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100 MILES 1
MKLDViLLK, PA., Auj. 28,1882. !
Swill itycclfleCo., AllmitB, tia.
(think It tar <lttly to write you la regard
t.> my cuio. 1 win onoof the victim* to the .
tfjtl'jlwclUoiou for moral yean, ami havo
l,.en entirely cured by tho uie of your
P, s. rt. will cute It, nod It N (Iiq only
tiling i?*'" " 1tried erorj(hfUK
ami nil tin'I'MiiltuntjiliyMetanB in IJumtlo,
^iii'stiTundClyveUnO.but thin only mario
mi- wow, and broke down my general
Inulili with mercury and potaMh. I heard
1,1 >'" "1 rJGl,oS W,1J
hut uu'&n* /i?h> Ha i weiit
I.. ...I.iiiiitiidi?100 iJitltM distant?to (rut.lt.
\Vhvii 1 iK'h'iui to who it I W'im lu a bad eon,5HI,My
mouth was full of ulcer*?head <
lull (if w)rtn-l?*lr aud eyebrows Bono, but 1
now I um asto?mdn?a now dollar. Every'. '
luilVier should know uboitt your 8.8.8. I
J. \V. Wkyijcs, I
Wo tiiive cases ot hloo.l iK)liionti)K In our 1
IomhWhi livtNl ?t Hot Springs, and were '
dually rur-'d by 8.8.8. ?
M.Ca.mm<'<J* McuhaV, Malvern, Ark.
H you doubt, come to ice us, and wo will *
LTKK YOU, or charge nothing! Write for c
j.itil.nlitniand a copy of thu little book, a
t0 1,10 Unfortunate Buffeting.1'
A?k any Druggist??to our standing. l
n? jfii.niM) Howard will be paid to any ?
Chttnlft who will And, on analyflla of 100 ?
lioitltM ol H. ri. 8 . one ptirtlcle of Mercury, {
Imllleof r?)tii?lMin? or onv Mineral t>ub- v
una*. S\vin-8I?KCIWUC0., Proprietors, "
Allantu, Ua. t
I'rliT of Mitiill 81 00
l.urtii'Mats I 75
*s'0. Ill" CIIA.PLINE 8T11EET.
T,ieU-*t?'rM<iHt'olH phMlclNii'aiiioccw Is the teatiaoayof
1 ho lncrciylng demands for
iay wufwlonal m-tvIcos prove tlmt I linvo dealt
toiiouUy and with tli?NM5 who have consulted
me I never UM.-M patient's numo without perm lailoti,
Uioutili I tilivc many hundred certificates from
Uu.K'N*hutn lli-iyecured a!tor they hnd been proiiii'iiuxil
lucuwt'Ie. A thorough medical education,
vrit/i ui,inyjtar?'MW'li?iyxj*rieiice??d familiarity
wiili tlu-Mputie ?sent>, it close observance of ternp-MRiviibii
jiei'Hllarlllef nnd strict attcutlon to
lijuitiiic i:ttii?-,fiiu,iit Insure* nucccsa, It cure 1#
bikI I frankly give the patient ray opinion.
kidney him 1'ivcr Diseases nnd Rheumatism.?
Eutf r-.it Terribly.?''Nothing seemed to help me;
mull nut get out of Ltd. l)r. Prnlth cured me."
Wheeling, W. Vn.
CkUrrh, Polypus oi Nwo, Impaired Voice?Suf(trvd
fur ytarn: imtent medicine failed to help me.
It. Smith completely cured ine.
oftyeidel A Co., Wheeling, W\ Va.
iiy\;?'ps!ii and blccrated Stomach.? Treatment
lor)i*rs furled tnglvc me relief. iJr. Smith cured
inf." THOMAS IluLT. Inaurauco Agent.
Hts.-"Hnd them for fourteen yer.rx Dr. Smith
run-t iai>." LOUIS K WASHINGTON,
.vrufuln. ituunlng Sores on llead.?"My boa wns
iSirUM for fourteen yean. Nothing seemed to
tchitiim. Dr. Smith cured him."
Mcrketh'rect, Wheeling, W. Va.
Cauwr.?"Sufftred for yeani with canccr. Had It
rut nut three tnncf. It returned-after each operatic.
ltr. Smith cured me without knife causticor
I11?, FMula of Anus.?Flat of my buck for 18
?wfo. K<.[?irtt''l dying. Dr.Sralthciirodnie withcat
talfe, la Ave weeks.
Vbclc*alc Grocer.Main St., Wheeling, W. Va.
Ulcerations uf (tectum, Prolaptuis and Piles.?
"WwKlvenup to die and pronounced incurable,
h.smith cured me without knife."
Martin's Ferry.
Ret. H. 0. l.s'1'1 writes;?"Dr.Smlth'sprofcttional
tenia* in my [a tally have I wen most wttlsiactory
i:i'l 1 couiniiii4hlm to ftllw & gentleman and a
killful i?h)>kiiiii."
Mm. Mnryaret Kolb nays-?"I hud been suffering
hfwvon ytnw tiud treated by many physicians for '
ilppciiiit. Dr. Smith said 1 had a tape-worm and
height hours removed ? monster 3C9 Icvt loxp.'
ftmale Complaints.?'Three yean In hospiuils for
f<mules, j;|vc tnc peculiar advanta?ea in such cases,
l'ttxiiif ciirvd of catarrh, diseases of heart, liver,
?!omncli. kidney*, skin, blood, nervous affcctlons
isi'l wotktiOH* of weu and youth, ncrofulaaud
whron testify to my succesn.
filtaenird without the kulfe.
a h'lMtajit may be tronlcd bv letter and
Kitfwtlott guaranteed. A chart for wlf examination
H-titoa re?H'lpt of two three cent stamps, and
i UK-returned Iree.
ftwsnltatlon at office free. OBlcc hours from 9 A.
M toTp. dally. Call on or address
J. E. SMITH. M. D.,
myI2 No. 1117 C'lmpllne bt.. Wheeling. W. Va. A#/#'
'I'll,. (5,000,000 Children
in tlio United Stnle?
Who Knffer 1'ftJn,
Wlio Frut ?nd Crv,
Who Hnvo I'nto FaCf?,
Wlio Have Had lireuth,
SI I'sp liiiiigliliii'a M'orra Syrnp
I'lio child Whose Sieep Is IHsturbed,
Ilii! f 'fttltf Wlio W<iU* 1" Twpr, .
IV Child WIhv.hu Aj.|kHII0 If! \ ornclout,
r.v chlM Wh<Ho AiiiM'lltfl Vnrl?'?,
Tim Child Wlio Do?n Not 1 hrlrfc,
nil- child Who i? Kiiifteiauii.
The Child With Internal IrrltHlon,
I'hu Child With Sullow CouijiIhIob.
Mniiilil l'v> l.iiiigliliii's Worm Syrup
So {){? **.' ?.) Dtttiscroti* At Worm#.
No Child In Kfoo From Tlioin.
rhey Cniwo lil?paM> Tli^nisolvM.
Tlioy AKKiuvntfl Other Complaints.
Tlie t.'iiilil's Cui-o Wlicn Tcclliiug:
I rilK I It'MS * AU.AVH I'aIH: ltFWTJJ
Hfidiff* will iimt it vory vnlunhte: thochild *vfH
u r'luml,iirt Initio ff/iUifi Jlsrii.tnulirttkc ti)>chfer/?
uiiil/ffltnp ruiD/ui'iiiUt. Wi'Kimnmloi
d ^v'lxnih',iiiul will r<>fiind tli?'tir(?M>f I'verv on?
ut 'Ulus rc|irv?(<iitf(l. Bold by. nil arcggljU.
I'ricc i25c. per liottle. ^
LAUDHUN BROS. & CO., Proprietor,
1 jmm n
|j and offortijiil remedy for all Nervous
* tJ ?*** 'a CVC|7 #1aro ?> Ufo?young or old. male
? ?j "'uw!?: such us lnnotcucy, Pollution, Losaof
5 tluW?1 k*" vltftlity. I>efecti*?J Mpfflnnr, Ini'
i v, ' 1'owpr, ana dlwumea from voUh SP
* r.M ,ltUr*l wiwu.' of life ?prln*K, *11 of which canuoi
ffir !. - ?nJorinlixo the vbolo CTStetn. KvuryorRun
fcd i *e*kene*l, cvcrr power prQktniJfd, ?nd many
5k /^.JtJUcRMHrecoucrutea whidi,!/ ijotcljccked,
I? iJi ,"1'*?y tfl an early dcflth. It rejuriast** ??
K ^,aTi(5orHti* youth. Kach packnRO couUiim
Kfi Sii4. 1,1 ,or 1 wo weeks' ire.Htui<mt. Write for pamSfi
will be wnt free, with full particular*,
aft ?i't l.y ?n Druggist* at M ecatt a jwuiliajja, or
tf?i c? Tl' ?or 8* oo. Will toe sent (too by mill
Eg w rw*?l;t < ! moncjr, by ?ddre?rtug
jv5ri\*!Jaranteed. Buffalo, N. Y.
Bfi *hTl.A!< & CO., Wholesale and Eotail AccnU,
H I?M1bk. paw-]fc27
0 h0,'3 .fM^tt^i
BE k.t-11 ^sMinirantt roinrm a?u*ativ*:j of tfio
h. P H ^^^atUn^.iT2aCESPi5E3fiEIia I
S f B SI 0 rt Jwr lioiUfl. Tor ul? O* ill JrurK
s fl ' ! '" ?'V y^^ rg' 1
E. 5 u pr?T,. jnifN d. PAUK <t fioss, .
f. < ? nbntid 17Ttt{rO?,rtroBt. OIKCINNATl
; W onto. ri?Mmtfffi,?]}lrpAt>?r.*/r *'
i,y i.ncAN1 & rxv
0(*an ravage Tickets to and from Kurnfi
11 lowest rate# United by
%17. till Market 8tr?et.
