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l.cttor IVom 11 Traveler.
K a stun City, Mo.,'Sept. 23,18S2.
I think it n Ouljr J owotobuuuulty tomy
IihI yotir rct?o?ijr hjin don? forme. One
\?nr*K?> ' contracted n b*d me of blood
"'"I ??)l kuuwlti{t the riMilt of ?uch
troiili'.w. 1 #llovml It to run on for moio
ij.ne, tilll lllitlly applied to tlio b<?t
,i.iii in tlil? ?*liy. who ticateu wo for nix
luohiln. In ttifct tiuo I took orcr coo puu
?f j.roinlo<lt?le of iiiercmy, H train cacli,
kihi iiinl niu tJowu In weklitfrom '.MO to Ift7
i^un?l". iitnl winfuijflntu to ay bed with
Ucnmial ItltCUinttllMii, M'lftoly utile to
turn in)"alt Inlwl Ik-lnjiu twwlliiK nmn,
uiiih* of the fraternity found mo In ihNdu^
conditio?, and rvcoramended
If'tf I (oiimu'iucd (ho uio ?>f It whit
uiv Hide fnlllt, mid In lera tlum throo I
wu-ki ?*? aUJo lo take ray plmo on th?> I
l.n'1. 'Ilie sores and (ropper edorod ?pots
uri'Mitll/ .llta|>priiri*j, and today 1 biivu
iiuUMiiuor spot on my person, and my
vuklit N cow ;I7 pound*, being more than
It fvor whs. I ilonoiwlsh you to pub'hlt
my iihiiic. but you may show this letter to
uny who duuM th? merit of 8, d. 8., for I
know It Ism Mire euro.
lout* truly, J. II. 11.
Pome thirty years ago th?ro lived In MontKoinofV,
a Mi., u young mnn who waa terrl*
i,iv <iiltti*tc>?l. } Iter being tredtcd for a long
Unit* i?v tho mcdlcal piofewlon of thlttiwii
with no beiieat, lie tooimenced taktnu 8 8,
h. .i/iiTiHTiUtPiitly tiikliiK It two months
he uitH cntt'd. I.'cIdk iwiualnled with him
lortwmly >?'*? thereafter, 1 can testify
Hut tin' <tl*ea*o never mndo its return;
J, \V. Uupop.J, l'.,Hot8|ulnKs, Arlc.
If yoti doult, conic to tee us, mid wo will
(;i;itl5 YOU,orihatijenothing! Write for
parthu'iirsaiid a copy of tho little book,
"JUfwifie lo the Unfortunate 8utVi?ring."
A>k any nrtiBjto wto our standing.
1.1. 8I.O.KJ IliMvnril will be paid to any
thtmlft who vlll find, on ntinlysls of 1U0
iMjttlcs of 8.8. 3., oho particle of Mercury,
Mlilcof i'otiutfluiu, or ativ Mineral subrtsnco.
SW1 ?T61'?ClFiO CO., Proprietors,
AIluiim, OH.
Price of .Sinlilt Klzr, ? 81 OO
l.nrgnKlxr, - - 1 73
SOI.ll 11V A 1.1, ltltUUUlSTS.
the I'vMviuu ol a Dhyriclan's Rucccfts la the tes- *
timiitiy of hi- iwtleiitf. 1 ho lucrcaMnR dernaud* /or
my i.H.k-vliiiiitl K-rvii-vs provo time 1 have dealt
himoiiiUy ami fairly with those who haveconsulUx]
me I uenriiMJii ]>atlciit'M namo without perml*
kIoii tlimndi I have manr hundred certificates from
linwjwljwi I liavecurcd after they hud been proiiii'iiiml
incurable. A thorough medical education,
nltli mati> years luvpllalcxperlence and familiarity
with tbiTitMitlc agents, a close observance of tenxwr.tnn'?wl
peeulkrltlea and strict attention to
LyuJcuio inunaseraent Insures Miccew, U euro In
and I (mnlclyBlve the putlont iny opinion.
KUiit-y riiict Liver Diseases and Kheujnatlxm ?
FudVn-d Pojrilily.?'"Nothing nee mod to help me;
hjuU not Kut out of bed, Dr. Smith cured mo."
Wheeling, W. Va.
f?!arrh, Polypuaof Na*o, Impaired Voico?8ufftPtl
{or years.; (uteut medicine failed to help me.
lit. ACiith euiaidclcly cured me.
of fltwldel it Co., Wheeling W. Va.
! IfiMfitfln find blecruted Stomach.?''Treatment
for tints failed louive me relief. Dr. Smith cured
p.'." TlluMAS HoLT, Insurance Agent.
Fi!?.?"Had tliem lor fourteen year*. Dr. Smith
lMli:la, HuunlncSorcaon Head.?'"11 y sou wna
, Mflli'U'l for fourteen yearn. Nothing seemed to
hi!;iiiim. Dr. riiiillli cured him."
M l\a. 1 J i r.r.i r. v/vj-o,
M?rketBtreot, Wheeling, \V. Va.
C?tirtr.-"3tiirored for yearn with cancer. H?(l It
cm out three timfs. It a-turned ufter each oncra^
n/.t. Dr. smith cured mo without kul/c cauutlcor
Lin." MRS. II. M. OKCU1T.
Hit-*, FMula of Anus.?Flat of my buck for 18
wtrK Reported dying. Dr.Smithcurcdine without
knife, In the w eeka.
Whola-ale ('rocvr,M#In St., Wheeling, W. Va,
riitmJlom of Rectum, 1'roiapaua and Hie*.?
(liven uj. to <Ue and pronouniod incurable,
pr. smith cured me without knife."
Martin's Ferry.
Rev. If. 0. Uild writes;--" Dr. Smith's profcadonal
rttvleu. In my filially have Ix-eu most Hathuaetory
null I omnroeiul httn to alias a gentleman and a
iklllfu! i.hyfciclan."
Mm. Mawarwt Kolb says*?'"I bad boon suDerins
forK'ven years and treated by many physician* for
ilp|?,|*ia. I'r. Hiailh wild I had a tape-worm and
freight hours it-moved a monster 1CU feet Io>s.'
km!e?torn j.klnls.?Three yearain hospital* for
jslvi; me jH.-ruliar advantages In such eases,
i'crc.itih cuied ul our.rrh, diseases oi heart, liver,
I'jiini'di, kidney#, ikln, Mood, nervous affectlous
*nl WBiknm?? of men and youth, tuofulaand
Mthma tv?tify to my sutccai.'
riio cured without the knlfo.
Mil-lit* at a mutant nay be treated by letter and
?Ui!nrtIo:i guaranteed. A elmrt for self eiamluatiwi
K-nt on reeeitnof two three eeut Ktauips, and
idrlcereturaed frte.
ftmsultation a: ofllee free." OlHec hours from 0 jl.
M. to 7 p. m., dally. CaJl on or address
J. K. SMITH. M. D.,
?y!2 No. 1117 Ch.ipllno ht., Wheeling. W. Va.
'4? ?/
v <& 4> *?
# //
Til,- (>,000,000 Children
In tlie United Statoi
Who KnlTer Vain,
Who Fret and Cry.
Who llnvo I'nle FttC?;
Who llttvo Ilail Uroutfi,
Shnuld L'so Lnuglrllu's Worm Sjrnji
llit* flillit Whosrt Sleep la DlnturbcU,
I'liw Chili! Who Waicea In Terror,
Tim Clillil Whoso Apju'lltK Is VornclOM,
Vttie Chllil Whoso Appetite Varies,
Tho Chlltl Who Doe* Not Thrift
The Chllil Who IH Kmnclatetl,
The Chllil Willi Internal Irritation.
Tin* Child With Sallow Complexion,
Simula Ujw EnugHlin's TOrin Sjrup
No liiM-nv) So Oanuerou* As Worm*.
No Child Is Kren fr'rotn Tlipm.
1'hey Cniiw l)lafuM> Tlirmnelvej.
