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Silks, Velvets,
Kvoiy (Irndc'i Every Color will allShokoIalU ?ur<
Mnvnmne in npycc p.nnns
Ladles' .Wraps'and Jackets, ~
Moat KltK'inl Wluicr (UrtocuU Manufacturvtl tc
oidvr from Kxclu.tve Iktlgn*.
Hobcs, Bobcs.
Wu havo just opened thin wtck Fifty RoboHof tlic
L?tc*t t'arbiau My leu, which we Mull sell Ml verj
low price*.
Our Five l>ollur <iua1ltjr l? without a rival,. lOlhei
grades ut t'J 00 to 312IX).
Wo Invito lfi*|>ectl<>n by tho Ladle# of our mug
nlfli'enl display of Fall ami Winter Notion*, coin
. prliiuRall llio Latest Novelties.
A. Siedeibacb & Bro,
11A s4 \T?tn
Cloak Rooms,
18 ELEVENTH ST., Bat. Main & Maiket
Wo arc now prepared U) offer to the Wholcial'
ana Kctuil '1 ntdu the laiKt*t and moat varied Mocl
ol Cloak*, Dolmans, Jucket*, Ulster*, UUtewite
Mid Circulars in the cltr. Our two Cloak Boom
mo Ulled with the very l?te?t stylw, and ar? bvini
replenished almost dally, which wo are scl ini
cheaper than any liouso in tlio trade.
Wo otter the following m spedi liles:
WJGiwd Cloak* at 12 M
to Loiter Cloaks ut ......... ...u 8 75
103 All Wool Cloaks at .. ?W
115 Alt Wool Dolmans 10 00
2ft ' ' 12 60
X " " la to
ib "
1-2 ? " 2010
la ....; i.:& w
25 811k Circulars, fur Ubcd, at 525.00, wntcn ir
Mirth |35W.
I'ieaw cull null seo thou. Ko troublo to shov
lhnm whether you buy or not.
250 Mines' t^loakx. comprMng the liaudyomM
, collection ever se??n lu the city. Our Ulstcrettu fu
illrlit for f.iur tortx yearn of n^e. a* f.1 nml |3 '25,*r
? gem for llio price, mil our "Kebcecu" Jacket, a:
wixil. fur ladle*, uiiiit bo seen to bo aporedated.'
tStf'itemembcr thefcturc In on KLbVENill 8T
near Second Ward Mitrlfel. oc!7
For THIS COMING WEEK we will otT.r th
greatest viirloty of Lm11c?', Children'#, Misses' hii
ticutii' Underwear, in Nleilno, While and Coloredall
wool In White and lied?at such price* as t
ineei with the most sanguine buyers. Over W
dozen to select from.
Our Stock of HOSIERY Li full and complete, an
will be sold very low. Comprises the cclebratc
Cincinnati Hosiery, hand and machine knit.
Uur GLOVE and COMET Stock comprises tli
latent styles of the soasou, and will be sold very lov
, Our CLOAK DEPARTMENT, consisting of J-il
D.ilmxns, Silk Circulars, Walking Jackets. Ulster
' Ulsierettes. Circulars, Misses' and Infants' Cloaks <
the latest and most approved styles. We art abl
to meet any competition, no mutter where It rotni
from. In thisdeparitnentall Roods are lnauufui
tured by us. all goods Mre freah and new, all styH
are our own, and every garment is guaranteed to f
and wear.
Ladle* avail yourself of tills opportunity. Cu
and see ui when out shopping.
1 ?1 urn Ac "rVTri/i'lrs
Fttctorlos, Ml Mmkut Street, t'bllatlclphliu
oeIG 5 Walker Street; New York.
Rowing Record
August 23d, 18S2, Koireil the ltol
course In 20 uiinutex. lioli'd bout tlm
over same course iO.Ott.
September 21st, l-owed the Clutor
Brleelund course In 20 minutes and t
O'llaulon'd host lime over stimccoura
WelsRerbcr'n lest time over sain
course, 21.21.
ltricelund's best time over same couth
Anjr Oarsman who cannot row thre
mensured miles in 20.23 has no hnshits
with John Lcewir." oel'J
The partnership heretofore existing under Ih
firm imuiu of llamlliiiiit q lug, has this day bee
dUiolVwl by rautiuil cotmeut, John J. Quins r
tiring. All persons knowing themselves.tobeli
dehted to the above tirui are requested tocull nb
settle. Persons having claims uguinst the Hrm ai
requested to present tliem for fetticuent.
Whkkuso, October 18.18VJ. . . oclj>
Having thli day formed a jwrttiorHhlp tinder tl
flrtn name of lUudlaii Uros., for the purpose.<
continuing Ihegralu business. we respectfully si
llfclt the patronage of the patrons. of tlie old tin
and the public generally.
Wiikehxr, Octobcria, 13S2. wiu
. Having thUday retired from the Arm of llandlit
A Qtilgg, dealers in grain, I take pleasure in Umil
lug the public for pnht liberal -patronise ?nd I
! tmecifuliy solicit a .continuance of same with tl
new linn.' "JOIIN J. QOltiG.
Wukkuso. October IS, 1882. , or I'J
During my absence in Louii
I ANA any order* left at my More will I
promptly 'attended to by ray foreman. Wllllai
ftchnt'llc. ocT9 OSL'Att cKKI.IA*.
Ik fAliifmz
\ OMi'Ui JioN.ttft aiitl 27 Jt'ourtvoulk Ntreti
New Advrrtlscmeui#.
. Wtthted?Situatlon as Porter.';C, i
To all whom it may concern. . Frame
House For Ren t. '' V .;.
The Argand Parlor Stoves.' '
.'Stogie Makers,Wanted, r.y.^4/'-'^^'v' !
Now Goods Arriving Daily at Graves'.
John Leemer'a JtowiuK Itacord?llead c
Locith _ ' " -
Architect's Supplies at E. L. Nicoll'n.^'
J list the Tiling for a Wedding or llirthda
During My Absence, ifcc.-?Head of Local,
' Dissolution NoticS?Head of Local.
Copartnership Notice?Head of Local.
Notice to the I'ubllc?Head of Local.
TJ1E usual mcrcluints' luucli nl UieNc
McLure House Sumplft ltooms daily, TtitriauuaeierKcoord.
.rK ;
The following shows the range of the tile
mometer, as observed at Sclmepfs drugitor
Opera House corner yesterday :
.1881 1883 .
I. X. 12 X. 3 ft X. 7 r X 17 A. X. 12 M. 3 P. X, 7 ft
JO- -4(J - 41 l-rcl- -f? .? .--62
J ' ........ f .IXfllCATIOSa., .'f;,
Washington, D. 'C.,v<October 19, 1 a. si.For
.Tennessee anil the Ohio Valley, illgl
rains followed by clearing and cool<
weamer, norineny wiuhs, nigner onromete
For the Lower Lake'Region, light loci
rains, followed by clearing and cool wcatbe
high barometer, north to west winds.
A. drugoisT ia New Richmond,'O., 3Jr. 1
J. Donliam, writes us the following: "1 coi
aider Dr. Bull'aCough Syrup one of tho ver
best things umde, 1 use it altogether in m
own family and can therefore recommend i
Mob. S S. KmnkkwM have her opening o
1 Friday and Saturday, October 20th and 21a
Til* Old Sixth Ward Drum Corps ia'n
quested to n(ect nt S.' B. Ferrell's, No^27(
Chapline street this evening, at 7 o'cioc
'.v :l.'
Mas. 8. 8. Kiunbu will have her opening o
Friday and Saturday, October 20th and 2la
, i i ri: , "A : .1' '
I, ' 1 * ?
r..':,'.-;:;. ,..Vl
Vltiall Morlaof UccnrrencM lu ull l*nr(i
of Tonn.
tO-nlgbt, VH.' ri ,-V V^.wir* i
* UoAtipof Kducatlon this evening.
Jlli'Mikats your houaes tliia eronlng.
steiukn vili.k in troubled *ith burglars.
Tus planing wills have plenly'oC business.
;Tub hop crop Is shortr-iker glasses Will
brink. V.ty'.j
l*TniV Weather is llko soma tnin'rf bills?un,
settled. I
^r.L the rolling mills are running to' their
lull capacity.^ v ( | (
Tumatoics and corn are Japldljr thinning
hut lb tnisrket, * *
dlwi.ikh.i imi picxeu uj> uouccauiy wun
the cigar makers. v I
Tnk* Jefferson Iron "\Vpxks' electric)light '
inachino costs $1,300. ' (
, I.oiit> CoirowALUH surrendered one hundred
and one years ago to-dny.