In Internal Revcnno OHlcer Saved.
C rtoYIDWCr, Aug. 21.1S62.
Editor of Boston HtrafcO^ V.
DKAn&lR-Durlngmy term of airvlco tu tho Internal
Jtcrcuuo Dmrtment o( the United Htatea,
it the tlino my offlce wan in ihl? city, \ wan afflicted
with & wvero attack of Kidney Disease, and nt
tlmec aufnircd intensely, I revived the mcdical
tdrlce o( Mtnfl'of our bwt phyiicftyi for iv long
Unto, without being benefitted by th&ir prtscrlp*
lions. Being discouraged by the.f allure of tho doc*
tois to help me, and belli# ur^i-l to uw llunt'a
itotnedy by * friend \t ho had teatol It* merit*, al*
though reluctant to try a patent medicine, 1 win
Qua}))* bid tired to tiy tho itemed y, and procured
i\v(> bottles of It, and commenced, taking It faith*
fully according to tho directions,
Ik lore I bad taken it three days tho excruciating
l?alns In my buck bad disappeared,and before 1 had
JMCd two bottles 1 was entirely cuied, Whenever,
fwm over exertion or a violcut cold, (tie pains in
ayjiidiioyij return', ft few dosei o^lutit'a Remedy
[ulckly eflecV a cu rc,
before closing I beg to mentluu tho remarkable
iuro of a frioud of mine In New York City, to
A'liom 1 rccouunended this valuable medicine, lie
+ ? *u fieri ng severely from att attack which was
renounced by his' physician a decided case of
Irlgkt'a DUcmso of tho Kidney*. I Ahtaini<ii
xjtilcfiof lluut'H lteineily fur ldin, nti4 he com*
ncnced taking it, aiulbi'iMu to Improve nlouce,
ind was hp cdlly restored .'to(ihealth, ami ho tit*
ribulci thosAvhigof his life, mulct-1ic b'cfl&Itig of
. merciful I'rovldejiee, to iirinV'n llcmedjr.r
"Another trlcnVl orulno' ln New To'.k. to whom I
ccommendcd Hunt's Uomody, ?u nulftilng ic
erely from kidney disease, mi>l wuh entirely cured
>f itii'ter using this wonderful medicine only a
shorlperiod. . ,.,i;
1 Ceding deeply grateful far the g/eiit benefits ex?
cricaccdby my friends and myself from the use
f Hunt's Keiuedy, I feel U to lm my duly, sawoll
Rft great privilege, tofuriildi yon litis voVuiit'iiry
od. unsolicited hUteinent of fact* for tltC'iiiforttiaIon
of your largo mi in her <it ravta*. many of
fhtrn ?re undoubtedly MiilVring from tnl" wi lelj
[ reading w-ourwe, and Lhellevu Unit It in the bt.st
1 id 111 tie now kunwij, and thnt It, will cure a'l
arenof kidney diseases that can imciiivI.- ,<
Iuliall bu pleased to confer with nny <mo who
??y de-ire an Interview rfwrdinn the statement.*
ereln contained. Truly yours.
llWH)l-sNI> HF.S3ll.WV,
oc3Q-mway itti M eater Street. ,
IFnna tho llo.?ton Cfute.]
llfiiri. Jul I tort:? * '
Tho al>ove U b i;ood Hkcnrn of Mr*. LyilU E. Pinkham,
of Lynn, Mm., who abovoallollicf hunuiii
may I >?_truth fully .colled the ' rv,ar Vrlonifof .Woman," '
Mioino of her cornMpotulonU love to call licr. Sho
U icolously ilovoted to her work, which U the outcomo
of a Jlfi-xtmly, nifl J.i ob)Ji,vd io ke^;> tJt la<!y i
M*I<tAnti, to hulphor answyrtlie Uuvo ( orrwpi.utJtiu-o
which dally pour* La upon her, citeh Varlnj lt*l j*.-clal
liunlcn of ?ul7eihu,v<)r{joy ?t.rolcnni fiojn,lt. Jlt-r
Vina-tablo Compound la a medicine for pood and not
fvil purjwiH* I have personally lnr? stltfatid it anil
am Ratified of tho truth of thK
i On account of Jt? proven merit*. Jt 1j nf?>mnicn<l?!
ami prescribed by the bout phjmlelaiu In tlio country. i
One gnyn "It works like n cliariu und pare* iniich' 1
pala. It will euro entirely thovrorat form, o? falling
?C the uterun, Lcucorrlicra, lrr^nilar ruul pilnful
JIciuiinMtlon.all Ovarian Trouble*, In!laniinntIon<aiiit
l*lctratlon,Vloodinp?, all Displacement* and the con* j
?<jucnt uplnal weakne**, and la caj>cctallyaJo*il?-i] to j
theChanjjeof Life." i
' It penneate* ewry portion ot the jtyirtem, and {jive's . (
new life iuid rigor. It rriiutvc* faintuea*,! ilatulcnry,,
destroy# all c ravins for'ntlmiilant*, and relieve* weak- '
nc-? of tho rtomnch. It cure* Dloalln?, Headache*, 1
Kcrvoiu I'roolratlon, nencrul Doblllty, 8|it>plc?noiiH,
Deprcmdonand Indirection. Tliatf^'llnif of lK-arlnjj
down.cumdng jwln, weight anil,backache. Is ahvay* ,
permanently cured l>y its u?o. .Jt wlllatiUl tlaun.and
timl'-rall circumstance*, act In harmony wllli the hw.
that gtm-rna tho,fcii-xlo iiynteiu. ; . ' 1
It p<?ui only |l. jvr bottlo arid* for andlii sold by, I
dniRjflstf. Any ail vice required M to Bj>oc{a!'ca?^, and !
theruuucit of many who have been restored to perfect
health l?jr tlio use of the Vopjtnhlo Cotnjioiind, can Ik?
obtained l>y ndilrcsxfm: Mrs. 1'., with fctatnp for reply,
at Iter lioino In I.yim, Mas*.
Tor Kidney Complaint of either tax this compound U '
nnnirpwd asftbuminnt testimonial* aliotr.
"Mri 1'lnkhnm'x IJvcr 1'IIU," f ays one writer, "nr? 1
thet>e*t in (he uvrhl fortlio cure of Coiutiiwitlon, 1
lUllon<mcBS anil Torpidity of tlio liver. IIor Wood 1 <
Purifier works wonder* In Its Fpiclal lino and bl<U fair
to ct jual the Cotu|>onnd In 1U jwpularlty. ,
All must rcs|iect her as an An#vl of licrey whoso s?li>
ambition I* to do m>od toot here.
Philadelphia, INu (2) 31rs. X. M. D.
Pimples .and iFaco Grabs, \i
Blotches, J2oils, Tit mors, hotter,
Humors,iK Cc.1V Rheum,
Sccild Ho ad. Sores, Mcrcurial
Diseases, Femalo Weakness ,
an d Irregularities, Dizziness,
Loss ot Appetite. Juandice, ?'
Afl-ections oi tho Liver, Indigestion,
Biliousness, Dygpep*
sia and General Debility.-'
Aeouncof Iturdoctc Illocvl Hitter* will wtMjr the
motl skcplical tintit ftllic I'.fCJJrtt liloM l'uribcr oil
earth. Sold t>y mcdiclno?tcjle?t e*?y- lictc.,
Direction* in cJct co lanfua^eu* I'uive, fe.oj.
FOSTER, M1L6U--N & CO. Proj'w EufTa'o, N.Y.
T.newn A Co.. Wholesale1 anil Retail Agents. ,
A Poittfvo Ciirg for oil Fcraalo
Complaints, ,
I Tonic Is prepared ty the Womcti'i Medical In* I
Mltuieofllmfalo, N. Y..aniltut Uen u?ci| lucccAifully ,
ly Ja'lici fur year*. It it a >utt t*rt lor all I:cinalo
Skkaiul Nrrvout llcadaih*.DytpeitU.aiul
?:t xcji.fcii.w Wi>*'d l>y thote iircuularitic* ?nlch aie
ocommon to , Tfcjj it no Mtdirittt.
Hit l? urcpatcd, Micr and tecummeniied.
lnowintrtliaj it w lllt;t?en?w'UJtiQ j.ii?>rokcudown,
*?tirn mil otom-woikctl lnetnl*l ol'lUo ' i
If ton have tiled other remedies without tuccei). do '
not Imj ditcuuraced.but l'Uo "LADIES* TONIC" A I
limit frul. It titvtr/ailt to civc auicft and/*/ ?*.?
ht*l ri.'itf.
Ifj-ouar^lipuHcJ ylii. c?? wtaVnett or tomplalnt
common ttfour ??; lay 'tWliT.Un tteclur'* prctctaitiua
f rence. and try "Ladic*"! ome,7>hicli *r*WL"ten
will potitlvely tureyoa; Onq Uottlo Is QuHtlcr.l.*
- H'vSCJ ' Mcdicil lnitliutc i
afei?fflfe Th? ?,' ffr)?-" J
si#J 4i?>"j? H ttf/a'ift. - ... v .. ..
Sold bf Urvggittf, Pffpp, f
At wholesale ami tttaHty , '. *.
