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Oloitlis uiiil Voluntas,
Tlio Finest Stock.
OlrculiiM mill Ulsters,
The Host Auortment.
Jlhiek and Fancy Shawls,
Largest Variety.
Illack mill Colored Silks
At Uotlom Priccs.
llluek mul Colored Cuslimeres,
Lower than the Lowest.
llnmlsomc Dress Gooils
From 10 cento upwards.
Sallos, Velvets anil IMitslics,
Large display.
lllimkols anil flannels,
Lower tluin Manufacturers' prices.
l'ou I'mt Suvo Money
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We Sluily to Please,
Ami cannot be undersold.
Our stock in the largest in the State.
(Jive its a call und oblige.
A.. Sicilenbnuli & 33i*o.
jw'.tl 1101 MAIN" tlTIHSET.
To make room for our Holiday Specialties wo will
oliir for lltli ami lug iccek tae I'/wleat iidrgaJn*
ever oU'erciI In thta city.
Our S 10.00 Silk Circulars at Sij.QO.
Our VI i.OJ Silk Clrvu)*: nl 5M CO.
Our S 10.0) Silk Circular nl SlS.tK).
Our 82'j.OO Silk Circular ut 515 O'J.
Tncsi goods are positive first coit.
Our &W.00 Silk Dolmnns ?t 8'2.r),fO.
Our S10.U) Silk polmailH nt ?20.00.
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In addition we will show you thetj'undest line of
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Ladies, do not fail to attend this safe of ofterfntfs.
l'cincmbcr our cootls are all maie in our own establishment,
and for ex ellenccln lit and quality
they are not to be beat.
Cloak House, 1106 Main Siieet,
Factory, 5:il Market Street, rhlladelphla.
nn'.'Q ft Walker Street. New Yotk.
la crowded with customers buying
a-s, ScCYou
can see the colors of the Goods at
NIGHT by the
Klectrie Liglit.
lb SwMlifUM*
(Mttce: No'k.'JS nud '<!7 I'oiirtreulb Nlrect.
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Public Sale?Printing Material.
Sealed Proposals.
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Proposals to Supply Coal.
I'arlor Pire-Place Heater?Nesbitt it Bro.
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For Sale?Dark Day Mare.
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For Sale?No. 1 Organ.
For Sale?Cottage House.
Another Arrival of Fiue Pictures.
Sparcriba, Tenderloins, Ac.?D. C. Mil, JY.
Social and Deception at Xine Street M. K.
The Dig Squeeze?George Scrannge.
SPECIALTIES In imported Silk Kami*
kerchiefs, Silk Jlulilers; full Hue o! Cartwrlght
& Warner's Hosier)'; beautiful
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the Star. 1). UUNDLISW Ss CO.,
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THE usual lucreliiuits'iaiieli nttheNew
JlcLure House Sample Hooina daily.
TUoriutuuetor ttecord.
The following shows the range of the thermometer,
as observed at Schnepf's drugstore,
Opera House corner yesterday:
Ml 1882
7 i. k. 1? M. 'J r. K.7 r M 17 A. SC. 12 *. 3 r. W. 7 T. u
:r> a: n :r.? i 23 so ij ?
"washington, j). c.( November i!2. 1 a. u.~Tor
the Ohio and Tennessee Valley, fair
weather, westerly winds, generally tacking
totou'herly, stationary or higher tempera*
jure; in western portion lower pressure.
An Iiitcrnlluif Jfixpcrltueiit in Their
The project tor introducing the manufaclure
of steel naite In all the factories of this
city and vicinity continues to ho a loading
lopic of conversation. A reporter was in/
formed yesterday that the site for tho proposed
steel plant had'not yet been deiluitely
llxed upon, many of the manufacturers favorlug
a location on tho Ohio side of the
river, though most probably the one mentioned
in our dispatch of Monday, north of
the Benwood mill, will be chosen.
Yesterday tho experiment of heating and
rolling steel in the usual Iron heating furnaces
and rolls was tried at the lUversidc
lower mill, in chargo of Mr. Jacob Bowman,
the well-known heater. Nine ingots of steel,
corresponding to the piles in iron, were Jjeal.
ed, and rolled.into sheets. The experiment
was regarded as reasonably successful, though
not connate, the sheets having been cut into
nail plate; but no nails yet cut. This it is thu intention
to do lo-day, and tho plates will then
he cut' aa were thoaa procured in l'ittsburgh
last week. The nail plute knot considered as
good as thil which camo IfOM PJitjburgl),
but it wa? not to be expected tbatjty/oifbj
ba at the first crude estperimont.. Thn ninnu.
facturer* expressed UwuimIvas <js awe iliap
satisfied with the results of tb& trial SQ far as
Jtwent ' " .
Tut gpjiuino Sakvtoo.v Hmk Rage snu%
WAtCR, tar arte by nil druggists by the /Joieu,
bottle Qt fcfljlon. Address nil orders (o
. ;; tk^High IIo<& fyrinfCo , Saratoga Springs,
* J. P. Shirks Agent at Wtadlipg. gild R. K.
UcCouihsy, Ase"l fit JBridgejyor;, p*jff
Brief A'oir* oul'nrrrlu KVetilii of Mlue
Ok i tnnrrlage llctmo was Issued ye&terdu;
the llrut this week.
NcxtTuodnv evening, a quiet hut stylls
little hop will he given at Frauzhelm'a Hal
TiiKcan 0( tlie CltUcni1 road were run
nlUjj very Irregularly yesterday. A baulk
horte and bad rails were the cume.i.
At last n ,re?pectablo crowing hna bee
laid by the H & 0.' Co. at the corner <
Chaplain and ThlrlyKicond streets.
l? I'art I of tlio Circuit Court yesterda
some unimportant orders were entered. Th
calling of the dockets was continued in hot
parts, and will be Untitled to-day.
A kiw club haa been started In the clt
that is known a* "101." It is very select, onl
n few well known gentlemen composing li
They have ftttcd un handsomely a room i
McLuiu's Muck.
Tim Chautauqua Lllcraty and Social Giro!
of this city continues to hold weekly inee
Ings each Friday [evening. The Prcslden
Mr. C. J J. Collier, lavs llioclrel?? 1* irmvilu
In numbers steadily, aiul the exefclbca ii
creasing in interest.
Tiik A. 1). 0, I), section of thocongregatlo
of tlio Fourth'Street Churck will give n mui
?er nni 1 social, together with n musical an
iterary entertainment, at the church Wnno
row evening. ThescentortainmentsatFourt
street are justly popular.
A. NUMiiKn bf ladies of Washington, I'a
kn\'Oorganly.?<) a sea l tig society for the pti
pose of teaching school children t j be tiaeft
with the needle. The lirst meeting was hel
in the Union Kcliool building on last 8atu
day. About llfty girls were present.
Mabnmjkckok Hull was tliescenu last evei
Ingof a very pleasant anil social gutherlnf
About forty couples wero present and dance
the night away to tlie merry music, t
Mayer's orchestra. They were all youn
folks who knew how to enjoy themselves.
Two small boys named Gordon stole u pai
of shoes from a Main street store yesterdnj
but Olllcer Combs saw them in their posse.1
slon and arrested them. Tbo shoes were ri
turned to Jhe owner, and as he declined t
prosecute the youthful thieves the boys wqr
Officku Moiiius yesterday aceompanle
Mrs. Abe ltichle to Centre Wheeling, whei
Mrs. Jtichlo's daughter Annie, aged about li
teen, was foupd in the house of an aun
She refused to go home, and at the request(
the mother she was placed in the lockup ui
v>? ouv mm t> nil 11^ IV fltlUW irUHS IUt*l!l IC
Xaht evening about six o'clock, who
Charles Lnrkln went homo to supper, hosa1
a suspicious looking stranger enter the froi
dour of his mother's house. He followed, an
overtook the man on the hull stairway, caugl
him and dragged him into the dining roon
He proved to he a villainous looking chant
ter. After a severe lecture he was allowed I
Juikib Boyo yesterday made some remarl
to the Grand Jury, referring to the faul tin
a member had communicated to a renorh
some of the proceedings of the jury In tl.
session of Monday, lie charged litem that
was a portion of their duty to keep seen
everything which transpired while they wei
in session, and expte&ed his surprise tin
one of them had violated this injunction.
Tub Secretary of State vestcrday receive
the otlicial notuicatfon of the third incrpat
of the capital stock of theWeaton AGlcnvil
railroad company. This company orijpnall
had a capital of $10,000, but ttt 1K70 Luis wt
increased to $15,000. In 1881 this sum wi
found too small for tho purposes of the co
poration, and it was again increased to$50
OC0. Now this capital is doubled, and tl
stotflc of the company fixed at $100,000.