Latku varieties of grdpea'iiave about displaced
the staple Concords, "
Kvkhy mi|?pprtor of QofTand a protective
r tariff should tuni out to-night.
Tur. pay car of the Hvit O, ipad is circuit
ting In thjy'viclnliy ou its mfcnthly visit.
Tiiicnk inlght bo se'voniy-iGVHt comets ami
no one conld see them these misty mornings.
Tniukjcaseg wofovdUposed'of In Police
Court yesterday morning, nil of a petty na?
Lure. ; ' 1/ \ , \
Asc umbrella inender froniTittsburgh.'was
I run in by Otlicer Punlap yesterday, for Misorderly
conduct, 4 j- * r*) | Quinces
are plenty fii market at 85 cents to
St per peck. The yield In'oiir immediate
vicinity wus very small.
, Two drunks? plain, ?i tuple,,unadulterated
drunks, was all the Jhutile, coutairied last
n'gUt*' |
A BTEL'UKNVii.i.R merchant displays a sign:
"Twenty Loafers yrantcd?., Wheeling; can
spare twice as many anil not . miss one of
them. ' > V i - i 1 ,J c ' : 0
You who detire that "American labor thall
ic bo protected by the broad shield of American
h law," turn out this evening and show your <
? colors.
g Tiikkk will be a very jnriboriaiit meeting of
the Woman'! Christian Temperance pinion
at 3 o'clock.
Tiir members of tlio Young Men's Garfield
Club are especially requested to be at; the
Lincoln Club rooms at 7 o'clock promptly
Ibis evening.
An old woman named Keil,' residing on
Jacob street, in Kast Wheeling, was severely
ttcalded ytoterdhy,-by tlie contents'or "a teav
|>ot, which was accidentally upset.
Clkiik Hook1 yesterday admitted to record
il a deed in fee made.Octoler.13,1832, iu con*
sideration of $1,700, by James V.t Mendel, to
II II. F, Helirens, fyr lot 35 in Zaue'3 addition
, to the city, , i . J }
" We are under obligation* to ,W..y.( Brown,
- the enterprising and accommodating news
dealer, successor to J. L. Khcts, for Jfarfier't
for November. Tbe number is a specially
attractive one. )i? :
L/ui.. t\. Li. .mii.i.s, oi iuis city, is appotnieu
one of the marshals in tliegraud jollification
partide.at .Wheeling to tnorrrw night. Quite
a. number of gentlemen from, this city will
p go up and ])articii>ale.?ttcllaire Independent:
'I TlIC I.NTKLUUKSCKR 8?V8t. '"Stoubonvilln's
~ wealthiestyoutu: la'dy isshorlly to be wedded
w to a gentlemen from Kiust Liverpool." Now,
who lias been showing up her cash' for the
,1 benefit of the LsTtaucKJSOKR ficribe?~$?nfcc/ivilli
Uesehved seals arc going olTwcll for the
'? Lingards' engagement at the Opera House
Friday and Saturday evenings and Saturday.
f afternoon., The entertainments' afforded by
,f these fam'oiu actors are unsurpassed on tbe
!e American stage. '' '
Mr. Radford'bought a fine building lot on
? the corner cf Virginia and Wabash streets;
It iromC. A.ScbaeferA Co.,' Ilea I Estate Agents,
for $500. Mr. West's property, on Twelfth
11 street, was sold by them for^SUO.' Heal Estate
is going un it seems.
Great preparations are being made-' at
9 Wheeling for jthe Republican jollification !tomorrow
uighC Winding Republicans never
do anything in a haJf^way manner, i-and
those who attend will-.undoubtedly ?iee a
- splendidaffair.-?BelUure Tribune. I
Wm. Scheelk, a sou of the well kno^n
- contractor, and Miss Katie Widdle, were
married last night by llfev. Dr. A.'Schallranek,
at the residence -ol the bride's lather,
on Main street, Centre Wheeling. Afte$ the
I ceremony a most joyous eveuing -was spent,
m the gutsts demolishing a sumptuous arruyjof
en. tub I ph unci cirinkMhlc>*.
The United States Efcctric Lighting. Company,
of Washington, D.' C.,.was incorporated
II by Hecretary of;8iate 8talnaker, yesterday,
^ with $100,000 capital stock, of \Njich- $10,000,
the requisite 10 per cent, l?a3 beon paid in.
The privilege of increasing this to jjSifO.OOO' is
reserved." The shares are $lO0ea'chj and the
j incorporators are live gentlemen of Washington,
the name of Vtilson liutchins, of the
J'ott, heading the lint.
!? Lxtreveniugas Jaci Finnegah, a miner
employed in the KivejAide mill coal bank,T
c was leaving the bank, lie attempted to mount
the end of a car to ride out,but missed his fcot
ing and was thrown to the track, tbo. loaded
>, car passing over him. One leg was broken
one arm badly lacerated;.'and he: received
severe in| urien about the chest. /lie,"was" rec
moved to bis homo oa Water street^ Centre*
Wheeling: and a physician Summoned, who
was unable to tell the exact extent of his injuries
as yet.
The Municipal Court held a session yesterday,
and transacted the following business:
A liank of the Ohio ValLoyivs. llobbs, Tayl6r
!l it Co.. et al., in assumpsit: judgment against
Acme Mower Company for SGOfc 14 in favor
d of plaintiff. ^ A. C.'EgcTterys.'.-John Auth et
0. nl.V-iu chancery;'docrefl eriterad for the sule
of the real estate.- Indiana JJeiterg va. Stplfo
Spangeuberg et al., in chancery; final decreo
entered in this'cose confirming the sale of
~ the real estate. Court adjourned till.this
morning at 9 o'clock. . ... -1,* v., VJ?, * j
ie Some davs a/p, it will betemetntieredj Mifes
Nellie Andrews wan arrested oh complaint of
!}' M'liw* Kohinson on the charge of grand larceny,
and arraigned before '8quiro Arkle,
who, after partially, hearing tiio case, ud^
journed it until 6UcU, time as additional teg*
_ timony should bo ready, r. Yesterday v.Capt,
Dovener, her-attorney, asked''that?the case
be reopened, but the Justice refused. A
n petition for a writ of Jmbeat corpus was then
' prepared, and presented to Judge Jacob'.last
night The hearing on the petition has not
yet taken place. ,J*~ '*>?'* !
_ Night before last "Punk" Jennings, Pr.,lt.
jr S. II arvey,s.colore'diboy? had 8evorai-friends
Ks of his own hue in hm room until a late hour,
u "When he -awokel yesterday morning he dis_
covered that a solitaire diamond belonging to
~ the Doctor, and valued Ut $250, which ho had
worn in his scarf, was mining.* Whether It,
had been BkilTullyl leniovcd .boforo fhu' rotired,
'or surreptitiously taken afterward; ha
_ could i'notVtell.'VFohr of the boys'who Vc re
u in the room with him woro' searched by the
J police, but without any ysnlt, and the prospect
is that.^the Doctor?Is permanently^out u
> diamond. . ' f--\,? ^ *' ,? r.-'j V '->i:
now. w: r?. uowdb.v, oi uucrnsoy county,
"who so' ably represented the interests of the
wool growers of Eastern Ohio before the
Turin' Commisajon ut its recent short,session
in' Wheeling, ,,18..branded by -the ^Chicago
. Times as a beggar, because of'liisjilea lor protection
of;.this important intercs^to'tbis section
of country. Mr.,Cowden's concise and
cojupleCo hrrungement'6f facts elicited comy
pliuienls from members of tho Commission
ut-welt as from tlht^Wheeling'papers. and it
seems like straining at a knat in the Times to
call bim '.'beggar Cowilen fromlObid'j; But
perhaps this is tbe'stock Injradcbf the Timet
on this ]K>\i\i.?liellaire Independent.^ " ^ 1
If The Board of Directors of thBjVWest; Virr
ginia and Arizona Mining Company .'hereto,
foreelected, met at the office of, WlT'J. ,\y,
j Cowden, Esq., yesterday, nud '&rgahized by
electing the following otllcers: President1,
r- W.J. W. Cowden"*; "Vice President. E. Max?
, well; Secretary,-11. II. Sweeney; Treasurer)
J. W. Fleming: General Alanaper, George
Uuinpardner; Executive Committee. \\\ J;
W, Cowden, J. It Pipes andGK ^'. Atkinson;
The Board of Directqrs is/comjkwed of W.'/Ji
W.'Cowdeii, J. H; PI pes,'J. BJ Uecd/'aind G.