BfllSDAW. <1 LOO AN A CO., Wheeling, W. Vtt.' (
3 ' Tho SUREST CURE tor 1
*"| Eo???ianio b*ok-ordLiotO?ftiUl rrina lnilii ? ? :
? fAio thatymi oro a victim t THEiT Jx) ;;0T ?
t UssrrATZj bm Kidney-Wort at on??, S
s^aU Ktytoutia? U>and It willljtfcdlly< over- " .
Cmo th? aisetty'ttdjisyToo J?r
B orlioc Porw?mplt?in?jwiiiiur >
lUdVllCDa toyonroor, audiaa^iun U
it wUjKiuiHWortiyandMfoijr.. " -?*
~f Eltharscx. IuconAti?.oc(,r:Mntlon ofurlna, c
5,brie*Uu?torropydopo?lxj,?ji<ltlttU Jju^nu ?
Hnain?, HI ?pc*dily yield fa 1U Cur*U^o JxfK5T. 2
Y/* htyP vr.MxjiiivaaisrB. Tdcoti; * :
HM IllMMKBVltlit Km
UtiiciM XoH.afl mill 27 Fourteenth
A Kftbbi'fl ItcnuouN fur Opitoiliiff Thein.
St. Louis Republican.
The subject ot mixed marriages la being
diEcuated now by nearly all tbu religious
and a great many secular papers of the
country. Iu an nddresj before a large
audienco tit the synagogue on Kloventh
and Chouteau avenue, Friday night, Itubbi
Spitz, after reading tko 18th verse of the
second chapter of Uenesis, said:
' Thesubjectof"mixed marriages" among
Israelites, of which we are to treat this
evening, oilers one of the most dilllcult
problems in the history of our people; and
while it just now, daily and hourly pressed
for a snoetly solution, a solution that shall
bo ia lull accord with uur brond and exalted
views of humanity, it, ou tlio other
hand, alleets our very life ami beimr as u
distinct religiousorganization. TlieFocannot
bo n moment's hesitation on our part
to declare that all Boulal barriers, which
hitherto have existed between ono man
and this other, must, oven in their last vestiges,
he moved from the face of tho earth.
We must ourselves endeavor, and also
teach others to bauish from'tho mind tho
baneful notion of racial, national or tribal
distinction and separation which for ho
long a tlmo baa wrought misery and
wretchedness among tho children of men.
Still, we cannot help admitting that this
question of interinarringo between Jewb
und u entiles, is to uh a most embarrassing
one, since it leaves us no other alternative
but to dtber loso our identity
as Israelites or to keep our doors elosed
against so'called foreign dements, and thus
cause tho old ignominious imputation ot
exclusiveness continue to rest upon our
hearts iftul heads. No wonder, indeed,
that this topic is to many of us a veritable
noli vie trawjeie. We stand, so to say, between
tliob'ayilaand Charybdisand weare
asked to choose! The question confronts
us in all its import and scriouflnets, and
not only our Gentilo brethren und friends,
but also our own rising generation luivou I
riirht to demand of us a decisive answer. ?
Well, I for ono am opposed to mixed mar- n
riages among our neonlc. anil mv oohomI. t
lion emanates from the moat sacred eon- 1
victions of both a man and au Israelite. 1 *
need not tell that 1, though a conservative 1
in the practice and exposition of our religious
testa, respect tiie honest faith of ?
every man. Ilighteouaness can find its < '
way to every human heart, even as love
with its power of bringing felicity is a gift
that is to confer blessings untold upon the
home of every man, no matter whether Jew
or Gentile. Vou certainly do not believe
me capable of regarding the Jews as king
endowed .with a. better fitness for sweetening
the conditions of conjugal life than t
the Christian girl. 1 would remind you of t
the words spoken here a year ago; now as
then I "would not extol the purity uud nobility
of heart of the Jewess to the cxL'iusion
of her sister of another race and t
faith." Pure and true womanhood is uni- ,
versa!. The ideal of all beauty, for which
the German poet has found the extremely i
happy term of 'Mas cwig weibliehe," is \
surely not limited to the, fair sex of the v
Semitic race. V'/iti-woman-ia still, as she .
lias been ever since the days of creation, 1
"the mother of all living," and the light 1
graciously bestowed on her from on high s
imparts blessings uutold to the man, no c
matter where, or when, or how ho branched 1
out. I have not'changed my conviction in '
this respect since last vear, nor will I ever 1
ilo.it. I shall always believe in the truth I !
have then expressed in these words. .Nor 1
would J have you understand me us con- 1
sidering a non- Jewish husband less quali- 51
tied to honor, love and respect his chosen 1
L'omnanion and to preserve aud strengthen l'
the family ilesthan his Jewish fellow-man. ?
Still I am consistently aud firmly J
l'o ourpebple marryiug outside of the Jew- f
ifch fold, tortwo clistinct reasons: i
First?We are still the bearers of God's j
covenant, and the all-pervading holiness of t
our religion finds its cnlmitmtiiig-jM>int in j,
our deep-rooted couvicion of Israel's great j
mission among the nations. That mission, y
the promulgation ol God's law and truth c
among all men, is not yet fulfilled, and the t
day "when the eternal shall be king over f
;df the earth, when the eternal shall he ae- t
knowledged one, and his name one," has j
not yet dawned over tho world. Next to g
the*importance of our belief in one God is j
that,of,our being commissioned to carry i
and spread this belief until it shall have ^
reached every- human heart. Jtisa cardi- i
nal article, it is a fundamental doctrine of j
our faith. 'It is, in fact, the ronilitio nine- t
t/ua non of the''Mosaic dispensation. The \
consciousness of this grand mission, which r.
explains the never-disturbed hope for the f
promised''' Messianic time,' has at j
uit (fines proved the most powerful means \
forHic'preservation of* Israel. Vet no;
we are the means und that mission is the t
end! 'Israel is tho divine instrument', both l
directly and indirectly, to bring all man- e
kind nearer to God. Now, in order to j
finally accomplish our mission we must re- n
main intact; we cannot atlbrd to bo pre- f
maturely merged into and Reabsorbed by j
tho ub yet unredeemed inaFs of humanity.
We admit Christianity has, done- noble
work in this direction; It has
proved a powerful and wonderful 'J
agency. But this is no reason why we 1
should lose our identity?why, when the J
Work is not nearly done, nor properly '
done, we should abajulpu our life ami our 1
exigence as Israelites, tuntjimount to
which would bo if we were to generally ,,
open the floodgates,of intermarriage We v
claim no racial, national or tribal distinctiveness;
we have renounced that a long
time ago. Wq are? neither, a nation or a
tribe, nor a race?wo aro simply i\\\ aggre- j
ijate of families, every member oi which v
must contribute his or her share towards I
Ijie fulfillment of the mission of Israel, an- ^
lewiEhe or he jjud no i pi port ji nee in the 1
sanie,.or no validity, in .which paae he or J
she xuay be a good man, a noble
woman, but their fellowship is then necea- r
?arily severed from Israel's lvly cause. ?
We dpslre to live with and among*our gen- o
[lie brethren and sistersj we are anxious to ti
tssocinte with them, eat with thorn, deal ii
with them; as men we are.their brethren, f
is citizens their faithful, companions in 6
peace and in wnr. In every national and
social movement we desire to be identilied
with thejn. Wo long to be recognized as c
being llesii of their flesh am) bone of their r
bone. But we cannot commit a spiritual s,
suicide! We cannot become false to our
sacred profession! AVe cannot renounce
the validity o[ that holy behest of our faiherB
for the perpetuation q( wbiph >ve haye
waded through lire and blood, and have L
become a people of martyrs such as the V
world has never seen anu never will see. t)
We are willing to and have indorsed tho i,
Jeclaration of tho Paris Synedrion, which. c
in liSOJ, yiejdinK to the demands of the
time, has reuogiiirfod thp v^irfity of the
marriage compact mutually enttfrud into f,
by an Israelite and a gentile. In other 11
works: AVe tolerate it, but we cannot entourage
it. The-struggle for existence de- ^
ruarufS ii, ^
The second reason for oijj, opting
mixed marriages among the Israelites ia'lft
the fact that in nine hundred and ninetyuina
C2SSS out of one thousand thov sooner
aj- Inter, result iu tjifigrestat domestic miseiy
and unhnpptness. In' the midst1' of 1
union tliepe is .-separation.' Mixd&'marrU
n^'^iijiopt ?p variably' * ' J
tltt elements ajp waptjng \yhipli jnajie v
tho inflrrmi stiitponp-pf ||na)Ioyc/l peijcq
and happiness. Tbo Scriptural Word *'jt jg
not good for man to bo alouo" is moot terribly
re-echoed in the hearts and homes of }
those who have entered into that life com- d
paniouship which turns out n mo3t dread- n
lul curse, if the hearts and souls, and minds I
are not one.in every thought, in every I
hope and every uoliie sentiment, *
L}, it is better, far better to '
ha a/one sintjltt than to bo sJoiie unitedly !
Unless matrimonial life is built upon the
fconsumfrtation of that purpose which had '
brou^lVCRulh iiiio "th'e pale' ofMJudnism:
VWhithe^hou "goest'I will go, and where
thou 16(1 gest I'will lodge;' tliy people sbiilj j
Jje aiy people, mid 1 tliv God. my Ood; ?
whepr thoii (Meat will I die,' 'nud there ill t
I be buried| the Jjoru ,do so'^nfo ip'oj t
more also, if aught but death part thee nn<l
ine"?unless man and woman, as tho Hebrew
1ms it; M and Mali, are united not
only for earth but also for Heaven, not
only for life temporal but also for Ufa
eternal,?unless the same faith, tbo saiue
spiritual yearning, the same means of redemption
and salvation move and blend
their life and being Into one everlasting,
harmonious whole, tbo holy bonds of matrimony
urn not what they ought to be
according to the di<lne Intention?lienco
' mixed marriages," not only among Israelites,
but nlso nmong non-Israelites, must
be undesirable in the highest degree. We
are cerlnlnly not prompted by sciQsli motives,
by petty notions of excluslveuess.
