toa'table. It w>is by^his that the "tire-bug
e? cficaped. It Is supposed he gained accei
n- early in tho eVfnlng before the rear doo
Ve we locked. Who the villain was or win
ot his njotivo, it Ih hard to' imagine. It mil!
Is have'been a alight person?a boy, iis tl
>L clothes line is an old one, And would w
ur huv? borne much weight. llud the tiro o
us curred a half hour later the result won!
u- have probably been dltastc.us. ns Mr. > lie;
ne uiann and wife would have retired.
I . ludtcatloiiN. '
re Wasiunown, D. 0., October in, 1 a. m.?r
For Tennessee und the Ohio Valley, fa
weather, followed by local rains In the wes
ty ?rn portion, soutlieait to southwest wind
i? slight rlso' in temperature and lower baroui
ter in the eastern portion, and followed t
n? lower temperature and rising barometer i
T the western portion.
'* i; For .the Lower Lukos warmer weathe
u" southeast to southwest winds, lower barow
'i* ter and fair weather.
.es It take? over one hundred pairs of glovi
fl: to assuage the grief of the Brooklyn olllciu
c" over the death of an alderman, whose 11
,0* might have been saved by a single bottle <
Dr. Bull's C'ougb Syrup.
TuE'Unlted Labor party talks of nomlna
o- mga Kin ncKet /or i fie corn Uitf city election
That party will find ditllyuliy in scouring
,,d better representative of the labor elernei
r> then the present City Sergeant/. .
w* TnB,CeluloUl llye-Glassca are the most pe
of feet artificial help to tho human eye know
HI to science. Try ft pair and be convince
.v For sale by all leading Jewelers and.OpI
1,5 ciaris. mwxaw.
w, ~ ?
clc ItlVKK SKW8.
A Few NoIcn Prom ilto l.civco iiiul Mcur
-.'ttxi, if ??f*t '? I bunlH.
The price paid for the Welcome was $8,00
,h, Surveyor Beach left Saturday /orilariett
ic- Business is light during this low-water se
u- son.
:ra Tho marks last evening indicated a depi
of about U feet in the ohunuel, and statio
,'er ar)r'
The ^Chancellor passed. down about
o'clock Saturday morning, twenty-four hou
lU1 behind time. She had her wheel blight
t,., damaged while making a lauding,by baekii
jg. intokbarKo.
he Ihe Sidney did ,not get away until nft
a njidnight Saturday night. Site was dc'aim
ed by low water, J not arriving until iSaturdi
lb. morning. The Denier "Hui'nniv i)uiin?t>
n- troupe went to Marietta on the boat.
it is ^understood tyere that the Ohio wi
take a day in the Cincinnati and, Wluclii
! ? and Pittsburgh trade 011 the opening of na^
gation, and that the Telegraph, F!eotwo<
01 and Hoatoniaw'iH make semi-weekly-tri,
y, each to JVnneroy.?Cincinnati Times-Star.
?r -The Cincinnati Enquirer of yesterday co
tains the following:
Charleston, AV. Va., October 14.
Eureka Imurance Company:'
VirgieLee sunk in Elk Shoals, Kant\wl
Jr* river. Doing all we cnq to raiso her. Thii
j*1 Will gel her up to-day. AVill go on Poi:
Pleasant docks. G us Brown, Master,
on , r ns
Consumption in its early stages is readi
cured by the use of Dr. Pierce's "Gold*
111 Medical Discovery," though, if the lungs a
wasted no medicine \vijl ettbct a oure. I
known remedy poshes such soothing ai
healing iniluence over all sorofulous, tub*
oulouy, and pulmonary affections as tl
"Discovery." John Willis, of Elyria, Ohi
writes: l-The 'Golden Medical Discover
does positively cure consumption, ob, aft
trying every other inediolpp In vain, tl
succeeded," Mr. ft T. Phelps, of Cutlibe,
Ga., -The 'Golden Medical Oiscc
? ery' has cured my wife of bronchitis and i
f. cipient consumption."- 8old by druggists.
he . . To.Tlic JLikIIch.
k. JJaving. just returned from the D. 1
ICS Moody School of Design for dress cutting,
ud r ?lit -? D
-- uu-ymunvi, * win oner io me mules
TO- Wheeling and vicinity the only true and i
on liable tailor system for cutting dresses wit
for out basting or ninning to see if it will I
This system will be'ottered for the low pri
of $5, for this week only.
mrr.'l. a. mattitf,
o l>3 South Broadway.
