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Our Slink U I'oiiiiilclft ullli nil Xmv
\Vi'n|n in nil (lie new culoiliigs.
U(>4L Main Street.
and Winter Wraps.
UI.UM MAHKS, 1IOO Main street ore one
of the largest (hulera tu tills city. Manufac
lure their own BivccjtxeH, Cloaks, Dolman?,
MiaJes', Children*' and Infant'* Cloaks.
Ut.UM <S: MARK 3 arc able to sl?ow you
mure jciruient* and tlner array of styles to
cliooae from, than any other house In tie
JJMI.U it MAHKS powsi greater facilities
to compute with their rivals in the trade, ns
all their Garment* aro manufactured by
Messrj. T. Ilium it Co', I'hiladelpbia, and (?.
Itlimut llro, of New York, and forwarded
hen* us fast as finished. Recollect nil Roods
fur their trade in especially made for Wheelin;?
trade, Jn finish of "workmanship nnd fit
they heat any yoods of uny manufacturer in
the country.
^Purchasers of tliiH line of Roods do not fail
when in search of a rare bargain to call ut
I lie Reliable Clothing House of
.Blum JSc Marlis,
Ih crowded with customers buying .
T^ti^a^Eiisra-s, szc.
You nan see the colors of the Goods at
SIGHT by the
Elcotric Light.
Sb SMEjmim
j Aom. -5 and 27 L'uarleenlU Street.
New Atlvor?l*em<'nlN.
Xoticc to Taxpayers.
Carpenter and ihtilder?Stephen JfcCuIlonh.
j Kenl Kjtate Agent?Alexander Bone, Sr.
For Sale?Alexander Done,
l'or Sal?>?Alexander Bone.
Palace Parlor Coal Vases?Nesbitt it Bro.
|j For Cincinnati?Steamer Sidney.
' Pittsburgh and Kanawha Iliver Packet?
4] Steamer W. N. Chancellor.
Sparerlbs?J). C. List, Jr.
JiRS. ZIKUliNFKUJEIt is prepared to
supply families with a llrst?cla&s article
<if lee Cream lo-tlay. Xo. CC Twelfth
Mreel.. tap
'J fl K usual mere-hauls'lunch ntllioXew
McLure House Sample Kooms daily.
Tt)?ruium?*tor Becortl.
The following shows the range of tha thariMomet^r,
as observed at Schnept'a dxagatore,
Ojianv Houso corner, yesterday:
lssi \m
7 ?. M. 1? V. 3 i*. K.7P M |7 JL. M.12M.3 P. K. 7r.M
:u AO M_ II I 43 1!) 50 5J
Warih.vgto.v, I). C., November 17, 1a.m.?
For Tennessee and the Ohio Valley, cloudy,
mini' weather, southerly winds, generally
hhtfl! Ill* In tmrtlmrK. otuCnnnrv 1
lumperature. followed by rising barometer.
l?\ir the Lake Jtegkm, cloudy with rain or
snow, southerly winds, becoming variable,
.stationary or lower temperature.
.t**t Aiauitr.
Otinrul ('tillin;;* from tlie.Kvcut.H or (lie
The I'arkesburg Journal has the following
of interest: "A few days ago some boys were
playing near a leilge of rock?, one ndlo
below St. Marys, in Pleasants county, when
one of them discovered on a shelf, an olil
Uriarwoad pipe. Ttiestomof the pips was
decayed and the bowl was covered with moss,
but was otherwise intack Upon brushing
away the moss these letters were found cut
in the bowl of the pipe, HVteW, 1S01." The
old Indian scout had probably camped there
.sometime duriim his oventfnl cam>r. nnd
left Ms pipe in a*crevice of the rock, whero
ft has rested for eighty one years, ft is now
(n the possession of Mr. Davis, an attorney
oi St. Marys, who hns refused quite a sum of
money for it,but will deposit it iu thearcUives
of some museum or historical society.
At the next term of the Marshall county
Circuit Court condemnation proccedipgswili
he instituted against those along the line of
the "River Railroad" who have not yetgiven
the right of way.
iron. J. Marshall Hagaos, of Morgintowii,
lins formed a law partnership with Mr. Joseph
Valium GolT, Sr., of Clarksburg, is rejiorted
<o lio quite ill at present, and his friends
would not be surprised to hear of his demise
! ~ utany time.
.The class which graduated at Washington
College in IS 17 has been peculiarly fortunate
j in having an array of distinguished names.
.lames G. Maine has occupied for years one of
the highest positions as to ability in the nation.
\Y. 8 Moore was a member ofCongrcsi
from this district, John V. 11. LoMoyne served
| a term in Congress from a Chicagodistrielnnd
now \\\ H. H. M. Pusey has lust been elected
to Congress from the >'inth district of Jowa.
All of these gentlemen were natives of
Washington county.
f While Robert Dlftiiie. a son of ex-Secretary
Maine, was in Wayncsbnr^ a few days bro,
I... Ull.ltrtfl llll ?>,!? W.?i. V?r I.Jo i
I mother," Mm. Gillespie, who was burled in
the old Catholic graveyard at that place,
which Is thrown open as a common. Tite remain*
were removed to the now Catholic
The cost of feeding the. convicts In the
West Virginia penitentiary during the past
two years lias been J2>< cents per day.
"St.ow and steady wins the race." Steadily,
hut not slowly, Kidney-Wort is distancing
nil competition tor universal popularity and
usefulness. This celebrated remedy can now
bo obtained in the usual dry vegetable form,
or in liquid form. It is put iu the latter way
for the especial convenience of those who
cannot readily prepare it. It will be/oiind
very concentrated hiid will act with equal
elllcicncy in either .form. Read advertisetneut.
_ Mwr.uv
A rtn.L Hup of La<He.V French and Cucacox
Kid r.utton hand wived, In the latest styles,
ihe Orrc.'iwi lo<v?t. L V, Uj,onp':?,
CITY 3lkVTli\XH,
llt-l*r\nfr?oii Current Cvnih Al .111uor
The Municipal Court meets again to-day.
Commd Smith yeiterJay fined |5a?d
cOhtj bv 'gqulre Petcrman, lor aMnnltupon
big father. Ho plead guilty.
The Ohio County Medical Society hasbeen
granted Hie use of tho rooms of tlie Board of
Education for their next meeting.
Thomson m. k. Chapel, on tho Island, had
a benefit supper mid social at Afr. Frank Kill*
louib'u laat evening, which was largely ati
'*1 itlf'il.
The I.a llelle tutll will to-day commence
making but five lieat.i a day In tholr boiling
department, until the work on their new Iron
bulldliiu la completed.
'gqmitECALbWKLt.recently purchased a line
Jersey cow, but had not owned her very long
until nilc wandered over to JJrulgcfiort and
was killed by an engine,
Tjik gpol* on tlio sua havo been observed
by ntuberous people in this cltv through the
medium of smoked glass, ami ham caused
tonne excitement among the superstitious.
Tun Dryant Literary Society, which, since
the destruction of its hull, baa been w Itliont
a place for moating, has been granted the use
at tho Washington district grammar room.
0.0. Smith, real estate agent, yesterday
sold Thomas Ulaascock's properly, oh the
northeast coiner of Maryland and l'onn
streets, to Conrad Klrbuch, for $1,500 cash.
'Iiikrf. will be a meeting of the West Virginia
Humane Society this evening at 7'JiO
o'clock in their room on (he third floor of the
Franklin Insurance building, Twelfth at root.
