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100 MILES f
ME111VII.LK, Pi., Aug. 28,1432.
ettUl fclt'llfloCo., Atlanta, (Jr.
I think It mf duty towrltoyou Iti regard'
to ni)' tmo. 1 wu* onecf tho victim* to the
UTtlblcdlM'iuc for mvchU yean, and hitva
i,tii intlrriy cm red by tlra u?e of your
a H. a. will <iuie It, and it h tlio only
tuinjt that will do It. I had tried orerylLluu
hiiJ alllhe |?rouducnti?hyMclaii?lu Hulfrlo,
H/-li??terand Cleveland,but lhlaoulyniidd
uu. wurno, ami brtko down my general
hittltb Hlth mercury and itotiuh. 1 lieird
i? Milttinunc*-100 mile* dhtant-to get It.
Whi'U I U?iu to uho It I wm lit a bad condition.
My mouth was full of ulcer*?head
lull of norcs?linlr ntul uvebrowa none, liut
uow I Hsu u* muud ?ui n new dollar. JCvcry
itiUcrvr hloiild know about your H. 8. t).
J. W. WKYUa.
We li*ve ciiwiof bfooJ iwlwnlfnf In our
to*?wlio llvril ut Hot Spring*, and wore
Dually curcnl by 8.8.8.
MfiUXMO < A Mukkav, Malvern, Ark.
jf you doubt, come to ice u*, and wo Mill
Ct'llB YOU, or chaipe nothing t Write for
j.ullculupi iiinl a copy of the llttlo look,
to the L'iifortiiimto Suffering."
,\>k any UrtigglM nit to onr Mantling
itti 81.0410 Hcwurd will be paid to any
C'hetiil?t who will Und, on analyaU of luo
bottle* of R.8. H., one purtlcle of Mercury,
Mile of l'otu?luin, or anv Mineral hub*
*uii<e. 8\VIfTSl'fcClFIC CO., l'roprl?t?rj,
Atlanta, Ga.
I'rln'or Miuill Nlvc, . SI <10
l,nr?t'.NI*o, l 7,1
Tbe beat evidence of a physician's succor* In iho teauwoiiy
?>l hU patlcuu'. 1 liejucawhi j? doxnaiuls for
lilt tl|l)I'.?lUJ'?l T-1..VV.. ...... . ""iBMinn
lumuralily *nd fairly with those who have consulted
nit? 1 uuvorii-vh patiaut'a name without jormUklui'i.
tbuAivh I littvo many huudrcd certificates from
tin** wtiuui i ha^ecurta niter they had lieeu prouoMiKcit
tiiiMirntile. A th(rtouKh medical education,
with inanj)ursh(wpltalex|*!rieticoand familiarity
niththcfdi'iitiM amenta, h doio observance of teraiK-culiarttieiJ
mid Htrict attention to
Wienie management Insures eciecev, if euro
r.wibk'. and I Imukly give the patient my opinion.
Kiitncy *na Liver Dtsewea and Rheumatism.?
guiTiwt Terribly.-"Nothing seemed to help mc;
HJtild not getout of bed. Dr. Smith cured mo."
Wheeling, W. Va.
UUurh, Polypus of Nw;o, Impaired Voice?SufImil
for years; intent medlelue failed to help mi).
It. emlth com iiletcly cured inc.
of 3t??ldcl ?fc L'o , Wheeling. \V. Va.
mill ulcerated Stomach.? Treatment
l?t nun fulled to give mo relief. Dr. Smith cured
me." . THuJIAS HOLT, Insurance Agent.
UK?"lliil tliem for foil rtooii yoaj*. Dr. smith
frrwfuia. ttunningSoresoa Head.?1"My wd waa
iUictc.1 for fourteen years. Nothing (teemed to
belplilm. Dr. Smith cured him."
llurketsticet, Wheeling. W. Va.
rancor.?"Suffered for yours with canoe i\ Had it
tni out three times. It returned after each operation.
Dr. (Smith cured mo withoutknlfe otiHtioor
P1U*, Fblula of Anus.?Mat ot my bntidor 18
?? **. Reported dying. Dr. Smith cured me without
kuifc. in Eve week*.
iVhnlwale firoccr, Main Ht.T V> heeling. \V, Va.
rUerntloii* of Rectum, Prolapsus and Piles.?
given up to die and pronounced Inuurablo.
Dr.Smith cured in? without knife."
Mnrtlu's Ferry,
Rer. II. 0.1-nild writes?"Dr. Smilh'B|?rokiwlonal
[' ttnlre.s in tny f.unlly have been nu*t batlsiactory
?. ?nd I commend luia to all as a gentleman and a
I1 rtlllful phycleiun.'*
' Mi*. MnrKHrvi holo says'? i nau Decn milcrlng
e i lor kvl'ii years n:nl trailed by many physicians for
ft! !?r. .Sinitli .said 1 had a tapeworm and
? laeight hoiin* tenioved ti monster 109 feet
B1 Kenml? Complaint*.?'Thn'o years In hoepitals for
gl [ftnnlw, rIvu me peculiar advanuua* Innucli esse#,
tal IVtviiu-funtl ol catarrh. diseases of lionrt, liver,
Kl itomsrh, Ll.sneyg, skin, blood, nervous affections
\ I Hid weakiie*M's of men and youth, scrofubtand
mliimitoilfy to my mii-ccM.
rili* cured without the fculfo.
IMunis at militant umy bo treated br letlerand
fctULu'tltiimiiHrimteed. A clmrt f?r self examlnatloii
??'nl on rmlptof two thaoceut ntamj>s, aud
iIvloe returned free.
(Aiumiluitioii at office free. Office houra from 9 a*
Ji.to'P. m., dally. Call on or addre?
J. E. &M1TJI. Jf. D.,
mylJ No, 1117 ChapUne fat., Wheeling. VV. Va.
A? <# *
' flit! (i.000.000 Children
In the United State*
: Who BullVr Tain,
i Who Frot anil Cry,
! Who IIiivq I'hIo FrtC?<,
1 Who Have llud Uresitn,
Should Use Ijmglilln'a Worm Syrap
f Tho ClilM Whose Sleep la Disturbed,
I Tho 1.1,11,1 Who WnUwi In Terror, .
J' I'he Child Whoso Appetite Is Vornciotu,
' Ttiu Chilli Whoso Ai?i>ctito Vnrles,
I The child Who Docs Not Tlirlrs,Tlw
Chlltl Who Is Kiuuclalml,.
The Child With Internal Irrltitlon,
The Child With Hallow Complexion, ,
Miuiilil Usi! Ijiughlln'3 IVoi'm Syrup
No IdwMfl P?) DnnucroiM As Worm*. .
. .No Cblhl I* Free From Them. .
They Cuutft 1)1 sense Themselves.
(They Aggravate Other CompUlnl*.
Tur l.'.hilil's Cnro Wlicn Teething:
I f <tTKst Til K (Jews: Ai.r.AY" 1'AIX; ItKnncu '
J t Tt! lit .\'|? Si'MV Kll COM VI.AINT, DVHK.ITKUVY',
I Imaiiiiiiiu, Flatulknck, Colic, etc. - * 1
I vrtintoaatntUrtfr?.an(ltrakcui?thfcr- .
A?;iiiy,uniJfeeling nun/orhibu. We Ki?nr#iite? [
mi t. will refund tin* prlc* of evi?ir on*
MtMiun* rej?ivft<mtc<t. Sold by all drugjfkU.
lMflo 2t>c* j>er Bottle, *
LAUGhLl?J BROS. & CO., Proprietor,
I J!1P?iUve wul elTls'iual remedy for *11 Kotoqj
m Wiotft* In e7ery ,tacc U.f Uft>?youaR or ol<3. wals
I- Of fiLiK ... -lev Pnutrntkn Tvwuinf
Eg Of Vitality, Dcfi*!** Memory. Imig
?*1 Tower, and dlMMO* from wkich an
I ^"'UMlvruiU! oI life pprin^. ?U Oi which cannot
Bk ?tL Pn^naino Uio whole ayntom. Kvoryor2*n
6 Sri1 . l\^? ^vorjr power pmaUftted, many
BE S?,2 Jlacwe ?ro&cnerated which,*If notehwAftd.