" o - A Coboh; Cold or Sore Throat should
l stopped. -Neglect frequently results in i
-o incurable', lung disease or Consumptio
-1 Brown's Bronchial Troches do not disord
^the stomach like.cough isyrupg and balsan
" l but acts directly ou the intla-uied parts, alia
? ing irritation, gives relief in' Astltma, Bro
- 0 chltle." Coughs, Catarrh, and the Throattrou
les which singers and public speakers a
-T. subject to'. For thirty years Brown's Bro
-7 cHial-Trpches have been recommended 1
~l? physicians, and have always given perf
satisfaction. Having been tested by wicle at
constant uso for nearly an entire gonoratu
int they have attained well-merited rank amoi
p's the few Btaple remedies of the age., Sold
in- 25 cents a box every where. rrhBAW
ied " ...
0* , CoLoutsD rinra can be hail at Fred. D. Fis
r i er's Drug 3tore, No. 1218 Market street.
Make your old things look like new 1
using the Diamond Dyes, and you will
happy. Any of the fashionable colors for
kj, ' cents. mwkaw
A tour strengthening medicine aud heal
roneweris Brown's Iron Bitters.
ry- : "Hackmktack," a lasting and fracmnt
K< lame. Price 25 aud 50 cents.
tt! 8niLon'fi Cons; will'/iniinocICately relfe
^ Croup, Whooping cough and Bronchitis,
i," For Dysi'Rish and Liver Complaint, yt
have a printed guaranteoon every bottle
Shiloh's Vitaliror. It never fails to cure.
A. Nasal' Injector free with each bottle
R. Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy, I'rice 50 cents.
I Sold by 3C. Booking, agent, under Odd F>
. low's Hull, aud by It. II. List, 1010 Ma
street. .
Ik you are sick and troubled with dyspc
sia, Brown's Iron Bitters will cure you.
it. , t.
"WINE OF CARDU1" for Ladiea only.
For sale by Logan A Co.
Kctlucliou in l'lnnos.
Present stock of pianos, Steinway, Kna!
Chickering, llallet & Davis, Emerson, Hai
man, Guild, Ac., at the very lowest prio
and great reduction for cost. Call early a;
secure great bargains.
.. ,i : ' Lucas' Mcbic Stors, .
1142 Main street,
"BLACK-DRAUGHT" cures .costive;
ncss aud Sick-Headache.
For sale by Logan & Co.
&io '
Go' to yonr druggist for Mrs. Freemai
3St New National Dyes. For brightness and di
at" ability of color "are unequaled. Color fro
!PS two to Hvd pounds. Directions in Engli.
and German. Price 15 wnta. n*w
N' K lull HO It II (HID XEWN.
Pawpawsnrc being gathered in great nun
lu bets by Bellairo people.
le Philip Ion# on Saturday caught two ver
[' large, lino basi In the river.
j. Ker. A. 'NV.'Butls preached nt his pulpit i
^ the l'lrht M. 13. Church yesterday.,
One new member was received Into tt
l'lrst Presbyterian church yesterday.,
i- Ww. J- VV. Jllghleyman boa returned /roi
ir a long visit to her daughter in Minnesota,
'a MImi Til Ho Batnford Is yet very low wit
'? dlpblberia, A!)*j Ktta Whipple li much bf
l* ter.
" B. F. Jotica,Principal of our public ibhool
\?m Is nubllshlHg ireekly lists of visitors lo tl.