VKbTfcmty afternoon Jacob Hughes, while
In Ms oillce on Cbapllnestreet, stumbled and
full. In fulling he struck the sharp edgo of
a table ami cut a very severe gash under his
Tiik notorious Cornelius Tobias Vance got
into a fracas lust evening with William
Urown and Joshua Taylor,- two gentlemen 0/
color, and Utllcer JunkinB lodged all three
In the lockup.
IIkv. Da. Smith, 3tev. 0. k lllte and others
wut auuross tne lenvporanco meeting at the
Fourth Slreet M, K. Church this evening.
Good speaking, good Pinging and a good time
generally may be expected,
A IIicumo.no paper mys thnt a letter was
/rceived there from Chief 0/ J'olice JJennett,
of this fcitv, inquiring about a well known
gambler who is supposed to know something
of the recent Kaat Wheeling jewelry robbery.
I.kavitt'b (ligantean Minstrels perfaripod
at tlie Opera House lust nlghtfo an audience
which packed tlio houto. The troupe is a
very good one, and the house I est J lied hearty
appreciation in the usual boisterous manner.
Next Saturday morning at, 10 o'clock, Morris,
the son of Mr. Jacob Hteinfeld, will be
contlrmcd at tlio Jlebrew Synagogue. The
young man is a pupil of Uev. M. tfcsler. The
public are invited ip witness the interesting
Geqiuib SctiHAuyrK ttjs badly us*d up
last evening in a light at the Italian
ralooh, on Market street, by'Harry, alias
"Hop" Wells. 8chnialt/e's linger was near'y
j bitten off und lity face was cruelly pounded
[ u p. Wells was arrested by olticer lUrd.
Tub sum of $000 Is to b? expended at oncu
in the purchase of new books for the Library.
! Authors' sets arc to be tilled, and late works
I placed on the shelves. This action is neoosI
sitated by the fact that such a large number
01 ojdks arc uiKcn out every wo etc mat many
j are unable to sccure any book thatsuits their
Wrmnksiuy evening the members of I lie
South Side Binding fcoclety, ;Vhi|e holding
their regular meeting in their hall, wen; most
pleasantly surprised by the entrance oi a
number of their lady friend?, headed by
Mayer's orchestra, while a supply of dainty
refreshments brought up the rear. The ladies
presented to the Society two very pretty
oil painting?, and then the floor was cleated
and an agreeable evening spent in dancing.
Two J)KRj? in fro were yesterday admitted
to record by Clerk Hook, as follows Deed
I made Nov. II, ISS2, by F. Knox and wife to
I Wm. Sloan, in consideration of $1,GC0, for
I the north naif of !,ot 10J, attho corner of
Market and Kighth strceta. Cemetery deed
j made Oct. 27, I8S2. by John J Jones, adI
miniattator of the estate of John Bishop, deerased,
to'Wro, Sloan, In consideration of
?15, for Lot No. -13, in section 11, of Mount
Wood Cemetery.
Mr. AY*. if. Lyi.es, of this pity, who Ijas
been a member of the advance copps Of liar:
rett it Co.'s circus, a branch of the big Sells
show, hai arrived at home for the winter, the
show having closed lor the teason at JJingo,
Georgia, recently, and gone into winter quarteis
at Columbus, Ohio It was the intention
to continue on the road some weeks later, but
the proprietors changed tiieir intentions on
account of the prevalence of the yellow fever
ttlontf thoir ltronnRPd rnilih. >Jr Hvl?a inina
the show again nest March.
Mrs. ISachel Sciiuukybk died recently at
JhoUouaty Jnilrmary ot Tyler county, aged
110 years, and is supposed to have been, the
oldest person in the Stata. She was -I years
old when the Declaration of Independence
was signeu; was seventeen years old when
Washington was inaugurated President. She
distinctly remembers the campaigns of
Washington and Cornwallis, being at that
time a resident of #ew Jersey. Jiermind
was bright atul vigorous to t}|n |ast. The cane
she used during life was worn to l*si) than
hai'its length.
Col. Jake Ntngk celebrated his fifty-third
birthday last evening, and was made the recipient
of numerous congratulations from
his friends, both in person and by mail and
telegraph, many friends in other pities remembering
the event, During the pvenjjjg
a committee from Belmont Turnverein, of
Jielluire, called and presented the Coloijel
with an elegant glass pitcher ami nohlcts appropriately
engraved. The committcc consisted
of Messrs. Frederick Jtodewlfj, J. IS.
Turner, JamesTurnbull, Joseph Curler and
Oeorge Schmidt.
A uriet hut very pleasant wedding took
place in this city yusterday afternoon, the
contracting parties being Mr. 0. f-Jynry
Merkle, formerly one of Ityj'o Sam's Jettey
carriers i/j tiiia city, but hirer a prosperous
merchant in oho of 'Qbio's thriving little
towns, and Miss IJzzie Dejin, ono of Wheeling's
well known young ladies. They left
on the 1:17 Pittsburgh, Cincinnati it St. Louie
train for a short wedding trip. Theceremonv
was performed by Kev. Dr. Cunningham.
The newly inatried couple possess a host of
friends in this city who wilt wish themycars
of unalloyed happiness. Mr. -nnii Mrs.
Merkia received ? number of handsome
remembrances and congratulationsinnumer
UUIK. J.UV '/u?o tuomy IHH/e'J Hi u
stylish traveling costume. Unon retgrntrf:
from their tour they will reside in tips city.
yi:nsi)xat ?
Xcwm n:ul Goh*!|> In Kefereiicc 1# Various
Dr. A. J. Lvda is still confined to bis bed.
Mrs. J. M. Ray and daughter, of Capitol
Square, are visiting at "West Alexander.
Dr. B. \V. Allen, formerly of this city, and
now Professor of Anatomy and kindred
sciences at the Btate llnivursity, Morgantown,
isnmontf his ?Hn?ero?;s Wheeling frjends.
Mr. S. A. Kepner, foreman of the
composing room, has purchased the Gr:ihon
JCaijle, a weekly newspaper, from Mr. Harry
Suivt-ly, its former owner, and will assume
charge of it on Deconiber I.
Mr. It, If. Butcher, momber of the House
of Delegates of this state in the session of
187h, but a resident of Colorado since 1SS0, is
rising on the ladder of fame in bisneiv home.
The Kokoitio Tiinti o? a recent date speaks
thus complinientarily of him: Mr. Imtcher
has been elected Summit county's representative
in the next Legislature. The people
1 1
** mv tjviiur vii a worcuy ?nu
competent vcunc man, who will use his
splendid abilities In the furtherance of the
best Interests of Summit.
Fire In n School Itooui.
Yesterday afternoon about 2 o'clock, there
was u Marrow escape from a heartrendhur
calamity at the Catholic school, opposite the
Cathedral, on KotT street, A little girl was
stirring the fire in one of the rooms on an
upwr uoor, when In some manner the stove
was upsor, the coals Doing scattered over
the Hour, where they at once kindled nutte
a blazo. The frightened childicn ran for
the stairs, and wero quickly jammed into a
mass of scrcumicg, crying girls, so tightly
wedged in the narrow stairway that it was
impossible for any of them . to move. By
the presence of iulnd of ono of ihe sisters
i ... . promptly extinguished
without doing any more serious damrtce
umu cnarring 'trie tloor for sonic *pacc
around, and breaking up the school for the
remainder of the day. It seemed to those
who witnessed the jam on the stairway that
a serious casualty was only averted by the
merest chance. One little girl, Aggie Conrad,
was hurt, falling part way down the
steps, and cutting and brniiiog her face and
head badly. An alarm was rung in from box
31,. and the depart men t responded very
promptly, The Hope lloso reel arriving drat.