'.I'.'icy Awruvato other CouiplaluU.
ltif- fk.'Jil's Cm-o When Teethingi
mraMWIIHB9lll? w
f e;T?;N> tukOIJJIR; Atxavs 1'AI.V; UKIMXH
fc. U'lllxo Sl'UM Kit C'OU I'LA I ST, DYNKNTKHV,
C Motlifjiwill iln,iu very vnluablo: tlioclillil will
1; In/o a pintle tlrrp,mutirttkf upthmro
tnmfortaU?. \V?>Ritnrn?t?!*
K f.V'i nni' n?flijul tl??? prlco of every out
j miuoIiik u rt'im'scniud. Sold by hU druggist*.
j I'rlco 25c. per Bottle. .?
f. UU6HLIN BROS. & CO., Proprietor
nncl effectual remedy for allNervoua
'<**tv% iu etcj-y slaRQ of llfe-youiiR or old. male
!; web <3 Impotoncy, Prostration, Loss of
\|fciliiy, I?cfoctlvo Memory, 1m- '
f' Jri Brain I'owvr, Ml disease* from which na
plural w?to of lift twfJlCS, nil of which caiuiot
(v { ''wuinlonnliic the vrucflo sy?Mtn. JCvery organ
i.?l ,?ilcd. ever* WW or pro6tnitt?J, jiud manT
s tutcd which,? nouifofickert.
?i z!,c V?10 ?o w?r!y de*tb. It reJiitfnaUM i*C
rfi.&.ll50r*u* youth, K.iph packfiso roaUUui
Ii?V6n.: 'or t?'owcckV treatofiM. >Vritoforpam*
V.lllch H{l' ?cnt froe. with full T*n4culars.
R W aH UrajKbits at W ctiula a iwuafp, or
?; lor WW. Will bo wat irU by mill
$ money. by uddreHrin/t I
trn t'XBB'S idLBCT.UlO MKDICINK 00.,
r lluf&do, N.Y.
*v*S; lt Wholesale and Retail AtenU,
IWlln.j. D,\w-jt37
S:mcln? Mm"^rwtUva cur?? {br nil pjucharffe*.
|>rs><2i w.2iul,n* Qcni.ttU?c*? o; tbo
hottlo. i'ortftlobyntt ilmrUj
n ?& '3t*. or KOJit. t?v Kxrrt'iH on r-r'M'^if2?T.
' ;^n:tri3^S>csiuoro?H. CINCINNATI;
X IWUo Jtcaxjou Ui!? yuper. i* * *.
A 1A
Tickets to niul from Kuroiw
u?wpii mUj? ittmeit !>y
,US17. ^217 Market Street
, Subdue* Iti/lamm/ilton! Control* all llmorrhaoci.
Acute und CViror.u I \ tnota and Huoau.
iKUi.cAtu.r. run
EUtlNB, BU:iDUR3{g,DIAIUi:iCE&, CHATmas,
otinqi oy insects, piles,
L'tO., otC.
Tor Pile-, mini], ftlrrdSnROr Kclalug,
It In tUo greatmt known rcumly, I
l^or Hurtan, HrnldH, IVmi ml*, Ttvnlflf ,
nml MurnlitN?UltiUiiu<]tuUod?atopplfitf p?U
laid ho*fin(j la a marvclloui nuuiuur.
I'orVn(lnrocd ttnd Morr Kyco.?Ilflflffccl I
u;>ou U)vhu ikliaktoori'uiiH In uluiply nitrvvlloun.
It (? Ibo ffintlaOM* Frlcitd#?AU fccaalo
complaint* yield lo lUi woudroua iwwor. {
I'or t'lccrn, OI?l Sort-H, or Open
^Voundn.iUactioa uponlhcsa la mwit ronurk* 1
able. 4
AODinncnOi B'ticcncHO, Ultra of In*
ccU, ftoro l't-rl, aro oortaluJy curod by
JlZCOmiEXDED nv Pirrsicuxct
CVtufiflt* POSD'ti KM Til A CT haa teen \mi*
latni. The ncnulm ha* the xcorde "POND'S
JUXTIIACT" btounin the glOM.andnur pteturt
1r ode-mat k on vurnuiidittg buff wrapper. None
ether it genuine. Al\cay*in*lat on hating POX IS 8
liXTllACT, 2'otf no ether preparation.
JtU nncr sold in hulk cr by t??i?ur?.
crncf at mmnattoss o? pond'r extract coif.
lii,NLU WITH 1111*. I'llllKSr AN l> MOST DKUCATK
mirumevottudlka' lul'lkjill
POND'S EXTRACT... 50c, SI.00, Sf.75.
TcJlot Cream- t.GO Catarrh Cure- 75
Dcntlfrlco 50 Plaster 25
Up Salvo 25 Inhaler (Glass 50c.)? 1.00
Toilet Soap(3Coked 50 Nanl Syringo-.".*. 25
Ointment 50 Meditated Paper 25
Family Sjringo, $l.00.(
r,.?Jlr?? rra.l ikirm'13, 18, 31 ami 2fl lnnnr
> 'w l*.?"k wblon nccoui|uu|ru each ImtUo of our t
1 rc|?ruilon. Bout froooti application.
OOtt NKWl'AMHiI.KT WITH nIBTniiT rt? ntm "
14 "Wost 14th St. Now York. a
Full line of above preparations iltoplnycd e
n one of Pond'? Extract Co.'a Show Cases and r
old by Ixjgan &Co.,DOS MainBlreet, Wheel*
tig; also by C. Moe?l<emoeller, corner Market
tnil Twenlv-pecond Streets, Centre Wheeling
s" ^ 'u
A Fosillvo Cure for ell Fcmalo e
vuinpisima. <tallies'
Tunle Is rprire.l W the Women's Medical !? },,
Mi'.uta ufUuifclo. N. V., mil list been uied successful!/ * '<
by Udics lor vcjm. It is a turf n-rt for ail ):emale c?
Complaints. SIUami Nervous lleadach*. Dyspepsia, ami ,
?7 wcakneisei caused liylhuselrrefcul.irilienvhieli.arij . Cl
?'jcommon tovromankliiu. This i> no J'tilriit MtJicinr,
bat it rrrpare<!, after Years of experience, and return* 11
mended,knowing that ft ?rill|;lve new llfeto nny broken* t?
down, worn >?4t or over-?-ciked member of these*. ?,
If loiilmve tr'cl other remedies whtu.ut success, do U
rnt he dlscouratfed.but irivo LADIES' TONIC" a
iiitcU trUt. It nevtr f mix to ^Ive { !<? ? and/f/ >?.? ?
Ktnt nj
If you aie troubled -with any srcalnri* or complaint ?
common to our ses. I?v ailde the doctor'* prescription 1)
I r once, anil try " Ls dies' Tonic." which we guarantee f.
will positively mr/yoii. Ono Ho'.tlo in OufllcJcnt. '?
omen s Medical Institute is an Association of //'it ft /?
*nd Matktri of years' exj.crkncs, who giva ailvlce anil
answer I e'.ters from ladles, fttt. l>
Jjiiowlll he given for anycaie of Female Weakness it
or inability wlikh "Lalics* funic" will n?t cure. This '*
it a tunafidi oh'er, nude byrttttntiilt laities whnV.now fr
rrfi txftritHH what * LADIES' TONIC" eau do. '
t>:ad sta-up fur circulars. jy
Cold by Druggitla, Prlco, ll.GO. ll'
At wholesale aiu! n (all by \\
Kil8D.*w LOfiAN CO.. Wheeling. W. Ya. T
of tho proaont gonoration. It is for tho '(<
Cure of this diaeaao and Its" attendants, fj
fPTT'S PILLS havq gainod a world-wido j'
roputr.tlon. No~ltoniotly lias ever boon
discovered thr.t acta ao Kontly on tho
digoBtivo organs, giving thoin vigor to na- u
Blmilato food. As a natural roault, tKo ?
yjorvoua Sybtoia is Braced, tlio~Muacloa
aro Dovolopod, and the Body fiobust. 11
Cliilla and. Povor. 11
K. RIVAL, a Plantor ot Bnyou Sara, La., nayo: tl
My plantation In In a moltirlul district. For
cevural yoarn 1 could not niako half a crop on
account of bllloua dleoaeoo and chllla, 1 waa
nearly dlncouragod -wtaon I bngan tho usn of
TUTT'D PILLS. Tho roault wwi nmrveloua:
my Ifkbororu soon liucamo lionrty and robust, r(
and 1 bavo bad do further troublo. ^j
Thfjr rrllerr t^oencorcct! I.Ivor, cJennao V
tho KlooH from polsonunii Itumorz, mill r
Hip tiinvi'la to ucC nuitiruliy, vvilb?
out tvlileli iioonopua foci well. fii
Try tlil* romnly ftilrly.nntl j on n-lllsnln ?
n henltliy "i'leorouiiSiHlv. I'uro ,*
Dlooil, Nlronc Si-i vm, mid n Round Liver. it
I?rlet\23Cenl?. Olllcc,33 Jf urray HL, 7i. Y* ,]
Oray Ha iii or Wmsitnts changed to a Oi.oh.sy .
