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Silks, Velvets,
Kvciy Glide, Every Color and all Choke IhIUii;n.
Ladles' Wrups and Junkets,
Wwl Jilrgaut Winter fJarroentr Manufactured to
order from KxclUtlve Dcklgu*.
Robes, Robes.
We have juat opened tlilij week Fifty Kobcaof the
lAteal rnrUlan Mylei, which we shall aell at very
low price*.
Our five Dollar quality I* without a rival. Other
grade* ?(fJ 00 to 9 J 2ft),
Wo Invito InipectJon by the Ladle* of our ma#*
nlrtctjiil dUiilay of Kail and Winter Notloni, com*
prlilug all iho Lute?t KoveHlcu..
A. SledenM & Bro.,
1104 Main Street.
. oclfl
Clonic Booms,
18 ELEVENTH ST., Bet. Main & Maihel.
We are now j?rcpared to offer to the Wholciulc
.< and Itutail In-du the latttCkt and must varied stock
i of Clonks, DuIuihiu, Junkets, UlaterM, UUteretto*
ml Circulars in the elly* Our two clonk Kocmu
ar6 fllled with tbo venr fatwt ntylen, and are Ik-Ioh
rtplenlthed alinoit uully, which we are KcIIlJig
chi-aper than any house in the trade.
Wo offer the following aupocliUivs:
W Good CJoAksut,.,W
60 Better ? 75
100 Alt Wool Clonks At 0M) i
' 2fi All Wool Doltnan*. it) ou
% " " 1 .. 12 CO
25 ' ' - 11 W. :
25 14 " - ...1H W
12 "? " ' Lu - 70 10
12 " " 2.VC0 ,
2f> Silk Circular*, fur llued, at 525.W, which art
Vflth 135 00. ;
1'Icmc tall and sou thorn. No troutlo to ?hou
th?in whether you buy or not.;,
MUseu1 (dunks, coitiprhiiii? the haiuhomcwi
collection ever ?oen lu the city. Our UlMteietlc foi
lelrlx for four to ?tx year* of age. at |3 and f:t 25, an
ugera fortlio nice, nnd our-'Kehecea" Jacket, al
wool. for ladle*, Burnt be wen'tol>o appreciated.
?tt*Keiip.'mher the Store is on ELEVEN* III HT.
near Second Ward Market. oc!7
For THIS OOSUIiO WEEK we will offer tki
gr^ale-it variely of LuilleV. Children'*, Mi win' ant
(Jenta* Underwenr, in Metiuo, While and Coloredall
wool in White ami Ked?ftt Mich prior* a? t<
meet with the most KuuKulne buyer*. Over CO
doien to kelect from.
Our Stock of 11031KRY U full anil complete, nnt
will be nold very low. Coniprfreii -the celebrate
Clncinnitl Hosiery, liaml and uiuchluo knit.
n.i. ?( AUtf .....I l'AI)3L-T Cl?nl, III.
latent ityiw of the kcnton,'and will ho k>1? very low
Our CLO\I JiEI'.VHTMKST, consUling W t-iJl
Doliaam, Silk Ua'ulurw, Walking JackeU..Ulster*
UNterettw, Circulars, Mimes' ami fufauU' Cloaks o
tim Intent and mn*l nfprovt'd style*. We are ,?b)i
to meet any romitulltlou, no matter where it roino
0 from, lti ttil* department kII yowls ura maun lac
lured by uh. all goods are fresh aud new, all My let
*w onr on?, and every garment Jsguarantml to Jl
and wear.
Ladies avail yourself of this opportunity. Cal
and nee in when out (hopping.
CBluiil Ac Marks,
Fqu'.oriu*, Ml Marlcot Street, Philadelphia.
00I6 fi Walker Street. N'ew. York. -
Rowing Record!
August 2!)il, 1882, Honrcil the lto)
course In 20 minutes. Holt's beit tlini
over same course 20.0'J.
Suptcniber .21sl, roircd the Clulor
Bricelaud course in 20 luiiiutcs 'uud 2:
O'llanlmi'j tot time ovor same course
lV?l?i?ei-ber'* best time over saux
course, 21.21.
liriculuud'a best tluie over Banie course
Anj Oarsumn who canuot row thre<
measured miles in 20,23 lias no buslnrsi
with John Lcpraer. iwlfl
lb 3nMlt?mx,
OOtcot *on. vi5aud 1!7 Fourteenth Htreei
Sew AdvcrdifmeniH.
Universal Favorites?Oliver Ditson *fc. Co
For Kent?Dairy Farm.
For Kent?-Dwelling Houses.
Wanted?Situation us Clerk.
I'arlor Fire-place Healer?Nesbitt & Bro.
Kastern Dry Goods Store?Special Bargain!
Mail Letting?Notice to Contracture.
Opera House?Fuu in a Boarding School.
Grand Concert?Jacob Wilhelm. ,r
For Sale at Auction?Mare.
Strayed or Stolen?Brindle Bull Terrier.
Wanted?Board for Lady and Children.
Jleguiur Passenger 1'acket?W. N. Chancel
Krutue House For Rent,
Fall Styles or hlioes In nil grades', li
Cloth Toiis anil Narrow Toes, anil at Hot
torn I'rices.go to , ,..;i
1148 Mulu Street.
MUS. ZU:U?.\C>:L1)?I? is prepare*! ti
supply families with n IIrat-class urllcli
of lee Cream to-<lnj. No. OO 'Tirilfll
Street. ' t.(f
Til 8 usual merchants' lunch at theHev
Hcl.uro Home Sample Ilooms ilally,
Thermometer Heoord.. '
Tho following ahowa the range of tfe? ther
moweter, aa observed at Schnepf a drug atom
Opera Houae ccrrier.yesterUaycK. i'
1881 1682 U ;
1. U. 12 K. 3 Mi. 7 r M I 7 k. X. 12 u. 3 r.u.l r. i
?0 5* 18 53 I 60 CJ C5
: -j-Wi INPI^TJONS.-;^. ? :
"Washington, October *20?1 a. m.?Fo
, Tennessee ami the Ohio Valley fair weathdi
northerly winds, shifting to warmer soutJ
and west winds in the Ohio Valley, alfgh
rise followed in the west portion by ;
stationary or falling barometer.
Tor the 1-ower Lukes, fair weather, north
erly1 winds,'shifting to'twest-iind: 'soutl:
rising followed by falling barometer, am
Blight rise in temperature.
;?.?* .. r?j
' ? ilieJLIjHicnnlB. _ .. jv,j J
Thi? evening these celebrated artists wil
commence an engagement of two niglita an<
h matinee, at the Opera;Hause, ,s\(pportci
by Mr. Harry St.;Maur and their company
which is coiu|?")aed of a number of very pOj
ular artists, who have been engaged eapfecial
Jy for. their adaptability to the nark assfgnqt
them. Tho great Paris, London and qev
York success VPink Do mi noes,'.' will be pre
.?,i ?i,:? A !,/?? i%?.
Lingard'in' her original character of Ladj
;v; v v Goring, In which she liaa'appeared upwan
of 2,000 times 'and in almost fiver}' city,or
tho globe. ilr<.^ingdrd will alsoappear ir
the comedy in Joslah Dabb, a character ir
which he baa met with great sucecits.
After the cowedyifr..Lingard will'Wppflai
In lib great 4,Ungard Sketches," presenting^
lifelike picture of President Arthur, Oscai
Wilde, Henry Ward Ueecher, Arab! Piuba,
To-morrow at'the raatineo; 'Alice i)um jng
, Lingard will appear as "Camille," a character
in which she has no rival. We would
advise nil to take advantage of the present
opportunity, to see these talented ami popular
artists, as this will he Jb^only appearance
here thisaewour * : r" . j
LOCAL mionrn.
Matter* of Minor Moment Merely MenJ|'
tloned. ? ''."v \ i'/i j' '
PU?K DoMWOlcq tO-nlght. ... l1'*"' t
. HAUowt'M.camM on ^ L
This Lingards cqjjio here /run) Zincsvillo, (1
Onk marriage license wan Imied yesiertlay.
Cork husking U in order iu the rural re?Ioi?
. jl '. A; v *
Tor comct in bo chntigcd you wouldn't .
know it. I j'
Thk leaves arc taking on ! (heir autumn
hues, preparatory to leaving. .t t
*' Tilt Bteubenvlllo Council Is testing th'o \
iioreu.pavwuent this winter.'* '. * t v
Mis* Jennie Stewart, of Washington. I'a., ?
Is visiting Pittsburgh friends.
Tick Board 0/ Cotninlssfoheri moot to day c
to Issue the election certificates. | 1
N'n llltaiNIM nf IliltvirliltiMi ??? iMH.mitnil '
Iu the Municipal Court yeitcrday. 1
? Tub koojI work of .roinivihaworn but portion's
of the streets goes brnvely on. |
Tiik SteubenvUIe (hurtle dominates How
Alexander for Metotchant-UoWnor of Ohio.
Uktiinu on tho Wctogerbor-BrlcelaiKl rata
is becoming animated, Uricelond is the ,
Tiik rolling mills ore runlrig right on as it
uo stop had occurred, and nothing of Interest
transpires ln;uny of thOru,''/} ',j{ \\? ? ;j ,
?Ti? tnevfi i froiri S the. Second district last
night,threw ju?t a Might dumper on the rejoicings
of the Republicans. | ,
Tiik llellairc nailers propose. to,play a few
practice gaoikiol base ball beluto 'tackling
i heir Wheeling friends again; IIO I
Tiik Muinnerchor Shigfng Society, on
Thursday, October 20th, will celebrate its
twenty-seventh "unnlvereiryJJIuJ at\V approprlatc
manner, >\' * J jv "j jjlj foU j
' Col.' J.v0.'Gi9T. qua* of lho' lnroMl wool
growers of Brooke county, sold hi* clip of
l'2,000 pounds last week, to-J); Brown & Co.,
tttHgocKlprl^.ii Clival ] ,
O. O. Smith, renl estate agent, yesterday
sold Mrs. II. Glascock's property on Indiana
i street to George P.'.llobbs for $1,000. The
Island appears to be the favorite placo for
1 buying horn ju8t,jjqw. v J
: ' .Tor revival at the Disclple/chnrch Is going
' on agufn?aftera few nights' iest^. .with..continued
interest andgratifylngresults.'Thefo
will be a meeting to-nlglit at 7:30. Further
notices will bo given froui time to time, j
Thk Iiibrafyitlll coblinuwltb/be crowded
and popular, lly the way, another assistant
librarian should be appointed, or, Mia$ Car,
sou'jb duties lightened in, some-nianrier.