Fortunately their services were not needed.
Great bargans in several good second hand
organs, at Wiiaon & B.vumek'e.
"Patent Leathers," for Ladles nB'fl Gentp,
at *0 Twelfth street.
A Man Agreed Upon by the Joint Special Com
tuNtro.I.Mt .V/cVit? Tho "/.otter Howe" la?
( reftteil to T?rfntj?Eldht Jleinlirr?-l'?r?
rcctrd lleturM of the Diuttieratori.
A plan for reapportioning tho members ol
the Second Branch of the City Council tviu
Anally agreed upon last evenlngat a meeting
of the Joint special committee appointed foi
the purpose. A Rood deal of desultory dls
citation waa Indulged In, but trtkeu alto
gether the meeting was quite a business like
one. Tho enumeration of the city mailo b>
order of Council that tho new allotmonl
might bo fairly and intelligently arrived a!
whs rpnnrliul to thfl cnmnilltim. nml will Kr
found below, being now printed for the first
time fully and correctly.
Klght members ot the committee were
present, namely Messrs. Davis, lUldreth,
Jejison and ltoblnson, of the Second
Ilruncb, and Messrs, Fritz?, Hall, Miller and
McAdnmg,of the Firat. L'ounchnun Itulier|
Held was un Interested spectator, and Clerk
Galilean was In his place.
The enumeration referred to above ia us
I Flr>t waul - l.ooc
I Second........
1 TJiinl. . ?J,M1
Fifth u.inu
sixth ...... b,r?ts
Hevvnth - 'J.wki
KJgbt!) l.CCC
The city no, itu
After some Informal consideration of these
figures, lJr. Jfivson moved to divide the portion
of the city east of the river, which includes
all but the Island, into seven wards,
as nearly equal na practicable, the wards to
be numbered consecutively from inrtlj to
south and the Island tu be the Kigbth ward.
Tiiia provoked a good deal ot discussion,
soiuo of the metuburaof the committee considering
the proposed change in Us jiolitlcul
k curing, to which, however, the Doctor
stated that ho had given no consideration in
thinking over the plan proposed. Deducting
the population of the lilund, 11,800, from the
tola) population of tho ohy. 30,181 there remains
a population of 27,5182, which would
give as tlie approximate population of each
of tho seven new wards, .'5,Oil. This would
necessitate the formation of the Fourth ward
out of terrilory divided by Wheeling <reek,
U'iltoli limit !\( ?tmui? ni-Amiiit (mill'1 ........ ..U
jectiounble, ami the factor's motion was rejected.
It was then suggested that tho population
of the Fifth and JJlxth wards be equalised by
taking u porlioit of the latter and adding it
I to thu territory of the former, but this was
decidedly disapproved by the representatives
I of those wards.
Mr. Kobinson then moved to allow the
wards to remain ou at present constituted,
the members o/ Council being allotted to
them proportionally to their populations,
and this proposition was unanimously
An apportionment on a basis of one Councilman
to every I 000 population, and an additional
one to SCO additional in any ward,
was proposed. This would increase the
| membership of the Second Jlranch from 25
to 28, giving the First ward 4, the b'econd,
Third, Fourth and.fifth f{ each, the Sijjth S,
, the Seventh baud the Highlit -J. This wus
! found liable to serious objections. A new
j proposition was entertained to establish a
| new ward consisting of the portions of the
present First, Second. Third and Fourth
I wards lying east of the hill, dividing the remaining
territory north of the creek into
| three wards, but ibis was ?lso abandoned.
Mr. Miller wanted to report in favor of
leaving the Branch just as it now is, but was
| informed that this could not legally be done.
A motion to adont a basis of 1 <(00 was earrieil.
but this was afterwards reconsidered, and the
plan adopted of ulloting doc member to each
1100 of population, This Rives to the Branch
, a membership of 23, divided as follows:
Brat wurd -I! Fifth ward.,... 3
Second waul 3|olxta word 6
Third wuitl * Seventh ward.,...
Fourth waid ; 1 Eighth ward ......... 4
City Solicitor Caldwell was instructed to
preprij-e an orjiiuance cjnbodyiiig this arrangement,
whtcji will he reportptl by the
committee to Council, ?iost probably ?t its
next meeting.
lo lie Ojirunl To?i?lj;hl it I tlio JU el, lire
UramlhJjcet Kali.
To-night's full dress hop at the McLure
liousp will la the oppning of the social
fcen.syn.nf 1SS2?'33 in Wheeling. Jt is the
keynote, as it were, end on itssucccas will
depend in a measure the entire rottud
of social, pleasures for this season. From
what 13 now known, the ball will be quite a
brilliant a flair. The list of invited persons
that has been circulated for the past week is
an extensive one, and embrace* members of
tjig throe Germans that were in existence
last year. Tbo gentlemen who have the
hop in charge?Messrs. Edward Hill, Harry
Coen and D. L. Heiskell, have labored
assiduously to have everything perfect, and
they deserve commendation. The hour get
for the ball is 0o'clock. Dancing will take
placc in tlje jurco north dining room, with
the full Opera. IJonseOrchpsfrcio furnish the
musje. Carriages will atop at the Twelfth
street entrance, and the dressing Tooma will
be on the door abovo, The parlftrs and corridors
will be used for promenading while
4upper will be served in the old ioiitb dining
While it ia not possiblo to Rive a complete
list of those who will be present, the followiuir
embraces nearly all;
2>fr. S. A. Jfi|teran<UlissparriqGilclpst.
Mr. George' Uaird, Jr., anjl 'Ali^JJ Ylf'gtyla
Jlr, Samuel IUjlettand ijiss Tracy Mean?,
of-Steubenvlllo. ' f " '
.Mr. 8. I*. Jforrieon and Miss ifury Gamp:
bell. . '
Mr.' Kdjrnrd Ilnzlett and Miss.YelljeMflber.
oi taeveiauu.
Mr. A. 8. List and Miss Laura jrarden.
Mr. 1). L. Heiskell arid Miss M. Louise
Mr, ]2tlfford Hill and Miss McGwire, of New
Mr. Hurry C. C'ocn find Miss ifary Huhcr,
of Cleveland.
Mr. George Laughlin and MissLillie Baker.
Mf. Frank Robertson and Miss Jessie
-Mr. Al.GlfcSs and Mfra Mamie Lofghfon,
Mr. Bunch lluated and Miss Alice Kelly,
Mr. Waller Bloomlleld "and Miss ]Jattio
Mr. Lawrence StfmTs and Mis3 Gene
Mr. James Adams and MissWollie List.
Mr. Charles B, Olt and Miss L.uira UpdegralV.
Secretary of StateStalnakerand Mrs. Frank
J. Ilearno.
Mr. Irwin Singlolon and Miss I(ou Cummins.
Mr. Bates "Woods and Miss Beille McCabe.
Mr. Alex. UpdegralV and Miss Nannie
Mr. 1). Walker I'eterson and Miss Ida Harden.
Mr. Barnard Payne and Miss Jessie List.
Mr. John Vogue and Miss CoraZane.
Mr. A. Albert Fraiuheim and Hiss Sadie
Mr. William Miller and Miss Minnie Walters.