llt.ACK by n hIhrIo application of tills I)VK. It i
limmrM u iiutiirnl color,mid aclM Instantaneously. L
Kialil Itv DriiKulHW, or sent by cxpreia ou rccclpt
of Olio Dollar. * 0
Offioc, 05 Murray Strcot, Now York. n
/Dr. TUTT\S M.a.VU.ir, of I'nhmbteX
fl Iii/ornmtlon c.nil UhrfuI ltccel})tv B
t .-m Uf uinilcrt F**E on uvyUeatton.y a
Cares Rheumatism, Lum 0'
bo.sb,LamoBach, Sprains and hi
Bruises, Asthma, Catarrh, Jj
Couchs, Colds, Soro Throat, a
JDipJi thoria, Burns, Frost d
Bites, Tooth, J$ar, and Bead- }]
ache, and all pains and acfrps. o
TUe l<u lucjt.l jpj eitern*l remedy In Uj? .
k TvMif IwitiU awim.i.W p?|.| | v m .-.Heine
iJmUm cvci/ahct*. D!r?tion? In eight }jp,su?6.M. j
JVJm jgiciatsaaJ fim*. '? ?j
FOSTER, MIL&UnN 4 CO,, Prop'ra, 1:
BUFFALO, N. V.,U.S. A. c
1 ___ |
J ircr*r fallitocttrocnylzldnrydlMamxrlint-Ul I
eoqvct; cty>, diseases or tho IbilUcr. i^sjssP ,
| ^JaMntlcsaco.cf tirtao,xt,Tttini{ tiruTciiTi . .
I' * PtROtfi h a rbaluvo ctifo. ^ricgy?'>. c
** lu errors of yoatti, Punuir a i j a ?
J yfcrfficlMusj o'fitbenlcnc^H^Mfo l'r-| ?
^V^o r f!
3 rr.uiwA wTriWpro ?wA|aB3mijr iSihopg
.For jicnrousV^Ku^^wi^^r^ '|
Mro rstiirnl cr uanataraltesya! hu^Haotu-u.
f t'Er.uNx li ii euro euro. ?T* ill ?'
. Aired nnilyoanj;persons v.-iio:vroi!isfurl^r * i
too ir;cinoatly, r.t nlnlit, to nnk? wntor, can
5 f?ir-Ji:inJldtly oa ria:ir.vA. iiSSjSssj: I
H'ctAirlqjry dlrcatei"f jjota sexes, for ic-T ,
^lOCvV/ fii^ ;ir>J A*\vTff f ,
- not mtetyfr ft J^tcrciciyj
. UcnHo?aiiaiVj5jJf&* ' ,'**' '" i-i?u flti j
z s. d;ii.u;tma:? Jiro., (Xtor^pwo. ft.
r i
ftojd Tij i).litPg&!fi .-? *=
OHU'iM .No*<.a.%i>?nr!i7 yourtffffHih Hlriyll
AiltlrrM tlii* 1|?Imo|w?1 Clturcli fonjtrrn
til Ilifliiiiund-KfiiiNrkM of UUhop I'c*
Icrklu mill Hev. I>. II. Hrcpr-rii?
Colored Hnee I>Uen*Np?l by' ollitr
K lien kern -.1 I'rotful Atfnlnat Nome i?r
lUe lltlrrnitrrn.
Richmond, October 20.?At tlio Episcopal
Clmtch Congress now in session lutliis
L'lty lllaliop Pelerkin, of Went Virginia,
mode llio following remarks on tliu nuturo
t?ll I'll It I til r ,i( ?>.? PI.-lull.... II..
begun by usking llie tiueutiou, is tho uituiaLor
a sacrificing priest, und said that the
word priest was ambiguous, introducing
sjiufuBioit of thought. After all it wan
nothing but presbyter contracted. The
jUestion was whether the Christian minis*
ter is 11 sacrificing priest?a mceinlo*. In
Jeter mining this he would not call on the
fathers or the Commentaries or any leaser
light, but to the sacred Scriptures, tho sun
itself. In the xs'inv Testament three optoles
arc found addressed to ministers.
NTow, it is strange that in noun of these \n
inv allusion made to priestly function,
ff Christian ministers are priests, then cerainiv
this is their most important funcion."
ilow, then, can tho silence
)f these epiHtlcs on this point be nccountHl
for? Though the priest was tho typical
Igureof Judaism, yet strangely enough,
he. apostles put themselves by the nro- i
)hetb?apostles and prophets. "When i
Jhrist came all priesthood was dono away
villi, except that priesthood which belongs
dike to all; hut tho prophetic otllce lived i
m. St. Paul ordained "apostles, prophets (
md teachers, but no priests. lie called j
hem ambassadors,elders,ministers; every- I
hiii}* but priests. As to the Eucharist, lie i
aid it whs not tho minister's part .which i
I'M most important, but the people's; not i
he preparing, consecrating and tho like, i
nit tho eating; "As often as ye eat, ye do i
hew forth the Lord's death." He conelud- I
d with an exhortation to aspire to bo pro- <
>hot rattier than priest.
m:v. i). u. Gluten's rcmauks. 1
Itev. D. II. Greer, a native of Wheeling, |
V. Va., now of Providence, Rhode Island, |
allowed Uishop Peterkin. i
As a distinguished exponent of broad fc
hurclj theology, many were curious to *
now what position he would take and what 1
leas he would advance in connection with 1
liis subject, and tho closest attention was ?
aid to his address. j
He said that after the expression of such '
ridely varying views lie did' not know ?
rhother ho was priest or prophet or what
e was. He accepted the deliuition of,pre- J
ious speakers as to priest and prophet es- 1
jntially?tho one was to minister, the 1
tlicr to speak. In his view the Christian [J
linistry included bo'.h. The fundamental ^
lea with him was worship. If the church v
ad nothing but preaching there would be 11
o reason ior 11a iwiaieuce? nounng to ?'
ilToreiitiuto her from the various oilier
jligious bodies. Ho would go further. l?o
ould say, why go to church at all, when ji
nc could remain at home and read a bet- ,
;r sermon than he could hear at church, '
hen tho sermons of a Stanley or a Rob*
ilson lie upon our study table? If the J
hurch has nothing tnoro to oiler than ?
reaching men had as well read for their , j
ililicaliou these masterly productions and ;
ive themselves the trouble of going to [:
liurch. No, the Christum ministry rests [J
pon a inoro securc bnsia than that of ,
reaching. Thcv were to elevate men to J;
ie idea of worship of a Supreme (Jod. ,
lie o?e is material, men are educated for . j
Kin. Tho leading thought now is
ow mucli horse power ia found in the
>ra?s of life; the prevailing idea of civili- 1,
ition ia the facility of netting from one J
lace to nnotuer. It is the exalted ollico of
le Christian ministry to redeem the race
oui the coarse, vulgar, degrading secular- t<
m. This will he done, not by preaching
[owe, but bv bringing men into eontaci
ith thci elevating influences of worship. ,
lie speaker wished there was nfofe of worlip
in the Christian Church, not only
nnday but every day in the week. lie
ould have the doors of our churches
pened and thronged with worshippers. ,
he first promise of the ritualists is a qood ^
ne. fe'o fur, the speakersaid, lie was a ritualt,110
further, llethonetitthatmanmightbe
night to worship with his intelligence as r
ell as with a superstitious imagination or
n le jthstic taste. The god he would have t
leseuted is a god revealed everywhere, i!
he revelation in nature is equal in authoty
with the Itevelation in the Bible,
od's dealings with men in all history are ?
i instructive as His dealings with the
ewish race, ileligion cannot feed on what
od did once, Ion" atro, but what lie is .
oing to day, iu the living present?oiily in '
jis way can the breach be healed heveen
heart ami brain. Man cries out for c
god to worship and we give him a god of
le past We must give man a living god, J
god that appeals to the entire nature of I.
ic creature. . v
An interesting aud spirited discussion in j
?gnrd to the situation and necessities of ()
ic colored race from a Church point of v
iew followed. The Rev. J. L. Tucker, c
?. 1)., of Jackson, Miss., the next speaker, r
lidThe selection of this.as .a topic for ?
laiusoiuu 10 ?u . mil iiiiiiun ui a }?IUWIII? 1
jeling that tho relations of tho Church to c
10 colored raco are different from tho re- s,
itious of the Church to the white race. ^
Ilia is true, and the reason for it lies in 1
no vast mental and moral difference be- a
ween the races. Itace differences have |
een too much ignored. Foreign miesioiiB
f all churches do not succeed until the
lissionnries finally learn how to present a
tio truth to the alien race so that it will e
ppear to them as truth. This isf a most [
mportant point. Tho neglect of it in the *
outli has resulted in giving to tho negroes >
form of Christianity without its sub- [
tance. This will appear imposaiblo to j
lany. Let nie briefly review how it came l'
d be so. Tho negroes in Africa are utter I
arbariana. Travellers lind no marriage, ?