From 8 a., m. to 10-j?.^ ^i.1'ejvery .day ia altogether
Womuch'foraby one. " |
Tub last will and: testament of Catharine
McCoy, deceased, was yesterday admitted to
probate and ordered to .ba recorded. Mrs,
Martha' Whittaker qtoalltled* o4 'executrix,
, giving bond in the sum .of $7,000,?wlth
l OeorgeiB.)Caldwellas surety.. '4The
Ohio CouiTty Sutldsy School Workers
' are arranging for a"County Convention; to be
held at Point Mills, November 4th. An excursion
tnUnwlll'rutt out from this city. at|d
a large delegation is expected^; A1 Veryiinteresting
programme is prepared, and will soon
be.circnlated. -. " r a *. T;""r
Iim night the Opera lfoiise Band went lo
the residence of Mr, Wiildle, on Main street,
Centre Wb'eeHmr, whose daughter was mar?
ried to Mr. Scbeelo Wednesday.night,[and
I tnt-una.lnil A.V?,.TA' A ft..-,, Id .
- tbe.band and some friend* .werOs iuvited in <
I and a tempting iunch wbaqryed.\V < .5 { ]
; ilKSSUH , BitK'KL.VM) AND WUH'.KKHRK. the 1
1 oarsmen,are on hand, under the care of their 1
1 trainers, preparing for thai nice'that is to j
comeoil Saturday week. The former makes ?
? his quarters on this side of the river,stoopiiit: 1
' at the Granite Hou.^,ttk? latter over tlieriy- :
er, at the llassoer Homn.?I'uitlutndlc Kcut..
f Yksteiuuy John Ham. a miner employed ]
i in the JJo&jiJJIun;coalib ink'*, met with'a :
1 painful and dangerous Bpcident. lie was ly- \
^ u?r on his side, "bearing in"; under the vein
i of coal, wbei^it gave way above him and (ejl, J
cruahintfhim badly about the-hips. The day
L before 1'eter Miller met wi th a-simitar acdi- *
dent in the same mine, as a result ot which {
he had one ieg broken. j ]
( Clekk Hook yesterday admitted to record ,
a deed made October rl7, 3882, ;by Michael |
, Rcilly iol/juis ].") yelahtgj in (consideration ,
of $5ir), for lot OS, on the ?ast side of Main
- street, in North-Wheeling. Also a deed made ,
" 1 ?,;i IO IQO.l I... II....... ?_
iijiiit jj, juo., ujr iivui; UjitiiCAi:i.ukui ui
' the estate of Sarah Cunnlhgnahr, late of
Went Liberty, deceased, to Joseph L'a'dwell,
, in"consideration of'$.r>00, for the east part of
' lot 72, and five feet of the west part.? fronting
> on Chatham street, in the town of West Liberty.
CuARr.EaTO.v, tlio Permanent Seat, is tofcaVe
| water .works, or at leajt'a company was yesterday
incorporated by the Secretury'ofState
? for the purpose of.erectingWtec worka there,
and supplying the inhnbitaritaof the future
capital with aqueous lluid for.culinary and
" mechanical purj>o6e?,"or clrink'iug if' desired.
> $30,000 has been subscribed to the capital
stock and $.1,000'paid in, and the privilege is
reserved -of increasing thii by sales of addi*
tional shares/rom time to time to. $< 00,0ft} In
all. The shares are $50 each, and are held by
* George'-W. Patton; 'of Charleston, and four
" gentlemen of Plymouth, Pa. The principal
cfilce of the corporation is to be kept at
} Wilkcsbarre, Luzerne county,.Pa. .( &-}
Thb ladies of the Fourth'Street Cburcbllabt
evening inaugurated the winter's series of
3 suppers and socials jji the. church ^lecture
j roooi and parlors in* a vriry^auspicious toud
auccessial maimer. Hiipper wjia served Jropi
. 5 to 8 and a magnilicent supper it wap,
" served In the daintiest manner that one
coufd desire, The tablts were iilldti
all the time *nd all were pleased.
Afterwards a programme musical
. and literary''numbers -waB given to#dejjfllw'
; ed audience. Iniaddlllpn tp its being the
lirat social of the season, it was aUo a reception
to tlie'hew poator, Kev.^Dr. Smith, and
his family. A large number outside of the
. church members tookjidvantogo of the oc?~
casion to meet aud welcome tne new divine
toourcity., . |
. :*Vlr seems from all tiiat can be learned that
the wholesale b3Ut)cing6f.condactoraQn JhP
1 It. it O. road wan not without cause. 'General
Manager Dunham hat been after therirever
since lie took charge of the road and by!a
system of detective espionage unknown b
tlie conductors, succeeded-indiscovering
some bad conduct on .the part of the. conduit
torn. For instance, a ticket from ^Columbus
to Newark was discovered to have been sold
four times, the conductor each time neglecting
to punch it ou taking it up. vit was then
disposed of to a acalpw, who resdld it'to*a
pussenger, and it was again usad.?'Another :
conductor, it is asserted, in one week ''held
i j out'.' seventy-two^per cetitoi tbe money, bo
had received for ,fares.-,lit is said-the road
would have been satisfied, .with nit even
divide} " butthe additional-twenty-two--per
cent captured by t/jVcondniitor1 was the straw
that broke the cani&l'fl back. Other acts
equally as flagrant-.were discovered,"which *:
j finally determined the company b/^jpforniing
the conductors.thit other wen would ^|ll ,
5 their itt JadffinSciit.'^ ; i (
1 It is claimed thai a geutjeman named 1
Brooks,-who for,many/-years has-resided in 1
tbo-neighborhood of Bellaire^Ji'as iitviast I
V succeeded in discovering: a sacretMor which
many have frnitlefilj^ sought, '
/ufuuiof science, at whoao'shrina m'Ariy great I
fortunes and brilliant intellects have been ;
laid in vain?the secrec of perpetual fniQ' <
tlon. For years past Mr. Brooks, disregard- i
> ing the sneers of tbejinbelleye'rs^has'labored <
to ported bis* idea with a^dogged^crsevcri
ance, amounting almost to obstinacy, that
now seeiut R8 it about to be crowned with
, success. Keceutly t)ie attention of men of J
means has been called-to;Ms labors, and|a i
r workshop hsa.been fitted iipoa jtl}p nremisM I
'? of" Mr.''James HackflU, Br.-, where bo isli'oy 1
!i busily engaged in his researches. ft is said j
t that two^well-knowji business men of*this
a city; both-shrewd, prosperous, and*iwlde? I
awake Keritlem^nfrfboi^are not/ likely/ to i
enter' into"a thine without seeing profit- |
, abloway out, are bafcklngMn Brooks in his i
J labors. So often has it been announced that i
somo inventor was on the verge of discovering
this wcrfit,-that \lie public has grotfn
sKtrpucai, uui an wiliumtewiinusin hoping
that Mr. lirooks wlllsiwccfld in "riding his j
1 liohby,,*to a successful tertpln%tjQfr^Ifc//m'r?:
a Mu,i(.4 u jvE'lii
.. ' * P x :< a h i < i * * : rrl b y t ? j
PloMnnlund AmplHons Wedriluu1 Orr j
tinouy. 'I
j Oho of the brilliant events of the social ,
? year occurred yesterday at the, re8ldenco,of j
!*' 'W^.-Hollowoy, I)r 1 u?eporLitheVoccasion f
being'tha marriage.,of,McDonald, j
r Esq.. to MlssDebora irolloway. Ihcguesti. \
I numbering nearly a hundred, ropresentejrt
i pome of the cltlcn cast and. west^and embrac- *
I Bd.maqy':frtend8n^ The ",c6remoBy^Mv'per- :
i formed at 10 a. and(1hc "wedded. pAU>too|f ;
, the noonilrain*for)Ciu<tanati, Chattanooga
' and Mobile, wlthvolher^itiea Jof >thouW?3t j
i and South. A sumptuous lunch~waa served |
afterlhocereiuony,. ,_.rr....r.T.r I *
, \ The material evidence# of kindly regard In ,
tlie shape' i>f presenlaiwew plj$braVo and
; v^r/btoutlful, ertibraclng^evbry feature qf .
good taate;",./"" , *
, We tender'our Jioartiest congratulations,
. and a happy and proaperong life's voyaga., j-. H
The ceremony was performed by Iter. Key*, * ;
assisted by Jtev. Bean, of the1 Presbyterian /.
cUuicli; <> 'MjiS'teXSm-v^iSlii
iff r tlio Klcrtloa of (lea. floff tad th? Victory of
thftKrleniU or Prottetlon-l U?rao??tratloa
Tint Knrprlud KrerjboJj, ?ad That ,
>Vll Worthy of Itl Oltfaft.
