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twelve months beforo iis, and the immense
* surplus of farm products which must find
* ft market remote from the point of nroduc=
tlon assures to all our railroads a volume of c
I. tralllc which implies a continuation of that *
- phenomenal prosperity which they have 1
experienced inuring tho past three years," i
Accounts from the Southern States are of i
like Jenor. In Georgia, for instance, they J
claim to have raised 30,000,000 bushels of [
10 corn, or more than in any vearslncol859. E
)l Other grain crops are in proportion, and L
i. the Georgians nre congratulating them*
t selves on having raised all they will,re* .
: quire for consumption. The cotton pros- y
? pect In that and other Slates is excellent h
d also. As to crops tho country has been re? 1
markably prosperous, whatever prices may
.# turn out to be. , . ti
:? ii
it About Nrplllnir. I;
MKHCH. , f
so. 1117 CHAPIilNE 8TREKT.
. icriJcuw phjricUn'i iticcew ii the te*
^ r.,1 iiUwtlcuU. TliolnureaMngdowaniltiof
^^ii/rrr um* name without pcrraU1
1i?tc many hundred certificate* from
ttSSS I b?vccurt4 after they hud been pro' ^-^(ncurtiMc.
A thorough medical education,
^i?fi?Di Jf?r?hwt'lulexperience and familiarity
,llS^mVutlc ik1'"*1* ? clo,c obwrrancc of temuculUrltlu
and itrlct attontlon to
* ,.,r mm U*cr N**** ?(1 Bhenmatlim.kl
i T*rrlblr.-"N?tlil!iR woiued to help me;
K'l ?nt retout ol bud. Dr. Hmlth curtxl toe."
^uotiuw"' ZJilT. I'UILLII-S.
Wheeling, W.Va.
-h Volrrui of Nom?, Impaired Volou ?Huf^"Vrftear*;
t^trnt UKdlclno failed to help mo.
oI Hpoldoi it Co, Wheeling," W.'Va.
I n'1 ulcerated Hto tun c h,tT rva t m ea t
JSWW tnitwiM, Ur. Bmllli cured
THUilAB HOL/1, Iiuurtnco Agent
% .-"HkI then fortairtmn rwa Dr. Hmlch
'tfrtU. Banning Sore* on Ue*d.-'*My wo wu
,^| for fourteen yeaw. Nothing neomod to
Dr. Smith cured him."
Sfarketitreet, Wheeling, W. Va.
(v.fvr_"?n(rcro?l for ye*n with cancer. Had It
?i6itthn< tiuios. It returned after each ope?.
f' Dr. Sudtli cured me without knife c*u?ifoor
'h,< FWi'f* "f ^nui?Hatof my b?ck tor 18
.5? wrteddyliiK. Dr.Bmith cured mo with*
(Stlntfc. In * W. k*. Tn0MAg CQ^yjy
ftolmle Orwer. M*ln Wt.. Wheeling, W. Va.
rurations of Rectum, Prolnpeui and Piles.?
'furlvtflup to die and prunounaed Ineurablo.
rw total cured MO without knife."
Martin'* Kerry.
I/t n.0. Ladil writes?"Dr. Sialth'sprofOBdoinl
Jrkrtln my fondly harebeeu inont iatlsiactow
i comiuciKl hlin to all u a goutloinan and a
l ?"I had beon Buffering I
wrrfii ye*" *?(J treated by many phyitdan* for
Swtiii*. I'r. ?n*lth ?&!<!I bad a tape-worm and
St'ibt hours removed a monster 109 rcot loig.'
Frn*leComplnlntM.?Three year* In hospluu for
fcoil*. 1110 l^ulinr HdrnnUgea In inch caaca.
hr?iiu fired of intarrlii dlwiwca of heart, liver,
rtotth, kidney*. *klit. Mood, nenrous affection*
' *"" "?? ' ?Anth x<mfnlu an,4
ISaetrttlfyto myMiocett.
n'cicuttd wiihout the knife.
ht!enu*t? dUuutinay be treated by letter and
Miction guaranteed. A chart lor self examlnaScV'Dton
r*vlntof two .three cent ?tiunp?, and
.Mce returned free. .
(biiiuluiloiihtoilicefrce.1 OOlco hours from 9 a. I
v uTr m,, dully. Call ounr addrewi .
Iio.r.-., J. K. SMITH. M. D.,
nrli So. HI' nhnpllno M., Wheeling. W. Va. J
A. s. Lcnfotr. of Atlanta, Go.. any*: S. S. 8.
am!ceof violent case ol EcrofuU which had
hJrl lojleld to nil other treatment,
S.9.4. for Catarrh Is k sure cure. Cured me aftei
illiXlierliwtiueut hhd fulled.
0. c. IJiikns, Greeuaujtlo,- Jud.
Ui. W.J. RoMusnn.' member North fieorslaCon
"Hive taken S. H.S. for a clear cum}
Utinui. Eiuptlonlns illMl'Pcarvd. lam well.
dueKfnik-tnnti who was conlined to his bed ?ux
im? with Mvrt'UrUl lUieumatism ban been cured
ihb&d S.entirely.
ljiius i Bkrky, Chattauoog*. Te&u..
Ten thuiMinl dollars would not purchase from
ct fchiits. S. .< lias tQ'cctcd In my cure. I bail Maluii!
Ehfniorttl?in. AiichibTuosias,
Editoru( tbu Bepubllain, Spring tleld.Tcnji.
l.W. llUhop, Hoi Springs. Ark., Kays: Rnow..?
tousk nun wired with S. S. S. after (he SpritiKti and
lot andicul treatment bad failed?disease never
Three months have pa.?w?drinoc I unit taking S.
S.i 1 ?uicured; mm ceriAin 8. S. 8. did It.
T. 8. TacoauT, Tel. Operator.
Salamanca, N. Y.
J. Wylle Qulllian, M. D.. Kasloyi, 8. CL.mva:
Jlurmltig Uirce boitlisS. S. S.on ea?e Wood 1>U- *
ti*chwt up iodic, am s-itlsfled it will reeovcr.
(hrwierirc has not made known a combination
t,x?ltudS.H.forSkiu or Blood DbeitM-s.
T. I.. MAbSKSitCiui, Ph. (3.; Macon, Ga.
I.AUisilLlN BUOS.it CO.,
tri Wholesale Agent. Wheeling. W., Vn.
^ ^ /
Tlie (},000,000 Children
in Llio United States
Who Sulltr Tain,
Who Fret, and on*, /, lit'! i
"Who Itnvu Pale Facta,
Who Jlave llnd llrcath,
flioiiM Use I.niifc'lilln'8 lVorm Syrnp
The Chilil Wlioto Sleep Is Disturbed,
Ihe Child Who Wakes-ln Terror,
rti.t cm id WliJ?0:Ap|KUlto Is Vortdoui,
The Child WUiX'o A I'IKilllo Varies,
The ChllJ who Ooen Not Thrlt*.
The Child Who Is Emaciated, .
The Child "Willi Internal Trriualon,
The Child Willi Sallow Complexion,
ShanM lfu'ft Tiini'Iillu'tf Worm Svrna
No DImiuw So Daiicrroui Ai Wornu.
>'?? Chllit Is Fro? From Thoin.
i'hojr uiiuiu: disco** TIipiiihoivm.
Tlifjr Aggravate Other Complaint*.
I hi- Chilli's Ctiro When Tee (hi 115:
' rrnNSTiic Ot'Ms: AT.T.AYA Tain; ltunccei
nci.ahwaritiv; contiioiji tiik .hiiwkxji,
Cl'CtNtl .sum m icr t'om i'laikt, dvnkntkh y, ' i ,
ui.ihiuik.\, flaw-knck," colic, kto.
Motlh-jswliuUHHtvor)' Vftliinblo:theclillil will i
#!''Wl"' Intoii puiilt titrp,ami trttkc '/' r'irrr/?'.,
uin( fr fling etiin/onoltlt-. Wi'Rtinntnt*** | i
atu iKUUe, Ami will rcflinil ilm uriooof uverrona
ui'iup m represented. Sold li>* all druggists. j
Trice 2?c. per Bottle. 4
. UUGHLIS BROS. 8l CO., Proprietou,
k - wheeling, w va?
,J"r<*!tlvc and effectual remedy for allifcmraa
in*;*** in ovcry aiaw of life-young or olJ.molo
? 'emtio; tuch as Impotoncjr. Prostration, Uxwof
liom of* vitality,-Defective Memory, Jo??*?!d
Rndtj Power, ana disc*** froni'irhlch an
??nV WlWt0 ?',lf0 mjrliiB*. all of whloi uqjiot
w Undermine tho whole system. Kvcry organ
IL , "i"'' cvcr7 powor prostrated, and many
wrnaoi dlKtiOttroRoneroted which, If notcheckod.
P*l? toe war to an enrlv death. < It roluvinttoa uto
ad relnvUbratw youth. Krith packnzo touUUtu
wSdcnt lor two uwkn' treatment. Write fori*inI?K
which will bo ?ont f w?. with full partlcuUra.
?old by all DriiRjilrtfl at 60 oauts a pacinte, or
i*?WepickoKCfl(or?S 09. >VIUtw sont freeby mill
on tuetlpt of money, by Addre?lnfl '
Acurejnnranlced.1 v i i ' i'' ' Buffldc, K, *,
uX?\k a co., wholesales and Bciall Aconti,
y hMltig. . . iupr.]>77
??Tl9N. 1* npoMtlve euro Or all DI?<hor8f?.