o belief in a future "state, and a religion ^
f witchcraft, idolatry and superstition. 11
Vives aro held as sheep, oxen and other {
took; nro bought, sold, made presents of, ;
nd valued at so raucu per head. Tho j
lens of truthfulness, honesty and modesty ^
re unknown. Human sutlering excites t
o pity, nud wars aro ware of externiina- {
ion. Such were tho Africans when brought ?
ver here. It is necessary to under- ('
tand tbeir condition in Africa ^
a order to appreciate tho progress t
iftde in this land in somo things I
nd tho lack of progress in morals. Slavery 1
id something for them. Many masters a
[lught the elements of civilization in the
iraily, the respect for property, the idea t
f truthfulness. But the negroes were con- c
routed with an alien civilization which v
hey dijl not understand, which was thrust I
ipon thorn by force. What yonder tliat, n
mpelled Ijy fear, they adopted the phrase- J
tlo^yo/ tlip now ideas while retailing the t
iractice of the old, a;t(4 ip tiipo gre>v to Fopnect
the two together am| to sijppose c
hat the phraseology of righteousness was I
;nouch to satisfy tf od, as tfoey found it to ?
lattofy their masters, and that underneath
t they could act as nassion moved them? 4
Vnother thing they learned was to act to- c
jether and to conceal all that concerned J
heir social life from (bo white race. Sla- i
. cry always teaches hypocrisy?wo may
sav, compels hypocrisy. Tho negroes ,
earned t<j protest nnil to proclaim virtue,
lonesty and trjitjiffflpOFS while not vet
inowinglTie nieauiuK of tl)o words. ^f)o
'ear of punishment taught them what to
5av: pff^ipna apd t pulsions tauclif
jiepi vj hat to dp, anfl they were not able
:o perceiyo'any incongruity Jjot^cep the
two. The now lap/wage wfls not suited to
their mode of thonyht. ]\irhap4 they
:ould not see that a lie was a lie m Eaa*
libit. With each generation cameimprovo
went in many things; hut aa slavery remained,
so did the causea which impelled
jVypoefWj add tho hypocrisy soon became
imfcohfe&ojja apd in^tjnptive.
With frecdoni crimea great {eap f^wnrd
into evil. Tho outward constraint'was ro'
moved. They seemed to think that freedom
meant liberty to obey the dictates of :
nnjiiral desire, lu the twenty years thero i
have been great improvements in many
things, but nono in morals. Excoptions
there are and always havo been. Many
colored families in towns and cities arc all
that could bo desired, but not in tho country.
There uiarriago is all but unknown^
Inonecountv there were In one year 300
marriages of whites. In proportion to
population there should have been 1,1200 of
negroes. There were, in fnct, just three,
aa shown by tho licensca Issued, without
which there can bo no legal marriage.
Thus, ns n race, tliey are living in
open and undisguised sin?tho sin
which Scripture tells us calls down
tho wrath of God. Ono part of the religion
of the white race they accepted with
IIVMIIU??t? I In. 1 ?I
tiuitj ? in., v>iv I'vmuii ?u<? ui imm ui
Jesus Christ; for in it was ft divine pity And
a divine proinisoof rescue. They believed
in Ilim with All their liearla and souls; but
it nmdo no difference in their daily lives.
They learned to pray to Him, talk of Ilim,
preach of Ilim, yet on ninninir all the
same. They could not read the Biblo, and
do not yet gather ideas from reading.
They read words and put their own
meaning to them. They hold that
their natural desires were given to
them by the Fame God who gave the
Bible, and to obey tho one in as right as to
obey the other. As a result they have a
religion which suit them better than that
of the white race, and the iirst thing ia to
show them its falsity. The difficulties aro
that they do not * readily grasp the meanings
of words, have learned to believe that
precept and practice have no connection,
and have a strong race prejudice and fear
against any teaching from any white persons.
When we consider these difficulties
we may well believe that tho relations
Df the church to the colored race are differ*
cut from the relations of tho church to tho
white race. To overcome these difficulties 1
we must carry benefits to tho negroes ]
mflieient to overbalance their distrust.
Cheap chapels will do no giod. They
ilready have these of their own where
ihoy can practice the religion that J
mils them. 'Work Bhould begin in i
tho centres of population and spread 1
..W Hum tnuau cuiurca. ouiuci
ionic place where tho white people are al- i
ready at work among tho negroes, for there
he mutual race prejudice 1ms already been
jvercome, at least partially. Builil up that i
white parish, make it a trustee of property 1
'or the benefit of the negroes, and give it |
jvery facility forwork. This will cost money > i
but it is the only way to do good. work.
Build a pretty church, not a cheap one, j
jivo it a good organ, good music, choral ;
lervice; give it day schools with freo tuition, ,
\ hospital, an orphanage, reading rooms, ;
ntelligeneo ollice, sowing school. These :
nuat be eudowed, for tho negroes caunot
upport thein, neither cati the whites. It j
s enough to ask of the white parish that it ,
urnish the teachers and take care that the J
;ifts are not perverted to vicious uses, as J
las been the case largely lieretofore. The t
rtethodiata and others liavo given largely, a
iut every dollar not put under white con- <
rol has gone to swell tho mass of evil Let ?
lot our church make thia mistake. Our *
lishops aro wise and know what to do? "
.ork through them and you will make no t
listakes. * . a
Dr. W. W. Williams, of Baltimore, said *
e must protest, as a southern man, against n
lie picture of the negro which had been
ortrpyed by .Mr. Tucker, lie said this b
irujmj must rememper mat our women "?
nd children were, during the absence of ?
ur men in war, iu the power of the colored i
ice, and were protected and defended by 8
leni. Wo must remember that during
icse troubulous times tho negroes cultiva* J'
id farms and fields while our soldiers were 9
1 the trenches around tho city, lie do- 8
lared that he must equip a colored mau's ^
hureh throughout as the only prospect of 5,
ringing tho inlluenco 0! this Church upon m
lem to pay the heavy debt we owed them. !
The Kev. Green Sfiaekelford, a mission- p
ry to the colored people of Virginia, was ri
he next speaker, lie also criticised Mr. ?
'ucker's representation of the negro race, 2:
uid he could not sit still under an arraiug- T
lent of thia people. Ho worked amoni: w
liis race and ho could testify that the aver- F
ge gratitude, honesty and true lovo and
nd fear of God is as high 113 that among v
he white people. {.
The Kev. G. C. Tilfutiy, of New York, e
poke of the fact that all the speakers ana <1
writers 011 this subject were Southerners, j]
nd hn understood that those who knew y
he negro best were to speak concerning *
lis interest, but that it the condition of the J
olored people was such as had been paintd,
so much tho greater reason why the f,
Jhnrch should address itself to this work, t
Bishop Dudley, of Kentucky, then came
urward and said he was sure Mr. Tucker u
iad been misunderstood, and declared that
0 man in the South had done a greater j
.ork for the colored man than had Mr.
'ucker.- &
assk;.\.u km' or
hcTrniiftfrr of llcklK from ttlilo lo "tVfsl j|
' Virginia nail their Collection. ^
Unolnnall Commercial of Wednesday, *>
James Drurv vs. George'II. High.nutl i
f. Gleeson. Tho opinion was announced l
iy Judge Moore. The plaintiff in error *
rasthe plaintiff below. He was a blackmith
in the employ of tbe Pittsburgh A u
'incinnati Railway Company, had a n
udgment rendered njjainat hint on the
locket of'Squire High in favor of Gleason, ?
k'ho assigned it to G. 0. Smith, a resident c
if West Virginia, whogamigheed the raiload
company. Drury brought his action
gainst the Magistrate and Gleeson, claimng
that without reasonable, or probable t
auso Gleeson wrongfully and maliciously j
tied out an attachment in the name of \
Imith, of West Virginia, to tho injury of c
he plaintiff in the sum of $2,000, claiming a
lso that the suit was a wrongful one, and c
hat he had a right of exemption under the i
11W8 of Ohio. .
