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W&i 'Mi&kgwtw
t U7 Fourteenth Mrctf.
h'LJCATOIt Kd.MUNIH thinks the noxUIOUBO
n[ KeprcaentativcH will bo Democratic,
lit* ur^ca that the tarill'ahould bo revised
thin winter and the expenditures bo cut
iloy>n.~S/triim/i?/(l (Mint.) Kepublican,
If the liopublieansnre wise this is what
they will do this coming abort BeaiBon.
First, l^t the Tariff Commission make ita
report, and if that report recommeuda tho
proper revision of the tariil adopt it; if not,
the Committee of Ways and Meana should
amend it and report curly, ho that Congress
ran act on it in yood season. We had
ilnlmlo nil tin* Kahinct lilfit Rowilnn
The time fur action lias come.
Khitou Dawson*, of the Preston Journal,
ia uii uncomfortable sort of a person to
have around when irresponsible and loose
jointed statements are beiug indulged in
by Democratic oratom. lie is full of facts
andrttatistics and is very apt to get thcin in
on a iligldy and poetic orator like Dan
l.ncaa. l or instance, Dan stated in his
Clarksburg speech the other day that it
iiislri this government five times as much
to collect its revenueasany of other government
in the world. Dawson proceeds to
stick the following pin in this statement:
"This i? a most egregious untruth. I n h\k
otJicial report, dated July 20, 1881', the
Commissioner of Internal Kevenue says
that during the last Bix years the expenses
of collecting the internal revenue taxes
was but "> and six-tenths percent, and but
[\\ jter cent bust year. This is less than the
cost of collecting in Great Britain even.
Jt that it costs lis about one-half as
iiiiicIi to collect the internal revenue taxes
ns it does to collect our State and county
Foil the information of n reader of the
IxTKi.i.muxcKi: at Manirington we would
wy that the Ashland hoiror, which has
tunned so much blood shed and suffering,
jjrew out of a rape committed on three
young girls near that place some months
ago hy three scoundrels named Kllis, Neal
and Craft. The girla were subsequently
murdered hy them and the house wherein
their bodies were left set on fire and partially
consumed. After the finding of the
Mies one of the miscreants (Ellis)
was arrested, lodged in jiil and
there made a confession admitting the
erime and implicating Neal and Craft.
JI is confession so outraged the people Ibnt
a mob gathered and took him out of the
jail and hung him. llis alleged confederates,
Xeai and Craft, were duly arrested
and put in j.iil, and it was while they were
being removed from Catlettsburg jail,
under a change of venue, that the shootirg
occurred at Ashland.
As To-Motmow will bo Sunday, perhaps it
is just us well that the following item
stiouli! appear the day before. A special
to the Chicago Timet announces that Dr.
Scudder, of Brooklyn, 2f.'Y., has accepted
a call to Chicago, tor the following reason :
Dr. Seudder said his health demanded a
cluing!*, with less work, and that he could
use ihf accumulated material of his Brooklyn
service in a new charge.
This dispatch forma the text for the folio
ring short sermon by the Cincinnati
(hurtle of yesterday:
That is to say, he proposes to use in his
Chicago inilpit the sermons he had already
preached in Brooklyn, and. thus, while
seeming to work, find rest. This is a common
nnictice. and yet people wonder why
the'church dois not grow more rapidly
and * why theoretical Christianity is out
of all proportion to that which is practical.
The minister who makes a
habit of preaching old sermons, shifting
from one Held to another to enable him to
do so, i.s apt to be irretrievably liuried
in rutn, and certainly is not likely to keep
abreast of the time, and the church that is
fed on old sermons is almost sure to fall behind
in spirit and in numbers. "There."
said an old and influential pastor, "1 did
tlie best net of my life last night. I piied
?|iniy old sermons in the yard and made
a bonfire of them." If ministers think they
are doing their duty when repeating old
sermons, they would learn something bv
consulting the pews. If this is the church
work, the true policy would be to hire a
good reader. The best sermons uro in
"I>oi.I.Alt oil," as it 1ms been alluded to
Jor swim time past, was at last reached yesterday
at Pittsburgh ; not only "dollar oil,"
but dollar ami live cents oil. It had been
a long time working up to this point, and
many believed that those who bad gone in
al ninety cents, expecting oil to reach a
dollar, would bo unloaded upon and perhaps
crushed at ninety-Hve by the syndiiiiii'
of large operators, wbo are supposed
to lie back of the market. Now that the
charmed figure, so long predicted and so
much suspected, has been reached and
Kissed, there-is no telling how far forward
Hie next stake will be set, but probably at
$1.-5. The average speculator always likes
a stake far ahead, and the big operators are
always careful to Bet it n good piece ahead,
m as to give greater firmness to intermediate
figures. There will probably bo a
{rreater disposition to speculate, now that
the once improbable point has
beoa passed, than there was
at tUty cents three months ago. There was
intense excitement yesterday at Pittsburgh
and large amounts of oil certificates changed
hands. The 'days of 1870 may possibly relH-.it
themselves,-when oil was carried up
! > four times its present price, but, on the
ttlmr tiUMil \iKi>iuiiri?r llm ilrnn in nrnnnrlv
arranged the victims will bo swung off in
iniM air. Just now it seems that thero is
not enough oil to go round, and one would
suppose the lust possible flowing well had
been struck, but whenover the drop comes,
tlie "visible supply" of oil will bo shown to
be fur in excess of Jho consumptive demand.
lit no department of trade does
hwtarv more surely repeat itself than in
Tin' Anlilanil Airiitr.
-Asiu.\nd, 1Cym November 11.?-Buildings
trc festooned with crape, and all business
<*?uspended. The funeral of the three
victims of Wednesday's violence took place
at 10 oVlock. Six of tlio wounded are not
<|*pectat (o live. The citizens are very Indignant
agalnot Ciovornor Blackburn aud
Judge Brown. The latter has fled from
% town. At the citizens' meeting last
flight btejw were taken to raUe funds to pav
*(j?.expensi? of tho killed and wounded.
?l" ro is still grreat excitement.
Alexander Ilnrris, one of the wounded,
hod this morning. Among the wounded
uot heretofore mentioned was Itev. C. M,
Bower, of North Carolina, who was ou the
>vnarf boat.
Tiy.rancer of my no*o is completely cored
Vv He is tt great doctor. Geo. Bhifiter.
D'ilUAl Tllb) UAi'LTAL.
bright republican prospects
For MfKt TaciJay?4'olllaa* Chtritu Alklall ('.pi,
I>e l.oag- Mahone Krrl* Secure About (he
C'oittkt In VIrflnU-Tlie IJulldo/.fr AbroaJ 1
It the South?The Soteldo I'aif.
