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our GOODS.
Tficlr fc'ccond Pureliwc of
Silks, Satins, Velvets
PI.1ISHRR and mm
i iiuuituu uuu yiuu MU
of tin) tuuat Celebrated Makes.
A\ ti A l'S !
Clonki*, Jacket?, Dolman*, tllslerett 8. In
liotli Cloth and tihk, In all the prevailing
Having the largest lino of Blankets In
white and colors, we oiler extraordinary bartrains
from $2.00 to $12.00.
Our Notion line is well assorted with the
Intent styles In Hosiery, Underwear, Glovts,
?tc., it.'. ,
A. Siedenbach & Bro.,
1104- IVIain Street.
?H31 ?
?/riv nn vnn nnv
nii i uu iuu DU i
Your Cloaks and Dolmans
when you can goto the Manufactii'
rer?* mid make jour selection.
j-iiS to ajji."5 Suyed
lly Ihiylng VourCloak f.ow tut.
Over2,003 Cloak# In flock, varying in i>riocs*ulth?jIo
to the wealthy mid the |>oor, ui piicta to meet
the i iirt'!nsor'i? jnu>e.
I.vory (fariiiciit warranted perfect At end/lr*telasn
Our Style* nte nil our own. Our Wood* nre all
Fresh kiiiil i\e.v. No (iamieut carried over troin
H.'H-SOUli }l*ht.
Udu'K, when out hopidr.Kdo tot fall to call and
examine our (,'l.O.vKS.
Comprises all the latest hud leading mikes in tbc
country. In Meiltio mid all wool; In white, colI.rmI
.l>i I rl.il fur I IM.I1.I_... .....1 tu
Hpot:l<il lUrKutn* Iti this ccpnitnjeiit for this comIns
a mutt cordial invitation Uextended to one and
nil to call at
Cloak Hous?, 1106 Main St.
Factories, 531 Markvt Street, l'hlln'delphla.
oo% A Walker Street. New York, _
Clonic Rooms,
18 ELEVENTH ST., Bet. Main & Maiket.
Wo iire now prepared " to offer to the Wholegale
unit Ul-ihII 'I rude the litrK^ht mid most varied Meek
of <.'limits, Dolmans, Jackets, Ulster', UlMerettes
ninl circular* In the city. Our two cloak Rooms
nio ailiil with the very Mtc-t style.*, and are being
ii*l?leubhe?I almost daily, which we ure keiiinif
cheaper than any house In the trade.
We offer the following an specif Ities:
/.0 (iootl Cloaks at S- W
!H heller i.Jiutksnl ".*?
lo) All Wool Clanks at 0 f:ll
Si All Wool Dolman* 10 UO
% " " ; 12 50
r? if. to
? " ' WW)
Ii " " 20 CO
M " 2.'?CU
Z'i riiik Circular), fur lined, at S25.0J, which arc
Wurlli Si'i IK'. <
('too*! call ami >eo iliea. So (rouble (o &Ito\r
tli'tm whether you buy or not.
'?*) MhuV i.IohUh. comprising the handsomest
collection ever seen Iti the city. Our Uknercttc for
ulrU fur four to sis years of age. h'. S.I and 'Jo, are
u for the price, and our "Itebceca" Jacket, all
wtvol. for ladles, must be seen to be nporeclated.
??r-ltemembfr the Store Uoa KhEVKN 1 11 ST.,
?h'<iri?iTiniil tVard Market. oc!7
OUI? c>: Kos.'JO untt 27 Fourteenth Mreei,
-Vew Aavcriijeiiicam, '
To landholders. - "
l'itbbtirgii, Wheeling A Kv. JL It. Co.
"Wanted? Situation us Housekeeper.
Agents Wanted for Mother, Home tttvl
J leaven.
Wanted?Oinlng-Room Girl.
Knr Sale?Bonds and Kail Stocks.
Tufacc 1'itrlor Cuul Vases.
Notice?Hen Franklin Council No. 2. 0.
IT. A. M.
Straw Shopping Hags?W. S. llutcblns.
U in. J. Xeabitf, Hrick Muson.
Wanted?Shipping Clerk.
Kngravingi*, Engravings.
K. C. IlUltrS Women's Fine Shoes.
Alho, Cox, Young & Uurdtii'r's .Men's lino
Mioi'H, nil guaranteed. Also a large line
of medium grade Shots, at ? ;.. i
J. W. AMLCK'iJ, . '
1118 Main Street.
HOW do you feci these crispy mornings
without an Overcoat? Come around to
the sTAK; we have everything new and
. lVesh; will make you feel comfortable in
boily and poeUet.
1). (JUXDLLVtJ & CO.,
, k?N> Twelfth Street.
'111K usual merchants'laucfi at UioXow
Mel.are House Sample Itooms daily.
Tiicriitom?ler. Itcuortl.
The following shows the range of the thortn
nutter, iw observed at Schnepl'e drugstore,
Opera Hotu>a corner yesterday:
JKSi: 1S?2 '
7 ?. K. I?. V. 3 P. W. 7 P M | 7 A. U. l?s?. 3 P. X. 7 P. M
CO 'Oil Q'l 6S I 62 70 tit 57
k< ,f. ... INDICATIONS. ,; . :l
WAHiiiSGTQS, 1). C., November 2, 1 x, m.?
Fur Tennessee and the Ohio Valley, cloudy
weather with light stationary or lower temperature,
northerly winds, liigh pressure.
For tho Lower Lake llegion, clearing
weather, northerly winds, stationary or lower
temperature, higher pressure. ~
I.cftcr Carrier."** Itriiuii.'
Chief Clerk lloury Myers, of the I'ostoftice,
furnishes the following report'of tho work
done by the letter carriers during.the month
of October:
ur.uvr.ii?:!>. .
UiidstouHl k-ttcr* &C9
Mil11 letter* - "I,If.
l>ni|i letters.... . 5,0:11
I?rii|? |KMUb< .... ............ ...... 4,SSI
l'ajitfW - IC.'.TS
Tout...'..~. ms.'-ti'
Mull Lcttcnu GI.8M
letters ::,425
ivi?ors : 10.12s
Total !OO.aa
Total pieces lumiUcd 2'il,W
J ?icrviu*i ovyr OcloU'/,-. 1SSL.-44 itybTJ
llor*rorti'* Aciil PIioWjiIhiIp, in l)j*.
Francis IT. Atkins, A. A. Stirge<?o, U. S.
A.,snys: ''For dyapcjWn. whether in the
loan or corpulent, In nervous debility and
in nl^lit Rwents of consumption. it haa com*
monly uJveu speedy baneflc, and sotue of my
army friends are quite enthusiastic about it.
, rrhww
From nil Section* or the.l'lij- ami VI*
Tins la All Souls'
^AjrctVgft* house!? being ?r?ted at the Tdp
YiumnAV wm payday for thV'clty "employes.
Tiik tlr.st cost was made at the Top Mill
blast furnace yesterday.
A MR.SMiTitflateof Froalburg.Md/, Is tho
new Ftt|?erlntcndent of the UeJmont blast
UorrsiA.i tfc Pox ore receiving Innuense
shipments of tanbark at their South Side tan*
nery this week.
Two mora marriage licenses were Itsued
yesterday, nno to a colored couple and the
other to whites,
Tiik General Wheat property, on Chapllne
street, neur the Court house was sold y ester*
diiy bv Auctioneer 1 taller toQcorge Mathews,
for $5,010. . - .. : ?
Vkstitni'av P. .W. C. Carrol & Co; .commenced
the building of the new Lallellemlll.
The structure Is to bo entirely of Iron and
will bo pushed to a speedy completion.
A nkat rail has been placed about two
feet from (hocuses, tho entlro length uf the
public library, The library and reading
room still continues to be popular. Over
nine hundred'books aro out at present.
A nkw vein of coal bus been dlscpvcrcd In
Chapllne HIU. The discovery was made In'
Crumbacfter'a mine, : whldli Is beyoUiV tbe
Creek Mill."* The vein Is a" four foot one and
the quality of coal Is excellent. It is
said to be liner than atiy yet found hereabouts
and burns splendidly.
Tub Washington Counts Agri<?itUural
Society, at their meeting at Washington, i'u.,
on Tuesday, took steps towards purchasing
larger erouiuls. This Is considered necessary,
I.t II... .?.?
ent grounds during tho past few year*! 'J.
W. McDowell was re-elected President.
CoNSiDituiit.rc complaint is made of {ho
mutilation of the paper on bill boards about
the cily, as well n$ the occasional injury of
tho boards thenwlve%by mtschlcvoua boy#;
Mr. SlmllcroM, the owner, does not like to enforce
the law, which is extremely severe, becau&oo!
the irresponsible aw of tho oDenuw.
but forbearance has ceased to be a virtue, and
parents will possibly ''save trouble and expense'^by,
cautioning their boya. (i
Tut Jfotlutaiu Lake Park A680ciatIou? hot
being prepared to*undertako (he work*of
constructing tho lake this season,- a company
of gentlemen of this city and elsowhore, in*
terested In thesuccejhof tlie new resort, have
offered to build the lake and take building
lots In payment. The work Is now going on
rapidly, and next summer's visitors will llnd
a beautiful sheet of mountain water, twenty
acres in extent, with boat houses ami boats,
walks and drives, etc. 4
The unit of Sophia 8warsb.\ch against the
Ohio Valley Protective Union to recover an
insurance policy, pf $2,000 on the llle of her
deceased husband', will be put on trial this
morninc in the Muniifitml (i??nrf tr> iiw? fnt.
lowing jury. J. M. Todd, Knoch Hall, J) Iv.
