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-Wr-"BHM AU?UST ^. 1852. WHEEMW. **S* VA.. ^OAY >101^1^,, NorBfliW, ?. lag. T0LDME xxn.-.iuSF^-'
iniit ri ><? .. ?.? mill vst I nni H'i'Hili Ktrrrl.
fin: <i rangers of this county will bo mldriNn
il al'lYnt Church, near Clinton, on
tin' lull, by JauioH Gulden, State lecturer of
lVniwy I vnnto.
Tiik l*arkifral?uri5 recently published
likom'sscs of Mrs. Lnngtrv and Gen.
lioli; "Iteauly and bralnH," exclaims the
Kevfcr IMio. Not bail for the. Echo.
!!\i:smvn,u:,0., is beiomiutf very metThe
Ihiterpriw laments that
'^nnvricH, confectioneries, oyster saloons,
ci^r.iliopH ami other stores remain open"
on Sunday.
Tiik I oiiil ncnuant unjinrr i democrat)
tlt-elaresin favor of the reflection of Henry
|>.tvis to the United Statcn Senate. So
Irt-ri? is niie upoknontof ex-Auditor Jteniirtt'.n
wheel to begin with.
Ut'u excellent and enterprising eoteni*
j.niiry, theSteubenville Gazttlt, has enteri-.|
on in tenth volume. The GuztUt is one
nt our highly valued local exchange*, and
we lire glad to record in prosperity.
The minwlew of the East Ohio mul
Pittsburgh M. ! ' Conferences have formed
ii uiiilii:il benelit relief association. They
|,uy an initiation and regular dues and
ulii ii a member die# his family receives
from $TiOU to $1,000.
Ntw com is being delivered at Moundsvilleat
tifty cents, and flpleudid corn it is
Kiitl to lie?largo ears and well tilled with
sit grains. There is no rush on the
yul of the farmers to sell cither corn or
wheat. They don't mind parting with
their bay, however, quite freely.
Tin: Kellaire Tribune, propounds the follow
ing qmation in arithmetic:
Tin1 price of side meat is 18 cents per
l^tiiui). Pork sells at 7 to 8 cents. When
( ork* wilti hi . cents iiiicou soni m < cents.
Now, the ilitl'erencu between the price of
IKirk ami bacon is greater tliun tlie price
hi iniili then. Will Homebody explain why
this is thu>7
Yjmkkday wmh a bright genial day for
November, it .seeuis us if the pleasant full
weather is going to stay with 11s yet awhile.
Indeed it looks as if Indian sninmer is yet
tn iiiii its course.
'TLe fn My nlj:lilx and lirzycUyH
1 hiii oVr tliv Uiul ?t<i no* u|i|tcnr,
Sn^wK to u> the p fiMiit tact
That ihi-ainy latiUu *immerV litre."
1?* our Ohio county Jloard of Commis*
Monero want to see u model exhibit of a
county's finances?in which details that
enlighten tax-payers and act as a restraint
upon injudicious expenditures are fully set
forth?they should examine the Belmont
comity papers of this week. We take it
lhutsomi! such exhibit its this was contemplated
by the law passed by the West
Virginia legislature.
Tin: rittsburi:li ('omnit-rciiil-Guzcllt made
its appearance yesterday in quarto form,
and in this new stylo closely resembles its
.1.1.^, ?t... i?it.
..r.fcuuwi, i.I.; I'lry-Uiw., 11 ?aa iwuutlg iui:
last of the foliosof the large cities,although
oiio of the ohlest in years, to adopt the new
tivlc, hut we cloubt not the change will
|irnv? attractive to its readers when.tliev
Jerome accustomed to it. The Commercialtiiuftlr
in an excolleut paper and enjoys the
npi-cia' favor of the more staid people of
I'iHnlmigli and vicinity. It is the business
man's paper more than uny journal in that
city, anil is consulted here and elsewhere
for mauufucturim; and commercial news.
Tiik (,'ily of Cincinnati is exercised over
tlx'rapidly increasing expenses of her public
schools. So also is the City of New
York. The increase in expense is out of
all proportion to the increase in pupils.
Tin* fact is that the public school system of
lliiri couutry is endangered by those who
profess to he its friends. They have made
it burdensome and superficial to the
scholars and a dead weight on tax-payers.
They have lost sight of the origin nud true
purpose of the system as a means of acquiring
rudimentary education, and have
added on to it to such an extent that at
hist, as was discovered in Boston lately, it
is ilitlicult to get a hoy out of the schools
who can spell, read or write correctly.
Hot the light is over ami the Democratic
jmrty uirnour county was ueieaieu, out
ilie defeat will lie the lust one. The few
I'emorrats who voted the Republican
iu'k?-jj together with the hundreds of Democrats
whoremained at home, will appear
at the polls when the time for voting comes
again and win for the Democrats of JJurliotir
a more glorious victory than that
which was forctoid in the bright rays of
lilt;nilii of Austerlitz.?litirlvur County Jeffwuiau
Thin is all very nice, as a mere matter of
wiUijt'i except that it is somewhat like the
of aweet hells . out of tune." fn
that hktory has Brother Hargent discov?irw|
any comfort in the "Sun of Austerlit/..'"
The"Sun of Austerlit/,"ns we have!
road about it, gilded Ihe heavens only to
aliow that the hosts of reaction and L5ourbouism
in Kurbpa were nearing their inwritable
doom, and before it set it lighted
*lM?m to their graves in the historic "Circle {
f llriinu," Brother Sargent should not
misappropriate history to help Hourbonisui
'n ^ ^ Virginia.
TitXjMtyister indulges in serious insinuations,'j^rtn8t
Secretary McCormicI: and
' tiiers of Mr, Mason's friends in the Second
district, iuthnrti.ag that tbey are r'esponal* |
l?lo for the delayed yoto of two or three
coiimioR. It names PrcfttoD. Morgan and
. lVudleton coimtics. Preston's vole is hero,
m we are iuforimul'aud inasmuch as I'ciu
diet on is a Democratic county, and her
vote uudcr the control of Democrats, the
authorities of that county may well construe i
tlie JUgInter's attack as a serious reflection
< >? their Witrgrity.iMr.-McGormiclt asmtrea'
us by telegraph that the Jitg'uter's "tirade
?* untrue" and wo Jjavo no doubt
tlmt Mich1' is' th'o crtsb." 'Mason
??thu last man in the State to aid, abet pr
consent to any "bulldoxing," even if any of
his friends were so disposed, of which there
is mi evidence whatever. It looks as if |]iis
wus an attempt to create a sensation without
any foundation in fact. Thu returns
(roii,' the West Virginia elections are nearly
nlwiyn hi'ow .sud uncertain in their arrival.
This 1h a ?fl]I known fact. Tt is even said
hiatal one e!ecHu?i the returns of McDowell
county were never jsyih't'd. This being
uiu uunu iuu attempt to;irente suspicion
tliut they are beta# tempered with is not
only Krntuitoua, lint very unjust to those
upon whom suspicion in timsc-awt,
Wis aro indebted to"our CAteeiiied towns*
nun, Mr. William Leigbton, for a benuti*
lul copy of hits Slmke.sperian may, entitled
"The Subjection of Hamlet," which is prefaced
with an Introduction by Joeeph
Croaby, Esq, of Hineflville, Ohio, who i?
well known a? a proficient student of
SliakeHp<ar?an literature, and even an an
lmtlinritv in all mnfloiu tl.ni !>..< > ?i.A
. ??..l MVill *I|?WU IIIC
life nnd writing of thu great poet. 11c
thus alludes in ltiu prefnec to the work
donu l?y Mr. Luighton in this essay:
"Mr. heighton hna done more than write
a clever and speculative ewmy. llo litis
cleared away many of the dilliculties, and
opened up a new phyfichological prospect
I from which to view and Htudy one of the
I profoundeat. character* ever protrayed in
dramatic literature; and, in coucluhion, I
| only express the hope that his masterly
and modest production may reach the
I hands of numerous lovera of Hamlet and
Shakeapeare, who will find in it as great
I satisfaction and pleasure as it has given
The book containing tlna essay of Mr.
| LeiKhton's *13 printed and bound in the
highest style of tasteful art by .1. 11.
Lippincott & Co., of Philadelphia, indeed
book and ceany are in perfect harmony
with each other, which is saying a great
1 deal.
.TIic Hulk or Ills Money l.clt to F.iIiich*
IIOIIMl lUHlltllllOMN.
Spcciul Dbimtch to ihc IlitdliKOiicvr.