Our statute. in doHcribincc?rtainoflY???PB *
gainst public policy, provides that when,vera
party assigns or transfers a judgnent
against a resident of tbis State, to ,
lave it collected outside the jurisdiction, $
vhere the creditor and debtor, or the cor- ?
toration owing the money, are* within the f
urisdiotion of this State, he shall be fined o
lot more than $30, nor less than $20. The
(leadings raise the question whether or not
his claim was assigned and sent out of the \
State for tho purposes of collcction and to j
.void the exemption laws. The plaintifi'inroduced
a transcript from the docket of the
Vest Virginia justice and also of the Ohio
usti(;o and also the deposition of G. 0. c
imith the assignee of the judgment. Tho c
ransfer purports to be on its face an absp- p
ute assignment, and tl)e deposition of c
imith was to that effect and that ho paid b
or it a valuable consideration; that ho n
loughtthe judgment for his own uso and J
0 make a profit on it, nud that neither *
Iigh norClleeson had any interest in It.
?he Court below directed tbo jury to return s
, verdict for the defendants. i
The owner of the judgment in Ohio had I
he right to make an absolute' assignment t
if the claim if he was not confederating t
vith others to avoid tho exemption laws of i
he State, and Smith, of West Virginia, had J1
1 right to purchase the judgment for value. *
t did not appear the rights of creditors in- .
crvened, of that the plaintifi'in prror pre- .
:ooted a claim before 'Squire High fqr ex- i
imnllnn ?l?n o-.M-.? !.?( ;~-i~
wtun IUIU UJC JUUg- c
Ijept was tn|;cn by tho default. Judgment t
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New Yorli Wolioy nml Bt?eU?.
Nkw Vobjc, Octobor 27.- Money 5a7 t>er emit.
Prime mercantile i>apor OaS per cent. Sterling
Kxctnuigd baiikpt'a bills steady nt (181J?; demand
Govxanmxhti?f>cr ccnt hl?hcr for4}$iaud extended
*?s. ami unubaugcil for Us nud t?.
U.H, 3a 102W|Lehigh A Wllkc*. 103
U. 8.5s, extended..,. lOiknt. i\ a h. C. Urstii?...i09}$
U. 8.4J0, roupous...ll8k|U. P.bonds, tints 115
U. d. 4s.coupoiM llPft'U. I'. Land (]ranu...U0
1'Ht I tic Cl ot VU) lWi u. 1'. linking fund....llK
Central l'udflc tints.. Ill}* Texas raelaudxta*... 01
Erie seconds. 100 |lo. Itlo Urand ulv..? 8M
RjlIloiuo Bonds?Moderately active and gener*
ally hljlier.
BrATB HKCUfUTtei?WlUirmt te&Wto except lot
TenucMce 6s new, which advanced to 4t?.
Louisiana consols G9>) Virginia (Ss 31
Missouri Gs* .....til Virulniacousob, cx?
Hi. Joseph IDa tro in nt. coupons.... M
TennwMtfeCj.?. 13 Virginia deferred 12
Tennesno (to, u?w?. V) Kx. dlv.
Htocwi?tlio stock market opcucd BtronK and
active, prices J-jal>{ per cent above yesterday's
cledug iiuoutloas, New York. Chicago At ht. Ixmls
preferred. Canada Southern ami svw Yurt I'l.mrui
loading the mlvniico. In tho citrly trudo thoru was
u (Jrtiaer fractional linorovoiuent III the ccncral
lUt iiikI n rapid advance of UK p<r cent lit Lake
Shore tollUK, after which the market was weak
mid recorded a decline of )?&IS par cent. In which
Like Shore, Now York. (hicago A tit. Louis pro*
fo:red. Wabash preferred. Canada Southern,
G C. 0. Si I. una Denver & llio Uraude wo a- coni>pIcugu?.
Subsequently this wai followed by an advauco of
1)? per cent In Omaha, |?cr cent In Knit Tonnesco
preferred, and |?il in;r cent In tho remainder
of tho list, tho latter for Wabash preferred and
Oiiinha preferred. The market then berime lrre?u
lrtr. but had a downward tendency, aud between 1
and 2 r. m. price* fell oil" iter cent, J<oulst lllo &
Nashville. Nashville it Chutlanuotfrf, Omaha com*
niou and preferred, and w Abash preferred belli#
most proiulnent In tho downward movement, but
led by Lako Shore, aud Alton & Terro llauto. Tho
lint afterwards recovered Mai percent. After thin
tho market attain became heavy end In tho late
trade foil oil'>?al5J percent, tho litter for Omaha,
but In tne tlnal ucallntfi there was a fraction*! ro
covcry In some shares. Tho market closed Irrcoular,
but In tho main weak, with values Bonerolly
per cent belovr yesterday's elodnn figures,tho
latter far St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba. l/iko
Shore, howover. Is 2J<, Kast Tonuewuo common 1, .
mill preferred '1SA pur cent higher, the latter doting
at against \i% and 17 yesterday, .
Transactions 4*0,000 shares. 1
a?uii> Ktvivx l.*w Naah.ACliat fio% 1
American Jixpteui... M New Jcrs;V Cenu...... 72% I
Canada 8ou?hern "Oft Northern WcIIlu 4rtK ,
k lV: ?'vv - *'o. preferred.* Ki'< '
Jentml larillc <i\% Northwestern MS% '
L'hesapeakeA Onlo- Z\yt do. preferred m's f
do. Ut preferrcsl? 87k New York (entmL..l8l i
do. 2d preferred 2i)}$ OUlo Central 117
C., C., L\ A I hi uhlo A ill*-. 37 1
Jenver A U. 0 - 51?^ do. preferred IK) 1
trio 4\*> Pacltlc .Midi jw .
do. preferred SGk C. A P ?uo
Fori Wayne.... 137 Heading (Mi 1
11 An. A at. Joseph.... 41 dt. L.AS. F 3S c
do preferred 8li<' do. preferred f.TJi ,
IvauKNSA Pacllle....... 355; si. Paul .....110
UkcKricAW ..MS do. prvlcrrtd.. ?127 1
Luke Shore 115k Texas Had lie 42^ '
LouUvllle A Nash... 64Union Pacific \
Ij. N. A. it C. C'J United Stales Kx fl" ti
St. AC. lilt prefd...Jlti^ W.. St. L. A P .till I
do. 2d pref'd loft do. preferred 5s]2 s
Mem. A than. b>% Well*, Fa mo, Ex aIVj v
Michigan Ceulrat.....l03 IVeatorn Union 87%
tfo. Pacific IOC v
Chicago, October 27.?Flour, steady and un- }.
hiuiB'.'d. Wheat, quiet and weak; regular 9a>'c
)etof)br; 935<c November; 0.1a!M%<! year; Kfkft Jan- I
iary: 81 C?>4 .Mar; No. 2 Chicago Miring 'J3e e?Mi: ,i
jo. 3, 8:1 sc: No. 2 red winter cash ami
)ctol>er; 0oe November: 9,VJ?cyean No. 3,'Jlo. Corn inseltlwL
but generally higher at (We ch?Si and Oc
nlier; r>7^c November fltj$c year: S0?e January;
5}?c M iv. Oata weakvr at 3l>?a85c cash; 3lkc
)ctob'!r: November: Stottke yi'ur; 33c Januirrv:
xWt\ mhv rti-o nou... ?. 1?_ '
.... vn.ii UCU, IXICIU? UlgllUr
.18 ic. Humecd blither at 8121&1 2'1%. 1'ori uuetiled,
but generally blither *t 522 5fa22 75 cash
ad October: 8i0 fciifal'J 65 November.
IK 80ul8 85 rear; 818 77J4?18 80 January;
19 05a> I 10 11 \y. hud. dntnand active
ml prices have nlvituind; fU83AUW)cuh and
)et"l?er: fll 42&U1 45 Norotnber. 81117fcnH 20
ear and January: 811 tfiall '11% Mny. butter
eady ami unclmiiKed. Egcs, htondy ui My/clte.
Vhlsky, steadr nt 8110. Call?Wheat, ilnu but
lot quntubly higher. Corn." irregular a*. CBii'kSWJc
ash; G?c October; G7e November. fi.J?e your.
anuary: 65JCc May. OaU, nnn for future* at U4ji<:
Id ana cash; Ociobcr: 33)^5 November;
3V;?TJ^e year: 33>?c May. Pork, lower at $ 0 45
f'lveraber: SIS 70 year and January; 818 72% IVb
uary. Lard, Irregular at 811 4') OctolMir. 8U S5a
13754 November; 81112}$ year; 811 1% January:
11 31 May. .
Haiti more, October 27.?Flour, dull and steady.