?uyn,t-. Smarting au<l Painful BoavUjopic! the
S i' Si I n A Vjr boltlo. J-'ormiloby dmrH
H i buu, ornontbv Kxnreaa cn roll
h c?ip{ol ptlrq. JOKN D. PAIlit Ot BONB
t?78yMWV^t*t. CtNCt-HNATi;
OHIO. 1 I^niomecllttU thli JJftlK'r. *r * *
_yorvli'byIflflAN' Jc CO.
Ocpum Pas<j\go Tickets to.and from Europe
at fowMt rntea i&sucd by:
2217 Market Street.
urrxLVAMiJi ton
cto., oto.
P#r I*ile?,Blind, Ttlccdin^?rlechIng,
It la Uib yrf*U?t kuovra remedy,
I',or Hurna, Ncnlda, Woumlu, IZrnlM*
ntid Nomina, It U unequalled??u>pplu(jp*iu
kud|io4iiuotnRm?rvuUou4D]Acacr. 41
Vorluflninod nnd Horn Eyo?._ltn effect
cpgutbraoddiato organs l* ?l\uply mmollout.
II li the I. ad ion > rricad^Ml feoolo
coaapUUiU ylokl to tu woodruiui powof.tfj;^
Vor ITIccira, Old Borca, or Open
^V?und?,iufcijda upoatbuo Ja rami remark.
tlU, ? " * *..? <?" Toothncho,
FncrncUe, Dltrn of Jn?
- ?ccl*, More Vcct, ?>ro cerUluly curcd by
JFGXTD'B sxtraot.
U,1 it / it \? .:i
Caution.?TOSUS K.XT1UCT hat been <nU
Uted. The nenuina ha* V* t tor Am 11 rOSD'B
HXTJIACT'"blown in the gla*t,andnur picture
Unit-mark on BummnilinQ buj wrapper. Kent
tfhtrte genuine. Alway*Oul*l on hating rOX 1/8
XSTldOT. Take norther preparation.
, \ It it now told in lulk or l>y vulture.
'' crrcuLPiucPAtiATioNs ov roxtv* rnuctcbs. ~
POHD'S EXTRACT 50c., $1.00, SI .75.
ToiletCrtuun- t.OOiCnlirrhCurn?.... T*
Dentifrice* '., 60 Plater 25
llpSata.;.., 25 latale/(Glati 60c.). 1.00
. Tcllot Scap(3Cakes) 50 Nasal 8yrlngo-'..;.? 26
Ointmwt ?V\A. .*'* - 50 Mediated Piper V* 25
Family Syringe, $1.00.
I.ndlra read i?RCi 13, 18, 31 and 20 In our
J??w U.?ik which acooinpiuleA rich bottle of our
]'rr|Miration.' Bont free on application;
l?r ouu XkwPamhilkt wiTii Ubrrout or ocn
pskl'^utioms scut vhbj2 om api'uoatiom lo
14 Wost 14th St.. New York,
Full line of above preparations displayed
n one of Pond'aKxtractCo.'s 8liow Cases and
K)ld by T/Ogari it Co., Main Street, Wheel*
ng; nlso by C. Mbenkeniooller, corner Market
it) TwfMit.v^nrnnd Htreel*. Centre Wheeling
of tho proBont'goneratlon. It la for the
Cure of this dlseaao and its attendants,
C0^8TlPATf5N. P1LE3, etc.. that
50TTS PlLtS'havo Rained nworld-wido
xeputati6a7~yonRemedy^ fiaa over been
aiacoverod that acta so gontly on~Tho
cllgeativo organs, giving thorn vigor to aaalmilate
food, ?As a natural reault, tSo
licrvouB System ta Braced. tEo"Muaclea
oro Developed, and tho Body llobuat.
Obills and Povor.
E. RIVAL, a Plantor ntBayon Saro, L?..8ttr?:
IIy plantation ta in ^malarial district. For
ovomi yuun i cuuiu out id?ku a oil u crop on
account of bilious dlsoaaoe and chills. 1 wu
nearly dlacouragod when I began the una of
TUTT'S P1LL8. Tho roault was cnarraloun;
my laborora aoon bscomo hoitrty and robuat,
and I havo bad do furtbur troublo.
They rrllfTp Uie rnwrjNl Hrw, clcanaa
(he UIiumI.froui polmuoun humor*, nod
route the bouola to act naturally, niih>
out which uoiHipran feel well.
Try tlila routed* fulrlr.unrlyounI llcaln
A healtli.v IH c?M Ion, VSjnriMm Hodr. Hiiro
lllood,NlroiiRXittm, nnda.hflunrf Lhrr.
f rice, 35 tenia. Olllce, S3 Murray HU, X. 1
Okay flAiiior.WimKKttHclianKctf toa(Jt.ov.v
Black by m wlnelc np|iH<i?tlon of this Dv?u It
Inipartrt a natural coior.uml nets li?t?uuuiruti*ly.
Sold l?r Dnik'ulsw, or n<?nt by caprvas on rccelpt
of Ono Dollar.
Office, 00 Murrny Street, New York.
SJ>r. TVTTS Ji.tXVAI> ?/ 17i/unbf*"v
fl Information f.iid V*rfnt Hecript* I
1 trill be nmitnl r*gE on application, j
A Posltivo Care for oil Fcmalo
Ladle*' Tonic it wrrmd ly the Women'sMcllc.%11 ?*
ttitutcof liuifolo, N.V.audhat been u.cl tuctcttfully
liy ladles for yeart. Il It a j-ri rurt for all lctnal.?
CoRiplalntt.Siikaml Ncrtput llc^Uclm.U>?|irpiu,an.l
all weaknettet earned l.jr tbo*e i irr^uUrili.t * lucli 01a
to common to womankind. Thit it no J'^lrnl MiJmnt, '
|njt is prepared, aller yeart uf cipeticme. anil rrtcruibib'Jc-I.
knowing that It will c'?e new life to any brukciiV
do*n;-w3rn out nrnverworked member of the tcx.
. If toulia?? t?'d otter rrinedlrs wltliout tuaeu. da
not bo dit<.uan<3d. but ctic "LADIES" TONIC a
"" ?* tittfe trial. It nt*tr Jailt to { itcfM&taad/<ri?dmt
it/ rtlltf.
If you are troubled .wllh any ^cjVnen or complaint
common lo our tc*. lay atldc the doctor'} prescription
f .r etue, asd try" Ladies' Tunic." which ? triufsntcc
will positivelytunyog. Ono Bo'.tJo la Sutllcirnt,
Women's Medicallnultuu Hun Attociataoa of Wivn
and Mithtrt of yeort' e?p<flrDce, vko give advice and
aniwer letters from ladles,/>*/.
Jra"',0l a?JLc**? or F?m*I? Wcaknc><
or inability which L* lift Tonic "will n?t cik?. Thh
JIA/ "?.>yi J' oitcr.Bijile byrtitoHiliit li'lin uholuo- ?
/>??! txftrOnct ?lut ' LADIES' TUNIC" can do.'
bead tump (or cucuMri.
Sold by Druggiatl. Price, $1.00.
At wholeiwlo n?il rviall by ' i
, tcian*w: . uioan Jt oo.. Wheeling.- W.-Va.
Cares Rhonmniism, Lambaao.LamoBack,
Spraina agd
Cruises, Asthma, Catarrh,
Coughs, Colds, Sore Vhront,
Diphthorla, Bums, Frost
Bites, Toci'j, Ear, and Head
achc. and Rl'.palas and ache*,
Hid i*?t intern.'*! anil ctletn*l reroeJjr ta tk*
li?cryl>ci:lecturi*tcc<l. Sold fcj" raollcloe
dtiUH**qyw)\ctt. DlrOttMft* lu'clght Un^iugcs.
i'VJ<*3 tjiufrt+pif ?4djix^ sT^Aii<V
FOSTER, MILBUrtN & C8? Pnp'ri,
>'( BUFFALO. r#. V.,U,6.i.' ]
^ toavcr; ako. dlacacjof Uia litniijcr.'ss^ '
Incontliicuco ct urlue, (wctHngtiioTeO)
rrl Vxr.vsx la a jwsltlvo euro. ISS354E2S a 1
J jiicm-rsof youth, ViT.UN.UancpedUiir^ n
,1'cr I) rtc> lH s,p. ? !1 ^,*11 .v. i_ !i 1V fil
S l'cnu.vA >nin?u^ra' ccTual^nUity'CnCc Z
cr.irxr, I'.roautt vl^or.if vtuith la J.-otlj n>tcs
- InitndJhtcIy. rTTti.'^. j 1" fTTTT?tVTTTS Tor
n:n-ou? iirostratlca, rau'iMijiyuxics- 3
rlro na'.aralcr unnatural toximl Irxliilgciifo.
W *+ nrnrftfi'rft. ,* ? ? ,
* Araland voun.tpersons v7hor.roiifbturbSd t<y?
frcqnentlr, at l?li:tit. tomfco rater, can ;
I relyimplicitlyon 1'1,1""" twm?'iTitYT, 0 I
l'ot oriiiar* illjcws of l>ntu j-pxcs, lorfc- i
_ roal^' rothNatali of all I'r.ntr.vA Is a ^
C*flCwVv i j'oifa i y'-f 1 U >T/nil"
not ratcroctat l^yl/^cati/F-'^cflt; 23555 g
i .jScnUforniurarhfcr/fVV "iTT^ :
^ B. B/UAimiAN ? CO., Oibom, OMo.^ j
t jEIoopyctirt'ovrclJrcinilirTrlth
2?ltl bj all drvjgiits. *
Ik idAlmmx.