1 isTBUkknvit.i.r, November 2.?The will of
the late Dr. C. C. Hentty'VsB-llled tit the
l'robatc Judge'soHlce this afternoon. The'
testament is quite lengthy, anil is vtfry peculiar
in many parts. Very little of the
largo estate is left to parties in tliis city,
and but few of his relatives -or friends
were remembered in the will. The Allegheny
Theological Seminary gets twentylive
thousand dollars for the purpose of rebuilding
and enlarginu the lodging hall oil
Riilge street. Washington and JellVrson
College gets fifty thousand dollars. The
residue is bequcatheed to the above instij
tution?, two-thirds .to the fosiiier aud oneI
third to the latter. Twenty-live hundred
dollars was left to the First Presbyterian
Church, this city, oue thousand to the Second,
one thousand to the old church. Nothing
was left to the Seminary, the institution
he established and supported for fifty
l*KO 111 HI 1'IO.V IX IOWA.
UiiciiiiHtil tilloiiiiliiy of (ti?* ICfccnl
Amendment to Die CoitMllitfion.
Davkni'OUT, Iowa, November 2.?A decision
was made here, to-day, in the District
Court,which basset tlie whisky'men
wild with joy, and put the Prohibition
crowd deep into the slouch'of despond.
The decision is by Judge llaycy, and finds
that the receut prohibitory amendment,
which was the bone of contention .at the
lute election, is unconstitutional. The decision
finds that the amendment lias uot
been made legally a part of tho
State constitution, became tlicy journals
of the legislature do' not* contain
the act in full upon their pages,
aud do uot, furthermore, contain the aves
and nays taken upon the same. A further
ground for the. decision is that according to
the journals.tlle act, as passed 'by'llu^fc'enaje
of the Eighteenth General Assembly,
was in its terms prohibitory of the sale or
manufacture of liquor; not only its a beverage,
but also to be used, and lieuce prohibited
its use for any purpose, even sacramental
or me'dica!; but on the other hand,
the act that passed the House, simply prohibited
the Pale as a beverage. Hence two
different laws passed the two bodies. The
requirements of the Constitution governing
the method of its own amendment had
not been complied with. The same act
had not passed both branches of the Legislature.
?aov. now* i'osiiiox.
U? Rcnnirinn. Ihe Nlufcsiiciit'ftiut Ho Is
. nit'd 'llnM llrcu lor n'c?V<U>< (La ;
IIakuisiiuiuT, Pa., Noveniber 2?The following
letter appears ill the llairisburg
Telegraph today: . jVjjjQ
"llAituisitiMHJ. November 'l. 188r>
"To Jiditor Jlumrburg Tdajroph:
"Dkak Sir: This statement made in yesterday's
issued yopr paper* tbh'tgovernor
Iloyt is and has been the friend and supporter
of General Beaver .aud the llepublican
State ticket was based in part upon information
given by myself; It is due you
to say that I have thin day verified your
statement, that i atlirm its truthfulness,
and have received a letter from lli? Kxcellency
the Oovernor which, justifies wyour
utterance nni^my own. v"Ve'rv respectfully,'
jf" JAMXN|D.'G?Lurirr,J,{
Although the Governor claims tluii he
has always been for Beaver, Stewart and
other Independents, asserts, that-ho has
given them the most emphatic assurance
that he was for their ticket. ^ j ?*? |* {
-J Irrryuhtrllle* lu Kr-^iNlrntloii. J , '
Pilli.aDKi.iMii.v, November 2.?Attorney
General Brewster has telegraphed United
States Marshal Kerns jn view or the digcovery
of extensive ii regularities in the
registration of voters,i to make a thorough
investigation of tl\e:/natter, where fraud is
suspected, unit'to'cause (life arrest,4 not only
of supervisors and assessor*, but election
oflicers. ,
I'liii.ADKi.i'iUA, l\v., November 2.'-^-8everal
arrests have already beeu.mude for
making-false.returns'bf vt)t^isi ^In .one
hnnso onlv thiPrt of tha lnirtv-sise tit>r<nnu
registered were legal voters; in duo locality
o( lifty names taken from the list ouly four
were (omul to"be1 "right.1 'A "Democratic
usscssor.anda Bepubljyan, supervisor are
under arrest ' : \1 j >J i
J. i t 1
<'oiisl?lt-rlit? Itlulil *>f Wny |)ccii?, ;
Massii.on, Ohio, November 2.?A meeting
of the Board of Directorsof the Wheel*
ingtt Lake Erlo Railroad is )iii session at
the Park Hotel here; ty-nigbt^They are
reeoiving report* o&'right of way'deeds for
the entire length of tlio roail, pre also
to consider the question of' eontiiiHinj/ at
an parlv day the line from /.oar station
south to powers ton, the crossing ol/the Paii
Handle. Thi| pj )l1!' r0;'d is already
graded. '
Jlfiivy Tallurr.
k JJ. Je% 2 ??|remb4r j' ?.~Lt$pbid
Gray, one of the largest alioc r,jannf;v?inre^s
ol the State, is unable to meet his obliga-l
tions. The liabilities nnd assets are unknown.
Un employed about SOtymen. He
i;qnos to makearrangt nierits s6' lie can continue
The causeiof'thu-failtiry,
was the death ot lijj nartner.and .the!
necessity of paying largo aui^u^' to 'his'
KxrVrtnlfiftnf. Ho? c* nt Clucinniill.
. ClS?i$ SAV,'Xove)n'roauTen t
II iiyes was introduced. on 'Change tew I ay,
uiad' nmdoabrLof lul'dfosrf, congratulating
Cincinnati buslniiw men on their prosper*
otis condition and good prospects.
llou the l.tnlru )lub Wa? K?r?lteJ at Catlftt**
burir?The INrape or the Slllltary tilth the
I'rlionrr* Tim Par* tilt and llattle at Alii*
I?n?1?>1?Jor Allt-u'M Account.
Cincinnati, November 2.?The Granite
Stnte, the Hteam boiit that yesterday carried
the prisoners Nual and Craft from Gntletlsburg
to Maysvillc, reached here this morn*
in jr. Her ollicers state that the boat was
taken into the service of thu.State by Major
Allen and commanded to make no landing
except at Portsmouth. They did not land
even at Portsmouth,and reached Maysville
at - a. m., where tiiere was no excitement,
thcro being no news of* tho trouble. The
prisoners who had been carefully kept in
one oi the rooms At the eiul o[ the cabin,
were transferred to the jail, and thootlU'ere
know nothing more about them. They
say the' pilot house and all the upper part
of the boat*show bullet marks, but that
only two men and a roustabout were in*
jnred by tin; tin; of the men on the ferry
boaf. One of those was a drummer, who
wish hit on the hand. The other wum a
soldier who was struck on the head. The
wounds are not serious.
The Captain of the Granite State says
that Major Allen engaged their steamer on
Tuesday night to convey the prisoners and
troops to Maysville, but this was kept a
profound Rccrct even from the other boat
Major Allen wishing to avoid a collision
with the mob, they telegraphed to Major
Allen that they would he at Catlettsburg
at half-past eleven hut failed to reach there
till afurnoon. llo thinks that it they
could have arrived promptly the whole
trouble would have been avoided. When
the boat came to Catlettsburg there were
ominious signs of a disturbance. Prominent
men at that place assured Capt.
Kirker that the boat would be attacked.
A large shipment of cattle was kept oil' lor
fear qf;.disaster. A committee from the
Ashland mob waited on Majo'r Allen, and
demanded the prisoners.. The demand
was,"of course, refused, and the committee
warned Mnjor Allen that the prisoners
would btt taken.
When tli? boat Hit UaUeltsburg, the mob
took the train, which consisted of till engine,
n passenger-ear and four lint cars.
The train was tilled with men, and a? the
road runa near the river at the start, the
mmcould bo heard hollowiug.and could he
seen tiring at the boat.' The distance was
t<5o'great'to m ike this of any other sifcnilicance
than deliance or threatening. When
Ashland was reached the ferryboat was
seen, apparently tilled with belligerant
people, and the wharfboat was also full of
men and the banks lined with people. The
pilot.blew two whistles, a3 if to land, hut
witli no intention of lauding. This was a
ruse to get away from the ferryboat. When
the latter saw the Granite State was steaming
by, four whistles were Bouuded by the
ferryboat to get the Granite State to land.
2so attention was paid to it,
and then the liring began. The
Granite State refused to take
the prisoners until a writteu order was
issued commanding them to do so. Urose
Dennis, who, with Mr. .Williamson, occupied
the pilot home, the latter being on
watch, save that two soldiers were placed
in the pilothouse to keep the pilots at their
post, lie says that shots were*tired at the
Granite Slate both from the wharfboat and
from the mob on the bank. Many of these
were aimed at the pilot house,anu six balls
struck the pilot house. A number of other
bullet marks appear on other parts of the
boat. Of the tiring from the bank aud
wharfboat, Dennis is certain; Both he aud
I.'!.,),/... if '.. rvi.l.l K.i.... I.onn
"easy for the ferryboat to,.have overtaken
them, and had a renewal of the battle
if the troops had not acted with promptness
iu returniin! the lire. They speak in
commendation of the action of the oflicers,
and say there was no disposition shown to
be bloodthirsty or malicious.