K |T,f ">,?*o "I W.y death. It rejnvlnitw ?x?
wf*'- Jrii !r,^omlr3 youth. Each pacliARO routtlni
! X??M?lfw two weeks' trcnUnonu WrltotorptinWk
wl vtoHuutfree, with fullpirtloulan.
Kb u il T 1111'ntKslK'.i Kt W oeuUi a ptctafe, ot
g tf*lre pickaxe* forjrt 00. Will bo miih&cb? jdaII
" fcawrtcf money, by add replug
, ft as s ivifcrwo asDicisE co.,
r,5W?*Miwl. Hutr?o, H. Y. I
JJS*? A 00.. WholMtlO mil RaUll Acentl,
* u n i tii v}?i tx??14 v ft' cure Mr ail tilw^srC".
itBtlPalnftal-OouMtiDM UiM
a n *^ss^geag2awgsgagsgaBHBga
IS i?"'l OOw bottle, For }>rj?ll tlrucg
l 4^y_~.Kl9U.nr?ontbvi:*yr?:fli/rfjrw\
1 'Spi crJV&s, JOHN D. PA1UC & Aw rife,
$4# ?if* taxi IT7 A??.?ninnjUt CttfCl.ttXATi;
uiito. l rurmiou ;atauapflc. * * *
'n)(> \,y umas' A (X).
*Kvan Passage Tickets lo and from Europe!
111 lowest rates iuued by .1
x*t 17. VJ17 ilarkei SLreeL
An Internal Kcrcnue Officer Saved.
, .fjtOVIDXKCff, Aug. 21,1&S2.
Editor ot Boston Herald.
DEAn'StR-Dutlnimyterm of lonrlca Itithe In*
ternal Revenue Derailment of the United Etatou,
at the time my otflco vo? in ihli city, 1 \iu alUlcted
wl|h a Mvcra attack ot Kidney'Disease, and ut
times suffered Inlemuly, I received tbo wtdlcal
advice of Home of our best physician* lor a lung
time, wit1 out being benelltted by their preset I p*
lions. Being discouraged hy the failure of tho doc*
tois to help me, u>jd being urged to use Hunt's
Remedy by a friend vho had teste 1 Its merit*, al?'
though reluctant to tiyu patent medicine, I was
dually induced to try the Remedy, and procured
two bottles of It, and commenced-taking It faith*
fully according to the directions.
Ileforu 1 had taken it three days the excruciating
palm; In my buck lUd disappeared, and before 1 had
used two bottles 1 >rai entirely cured, Wlienover,
from over exertlou or a. violent cold, the pain* In |
my kidneys return, a few doses of llunt'i Remedy
quickly effects a euro,
Before closing I lie^jo mention tlto remarkable
cure of a.frlecd ol mine In Nc\T?York City, to I
whom I recommended this valuable mcdlclno lie!
was Mid'orlng severely from an attack which wusl
I preuouueed by hi* phynlcinn a decided cane of!
Bright'* Dlteaso of the Kidneys. I obUlned two
Ibottleaof Hunt's Remedy for hlm^ At) 4 he com'
menced taking II, aiuibegan to Improve at once,
and was speedily restored to health, and ho attributes
tho saving of his life, undor Ue blowing of
a merciful Providence, to Hunt's Remedy.
Another friend of lulne In New Yotlc, to whom I
recommended Hunt's Beinedy, w,? suffering se*
,v.v., ...... m.uucj uwcnw:, mm huh entirely cured
of It niter ustost thh wonderful meillelno only A
a Miort period.
Keeling deeply Kratcful fjr the Rrcat benefit* experienced
by my frlotidimnil myself from the line
of Limit's Remedy, I feci it to Iw my duty, or woll
iw?f,'re<a privilege, (u furnish you this voluntary
and unwllcited statement of ftieU for tho Inforiim.
tlon of your Inrwj number of render*, many of
whom ?ro undoubtedly MilTorln?(torn thh wild?
spreading wourw, nimI I bcliuvo ilut It i? the Ih-hI
medldno now ktmwin ltd that,'It will alio u'l
mesof Icldm-y dlsonm'* that ran tin-cured.
I klutll Ihs plained to confer with any one who
may do. I re mi InUrvUw r? jMrdln* tho statement*
bcrelu contained. Truly your*.
oc3Q-xw.n' w Mwmr Siicol.
Lt'iuiU tho Ronton O'/utw.J
\h l ~
Jfrtw*. KtlUori1
The above In a ?oo<l Hkenww of Mrs. Lydliv J!, rink*
ham, of Lynn, Ma.w,,who*bo*oallotluir humnn leliiK?
jnny bo truthfully callcd tho ''Dear Friend of Woman," .
aiHoinu of her corruH|>on<<<mU lOTotocnll her, Blio
11 zealously derotcd to her wort, which Li tho outcome
of ft Uf?Miudy, nhJ 14 obliged to bocp sit lady
*j?l*tanU, to hi'lpheroMwcrthtf laryoconvtfpcfldracG
which dolly jiourt Inupon hor, each boarincIta tpecUl
burden of iuifcrlnir, or Joy nt releoso from It, ller
Yotfvtablo Compound Lift laud Ic! no for good nnil not
iv 11 purport I liavo personally Investigated it and
am nut tolled of the troth of thU
On account of Its jir?jr?n medt*. It 1* rccoranwntlefl
unci prcacribod by thob-?t physicians In the country.
Ono tayst "It work* Ukn a charm and taveit mncli
I>?ln. It will euro entirely tho won't form <?f falllnif
i>f the uterus Ixucorrliirji, Irregular and jolnful ,
Menstruatlon/all Ovarian Trouble*, Inflammation and
Ulceration, Flooding*, nil Displacement* anil the mh*
Kxjncnt njilnal wenknenv and is especially adapted to
tho Clian^e of Life."
It permeates every iwirtlnn nf tli? ?" ?
now life anil rigor, It removes frlntncsj, flatulency,
d?*tn>ys all craving for stimulants, and relieve* weak.
ncm of tlioBtoiiuiilj. Jt curcii ttloatlnfr, llandftehes,
Nervous Prostration, Goncral Doblllty, Slceptewiiei",
Depreaidon and Indication. Tliat fueling ?>f l^arin;;
ilovrn, causing pain, wolghl ami baclcirho, la ahvayi
iwrmanen.'.y cuml by Ittx use.* It will nt nil Units, ami
undirnllclrcumstan-e*, art In harmony wltlitheUw
tliftt governs tho female Hjstcm.
It costs piiIy gl. per boltlu or six for C-l.nnd is sold by
drugging Any advlcc roqiilrod a* to special owes, and
tin* name* of many who hsvo Ikxjii restored t? perfect j
health by tlio use of tlio Vegetable Comjiouml, can lw
obtaliud liy mltlroalna Mrs. I'., with ntnmpfor reply,
nt her homo In Lynn, Slow.
For Kidney Complain', of eithtr ik>x this com^Miund li |
unsurpajwed ai a!iuni!ant testimonials show.'
"Mrs. Plnkham'oUvtr rills," Niy? one writer, "oro
thrUrit in the iror/il for tlio euro of Conxtlpntlor,
Btllpusness, and Torpidity of tlio liver. Iter Blood
rurlfler works wonders In Its special lino and Idds fair '
to equal tlio Conijiounct In It* popularity.
Alt must rcspcct her as an Angel of ilurcy whoso solo
ambition Uto doi^od to others.
1'lillmMnliU. l'o. (2) Mm. A. M. D.
Caro^ Er^ipelas, .
Pimplos aufZ Faco Gmbs.
Blotohos, Colls, Tumors, hotter,
Humors, Salt Rheum, .
Scald Head. Soros, Morcurlal
.Diseases, Fomalo Weakness I:
ail d Irregularities,' Dizziness,
Loss of\ Appetite, Juandice,
Affections ot tho Liver, Indigestion,
Biliousness, Dyspepsia
and General Debility^
A course of Buriloiit Hlo?vl 'iliVuiiff ;J|?
mad ?trrtlf?l that it it the r.rcj:t? niooitTaitc? m
ciilt. BuiiJ l?y ineilicluc ilcilcit every hctc.
UitcctLuu M flcvaa Uiguji^*; PKICK, J1.00.