Would to (lod "mixed marriages" were unknown?in
a united, perfected completely
in uuuy una in spirit, uiuuigamuieu una us*
simllatcd humanity I Our heart burns to
seo the day when oven tho significance of
tho term "mixed matrices" will havo
passed out of tho memory of men. Until
then let the holy uniou of husband niul
wifo be such as not to cause either of thorn
to feel alone; tlmt the an mo bo in every reaped
in perfect harmony with tho need*of
education and tho spiritual training of tho |
cliildren; lit tho Jew find in tho Jewess a
helpmeet for him and tho Christian man
iu tho Christian woman. Let tho wedded
life of men always and everywhero bo a
beautiful likeness of that life in which all
men are wedded to their Father in Heaven.
Hon llnrniini KllVctimlly 4Jct? Klri ?r
l>?*Hillicnilluir Uchcoiin.
From the Jtrldtfcport Farmer.
A church deacon asked Mr. Uarnuui this
morning for a "pass" to sco tho "winter
luarters." Tho veteran showman replied,
'Freo passes are played out. Wo never
ssuo one to the big show except to editor?,
;lergynien or orphan asylums, or to persons
who render us equivalent service in
lotuo way. Nobody will get inside the
winter quarters' except editors or iu very
ipecm! caaes my partners or myself accompany
them. Without such precaution
hero is danger from tho wild animals
vhich aro not so carefully railed off from
msaes-by as in our public exhibitions. Ue*
lides, strangers disturb the trainers of our
iniuiaisand cause our nnmeious workmen
lelay in their work." "Is that not carryng
your restrictions too far?" asked the
leacon. "Perhaps you may think so," redied
Hirnum, "and as you generally like
Scriptural authority for everything,"i preent
you this printed care to ponder." The
arJ read as follows:
"In thnsi day* there were 110 pauses given."
"St-Hrcli thcSoilptures."
"Thou MihII not itiMi."?Numb. sx. 1H.
' Sutler no man to pdM."?Jutl^e#, HI. iM.
"Tho wicked slut 11 uo more pa^s."?Numb., t. lfi.
"None shall pug tatlah xxxiv, 10.
- unsB??i:r?H/H8nnil tiol I>L?K"-J!rtrk, Xill IJO
Tuough they roar, yet the/ cannot pu.v!."?Jcro
iiUh, v.'ii.
So hcf.aW the fare thereof, and wont."?Jonah,
. :5. _
A Tribute to Hit? Farmer.
In his address at the opening of the Wis:
:ousin Suite Fair, Governor Husk said:
'Agriculture is the foundation of the busiicss
and prosperity of the whole country.
A'hen tfie toil of the farmer is utterly lost;
vhen, aftei planting and tending and waitng,
the harvest time brings the harvest to
lim. every industry ami every interest intantly
feels it. How completely a series
>i crop failures, or even of short crops,
mralyzes the business of the country! 80
1 series of good crops1 stimulates every
msiness and revives every drooping iudusry.
The railroad lines lengthen, the rollng
mills are busy, the iron mine, the saw
mil, the lumber camp, aro all scenes of
,etivity, and every instrument of comneree
is in use. The hum of tho xnactiiniry
is the natural accompaniment to the
ongs of the harvest Held. Tho daily pubished
telegrams from the money centre of
he world is an unconscious daily tribute
0 agriculture and the farmer as the prime
actor iu commerce. They note and chroncle
every frost, every rain, every hostile
nsect, as carefully .as the physician
he symptoms of his patient. Stocks
;o up aud down with the varying rejorts
as to wheat and corn. The Wall
itreet gambler who never heard tho mead
)\v lurk in the lieltl rends with nn eaaer inerest
the news from the grain fields as one
curing for a friend would read the eostmlies
of a buttle. But such tribute is terntorary
and compulsory. It springs from
iellishness mostly, and the crop assured
ndiflerence to agriculture proclaims itself
n an undue levy for carriage and in other
vuys which I luive not time to mention.
iVith the growth of the country, increased
>rosperity, and the multiplied and splenlitl
educational facilities, our colleges, uni ersities,
academies, and other institutions
if learning are filling up with ambitious
urmer boys, vigorous in body and miud,
>ent upon acquiring education. This is
veil. They make good students and schol.rs.
but I nave feared that too nmnv of
hem rather disduinfully turn from farm
ife to the professions as beiug u step highir.
1 would like to impress upon such
outig men that they ure mistaken in this,
'here is in a true sense 'no step higher'
rotn the calm, thoughtful, healthiful. Hide
iimiuciu tiiu 01 uiu uuciiigcni tanner.
,:LjrjXB thanks ore due to him who only
;lves away vimt'igof no ijsp tqlj itself, it
^ie thanks of invalids the world over are
leing showeicu upon the inventor of Kidney
Vort, for it is giving health to all. Kidney
Vort moves the bowels regularly, cleanses
ho blood, and radically cures kidney disia.se,
gravel, piles, bilious headache and
tains \yhich are caused by disordered liver
,ud kidneys. T||oqsqn(ls hftye Ijeen cured?
pjjy shoufd you not try il? '
MollM i-hl Motlu rHl! MoIImtn!
Are you disturbed at night and broken of
our rest by a sick childsutiering and crying
nth thp excruciating pain of cutting teeth i'
t so, BO u once null got R holllB flfMfj.
Vinslow's Soothing byrup. It win rplioye
he poor little sufferpr ira mediately?denpna !
ipon it; there is no uptake about it There
j not. a UJQtlier on c&rth Who has ever used
t, vho THllmUellrauiftnnppthjUtffill
cgulate tho bowels, and gup jpst (p tup
nother an<s relief and health to tho child, 1
perating like magic. It Is perfectly safe to
ise ip ill cases, and pleasant to thp tasfp, and
j thp prfipriptiftji N 6j)p of the oldest lipst
emale phywoiano and ntrnoi in the United
tates. Sold everywhere. 25 centaa bottle.
uosfiTir.vnoN, nver ami Kidney diseases arc
ured by Brown's Iron Bitters, which enichys
the blood and strengthens the whole '
ysum. j>?W.
FlICtN. .
A letler from 1\ 0. Shurpless, druggist,
larion, Ohio, in writing of Thomas'Eclectrjg
lil, says: "Que n^n was cufed of sojrp throat
f oiglit years' at'tinainc with one bottle/ !
Ve have, a- number of cases of rheumatism
bat have been cured when other remedies
ave failed. Wo consider it the best medline
sold. m\v
The Rev. Geo. II. Thayer, of Bourbon,
6Si*s: VHoth myself and wife owe our
ives to Shiloh'w'Oon&iWipii^n'Dtil^.'i""'
Are yod made miserable by Indigestion,
lonstipation. Dizziness, Loss of Appetite,
rellow Skin? Shiloh's Vitalizer is a positive
WHY F1*!' you cough when Shiloh's Cure
rill give 'immediate relief. lMce 10 cts., 60
ts. and $1. " '
Shiloh's Catarru HpfEpy?a positive curc
or Catarrh, 'l)iphiheria and Canker Mouth.
8old by.E. Iloikins-agenf, under'Odd Felow's
Hall,' and by'K1. H.'Iiist, 101Q Main
tree!.":' ' ' ' ^ 'r " ' ,u" T,,'
Thh inqgt ^opdprful Llood' purilier in the
B.: Turner, Ilooboater, N. V.? writes i 'fj
invo been for over a year subject'tb yoriom
lisorder of the kidneys, and often unable to
ttenil to business; 1 procured your Bnrilock
Jlood Bitters, and was relieved before half a
lottlo was used. 1 Intend to continue, as I
eel confident that they will entirely cure
no." Price $1.00. daw
On? fiondurd doliiam reward for a belter
emedy. William*' XudjlfO Bib Gjntaiflnt is
isure'cure ' daw
Go to your "druggist,* for Mrs. Freeman's
'few National IJyes. For brightness andduribility
of'doIoV are uneouiiled. Color from
wo to Ave pounds. ' Dfbcltobj in E|jgl|sh
nd .German; Ehci 15 ce[|t$. "
New York Monry unit Stork*.
New York, October 8U--Money 2a8 ocr cents
cloaed offered lit J jvr rent hriraowcrcanlilo p*wr
6K*8 per cent, blurlltiK Kxuliango banker bills ,
atcady At SI t?lX; deuuudHMtf.
flom*MRNTs?x per cent lower lor 3i; othciwlse
U.B. 3i M~M..M..lO?f|Uhlfh A Wllkw-...JOO
U. 8.61, extended....lOi*'4|st. v. a 8. C. tlrjUuawtf
U. 8. 4VJj?, roupomullSftltf, I'.bonds, flrata.....ll5>$
U. 8. <?, coupon! UV>f|U. P, Land UrnoU?llU
l'acttlo C* ot 12*J IT. I', sinking fund.,..ll7*?
Central Pacific tlnu..ti4^ Texas Pac land at*...,. CO'J
Krlo iccondi, V) |<lo. lUo Uraud dlv..w Slh
KtiLaoiD Uoniii-UulUnd Irregular.
flrATr. UKcvuttn-lnMilve.
Louisiana consols..... 69M Virginia C? 35
Miv/jiui (it.. 112 nivliilacutiioltf, exHt
Joseph.. 1UH I tnuant. coupons.... 6C}-{
TeunraseeGa 4'J (Virginia deferred 12
Toniiesseo Cs, new? 4) I iix. dlv.