? \N7Atkinson, of WJieeliDj&.K'tO. Shotuns;
it of Moundsville; Edwin Maxwell, of Clarksor
burg; K. E. Fleming and S. II. Bitchie, of
r. Fairmont, and J. A. Moflett, of Parkoraburgi
ill . ? .? a??H--- -
a tkmjtJUAiiY uiuicuuy occnrreu at tiio
' Klottian mill at Moilndfiville Tuesday, caus?
i log the loss of ono torn" by the thy forced
-i Saturday last was regular pay-day at the mill.
* but pavmcnt was not uiado. On Monday an
explanation was asked .-of the" clerk,' builds
? reply, it appears, was not satisfactory, arid on
r Tuesday trie "day tarn'! gavenotlce;t bat1 they
would.not t'go op'^untuijtbey received the
n pay duo them. Accordingly the meu werp
U paid off that day,4?Qt-not until it war too
late for.them to get their day,y work done in
b. timo for the "night turn" to go on.VFroni,
>3 oulsido parties we loam that the reason fei von,
k by Mr. Caruthers for.not paving on tho regular
day was that they intended changing pay
day one week later, in order that it would
n not fair the same day that; the meu at Mr.
U Klqman'fl Pittsburgh mill were paid. If this
s tbo case there cortainly does not appear to
se anything so very unreasonable about tbo
'XmanDAT morning when the workmen at
the i^tim Mill went to work thej- found a
man lying oti the ash pile, near the 0. & P.
railroad track, in a state of seinl-unconslousiom.
Me was taken up and cared for, aud
found to be I'eter Ferring, of Martin's Ferry,
ind wai taken to his son's residence in that
city, and, aa enough of his ca?o was learned
to lead to the supposition that the late train
on the C.?fc l\ railroud had struck him the
nigru uriure, me surgeon 01 inerouu, l/r. j.
M. Tudil* was lent for. Tlie Doctor anawureil
the siuiuiiuhh and on examination found nn
i'xtensive Kiu,li on tlio head, baring the skull
for several inches, and other Injuries about
tliu bead. Ills right thigh'Is severely hurt,
but probably not fractured. Tnketi altogether
bis condition Is critical. Jtut how he
cuuie (o- he hurt is not known, ite can give
no account of it hluiselt, and it is only conjectured
that he was carelenly walking.on
tbe track and was struck by a passing train.
OftheMiiijftitaorrytlilnii of Till* Htute.
IIm NcmmIoiim YeNterrinj.
Yesterday was the secoud day oi the meet*
Ing of the Grand Lodge of the Knights of
Pythias of this State, which assembled here
on Tuesday In iU Thirteenth annual session.
The Grand Xodgo held its second session yesterday
morning, meeting in the Castle Hall
of Black Frince Lodge No. 10, of this .city.
The same grand officers were present as on
the preceding day, and 0. V. C. ~\Y. T. Henton
occupied the 0, C.'? chair. All the lodges
in the Slate were represented except the one
from Charleston, Mr. Nunnery having arri vad
us a delrgite from the Kanawha I?odge at
Coalburg. A large number of Knights from
local lodges also occupied to it! in the hall.
The business during the foro part of the
morning was niainiyofa routine character,
bucIi ai the-receiving of rej?orts, api>ointing
members to Ull nil vacancies on the various
standing committees, and receiving applications
roui l'ost Chancellors for the conferring
of the CJrand Lodge rank or degree.
At Li o'clock the special order was the
nomination of otllcers for the ensuing year,
followed by an election, which, resulted as
P. 0. C., W. T. Logan, of Martinsburg.'
0. 0., \Y. T. Heaton, of I'arkersburg.
0. V. O.i A. B. Doane, of Benwood.
0.1'., Tbos. D. Bennett, of Wbeeellng.
G. M. of E., John F. Smith, of Middleway.
0. KL. of K. and S., J. Itufus Smith, of
Berkeley Springs.
The Grand Chancellor elect announced the
following appointments:
0. M. at A.,G. N. De L. Smith, of Middleway.
u. 1.1*., w. u. nmeign, ui rarjierai)urg.
0. O.G., Louis A. Freebolt,of Wheeling.
The following coiumitteca were ulso uppointed:
Laws and Supervision?J. W. Bchullxe, W.
H. Waddlo aud J. II. iloore, all of Wheeling.
Appeals and Grievances ? Thos. McK.
Slilve-?, Paw l\iw; S. L. Evey, Keyaer; Henry
lliddcll, lienwood.
Finance and Mileage?L. P. Salterbacli,
Wheeling;'W. F. Long, Martinsburg; J. a
Wooils, Kim Grove.
Returns and Credentials?V/. E. Wim?,
Wheeling; Fred. Iloiruer and i'hlllp Youngman,
Printing and Supplies?J. llufns Smith and
N.-O. DeUrange, Berkeley Springs, and L. P.
Saltcrbach, Wheeling.
On 8tateof the Order?B. Shanley, Wheel- j
inp;W. H. liurcy, Benwood; Q. P, Warner, i
The following were appointed District
Dejmty Grand Chancellor*: , I
District No. 1?II. W. Day, Wheeling.
District No.2?W. II. liurcy, Benwood.
District No. 4?J. W. Mather, Parkereburg.!
District No. C ? Nunnery, Coalburg.
District No. U?J. A. Perrill, Newburg. I
District No. 11?J. C. PurgU, Keyser.
District No. 12?W. F. Long, Martinuburg. (
Over all the German lodges?L. P. Salter-1
hacb; Wheeling.
Tb ia business being disposed of, an adjourn- j
met)twa3had to 2 v. m. On reassembling,;
the report of the representatives to the Su-!
preme Lodge of the United Suites was read. It ,
was of considerable length, giving a resume I
of some of the important liws recently !
adopted by that body. It was ordered spread i
were received and disposed of.
The following resolutions were adopted:
By- Representative Shanley?-Naming
Wheeling us the next meeting place of the
Grand Lodge, and the third (Tuesday in
October, 1883, as the time.
})y Representative, Shanley?Thanking
Black Prince Lodgefor-.favors extonded.
By Jtep. bhanley?Thanking the Grand
Lodge oliicera for the thorough manner in'
which they had discharged their duties.
By ltep. Raleigh?'Thanking the Knights
and citizens of Wheeliug for the kind and
generous hospitality extended.
? All t e business before the Grand Lodge
being out of the way, P. G. C., If. A. Uth.tuan
assisted by P. G. C.'s. Shanley, Matli.,ews
and Schultze, installed tlfe Grand Lodge
officers, elect, and , the Grand Ledge wa8 declared
'.fbore was a brisk little fight over some of
the oillcers, also the placo of nieoting, bnt
still every thing was done in abrotborly and
fraternal manner. The members.. from
throughout the 8tate were liighly pleased
with everything and depart for theix homes
with pleasant recollections.
' ., . Ciutler Ilank Fire.
: A few,days slnce'it was discovered that the
hank of the creek just west of the Crescent
Iron Works, und on which 5? built the galvanizing'tank
of the Chicago Oar Roofing
Co.. was on fire. The ground on which this
tank is built is largely made ground, cinder,
limestone and the general.debris from the
'mill and mine having been dumped there
for years. In some mysterious iuanner.this
pinder caught fire about 25 feet below the
surface, jjJpejjr as can be judged, und has
.beeji. burning away. . Jiptjl now it can
uckUltyu mc ouijutf-'. tcaiuiujjy Uiy xiujio
real wiia taken over and Foreman Armstrong,
oftbe 1 look and Ladder, detailed to assist
the company." An attachment was made to
a plug and going down the bank several feet
they commenced working in with water and
plcig |n order to dampen down the fire from
above.- The tank jeforrpd to isquiteastructure.,being
constructed of Are brjcjf and iron
piaiesknd is calculated to ho]d thirteen tons
of molten metal,. .This ia bciiig emptied
now in order to allow of repairs that may become
necessary owing to the lire. It is quite
an inconvenience to the firm and is a big
piece of work quenching the blaze.
>''! IA .Work of Art.for tli?I Library.-.
EditoinintfilliwnPc;. " v-"
It lias been suggested by some-, persons in
private conversation' that an appropriate action
for the Board of Education to take would
be:to purchase qf the" artist, . < A. Furls, the
pjiipting of "The Lust Siege of Fort Ilenrv,','
exhibited at the last State Fair, and give ft a
permanent place in tbn Public Library.' The
appropriateness of having such a work of art
in a library belonging to the city is apparent.