Irwin, John A. Lash, John NV. Horing, Win.
If. II tiller, Charles 11. Hehler.tlleury J ones,
M, (hitman, Joseph' Graves,'Daniel Whitehead
and Christian lies*.. W." K. Hubbard
represents the plalntitl'and II M.ltttssell and
Hubert White ihe defendants.
Is coining out of the house yesterday morning
in re.'ponso to tlie tire alarm iounded
from Ihe corner of Tenth and Market streets,
hook and ladder company No. L met with a
slight accident. The snap connecting the
rein to the bit of one of the horses broke, and
the strain coming suddenly on tho other line,
i the animals sweivod suddenly and the forward
wheels striking Ihesideof the door tore
out a portion of the woodwork. A double
tree chain was also broken,. The,breaks were
repaired with straps in a jiffy and away they
' went on tiiuo as usual. . , ^
Ci.kp.k I Took yesterday admitted to record
two deeds of trust und two deeds in fee. The
latter aro as follows: Deed made OcU SI,
1882, l>y Wm. Porter und wife, to Margaret,
wife of John K. Coen, in consideration of
$300, for a tract of land in Pleasant Valley,
tbis county, on IvJgington's lane, containing
one-fourth of an acre. Deed made Oct. !>1,
18S2, by William Porter and wife to James
Alonzo Porter, in consideration of $150, for
one-eiglith of an acre of ground on. Judgington's
lane. In both of thesa deads Samuel J,
Hoyd releases any thirU* he liiay have on
the proi>erty transferred.
, Six additional suita for '$10,000 cach were
recently brought in the Municipal Court bv
Caldwell tfc Caldwell, attorneys "for John 8.
Kobiuson, ndiniui?trator of? the estates of
Lincoln Wright," BenjaminW.' Stebbin?,
Joseph llbaman, Kugene Trainer, 8tophen
Kent and Kmraa Maria Booth, ns|. the
Wheeling, Pittsburgh & Cincinnati TransportatiotiCompany.ownereofthesteamerScioto,
and Cant. inglebright, owner af the John
Lomas, ihosums claimed being'dau|agcs for
the loss of the lives of,tho parlies' mined by
the famous S'cfoto disaster, on the fourth of
last July. Several othir stiit$ it is wid,%ijl
bo brought. .Ti is & \ V k 8
Tub Cumberland DailyXnr.i has ibe following
about the lady railroad evangelist who
was recently here: "Agentleman residing in
Wheeling has given Miss Jennie Smith :i lot
of ground at Mountain Lake Park, under the
proviso that she shall erect a cotfa^e on it.
This being the case the -Baltimore,'A Ohio
employes pro'pose^'to provide tho; fuuila for
ihe bouse hyjlollar subscriptions. An erroneous
re port "appeared in a 1' rederiek paper to
the effect that the Baltimore A Ohio radroad
hai presented Miss Smith a house and lot,
and this the Baltimore <fc Ohio otlicials desire
to correct, as it was having the eH'eot* of dc
u-rruig Buoseripuous ior IIJU UOUoe/'r \ \ ? ;
Tuiaiuv evening a very prinfuU accident,
.the result of some Hallow K'en
prank it is supposed, occurred at Kim Grove,
by which Fritz Miller, a .thirteen-yenr old
son of L Miller, a shoemaker in Kast Wheeling,
lost the sight of his right eye." Forsou^
time past he has been employed at Harvey's,*
out tiic National road, and had become a
general favorite .with all who knew him.
'luesJay night lie called at William Chani- .
ben' for some purposo, ami was standing in
.lie yard talking to Mrs. Ghambora, who was
on the porch, when a piece of barrel bending
came sailing through the air, the sliacp edge
cutting direutly through', lihe;boy'$ieyu ball.*
It is supposed the board \vfts thrown l>y boihq
boys for fun.' Yesterday^ii/ternoon, the eye*
having.been found'to be useless, it was removed
by l)r. Hnrdcsty, assisted by ?o:no
brother physicians. '
A cbrtificatb of incorporation Ws yestcr- '
clay iiwucd by ihe'SccrctnrHif State to arnm
natty to ba" known as tlic Gallipolis and" i
Huntington Daily Packet Company, formed
for the purpose of running .one or, more j
steamboats on tlio Ohio river bfetwcen'GalJlr :
pall*, Ohio, and Huntington, West;!Va\ for
the transportation of passengcre and {fndght.
The principal ofjlco of'tho corporation is to
be kept at Huntington, on the wharf boat. ,
ami the charter expires in It)it!, 'i'lm aiin of 1
$7,500 has been Bubscfibed fi*)rithe,))ijrpo?e of
forming the corporation", and ten J>rij?ent of i
this has been paid inj and the privilege Is re- ,
served of increasing 'tlie capital stock by
wins of additional shares from time to time ,
to tiiu sum uf $-0,000 in all. The shares are |
$10 each, andthe porporafors a^o wtll k'iio'wn \
gentlemen of thoiyo Sbito*. Jivili^'alou'fijtlife >
proposed lineof transportation;;w ^\
Tills Standard base ball club, or its mana- ,
Her,, Mr. English, sonic, tUno ^igo arranged .
with the manager of tho Bubkeye club, (of 1
Columbus, for two mafthgames,;to be played' ,
here, guaranteeing them a3 their ahpj-e of tl>6 |
receipts, $150. Instead of the Htickoye club, 1
tho manager brought & picked ninp here. 1
composed of three of the Columbus bove and 1
six.of tho members o^thoj-'a^orjtc. oluh.oj .
Newport, a mufclrinferior orgao'iiatlon jp (Ue
Buckeyes. The tirst jfcame, onMondavi was
so poor asto'dfegua't the pit blip, {arid}luo[attendance
on" Tuesdays was'incngre in the ex- H
treuie. In consequence of such a fiasco, the
Standards did not feel liko paying them the
mini guaranteed,- and there was no just repson
why they should doso tinde? the circumstances.
They did (jive them $75, much more '
than their fair proportion of.thpiireceipta at j
the gate. The.-vi.si tori objected
though it"was better treatment Jlialv they'd^ !
ierywli'und threatened venge$ncel(lfre iii!tho
shape bf au*r//M))> in the press.""They will
tcaicely be. so foolish, as.lo-involve -themselves
in a controversy whicji nmst result so '
disastrously to themselves/' *
Tint Mountain J.akc VarkJfcwiiffertoH06'
tobcr, just out, cays: "Dr. Logan's cottage, 1
"hrttoUc in design and anpenranen, and ,oc.
eupying u prominent ana elevated positron4,'
is'onaoftlio first objects to greet.,Ihc, eyes of i
visitors to the I^ark. One of the most impoB- i
ing structures on the ground !k tho largo and
elegant cottage of D.,C.Jjist. jr ,of Whecllug." .
Among the Jot owners who) have erected cot i
tages tlio Mcssewjcr names Maj. Alderaou; i
Miss 8. J. Alcliollin, 1). C. List, jr., C. W.Conner,
Key:' J. II. M ul ford,1 Kev. K. W, Ilyan, ?i
U, 8. HawJml fAWustfn.t pr: Itoxnn<pt,tUln i
cily; llev; 0/ P. Masdcn, of 8i'r4]}ton, I'a; C.' ;l
H." lJeall. of Brooko county: Rov. f. B.
Hughe*, o( Morgautowji; Bardall &AVcayev? j
llcv. Yfyit. Alexander, Iter.-J. A. FuHerfon, |
of MouttdcrJJle: Hon. -W. H. Tarr, of Wells- i
burg, and Mrs. Jy. Ji. Carr, of Fairmoni,* "K.
I'.-Jlhodp.s and.W. T. tfrahapi. of liridgeporl; W,"
A. Wilson. R. K. Friend, p. A. allller, I
John Ualllo, of (his city; TTT W. Smith, of i
Martin's Ferry; 8. JV^fcOormick, of Grafton, ]
!, : : ?: 'i V ' " I r J. I
. i
4 .'1 H mi
and 0. C. Slurglw, of Morgantown, *111 erect
cottages before the opening of next season.
8khvick8 appropriate to All Salnta' Day
were held ;yesterday In nil the Catholic
Churches of the city.
Tub Turner Society last evening Indulged
In a pleasant social hop at their ball on Mar*
ket street, above Tenth.
I.v the Alunlclpal Court yesterday a decree
was entered, for the aalo of real estate In the
cate of Jumna J. llouie and husband vs.