' MrfiimlM.
|8 Rev. 0. A. Richards, ?f llrooktielJ, Truu
l9 bull county, preached at tho JJisciplea churc
e yesterday. .
u Misa Kllft ilcro, of Wheeling, returiic
? homo Saturday aftern few days' visit wit
10 friends hcTe.
') Tim building being built for tho Ohio Sly
'l Conii>a?y, wwitof A. 0. Melloti's, on Thin,
^ ililrJ atteat, is upto tbe roof.
Ji Some of our gas street lamps have bet
misbobaving of late nights and one went oi
J3 iu the rain for want of a globe,
ra Q. 0, Million has moved bin lawioflif
jt from Wheeling to IJel la I re, to the room fo
it mcrly occupied by IX; AV. Cooper. ..
io Apples suehj to be pretty plenty here ai
st some rer/'ibie ones are being shipped en
o- from orchards in this township. ,
J* I'hillp llralily la having a sewer luid fro:
' bla housfaoh Belmont street to connect wi!
tho private sewer on .Thirty-sixth street. ,
Mrs. 11. 8. Smith, of Columbiana count,
_ arrived here Saturday evening on u visit I
r the home of her father, Mr. John Kirk putrid
t. There la a rod or so of sidewalk on one <
y our principal streets,that is a puddle of wat<
ui its lull f width whenever it rains, and y?
,v thiee-fOuiths of all .who go between the u;
? peraml centre part* of town have to get ovt
r, Some ono left a stop-cock open wldo in 11
e- third story of the Fourth ward fcbool'bou;
Friday evening and it ran all night, tloodin
the tower clear to the ground. Ihe furnitu:
ps and carpets hud to be all tuken out. Tl
Is plastering is soaked and tho walla w<
fe through. ...
Teachers' examination will bo hold he:
next Saturday
Kight marriage licenses woro issued by tl
Probate Court last week. 1
3t Capt. Danford, of llellaire, removed to h
farm weal of town this week.
Mr.T. W. Balnbridgp and wife, of Toled
r. are spending a few days in town.
n At a tow hero on olection da/,' five aho
d. were ft red by one of tbo roughs, without c
li- feet. Ho arrests were made.
Eli Perk ins will deliver the first lfecturo
the 8t. Olairsvillo lccture course Monda
October 21. The other lectures of "tbo couri
ii- are: Mpjor H. C. Dane, Mrs. Mary A. Live
more and Stuart Kodgers.
0. Fifly Democrats remained at home electk
ft< day in 8t. Clairsville precinct. The Ci
cinnnti Jhnjuircr says that fourteen hundr?
a" Democrats did not vote in Belmont count
This estimate is entirely too high* Abo
th eight hundred Democrats and sis hundri
'?* Republicans were the stay-at-homes.
j weddino at claiukoton.
rs Last Thursday evening a yery"pleasat
lv event took place atClarington,Ohlo, it beii
lf, the marriage of Miss Silvie Gamble, daugbt
of Mr. Vuchil Gamble, of that place, to M
Uyur. Friday evening a reception w;
tendered tbo newly wedded pair by M
'' Godfrey Hyer, father of the groom, at* b
Y, pleasant residence in Baresville. MlssGan
ble lias many friends both here and i
Wheeling, who wish her ail manner <
11 good luck. Handsome Mack Gamble, clei
>K oti the steamer Courier, stopped off to see tl
happy event through.
>d .
Ps Bceclior In Politic*.
]S*ew York, October 15.?Henry Wat
n" 1- 1 ' ' *
^.ucv-uuj iu ? nuiiinjii iu-uay uuviseu it
congregation to register so they roitfht ]
able to fielect yood and puro meu forofik
ja If any person did not want to voto tl
,k ItepuMican or Democratic State ticket tin
nt might Unci the Prohibition ticket a j?o<
one to vote. It had been stated that 1
himself was a Prohibitionist, but this 1
ly declared waa not true.
in - - - - - - ?
id u
s OhJfyBack!