FOSTER, MILBU'NitCQ., Prop's, Buft'o, N.Y.
; Logan ><r. Co.. Wlioleanloflml Retail Agent*,
A P.0Blt|V9_Curg fpr,n'l F, 0]0, i
i :
LailleVToriteU r?et>?ftd lijPitfe'Woriicn"! h?e?lI5) Ir.?
itiiuie of lluiUlo, N. V.. audljjl I'ceti lived luccc^fally
by la.Uct fur iMti, It It a turt turt for oil Female
Complaints, Sick?ni| Ncivom llca.Utlu, tJ).Mf'tl-?,?r,J
a.'l weakncMet causcd tir thotc Ureipjinliu* wlilrb am ;
*ocommon to woman Vliiil. Thil l? no Vaunt MtJitint, .
)>ut It pteimed, aft?-r><m ofcxj'ciicnte, and lecora*
uct.4^^^ knuwinf; that ft* ill j;l*c new life to any brokendown,
voii? *,w; nf iivc'-voikcd mcmt'cr nfihoici.
If iculuvc ii<r^i wlir; ?#rocdiM without tuccctt, do
rot l>o ditcounijc'l. toit civ* PLACES' TONIC a
timgU Mil. It mvtr/ailt to fAsvBHLbMtX/in**' i
"nentrt.lt/.',' , } ?. * * t\'**r!I rt ft
Jf you its trouMM *Uh any weaknew of eoWtWlH i
common t>> our tax. liy &tid? tho Jjciot'i nrrufip'-i.n |
f>ruM?,aa<ltry"J.?iu?t' Tonic," v.hich-*v ffusratitc*1
will positively rur/you. Ono Bottlo In Oufilclrnt.
U'tfrjen't Me.llcal Institute it an Aitocuvonol III ur
2nd X'l/Kfrut )cjr*'c?|xri{ncc, *'.?o give advlcoand
answer Icttctt ? ">?) Jadlet./rrr.
{500 will be eircH for jvnvtate of FemiloWeaVnrit
or inability whUh "UrtiM'Tsflic" will n?t cute. Tlilt
11 a '. naj\Ut oltor,niailc by riiftmlift lulltt whnI(now j
(ji'u j h' clxculuj.
6?1J prfci, fl.oo.
At wkoltmlonij.l ptall i?y
W?I3MW I<OQ AN ?fc CO,. WbfaHljK. W. Vfr. i
' H Eooj a tamo tiwic crdUardri*4 jjrtn* la&l-a
f c?to that you nro a victim P THEN DO (fOZ ?
t |ZE3ITATE? \uo Kidney-Wort at one*, (ilnic- 2
? ?Ut4 n*<;mmond lOand It will-jpcodUy -tTir- ^
* oorao Ui4 ..(km* 2J}<J Matoro ncalthy action, o
cl I or 1ae iwVP^lnta peculiar >
c SUaL?i\*5j? toyoureci','3w.u?wpAin-J
**jndwpaknem3,Kidn?y-Worti3muurp?W<li ji
e *4 it MilJ act promptly and ealoly. ? g,
j KithcrtWx. tiv^nllncncc.rrtantlon cf^rinoi
? brick dui* or ropy dcseatu.iynd dull drfsjini ?
OWo^^l.pcoduyijrtoiii^lli asx?^4 pjfMt S
*fl> Wip EY AI^'PUPGQto: flrfcoil. *
tittle# t Xu'i.'Jl) imd 27 I'onrUM-iiih NlrrcJ.
WtltUm for Hie Intelligencer.
nY I'loiicnck 1EIUND.
For weoki 1'vo l?ln in nuguish
Upon my fover'fl bed i
And I almost thought to Ungubli,
in tlio vision* that tluong'd my bead.
Tlicv told mo I wiuidrcAmlnic
Of m love Iwth meet iiud true;
Dreamlng-faltelr leimlug,
To llvo thoHv vltlom thioUKli.
I talked wildly of a liotuo,
'Neath tho ftutniy Kklci of Fpaln;
And the vision teemed to waft me
Hack to jk-nco ?b?Iii.
Ye* memory cmibcd her Jllckeriuirlamp,
She veiled lioMauiitliiK face,
Ah Mio led mo bark with a reckle* trump
Thro' ?ceni? of boyhood's trace.
i nan iiHiipy, nun guy, mm merry then,
With tiiofurt'letHk'itof vouili;
And int life urn lltflil, *ni| blent of men,
1 lived in llio glliter ami truth
Of a love no high mid lioly.
'1 hut It turned r*I thouKhbi ?t>ldv.
Fnmi tliu eartn mi il irk unit lowly,
To a world where love ubldt*.
And I lived the IJ/o cla lover.
Fur one brief year or more:
And around me the Joyidld hover,
That wult on tU* Kternal show.
Oip niontli BKoU'ev lell Jne,
uh! cou d it Ih? more
I ii dreams I walk Ui'o' yean and nee I
Only my blue cyod lk'??. ,
Only n month Mnco they made her
A ?r.?ve nj cold and ilten,
And ihldher away luKlrlhood,
In her pure and Innocent sleep. '
TMey pointed totUochureh-yinl, t
'lheKinve when! my (l>iritui; Ihy. ,
And they bade mu nit vnll my puasure marr'd ,
White Uod gave me a new-bum day. '
And Hod's Angel Rcem'il to speak,
In the warning tl'.ey save to me; [
A* he biuto me In f dtli *o onward, and seek 1
I'eiteo on life'* turbnlent red. I
I beedM tho volccnnd the warding,
I michni'd my Itiih hi Uod.
And my hearth quiet thN morning, \
W liile I calmly tlmtmxl.
Tin: MTI-1.K 11ki> kciioui^iioiini:.
In the grave of the imit It I* burled,
The weather-worn templeof wood;
And only rank weeds iti the xummer. *
..v~ ..mm uiuumi pjnii wilL'TU II iilOOtl. t
Oh! could all the whulursassemble 1
Onuo ino'e In Unit ytison-ilke j> ace. I
Ami hear the i|ual:il schoolmaster \ilter (
His hcAifelt entrails for grace! *
Oh! could wo return to that school room'
Untouched by ike evil* of years,
And Hud the bilghtsmlles that have vanished,
In place of the ilimnoH of tear',
And join.In the silver-tongued laughter
The gurgle of Innocent fun;
Tb? race we had gohu Immewnrd.
Whon all thelurd lessons wore done.
. How the truants talked in after bell tlmo!
b'o xulh'fuliy heedless of rule;
For they knew the old teacher was patient?
-11H hinilt) wju the law of the school.
How Heasant this place of the children,
On hot, murky d ?ys In July,
When the llttlu ones turned train theirstuiUcs,
In the khade of life elm tree to He.
Uut, nla-! the cmdo structure Jim /alien,
its timbers have none todecav;
The masiter sleeps tlieie In ih'j corner,
Whe e ihejjUlehlMicn Minuted In r>lay.
C(kI blctKihe doar*pot, that Mm-c childhood
llns grown tu bo ?;icrcd and stl l.
Wlieie i he little red h.lioobhous.; In ?lory
Once Hood oil the brow of the hill
May all the old scliohrMisxembl'v
In IleavenVgrmt class rcoin above,
.'And meet uflenlfs'* Html season.
Tolfnrn theunMbsson of love;
And Hcn'tho old docile ftiocd teacher.
A pupil himself as before.
In bru&chm whose wurih he commciidiHl,
' In the little red school-house of jote.
imtitr.it muii' tai.1t.
A. Tonnorlal Arti.Ht Clmls About IIIn
lliniliicfii null (lie I*eoi>lt? ultti Whom
ll?' Denlx?Minvln^ Abroad.
Chicago Tribune.'
"Brush! Tliero you arc, sir, pay the c
eosliicr, please. Kext!" Thus .spoke a *
*rtonsf?riul artibt" in a down-town baiber J
shop, and ns lie removed tlic huge apron i:
from the person of the iraseible-lookicg
geutleman whose-face had just been shaved, s
and'with a bow handed him a cheek for 15 j
cents, a Tribune reporter, who chanced.ik i
be next, seated himself and dropped his ?:
head back upon the rest at the top of the |
cliair. c
"It's queer how different people arc* c
about being shaved," remarked the artiut v
as he encircled the reporter's neck with a t
towel, tucking it in suugly.all around, v
"Now that luan.ttho just got up is about as ii
cranky a chap as I've had in the chair for 1
a long time. I knew he was from Detroit j
as soon as I set to work on him." o
..." "llow .did you "know?" ?