Catherine Morgan'and others, in chancery.
Tim main shear at the ftlverslde factory
broke lust evening, but by hard work Mr.
Dudley managed to have It repaired by nine
last night, ready to resumo work this morn*
A. 1). WoiiK.'of the Sixth ward, mourns
the loss of a bright little six year old daughter,
a victim of scarlet fever and diphtheria,
ller parents were much attached to her and
the loss is severely felt.
Tiik Interior of the Arion club building Ts
tWlUlini) niwl will l.? '
........... hi.u u\i auiiuaiijr U|IUWCU III'* I
Monday evening with a Krand concert, to lie
followed on Tuesday evening by a bull for
the benetlt of jnotuoera only.
Stxt Monday evening the recently organized
and 'Incorporated Arlon Society (old
'llaruionle-Mieuuercbor) will make its llrst
1m.w tn thu'iiublic and open ila club' house,
fcjrner of Alain and Twentieth streets, with
u grand concert, k A rare and attractive progiaiumohaa
been prepared, and a rich treat
may be expected,. Mrs. 0. AV. KoiT, Wheel
ing a charmingaoprano: Prof. Malmene, a recent
acquisition, and the Opera House Orchestra
will take part. There will ha several
solos rendered by members of the orchestra.
The opening of the Arion club will be the
leadlig event of next week.
Mit.MirrzNKU, one of the members of the
Klv'crside Kurnilure Co., called last evening
to call our attention to the following, taken
from yesterday's 'Industrial Matters" in tho
lifllirter". "The Riverside furniture factory is
running along full force, but have not a
great many orders on hand." Mr. M. Buys
he has orders on Ms books as far back as
September and plenty more are coming in
every day, The Jtyultr't industrial items by
tho way are "daisies," occasionally a local
one like the above is rung in, but the majority
are for the benelit of Pittsburgh and
Vourigstown reader?.
Last night shortly beforo one o'clock a cigar
drummer from Philadelphia atonpod in
the saloon of Itovcra <b Malatesta, anu setting
his satchel, tilled with valuable samples, on
the tloor, sat down to eat un oyster stew. H is
attention waa attructed to the front of the
Miloon, and when he looked back
his valise was gone, lie at once went to polic&headquartersand
informed Capt. Dennett
of the theft. Pete Sweeney and several of
his pals had been in the saloon before the
valise was missed, and had disappeared simultaneously
with it. They were found by the
Chief in a neighboring saloon, and when
wreiuencd with arrestBweeney accompanied
the Captain to where he had concealed the
stolen property. The owner could not remain
in the city to prosecute the theft, and
went on rejoiced at the recovery of his samples.
. A. new movement, with promise of success,
has been inaugurated for another window
glass factory, l.t lain the hands of parties
who.are amply able to promptly put the enterpriseon
its feet,, and we think we hazard
nothing in saying that it will be done. Another
UJnt. glass factory is also incubating,
with fair prospects of success. t Wo have bce:i
informed that the firm of Muring & Hart, of
this 'city, have been compelled to purchase
largo -quantities of glass of'different kinds
from factories at Martin's Ferry, Wbeellug
and^eliqwhere. because they could not get
the glass oflMlaire-fictorieB in sutficient
quantities to fill (heir large and increasing
orders.' Another hew window house, a bottle
house and a table ware house herecould find
a ready market for all the goods they could
make, ahd the capital ought to be found to
build theiu without delay.?Helluire Tritium.
Chief* Hkisei, took a walk around last
night to*-take In the balls that were being
held-in the public halls. He went.to City
Hall and took in the Yellow Dog Social and
found everything inovitigsmoothly and from
there went to Turner Hall, where the "tiocial
'Five" were holding forth, and while the
crowds were large they were pretty orderly.
But it was noticed that as soon as the girls'
saw the Chief they got tired dancing
and wanted to go' home and
'many of them got away from the
hall us soon as possible. The Chief said that if
the raid had not taken nlnrn Inst uwl
would have been excursions by boat from
Stcubcnvillc. Wheeling and Bellatre, to take
in the one at City Ilall, and thinks it is about
as well for the city that they did not come.?
I'HUliiryh lehilcr. Not ' Yellow Dog" excursions
from Wheeling, Captain.
WKIftUKK IIKK <111 l.l.E,\GKI>.
The M'lnticr of llie l.iiftt ltoat Race
Wanted by I'laistod.
Yesterday morning'* Cincinnati L'nyuiccr
In its sporting column has the follow! tig:
Mr. Fred Walstod, the well known oarsman,
who Is plxying a week's engagement at the
Vine Street Opera House in a club-swinging
act, called at this ottlce last evening and said
that as Wcisnerb'tr, tb'c West Virginia sculler,
had proved himself to he such a good man,
he would like to givebhn a trial himself. lie 1
was quite anxious to meet Weisgerber, aud
authorised the Ihouiret to cliallonge the latter
to a three-mile nice, to be rowed two
weeks from s'gniug articles, for from ^SCO to
$1,000 aside.
I'laistcd said tliht ho would row him either
at St. I.ouisor Pittsburgh. If he (i'laistcd) i
went to the latter city ho would want ex- i
pepsoi,"whereas he would give them if Wei*- i
gerber. would go to 8t, LouYa."1
: During the early portlqn of tho evening
Wiisgerber was not to be found, llis friends '
said that he was still up the river, and was to
Have been home yesterday morning, as lie
waa to resume work to-day at his old Job in
the B .& 0. shops. His friends did not think ,
that tie would row, owing to the lateness of
tjie season, and. the fact that he has ac- 1
ceptcd Ids old'job for the winter. About 9
o'clock, however, several of his backers in the .
lA'.e contest; with Briceland got together at
Scinlin's, and decided to send down to Weis- <
uerber'a home on the South Side fnr thp ??nr- ll
pose of ascertaining if he hud returned. He ;
was found,.and,about 11 o'clock joined his ,
friends at Scanlin's, and ihey proceeded to .
di?:u9s the matter. After some deliberation ;
th<j following-dispatch was sent:
UH Y2,5?oy.;l, 1882;. -t
piitciimaU Bigiiirer:-, $j .: -'is ,
K,if Plaisted mealis liusin&ss let liirn put.up '
u:furfcit of $500 for $1,000 a side; race toibe
rowed at Wheeling or PitUburgb. .Jt-!
j j v'rv.".'., ' ceo. w. m'euokhueit.
The opinion of those who were talking the
mutter over with "Fatty" last night was, that
FreilTliftst&J was mnking a big bluJK, and i
that he had no intention of rowing. Weitr
ierbersaid, "I came down from the "Wells- j
burg .course, to-day, and I propose going to
vru'fk again in ifc 0. shops to-morrow,
iriorning. I woulcTlike to row in about two
Dr [hfree weeksif(Plaisted accepts, but I don't J
think* ho .will." Every one seemed to have
coii/idence in WeisgorberVnbiJity. to down I
this variety stage performer, and one nian ?
said he coulitiiauie three others in the city
who c5u\d,d6'the, same. It is said Plaisted ]
andc refuiiaUo row Clator. t
JMaistcd originally comes from California.
tuv>u no uuuii) nub uiiu iwcxers 10 tits suiting ,
bo jho, wemito \New York.'1-He has rowed,
Ilanlon twice, heating .liim once, owing to J
Lhe breaking of the Canadian'soutrigger. He
ilsQ rowed onco with Kph Morris and was >
ilefealecj. rowed with varyipg sucr '
ifjsi in soyera! rogattfls. .
? AXOI Ill.lt LAM V I'M'I.OSIO.V, \
4lJ Young O'rl ?l Olpim'K JI?iu VutnUy
j> \ IJurw <1. c
Again ' is the press called on to rccord the
probable fatal explosion of a coal oil lump .
ivith the usual sickening and distressing de- I
tails. The victim"in this cnse is a 115 year.old J
daughter of J. G. Welshaws, a well known
iesidcnt of 'Richland district of this county, I
Who Jives tip 'Menu's run. whero he hus a t
Cfljll mine and ciuito a large dairy. Hp lives loiui
while t'A'Ofitory frame hoiisp a short 4isUiicc.up.the.run
and about four miles from j
the Top mill. > The horrible accident occqred j
nhout 8 o'clock Tuesday evening in this mqn* {
ncr; The girlbad been wording atithc sewing ?
mnohine, put} "poniething becoming wrong
with it lahp'- cqt t]o\p? ' on (he H'tyr i
In (order to get' under the mnnhtno l'
When on tho i Moor sho 'in somo i
way jarred tho niaclnno that, the laipp j
that sat on it vvai overturned. Falling it :
struck on bbrliead and 1-xploded, enveloping
tho) poor girl' in a sheet of tlatuo, ltelp
oaiue to her assistance immediately, but {Wfore
the blaze vcould; bo, extinguished tho c
girl (was most crueily'burned from the waist c
up, while lier lower limbs wore also badly c
blistered She had inhaled the flume, and i
raftered tho agpuy of, the damned. ,Her head, 3
b'Aek and breast were literally cooked. I)r.