Chain Gasu Uoss Hadkoud was yestcrda
transferred temporarily to the pity poiit
force. The escape of two prisoners on Mot
day left but three able bodied inmates of tl
Workhouse, and It was not deemed wort
the necessary trouble of gunrdinn for th
labor these would do. Mr. Kadford tenderc
bis resignation to Mayor Kgertcr, but it wi
not accepted. He feels injured by the ri
tlections on his diligence ns &n ollicer in ye
terday's I try titer, claiming that lie has exe
ciscd due diligence. He seems to have don
ho. The rather numerous ejcipen rccentl
have been blamable alone upou the systei
of working the hands.
l?l!IIV?kV IV (trvrmv
Sews nmlGoH*ii> in |t<'lVt-rtirc(o Vui-ion
Ilenry Ueuter, of Baltimore, is again i
the city;
Mrs.'Dr. McClniii is visiting Mr?. Georj
It. Tingle, at Glendive, Montana.
Auditor Miller left lust evening for Unit
more, where his wife is still staying.
Maj. J. C% Ahiexson has returned froi
Charleston and the lower end of the State.
Mis3 Minnie Hal J, who has been quite i
with typhoid fever, is now aliuest convale
Messrs. W. C. ll?ansand Robert Woods, (
the HtVislcr are both cttlined to their bet
by illness.
Mrs. lislle Thomas, of Gallipolis. is vidtin
her aunt, Mrs. Ilnnson Phillips, of SorI
Mr. l'red. 35. Smith and Miss Maui
daughter of Mr. I3.F. Goodwin, will bemarrie
to-morrow evening.
United Stales Marshal Atkinson and Wii
Hump, his clerk, are expected home fror
Charleston this morning.
Mrs. Dr. Robert Cummins and Misses At
nio and Lillie Cummins will spend th
larger part of the\vinter in the east.
Mr. T. 1). Harden, of Kentucky, is in th
city. He proposes to sell his farm in Ken
tucky and go to Eldorado, Kansas, to hv<
Jnvitallonu arc out for the wedding of Mi
A. T. McGorrell and Miss Winifred Tuckei
which will take place at the Cathedral on th
29th Inst. .
Mrs. Fannie Ingram, of Cincinnati, arrive
on the Andes anil i# the guest of Mrs. Rid
urd Robinson, on the Inland. Miss Tngnu
visited here about two years ago, and lia
many friends in Wheeling.
Prof. Yeaton, o? Alexandria, Va., arrive
in the city yesterday and will enter the hn
otttce of W. 1'. Hubbard to-day. Mr. Vealoi
ia a very clever gentleman and will mak
friends of ail with whom he may come in cor,
Mr. J. P. Reynolds, advance agent of th
Thalia Theatre Comic Opera Com nan v. whld
Presents the ".Merry AVur" in the origtmi
erman ut the Opera House, November '28tl:
Is i? the city arranging the preliminaries o
the engagement.
Mr. Frank Scott, a prominent young mm
of lleverly, Randolph county, is in the cit
on his way home from Cincinnati. Mj
Scott and two brothers are about embarkln
in a general merchandizing business oh
large scalo at IJcvorly.
Mr. Ernest Alcbeson, cdilor of the Wasi
ington Observer, ami Miss Jennie Stewart
daughter of the late Gilbert Stewart, Esq
were married last evening at Washingtot
Pa. Mrs. S. 0. Taylor and other friends frot
tins city were present at the marriage. Hot
the parties are well known In the oity, Mis
Stewart having recentlv vifcited here. M:
Atchezon is a son of the late Judge Atch<
Tjif.v say a "word to the wise is sufficient,
but we think it takes about Jiye, "Uco D.
Hull's Cottgb Syrup." Vou can yet t{ita a
tiolo in any drug store for twenty-live cent
Physicians rccomincnd it.
I.aborcn fur the ritthbnrcli Soutlicrj
Three trains of Scandinavian and colore
laborers reacbid tho city yesterday at 7 a. >
from Baltimore. Two of the trains tvei
composed of six cars and a caboose each, an
the other of seven cars and a caboose. Thei
>vere about thro3 hundred men in all. Tt
cars wero coaches refitted for living roon
f*r the laborers. They were sent out tl
Jlempfwald road at intervals in tho forenooj
and w ill this moaning potjjmenco the lain
of altering th<5 Fitt&buftfSotiihern road frot
harrow to standard gauge. ' Actional 1;
borers are expected to arrive in a few'/lay
and the work will be pushe/1 to coniplctio
without delay- Superintendent Frunklli
Master of Machinery Jiarrison and Aajfotai
Master of Transportation Chapman arrive
later in the day and went out to Washitigta
last evening.
The scene at the 11. 0 depot in this cit
during the chprt stay of the laborers was
animated and interesting one, the men d
bArkinj(jand movipgob#iu, keeping up ajcoi
tinuni babble of couvcmttiou/ fnwcli Iff tl,
amusement of a crowd of spectators yyjiip
hklii IUnoukos C'iucU.
By fJn. JIAnc Ointment. Cure
us if by niagic, Pitniflejj, Jilack Heads c
Grubs, lllotchc*, and jirtiptioiiB On the,Fact
Mtoyixuj the &kin clear, healthy, and biauI
ful. AWeur'ca Jtcli.'Salt Itheutn, Sore Mj
pies, Sore Lip?, jOm. ^/jcJjnftte Ulcers hn<
Sores eic.
Sol'd by all dm exists and mailed ,on >*?
ceiptof price, ?0 cent*.
J.|F. Shirk, Agent at Wheeling, and ft. &
McConahey, Agent ut Bridgeport. DJtw,
- <
|> Tlironn Out or i Situation h; the UMumtlni; of '
h dramatic Company, ami Bobbed of lirr j
y NBinrj bj it iMKliont Ht KmpIoj?rf .She <
Trim to nil her (lair in W lircllntf.
n . .
,f Yi&terday morning tbo Irtklmorxcbt. con*
y falned a brief paragraph coticerrilug a young
c lady who hail been thrown out of a ultuatlon
b at Clayavlllc ft few evenings before, ami left
without money or friends In this neighbor*
y hood, by the disbanding of the Aahton
ti Comedy Company, a dramatic organization
n which bad been glvlag performances In the
smaller towns of this p;irt of the country for
'? several week*. Her aLory la an Interesting
t' one, portions of it bounding liko romance,
f! omJ Url kingly illustrating the vicissitudes of
> a dramatic career. The young lady'a name
is Gertie Madlgan. Her home la in Cleveland,
" and her parents nro worthy peoplo In modtl
eralo circumstances. Miss Gertie is but sixr
teen years old.
'> a tjjkatmmj, y.vmilv.
8I10 belongj to a famllv well known In
'r\ dramatic circles, haying three stolen aiid a *
il brother on tho stage, and another brother
<1 connected In a business capacity with Jlerthn J
,r" Welby's "One Woman'* Life" Company, i
Two of tho sister*, one or them the young
J* lady who was in Wheeling yesterday, sang in
>: tho chorus of tho UeasComfo Opera Company, |j
which presented "Tim Mascotte" hero iasl V
11 season, and they have all visited tho city in ,
6 tho past as members of various dramatic or
musical organizations.
ir Bho was oil'ered several positions In travel- ?
r, In# companies at tho opening of tho present V
? dramatic season, and accepted one us a mem* t
5- berof tho Aahton Comedy Compnny, becauso V
o It promised a mora congenial Held for the
o exerciaoof her talents and tho gratification ,
of her tastrs than any of lno others. Thty 1
j company, of which Miss Minnie Ashton.was
e the star, began its season under promising
f. auspices, nnu was composed of actora and I
t. arjrcfbea of more than theavcrago ability in- [
,'f companies playing in us small towns. It
). started from Cleveland, nnd traversed Ohio, c
,r meeting wi,th good success until Youngstown
was readied. c
(l "ilASUEn*' OX TUB UTAH,
iv Hero a man named Kent, a traveling sales- n
it man for one of the large eastern factories,
il saw Miss A ah ton, and was Impressed by her d
,t beauty, ending by falling in love with her,
i, and giving up his situation to accompany the
0. troupe. Miss Ashton, who is a widow, but s
o calls herself "Miss" for business reasons, is r
described as a woman of more beauty than b
brain*, more ambition than ta'ent, and
\ nioro vanity than principle. When the I
" company readied Cadia she yielded to the
[a solicitations of Kent uud eloped with hitu, 0
jt leaving the salaries of the company unpaid, t
,j and taking all tl.e funds in the treasury, i,
; The parents of Miss Madigan heard y
lt of the atlair, and telegraphed their s
daughter- to- come home, hyi ehe was a
. offered the position vacated by the departure ti
11 o/ the stftr, and the chance being one that ?
!? she had long coveted, concluded lo accept the s
I operand remain with tho organisation. The o
y busjuewof tiio company was bad from this ti
,s on. At St. Clalrsville, where they-were bill- j
w ed for a one night's engigement, tin audi- n
f' ence was so small that, no performance was c
'* given, and on last Saturday the company
ie passed through Wheeling, their next stop- ?
ping placo being Claysvllle, Pennsylvania. li
tub ureak ui% j
The arrangement of the route bad been 0
,0 very bad, Claysvllle not having sulliciout
1, population to give a company of much leas
ift pretensions a paying house. The struggle v
,j was here given ui) by the members andthe 0
i8 company disbanded None of them had any ?