W.wnsarox, November 3,?Keports of
an encouraging nature conUnno to arrive at
Republican headquarters, and a high tide
of confidence In the result of next Tuesday's
contest seems to be sweeping across
the country. The only, danger which the
managers feared ten days ago hns been
overcome, and there seem* to be no longer
any reason to apprehend losn in Republican
States and district# through any
considerable neglect 4to vote on the
part of Republicans. The intervening
days between now and eleetlon will be devoted
to putting on the finishing touches
here and there, aud keeping up the present
tension of public feeling. It will be'hot
work from this out, and the programme.is
to wind up with a grand climax, which
shall result in a full vote next Tuesday. A
|nn... r.1 /.lo-l... U ? --
Wl nil AO ia HL'IU UL? OW HI
headquarters answering letters and tele*
grama received from nil parts of the United
States, Secretary Henderson !b at his desk
from morning until midnight, and every
hour feels the pulse beat of the country,
lie has everything in shape to suit him,
and his energies are bent to prevent a relaxation
at any point of the line before the
duy of the buttle, lie is conlident of tlie re*
suit and calm in the certainty of a sweeping
The reports to-day were especially assuring.
lu Connecticut, whore the Democrats
had made a rallynnder the leadership of
ex-Seuator Katon, the Republican managers
send word that there . is nothing to
fear, and that Eat on will bo hen ten without
ililliculty. John C. Xew sends word
from Indiana that everything is in lighting
trim, and that Calkins, Orth, lleilman, DoMotto,
Pierce and Steele are safe. Peullu'w
district they will light for, and it is only a
question of bow many votes .Bill Eml'ish
can buy. 1( the barrel is not, drawn on
heavily l'eelle will be elected by a majority
not materially: different from that he received
in 1880. In Ueueral- Brown's district
there is practically no contest.
The New Hampshire dilliculty seems to
be rapidly lading out of sight, and the Republican
managers promise the regular
though not large majorities by which the
State is always carried.
It is reported from Illinois that the pros
iircui uru ior a ueieguion in Iho next
House composed of about the same proportion
of Kepublicar.s and Democrats as
at present. The chief contests against ltepublicans
seem to be in Davis', Marsh's,
aud Thomas' districts. -The Bloomiiigton
district, which was considered three weeks
ago to be jeopardized, is now reported safe,
while Allaire have taken such a shape in
C^onel Davis' district in Chicago that the
opposition is not considered of sufficient
significance to merit attention any further
than such as it will receive at home. Hen.
Marsh is reported to be on safe ground,
and while things are mixed as usual in the
Twentieth" district^ it is estimated that
Thomas' majority in the district will be
above 1,000.
Solid Republican delegations are assured
from Iowa, Minnesota and, Michigan. It
is reported that Senator Van Wyck's eccentric
opposition to Congressman ..Valentine
has resulted in nothing but thin vaporingg,
and that Nebraska will roll up a big
majority for the regular ticket.
In Kansas there is no trouble, the actual
contest being with reference to State mat:
tors and not aflecting the Congressional
"Word is just received from Florida that
Bisbee's majority in the first district will
be so large that the- Governor will finally
be compelled to give him a certificate of
The DfMnwnilin mmniilton. w bIHI in ?
moribund condition, and has-apparently
quit receiving general reports of the progress
of the canvass throughout the country,
Little Paul Thompson, of Kentucky,
nominally' occupies a desk as acting secretary,
but, in fact, spends almost his entire
time in his own district, which he thinks
is not ho secure as to make it safe for him
to bo long absent beyond its boundaries.
The committee, over whose oflicers there
was so much pulling and hauling, and so
much bad feeling last.winter, has apparently
died from inanition. It makes little
difference who is ehairiaau, and Mr..Flower
need not take; his defeat for that'position
very, deeply, to heart V
JIl> Jm PrnclJcli?y II Jm Olil Trii ka l? Ilio
Southern StutfH.' *5 '
Washington, Novembers.?In the midst
of the excitement over the coming ejections
in the Northern States, an important event
in Southern politics has been" passed with
scarcely a word. Probably not one of the
five hundred Northern' politicians know
that the Independent Statu tickct in South
Carolina, supported by Republicans,
Greenbackers and disgruntled Democrats,
has been withdrawn inconsequence of the
persistent bulldozing of which the Hour
bona havo been guilty. In their address
of explanation to the people, received here
to night ill a private letter, the' Indopeiul*
ents say of their opponents: "They have
attempted and propose to continue
an attempt- to suppress'' thec vote' of
the colored citizen of this State
who aro a majority of its citizens. To accomplish
tliis result tho authority of the
Constitution and Laws of the Unite<J States
must be resisted or evaded. Resistance
means war, evasion nieans perjury?both
are rebellion when the pejpleof the whole 1
State are engaged together in them,'or
when they aro the act of the public
authority of the State. Still\ further, the
Constitution of this State must" bo" continual
Jy violated by those sworn* to'enforce it,
in order to attain such a result. The [
methods of our adversaries are those of a \
guilty conscience seeking! to^stl/le
ita compunctions iu .in toxica tibnt 1
That which they seek to arousd 1
in brutal excitement. Clubs of 1
irrespousiblo young mon, mounted and 1
uniformed with the Ked Shirt, nre sum
nioncu, paraueu hdu maneuvered as a conspicuous
feature of'tIiefiO;UiMopQbl(o?. The
streets ami roads leading to the places of
their meetings are 'seised upon by these
mounted bodies, and timid auil responsible ::
citizcns are equally excluded froin their ;
use, and deterred from attending their
meetings by the clamor, the galloping of
horses and the yells of men, "mingled with i
the reckless discharge of Hrearms. The
object of this display that in many respects
reaembjes^be 'customs^of some of the I
lower order lof eayages of d great ferocity <
and little courage, is tp frighten
the colored peoplo-^?n object that wholly
failed had not the oonaequoncfls of jnto$f- j
cation at times.converted this buffoonery i
into bloody work. In the language of a
ieadj'jjjf partisan journal, of this Stiite, thoy (
had been out (or ft 'fight or ft frolic,' but 1
when by accident qf Resign" intoxicotioii .
predisposes then) for more arduous work, ;
such acenea of riot result aujd . blobbed
appear ami haye yeoentlv l}eeu opsorv.ed
in different parts,Qf ttyujftate, HQtQbly in
Lancaster,'' Abbeville' and vWinn6bOfo;'/
Tiiey withdrew, tbev , eu,v, '^e^n
I tney seo Unit tho Democrat^ rnther
than seo the control o( the Statu I
Government pa?? info tho hands of the
antMk>iirbonn, oluu *tho niters,' would
Htop at nothing either of force or of fraud.
The .withdrawal of tho* State ticket In rcgarded
hero na a ehrowd move. The antiBourhonfl
can now dovoto their encrKles
to tilling tho Conyrewdonal ballot-boxes in
thodiatrictafuwhich Mackey, Cash, Gumpbell,
Drayton and Dean, Independent* are
running for Congress with honest ballots
for those gentlemen. The Democrnta will
have no excuse for applying Ked-Shirt
HuH'Uoxitiic methods to a purely Federal
election having no relation to control of
tho State Government. Kach of tho Independent
candidates will have at leant n
lighting chance. Campbell, Mackey and
Cash have something more."
'J in; HOTKI.no VAHh\
Tlifl, Jury M'litUn a Vcr<tict of "'.Vol
Uiillly'*?l.ively Ncciicn lit Court.