Wilson wiis summoned as soon as possible, t
jljd'did all that could bo done to alleviato 1
Ihu paij). cirl was living yesterday \
ihfyrnlng, but wag nptexpoctcd toliveduriny c
[lie tiny, as it was holioved that her injuries J
were necessarily fatal. Tho girl was a very t
liriglit one.', auu pone that knew her will be ?
ible to 'Suppress n, shudder as they learn o( t
lier sad fate; L
Ncnmlalont RtorlM-nnil Tticlr Slight
Our renders are already familiar, through
tlio cards of various photographers published
In our columns, with the fact that on last
Suudny the ftegitltr published in^article
headed "The Nine Muses," In which the direct
charge was nude that nine young ladies of
Wheeling, of rcapcctablo parentage, had visIff
J a photograph gallery and had their pho*
togruphs taken iu scandalously scant attire.
Tho article even went so fur as to describe
some ot the position*, .and gave what pur*
ported to bo an Interview wlui tho photographer
who made the pictures. Very few of our
read era, however, are probably "uware that
the same story was sunt broadcast over tho
country in the ehone of special telegrams to
well known sensational papers, and has slnco
been still more widely copied. T c cruel
injustice of such a publication, even if it bad
been true in a measure, to the young ludies,
tut well as to the photographer* of thin city,
is apparent to any person of goodjudgment
and right Ituind. Hut whom as there is
reason to bclievo In true iu tula case, the
charges are founded on minor only, the
gravity of theolTonse will strike anyone. In
this connection we have received ,tuo following
Wiikkmnu, \V. Va,,'November 1.
Editors Intelligencer. ,
Again hat our community ken startled
by a gross fabrication, the handiwork of a
youn,; man who with a pencil.aud; paper
can write anything sensational, regardless of
whose character he is assailing.
This young man by his exageratlons has
caused a thousand heartaches and a thousand
tears to tl jw down the cheeks of nine innocent
girls, and of their mothers and Bister*;
giria wno nave me moral sense and pride not
to be guilty of such an act as tliey are accubed
of. 1 '
It iu true that thero was a picture taken ot
a group of girls, and we lfuve bud Ibis ]?icture,
a tintype, in our jwactfthn for some
time, and which we know furnished theaub<
ject for out young scribe's highly colored
This picture represents several of tfee girls
in the regular every-day costume, while the
others bavo boys' hats, a collar, necktie and
cont only, a picture that no ono need feel
ashamed of, and one that we would not hesitate
to show to any one outsido of a Register
reporter. We know this to be the only picture
taken of the accused girls, being well
acquainted with them and having thoroughly
investigated the mutter.
Messrs. Parsons, lligglns and Mylcs, aa
well us Messrs. Brown, l'tummer and Hurrii?,
men whom the people of Wheeling well
know, und whose word they cannot'doubt,1
nil come out in a card, even in bis, the |
young man's model paper, denying that they
were the photographer# of such a picture as i
was portruyed by the Jletjbltr. \
He says in yesterday's Ilegiilir that ifi
necessarv he will publish the photographer's I
name. . The above gentlemen are the only.
photographer* in Wheeling. Prom where is
our young man going to Halt u|i another one?
But we,are taking up the space of your I
most valuable and truthful paper, and we i
think it unnecessary to say any mure. All |
respectable and light minded people knowing
the accused girls, do not credit our young'
man's sensational story, knowing bis abilities
in that line, but we as young men deny the ]
charges, simply as an act of justice to the
girls and to the reputation of the ladies of |
Wheeling. Very truly yours, i
Five Youmo Men.
The writer has with some care investigated
a number of stories which have been cir-1
diluted this week, aii growing out of the |
ixcijwurs pumicauon, and Dim come to the
same conclusion us the live young men who I
sign the above card. The lle>/islet's story lacks
definiteness. It has placed it within the
power of evil disposed persons to seriously
Injure the character of any innoccnt
girl at whom they may 'cast
the linger of suspicion, and hundreds of
cruel falsehoods are Hying about town, with
nothing to back them but "they say."
An outraged public demands tlmt the lleyiater
either substantiate its statements or ac
knowledge that it was misled by rumor, and
so stop the further progress of the nasty
falsehood?, for which it is 'at least indirectly
Ureal Xxciicincnt, IWir I'OKHlbliilici, bn(
I.IUlc Dutiuigt*.
After leaving the luxurious apartments of
the editorial stair yesterday morning, an
Inteluokncer night-hawk cashcd a twenty
cent check at the Newsboy's Exchange, and,
feeling his richness, indulged in a sandwich
and a cup of hot coffee?the reporter ppeciiies
that it was hot because he attempted to
drink more than the area of his cavernous
ice house could cool for ordinary comfort.
But this has nothing to do with the lire.
While sipping his Moclia and biting, his
modest three-ply sandwich,^he acute ear of
the reporter,heard the cry of lire, and with
"tllftt tnattnnf. Su
ijuireJ," the gallant knight of Kaber Ifo. 2
inserted a toothsome lunch nml rushed frantically
for the lire alarm box on the corner of
Tenth a"d Market. Failing lo bear a
responsive chltue from the Capitol tower,
the excited newspaper evangelist yanked the
1 tire pull" once more?if not for the beer, at
least for the department. In the.
meantime the "/lames that . lit the
grocery store rolled on," and promised a
big conflagration. Fortunately, however,
[he-department responded so promptly that
the poor flames didn't have a half a show, as
a few throbbing squirts from the Hope HoseCompany
squelched the1 ambition of the
llery element and laid it low?in tlio water
that flooded the floor.
The fire might have resulted iii a disaster?
but* it didn't, thanks to the timely interference
of the reporter.
Culnily and confidentially we will say that
the grocery of J. W. Yoctun A Co., corner of
Tenth and Market streets, caught. lire
yesterday ... morning, the ' store and
dock being damaged to the. extent of
K?0, further loss being prevented.by the tinimual
prompt response of the department.
The tlrm was insured in "the Manufacturers' ,
insurance Company: of this .city, for >$500.
The lire is supposed to have originated by
rats nibbling at a package of matches. 11
So much lor,the reporter's alcrlne:s;
\ A card of thanks will be gratefully' received.
riieir Comings and Their UuliiifN and
'tliolr Whereabout*. ,
\V. T. Tatuni, ot Philadelphia, is visiting
friends in the city. I
Kcv. U. Kush fiwopo and wife have reuroedfrom
llichruond. > - /,
> JIori. N. M. Lowry, member ot the-last
'louse of Delegates frdiu Summers county; is
ii the city.. '
Ike Johnson,; of the' Freeman, came up
roui Parkersburg yesterday, and was (tying
irouiul the city.
J. B-. B. McDonald, Esq , and! bride (?i? '
kliss Deborah Holloway) return to-day from
heir bridal tour.
S. M. Howard, .Esq,,', lias returned from
Jincinnati, wliore ho has been attending an :
Vrchitecla'Convention. ,? .
Miss McParland. qf Wheeling island, is
islting her sister, Mrs! Perm'ar,in tho Fourth
vnrd.?Jklfuire 7'ribuitp.t j
Ifarvey Foruusoui Esq., has returned frojn "i
jew MoJfico, where he has boen traveling for. ,
i number of weeks past.'
Governor and Mrs.. Jackson-arrived in tbo i
:ity yesterday from .Varkerqburg,. and will *
etnain here during the winter. ,
Miss Delia' Sclirodea and Jennie'Hulcli-)
neon, of Cameron, ate' the 'guests of Miss'
Jelen Philips, of the Sixth ward." ,J j
lion.'Ben. Wilson, member of Congress ,
roni the First "West .Virginia Districts tis in ,
he city stopping at the Monongahela House. >
-J'iUsburijh Commercial-(hizcUc. ; .vi ;. {
Mr. Kpg^i ftdyapce agent :Oftho Hanlon*
r.pes combination, is at the McLurc' IIouse. i
Chis combination appears at tl)6'0'pera"Hbirsp
wo. uiRuia next week in "Kn* Yoyage'Uu i
Suisse." /" f JftJ i
Mr, John Ki?K, Mr, Spenser,.vThtrdtVicS 1
'resident, ami Mr. John Bradsliaw, Muster 1
>f Construction, of the Baltimore tfc Ohio
(nilfond, arrived in tbo : oiiy lust evening '
rotn Pittsburgh via thoJPtytaburgh Southern ?
,ud Heiunllelil llailro^Lf i a 10 J
Dr. W. K. I'endieton, President of Bethany j
College, lust oyoolng'.delivered the annual
i ration' ibUhofCinblnqait"-. Cent nil Christian
;b'uVqli,;tdvtlie Bethany Co 116$ Club of that ,
:ily) th'e 6ccaal6nlbohi?fits^atiiiual reunion.
Vt the close of the address a banquet was
jiread at Brock's restaurant, .r .r ' '
On Tuesday evenlm: there was given at, i
lie rosidencGofMra.; Maggie McBHue a linlow
E'en party, in honor of,her j)f?pbbw,:Mr.'