Lexington, Kv., November 2?Upon
the return of the troops to Lexington,. n
reporter of the Prm interviewed the com*
inaiuler, Major Allen, Mnd obtained the
following statement: The motion for a
change of venue having been granted by
Judge JJrowit, and the case removed to
Carter county, an order was issued directing
the sheriff in connection with the.State
guards to,convey tho prisoners hack to
Lexington for safu confinement. During
that afternoon there were a good innny
minors to the etl'eet that a large crowd were
congregating at. Ashland, preparatory to
coming to Catlettsburg that night and take
the prisoners Craft and Xeal. A telegram
was received by Major Allen from an
official of the Chesapeake it Ohio railroad,
stating that a mob had taken possession of
the tools of the railroad flection hands at
Ashland, and as the telegram stated ,4ihuy
uviuciuir uic<tit
Another telegram vviis received by the
Major btating that the mob had torn tip
themilroail track at Ashland, believing
that the troops would return that night
with the prisoners. Major Allen had for
his command, return tickets over the
Chesapeake A Ohio Itailroad and intended
to go back tli&C (ivepjijg, but believing it
unsafe made arrangements, through bjs
Qmirtermaster, with the Captain of the
steamer Granito State/ which went up to
lluntinjfton that,evening, to take them on
hia return trip td JJayijville. That night
the'trootis, in expectation of airnttficlj from
a* m6b "from A?hland, were under the
strictest gu ird of eighteen men, who were
relieved every two. hours.
. J^very, slryut approaching , the Court
Ilouse was guarded, apd m;mnted pickets
were jioatml atdijl'erent points of-tjjc town,
under command of Oapt. Mirphv, to apprise
tliy.troops of the approach of any
mob. -Nothing occurred that night, except
the tiring by some party of guns in the
neighborhood of the quarters of the troops,
whjch caused them to turn out four or live times
durjng {.he night, believing an attack?
imminohti it 13 o'clock \\fednesday noon
the order >yas given for the troops fo jijove
down to the rivor front, Maj. .\|(eij having
learned in the meantime that a mob frou?
Ashland was on their way to Catlettfiburg,
the troops were marehed down to theriver
front. The prisoners were marched with a
guard, ami with two companies to twist in
guarding the wharf boar. Theremaimler of
the troops wefe posted on a hill which
commands the rJyi'F ff.'j'ho guns of
the Louisville light aj-tiiiery,
byiLlo'utJjUight; waslplficed facing the ilcpot,
at which tho mob wan expected to arrive,*and
commanding, two squurcH oil', tho
SUCUI twiuiug iviuuiihi num. IIIU liveessary
guards were posted on each side, of
(hp cannon to'fiiipport the artillery;^The
hcxuiijtori gwrds were posted'at the comer ;
of another street at right ftjigles to the river
front to prevent any (l ink 'movement by
the mob, The remainder of the. troops
behind the Alger house, which
laces the .rfer, jez&j; ft wheel into lino
around tlic corner-to take, jpc niaco
jhe military sunrJs" in 'ahppftYtrog .'tjj'o
artillery . jn PSfct) the . latter guards
should be uisauled; This potjtjon hfid
hardly been taken before a. Irani iroai
Ashland, constating of one locomotive, ono
or two'jpafpengercnrn.aud tlve.or tlx Hat
bars,closely packed with a mob from Ashland.-"
This tfain stopped in full view of
Jbe artillery And military guards. A delegation
ol jwrne twenty-tjve or thirty men
aourtmelibd tjie' t/oop* undcoljed Major
A'ilen. HondvancetTto"tliouj abbut' h impijred
vards in front of the troop?. 'The
coyjipftUitf presenting theinob said tliov .
came from AsManu fcf ijfp mirnose of
taking JCenlhnd Cratt; tlial f}>ey ffame 10
take j>os5C?$ioj) ol the yrisopere pencttjblyj
if possible, If not then by force; that they
were L',000 strong on tho train, and could
overpower tho troops easily. Their, de*
mnnd was peremptorily refused.
Allen stuted that tho' troops came simply
for tho purpose of upholding tho law anil
obedience to orders, und not to bulldoso
or impose upon tho rijibts of any county;
that they did not desire a difliculty with
anybody, und especially Kentuckiaus, and
would not participate inanvdilllculty until
it was forced upon them. If any diliiculty
occured tho responsibility for the results
must rest unon mob. and not with the
The representatives of tlio mob tlieu
stated if thu troops escaped for Catletts*
burg with the prisoners, they would be Diet
at Ashland by at least 2,000 or 2.500 determined
men supported by a boat containing
four cannons. The interview then ended.
The troops wer6 then withdrawn to thu
steamer (J rani to State, which bad arrived.
Undercover of the cannon, which was
faced toward the mob. the soldiers embarked,
and it was then draped down the
bill ami into the boat, with its muzzle toward
thu mob. The boat then left for
Ashland with the troops and prisoners.
At the same time the mob reboarded thu
train.'anilstarted toward Ashland. When
the boat arrived within a mile of Ashland
the train came in sight aud ran along the
track, which runs nlong the river frout at
that point, at the same speed as the boat.
A great number of shots were tired from
tlio' train at the boat, but the
range was too far and the shots
fell short. The shots were not resjtonded
to by the tioops, the comanding
ollieer ordering that no shots should bo
11 red until it became necessary as a means
of self defense. Just as the Ciranito State
approached laud a ferry boat, con tailing, it
in supposed, one thousand men, armed
with muskets, rilles and shot guns, approached
the Granite State. The ferry
ooat whistled a signal to stop, which the
liranite State did not heed, hut passed on.
?? iicu iivuii; u|)|iuauc uiu viniuuu Millie,
And from two to throe hundred yards distant,
a great many shots we're .tired from
tlie ferry bout at the: troops,
wounding * several of the . soldiers.
The command wils then given for the
troops to return the fire, which they did.
ami a quick and spirited couiiict ensued
for a few minutes. The smokestack and .
hurricane deck of the Granite State were
well perforated by the bullets from the
mob. Four or live soldiers were wounded,
but not seriously. The lire of the 'troops
was directed entirely at the ferryboat containing
the mob, and not at the crowd collected
on the bank, which was very large
and apparently very enthusiastic in supporting
the mob on the ferryboat. If personsstanding
on the bunks were injured it
was through carelessness in being so near
to the la* ltss mob attacking State troops,
and not because the troops
tired at them, for their lire, was
directed entirely to the ferryboat
In the engagement (he ferrv.b'oat wassaon
silenced, and, after the mob on her ceascd
to lire, not n single shot was tired by the
State troops. The com maud iug otlicer,
while regretting that he was compelled to
take such strong and deadly measures,
feels that they were forced upon him and
that the responsibility for the unfortunate
KHtilts rests entirely upon the men who
attempted to take the law into their own ,
The officers of the Granite Slate, all the
passengers on board of the boat, at both
times of the dillicnlty, will substantiate the
statement that not a single sbot was tired
by the soldiers until the mob on the ferryboat
hail tired several shots at them, and
Unit the troops noted simply in self-defend'.
The troops were on *iuar*l until the boat
passed Portsmouth. The Captain of the
boat was not allowed by the commanding
ofllcer to stop either at I ronton or Portsmouth,
for fear of a continuance of, the
dilllculty. -l ;
Many shots were fired before and duri g
the conflict by pcrsoua ou the Oliio wide of
the river at short range, but it was by, ludividuals
and not by organized bodies, and
their shots were not returned by the soldiers.
The command reached Mavsville
about half-past one o'clock at night with
the prisoners and were quartered in^ the
court house there until live.o'cloVkrthis
morning, when they started for "Lexington,
arriving here at ten o'clock, when they
turned over the prixoncm in accordance
with the order of iIig Judge of the liovd
County Circuit Court to the jailer of?Fayette
county. ' I i
Iu conclusion Milj. Allen s.iid that the '
only fighting done bv his men was done as
the boats passed each other. He did not
want to slop to fight; all he wanted was to
get away with the prisoners, and especiallyas
his command had escaped without
serious) casualties.
Khankkort, Kt'., November 2.?Tho
McCreary and Miekelo guards, on arrival
from Catlettsbnrg, were welcomed
by a formal address in which their conduct
was approved. Gov. I5lackburn says he
sent troops there upon the application of
Judge Brown, and while deeply sorrv for
tlio il.xwl nn.l .m.m.I J..I 1-1 >? -
? u.xi nuiiiiubu, iiu. cuuiu not ?av
the blame on the troops, ami if application
is Jimrle in JPebiuajy he will send twelve
regiments, if necessary, to uphold the laW.Louisvim.b,
November ,3.-^The detach- (
inent of the Louisville Union, commanded
by Capt. 1). C. Wilier, and the Louisville
Light Artillery, eotmnanded by Lieut. 0. 11. .
lily, returned* to-night from Catlettsburg. '
Their respective commands were in the
all'air at Ashland Wednesday, , but escaped
without any casualties. * j (, i) J '
Ctipl. Ui'I.ons'x Tyranny.