"Kasy enough,7' replied Iho barber, lay- t
ing they cream lather on with the softest li
of brushes. "Kasy enough, lknewbykia i
clothes and the way he acted while I was u
shaving him. Detroit men are, as a rule, u
cranky in the chair. So are men from u
Cincinnati, St. I*iuB and Milwaukee. New n
Yorker?, Boston iaim and ..business men a
ucic iiii: fcuvjm jllul-, : wisv, gqgu
nalufed, uuilall that. Hut some of the e
men from the places f have mentioned are "
awful hard on us. Wo linte to Inn e 'em .1
sit down, and always try to avoid 'em if a
possible. i y
' What do they kick about?" y
"Oh, everything. The brush is toa stifl', o
the blades are duii, we bear on too hard or t.
too light,the oil isn't good, the rum is 'ofl',' (i
the (ipBinotiodon't fiuit, and all such etulf, y
that's all in their minus. Now, J hjjcl a fel- jj
low in my chair once who was about the y
worst crank 1 ever saw. You'll remember a
him,.I guess. lie was the fellow that got
thumped'by one of the gnosis of the hotel d
for sending C'jiQtu Jo his wife. Well, he
was one of Cliris' rp^uia^, iuid no q/;o byl
Chris' ever shaved him. Cue day he canio
in when there was two a head of him wait- ,
in or for* and he sent him over to me.
mien lib sat >loyj? ho cyetljiie, and asked
ifiu how long it would tilke jj>u to p|)i hia 31
hair. ,..'?bont, .twenty-. inimjtes,' says J. fl|
'Will ilV 1 says he, 'it'll take )'0U jijst forty,
and don't you forget it' Then he said lio [l
guessed he wouldn't lmvo it cut, and want- V
ed a shave.'- As soou as I began to lather 'i
him he yelled, -'Say! what are you 01
lathering me yit}}, & raint" brush?.'- ?
T said I ' wouldn't be liable to uaei
a 'paint'."brush, '.'and ho kept still for f
a little whllo, \V|jcb ? put the razor on
hiin'he jumped away iM)Uuajd ( was akin- ; .
ningbim. X Ijapponed to know tJwt.tl}0 4,1
razor was in,good. ebapo for I had |j$ed it
up myself and lie was the first to come to j|,
nie. "I put it down though and took up '
^liQtJjcf. " That, ho _ declared, was worse al
than the lirsf, eo 7 too};"lip another. 1 was ,
getting a'Httjp j|Ot then, ancj tyiien t)0 ' [
swore that it was worie than either of tho V
btjjenf.l picked tip the first one and got
aroiipji jp him. 'l.ook here/ says Vi
J,.fd6 you.wanlaahm'e'/' 'Yes, t do,'says ,
be. 'Well, then/ says,I, 'it youi do, and -H
you wanfcmeto do it, you shut un ri^tit 81
straight, or I'il cut your throat. Alter
tlmn?P Mjn'topon his mouth, ami when: "
I gave mm his Micott'i t^yg fp J)im; ^*6w, 11
if you ever want to shave ogaiu don't you .
conic totne; or JT'il tju Ittible to/ Ijijrt you. Chris
Bliave;}'"hifp' jiftef thai; ho never J*
came*near me." j|
VlIEWAS X ftllU.U.'MlSlt, iVASX'T UK?"
''Vcf; and drummer?, as a rule, are hard n
men to shavo. They are all over tho conntry,
being shaved by Tom, pick, and jjar- .
ry, and when tliey como here their lucca V
nrc^b covered'with pimples that it Is next "
to impossible to shavo 'cm without .bleed- .
ing Vm. I don't care how stifl a mail's "
heard is if his skin is only smooth/' Cl
v'jjpw is it about strangers iii th'o city ? 0
A gr.eat.many .of them must stop at tho
hotel, and you :pu$t their custom ?'' ?
'{OK}'gctilots of "fiueer people t
among tho^e,who come fronj otjt of fow'fj. 5
I had a bitf fellow tho oilier itoy opj} c||t V
his hair for him. lie' said I w tho firet V
ouo who had cut his" hair for twenty years, H
aiid jjjuyp'.liiin a,check for .fifty , cenln. I Cl
like customers from ..the , country. Thoy P
tjiko tho whole business, right through? J
hair eul. chempoo, shave, and have their
whiskers trimmed if. thoy hayo any. They
till want plenty of oil on their hair, ajid
tjie you tip men from the country '-always T*
inslfit o?v b$?ipre their hair combed well
down on Jh'e fort-head and then stuck" up
on botli sldep.'/:vr
"13 your business a paying one?". ?
W(!ll,.yp doa't ularyelA good baj-ber t'
can always (inci euiployraept, ^d'. pa/i n
mako in down-town shops from $12 to $25
a week, according to tbo amount of work
bo dots. Hogetaa certain amount anyway
and then hns a percentage on all the
work he docs. In soma shops they get
fixed Bularies and nothing additional, while
in others they work entirely on the per*
contuse arrangement. Then, besides whut
ho is paid by the proprietor of thoshop, bo
gets Hips' from a good many of his regular
customers. We would think ourselves In
hard luck if we didn't get our meals out
of tips on two or threo days of tlio week.
bo you see we dou't have an awful hard
time. We aro usually on from 8 or 9
o'clock in the morning till 0 in the even*
ing, with an hour oil* for lunch. Saturdays
we are on from 7 in tlio morning till half*
past 10 at night."
"The majority of barbers seem to be
foreigners. How does that happen?"
"I don't know. Most of them are Germans,
yet in Germany you cau't get u decent
shave. In fact, 'Americans aro tlio
only people in the world who can really
enjoy a shave. Now in Kugland they know
nothing of our easy, comfortablo chairs.
They put a man bolt upright'In an ordinary
olllco chair, with a wooden cross?pieco ih
plnco of a huait*rest, and go at liim. They
dip a brush into boiling water, put a little
soup on the end of it, and scald your wholo
face in working up a lather. Then the
'hairdresser/ barber isn't high enouuli
for him, picks up his razor, takes hold
ol your noau with ono hand, gives a
scrape down ono jaw. across your
chin and down the other jaw. Then ho
(fives you a towel and you dig tho lather
out of your ears Yourself, and wonder if
you'll bleed to death through tho places
where he took the skin oil', and then you
<;et up and walk away, thinking the three
pence you pay lor your 'shave' is dear
[ nougli. in Franco it is no better, and in
>ther places on the Continent it is worse ,
[han in Franco. Next year I'm going to
lake live barbers and half do/.in chairs of
\ineriean pattern and go to l/nidon to
itart a shop. From what I've heard and j
ieen and read, I guess it'll be a paying
uiheine. Thero you are, sir, all done.
Ilrush! Pay tlio eashier, please, call again. I
S'ext!" I
I I'rcnrlicr IIniiIm a Levi art' on 'Unlit
I.ttclus nu(1 Femiiiliie
"Whatever may be tho customs and laws
>f a nation," said Rev. J. Ilervcy Beale,
ireachirig a sermon to young women last
;veniiig at the First Presbyterian Church,
Sirard avenue and Hanover street, "it is
he women who make its morals. Free or j
n subjection, tbey hold a vast influence, j
n whatever light wo hold them, so are !
hey going to reilect back on us. Man can- !
?ot degrade a woman without equally de- 1
trading himself, neither can ho elevate her j
vumuii cievauug nimsen. ino (lueation '
o often r.sked t>y woman, 'What can a j
votnan do?' need never ha asked more
hail once. It is frequently asked by the 1
voinen addicted to fashion and gossip and 1
>y the man bo unfortunately educated that I
ie thinks woman has arrived at her higlirst
pitch of knowledge when she is f
icquainted with household allaird, 1
he latest floating eosaip, or the ?
nterior of a Young Lidy'.s
iiook. I would tell young women of this 1
lescription to first make clean their hearts ?,
indiet their code of etiquette be guided bv i
jrace. There is no law of fashion which '
an fail to have its influence on the soul.
