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Tiicrmumctep Kccurd.
The following shows the range ol the thermometer.
as observed at Schne]tf a drugatoro,
Opera House comer yesterday:
1*81 1882
7 *. m. 1? v. 3 r. m. 7 r m 17 a, a. 12 ?. 3 r. w. 7 p. v
:ui jo i- 3l> } -It) 1(5 jo -u
Washington, V. C., November 23. L a. m.?
For the Ohio and Tennessee Valley, fair
weather,.* followed by incjcasing cloudiJiww,
local rains, warmer southwesterly winds,
failing barometer, followed, lh?\vest portion
by rising barometer, colder northwest winds.
Kor t!>o Lower I?ako Region: Cloudy
wenuiur, *vuu iiwu ursiiuw, suuiucusi veering
to southwest winds, stationiiry or higher
temperature in eastern portion, lower pressure.
Dr. H|>(lt't;niirN Condition.
Serious reports in regard to the condition
of Congressman Updei;rnll" continue to bo
heard, uiul tnore is a growing public impression
that Ma condition is extremely grave.
Dr. H.iti'8, Sr., of this city, declines to exDress
uny opinion as to tho- proapcctsol Dr.
Updegratr? recovery, but nays that he is
worse than ut any previous time. Several
gentleman who have recently heard from Ml
Pleasant told a reporter yesterday that his
condition was regarded as critical, if not
hopeless, by his neighbors. Yesterday, howover,
a gentleman who had come directly
from the homo of Dr. Updegro 11* said that he
had pawed several vpry comfortable hours
in the latter part of .tho night, and that his
friends expressed renewed hopes of an 'ultimate
favorable termination of his tedious
illness. The physicians in attendance are all
very guarded in their expressions of opinion,
hut one of them says there is no reason why
he should not recover.
Tins is n free country I sure, but yon can't
Kot Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup free of charge, it
costs you u quarter every time.
Hri?rXulfM imCurrent I'.vcuIh of* Minor
Two lit: marriage licenses were issued
yesterday. A,tthis rato the average for the
mouth will he a small one.
Thkhr will bo r BjH'clttl meeting of the|
lJoard of Kducation to-night, for the purpose
of awardirg the year's coui contractu.
Nick lhuiKitrrt' "Hutnpty Pumpty" ami
variety fchow will ho at the U|H!ra House this
evening It Is already known hero an one of
the most meritorious kiiowh ot Its kind in existence,
and will no doubt draw a largu house,
as usual.
Tilk Chitons' Street HallwayCotmwmy yesterday
received its llrst Installment of tUt
rails. One hundred and eighty were received.
If the weather continues favorable, the work
of laying them will soon he coutincuccd at
the second watd market house,
Mh. T. A. Hook, of the Island, carried one
in 111f iinuiin hi i\ Miii};, no wus lUrOWIl Oil
his bicycle a day or two ago on tins tiuspon*
slon bridge ami rqcclved the Injury, but
when asked about it bo awa that ho was
nailing up a box and mashed bis baud.
Vimr.Si'K OoiMHOUOvaif, the girI who won
fame hereabouts by masquerading in. men's
rJolbi-3 .tome time into, and way arrested as a
tbief and her i?ex discovered, has j;ot men
years in tbo penitentiary at Columbus for
jobbery. This is her third or fourth term.!
Bhe lately professed religion.
M EMitx. Cuaubaft A Baku, counsel for ilio1
owners of the steamer John boinas, yesterday
gave bond in tbo Circuit Court of Ohio;
County preparatory to removing lo tbo
Uuited States district Court nlnooi thonulto,
fordamage brought by victims of tbo ticioto!
disaster, in which tbo Lomas's owners are
joint defendants with the 8cioto Company.
- O.v last Tuesday night a number of the
members of the congregation of Key. J. W.
iUrlfllto, pastor of \\ esley Chapel, assembled
ut his residence, bearing a number of ncces*
| sary articles in the way of groceries, etc , and
ulso a feum of money. After spending a
couple of hours in icligious exercises and
social conversation the eomiwuiy left for
their homes, Mr. and Mrs. Until its were com-1
pletely surprised,
Xueiik is complaint, which llnds expression'
in ilia Steubcnvlllo Gazette, that the J'anHandle
station nt Wheeling Junctiondoesn't1
allord the accommodations naturally expected
and duo to travelers awaiting connections.
The Guzrtle says this is particularly tho case
with iadii-y, whose private waiting room is
generally kept locked, anil even when open,
there is no fire to ktcpoirtlio winter's chill;
consequently ladies are driven into tho other
rotttn, which is frequently tilled with loafers
and clouds of tobacco smoke.
>1ii?. Mabiujiet " Lonu was yesterday appointed
guardian of tho minor children of
Andrew J. J<ong, deceased, her husband.