Minneapolis, Minn., November 2.?The'
Tribune Xo-morrov will priutan interview
with l)r. D. V. Collins, of this city, h
brother ot the lata. Jcrotno. J; Colling,
scientist of tbeJeannette expedition. l)r.
Collins says: "We have evidence that
Cupt. De Long used his olliuial .position as
commander of the expedition to persecute ;
in*"ev'ery eonpejvahle, gorop of the ,
members of the nommisiuoh. Jvly brother
was placed under arrest for no other reason (
whateveV. This Lieitt.',D.inciihp\ver. admitted
to me in Now York. Capt. DeLong ,
refused to allow my brother at certain ,
times to do any kind of workj and pur- ,
posclv allowed all notes, photographs and :
K'pojds ftf tjje expedition prepared by my ,
brother to sink. ' ]}r. pol]i{)3 ftdds; "Wo
happen to know that Kuust requested
Melville to go to DeLony's relief himself,
or send some one, aud that Melville yould
done either.
A lti^ Aqiinllc l'rlzr. >
Ni:w Yokk, November 2.?At the request (
[jf ]%dward Ilanlan,Geo. "W. ]jC*e and other ?
distinguished oarsmen, the J
Fam will ofter an international challenge ,
cup to.be rowed for in August next. The
trophy will be" handsome! and the conditions
"governing it similar to ,tho3e which
govern the London challenge I
cup. Not less than ten of greatjaiue will ?
enter and compete for the cup. The \
money which U'ill bo added will (Arm ?
nriz.3 worthy of.the bestefTorlaof the lead*
ing ecullerri of tlie w^rlij..** (! ]
f'ov |u; rl 11 ,'jj, T rl'?I. j !
St. T.oyis, ^oyemWr 2.?^pbo cusp o|.|Jo).
Jph'o *^V.Cocken(|7 .qh'arKgU,wj'tl)1 jwjhn'g <
Col. A loDj*o W. MlayUatfc, fthpUt two \
nyo, wan'called'in the court of crliritndl cor* \
rectlon this morning. The defense was |
ready for trial, but the State asked a con- |
tinuance, which was granted until.tho 21at ,
iast. _
A ZmicMvllle
^anhsvili.k, November i?Daniel Ap- 5
plc^jito, au' 9I1I' jbusiucss) man'cngaged' 1 n '
milling.'has made an assT^nment, " iiabllj- '
ries $tnj,000; assets $73,000: The creditors
are pnj?cii>4py al ^"^villg.'1 1
Wgnrlaf j Our Future Kltcllon II.muIU-Uotli
Partita Prr] CoilMtat-i-TfeV' Rotetdo M?rJ?r
Trlil-AThla Story About Jndie Cartter.
Kxrbaagi if Hoadk-StarKuote ttattcri.
Washington*, November 2.?The Republican
mid Democratic CoiijjreMlonnl Coin*
inltteeB nre licck^aiul neck as- far as claims
go. . Each claims every tiling aua con cedes
iiolhiog. ! ' '* ;j
. Tlio Republicans are ouUe suretbatflliev
will carry every district now" represented
in Congress by a Itepubllean, ntid nuiko
large gains in Democratic territory.
The ;l)einpcratf nccpniit almost every, Kepublican
districtdoubiful, and claim every
doubtful district since the Ohio, Maine mid
Westj Virgiuja elections. The Republicans,
if they are to have a majority in'theiicxt
House, must hold) their; own anil'gain
eight member^, The Democrats, if
they are to get three hundred , and
Bixtv-threo members who will constitute
u majority in the next House, must
hold their own, and gain twenty-four
members. Of the twenty-two New York.
Republican districts, eleven gave in 1880
majorities of over live thousand in eucli
ca>e. Only one fell below one thousandOu
the other hand, there were three Democratic
districts in which the niHjority fell
below six hundred. In Pennsylvania tLicre
are four districts, Republican in 1SS0,
which are accounted doubtful this year.
Some impartial observers look" for
A repetition of the result of 1874.
when, despite the Democratic tidal wavc^
the Republicans in New York succeeded
in holding their own, returning IS ineni*
hers to the Democrats 15, while in Pennsylvania
they lost heavily, the Democrats
returning IS to their !?. Of course the
Democrats expect to sec S locum defeat Car*
rOll, i in vNew! York, for) CoDgressiqiuf-'at.'
larj-e. i- jlj /V, .; V. 3 >
The DclouxcTryiiiiflu Trove llial llurloii .
r *v - DIU llicMiooilitur. *;*
Washington) November 2.?Tha trial of
A. C.'Soteldo for tlie muViier of'his brother, ,
A. M. Soteldo, wiu resumed this mornfng.
Several witnesses, took, the stand for the
ilefeuse, whose testimony was immaterial.
Mrs. C. W. Sotelilo, widow of Xl M. .Soteldo,
testified that* from a conversation' she had
with a fiiend she was alarmed as-to-her
husbaud's safety, and asked him;to provide
himself; with.,a pistol tp protect himself in
ease of attack. , .She.,had t axij enj^yeinent
witli her liusWmd to attend the thctlre
the night of the shooting, lion. Geo. C.
Gotham, editor of the JirpuUieun, testified
that.Mr. Fichenor, a friend of .Soteldo,
called with papers that ri fleeted on Burton,
and'desired huu'to readi*theni,^Unt-,he <leelined.;
The ij objectr of >; prtyenting) the
papers was to causo him to order liar foil
to ccasc attacking Soteldo. ,
Joseph G. l'otts tesfilL'd that he had
heen employed on the Jlejuibliain for twenty
years and occupicd a room with Barton:
Keinetnbers having seen it bright or
niekel-plnted revolver in Barton's drawer. .
George M. Smith, of the J'otl, testified that
on the night of the shooting lie assisted in
removing the (.'fleets from the pockets of
the deceased, taking out two knives, one ?:
having a large buck handle, a roll of notcp,
and a pistol, the latter being in the pistol
pocket, on the right hip.
After several unimportant witnesses had
been examined, A. 0. Soteldo was placed
oil the stand, lie testified that ho accompanied
his brother to the Jltjntblfam ofllce,
and gave a detailed statement about the
scuflle which look place, insisting that
Barton shot his brother;'that the pistol
used was a bright ouevnot a dark-one, as
claimed. He said he did not bourn shoot*
ing until after his brother had been shot.
JIr.Chvisty.made .au oiler to prove l?v
Gen. poyntou" that the deceased:S;ad shortly
after the shooting said in*tho presence
of the District Attorney, he did not want
Barton prosecuted, as showing ho believed
Barton lired the shot.! /1'he,Court excluded
the oiler., . . ? . - i
... ' !
11, l? n t u Ktimils l II1 - V, Souu-iyhiit JI'frr
W.\sittxnfox, November 3 -^TheGiu field
board'bf audit 1* ri{/aln'aba standstill. It
can go no further in consideration of the
physician's claims until,McvKdsou files a
bill in proper lorim, As it.is,, she has simply
made a statement of the services ren- '
tiered and loft it to the discietion of the
uuuiiiK uuuiii iu iwimuuiau ncr. via me
hoardliils no iha'crktion of tli&kind it will
Wftit until Mrs. ISdsan. pula'in a claim of
one kiu<l pr anotlu'f. . TUe hills of the physicians
as filed sire's 111iss,'$25,000; Iliunil- ,
ton, $25,000;KlAgnew;v $14,700} 'lloybnrn.
58,500; and ^JoyntQU^S^oOO, inn kinga total ,
of $77,700,1 $15,700 more'tlfan was appro- '
printed for the''physicians. Just how the ,
board will , settle*: thia. dilliculty, is not aj>- j
parent at preHeiit, l/iititja more than, likely
tJmL it wjll nin|<e airport to Ponjjtv&w ii? .
inability .to 'adjust its claims actonlin^/to...
law, that is to secure a release oUbqOarlleld
estate from claimants,'nMCofij?res8
will he compelled to do what it ought to
have done lust sessjon, ajmroprjute pjjoui'h ,
to pav'all tlie clafins.'