Its historical character mukes it pecul;
iarly. valuable for suoh a place, where the
young people of the city congregate, and the
writer,5 with many other*, la of tho opinion
that it should be procured by some means,,if
'potsiblo! No doubt Mr.' Paris' would dispoie
of it for bucli a purjvwo on very rpasonjibliJ
terms, and there can be no doubt that th^
nubile' would'apjireciato the action of the
uun>u >u UU^IIIK UIUI wicil UCUVMW U.
J 3IF6iitnin,'MoundBVtUe FE Fuller. Moundsville
J 'Woodruff, Sulllvau^'J St Hog/, I ittsburgli
WUKdwards; AllianceJ H Thorn, Boston
K ' Furtuo, Chicago F Fu 11k, Kansas City
(I \\' Wilson. Cleveland J W Wood roll', \V. Va., 1
J jJewjnan.N Martinsville A I. Johnson, city
W Gallant, PitUbnruh J A Hill, Fairmont
K Zitnc, IMeaartnt'VaTlcy .P lla&liatf, Pittsburgh
J It McI)jimUl, Grafton Q W llenderkon,' Grafton
(U'-Wucit, liolpre, 0.1 rJ PUell. ItM 8 ; :? 11
J J Sqttiref. Chicago : ' L J (?lies, AV. Va.
0 \V Merrill, W. Va MIssS Merrill, Tarone
Mre.M.WilNjn,i;cwWown J M Workman. BAO
J (i.fcexton; Cincinnati WKailller, Newark, 0.
8 J Kobloson, W. Va. P.II La Pierre, New York
It Goldbacher. Philiu W K Davis & lady, I'd.. ,
1 W Tl'lan!, N. v. Mri. J.vach. Illinois W
ikekman A wifii. V.Y. G Graham wife, 0,
B Dulatiey.N.Martinsvllle J Wells A'\vY,LnnK Ucacli I
It \V Clarke. Btenbcnvllle M Green, New York. , ,
Til f.slane, Ncv/York ) J S M ntlii)\v>vClncln.- ' i!
M Itarlowltz.N. Y, J Dlpiam, London, Out:
E C Nixon, N.Y. y. Walker A wife. N. Y. .
F W Wleeand.'Ohlo V Oonelioo 11A 0 It H i'
i5 >Vhltauer. 116i O It R M llu^er and daughter,?
"JV K. Foreyth.SIdncjvOhio.
" ?."***"? ?
DrJlflit'fi IM,sense, I)iitljctoN, l?l<Juuy,LI vcp
' i ) a'i i or.Vrini?r^r. DIkcancii.' ,1
. Have no fear of any of- these diseases if you
use Hop Bitters, as they will prevent and |
cure the worst cases, even when you have]
been roaile worse by some great'pulled up
pretonded.cure.; :: ' Tfb&kw {
'?/Go an i) get yopr ?uppor at Fourth 8lreet
Church this,evening, any tirao from ft to A. !
;-aVtkw the celebration of (loirs election \hia
evening, panders are' most cordially invited
to Fourth Street Church, where the ladies
will-he-most happy to serve them with a
tempting CUP of hot coffee. ?
_ '
The Granil JolllQcnlloh and Wdctlllon
This tvojlng the victorious slipporterj o(
the victorious champion of "the right ol
American labor to protection by the bread
shield of Airitrlcuu law," will turn outaud
nttlngly commemorate the triumph ol their
candidate and the principles lie advocated
by a triumphal preclusion rivalling in brilliance
and splendor, ns well aj enthusiasm
and Imposing proportions, anv ol the memorable
demonstrations ol the list l'realdcn
uui campaign. livery Voter ^'Uo out his
ballot'(or ; .<i ? - v 4 ; ; y
cjojt And protection, '
every' staling man who desires to Identify
himself with protection for American labor,
is urged to turn out aud help wake the occa*
alon an glorious as the victory it' co'ebrates.
The committee requests that ?U citizens in
sympathy with the object of tbo Uciuonstru*
lion who liye along or near the line of march
given below decora to ami illuminate
their houses. Those who liavu, tcrchea lUjcd
by marching clubs In former .campaigns are
requested to carry them; but with or. without
torches, turn out. ' .,i?
The committee has prepared, tlie following
programme for this ovening:
First ward delegation meet at Vigilant
KiirIuo homo. 'i. ? ' '' * ; ,
Second ward delegation, meet at Upper
Market house. Vt-i. :j r':
Third ward and.Fourth ward, delegations
meet at Capitol. ( .
Fifth ward delegation meet at the Centre
Market House. '>
Bixth ward delegation meet at United Kn*
gino House.
Seventh ward delegation tnefct at Island
hose house." "
Eighth ward delegation meet at Eighth
ward engine house. , 1
Colored delegation meet at Second ward
Market House.
The respective delegations to meet at acv,on
o'clock, sharp, and march, to tho Capitol,
where the procession 'will form, right .rusting
on Fourteenth street, with the Young Mou'a
Garfield and Arthur club and visiting delegations
on the right.
The procession will move at 7:30 o'clock,
sharp, over tho following
' LINE QY MARCH 3 ' ' '
Up Chapline to Eleventh, down Eleventh
to Market, up Market to Seventh, down
8eventh to Main, down Main to Twelfth, up
Twelfth to Marker, down Market to Twentytint,
down Twenty-first to Alain, down Main
to Twunty-fourth, up Twenty-fourth toChupline,
down Chapline to Thirty-ilrst, up Thirtyfirst
to EofT, down Eoir to Thirty-sixth, up
Thirty-sixth to Jacob, up Jacob to Thirtythird.
down Thirty-third to Cliaplino, up
Chapline to Twentieth, down Twentieth to
MnrKer, up aiaritei 10 oixieen in, upai xteentn
to Wood, up Woo J to Fifle?utb, down Fifteenth
to Kotf, up EofT to Fourteenth, down
Fourteenth to Market, up Market to Lincoln
Club and disband.
Fire works and'red Are'material can be
procured of Mr. Oacar SamLxock, at the Lincoin
Club room?, at G o'clock: this evening.
Persons having the standards of the marching
cluh banners will pleuse have them at
the placcs of meeting of the respective ward
club3. The elegant banners presented to
the Kepubllrau marching clubs in 18S0 by
the ladies, will bo borne by the ward clubs.
The Chief Marshal will be designated by a
red badge, and assistant marshals by white
The windows und rooms of the Lincoln
Club will be appropriately decorated, and
several electric lights will illuminate' the
front of the building. The rooms will be re*
served to night for ladies, atad a tine opportunity
to view the procession will thus be afforded
them, of which tbey are cordially
invited to avail theuwelves. . f
The Opera House.Baud, the City Band,
and four tine drum corps will occupy positions
in the procession, and probably the
Bellaire, Martin's Ferry and Ben wood delegations
will each be accompanied by a brass
or martial baud.
In addition to the prominent-gentlemen
mentioned yesterday, Judge Loomls, the late
Itepublic&n candidate for Congress in the
Fourth district,has telegraphed a conditional
promise to be here. 'Sotuing can interfere
with the grandest success of the jubilee but
bad weather,* and all tlie indications point
to a fine night for the parade.
VlMitnra In liio t'Hjr ttutl Wiicclin;rltcn
Sol Woodward has gone back to Wheeling,
Harry Ilaries, a well known New Yorker,
is in the city.
Mr. S. 0. Edison and wire, of Cleveland,
j were at the McLure House yesterday.
| EJ. 0. Russell, of'Washington. D. C.. will
risit Wheeling about the first of next month.'
I Mrs . 8. S. Kisner will have her opening on
I Friday and Saturday, October 20th and 21st.
Mr. W. D. Turner, a well known theatrical
jman, is in the city, representing the Lin*
W.IIolllday, of. "Wheeling, U visiting his
jf.on, Col. J. W..Holliday, in thii city.Steuj
ItnviUt Gazette. ,i . : . i
Mr. J. M. Lewis, of Bamesville. accompa:
by his sinters, Misses Allie and Stella, was
in the city a while yesterday.
Mr: George Parks,, recently, a prominent
citizen of this city, now in business at
Chicago, is umong his old 'Wheeling frieuds.'
| John R. Davepport has gone toAVoodsfield
to attend the wedding of his sister-in la\y,
Miss Mooney, daughter of S. L. Mooney, Eiq.