That's a common expression
and has a world of
^ meaning. How much suf0[
faring' is summed up in it.
re- ,
li" The singular thing about
ce it is, that pain in the back
is occasioned by so many
things. May be causcd by
be kidney disease, liver comiii
plaint, consumption, cold,
? rhcumatism,dyspcpsia,overwork,
nervous debility, &c.
re neglect it. Something is
"" vrong and needs prompt
ct attention. No medicine lias
id yet been discovered that
Jg -will so quickly and surely
at curc such diseases as
Brown's Iron Bitters, and
b- it does this by commencing
at the foundation, and mak:>y
ing the blood pure and rich,
tO Legnniport, Ind. Dec. i, i?3o.
For a lonjj time I have liten a
sufferer from stomach and kidney
i?. disease. My appetite was very poor
and the very small amount I aid eat
disagreed with me. 1 was annoyed
. very much from non-retention of
urine. 1 tried many remediet with
no success, until I used Brown's
Iron Bitters. Since 1 used that my
ye stomach does not bother me any.
, My appetite is simplyimmense. My
kidney trouble is no more, and my
Du ceheral health is such, that I feel
Of like a new man. After the Use of
Brown's Iron Hitters for one month,
I have gained twenty pounds in
Of weight. 0. B. Saiickxt,
ill Leading physicians and
clergymen use and recom,p.
mend Brown's Iron Bitters,
It has cured others
suffering as you arc, and it
will cure you.
Tbo best of all good Roofs at tlxi smallest
cost, arid
Which vastly Improves all buildings,
_ made and put on by
33. F. Caldwell,
Hoiispfiirnishing Goods, In the avii
of Tinware, Stoves, Grates, &c.
Nos, 1507 and 1509 Main Stree
Jefl-r WHKELLVG, \'A,
JL will of a well equipped Job Printing OWce
this city, or would wil mnterial in Ints to suit. F
further nartlcnlnra ejujuheat thlsofllc*. or of H.
IxiuB a; Sunday Leader oQlce, jy|
DRY 000P3.
y ;,t ..
n 1114: Muiu St.
Iwm nriniiG ?
;ncm ouuuo.
a u
?A XI)?
: YelyetS,,
r" for which (hero is at present a
ld great (Irmaml. Ilnvo cvlm'.v sliiulo
it tint! <imility. KhioScal Flushes for i
' SaeiiuoH, il spocinlly. '
I Geo.E Stifel&Co.!
k. ^
5 Gciitiino ilaryiilus throughout {
our extensive lines. Jtonne't, Uul- j
? net mill oilier lend ins brands nl- j
i ways on hauil. j
0 Geo.E.Stifel&Co.'
Embracing full linos of plain ;i ml
>' Embroidered Cashmeres. l'tnin ,
,ri ami Twilled Cloths, fejliooda and
Foule Cloths, ctc., etc. f r \
I Geo.E.Stifel&Co.;
id i
eir>s .!. r'."-.-,-cssasss sc aaasaagaenea i
!}f I i.
t Geo.E.Stifel&Co. I
>e (
e. 1114 3VC A.xisr ST. (
1C ncO . :
\ = (
II oiPEK^ lioUsE, I
= " Rags are roml raimeat when worn for virtue's
sake. "?White Stave. r
(Two Niylits Only.) j
OCIOUKK Kith mxl I7lb. i
The Grand Succcsh! t
Thcnrst pronounced hit ill New York City last <
season. - Frist production lu WheelluroIHAKT-,
LEY CAMI'i>EI.I.\S New und 1'owerlul ?
Hay, THE
And all the original New "York scenery and propt'rlJus.
tt3"specui, Notice.?The nlay will lie produced
In ihiit eity under the Personal Supervision of
HARTLEY C.tMPDlvLL, tho Author. ; ( ' > i
Admission-.... ............... .SO and 75 cciits.