I'hoat, western nulet and steady; No. 2 w.nter red
pot and Oetobcr 81 05)?il 0.VK: November
I OTjKaI 06: December ?1 O^al u'>%: Januaiy
I CCJ^al QfPA. Corn, western arm; mixed ?jk>1 aim
ctolier S5c: November 7Ka'l>e; year Clui'd^e: Janu*
ry Oata,"nulet and linn: wo-tem white
ja.V2c; mired 4Qa4fc; I'eijmylyanJa 4SaiCc- Hye. p
leady and tlrra nt67a70c. llay, quiet or.d easy at
I I 00il6 OX Provisions, weak aim ea'y; me?8 pork M7o:
bulk meats. shoulders and clear rib sides
neked 311 87^1500; lucou shoulders 1287J-5:clear
!b sldos S17 25: himt t ?fH oi.i no
utter, very linn fur onn[cc croamerlca, 0 ttfi7u;
rcstom jackod Ztii25c. Kggs, wuruo and Hmi ?t
?p, Petroleum, dull and nominal; refined 7}gi
Vtv. Coflee, dull and nominal. Su^nr, dull; A
Whisky, Arm Hi fl?l|il 23.
CiMCi.Hu.vTi. October Ur.!-?C?tton qulbt at 10y?r..
'lour dull and unchanged. Wheat nnn; No 2 red
>pot; bid October; 'J7)4C bid Noember;9G?
yo*r, receipts 3U.COO bufhew: shipments
1,000 bunhcK Corn o-filer at 70o8]iot;ftSK Novcmer;
52Wh5'J%c year. Onts scarco mid nrm nt
pot; S3Mc hid ycur. Kye steady ?t <VlP- Uarley
u(l fuel uuchuiiRud, I fork (juict at 9110). Lard
rm tit $12 00. Hulk meats quiet; shoulders S'J 50;
Irar lib 8!!) 00. llueoti q'llet; shoulder* SHOO;
lear ribs S1Q 00; elenr $17 (hi. Whisky steady at
i 17; combination wles of finish) ij Roods, 0(3 bir?
els, on a bihis of $117. Uuttcr llrin uud uu>
Hast Lioehtv, Pa., Octob'r 27.?GVttlc?r.ecelpta
ir the week endiiu cctobcr 20th, 2,GUI hei??i of
hrointh aud a,9U9 head of local: f*lr to prime shin- _
ilng 91 WhG v5; fnir to cool butcher*' S-l 2'aS 50: Mr
a prune feodCM' S3 00tt573; hulls uud fa^ cows 33 25
Hogs?Receipts for the week 15,!?00 hcad;!Philaelnhins.
S7 0J; Baltimore*, $7 U3a7 50; \orkers
5 75a7 CO.
9heep?Ueccipts for the week 13,1(0 head; Rood
0 pounds. to extra 110 pounds, St 10a5 00; conuxon,
3 00a;t 50; lambs, SI 50a5 M>.
?wn.?u, uuujoLT n.?nncat weaker: No. 2 red
pot UvVj?<;; October 1)3)4;: November iH!<c; venr
i,Sc; mm)' Si "7. Corn stcidy: high mixed, No.'.}
po? mid October 72c: November Ojc; Jtnr b ~
tain, niiict; No. 2 *|>ot :15>*October, 85}-??: bid;
lOyouiljL'r 8.*>}{q bid; December or venr 35 S&
iUhcd?Vfheatdiill nnd lower; No 2 rc 1 Knot 'J7f?c
lid: October flTjjte bid; November 'J7%u bid;
iceember bid; year U7^c: January $ICU)?;
lay ?l Otl/4 Com dull and nominally imchnngcq,
CiKciN.wrj, Ootober 27.?Live hogs dull, weak
nd lowon common and light 3.") 25a0 9i); packing
ml bntohere' SB5'.'a7 25. Hecolpti 1,700 head; bliijt
aents l>15 head.
I'lrrsiicncit. October 27.?retroleum active; Unied
certificates (Irm and advatirinc. closed nt Vo%c; ~
L'llned 7%c lor l*iiila?lel;?liia delivery; salts 257b,00
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their administration, l'dcc $1.00. mw
8.8. S; cures Pimples, Boils, or any diteasc
xr|sing.frqm Impure bjopej. j
\flB POT Oix-n In Jtoth Sfxfa, Most
Vf W lid B M'CKMKNTS TO Tbaciirns.
Mi< a tail loMcrrntoru in the \/|P
Voimir pcr?oti?f?Tllmltcil tncnni V IIWlBl
by II.A O. It. It. Coiifttcyear bciilniSept. 4ih.
lur?, tU-.t nil.lrt'MHmvHrU .*M. Odnotl, I'm-*
Mis, lilies, lite!
Tliln remedy will net In harmony with tlio Female
Kyatflm nt all times, and ?l*o Immediately
upontlinabdomlnnl nniMiterlno muscle*, and rv?
lurotliom to a healthy and BtrotiR condition.
Dr. MnrcbMa Uleriuo Cathollcon will euro fall*
fag of tlio womb, L#ucorrhaio,;GlironlcInfltrama?
tlon nml Ulceration of tlio womb, Incidental
Hemorrhage or Flooding, Painful, Bupprcfsed
and Irregular Menstruation, Kidney Coiuplalui,
llanvnnoM nnd Is especially adapted totlo Changs
of Life. Sotul for pamphlet free. All letters of
Inquiry freely nuavtorcd. Addrcaa as a bore. For
enlo by all drupelsW. Notrnl*o81perbottfe? *'
OldM17.0 ?l.oO. Bogiironud ask for l)r.liar*
cUisl'rf Uturlno Cutbolicou. Taku no other,
Wholemde aod Rutall by
...? .MIX IIHII 1
iro tcvcr hnltateil or counttrJcUnl, This Is especially
true of n futility medicine, and It U posltlvo proof
hit the remedy imltaictl Is of tho hfghekt value. |
\s toou as It lmd baen tested ntid proved by tho
vholowofld thnt llop Bittern wts the purest, bat
ind moat vtilunblu family mcdlcluoou earth, many '
mltutlons sprung up and begun to steal tho no*
Ices in which the prcM and people of the country |
md cxprcs ed tho merits of II. 1)., nnd in every I
vny trying to induce suffering invalids to utotheir {
tuff Instead, expecting to mnko money on tho a
rcditand good namoofH. B. Many others started
loHrutns put up In *lmll*r style to If. B, with va? ?
lously devised uamcs, in which tho word "Hop" or 1
'Hops" were iued lti a way to Induce people to be- I
love tliey were tho suco os Hop Bitters. All such
irctended remedies or cute?, no matter what their 1
tylo or nnino Is, nud especially those with tho
ford "Hop" or "Hops" in their name, or In any i
^ay connected with them or their name, aro Imlia* I
Ions or counterfeits. Beware of them, Tourh I
lonoofthem. . Ums nothiuu but genuine Hop *it- 1
.'w. Willi u bunch or cluMer of sreon Hops on tho
hit" label. Trust nothing else. Drug?l?t* and .
e dors die warned against dulling In imitations or 1
~~~ ^ I
yOR^BAIjB h Y ^ A id* DKUGGISTS. Kdraund C
odiins, Agt., aud Charles MociikomocUer, ArcdU, 1
nofrHAB J
- ?' M tt " ?.?! infallV
SRsJs A?\tW!B JPtt *>?. b'? ,n oinn? hjiltcptit
fAStfsJ'Mtaa C ?A gi> yiu, t'iwnrw. C?nntlH*9
^*04 jfW j-lom. Hi Vltiu H.-UUV,
0URH3 AND *\J AlcoUoilnn. Opium Eat
_ Intr. Sp'nualorrli(i*a, ^
(u Seminal WiiricncNi. In?- J
W jiotftin-.HTpJilll*. Scruf. ^
<*iV . Mtanu.l all Smone and
X'Swi^ vr IilooJ Dlwa/tK. ToClcrVi;Cv
v^xj (grown. Lnwyn*. Lltvr*
Xi'>>.?JSv nryllcn, Mcrchnnln.
[,*,lUnVm, l-mttr* olid all
tswhom; wdontary cmW?y(
f plojincni ramm J?rrr
I f.Mnl'rorlraUon, Ir.ftru/ %rV;F\\3
I Inrttlw or ihy Uood.
>?y \\\^ / Hor.mch, ItowH* or
\.*? \\ I Kliluojs, or win* reVi3
\taS?M<C3K 1'llrc ft ncrrctimlc. np\ri
vJ.si'ii-\~\ lx-llrrr or ftlninlnnt,
KrpSj I* Invaluablo Thous- |
N mbi'.'w ?7TT^ .nnib proclaim It lha, 1
l\tfc NtrffcR FAILi. jtG?\nwt vnnilcrful Invlir- *
L*aFfo?^ ?us. fJ&M orontthntcvrrnMaln&V1
wartF^Vl Pf ff fva [Si tlm sinking
^{Rity aP^ar* ly -!1 ,,ru<tiid
PR. b. A. iriciijuoxn mkiiicai. co.. tl
' n'prlrl>T?. Kt. J'firh. Mo?