Washington, November.3.?In the Sotehlo
am to-day tho defense offered to
buuw, uy uenerai uoynton umt uartou was
not the object of A. M. Soteldo's animosity,
but that a? Soteldo was the first to make
public the star route matter, which reflected
upon tho persona who controlled the
Jtewbl'u'un publication reflecting oa Soteldo,'which
came out as a matter of retribution.
The Court declined to admit the
evidence, and the defenso announced their
coae closed. The government called several
witnesses in rebuttal, but nothing important
wjpj elicited.
John Lyons, a partner with Soteldo in
Urn Lyon House, testified to his business
relations with the deceased. Tho Government
closed its case here, and tho prosecution
pfle red the usual prayers. Mr. Tajrgftrt
opened the case/or the Government, claiming
that a clear.case of guilt against A. C.
Soteldo bad been proved.
Col. Christy, counsel ior Soteldo, followed
Mr. Tuggurt for tho defense.
Upon the reconvenlugof Court at the expiration
of recess, Mr.; Mitchell, of counsel
for defense, addressed tho jury on behalf of
the prisoner.
Upon the [conclusion of Mitchell's address
there was a slight demonstration of
applause, and Mr. James A. Jlurdette, one
of the audience, being brought before the
bar admitted he (had participated in the
demonstration. Judge AVylie thereupon
severely reprimanded Burdetteaud ordered
him .confined until 10 o'clock to-morrow.
The decision of tlio Court being received
with deprecating manifestations, the Judgo
remarked tlmt if the parties indulging
therein could be .produced aud identified
they would be visited by a severer
penalty than that given'to Jhirdette.
Subsequently Burdette, on apologizing to
iut; kumi,. nua uisiumrgtu. .At uuii-pa&i
three o'clock District Attorney Corkhill begaulhe
closing argument fur the prosecution
And'concluded nt 5 o'clock, when
Judge Wylie commenced summing up the
charge, which occupied forty-live minutes
in its delivery.
The jury'after an absence of twenty-li ve
minutes returned, and rendered a verdict
of ''not .guilty." Assistant District
Attorney Tuggart then asked that hail be
fixed in" matter of the indictment against
the defendant for assault, with intent to
kill Clarence M. Barton. After a short
dibihtssion bail was fixed on the defendant's
own recognizance at $1,000, and the
court adjourned.
Melville DcclltU'H mi Interview?DniieuItonor
llcuicM I lie Story.
Washington*, NovemberA representative
of the Western Associated Press this
nlorning called upon Melville and asked
him what he had to say about the charges
contained iu the interview with Dr. Collins
of Minneapolis respecting the charges
against DeLong, of the Jeannette expedition,
and mote especially that part of the
interview which charges him (Melville)
with tho responsibility of the death of DeLong
and his comrades. Melville said he
had read the interview, as published
in the morning papers, but
did not- care to discuss the matter
at this time,* " especially through
tho newspapers, and that such discussions
Vl'lirn nnt ?n InuL-a tnntlnw H'AWO l.nJ.w. I
liable to misrepresentation. In response to
a suggestion that anything be would write
on the subject would be laid before the
public, Melville replied that he would not
write anything nt present; that ho would
soon appear before the board when the
whole matter would probably be investigated.
Upou being pressed for an answer
respecting the foundations for the charges,
he said that be knew nothing about it, and
could not consistently discuss the matter.
The interview has caused much comment
and is the topic of the day.
In response to inquiries about Collins'
charges, Danenhowersavs tho statement is
an exaggeration of facts, lie admits telling.Collius,
who, he says, talked with him
in an excited manner, that thero was no
criminal charge against his brother, lieyond
this Danenhower declined to talk
until the matter comes up be/ore the examining
"Washington, November 3 ? General
Nelson A. Miles, Indiau fighter, had a
long interview with the Commissioner of
Indian A Hairs to-day.
A circular will be issued by Treasurer
Gilfilan to-morrow.announcing that mutilated
gold certificates will bo redeemed
upon pri'seniaiion.
Tho counsel in the celebiuted tobacco
ease of the United States vs. Rothschilds,
of Detroit, 8ubrnitte<L?n appeal to the
Solicitor of the Treasury to postpone the
trial which is expected to be called next
week. It is understood he instructed tho
District Attorney to press the case if
possible." ' ~ *
Chief Clerk ilcKinney, of the Supreme
Court, says in regard to tho charges against
him to the effect that he received improper
fees, that the Chief Justice has made no
meatibh to him of any wrong doing on bis
nart, and he will leave the matter in bin
The statement prepared at the Patent
Oflice shows tho receipt s^for October to be
570,917, which is an increase over the
same month last year of $14,960.
The Jesinnette 'board to-day concluded
the reading of tho evidenco given by Dan- 1
enhower. To-morrow the documentary 1
evidence, contained in two reports made
to the Navy Department by CapL Deling,
will be considered. Melville will probably
be called to the stand on Monday.
riQif Monday ibe President will go to New i
\ork to vote. He eaniects to return to |
Washington on Thursday, tlo will probably
not move into tho White House before '
December. \ '
j no luaiuuicu j'C|iuruiii:iu win rvceivu i
bills until the loth inst for performing temporary
mail service between Augusta and
Newport, Arkansas. t . I".
Col. J. B Wilklna, of tbcoth cavalry', lias 1
lieon ordered to report to the commanding '
[Jennral of the Department of Dakota.
Gen. Sherman lias returned to tbe city, i
Col. Cprbin, Assistant Adjutant General
it Newport, Ky.. will remain here until
after tlje GarfiebJ art exposition- :
The Judge ^.dvofiatp of t|io ftoafd
3f investigation into (ftp ^ p (
the Jeannette, says tho inquiry into the i
charges bv Collins will bo very thorough, .
and that Collins will be called before the
board i( deemed necessary.
, It >8 }io\v thought at the Treasury Departnifent
that pie1 issjiu of gold certificates
jy'jl} [)0 ready for distribution in about two
mbs: .
A Sharp letter from Uownor llojt of I'e iBtylI
Alt 11?Ilti Sj mpithj nlth the ladepeu*
dent Slovtmrat-'LIke CarUlnal WoUt),
lie hai Many flitter Itegret*.
llAitutsnuiui, November 3.?Governor
Hoyt writes a letter to Wharton Harker today,
declining to prc?iile over a meeting of
Independent Republicans at Horticultural
11..11 .. ii...t >..
?Kill lU'U 1^111) 1^1 V111^ U3 u ivuouy lilUk IUD
acceptcd traditions of our people make it
an impropriety that, holdingan essentially
non-partisan public o/Hce, J should
not take part in a distinctive political
meeting, lie adds: A political party is a
voluntary association, and in no sense does
its right to exist depend upon its numerical
size or'upon the accident of its including
tho mere brute force of a majority.