IVe are aware that there are fashionable
labits hidden from light. These are the 1
nost difficult to reform, as most of the 1
mergy which should be used in changing '
hem" is spent in bringing them to light. [
There may be some hare to-night with sufused
cheek and curved spine, brought 1
bout bv the use of artificial props. Sons
if men hold ihemselves erect without the
ise of bones except those God gave them. .
iVhy should not women do likewise? No
irdinary evil is tloiug more damage to the ^
emale sex than the one F refor t?? It mi- 1
an the depths of Divine truth reach a
te?rt compressed and squeezed within llie
larrowest possible limits?
' Would you come to chureh,V asked the
peaker, "if your feet were placcd in stocks
ml your hands manacled? Hardly.
Ceveftheletp, plenty come here whose feet
iid forms are fiotioinpressed thftt {.hpy Cftlllot
hear the word of God. Young men
lata into old bachelorhood because they
ear they cannot supportsuch extravagances
if fashion, Kuoh evib must bo changed,
t we are going to degenerate. Wfyoo
k'onjen are together they breUiheobseryaioRH
not affecting the "worth of another
I'oman, but her appearance, fc'onielhing
salways wrong. Xlns ono bap po pedigree,
.'hat one is foolish bepaijBe stje t#lp too
ouch. Another has hair of a wrong cplor,
r a nose that has been put on wrong,
loine open their mouths too much when
hey talk, and others have bangs made too
urge. They aro always sneering, and canicj.
pass one another on the street without
iiaklng unpleaaint rpjnftfjfs. Jealosy and
nkindness are created. You will afwa>s
lOtice that a yonng man who hears you
laking these observations will shun von,
nd seek gentleness atnong his own sex..
"There is ijothljiRuo puro ftU|J <jj$jpter
sieu iisiiio love oi a inotuer," ho weiit bii: ll
Deceive her and your feet will slide, p
low many young ladies have done Ibis I)
nd regretted it. Let me give you one ')
,-ord qf ndyioe, IJetliat would ncr?|jat)u "
ou to deceive your puients is uiiUorlhy of e
onlidence. You will llnd that you have
xchanged a pure, loving parent" for a seleh
and cruel husband. Tbc lirst down ard
step is taken when you deeeivo your j,
jothcr, -Ponot take it. The inan wlm
ill ask yoi} [a iy capable of~ai|y ir'eaol)evy, ,,
nd will caat you aside at any moment.
bide by your mother's counsel."?J'/iifa- .
efphia Timet. jj
Itliiitr KilnC'ltili liccixlons.
"1 take pleasure In luformin' di3 uluh," s
cgan Brother Gardner, "dut dc Commit- |c
te on ,Judiciary lias reported de followiu' fll
jepjtU decisions to cover cases which may
rise'nn^ong members*. po Secretary will (<
?ad 'em in an eligible tone, ao datall kin P1
'ar, an' de Uha'r will take it us a personal ^
,vor if Elder Toots will keep awake doorin'
0 nex' six minits."
The Secretary then read as follow?: 1 ?i
Tn case a man finds a sack of Hour1 in the ?
jail it an} Ijls (jooly to Me it home and "
ecj) it in a drr place. y
^0 man am expected to pound his owu t?
og in piise he Jinda 'eni figutin', h
?igus of I'Keop o(V the Urasa," No Ad- ci
lUtance."- '-J^levatqc. ipt running," and
auui ino uoor," are put up for ornament,
nd should receive no attention," : c!
Eleven ounces of beef an' five ounces of; ![
one make a pound of bijefatcak which J
ill titaji' ;n lp\v,
Wills written in chalk on the b'an doah Ii
on.'t stan' in law. . Ii
Doan' praise n man knsi ha borrys your
qb an' returns it on time. Wait until he C
.rlkea you turncjoll^r. it* :T ; \
A person kin be arreted fur Hte.ilin'- an ci
tribrella, sniho as fur Btealin' a 'hog/, but
o one eber will be.' ! \v
])ar an} nlqety-olgl|t' clrnqoej; outer ft c
Jjpdrc<f agin do man who bets on <ie
eight of a hojj, but mods' any'man will f(
0>e de chauees if it doan' coat'ober 2 shil*
n'6, | 1<
Callin'aman a liar (|oaq' provo jt. |t at
m simply your opinion, an' may not 'bo
orf a cent. * .
fiofo' complainin' of ycrqnybur fqr keepa
barlfin' dog, Ue qtpe dat your goat
ops his browsin at home. ' '
lloneety In public oflicials kiii be,looked j,
ir whereber dc amount ob do1 l>onda ex^ d
ceds do amount ob cash he kin handle at &
ne time. j 'B
"Little thanks are duo to him who Only f(
ivea away wnat isot no use tohimsoH.". ?
ho thanks of invalids the.-world over are
ejnij $bowercd upon the inventor of Kidney
trQrt, it is citing'health'fogll.' Kidflpy
i'orl tpovgs thp hoqrcl? reKRl'U|y, pje'a'nseg ?
3C Ijlooil, an4 jaificaljy curea' kidney dis- *
ase, gravel, pile?, tyji.ous. he^laclip ape} ?
alns whjoh aru caused by disordered Jjver 1
ud kidrieya. Thousands fiave ueun cured? ,,
hy should you?not try it? : xiwntw 1
One uondr.kd dollam reward for a better li
smoiy. "WHJinnja1 Indian Pilo Ointment ia r?
sore cu^e fojr Bflfa. Cjw g
Go to your druggist* for*Mrs^ 'Freenian'a ti
?nW? I
*o to five poutids. D}r?ctlonp ip Epglfij} B
pd German, pnpc 13 eppty. ??]? J
Wbkli Sboua tbnt (tio XortbucMcrn
Empire lathe t'omlua <u? t li-l'nuhuli^
ltcjilou urilio Counlrr.
3 L l'?ul I'loncor Prwa Oct. 2S.
The cattle trade of the Northwest is be*
ginning to auumo noteworthy proportions.
Present figures go to prove the prediction
often made during the past year or two,
that within the present decade Montana
will rank first among tho cattle-produciug
regions of America. Thecliuraplouship of
the plains of Texas is being rapidly wrested
by the valloys of Montana. Thero aro today
in St. Paul scores ol Texan steers which
are direct from tho pasture lauds of the
Territory, where they have been ^fattened
this season. Indeed. Moutaua is very rapidly
becoming tho fattening place for the
cattlii bred in Texas. Tho reign of the
cow-boy may bo said to havo been transferred
from tho Southwest to tho Northwest.
l-'our years ngo not to exceed 0,000 or
0,000 head of cattlo came out of Montana
and nought Kastern markets via tho Northem
Pacitic and its connections. This eeabrtn
llin nm-Hmrn p.inWU hn>..lU.l ioaaii
...w.u liiiuulliii JO,UVU
head out of Montnun between tho 11th of
September.aud'October Ittb. The daily
average now coming out of the Territory
is practically all that the railway has facili*
ties for bundling, aud will make an aggrogate
for the present month of nearly or
quite equal to that of thu four weeks above
recorded. During thossaison up to the 1st
uf September about 10,000 head camo out;
bo that to the present time it may bo estimated
in round numbers that the Northern
hveitlc has brought out of Montana not ltss
than :rj,000 head, with the season not more
than two-thirds passed.