'fliedemowtratlori last night by the vicarious
supporters of Gen. QolF aud the
irolectlvo tariff waa more than a huccchj?It
tin n surprise, even to those who had the |
rrutJKcmenb in charge. The absence of any
irganlzitlon in the nature of a marching
lub caused some to' fear that the parade |
vaultl not hp as iiupodiiiK as those of vast
ofiijjftign#, but all ?ueh lean mre cunt to the,
vlmla as
me liv one tiled through tlin nI renl* frnm i
Jiej* mpocthe places of meeting to tbo genml
reml&f'oua at Capitol Square, nearly I
ivery one of th^m accompanied bjr a drum
orps, anduii bearing, banners anil torohea. i
Japltol Kquare presented an animated np-|
juaranco, the handsome banners, theilamlng
arches, the gaily caparisoned steeds and t tie
miforniH of the bands and some of the' dele ations,
reflecting the dazzling rays,of the'
rarl-tolore<l Una which burned cowinuously,
vhlla the fiery paths of rockets were niarkeu
tut KK'.unst the sky like u shower ot meltom.
bbortiy boforo.8 o'clock the procftssion'
ormed, and, led by an escort of i>ollce
urnlshed by Chief liennett, and headed by
he Opera House Iiand and the Ydung Mens
Jartiold and Arthur Club of '80, numbering i
eveml hundred in their ranks, took hp the'
iue of march over the published route. As
hey proceeded up Cb?p)lne*treet the variins
ward delegations, the "Juniors;" the
Colored Club, the Goil' Guards atid the visitng
delegotious wheeled into the places asiguod
theiu by the marshals, until a procesion.was
in motion reaching from sixteenth
treet-to Eleventh, and much of the way four
ibreaaf. .,
At a place near the head of the line marchid
a uutuerous and enthusiastic delegation
vhlch vied with the 1 woIroui this cltv in in
piring the forces In lino and tho thousands of
roin Uenwood, headed by their own band,
pectators who lined the streets with the.
twins of martial or popular airs. Mayer's
;ity baud followed at a convenient interval
u the procession, and attracted general atentiou.by
its uewandappropriato selections,
rhe feixth ward drum Corp?, which wou audi
jerUril fame ,ln the Just j Presidential, carniaigti,
unci Jive other drum corps, supple*
uented the brass band music with their fauiliar
and warlike music.
TlIK use or MABCll
ay up Chaulinc to Eleventh, dovn Eleventh
:o Market, up Market to Seventh, down
Seventh! to Main, down Slain to Twelfth, up
1'welfth.to Market, down Market to Twentyllret,
down Twenty first to Mainf down Main
Lo Twenty-fourth, up Twenty-fourth to Chapline,
downChapliue to Thirty-first, upThirtylirat
to Eoli; down KotF to Thirty-sixth, up
l'hirty-sixih to Jacol), up Jacob to Thirty
imru, uuwu iiiirij-uwiu iu v^uuj?iuif, up
Dhapline to Twentieth, down Twentieth to
Market, upMarket to Sixteenth, ^Sixteenth
to .Wood, up \Vood to Fifteenth, down Fifteenth'to
Koff, upEolf to Fourteenth, down
fourteenth to Alain, cotintermftrch to Market
uul up Market to Lincoln Club, where the
procession-disbanded. U
Jbe'portlon of Xhapline street south of
Eleventh was the moat brilliant {spectacle,
as tne procession marched over
that portion of the route, evir seen
in "Wheeling. From tbe (fine the word
forward! was given until.the laattuan in the
procession had disappeared from view upon
Eleventh street, the street wasiiterally a sea
jf fire, tbe enthusiastic residents keeping a
:oiitihual blazo of red atid blue flame, rocketa,
Koman candles and other jyrotechniei
IFpon Market and Main streets during the
march to the north end and back to tlie
lieurt of the city the same brilliance
.luzjtled. tbe eye, and when the corncr of
rwelfth and Market streets was reached a
jcene of, indescribable magnificence was
:efision the same enthusiastic display greeted
the parade, many citizens having illuminated
their residences and places of business, and
the streets being literally lined with hosts of
people, who shouted and waved their hands
handkerchiefs in answer !o the cheers of
those in line, At the LaBetlp iron works the
lannon which has m often donp service in
the. past belchdd^forth its thunders and
i woke the echoes among the Ohio hiiJu.
1 In the pruueuion, bosidei the clubs and
lelegations already named, were scores of
vehicles of all kinds. One.large wagon, with
anterns* and bunting profusely deckng
its aides, . carried "Ttie Postofllce
jang.'including all '.the cleiks and letter
:arrtew. who could be spared from
llUy, -Ano^Jpr WftgQn ha^l a drum corps
md improvised band from the {^Helle Iron
VVorks, and #!ill another a huge delegation
>f employes of the Crpseebt Mill, bearing in
[heir midst a transparency on *hlcb was the
word), ' . . n
"yoo have your chaxql!"
3n one side was a smiling Republican, and
>11 another the dolefullest Democrat ever picured.
This transparency waa quite a bit,
md the delegation was cheered everywhere.
hi another ^aHeJlp wayoa was carried
'That>anie old coon," a real live specimen,
ind a Marshall county delegation bore a live
^11 pjonff the line of march prominent
3tiild}ng8 frprp dppo.rated autl illuminated
n an elaborate manner, flic pnpojn Club
building was mady brilliant with two electric
Ights; and tbo front waa almost hidden-by
lags, while between the windows were: numerous
portraits ot Congressman-elect
3oft. The counting room force!of tho Intelligencer
ofllce diu themselves proud by the
jjaborate and tasty manner in which they
lamented the front^of the building. A'
large tiac draped ac^ou* tl}P cornice of the
jrsi aiorjr, nuxiHiruua eni?uej-Mijf;if e^ifmueu
'rojp-' thfl win^WS, anjf cojintless tiny ones
irranged about the windows of thu |irat floor,
o as to form frames fop pljtiircp pi Goll.
placed io the coutre.ol the pane?, were Ipatures
of the dlapluy,'oll lighted by the elcc?
trie light. The portraits of the victorious
candidate bore the legend:
!i.t. < >our motto: ; '
Should be
. . , pbotepte}) ijy !
Of .other prominent buildings, the Grant
Hoose showed its colors nobly, the. entire
front being gay with flags and bunting,'Jnerepereed.with
Uieever-present portraits of
lie oravD standard-bearer whose forces were
elelyatiug tjjeir victory. Numerous private
ouies were alio a'ifrapjfyeJy arrayed to show
be svmpathy of'tlie owners fop tnp object of
Ih^. den.JOriBtration,, but to naj|io them al)
ffohld require |.he reporter to'ta)ie the dl:
rectory, select the ttepufoljcjuis, anjl print a
largo percentage of their naui(?,
Tho crowds of people of all ages, sexes,
:olors and conditions ..who thronged : thp
iidewalks and encroached upon the streets
iccaiiontd,general remark. ; . , r ' - i
)f men, women and children viewed the paradejat
ay-, polnta along the line of. march,
uui' packed tlie pavements so closely' that
;bo si^n "No Thoroughfare" might have
sgpn displayed on any ol them lor a tiwe.
In tnp t|j|-pnBj? of spectators wero noticeable
pjfiny pronnnept pittyenpof other citie? and
towns of the Stfttfi ?p4 vicjpHy. IJnrehall
Douuty sent up a large number of Ooira supporters,
in aduition-to.thoie in the ranks,
Several'linndred of Bellalre'a Republicans
availed themselves of every means of travel
to see the grand' display. Martin's Ferry
came.over almost ax masic, and Bridgeport
accompanied her. "WellsburR scut a respectable
delegation on a special train on the P.,
W*-?fc;Ky.vroad. Fairmont and Cameron
jvcje present in force, aud other points on
tic ? p, road in leBs numbers. Our Pennsylvania
neichl)Of3 poujijn't stay away, or
didn't want to, ?nd many pf tyeR} ^*epp op
the gtrejits^
i Some disappointment yas ejpre^ed at the
ibsonce of Gon. QoitV A- conditional promise
was received from him on Wednesday, that
bn would be hole If possible, In ttie following
telegram:" !
Clarksuljio, October 18 '
To fir, T. 0..EduunU, ChaCnnan,*jVfictling,
r./' !'.vj* " " '''' "' 1 '
;,I''<<arf.wiil not beable tojoln riiy frlenda
?:morrowevening. {I urell cnoagliTrill ceraiuly
be with you. I
IjHst evening the following waa received
row Qcn. Go.'I a physician:
Oolober 18. [
KO'-.-r.(P-mmii, Mmm. n<#*
Gen. Bolt U not well enough lo leave home.
V. ,?*%.; D- Xtaaui, M. D.
;*Ju<lge 'toomta tent the following menage
to Dr. Edward/, Chairman of tbe Committee
on Invitation!, yesterday:* _ , ic'
'Octobers. ;
To Dr. T, 0. Edwards, Chairman, TfTlrtfitoff,
' M Vfl." " ;'/..\j .
Telegram just received; accept coneratula- <
tiom; glorioua beginning of brfkhtef days. .
Geo. Loqmis.
.Bouquets were numerous.. W m : ,7 jt? !
It was a big thing, wasn't It? ; 1
It was on awful Ion# route?too long by
big odds. ' . i I' > ;. . i,
At thu leant calculation over 200 pounds 1
of red tire was burned.
Capt. Ham Davis was on hand with his colored
club. They are always on hand. ,
' Nearly all Uie white pliigs went up |ii. tlio
b!g hallelujah that followed Gartield'a elcc*
tlon. , 1 ' 1
Some of tiiedccoratlons were grand, considering
the short time Jn which they were
gotten up. 1 , , 1
nnimr Hint, of ItiAiinlion mini ?m I
the favored man. Some fair one presented 1
him with a bouquet. . ' \
The Chief Marshall and ills HtniV were
mounted on fiery ateeds and cavorted In Ithe ,
most approved mauner.
The I.allelle cannon boomed loud . and
strong and that LnBelle band-,oh! my 111
La Belle street was in a hlu/.e of,general glory.
The platoon of police in front of the procession
was h great aid in keeping the streets
clear, anU the small boys away., The. .men
looked well j. too,/ i ,\t.I ,
Fifteenth alreot showed up to specially
good advantage. Among the moat attractive
decorations were those of W.'A;i Janes, Van
I). 12*11, Antoa'lleyiuaan, .A. W. Campbell
and Win. Klson. The following were also
Illuminated: Ooorge ltoblnson, "W. B.
Simpson, Hen 8. Allison, A. B. Caldwell, B.
F, Caldwell, UiheldaiTer's, Bev. 'Werder,
O.JTuylor, Mrs. Thoburn, Mrs. Eliza Mills,
Bloomtleld's and Wm. Graham,For a
short street that is doing pretty well.