BTocna-Ttio ipeenUllou on the Block Kjchnuge
t j day waa dull and strong during tho morning und
weak In the afternoon. The chuiiRca from yesterday's
closing figures are lrreaular, The market
opened strong at an adrance of ^?*2 per cent from
yesterday's clcslug limitations, Ht/ Paul. Minneapolis
A Maultoha and Illinois Central leaillugtherein.
During tho tkist hour the market, though dull, silll
continued itrong aiul pricin sold up Kalji pur
cent, Illinoiscontrol, tft I'util.MlnneupollsA Manitoba,
NVabaah preferred and Northern l'acltle preferred
belli* tho tnn*t ??n?t?1otiiiiu In ?!? ?"?
imvtmmiU Thto ??# iiicctcdcd by a reaction of,
a'i percent, led by illluolM Central, which wax
MiVoqilontly fallowed by n roily of iWi per cunt
i i I'.u f it er it (Utniul advanced ^percent from the
opening. Mutiul Union, Norfolk A Western
I referred, however, fell oil' \)? percent.
DurltiK the afternoon the market waa very dull
and wink, mid (min uoou until near toe close
i?;Jcc.i declined aliac?t*tc?dlly VifiXX percent, the
latter New York Cent Ml, to lM*. utheis prominent
In tfoo decllno were Tow* raciOe. which, fell
I off iy? percetit. Mlcldnim Central, \Vaba*h preferred
Innil Uliio A .MM<*lppl l ji percent each, lUist
Tetiuevco preferred ami f<ouliviUo A Nashville \%
percent each, whlloNt. I'.iul, Minneapolis A MaulI
toba dropped to I IIK front 148)$. In the final dealir?
? general advance ol per cent took place,
leu by stronu cltuu^ci from thu prices at yesterday's
clow, and Irregular, Mutual Union bolnjt 1!^ pur
cent, II Inois Central 1% per cent, and North western
prefeired IX t>er cent iitgh?r, while Eiut Tcnnetseu
Ii I percent, Ohio A MiwdtMjipl Itf per cent. TernPacific
Ji per cent, utnl New YoikCentral per
cent Iqwtr.
TrajiMctJona 1M7.0CO thauv,
Adair.)- Kxnrca:.'..M...138 Kiudi. si Chat 60} ?
American KxprcM... 8'J New Jeraev Cent- 71%
Canada Southern 01% S'orthern 1'acllie 4f>'4
U 0. A I. C .. y do. preferred- tf-Aj
Central Pacific Northwestern -Hik
Chesapeake it Onio.. '25\\ do. preferred UU-j,
do. 1st preferred? Ed New York Central...UtJ
<!o. 'M preferwl..,. 27 Oti(o< 'eiitral 1WX
U? C., C. A: I M OMo it Ml** M
Oeuver A It. U .. 61% do. preferred -IK)
Erie 4U?4 I'aeitlu Mall ....... 3"J
do.picferrcd M 0. it F *i;w
Fori Wayne i:ui Heading fi0>4
Han. A St. Joso,h.?. 45 St. U ?\iH. F SO
do preferred M do. preferred 60
khusukai I'.K'||ICm..,? it. Paul I
Lake Krle A W...,....? Jfclk do. preferred- .... -120
Lake Shore -115>? I'cxus Fuel tie 4'.%
I.oiilsvillo A Nash... 51 Union Paclllc -107
U N. A. A C. M United States Ex M ~
M. A C, 1st profd... J16J5 \V? Ht. I,. A F .1l?i
do. Oil unilM I"-* ?
Mem. A am*..> Kwuv F?WI
Mich tan t'eiumt MX tVwterii UiiIjm WA
34 o. I'aclllc I005j;|
Vor.K Ociolwr :tl.?Cotton quiet nt lOJ&i
10 1.1-Gc. futures went. Flotir dull; receipts ttt.ew)
bnrrt*l.?; exjioru 6,500 barrel*; t>ii|>crl)iie. western
anil bwte 3.) l?.>at 00: common to Rood Si ooa
i.-TT* -Kin tu ?l"olccSIC0?7 6U; white wbe?t extra
tbi;n< 50; extra OhloSI00*70C:St. I.otih 8l00n7&0:
Mmnesota putent prrce.-ii W 75*8 50. Wheat, ca>b
joisKclower, optl.ins %?!?<!lower, receipts'Jiw.ooo
bushels; export! IC'JCOO l.ud.clH: No. a red 8101;
- rL'1', Si <Sil 08j<; ungraded white MtaSl )'J:
No. 2 white steamer UJuWe; No. 2 white Slot; No. 1
white,Miles a 1,000 biishclint 31 lOUal 12W; No. a
fC!L,,eW.bcr' Mlts 4,(V*W bushels at Jl U7?it
I USjJJ,, elodiie nt 21 0S'4; December, s*hw C72.0U0
biMOcis at $( vjjt;?! W'4, cfosfiiR at 3110; JnnTOrrJ^H000
bushel* ?t gl 1 hit 11 ]12. el??!nR
. ^'brunry.Mle* 128,000 bushel* at SI lajfci
I U/?, closing ?t St imj. (.'ora.uiueltte l and '/i il ke
lower: roielpts 29,003 bushel*: exports IC.000 bushes
ungraded &0*W;o; No. ? stc In store: to elevator;
No. 1 red OctoberSAiS-lc: November 7MnSle,
ctohlog at Dmirolier 7.'%?7JWo, cUlV' at
at atU'". Kebr iai v
<kUt>.l!ta. Iilobint' .11 Iltl/'i. (iiii i
for winter; receipts SIS.OOJ bUHheta. exports
173 buMiels; western mixed ;t5a t'Jc;
white western 40al8e. I'ny fulrly active at f&ai.Uc
Colloo dull and nominal; Mo cargoes 7'/(alCe.
Sugar nominally unchrUiRcd. Mousses quiet and
steady. Kief, demand fair and market Hrtu. 1'etro*
iciiij) dud and wcxk; UtilWii crude "/friT^e;
refined Tallow s'eady hi *%-iSUe. fumn
Arm at SlSUly.'f. Turpentine firm and'liigher at
55c. Hxu', quiet hut H'emly: western fa-?h 2Sc.
r*ork dull, weak and lower; new mess 5? "oa'il 00
11 jrf steady and firmly held. Cut meats dull and
nominal, bird lower: piluie steam V-'- 20al2 2-Y
Butter quiet but firm fureholec at !5aS7c. C'hetie
quiet but Am; western flit'uJUJfe.
iitiCAUO, October St.-Flour, quiet and unchanged.
Wheat lof.vr; regular V2%a!)2}?c cash;
'jM/i November; Die December. DJ%cyt'ar; til%n'J3u
January; 31 co^ May; No. 2 Chicago spring yj>4a
y-Ja<: cnli; No. a, 8 i;: No. 2 red winter i^o.
;5, Die rej-e ed Wo. Corn tiusKtled and lower at ?
G"ali7)?c cish; iV%iGG%c November: Decvmh.r,
(k)%c your; ?>Js?c May; rcjfcteo <ir>aUj%e.
Oats easy fttiJlofensh; !W%c November; U'?J?g J ear;
:M}4a:l\yj>. January. Kyo dull and lower at 57c
Barley dull at 8 a$>o. Flaxseed lower at 51 15V.^.
For* lower ?t 821 OOalM03 ca>h;, 8.yi5a1U17^ November:
$18 I ni817% December, year and January;
SlffiiKNlftU February; gl88U.1l.SWi4 May. I,aid,
lower at 5U:iQall4? cash; ?11 'IV/- November,
Sll 02% ucccmbcr. yo-ritdfj Jfltiuiiry; $11 Mall 07%
February; Sll ffiiail May, hulk meats in fair
demand; shoulder* ?25 i'5; short rib 514 25; short
clear 515 00. Butter in fair demand, for fresh: lair to
fancy country 2V?S0c; Rood to fancy dairy 25iiat?.
Kcrs quiet at25a:0\ Call?Wheat active, firm and
blither; regular 9.%o November; 9 Me December.
y2%ay.!e year. 93kc Jftlillftry; ?l 0.1V; May; No 2
rod wiulur Sovunbar; uinW/iO December;
D5l^?'jjJ4c year. Corn, active, tlrm and higher nt
GiVic November; GU'?a60j?c December, G'j%u year.
bV/fi January; .VVJ^s55jVc X ay. Oats quiet,
and unchanged. Fork irregular at 52000 cash; ?i?? 15
November; 818 4;alK 50 Ueccmbtp ?'. 45 year.
SIS 47Kal8 50 January: 818 .M*y. bird Ihmerat
311 November; Sll 03all 07!^ December and
year; ?il 03 Janinrv; 31107)$ February; 5.1'J7}Z
all IW May.