The children are ApollouiaJi. Long, aged 10,
Thriselda M?Long, aged 15, Anna T. Long,
aged 13, .Maximilian Long, a^eii 12, Kiwi
Long, rged 0, Curl K. Lojjg. aged (I, and
Waller A. latitf, aged 3. JJontl wtui given in
the auni of $3,000, with A. Iteymann and
Henry Jle&s fls sureties. Mrs, Long was also
appointed administratrix of her husband's
en tale, arid gave bond for the faithful performance
of her duties iu the sum of $4,000,
with the same sureties.
FKK.soN'Ai, rtorv.
cumiiml UosHip tu Kelwreuvc to Vuriott*
W. 11. Wallace, of Hteubenville, was in Ihc
city yesterday.
Superintendent West, of the Moundsvilie
prison, was in the city yesterdny.
Miss Uertie Hare is visiting her uncle, Mr.
Frank A. Ilure, of ijteubeuville.
H. II. VunMeter, Ksq , Superintendent of
Mountain Lake l'ark, is at the Me Lure.
Mr. Jlenry Metzger, of Pittsburgh, super*
iniendent of the telephone system of this
division, is in the city.
Judge!!, it. Cochran yesterday returned
from a two weeks' business trip out the line
of the W. it Ij. K. railroad, ile reports
thing!) still "booming."
J. J. Woods, yesterday returned
from St. Cfairsvilie, where he has been ut-1
tending court as one of the counsel for the
defence in the case of iiogtr vt. Woods' ad-,
Miss JI. Still wagon, of Claysville, aecom* j
nanied by her friends' Miss R Kelly, of'
Philadelphia, Miss L. Maladey, of Pittsburgh, j
and Miss M. Uurrtn, of Washington, Peunsylvania,
was in Wheeling yesterday. "
Colonel C. II. IJeall and T. II. llnckanan,
Esq., two of ttrookecounty's prominent!
citizen?, were in the city yesterday. Colonel I
l!eall is as much of a sheep and wool enthti-l
aiast as ever, and reports the wool of iirooke
couuty about all bought up.
The friends of i'rof. Hartley Thompson
will be pleased to learn that he is succeeding
admirably in Cincimiafi, tho eify where he'
gained an enviable reputation at trie big May
.Festival, seven years ago. lie is to be the
leading tenor at the Thanksgiving Music
festival, to be given at Music Hall next
week. The other members of the quartette
are MissHelllch, soprano; Mi.ss Cranch, contralto,
and Mr. T. J. SuIHlun, bass. Mr.
Whiting presides at the organ.
Nuct'.csK of SVf<<cnlrtj,'?i at
(lie .Itivcrwiilr 38it I
Yesterday the interest of iron men in this
city, both workers and manufacturers, cen?
tered largely at the Hi verside mil), where nails
were being cut from steel plates prepared the
day before. Nails of nearly all sizes were cut,
and gave general satisfaction. The ingots,
or "piles," W'H he remembered, were beat
Oil in the furnaces, in the eamo manner
as iron, and taken to the rollsnnd from it to
tbcplatc cutter. Of the nine ingots heated two
were burned and rendered useless. Considerable
wire bad to be ejterciiiod, us they do not
require as much heating astlta iron, and if
they burn, (lawn or imperfections ur? c.usily
discernable. Standing by n nailer in tlia
factory yesterday a reporter watched a feeder
dispose of ii number of platca. Picking up a
handful of the nails the nailer said; "Now,
these are beauties. That nail in a. perfect one,
and it has many an advantage over
the iron. First, it is tough.
Why, seo here," and fastening the nail -in a
vise, lie took a pair of pinchers and bent it
double. "Now, it took a quarter more force
to bend that nail than it would to break an
iron naft. Jt's as easy to cut these nail*, as
far as 1 can see, as the iron ones, although it
wiJJ bo different when the steel is prejwred
by the process they have in Pittsburgh'.
That makes it somewhat harder. These nails
are not concave or notched, becuuae we have
not #ot tho knives to do that work yet. The
boys arc us well pleased with these , plates aa
with the iron, and I ospect before many
months everything will be steel nails."
To-day some of the largest si/,?d nails will
Wheeling Men'n IKJcIi rind. lion.
.Benjamin Fisher and Major T. II.
Norton yesterday received from the Commissioner
of the General Land Ofilce at Washington
a patent on n largo and valuable tract
of coal and iron land located in the State of
Colorado. These gentlemen claim that is the
only property vet discovered in the twenty
States where all the materials on tiring into
the manufacture of iron are found in the
same locality, and in practically inexhaustiblo
quantities. They contemplate, ut u future
time, organizing a company ami building
a blast furnace, rolling mill and nail
factory on this property.
l'hll AnshtiU, Klvcr ' II U Harrison, Wttftbiirg, <
U LUelsUiorpc. WollsJiV. \v Binnklnsop, W'eilsb'g,
T ('Km|ietor, I'lUkbnrRli. (i Gullayhor, City.