One of the most notable features of the
proewsion was the body of about thirty men
in the uniform of tho Gotf. Guards. This
military organization was at one time Wheeling's
crack company, and was'named in
honor of our Congresslnan-elect, Gen. GoflV
Abhut a vpar nt?n It iiinhftndfd. link last nti'tit
nearly every member donned the fulUdiete 1
uniform, no matter if lie was Republican or
Democrat, and turned out, in compliment ,
to their gallnut namesake. The boys march'
cd like veterans, showing they had not for.
gotten their drill. All along the line they,
got a Wr hand, and by the time the march
was finished nearly everyone had a bouquet
New?y 5ote? about AiuincronM KoU*
"Bob llrown, Of Thomas Hughes ?t Co., Is In
Misses Annie and Ilattle Glass are visifing
at Youngstown.
A. W. Hardman, a Deputy Sherltrof Tyler
county, waa at the b'tate ifousu yesterday.
Ed. Cooper, an old Wheeling boy. no\y of
New York, is spending a few days in the
12, Fleer, representing A. 8chwarz'9
extensive toy.bouse, of Philadelphia, is in
the city... i , tuy, vr, ' ..
Miss .Fannie M. Clyment, of the Garden
Spot, returned home on Tuesday from Portland,
OUlp. H':
Mr. J. F. Murphy, of IhoWellsburgW'miW,
was among the distinguished visitors itr the
city last eveniug.' !*> >
Mrs 8. S^Kisner will have her opening on
Friday and Saturday, October 20th and '-IsJ,
com mcncUig Friday a 11; o'clock. ,
W. H. Lott, of Columbus. a tenor singer,
well known in this city, is now the traveling
freight agent of the "Nickel Plate." >. :
Darwin McClelland, who was elected Commissioner
of Brooke county tliis^year, was in
the city attending the . demonstration of last
night. ~ " ;
Dr. Hardesly; President of the Deaf, Dumb
and Blind Asylum at Komney, returned JasL
evening, from attending a meeting of the i
Board. .*' , . , V: j
Hon. John H..Hobbj?, member of,the. last i
House of Delegates 'from Hancock county. ?
came down hut night and took in the big
Miss Clarissa Stewart and niece, Miss Lizzie .
Stewart, of Washington, Pa., arrived in the
city yesterday on a'visit to the family of S.
0. Taylor, ?
_Messra. Arthur Sinsel and A. Hunter, of
(Trafton, and Jesse Purnell. of.B?Haire,well
known if. AO;, railroad ""men, were in the
city la*t eveuing.. .. - r
Messrs, Dunonn Adolph and John Stalil, of
Bridgeport, with a party from Washington
City, left foe Stillwater yesterday on a hunt-:
tng and Hailing excursion. 1 ' '>'j_ ; 1
Judge C. G.' Carroll, of St. Clairsville,
Chairman of the Belmont County Republican
Commitico.i came over last night tot breathe'
the Republican air oL-West Virginia and see
hisbrethein rejoice. . _ \ . .. ,
: Nr?-Squire Win. 1 Philips last, evening
celebrated her birthday, /by. entertaining a'
number of her friends verepleasantly "witli u
supper, gotten up in asumptous manner. The
occasion will long be remembered by those
who were fortunate enough' to ba present.
ivMrs. George: K. Wheat and daughter, and ,
niece, Hiss Jennie Norton, leave next wt?ek
for Springfield, Ohio, to visit - thilrj relatives,
Mr. bam Bowman, and family, the,.well- '
known lawyer, who recently returned from ,
Paris and the Continent,, Mr. Bowman'a two
sons, who have been attending school at IJer- ]
lin, returned with ]um. v . r,, tr \
-?:?; v'r''V'x'
, ATtuiperAuccJnbllco. ;
The Parlcer Hall Temperance Union held &
grand old 'jubilee li>> their hall last Sunday
nfte;nopj). Thp mempersof ,the V,nion had 1
preparou for me ucc&stojj by tmrtefully-arranging
the stage,- and providing good musio, ,
Mr. Samuel Taylor, of the Wheeling Female
College, opened ithe jubilee,in a real eutliu- '
siastic speech of some, fifteeu minutes long. !
In opening his address he said he felt like
singing "Praise God from whom all blessings '
How;", instantly) the . audience' Irose to their ,
feet, and sang with a gusto seldom equalled, ,
ihe grand o!(I''doxpiogy which'has- been !
ringing through the agetf. ti.lMi') i. |
' Tlip Kev..p/-}3.jjite! followed )|fr. 'Jtyylor
in WQrtJs Of Jjeflrtyjpoijprqtijlation </or,the J
victory gained, and counselled the' temper- i
ance people to thank CJod and take courage, :
on;ank?, work, pray ahd puBh.: yj$j :
U."8.^Mnrshal;Atkinson delivered bnelof
his1 ringing,, telling, horue-thruBt speeches, '
which was frequently interrupted by ap- :
Pi'atls^. ; I . .. "... i, ' I
Mr. G. W. Baggs delivered the closing ad* ;
drc?J and greatly, delighted,tho large and intc?e#tc(J
duttiWPP: * * ' J
' Mee^rs;'MelviH Kicharde and Hamilton I
Hill led a large chorus choir of some twenty i
voices with wondrous.eftect. . j,; 1
The temperance people are wide awake
andmean business; everyday they> are: becoming
a recognized powflrjn tlie'lamlr'c. I
Tho Parker Hall Union have nominated j
Gen. Nathan GofT for President and Marshall
Atkingou for Vipe President of the United
States Ju 183V V
JVyciAE. rp-KHAM'8 Vegetable Compound
cures all feipajp complaints by removing the
causp. . ,,\r. MWWf.
??Fn? In? Boardliif School,"*. . '
On Monday nnd Tuesday evenings next Ujo J
Opera House will be occupied by1 tne nnHcal '
comedy o( ''fun in a Boarding School," to }
bo presented by John E.' Irice and company, i
Of the merits of thenlerejand compauy'tne (
Hochcater.'N; Y.Y-Mroliwr'Bayk:' Fan in a j
Boarding School opened to a uood house at
the Corinthian Academy of Music last even- j
ing and scored a hit, which insures,generous 1
audiences for the remainder otthe weeklaen- ?
Wg'ejwent, Tbp piece is a fgrclcgl comedy {jnd i
if there wasevor anything-.in? its^ooniposl
tion not meant to be fun-provoking, itvyaii
stricken out long ago. The.'fun is all clean
and wholesome, and appeals with irresistible
force to young and old. John E. lnce,, as a
deaf pedagogue, with an eternal-request to ,
people who, talk low to '.'come.again,* at the.
same; time'elevating'his-ear Jtrumpet' for :
thfem, is really amusing. He" is av capital comedian
and has already '^uado lime in
other characters. His support is excellent' )
and a wore evenly-balanced and merilorius <
'company Vp haye not ?epn. . ' \
"jljeserpcd seats will bp placed; fin sale to: ;
morro#>at Wilson# BaumerVjnuBio'itoro.; j
Never try to raise a famil vViihn i & innli' jl
newspaper, provided it contains, the advertisement
o( Dr. Ball's Cough Syrapf for fhla
valuable medicine ifl.neceasary to keep your (
children in good healthy * {
. : . ...v.'.ij
To-momLow morning at 10 o'clock IMarlin's t
Fjjrnr-'buildine lota will be sold '*? nUbJjc i
??V ':l '' ,;j
Mrs. S. 8. Kis.vsr will have her opening on
Friday and Saturday, October 20th and: 21st,
commencing Friday at 1 o'clock.' ?,} H . .M (
\r- 'W-rv f
Do^'r fail to be at the sale*of those build- '
ipg lots jn Vaitjnfr Ferry.-uh.yi- I'.
Ir yon are alck ond troubled, dyspip*
'aia, llrown'j lron Bitten wlll.ctwgrou,-. ,V j
Gathered by tb? City MaperlntendcntNo
Uofira II<eilnR.
The Board of Education,la getting to bo almost
ns bud as the Second Hranch of Oounclh
This Is hard on the Board, but we ape con.
itraln'ed to nialce the atatement'' Its members
are not as punctual aa they should bo by any
means, and at every meeting a quorum is one
d( the hardeat things In the world to obtain.
Last night it was itupoislblo to sccure a quo*
rum. Teumen were there, but the other
one necpwary to mnke a quorum could not
be found. Tho KejtiibUcan jolllficntlon
was too much for the majority of
tbo members Abontlmlf past elKhtl'after tho
LrlPtthnnn linil Iumih ?i._
hi.? uwu iivmy nuui wuv, VIIU
txiembers were called to oruer and on motion
Alfrud Caldwt>ll(iiKMi.> took .the chair, and
Lbe clerk called thu, roll, allowing the follow*
lug members present! Mpsftiu],Acker,, C?rlswell,
Collier, Caldwell, Kboll tig, Jepsoii, McCully*
Miller J. 0.; Todd and Schotkey. Ali
adjournment was then had to. next We.lnos*
jay, evening..- As thlu will be un important
meeting, every member should aim to bo
present. i ' ,
F(i]lortllng will oe found Supt, lilrch'ure*
port oh tho schools for the past mouth:
| j " ' WnKflUKU, W, Va., October ly. ,
Jb (h? Hoard ft/tLi(ucatwn:
i OkSti.swkx:?In preaan ting, tho: roporls of
the schools of tho district for the month'of
September,-your attention is invited to tho
ciirv j,
Wnullnicui lor the
Average doilyattcudauce it.f.CJ
AveruRO ilMly aMitiOe~... ..4W
rereeutof tnteudimeoonenrolMngnti .bi
; v f:. li::
'! j 111 si wl.r.