Haltimohr, October 31.?Flour, unchanged and
quiet. Wheat, western steady; No.2 winter red Mwt
gt O'uil Q3){; Oo|ohnr $t U.'0 B' November 81 05}?i
t 0?%; December il 07a107}$; Januaiy $1 OsJ^il t'J;
February 81 IQ&tl 10J4. Corn, western irregular and
higher; mixed sj?l JlOOalOi; advancc caused by
tlent.iml to cover short* tlie last of the mouth; November
73a77o; November new or old 70c bl j; No
vomber and Doeember rtlaClXu; January 5'J^afiOc _
Oats, hiwer and uulot: wuHuru white iUc; mixed
41aiCo; ronnsylvanla l.jats.*, Bye, quiet at Gii.?70i%
Hay, unchauutfd. Provisions llrm and without
change. Butter, steady; western packed ::i.vi5j;
crenmery :?a:i7c. Egt?, firm at 26.i27c l'etroleum,
UllclianuGd. CoD'ec-autel. Bitaitr. aulol. tVhl?lrf
fl.mntSl-lul % ' " .V" v - -I'liiL.vDEi.fniA,
Oct6l>cr-3l.?Flour steady and In
fair demand fordesirtblegood5. KyclljUr filr at
S-l25? 137& Wheat weak; rejected in raiin depot,
81 Cltnl 05: No. 2 red October St QTJlal OJW; Nctybml
Iter St (iSiil OS!*: Dcctnilicj'Sl QnK Corn,
o|lMins QUlQl'ailil steely: loail lots in &oo;l ucinnnd; rr
sill mixed. October h&i&c; November 70#afe0e:
December MaOC^e;'January CIMhCI^c. Oats, demand/air
mid mailed firm: mixed 37nt0c; No. ::
white 43? I te; No. 2 I5e. I'rovl.donsJ-tcudy. I^tr<i
.steady, kettlu St 150; steam 812 75al2 S7>4. Nutter,
demand fair and market Arm at "J.t.rJ7e. hgu* scarce;
lair to good UV^iL'e. Petroleum quiet but steady.
Cincinnati. October 31.?Cotton Ml fit Wlft.
Flour qnljit and uneli.inml. Wheal slpatlyT Nu 'J
red \n |iU'T fltip sr,qt; y>c7i<0 bid November; u7Xc
bid December, Imc bid year, receipt}'. 27,WO bushels;
shipments S?.&00 bushels. Corn tlrni at G7X?i
67} ?c spot; MjrwJjJc November; 63c bid year. Oats
s arw and 11 rm at ;iSc scot; S7j^c asked November:
Mi! year. Kye firmer at C2%tMi'2kc. Hurley dull:
ex'r.iNo. 3mi75i78c. l'ork dull at S23 5U. I.ard
dull and nominal at Sll 74. Bulk meats modjjrrjtply
HCtlvii; bppn Etcady: fclmnldcr# ilO V?; Jea'r rit?
21ft UA: plpnf it? tiO. whisky active and firm at ?i 17; c
combination sales of lluistnd Koods, 1,400 barrels, j
on u basis of SI 17. liuttcr cutler, not quoubly
lower. j
Toi EDO. October 8i.?Wheat easier. No. 2 red ?j>ot, [
October 'J7%c; November 97l?c; December W/v; .
vcarfliiio. Corn. steady: hlg|i mixed "<34c| No*. 2
iT(|t 'CrtJc; November Cfd^e; year JiCJiJp; May. Mc: J
Closed?a heat weaker. No. 2 red spot 07%(! bid: I
January tl 00% bid; -May 81 WW bid. (Torn, entier;
Itliih* mixed ttl# ; No. i stpt ?0c hid; November v
jjCu; year 6CJ<r: January fchi bid; XIay f?IKo bid. |i
QatB ijnll; No. 3 siidl ?HJ4o bid; November bid; j
December 35c; year Sl&c bid. ,
Kast LinnnTV, 1'a., Octob-r 31 ? Cattle?Receipts I
1,275 head. The market Is very dull at yesterday's c
prices. (
Hogs?Receipts7.0 head. ilarkct slow for I'hllnilelphiasat
87 t0.i8 00; Balti^orcs, ir 5(ui7"70; lO:k- *
PJ*. ?7 nda7 SQ. ' *
I ^ep-Hepip^l.ftlO lieud. .Market slow hi yes- ?
I'iiii.adkumua, October 3'.?Wool,?Quiet; Ohh, I
Pennsylvania, West V|r}:lnli extra He; above 4('a I
12 ; citra ?lU t:j>; medium 45c;(flinc 33c: New York. I
aiicuiRnq ijjm inuianavcsjefH lino \\*n-\Ow. hmliuin .
1IM ^ coap^Wc; washed, combing aud delaine H'u fl
isc; miwi\8i?tHi'iii.ia5o;i>iiii?Ki ajiutw. \
Titl'rvillr, Octolmr ai.?Oll opened ?t %Kc; f
highest We; lowest UO?c; cloa'd at 'JS^ir, ship- h
merits Gl.r&S barrels; darters 58,iiW bands; runs, H
none. ||
.Cincinnati,October 31.?Livo bogs quiet: com- t?
mon hikI light 55 50ii7 10: packing and butchers' t
SO C0a7 Jlo. Hea-lpts l.SUO Hctul; shipment!} iiGI <
r,f.a. s
i'msnUKOH. Ocluber 31.?Petroleum nctlve: (
United eertltleatcs steady; closed nt9t%c; refined l1
VXa lor I'nlladelwhla delivery: sales *J,8*i8,000 barrels.
, p
"I.udicK Tonic/*
The Croat Female Remedy is m spared by
the NVqiiipn's Jleijipal' Vnstuute* of liulliilo
N.'Y., and is tlielr favorite prescription foi
ladies who are suffering from any weakness
or complaints common to'tbe sex. It is
said by druggists at'?|.M per :bbUle. ( Ladies
can obtain advice * Irep. for
names of tJi0s?>j'U0 lays ijeen cuiSaf _
At wholesale and retail by Logan it po.,
tylie jng, W. \ra. V$Xf
aXUY6N^H?alys !
jgtSlate, cor. ol Monroo 61., Chicago, *n
WlUwaJpfrpaM MugikUmi. lb?k
137 BAND CATALOCUE, f jjgf
l/fjk (or IRM, l>0 ran, tfcO Esmrir.n of]
t!9R IwlrtnifnU. htlu. Cap, I'ora-^ -J9^\
ISAIrwiM, tynaUb. C?p Urap, Bunds >fffi9
JnA (>"?? lltU, Sundry
/J\\\ itanj Ojif.u, l>pjlrtit .MvirUI'i tin I<h // 11
// All**'0''- U'lmcllm ?i>4 Kittrbn f? Auxtmr // . 11* (
Ir.Ulrtf. .I.m? lur.l m.-l. j
I beg leave to announce tbat I have opened my
Oyster I'arlors for iheseasvu, and am now prepared
to serve oy*ter< In every stylo. Also suppers gotten
up for parties and dances on short notice. 41 r:
' I
?|f POV O/x-n Jo JRof/i J?vm* Moith
VV Cod n Dl'CtMKNTS TO TfAClltR*. J
Mil lien I <.oy*rrvnton(\n the WIPpil
Youhif pernonniTHmlti-d means V lUYVAlft
by J), A" O. Jl. Il? CoJlffffcyenr begin*Sept. *lb?
larg.clc., MlJrculluu'urU Otlgt'U, 1'rt;*.,
VX K K12 K > S
/j^^Scount of Li mjxrior
TOfWySW v^^Ha^lcaiiHi'c*! and purity,
'* contain* liuttrull
only lh?t ?rc btneiicul
10 ,'10 ,ca'P an^ tuir
Restores this Youthful Color to Crey or Faded Hair
iHiilter'a Hair Jblum l? finely pei/umcd ?ml it
warranted tomevent falling or(ho hair find to re.
H umveilaiidnilfniiditching, lliscox k Co, N.Y.
B t'V. an J 11 ilitt, at tlnltn In tlr?s* *nJ tnrJkln??.
BwaaaPMBgaggtaMtsaHpg i.n i a?J
A Superlative Health andSlrenglh Restorer.
If you are a mechanic or farmer, worn out with
ovrrworfc, or ft mother tun down by family or house*
. holdduties try 1'arkbk's (Sikgkk Tonic,
if you ore a lawyer, minuter or busmen man er*
hauiied by mcnta I urain or anxious cares, do not lako
Intoxicating stimulants, but use fuiLer's Ginger-Tonic
Ifyou have Consumption, Dy?pe|?U, Hheuinaism,
Kidney Complaints, or nny oi?order oftlie lungs,
stomach, Ixnveln, blood or nerves, I'amkru's Oiw.kr
Tonic will euro you. 11 is the Created Wood l'urifier
Am) tbo Dcsl and Surest Cough Cure Ever Used.
If vouhte waiting nwny from nge, dissipation or 1
nny utaase or weak ness and rcquiic n stimulant take
Ginger Tonic nt once; it will invigorate and build
ion up from the fust dose but will never intoxicate. i
t has laved hundreds of lives; it may save yours.
CAUTION t?Kcfu.? sll lubitltatH. P?W? aitpr Tank It
eonijww J ?l tli? twil rtnwJi?l la tlw weiM, ?iJ U mllnly
I tnm frptrallopi ef titftrtieat, Sra<l tcr tltxiduUi
Hit cot k Co., W, Y. We. & 11 iUf i, 11 >1?*Um Id draft,
It* rich nnd I .mine fragrance lias mailo this
deliRliifii! jKrftmie cAcecdinjjly popular. There
i*iui1hin? Wkolt. Imutu|>on luvint* Flukes,
ton CouxiNB and look for signature of
jflsotccyi ^co; j.
on ?r?r* bottle. Any drunrlil or Ur*!.r In wifuwtrr
r*n iu|.|.ljr yui. 15 finJ iJ rt nl ilt ?. 1 7
Bailte, lis, lis!
disco veheii 'of "dSt". '&AECinsra
Tlii) r^midy wilt net in harmony vlih llio Fo- I
ir.tilo fVMoni lit nil times. nnil n!?n Immcill.t.lw (I
upon the abdominal nuii uterine muncieis nuUrw
Morothom to a healthy and Btroimconiiitloii,
Dr. Marchisl's Uterine Cathollcon will euro fallln?
of the womb, I.oucorrlifrs,'.ChronicInflatnnmtlon
ant} Ulceration of tko Womb, Incidental
Hemorrhage or Flooding, Painful, Supprcescd
and IrregularMenstruation, Kidney Complaint,
Hirrmnefs and la especially adapted to the change
of Life. Solid for pamphlet free. All letters of
Inquiry freely answered. Address as above. For
snlu by all droirclst*. N<Mrftize$lprrbottli?t
Oldnr/.n $1.50. HeBuro and aslc lorDr,Marchlal's
UterJno Catliolicou. Takonq other.