ITrWrIwedv CO., 8 MlbSOlfl'tL, I ^
KfZZpi CbimtiU and K?l? I'rup'i of I
ki-it . """CSv Yb?r* Mrn iml otl.cti ?ho taller I
Jtfjy. fwca Ntrroui ?u<l I'lijrtlcil l)?tU? I
MI*'Or-ZJlA ~fitjl$rUv 11 Immature Exbumiloo uul I
Twjtowt&f?5rw' lhclf a,u,T s,0? y r<uiMn?fnt*?, I
Vfl .r t . -r * ' nfl. <julcMr ?U<1 cuitd. 1
Tbe Jlrraeljr l? put up In tawL *? 1 (laulai a mouth). (3, I
Sn.2tra.iuxh toen?t?*<? ? -
te'SanKte1 'isas
with ??r? tii'l ?urc rcuiodiiri, J.i| or wriu fc? 1.1.VcrOu?
-V"fV br ,"""' ltc?Uurnt It mill.
f I rr?na??Btrrrluff (run I(njilurr .houl.Jxml IhtlruMrraaA
\*uj Irani .uuirtlilng Co IbrlrMtaiiUfr. IIUaalklrntD
mt F^is! ?
A favorite inscription or one of tho
most ?i?Uu ftiiu MjMc-iSfol fiwclallstH 111 th?> D. a. __
(now roilrotl> for tlii>ciin>of.Vrri'oii.v Urbilitu,
Xjont .JZtnihoiiil. IIVa/uirtfNiMiil Itfcntj, Sflni
tnplnlnafitldd?iivoloiie/r?!0. lirucKUUcaufllltt P.
Address OR. WARD A CO., Louisiana, Mo. ^
Portraits n Specialty.
All sittings by the instantaneous process, at
oclO Opposite McLurc House.
U pl
lifts the iArRCfit and Finest
Phot ograpli Grallery J(
Rest 8G.00 Cabinets *nly 83.00 per doren. J,
Youit capital. l'
Hies (leairluc to nmUi* money *Y
ons rftUuuiiHiodimn tnvftaimciita
_ in kcxui. |ttuvjm nn nun siock
u?w?yi HtieriiliitWi.i*. cnn <io ho by opt>r? .
tft/zlUy ottos "' ? our plan. From May lit, u
isrtJ, to tlio itronout ?lnto. on inv.-*tmet:U
of # I O.W) to S1,01)11, cnRh
WWFAT pf'ilU<t iiavj boon rcnlized and ?
*uii-ni jiaiil to investors nmoumluc to ?
. si'vora! times tno original Invoit.
jucnt. ?tilt l?'avlns thoorisiuttl In- ~
vt'jtnifnt making mouoy or pay. -i
-w/ able on dtunaml. F.xiilnnntnry <fr I
cnlars nil'i ptatrmmits cf fund vt *
STHCTf sf"1 irco.. We wnnt responsible
iuwvo uncut*, vbo will report on crops C.
$_ _ and introduce tbo plnn. Liberal
flfiMtfA''cnmmltw nun paid. Addvcit, j
3il)?J '
r'llitur". til.
In styles that cau'tbo beat, at tbo Dally Intel- E
ISCiwrJqWW,- 1
healthful anil beautiful locution. UmiqVaLRD in*
JltMt nml ClirnjiTMl VetItyr nntf only (Irit-cUu
Iw 1ihotild writ? nt onc?. Jinny of Aetttt
I Villi* I I UIIL
PII rn if ii ro IsuIsS'w.-!sbSm' !
ojy.l'ltU'OlWDWAAMlu'i'wijiS f
CarpetsStsg^ j
Ruffs&TSiS? >
Linoleum Oil Clotlis! i
All wliltlia and stalldanl Mukca. K
iinrinw XhaitoaES
.. ...ww ii wiiuuy Viuulquc
attorns lor Stores and Private Uwclllugs. (1
Rattan lairsilii
. full lluo of llie Wakefield and llcywood Bros. c(
Folding Chairs!;!! 1
bo three load lug factories of tho country. jJ
Chamber Sets!;!! i
|% I "\ A I fThcuoROods wehavp
]nr nr vOTO!mnde 10 on,er Rnrt
dllUl OdlOir?oTSlS 8,
ay other house in the city. J.
ODBlantlr on hind nil thelatest styles. MKTALIC
luralshod on fchort uolico.
ml>28 wt
?? ad
j^OR SALE. " j
Steimvay DPia,iio, 1
Cell soon. JC
jc29 1142 Main Street.
Tianoa Tuned nnd Repaired on short nocc.
Ten Cent Music, 1W
. _ Mimic at Ilulf I'rice. ,
ALL MUSIC nt rcdiurd prlccn. on
MUSIC BOOKS at rcdnced pilccf. 1
At \VM. II. BHEIB'S, ?<1
fe23 fc*, Twelfth St. Wellington Hull. or
- \ col
Tho largest stock and best assortment in
ic city.
Sold retail at wholesale jmccs by
Josepli Graves,
oclfl in TWELFTH ST.
Vedding or Birthday Present!!;
An Elegant Flush or Sealskin Hioto Album. !
Or a Handsome and Stylish Shopping Satchel. &
Or if you want to do "something handsome," th
i full Russia flexible binding, in elegant Russia 1
CtfHC. 1
<*19 Ko. 1301 M > KKKT RTRKKT. ?
NSOt'IA'l IOX. !(?? Itroiuln iiy, X. Y. ,
N 8 U'lt K 8 W?A?yM??l Ingumnco. J
A <3 A I \'CW i $fck> J'^cmnlty. Mem- *?
AUAIftol berehip fee, tl. Annual enst oft
(HnRNTS "bouts 0 Write for circular 2"
'wi peralU blRnk" Kuro' Lo
C. 1(. I'ECT. fnf Rfwr* iVof A fv? Wl
J. K. PITCHER, Secretary. ' ' ?
Fend for r picture cf Mrs. Lanotrv; mailed free
OCJl TTilMW ' ,r
^ l
nsurance Company- i)i
)lm M. Brown. I John Frew.
lex. Laing. J. A. Miller.
* I'aul. | A. 1). Seamon. George
Wise. /
omenta. X
A. Miller - - . President '
)!? ?r?u, * * " Vice President, g,
. B. Bobbins - - . Bccrct&rv
>llico 1 .'118 Market Street
(Over City Bank.)
Insures against loss or damage by firo on
spellings, Household goods. Mercantile, ~
antlfaclurine and Farm rvmnnrlv I
arff-Patronago respectfully pol'lcUcd. oc6
IPITAL. ^T. t300.00C ?
N. V Jute*.....?
ucon Lidohlw? Vlco-rnalJenl
' * . ..* Dascroai.
, N. Vance, B. Horkholmer,
, Langhlin, W. Iflllnghtm. m:
. B. DolnpUln, A. "W. Kelly. *1
ibn Frew, wl
to* JOHN J. JONB8. Ouhler. Ha
APITAL..._ ? H7C,U? (
fx. A. Tocrr'. .. ...Prwldent
?m. B. Sixmow - ......Vlco-Proddcnt Cj
Doca t Qoucnl Banking Biulcea.
diokctom: ?
7m. A. laett, I Win. B. Blinpaon,
, A. Miller, John K. BotHord, L
.. M. Adutt?, ] Victor Itownburg. t'i
<*. hums. <?u.b y,
H>* vlrtuoof a deed of tmtt made by John U
Blranson to tho undersigned Trustee, dated tho
dam day of December, a. D., 1877, end iccordtd
III theofucoof tho Cleik of the lounly Coutt of
Ohio county, W?>t.Vir*loin, in Deed of front Hook
No. 13, ixtge w5, 1 will wll >t tho iront door of the
Court IIouw of Ohio county, on
comtneuciud nt ten o'dcck a. m., \tio followlrg de?
nctibed real estate. to wit: AllthoiUht, title and
Interest of tho wid John H. Biinptou in and to lot
uuinhered one hundred and fuur on the rn.ith nide
j| c'layntreet, lmhec.ty of wh^oiluie,Ohio (tun*
1/, Weit Virginia
Tide l* Veileved to to etod, but felling u trustee
t Hill convey only tho title,voted Iq me.