When standing room is no longer
allowed to* members of a political
party with a margin for self-respect,when its
lines become simply cotcrminious with the 1
limits of some usurping dynasty, when in
all the space between abject submission j
and rebellion no place is given for appeal,
argument or protest, revolution is an aj>-'
propriato remedy.
lie continued at some leugth to set forth
tho evils of "Dotuism" and says, hitherto
he has given tho regular ticket a formal
support not seeing his way clear to
act with the Independents. Reflecting
on the humiliation put upon himself
for resisting tho maeiiiue and
tho insults, threats and intrigues
brought to bear on him, lie realizes Card!*
jjoi rt xfiocr o i r^lCIO, OIJU J? UCIJUIJ Ui IJIB
successors I?e would stigmatize this whole
business ns a curse upon the people. Peace
can only come upon a basis of independence,
and, says the Governor, if your courage
be added to conviction the massesa of
the voters would promptly rally" to your
standards and aid you to an overflowing
success, and such 1b the duty of the voters
of Pennsylvania. In conclusion, he congratulates
the bolters on their courage and
predicts their eventual success. r . ?
The KMimutcN J'uhllntied ltreoully by
the A'OMtuilice I>f|turtitt<-ul.
Washington, .November 3.?The estimates
published a day or two since from
the Postoflice Department are' likely to
prove a little misleading and do not represent
the true state of fuuds of the Postollice
Department. According to the report
of Postmaster .General, this year.it
will be shown that the surplus of the
Postoilice Department over its expenditures
will be about SI,000,000. This report does
not include this amount of money paid the
Pacific roads, for whose bonds the Government
is endorser. These roada are in
arrears ou interest to the government, and
the amount that. in nitiiiiuUv ??n?l >>?*?"
for carrying the mails is simply
taken to the Treasury Department and
credited to these roads. Under this method
no warrant is issued by the Poatoflice
Depart ment, and the amount noes upon ,
the books of the Sixth Auditor, who has
charge of the accounts of the Postotlice
Department. As a eonscquence, while the
Postolllie appropriation is charged with
this sum, amounting to over$1,000,000, the
report does not show it, as the Postmaster
General can only take the' figures of the
Sixth Auditor upon which to base his report.
lie makes a showing of $1,(500,000
surplus instead of 8(500,000, which is really
the amount saved; so, although the estimates
of the Postmaster General fchow' a
probable surplus of $3,000,000, the real
surplus cannot he over $2,000;000.
'OLD ritOIMlXIMTlKS." J ! i
A <ifticral MVutlicr Miifciuciit lor nil
Ncctloii* of Ibe Country.
Washington, November 3.?The Chief
Signal Oflieer of the Army furnishes the
following special bulletin to the-press:
The barometer is unusually liigh in the
Lake region and lowest in the Gulf of
Mexico, where a storm disturbance was reported
yesterday afternoon southeast of
Jamaica. Local rains have been reported
from the Southern States. The following
station reports wore than one inch of rain
fall duriugthe past2-l hours; KedBluil', Cal.,
Southeasterly winds prevail in the
northwest anil lake region, northerly in the
Atlantic and Gulf States. The temperature
has fallen from. 35 to 10 degrees in the
Middle Atlantic States, and about 10 decrees
in the Lower Lake region, Ohio valley,
New England and the South Atlantic
States. It is below the mean for the month
in the Middle States. The following special
temperatures were reported at!) i?. >i.
yesterday: - Washington, GO; Norfolk, 50;
Savannah, 7S; Atlanta, 79; Jacksonville,
I'eneacola, 80; New Orleans, 81; Galveston;
TS; San Autonio, Si); Tucson, 87; Los Anyelos.
71. and San Uu>i?n. 111. A (rn*t
was reported lust night in the Middle
States and New England. Fair weather is
indicated for Saturday in the Middle and
South Atlantic States and New England.
Jutl?Q lllncU and (lie .UoriuoiiN.
Washington, Novembers?Some weeks
ago'Judge Jure Black, of Pennsylvania,
who has been retained as counsel by some
of the Mormon leaders in Utah, came to
Washington, and after devoting soveral
days to its preparation, tiled a long and
very vigorous argument with the Secretary
of the Interior, in which he urged that the
act creating the Utah Commission was
unconstitutional, and that all its acts, as
well as the co-operativo acts of Governor
Murray, of Utah, were arbitrary unsurnations
of power, threatening danger to the
kepublic. Since then the Com minion'
and the Governor havo gone right on as
though no argument had been; tiled, committing
more "acts of usurpation," chiefly
in connection with registration, designed
by Congress to secure a non* polygamous
vote at the next election. 11 is understood
that tlio Secretary of the Interior will'not
interfere. It is nnt believed-tn lwvn nnrf
t)f his duties to pass upon the constitutionality
of acts ot Congress. Judge Black
will bavo to bo to Congress or the Courts,
An Iiilerculluir I'mmrtl.
"Washington*, November 3 ?The Wasliington
correspondent of the .Baltimore Sun
tinds that a "deep-laid plot has been con:optpd
i}i tjjis city to influenco the result of 1
he Congressional elections Qp Tuesday
und prevent, it possible, the return of a
Democratic majority. All hope has :been
\bandoncd of staying the tide of public :
sentiment in the North andWest, and the
South is now looked, to as the field irom
which to gather recruits to otrsct the bosses
elsewhere, and tho Republican managers
have been, in the last few days, very bold
in claiming that they will make "up in the
South what they lose in the North.?-Mahoue
lias promised to give'thhnreeycji vofe.<j
ffbfji Yirgwja. Vrom Korth Carolina 'they
say ihey arp tip haye live; and in nearly
every oilier Southern SJtaJe their calculations
arc to gain one or'two or more. To
help this out, the understanding . is that
hordes of deputy marshals, selected from
this * point, are to .be placed
iu the remote and sparsely set|lod
'coupticfc' and iu lieay'y^ colored
settlements, North Carolina, whore live
Republicans aro hoped for, Is to bo panic*
ularh* looked a/term this connection; hut
the Department clerks are not the kind of
material which will be entirely availed of.
Roughs, strikers aud repeaters, from thiu
plnce and from Baltimore, will be appoint,
ed for the servico whose mission will be to
defeat tho .j>opular will. The Legislature
to .he electecl in Nortli Carolinawill
hafo'the election" of V Uhitfid Stlltes
Senator in place of Mr. Hansom, and
ft pari of |lie plot Is to capiuro that
hotly and secure n Republican .Senator to
make up a possible loss e'sawhere. In or.
der to counteract this plot as far as possible,
it will bo advised from here that the
County Commissioners in North Carolina
provide much separation of: tho Congressional
boxes, and of those for the reception
of ballots for State o 111 cere, as will prevent
any tampering, at least with tho:latter, by
tho imported roughs and bullies. -Th6 Republican
managers here gay that no such
JO '?->>?!? ''
CHIxriiM of IllU'lilo i'outily Niilclcil uf
1 1 il 'ThouftumtM liy Hlmrpcr#,' * 4"4 'l
I Ia uuwviu.k, W. VtAij Kovcinb'or 3.?Tho
Ujtchle Gwitf/fjitt exposing a recent swhidlo
in Ritchie couuty, say*: "As we heretofore
remarked, lUttuito county is^ossuming u\ot?
ropolitaii airs in the ' manner' of 'crimep.
The latest occurrence cornea to liHrom the
peaceful village of Auburn, und that vicinity.