V, holcsale and Retail by I
LC0A.S ft CO. W
Electric Appliances arc tent on 30 Days' Trial.
'<TV?0 are RtilTerlnir from Nitnvora Drjinmr. til
>V l.nst Vitality, I.ack of Nkuvr Kohck axd a<
Vioon. V.'ASTIXO WkaUSCH-su*. nnd nil lltusftdlM-oHrn ??y
of n l'C?"?aVAli Natuii* muiltini; from Ani'SM and
UT!ir.:t Oaitrk*. hix'oly rwllnf &nd cumplvto rwto- '
Yhe granite* t itUnnfcry of iho Nineteenth Century. M
?' oncofvr lll'-wtrjitwl J'wnphlrl /roe. AddrOM 1
'<011610 JUT CO.. MftHSHAU, MICH.
STAMtLlttG a
A victim ol youthlnl iinprudcnco ca?*iu? i'rotnv f.
lure Decay, Kurvoun Debility, J/)ik .M#nho?xl, etc., a'.
oa^iniJ tried i:i vcic owry known remedy, lias UI?- in
covend n ?i?ni>lu eelt euro, which ha will send HIKE rt?
to hlo follow.Kmlim-r*. address .li (!. KKEYFA Ol
.!!< '!.? I It jt iti M? N.
Is trado-mar 1;?, copyriglita. u'to.jfor tw
3 fl2 83 thoTJnitud Htntfjg, nnd to obtain patrJfrt
^ in Otwda, Kntfliuul, Franco,
I cosA B Oormaiiy, ami all othor enimiriuH.
kcc=rsa Thirty-six your??Vj>ntdico. No _
hargo for examination of models or draw- ijh
uyu. Advioo by mail free.
l'aUmta obtained' through wiarqnniiccd in on
ho SCIENTIFIC AJIKHICAN, \vbicb ba:i 1
ho lafKoak, ^irpulution/and in lhamont iutiuntial
nowiipapor'bftto kind published in tlto or
rorltl,' The BUvantngOHofKUchaiioUco every
intoiiton undorntamlH.'
Thin lari?M Mul ppliMHU?U.V illustrated nowa>ajiPplnjiul?!lhUed
WX3KKr?Ytttt3.2flaycar. 1
inlh admitted to l>o tho beat papor /lovotcu re]
OHcioQco, !iicchDiiioB,in'vontio!iH,cngincoViiic. =
rorks, and otlior donartnionts of
irogrcsfl, publialiod fit nrw country, (jinglo ?
opt08 l>y ranjl, 11 jicatai 'Hold by all uowa- t
l.tfr.lor*. J
A'-Uln^r., Mutin A- Co./pttbltolicra of Scjci^
ifiu American. 201 Jlroa?hvnyx >?e\v Y?rk, -1i
Handbook about pnt<mt4 ?>ntl?d froo. ^
ison& hamlin:
inn AM #|nrc certainly bejj.bjvlntf been jo r*
I n li Efl IfiS JkdecreeiUtcveryGrctttWorlcl**
3 IIMrtll W ln<liintrlnl Competition
or Sixteen Yearn: no oilier American (irtf#uu _
itvlmrtwn nt ntiy. Also CWt'uiii'xt. v
tylo 1(0 5 n^ixnnvefl; MifllcieRl (WUrijm&s ami power. IUti
best quality. {flrpoitwlttr?nrrwl and wular music X
i *clioolsur (amllfc6, niouly 822. Oiiclitiudr?**
tlivr wIylOH a( R0. W7. W. tfi, *7*. IM, UW, HI I to . QJ
iOOmltluj), * The hiretrttult* qrc vho(tvu?ri\<thii >?
nvithcrorzaui. tur yp*y Vv*yiUCiit?. New IUuk- w,
'iuVMAFjON & HAM UN Orvnn ntui JMniio Wl
hi.. Uf Treinont St..llnMoii; 10 E. Ulli Ml.,Ncw }ork;
IJ Wnliasb Ave., Chicago.
l.nr*,. I.l.t CUNS amiN0V ELT^S T? O C C T
ofnu .tatini.chns.Folsom.N.Y.t-t'yr rfcBiR \
jm ftffiSTSiMjr {
mMi1 'til5'le,, 1ueen Safety lamps
ftnil other tiouwliold nrtlclen. ?
' *} ThobcstHclllnii article* ever nut I
Js&S&fij) on Jb',Qftrke^ , for HtMPfW*
rr w\ TWWi? iUo "
6L|PPE<? WI'F'C CO.,
(tCwrtto.) " .
So. 60 Wit! nut Ntrcut, Cincinnati, l>, 1
v?i?? ; ; w)l
A CS-Ki 3!
389 w TIim <l*'Clvinu lc? inuk? money ?
w mis i aUautlnnsilnmlnvcstuiunti
. ii> wrJHJ. pjovisi.m and stock
CpK, fi *. can do fin by opertfei
Si ntinson oui'plan. From May Jst,
v* *> ls.Sl. to tlio prencnt ilnte. on in- t
a'?ntuicntH of ilu.oototf l.<mo,cnt?h
"WHVAT profit? luivo boon realised and \
paid tn Investors nnwrnuiinw ?o "
i _ u-vorai tunes too urcuiutd in-,"C&T- MV
mi'ut, ?till luiivios vUfWtnial fn- ^
TvC~- abul'iii ih>;iuiud. Eviilhufttory ctr am
* ouUra ani RtutomoniHof tuudV
milt frro. Wo want.ir?j>on?lble ~z.
Jluun,J who will rniKirt on crop* f
. and lulroduco tli? plan, Liberal 1
counnle* ons nalil. A?idrn;^,
?P. ?ffi|^$ixsaSte; u.
. In itylcs that cau't be beat, at thg Dally lnVjljencer
Job Office.
faithful rtnd beautiful location. UNKqi'ALKD INVtttnnd
Cheuj*?t Cot/'pcnnri only fir?t-cla?l *2
til A Stnte. LAR!tK|t?l'l(ACTICAL,TllOMQVOtl, 1
111\ ihould write at once. Ea*\i of Accttt J
b'nr rntalojfue*. eitcn-^% fit a f PltE*
ricmlntiton, W.Vn. UULLtUCl
. '? DRY 000D3. n
? i
: ; si i
>/ en
. r IN~0F?
V.11 X>Opill'l MiGlltS. IM
Co I
2 Ix
-AND- S?
! _v
AlN J3A11LY ?t t
be I
In i
a /ss jv? I
srues & (loiter, j
1132 Main St. -r
oc2 i?
I he public is icquented carefully to notice the
w and enlarged Scheme to be drawn Moutbly.
inpital Prize, ' ^75,000
1'ickcts Onlj $5. Shares in proportion.
Louisiana Stale Lotiery Company, 7;
Incorporated In 1568, for 25 years, by the Leglula XT
re for educational and charitable purposes?with
atpital of 81,000,OC*)? to which a reserve fund of 1
jO.OOO ha* since been added.
By au overwhelming popular vote, Its franchi e tjCi
ui made a part of the present State Constitution,
opted December 2, A, 1). 1879. I
ilta only Lottery ever voted on and endorsed by
e people of any slate, -fT
It never scules or postpones t\
It* grand tdngle number drawings will take plucc **
A splendid opportunity to win a fortune. Tenth .
and Drawing. Class ]., at.NEW ORLEANS,
JKat)A.V, N??VEMBEH 14, lS82-130th Moutlily "
'airing. Look nl the fallowlugKcheme, under the
cIurIvo supervision and management. of (JEN. g. h
BKAUUEtf AHD.of Louisiana, and UEN. JUBAL =
KARLY. of Virginia, who manage all the drawB?
of this Company, both ordinary aud teml*
nnal.andnttest the correctness of the published -mliclal
Lists. IN
CIAl'ITAIi lMtl'/i:, #73.000.
>0.000 Tlcketu at Five OolJnr* Each.
JKruvtlouH, in FIIIIin In Proportion.
1 Capital Prize ?. - J75.010
1 Capital Prize 'Z5.0CQ
1 Capital Prize . lO.OCO
2 Prizes of 16,000 ?.. 12,(X*
5 Prizes ol '2,000 10,000 ?
[0 Prize* of 1,000 10,000 J
iO Prizes of 600 10.0C0 the
)0 Prizes of aoo 20.000 c
W Prise* Ol 100 SO,000 c
? Prize* of 60 25,000 '
JO Prizes ol, 25 '.5,000
amroxisution rtu?u. o
9 Approximatiou Prizes of ItfiO JG.7M ?-1
9 Approximatiou Pita* ui 600^ 4.610 -r
9 ApproxIm&Uou Pjizc* o! *250 ~ 2,250
*>7 Prises, amounting to..... 8205,500 til
^pplicutlous lor rates to clubs should be nude Ufl
ly to the ofUee of the Company in New Orleans.
For further Information, write clearly, siving full
dicta. Bend orders by express or registered letlcr,
money order addressed only to ?
M. A. DADrniN, J
New Orleans, L*. 0
G07 8evenU\ str?>t, Washington,, D. C.