Ternii of sale?Caah.
oct l.lintN HOnK.Tmitee.
uy vlrtuo oi Mlecreo of the County Court of Ohio
bounty, WW a, made November ft, 1873. in tho Milt
ti cliiuicery then therein pending between Thomas
>\ln*u?. rouitdalnant, ami Jam** 8. \N heat, Kllxa*
Mth J. Wheat and Mauley IL Wheat, defendant*,
.lio undersigned Coumluloncr npneiuled by Hula
lecrce for tho purpose, w 111, on
it the (rant door of the Court lfotiso of said county,
vminonclng ?t ten o'clock a. m., sell at publlu nution,
lite north half of tho lot of urouim numbered '
.(four) In i hoi qua renumbered 15.(fifteen)on tho
>lm of that part o( ?ho city of Wheeling In said
ouiity, known us Middle Wheeling. widen bull lot
ronts on tho cast side of Chapllno, (formerly
'oiuth) street, with tho buildings uud uppurtc*
umoea thereto bcloiiKtux.
Terms ok haul?The purchaser to wy In haml
mo-thlrd of the purchase money, ??d such further
utn as he may elect, and tho balanit* in equal Intillmentsnt
nlno and elKhteeu months, with In*
eicftt from tho day of salu s bonds with security to
u approved by tho CommMonor, tc bo given for
he deterred Installments, and tho title to be rv<
alned until tho laymont of tho purchase uonoy
n full.
Special Com tnlmlotier.
Bond and security lins been given by said Coin*
oh loner as required by law.
w-2 H. 11 McCOUOHLCVrk.
Jn the Circuit Court for said Couuty.
Elizabeth M. (Jllfillau )
?hvaid McF. Olifllion and Edward fIu tlwnccry.
Uimilan. J
n> vlttuo of a decree of said Court entered In
lCnbovo entitled cause on the 1'Jth day of Hep*
unber, 1J?W. tho undersigned Special Commls*
oner will sell at publlu auction to the highest bid*
cr, at the front door of the Court Hcumj of said
>unt} ,on
>raniencliifc at 10 o'clock a. m., tho following de ?ik?i
.v_. wwiv, mm ?? ui my; i nc north Half of
iNo. 23 on the west side of Main street. tatweeu
Ifhth and Ninth streets, hi the City of Wheeling,
bio county, West Virginia, excepting toe part
icrcof conveyed to the rlttsburgh. Wheeling and
eiitueky Railroad Company by Kdward UIiiIIIhh
ill Kllznhelh M. GilllUhii. his >\ lfc, by deed dated
Terms ol Sale?One thlid of the purchase money,
such greater sum hk tt e purchaser may elect to Lj.
in linnd, the residue In two equal lustallnienlM
tlx and twelve months respectively from tliedur
Mile, with interest from the day of sale, c-vl*
meed by promissory note*; the title to be retainI
until paymcul is made in full,
Bpccial Commissioner.
I hereby certify that bond his beeif given by said
Kx-irtl Commissioner as required by the Court.
wflO? S. H. McCQId.OCIl. Clerk.
lli? public is requested cniefully to notice tho
;-vr and enlarged Scheme to be drawn Monthly.
2itl>ital Pri/o, ^75,000
Clckols Oulj $5. Shares in proportion.
1 ni.i- i.?? ?
.uuisiana aisie Lonery uompany.
Incorporated in -1W>8, for 25 years, by the Legisla
rc for educational and charitable purposes?with
apltal of tt.QuO.OOO?to which & reserve fund of
>0,000 has since been added.
3y an overwhelming popular vote, Its franehhe
LsmndeapartofUio present State Coustltutlou,
opted December 2, A. D. 1S79.
Cue only Lottery ever voted on anil endorsed by
b people of any titute.
It never Ka'es or postpones
[ts^rond dnglo number drawings will take place
* splendid opportunltv to win a fortune. Tenth
and Drawing. Class 1., nt NKW oKLKaNU,
H&DAY, NOVEMBER 11, IStKi-lSOlb Monthly
awing. Look at the following scheme, under thu
elusive supervision and nirtnttgemcut of HEN. 0.
JKAOREi?AKD,of Louisiana, and OEN. JURAL
JCARLY. of Virginia, who manoce all the draw*
;i of this Compuuy, both ordinary and feralriu
al, and attest the correctneha of the published
Qclol Lists.
CAPITAI< PKIZK, 875,000.
>0.000 Ticket* nt l'iv? Dollar** Kncli.
J ractlouw, In t'lfllis in Proportion.
1 Cspltal Prize 176.0(0
1 Cspltal Prize .. '25,001
1 Cspltal Prize 10.0U)
2 Prizes of 8C.000 .; 12,000
5 Prizes of 2,000 .. 10,000
C Prizes of 1,000 10,000
? Frizes of 500 lo.oifl
M Prizes of '200 20.000
K) Prizes of 100. 80,000
? Prizes of 60 ?... 25,000
? Prlzca of 25... 25,1X0
9 Approximation Prizes of 9750 ... |G,7f>0
3 Approximation Prizes of 600.. ;... 4.510
9 Approximation Prizes of 250 2,250
17 Prlzca, amounting to .. .. .. i2C5,600
\ppllcatloiJH lor^rates to clubn Miould be rnaoo
tu ...uvu>M uiiue\Aiui|i?llf HI flew UrU'RltH.
'or further information, write dearly, giving ftill
dres. Bend orders by ex pressor registered letter,
money order addressed only to
Mew Orleans, La,
607 Seventh street, Washington, D. 0.
S. B.~Orders addressed to flew Orleans will re ve
prompt attention. oclMmw
" 49th ~
l'opnlar Jloutlilj Drawing of the
Iu the City of Louisville, on
Tuesday; October 31st, 1882.
diese Drawings occur monthly (Sundays except)
under the provisions o! an Act of tho (idiot*!
Bcmblyof Kentucky.
CheUuited Btutcs Circuit Court on March 91st
adcrod the following decisions:
Lat?Thnt tho Commonwealth Distribution Com*
ny i? legal.
Ui?Its Drawings aro Fair.
S, B,?The Company has now on hand r latyo
Tund. Bead caretully tho list ol prizes for
Prize, W..S30,GOO!100 Prize* 8100 cnch.SlO.oOO
Prize 10,000(200Prizes t50 each/ 10,000
1'rize 5,OCO|COO Prizes 8'JOcttch, 1'2,000
2*rftxefiSl,000 each,10,000 1,000 Prize* |10 each, 10,000
Prizes 600 cach,10,000]
Prizes$300 each, Approximation Prizes,-... 12,700
Prizes WOO ouch, " " " ..... 1,800
Prizes I1C0 each, ...? 900
60 Prize*. ?112.-*00
lolo Tickets *2. HolfTickets, $1. 27
Tickets, $50. 55 TickctB, $100.
Remit Money or Bank Dnift in letter, or scud by
rpreas. Don't send by Reentered Letter or PostIco
Order. Orders of 10 and upwards by Kxpress,
a be sent at our expense. Address all order* to
M. BOA RDM AN, Courier Journal Building,
uIhtIHc, Ky., or H. M. BOARDMAN, 30*J Broadnr.
Knw York. writo-ir*-* vr
. offer the following articles to close:
nner Buckets (tin) C0o
ill Stonn Dltmnp I'lnfi-ii mV
tin Tin Bucket* worth zh a Ibc
mlng Bottle* lie
rous flafcttrs worth 20c ..... .. 10c
>c27 -II Twelfth Street.
I Squares, ..Triangles, Straight Edges,
ales, Drawing Paper, Liquid, India Ink,
5., Ac., at the
pel 9 E. L. NICOhL, Agent.
One % Dry Plate Outfit with 5 Extra Hold.
s, very Clicap. Just the thing for amutcura.
reryono their own photographer.
1005 Minn fllrcet.
It 1* a first cIhks Agrleulturul pjKr. pnblbibed
mlmonthly. All who wml us ihtlr >ut?crlptiou
Ith 10 ccnti, between now and 1 'cctmibtr ! ", wo
ill Mind them the paper until Jnminry Ik. 18m.
tnple coplit*.containing Premium l.Ut*. ??nt froo
i implication. Addriw "SCUTIl AND WKKT,"
ft S. iUl >tr<ot. St. 1 otiiH. Mn. fx.t
il you want the very best buy none but Joseph
unpbell 6i Co.'a wake.
TVkc no other brand ,
All good firofc?? keep them. op.H
F fiom a Mnrr.tuo>h roster to the Hum VhJtliiK
nil. esicuttd In superior Mjle uinl nt low r?iea
rcaili, nt thu IntelH^euccr Job Office. 26 aud27
jurla'uth kUeeL

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