... * . , . % i j
- >^Slar BnuleBrlI>orj\; 3t"|- - ?i 1 {
Washington*, November 2 ?{l'fie trialpof
Arthur.Payne, forthSa'ttemptco/hrih&y of '
Juror Jlrown, in the Star ^qt)(e pi&es, wae
resumed this afternoon. Oouneel for the 1
defense asked that his bail he reduced
from four to one thousand dollars, but the
L'ourt refused. Juror ilrown was then put j
on the stand and examined respecting the ,
Kllidavit that, stated lie was approached by
Payne and Kail. The testimony was iu (
iccord with hijj ajljdayit. 1
DtcluiiiKC of KoikIs,
AVahiiington, November 2.?In the Iflfet
two days fifteen millions of the three am! a j
lialf per cent ljonds were received at the
freneurv to be exchanged into three per
:ents. It is thought the total amount of '
extended lives exchanged for thveep will j
reach $IOp,jjOO.ppQ, leayTng but 'aftmjt one I
liundrGd 'millions of extended lives out- j
itiiuJim;,'\*/,' 7'M;'; ""]'"-T i
(Joiie to Stive *1 liclr Country. ,
Washington, November 2.?-It ia csli- ,
mated that three clerks out of every ten \
implored in the Executive Departments of [
!iie govorrimdat have eithengone^ioige,'to t
potb'.onwiU golbetwcen no\v; ajul iMbntlay j
next. )u tlio ofljce of $reiiauter CjjIlllTan i
h? current bUsineta Will4 rctdfdetl i
Jtcause of voting absentees. 1 | <
lil ' '
^enernl, Upwe, una made an order flying 1
^osiinaatiira^Ig&elVofi.lu'* retinWhig [('tiers (
:o writeraitpon'applfcAtlbn arid the producJon
of proper proof. lleretn?~ .,ower
eras vestedn??iy \a tj,0 Postmaster General.
- . >. | 1
j ^8|itKn^s|p. :p., %v. cljief i
ugnalij ollicer^to jj 11 re p anji^ X famishes 1
:he Mlovfitfe fip.epiql bulletin' to llie* press: '
p?e p.reHsure is'unusually high in'.theLnke
pgioh aud yjinpegota. jt is Jowest ju VIor
I Ida. General rains have fallen in the Ohio
| Valley and Middle Atlantic States. The
| following station reports thnt wore than
one inch of rain fell during the mat tweu- R
Ity-four hours, viz: Jacksonville, 1.8T>.
| Northeastern winds prevail in the North- M
west, northerly in the lake region, Ohio
Valley,Middle States ami New Knit iund; has
remained stationary in the South Atlantic
nctlGulf States nnd Tenucssce, and has
I fallen in the Northern States. The following
special temperatures wero reported at
:i r. m. Yesterday: Washington nnd l'enjsacolu
78, Norfolk 70,Savannah and Allan- o:
78, Jacksonville 711, New Orleans 82, Gal- |n
veaton 81, San Antonio 8(1, Los Aunelos08,
S*n Deiiro 7!1. Local rains arc indicated on
Friday in South Atlantic and Gulf States, t!
nnd cool, fair weather in the Ohio Valley, b
1/ower Lake regions and the interior of the Ul
Middle States and New Kngland. Qj
A .Vn|?ory Mnry. k
Washington*, November 2?Noono who si
kuows i/itviu i%.k uimer, lormcriyoi umo, 01
now Chief Juatlco of the Supremo Court hi
of the District of .Columbia, pill hesitate
long over the story published in ono of the V
metropolitan Unilies in New York City, to- in
day, to the effect that, having been bribed in
by a promise on the part of the star J1
route trial, of promotion to a position gc
on tho bench of the Supreme Court of ti<
the United States, lie contemplates sub* 01
stituting Judge McArthur, whom they like, 80
for J?ulge Wylic, whom they dislike, on the l,r
occasion of the second trial of the Star
route ease. The story is absurd on its CCl
face, and is, of course, utterly untrue, liven J"
if the Star route crowd had Supreme Court 18
positions in their gift, Cartter is the last
man in tho United States that any ?f
of them, or any other man, would
dream of approaching vfith a corrupt proposition,
Judge Wylie, inasmuch as his as*
Bignment does, not expire until May next,
will undoubtedly, preside at tho. Star route
trial, which begins in December. It is just
possible that this story about Cartter jnay ca
have grown out of a practical sugges- 8U
tion advauced by some of the leading I'1
criminal lawyers here, to the ellect that it >n
might be well, inasmuch as the big cases
U'hiL'h hnvi! "flPPIlllii'i! tin* lit tout inn r?f tint
Criminal Court for nearly a year have kept
a huge| number of accused "persona in jail er
waitiug for. a chance to bo. tried, to hold a q,
special criminal term in order to provide
fcr a general j lil delivery before spriuir,
a ;
Tlie l'ri'slilrnt Arrive* nt Wafcliliitftnu. ^
,\Vasminqton'^ November < 2.?President ?[
Arthur hrrived tonight, accompanied by cli
his daughter and sinter. J iy llubbell pr
came on the same train. tli
voy.1 n i mi i s corn ss.
TlioCrfcu Cafatiinran Iti Wliid* a 1'rlM
oner Made Kilt Kftcnpe from I'rlsou. ^
Ni;\v Yohk, November 2.?The original' ^
ity of-, prisoners'in devising 'means of get* tei
ting out of jail had a fresli but rather grim an
illustration in the case of Timothy O'Neill, s''
a youth of eighteen, who escaped from nu
Ilart's Island recently, iu a sort of catamaran
made out of a pair' of pine cofllns braced
together. Tim O'Neill was a wild boy who ga
hung around the low rum shops in Cherry In
street, aiid'j frequently got. drunk. . Last wi
August he was arrested for being both in;
ilruuk^and disorderly, and was sent up to bo
Lilackweli's Island for three months. Soon of
after he was transferred'with a gang of tli
convicfa to Hart's Inland to do laboring do
and other work. Potter's Field is situated *?
ph'lJart'a Island, and piles of red painted *?>
pine collins are a common sight to see on M
the Bteumboat wharf. When a load of this
kind of freight is brought to tho ??li??wi h' esi
has sometimes to be" placed under a sheil
if the weather be unfavorable or if the
graves are not ready to reeei* e the consignment.
,Iu the deadhouse were also fa<
several empty coflins. .O'-Neill .had been
working in.the vicinity of the deadhnuse, .
and the wild, cccentric idea entered his ^
head that if he could only get hold of one }!r
or two of these empty coflins and launch '
them on the waters 6( the Sound freedom p*
would be his. Nobodv knows, and the
shrewd and ret icon t Vim will never he 10
likely to let'anybody know, how lie managed
to dodge the keepers oi the lockup on ,
the island at'supper time and secrete him- , '
self about twilight hour within the dead- in<
house. : l?ut so he did. lid"promptly went Ki
to wjrk when the.coast was entirely clear. C0I
He provided fhiraself with a dexen nails .
and several sticks of wood and immediate- }UI
ly proceeded to improvise a catamaran out l.,e
of the two eolliiiH. This was the work of (le
tit teen'minutes. Tim was a strong lusty ^
youth, ami he thought nothing of whipping "e
up {lie double-barrelled collin and carrying
it oyer.his back down to the water., It
was now the dusky hour of evening and a
stroug. ebb tide; was, ruuning down the 1,11
Sound'.' Tlu're was no time to be lost, for tin
the guard boat, would-soon be around from BCi
the'otlle'r sitjd'of the island. Throwiug bj,
hjmself. transversely across, .the floating in;
coftius/lie started boldly out aiul trusted to be
the current to carry Win toward New York.
He had not "been alloat vtry long when the
guard.boat,hove in sight,"and the,man in
the sterii declared'he saw some floating P(1
j.fjvviy. ju iiiy,,uisui?i:u uuu. oruereu., (lie "
oarsmen"to pull iii the direction he indi- "e
putfil.i,;!At. that'.moment a schooner came t|u
nlong with' ihipping sails, but moving wl
vyijh tl|6 current.; She run close up to Tjui ex
li'ncl his catamaran and shut oil* from the pr<
KUard'boafall sight of the object they hail .
noticed. Tim was taken aboard and
brought safely to the- city. IJe soon 'went ]
to his oli] p;u;pt3 in UheiVy street, got
drunk and i\\;as ayaiu sent back to the
island, lie was transferred to Hart's Isl- .
and and was immediately recognized as an
I'scaped coiivicU Yesterday he was *?'
brought down; tp ; the city by Keeper -J'
DaU'roy for the nurpogo'of haying hup nipi- 11,1
ia|ie(l;^Ddpf tli\) x\hq eacie, tor'Uie'oneiico
bfVtcappig.'' Ifewtw taken bofore Justice ,
Kilbreth, who wart too*busily1occupied to 1
look into the case-ami. relerred it to the Co
District/ Attorney;, That, official; decided Gi
Lliat he should be taken back by the keener re?