I E. M. Pearson, Esq*, manager of the pottery,
and wife; have'returned from Philadelphia,
where ^bey spent n fevy days with* Mrs,
Pearson's pareiifu. , 1
We are in receipt of a note from, Mr.
Eddy,editor of the >'ew York Sun<loy.Courier,
announcing that Miss Bertha Welby will appear
in the famous play, "Qiie ' Woman s
Life," at the Opera House, November 4.,
. J. E. B. McDonald Esq.,and Miss Deborah
HollowayVof Bridgeport, will be married this
morning ai iv o ciock at lue residence of the
bride's father, Mr," ty\ W- }fol|ow&y,ptftirkwood.
They go south oni:a wedding trip. ;
1 We bad a call yesterday irora Squire Maner
Jenkins, of Piedmont, who is in the city, as
j representative in the Grand Lodge, of ;Lafayette.
Lodge No. 3, K. of IV, of his city."-' The
1 Squire was also among the representatives in
attepdfttipe jvt Jbp Snpreuic Lodge'at Detroit
this yeqr, ; : :, *p i
We were favored with & call to-day from
Hon. R. D. UpdegrafT, of Cleveland, who is
on his return home from a week's >isit,tb bin
father, Hon. J; T. Updegraff, at Mt.pleasant
lie reports his fattier as improving, aud.be
hopes soon to ebable to be about again.?
Steubeiiville Herald. '-'V.';/,, ;
Major J. C.Devine, after a very successful
suniRipr's work here.iu the line of farming,
left j'esterday morning for Wiping, ' West
Virginia, for, a few 1110111118'.visit. Jbhri is'a
host of company within himself, and nil will
be glad when he returns again.?Grand, Jiapidi
{Dakota) Journal,. ? ,i. j
No man knows what'a ministering,angel
his wife is until he coined home one/day;
suirering with a dreadful Cold and she happens
to have a bottle of Dr. Bull's Couuh
Syrup in the house., , , ,v i . - :
-i Wnyfifsbiirgl'nli'.:
The annual exhibition of the Wavnesburg,
Pennsylvania Fair Association will' he held
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Octobcr
23, 2-J and J5, 18S2. ,Thi?i ..Association > offers
the most'liberal premiums of any County
Fair in the8tate. The exhibits ofline'stock
and agricultural! products, are always unsurpassed.
Some of the most noted'- horses
on the turf are entered for' trial* of speed,which
take placo daily, on life,finest and
fastest half riiile track in Western Pennsylvania.
The Baltimore Ohio Railroad Co.,
will Bell excursion tickets-, on' all regular
trains every day during the fair, .at tho low
rate of $2 00 for the round trip. Tickeii
good to return on ^ny: t/alnunjj? OoJ<5l)Cr|
20th: ~* " ' i
? . ' , ' - * * *^l vl- IP*)
Do not f6rget' the Slipper and Social at
Fourth Street.Churoh/to-uigbtj X){\)r[ }*, \ j
Mrs. S. 8. Kisnkr wilt have her opening on
Friday and Saturday, October 20th and ylst,
ji;s. Martin** Ferry IltilUIIuicI.ots ' ,
Will be offered a^public Salomon, Saturday|
?v??uii ?iis (iiounua, ^iirevea auuuioi), saifi
to commence Jit 10 o'clock a< m, ?Fhey?will
bo 'offered at 'a low figure, and ilie terms are
one-third cash, balance,in otieand two years.'
Here is a chance. for every one; J we Jshduld
kay,';' plaw and'nhotpcraphl'c views.*canVbo'
ieen. in Martin's Perry at Henry Fl'oto'al and
otnerr.inAVheeling at the Heal Kstate Agency
ofC. A. Schaefer & Co: t T !
Mns. S.S. Kisser will have her opening ion,
Friday and Saturday, October 20th and'21fetJ
. Literary eutertalniuent this evening at
Fourth Street Qhflrcfo.; Qq e^rly and scciire
your peat. " ' ^ 'v' ' ^)'
Mrs. 8. S. Kibnkr wilLhavo her opening on
Friday and ,Saturday, 0>ctober 20th and 2l&U
A,true strengthening medicine aud health'
renewer is Brown's Iron Blttere, I
... ;> } , 1
;?> ?*???s? - v-)\
iit fflis'l MOUSD#VllUt^', . . i'^i ! ' $ *1
Tho oev bell for Blmpson M. E. Chucel
Vclll I to tiliml III tu>?!?lnn M.I. '
? Hen.ry 8nyder.went to Pittsburgh a feir
days ago to purchase n ileum boiler for IiIb
Upper ward flouring mill. foi
JlrswiJosephi Lewis and children, of PitU- ^
burgh, are visiting their uncle, W; B, Hum- .
phroy, of the Second ward. ' 1' th
A couple of rolling mill men Indulged in n
quiet "pMMge at arms," on Water struct last 0,1
Sunday, which brought oue of tbem lo grass,
whore tub ftttalrended. , i . ' ; Ji i Hi* ar
j A jilipotlng icrape occurred on II ilrdot J'
Tuesday night about 12 o'clock, during the * 1
progreis of which one of the parties interested
made a very close call. Strong efforts are Ti
being ^hdde to keep the'matter quiet, j .. tu
Kugeno Johnson plead guilty to tho chargo
of assault upon Copt, Htotsljerryhand throwing
stones at a 11. it 0. passenger tralii, and of
was sentenced to "a thirty days' term In the Oi
county' '"and $50'lltie. by Judge Boyd, ui
Tuesday last. * th
,i:ltev. I/)omls,itho now minister, preached
at Biinpson Cbupel Sunday lajt. His in* la
Itlal sermon waa very favorably recolvod.by Ju
.the congregation, and lf: general comment l?i
can Ikj relied; upon, bo la eminently: "the so
right man in tne right place.'l
From tlie announcement in one of the co
Sunday papers that1 N.'C. Crlswell, Esq., bi
would locate at llellalre for the practice of, su
law, the erronoeous . impression has gone <11
abroad that 'Hanson Crlswell, Ksq., was about tit
to relinquish his practice here, and go to
llml tJluli U?n?nn 1.?j ..i J-l-J ?
? U?| HW 'Iiviiuu in UUIII1T (J
such a thing. ,. y(
Tho social event ottlw year wii3 the Col- ev
Hns-Furdy nuptials, which took place 'yea- at
terday afternoon at ! o'clock. A large num- bo
her of guests, almost entirely relatives ami ,
immediate connections of the contracting nV
parties, were present,1 bringing valuable bv
preseuts for tlie happy pair, who started for \'(
a tour of tho eastern cities via the (j v. m.' tpi
train. - "J
Charley 8enseney, Chairman of the'Alar- bu
shall County Republican Executive Committee,
has aufllciently recovered, from the an
excitement of tho campaign to resume b'uslnessdutles.
He went to C'larkiburg yester- ,
day to see Congrcfannn-elect UolT, in refer- c}x
ence to hisappolntmont as Collector of 1'ort Al
for Moundsville. Charley worked hard, and 1
certainly merits even tbb high recognition N?
of his faithful services. in
. On Friday lost Messrs. "Weaver, Dardell it '
Co., of the. prison broom shops, purchased ?e<
the Uier, property, near,the Court House, Jo:
consisting of an on tiro square, for ,$7,500 cash.
On Monday the, property was laid oil'in lots
?15 in number. .Thirteen of the , lots have D<
already been sold, and negotiations are pend- Ci
itig for the remaining two. The prices obtain- HI
ed will bring the prhe of thepr'.perly,U|i to tei
a*iout ?0 per cont more th in thn price } aid |
for tlu| square. James Htnr?ty gals the an
, brick house, to-gether iwith IX) feet, iront on qc
11. ;street, opposite the postollice a0
corner. .Mr. llenratty proposes to j0J
at once), commoncet)io. necossaiy en
alterations and additions to iho, building as un
to render it suitable for hotel purposes. The
location is certaihly onu of the best in town
for the purpose. The Marshall County Hank
gets the corner lot opposite the Public Square, t<
fronting on 11 street, where a new bunking ;
house will be erected. The eutiresouth front ,
will likely be built up withj business houses. ,
The quickl sale of this property, and tLo ,
seemingly high prices,realized,, has creatcd
quito a tlutter among property owners hern,
. BELLAIUlC. , , ai,
M. Sheets, of Martin's Ferry, was in town six
yesterday. . : ; in;
.Mr. llardonstein was feeling better yesterday
and resting more easily.