S. B.?Orient a(Mr?*ed to New Orleans will re
Ive prompt attention, ocU-wwaw in I
TlYnHANfiT?. u'iVxr" " ~~ 1
!i 2T =
.FITAL. I200.00C
N, President "ID
xuk, Lacbhuh Vlcc-l^ldeni r
N. Vance, a Horkhelraer, P'
Uughlln, W. Kliiiicham, 'V
a DoUpUln, A. W. Kelly.
hu K rc ff i [i
o? JOJTN J. JOKES. Cubtcr. *or
* A
JITAL. ... - ?4175,00(
e. A. hcrr ~ Vmldent C?K
<. B. Sntrton .. .. .....Vloo-IVuddent &CB
Doca & Gonoial Bunking Bojdneoi
dimcwm: f)
n. A. Isett, 1 Wm. B. Blmpaon, ?
A. Miller, I John K. Botoford, *T^
M. Adam*, I Victor Eoscnburg. I
mryBpcycr, I
ntU V. P. JEPfiOW. Cmhltr. 0
*THlN[l WFST." S
- ? J
t is a first elasa Agricultural paper, published ?
ul-XKouthly. All who fcend us tnclr sufacrtptlon
ill to cent*, between now anil December In*. Wfe
Unend thera the paper nutll Jmiunry Ut. JRS1. ?
tnple coplrs, contHlnliiK Premium LUt*. ?cnt free A
implication. Address "81 UTII AND WEST," "
I N. Sd treet, St. LoiiIk. Mn. neJt
Information! ^
1\KAVEU UATttaio all tho rase In l'ARIS J. }
d Np\CYORK, and arc awfully (tylUh. No lady
mid be without ono. They ate rcry l>cconi|u/t
J can be had In ?11 shapes and C0\O|& J. J
: ua?MVf mw j oh
BATTLE ANfl lidO FEED l'. 1
J ' O:
Far Sale Cheap.
heeling O'rupc" Sujjar anil Refluiug Co. Ii
Secretary 3
J 3TATK3, for the District of Wen Virginia,
Ldrrrllflrrlwmnclotficrt, "j
v*. VTn AJmltnUy,
Ptcambout J. 8. Neil. )
Fy virtue of n wariant of wlo l*?ued In the ?bovu
Uitlcd cau?e, by the Honorable John J. Jack!i,
Judeoof the District Co jri, and to me direct*
1,1 bIittli, on Tuoidiiy, the Hth day of November,
, d., 1??2. tn-rlimltip ht 10 o'clock a. m. of that
ty, jirocced to self* ut the Part of W heeling, wlicro
enow lies, tbe Meumbwit J. 8. Neul, her boiler
id engines, tackle, outfit, ftprarel aud furniture,
reraa of wlc, auh.
a "W'g&.
[MtUSl'KK'S 8 A I.E.
iiipton to tlic undersigned Trustee,'dated tbo
nth day of December, a, 1)., 1S77, and iccordul
ihuolileeof the Clcik cf the County I'ouit of
ilo county, Went Virginia, In Deed of Trust ltook
>. 13, imikc '27.%, 1 will u-11 at the fiont door of Uio
mrt Hounoof Ohio comity, on
muunclnunt ten o'clock a. m., the follpwli gdeilbcd
real estate, to wit: All the t If lit, title nud
tcrotcif the raid John II. blai|?on In uud to lol
tin bored one hundred nnd four oil the north ?ldo
(May Meet, In tho city of A\ hcclltie, Ohio ituii*
u*c?t Virginia.
n?i? is tellcveil to lie kcimI, but fellingu> IruMeo
rill convey only the title vented lu uie.
rerws ?f bale?UaAh.
l.lirUN 1'OQK.Trmteo.
J 8TA1 &J, for the UUtrlci of Win VirKtuU.
Larry llari l.-oti nml others, V
vh. Vln AihuiiHlly.
Bteambo.11 J. 8. Keel, J
H conformity with an order enter* <1 In i ho above
crftiK'cu the'tftii tiny of October, A. I).,
a, directing that thin cauwi ho referred toonoof
Uouinlrtlonewef naltl District t,\mri to nscer*
n the MiMiuu respectively duo to the libelants
(1 rih|MiiHletiU, together with their inlotllle*:
o, to u'|Kirl any other mxttvror matter*deemed
rtlnent by h?U1 commlvloner or required by any
rllci In Interest. Aul furllier illrteunu that the
I (Jomrabhloner Mmll, ivfoiu tnoceedlnK to tako
ihuwunt.Klvo tUtecu<hi)?iiubllo notice of the
u? ami itlftiu of takltiK the Mine. Notice In heretclveil
that thi! rcfeienee ho ordered will tie j?ro-'
Hlctl with before me at my otlloo nt the Ctmom
tine, In the t'ity of Whcellnic, on thu 14th day of
vember. A. D, It.vi, ntDnVlsck a. h. ot that
), at which tl uml place nil jctrtlen In IntereM
! hereby notified to Htteml with the icrtlmony
y may have lo oiler In the tnnltt nt referred.
<?3 0, 8. (?oinmlHvhnifr.
lyvlr'uoofa Deed of Trust dated April 11ll),
I, nml jetorded In the otlkuof the Clerk of tint
,mty Court of Ohio county, Went Virginia, lit
u'd of Triut Hook No, 17, page .Mft, 1 nil), on
rUKDAY. NOV KM UKR'Jft, lKW.ut No. 17:tl Marstreet,
Wheeling, West Virginia, soil.at public
!tl?m tliu following tie rribctl property, to-wlt:
Uto Washington Hand l'rlnilng I'rciet, ilzeof bed
'M incite*.
inu lUbcock Job Priutlng I'ress, size of elm: o
0 Inchfs.
even Stands rf Typo?100 muta?including a
mtliyof largo type, ?if both tnetal and wood,
on number of ntttal and woodcuts, aud other
lures belonging to n printing otllco.
kkjis ok H.\t.K?Cnsh; or, for sums of thirty dob
1 and over, ninety dny?' time will be given, the
rchasergiving interest bearing notes with ap>
ved seeurlty.
he pniperty tan be Ken at the West Virginia
Well and teal Woiks of A. T. laMor, No. 17:!1
rket street, Wfcoollmr.
WU.IIAM l'.EtKINK, Trustee.
'llKr.l.lNd.Ott'. 21 1SV.I. (H-.'.ri w
f virtue of r decree of the County Court of Ohio
mty, W. Vh , untile November ft. 15711 in the suit
Ininceiy then therein pending between Thomas
.ians. 'omplalnunt, ami Jurat's S. Wheat, Kli.'uIt
J. Wheat and Stanley II. Wheat, defendants,
undon-igneu Commissioner iiintcinti-i ?>v ?uiit
rce for the purpose, will, on
ho front door of the Court Houtw of Baldcounly,
unencing ?l ten o'clock a. m., sell hi public aue*
?. the north half of the lot of urnnnu numbered
four) in thCMpmre numbered 15 (ilfucu) on the
tof that part of ihe city of Wheeling in tald
nty, knAvn ?s Middle A heeling, which half lot
it* on the Hist bide of Chajdiuo, (formerly
uilt) street, with (he buildings and Hppurteice.s
eitms orSAi.K.?1'J ho pu-clnucr to pity in hand
i-thlrd of the purchtNi money, ?nu such further
* as he inn v.elect, atd the bnlunce in equal In*
HmontK-ul nine and eighteen months, with in*
>?t from thu day of sale: bondn with >ecurlly to
ipprpved by tiie Commissioner, t? be given for
avlerred iiinUiUmeutf, and (he title to be reled
until the i ay men t of the purchase money
Special Coj.mlN<>louer.
ond and sceuiity ha? been given by mid Com*
wiener iu> requited by law.
^ S. It. McCOLt.OwH. C!?-rk.
^011 SALE.
IteiiiAvny l3ia.no,
tell soon.
?20 1H2 Mnln Street.
'iunos Tuned anil Repaired 011 short 110??
Ten Cent Mnt>le,
tt muck. . M'??lc jit Half I'rlce.
LL MUSIC nt rcdiiml mice#.
1U810' BUOKS ut reduced pi ices,
M Twelfth St.. Wm-h|||gi<iii Hull.
WALL I'Al'KIt ami
'he largest stock and best assortment in
iold retail at wholesale prices by
Joseph Griivos,
clll I'll TWBI.Kfll 8T.
edding or Birthday Present!
n HlORBiit PluMi orSenbliln I'lioto Album,
r a llamUome and Stylish Sho|>i>ii>u Sntcliel.
r If you want to do "miiicUiinghandsome,"
nil Ru?la lleilble binding, in olc-gimC Cufcila
oiler the lollowiuK artlelcs to cIokc :
uct r.nckcts(tlti) roc
i smne^DItiner l'liuea, jrnr ?ct I2t?
ithiK Hottle# .. lev
ous J']?u>tcis worth It'o. 10c
W 1< Twelfth Street. "
1 Squares, Triangles, Straight Kdgo.v,
les, Drawing Paper, I.hjuid, India Ink,
, itc., at the
cU) K. U NIC'OLL, Agent.
me % Dry Plate Outfit with 6 Extra Ilohlvery
Cheap. .1 ust the thing for unuiteur?.
iryone their own photographer.
100T) Mnin Street.
isurance Company?,
n M. Brown. j John Frew.
!X.Uing. J.A.Miller.
'.lttuU I A. 1). Seamon.
George Wise.
Miller - President.
?r?^'. " " " ^ce ^'fCJiident.
15. Dobbins Secretary.
IIIcjo 11U 8 Mtti'lcct Stroo.t
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