~r~_? ... Arim I -
oniff I No*. 2,1 miU1T7 Fourteenth Ntrec
l'ruf. AuUriyu Umpire lu a Declulo
in lluntoii.
Ihere vum interesting discussion be/or
tho Evangelical Ministers' Association c
Boston last week. By invitation, B. F. Ui
derwood, editor of tbo lndtj;, an Athei
and Materialist, opened' the discussion c
the question: "Evolution, is what 1s nrove
about it antagonistic to Biblical CUrUtlac
ity and Evangelical, religion?" He, c
course, took the atflrmativO, claiming tbi
all miracles were contrary to science an
that the narration of creation in Genoa!
was opposed to. , evolution. Ex-Vreaideti
Chailbourne of Williams College,replied b
urging the fact"that creation' had been le
along beneficial lines, unci, accepting th
proposition that the earth, as a daughter <
tlio sun, was once a melted mass, askec
I How camt? wo here?/ Hbw; do'wo take
globe of melted, ' matter and cloth
it as this globe is clothed if it was not don
by an intelligent mind? There was a tim
when 'germa came 'upon' the earth;'the
they* wero developed by the applications
outside'force'.is evident, for somethin
cannot be made out of nothing. Keferrin
to the foJsilfl of tho Laurentian period, h
asked how Id the* Variety of lite at tha
i generally agreed primal epoch accounts
lor by evolution? lie maintained tha
there are six great gqologio epochs, that b
and 'those who agree with him are not rc
Sponsible for the errors of translation, o
other errors of. good men who were miata
ken. i ,:i .1 i...
1'rof, AsaGrav, of Harvard College, wb<
was present; acted as a kind 'of umpireMA'
one of the greatest botanists,, and us i
Darwinian, his remarks will bo read witl
hultl'HI. IJO Bam:
"Either nature fd'iho 'outcome, of mind
or mind is the outcoino of nature^ We ha.vi
to choose between .these two hypotheses
for no oilier appears. Until lately the lire
hypothesis was almost iuvaribly held to, hi
the most satisfactory?tp be tbo only oik
by which adaption of means to ends, whict
organic nature is full of, could bo account
ed for. Has modern science proved any
thing to the contrary ? lias it even maui
the contrary hypothesis (viz,?that mind it
an outcome of matter) more probable than
it was before Darwinism ? I should say
certainly cot. Although, the latter uvie\*
lias been of late' years presented in" new
forms, and supported by new argument:
and illustrations, aud although there are
some who accept it, yet I suppose wo raaj
still say that science 'oilers no hindrance tc
our belief that 'God created the
heavens- and' the earth.' At all
events', this fundamental question, large
as it is, is one upon which a distinct issue
can be raised, and it lies at the bottom ol
the whole discussion.' lint the.. question
actually proposed, whether what is proved
concerning evolution "is autngonivtic t*
Biblical creation and evangelical religion,
is not a distinct issue at all. The, restriction
to what is proved concerning evolution
may render that part of the'proposition
reasonably definite, if only we can agree ai
to what is proved and what is not?and
heie, I should not altogether agree with
the gentleman who opened; tins discussion.
But what, for the purpose, of
this argument, are we to mean by Biblical
creation, and what by evangelical religion 'I
There is an element of change which, has
to be'taken into account. Time was when
scientific beliefs were controlled and modified
by religious belief. But, wfth the rise
and development- of astronomy, physical
CPrtlnrAr ?ind lnlnr nf tuHAnnn
t he tables were turned and now niauv religious
beliefs?or what were taken for such
?arc controlled and modified by scientific
beliefs, none more so than in the matter
of'Biblical creation.' The result is I supEose,
that no sensible person now
elieves what the mostsensible peraons believed
formerly. In so far us the Biblical
accounts of creation cover the ground
which natural science covers, the-relations
of the two may be legitimately discussed.
And on this ground settled ,scfentific belie!
must needs control the religious. ^Then
arises the question how far and in what
way 'evangelical, religion'?that is, the religion
of the gospol?is concerned with 01
responsible for the natural sciences of the
book of. _ Genesis. I dp not... take
mucli'interest in the question, for Lj think
that a Christian man .need not assume this
responsibility. * The really important ques
tion for \is "is whether modern nmural
science is, in many of its demonstrated results
or well established beliefs, autago
nistlc to the''Christian religion. I do nol
think that it iff or need be. But this is c
question well worth your serious insideration.V
Nkclrliln^tlic IM-nioornej.
From Senator Harilsou'iSpcccli In Ctiicluii
The Democratic party has been scolding
ulimit lliiafliul aliftiil tiinf fnr Itrnniir voiira
aud then after a big thing lias been final!}
debated and settled in the law anil in the
minds of the people, then Democrats coinc
along and say, Now that is all -right. Yoi
were rightabout that, but you wero wronf
about this. After the forests are felled, the
clearings made, the land drained, tin
houses built and the pioneers
have settled down to enjoj
the very lirst fruits of their toil
I have seen coining up the dusty road on ?
sunny day a wagon. It is being drawn b\
a pair of horses, whose discouraging eaii
hang down to blind their eyes. Tlieir lear
necks rattle in their collar?, aud their hips
stand up like inountaiusou aruyu&d plain
The harness is made out of rope ends and
the wheelsof the wagon wabble likea bow
legged inan in a walking match, i Looking
from under a tattered-covered wagon, aro e
man aud two sallow-faced women,
In' the rear is a cow that needs milk
j/iven her rather than giving it, and last ol
all, a pair of valler dogs that would dis
grace a,lanyard, [Laughter.! .This team
is the Democratic party. [Laughter ]
These people indorse the work the piopeeri
hjive (lone, and are willing to. share tlx
heueflta of other people's work. They are,
doubtles?, honest (n tfoisj bftt it would have
been much greater to their Mrcjit if they
Imd helped do the work that brought thes*
results aboui??j^ ^ Xj'..
I>r. I'lMlpgrnfr'N Dltlrict.
Cnilir, Ohio,'Republican. ..
.'The ofHcinl returns show the' following
majorities in the several .counties of thif
District on Congressman:
Noble, for UpdcgMflV-.. 1*
(iiicrntcy, for Upd/waff ? 4W
Hjirifwii, for rpdetfrnjl-.^.. .. 4G'
Jefferson, f|jr I'jxjcgrufr....... ....... :i.
T/)ial for Uj?JeirHfl". 1,67!
Kelnwut, for Alexander-"....... Ill
UpdcffTBif's tnnjortt)',,,;, Jfr
The majorities in tho earoe counitefl oi
tho State ticket are tut follows;
Noble,' for Ifl
tluerLMy. for ToHrnwnd ? 71
J'nrrUoii, forTownscnd .. - M
jcirereon^for Tovruseud-;..:.. i i,a
Belmont, for Nuwvi*n,;:ri;.;;i:i? 2
llcpubllean majority In'the District-....,.,.,
Comparing the vote on the State tickc
with that for Congressman, it will be seei
that jjp/jepraff'?10?? in,Uie. soveral -coun
ties was as follows: ~ x <?
Guernsey 2
Jefferson r.? 5.'
Belmont a K
ToUl......: rrL..^.....^r:.r...r l.?
'Ilip *o?l Nomh-Bnslnc*
Ch lei?Rit Timccof Thursday.? (| jr) .> -j
Throughout the western hud ^souther
States everybody, except here and there
man who has a pecuniar}* reason fortakin
p gloomy view of things, is jubilant gp
the year's crops. Throughout.the noril
west all risk of accident was past sometim
ago.4 Tho ^Minneapolis^ Trilithf, speakiti
of this vast region, says:. "Tin thrift of oi
farmers, and all dependent unon then
giyeg' a .solid Jjasjs of trade uuring. tl
d Murk Twain has liits llttlo lung at those p
is jwicullarltieH of Kogltoh spelling J
it which retards the proficiency of dull uchol- a
y are. He Buys: There are ono hundred and \\
d fourteen thousand words in the unabridged I
0 dictionary. I know a lady who can only )e
, spell one hundred and eighty of them w
'' right. She steer* clear of the rest. Sho Jj
1; can't learn any more. So..her. letters al* u
a ways consist of thoso constantly recurring
0 one hundred and eighty words. Now and a
15 then when she finds herself obliged to *
0 write upon a suhjcct which necessitates c
' uuu ui ouiiic uwier wurun, biiu?won, one **
don't write unon that jmbject. Ll
B I hnvo a relative In New'1 York who" la
K most Htibllinely gifted. She can't Bpell any c.
L' word right. There is a game called Ver- jj
it barium. A dozen people are each proi
vided with a sheet of paper, across tho top ft
t of which is written a long word likekalciu;
0 oscopical, or something like that, and 'Hie k
> game is to see who can make up the most [*'
r; words out of that in threo miuutee, always
beginning with tlio initial letter of the u
word. 51
Upon ono occasion Uio word chosen was M
8 cofferdam. When time was called every- w
n body had built from live to . twenty words, K
? except this young lady.- She had only.one ..
word?calf. We allatudiedn moment, aud ^
, then said, "Why, there is no I in*cofler- ?t
a dam." Then we examined her paper. 1(1
> To tho eternal honor of that uninspired, ^
t unconscious, sublimely, independent soul, be
3 bo it said, she had spelled that word-Hjall'! Ijj
J If anybody here can spell calf more sensi- m
1 bly than that let hiin step to the front sn
If You nre Kulned {J
i in health from any cause, especially from d<
j the nse of any of the thou?and nostrums
l that promise so largely, with long fictitious J*
tnatimnnlnU Imva nn (M? IlfluAff' ln Unnl 1.
r Hitters at once, and In u short time you will C!<
, have the most robust and blooming health; Dc
' TTlltAW '' P1(
k bu
' How Loiik He llmi Uecu 11 Uentlciiinit.