Mr. James Uolloway and Miss Mamie DuBois.
Mr. W. B: Fisher "and Miss Jessie Bruce, of
Mr. John Davenportraiul Misalsadore Bollock.
Mr. "William Delaplaln and Miss Lucy
Mr, Kdwurd Bowie and MissMamo WToods,
Mr, J. V, Dickey and sister, Miss Mary.
Mr, Charles Anderson and Miss Minnie
Mr. Frank Maxwell, of StcubenvlUe, and
MibS Clara Fisher..
Mr.Oliver Rhodes and Miss Minnie Junkins.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. McLure.
Mr. and Sirs. Clias. Berger.
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Jenson.
Mr, and Mrs. Fred J. Norton.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas.^FratiZheini.
.ui, mm iiira. v?v i\ewi MUCH,
Mr. and airs. Jacob Bergor.
The tlance programme not being yet complete,
it cannot be stated-what the number
of dances will bo. It will bo Been from iho
list that a number of ladies who are visitor#
in the city will bo present. In the past
Wheeling society has always been noted for
its gallantry and hospitality, a reputation
which should be maintained this season.
Lin is too short to try half a dozen differ-1
ent kinds of "Sure Cures," when ono suffers j
with a cough or cold stick to the best and ,
use Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup; it will cure
vour cough and never disappoint yon. All
druggists sell it at twenty-five cents a bottle.1
thi: iiiunn or kuccatiov
Motilliljr Mwilon-Heiiorl of I he Auperlu.
triHlrnt in ill ivininltter*:
l-ast nlifiit was the lime lor (bo rcgulnr
monthly meeting ot the Board of Education.
up to 8 o'clock the prospects tor a quorum
were decidedly poor. About that hour, however,
the members commenced coming In,
and a vigorous use of the teleplionc resulted
In hurrying up the stragglers so tliut by 8:M
. o'clock n sufficient number were present to
, warrant Cletk Pendleton rallltiK the roll;
.Venn. Acker, c'a dwe . Crl.a-. ir
: Maxwell, MeOullv, Miller J, A., Pities,
Schockey, Todd, \\ ilson W. A., urnl JVesfueut
, Wilson were found to b? present.' The minutes
of the last three meetings were read and
' approved,
i The Finance Committee asked the pay'
merit of Mill amounting to $.'WJ 73, which
was ordered done.
The report of the Committee on lluiidingi
and Grounds was next tukert up and its reci
oiumendAtlous adopted. They wem as follows:
That the Commiiwioners of Center disti
let be autUorlzcd to have gat putin the gram?
mar rooui, )>%)), nrd rooms ho. 7,3, f)?nd 10;
i that they have shutters placed on certain win*
( dows, and purchase a stove. That gas be put
in the ImtlH nnd grammar room of tho Wusli-I
ington school. That Klovls, Kraft ?tCo. be
1 tendered $100 in payment of their bill, i
amounting to $181 f>0.
Tho Comtultteo on Public Library reported ,
that the weekly circulation of books of tho
i library wait from 1)00 to 1,000. "The result
If, In many Instances, persons to whom cards
i have been issued are tumble to obtain even
i one of the several books whoso titles have
1 been written on the slips. Your committee
1 therefore recommends that $000 be appropriated
by the Hoard for the purcinLso ot new
i books, said sum to be disbursed by the com|
mittee, and that Ihesum of $1II1!) be appro;
printed to pay bills submitted." The report
was adopted.
The following report was received and tiled
and tho requests unvoted:
WiiKtLiNo, W. Va., November 17,1832.
To the /.VirWof /Mutation:
Oksti.ksij{X.?'The following isusumninry
of the renorla of the schools of the District
for the month of October, 1882:
KnToUtnVTu foTu"m out h J
Average ilrtJJ>HU<>Hd?i?ct'- tt.Ml
Avetugu dully ?l>Hjiice,r.. IM>
IVrcciU of uitcndmiee .Wi
Total enrollment Mice .September-M ,.t,'J3t
2.s?2 3??5 ?
S 2.~?P?S ? = 2
- fj Pi t ?a r
Lliiiiillr 1
M! I I '"-moon J.
% [feirgSl'gEjlil i apiuf> ? =
Slj_8i 388t8l r.'H'"!'
. Bll 2?83g?gl " "* [aumn
jjjHsftaggfeBl r.opMii 85
51 ;4; 1 i i'gl i I ??i?nj|>
g 1 i - 2?
1 &3fefc3SUl - r.fti'iuo 5.2
g {f si i!' tag ( ?oi?wi!) .j
g j I gggtjtSiSl. toimjf)
S JJL ? Sfe *2S 3.1 r.oi'?uo
?j11 asEsggg 1 >;i)t'iu!) S
?1 l_5g[j_esa_? 1 t-opwjit . |
B11 -5 i i fjj 1 > gapmp <
^miTTTii i ): p
? 2
I gi&gsgjg r '
Cases of tardiness: Washington, 78: Madison.
-W; Clay, 88; Union.-90; Centre,(.G; Webster,
33; Ritchie, 7'J; Colored. l">. Total 518.
Per cent of attendance: Washington, 85;
Madison,<i3| Clay, 00; Union, 89; Centra 87;
Webster, 80; Hitchie, 89; Colored, 85. Number
of teachers, OS. Amount paid for instruction,
including German, $-1.102. Pupils
in the several branches: Orthography, 3,000;
reading, 3.1KJ0, writing 3,WO; tuental arilhmetic,
3,51)7; written urithmeiifc. 2,735, rc?crajiby,
3,157; grammar, 29-1; history, 030;
physiology, 70; literature, 3(1; natural nhilosophy,
ci; cheuifctry, 52; lessons in English,.
1,108; alfiebra, 177; geometry, 57; drawing,
u,?uo, puj-iuui ueounipny, oj; riietorio. tw;
general exercise?, 3,814; declamation, 3 238;
composition, 1,302
The German Department ruukea the following
showing 5
H t lit?its
SO 2 ?=s
.school*!, ? 5 5 C-t = ** i* ~
= 2 6 jso^dc'j:
Wa^hin^Um. ? "2 ti 18 M
Madison :i5 H 17 IS
Clny XI 'J 38 in
Union - 4* 5 ?l 17
( ctitrc... 5:; (' '41 12
\\Wer :? 4 20 12
IMtohle,,,'.,. 7'J ;? 55 21
Tolni i 3CG IH 220 141)
Four teachers are employed and $1<H paid
for instruction.
The Stato Superintendent, Jlon. B. L.
Butcher, will hold an institute composed of
the teachers of the district and the counties
of the 1'an Handle. Wednesday, Thursday
aqd lYi^ay,' J]ecen?hcr SO, 51 and Stf. Partial
arrangetM??ts have been made tvith the following
instructor?: Dr. John B. l'easlee, superintendent
of ihe Cincinnati schools; Colonel
P. AV. Parker, of Boston, the author of
the so called Quincy system of instruction;
MissL. I'drtridge, of Philadelphia, and otherr.
The important stimulus given to our sc^ion]
work by the Teachers' jiiBjit}}tolfpld ifl this
pi ty'laat WoveiftUer ia recognizee. Many suggestions
there received have been nut in practice
during the past year nndgoou results are
/eltlnalltltCBohoolM. The Intention Is to make
this institute in the- variety, and practical
and interesting character of the gxpi
Iciaes, surpass that of last year. I respectfully I
ask the Hoard to close the schools tbp District
foe Uip holhky* on Tuesday, December
ill, hi strati of Friday, p.ecenitier 22, in order
that the teachers may attend tlie"sessions o{
tlie Institute, l'eriufaaipn to Unlj} V|\o Institute
iu the CptV-re ?chool buiuilng ik ahjo'asVed.