B. money to speak of. Miss Gertie '
ij. bad a small sum, enough to bring her "
ti to Wheeling, and here she came. The cost 8
l0 of her dinner on tbo day of her arrival ll
y consumed almost ?U tho remainder, and she ?
(j was left a stranger. in a strange land,
friendless and penniless.
iler pride made an application to her parents
for aid distasteful to her, and she had p
li ft her valuable wardrobe at Clayavillein (i
h pledge for her unpaid board. Ah a last re- { '
iortshe went to a number of merchants on j1
n .Main street and attempted to sell her hair.
ItEll caowst.vo (1LOKY. fl
-G Hither she did not call upon the right per- j
sons, qr those to whom she ottered to make T
I the sale rcccgnhied what a shame it would be J1'
.to rob her oi auxaiRjuprofusion of woman's jujoft
coveted charm, and declined to pur- y
n chase, although in one place she begged them j'
lo pay her only live dollars for it. She was H
I] justly proud of her hair, which in two braids J1
s- reached a foot below her waiid, and tho ex* f,
tent to which a woman's pride will urge her
was illustrated by her preference of such a
l3 sacrillcfi to making known to her futher and 0
mother .her filiation. Failing, however, in "
this attempt, she was drivcu to what seems p
j> theeasiest and proper course, and telegraphed
" to her father for money. liven t lien she was
so averse to doing this thai it was with bitter, ?
blinding, tears that she handed the telegram
d to the operator. Her evident distress
touched thenpcralors and clerks at the WestII
ern Union office, anil a few kindly inquiries i
n by Mr. C. It. Tracy, the manager, led to
her making known her situation. The
, entire force at once "volunteered any aid they
* could extend, but tshe rcjeetcd all ofiers, and
it was only after considerable urging tbutshe
consented to goto a hotel, the generous man- n
c auer euaranteeins her board to the nrnnrip
tor. fate in the wening-a telegraphic ci
money order arrived, and yesterday forenoon
r. the .voting lady left for* her home in the ti
Forest City, a wiser and a much happier
e girl. .
The worst feanture of the desertion of the '
d company by its principal member is the fact r<
that she left in destitute circumstances her
? daughter and little son, who are not only r.
lS penniless, hut without a home to go to. U
Several other Indies and gentlemen of the ti
, troupe were also left at Cla.vsvillo when the
organization went to pieces, literally without b
? 11 cent ^ 5
e A riNT of the finest ink for families or **'
'* schools can be made from a tcn-cent package ?
nf ntmminil Il.-n IV,. 1 ?- P
J -'J ???-?' J1MJ.VW. *r
e I.
ii T.mirr am? kxciiaxch:. 1
^ AC'filzoii of IVIiei'iliis: Wrifcn fu'pavor (j
| of l'rotcctiou nntl A<t Valorem. rl
Mr, John Jtoemer, of lliis cJly, writes the &
ix following interesting letter to the JCronoiniit:
Y The whole prosper! ty of capital and labor t
' is depending on u Judicious protective tari (1,
K suflicient ut lejist tocquulizethe importations tl
R with the exportations. If there iu any differencelet
it be in our favor, for we need it in tl
ou r favor to get back $700,000,000, the amount b
of balance agulnsfnsiN the last twenty-two n
* years. This is a fact taken from the olllcial
reports from Washington, published in the b
u Ihmomist. My observation of the operation
[, of the various tariffs and their effects run back b
y Jo ISJl, and I think it is so complicated p
r that scarcely' the la\v makers, collectors or b
?! importers know the amount there is pollectable
on certain species oi goods imported.' ?o
much per tquare yard to so much per pound, j
? so much act valorem. I think all species of
taxes should be assessed ou its value. It is
r' just as easy to assess the value of a piece of '
merchandise as it is a piece of real estate, by '
st proper parties acquainted with such articles.
and u the customs appraisers meet with an r
article tljey at* notocnuainfed with its value, a
?, flnd some one that is 'to a'ssiet j'ni makiiie the 1
(j assessment, and if" the parties are not satisfied 1
<. let it be left to arbitrators, ajuj' the V
"o partlo* requiting it, Jet ihcj'u pay the
(1 cxpcnacH thereof. A specific laV is un- o
e just. For instance, a ptookv separ tl
IC worth 25 ccnte a hundred pay ($0 a
is cents taxthereoirrthcsanieasasogar worth h
ie $20 a hundred. A specilie tax is robbing the fi
:i( t>oor in favor of the rich, therefore it is ex tl
)r trcniely unjust, and causes irritation and
in complicating law suits without numbers? a ri
>1. L'ttMlt lllMW li'. In Inwvnrq inilirnu ?-!nl, i
j. tops and rich consumers, nml robbing the
,?) poof I.ojiorer of u large portion of the few .
I, pcpni'esp.ecftf-njpycryday. lam.in fnvor
j[ o/y high protective lnriU*f n tar}))' that will
ul protect tlip ponsujijcr'fta wpll pa t|io producer,
n capital as voll its labor, anil that will \
protect the United States ot America in prof- ?
v crenco to England, France and Germany, b
n Charity begins ut home, therefore let us pro- o
o to.ct our homes, our country first and our
> country lust anil all the time, now and forte
ever. ft
^ J'NfyEssjiy is the; mother of invention.'! e
Disposes of the liyefif'^illneys and bowel*, a
uroucht forth that sovereign "reinfe'dy, Kid*
npy-Wort, which jj natjirn's normal dim's
tivo for all those dire complain li. fnoltlicv
>r. liquid or dry form it Is u perfect remedy for U
\ those terrible diseases that cause so many t<
1 1 1 ?1,1
NoiiieilifiiK Xcjv.
luminous jJatch Safes,' tfhe darker tho 0
!- fPpfli thP Wfbter they shine,' 'n't K
pnly five fiPRf? uptcco. To be had only al tit
John ' Jtoqii'cVs, '$03. ?01# and 2,021 Main ti
Siren. " j-j
un.iNii junr iti.TCKyw.
I t-?u? tlnl ul ImlltlmuMn, I'rciciiltil
I'ur VnrlutiH (lirnism.
J'iiB Unuil Jury fm|mi?ll?d by Ihe Vlr:ult
Court btiiabcd lis labors yesterday, unit
fill" !' IT", 'H J"(IgoUoyit.
ii i ,lie, 'ntl'c(m?ntu ore for the
illegal sale of liquors anil keeping houses
)f prostitution, riilrty'iilne of the Indict*
uenta presented to them were endorsed true
)UK aud teveH not true bills.
TRt'E UII.I.x.
Joalnm Illnf, manslaughter, In orcloiily
II titling over Tlipmu Junliui Willi a binary,
hereby causing his dcnlb. kl"'
CharlesiH. Imrelio, alia, lloberl Meeketi,
illus o. Melig,, urand larceny, tbu stealing of
mo gout watcli cafio of tlio "value of $40, one
lor.o? silver forks of lb* valufl ot$U, mid one
norocco box of the value of $1, the property
>f Miller it Prnnxhelm.
Samuel Jackson, urand larceny, tbo atoal?
r?g of a gold watch, the properly of Jennie
Charles Steele and Charles Bennett, rob*
jery, the victim being Julia A. Stauur. The
olmory occurred ort North Main street. I
IMon Watson and Ulchard Lynch, felonously
entering a store house on tho premises
if the State Fair Association, with intent to
George II. Troutman, William Florence
md John Mooney, feloniously breaking and
mteiing, in the night time, u shop, with in*
cut to steal.
A-lbert Price, petit larceny, "with a count
or previous conviction,
Robert Richardson, petit larceny.
. Indictments for keeping bouses of ill-fame:
Jftry Shlpp, JJcnnio Lee, Nellie Campbell,
Uuilo Wright, ClaraMoss, Melissa Iloblnson,
ulla Chisnell, Ida llolliday, Mary llolyard.
For selling spirituous ll'iuom, wine, porter,
le, beer and drluka of li'.e nature without a
Unto license therefor: Mary Shlpp, Mellfsx
Robinson, Julia Chlauell, Clara Moss, Abble
acksoti. >
For suiting andgWinu intoxicating liquors
11 Sunday: Jacob \Vilhelm, two bills;
Ibrist llagadorn, two bilk; Joseph Webb,
oaeph Green, batuuel Lutzlcus, William,
lundllng, Christian Viowig, William Jleirs,
>orgc Sikler.
For keeping t\ pool lablc without license
bercfor, laiwronca Heller.
kotti?!k iii lm.
Tticodoro Wagner, Snmu?l Davis, George
lolin, conspiracy to swindle l?y dlshoneaiy
a n foot rneo.
Krni'st Mosbcck, /or misdemeanor ami
lleiman llildebrnnd, misdemeanor and
onspiraoy, two presentments.