' From tho Full River Newj. lui
One of tho English citizens of Fall Hirer, Jjj
who by lmrd labor, frugality, ana fortu- at'
i nate investment lias acquired a baudsome
! properly, was called as a witness in the jjjj
' Superior Court' juat held 'in.'[thatcity, tni
j before Judge Blodgett. Upon talciug the he.
stand the counsel propounded the custo- jjjj
tnary conundrums concerning bis age, oc- m
[ cupation, etc., flnajly eliciting,the com- jjg
placent reply; "1 am a gentleman." "flow c?
1 long,"- queried the lawyer,."have you been <>c
one?" The witness ' promptly * replied:
"About live years, air." Al]
? iiv
. "LHille* Touie.". aw
The Great Female ltomedy is prepared by ^
the Women's Medical Institute of Butlalo," all
: N. Y., and is'their favorite prescription for 1*
ladies who ure suffering from any weakness f
or complaints common to the sex. Iti is 1']
said by druggists at $1.00 per bottle.. I>adieB fln
can obtain advice free. Send stamp for am
, names of those who have been cured. oci
At wholesale and retail by Logan it Co.,
Whe ing, W. Va. - daw ^
Go to your druggist for. Mrs. Freeman's sis
New National Dyes. For brightness and dur- tin
ability of color are une<iualed. Color from ||'
two to five pounds. Directions in English 511
and Gorman. Price 15 cents. . w.w <
. ?~-?. i",
Cubks Old &orcs, Ulcers, or any disease ?h>
| arising from impure blood?^irS.S. S. , ,
1 "1 lie Coiuuio<lore.*' ... ,, <
Jos. L. Foote. the Commodore. Elgin, 111., Mi
j aays Thomas' Eclectic Oil cured him of sciat- *n
ica with due application, thoroughly applied. ,
It also cuted him of a severe cold and cough.
He thinks it a very valuable remedy and will An
never be without it.-d.vw t
: ? Mi
No fragrant wild llo*or of' the heath >U|
, Iskweeter thau mjr JiiIIh's fci^h; <?J
No pearl Is whiter than Jier testa, 4 "
W hlle her Joft.llp* tne roses dye, I
l For&O/.ODONT Is tier delight: ' . ' ste
It keeps tho?e charms ?o pure and bright; ' g <>
. ikww al
ACooon, Cold or Soro Throat should be tin
slopped. Neglect frequently 'results iu an v?i
I incurable Lunj; disease or Consumption,
L Brown's Bronchial Troches do not disorder M
. the stomach like cough syrups and balsams, i'n
but acts directly on the liitlamed parts, allay- mi
ing irritation, gives relief in. Astkma, Bron- P1}'
chltia. Coughs, Catarrh, and the Throattroub- y(,
les which singers aud public speakers are (.a
subject to. For thirty years Brown's Bron- i'c
' chial Troches have been recommended by A:
$ physicians, and have always given perfect <
, satisfaction. Ilavingbeen tested by wi'de and n?
constant use for Clearly nn entire generation
! they have attained well-merited rank among .su|
; the few staple remedies of the age. Sold al ?n
, 25 cents a box everywhere. rrheAW Oc
1 . ....... tfO<
I ' "IIackmetacic," a lasting and fragrant per-. jt'E
, fume. Price 25 and60 cents. ,!,j
Shiloh's Cure will immediately relieve
' Croup, Whooping cough and Bronchitis. H*
3 For .Dyspepsia aud Liver Complaint, you c,t
f have a printed guaranteo on every bottle of Jj?j
Shiloh's Vitalizer. It never fails to cure.
[ A Nasal Ikjkctoh free with each bottle of tni
, Shiloh's Catarrh iiemedy. Price 00 cents.1 j
Sold by E. Bock ing, agent, under Odd Fel- tu
5 low's Hall, aod by II. H. List, 1010 Main
1 Btreeli
1 .
Tim swelling is all gone. As well and nut- Vc:
[ ural as eycrj thanks to Peruna. lot
. 8. P. Sin ytR. Warsaw, Pa. ;
; so.
' "Koittfli ou Bnlm.'V Uft
1 Clears, out rats, -mice,'roaches, flies, ants gJ
' bed-bugs, skunks, chipmunks, gophers. 15c me
Druggists. . t'R
f un
l'craonnl! ToMcnOnlj! , 'J
i Tho Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall, Mich., will s>
] send Dr. Dye's Celebrated Electro-Voltaic gfj
, Belts and Electric Appliances on trial for ?cc
, thirty days to men (young or old) who are Jai
aiUicted with Nervous Debility, Lost Vitality L'<J
[ add Mannood, ai}d kindred troubloy.guaran;
teeing s|>eedy aud complete restoration of ?tll
health and manly vigor. Address as.above. &m
' N: rrty IncttfWd. fts thirty days' Jni
trial is allowed. 1$
?? rrs ,i.(
Why Win Top d?:
Allow a cold U> advance in your system "IJ
, thus encourage more seriom maladies, such ?
; as Pneumonia, Hemon-agcs and Luna lm
troubles when an immediate relief can be so <"<
readily attained T Bobckkk's Gkbmak Syrup W(
has gained the largestsale in the world for the ; '3
: cure of Coughs. Colds and the severest Lung m
, Diseases. It is Dr. Boscbee's famous German ^
- presciptlon, and ia prepared with the greatest
9 care, and no fear nec#be entertained in ad- j,4'
ministering it tp. the 'youngest child, as por S'^
^ directions, TUp Qf medicine is un- de
' precedented. 8jr)oo firat introduced iljere has '
1 oeen TV constant increasing demand and with- ill;
aut a single report of failure to do it? WQrjcin |H'
1 bny case, Ask your- Druggist as to the truth l,t.
" o! thew reni?rks, Urg? aiiet 78 cent* Try
itand be oonvlnctd. . rrhsaw |
2 A truk strengthening mediclno aud health '
6 rencwcr is Brown's-Iron.Biticra.;;j?, jn * 5;
? Tub IUv. Geo. II.' Thayer} of Bourbon, II
t Iud., nays:_ "Both myself and wife oyfe our
1 lives to shiloh's Consumption Cure." , *
1. . Arc tod mad* miserable by Indigestion, "1
Constipation. .Dizziness: Lobs of Appetite, ju
a Vfiflo^B^n? 8hiloh'sYitalirer is a positive \h
3 cure. ' '
10 f:"NVuv wiu< YOB couKb.vUcn-bhUob'n (Jure
'? wiH';give inmediate relief. Price 10 cts., 50
cts. und (1. \f .7 \j _
? Siiiiou'sCXtaiuui Remedy?a positive cure ~
for Catarrh, Diphtheria and Canker Mouth. _
11 . Sold by E. Docking, agent, under Odd Fel- -1
low's Ball, and by R. H. List, 1010 Main "
. street;'' * ' H '* >& v Bi
?a ' / _>.?L.:.. m. . ? t\ ?
n "All tlie Illfitlml *loal? is Ilfilp lo,? ^
a Arising from,imouritv of tho blood, torpid A
e liver, irregular bowels, disordered kidi.evs,
etc., can be safely and speedily cured by "1
>r Buniock Blood Bitters. Pricefjl. mm
l- "? h!
lft * Ow* udkdbkd dollaes reward for a better remedy.
Williams'IndianiPile Ointment ii 1
'R aiure cure for Pile*. D4V
' h? 'T
a. Ik you arS sick and troubled with dyspep- ?
16 sia, Brown's Iron |3ittefa will cupe you.
New Tork Money and Htock*.
.^?w Y?,uc'.0c,ob#r 20.-Money 4*7 per cent,
loilQ? offered it 4 pet ceut. Prime mercantile p?t>er
pw/SPt.;. 8t?TllDi Kxchauge, Unker'i blUi, ,
le*dy *1II ?t*$: denuud tt M,
Uo*?j?iii(Mi*rUeMr?UyrtroUK.,(,l ,. ."J.: j
H. fo, extended ....101k St. P. A H. C, flrtU...! 10
. H. 4S?. <yupou?M.]llk U. P. 1)01% Hnt?-...H5
f.R4i.coUp?ii..;'.t. ,9W u.P. Una QwnU-tlO
Mlflc(aof'sj 129U U.P. linkingfun?nil71
eutr?irncl0cflnti.i;3jk TerMl'acUuUit*-,- W
'*?w> WJ do. Rio Oread Jlv.w. ?
*blgh A \\llkei>...JW |
Raiuboad Ho*n?-Irrrcul?r. >'>)' .v'-'f/'
Btatk SECVMiTiu-NejTeviwL/
t Jl)MMl)l Ilk', I !?., >n? I ?- '
4* t Ivirtlnitt defem*L...i3>J
cancaiM to, new-.- 4S | Ex.,dlv., :u,;.