Jons M. flinch,
Several matters of small moment were disposed
of utter lengthy dioaussiGNs, ttnd ill
11:15 the Hoard adjourned until next Thursday'evening,
when they meet for tbe purpose
of'awarding the coal contract for the ensuing
year, Hie clerk, in the meantime, to adver'V,..
for bids, - *
Wnn( !o Investigate.
List night just before the Hoard of Education
adjourned Dr. Ilildreth introduced a
resolution appointing President tyiluon, Dr.
Jepson n?d J. 11. .Acker a committee to investigate
the present school system and tee if
' "lore economical plan could not beadonted
for their government without detriment to'
the schools. The resolution was evidently
BOniethng of a surprise to every one, but .Mr.
Caldwell came to his feet at once and wanted
to know the cause of this unusual procedure
A school year only half out, half the members
about to vacate?he could not understand
it. Jhd the resolution intend to caot any
reflection on Professor Birch or on the Board?
He thought the resolution an utterly useless
one. Mr. Miller and Doctor Pipes spoke on
the matter, and could see no necessity fur the
resolution. Mr. W. A. Wilson said be was
. in favor of a sweeping investigation?was always
an favor of them. .Mr. WiUjn was immediately
added to the committee, also Dr.
Uildretb, and the resolution adopted with a
general laugh. Mr. Wilson, when asked his
reason, replied, "Because I uai?investigations
never do any harm. We'll investigate
ovorvtlilmrnml ?4tiidv nil ulnno'i n. irti
. O / iiiidretn
had nothing to say beyond what was
in lis resolution. It is suggested
by several that it is a plan adopted
by the Doctor to again bring up the scheme
ot combining the grammar rooms of the
city into two, to be known as High Schools. '
The committee, it will be remembered, reported
a short time since, that it was not at
present advisable to adopt that plun. The
Intelmocxcbu a short time since published
an article on this subject, that contained the
idtnadvanced by l)r. Hildretb, and entertuined
by several others of the Board;including
the Superintendent. but the general
opinion of the Board is, tuat the change
cannot properly be made for some time.
"I.ndlcH Touir."
The Great Female Remedy is prepared by 1
the Women's Medical Instituto of-Butlalo
N.Yr, and,is their favorite prescription foi ;
ladies who are suffering from any weakness :
or complaints common to the sex. Jt is
said by druggists at $1.00 per bottle. ladies
can obtain udvice free. Send stamp for
names of those who have been cured.
At wholesale and retail by "Logan <fc Co.,
Who i tig, \V. Vft. daw
Patent Leather Pumps at -10 Twelfth street
Auxanher Bonk, Real Estate Agent and
Brok er, lias removed his office to Ott's Block, (
No 11G3 Market street, corner Market and i
I Twel ftli street. . i
1 Ladies' and Gents' dancing pumps at Carnahan
^ English's, 40 Twelftli street,
. ' c
Chat If fttvumr or the Currmt N?m am) Goutp it i
3(tr|ln% Kerry, itrll.ilrr, X*u I'umtirrtaml 5
and Oilier Tow.bi or the Ylchlly. c
Penonal ami ladnMrtal Mitten. r
u Anna's pkrhy. , ^
Tito John Juntos was at the foot onVa&lt* J
i?Kton atrcet yqsterdny. '
Mr. Samuel Million ban a reryntyUah new ?
wagunoi noine manufacture, t
Mr. II. Fur by whs rultiutf some rabbngc
yesterday and in some way the knife Mippetl t
umlcubUiQ endsolTof two of Ills lingers. ?
Mr. Clitts. Wright,' of ML I'leiuant, was on .
the utrcets yesterduy, Mr. Wrlnbt wan for* 11
merly a hardware merohonl of t his place. r
Mr. W, L. Tripp will luive In his now shoe [
store a iiHudsoitio new 'T<irogc?ft"t?tnvel matt* r
utacturril in tho new foundry, the Martin's [
Ferry Stovo Works, t
I)r. Tnnip. Well?, of llaresnlie, Ohio, was i
in the city yesterday. The doctor la looking i
well, hut has fallen away to about two hun* v
dred uml aovonty-llve pounds. v
The r.ittlo A una is getting down to solid t
work again. Cupt, Seamon ua.s reduced the t
rate.H 1 olfi cents tor round telfo and will do a
hl? best to make regular tri ps. which most v
certainly will lie a trreat accommodation to c
; our citizens. He llntlri that huMness has im- a
proved enough to justify the reduction In the r
laro, I.
i Mr. J. J. WeBtlake, of Unrr's Mills, Is "
! hflro hrot/iortoshw* tfto peoplo. [
Mr. W. bona greut many old and novel on- '
| riosltles. One is nn old gnu carried by Lewis ^
Welscl hunting Indiana that is a htroirn look- J
I ing piece of work. Another is a skull, sup- j\
| posed to have belonged to ait Indian chief, '
and many tbinya that wo may notice hereaf* ?'
ter. !!
The nubile sehnnU. imiloi* <l?a knm? ?.,?!
! watchful eye of the worthy Superintend- ?
jent, 0. It. ? breve, nre most certainly'in n
I u vory Nourishing condition. Theroarn 1,1'JO |
children that might he in school, and 810 Uiut a
I attend with talerable r?*gnlarlly'. There ure c
J.s lenchcrs and nil are well ijualiiied, ener- gi
getio and never tiring in their elForis to per- n
| form the duty intrusted Ut tllet'n. Prof. Mai*
mene, of Wheeling, lathe mimical director, C(
and lie Is liked by all very much. I'rof. 9|
Shrevt? ho? been working hard an.! pertevcrin?ly
for nearly twenty yearn, and lie can a,
I now congratulate himself, that Martin's Kerry 11
has one of the best schools in the great State
of Ohio. *!
W.l.LAIKt:. I,
The platform of the 1J. & 0. depot has been f(
almost entirely rcluid. fi
llobert McClellan, of Wellsviile, hua been 1><
here visiting his brother, A. J. McUlellatJ, on '<
Noble street. fa
])r. A. R. McClure ia in I'eJinsylvanifl, j!
whither ho was called snddeuly by the seri- 1
ons illness of bis mother. ^
The vacant ground between.the railroad
tmckaund the river, above the nail Works, is aj
now talked of as the possible site of onr new
window-glass honse.
*?r. jorin uttiialier, who /ins been in the n<
employ of the U. tfc 0. railroad at Kenwood, 1?
has taken the place of fc. }[. Lee, as book- et
keeper at Heatherington'K. cr
Tlie grand jury, that It -was thought had I3
overlooked Belluire's sulooniats, did take up Rc
three of them. The three itro A. Johnson, 1,1
Frank OH'ord atid fat. iirunneij.
Mrs. S. M. Wilkinson's birthday was celebrated
u'itii. tt large piitlierlu^of friends at
her home on Gravel J till, and many and
valuable were the presents jxie received.