Ihit very few Montana cattle aro used in
llie St. Paul local market, and largely for
the very singular reason that there aro not
proper facilities for handling and slaughterlug
them here. They aro so wild that but*
ter yards to hold them are required than '
have vet been constructed, aud those en?ngcd
in slaughtering for local consumption
prefer to buy stock that they do not
have so much trouble with. Then, too, the
heavy stock-groweis of Montana prefer to
ibip direct to a largo market like Chicago,
ivhero any number of eattlu can bo turned
nto cash iua day's time, and expense of
yarding and fecdinir saved. I*? nimlitt.n.n
Montana ulcers t re fair, and average a good
leal butter than Texan, while lhev are xmsidorablv
inferior to Iowa or Southern
Minnesota cattle. .Very many of them are,
n fact, driven from Texas with a view of
improving thcin by Montana feed. The
inality is being lousantly improved
>y the introduction of blooded holla, and
Lis expected that the urade of Montana
kittle wilUmprove fully 25 per cent within
lve years. They diller?those bred in
Montana?from tho Texas natives, by
laving lens horn and inoru body, while
heir Ileal* is not so coarso or stringy. Their
iverage weight is from 150 to 200 pounds
greater. Of late years, however, there has
jcen marked improvement in Texas cattle,
md, where seven or eight years ago they
iveraged 700 pounds weight,' the K.uneaged
iteers will now go l,0tX) pounds. Their
lornshave also been shortened up, and
be 4 year-old with live-foot spread would
iow be a genuine curicsity. In fact, the
Texas-bred steer with a ser.son on Montana
eed makes a pretty goocj l>QCf jij eoinparion
with the typical Tex,in of a few .yeais
It has already been demonstrated that
dontaua possesses, all things considered,
he heat facilities (or .e^lUe ?rovyiug of any
eyiou on tho eontinont. whila roVrrinnuof
)akota claim tho same advantages. The
ange is practically unlimited, the feed is
.bundunt and nutritious, tho water ex'celent,
and the climate unsurpassed-f-ptmating
cuttle to run at Urge the entire year,
t is far preferable in every way to Texas,
ind, in the ooiniori cf growers generally,
?iwt atonooljofiome the yreaj Cattle-proIticing
resion, it is withju reasonable iim- U
to predict that next Heanon at least 75*,
K)0 head of: cattle will como out of the
:ountry traversed by the Northern Pacific
-provided the railway can furnish means
if transportion. The total number of catlohandled
in St. Paul this year will probibly
reach (V),000 or 70.000 hqul. 'J jie
[rowth of tho hu&inosn isillustuited by, the
act that only four years ago tho total nutn>er
handled in this city annually did not
each 20,000.
Southern Minnesota is aoy{ hejji^pip^ to
urjilgli a yQ(|("i iiia'iiy ei{Uie,'am| every year
paterialy advances the stock-raising induspr
in that locality. .Sinie interesting figires
may bo given which will clearly illusrnte
the present attention amo'u" farmers
o Cj{ttlp-ri|ising (or market. Jn pfi| there
rasin t|iis , {State li&Sfili head of emtio
inder IJ yea is of age; that number demised
iu 1880 to ;but in ISSl the
tde tnrnril. ?n.l <lio *?i - '
. , ....u.uiv lUlllHIAltUlU uicreUM'
rom 15:5,780 to 201,0S5 was recorded..
"Female t'oiunJnliilXj"
Dr. K. V. liierce, Dufi'aio, JS\ V : Dear Sir?
write to tell you what' your "Favorite 'rescription'-bus
done forme. Hiad been
creatiutfetrer fronj femajn, coninlaiflt?, cs- '
fcjijljy 'l|jr?K(ii?iy;-?iown',^ for over six year?, J
uriii}; much of the time unable to work. 1
aid out. hundreds of dollars without any
eneilt till I took three bottles of the "Favor.e
Prc8cri|?tioo," and I never hud anv thing J)
o in?so nuiph rqjjd ir} nvy'llfp. '^ajjyjw ?
ve^y slcfc b% tq tu*c H, ' u
Mrv.'Um(IiY Khoaiw, SIuHrldca, Micli. 4
T'uijW r
"JIackmetack.'^ji lasting and frjgrant per
lino. Price 25 and5Q cents. . I
8|tfi.oii*H Upitp wii.l- Immediately relieve I
roup, Whooping cough and Bronchitis. , I
For Dyspepsia aud Liver Complaint, you
avc a 'printed guarantee on every bottle of
hiloh's Vitaliror. 11 never fails t?_purc. j
A Nasai, r.njkc-roK-froc with each bottle of
hiloh's Catarrh Jlemedy. X'rice 50 cents.
Sold by E. Booking, agent, under Odd Feb
>w's llall, and by K. ir. M** ,ft,n M
rcet. ' 7 ;""" ]
That HiiHlmml kT Mine I
j thrco times the man lift wns before lie4be- - '
in using "Wells' Health' Uenower." . $l.
" ' rwei*. .
A. letter from T. 0. Sharplcss,' druggi&tj
[arion, Ohio, in writing of Thomas' Eclectrie
il, savs: "One man was cur<*d of sore throat
f oight'years' -jitauding with one' bottle.'
?re havd a nuiubcr of cases of rheumfttism
iat have been cure*! when other remedies ~
avc failedr We consider it, the best niedi*
no sold. ' '' mw
CossTii'ATio.v, liver and kidney diseases are
urcd by llrown'H Iron Hitters, which en; .,
chcs the blood and strengthens'the whole
;ateiu.i . 1 , n.tw. '
.The Rkv. Geo. II. Thayeh, of Bourbon; i
(id., says: "Both myself and wife owe our
ves to Sluloh's Consumption Cure."
Airs you made miserable by Indigestion, '
onsUpation. Dizziness, Loos of AppetitCj 1
'ellowSfcln? Sjiiloh'sYitiilUer ig a positive
Why wtu? vqu cough when Shlloli'a Cure -11
ill give immediate relief. Price 10 cbj., GO
Is. and$l.
Sim-on's Catarrh Kkmkdy?a positive euro ?
jr Catarrh, Diphtheria and Canker Mouth.1 '
Sold by p. Docking, agent, under Odd Feljv's
r^lj, mul by ji, II. List, 1010 Main
reel. '
Tup most .wonderful.Wood purifier in i the "
orlil?fr?</?'co|rj mry./ai'iiJ?S. &' & w
?.. &
J(|ilncy Complaint Ufirctf, , ; ?
B.' Turner, -Hoohester, U. Y., writes: "i
avo been fur over u year subject to scrioui
fsorderof the kidneys, and often unable to
itend to business; I procured vour Jlurdnck
Hood Bitters, and was relieved before half a
ottle was used;* I intend to continue, as I
:el confident that they .will entirely euro .
jc." Trice $1.00,, < m\v
Molliei'MMolhfrii ]| j
Arp ypn d]$urlfp{f ijt flight n'nd broken of
our rest by. a sick child suffering and crying ?
rith theejcruciatipg pain oj'cutting teeth V (
f ao. go at once and "get a bottlp.qf Mrs.' V
i'inala-'a CoDihiBS GVitip.' it will relieve
lie poor littlo sufferer Immediately?depend \\
pon it; there is'no.mistake about It, There
i not a mother on earth who has ever used
t, who- will not, tell you ai once that it will _
egulate the bowels, and give rest to the >
wtbw; an*- wljff.jmlMjb tfl t!\? I
pefaiiiiR like \nak\t. itfoperfcptiy sqfe to *
M in all cases, iha ^leaiarit to the taste, and 0;
j the prescrfntion of -ofie ofthe'oldest best tQ
einaie- phyalpl^nj' &hd florae's }ii the v wte{1 ^
iAVfci. Bjip pvcryw^'efp;' 25 c*pu ? uoitle.
" W?TF4W
Af E? ? HP Ot*n lo Jloth Scirct, Motf 1
Miiftral toHMrrratortf In* the W|Q)f%||
f VctinepcfMhitiflimited itmani \7 BrvV^II
by 11.? O. ft, n. CollcHuycnr bccln*Scpt. 4th.
lnw.ttf., niUlrcMllowurd ?1? UflBrn? P"'?.
ptcfvrtcd ly those
'1 contains uiatmaU
| Reitorn the Youthful Color to Grey or faded Hair
fl JVkw'i Jlalrlhlum It flat!/ perfumed ind is
H warranted to prevent fulling of the hair Mid to re.
H mevednmlruirnnd itching. Hiscox&Co, N.Y,
B SOr. in! ft ilin, *t lU.ilm In dtujt ?n.l 1
binbcn i unit
A Boperlatlvo Health and Strength Rutorcr. ,
If you are a ineclianic or farmer, worn out wlih '
evmvork, or a mother run down by family or house- 1
hold duli?* try I'AMKttk'n Cinc.kk Tonic,
If yon ate a lawyer,; tniniMcr or ItiMiienman ex?
haunted by mental itrain or nnxiomcarc*. do not take
inta*icatiii(fstLniufant<,Lutu>?ratkcr'?(iinRcr Tonic
If vonluve Contiiniption, l)v?pe|AU, klieuma- C
Inn, Kiilneyl'ompl.um!t, ornnyuinoiileroflhelungs, J)
stomscli. bowels blood or nerves,l,AiiK*tt,sfsingim
Tome will cure you. ItifttheGrcatettlllood Purifier I
And the Ocst and Surest Cough Cure Ever Used. v
if vou nte wasting away from nge, ditsipaliott or I
any ducaie or weakness and rcnuire a itiiuulant take
Gincch Tonic at mre; it will invigorate and build f
vou up front tltc first dose hut will never intoxicate.