Work on the Fifth ward school building is ft?
ready for the brick, which is to. cuiue from >pl
Steuoenville. ; ' 25
. Rov. J. K. McKallipis in Columbus in at- trj
teudance on the Synod of Ohio ot the Pres- B;
byterian church. , . . .1
The Baltimore ?fc Ohio pay car and the
special car of Road Master David Lee were
here, yesterday forenoon. . 1 ' i
, Surveyors arc at work here viewing the
ground for a connection between the Pennsylvania
and Ohio Valley roads. .
The Bollnire Knighta of Labor Lodge No. *r;
83G, are prcnaring for a drawing, of a silver, pi
watch now on exhibition at Craft's.
Harry Burkhead is still confined to bis bed
at his home iu Woodtfield, but bis arm is all 8|c
healed and bis leg is getting along well.
Tlje Cleveland & Pittsburgh road is unable
to forward Jreiybt to Pittsburgh and Alio- fre
gheny just now, as the Smoky City is del- touged
witli freight of all kinds.
Nr. T. S. Tappan, the photographer, will,
leave to-day for, Washington City, where he
will join the expedition to view the transit of Ct
Venus in'New Mexico. He goes as photo- nn
grapber. an
The C. Y. Lucas will take Bcllaire and 8e<
Benwood people the round trip to the jollifi- <
cation at Wheeling, and Benson's ferry boat
and thn sirput ftais will'rnn lnff? onntivh' for
ail'to' return. ' : , tei
3- L.' Fawcett.'of the First ward, lias been ev,
appointed by the School Board to All the
vacancy caused by V. T. Morgan's res'gnation.
until Ortn election id held. The vacant
presidency :has been filled by the election to n<
that nlace of: one of the Board's most active
m?txiDers, Jas. M. Reese. /
(len. AVarner; of ' Marietta', wa!j jn town
yesterday, looking after the interests of tlie
Ohio Valley Railroad., This road; the Gen-' q.
eral thinks, will.be built as an. absolute necessity
very soon on either one sido or the tother
of the river. ,,Politically he is as;much .
surprised at his election'to Congress qs.the
Democrats were at carryingQhio,
The Street Commissioner is engaged with a
force of men in grading down the high,parts
of Twenty-eighth street and" filling up the
low parts. .This street, in Horn's addition, au
wtho only ono that rums clear up Hose Hill
without any obstruction from railroads or ,
anything else, iind is almost the sole entrance
to what is rapidly becoming ono of the most ha
populous parts of Bellaire. ;ai'i ' w<
. m:'st.' ctairsvili.e. : , , ijj
Uissas Annie and Bessie Hoge, of Bellaire, th
are spending a few days in town. -
Mifcs Maggie Meyer, who has been visiting Gi
in Bellaire, returned home yesterday. , mi
Hetiry Meek.'Esq.'y goes to Columbus to-day wf
to take in the Democratic jollification'/ Tl
Deputy'Audi lor' M. T. Co HI and will; start wc
on Saturday on a month's tour through-llli- by
hois and Jowq, ,V, i ,
Seventjvfour Greenback and oieven Prohibition
tlokets were polled In Belmont county
at the late: election. - > j ' ti<
Robert M. Baton, Esq., is at Cleveland at
tending a meeting of,the Grand Lodge of ca
Ohio, which is in session at that city. , ,, ), Pp
\V. B. Kennon hasretnoved his law office an
to the room formerly occupied, by, Col.. J. F. Rc
Cliarlcsworth. Hon. J, ban ford occupies 0f
the rooui vacated by Major Kennon, ' ' ai
Twb more jail hirus-arrived this week; p0
David Powers, of Bridgeport, wits brought to [j?
jail Tuesday. He was arrestod /or spllini? H.
Jjuop on Sunday and was rlncd'$l5 and costs 11
and sentenced .to fifteen: iduys confinement.
SlaraLal ])rugan,..of He.llaire, brought David a?
Curtis up'Weariesday to workout u lino of $20 m
imposed o" liim by Maypr Cooper for.malic* !i
xo'us destruction'of property... . | i
' " ' ,v 'bri 1)0 wort. . ' ^
!Miss May Naylor, of Cadiz, 0., is visiting
ilrs. Clem.ilrannuni.
. Col. Joe. ljarrison,.of the!La>''Belle Glass
Cpnipany, is in Kew York... , . ,. ;|>-H t pr
"Handsome" Harry Itobb is, convalescing v(
after a short indisposition. *. . " , ho;
Miss Tangle, of Hie Sherman House, is ^
Louie after a three weeks-visit1,in tlie coun- ?e
try..[ f? ; by. .V..: ; set
u Koehnleine "Bros;1 are receiving a splendid ^
lot of lake ice over ttifr-O. & P. railroad and ?"
storing it in their ico houaa for next season's he
tr&il*, li'i>' : : I ?n
??? f ; nn
Wheeling Illustrated. I nn
1 Thfe !i\orf/i mid South', awell known joiirndl ,
devoted to Southern immigration, (tnu high-. .
ly endorsed by.the leading public men of the '
.f&uth, will shortly issue an illustrated edition
In vyliioh the advantages for settlement, bust- i.e
neas facilities and other facta of interest ro- .
gardhig Wheeling- .will be graphically
sketched,,together with brief descriptions of
the leading manufacturing, commercial and W
other business honsea of the city. Mr. J. T. Dtj
McLnughtin', the business manpgeri U at the' ?r
McLure House perfecting the.' 110ccssary arrangements,
and will call on some of our,
business men during the week. * :
hi t: * ' *.?v.1, - ? , j '
; A trill package of "BLACK-DRAUGHT"
;t,free'of.charge.' .' . |
'. For sale by Logan & Co. '''' ,f' '
Wicr.Kr.piu's'great favorite, Jfra Ororge B, i
Caldwell; will be tho attraction at the Fourth
Street Church this eveniug. : :ri
? ,r ?L_.'
(' Mwi.'S. 8j KisjJkr'wHI have her opening'bh , i
Friday and Saturday, .Octobe^'^Otlrand 21st.
WELt.-'and naturaU.'as'ever;' I'vriis bpforo.!
wasenlarged;:,TeVuria'ciired meJ' ' w"i.
Svr 'l' 8''Si 8?Am,AVtWw;TftV;
f - T' ? r"
Icktips Iroiu the LfVte.lho Bonis ntul
H;i\\ '* Tito*1 Offlecn. -r h''/v 1 > .
riie 8cloto got away-for Cincinnati yestery
afternooa with fair. trip.
Navigation through the Louisville canal
r all kinds of boat* was resumed yesterday,
o repairs having be^n complete
About one hundred bales of cotton from
e wreck of the It. E. Leo had been saved
id are on the bank whero the accident ocirred.
The river still maltitalnslts scanty depth,
id prospects for n imMI v rise are very i?oor.
ie marks last evening Indicated a depth of
roet 7 Inches. '
The 81dney fulled to arrivo in Cincinnati
leaday night, owing'to fog, in time to rern,
so sturii'J back last eVoning twenty-four
mrs behind si me. ;
'u?.n(ii.?rtui. ?
vu|'? uviiinvii,.i? me iiiiuu auim| ih lying
I for about'ten Java, preparing to go to thu
rand lioduo I! 0. ,0. F., or Which he (a Treav
or. During Ills absence Win. iirown paccs
edeck. M.:: . 'A' i>.' 'I ( {i (
New OrleftnB;PiVciyuncj "More l(ib6r,more '
bor is tho cry among tho alciuuboat mun
at now. lioata are paying roustabouts as
till as ,4>70 per month, and they aro very
In 1B50 then) were llfteen towboals in tho
al service, none of which belonged at Filial '
irgh, ami 12,000,000 buahela was the Icon*
mption for that yrar. Now Clnclnnau re; .
ilrys 50,000,000 buahels.for anuual conaijiup*
>ti." ' ' f. \n.,, v '
Tho steamer Little A.nna.ami the steamer !jr
Y. Lucas will mako.the round trips from ?}:
tliairo and MaTtln'a Ferry to this city thia wt
ening to accommodate those who desire to jn
tend the Republican Jollification. Tho
ats will not leave until tho paradeia over. ?
Geo. WiihOn, who went from PittSburKhto
isaia last Bpring to put up the engines built
' lteea ?t bull on a steamer to run on the
>l?a river, lias returned, having left St] IV
rsburgon September 25th. Thuboat^Amon
was a big success. Tho company ia
lilding two more, 6no a sido-wheeler,
PiTTfiDUitau,' 'October J8~Kl vcr 10 inches
u stationary. Weather cloudy and warm.