Conrad Hoc, misdemeanor, in cruel treatment
of n cow.
David Keller, resisting an olHscr in the
'lacharge of his duty.
Du. I'ikuck's "Pellets"?little liver pills?
ugar-coated?purify tbe blood, speedily cored
nil disorders of tbe liver, stomach, und
iowuIb. Hy druggists. wh.iv
toller r.xplOMioit In a Slauulilor IIoiimu.
Yesterday about outi o'clock the man head
( a boiler in a slaughter house belonging to
lie llreidenstein brolbers, and situuteu in
hidKcport a short distance west of Baggb's
Inning mill, blew out, throwing a shower of
team and hot water through me building,
ud George llreidenstein, one of the. proprle*
ors, wsis badly scaliled und severely bruised
nd scratched, and a German laborer was
oiuewlmt scalded. Dr. Coofce and Wagner,
f Bridgeport, were summoned and managed
o partially relieve the sutlering* of the inared
men. They pronounced their injuries
ot necessarily dangerous, so far as they
ould judge by sis'ifc, but something more
criouh may devehm in time. The building
as slightly damaged by the explosion. The
oiler was used in rendering lard. 'J he
lessrs. llreidensleb) are well known in the
iiy, havirg a stall in the Upper market.
Wuarc persuuded that the ancient Hermes,
nth all the subtle arts and natural resources
f the Alchemists, was a very poor doctor
ompared with Mrs. Lydia K. l'inkhaui, of
O'ur, Mass. Henues may have been after
II only h clever practitioner of the Blunk
rl; but we know there is no humbug in the
pharmaceutical chemistry of Mrs. Pinkhanj's
'egetahle Compound. Mwr.tw
MO't'XI. AUIt)VAll!i.
' D?trr, Jlarllusburg. T Jf Price, New York.
11 Bryan, J'hila. J F Turner, I'hila.
' Shannon. Middleport. H S Alden, Cleveland.
: L Butt, K ?fc O. J1' Wilson, i'ltLvbiugh.
i Cramer, Ctarlnuton, 0. U McCoy, Slsteisvl li*.
' Lewis Baltimore. C >1 swojie, Baltimore.
A. Dickson. New Vork. Mr* Turnell A dau, W Va.
[ B Spear. Cleveland. J K Day, Plttiburgn.
Jacu, Grafton. J Slnnis, Chicago.
' \V ox. NVcllsburp. A Unman. New York.
' AL Miifaourno, Ohio. W Lodge, Bannock,u.
. 11 Walker, linn nock, 0. 1 T. Kurrell, I hllad.
1 12 Allen, Cleveland. J' Hurley, MouudgvUle.
HksL Burley, Monmfsv. MlssD llick*, Moundsv*.
Welueman.clty. <* 1> Brilticrd, It M S
IGCnte, Bloouilngton. T lioyd, Wcllsburg.
i'ia Hint*!, t liilud. Vi flags. New Vork.
Harlow, Cel. (J W Crawford, Newcastle ,
lCimkeiliind, Httib'glu
fj.aua I.ouisk Kklukh; is to receive $12,- ,
DO for singing twenty nights in Paris,?$000 ,
night! No wonder slio is in love with (
>r. Hull's Congh Hyrtip, tho great remedy for
ougbs and colds, for what would - she do t
ithout it,if she should be attached suddenly >
y hoarseness.
RlYKIt Sr.W'S.
,<?eiil nutl TclrcrniiUlc-NoicH <;olI?*elf?l
on the I.cvt'0.
The If. M. Townsend pasicd down with
nip ties,
'i'hb steamer Hops is hard aground at Illenerhassett
The Andes got away at 1 o'clock for Cininnati
with a splendid trip. 1
The John Lotuss is undergoing repairs at
iu Martin's Ferry ferry landing. 1
The Telegram, Regular, Abner O'Neal, C.
Lucas and Little Anna are all running '
The Katie Stockdale passed down about 2
m. and the Eiuma Graham up at 2 o'clock,
oth are. in the Cincinnati and Pittsburgh i
"tide. i
The river rose a little yesterday morning,
ut last evening was falling again, with only ;
feet 2 inches in the channel, according to i
ic marks.
At noon yesterday the Datclielor left for i
ittsburgh, and the Courier for Parkersburg. i
be Diurnal, is this morning's packet for
arkersburg. . j
Tho W. N. Chancellor passed up lust even- |
ig for Pittsburgh. This popular Kanawha
ver boat will be down Friday morning i
bippers should make a note, I
The Western and Southern Steamboatmen's
csociation, at a meeting in New Orleans, .
xcd the price to be paid to laborers on the ,
liferent boats at ?(J0 per month. 1
Will. 8. Kays, the poet, and river editor of
?u u juiaviuu courier journal. was in Pitts* |
urgh yesterday, viewing his mammoth ,
aniesake, as it looks in a chrysalis state. j
The purchase money for the J. L. Neel has
een deposited in a Middleport bank, and a i
entlcman representing the purchaser will i
e here on the Chancellor for the purpose of .
roeuring government papers and taking the ,
oat out. j
There is now probably more coaj Jqailcfl
lian could ho laUen out by all the steam* ,
oat.s in the pools, or about Pittsburgh. The
reatest portion is in No. 1 pool, where an
stinmte by practical men puts the amount ,
13,000,000 bushels. ,
General Beach, Surveyor of this Port, ar- ,
Ivcd on the Kmnm Graham yesterday, after |
week's absence. He visited Gallipolis, i
'omeroy, Masot) City, Earkersbijrg * anil j
'oint Pleasant, and was up the Kanawlup i
Vhilp absent ho measured (iveboats. I
Last week while Engineer Theo. fcefiaron,
f thp steamer ft'.aine, was pasu'.ng out over
lie shaft to oil tho wheel, his foot slipped (
lid was caught and prefiBed in between the
eavy pieces of timbers, bruising the iUsh
rom the knee to the instep and Iritcturlug
lie bone in several places.
Cincinnati, November 21.?Five feet and J
isinji. Clear, cool. Departed, Sidney,
I'lnsBunun, November 2t:?Rfrer fcctn 1
icncj; weather cloudy but mild. C. W. Anerton
loll for Cincinnati at 5 r, 11.
JISMpiiia, Teijs., ^oveiulicr' 3l.-Jo]m '
\ holey, a *r?ll knoa n river clcrlf, ?u foiinH '
eaii this afternoon In his room at the I'en- '
oily Hotel. Ho retired Inst night at one '
clou;, but complained of not Jeellny Jvel).
1p you dou't see, it is luainly your own i
lult, becauac by procuring a pair of Collu)id
bye-glasses, vou cun imnrovo -fnUInn I
nm. *?** VrF<:u c'car|y-T f.Vr mid' bp
eadin^ Jfewdleri aiiil Opticidns.
1 " ' Mvmw ,
?. .. i j
l^AUZCIX U1 licaltl*. W?VOU8UeSS. Vfimllrn t
etfulnes*, etu., by using VrBwrMrffri Bit, 1
!ra* . inw *
Wltlc AwnUc Dclltt. J
?<a?rs. toint Ilrolliere, drugciatx. Telia. I
l??? ? Ofairiiifi |i iimiitjt/'of Iliottltal
olcctrio Oil, v.-fftcs ?lol they lievef ?bia ,
nytUlng tlmt gavp such1 'unlveraT'ntlaNi? t
- ]
A DajU holm* la the Thrlrlng Ton an-A lot if tht
Illfer?MorementM of Womtnant 1'coplf*
ifTifrs iu (tie Mill* ami Kidortn.
The propowl Sterl l'Uuf.
I JudijeJ, J. Jnckson, of the United Blntcs I
ouiuv lur mis aiaiu, id in ^e\V Yortt.
The United States District Court, that has 1
betn In sewJon at Cbarleiton, adjourned I
Saturday morning.
I 'f bo Common I'leas Court now in session i
:Ut St. Cl^lravIlK lias .'ISO cases on tho docket. I
The Court will probably not adjourn before
1 Christmas. <
I Tho track of tlio West Virginia Central & 1
(Pittsburgh railway Is now laid to Abram'n
Creek bridge, nlno luilei from DeepJtun, or ;
I Shaw, thu junction with tho Klk Clarckn i
'mine branch. j
I Yesterday morning, Mr. Albert Adams,
la young man Jiving with Janus t
Mcliueown,about three miles from C'.ayuvl lie, (
partook of a hearty breakfast, and then went |
out to the Held to Jiusk corn. W'hilo in tho
act of pulling down bit ilrst shock lie Jell ,
The'romainlngsixteen miles of tboO. ?tQ. ]
Uallroad, from Cimfton to Phlllppl, lias been i
lot to tho contiactors for $3,100 per milo to
grade It ready for the ties. This does not Include
tho culvert*. Tho samo eonnnctors
have tho contract for furnishing tho ties at *J0 ]
cento a piece. Tho work is to bo coiunlnted i
ready for the ties by (bo iirstof Juno next. j
From u gentleman who has been ut Point <
Phmant ii is leurtietl that u force of i?ur> Is 3
constantly ut work every tlay and niyht, i
Sundays included, on the collar dams of the i
railroad bridge tiiut is lo cross the Ohio nt i
that Provided that the water does *
not rise, thoy will bauble to llnbb the dam< {
so that by January 1st, 1884, the bridge will l
bo completed; otlierwfiHo it may be two years 1
before the bridge will bo ready 1 or use. i
A HUloehiJd of Mr. Picket tV, of the Tliird
ward, died of diphtheria on Monday. 1
There is an alarming amount of slckncas, j
principally scarlet fever and diphtheria, pre- ]
vailing among the children bore.