It hat saved hundred* of lives; it may Ove yours, A
CAUTION t?lUfo>??tWubilltnl<i.IVttW?OliiitrT<mltli t!
ronip?Kil c( lb* Ittt rrmrJial ?c'n Win tlM world, tail Utntlrtl/
dil7/i*til from i>np*ratlon?of gingrralraf, B?n<l for circular & ,,
HUteaACo., N. Y. 40e. A || iUm, at il'ilrn ladragu 11
B hi ri-:h and lasupe fragrance hai made this
1 delightful perfume cxceedinRly popular. Thero
D In nothing like it. ln?i*tu;>on havina Florss. 1
|j tw CoLugmk and loolt for signature of
r.n wy^fcottU. ^Anjr^nn?ltt e? d?il?r In f><rriuu?ry
dkcoveii "a'o^'db" 'Wnomm.'a
This remedy will act in harmoiiT with the Female
system nt all times, nn<l also immediately
upon the Abdominal and uterine mutcles, timl (Qt
store them to a healthy am| strofiy CftPM-'t"'. A
Dr. MarchWa Uterinn (Jathnlicob will euro falllnjj
t)t tho Willi), Lcqc<irrh<co,!Chronlo Jnflaminn- y
t!on ami UlcerjLtiou ot tho Womb, Incidental
Hcraorrhaso or Floodinc, Falnful, Suppressed
and Irregular Menstruation, Kidney Complaint,
1'armincM and Is especially adapted to tho chaujn*
of Life. Scud for pamphlet froo, AH.letters of
Inquiry freely answered. Address as above. For m
sale by nil dntjrcisli*.' Ncwnizo Slpcrbottle, f
0hlNi7.n $L.<>0. Itesnrtt and ptlc for Pr,5lar? fl.
chisl'a l:tcrinflPa^a^uo^ fakoBQ other. I
WUaJctale a ad He tail by
_ .Tc HE .V. r-r*. I
Eleclrip Appliance; are sent on 30 Days' Trial.
"tt>*lIO nro lulTtfririi from nrrvov* DnniLrrr,
>> l.OST VtTALirr, I.ACK 0? NlillVK Forck AXP
Vii.oit. W.isTl.s'o WkaKSKmbs. nntl nil tlioso dbcawM
cf.afrr.ioNAL JiATViiK rinultliu from Aucjm nnd
orrlta Cacskk. flint-ify retfef unit cumufeto
.TIwctowIw; ili>-n?*4*k,jp \i< tlm Alttawnth Onttiry.
Su5ifutpnCflWfc|lV4ilral?riir<?iupliletfR?fl. AiMrtua
. .yaiTAia cm on., mabshau, micii. Bi
AtWti B_,3StJ-t I"
lost mah.-'oooi restored. m
>*( ppr-JlVtrnjl.' r?V,iiity, }Mi >J>i;li?xl, cti'i, r
a>tus trrnj in tcir. ;.1my i.:ir?\vn vrmi'dy, ha* din* II
>vrn (I a wimp'*'sell cure. ? hlcb ho will end FItEB
? liU oUdrcdC .1, K13SVES,
:: rtnUmtu M.. ;v.
RinA fl #%are certainly iKi-t.havlnebeenro I
IB { Hi faMXdecrecdntevery GreatWorld's I
If IWWiUW Industrial Competition I
far Sixteen Yearns no other'American orvatw L
mvjnu' been found .equal nt any. Alto Cheapest.
iiylo KM; nHoclnvii; tmfllclcnt compass ami power.
vftli bed quality, for popular nacred and wcul ar tnu*lr.
ii hcIiooU or titmillrs, ut only 822. One Imnrired
?Uirr style* nt?o, &>7, ?7S.5|W, <108, ?lll to I,
wOUumlup. The larccrrt\)U*art tckollu unrivaled bp II
tnvothfrorsan.i. AIM) for eniy payments. Xcw lllns? h
rated CuiaWim.lrco. I
riio MASON ?fc A AM LIN Orjrnn and Piano p*
[Jo., l&l Trcinont ;'40 B.' Hill St?Ncw York ,
,l'jWabashAve,, Clilcngo. ,
Uii^LUCUN8ii!vlNOVBLTi^8epErC T r
lurac. --tatnp. Clins. Folaom.S.S .ttiyf net. |j
w. APCIIYQ nro reaping: a bar- fj
ftUtfi IO vest MJllins our J
Jl| Kitchen Queen Safety Lamps
?^ff7aljafin<l other household arlleJo*. m
' Tlwbu*t aollinc urUulonovor nut r
QU the murkot. l-'or Humpies |<
/fc^vv-^w ^ and Terms, address the I
No. GO Walnut: NtrocU Cincinnati, O.
U&H : ..Tiion.-ilohivlnj; Jo muh<! inono.y "
. >!! s i itluiutl n'?>iii?in inveanufiits n
'j!i jT?n?. iwviHi ns rtii'l ?toc!i |]
Q f\ ?;?c<'U<aiiu"f*. ciiii ii >R? Itrojiiii-- U
EJ?? n titliunuoui-pliui.-I'voiii.Muy ist, f
*r r ** 1SS1, to tlj'o MVHctit into, on.InVvijttnrniB
of siu.oo to? cnsli an;
W. IT FAT prnUs havu. boaa rooltznrt- -and.
A; jmi'l to. investors nniruntini; tc
_y__ ai'vmt' times "ttio orteimil inventSjKbH
: input; tttil k'uvhnj tiif criMinal in*
IHiLnBil , wnti'.wui wnWiw umuoj' or puy*
ijfiyixp. ' ajijuomfoniuiiil. F.xplaiiatnrycir y
oul'iru arvl stritflihcuttl -r>f funilM g
STflfiKS sw,e frm'" W'/wunt 8
uiuvaj cjjontu, who will report vu crop* I
y, _ nml introduce tho ploti. Liberal I
? jjfrfiffs'connni?K oni? Tiat'l.-A(l?hp8B,' ^
^?S98J .V aiuuiua.m. o.w.
minion Mijar block, ?
i Clil.nirn, III. CO:
'first'eku AiiriciiUurol t
ml monthly. All who send us tutlr subscription V
lib to cents between now nml December lsf. we 1
111 fend them tho rnnernntirjunhnry 1st. 18S-I.
unplc copUn, eoutalninir Premium Usix. *ent free : t
l application. -Addrem ."SOUTH AND WIST," =:
0 N. Sd htriot. St. LouU. Ma1 ,i .; offl :
.. i . ." i .? eT^rfl?fn ? 3SI! . :
4 QtMb everywhere.; . u uaaa ux^r ^
Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor &Ca.,H. Y. ii
J _S
Kor Hale* Olj gap. X
'iicdili j Graipo" Sugar, and Minus Co.
Rpnr??*rv fpj
Y'KX, |gjg| w'
1 peg kayo to announce (hat I liurc opened ray
fs,er I nrlnrs (or the Mnacn, nrnl ara now fircpatod
?ery o oyster* in every ktylo Alto Miprcn gottcu Wi
{l fQf wjljei MUtl'dnncta on *liort notlceJ j,.
i TJI08. V. HEYilAN, A.
? >o. 1012 JJaJn Street. He
Telephoned. 55. *20 a
icnlthfnl mid beautiful location. UNRQUAirtv IN*
Jleit awl Cftfu/wt Cnll/gnnnil only fint-cUu
131 A lUUNKhT,l'MACTICAt.,'rilOI(aL-(.ll,
|\3I#hL hrmlu write nt once. Easy of AreeiM
l-nrcntaloj;iief.cijoi?/*/\| |
. I'lrtnlnKlnn, \\ ,V?. Qn ELa U? A>ltC?a>
DRY Q00D8.