Cincinnati, October 18.?UtverT feet 3 iocs
and rising. Weather cool and cloudy,
rriyed: 8idney, Wheelings
Cairo. October, 18.?Arrived: jay Gould,
!W Orleans. River 8 feet 3 Inches and fall*
g. Weather cloudy. Thermometer 55?.
Uvansyills, Inc., ,October 38.?Kalliiiu 0
it. Weather cold and cloudy; indication
p a heavy fog. Arrived?II. T. Dexter,
ipartcd?Dexter, Cairo.
Nkw Orlkanb," October 18,?Xo arrivals,
ipartcd?Centennial, .'. Wyoming, Future
ty, bar^s of St. Lonis, Cherokeo, White
ver. Weather fair and warm. Thermoiuer
Si\Louis; October 18.?Arrived: Uald Esgle
d War Kagle', Keokulc; Clinton; Mfiuiphh;
unmonwcnlth and Hmma, Vicksburg; ITud*
o, Unlonlown; My C'holco and Sidney DiK '
u. Cairo; Minneapolis, St. Paul; A Klor?
ce. Ohio river. Departed: Grand .Lake
d barges, Cairo.
> I>Zi11hi1cI|i1iIi?, l*n., viii R. <t ft., on
Honcluj-, October S3, ISS'i?'lliOutcitlial.
Two-hundreth Anniversary of the landing
William IVum will lin ... nuti..
lphia, by a 'grand carnival and pageants
iritig four days, October 21th, 25tb, 213th
d 27lli. To accommodate all persona de*
ing to witness or tako part in tbeso iuipos-.
g ceremonies, the Haiti wore?k Ohio K. U.
impany willsell excursion tioketsat greatly
Juced rates. Tickets will bo good going
ist on any regular train Octob^ 23,1882,
d available for continuous ret urn. passage,
iving Philadelphia not later than October
, 1832. Three through trains daily. All
litis on 11. & 0. run via Washington and
iltimore. Purchase tickets via 13. & 0. t
13/ Dunham,
General Manager.
l' w. E. kki;pe?t,
Passenger Agent Trans'Ohio Div. j
' . O. K. Lord,
General Passenger Agent.
The sweet singers frojji Parkeraburg, tlie .'\!
isses Kendall, will be at the Fourth Street
lurch to-night.
Ik you arc sick and troubled with dyspepi,
BroyrnVlron Bitters will, cure you.
Ice cream, cake and other tempting re shments
will be served at the Social
ninht at Fourth Street Church!
IteUucllou in 1'Iiuion.
Present stock, of pianos, 8teinway, Knabe
lickering, Hallet & Davis, Emerson, Hardin,
Guild, ?fecM at the very lowest pricqs.
d great reduction for cost. Call early and
sure great bargains. _
Leeds' Music Stork,
' , ,1142 Mainstree^.
Do not fail to hear Prof. Roller, the colcbra- f\
1 cornetist, at Fourth Street Church this |n
BLACK-DRAUGHT" cures costive* ,
}ss and Sick-Headache.
For sale by Logan & Co.' . , . '
Miss Hadok Joukson will give one of her
ry; interesting readiogs at Fourth Street ?
lurch this evening. , , ; H
"WINE OF CARDU?" for Ladies only, \ |j
For sale by Logan & C'o.
Lociinmiivn Engineer* In'Council.'! ?
Louisville, October J8.?The regular anial
session of the .Brotherhood of Locobtiyo
Engineers convened in .the council
amber at City Hall this ' morning; The
11 was handsomely decorated and there
>re about two hundred delegates present,
le session'was taken up' in organization.
iQ only business of a public nature was "^5
e.acceptance of the invitation of the Y. )
. 10. A;to visit: tlie- Mammoth Cave,
and Chief ?. M. Arthur presided. -'.The
Wtino nt ?U? il. I - -
unuuujicmiiuusi", misuueruoon,
is operi to all arid hnd a large-attendance. j'0
ic exercises consisted of-an address'of "
jlcome by Mayor Jacob and a . response S*
Mr: Arthur, singtng, Ac. ' **
: St;
Af Fool mid njtcvolvcr Again.
Ralhigh,\N. C.,-'October 18.?Informa- ~
m: is received here of a fatal shooting f
se at. Major' Lynch's school at. High
lint..i Fred Mobley was engaged in exlining
a self-cocking revolver, and E'K. 62
>nton, a brother student, standing in front
biro,'1 nuked,' " What would you do now if
obber should apprinch you?" Mobley
inted the pistol at him"and forget|ing
6 peculiarity of weapon,-piit his finger on i
b trigger. Itouton fell, shot through
e body, and lived a few hours in great
any. * Mobley, it is feared; will lose; his qj;
ind from urief. ' ^'J. 1 '7/ i.' "
. Son* of Vetoruim. ; .j j'ji:
PiTTsnunr. n, Pa., October 18.?The first
tional convention of* the SomofVoternn^ ^
jemblcd hero to-day. llenry Rowley, of C
is'city.lconiinander-in-chief of the order,
esided.' The States of Pennsylvania,
>w York, Ohio,, Illinois, Indiana,'/Mis? 63
uri; Wisconsin, Michigan.;iowa, Kansas,
iw Hampshire, lihodo Island nnd'Minsoty
were represented by, delegates. Tho
ssionB to-ilay, were takcri'up entirely
th routine business. To-morrow, the
jctlonand'installation of officers will bo
Id. The organization; although 'almost
its infancy,.is in a flourishing condition, w.
dr it * is the intention to hold these
tlonal conventions annually hereafter. Jr
? ?r?r..t .. r<
Unrbonr Couiity llcluriiN. 'I
Pnium, October IS.?Barbour county's
jjorityVfor Mason is 78 instead of 76 as f
retofore. ronortcd. The oflicial returns V,
ow that John W, Carder, Democrat! is
rcteil to tho Legislature by two majority. f
.mlolph and.j Tucker counties elect a q
mocrat. ;. : .
baking powder.
I ill fit
Absolutely, Pure.
nil* Powder never varied A marvel of purity1,
vriRlh and wholcMinoncM. Moro economical
Rn the ordinary I hide, and cannot l><? told In
ini>eil(ion with the multitude ol low text, sliort
iluht, ulumor phcwplmto imwder*. Soi.k qnly
k;17 I).>w i(W Wall 8tKH*. Mew York.
.J: .. ... ... ? . *. '
That's a common expression
and lias a world of
meaning. How much suffering
is summed up in it.
The singular thing about
it is, that pain in the back
is occasioned by so many
things. May be caused by
kidney disease, liver complaint,
consumption, cold,
rheumatism, dyspepsia, overwork,
nervous debility, &c.
Whatever the cause, don't
neglect it. Something is
wrong and needs prompt .
attention. No medicine has
yet been discovered that
will so quickly and surely
cure such diseases as
Brown's Iron Bitters, and
it docs this by commencing
at the foundation, and making
the blood pure and rich.
Logans port, In A Dec. t, 18S0.
For a long time I Have been a
sufferer from stomach and kidney
disease. My appetite was very poor
and the very small amount 1 cliu eat
disagreed with mc. ' I was annoyed'
very much from non-retention of
urine. I tried manv remedies with
no success, until I us?d Brown's
Iron.lJitters, Sincc I uicd that my
stomach does not liother me any.'
myappeuieissimply immense. fliy
kidney trouble i* no more, and my
rcneral health is such,thaC 1 feel
like a new man. After the use of
lirown's Iron Hitters for one month,
I have gained twenty pounds ia
weight. 0. ij. sahcint.
Leading physicians and
clergymen use and recommend
Brown's Iron Hitters.
It has cured others
suffering as you are, and it
will euro you.
_ dry goods.
1114: Main St.
/ elvetS,
r which thoro is at present a
eat (Icniniid. Have every shade
ul quality. Fiiio Seal flushes 1'or
iciiiies; a specialty.
Seo.E Stifel&Co.
Genuine Bargains throughout
ir extensive lines. JBonne't, Guilt
and other lending brands aiiys
ou hand.
s.c?r\ F ft+ifol k, Pr>
flvyi lal W V I W M V/Va 1
Embracing fall linos of plain and
mbroiderea Cashmeres, l'lain
id Twilled Clollis, Shooda and
mlc Cloths, etc., etc.
- - * |
!" V.