Vm. C. Brady, of Baltimore, ,wb9 , left the b
ity.yesterday after a 'BojouVn of two weeks. ]
l bo,ut 12 o'clock those present were invited \
o partake of a. opllaMqnf yhjcb v4 iiictslf, 1
prvedrafter whlpbUtie frlepdg deptirlod, for t
ionie, wishing Mr. Brady a safe journey s
lOmean^.a^pe^dy.jretuj'n toVfh<^Bogf* J t
* * s . . I i I I * " , ' ?
- " r to R A MAT It) EVEMIK.? ?
Home or the Attraction* Tlila Week.
'.in- |>.?. Other Matters, >
Harry A Fay's comedy company appeared v
at the Opera llouso lust night In "Irish 'Aristocracy
Ht Muidoon'a I'lcnlc," a rehaafi'of tbo c
"Atuldoon'a Picnic" preiented here several
times last season. Only a fair' audience was 8
present, on account of the unfavorable
weather, hut those who were there laughed n
till their aides oched. The play hus been ?
somewhat itnnroved mid Hi.. nnmnnnV i.
also a bettor one, the result being tubal /atlsfactory.,
. ^
'fRAhici. mYwr.'iy "MAKUO." k
This evening Frank I. Frayite and bis c6m*
pany, with thu famous lion "Emperor," dog ?
"Jack" and bear "Bruno," will, present the j(
powerful drama, "Mardo, or the Nlhillata of
dt. l'otersburg.'.V Keierved. seats are on pale ?
at .Wilson it Baumer'tf. .The New "York '
Coilithcrcial Adierliicr says: A more unthusl*
iistlc audience than that assemble}! InNllilo's
last evening lioa seldom been witnessed. The ?
mugnet of attraction was the combination 1'
headed by Air. Frank I.iFrayne, celebrated
for his artistic skill in rilie shooting and his ?\
love for tho beasts of the forests ills present \
vonturt! Is entitled "Murdo," and Itnrves to s
arouse the sympathies of vr-st, audiences
wherever it Is produced. Mr. Fray no la aided
by a talented company, including the famous j,
dog Jack, and nflectionato bear named Bruno', v
and a den of hyenas '.whoso pafonymlc the
programmes do not announce.' The Incidents
of tho drama aro of the sensational order, and *
evoko torrent* of npplause. The company ?
are typea of the ' Old Bowery" school when 11
Tom llamblln reigned supreme, and atlbrd a
striking contrast ro (he jnllk-nnd-wnter uclors b
of thu day. It may safely bo predicted that r.
Nlblo's will be packed durhig thu run of the j
drama.- ? ' ' ' ' . <
' Mis! Alirihle MrtddetH will'appear, nl the
Opera House us Clup In!"''Fogg's Ferry" to- ti
morrow night. The following'criticism re- 0
cently published in the Chicago Inter Ocean
tells the talc of'her success:'' ' j]
it baa required hut a lev/ yeara to develop u
MlssMadd^ra from the condition of rough '
Juvcnility< into the ouprcmacy of the star ,j
aoubrette. ^Ittlo more than a. child,, she Hi
comes into the Held of work opened by l.otta
and Maggie Mitchell, and with fresh, grace* .
ful and bright manner begins a contest for 111
the place they are not long to hold. Miss u
Maddern ia young,' pretty, intelligent. She'
has a clear,'bright face,surrounded by amass v>
of auburn hair; lighted by a pairof mlachiev* tl
oils blue eyes, a pretty mouth'that la fond of 0
smiling, a petite, graceful form, and a merry.' i
vivacious way of acting. With these natural ri
charms Miss Maddern, despite her youth, baa a
a self-possessed, easy presence, showing her- y
oelf.perfectly' aucuptomedjto the stage. Iler n
voice is of good quality, la clear and distinct:
nor ennnciatloh'good;/and, altogather, she is >
oneot the merriest Bpirlts that ever danced "
in tttid out the complications'of n ploy. ' ^
notes'. p
MirthicMaddcrn lias red hair. ' , tc
Rhea is drawing larga houses ail oversew
.Talking wjtb u friend, Mrs Landry said. jt
she liked everything.in New York except the |[
reporters. 'They must form a large propar- st
tion of the population," sho opined. tl
Barry it Fay, allow at Johnstown,. Pa, <o- ci
night." Trunk Ityiyue. comes, from Julius- p.
town and goes to Columbus, Minnie Mad-, w
dern comcs from Newark, and . goes to Cum- It
herhind.' ' ' si
Carl and Edouard Herrmann, the well- 11
known artistes, who liav'cjeturned rom their w
Russian concert tonrncei have opened a piano c<
and violin school in New York, founded on ?l
classical principles.?Xcio York Jlirror. te
"Western ]?pers say that J. K. Emmet's ^
new play i* a dangerous rival to "Uncle ej
Tom,!?- bo'-anse the chief characters are j
played reflectively by a' dogftnd a jackass, .c
with Emtnet undthc company as support. Q,
]{s3crvcd seats wUi he placed on sale at te
j Wilson & Bmtmer's inusic store tins morning h
1 for Hertha Wclby's engagement at the Opera di
I Housoi She will present the powerful and oi
'popular drama4 One Woman's Life" af the fa
matinee and evening performance Saturday.
For Conj;rcHM?ioti in itie First iiiul Tiilr.i
District*. 11
The ofilcuil1 returns 'from 'rill tbc counties
in the First and Third Congressional districts m
have at length,been received at tho Governor's
olllce, and arq given below: . 01
, KIIUT. D1SIK.T. - til
~ ecu .sty. ~ lUoiV. ;0oo?. Shinn 0j
Hancock ?... | tVJli 340 'M
Brooke I tell r,y lb
Ohio $,\w 3.s,r . ja
M*r>li:il'| p'i.OTd; 1,182 2'J A\
Wetzel ! J.Vf.l ,
Tyler ... 1,12? 041 C w.
UoddrWce-;..;.;;..- "if io-j vi
!I'trri>ott 1.9?.' 1/T4 410 bt
Ulltner.^?.: ?.U fill 75t lo
l?0\vi*., 1.W-' !?7v a,
Brnxtou 6-V - SHIP (ja
To'.ni"...'...;..... i1.254 12.526 ooj be
: : : : ... ?iv
Uoil'a plurality}.;'..: :..l 1/J2H
UoirsjunJorlty overall. .... J,J?3 ftl
. . .ninth i?istiii<.t.,
1 j 2
COVSTY. . = a Hi.
i .i - a ??'' ' ' )
Iloonc....'. .7T..I 3Uj"inr?0 J}"
t iny T..-..T... ros mi 1 ">!
Fa volt- 1022j fi'.il UJ Nc
Greenbrier WMl J7ft M? ra(
KjumwIm..;;.... - '. ll?5Ti] SoO jn
Lcriui WIS Gt'. t?r
Mercer 41 14 ,v'
Monroe 711 UK 82 10
McDowell 269} It bv
.MiItiolHK. r.Jh 'J7V' - 78 |)U
Pooi' ' 179. ' 1 \t,
itawiKii w.* a;. m i"
Summer* I ...... S70 iVM C9 ^u.
Ut-ihur i.... 3?3-7lfi M'
Wyoming .. H16 lift 14 0*1
Total IliaMI :l)l 1,1
Kemuis plurality-1105. i
Kcuna'sinnjoiUyoverall 8070. pjl
? wi
Reorganization for; ilio Sonnon?Work of ^
,l the OrKiiiiUiiliou*. "c
The lilcmry socifctiea of the , Linaiy . Institute
have lntely reorganized with the election
ot the following ofllcerf:;1 "
Xtiinly Senior? President. Pert' Hnzlett;
Vice'President, Frank- Klicvcs; Secretary, c
Andrew Hnre;; Critics,' Eugene Hildreth and
John Jtoehier.- "Lin'sly Junior?President,
NVijson Kelly; Vice 1'resident, Willie Uaird;
Secretary, llobert Haose; Critic, Guy Cumden;
Asiistant1 Critic,1' Dewey "Culbertson;
Doorkeeper, ?F-. ChristuUnt: '" Young 1 1
American?President; Henry- .'Stifel j Vice 'iyi!
President;-Harry CuiuminsSecretary,:Kil- rr
bourne IAst; Critic, HarryAVhitaker.' ;it
1 These socio ties meet every Friday nfter-'
iioon, audemoh. mciubpnot'thd tohool must
connect himself with one of thothreeorganizAtiona.