Schools. fe k "
5 b f o l & t' *
*u . & j I- S 3 3.
a' 6 K'? " 1: * 2
3 i !' ?=; j
I ? ? s ? ?.?' s
J. ,J ... , m, -S// ,?i B. U.l B< ^ .
Wa.shliiKloii....'.. ~ft>6 *4M 6" .S'J M 196 14 ' WlHo
MwlUon,........... 4H1 ??| ?7 ;yi M IDI II 601 00
........... <Jir. 662 frf .00 V3 JM U : CH 60
Union 07!1 611 69 .90 103 ilE lf> 'G89 00
Centre..m 44 to .87 Catel 13 57S DO
Wclw-tOr....^...... 500.. 44C . GO .87 116 l*.8 VI 642 W
hitdtla 726 66* M .W 41 an .'A fiSOW
Colored-...:. 113 01 ?3 .86 x:i' 3* 1 ,118 &Q.
Pupils in tho several branches:' Orthography,
3,1)93; reading,, 3,{$3; writing. <3,DOS;
mental arithmetic, 8,737; .Written arithmetic,
2.130; geogrophy. 3,224; grammar^ ,254;'history,
057;'physiology, 02;, literature, 39; Natural
philosophy. 48; chemistry, -14; lessons In
English, l',10l, algebra,100; geometry? 01; U.
8. Constitution, 20; drawing, 3,042; physical
geography, 32; rhetoric; 60; general dxerciees,;
3,840;, declamation, 3,313; com position,
1,320. , Amount paid lor tuition inclusive of
GarrnaD, $4,602*; M, <i . .. n. j.
German Depttrtment-r&nrollment: :Wush-.'
ington 32, Madison 27. Clay 81, Unionj 48.
Center50, Webster 30. Ritchie 70; .number of.
tcachere';!; number of pupils o[ German parentage,
225; number of pupils not of German
parentage, 131.
" From the foregoing figures it will be seen
that the schools open up this year- with an
attendance unusually large. >By comparison
with tJie.reporis for the amae month lost year,
omitting,Center,whieh,wa#not in session, we
find tbut.tne enrollment has increased 301.
There, has .been .a gratifying,advancement,
also, in .every department of school work on
ihc part of both' teAchew arid scholars.
John AT. Untcir,
Mark your old things 'look'like new by
usinfc the Diamond Dyes, and you will be
bappy, Any of the (ashlouable colors for 10
cents. ' ' . mwv'xw .
.. Stenin outheEiiit Grove Itond? .
A meeting of the K!m Grove Railroad Company
was held recently to devise way's and
means to reduce the expenses of operating
the road. For some months the coniuatiy
La-i been operating their line at a serious loss;
and unless some means of reducing expenses
materially are deviled, so/no of the leuding
stockholders talk seriously of abandoning tlie
enterprise. The following figures show tlic
financial status of tbe roud, and the loss attendant
upon running the cars for the past
twentr month.*:
HxpenResiuittl.:';.;~.: .L........ i.!JSt4,W9.92
Income in 18S1. \ A....... 11.530.21
' Ixisa iu 18SU. 8 3,10'J 71
Kxpenses to September 1.1?J.? 11/241.SS
Income to Septemoer 1,- .;?-.^'ll.y50.70
Lots to September 1,*1882 '-','iSG SQ
I'rcscnt 'debt,,;, 817,0 is.io
This state of affairs was laid beforo'the
meeting, and a proposition was submitted
that steam be substituted for horse power
on the road. This wns agreed to- on condition
that Council Rive the company permission
to use steam. The proposition is to
profcurean improved sort of :udutnmy" engine,'
in which coke or hard coal is used,
thus doing away with the biiioke. nuisance,
itnd which is bo oonstruoted as to be practically
noiseless. ,1 f Council gran ta the desired
permission, a change in ,'thie route of a" portion
of the road will be made, the' track being
laid around tlie(crefck instead of across
the'Pehinsula; so as to obviate any inconvenience
toother travel, "
Take little annoyances out of the way. If
you are suffering with a Cough or Cold, use
Dr. [Hull's Cough Syrup .at once. This old
iijid' reliable remedy will never disappoint
you, All druggists self it for,25 cents a faotlie/,',
- ST. J AM tsliOT^L ; .
MrsHngaradaughter, 0 M.Whitakcr,BitO'ltIt
FDancfioo, B 0H T Jv Forsyth. Sidney
D li Arao<, Coehrunsville If S Doxey, New York
frS (-'raw ford, Cincinnati HelHy, New York'
WiJLAr.de^on, jlnuchv'le'K A I.vio, Baltimore,
r m'Amos, Alloc)). 0 . W-T HoonU, Aniioeh
Jaw McKay, Sulesvtllo T McKay, Sulesville
Jos Archer, Salcsville' ". J L Kicliardson, \V Va?
J It ;GoMHl>ouKh, N Y,; C L smith,New York, 1
liuRcn Steel;Texas . Cbus Aslcew, cjjy
B lx>?iK d sou, W Vft J F.O&born, Clarksbutg
W/Oliililwln, Wash n : KA CJrubb; Pittsburgh
O.W Wlibert; Pljuburgh M W;Kca, .Newport 1
11 Wlllianh. New York. J T Sweeney, city. ,
h H Y?nt, rairview :J It Piper. Norwlck I
p M Kruut. Clarksburg M J Knrnes.' Clarkuhnm
[Xstruts, KewT^rlt j, V Wi-Uiuitlng. ilitfslllori
J'TTraje. VjtUpur^h , uS l'u ticoril, Ilaltiraoro
C De(jong.t?ew#ork ' V A Able,- Pitubuigh'
talker. rlttaburuh ' 8 I) Mchityro; Newark
II K Hgell, Now York Mr# U Thompson, city i
A Dunn, Sandusky D Drake a wife, Athensi
ir L Maker, wire * il.ch'u: 'V Mcttonber,Canal Dover 1
I M McCounell, CievclnmlD MeClclland, Wellsbur*
W KrttclilTe, Well&burc-; J ll Huuan, \Vellsburg
D T. Hardest)*, New York \V Gold, New York
TIfraci,'Pittsburgh' CttMaalc, New York
- Trte Celuloid Eye-Glasses arc the most perfect
artificial help to tJje human eye known
to" scierioe. Try a', pair anu be convinced.
For Eale by' all leading. Jewelers and Opti2lft0B.V'i?-?iV:V
r ;-,i
..Mrs. 8. 8. Kisnek.wUI have her opening on
Friday and Saturday, October 20th and,21st,
:ommeiiciug Friday at 1, o'clock.
rft Rhllmlcl|,lilH~Pn:i vin B. df O., on
Monday, October 29, 18H2-Bl Ce?teuHlM,
!.' !'
Two-hundroth Anniversary of the Landing
)f William Penn will be celebrated, at Phllaielpbia,
by a grand carnival and pageants
luriug four days, Octobcr 24th,- 25th, 20th (
md 27th., To accommodate all persons deiiring
to witness or tako partin,these Inijioarig,,ceremonies,
the Baltimore it Ohio IL-Jt.
Company will.sell cjccursi0ntiek?taat greatly 1
uuuwu laico. . XIUK.VUI, win ue gOOU going
East on'any regwlHr'trail)'October'23,1882, 1
md available for continuous return passage, '
leaving Philadelphia not later tliaji Qctobor
19, Threp through trainB daily. 411
'rains ori 1). &'0. run via'Washington and .
[ialtliuorfe. Purchase tickotVvia B. &,0.
^.B, Dunham, ' n ;
..General Manager. 1
W. E. ItEri'EHT,
Passenger Agent Trans-Ohio Div.
C. K. Lord,
I) 'u, v-j General Passenger Agent, >j
Mrs. 8* 8. Kisner will have her opening on
Friday and Saturday, October 20th arid 21st,
:otmnericing Friday at 1 o'cloc^'. ' "
iTiiK chtfapeB^bjiUdlng.'lotB .on ;tlie easiest
lenus ate offered^ to-morrow ,'at' Martin's
vy-j.r y:,,;;:.;,:; j:
Rr<lnclion in lMnnon. j
rresent.aiocKopp|anofl,.fcjuiinway, Knube ,
whickering, Hallet & Davis, Emerson, .Hardnan,
Guild, Ac., at the very'lowest prices,
tnd great reduction for coat. Coll early and
ie<iure gmt'bargaiqg _ ' \
wjcabJMcsrcSTO jul '*;
.ii'st i?s;->!?3-.vr' \!? - .vLlW2Maia>tMet. i
J ni\: . 41 * rrno,; j-;-. j
M m.B.3. Kiajcmwill have her openineon
briday and 8aturilay, October 20th>and 21bL
somniepcinp Fridaynt 1 o'clock ^ 7
*' frr' 11 r=~ 1i<1
?BU0K-DRAUGHT" cures cgnllv^
Bcaii.dPiJ.SiitlclifWiWilM.' !.
nJormileby togaa&Co,. : M eiafthnti'! ]
MIsj Kttn Mutb is visiting ffiendi at Si'
George McCanri, of Ravenna, has moved
Ids family to liellaire.
R. J. Alexander was in town ycateiday
with his liublujiUckle.
Wlwes Annlo and JJeasio Hoge have re*
turned from a visit to tit. Olalrsvtlle.
Rev, James Tboburn and wife eamo to
Bellalre yesterday on a visit to relatives.
Albeit Kennedy and Mury Gelxall atole
oil quioily to West Alexauder and were
ninrrinl "ubbeknownat.'V
? The'Telephone Company, wIiom wires are
now Billing over town on anybody'* house
that Is convenient, now wutu permission to
put ii|> feolea to stretch their wires.
After the regular Wednesday evening
prayer-meeting, the congregation of the First
Pmbyteriun Church ' had', a uniting'-and
elected, two trustee*. II. II. Fret* and John
Lane jserc re-elufted. - it. , n> !,
A man was sccu running frantically out of
theii, AO..passenger .depot yeidurday iuom?
Ing on the arrival of a train; but he,was on*
Jy hunting a hat utoro to replace Lis hat that
had,blown ou^ of the window.,
! , A special train, ,with Fort Wtyno lbcomo*
live and crew, was hero yesterday with Win,
A.Baldwin, General,Manager of the ^enr'ftylvalila
Company's roadt-: F. Slataper, Chief
Kuginetifj/anu It: F. Simth,' of Cleveland,
Mantlger of the Cleveland1; 3s; Pittsburg Hoad.