Mr. Hiley Gun yesterday packed his house- J 1
hold goods on board the cars and moved his J?
family to Steubenville, haviun accepted a
place in the new nail works at Mingo. ^
Mrs. Alfred Woods, whoso critical condi- S(
tion -we noticed, died Wednesday night. The } }
funeral will take place to-day at one o'clock
troni her late home at R? J. ItiloyV, on North j ]
Belmont street. 0
Joim C. Mitchell has sold to Messrs. Wag- Jyj
ener and Long the dwelling house he recent- j j
iy built in Horn's Addition, and will at once T j
build a new house on the other half of the
same lot. The i>r?<*A ? ??> si ~'rto * -
. -V- I I
"Wednesday of next week is now tho even- { ?
in ft Ji.xed by the "Jjnmorla) J. 2f." to meet
the people at City Hall and lift the veil and j
assume the pressure. Ho baa been around cii
town for some time now vainly endeavoring Ch
to attract much attention, j?
"Wednesday night the evil designed persons
woo have of late been trylng.to scare or ifi
intimidate Mrs. Nulbey were on their rounds C'lil
again. They j-ucceeded admirably, loo, }; J
from what we can learn. y j
It ia said sonic Eastern parties have pur- R:
chased a latye tract of land on the Ohio side K j
of the river just below Brown's Island, JI1
and will soon conuuenco (o open up and
develop the mineral resources. ,
Yesterday \V. P. Shanloir took chareoof j.,
the store lately owned and run by Albert i?.,
Ilaigb. Mr. Stanley has for the p.^ct sis
months been in the employ of ttertor & Co., <
and pgain striken o\\t to" peddle his own bi?
<?*W, th<
_ M>. T. F. Anderson, who went to Denver.
Colorado, Has returned to his old homo, and
will take charge of the largs sewer pipe mi
works as superintendent, for X. U, "Walker,
Mr. Anderson is a practical vrmi t'1 the
handling of tire clay, anfl pa doulit will
show his iw;u%pry{ Uifs pew field, ^
Mr. Wm- Greer and family, old rosidentsof i
.Washington, left yesterday for Camden, Mo., ,
to reside.
Mr. llobert Lane, of South Slrabane town- jn.
ship, has sold his wool cliD t,o Mr. James M. .
Johnston, at JJH C'ftta. He hail 20S tlecces.
attempted to enter the stev* of
Jaaies Thomas, in Nottlugbfttu township, a
lew'niglits ago, but wcto frightened off, leaving
so hastily t^at'yne left a shoo as u cluo to i
l\lij \dpulity. rr
Yesterday ?!islm Yanklrlc was assisting in
building ft' fctftbUi on Mr. Snodgrass's premises,
ou South Main street, when he fell from
a scaffold to the ground, a distance of twelve
orlHteen feet, sustaining serious if not fatal
inj urlea. He remained insensible for
hours. Vie is f>3 years old. married, nmi V?v?m
nt JTaakmi. 1 " '
The house ol C.\ W. Caldwell, on Water
street, between Prospect ami Walnut streets
ami occupied by Mra. l?pi jjg. took ijro yesterday
morning at 7:30 o'clock from a stove
pipe, which had bcon put up and not inserM
in the due. The tiro was extinguished
by buckcts of water before the onp-ine made
its attachments. The loss, which is covered
by insurance, will amountto some two hundred
dollars. The hmige is a very rickety
old frame, and would have made a hot tire,
which would have caused a good deal of
damage i[ it had burned, aa other houses
would have been destroyed ulso.
The I'nn IIntitUe.<?>(?l Catnititiiy.
Secretary of State Stalnoker yesterday issued
a certitlcate of incorporation to nn organization
to be known na the "Pan Handle
Coal Company," which is formed fortho purpose
of mining or purchasing, shipping and
vending coal, manufacturing coko and dealing
in the same, owning and navigating boats
and barges, selling goods, wares and merchandiser
at wholesale or retail, owning,
leasing and working conl lands, and doing
all things legal, necbasaxy or incidental to
the successful conduct of a coal mining and
dealing business. The headquarters of the
company are Id he at Pittsburgh, and the
charter will expire by limitation on November
] ), 1032. For the purpose of formlnc
said con>oration the sum of $500 has been
subscribed and paid in on its capita fitock,
-?m. ?..w "L-ivcu u? increasing mis
by the sale of additional shares from time to
itiueto the amount of WO.OOO. The shares
aie1 $50 each, and the corporators hold two
shares each. They ore \\vm. II. Lee, J.J).
Allcnder, Samuel S. Davidson and Joseph II.
Harper, of Hanlon's station, l'u., and Hugh
Leu, of -Mansfield.
Ami Still Tti<>y Conic.
0?!>"re Johl> l<ocmer,j. Xos.
-Oji)anit -iiri Mam street. Deautiful brocade
velvets, black, bror.zj, royal purple amt carnet
at ?or; elegant black and colored silks at
51c, 75c and $1 a .van). Black and color?!
cassimeres from 12Mc to $1. Fancy dress
Eoods In great variety and styles at almost
any price. licit blankets and comforts *1 to
w. wall paper at 8c a bolt. Xew carpets
from 20c up. oil cloth. Window blinds
Willi futures complete at 10.'. One hundred
Pieces Com! rnlirm?n at
"BLACK-DRAUGHT" uiutiea chillc
anil lever impossible. "
For sale by Logan Sc Co.
Ucil nclI Ion In ritiuoa.
Present stock of pianos, Btoinway. Knabe
JUlckerinc, llallct it Da via, Emerson, HardaiQn,
Guild, Ac., at the very lowest prices,
ind great reduction for coat. Call early and
lecure great bargains.
Ivco.w' MukjgStor*.
1142 Main street.
J* \J V JLV1U 1VIYU X < ? 1O02?
ku?l tlie l'roiprct ol 'lhcir Rrnrhlui;
Among the numerous projected railroad
a tor prise* In (his State and vicinity few
lave am much importance to tills immediate
ectlon as (ho Wheeling <fc I,ake Krie road, In
lonncctlon with the South Pennsylvania
oat! and the proposed union railroad bridge
iver the river at tnts point. Tbeso three proecla
are reAlly one in interest, and are seldom
onsidered apart in the general programme,
'ortjomu months they have rather been lost
Ight of by the public, but within a day or
wo they have aguln assumed a prominence
o which their importance entitles them.
From ? gentleman who Is veil posted on
ho situation a reporter yesterday obtained
oine Information uf Interest.
The South Pennsylvania road has already
icon located us far west as the Monongahola
Ivcr. ond tho portion of tlia lln? eantn/ihkt.
Ivor will bo under contract within the next
wo weeks. West of the Monongahela four
outcs have been surveyed to the Ohio,
'hree of theso liavo this cllv ns their objecIvo
point, ami the other strikes tho river at
ho mouth of Uhort creek. The choice of
bese routes is now under consideration, and
rill depend largely upon tho disposition toward
ttio enterprise shown hy this conununly.
Capitalist* at Cleveland arc exerting
uelr Intlnence to secure a route which will
void thlsoity, and several of them, it is said,
. ere rcccntly in New York In the interests
f this plan. The llnal decision of the man*
ger's of the road will depend lureely upon the
oute chosen by the Wheeling A*.