Somo very artistic rascals, so to speak,
went through that region buying up cattle,
securing about $0,000 worth. They purchased
100 head of Mr. John Kuiseley,
! and the remainder of other prominent citi- ,
/.ens ami cattle dealers. These swindlers
were .well tlxei} financially, and paid $3,000
caah in hand. For thu balance. $(5,000.
they gave checks on tho Weston bank.'
This was the lirst chapter. The next
.thing was to get the cattle out of the conn- .
try. They were taken to Fennsboro, in ,
great haste,and a special train, consisting ,
of a locomotive and eleven cars, was se- 1
cured. Tho cattle were shipped without 1
any hindrance.
The third and last chapter was tho pre- ,
senlation of tho cheeks by^thcliolders of
them, for'payment. Tho;ollk'er8bfi the <
bank ut Weatoit informed jt|ie (unlucky ]
holders, that hot only did the parties'whose t
names were attached to them, have no .
fundsou deposit, but they added further,
that they had never hcard'of my such' per- 1
sons. Thus ;the. holders were out six <
thousand dollars.worth'of cattle.* ? '. **&
1'robably this is the most audacious and 1
cunning piece of work of the kind ever
perpetrated in tliu Suite. . It not only; ,required
cheek, but capital.* The worst pait 1
of ft Is, that it is doubtful whether the perpetrators.of
the swindle aro (liable .under ,
our laws. Ordinarilv. if a man trives 'a i
check on a bank wherein ho has no funds, j
all tbut can be done is to protest it ana .
sue Cor,the recovery of the sum due. it 1
these rascals are'its good lawyers us they1 !1
are iiuanciers,1 they probably made no rep-; t
resentatioiis beforehand that they had
money In bank; but bought the cattle, and '
alter paying $3,000 cash, gave their chcck 1
for what,they owed. If this is true, we t
fear our Ji uburn friends have no adequate ?
remedy against a lot of rascals) who are ]
well out of , the "State aud have disposed of i
their plunder/'/ 0 : . - :> V if ]
Fiinrrnlof jln. jtrrulnnuii ('lillilrnn. (
Khw Yokk, November The funeral
ot Mrs. Dr. Seguiu ami her three children, 1
whom she shot rind killed, took place to- 1
day from their late residence, From an ]
early heur the street was thronged with j
people whom it required a squad of police t
to keep in order. The funeral was strictly 1
private, being only attended by members ?
of the family and intimate friends. Dr. :
Srgnin was present aud looked utterly :
broken down. The services were very 1
short and were conducted by Kev. Dr. <
Robert Collyer. The remains were con- '
veyed in three hearses to the Grand Cen- s
trai depot .and taken to NVoodlawn Gemb* I
(cry for interment.
'VarietyTliciiter itiirued. \
]).?i.rnioliK,'November '3.?A 'lire .'it J
o'clock this morning partially destroyed the 1
building known aa the Arlingtou Variety
Theatre. JohnTearsonJJa^-pun'g man, was
burned to death, and Miss Georgie Supple, '
one of tlie. attaches of the place, was se- 1
riously hurt by jumping from the roof, of i
the front1 building. Madame! llusteed/ 'the i;
lessee of the place, lmd an , ankle sprained
in jumping from u, window., James.Kenny, t
an employe, was badly burned about, the
hands, andmface.' Several others j we re
slightly injured. The fire originated on the ,
stage. . The'destruction of property was !
small. ' 1 .t*'?vf
; . .1.. . i
ltoport ufTexitN Fever Denied. 1
Nkw Youk, November 8.?'The report of 1
Texas fever having reached f Now York ;
market has not, on inspection, been found i
true. Several head oi Texas steers _ died en '
roule via 1-Jrie raihvav. This caused the !
rumor o: Texas fever Geing'rifo among the
Fouthwestern herds. AugustusDenniston,
Agent, and Thomas J. llerri Slate. Veterinary
Surgeon,'visited the Sixtieth street ;;
yarns, aim prououn;ceu, the nerds there 1
bouikI anil lree "fron\ liil disease. These !
herils included '"Western and Cherokee
steers. . .x-i-j ?,
\ i
::;?U i Naval .lilvixory Hoard. ;
\V.\sii ixgton, November! U.?The Naval. !
Advisory^Board, which visited the ,un- 1
finished monitors 011 the 'Delaware river, t
have returned. They reporr tlie"vessels as (
being in a satisfactory condition, though
.they think some alterations will lie necessary.
The Hoard will make no recommendations
at present, as their'duty is only to (
advise after the vessels have been Inunfili- \
ed. rile Boatd will, probably, inot- have i
the plans foritheSnewisteel vessels' reaity 1
before the close ot the next session of Congress.
( cruiaii Oliiiervnr.t of TrntiiK o< Vcmiin.
IIautfoiu), Conn., November u.?The [
party of German astronomers to observe ]
the transit of Venus from this point, have !
arrived and selected the grounds of Trinity I.
College as the point of observation, ami t
will occupy rooms at the college buildings, c
They will nroceed to erect three small t
wooden buildings. Thirty-four large eases t
of instruments, weighing five tons, will r
Boon arrive. , i
UxorlvlilcnndSiiicItU*. j
1'oiir I'AwriELi), 3I.iink, November .1? fl
Fred Hutchinson, of Kaston,out his wife's a
throat and then his owu this morniug. f'
Doth died in a short time. Hutchinson >v
was :IS y ears o!3 antl'lulijeet to j fits, in one n
of which he^inny -have committed the 0
double crime. 2ijo otht-j- cause is known. .
m ?* - ? ' 2
lleuvy NcniciJto. V
"West CiiKSTKit, ra.^oveinber J],?Chas.: 1
Smith, nged eighteen -years, was'senteneed ff
this juoming to. the penitentiary for six. "
years for an outrageous assault on Edith :
lliill, near Downingtown, lost August. The
victiih was simple minded. Smith's ac- })
complice in the crime was sentenced to "
thnia yeJira'j i|n^jsoiimej)t-iJi( tbe eountv
if?1.-;,,.. iV - -'f- nV;' I
?.?" 'JWfH h> ViroV pJ;.j 1 J . t
Ottawa', Novemberft? l'-iiliV loss.*by li
the tire last-hlgtif Jwill ''probably1 rericli C
$750,000, on which there is said to be an c
imurancp of ?223,000. C, 13. "Wriylit, i:
wlioso Hour mill was also burned, esti- 1
mates his loss at $30,000, on.which there is h
an; insurance of $4,000. The occupants ;pt j
theiriill of McCormack &lCo,'Iobq, about V
"stj f
A Straight.ffom.tlte?l>houlder hit I'araljira One if
Contdlanti?Tko Judg* Nhockfd at th?
Uccitrr?ct-The Pljtnouth l'ulplt
Print' 'oa JaJie I'olgtr,
St. Louh, November y.?The usual quiet
and digulty oj the Uuited States Court was
very unexpectedly disturbed this after*
noon. Ex'TJ. S. Senator J. B. Henderson,
and Henry A. Cunningham were present
discussing nil order of the Court in a caso
in which both wore1 counsel, when Mr.