Stocks -The market liu been very irregular, but '
lecloalnxprices show anadvancelu Ihe general
Holies per cental compared with thi closing
rlcei of jreitcrday, .itichmond A Danville, West
olut mid Northwestern preferred being tnotU
romluent In tho advance. Wabtih, however, si
)|*ed a taction lower. Tho leading stock* minted
i follows! Union PaelAc 10%?1U7, ToxaaA Pacific ,
Wabun BiUaft, preferred Weal*
ni t'nfon ?0H*S7H. Delaware, Uekawanna ii J
'litem lto>ytl37, Denver 504*43,Kausni ?k
eiaisakayiji, Lake shore ll^UllS*. Louisville u
Na?hTl[le W^aV^, Northern rorlfloji&MS.'pre*
rred Viy+10U, Minouri IHdflo 10I?<h10?K. Milaukee
ii St. i'unl ll%al|0H,8t. l'aul \ Omaha 48
lUJi, Michigan Cental lOOJCiviOiJ-f, Canada Southii
?6ftaR7k."Hlchniond ?v, Danville 7ta8J, and *
Icliuioml ?x \NVst Point 31#Xjj. . - )<
Tmiuvictioua 3!^,0CU
dams Einrv?'.'M-...t33 NuU. JiChat...-.-?.. 52
nierlctn Kiprew... 81 New Jen?r Cent-...'., 73li '
tnada Southern...- tJV Northern Pacific;.".:.' 44$ 1
0. & I. vm do. preferred? > ?-/*
Biitrnl Pivlflc.;...,?.. tH>y Nortliwc8tern..;??w.H5k >
licnapeake?fc Ohio-'?fo 'do. iirefcrml.:*...;..Mra s
do,Jut preform}-, 37 NowjVork Cond^i.u
do. 1M prufarred 'JOJf Ohio Umtml.i.Yy iiiBt '
, 0;. C. & I m" Ohto ?t M Im-.!..? 3M
Oliver K. U - ,V.4i| do. preferred '.<0
tie...... 4tH i'acitio Mali
do.preferred 80 P.. ...,J4U
)? Warne...-..V..;;..1M Heading Gl%
in. A 8L Joseph.... 4:1 St. L & a .*W r
do preferred 77 do. preferred........
ftuArU di pAcitio....- a.Ji ii. fauJ...NM. .~10J%
?ko Kric&W\;H..-'lttk 'do. preferred -121$ _
iko Shore -113*1 Texas Pacific.:..'.,'Stfjfr
julsvlUo A Nash... Union Pacitio...*...M?~106}?
N. A. ii C , 67 United State* Kx...;? 65 . a
it C. lit pref'd....llt W.. Bt L. A P 3tk ti
do. 'Jd prvf'd ICS dn. preferred...:.'.:.; M
cm. ii than. - 4Sk Well*, >'argo Kx...^,-13? .
Ichigun Central,.,-LOO*. Western t'niou,.~.~. 87XA A
o. Pitciflc...............105% f ?
NlW TOM. Octnlior IM.-CVit'nii iftili l.li:'.
future* ateady. Kiotir firm:1 receipts 2^,525 i,
rroli; export* 1,600 barrel*; 8 ?iMsrlln& western and
ate}:t I'oul 10: eommuu taguod I4IXM4 GOjgood ?
choice SI 70*7 69; White wheat extra 8<? 2&a? .60; h
traOhlo HCOn7 0Q.KI. Idtils Il00a7 50; Minnesota w
tent proec?s N 75ail 7&. Wheat, rash lot* a shade
tier; options opened l)i*lj?e better, alterannlf
?t the advance but closed stronirer;. receipts 367, ci
3 bushels; exiHjrth 188,000 bushels; No. v spring
*jnlnal: ungraded 91c*il 15;>uHIH)7al 07)$:. No
vliito SI OS; No. 2 red October, Hilt*96.000 bushels, rl
Si 10^*1 11^. closing at SI IIY\\November, sale* "|
1000 ba.sheli.iit II1 l)<al 11*;, closing nt II llji;
rcembcr, wiles 650,000 bushel*, at 81 W?-il Mjtf,
?lng at $1 13.':: January, sales 1W,000 bushels, P>
Si Hal HVf' closing at IICorn very feverish; si
sb;mdOctober5*7c higher: r> colpts 1C,nu0bushel-: ...
purls 10,-170 bushela; ungraded ftfaVOo; No. 2 86%a
:; store MV^UjSc; No. 2 Ootobcr . WKaKOc, Wi
wing at Wkc: November'9i82c. closing at hike; t?
icember 7^i(6Jic,' cloblnir at 75c; Janua?y (HJiaCCe, ?<
?1iik at 6#?e. _ Oats a shade lower. re<*;lpta #3,009 to
iheln; exports none: western mixed liO.tfUc: white \v
*tern'42a50c.1 Colicc, demand fair and market <?
it. Susar quiet and steady: fair to good refin* <*>
{.7%a- ilglassesquiet aud st;ad?V Rice, demand
r aud .market ilrm.i, J'etro'cum dull; Uultcri
Ijc crude 7#a7JSc{ reflnedT^aSc. Tallow steady
SWHJfc. Ifcwln stronger at 51 Srt: Fgg?, western
ah IIrm at 27^a !8c, I'ork dull, weak and lower,
w mens 823 ?7J6i24 09. Beef quiet aud Hrtn.
t meats nominally iuichnngcd. . Jjwd stronger,
me steam 11315al.i23, Mutter, demand fair and
irket firm at lialfic.1 Cheese quiet and'firmer
Id western Ilat5al2c. .'?" >
;iuc>no, Octol>cr 20.--Flour, steady and uninjed.
Wheat unsettled but generally higher
;nlar'M5%c. Octol>er; 97a97)?c November;'9SJ?a
id sear, II 03 Mfcr; No. 2 red winter IWc cash; .
iw3yi October; No. 2 Chicago .spring U>XnVGu
h, Corn strong and higher ?t 70%a7te cash; 71c
tobcr'and November: iKlKc year, .rejected G9c.
ta easier at85ccush and oc tot ten S4J*c Novem
tr?lc year: 3de May: rejected 32)?e. kyesteady
60c. Barleyilrmerata.se Kiax seed fairly ai>
ennd a shade, higher at gl 19. hutter steady
i! Ilrm. Vggs fairly active and a shade higher nt
Mc. Pork nctiva. lour*r and unsettled at $2:100
hand October. f20;Wa20;12%November 8.907%
I 10 year and January: SlU WiU9 07% February,
rd active at 812 G5al2 7o cavh end October:
! 05a 12 07% NovonilK'nSlUOalH'JVj year. 11122%
I 25 January aud February: 811 37J^*11 40 Mar.
Ik meatsquUt and unchanged. Wbhky Meauy
d unchanged at 31 lO. Call?Wheat Ulrly active ' i
da shade hUhen rcgnlnr' advanced !>.' Corn
Jve, tirm and higher at 7la7l^ccish: 7l?^c Octo- ]
q 7(^>,c. November. GlaGl^c year;MX-cJanuary; Ro
w<>*c m?v. UMisiairiy active, a simile higher
d ntlvitiictfcj * 1'ork nclive, llrra and holier ?
8-St *J0j ca*h;? $:0 -15 Noyeroljer, 819year.
>15 January; 51910 February; 110 Mny.; Uird (J
Mettled and generally higher at S12 fi5al2 90 cash;- h
Yi% November. 81142& year; 811 2lxA January: 1
I 'Sift February;'511 fiOMayi- " ?
JltlCJLQO. October SO.?The Vrorir't Journal rcrut:
1 '
Jogs?Rccciptal9.000he{*d:fdil|uneiitii21SCO head; .
tnund nominal and maiket Ladiybrokuu; closed .
15*20e lower;1 la?ge numt'ers could ti .t bosolrt at
j decline; sales-mixed t?N)a7 75; heavy 57 85 '
CO; HghtSC 95a7 75; fkijis 54 IKiift bO.
fettle?Receipts6,500 head; shipment* G5Q head. '
irket improved and 10c higher ou mrst grade* ,
d the-gonornl demand 'better; good to cholee' ,
Ippiug S'? 10a5 feO; common to fatr-83 <95a4 VO; '
toilers'Si ;Wa l OJ; blockers ami feeders more ace
at 53 10n410; range strouger, Texan* S3 70a455; '
;ieri cans tt 20*5 40. h
Ihcep?Receipts 3,000: head; shipments 4Q0 head, c
irkct dull and 15>cUclower. Deiuund weak and H
!>ply & jo ailve:. common' to , fair 82 ii5u:i 20;- mean
to good 53 35ai 10; choice to extra $1 25a
JAt.TiMottK, October 20.?Fiour: fairly actirc and _
ady. Wheat,' western a Mude lower, doing i
adjr;No. 2 winter red.?j>ol aud October.f107^ ?
OS; November 81 C3;^tl OS,'*: December.Sl 10}fc ,
' 10}$;'January St ltjjul li%. Corn, western "4
ncr: mixed sjkjI and uctol*er'70^n78}<fc;'Nc- B
iuber 77a77Xc; jcar ?15%h0%c;' Jamlary'CO^a I
ifi Oats, quiet Mild tirai; western white 45a4?c, ' *
ted 42a lie; I'ennnjivauta C!al7u. Kye,' quiet
id steady;' iood to prime fort6.Sc. Hay, quiet. ^
jvbious, quiet and ?d>.y: ines* poik 525 25, bulk " *
;ats, Iomj shoulder* aud clear rib: ides nominal;
idced 512COilG09; bacon ?houlders SIU 00; clear td
1 side* 817 f>0;fhams SI7 00ui7 50 , hard St I 50. ?
tier, IIrm for choice* est?hn packcd"atv23a25c; a
umery b'2a3lc. Kggs, quiet ami steady at i?to2lc. R
truleum, nominal. Collee,. dull. Sugar, quiet; "I
>oft 9j?e? Whisky, flrui at ? 1 voal y>t
isct.sKATi.Ocl. 20.?Cotton dull ut IOJ4C. ..Flour
let and finn; family SI 5Cal 75; fancy t510j$75. i,
icut easier; No'i red winter 5110 spotr 8 OlV{ ?i
tob r.51. 01 November; receipts 17.00U Tnishvls,' tio
Ipineuts 8,500 buslie:*. Corn In.,goodi demand ('
a prices n?hade higher at TtVic stxit: l.M v
toner,'Clo November. 5i}4iirrt?icsyear. (Juts in .
lmI demand at full iirjccn; s"a;toc ?ju,t; 34]^e. bid ?
ar; :iGc bid May. J|yo, luuood demaud at (VI^h
i<c. Hurler weaker; extra ao: 3 fell. SQe. (bnrd
let at 112 60 I'orkqniot nt FJ5 00. lJuIkmeaU
irce and tirm; f.hoindors Sl025: clear >lb 515 50 i
con quiet; fcl\culi!enr 811 SO;-clear rlt'B SIC 23; ?
nr tu 2iS. WhUky in fair demand at St. 17;- a
mblnation sides of finished Roods, SSO barrels', on Ijctslit
oi el 17.1 Mutter deinitnd HCtlve and prices p1
vanced; choico Western 'Kctci ve ,2?e; choice Ceil- lS>
ilUhlo2*. , ?