They bad thwlr own dining-car along.
Those'wlio have'been Helling tick'eta for the
ball of the Lutos Club and the 'drafting for 'a
wutcli for the benefit of the old l.iKhtUuards
are requested to report ut ouco ty Win. H.
hiUl(j. To?nlght is the drawing The watch
nas.uecn.on exmniuon ai N. Jj? Marsh's, and
a good,number of. tiekiitalmve been sold. j
. Some one was heard to; make some very
several and caustic ? remarks ubout the
mauiier in which our public library has been
conducted of late. Can some one rise aiul
'explain?, ; , . , /,;, J, ,' .'!
Mr-view la determined to awn mo metro*
pollt&n ''proportions,' and is investing in
sited lanjps. J. Jell" Marshall is engineering
the, alUir, and has a subscription, sufflcient
tonmkotno requisite purchase.,' 8evoral;of
this lituiness men will erect lamps at their
resptcllvo places pf business.
The next thing oh the" programme for the
rtiftr future Is the brjjarilxitfon of a debating
club. Some of onr young men who are of a
litoraryrturn of mind think' that they can
bettor spend one evening of the week at such
a place,; than to engase in some' of the pursuits
favored by the rising generation,' and
lu conaenuence think of forming such an
organisation as will afford theriv opportuity
| to Ulacusa some of the leading tophus of the
day, and learn the art of speaking.1;
: FroMi somo of our citizens who have ' reIrcnllv
Itontl ilnwtl I
lean that the improvements1 to the dike
I there is fast approaching completion."*J?lie
j Government is making about $35,000 of njn
1 improvement. Therepairscoriaiatlu raising
the dam, extending from the bead of the
I Island to the Ohio shore, so that in any ordiI
rihry stage of water the bulk of. water, will lie
thrown.down the channel side of the Island.
The worts has been retarded on account 6f
the stage of water being too high for work to
be done. .
Mrs, Col. JohnThbmpsou, of Moundaville,
wastn town:yesterday. .
Mr-'C. N. Gaunter, of the Gazette, and wife,
left for, Cleveland yeatcrday.morningi
. Samuel,Quillen wan brought to jail yesterday
afternoon to work out a tino of $50 and
jCOsta for stealing a hal f se t of double harness.
Ami the Kew?. Wiuilicd; bj? ou. Hie
..i i .! ' .. llnuk.
TheC. W. Hornbrool; has liad- ita njuue
changed: to Amos.,, -svir i
! The Lucas and Little Annabroughtcrowds
from Martin's Ferry and Bellaire to the city,
last night.. '
TUo river was stationary yesterday, the
marks still .indicating a depth c?f 3 feet?
inches. , Business of course was dull. f
The Andes isouton the Cincinnati Ways,
undergoing repairs, which will be concluded
by to-morrow, when she will be let hack into
the. liver- j
The NV. N. Chancellor, passed up yesterday
morning, enroute from Charleston, to Pittsburgh.
The question with steatnbaat men
is, .will alie get there?
The oldC., T. V. & W. transfer boat, IL J.
Grace, was yesterday sold to. A. J. lfleasher,
the \eioran boat builder of .Murraysville. for
$2,0CK?. Capt. Fleasher will send the Gruce
doR-n to New Orleans this winter with a tow
of barges. ' During the winter he is going to
build a new boat, und in the spring lie will
put the machinery of the Grace on her.
' The,Sidney arrived from' Wheeling yesterday
afternoon, and will return at 3 r. m. today.
She had thirty hours of fog on the
down trip, and was also detained at'* Brooks'
bar by not being in the best -water;' which
was live feet . deep. Included . in her
cargo were 3,000 kegs of nai'js, of which abb
reghi plied 1.200 kpgs on the LOuig A, Bherley.?('iiichmifli
PlTW&imcw, October Hi ? Elver 11 inches
and fallinc. Weather eloudv niul r.nni '
Cincinnati, October 19.?River 7 feet G
inches, and stationary. Weather cool, cloudy
and threatening. Depurted?Sidney, for
Pittsburgh,, , <
jr ns. B. S. Kisnku will have her opening on
Friday and Saturday, October, ,20th and 2lst,
coiummcing Friday at 1 o|clock. , ' 1
Bid bargain at the public'sale ,cf building
lots itV Martin's Ferry tb-niorrow, Saturday,
September 21. .i . ' ' ! ;
" WINE OF CARDUI" for Ladies only.
For sale by Logan & Co.
Mils. 8. 8.;Kisnerw111 have her opening on
Friday and Saturday, October '20th and - 2lst,
commencing Friday at L o'clock. j
INrntpsale of Martin's Ferry building low
to-morrow,, . . , : ... ' ..
NcwTork Money noil Stocliii.
Kkw'Vo'rk. Octobcr' 19'.-Money 3a 5 per'cent,
dosing offered 3 per cent. Prime'Mercantile paper
GaS wr cent. blutliug' Exchangebanker's blllf,
EU'&tly fct SI 81%: demand 8-1 H.%.
(JovjiRNMKNTa?tslroiiir and K wrwni
allbauen. ; '** \ ' \
U.S.fin, extended,...102 flt. P. 4 8;C.11rtts.'....110
U.S. !&, iuupon*.,.US U. P. bond#, fln>Ls.....ll5
p.fcj.-li, coupous?....lll% ILlVLand-liniHDu.lJO,
Pacific CM of U. P. sinking iund-JlV;
CentralPacific tlrsts..lH% Texan I'hcland60%
Etkwa>n<LH..;.:'.....;y'J'J>i do. Klo (Jrauddlv;... 821&
Lehigh & Wnkejurrrl01 ; i
fUruuuti Bonds?Moderately activo.juid, generally*,
' Btitb Seccuitieb?Neglected, ,
Louisiana consols-.,,' C'J Virginia Cu,.35
Missouri 5s.,,,, .,n.,iV2 Viruinlacon.'ols. ex- : .
S\. Jrtsoph ..,.,,-,100% tra rout. coupons? 57j
Tcnuejwccfis I.....,,!,, 43)*} Virginia deterred-... 13
Tenticaeo <J?, new?' <81 1 Ex.' Jlv.
SwHs-Spcculnttoni In fctocks were somewhat
ucRlootetl hut in the main bearish] and tho rc-ault of
the |\uetuatlomi was a universal decline from yesterday's
prices. The market opened Irregular hut In the
main a fraction lower than It closed yesterday,
Hlohinond & Danville, however, was-a.and Weal
Pot at 1 Y\ ncr cent higher. In the early trado there
wa * u further decline In the general list and 1 per
ecu 11" Itoulsvllle ?fc Nashville,alter which the mar*
ket became strong and 'About li;30:recorded,an aivnneo
of per cent,. In, which Northwestern
preferred and common. Cincinnati,'. Sandusky A
Cleveland, Lake Shore, Michigan Central, Denver A
RlaiOrondo and New Jersey CQnttal were most
Alter this the t(me oflhe market was Irreyular,
but Mihseniicnlly oecame weak and declined, alimut
without Interruption,.to the close, the decline
ranging from. 1?3)? per cout,*the. latter Northwestern
preferred which fell oil'lo 161 j?. Wabash
pre for rod which sold down per cent,- Oregon &
Trans-Continental 'lxA p?r cent, 1-ou Isville <?fe ^ Nash*
vllle 'J% per cent, Delaware, Lackawanna & West
crn?, !?r com, ircnvor.s Klo uraudo 2K |)f f ccnt
\\?b??h common Miner cent, Torn* Pnctdl; I'S
ffi?1- ,N?,rllM"! ,'fclfio preferred 1J-, per com mild
Illinois tculr.il per com. were, alsoTprom|uonl
In iho doirrnwm movement. tSo muket Sa
aadoqwww.ut '!: ! ? : ;;
A^?W8 ^mch-.wA;,135 : NAfch. it Chat.......;...'; '52
American iviprts*,., bO .Now Jeiwy Cent...... wfc
tUnwfft Southern....: C<Jk Northern t'acU\c.,l,. 'U$> i
l-'O, 41. Ci,.',M,.,i.'.',w ' <lo: preferred-^.:.
Central Pacliliv.....;.. 90Ji NorthivcNtern..;M^i4l2
tbwajwke & Ohlo../2M4 Uo. nreferreU .]G1$, .
' do. iiit prc/errcd;r Sff NmvYork C'ontrul. i'?S i
^WftSSS !
U, to bt Jowj^h.;.. 43 aU I- & 3. m' >
Qo. irviorrM .... 79 do. preferred ... M <
Kutwos A iVdfla.:..-. i?K 31PauI!.*}17.Vl0^C
lake Erle & \V.j;.^L $ak mtlo. preferred....^ jajf
Jake Short'-..'......Tm* FucWe,4UW
{<oulsriUe A ({nfdti I
L N. A. it C.%r..A\,;i 6fi Piilteil SlHfc* Ex 6U
n. ?t a 1st nrc('d.nlHl5 W., St. U .t 1 S
ftSfcl vV&ttrW
,, ,N.I^Y,0B*' OcMtfm-Cot'on nendy at ll.Mfia
lix? futuiyi bare y ?cad}\ Flour steady and untt\*ii|jed:
rfccolpM/A\000 barrel*; Exports 6,0.0 bar :
[tin. Wheat, aihh louX'itfc higher aud flnu; tv- t
SdPil*? 00 .uflci,? "PorU none; unirtdeUi
J?,io&.?.,? u",8,lftdc.d1 Wj #7*111H; Mcjiucr *>i>3
rtd9w, upmdid nbtte89c; iteamtrKo. 8 doMc;
li ifti?v.80^ *sPi2 *M? *l Oft ?wmcr
[} J 1 W.OOObmhe'i i
?! 5 yV 0ctol*'.*1*104.000 buahtu,
SiWtiW' ^ November, mIn
801000 buihck ?t tf llH*l Ilk, cloMliuni tl 1154;
PwpjoU-r, mJc* 43I.IW i?VJ.,
eloping Ht 81 I'&i. Corn fuvcii>h: (Hki
i niRlier; optlotiaJialj^e higher, closing tlrm with a
reaction?t J-(alc on tiptlon?: receipts tO.Ufl btuhuli;
I exports 1,700 bwbejs; ungraded itu?ut3c; So. 3, S!tc:.