Henderson remarked that Mr, Cunningbai?
had not kept faith in some matters.
Mr. Cunningham replied in a heated man*
ner that Henderson's assertion was false,
whereupon the.ex-Senator struck out from
the shoulder and planted . three blows on
Cunningham's face and head, knocking
him violently against an iron pillar in the
Court,:room,. and thence to the lloor.
Friends then interfered and the men were
separated. Judge Treat was terribly
shocked and, excited. , He characterized
the affair as tho most disgraceful
ono that had occurred in the Court during
the twenty-four years he had been on
tho bench, and notwithstanding Mr. Henderson
made an apology he lined him
twenty dollars. Mr. Cunningham in his
contact, with the iron-pillar had a finger
broken, and two others dislocated.
. - licci'linr oil FulKcr.
New Youk,November 15.?Henry "Ward
I3eecher at a Republican mass meeting to*
night, said he would never vote for Folger
for Governor. Not that he was a bad man;
lie was a good man, and at another lime
lin U'nnid lilrn Ia UKuliim V..*
now. Whether he was nominated by forgery !
:iad nothing to do with it. AVelnulaGov rnor
who had administered honestly the I
itl'airs of the Stale, and the movement to
supplant him was a corrupt1 one, which
hey were, bound to .rebuke., lie would (
;oto (or Cleveland, and lie would urge (
ivery llepublican to vote for Cleveland (
ind elect him by 100,000. majority. (
Involving:, i* Hro(lier*lii<I.niv, Tlit-ct? j
. .;> ''Xrw^piificr* and 8130,<lU(l. (
Reading, 1\v, -November 15.?The suit '
wrought by Dr.' 'William'vB. Dowces, ol |
?I6otwood, this county/against bis brother- j
n-law, James 1?. Duinm, Justice of the (
Peace of the same place, for slander, was |
o-day tried, before a Board of Arbitrators, i
\ number'o/ 'newspapers have been sued *
>y the doctor, who claims Irom three of
hem?viz.: the New York Tribune. Philalelphia
Chronicle-Jfcrahl. and the Philadel- '
ihia iNVti'^-rSlfiOjOOp damages in-all. Quite
i number of witnesses were present irom 1
Fleetwood aad.other.points. ' .**! 1
The examinationbrought out many nov- ^
:I statements. Among the witnesses exunined
was A. S. Jones, a local reporter,
ivlip first wrote up the ease oil which the i
suits are mainly based. lie was examined .
it length regarding the conversation he j
;md with Dr. Dewees after his ?
lather's death. A. ?1. Burlington, i
.he former Associated Press agent, and a
telegraph operator, was called un and 1
questioned as to wether Mr. Dumra had at
my time sent telegrams to newspapers
\broad in reference to the matter, with a
new, of course, of damaging Dr. Dewees' *
character. , .Mr. Darlington refined to ans- <
.ver; on the ground that telegraph operators (
irernot allowed to divulge the secrets of
their oflkes mider the penalty of the law.
L'hehearing wasadjourncd until next Wed- J
uesd'ayr* u "* ~ ' ' ?
nkKit. (
Fifty .Million <;1h*hcm Ilrnluc?l In '
niklpliln In Uuc Week.
PjiiL.wjKU'M.t, November.').?The books
)f the United .States Internal .Revenue
Otlke for the week covering the JU Centen- i
nial pageantry in this city show an increase I
in the deliveries of beer represented by the (
side of stamps amounting to 9,'JOS barrels. .
L'he figures for the week of October 21 to \
IS, 1 SSI, were IS,120 barrels, and for the i
3amc week this year, 2S,:iSS barrels. The }
ictual increase thus shown is nearly 10,000 '
barrels] an'd, when? allowance is .made (
fbr^ the 5 stocks, j in ' retailers' hands, ?
i\/ moderate jestimate -j- of ' the extra 1
consumption for the week would ^
be 12,COO barrels. This to the brewers *
means an increase in sales amounting to
>90,000, and in sales for retail consumption i
)f about $300,000, or grand total of $300,X)0
expended# for malt liquor to help on <
lie enthusiasm of the million and a half of f
oeople crowded within the city limits to do '
uonor to the 200th anniversary of the
jommonwealth. Estimatingtlie maximum '
iverago population at 1,500,000, these I
liguges show a minimum average consump- 1
ion of-ten .glasses for each man, woman, 1
md child in Philadelphiai'and this moder- t
ite estimate can be considerably extended x
jyi^i ,computation based', on the, Coney I
[ftland'systenV of drawing'GoO glasses^from
i barrel, nrobablv in vcirue in mntanf tl?o ?
saloons 'during the busiest hours of the
J?y- __ t
.111*tlioilIht MnltfrN. t
PuiiWDKLiMn.yi ' PA.v November 8.?-The 1
jenenil' Committee of the M. R* Church t
Extension Society continued its session to- J
lay, Bishop Wiley presiding. t
The Committee on exceptional cases a
jresentcd a report,
First?'That NVinthro]) Street Church bo
ixcepted from the 'rule of limitation, and |
hat the board grant the desired relief. 1
lecomendation agreed o. j
Second?That tho Church in Salem, j
)regou, be excepted from tho rules of limi- j
atioiij and tliat a loan be made the church :
if $5,000, sat Htiel) rate: of "interest1 as< the t(
loard may dcciclo upon, conditioned on
ho payment of $500 per annum on the
triuciple until tho entire debt is paid,
lecommeridation adopted. _
Thiid?That St. Paul's Church, Toledo, J
te excepted from the rule of limitations, s
ud that tho amount of its indebtedness, v
1 ready pledged by the Central Ohio, Con- tj
erencej be apportioned to that conference v
kith permission for them'to withdraw the
mount in regular form from the treasury
f ihe Uoard of Kxtension. Agreed to.
Fourth?AVith Regard to the churches at J
kr6nroo; ch., and Hath, ile., tho com- w
nitteo-rccouimend- thoip-.ciception from r
he rule, and that the board administer 5r
uch relief as in their judgment is proper.
Igrocd to.
( ^ Klccliou i;rnuUn. ^ , ,, |
I'lifA, J{a., jKovomlier oj~Two g
ssetsors and United Suites sujieryisofs j
/ere arrested yesterday % making fra\\du- \
cnt and lictitip.ys j-egisUatian or voters, C
pother with'a BwpervJsor,-taken into cusody
llils morning, were nrrauged for a
icariiiL' this afternoon beforo United States
Commissioner Gibbons. The first case \\
ailed waa that of irregularities iu the Vir^t n
Iivision,-'Fifth <wapfr in' ^hich Jamw n
Vilson ahu; Charles And Mai^h, United
iiates^s^perviBorf; anc\ Jolin Myei$.
n-oprietor1 Vol*' 'the ty'nclpn Ho\\8p./ere'
defendants.' ^ycr? "^,c\:no\vl- y
WW lJ yereotu tl
registered from his place, of whom he had
no knowledge.' Testimony to this effect
was offered by Deputy United States Marshal
Coke, who further stated that lmlf n |
do/en fictitious names had been placed on
tin) back of the nwwwor's list. The accused
were held iti $15,0(H) bull each to 1
answer at court. The attorney for the defendants
declared there was ample room
for the difcovery of similar frauds in the
Seventh and Eighth wards.