:o llari's.lalaud and kept until the
lion of his sentence. ap<\ tl^ep brought th<
:lo\yp jind ^jialt \yitjj (of t^e $\\\qx ofl'enco
jf making lug ekjipe froip prison,
I.HiiKlry'ii KiicnKcnifnl. ]
3S",H\y . Yoi'.k, November 2.?The funeral of tio
Harry Clay, who died from injuries receiv* jut
jd at tlio burning of Park Theatre ^ y?l no
rolm Leo, wbq pcviahe^l lp the flumes, jl?,
;ook p\ace JO;(layfj, Each funeral ,\\-as p..
argel^vaUeniictj.j-The bo?:og\ce.
opened at 3 o'clock tbi$ To
noruiny for the exchange of tickets pur- Tin
rhased for Mrs. Langtrv's debut. There ^
1VU8 a long line of. persons in front of tlie say
h'catre,embracing many well dressed Indies of
riieinannRor was kept busy exchanging tyj
iclvctq for 6cntyf&\'om*>poni} 'with Uc*e
njrbhn^d ' jbV3 thd 1 J'-a'fk' IhealVej^whicn .
,y'ej-e $ven as faf'Ad practicable.'.' Qfie^y! *
)t\\6 held two sf-ataou the c?- ^'R:
"Qli, M |!W ouly lei P?j
no fcc wheru i ?? Mfi, Unotry." tM
niprp are forty se?l? wpi q on the lower J!0.1
joorof HaJJupL'ti than there were at the !'{l1
I'iuk theatre, and twelve; less on the bal- "U1
sdny." v . , ' 1 J
, - ... hli
\ IUmIiuiionC NciUry. rat
.' JkikkYCif v, E.' J.', November 2.?Joliu .
f.iM.IJ>ayler; clerk or the Board, of Fiu?.t\W
ind notary public waaarye?ted yharired with ,n<
iigninga nVmlVerot blank alUdavits, to, be ;o
;ised in swearing ni persons desiring to bj;' nt\
registered. The nllidayits, Vfhiqli \ycpe i^ iiri
the hands of a member o'( the Board of <VR^UUj't
\Vfro se*ied by the Chief Super- i*s
vuor. dr
trivgovlilM and llul^urlan A(Talm-Henmril
Utporta oT Outbrraki-llmla'a Warlike
Prrparatloni-Dfpoiillloa orArabl I'aiha.
SocUltit Troublri U Kranrr.
St. l'trmtsuuito, November -.?A revhal
f Nihilist, activity hits been observable
itely. Ijist night the police broke up n
lectingof 200 members ol a secret society
mt was being held nt Rottown. Annul*
bt of those present were arrested, but
inny escaped through the window*. The
!>ject of the society appears to be tin*
nowii to the authorities although it is
ispected ol being revolutionary, us thu
gan of the Niliiliata lifts declared u revoitlon
to bo imminent.
]<oni)on, November 2.?A dispatch from
ienna says that despite the announcecut
ofticially mado yesterday to n comltteo
of the llungxiriiiu Diet by the
inistry, tlmt the troubles on the ller/evvinian
and Bulgarian borders had pracrally
ended, there are renewed reports of
itbreakson the part of the insurgents, nml
verul isolated posts 011 highways of the
winces have been attacked.
Polish papers report tlib llussians to have
iiicentrated over ouc hundred thousand
en near JCishenefT, in llesanniblu, and it
turlher stated that Itassian army eon*
actors have been buying large quantities
wheat and oats in (iiihitz. Kussian anorities
on the frontiers have received
rict orders to enforce the prohibition of
;portation of horses from the Empire,
lis news is viewed in connection with the
apute respecting the ICilia mouths of the
inn be, and is causing alarm iu the south*
Jit of Europe, but there is no reason to
I'l'vcu iiiuh ib iuia uuy uuht lounuauou
an the fears widely entertained respectg
Russia's intentions in tliut quarter.
Culmii Ilrfuprrn.
Maduid, November 2.?'The Spanish govninent
holds that the leaders of ti.e
iban insurrection on landing at Gibraltar
L-re put outside the British lines through
mistake of the police magistrates, as they
ire then immediately arrested by the
lanisli authorities. The government
linis these refugees -were consequently
evented from entering Gibraltar at all,
rough not having buen provided with
isaports. They were, in fact, arrested on
tanish soil, in Spanish territory and by
ily authorized Spanish authority. They
re not and had not been in Knglish
risdiction. These facts were fully brought
it at the meeting of the council of minisrs,
over which King Alfonso presided,
iji a decision was reached thattheCubnns
ould not be surrendered to the British
A Mvc Program me.
Paius, November !?.?The LeDroil, or11
of the Socialists, in a leading article
dicates what the tactics of the anarchists
11 be in future. It says they propose to
stall squalid outcasts in the houses of the
urgeoise, thus insuring the coopcration
the former, seize food and clothing from
e large establishments, attho samo time
stroving books and documents in order
j'lviwut iiivunuusuum uiiiKiug cinims
: compenBation. They will also burn the
le deeds cf 'property, bond*, bills, Ae.i
ns leaving no record of any personal
iate property.
Kccrot Dynamite I'liclury Discovered.
Pahis, November 2.?A secret dynamite
:tory has been discovered at Cliarolles.
llenri Kochefort has gone toMontCean- iMiues
for the purpose of relieving the
isoners uwaitiug trial in connection with
c recent riots, llochefort regards the
istenee of a permanent garrison at Mont
au-lrs-Minesns a dangerous provocation
further rioting.
I'iroH in Itnssiii.
yr. I'l-rmwituuG, November 2?The great
urease in the number of larye lires in
issia in causing nearly all insurance
inpanies to fall back on their reserve
uds. Insurance premiums have just
en raised 40 per cent on the advice of
legates from Knglisli companies present
the insurauce congress recently held
Einliursooii Amcrleiiii I'orlt.
London, November 2.?'The Timm* Heri
dispatch gays the Tederal council; with
e confiont of the JCniperor, has been preited
with the draft of an ordinance forJdiug
the future importation into Germy
of American pijp, pork and sausages,
cause of the existence of trichinosis.
Deposition of.Vmhl ratlin.
London, Novembei 2.^'rho Times in an
itorial says it believes a compromise has
en ofiered or is about to bo offered to
i .liritikh government, the purport of
ilch is that Arabi Pasha be allowed tq
patriate himself and li\'o in exile, The
oposal, however, is unacceptable,
IIUhoiI from Il?o Nliitfc. I i
November 2.?LoniMft ? ??
have delivered ft lecture at Ghent .lapt
cuing. Upon entering tho hull which
,3 crowded, she wimHiawd and hooted at,
il also struck o\\ thu head with tho leg
a table, She was taken uwa.v by friends
il the meeting dispersed.
Tln? Cloture Acl.
London, November2.?In the, House q(
mtuons to-day upon a division upon >
bson's umendmeut to t the cloture net, !
ulte<.\ |\5 (pUoavb; Against iVJ-}, for illlK. i
the inciter n'QY, stands tho provisions of
! cloture act rc?jiiii*? only a majority vote
enforce the gag rule. i
A '1 licutrU'ol hull.
S'ew York, November 2.?In tl^yUt^a- ;
u relating to "Taken ?rQra J-Jfc," an in- ,
k\\&\\ #?? obtained by ex-Judge Ditten- i
etl'er, counsel for Isugeno TompV,;n^ o(
Rton, against Samuel (jQ\vi\le, la restrain j
n from renfese|\lio8 that he was thoaolc
nefoj the pUy'?qd to oainpel hhn tu '
uunt to TompHins, on the grounds that :
mpkina wa? entitled to a half- interest,
e motion to continue the injunction j
s argued a few days ago and - this n\Q;n-t
: Judge Barrettconlinned ths\njunction, '
ing the; papers bI|qv(6u us gross n enstf
fraud urvQ^ ^"omp^ios as hud, oyer been i
Wijl^ totattention oj; the Cauvt, '
A right, t I
Jliftuou, November a.-^Au* agreement 1
h entered into this evuninfe betwetm the 1
iilints, John 1m Sullivan and James
iott, to fight with small/Hoft gloves, (our |
mils J'twenty-four foot ring, Itytember
, cither in Chicago,-Milw'uukeo or Pittsrgy,
.'.Sullivaa agree* to give Elliott $500
1 the ?Ue tuo&ey irf ho tloca not knook |
n (E)hott)^out o? tiivie boforo Uio expi- ]
ion of tlio four roftPd*
' .1 Uls'^Itusl." , 1
Ybuv, November 2.?An Wlgiirmt
for (he benefit of fvtditoiu was Uled
day by \\o\W- A . and. Henry T. hwiyht,
\\ Avuirtatua Richardson, eon\|>oslng the
in of I'tiehardityu, ibyutpn, it Co,, j-tove
Tlio prefl-rfcuccH are ull in proinary
note*, amounting to over six huned
thoufau'i dollar?.
New YorU Money anil Nluchk.