No 2 October bl><&H3c, eloMi)Knt8JV?c: November!
iTUrtSOc, doling hi *Mc: December 73?"4Jie.cloili)g
at 7I1ko. OuU }(u!y? higher, cloilng weaker, rui
celpt* 71,050 buihels: exports l,6U) l>u?hcl?: wwlerM j
mixed inaiSot white western 41a5yc,'- liny quiet I
and unchanged, ColVee, cutlet and unchanged.
1 Hujtar unlet and mendy; refining fait to kochI i%h
7Xc. Huluoci dull and iiomitiHl. Ulce In good
demand. Tulro'eum dull md nominal; United
Wc; crude 7^ii7Ji<;: wllned7fiasc. Tallow easier at
luttlu tlrm nt^ll vo.il 07^. Turpentine
stronger at to! (utot!, Kpgi quiet and steady at 27X*
itfe. i'ork quiet! new mesi 8210J. Uoeldull and
weak. Cut waits dull and bomlnal. Lard unsettled:
prime steam 818 0*. Hotter Ann and toni
dunged. C'hecio llruij western llatOal'Aj, ,
, Chiuaco, October, R-Klour, stcrtdy aud nn*
changed.. Wheat untitled and generally lower,
rwtlar OWCflM&ii CM >l>er ftud year; V63?nW>{o No
vember: II 0'J>4*1 Wjy Mrtyj No, 'J red winter WVc
uuh;Wtt*WK October; Wo November, No.2 Chicako
fprlng U^JaW^c c*sh; optlous samo as regular;
No. a.thlaiiro spring KOo: rejected too. Com
i Irregular at (Wc cash and October. 67J4*(We NoveniiKtr:
(lake year, 635*? January; rejected CSkc. Oati
1 (lull and prices iv shade lower at a.'i%e cunhtU^c Oo*
, tobor: Utj$c KoW'lnhcr; aid year; Stkj May. Kye
| steady at uoc. Bftr'oy dull and .'nominal at we,
i Flax ?ecd falriytMllve aud a shade higher at 8118a
lit). Butter lu good demand, at full tirlcen. >"gui
i fairly active ami Hahado higher at Stable. I'ork in
Jood demand but atlotw rates; 8"?J50uV3 7f> ea>liS'
il60 Octuber: ?*)7fa2077k November; lira}**
Wit year, IllUOuitf \'i\CJanuary and February.
j.Lird dull and lower at8l'i76al2W)ciub! ififAni'JW
October: 9i2 0fial3 07V4 November: 111 45ull47k
year; fit 'A'mll 27k January and February. Hulk
ineuU MtiOHKcr, thniililcrslIOM); short riuslisou:
short rtcarllKft. Whisky steady and.unchanged
ut 81 IU. Frejlita, com lo Buffalo 2!*c.
Call?Wheal ueiierallT.unchaimed, butsomesalfs
rather hlvher. torn active, Ann and higher at li^jo
rash; October: 6&3fa N\>vembcr;.iKlWu year;
MJ^c January; N?9fio M?y. Oats ic?lter* ly unchanged,
hut sotuo sates rather li fit her. fork
InvKular ut 81U 00 October: Novcintor:
111) 27 K year: 111) 15 Junuary: 111) 10 February, I.anl i
Irregular atSl287^al'2l?0 October, 11210 November:
III-Wall-12^ year; Sll2i>$ Jauuary; |U'?'0jUIWi
Chicago, Oclober 10.?Tho Drovtr't Journal ? I
ports: ' : ?,i
Hojjs?ttecelpta'O.OOQhend! shipments,700 head;!
quality fair uuddemntid weak:market closed 10a
lfm lower: mixed 17 00a7 M: heavy 87 WaS'bO; I
Hub187 00a7 8V *klps ft 7JM7.f?.
Cattle?Kecelf?t*tf,f? jo bead; shipment* 2,700 head.
Matkct steady and values uneven; no extra here:
good to choice Sf> OOa.YO,V'common to fair 8.1 73a
atHoiliuteiicn*' lOe lower'at 8i :Wvl 00; stockers
plentiful and slow (o sell at ?1lOaS 70; feeders tlrm
1 to: range steady; 'l'exuns. $.170.il60; Arncr'
leiius und half breeds tftlOaf) 40. .I
Bhucp-Itccclpu 4,010 head; shipments 765 head.
Demand weak for low; prices Kcnehdtv steady: Inferior
to fair ?- SO; medium to, good 83 Cial 10;
choice to extru 34 6Ct6 0J. * '
itsciNf ati,Octolwr 19,-Colton quiet and steady
at /lOMc. Flour dull and uucfiauged., Wheit
ieasier; N'u 2 rcd^sjtot 81 Olal 02; 8vill Oclolcr,
81'01 November, 81 00 bid vear; retelpls ll.Wu
| bushels; shipments 3,000 bushe;s. Corn Orar at
174c spot; "'i>i October; Gl%*ti2c November; 52}?c
mi inuuury uiun ueumuu nurauti iniimi'i urui
at ESc fi>ot; 370 October; 33c year; 37>;c bid May.
| Ilye, itronirer ?t fl-laGl^c. Barley,Irregular;/No. '2
fill 85c. l'orlt quiet-and tlrtn at 5^5 00.- Lnrd
I weaker at 812 7>r?. Hulk meata tlrtn and uuchanpe 1.
llacou quiet; thfjuldew. Ill 60; clear ribs 810 25;
I clear 817 '?>. Whisky qukt at It 17; combination
MleH'ol finished soodn, Mo barrels, ou a basis ol
j|l 17.-UintertUmandunchanged.
| Haltihoi'.k, October 19.~FIour, In fair demand
and hioatly. Wheat, weitcrn quiet and easy: No; '2
winter red spot and'October 81 03>^hI Ohj i; No
vembcr 81 (W;?al OKJ'i: December 81 lOal io}<: i
January 8lll)^iil 11;%. C'oru, western quiet audi
1 a ?hade lower, mixed spot, and Octobor nominal ,
at 78c; November 7i>c; year GflaGGJ^e: January GO^a 1
flic Oats/stcady and tirm; western white -IhUfc;
i mlrcd 42alic; rcnnsylvajila 43a47c. Eye,
land nominal at G5aC8\ Uav.f-drly active and
steady attic OOulSOJ. l'rovlslons, llrut amUtcaily. j
Butter, tlrin for choice western, packed Ht itai'ic;!
crenmery33tt'.tlc E^ga, oulet at xlaiile. retroleuiu,
quiet ami nominal. Collec,. dull. Sugar, dull.
Whisky, steadv at 811'Jal vQ. ? *
Toi kdo, October 19.?Wheat woiiker; No. 2 red
spotSiOlX: October or'November 8101^; December
81 02; Jaiwiny 11 Computet ami wieal.v;
high mixed ?io?e; .No. , '2 spot 7Gc; October 7-liic'
bid, 75c luked; November G'Jc; year. C-Cc; MayfiHcu.
Unix dull; No: 1! #t)0t VJj: Octobcr December |
38c mked; year 3056c. Closed?w heat; weaker: No.
'2 red spot 8101%: Cctober 310! bid; Novcmltcr 8101;
December 21Ol#: year 81 01; January 81 0% May
81 07 bid. Com dull; No 2year 5'.%!; January 53^
bid; May6Gc bid Oals'qulet; No. 2 spot '.V)%; N'oveuibor
35o bid; December :UXc bid; year 3CXoicast
i.iukiuy, px.toctobt lU.?CMtle? lleCOlplS |
G'J7 bead. Marke t *lo\v: prime |j 7.'mG 25; good 83 00
u5 f0; common *1 WM lb. . , ,
llogs?Receipts | 000 head. Market dull: Phi!a
deli>hlav,'|8 UM8 tlj; Baltimore*. 87 75aa8 CO; A'oik*
ew 87 iiOa" 40; tenuwer* Id 00^i7 CO. ,
Sheep -ItmJ pis 2,800 head: catraSl 73n5 00;??00<!.
812Jitf50; common 12 5tit3 50. 1
on. City, Oclobcr l'j.?l'tinoLEUM?The i?elroUimri
market opened rather panicky at IMc,*nnd
dmpp</d<Mid<Jit?y to 53^c, the loucst point of the
day and rallied againtoUl!<c,Uuctuatln^ with'Jicax
uiu pivouii pomi, u ciosou 81 sales 1,027,000
barrels; clearuucos 2.190,000 barrel*.
RjWPTonn.' October IU.? Petroleum ? Sternly:
openshighest 9lKc: lowest cli?lng
ut U3f?c: talcs 1,705,000 barrels: total -sliiptneuta
>Veduesday 55.S87 barrels; charters 11.300 barrels.
Titchviu.e, October 19?Oil opened, at OlKc;.
hlgliefct 94j{c! lowest iki&s: closing at 9Skc; t-liipments
5-r>,$tf barrels; ehJrtcrs 1-1,286 barrels; runs,
J10,221 barrel*.
1'irrsnuiton, I'a., OotolkOr 19.?Petroleum?Qalet:
United ceriUlcatCii steady; closed at rellnert
"Wilte fo: mllmlelphltt delivery. Sules 80G.0G0
Cincinnati, October 19.?Live hoRB steady: common
and llnht ?0 Wa7 00; packing and butchers'
57200323. lteiielPts2.C00hen<l: shipments!. 100bead.
111-4 Main St.
mm ennne
-AND- ( ,, j
for which there is at present a
great demand, Have every shade
and quality.- Fine Seal Plushes l'or
Saeiiucs, a specialty.