More Hriiltii'kj' HJIJiuj;*.
lloi'KiNsviu.K, Ky., November!!.?Hock j
Had ford, a farmer, aged 70, was shot ai\d
instnutiy killed by a tenant numed John*
son this morning, in a quarrel arising from
.Johnson's attempted removal of partnership
com against Kadford's orders. The
weapon pseu was a shotgun atcloso range,
Johnson surrendered to the uearest mugtatrate.
, .
LANCASTKif, Ky., November On H
Tl. - ??
auuxiuu; iiu mini) utcurruu nunr nere ?
between an old man named John Foster .
ami his tenant, James llardwiclc, in which 1
Foster received a blow on the head from i
a heavy club in the lunula ot llardwiek, *]
fracturing his skull. Words hud passed *
betweeu them in regard to the tenure of .
Uurdwick's lease. Foster claimed it had 1
expired, whioh Hard wick denied, but guv- fc
lug if it had ho would surrender the
Cronerty. Walking away lie was followed 1
y Foster who drew a "knife and made a '
demonstration when llardwick killed him. *
Nciuilor MiiIiuiivIo llm i'mitl. ]
Washington*, NovemberIt.?Mr.Mahono *
wax scon to-day by a correspondent, lie t
Bpends more time at the capital than in
his .State, *
"1 shall certainly elect my State ticket," 1
he said in a reply to a correspondent, "ami '
also a majority of the Congressmen. It ?
has been a hot light, but wo have met the I
Uourbons on their own grounds and routed il
them. The solid South no longer exists, j
only in the name. The country will see ?
new issues enter into Southern politics, j!
besides those springing from the war. The u
South is just waking up from a slumber of y
twenty years. There are numerous old
fogies who d(siro to keep her back, but o
that will hereafter be impossible." ti
HiihIucn* lit I'idNlHir;;!). j|
riTTxnuiKiii, Pa., November a.?General a
trade is fairly active, the distribution of li
Merchandise being of good volume, lietailers
are, as a rule, buying to meet pres- ^
iut wants only, and coming frequently. /<
rhe movement in Pittsburgh manufactures n
is not so large jus was,anticipated. The iron 1*
;raue is specially light. i'ig iron is in light
lemand, with prices dull, bnt unchanged, h
Hie glassware trade is quite brisk, but h
prices, which are unchanged, are not en- '
lirelyeatisfaclory to manufacturers. Petroleum
is firmer.- Under reports of a con- '[
.inued steady decline in the production, ti
[he market has been considerably excited, ?
ind advanced to$l.05J, twelve cents higher w
ban a week ago, closing firm at $1.04 bid. ^
I'nuitl*. a;
rnii.Ai)Ei.vniA, Fa., Novembero.?When }
spoken to to-day in reference to theasser- 11
ion of Ex-Tax, Clark llannel, that not \\
ess than one million dollar of State taxes 1
vero Blolen during the term of the former tl
eceiver, Hunter, the present receiver of
axes, said: "Hannel made such assertions
before. As to the statement lie can P
:an jrive names of well known politicians a
)enelited by the remission of tax penalties. I1
The books can yive the same information, jj
' have no record of tax on bank stocks
laid the former receiver." J
A MImnIiik Mcrcliuiit.
New Youk, November' 51.?Henry L.
Jlapp, of the firm of Fairbanks & Co., this f,
:ity, left homo on the morning of the 21st w
)f October, to be gone a few days with P
i considerable amount of money, since 0
vhich date nothing has been heard from |j
liui. Inquiry at the bouse of Fairbanks (,
k Co., shows there was no motive what- ci
jver for his disappearance. His accounts
tre correct, and he had a large balancd in
jank. The lirm are anxious for infornm- p
ion of his whereabouts. 0
MimtMiiK forTlicuist'lvc*. ?
Tucson, A. T., November M.~A special j|
rom San Carlos of the 2d says: General fi
Urook held a final conference with the P
.Ypaches this morning. Every male |j
[udian of the reservation capable of bearing j,
irme, not exempt on account of sickness,
.vas present. They were told the time c
lad come for tliein to make an ellbrt to b
>arn their own living aud govern themselves.
The address was listened to with d
irofound attention by more than 1,200 V
varrjors, who seemed greatly surprised b\* ai
lie counsel given them. t!
HouHi'm AHNnllunt. tl
Quixcy, III., November 3.?The habeas j<
:orjm ease of Murk Grey, who tried to H.'
shoot Edwin Booth, on application for his
elease from the Klgin Insane Asylum, a,
jegrtii liere yesterday and is still in pro- ii
;res8. Gray occupied the witnew stand
icarly all day. He gave a clear and con- v
lecte'd statement of his doings uj) to the tl
iuieof his attempt on the actor's life, and t<
the cross examination failed to confuse or p
ead him into a contradiction. ' si
Injustice to Kttuur ImportcM. C
Nkw York, November o.?Many import- n
irs, refiners and brokers of raw suirar, call
he attention of the Secretary of. the
Treasury to the groat injustice to them, of it
he importation, free of duty, into San y
"rancisco and other ports, of sugars from
ho Sandwich islands, which are entirely
liferent in quality from that contemplated n
,ud clcarly specified in the Hawiian treaty.
* ? rc
<tulcU Time in n homo Riicp. ol
Pkovidknce, R. I., November o.?Yellow tl
)oc won the third heat and race in a two * ''
mndrcd dollar contest with itornnby'a i'j
Jilly IX, lit Narragansett Park this mon>
ug. Time 2:11; the best time ever made 0.
ii a public race. Excitement-herd -is inense
over the great achievement. ,,1
Winter CSrniii Nowluir In K'hiihiin.
Ka.vkas City, Mo., November 3.-?A
'opekn dispatch says the farmers in Kan- ^
us are entirely through with sowing their
i'inter grain.; All is up .and looking fine,
lie weather having been propiiious for u 11
igorous growth, of
?rorii'mi," IT,
New York, November :i?Oeorgo C. \V. T
lullendorf) aged 21, of East New York, W
rho shot himself on a grave in Evergreen ?u
lemetery, a few days ago, died to-day.' j0
Vhon asked whv lie shot himself, replied. tP
for fun." t * 11
An UiilruUifnl V ; $ .*
Mqxti^al, . November y? The Allan
teawship.Company brought.suit for libel
yaiin^t i\\e H't'MiW,' claiming ?50.000. The .
YHwkt charged ill treatment of the pafsen*
crs on the steamer Sardinian. Uj
ur.! : ;. wh. *>u. I'
bav Your, {voycffuor J.-Vliilc mitrry. at
?B, ft W.P> at poHcc headquarters |q. k<
light, Juslicc QlterUurg (mil his pocket
ickcd. V
V\r?l 'Uo fccwttmu,
s(. N. a, November ".?There (V
Ksnaiiow storm in the northern part n| v,
10 province today. . 1 ? ^
Franre 0tiJ*rU to llBRUtuT* l*ollry In
A ItimUn Vlen of the Oljfct of Ureal
IJrltata-TJiff Aunthht Agitation la
France- Trouble* At Souilon.