1114 J&AlXKT ST.
ICO ! . ;
, ?u romn, hin'lwmBi.S ' ?* 8wn.
" "uvm..
wantsd! ~~
??vu. a.J.KVTK,
Imttl> u* <**17*
.W UKjl)*Hd Urrcl >Uvci. While c?k ?uj 1
hil.fconrll (oottio-J*. J. CAI. I'AINTKK A llKO? 1
Thornton. >N. N*. p^, 1
TY , l*.? ?Urt out on U. I
T. V.A W. lUllrmd, Thirl* kxmI, itrady uluvre. I
Btcniljr work RUarttiUed. Vt\wt ol Mlnfntf, Octo- I
ber lit, 7i ccnU per ton, I
x-'ii J. K. WATVK<. Snj.t
ITOU " 8AliK-VlV iT8KCOND ll a XD I
? KNC.1SKS, 12,1*. 10?nd jo tlonc l?ow?r. vu.
InulWftt Wli hoif flttoot.
17011 SALK?TilK STOCK AM) tlO0l> fl
I JL? will ol n well equipped Job hinting ?WW?ln
thlaclty, or would Mil nmtcilal lit lot* lo null. For
further particular* mult? ct w, j, tohUKTr.
tment.*tsnu<hty l.cnderofflrv pen
-deal estate at auction. 1
On SATURDAY,' Octobcr 21.1NSJ, 1 will offer it 1
audio i. on wwy term*, ?t the front door ol the Court 1
Houh?, kI 10 o'clock a. m , the following ituperty: 1
My two itorjr frame dwelling hou?jmid lull lot, 1
No.'W South front MrwU I
The pleco of ground on and ?ldc ol JUrkpt itrcet, I
now ocf.uplcil by Lottu* A ltelllv'n livery M*b'.e, V
SOxlMfJi-t more or Im 11AIlKYCAl.l?WKl.U 1
j. o. llrnvuv. Auctloupftr. ??-\:nh,n 1
pOtt SALE OR 11ENT. 1
' ElevoQ scrw on Ihe hill ntwve town. I
j H. FORBES, Wheeling. I
I No. 7, U. S. Ciutom Uonte. Telephon. F-fl. 1
ftprll _____ I
Eight hundred *nd twcnty*ono ten* of flneW
llmboHHl Inml ?'?? <u? ?
, ??< mc iiiiict mjiuumt o( llraxton
c, 11.. w. vji. on the water* of tlic Klk JUivvr. :
Tlic land U underlaid with coal una tlic timber r?a
bo Hooted down Klk Hlver to inurkvi. Abo 6itt)
Roa-s t>I ilwbervd land In I'erry c'tiiity.Tennwiiw. '
CC'7 1300 Market Street.
pou SALE.
-15 Shares Uncllc Nail Mill.
8 Shares Bulmont UUks Stock.
20 Shaics Flic & Marine Insurance Block.
1*0 Shares Franklin luiumtcc Stu k.
j. se20 QflW.Nn -MTwoifthStreet.
I "^Adtnlntotrallon on the f?UUo of Ktk. KIIzji II.
| Harden, deceased, IiavluK been Kranted the under|
t toned, k11 {lersonK knowing themu'lvw liulehtid to
Mid estate aiehereby untitled to make hnumllata j
payment, and penous havln? Halm* ngnlm* the
Miine to pre* ill them, duly authenticated, lor kttleinent.
to the undcwlKiti'd. >
I; c\'\~ 'Vi. u. *' a uhKN. Amur. I
One hundred rewiml w 11 be l-nid for the
apprehension and conviction of the jmriy or partics
who Mole the Tarpaulin, beurilig our mm?,
frnmnnrbtuk bout, on the night of October the
11th, 18Si
ocia Tannen.
The Hoard of 1'ubHc Works will yny TWENTYFIVE
DOLL AILS for inforinutioxi that will lead to
the arrest a d convict!jii of nny perron who thail,
without nuthority, remove or distuib any light or
barrier plncc?l at or over any obstruction in any of
the streets or alleys of the city.
By order of the Board,
ocl7 I). A. C.AU.lflAN. Clerk.
OCTOBER JiO and ?1.
The LUtlngubheri Cometiieniic,
iiuiice JLPiiiuiiiig'!
Her first appearance la four y??*.
The World-Renowned ComcdiHti,
Supported by Mr. Hurry St. Maumml their tiranJ
Company, \mder Uiu muimiiejceiii of
William C. Mitchell.
The Great London. Parhaud New York Comedy
Succcnj, played over 'J.OXl ul^liu,
Tlio Bemhordt version. First time here.
The entire prtKs of FngiMid, France and Awe rim
pronounce "fink Domino*" otic of liicrowiUusb*
able coinedks ever Wlitien?biim full of wll and
roM'cul situations. Conclude with the vm?t orfyl*
mil U'm.Horace Ungiud Sketchc*. wiititn by Jir.
Litigant. and given in all the i>riikIjmiIcJth? on Iho
globe over 2,000 times, includlig 4r?M I'mlm,
Henry Ward Heecher, Urcar Wilde, I'mldent Ar? M
tinir. Jocciili Jcflcreoit (Ah 1<1i> Van \Vinile).etc..eti'. B9
Admlsklon 50 ami 7.'i cents! Kmrrnl k*?U 11.(0.
Scuts on Nile At Wilson & IUumer'? music More.
Sale to coin nance Wednesday, Oc uU>r Ibtli. Matinee
priccy. 'I'i mnl .V) ccnts. ' o?16
Hy virtue of n deed of trust made by John II
Siin|H*m to the undertigued Trustee, dated tbo
ninth day of December, A. 1)., Ih77, mid recorded
in theotllee of the Clcik of the County'Cotnt of
Ohio county, West Virginia, in Ueid ol Tru?t liook
So. 1U, imge 275,1 will hell Ht the froixt door of tbo
Court houte of Ohio county, on
commencing at ten o'clcck a. m., the following desciibed
real estate. to wit: All the right, title and
interest of the said John H. Simpson in mid to lot
numbered one hundred and four on the north side
of Clay street, in the city of Wlucliny, Ohio county.
West Virginia. !
Title la believed to he good, but wiling as trustee
I will convey only the title vested in me.
Terms of bale? Cash.
ocj LUCIUS IfOfiK, Trrntec.
I ^ ^
Uy virtue of n decree of the County Court of Ohio H
County, W. Va., made November 5,1873. iu the hull EgR
In chancery then therein (wilding between Thorn** H9
WlnHUs.compUlnmit, n:ni James S. Wheat, Eliza- Egg
k'th J. Wheat and Stanley II. Wheat, defendant*. M
the nndenlKticd Commissioner appointed by said wB
decrte I or the purpose, w ill, on {
HER, lhS.\
nt the front door of the Court House of (add county, B
commencing at ten o'clock a. m .,?ell ?t public auc- ffl
Hon. the north hull of the lot of ground ntiinboml H
4, (four) In thex|iiure numbered 15. (flftten) on tho K
plat of ihntpart of the city of Wheeling In f'bl i ;
county, known a? Middle f> heeliuK. uhicn half lot V
fronts on the cast fclde of ChapHue, (formerly
Fourth) street, with the buildlncA and appurto- M
nancea thereto beloiiKliig. H
TcnMaoKSAi.K.?'Ihe pu'chawr to pay In band H
one-third of the piirchUMi money, and web further
hum oa he may elect, and the balauee In equal In
atallmentsut nino and eighteen nmntha. wlltt In
tcicut from the day of sale: bonds with Rcurity to
be approved by tbo Commls-loner, tc be given for
the deferred installment*, ami the title to be re- H
tained until the j ayment of the parchih1 i?onfy JOf
in full. M
F|>ecUl OiuidiIniIiuii'A
Bond and security has been given by wldCoa- Du
I inhtloner us required l?y law-. , . UK
| oeg S, H. UrmLWH.U?L_
^TriJK j
Xciy York Dental Comimuj's Ofllcpf H
10.0 main ST., WHEELING, |
During the prut year Thousand* of Teeth bare Utfl Hg
.v, ' < i extracted at2& cent* each. IBM
$8.00. MSSkg $8.00. I
2^::W0 ' I
jpM Klven for I'.lnk-Hi Kilnclfou of Teclb. H
No. 1143 Market street Wieelln*. W. V?. B
Allnrv>rwtlnnn warraniM.
In tj-lca thfltam'tlx! U-'iii, ntlliC IMliy low* H|
II?enocr Jot OUlco. | J

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