George No 11cr, the little boy who hod his
arm so badly broken in a llghc with another
T>oy, isgelling alowg as well uh could bo oxpeeled.
Some of our boardins-hoUBO keepers are
mourning the clandestine departure of some
mill employes, who left unpleasant reminders
in thesriapeof unpaid board mite.
The rolling mill lias been running single
turn for more than a week past, tbopudtllers
making six beats per day, and everything
appears lo be working smoothly and harmoniously.
The derrick and machinery for boring tho
experimental oil tvell north ot town, ara in
position, and the work of putting the well
down was lo begin to duy. Mayor Lyons,
and other gentlemen from Pittsburgh, intertsttd
in the enterprise, will be down this
Our County authorities received bids for an
additional inside wall of sto.ie at'tho County
juil mming from $1,750 to .$2,000, ami for
easing the room with boiler iron from $11,500
to $-1,000. Thoy now bav? ? proposition
which will probably be accepted for putting
an additional barred cage outside tlie one
now used, to be constructed of .steel bar?,
leaving a space of about'eighteen incl.cj between
them. This plan will ix?3t much Jess
than either of tbe others proposed, and it is
claimed will prove equally ellective in preventing
escapes. 1
A corps of engineers arrived hero on the .
Katie StockdaJe from Parkersburg ifanday
last., and are wjjMged making a permanent
location of tho W., I1, it C. railroad between
liere and Bemvood. Our people are consider- jj
ably elated over tho positive assurance that *
the road is to be constructed at once, and only
regret that so long a time is to elapse before .
the next term of ihe Circuit Court, when eon- *
damnation proceedings will bo instituted in ^
the few eases in which such a course has been v
forced upon the company in this county. '
Theaetionof the Supreme Court of Appeals
on Saturday last, will for the wesent at -t
least,' deprive the 8late of the benefits arising
from the labor of two of its proteges herp. The ^
Court granted a new trial to \V. 8, Douglaw,
convicted of the murder of the young mail $
carrier, llizer, in Grant county, ami fceutenced
to the penitentiary for life.-D.'iug- w
lass ims been here "since the .24th
of August, . 1879, at work in Jj
the paint shops of the Webster a
MUfcvit vuiiipuiij-, wucro ne nas acquired
such proficiency that Mr. Adams, foreman in
the shop, declares that Jio will be completely
lit a loss when he goes out. The other unfortunate
is I'rank Jones, who was convicted C
of unlawful shooting, by the Circuit Court
of Harrison county, in May Jast, ami sen- a:
tenceil to the State Prison for a term of w
eighteen months. Tho shooting occurred
during a melee of some sort on the Fair
Grounds at Clarksburg, when a man named
I'atton was slightly wounded by a pistol shot
lired by Jones. The grounds upon which a ,,
new trial irf granted are self defense. The J1,1
men are still here awaiting the ncces*
jury documents, when they will fce tahen in "J
charge by the otUcers of the respective coun- u'
Mr. McGeorge returned last night from his
visit to Kngland and Scotland.
Charley Shay's minstrel troupe is to he at ^
Zilch's Hall Saturday evening. 01
The efl'ects of John Carter will be sold i)e- |{.
comber 1st by his administrator. ^
Mr. Frank Pur n ell is home on a vacation
from the Morgan town university. Cj
Ground has been purchased for a Jewish si
scmetery on the hill below town. le
Rev. Mr. Armstrong and wife, of "Crab sl
Apple," are visiting relatives here. .bl
William Bowser, who has been at Newcometstown,
where his child has been quite
rick, is back again,
John Fullen, of Bellalre, and Miss l/zzie li
Munion, of XefPs Siding, will be married toJay
at the bride's home.
Mr. Arthur MeLnin is in attendance on it ^
meeting of pers?ns interested in street cars, ^
that is being held at Cincinnati. n
Dellaire men do not like the idea of the ^
immense steel works in contemplation bping
put on the other side of the river.
Lawrence Fa'ndcralz has hovn (r.r
bastardy by Knto Krciter, and mulcted in
Luc sum of %>200, tii weekly payments.
Hurry Chapman, son of llaslcrof Transportation
Chapman, of the 1). A 0. I:. Jl. Cl
TO In town yesterday, on his way to I lis olii to
home at Cleveland,
Sixty dollars is what Eli I'erkins not for
Ins fraud ot u lecture. Tho next lecturer i? 11
in excellent talker, tile best. 8l ftlnlraviiin "
people say, that thoy have heard.
The work: on the immense foundations of
he new city power house is progressing, but
t is approaching completion' slowly on ac:ountot
Uiq great difllculty in gliding men,
uul especially stone masons and stone-cutters, lo
!o do t|je tvorJf? 01.
A number of the Baltimore it Ohio Of m
'Icittls. including President Garrett, are ex- m
iiected here at an early day. They will come p.
n n special train of half a dr.zan ears,
from Baltimore. Messrs. Franklin nud Hur- ?
Ison, the heads of the transportation and inu- j
ihinery departments, came as far i)S the
jridge yesterday, but went on to Inspect the 1
branch. '^he}'will return to join the main
party. .As a prtyo .has bepn ottered (or (he I
aeates|. station, the company's premises horp
liaye been put injo n#pplc-pie ordey. 1
Alice Oates nud her comic opera company
ire to appear at Garrett's Hall next NVcilnes- |
lay evening.
.The Baptist church on North Fifth street I
was dedicated Monday evening, and last
ovcningltev.llenry C.Cooper wasordulnoil as I
minister. '
Mrs. J. F. Foster, of Iowa, delivered an interesting
lecttireon Prohibition at iheSecond \
Presbyterian church Monday ovening".k J i
John Power, a yopng n:ah of this city, ~
jommut'ed suicide Monday'nightat the 'res\: ^
lence of his father.*ih thy Second vara' oy -r
diftoting bh^'seif through the head. No J.
;uuau isussigKeu. ;
.VE?V cyMBKKW.VO. ' ,J?{
' The Relict arrived hero yesterday ami tie- IS
i>nrted ncain (or Pomeroy for part of hcrtotf.
eft there on her up t^ip. She ??U1 qtart hgmn
ramejlluiely on l^r arriyarwith another tow ?
'or Cincinnati, if there is water enough. T
The Old Band will hold a festival in Town ,
Hall oh Thanksgiving at which a I'mo
etchers' glblp wijl he -voted tr. tha nlbst p
io)Vula'r Sunaiiy NcUool teacher, and a tine
(Old watah chain to the most popular brick- 'cc
:ard boss. A good time will be had, as onr
ieople always enjoy'themselves at sUch -I
,lac?, * jSaturday
evening as ijrs. K. lloriehoo 1
vs?'drlvlng Irom. ^alrvlew down to New 8
Jn^iherland to meet her husband, who had fly
tf(m nyny front home, thehoiws took frit;(it Vk
,nt( ran oil, throwlug Mrs. Donehoo aud a uu
?.-1 AV
little girl out and making kindling wooil1 of
tho wagon. The ladies vers not hurt- The
liorso was caught, mul Monday Marshall, the
mull currStr, gathered up thu fragmeuta of
[ho wreck anil look them to FalrWew.
mjwtisi'a furry.
Frankle CrowL was no hotter yeptordaj*.
Mr. It K. 8woney la Improving In health
very rabidly,
Mr. Samuel Jacobs, of Wellsburg, W. Va.,
was here Sunday evening.
One of tho grandest weddings of the aeauon
la expccted to luke pluco next week.
Mr*. It-Mo Wood, the great tempemnco
kvi.rbni- In IwioL- rri..n I. VVn^^m
Ileal t-Hiuio Is advancing In price In this city
ind neighborhood at the rate of about twentyII
vo per cent annually.
Mr. Slmppon, of Hambleton, Is here, and
ixneclt! to tell an audieuce to-night how to
Mind your own HuMouss,"
Tim lof? In Newland'jt Fourth Addition to
Martin's Kerry are jelling very fast. 8ome
parties uru buying, who expect to build very
Ino residence!!.
Tlio AUna Iron works Is running twentyfix
furnaces, two sheet mill*, one bur mil I
wul two gutdo mills. Two more mills will
Lie started to-day.