. Reserved Seats ,
< Seats on ?n!o at Wilsou A B miner's musJt' store
sale to commence Butnpiny. Octohor-Hth. - rocU '
^TraTi ; 1
Sow Vork Ilciiful Coiuimiij's OIBcc, '
' 10.0 MAIS ST., WHEELING, "...j
During the past ye/irThous/tnds of Teeth hitru been
? 1 txtrncUd at 25 centfl euch. 1 -;
58.00. 58.00.
Ghs Riven for Painless Extinction of Teeth. SO cts.
No. 1143 Market Btreet Wheeling, W. V*.
All ooflrHtlonw warrant**). jySO ;
Geo. J. Mathison's,
wis Wh'eelinc. W. V*.
? No. 1320 and 1321! Citinglu'8 Block, Market Street,
I formerly occupied by the Atlantic <;)/>! bin# Store. .
ThlH is ? specious room, handsomely fitted up with
a all Uio ncee?ar> counter*, (helving, table*, g*u tlx- ]
tureK, water, awning, die. Now ready lor occu. .
tmaey, '
One hundred dollar* rou-nrd w'U ho r?'d /or tho
apprehension and conviction of tho party or put-,
ties woo stole the Tarpaulin, hearing our name,
from our bark, bout, on the night of October the .
oc13 Tanner*.
N ~r\7"AXTED-W]IITE oak hogs- I
\\ HK*l) nut] hurrcl tbire. White oalc and i
hickory It foot hovpi. J. OAL PAINTER it JJKO.. \
Thornton, NV. Va. \ ocC. I
VV Coal Company'* Mines, two mile* out on C. /
T. V.& W. Railroad, Thirty good, steady miners, i
Steady work guaranteed, l'rices of Mining, Octo- I
ber l?c, 75 ce?u per ton. y
i nolt J. K. WATERS. BupL V
l, ... . I
~ For Sale Clicap. }
in Wheeling fclrape ita?nr and llcllnlng Co.
?j A. 0. EGERTER,
V -.' Becttiary
STTiTsTs fo k
wor? honsci, I'u, IfOOI)
gfchll. Bin,i. ftiiwiiue ,v Kim W' to I
porsale-A cTiISnn7r~p^L
socithomo on loni limn cl , BtV I
mum inn vcr lut. lalnuiT, kiimiS?1'' A Mi,;.
II mnauil HlUl'l.y "'"'Wlunibgjjg
l'ha?i?n? mi.l l'lann lira Hi,...,.,
TboliloHim cf Honk, Fdiuj,,, '
JSlS allium,,,.
fovaim nai.H. ^
1 will Ml at I'ubllc Allclloti utt WEONt'ci, 1V
Icmutr la, KM, itt 10 o'clock i. J1."'".
fo aMUCImplliw iireoi, iiauieboid Ja ??
'urullufut K|lt*<&
w, mwix
Eleven teres on the hill nlwse town.
so. 7. U. B. Custom House. Telephou J(
KUUt huiulro) nuiI.twenty-one acta of tScth
lingered Intul about flye mites *>nilie?to/ Htixon
(J, II,. ?. \?v. on the wnter* ui the Kik lau, I
I'no Wild UnntletM'l with eoul mid the HmWrtxn I
in floated iIdwu Klu ltlvcr to iimrktt. A!w S?m 1
ictt'M el limbered laud ti? Perry nmniy, T?tio??t
V. IIOUK A; hKo.,
oc-7 law Mattel
1^011 SALE.
lft Mian* UlteUo KhII Sllll
a.Bharea Belmont oh m stock.
20 Slimes Flic A: Murine JjMimno Steel
JO Slmrw fc'rankUu liiMutueeStok.
BCSO Nn '.MTwi'l'thStnxl
pou SA1.E.