,?kc Krlu road. Should the latter,
s it is now believed they contemplate, cross
he river at Portland, instead of ut this city,
he South IVnnsylvanla road will not, of
oursu, have any Inducement to come to
Wheeling, us hy so doing they Bacritlce h
liorter line and a cheaper out'. The only
lilntr weighing in the Wance against this
honor ..ml cheaper route, the Informant
tre quottd said, was the freight business of
Ills ctty. This has been estimated in round
umbo is to he 8lfi,00Q tons pur annum, to
love which require* oil an averago 235 cars '
er day.' 't'hlfl business is largely furnished
y the mills, and to compote for a share of it
road must have acccas to the portion of the 1
Ity in which tho majority of the mills are
'fi.nto.T Ol.n..u r* ,?? ? ?
uuwtK uiiuuiuuiuvii) V/fiuiicil nmi I HQ :
ubllc manifest a deslro to extend a welcome i
> the road, the gentleman thought there
imld be no donbL tlmt Wheeling would be :
looted as the bridging point. j
The advantages of the rond were br'ully I
<etelied. Its construction would place i
/heeling on a direct route between the ?
ist ami west (V> miles shorter than any oth- i
r, and btlieved to be the shortest prncticnle.
It would also place tho city within j
did 05 to 70 miles of ttiu Pennsylvania coke |
elds. The directness of the route from this
oini westward furnished by the W. it L. K. ,
>ad an originally located is shown by the i
ict that it makes the distance from Wheelig
to Toledo 200 miles, whereas by a bee
ne it is lift miles.
The reporter inquired what would be tho
to of tho tironoHi'd Union railroad bridge at
lis point it the two roads songJt connection
; another point, and the answer was that a !
aw examination by an United States Comision
detailed for the purpose would be
icessaty, which, with evidence that the
cation tor a bridge here had been abandon-1 [
nvuiu uuuuuuiowurc tiieuuuiomy to I
oss elsewhere. Tho locution at Portland '
said to be a very favorable one, and the
'ntleninn was otopinion that tiulepa Wheelg
showed more appreciation of the road
at point would bfl chosen for tlie crossing.
5 Quest. WelUbtrg Ira T.u Rue and wife, 0.
!l lilbert, Clnclnnntl <) V Smith, Cleveland .
dirnke. Moumlsviile J It Winaraui, Wells'rg *
It Wiudsoiii, Wellsbuig A l* Wilson .Cherry Grove
It&chuilz, lliltluiore L P Dukehjtrt, lkuto,
in M Kirby, Pittsburgh it II Penury, New York
3Ciooic, uhkngo KP Uiiut. Chicago
.VllUaniMJii. ltiu 0 JW IlolIliigswonh.O.
Newman, Ohio F V (lair, Cleveland *
W Oxward. N'?r xrille A J Miiler.N.MartlufvLllc
Iolinger, Pittsburgh K\V Hauuher, Pittsburgh
U Dluiner, Cleveland J C Holer, Powhatan
V Stulcs, Powhatan W RbliuH'ord. Cincln.
in I' Ilea, Philadelphia It A Lluch, Columbus
tl MeConiU'U.Clevelrtod J JC MJJJer, Wood*flcld
lliealauer, New York 1) U Shelby, Pittsburgh
ISuriidKo, M Well, *
w Bcncdlct, Fred K Lord, ?
lly Buckley, lid Breed, I
J Talbot, Ben Uavltt,
V Dot jr. Frank Howie*,
arles Weston, Fred .Mathews,
arlos Bryant, J W Lam omit,
mCaiitleld. AtihnrCook. n
uiesPell. CbarlwIIaiisoj), ,
!m Podd, GimSiivllle, k
u Dixon. joiin Iloraer, n
nest Sinclair, Thomas I-eivR ?
t' j yrr?;U. b-oSnow, ,
lilies sautro, c Fox Samuels,1 h
Page, Wm Sk wc,
jtOfK Wm ICelloKR, f,
Mfco, w il cary,
UTyrrell, c W Ertz, a
Sl(iotthn!d, Wra .Lincoln, tl
I Dcckcr, c IjivMIc,
Allen Fargo, ^
Tub finest line of hand and machine work
Boots and Shoes are sold by Carnahan &
jARSaiiak & Kkglifu carry and tell the nubat
line of Ladies'ami Cento' slimx/s in
5 city. ^
furrm invoice of Ladies' hand-sewedCbmm
Sense Shoes Just received at
Ij. T, Bwmi'S,
No head-ache or back-ache for ladies
ho driulc "WINE OF CMIOU!/' 0
i p
For sale hy Lc^taa Co.. a
[jinks' Cnraco and French Kid Hand- is
rned Button Boot# and Slippera, fordanc- &
r. at-10 TwoH.K ?
Forty years' trial bu proved "BLACKDRAllGHT"
the best liver medicine in
the world.
^orsalfthyT.oganttCo. .
New Life ;;
is given by using Brown's eIron
Bitters. in the
Winter it strengthens mw!
warms the system; in tlie
Spring it enriches the blood
and conqnersdisease; ill the
Summer it gives tone to the
nerves and digestive organs;
in the Fall it enables the
system to stand the shock A
of sudden changes. ~
In no way can disease be
so surely prevented as by
keeping the system in per- *
feet condition. Brown's i
Ikon Birrats ensures per- "
feet health through- Ihe
changing seasons, it disarms
the danger from impure _
water and miasmatic air,
and it prevents Consump- ~
tion, Kidney and Liver Dis- J
case, &c.
II. S. Berlin, Us,]., of the ?
well-known firm of II. S.
Berlin & Co., Attorneys, Le
Droit Building, Washington,
D. C., writes, Dec. 51)1,
Genllemen: I take pleasure
in stating that I have used ?;
Brown's Iron Hitters' for tna- T
laria and nervous troubles,
caused Ly' overwork, with .
, excellent results.
Beware of imitations.
Ask for Brown's Ikon Hit- ters,
and insist on having J
it. Don't be imposed on
with something recom- ,
mended as "just as good." i
The genuine is made only
by the Brown Chemical Co. ~
Baltimore, Md. (.
. i
^ T ' I i
Local niul TelfKraptilc-Geurrnl llanW
The Diurnal la this morning's packet for
Parkejsburg- i
Tho Wyoming got away for Memphis wltli 1
a epleudid trip. * j
TheBcotla \n due from Pittsburgh at an
early ]ioitr this morning.
The Kntle 8tockdale was to leave Clnclu*
nnti last evening for Pittsburgh.
The Fred Wilson No. 2 passed up with entp*
tiei, and the Charles Clark pawed down light. .
Vllot David Keller started out yesterday to
make his first regular trip since his license <
was lestored to mui. He Is at the wheel of
tins Belle Prince. :
Tho Klalne, en route from I'arkersburg to
Pittsburgh pawed un with a tow of empty
barrels. The Belle Prince paused down with *
a miscellaneous tow.
There was enough water yesterday mom*
ing to warrant the Courier in pulling out for t
Parkeruburu, whllo tho ilatcuelor steamed J
away for Pittsburgh. J
Ust evening the gauge marks on the levee *
Indicated a depth of 0 /cot01 lichee In the
channel and still rising. Very little business .
was transacted on the levee.
menu-inner muiii'y warn? io-uuy irom um* .
chwall, for which purl she will Ichvo lo-umr*
row afternoon. Captain William hist is in
command ami Charles 1). hist in in the otllco.
Yesterday the chimneys were raised on
Capt. Prince's new llelliilre packet. This j
boat will have a novelty in the sbapo of a
narrow swinging platform, light, bnt strong, :
that wllPbe worked by hand and thus facilitate
epcedy landings.
Tlio W. X. Chancellor is due this morning "
from Pittsburgh, bound for Charleston and
Kanawha river. Tho Chancellor is in ex- <
cellent. condition for bnainewt, and in nihil- t
tion to being of light draft, has tho best of "
passenger and freight accumulations.