The newest thing o? the tapis Is a project
for a street railway, running from llrhtgo:>ort
or West Wheeling to the upper cud of
Martin's Kerry. Partita are talking the matter
A Nurc tJiiro for I'Hvh.
A sure cure for iiiind,D!ceding,Itching and
Ulcerated Piles has been discovered by Dr.
William, (an Indian remedy) called Dr. Withnn's
Indian Ointment. A single box hui
snrtdl ho worst chronic cases of twenty<11 vo
/ours Btatiding. No one need suffer ilyw nilnlies
after applying ihls wonderful soothing
uediclne. liotlons and instruments do more
arm than good. William's Ointment ub(orbitho
tuniorr, allays the Intense Itching,
particularly at night after getting worm in
iod.) acts as n poultice, given instant and
mill lew relief, and is prepared only for Pile?,
tctnugot me private part?, unit lor uotiitng
>lap.) .
l-'or sulu by all druygisb ami mailed on relent
of price, $1 0!).
For fiilu by .J. F, Shirk, also Chas. lloenkenoeller,
Wheeling and Jl. K. MeConahe.r,
Uridgeport, 0. daw
Hi<?'l'alo Tlmt 'iVllN.
AttheMOih Grand Monthly Drawing of
riio Jvouisiaim State Lottery at New Orleans,
in Ttimluy (always on Tuesday), October
lOlli, 1882, the wheel again revolved, anil no
ihadow oi '^suspicion us to fnfrness reals
viioio Generals Ueaureuard, of Lonisinnn,
md .Tubal A. Early, of Virginia, havo the
iole supervision of the distribution, as they
loevery month. Names of many winners
ire withheld from the public ut their reliiest.
Ticket No. 35,105 drew the first capial
prize of $75,000 (a princely gift), sold in
lftlts atone dollar eacti. sent to M. A. l)au- .
ihin, New Orleans, La. Two llfths, drawing
s'JO.OOO, was held by John Charles Jleim, a
hrifty German farmer of Asconsion L'urish,
j?.; Gwvnn Harris, No. COO "F" Street,
lettlth Olllce inspector, and \V. L. Lewis, of
he Co operative Joe Co., both of South
Washington City, J). C.( each held another
ifth. Tlie second capital prize of'$25,000
vas in like manner sold in fifths to ticket
s'o. 40,73.'., one-fifth held by Bam. ifobson, a
raveling salesman of Memphis, Tenu.; nnithcr
to a party at Crawfordsville, Tenrt , and
oon. Ticket No. .'10 35 j drew the third capial
($10,COO) was liu!d in Chicago, 111. Noa.
and 6$,7lit> drew the fohrth capital
irizes, two of $0,000 each, sold in lifths?one
o F. Sancon, the pioprietorof the Thibodontx ,
La.j Sentinel; one to u. C. Huntington, New
iorfe City, eto. 5*pace cannot be given exept
for a few brilliant examples of those
iho ventured and won?next! daw. ;
KcimI 'l'hf.h.
I will place on the counters forsnle sever- :
,1 lines oz ladies' fine shoes at the following
xtremely low prices, For Cash, for this week ]
>nly: :
Ladies' kid, glove (op, button, $2.00, worth
2.75. j
Ladies' glove top, enr kid, /ox button, ,
2.25, worth $5.50.
Ladies' mat top, cur kid, fox button, $2.50, 1
forth $.'{ 50.
Ladies' Simon bark goat, mat top, button,
3 00, worth ?5.00. I
Ladies' line Curacou kid, button, $2.50, t
. orth $.150.
Ladies'French kid, button, $?f.CO, worth
Ladies' kid, hand turned, button, $3.00, 1
orth $5 00. 1
Kemember the above goods are offered be- ?
)wtheir value. Call early, while we have i
IL. sizes in stock. '
L. V. Blond. s
Itetliictimi in IMiiiion. t
Present stock of pianos, Steinway, Knabe
bickering, HalleUfc Davis, Emerson, Hardinn,
Guild, ifcc., at the very lowest prices,
ad great reduction for cost. Cull earJy and
scure great bargains.
Lucas' Music Stork. i
11-12 Jfain street. &
lli>uilsomi> and C'lichp.
Silk finished Brocade Velvet in nil desirale
colors at 75 cents, worth $l.0J. Silks, t
nshmerca and nil kinds of Dress Ooodsat re- r
need prices. Dolmans, Clonks ami Jackets
i reduced prices for Cash. ^
John Bokmkk. 'i
Nos. 2010 and 2021 Main Stieet. ?
I.cmoit Jelly 1'iiUc. j
To the yolks of six eggs, well beaten, add
tree quarters pound white sugar, juice of \
ic lemon, one-half pound of Hour having k
i it one measuio ''Banner" Baking Powder; l
icn add the -whites oftix eggs beaten stiff; ^
ukc in jelly cake pans.. ^
For the jelly.?Take the yolks of three t
rgs beaten, and one-hall pound of white v
igar, juice of one and grated rind of two
inons, and whites of three eggs beaten very
ilF; put in a vessel and place the vetsel in
riling water; boil until,it JJiiekenf; when
is cold spread over each layer of the cakes J]
cccpt tbo top one. Jj
No matter "what your ailment is, Crown's ?
roil liitters will surely benefit you. im.-w f
TiirB. it 0. It. It. are now running a 'f
trough sleeping car from Wheeling to 1
ewark, Columbus, Springfield and India*
npolis. This sleeper leaves every night at
;:L5 x*. except Saturday night. Parties p
m retire as early as 9 o'clock, as the sleeper ci
jj] ue ai me li, it U. depot and open on and ?
ter that hour. ^
'stiv sn-niHi shot Faint, ~ n
Comjmmjs, Ohio, November 21.?l'annie
reighton, residing near Lilhopoles, four a
en miles south of this place, was fatally A
lot with asholgunat 4 p.m. by an unknown
irson. She killed her. hnaband and served 0
term of five years. This is the second *'
sauk, caused bv the strong feeling in tho [j
ighlorhood, j,
: lc
Ovornu Kntfiankincut. ^
rueuknicksiiuna, Va., November 21.?a a
comotive and fivo ears of a freight train J
i the Kichmond, Fredericksburg Potoac
lhiilwav went overan embankment
tar Kami lion's and was wrecked. The ft
ns'meer, .lames Youne, wis killed. . si
- /e
mms^msaSSm I
for nl| tllsMstcs oI tho kidnap and
L !i V E R *5,w*
2t JwiBj?oUJQftc?toncn ildii strut important ,
oryin, onabllac it to tlirow off torpidity and i
Inaction, Bttmulatlnff tho healthy occrctlon of 1
tie S12c, and by kooplag tho 1-jv.oU In frco '
condition, cClictlns its regular discharge.
Malaria If you nroBufltring from '
IVJCiidllCla jnainria,havothochlllt
nro bluocu, dynpoptlo, orconaUpatcd, Kldnoy'
Wort will suroly rcllovo and quickly cunv
la Uio flprlnff toclcAiiwithoB.vntcu, fcvSJiy \
ono should talto a thorr^fc wuiioof it. * 1
I- SOLD DY DltUtiCISTS." Prlco 81. '
ryn nam.
My Residence, Xo. 1137 Market street. \\Mll ro-.
) .cl airao to suit bii'lncss piiriwM* of tpuaul
".wg to rent, r^owtan flltcr Jftiiuuiy 1,
io2l 1187 Market Street. .
j^OIi KENT. *
Part of tl)p nro^y,<l Qoor nu^ nil ol Uic.upper
i;to( tyu Smith. Brewtis* Building, cornet
fcnteenth und ChuplinestrcutK. BnlUlIng is 6Q
t by j'<0 feet. Will lease for fivo yeiwi,
10^ No. \m Market Stwt.
his paper mm&i
:>V?p?i?er Advertising Bureau (10 SFItUCn co
XtSncHCoxtuactS M EUf VflRIf is
IV bu wxao Igf K lu 11 Eklv I UKiIVn (
Wheeling WlmJrnnlo Mnrkrl.
WHMLtJfa.Tuttdny, November. 21, /
Study prlcei have been n featuto of t jio tcek'a
trade Jiut A tn-Jo that baa mIMmI ftU Jim
been done, but no extra large traniactlots arc reported.
flruto?WhcAt hut been coiujna to In fair quantities
the put week ami a medium bMlnon ha* been
?tono with other grufna. Ciood t<s\ wheat l< worth
9IO0 per buihcl. Kew State corn U worth Me; no
old brawl I? offering. Flr?t 'dug state oau
toe quoted uHUc.uud Mr \\ intern on track
live, 70c: and hone offering. llnui, llrt CO iter ton;
alii /tHil 520 w>; chojs UW 00; mllulltiRi f M CO.