Ntw YonK. November 1- Money C ?10 i*r rent:
cIomiI Hi Si1i)|h>r a-iti. hlmeiiirrvniilllo |mj>t*rGa$
uerwut. Ofillmr tanker's bilhilecdy
at demand (I
0.)V?u<?M?Ma? UhlU*i.n:d,
tT.H. ltd uhlgh A vilkcM..... JC*S
u.s. i*. txttfiukHi....iurt?Nt, i*. ji h. (5. nii.ii- mtf
U.S.4Ss. i>U|?otiB...linViU. IM-omls llr>U llftft
U.S. Is.rnuiH>ti? 1'. laiul Mnutu.~lll}2
I'aillloG.iof U) l.-J IT. I\ MuUiik fuiuUWK
Co ilmir.u'ltlc tlntf-li-lkToxmI'hc ImiiUtM...
Krlo iccoud*. W)*|do. ItloOrflUd ulv? 8 K
UvlLXoADliONDs-IrrrcnlitrMni (euurully hlglur.
LoulnlttiA consols CU iVIrylnluC* :ii
Mlvourl Ch- VinsiiilacoiiinU, oxrft.
Jiisi'l'U.. UH? | tr.i ipuI. it)U|kin*.... M
TomimsccGi.* 47 iVlrjhilu deferred 12
Tcuneaso O, 47 | Ex. illv.
Stc?:K*?The mirkct to-day wiadull but Jn (l.o
lunluHtroiifS. mid dosing urlce* allow tin iitiptxtvcmcut
over tho?o of yentcnlay,
tlwre swcii litllou o|h>neu IriewuUr. but jhIcch
xi'ueiiUv k*Jj jivrcvnt highertbim at yostfrtlny'H
clow, ilie utter lor Norfolk A Western
hi iimiMuyiuuMtiKtttKeucrul miIvuiicooi
oi'?tocctirnM, the latter for Mloo.rl IV'ltu, whllu
Ohio control fi-li oil' j; ikt evut, mid ?t. I'mil,
Mliinv*n)llK A Minllolw lj; pcrcvnt. Hncculiulou
after thl< wu? dull uiiilprlo* reacted1 ,nf% i"erc*ill,
led by Wwtoru I'iiUiii hiiiI Luke Entire, l?ut the
umrlttit hk'hIii became Miun^. and U'twccn 1 and 'I
o'clock recorded mi ndvaiuc of iicrccnt, lu
which Nil^hvlllc A: CluittHiiii>j{4, Uililavlllo A
Nashville, Ciinudit Southern, Mlwourl l'acllli! mid
St. hull wereconspicuous while St. I'mil, Minneapolis
to Manitoba Mild up -I'4 par com to 14*}{.
SubucijuMitly thU whs kucceedctl by u Kenernl rem1lion
of J^/4 per ccnt. the Utter lor Nashville fi
i haiumooiru. after which the unikel hcHlii Mild lip
!?t| per cent, the Inttcr for Dourer Kla Grande,
| while Manhattan Elevated adv?ii(td toM from Hi
I earlier hi the day.'I he market c.lo?cd dull bnlhtroii*
at mi iilvmicoou the day's inuivicllouH of
' per ccnt, tin: hitler for tU. I'iiiiJ. MItiiivupollM
Maul-obit, while Manhattan Kleviitcd Is7 per cciil
TniniflCtions2J57,CC0 shares.
Allans Kxntoj' 133 iNash. & Chat ...... 60W
Aiuvrlotu txprttw... K1 New Jersey L'eriU......
Canada Southern..... 7(ty; Northern racltle 4,'A?
C C. A I. 0 'J do. preferred- WlV?
Central I'm Ulc 90^ Northwestern 144&
Cheiui?.*nko Oiilo.. do. preferred 1M
do. ihl- preferred.... 37 Now\ork I'tMtlruL.llWj;do.
2d preferred...- 'iCVC Ohio IVntnil ll?v*
C..C..C. A 1 ?t'4 h'o.t MIve 37
Deliver A K. U - do. preferred .. iW
Kile - 4UST?clflc Mull .41
do. preferred bl^iC. ?fc P J4t?
Fort Wayne....- 1"4'. Heading 5'JJJ
Ilitii. At at. JoMjpli.... 45 1st. !< .v K K? ?
- do iireierrcd SO do. preferred MVC
Khiis.ikiV r.u ltic u>'4 St. Cmxl 110j a
Ltkc Krlu it \V 8'Jk do. preferred 120
Uike Shore -ll^K Texas fad lie 4iAJ ?
taubville & Nrthli... biy, Union hid lie MH..lii7%
U N. A. ?fc U f>7 I'nllul Stales Ex t!?
m. a 1st prefd lir.'s w.. at. i.. i*
do.- *M juvfd do. itiuferrcd fvSJi
Slow. ?t cliuM .. WVj Wtlh, Kurvo Ex J'-'O
Michigan (!cutrnl.....lOI% Western Union 87
Vo. 1'dclllc 100H
Nkw YoitK, November 2 ? Flour dull hut unchanged;
receipts 21.t\k) laurel*: cx|x>rts l?,UOO barrels.
Wheat, imMu took 1;el?!IIrtaly, optionso|?encd
a simile lifctier, nltcrward* 1 acinic* weaker and declined
Xa3?e. clo-lujj kTiiucer. rcevlpU I ".MM
bushels: cxjmiMm tX),.lJ5 bnsln-!s; ungraded toil
<te*SI Mi# Mourner No. " red 'Jluy.io; No. 3 rod
51 014* 1 0l;& Mourner No. 2 red Si .'ml 05K: No. -?
reJ 51 OKiI twj^; No. '1 rod November, shIch 22.10(1
bushels ill $1 ixsallls'^, closing* t $1 ChJ-fr DoCi'lulier,
sales 60 IU0 bushel* t?t 51 lOul 11, closl tit; ?t 8110?
Jiuiuitry. *dc* :t7i?,(fJ0 bushels Rt 81 lS%al 12?i,
closing at SI 12)$: 1'ebrnaiy, sulei ISti OCO buxbelii at
(it i:?vil 11*? ?:i?slnir ilt $111^. Corn, cash lots 2a
:sc hlgtier. options %a2%c Utter; receipts 4S,7.riO
bushels: exports 1,500 bu-hels ungraded S3aS7e:
No. 2 S?uS#e elevator; S<iu&d?o delivered: No. 2
white K'tiMij^e; No. 'J November
e'oslt'K at SlKu; Decern U-r 74)(,u7iV>^\
dosing ?t 70^e; January GffiC&Xc, clcxlng at
( *?}{< . Oatu Ic hlaher and fairly active; iceeipts
Jt.lUO bushels; exports ISA bmfaels: weMeru mixed
:57Ht:te; wlilt? western lii tSc. if ay dull and weak
at WaCOc. (' .Hee dull and ittirnnngcU. Sugar
?iulct and H'oitdy; fair to ?ood retinliii; rKrf&i*.
Mobiles In fair demand ami easier: Now Orlcunx
5Sai;2. IUivi unlet but firm. IVtroleum Unit and
lilnher. United 'Jrt>??: crude "Kit'Ke. Tallow easier
at S^'uS^e. i.osiu III ill atSlSTJvl Tnrpeu-'
i***, woicru irnli ,Uull mii'u
weak til 27}(a2M\ I'oik quiet but linn: new 1j(kh
5.' j .Mia1/.: rr>. Jtu< f ?pilet but tittsi. CuimcattxtfMrce
ami Urm at 813 00. bird btroiij! nt 812 Oo: prime
Ktca.ni $12 10.iV22.V- Butter dull and wciilc at 15a.
37c. Cheese quiet and Meaoy; \vc?tcro Hat Gal2%c.
Chicago, Novemlwr 2,-Flour. quiet ami unchanged.
Wheat higher; regular November,
9o%i'Jj%c Ueictnbcr; year; VHiVi"
January; Si 01% May: No. 2 red winter y-;u'.K5>$t;
cash; No. :i Ul^e: rejec id jciXc: No. 2 Chicago
spring : cash: No. 3, JilaXlKc; rejected fiSe.
Corn, hlnniguml higher si 70c iunii: ?>e November.
G Jiat'ckj December itiiil year, January;
ifjeeted lWJ<c. Oatr, nrnng at "IJ.ulUJic
cash: SlJ^c Kovemtor: :uj{t5fe December, year
and January; 3!$?aa.>ic May: rejected SDUtllic. Ky?-%
cosier at uGj^c. Barley, dull el 82c. Viaxwvd?