The Cincinnati Timet Star, in commenting: J!
upon the sow that has been kicked tip over j
the decision of Inspector Kehrenbutch on the Lonus-Hcloto
disaster, says: "Oo ahead,
ijentleinen. Jt will help to havo the Inspec- tor
service altered, and trials will bo transferreil.to
tho Court room, where they prop- ;
orly belong." \
Tho river rose about a foot yesterday, ami J
jle tuboat men are once more beginning to e
ru i their hands and look htippy. This small c
ri e is sufticient to let all ?ho empty co.il >
packages into Pittsburgh, and tho general J
further swelled by additional rains, so Hint
it leost u |>ortion of the enormous amount of ?
ioal now lyingat the !ica<l of navigation can i
*etout. I
Vcmitur.ait, November H'.?River :t feet -1
inches and stationary. Weather cloudy and
Cincinnati, November 1u -t-lliver i? feet anil
'ailing. Weather cold with drizz.ing rain. ||
Departed?Stockdale, Pittsburgh. I|
Gcimj to the Hap Friday evening? Yea, *
lext Friday evening. Then get your dancing
uiBj'S from Carnahnn it English. Their
Ine can't be equaled by any other house In
ho city.
to, E, Stifsl 4 Go.'s,
"TT1 A T T
* *
Bonn'et Silks are acknowledged to be .
lie of the best wearing .Silks in the mar- *
et. \Yre are now prepared to show n comlete
line ot these desirable Silks, which
ere purchased at lower prices than wo can uv
them at now.
we respectfully solicit an examination, ~
leling confident that the low prices we are *
sking for them cannot be duplicated in
lecity. w
'We are also showing full lines of other I
rst-class brands. |
Having recently enlarged nnd remoiU
led our Cloak iioom, wo are better preareil
than ever to exhibit our immenBo a
nd well selected stock of Ladies' and [l
[isaea' Wraps. That they are cheap, stylili,
well-made nnd the perfection of fit, is
cknowledfced by every lady who has ex- a
mined them.
We receive IIome-Made Blankets and y'
'lannelsfrom over a dozen of the princial
factories in Ohio, West Virginia, find _
ennsylvania, which enables us to show
very variety. Our prices are rock bottom. 1
nd >VELVJ5TS in all shades and quiili- F
es. Fiuo Black and Seal Plnaltes for
icques a specialty.
111-tL Main St. 0*21
steinvvn/y J?ia.:ao, t)>
Call soon., . i
i?g> 1142 Main Street. fi
I'lanos Tuned anil Repaired on short no- D"
:e. E
Ten Cent Music, c
Munlcnt Half Price. t
JIUSIC nt reducd nricw.
rtUSlC BOOKS hc reduced price*.
At \VM. II. 8HEIll'3,
?23 fift Twelfth fit.. VVii.Khtimtoii Ifoll. Q
j r
IS WOODKN' I'A11.9. *~
I you want the very best buy none but. joficj.h T
mpbell h Co.'s make.
'*ke no other brand.'
\\\ good nrocera ketp them, ocH a
ratt ot the ground floor nnd nil ot the upj*?
part of the Old Fmith Ibcwcry Building, pottut B
Seventeenth anj\ Cbapllno Building u m I
leet by HO led. Will Iwuo for tiro four*.
no3 > '?. 131H Market B
A. veiy comfortable twoMory Brick Dwell. I
Off llottie with 7 rooms, in a desirable part I
>t the city. roasenT.on given Immediately,
o> ::o J l.lltwis.^ 1
KUiht hundred and tWTUtf<ino ?cic* ol fnd* I
Imbued hud, about five tnltw wuthvnM ot lir*x.
on 0. w. Va, oil the witm ot the Y.\\ ltlv?,
1'no land l? underlaid ivlthcoat and the tttiilivrc?n
njtbwted down KU lllwr to inntkou Al-o 4,Wc
met ot timbered land In t ony wUnty.Tcuncft?.,
\V. V. ItOdK & buo.,
jy.7 1!W0U..V
fcn niTffal.
poll BAI.K OR HUNT. ~~
Eleven acres on the liUl altove town,
II. TORltKS, Wheeling.
S'o.D. B. Custom House. Telephone
Ht'rM '
"Intro -an" kxT'kuiknckk and
coinpcltfiit Null I'lftU* Sho^rtMHu. Mu?
imwwell rwwmnemlctl. Avi'ly to l'auo.s iron
eNAlMiO., NUpk.OIiIo tioH
Coal Company'* Mlticx, two jnjie* out on (!
\ v. & \\\ Utltro.-w\, Thirty uoo?l, newly mlupti
Hearty work purflutM.nl. I'rlm ot wInline.OctoW?f
it, 7oQi'UtHiH3r t?i> .1. K.^ATKILS. 8?nt. nc^t
I flnnd Uo1l?Uy Gift JJook. A rMi- -
I ?nuain?\tsl
kk)k. oi Mtmuiat icijutyj H. i.I'm ??! utninm? ity
00 bet-t author*. Knlawwl and newly Uerttotypc,!.
V bonk fur Iho Homo *? ! HrttMn; m^uis to
tory tank1'. fella fiuvl every wnctu, alike In town or
ouutry. Ku<lot>pt\ by tbo I'lt**. Clotyj ?utl lVo
ile. X rnro utoauco if) wid'o money. Komi for H
crmttnti'l mil de^rlpllon lo N. I?, THOMPSON a I
'(). t'ublUhiT*. Bt. v.i oi'1.' uVnvi M
G, Hess & Sons, I
Have now in Stock a Full Lin* of j \
j ftn/HT?atu?i- --* 1
Which we offer at
'rices that Defy Competition!
Other Woolens at lowest prim. We ramlu
largest lino ot cooils in the city, a,id o?,
ct Ups are flrst-dnsi in tvery rcapcct.
And u l-'nll Line of
lents' Fumishinpr Cnnk
? 0 wuuuv, I ,
Persons desiring anything in our line will I
tid it to their interest to examine our Mock
wore purchasing elsewhere. H
rusTKECEivmVr I
Largest Stock c-vor offered in thhvity.
For Sale at reasonable Prices at the
No trouble to show ?ooik Call ami (*
mine belore tlie assortment in broken.
in Stodc, to wifllo Jnio Vinmaot any iJjj.l.
_ool" i;. I,. NIC'OI.L, A^m.
I have just received ? nice lot oI Woil
askcts, tlio prices uf which will siiriirisi*
3u. Please call.
nolO 41 Twelfth Strtft,
1.allies, ]>loase remember that you will !?" '
. KIRK'S AltT STOKE, 100'. Main dirrt.
t.iiuiri-.it mill IlK'-jt liur ui -->v
i the city.
oil in all Departments!
Ami we are f?JJy prepami for^ithfr
Our line of Holiday floods is ready for tin*
spoction of Country Dealers. Call or awl
Ofil nm! our representative will com*to
Hookiellcra and Stationer/.
noia imi imiKCT stuW...
WALL l'AI'KU ami
The largest atock and best assorlmfnt >n
e city.
Sold retail at wholesale prices 1?V
Joseph GrfivcA
nc.lll gf! TWKI.KTII ST.
Sow York llpiiliil Com|inii)'s OIBft
ring the past yoarTliom-andsT?ft!i hire tuff
cxtracud at '20 ccnti cjtcti.
!est gkctm: sets
18*^W# SMI
No. 1113 Market street. VMittllof. W. V?,11
operation* wQtmut^. "

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