/?our-lluMncw It good and pile** ilo not i
chainst'. The qwotiUo-w Milt morning are: I
N?w Hour trt (X). The miliar brands ?r? i
niiot' (1 as fallow*: Uiolry amber, 10 75**723; medium <
umber, ftl IXMO 'ifl: Wisconsin, W 7Sa7 DO; Mlti< i
nesota extra, I7 7in? W; fnney (it. l?oul?, |SW) !
as 60: fancy patents, is 'i&vs "ft: corn meal. i*i
bushel, ww oatmeal. fancy per barrel, |ft75ao 00; i
common, #ft ?5{ r>e Hour, "per barrel, |5 Waft 7ft.
j/raf<?-Tlili tnufo ts very anil at present, nothing
worthy of note being Irausicted. Tin ro I* a downwartl
tendency, as can Ik? accii by the following!
S 0 Hun).-, 8 to 12II) iivera#? Id 1
" 11 12 It) 13 Hi ItVONgU liS l
" " to to 18 lb (IVCrtgO 16H 1
Breakfast Hacon /'? <
8 CShouldcn). 1 'i \
I'lear " nliletf Ifi
Mesa CorK (barrel 200 ibs) 2110 i
Dried Heef.C 11'
Pure Leaf I*atd, Tierce*, IWJ lbs 1-U i
" ? " llarrels, "Mil# )?,
Half Barrels, ItQIbs ]?
Uolognn Sausage MM :
Clieew), lticlt HtuI Mild i
Unl Oil, lixtm We* tern Htralned 1?7 i
Carbon Oil 10J{ i
H'hitoMlnen'Oi). Winter HtroJned 72 i
Oroctrlet?'Trade hw? been remarkably steady the <
past week, there htlng no change In prlwa Trie i
mmll rise tti die river allonc I? good I iwer roan- J
try trade to be transacted. Merchants pre happy i
ami fomented. ^notations uro as follows: Coitce
/aircento; good itlo loo; }>*fmo I^mMioIco |
lto; bunt roasted i:to: yellow Mo inject Java TM i
Syrups, vomiuon 40c: prlmo 4.rMt4Sc; New Or- |
lean* iii?I*jms, prime (Be; choice new 70c; inaplo j
tvrnn Nto iv? r cnllmi.t rtilL'iirn! hard criulu-d t
ifoc; umntilatod uj^c; powdered 10e: confootloii*
itv A l?>ic; A vy,v, A, pralrlo Uc: palace A a]5c;
Koldim 0 8){c; nrlmu 8^c: yellow 7}^. JUce,
Carolina choice 7}{c; New Orleans urline 7o; Hangoon
Caniial Goofo-Quotations an? ns follows: H-lb can*,
pic ]K.'iiohCH S'J 00; U R> cans peaches$1 5J5o2 Ml; 2 11.
win peachc* I.'00. To mat oik, ;l tt. cuns, ?1 25tit 49.
Sweet corn, Si OOiil 'i'i; Wfnstow corn, SI 60,
Strawberries. 2 tb cans. SI !'>. Blackberries, 2 II.
cans, 8130. llaspboriles, 2 ih cans, 81 10. l'ltu:is,2
It. cans, SI 'IdaI 70. Lima beatw,2 to nuid. SI Ofi,
string 8115. Covo oystem. lli> cuns, light, 75c; full
weight II *25.
Drlal Fruilt?Wc quofe prime <iuartcred apples st
5c: ovaporated npplvs |k.t cvrt.iK?rrtted
pcaches (unparcd) ISo per pound} evaporated
nmpoerrles ItOtu'lilc per pound; unpaired iR-'udics,
iiftlves, liafij^s.
fith?No. a mackerol, bbls., 50.00; No. 2 uiodlum
510 00.
H'uo(Un ll'are?Market stendy, No. 1 tubs, per,
dozen, {'J 00; No. 2 tubs per dozen. $8 00: No. :i tubs
per dozen. J" 00; :Mn op pull* per dozen, SI
palls, 82 00; keolers per nest, 8185; butler tubs,
[> lbs capacity, 84 50; do, !K? lbs capacity, S 100; do 25
lbs <s<{ welly, SIM, millboards. plain. $1 50a I 75
washboards. juitcut, i>er dozen, ?2 Wn'J 75.
Silt?Vcr barrel $110.
turd Q>r?~X&9o per pound.
Sreds?Timothy ?2 25; clover 85 00o5 CO; llluc
Grn,?.s5110; orchard grass $"20,). 4
linear?Double strength wine vinegar. UrxtfiOe;
standard, Halite; lOnllc (or country stock; wine
vinegar 50c.
Jiians?Receipts arc llght; demand steady: prime
navies ?;j 10*2 '.'5; prime medium 83 00a3 25; limns
S3 75a t 00; butter beans S3 25 per t?u?licl. 1
0//*? bird oil, extra western tittained, 05ca?l 00;
carbon oll.lO!?u: white miner*' oil. wlnti>rNirulii?<4.
7-0. '
Chtctc?Is quoted In Jobbinp utile for prime
tVeatcrn, ami IJ!^hI5c for New York. HweltzetliiJ^ .
al7c, according to quality, Llmbm-Rcr 12c. h
/ *(ca//icr??I.lvo Reese tlnn nt 50a&>c: 10a15c tor i
mixed. v
iYuII*?Trade i? brightening up and stocks are till* i
ing up Inst; card rates to. t
Apt'lc HiUtrr?by^Cic |*er|Kiiitid; uiiucc meat Sa9c;
preserves luUalle. . I
lloncy?White clover, ncwZlaSSc in 1 and 2-pound
frames per pound; So* Yoik, lulrreKiitor package#
ISii'iOc. Buckwheat I5attic; sunined lCaPJe.
Tuliote?Market steady; country CaG}??! per pound;
city 7u7J.<e.
Jlmwax? Choice KitSSanerlb; quiet.
?III good demand nt ti'lbvi 50 per bl?l. ,
Jlutter? Kfcvlpts light to demand; strictly fmh {
roll) t!(ki25c; medium, lb'a20c; common, r.'al'c; r,
creamery, "ifn*. ' :
tii bbv.ijc? Wa73 per bhl.
J.'o/ci/ocn-lu barrel*, 51 Mai 75: in sacks, GTuiTOc per H
bushel; sweet iiotatoes S2 00a2 25; sweet Jerseys
ru ooni25.
I-jjijn? Receipts light; demand good: barrel?, 2lc
perdutcn, (or freiii; cases, 2la2/c i?er dozen, for
Hay (intl Sira(r?llny lias advanced a little, ?s
ivoll as straw; good baled hay Is worth 51- lX>a)3GO:
loose on wagon, 8 to DO. NY heat Mraw is wottli 57 00
uid oaUtraw &S per ton.
IVhiikit-H htron? and firm and quoted at 5115
ie;prooI gallon. No large sales arc rei?otled. >
Gc?*iiuj-U very <1 ull, rerr little being brengut In.
The price imld is SI CO per lb.
H'oo!?Ts wi'iltr. flvvln tn u-mn r.itinted th..< -
;aken place in llic &tstT it was quoted at :iSc yeserdny
for feood grades.
M'liPclintf Uvc.Slock Martlet. *
Yesterday tlgures at the stock yards wore ns fob
Cdftie-Slccrs and hclteis weighing from 700 to SOU
bs., UJ<tilc; 1)00 to 1,WW lb?., 4al&c; extra, t^e.
"ows, common Rood, c; milch cows.
m CU,i50 ID. JSiiSXf. Dilves, as to Mzo on<l
limllty, S?COulO 00.
i-h(cp? Market quiet nr.d dull. Quotations ere, I
ihcp, 3>?rt4c; lambs, I
very quiet. Light and ronjh. TiJ/^Cc: fair 1
o good I'uekiug.G i rtiC :t 5c; choice lard hogs, G%.
Hnltituorc Lhc StocU .Hurkcl.
Okkice of Cai.vkuion Livk Stock Scai.k?,!
ito.soA v, November'-'0, li&'l, f
Jeeves 2,516
Ihccpaud iunilw '.',005 51
iwino ,i ?