' On account of the death nf Pntilrk MiCullongi,
! oli>r/or JflletlieoW.cktttblhhul btHlntmthimi
I/'IV- McUUi<U)l]UII & to., In the til,J*
lolly Town, (lrcetioeomtty.ru. Ithiulivtnliim
*Mialof.cr*tlon for o\er tlfty jcatmhiiI iiiliutiri
tt n pKH|'?foH8 community ami tine furmlrg m)
;rft*lugeo\mtry. Pewits i-otiUiii|i]utiiiKURii:lu
n the metwiitllc buhltim will titul this nu ?icd
cut opportunity.
I hiive alio Msveml hnptcvoJ Farms in the tun
tclghbotliood for sale.
For terms and Information, ndd ma
ocll I'itl'bitrsh. Pl
LOUialtAl IW A Y- PA Nil A N 1)1 K ROUTE
Tlmo iaVjIo for lui>t titiil Went tota-eted to JUNK
'^TralMlleave Panhandle Depot, foot ol Hm&Ui
txeot, near Public Landing, ually, except HumUji
m follow*:
WtU. Hast I Fwt I'ic. i ip."
Wheeling Time, Eip't Ki;?VKipV Kip^c'a
Leave? a. m. p. *. t, *. AiMj. v
Wheeling ? 6:ft! 1:57 u: ?;?, > V.li
VellKbuw 7:05 2:S0i 4:5q fc* 7U
itcubenrllle .... 7:35 S:lo 5:.'0 ?iy sin
?itUburuh - 10;0; 5:10 7:30
r. m. i.y. " ~""
I<irri>burg? 11:15 4:is
ialllmorc- .. 7M5
. m.
Viwblnjrton J5. 9.25 ?
'lilladelphin 2.55 7:50
Sow Yor* .... 6.15 11:15 -'
p.m. i
3a?to?? m...-.,
001 SO WK.-T.
I h'.c. I Ciu. iWiatl At- IT*
JKxp'* Kxp's Mall |:'m'n c'ru'a
Lcaro? a.m. r.m. a. M.jr.M. r. m.
Wheeling ? 6:52 4:17 6:32 1:5*, 6: <7
>tCUbonvllle~ 9:5') 5:20 7:35 8:10* 8:10
Jhdi* 1W? &00 5:5'.
)ennl3on~ liOl 8:15 - 6:lu
*cwurk flr) 2:40
)olUUltnM....?. 8:3U 3:15
Leave?. a. v. i.h.
' olumbuH........ 8:50 3:55 3:55 Kb
Arrlvo? r. *.
JdVtOll - C:'.'5 7:00 7:0o 1:50
Cincinnati S.(X. s.W 4:(Q 2:10
jidUnapolls 10:10 1130 fctfl
a. v. r,?.
It. Louis 7:80 8:05 s
Chicago ~ 7:30 7:M)' 7.'^....
buuday oxurtSi leaves Wheeling uu:W *.*.,?
lvcsWelbburg tf:25i. ?.. Sreuk-urJlle 9.55 ?*.,
miking clo-w connection for western poluu.
Train* leaving Columbus nt &50p. M.amllHl.
c., run daily. Through Chicago Expre* !?'ti
tolutnbus dally. except Sunday, al 5:00r. wjJh
looping car attached, arriving lu Clilraw ?t
lox; morning. Berths can be wcured In auvuai
Jnlon Depot Ticket Office. Columbus.
Pullman's IWftce Drawing lUtoa Elecplaf Cm
trough, without change from Stcubcnvllle lint to
t'hlladeliikia and New York. Wort to Colnjato,
Cincinnati, Loulnville, Indianapolis and St. lx>uk.
For through tfeketa, iMgntse check.*, ihvpwni
iccommodtttions, and any further InforoutloM^
ply to J-NO. G. TOML1.NSON, Ticket Agent, it h>
muiulo Depot, tool 01 KlevcnUi street, or it uiy
ricketOCica, under McLun? llnure. fthwllsi.
Manager. Columbui, Oh-Io,
E. A. PuKD,
Gfil'l pnw. gnit Tfrbet Agent. illltbiKb. ft.