SILKS i ll
I :>r-; ; ' ; ?' '!ij | j-j'j [ jH; j I
Genuine Bargains. throughout,
our extonsive lines. Ilonne't, (<ulfiot
and other leadiug brands always
on liand.v H
! .V' >" *..?? i!?'! '
Vi!" v-Vi >-U J r/i
: r.ttV'.U ; |
Embracing full lines of plain and
Embroidered Cashmeres. Plain
null Tivillml (lllltliu Ml.nn.l.. .."<1
Foulo cfotlis, etc., etc.
l'n?;-3iv.-.A m >'.V ? : (>, 1' j
,i .? : ' j' 1
11L4 M-A.I3ST ST.
1 Xo. 13i0 and IS'43 Cranih's Mock, Nwk?tSir**L
lorowrly occupied by tho AtUntltt Cloibluj s;ot?.
Till* taft M*clou? nwm, handiomely fitirt up ?ufc
I taUtie i??cr??r> Counlcri, ih?lvlng, taU?,mni.
1 V?rc?, water, awulng, Ac. How feady tor ?*?.
I '"a"' n msuit.
I w*!iTED^ I
YY keeper. Good relmnccagiven. A.J.Km
\ftrtdtt?l>otl.o. wtft^
\ \y T RH hi ft More or offlce. or at waller In vrt- V
\ y*t? UtttllY. Addre?a, A. LfclVfcg, loiV Lufl ntn-tt, H
|Hiy. oclfr 1
YY HBaD Mill barrel iUycl Wbltr wi and I
hickory U Icol hoi|0. J.C'AL 1'AISTKR A BRO? 1
Thornton, NV. V*. ocft.
YY bimlne** dUpo?ltIon *ud Heady habiu. 1
btual It*vel abort imuutcta In lecllonin whioh
mblpa Apply vvlth ?i?
yimUHMU "???? I
* Y . <i55al.J*V?*pa?yu? toUw oul w? ? m
1. V. & W. lUllruul, Thirty xowl, wwi* mlnm.
Steady work. nuatintiiH). I'ria-i ol Mlufuu, ouw
bet M% "t> cetiu pur lun. H
fcoll 3.K. WXTKU^.Suyt. H
f?0 AUTVOIOM fnuv cokckux. 1
>'<it!cc i* hereby given llm by nutbwlly ol \b?j 1
tk^wWrj ol Iho mwury ol ihuUultnlbUUn, uu- I
tier Motion 'A chnpter WVAet ol Mmb 2, iwt, H
l>uMlcuiUm Is hereby miuJo of tb? iIuiirw of Um I
jfuWtf ol tho uteambont liuuuv \V, Uuknuiwok u?
"'wiia' A""*' Join a. AnMSTiiovn.rmi. 1
,0ISSOUmoN XlittCK. I
I Hie vuriuershlp herelolom cxUUiir under Iho 1
Arm named UimilUn?fc ij ism, lis* vii|.? ?}*y b?vti I
(iisjuiml by ntuttuU oouwut. John I, Quint ?v- B
UriiiK Ml wjtik?uUmo?Iii? Uieuuwhca i? i"'1"
Uublwl t<? ?*>?> "
... -.miu.nun are HH|ucsU'J to cull and I
icttlo. Vcr>on!? bavin* claims oRnluot the llnu m
U'aucklca lo jiuwut theiu for M-ulemcht.
juun n. U.\si?I,VN( |
. Whkku s o. Oc'obor 18. Ism win I
i QorAH'rNiiiwiur notice. . I
. Ilavllij tbii Jay formed a partucr>hlp mnl',r lh* I
fltii) nnrij? of lUiKllHti Hrus,, fur tlw \mr,x?o ol I
(OitlliiUluK tbe grain bmtnoM. wo Mj*.Ttf.uily
licit lliU|>HtruUHKct)I the iiotruns ot the iiltl Aim fl
. ?ud tUo iinblle KCiiomlly.
.'OHS* It. n\SDLAN. I
i; JOriKI'll 11. HVNU1.AN. I
Wiicr.uxu, October 1?, issi ucia
Having tblsdsy retired irotn the Arm ol UatiJUti I
t QuI^k. dealer* In Kntln, I tnku p!t'uiur? In tluuk
ItiB tho nubile for jmm literal pKtrutiago and ic?
rHcvciftmy solicit a contluuaiico ol wmu with tlw
-new IIrui. JOIIS J. QUUiU. |
WilKKi.i.Nd. Octobor 18. 1S,;',2. iwlM H
FOR SAl.B. 1
KNGISES, 12.14.10 mid2) ? "-?'"
ijrnrc m <gu KoiT Street.
17*011 ij A1 ilv-T 11K STOU K AND GOOD
. will ol a well equipped Job t'rlMliiKUffldiu
till* city, or would auil uuicilul In lota intuit. Kcr
further particulars enquire if W. J. COcliETr,
agent. HtSuudny I.ciuUt nlllce. oci:
Eleveu acres on the hill above town.
H. FORBKS, Wheeling.
No. 7, U. 8. Custom liouue. Telephone F-fl,
Might liundred ami twenty-one ncrea of finely
timbered land, about five mile* touilicntiol lirmtou
u. II.. w. vft . on the \v*icm of the Klk Kiver.
Tnc land Is underlaid with coal and the timber wh
be floated down Klk Ittver to market, Aim t,WU
acre* bf limbered laud In l'etry wittily. Tt'imetMt.'.
\\. V. NOOK .<i bRO?
oc7 : 130U Market Street.
' 15 Shares iJiKeltc N'flll Mill.
I :t Shares Belmont Cilnw Stock.
20 Shan* Fire & Marine ln,uranca Stock. !
20 Shares; Franklin litturatco Stock.
Heifi . Ofllc**. No 'JtTwol'lhHtwt
;OPE iti^mousE!
0CX0131CIfc MO and 21.
The I IstUifiiilsitcil Comedienne,
Alice Dunning!
Ht>r first appearance in four yeits.
The World-Renowned Comedian,
WSI. HORACE LlN(lAlil) 1
Supported by Mr. Harry Rf. Maiiraud their tintii
Company, under the iimimucHicni jt
William U. Mitchell.
The tire&t ioudon, J'aiUimd New York Corned)'
bUCCCTS, played over 2,WO night*.
PINlt nr*\nvAc
Tho Bwulifcrdt veiidou. J'iwj lime Jiwe*
The entire prcs* of Etiglinil, France aud Ajwriu
pronounce "Unk Homines" one of iht-o'^i Uusbable
eonudlcR ever wtitteu?brim full of wit ?ml
confetti aiti/Klloc*. Con elude with the great orlgliirtl
Wm. Horace Linyiiril Skilchw. written by Mr.
Un^ard, uud Riven limit tho i>rincip?l cltiu on Ho
globe over 2.0M) times, liicitidin; a rabl J'wJji,
Heury Ward ik-cchcr, Osmr Wilde, J'mldtm Atthur,
Joseph Jefl'ereon (As Kip Van Winkle), fcUurtt.
AcJmtaiuti 50 and 75 cfcuU. Keserved K'mU $1.(0.
Scats ou mi!o ut Wilson A Mumcr1! muisic Mute.
Sale to cotnnwiivc Wwicwday, Oc.ol>ct 1JU?.
nee prices. 25 and flOeonts. odQ
I By virtue of n deed of trust made by John II
, SiinpHMi to the underfilled TriiMec, dated ibe
itiuili duvof Uecdnber, A. I)., lb*7, and recorded
in tlie office of the Clerk of the County Court ol
Ohio county, Wett Viisinin, In Ucid of Tnut liook
N'o. 13, pHjje 27o, I will itlJ ut the front dcor of tfm
Court House of Ohioeoimty, on
contntejicifi??t ten o'ckcic a. ?., J lie It/llonlng/!<>
sciibed real citato. to wit : All the iliilit, title aud
Interest of the sahl John H. Simpson in and to lot
numbered one hundred and four on the north ildo
of CVay street, in ihcaly o! Wbcejjjjg, Ohio tuun15,
* e?t Virginia.
Title ix believed to be (good, hut gelling tu truiU u
i will convey only tbe title Tested in me.
Terras o! bale?Cwh.
ocl L.UC1U3 HOOK. Twice.
lijr virtue of a decree or the County Court of OJIu
County, W. Va., made Novembers, 1873. lu the null
in chancery then therein pending betwean Tlioinw
VVJM?w*.Ton)pJ*Jn#nt,RPij Junta B. Wheat, Klixaboth
J. Wheat and Stnidey II. Wheat, defendant*,
the undersigned Cor,unl?louer appointed by ulu
decree for the purjiwe, w 111, on
at the front door of the Court House of mM county,
commencing at ten o'clock a. m.,n:11 atiiublle auction,
the north half of the lot of vtoutia uatabertu
4, (four) In thetquare numbered 15,(flfuen)ou tho
plat of that part of the city of Wheeling in laid
county, known as Middle Wheeling which half lot
fronts on the cast ifde of Chajilltte. (fattxerJ)
Foujth) htrcet, with the bulldlcji and appurtonance#
thereto belonging: , ?
^.Ti-bjjsopSai.k.?''the pu'chawr to pay in tana
ono-lhfnl of the purefifiw waiter, indfuch further
i bum m ho may elect, nnd the balance in equal installments
at nine and eighteen inonthi, with lutcrcat
from the day of sale; lands with iccwfty W
be approved by the Commlmlom, w be xlrtn for
I the deferred invtallnieutu, and the title to be r?tained
until the layment of the nurchiw ueW
In lull
. t|?eelHlC(jiijniI*loc?'
' Bond and iccurltylias been given by mJJCodinbrfoucr
ns required bv law. .
m? A li >lni,
Seiv Yort Ilonfal Companj's OBIte,
10.0 MAIN ST ,WII?:1.L\'U,
During the past ycarThoiiNirnl^'iITrttli blTfUW
exiruai'u ai -jo emu
7 at kigiit dollars msh set. j
Gtm g|von'for Paiiilw." Kifraction of Teeth,, Mfti. I
mitt DRS, MctXJKMlCK A UK P., I
jQRS. SUEGlSOtf dt SON, j
No. 1143 Ma:L'etitroet. Wlicellns. Vf. V? a
All operation* wmtidicJ,

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