Ilrnieral ?1 10. .Vesa pork, active, IIrm and Uliehbr
atS205Ua21 00 cash; Si'J n November; JlH ?1.h'.h7D
December and year: 518 70al872?4 Jumwy: <18 75a
IS~7V? February: 819 00 May. bird, ?ron{{ lit 311 fit)
all 65 caMr. 811 I7l? November: 11115 December
and year. 811 17J$ January; 511 20 February: 811 a?J?
all -10 May. Hulk meal* In fair denifiud; khnuhient
?7 7.V, short ril*< $12 0); >horl ?lct>r 812 25. Duller
weaker; fair to fincy cream ory 2."?i3So: good in
fancy dairy 23aj2e. *&? ?,22?', whbky, 8119. Call
?Wheat, firmer. Corn, demand good; GS^ti "Nt?veoiber:
ftiatttko December and vear: 65)$o January.
Oath, :t ifjH.'Wc Ncftember: :i'J%a:Ho December
hihI year; HSJ^c May. I'o k, in tow', demand ai
519 -10 November; $18 70 Dccomuer. 818 75 year;
8ls72J$ Janunr 81877% February; SI907J4Ma\\
bard, unchanged.
Unci mm ATI. November'*1?Cotton dull ami lower
at lO^e. Flour Meady and unr lwiiwii
mciiuy Him in fair demand; 3*'b 2 reiC->? Inter l?C*t
pot; U7e l)lil November: 'JT^c bid December;
bid year; receipt#, -tl.cxx) bnshelw: khl'pnu ul.s l'J.(XX)
b ithek- Corn notlvc nnil blither at 70c Fpot;
rt.%c Nrveinber; ycir. Me bid January.. ouls
demand fair and inerket firm ut :17rS8c M>ot; We
liWIyeur. Uyeln hurdemand lit Gic. Hurley dull
nud unchanged. lork scarce utid nominal hi
8?!a& .Lard I) rat ul ?11 G-2^?ll 75. "llulk meats
nominal; hboulde:si'J 25; cle-r lib Sl-J.'A). llaeon
quiet; klmuldere 311 25; eU-nr lib SIC 25; clear
51"00., Whisky Ccciined -te; combination wiles oi'
llnlslud poods, -Ifil) birrclK. on a bnidx of 81 13.
llutter dull mid uuchnnucd. h'ugn steady uud unchanged.
l'iUUi?M.niiA. November 2.-Klour steady, ltyo
tl air klcady at 5-t25n? ;17x/?. "NVhwit, oiillon* J4a)<^!
liS^tioi;olosedquiet; No. 'i red ulevntor SI No.
2 red NovemWrSl OSal W: HecomberJl WiMal
January SI UKal UJ^: FcbrmuySl l'JKal l:l C'uiu.
opllon?lall<t: hle'ner fti.d flmr. local lot* stronger:
t^ill mixed sOiOw; ?ic*mer SOo: .rt-jceied fcfie; Mill
n\lxed S'ov?uiiber 82iiS3c: Dcccmlicr Oi'/itili'ke; Jhuinuy
Oa'-irtOyX": I'ebruary GiiC2)^e. Out*, quiet: No.
2 mixed 40e; No. I! while He; No. 2 do l'>e; No. 1
do. lo anlve, 47c. l'rtivislc?i:t> Meudy; trefs beet
317 MalS 00; mess pork $41 ul l.nrd quiet; kettli?
SL100>il3 2V, M0JU1 til a7){ul2 50. Ulllter. dull.
r'KKSMul Cnt>i?tf. unchanged. Whisky, unehanjjeil.
PeiroJouiu, untUmij;ed.
Chicago, November 2.-The Drovtr'i Journal reports:
Hok^?Market brisk midlines Iftil'o liluber;
inlxed Sd K??i710; heavy fd'.uu7 G5; llyut SO *.!0a7 lb;
Cattle?Hocoiplf :?,o:o head; shipment* Il.'.OO li*ad.
I'milO we^k Mud Ilk lower on common to lair. SI l??
h.'iOO; mixed lo jjood S5 2&H5 76; cliolrr to extm
Sd(KV660; butciierV Si'.llvJ yj'.Moelvrsnnd feeders
52 i'rOn-125; 'I'exuns &t 7hal 75.
Hheep? Receipts 2,200 Uva-UOilpmenls 2,200head.
Trade weak; inferior to mir dull nt 3f?r>uH2V, meit
luin to jjood ?'5 V-'ul 03; eliolce to extra SI,'JOiil GO.
lUijTjMOiiv, November 2.?Vlou'r,uhclmnxc4 and
lull. \Yhnit,wckleni n>hjulo Itelter. No. 2 winter
Detcmlwr Jt 075?: January II ctij^al C'.i"n;
I'Cliruary 8111^*1 1IU. Oirii, Vetera hteaiiy;
ivcvtem jplxml M?ot &!wMic; 'NovoailH-r Me in-koil:
lumwiry (iUjbCl^. OkI.s, leaver anil dull: MViteru
white I'wt Wi:; mlxid UaWt; J'otmso'lvunk 4lal7c,
Kye. dull at f,7n7?c.' \\?iy uuchn?iKt'd. I'rovb-loiiH .
uiiuliui)KCi|.uiKt!(;(a, tfiittex llrin; western iwkcd
rreanv-'fy iw.ui7e. luc^s. smrce ami llrin at
J7& i*i\lto)cum uuchuneotL Oifl'oe; quiet. Hu^ar
lull. NVuJ.iky, steady *t 51 'Jlal 'ii.
T01 Kno. November 2.?Wheat, hlcady; No. 2 ml
v Novemlwr l&^o; December VJj-ie; January
?l 01 x/t: May J1 (WJ^. Corn, tlnn: IiIkU mixed
No. ii spn'. 7J.'4r; NovemberViHc; yoar Jannury
" Ijic; May ahkeil, Oats, quiet: N11. 2 kpol
lr/4c: Deocmbcr ?>e bid. Clos'd--Wheal, Htroucer:
So. 2 red >;>ot OSJ^c; November Del-ember
ny,c. bill: yonr'JSfto Ud; January $1 uij^ hlil: May
31 07^c bid. Cu:n, hluher. hUh mixed. 7-?)ic bhl:
So. 2 November iW^?; llervmU-r.'?7J<?!
lihlj May M^c. bhl. Oat*, monger; No. 'J sqmt
o'itf: Noveuiter liil; Docciuber :aCo bhl: year
UJiV bill. :
Kast Lir.Kr.TY. N<?veiuVr2 ?Cdtlle? Uoctljiln
V52 lic'mV M-ukvl t\t?ll: wlm?Sj7.'mfi2J; fair to goo*)
;i fj).vA W: common $;i i'n i w.
Hogs?Ki>MU?t>2,HO liwul. Market 1'hllnklohlas
?7 50a7 75; lUlllmoxea, S7 00m -Yorker*,
[U *i9uti &V ,
Hhefp?Itaxlptt U.OOOhfcul. M*rkct>)o\v: j>rlmt>
H 'i>al oO; fa'r to K'xxl (:',bQulU); common fc!.'.I*
, NP.W YpitK, Jtav*JH?twr2 ? DltV <Joor?t?Ill nil <lcy
;>Mt?'n:n(fc.ll?e demand us well hh lhu h!l?*etlfHi?
\h\'u been very Iff lit, mid rnbUlo of Ihtj deliveries
)f a few nn?c!altit*, tlio market wn.s very quiet, unt!k
jxceutiii? fornoodsoi a j.nrely hcilhoiihIiIuiliurnf..
;er, julcei khow nmeh stwilluew.
Cl^ciHSAU. NovomUr 2.?l.lvc hop* active am!
linn: common anil light ITi Mi" (X): ;,aeklnK ami
iiutohcr*' M tl'>u7 ItcceJplK * !,',oO head; MilpjieiMs
::i0 hcail.
TlTUfrVIM.K, NovWuln'Cj 9?Oil opened R.t ink",
ifchot WKcJ.lowcat at %Ku: slill' nentu
00.255 barrow .?i j<w?
lone. 1 .V' * . ' ' ,wlSi ' '
. l*;Tt*>?ornj(, Novrnibor 9.?Petr/.Ieum c|tilut:
Lb<ltvd ecrtiilcatca closed * tiller; reiiuol 1*^: lor
['bil&(lcl:?hU delivery; tuUts 2,C3l,0W barrel*.
"I.iulicN Tonic,*'
The Great Female' Remedy is prejirired by
Ibe Women's M?:U?c,iV Instftrite of Hullalo1
S'.' Y., and is Ibfclr favorite prescription foi
ladies wl?o nre anf faring from nny w;nkne.-w
or conudaints common totbe?cx. U is
slid by tirnKgtats at $1.00 per bottle. Ladiea
can obtain advice fret. Bend stamp for
naiiies of tjioso who lwyubeen cured.
At wbolthftle'iuid retail by l<ogan .t Co.,
Wbe Ing, W. Va. n.%vv
Mui'f fine band-sewed sbor.?, bent makf.s
i\nd correct My ley, at L. V. itlond'a, 11^5
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