Special attention is paid to decluma- ,a
lion, extemporaneous speaking and essay 1
writing, and excellent drill in the various Pa:
branches is afforded. Lost Friday afternoon lea
in the Linsly Sonior Society; in addition to 'j
the'regular exorcises, a spirited debate oh jow
the tariff question wus held'.' A protective t
[>olicy wasstrongi.v upheld by llessi'a.'nupp ^
and Dovcner, while W. Hildreth and Weston ,r
Brown argned in favor of' f/eo trod# The '
judges were .Harry Sniyth,: Wilbur Smith
tin'd Frank Jilieves; The next debato will be X
tfven to-morrow week, when Messrs. llai'ry r
Garden arid II. Senbright will argue in favor , ^
of Chinese immigration, and CV W, liroc- clci
kunier, Jr.,"and^hnrli-s Terrill1.will nriruo stei
in opposition.'1 Tlte !boysluro'tuklrtg li $reat tint
Interest/ in these debates, and boiue good C
speakers aro bolng developed^ bee
The^Mrisly .Juniors jead-'n, paper every cap
Friday afternoon to vary '-the' monotony' o"f bin
the regular exercises,- land1 'good work is' re- ^
(Kjirttd. i The members of tbo younger society ' n
nave select readings as an additional ftaturK
Mid sometimes when their regular exercises n(Cj
ire concluded, they end the day with an old- j.cJ
fasliioniMl spdling mateh.^The societies are
johclucied by tlie students with, the aid of 1
the A'arloua instructor.*, and aya aitiong the v.01
tnost itnportqut features of. the. Institute. sac,
There are "ubw ]08 students In attendance aa9'
it'thri'Mnslyj'tlna being 'a g^ter, tVumber yea
Lhan were fever onrajled'/at une tinie before,1 T
Btthe increase continues the present bunding Ma:
will soon be too small (or the purpoio in; TKvi
tended, nnd addilional accommodations .will bad
be ntfccisnry.- Last ycrtr six buys Were sue- The
:essfully prepared for as many eastGrn"6ol? CaV
egos, and this year probably twenty wore rcc<
ivill'bo addcd'tb t!iisdtimbby.'''So'vcVar boys ,4 -y
:om'ci down every'day- frdm-"WcllsbuTg, a am]
lumber are in attendance' frbm'.'tho neigh- tiie
aorlng towns, wlillo, one cothe.i all th^ \vay
'rora \Vost'Alexttnder.V:With the excellent wat
faclllties for givii'g a thorough :tfducatio'?; juj
:ho present , year bids fair to be" the most 'q*q^rosperoua.bne
in th'u history ofthq institu* " ^
^l>r i, J son
As tbo season is.now here when every peron
:is- )j? nerd of.good kubstantial.foot wear Mu!
1 desirqjo call attention to.juy' lavge and .*'?&
collselected stack of aeascyiable goods, which 8ua
'jgellat.jowef pripes,,quality .considered ,rfe.
linn can'be purchased elsewhere, i i At, per- ?f1
onal Inspection "will.pouvijice you .of, the P
ruth of tlda statement,.,,,<i MV.BLoap.-u and
( 7,y., . \:r?
r ' StiaiiBoniiooD SEW*. gC] "
.mumi' ' i '
Dr. HWere li at *ltrt his ton li
cry sick,
lie llellalre Kail Mill declared a a ]?er "
ent dividend November 1st. e,
Mr. Uobt. Welili',' Postmaster at Kelsey's tl
tatlon, was in town on Wednesday,
Some boya were Arrested for Hallow E'en
jischlef, but not so many as deserved it. ;
llul Wilson and 8. Q Hamilton were out
julrrel hunting Tuesday aud brought homo
lino lot of game..
Benson's ferry wns oil*duty for a while on
Vedmsduy, aud tlie Wheeling grocers had to
o to lleuwood to cross.
The "J, J." Club will give a ball on Wed*
csilav evening at Central Hull. Mrs. 'Graf*
3ii will furnish tliu supper.
Mr. Kvans. the grocer, hnjgono to Florida
or the benelU of uls health. His stay there
fill beforuniuili'llnilo lime.
Miss Lizzie McFndden, of Cadiz, made an
ildretB on the subject of Foreign MUnions
ist night at the First Presbyterian Church.
The Urtght Light Fishing Club presented e
Ir. Dan Warwick with a Ked, Men's pin on r
\fednesduy evening; it being' his twenty- n
lAiu yirnniiiy., ?
Misn Annie Austin wus burled yeslerdayaf*
arnoon from her luto liotno in tliu First ward. 0
lisH Kuinui (iill's fchuol room in the Fourth *
aril was closed on account of the funeral. n
A. A. \V?ll?t8, of Philadelphia, who pleased !!
heSt. Clairsville people 10 greatly, is expect- ,
d to be the lirat of Ilellaire's course. His ?
jcturo is on "Sunshine, or a Happy Life."
The DellfUro Building and Loan Company t
aseieoled the following new board of di- *
actors: M. Crafl, 11. A. McGregor, II. M. ti
ugler, Jus. T. Kelly, Miller Booth. D. Dun- b
)ril, J. W. Conlbon, C. il. Stratil. b
I>r. John T. Carter,'of TriadelphJa, has gone ?
) attend a fashionable wedding in 8avuunah, ?
eorgln. , , Jj
Mr. Dean and family'returned to l'olnt w
[ills on BatimUy evening last from a visit
> fripnda in Newark, Ohio. e
Mr. David, Hoggs,, formerly a resident of ti
lis county, late of 1111001?, ia expected here v
>ortly to visit relatives and friends. 'I
Mra.Breckenrldge.of Purkersburg, W. Vs.. $
i enjoying an extended visit among relatives 11
t Potomac and in this section of the couuty.
The nuptials of Mr. Burt aud Miss Oldham ?
ero celebrated on Thimday evening last at #
le residence of thd bride's father, Mr. Jaiil?a ,,
Idham, of Dalia-, \W Va. JJ
Mrs. Kev. Joseph Milligan, of Illinois, lias ci
icently returned home after a very enjoy- a
ble visit with frhnOa in the vicinity of Kim d
rove. Mr. and Mrs. Milligan were former b
ialdents of this county. 1
Tim urntant nf - i~i?A" * '
w v?..?.uvuiik ? iciejiuuue ?
oui wheeling to Point Mills, referred ;to a
jmetiiuo since by the writer, is assuming a
mgible shape. The B. it 0 llaUway Com- w
nny we learn will become an important fac- b
>r in the enterprise. G
The gus well, at the month of the creek is T
ist now attracting the attention of the pub- st
o." It j'h now down,i>00 feet. At750feeta It
roiig vein of Bait water was'struck, which ci
owed continuously through the, six-inch it
ising a quantity iullicient ro fill,a twodnch H
ipc.' As the well grew deeper the How of
ater increased. On Sunday it flowed at intrvala,
throwing the water to a height of
xteen feet. Oir Sunday evening quite a
timber of visitors were present, and the gas ? [
as ignited. After burning a wbile the water jj
)inmenced to How, reaching & height of four \j
live.feet, the gas still burning. ; As the wa- n
r shot,forth and fell to the Hoorcovered J 1
ith the ilames it made a scene beautiful to [..
ahold. Imagine a columti'of water over }[
ghteen Inches in diameter, dny wliere from j ;
le to sixteen feet high foaming and rolling B
> the earth, surrounded with flames of vari- W
is colors, the burning gas following the wa- y
r as it spreads over the lloorrand you have \\
Bight worth seeing The casing is to be Ml
awn and the well reamed out so as to shut J ,1
T the water, that drilling may progress
ster. It is the intention to go deeper. , J<,
Yesterday a small child oi C. AT. Smith, A
.w. ...v. |>a? ur eu, ueen quite
died with cholera infantum.
Mr?. James Fickes. of whom we spoke ?pj
jefday A3 being quite ill, died yesterday pe
orning und will be buried to-day.
Hallow E'en was celebrated by' come of tw
lr young men with a'vengeance. H seems ed
at a spirit pf destruction was prevalent,
t the.bridge on the,dump they threw some |
the large cut stone oil' the abutment down 1
to the creck. This is a piece of vandalism
at should be met by the full - force of the J
w.'"Biit in reality it may be a blessing m
sguise, ns the bridge needs repairs. Yet
ith all this it .does not give excuse lor the by
ulation of the laws. -Again, all the wagons, fer
iggie'p, etc.. that cohld be found about =
wn were plled'up indiscriminately1 in one i
reet in lower town, making a complete ?I
ricade and shutting oil" tratllc tor the time SB
ing over that part of the strtet. .Tbissure- 1
shows the depraved character,of the parties 1
10 engaged in this kind of- work. I
An Amateur Itacr.
Last evening at McLaughlin ?t McGiuley's,
2 following articles were signed ;
WhkelixBJ \V. Va.; November 1.1882.,
These articles of ngrccnient'are to the effect
it C. N. Taylor.and Hurry'VFallan will ' j
va boat race on the lower course, on
ivember lltli, 1882,for a purse of $100. Said
:e to bo governed by* articles rowed under
the last race .between i Briceland and
uisgegber. Jlaae to be rowed between the
urs .of 8 and 5 i\ >r. llucc, to,be decided'
the referee's decision. Final,money, to be , :
tup on Saturday.y November Ith.. Wm.
iLatrghlin to act as stakehoider,aud George b?
ddle as referee. ' , .......... .. L
Taylor is a well known oyster man, and |
Lallan is a heater in the Riverside mill,
ey are both clever oarsmen.' <
Law night Frank Gordon, a< coUrod boy, . i
oted a sLranppri into #>*?<* nf. ?i.?
heeling houses of iii .shape,: and while
tre the lad was robbed of a ring valued at
laiid a .dollar., ' He complained to .Chief
hnett, and the ring and money will.be rerered.