?if(UApiUJ'liiai Octobcr ?0,?Flour, dew*nd fair
d market arm (or winter trades and quiet and ?
eady for spring. HyeJlourquitl-and unchanged. ~~
leut stcauy; No. 2 red October.31 U^al 10J4; No- v
mber SllO^al ll;DeccmberSll.al ljjj: January S
l<S*^ul ]l#4c.'' Coru, options ior OctObsr and No- 5
inlHir higher, I)ec?mber and Jauuary quiet; local f
s in (,'oo<i demand; will,mixed .SoasTc; .No. 'i ni|xe 1 ' V
anier fc('>JSe; sail mixed Octobef8iaH*c; November 1
iSU'^r; i?H'cmber January G2J^iGSc\i S
ta quiet and steady; mixed 40c; No 3 while 1 V/t U
\l/i. No. 2,46)<ia46c. ' I'ruTMous steady; meu pork ?
>uo, iJrd steady,ami unchanged. Mutter, de- E
uid f*ir and market llrm; creamery extra 31e. fl
i;t> and ehecMj unchanged. I'etrolcum dull und B
cliauyed.- Whisfcy tirm ?nd'Uuchangcd. I
fot.KDo, Octobcr 20.-Wheat steady; No. 2" red g
it and October $i OIK; November-Si OlJ<; Decern- . n
r 61 01?^; January #1 O^tTcbmary 51 OJ; May |
jGbld. umi. Krnier; high mixed Ttii^c No.2 siKJt
; 'Letober 7aJ4e; November C'.kj aiked; year Wo; ?
luary MJfe; .May ?6c. Oats quiet; No. 2 jh
cerabcryi^e; year36c bid,36}iea*kcd. Cloeeu?
teat, rteajy. No. 2 redsjutSloi^bld; October r
lX>2i bid; year 31 ulj*; January St u<S bid. t<iru >
Niger; hiilh mixed b|d;J>i<}.2 ^imjI ity; otl ?tier
1 November December S'Je; je^r byy<:
mary 6iKe; May Oats dull; No. 2 cash afc n
I; Decern per :to)ae; year 30%c,. i li i s?i I
)u. Cirv. fW-lnio.* oft - I
-v. injs wiiaa
yvpld of interest 111 lll(j I'Uroluum -Exchange;
filing III VUl^c, It artviwed to Vic, ciotluRitie
iruJiiRiciisioii at V3Xc The afternoon fc^ian III
bibbed home We, Uiu highest sales being u-lj^e, n
t closed Willi saltaai 'XP/m. .\o Important tmiis
.ions. ShIu. y.O.COO "bara-is. the nuullost la the
mth.. Uleartnco2,2i4.tK>0 barrels.
<kw CiitKANH, October 20.?Sugar firmer: sccoiiiln i*
^t7Uc; yellow clarified 7ftn8>4c: white eliulflod; ^
Moluss'.x in good demand; centrifugal 40a' _J
r, prime Mottle: choice We.;.'.
SewYofcK. Cetobcr'JO.?Pily,Goo|i.-'?The JRftrifQt '
sbepuveiy ?|ii|ct |n tho uohdm\ Uunwud with
ht biislnr?:j, mo?t of winch nelng reached through /
ijveriesof specialties' , , Ji; , | ?
rjTli?viat('October 20.?Oil opoucil.at 93%c; "
Biio*t?ti4c; Mvcit)V,.lKc; closing iU:W}Jc;ikhipr
L'lit* C0|7GS barrels: charters Xl.oul barrels; runs,
ie water 8,473 barrel!.
Itrrenur.au,' ra., Octolwr 20.?Pelrolcura'-Qulctj
altcd certificates steady; closed; at WXc, rellued . 1
ic /or Philadelphia delivery. --*>1* <: . !'. J .'.
CiJJCtSKATi, October 30.?Live hogs steady: com* J
ou ond light |6 (XU7 CO; packing and butchers' .V
3*925. J V|
omford'H Acid I'liONplinte, n KefrcNh* ' l
... luk'Driuk. '
Dr.JA.^L. Halt, Fairhaven," X.; Y., says:
X forms an excellent substitute for'lemon 1
ice, and will fqruish a refreshing drink for
IC $ic]c.?r 7; ^ : , JUUftW: j
"WINE OF"-CARflaf" ' ?.
jfQr rolp by Lqgan itCo. al ' ,.;< j]
.v-w. . ?
WANTBl>. :i . i' * ^ .
fY kccrcr. Good rcfeioiiccflRiven. A.J. KYTE, in
rldgeport.Q. '' Pen* ^
Lvr4NTEl)?4!pA|(P 1'OH I.ADV AN'J) "
rV two children in , privato family, In tbccltr. /
ddrCM 11.. 13, this office. oo-.H) \
V HEAD and-barrel staves. While oak ami
Ickory H fool lio.pa. J. CAL PAINTER i IIP.O., ,T
honiion. W. Va. - " , : occ.
T T Coal Coinpany.'aKlines, two mile* out on (X
. V. ?fc W. Railroad, Thin? uood. i.toady miner*. leuly
work guaranteed. ' Price* of Mining, Octo- "1
er lit, 74 ccott per ton.V*^ W ;.-r- I
*e2l- J. E. WATERS, $upt. 11
\l/POT Open to JtotJi Srjctt. Mw
Mitalcal coiwrrni(?ry in lhc%/||3|^|
Young pcrtonit.'f limited menn* V 11\ U
by II, AO. R. II. . College yenr begin* bepU 4th
luri.nc., ad-lftulloward M. Odgen, rn
Tills remedy will net In harmony with the Fe- ,
mnlo ?y?tcm at all times, anil afro Immediately
1 upuutliealivloiultiiil and uterlno mutcka,andre- ,
lure them lo a booltby and ?trotifc condition, >
I)r.'MafcliW'aUterluoCatliollcon will euro fall- ! !
Iti^ of tho womb, I.flUCrtrtli(PO,;CliroolclDflamtna? 1
'lion and'Ulceration-of tbo "Womb, Incidental i
rUemorrliajfo or.. Flooding,* Falnfil, flupprmod-1
and Itri';:uhr,Moi!nirimtloD, Kidney. Coinplalmt#j!
Utrrcnnciut uud ii inpfciully adapted to tho clung*
t?f Life. Scud for pampulot free. All letters of
Inquiry freely answered. Addreaa m above. For
i.Ho b* all drufrciats. New nlzo 81 perbottliv
Oldnlzn ?1.50. lloauro anil ask for Dr.liarchlal'a
UlcrUioCathollcou. Takanootlicr.
Wholesale and Retail by
. : , LOGAN A CO.
, . iTIie ltn?l nntl WorihlcM
ro t ever biillateil or countcrJelM, This H cspcclallyl
no of a family medicine, and It Is positive proof
lat tlic remedy ImifMat ln of tlio highest value.
?roou as It 'had bwn tested arid proved by the
hole world that Hop Bitters was''.the'purest, beat
ill most ynlunblii family mediciiicou earth, many
idtutiooa aprung tip aud, began to steal the notes
In which the prtM .atul pi-oplc of, the country j
ad cxprca Cd Ihc merits cf 11. JU and in every1
ay trying to luduco suffering lavalkl* to mo their I
tifT- Instead, expecting to make' money on' the
edit and good name of H. IJ. Many other* started
j?triuna jnit up InMmllarkyle to II. It, with vanualy
devised name*, In which the word "Hop'' or
Hop" were wed In a way to luduco people to be?vo
they wcio the- suno an Hop Rlttois. All audi
elended remedies or putca, no matter what their
ylcor ubiuu is, aud tupxlaliy those wl h tho
ord'ifop*; or "Hop*" iu their name, or In any
ay connected with them or. their name, arc Imltama
or counterfoil*. Beware ol them. Touch
mo of them. U*e nothing but gcnulno Hop Hlt>
rs. with h btttich or .cluster of green H6ps oh tho
hit?* label.' Timt iiothiuc -elw?. Drugalsta and
Mlennro warned agiilust dialing in lm tiilrnisor
unt?f>felto. , tlhMw
cklng, Agt., and Charles ilocnkemocllai, ARentf,
s uitssie.
? nx pawn*." CMtiriil**$&> '
*ioru. St Vim* Dnmv.
' CURES AND ^ AlcolioitMTi. Orlum Eat
jm. I"?. S^nsiaiorrlifra,
Rl . Bwnlrul ueabnew. 1m
\W potrtvy.Ryi'tilll". Sorcf..