On aiia after M ?y -1,1W2, paiMnger tnjni *111
miiM follow*?Wheeling Time: .
" ~ No. -?:tf No. ft No. I;.Vo.V*jVo. 3
LAST ROUND, Ucilj Dull} P*"/
LcnTG? A. JJ. A.If. P. *Wheeling
I' 15 J 35 Jjji 3
Bell&lre lik
Arrives at? ^ I
3raIton - 8.10 5-<-s l'M 7::f
[tomfcerlanfl. <:1, ^
Wuhtagton City '?& ??j 5:S
Baltimore ' *? j1? r.';J
PWtaWMito J:S SS 'rt
NwYorV... r. ?i. I"""" i ?
Boston - *JI' ??
:. No. 'I So. 8 No.il
wsaT uouhd. No*6 jDaily Daily .D*llj
Ixrnvo? ' ''A' Mil
&??=== M'4"?
Aitlwm- rJ 1,1
Zanurlllo *? M |:S g
Newark J;5S Jjg sj
Columbui - 8>10L, r,
Cincinnati - "j *5 tb $
Sandusky 7:??|'r.T" t%
Indianapolis.-...- - ^ 115
3t Louis... -? ':H k7f r.V
nhi?,? ~ H *? 7*
gwimnciir - i. i mo? wd tum
K. AiO. i'alitcn, Drawing Kwoia ana tiieepin*
on all night trains. ? .
Oloso connections are made tor ell poJsti Souiim
uid Southwest, North and Northwest, mttilng
i* desirable route for colon l*ti and' perwoi aorlVm
to the ureal West, and to whom parucuur*lttt>&3b
s Riven.
, muckkliko. wto and baltimore div
Leave Wheeling 6:10a.m., 1:30 r. MOr.iM
no trains run oti tlila Division oa Sunday.
Ticket* to nil principal jmltiu on ?je it Deptim
mcti open nt all hours during the dar. .
Information to the traveling public cheerful
pijou. w. m. ci.ementfl, m. of t.
r. T. devrikg, Gen'i agent. wwling. ,k
condensed i imo table o! ivm-cgcr inis<..f0'b
reeled to J USE 4, 1M2. J
_ "Iall. KijircMt ] KxprcA i Accoo. J
Leave? I
PltUburgh 8:00a.m. 1:20r.x. ittr.*
Allegheny 8:10 ' 1:80 " 4:15
Arrlrs? I |
Xoch<*tcr? 8:53 " 2:20 " 5.CC " - ~M
Reaver 8:50 ' 2:26 " 5:03 " M
2. I.Lver'L 9:37 " r.bO " 5:45 "
AellsvWc. 0:18 " I 3:10 " 6:54 " i.*-B
Toronto ... !C:27 " 3:10 " G:3? " 1% ?
Rcubcn'e- 10M7 " 4:fG " 0:57 " W ?
Mar/i K'yJllM2 " 5 01 " 7:50 " JjJ M
Mitel-port 11:40 " 5:03 ? 7:57 f? M
3cHaJrt^...|12:00r. M.I f- " ' "> " > M
rivkit vrvihos-Goisn ka?t. JM
I Accom. j Mt(l. i Kr )Tt-*fa. | Au<~M
wifgcMrt 0:00;; j|;]o;; {$.'' ! ?;
ll?t'?rr.. 6:07 1M7 ?' 5:St
SSTiS ?!
ZWSfc j li 1:: $::
||:: g: rs
aiecheny. 10:20 3-??J i'f: <
ItUbHt^n 10:30 " &30 2;M * * ?"
Urriibunc 7.w ?
UllJmoru clj. Vwhiau
n C1S Tllliwlcl
ft. ?,?, ~lew
York ? 6;io r. x
&)CtOH? "" i *ii j 1~
-mrp-wiM rail? f t-Swi"1
<0 r. U. COJiUOCt Ht ^ 01.ow CjCtK MK
All trtltu <lMly wcoptSund?y. y A pORD.

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