' .' ' }
/ WINE OF'CARDUI V oure#} irregular, . >'
linfui, or ilifiicult measirimlion.i. . i:
Ipid by Logan & Co. ? T
1UVKK ' i ; ^
litcrcii niirt <j]ciiuc?liby- tl\e>( Intel 11*
KcMccrVj Ancient Hairiuer
'he Belle IVinca passed down, destination
known.' , 4i , ,.t ,, i. .? i
'lie llcltnont.i>as3ed down light for Louis
!e. The Barnard, also passed down light',
'ho liaymondillorner is,now at' bank just
ive''.the Old,Unliable.wharf-boat. Its tow '
ill!'lying at the Wate^Vorks.
'he Regular left'yesterday morning for
kersb'urg.pir time. ;The C. W; Batcuelor a
yesin.the samo'.tradp'this morning, .u,
he, H6rnet,No.: 2 and tow,i which during
water have been lying at the lower enu ?t-!' i
be city, yesterday got up'fia far as the drv !
Kg. , ' i( ' 1 'I I
'ho Aimer,G'Is.eo,!, put in an appearand) !',
terday about noon, and left,, for Steuben*
e abodt 4 o'clock. IL wilf.run regularly:
eaftur; ' *;(,'i k . i
lieMbrfpc'/camb' down troiii; abovejyith .&.>?
/en etmuy barges, a big tow for this lilile
irner. Tlicy w<jro, nil new,,onea and dca2<l
for the Kanawha river. , )(| .
ommbdo'ro AleXi'ax to n says' that be'lias
n assured that if he 1s uble'to piocure bis ,
tain papers, Oapt, Tom Prince will give
i command of one of bia'jiackets. , ;f
lie river at this point remained stationary
day. yesterday, when it commenced fallslowly
with 4 feet U Inches in the chun; nr
, More water la looked for during the PI
t few day*. ; ' '
tie Jennie Campbell arrived at Vicksburjt
n White River Smiday night with 10,000
iy cotton seed, added 4,000 additional
{3 atDcltatand left there for J>ew Orleans
terday morning. l < '."? !
he1 Little Anna wilt regularly re-enter the ,
rtln'a Ferry trncle this afternoon. This
irite little packet ot Gapt.. Seamon'a has
apiece of wali* music named after it;
s musio was compoRed by Miss Eva Do n
up, of Wellsburg, and has been favorably |
!ivcd' , i . v
'ill Morrow, clei'k on tlie St. Lawrence
i,its low1 water a?sii>tajjt, tb6 Sidney, is.'lH
city;1; Both boats are said to be laid 'iip, "
llrat'.on .account of remirs and low,
er, the'latler on account 01 low. water and
1 business.' When Will itiirta out on, the
Urtgniu it wil^bc on tb? St'. LH'wrence.
lio;Uoni-'d bf PnhUo "Works should pay
its'atte'nUQ^ to tho^ hol^B that are .being
:,in the (^tifl^rn portion of the levee for TC
purpose of procuring ijand to be utiod on U
newly paved street*. .Tlic holo ore uot .|g
rded 'by llglits, and Tj\eiil?y night Lou. U
i], of th? ateauiec ^Miurd, (ell iut6 one ,
lieni.1 tiTteHunan,'November
l.?Kiver 21 inchcs '
rising. - Weather rainy and co^I; 0<
id EatnblUUuient Full o! Delight* for
Cultnr?<l VI?Wom,
A few.rtaya ago a rcportorinblsrambles
as Bailing, down TwoUlh ?irc?t wjben' lils
ye was arrtsUd by the attractive display In
lie windows of Mr. John W. Haskell's estab,ahment,at
No. 22, Twelfth street, and after
napectiug the novelties visible from the side*
ralk, he eutoted the store. At first sight Mr.
lelskell'i store looks like h different place
rom the same room lust winter.. The com-'
aratlvely dull season lastsunimer was taken
ilvantage of to thorougly renovate and
rlghteu It up, and It Is now a most cheeYful
nd Inviting st^re-rootn.
in looking over the cases somu very hand*
owe aud desirable articles meet the gaie,
ut what strikes the visitor particularly In
lie largo and elegant assortment of albums,
Ir. Helsiell undoubtedly has the most exsnslve
aud varied stock in this line ever is
ho city. He showed the reporter plush and
father photograph albums of the most modrn
make for card, cabinet, panel or a vale
ty, of sly lea of plcturcs.and uf all sizes and
rices, lie has also a wonderful lino of
utograpli albums, plain or of ornamental
cslgns, nnd.ln all sizes, lie niftkejaspecialty
f satchels,purses and pocket-books,and shows
Dine attractive new ideas in ladles' satchels,
t very reasonable prices, ami
Itherof plush or leather. Scrap books,tof
ny size,or style of binding, he' has In i>ro
US.W.., MHU ?.?%? uiumiKHiai I'lVIUIl-B lur
crap books or for decorating ottierarticle*.
One particularly attractive line o( goods us
lie Holidays approach is his family: lllblen,
,'blch ho htm in all styles. It Is witaof InurnJlng
purchasers to visit him and examine
is stock and prices before Jumping at alleged
argdins ottered by traveling agents. Pulpit
ml pocket Ulblus and all goods in that Hue
un be purchased of hlui to advantage also,
nd Ids shelves are overflowing with iniscclmcous
books (or both grown folks and clilW
ren, embracing all popular aud standard
orks In all branches of literature.
Mr. lleiskell's 'Christmas aud Now Year
urd trade is surprising, . lie has now begun
3 receive his atock and has many styles
,'ltich i are revelations of artistic beauty,
'hese will range in price from a Jew ccnts to
7 50 each, and embrace all the new idfas
i American or imported work.
A standard article which can be purchased
f few dealers as advantageously as frpfn Mr.
lelskell.ahd in which as great a varielv
rom which toselcct can seldom be found, is
apcr, rapctries aud fine stationery of all
jrts. lie has recently received a new stvie,
ailed local papetrie, which Is verv fashion*
ble in the cast. This has an iiluuilnated
csign lit the upper left hand cwrner, and
ears in colored letters the name of;the city.
!e can furnish this for Wheeling;^Martin's
erry, Uridgeport, Hellalre and Mouudsvillo,
135 ccnts per box, with envelopes.
1 Jut were we to enumerate his entire stock
e would till columns. Brushes and combs,
and mirrors, superb paperweights, on every
aud one encounters some.article which is
tted especially for the holiday, tiade, as
ell as staple articles Jn demand ev?ry ulty.'
he customer who is not familiar with his
ock will be surprised by an inspection of
s magnitude and variety, aud persons 'of,
littirurl mill llnd mnnli- ....I I
iterest.them if they cull upon1 Jolm 'W.
eiskell, at No. 122 Twelfth street. iV yw~
(icoigc, Boston J Shannon, Matanioras
McCorinlck, \V. Va. ' W H Mori is, l'uraley
lurray.Uray's Iron Line J (J Hell; it. M. a.
K (JlschrJst, vhy > L J) lwloii, Ohl<?
B MeLnnc,?lty Win. U z, New York
il firnfton, Marietta KT Vme, Now Yorlc"' >
[{I'aul, Keiinu A Dunn, Mansfield.,
m. CouutodOIansCeld J II (ialU>, tlr Telegram
It Burxmnii, ijifrdia . U'FAlftrUn.'iUH/iKo.e ?
MeCurley, Baltimore M Taylor, Italilmoro' <
B l'*stlcwott, \V. Vu. E M Ktcbinonit, Ohio :
A Few, Freeport ' K w Haneltw. i'ith.
W Taylor. Beverley 11II llnlman A wJfO/0. *
t) Burr. WVuli , Pa. A W. Wei'*, W. Va.
H I<oo, W. Vn. Mint 1, /.Ink, Muuunsblr
Is* B.I I tibbi.' Mou naablr MI-wK. Holism Mounasblr
I' Dukehart. Baltimore WT Ken, I'hllMlilphla ,..
K.Cuitls, Wellsburg It TCMnuson, Mineral i"t
A Crumley, Baltimore D?V Jlammard.Httsburgb
T Ed sen tine. Wttu, J B I.ve. \Vu?h. D. 0.
K Lannan, Ohio T 0 Yurnell, Km! ford
r Ware, Dayton,0. L Hurgheloi, Cincinnati .
D.Mills,'Cincinnati J \V Jones, I'leasiHtBejid
Isaac Jones; Philadelphia.! tt ' A
The little daughter of the editor of the
llin, 0.. Viiily Star'vns immediately niid
rmanently relieved of a severe cough by
ree doses of Dr. Bull'd Cough 8yrup. A
enty-live cent bottle of this valuable
y will cure the worst cough. .. fj
"WINE OF CARDUI" .makes rosy ;
cheeks and clear complexions.