Geo. E. Stifel & Go.'s
ISouu'ct Silks are acknowledged to bo
ino of tho best wearing Hilks in tlio marlet,
Wo nro now prepared to show a comitate
lino of these deslrablo Silks, wblch
vero purchased at lower prices than wc can
>uv them at now.
Wo respectfully solicit an examination,
eeling confident that the low prices wwaro
sking foi1 tbcjj) cannot bo duplicated in
ho city:
We are also showing full lines of other
rst-claes brands.
Having recently enlarged and roinod*
led our Cloak Koom, we are. better jircared
than ever to exhibit our immense
nd well selected stock of Ladies' tuul
I isaes* Wraps. That they are cheap, stylih,
well-made and the perfection of lit, is
ckuowledged by every lady who has exmined
AVe receive Homc-Made Blankets and
lannelH from ovor a dozen of the princiid
factories in Ohio. West Virginia, and
ennsylvania, which enables lis to sliow
,*ery variety. Our prices are rock bottom.
ud VELVETS in all shades anil quali?a.
Finei.Bluek and Seal Tlusbes for
icques a specialty.
lll-l Main St.
o?21 |
ii rn itii ro II
Our N'cw Puttcrns arc now
'QrHOflOl1"' embracing MOQUETTE3, |
Fd rpBIS 1 TA-1
i.. ~ ~ 1, 0ur nsR?rlm.cnt of Rurs Is -very
f I Iff GIlHSSt cmbraclnp HMYKKA, VKlr
? U WW I rAPK3TKY. ami many otbors.
iinif i
litems /or Store* and Private Dwellings.
iuu line 01 mo wmeeflcld hmu Hey wood Brou.
e three leading factories ol the country.
lhamber SelsiisiI
inr|nr Qnfo!S--~ ,
dllul s
jr other house lu the olty.; , .
Hii/miimuiiu. e
nstan'tly on hand dl the latest styles. .METAXIO
furnished ow shoTt notlcc. ~
4: VAWct. ..PrwMcnt
nun. Lapohuk...;., vico-PreAtdeni
U. Vincc, . 8. Horkhclmcr, o
lAUgblln, W. Ellluoham,
R. Miptoln, A. W. Kelly. .
\oi Frew, I
nl ? .. JWW J. JONKfl. fawhlw.
PITAL....^ ~ --
c; Vrwldent
t. a. suunqv ^.........Vlce-Proldcpt
Doc* % Qouend Banking Uuslnca. '|j
a. A. iMtt, | , Wa. b. Elsaroca,
K. Miller, I Jobs K. BoUJotf,
M. Adams, 1 View Hoteubuia - ,
urr Spejc?, I ?
ufc} *. P. JKT80JJ, CuhUt,
District court ok the united
BTAT8*. for tho District o< Wcn Virginia.
, Larry llarrlfon on J others, "1
\% Vln Admiralty.
Renin bont J. 8. Nc*l. j
Jiy virtue of h warranto! rale Uuiod in th? above
entitled cflUH1, by tho HouorabJe Jolm J, Jackaon,
Judiuof Uie Dlntrlct Court, and to me direct*
ed, 1 ihall, <?u Tueidny, tin? 14th day of November,
A. D? 1MJ, bc^liniltiK at 10 o'clock a. u. of that
day, proceed to acll, at tho Tort of WIipoUok, wburo
iienawjlei, ttc? *Ce<ttnb?Mit J. 8. Ne*l,,i?er boiler
mid etiKlta*, tackle, outllt,B|>|>arol and furniture.
Terms of iftle.ciuli.
ocgM " a. Marshal.
liy virtue (if n deed of tru?t made by John 11
SimiKon to the umlenlicucd Trance, dated the
ninth da* of Urn ruber, A. I)., 1877, and recorded
In thoolflccof tho ('Ink rf the County Court of
Ohinmuntv VV..O i.. .......-.-t.
I fl-vtl Ol- IIUH HOOK
No. i:t, iuro ?"&, I will ?ell at the front door of the
Court Home of Ohio comity, on
commenolnic ul ten o'chck j, M.,' the follow Iur do*
wilbed iiul eMate, to nit; All the ilpht, tltlu aud
Inkiest of the nild John II. 8lui]?ou In and tu lot
numbered one hundred ami four on tho north Mdo
of day itrcet, In tho city of hcvllnu;. Ohio ctunI
ty,?est VIrvlnlii.
I Thlo In believed lo bo ncou, but vctllUK ?truhlou
II will convey only the title vwded lu me,
I Terms of Hale?CHrfi.
not M'rm* WQ?K.Tm?tf.
District court ok the united
ST A IK*, for the District of Weft Virginia,
Larry llamwm wtd other#, ")
vs. >In Admiralty.
Steamboat J. H. Ned. j
In conformity with an order enteral lu the above
entitled eaurucu ttm 2&(h day of October, A. 0..
IS-'J, direction that thWcnUfO bo referral to onu of
lliuCoitimlnlonuncf Mid Hlhtrlcl Court to ascertain
the urn- unm rv*/?ecttvcly duo to the llheltantn
nil J rvf|H>mlcuta, together with their pilotlllea:
also, to re|Hirt any other mo Iter or mutter* deemed
pertinent by siild <.ominloloiier or requited by any
latrtlet In Interest. At d filrlhor directum that th?
wild Commissioner shall, bef.uo otoeccdluK to take
said Account, Rive llficen dnjB public notice of tho
time and idace of tiiklnR the same. Notice Is hereby
piveil Unit Ih'i K'ferottwt w ordered will be pro
weded with before me at my otllco at the Ctutom
Home, til tho City of WhuelltiR. on the lithdayof
November, A. H , Ifctfi. Ht 'J o'llocfc A. v. ol that
tin). lit which tl >iu and place all parties In intercut
are hereby untitled to attend with tho testimony
they may have to oiler lu the matter* referral,
orgs U. h Commlwdotifn
jpon kali;.
Stcinwny Piano,
Call soon. y LUCAS'
Je2fl 1142 Main Street, '
Pianos Tuned ami Repaired on short notice.
T?m r?..i f
Music at Half Trice.
ALL MUSIC i?t tedtiml nilccft.
ilUSlO ROOKS lit reduced juices. .
se23 K1 TwelfthBt. Washington Hull.
BLANK. 1500 KS,
WALL l'At'KU and
Tlie largest stock and best'assortment in
,lio city.
Sold retail at wholesale prices l>y
Joseph Graves,
ocli) ro TWF.l.VTII ST.
Wedding or Birlhday Present!
An Elouanl Flush nrPonlibt..
Or n Han&oine and Stylish Shopping Suicliel.
Or If veil want to ?lo "soiiietliliiK handsome;"
a full KuiiU flexible binding, la elegant KuMsia
ccIO No. r>01 M ? HKET RTRKKT.
Port rails a Specialty,
All sittings by the instantaneous process, at
"oi:10 Opposite McLure lionets.
AT ' '
Has the.LnrKwt and Fincat
Photograph Grallei*^
Bcttgti.OO Cabinets fttily Stf.UO por.doxen.
^lElUUAN^ , ?
lnsm*aneo Company,
' . imiEcrohs,
'ohn'M. Brown.1 I John Frew.
Vlex. Lairg. ( J.A.Miller. . <
'. K.'Pityi; ' | A. D. Seamoii., ,
George Wise. '*>
i. A. Miller - . ' . President,
ohn Frew - - A'lce President.
\ B. Dobbins - - Secretary.
Dflico 155IS jMavliot Street
(Over Oity Hank.)
Insures o/rninst lass or diuiioge by Hre'oii
iwellings, Household goods. Mercantile,
ilanufaeturinn and Form property.
ffff-PntrnnatM: respect fully wdinited. o> (*?
I huve just received n Uige lot ot Straw Mopping
lafisnnd I.unch Buslcetts'ull new style?, which will
c offered at
no2 It Twelfth Slr<vi.
An elegant assortment of 'Artist Proof* and
Jngravings just received at
no2 , t 100.r) Main Street.'
T Squares, Triangles, Straight Edge?,
cales, Drawing Taper, Liquid, India Ink,
ic.j&c., at the.
ooH> 1). L. yiCQM<, AchiL
(Snccewor to H.'Echiuulbith & On.,)
Nines and Liquors, Brandy,
So. 1133 Market

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