V , W"\ ulanr-l nil Ni-nr^tir mid
YjV ykf^ . v Blood Din-a*-*. To Clep
PJtlirn. Lawyer*. Liter*
' *> YillWRV'1 " ?ryMen. Sll-reliant*.
' ' "" "- ni. Liullo ami a!I
wliwe udenlArr em.
' JC?*T?C'; 1 / ploym?nt enu?i< Nerr.
fXjL??\. , i. ., oil* Proctrntlnn. lrrcifj.
>Wr\'*>V?J 1 I . Iftiillrt or tl.e tlocd,
UZgr VjA * I ttomarh. howl* or
vX I Kidneys, or who rv
\ft cl3*?nfcv' qturc a. r.enotonic. api-i
VaarnoY fairer or Hltnamnr.
' B -&&$?&&! 1 KAMAMTAS M2UV1NE
/ ' ' Ih Invaluable TUou* Iturn
p-.i. Zr ,nr?lii proclaim It tho
FAILu. -aamoft wonderful lnrlir!?ftfca?T^
.* f. d & ornnttliatfvcrru?tnlnS31?
tt!5YS f7f? ?vfl Kg0*1 ,,iC Miiklntr ?y?lem.
"~.t>rl-?.t.. *? ? h. Mo.
'lAWfBJJJ'53 ""'"if 0>?"l?l???dMQU I'rop't <
j Vifl V?un? Jim ml alter* *li# tulTef
1. .fS'ii&iiM f,01u Sef*ou? tcil Physical OtbU.
!laf.'*.^4^fi|fnoyjl?T.' Prenittore F.ihkuitloo mil
Vyj.*yfc fr-'*fc^5gSB ttf*f'BI>nT Hl?o?y r?.n^<iurn?*?,
*&?vr'' '** we quickly kn<l rtdlrill* currt.
hi lUatdy U put np.lD loiti. So. I (Untoc a tauulh). W,
iiiilettiYce Wfctiih?). 8?. -fcn? by mall Id t>lalo?iat>;?ri.
Vlrrtllaio fur I ?l?< arr?M|>aa/ rarh Kol. ran|>fcltl<fc?ti' 'H{
Ukii diitiM and mod* of ctu? atui uiW on a|>^tlc?iiua
it f Jiwrlra.* la euilni: di?rwa? of the lllood, 81 In and
Wfi.?Xtrvoui I'eMlltj-, . Iiupatcncr. Urganta
tuUnca*. (?onorrhuru. hyphllllle ami MtrrurUi
Trcttuna prclully Irvalcil ?u kirnilbs iiii.cii.1u, .
th lafe and mrc rrincdlra. Call or ?ill0 fof l.1*l of Qn?l> n?
lo be aniwrrtJ by ibutoK-ilrlbZ h; mail,
frooiii toBrrl or froiq Kuplbr* ?bouM h nd I brlr id Jr#*?,X
mil Iram Marlblne lu U'rlra'ltanliyr, 111, act? lrtu.J
IdrcM, 1*1!. MUTT#, 1)2 X. Nih St., HI. l??K Bo,
?T FREE! '
A favorite pr^crlpllon of one of tha
MtnotnJ ami (.uccosful kpiilnlliits In Ibo U. a. .
oWTPllredl forthoouronf AVtpo??? itrbiUtUt
nntWnnhnnii, IHonXrneiwwul Mfertav. ttoa\
plain bealwl en veluiK'/rce. DrucglsuciuiilUlU'
Mdre*? DR. WARD & CO.. Louituni* Mo.
3. KHAU8 & CO.,
(Stioccjaor to H. Bcbmulbach A Co.,)
'inss and Liquors, Brandy,
fo. 1133 Market Sticot,
So.v ' 1 ' ""1
}Hm , Tuos rieslrinato inuk? moucy ;
, Oil S i. IlllllIUl lllL'iiiUUI inTCBUllHItS .
X U.' li>" nvnin. "iivovifll'nr. *utttl ' Htock
Vv"3Sh' Ktu>cuItiti???H. can UoKobyopcr. ;
, htlasoniMiriilaii. J-'rom Slay J at, .
VUaC-' is.-ii; to tfco prcseut ?lnte. on fti> .
? vrKtiiKMitBoffltKOOtoSl.iHMl.cnih '
J/Hl* AT pr?ilU Uavi? boon, realized ami
|m|,| w invcitnr* amounting tc
_ JJ' si'Vornl'times ttio oricinnl Invest. ;
JClj'g . . input, ?till Iriivltit; tbeoriyiual inIft/ltLS
vt'Rtmm uinkinK money or pay.
v v able on dcmriiitl. Explnnntorycir
culart.auilmt&temuiits vi tnn?l H .
STOCKS' ?cnt Inc. Wo wuut cspontibu t
ccouts. who will rcjKirt on cropi
_ nml iiilrmlucj tho'iilnn. 'I.lbcral
a flutTA ,coiuinl*w ons paid. .Vriilrcig,
gRUnfl KI.KMMING .V MF.IMtlAM." Com.
a^-y? latxluii 31 rrli4iil?, iiujor DIm .
'''ilrnin. III.
! wn**pn by the Wife and Mother!
Tbo otnr Mb authorize hjr thwn. ?oil which li not a
"nd,Tban.lep iUirr. ?urb M othin bat ft TROTS
ITT5, hjr ?h?l oaljr imncna In louctllon of tho fncti
Lt^LtenEn"n;,M?r,.lE'}I Tni.h mora lnl?w?2
WflijvWM tamiwmj tori Markn?r*ctu< In*
g, Ht OHAMBgWg 4 CQ.,BT.I^Uia,Mq
For Sale Cheap..
I'licellng Grape Sugar and IMulu? Co.
Mil = ' A, 0. EQKRTEB, . '
- ? . ' *W.reUry
L In atylca that can't be beat, at the Dally Intel*
zcucer Jot Office.
thealthfalnml beautiful location. UnhuCalio iNf
Jlest ntitl C'/ieoKit Cvlrarnnuonly nnMliiu ~*
||\MA4 ?hmi|J write ot once, i'm/o;1 .Irw^i fi
i, H?rcaiah>i(uea.elrcu.^f%| I Cf\t* ,
a.. Klcinimtton, \V ? W WfcwLiCiljlfc* (
1 H,u.;i.-,i, .DRY GOO'DSiI^'iI^I-v
ForlSSS.-' j
>: ' ' . .?' ; 0
tt'ULL uses OF S
U?if M'iI'.i'-tit!' . .ivv'ii'l) j *
Silks, Satins,
AND-^''' ?j
'' . .".''.y '' 'T VSi \'v: i
'1 11/1 ?" ' ; " ; eel
Cloaks, Dolmans&Sacpes
Twined Silk Wraps
Ladies', Cent's and Children's
Underwear, Full Lines.
Gont's and Hoys' Suitiugs, Elegant
Goods. ^
iVest Virginia Country Flannels,
tiio best in Hie Trudo.
All Latest Patterns?Body" Urnsflcls, Ta; \
pestry ant! Ingrains, Rngi" ; 9;
Oi' Cloth?, linoleum, Window- i>
Sl.adea, and Curtains, ,
Ureat Bargains. Eie
Carpets Cut Without Extra Oharye. ^
J jve Greese Feathers
A Iwaj s on Hand. '*
We Court a Close Cash Trade. J
?#i. . nin
In i
A Lot of Remnants and Last S:
Season's Goods at one-lmlf tlicir ?0'
ValllO. con
ul! : -II I-l! u il Mai
QtnnoC. Thnmoe ?K
1030Main Street. Q
<* ? k5
'' - ;v -lot.
- , Klg
AND jg
; k?
' i*1 )i ,. i ,i; ; Jen
?.?!? i!J! . , ;i ? ! ! I ?dl
Ell rn ^
arniiureis^^ g
I 1 - 4 '
I. 0ur P?ttcn? are now H?r
I OfnOTOl,ni cmbradnp MOQUETTE8, \yi,
Lin I llnliSl VKLVKT8, tfRUMELS, TA* ?/.
D.,.. ' I, Our MBortmcnt of Rupi li very ^
linTAIIam. embracing BMYR.TA. VKL
n 11U A 1 Vlft-3. M0SQUKTTE8; BRtfSSKLfl, at t
11U CkU ITAFK8TKY, nud mmjy othoii. con
... , tlOT
Linoleum Oil Cloths! I
Ail widths and bt&nd&rd Makct mil
. , ; J ; T
' : one
Window Shades!!. S
Patterns for Btorwandi*rivate Dwelling!. the
a, i| ' tttlr
Rattan ChairsIi^S i
& lull line of the Watcfleld and iiey wood Eroe. o,
Folding Chairslai a
tho three leading factories of the country. I
V" j Sea
Chamber Setslili 2
_ C!
Parlor Setsii^a
any other houae la the city. 6
V-.ji.KW); -J r ... ; ;,? {
i;v. " .!?. hi 6 ;*.riniU 1 ' 81
!t 1 Jut
Constantly on hind *11 tho latent ntylea. JTETALIC ZZZ
.... furnished on short uotlct , jtj
mb28 J*
lit On(cU? Ayrlcullural wiper,' published O
Kinl-monthly. All who send uh their sutNcrlMloti
wttn tOocni?, between now aud Doconilter 1st, wc ,u1
Will wud them the paper until January Int. 1 SW.
Samplo eoplcn, containing rrcmlnm LUk sunt free "
on ?ppliwnloii. Aildrew "BOUTll AUD WEST," Me
t\rt^t. S\. i-VUW) Mo, oCS j
JiipltnlllPHaic,! flrc.OOO
Tlckcti Onl; $5. Slinrca In proportion.