?nlil hv T.ni?nn Jr. fin.'
Puk cancer of my no:e is completely cured
Peruno. lie is a great doctor. Geo. ShifDRY
Ai I nun iftn&iTrn
HLL HIMU Win mil
*' >1 : n fi
dl Pc.partiiieiits;
. i.VTO!iSi ? -80 1
otvi no nurimc
oiilco unuiuc i
reasonable,.! ;
' . viV'! ?/, ' ' rJ .<{[', i f
' l J AN EARLY ; V ' <
'J '
'-i 1 ' >
rues & Coffer, i
| |lI33. >Iain St> V" I' ^
>Y: i'o*l Company"* Mlnci, two miitt cm on c
IT. V. A W. tUltro*d, TbJrty rood, itendy witm.
8twdy work RUiwntcod I'rla^ ol ttinln?,Octob?r
Int. 7a root* per Inn J.^.NS AU.iti. mipt.
will ol a wet) tqulpMHl Job I'rtnUtiKOWwin |
thli city, or would ?cil inntetUl In loU to *uj}, >-0f I
(utlhor i>?rt)culnr? wiqulr? c< W. J. COMigi* I
mnt.fttSunday Leader otttco gii I
A two ktory lUlck Uwtlllug (lUlUble (or l\*o lialltei).
conUln> t?lnc hK)U>?. lot ttjVa; *,u
Icm-Uton lAitr Meet. ?><rOnlr |><w. T(.tmi
I iNWiufh, Imlnncu In om>. iwoaml thrve )vttx a v..
| ply to Al.KX\M>hU UO.U., WenUud
1 la.tt Mutkot utrccl. Cwnk't UttHk, q,mi
I Klevon acres on the hill above town.
II. FOKBK8, Wheeling.
I No. 7, "U. B. Custom House. Telephone F-fl,
1 RPTtl
1 Kl?tit hundred and twenty-one ?ciei of fln?l?
1 tlmU'HH\ land, nlwUt five mile* wuthmt ol Km1
ton 0. II.. w. Vti i on the \v*tm ol tins Mk
1 Tiu< l?m) 1* nmlerMd wUlunml iu?d the tlmWri*u
I bo ItoAtcd down Klk Hlver to market Also Mw
1 ticrvi ef tlmbcrtd Und In I'crry county, Tituui&t*,
1 W. V. HOOK a HHO.,
1 qc7 t'.UX) Market 8trvet.
1 In tl?? Standard Addition to Miirtln'? Kerry, *t
I .Y.itmvlUi'.on SATDKD.vV, Novraln'M, twi t>?
1 niulllUU
?. uu miv mumlicji, Jiut ?rol
of the .Ktnn nnd BUinUrd MllW. one third o!
th?MiloUhitibeen hoW Ht i?tlvnto wle wlthlu the
pant ton day*. but no further private ?alei will l^
uiudo until alur the nubJltfMieli over.
One hundrf d dwelling hotiRnatid btulncMroouii
will be needed within the next nluety day* tohup.
iily the wu oh ot o\er 3C0 noikntuii to be employed
uy tho.V.lnu Kin I Statnlard Mtlla, who with their
' fiunillc* will add at tout l.UV to the |io|>uUllotuii
i HouHCii ot Iho kind desired are tenting at A'.timvllle
to day to m to net the o.vucr* a piotlt ol (rout
112 to 18 permit.
, JtelrtU MwhuitU 'onteuirlalliiR * chmiio ot low*
tlon cannot tlnd ft betteri?lKro lor abtoltim, and
.workmen e*jmctl??K toumtre work In either ol tin
*lx>ve named mill* would do well to Invent now;
'dolny wlU'rcsull In competition and higher ntlm.
'ii * pQRRRUT?
I Double Ihick House numk-red llj Fevonteei.th
ilreet I will also rent or veil fitriiltiue auBlctcul
to furnUh the wine. Itmucilhik' i**.<?l(m |(vi n.
K"a"'re0, J.VMla A.llENltV,
Ucal Eslfttc Broker, Collector aud NoUry hiUlc,
, ocnt -
-poll KENT.
I A.,very .'comfortable two-slory lkick Duelling
House with 7 rooms, in n iMmM
or the city. Possesion given immediately.
. oc.'iO 1. 1UWIX.
J^Oll UK NT.
. Ko. 151-0 and CroiiRle's Block, Market Strret
I formerly occupied by the Atlimtle tiloililtiK Store.
| This Is a h|HiclouH Kwni, luiuibotncly lilted up with
I all tho uci'ti*nrj counter*, thelvlnj;, ulihs, r.u j}x1
turcs, water, awntnt,', &e. fwv icady for wx-unancy.
osk m?;h r ii.m.v.
Tlio celebrated Actor und ChampionRide Shot,
i dir. XVnt&lc I. Fruyno,
Supported by the ChnrmlnK Action, Miw Annie
\ on Behern, and the Talented Actor, Mr. K. K.
Chester, together wlih the Original Cotntmny Irou
]Inverly'f Mblu't Cunli'H Theatre, ^cw Voile (?iy,
under the management of J,J.Co!ennin,luiheih&rt
Historical Uruiuu,
Or;1 The Nihilists of St. IWrilmrp.
Introducing the Great Siitiildean Lion, Kmpfrur,
the lorjjest ll iu ever inuorted to America; tie ,
'1 rained WrestlltK Hoar. Uruno. wolshlnic JW
kuuiius, mi<i tier JOiir mouuiH 01(1 cub, Jennie; >
<len of wiM,, untamable Hyeiuis. umi acting ?!>?.
Jack, milking this Iho inott .Startling ami lUullrtlr
Henliatlon evnr ' product d. (irund Xt'cuto KCVcU,
tile Burning lltinge, the Humin^ ofthe Convict'*
IIlit. the. SilurianSnowritorin, theOur's 1'bImc,
Ktiinn. the I fen o Den.
1'riccsof aflmliMon. 50 and 75 eontt. Ki-j-rviil
smt? T.'ie.; on bhIc at Wilson'?fc Uauiuct'k uiu:i?
storu; Hale to commence Tnen1ny. Oct. :',l. uCS
America's Accomplished Acirm! Queen of Com;
V- y . eily Emma,
vSL'l'l'OUTED HY .
ilavliu.it White's Dm ma tic Co, ,
JdiiN IT. IlmtK Manner.
In Chajlcs ? > piUaluM'* Jtomanlle Corotd/Phima,
lUuntrativb of Western pallioi, humor to*
Fogg's Ferry!
Which will be produced with the Original Frcnciy
tu'd Ktt'ects us ht the I'urkTheatio,New York. i
Admission JO an 75 cents. Ifc'eivei! Scats' SI.CO.
setts on nalc ut Wibori a fciuuicr'* tniulc kiorv;
mile to commence Weil n May, November I. <x>D
I'licnomciinl Sum-si The Story of h Woman.
! In the,Thrilling American Hay, entitle J,
' " , By the Author of
Supported by RCompany of New York AitlM*.
i\CT I.?'Woman's Wrongs. The (ioUei t'?lf.
1 Terrible-temptation.
ACT II.?Uutioraly Ufo. Too much Happim-a.
Dark Clouds Alicttil.
\CV III.?.V 1'eaifill Apparition. Tliettttpox.fsln.
! Dentil o( U10 Tramp. The Old linn'* Cui?e.
\CT IV.-AtoueineiiU I?jl"K ofSUrvatloii. !*?*
nt ..J; ' u
AdmMouMaud "5 coiits. Itwerved twl?75 ?'?
enJs 011 .sale nt Wlbon ?v ltaiinu-r's uuwlc hkk.
wlo to eoimiiPiifHTIiur>'lny. Xovemlior'.!
Nov York Denial CoMpan}** Ofllcc,
-10:0 ilAW ST., WHKEI.IN'n,
lining tho j?nKt yenrTlionwinds of Tooth have two
,vxtruekil at 'Si cctite wit.
SB.OO. ?*
Git* given for l'ainlew Kxlrnrttoii of Teolh.WjcU
au'J5 i ' HIM. MceoftMfCK a
No. 11U MuieUrcct KNccllni. W. f? ?
AlloiMrrttlnnp'WHrrrtnU^I. " -
Dorii iSSliol lcrs.
' KFHI)-TA1H.E Oil I'UM.V FOIl l*0wRU'
iij: 'ii'E.iann nnsr >iai??
?ciulTfor clri?l?r and j>ilcc?U'/orcjou
ti. liOVD, Wlicniiiiir, W. Vn^_
[tied you nfcrce tt> pity for It jf L k eir.,
wnuot.itwti.youimtiiliii;tfltry It.
,V,?I!I?1I <0.
AND COli -MII.1.S,
1 ^1,E?EaE?SEK{!S.
, K. UOVI), Wlieoliiig, V- '?

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