Total .... 10,048
[The quotations given in our livestock rerKuisnio
hereof (he retail market, except when dfherwise
rery Iv.'jit on side to day- $5 v5 nt> 1HJ 21
'lintgenerally roted tirst quality 4 G2j^a5 to
tedium or good fuirquulity .. :i 50 ul (WIJ 8
irdlnary tlun steers, oxen and cows...- "J 75 n:t Ml B
Ixtreine nuigcof prices ',?7<V ?c. 00 B
lost of the sales were from -I 00 u& -jj *
'irglllitt .. 1.S7S
icntuiky- 2J1
lllnois 151
...? - J17 ,
cimsyhiiiUiu. ls'i V
tarylaml 2t
eimvssee. : 'J
t'esi Virginia 4
Total 2.MG *
The arrivals of cattle during lbo neck amounted
j2,f>lGhml, against'.5,874 hist week and '2,71)1 head
lie corresponding week of last year. and the mi leu
urine the week amounted to l.M'J head, upilnM
02S ia.st week, owl 'J.'JCO head the <*orr?sj?'oi??i
uek o! le%t year, and were as follows:
o Baltimore bntchej*. $02
oe??untry dealets yjl
'o lCnstetu fjieeulatot* N)
o Washington city buiUher* U Sii
Total 1.8S9
The market has had but Jllfe Ufa In it today. (
rices *how no merlons variation from lust v/eet, vnnldeilng
tlio quality of theoirerltigs. Tops were
ot as numerous or as gjod as they were but week,
litldio grades wore more plentiful!,- while there OI
ere fewer common eUtlc than last week. Prices ?
mRed from 3 to Cc, few Belling at either extreme,
test of the fculcs were from n?:Jo to e.
rrlvnls this week.,... 5..|<i7 /
rrivals lust week; ;.f>,b7ii J~
rrivals one year ago ,7,208
Tliore Is ft slight falling otV In the number of the n
Eferinir* as compared with last week, with rome
Jght Improvement In their fiimHt*;-'??"??
rrlvnls this week
rrivitls liuit week..,,,,, ?'rw i
rrivuJs.ojiu jcar aga V/V.V.V.V.V.V.'.UI 5,' 117 ?
Tiiomarket Is milversiilly reported os very Mow
> l>utclicr? are not In much need of stock and are
i> iiiK very 8|mrini*ly, and Ihete Is little or no out* (
dc demand to Jkj kupplicd. The quality, with t
? cvcoplloiM h Inferior to that of lm week's ofRi r- _
'W. \\c quote butcher sheep nt 3ii4j;c; lninlw In T
jfepoiftid^ uuel1' and wsW,?w ,J'<* ^
llil siVsiIf!
Absolutely" Pure. ,
rill* Powder never vKrlcH. a nmm-I f,l tuilar. ""
cnpli ml wlmliwmmcM. y,lre ?wi<.m!?! I
?n Uieortltuiry Untie, ana rjniiot u> ?i.l In
mmtlllui with l'?o ngulfuOe cJ lo w tret, hlinit
Mil, poinlm Ftn.n um.v
lWWallStreet,New Yo k, o
iiioKix.n,iii.i?.?'yl ' '"'"m ?, j cJJJ
BAI/r ltllKiJM.
Will McDoiuUI. 2M2 lv.,?
!nVi'?VUi ' it' ar"'* ,lll'l UlK for lT?' ^'leua u,\
not* We to w*lk exrn.t AnJ,V, 1K v,!?Wn S?h
iniu Viurt lint alio to W,1?ii,f.u<,.'? "'"Unci? ;
tried liundrviliof tcihtil/J. W,n'tl?ht^,K!
hHcuw lioiteicw: u,m,
lUHoivenl lulixxi pit filler) Iiii.-m,./. ' "' "utifuT
?mll'?U''ir?a.l?iii1ii?i,L!l,V!!'l|Mil.l rutiJSl;
tli?< (futfcuru Kifcoivent (bloaS i& \f,l|dtoilS
iuul l.utlcum hikI tntlcuii htiLi!
^rw)?utorn?llj. Iho mlLt 1ht,Vwiffi
Mart. Cuto rotUficd to Ufo?.?iW
?m, i^rV prominent ^ iV,1'* nt U*
Willi I tell 111 ami m:?|v iIU.4ma 1 ..w"
tor tMi {<-'?uiniiii(nl In fun t|"">)'l tti'J lu
|H'?TO1 on ItiahmulH bM*!M,M7,Vblr' i
to liolp him, hihIafter ?I1 iin,i mi
cut c.,M lUinilrcnt (Sool .,u', ?W K
[-Htlfllni Hthi ttitfcdfU SOHU (tlm
Mwrunlly) ami vv^c Ci h . ".^1
foully wfl in tfilmiiiv ' " ' ? ? " inliml ,JJ
?? ?i?ijii>h'4 JWMlur. Mich, Mrilei that I
icr I ice, head ?u? H?mc u?tt* ol her Mr *\ I
inOSt mW. HilMl CGWIIHI Willi VAllS RIli) HiftK, Mil I
ititiKl tearfully, "nil trhsl everything. ImnuiM-tti- I
y cured by Ciitlciim Hwdvcut ititnoA pmliWt) *u,i I
jntU-nmund Cuth-umSinp (thyy;r\i\\ ?Umnn?i. I
"cUTIRUHA HKMI'DlKi ?re for>?!e hy.ihW I
i|ntn. 1'rlnelpftl I
n?siH WM * KKKB ,* WTTKK. IWu.n. Mw. I
Co.il Company'* iUno*,ia? mllcnouwnt:, I
\\ v. Si NY, KMlrwwl. Thirty Riod, Meaay imwy. 1
itonlr workgHnraHlced. I'tjwuofnilnhiis.uioWt I
Int. 7.s wiits KriM? .i.v.nn v?KUs. sum u.'t I
ISO Acres or Uliio Co., W. Vu., I
)w the HemptlcM lUllroad,t*o mile* I rem \V?t I
MetuiuU-r. fix. ami on the Sutlowd Kiad. $mv
ilde I ?r iidulry farm. wiU\valfrwl?mliln}*(fv', I
tut a few ht?ps from the door tu Kahrotul sutli.ii, I
(Ulmore'fc (hoahtH). Ml barn* atubhed* requital
)ii n well rf RUtntwl farm. I
I'or lu formation hi to prlee, Ac., kiI.'u-s*
1?. 1. ATKl.XjOS, I
mis daw \Vo^t Alexander. W?>lilin!inn Ca. h. I
P of around ?m>* Me of l hn;illno ?trM,wi
vlih'h st*ncJ??? "Id frame tennmtnt. im"*--1
iiu.uuvwtun r.ieveutll Uiul Twelfth >fKuV i I
ho only avulltlilu biillulnirloiliiSiiKTi
ilc Inralllj-. Tarn w?v. JJ" v"' J""?:
toil Killjlc Agent mill kjkvr^'ia jE
F ABLK two fctorv dwi
cry <ieH ruble neUlwlmo,!. wi'hli, athS !('
nnccof tbo tltlzctin' rMm-ml. Ti."miS?V
motmble; terms eu>v. l0 ,,u* u v">
tenl Blatc Acuit Mi.lAiiSoM|m&,i,
?? "-ti;
pou sale at a baugain.
l,l,Ull,]rt' J twenty-one me* c,f jintlr
X*n# Inml. about ttve miles wuthw,i n| ittl
n! V* i7 \u..oli the wnltn < ( the Hk i:iv>>
hei lnitcl la nnileiUliI with eoul and tin; tlmU't r>ij
ie llotttvd (law 11 Klk Hirer to market. \K, luu
crcs ef timbered }uu(i in i'crry county, Ii-mow*
W. V. 1IWH4BB0..
MmMwrb-tsi ittl.
Eleveu acroa on the bill abovoiewn.
H. FORBES, WLttlinf.
Jo. 7, U. 8. Cuatom House. TulejihonrF/.
& PEEA 11 C)1S \i
THUKSniY, N0VK31BEI! 2.1, lSsi,
he largest, Best ami most Complete Ci.w
pany Ever Organized.
Under the l'oreoiml Oln'o'lmj of j
'r. K. D. ltOtiluETS. I'ltor'h ash MaSHi* B
/il?!?.0refl I Tl?e Oj?!y I Tb?C?ml,i!
PoWuit 1'PICKS?Hcnts seemed at Wilson A IU
ler h music store 011 und after 4mwl?v,.Novi?J*r
st, at 7ft cents, *, .?
Field <>'Iass'os.
Largest Stock in the l'niletl Stalw.
& GO.
rem..* m:i.run.
Priced iind Illustrated niialoxue of :u
For Public im?l Private Kxliihilionrv
1'ileed und Illustrated Cntalotfiic of Ityjiestfwiit
i Hinill^H'in. imtli.
I1 8 >. I
New York D0ut.1l Companj's Ofllrr,
10.0 MAUN* ST., WHKKUNC!, j
inlog the jrnst jMrTlmnsaniU <tf T?ftli ImveUtn
extracted ut ?1 tvutemh. , j
at Hfiiir iiou-.uw n:r. but.
jus i;Iviii for Painless Ks tuition rfTci'tli.-Am*
mia - ims. jKiiiiMM ^
No. 1113 JUrtoUtrccl. WliKlin!. *
Ulnr>OMt|nn? warrnnt^i stationery.
^UTLakgkst UNKOF
lilies' Satchels & Pocketboois
;or brought to to the city* Itclug bought f?f h
rices always as low as con?IMi'?t 0
.KaTIIER GO:i)3 in SKOI vnrl'.'T
feole&alc a lit! Retail H.itjfcH'll'f* ",)l'
021 1301 M ^KK WSTUKM. ?p:\v
WAl.l. I'M'KK ??"
rii? luriifst slack and tail mwIm 1 >
i city.
lolJ retail ?1 wholesale i*lw? k
rosepli < i ? *'
ipIII MTWKI.I'IM ill'.

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