Louisiana Stale Lottery Company,
?*t>iikii.r 11 .UMMikv^in . l".iZTT7"."n.
.60,000haiilnee Wnadd#dJ'' '^>*"1
By an overwhelming popular vole, lis franchise
m made a part of the prwont Btatu Uouailtutlou,
looted December 2, A. i). UJ7V.
luuonly.LutUiryuYer voted on aud endowed by
it?peopleofiinytitatv. .r Mtijji
It never K*lei or postpones
IU arsud iluglo number drawings will take place
lontnly, ? .*.-k . ? (.% ? j .1 , .1*1
A splendid opportunity to win a fortune. Tenth
rand Drawing, Chua.U,.at, NKWOIILKaNH,
UKsDAYi NOvEMBKKi 11, 18tt*IDOlU Monthly
rawlug. Look at tho followjngschcihe, under tbu
iclunlvu supervision aud management of UKN.?.
, BEAUKK(JARD,of Louisiana, aud UKN. JUHAI,
, KARLY, of Virginia, who luauace all the drawgi
of tbU Company/ botli Ordinary and m%iu1*
mual.and attest the correctness of tbe published
Olclal 1 Jfts,
CM VITAL PIUZK, $75,000.
)0,000 TlrkcfN nt live IMiilttr* T.twh,
FrartioiiN, lu riflliNfii l*ro|?ortlou.
1 Capital Prise...; ?. 10.0(0
2J*rue< of W.WI
ft Prize* of 2,000. 10,0(0
10 Prise* of 1,000 .... lo.uto
? Prises of.
90 Prises of' '100...?..t^u.i...:w'..;...?w*..Lt?,c?
M l*rlics of 60 2fi,0C0
M Prlxoi, Of.. 25.ic^4 a 2A.0C0
r M 41 * 'Af PXOX1M1TION PUXtt. * V S
9 Approximation Prises of $750 JC.TM
.# Approximation Prisca of; 60(Lun,u,a^,-i 4M.Q
J Approximation Hiioa of> 2,'iw
57 Prt*r?- *mnnntln? in
? t.do.mv
Applications lor rnies to clubs should bo nuulo
ly to the offlcc of the Company In New Orlrtn*.
For further Information, write clearly, giving full
drtsa. Bend order* by exprt*aorrrgutcrcd letter,
money order addrcucd only to
m. x. dauphin;
New Orleans, La.
m. a. iupniis!,
607 Seventh itrect, WnxlilnRton, D. C.
1. B.?Orient nrtdreittcd to New Orleans will rove
prompt attention. ocH-wmw
ropular Moulhly Urn wing of the
In the City of Loulrrtlle, on
Tuesday, October 31st, 1882.
hone Drawing* occur monthly (Sundays excoptunderthtM>rovl*ionj
of an Act'of the].Geneml
tembljr of Keutucky.
lie United Btatca Circuit Court on Kirch 81kt
ideredthe following dccisloni: **4 H
it?That the.Commoner eilth Distribution ComI.
R?The Company , baa now on hand a lan;o
wrvo Fund. Bead carefully the list ol prlxva (or
Prize, *30,000,100 rrixc?$100 eacb.UO.OOO
Prise,IO.COOi JD0 Prizes $50 etch, 10.000
Prize .. S.COOiGOO Prize* fciOfcAi-h. i?nr*
PrUestl.OOO each,10,00011,000 PrlwaJlOeacii, 10,000
Prlxc* 600each,10,0001
Pritea 1300 each, Approximation Prizca...... fj,700
Priica WOO each, ' 1,800
Prlzet S100 each, ' 900
a Prlzec. fll2,ttX)
hole Tickets $2., Half Tfckete, $1. 27
Tickets, *50. 55 Tickets $100.
emit Moner or Bank Draft iif Letter, or tend by
prest. Dan't Mnd by Registered better, or Pomce
Order. Ordern el $5 and mnvard* by Kij>rt?,
be Bent at our expense. AdilreM nil order* to
11. BOARDMAN, Courier Journal Bulldlnr,
lUrtlle, Ky.. or R. M. BOAKD2JAN, 30?J Broadr.
New, York. . Mr.TQ-fnu*
\liU8TJ?E?8"SALE& tilIHT2
y virtue of a deed of tnut'inailo by John II
ip?)U to the undcnlRUtd TiutUe, dated this
today of IKamber, A< I)., Jfc77, aj.d icrouU-d
lic oTllcc or the'Cleilc cf the County Couit of
lo county, Wert Virginia, fn L'eid of Tiurt-liook
13, page 5?75,1 .will >(.11 at the fiont dtor of the
uw jiuusc oi unio comity, qii?.? ? !3/i
lmcncingnt'ten o'clock a. v., the followiiiKdebet!
rtBl estate. to wU:;All the ilj lit, title, and
itcht of the *aid John n. Simpson in and to lot
nbercd one hundred and four 011 the north ride
Jlay street, In the city of Wheeling, Ohio connWci>t
.Virginia. . ,
itle Is'leTleved to be Rood, hut felling as trustee
ill convey only the title vested in inc. ~
ennsof bale?Cash.
M LUCIUS HOflE, Trustee.
of ohio, k8.:
1 the Circuit Court for Mid County. ,
Elizabeth M. Gllfillan V
raid Mc?. C.Uniiannnd Edward thaiiccry.
(illllllan. J.i 1
) virtue of n decree?of wild C'ontt entered in
above cntitlrd ennse .our the :12th day of Sepiber,
li>S2. the hndersigned 'special Commlsicr
will ?ell at public auction to the highest bid,'at
thcfront doorof thoTouit House of mid
ntj, on , .... f.?i, /, .j!... u.. ;
imcuclngat*lo o'clcok a. vV t ho* following debed
real estate, that Is to bay.: The not tb .half of
No.'J3ou the west side of Main street, between
litti and Ninth strolls, in the City'ol Wheeling,
o county. tWcst Virginia.: excepting tue pint
rcof conveyed to Hie' ? ittntiur^h, Wheeling and
ituckyiltatlroad Company by Edward Uiillliau
Elizabeth M. Giltlllau, his wife, by deed dated
uary *6,1872.'" >
urnis of Sale?One thiid of the purchase money,
uch greater sura as the pure-hoitr may ioi6ct to
in hand; the residue In two equal Installment*
Ix and twelve months respectively Rom the day
ale. with Interest from the day of sale, evtced
by promissory, note;; the.title to be retainmill
puvuient isinado In ftill. - '
Ik Special Commissioner,
hereby certify that bond his been given by said
c-iitl Commissioner as required by tne Canrt.BO-s
: 1. , .VH.*IcCOIJ.Oi:H,Clerk.
f virtue of ariecric of the County Conrt-of Ohio
inty, W. Va., made November 5. 1678,111 the suit
hauccry then therein pending between Thomas
utih, fomiflslnunt, nnd Jwn? s S. Wheat, Elizab
J, Wheat and .Stanley 11. Wheat, defendants
uutiviriKnvu V.UUIIHIW.IUHIT npftoiiiieu by Mid
ree for the purjow, *U1, on
front door of the Court IIoumi of w. Id county,
unenelngat ten'o'clock a. *..ie]l nt public uuei.
the north half of the lot of ground numbered
.ouri in the.quare uumbmdlfiUfiftu-n)on the
tof that part of the city of Wheeling-In mid
my, known an Middle v\ heeling, which half lot
it* on the ciut klde of Chapllne. (formerly
iith) MrceL with Iho building and aj.purteice*
thereto belonging. _ 11
Eo5JL0r?8.Ai.L,t,~'1 'i.e PU'chnrerto pay.lril hand
third of the pnrcheno money, und Mich further
l as hemat elect, and the balance in equal inIments
at nine and eighteen xiiotnhf. with in*t
from the day of wile; borate with Homilv to
ipprovcd by the Commissioner, tt. be eiven for
Uefened iwtallmcnu, and tlio titlu to 1* reicd
until the jaymeiit of the putchasi i:.oney
SnccUl Couiiiil^liiiiiT.
and mid sceuthy has been given by suld Coin loner
a* required by law.
1 g. n. McCOU.O"H. CIitV.
L i-W.r,
1 Squares, Triangles,'-l Straight -Ktlgcn,
les, Drawing Paper, Liquid,' India Ink,
ttt'iiie . " ,
clO ' E. I,. KICOLL;Agent.
jiniilinj: of Single, Double nnd Trl|?!c I lute
vc*. Fork Hand Spcons.
IhttleCHhtorxal We.' \
tottle t-'iulont nj twice,Wc.
Bottle Canton at 12.50.
iKitr KawU.Creain.l'lekle, Card and Butler DUIicn
)CMUtI(ul defljcn>. Warranted B.trcj?rc?unted.
!i8 At W. SJlUfCHINH. 41 Twelfth Ht.
)ne %Dry Plate Outfit with 5 ExIra.Hold,
very Clieap. ' Just the thing for aitiuteurs.
eryone their own photographer.
, 300S Main 8trt'H.
merican: , : v; ?: Ml
; I It i?. i.
tifmirance Company,
.. directors. V J
sn M. Brown. .... I John Frew.
ex. Lalng. J. A. Miller.
Iaul. I A. I). Stainon.
George Wise.
A. Miller - Preaidont.
" - - 'Vice President.
B. Dobbins * " * 1 Bocrclirv
lll<3? lniSMarUot
(Over City Hank.)
nmrefl apninst loss or ?Jaiiibi;? by fire on
ellin^n, Household goods.; Mercantile
inufacturinK and Farm property, ,
^rratrooage respectfully solicited, ctf

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