Losmj.v, November 11.?A minority of
,ho French Cabinet objecting to the Kn>
;llah Bcliemo of a substitute for the joint
:ontrol in Egypt, ntul threatening to bring
>11 a Cabinet criuis if theschemo should ho
ulopted, Dig Government lias rt jected if,
I'lie British Government has now decided
o modify tho scheme without changing
ts principle, which is lo give Euglatul tho
lipremacy in tlio manugement of tho
hiancea of Kgypt and thereby supremacy
a tho management of tho Government. It
b expected that Lord Dulferin, Minister to
Turkey, who lias just left Constantinople
or Cairo, will succeed in preparing tho way
n Egypt for tho adoption of the proposed
chemo by the Cabinet of thoKhedive.
Apropos of the pending negotiations with
ccrard to K^vnt a ill?nitlM? Imm *: iw..~.
jurjr reports tiio (Mo* of Hint city as saying
hat the indications nre the Mediterranean
a to become an Anglo-French lako and
\gypt tin English colony. It says also
lint Franco ueaigus to make Tunis a
tench colony and assume supreme auhority
in North Africa.
One arrest' has been made in Paris on
lecount of the annrcliist demonstrations
here. So far the inalcconteuts have done
lothing but talk, and it ia bo wild that it ia
i cure for- its own folly. The lessons in
elf-government taught by tho Republic
lave served to keep <iuiet the public mind
iuil allay the/ears of uprisings which were
ince tho terror ot the capital. The anarchsts
are composed of the lowest class, who
re without leaders of intelligence or inlucnce,
and their demonstrations so-called
re little more than the noisy, talk of the
rino shops.
The strikes in the Fauburg Saint Antoino
f Paris,'which a few days ago threatened
a make trouble, are practically ended,
'bo furniture and oilier manufacturers
ave agreed upon a conciliatory policy,
nd mutual concessions have been made
0 proprietors and employers, and most of
iie workmen have returned to the shops,
he Agitation continues among tho operates
of Belleville suburb, and active inter renceon
the part of the police haa hecoino
ccessary, though there is no open vio
A Berlin dispatch announces that Herert
Bismarck, son of tho Chancellor, has
een appqiuted Councillor to the German
'.tnbassy in Loudon.
It is oliicially announced that the Bey of
unis will visit Paris us noon as preparaoub
for his journey can be completed, lie
ill probably spend the greater part of tho
jnter in Franco His visit is not undertood
to have any political inlluence.
The entire Irish party did not vole
gainst Gibson's two-thirds amendment to
le Closure bill at last niglu's division as
ulicated by first reports, nor did all tho
lembets of the Liberal party vote with
jo government. There were three- Irish
loine Rulers und tlflcen Liberals among
jc 2&5 members who followed the minority
jader into the opposition lobby.
Papal orgaus say the report that the Kmernr
of Austriawill not visit King Humbert
t Koine, for fear the motives of the visit
light be misunderstood at the Vatican,
ave no reasonable foundation. VI Uiretla
jkes the pains to my that Francis Joseph
ould be gladly welcomed at tho eanitoh
ntf a cordial reception would be tendered
itn by people of every class.
It is reported that the ex-Empress Eu*
enie lias mnde a will, which leaves nil her
property to Prince Victor Napoleon, to
rhom limy fall the inheritance.of the Naoleonic
succession in France. The eatato
i the Einprccs is of immense value.
lleports of the German customs just pubshed
show an immense i no reuse in the
nnntity and value of export of home prouctious
to American ports.
C.uno, November :i.?In consequence of
lie vaguencB: of telegrams received from
Egyptian sources respecting tho military
penitions around Soudunj three o/Iicers
f the British army have been dispatched
) tho scencs of the conflict with inBlriieions
to report, fully accurately and cart'- '
illy and the military situation and proseels,
and inspect the road to Suakin and
Chnrtown, also to report as to the posaiility
of placing the forlress at Khartown
i a state of defense in ease of necessity.
London*. November ;i.~A yacht founder(1
oil* Calais, English Channel, and ftll on
oard, six persons, were drownod.
In the House of Commons, toduy,
uuiuu on uie Closure was resumed. Sir
villiatn Vernon Ilarcourt, Liberal, moved
3 an amendment to the pending mennire
nit it should require live-eigluiw of the
lembero present on any occasion io put
le closure in opemtion. Gladstone ob;cted
to this amendment. As it waa
ubstantially tiio same as Ibat /or a twolirds
majority, which the Uouho had voted
own, it was open to the same obieetiona
3 the previous amendment, and was but
ttle less objec tionable.
Sexton made a speech, the purport o( Inch
was, that the Jrish party pinned
joir faith neither to the Government nor
) the opposition. They had declined to
lace the power in the hands of the Con
jrvativo leader by making it necessary to
2t his assent for the operation of closure.
>11 llarcourt's amendment the vote stood,
ays. 14tij yeas, 00.
More NU-IUck.
PrrrsiJUKGii, November J>.?Tho rollers
? th& rail. mill of the iSessemer Steel
forks, at llomeatead; Pa., are out on a
rike bccausQ tho ilrni compelled them to
in light rails. The workmen want twlco
i much wages for running light as they
iceive for w;orking heavy mils. Tho, ilrm
!lercd them an advance of .'50 percent, hut
lis was refusod, and all branches are now
lie. U is thought the matter will be adisled
and the mill put in operation by
on day.
Two thousand coal miners in pool No. 4,
i tho Mononyahela river, struck to-day
piinat a reduction of one-quarter of a cent
;r bushel on the mining rate.
lUini?MCtl !?to Itil4|(iily%
IvOcinajTEU, N. V., Koveiiiber 3.?John
. Laugdon, formerly local auent of the
'arrior .Mower Company, at Kittle J'alto,
was discovered, uttered a large amount
forged paper, and lelt town a day or two '
;o. Ho succeeded in. swindling hiismeea
en, bankers. notu shavers aud (urnient.
lie Warrior Mower Company discovered
IS peculations in July Just'am! he was
ipersedcd, ln;ifi<" he was soul to Erie
mnly penitentiary (rotn Uekport (or
ijtciy, but afterward promised to do bttrand
was assisted toco into biwinesa
% llle, nm. 'O'wncs, aegvifatiiiR
,,VVv, ?v.? 10 ugni 10 uay.
I.nilfr Slny \VU*r<iM?i Ih,
Chicago, Ti.j,.,November 3.?Application
the C'ouftiy Court to dr.y for a contitmicc
of the hearing ol tho motiou for u now
iul iu tho insanity enso of Mrs; Hcovillo
Wednesday next, was granted. Her
torncy? slatotl tho belief tlmt their client,
)\Y in Cuna'la, would be present.
Wi!,uam?roirr, P\., November .'{.?John
limly, ISr.v John l.undy, .Jr., two of
( \\\ea injured at tUo Afclntyro piano
Hterday, died lltin rooming, nulling in
I five dcatha (tm the accident.

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