M M Kvercu, Well* bury. VV L'laiiijJjlcn, SL Albans.
it Rentes. liiUlmore. M Harrow, CIiIcurh.
SJ'ols, lihllartelpldu. J Wyinans, Cleveland;
W J Frauds Urtchsvillc. Jcro Jacob. ttndlon.
A S Andrews, Toledo. It Lsttlc, New Ganlen.
MrShannon,Matamora*. MrsCarpenter, Mau'ru*.
Mm tt Hul^cr. Hnlger. J Murray, 1'hlladclphla,
W II Alien, Medina. 8 8 Aldon, Cleveland.
(i W IIiiQjtns, l'ortsm'th. K \V llrowiiliic, Cortland,
W V ItoWCM, Columbus. \V II TuuHLChftriociAit
u a incucy, I'oriiHtHi. >v 11 Thouuw. yemmrs.
J, H Pentium. St, Ul'vlllc. J L Pollock, l'bllrtd'pfjto,
J II t.liitlAcy. \V. Vlnstntu. J 1> Mehotio, New York.
T U HoJcn, 1/vulsville. W*p Fnncl?, It. 0. U,
U Mvrton. JllddJoport. Snm tfprflce, JUddleiiort.
Curtain S 1' Hollatul. MMifieEort.
Splknoip supperawl literary cntertaiment
at the Fourth Street M. K. Cunrch to-night.
I will place qu the counters for sale Mvcr?1
lines 01 ladies' line shoes tit tbo. following
extremely low prices, ForCasb, for this week
ladles' kid, glove top, button,. $2.00, worth
1 <ndlc?' 'glove top, cur kid, fox button,
$2.25, worth $3.00.
Ladles' mat top, cur kid, for button, $2.50,*
worth $3 50.
ladies' Siiuon bark goat, mat top, button,
$3 00, worth $5.00.
Ladies' lino Curacon kid, button, ?2.50,
worth $8.50.
Ladies' French kid, button, $3.00;' worth
Ladies' kid, hand turned, button, $3.00,
worth $'>.00.
Remember the above coods aro offered below
their value. Call early, while wo have
all tilzes in stock.
L, YrDLom
A iooijf Jim CommlU ,Sulfide 1lrf?u*? tlie I'ourie
or fru? Love dora not Itu* Smooth, a Miner
friubed to Iiralti, muJ t Ifraknuau
t'alalli Mmifli i] lit th? Iron Wlittli.
" ? I
Considerable excitement tvw caused in,
Martin's Kerry yettcrday morning about 10
o'clock by tliu announcement thut Newlon i
Aahton, ngeil 21 ycurs, tbeBon of u highly re-1
apected farmer living three miles buck of
that tow iif had been found In (ho woods near1
the fAiuily residency, dead, with a bullet ln|
hi* bluln.. Tbo first report was that ho lmd
btun murdered during a quarrel with another
man, not named, nboul fl girl, but
later reports disproved this, though tbo fact
that his dead body had been found lit the
woods, as roportod, was verified. Coroner
(ianett, of Belmont county, who lives at Dellalre,
was at onco notified, and about 2
o'clock lie, in company with Mayor Mitchell
and QUlcers Hanson anil linn, of Martin's
Kerry, started tor the seeno of tbo tragedy,
accompanied by an Lntklliuksoku reporter.
Tbo Ashton reaiuetico is situated on the
summit of a hill, about three miles from
Martin's Kerry, in a neighborhood noted for
its quiet and good order. The spot where tho
body of Newton was fount! isonlya few bun*
dred yarilafrom the house; and the body had
been brought in and laid out by the
time the eoroner arrived. The wound which
canned Ids death was situated about an inch
biieSc of arid slightly higher than his right
eye. The bull passed through his brain and
lodged Just .under tho ecalp, on tbo leftside,
about two inches above the eye,and at uboul
the same height as tho entrance.
Tim uuioner ut once uegiiN wo taking or Us*
tlmony, the following boin? the main points;
On the previous evening Newton hud, in compuny
with lnu betrothed wife, Miss Kate
i'o well, attended a party given at the residence
of a family named Woods in the neigh*
borhood. Nothing happened during tlie
evening to mar the harmony of the occasion,
and when the party broktutu Mr. Ashton and
Mi?w Powell ilunurled wilu tlie rest ot the
guests. From the statement of Miss I'owell,
given before the Coroner, with evidences of
much distress, it appears that she informed
Ashton after their return from the party that
their wedding, which bud been lixed for
Thanksgiving day, would have to bo postponed,
for ttie reason that she could not get
ready in time; and she further stated tout he
left her in his usual yood spirits, saying ''all
right" to the proposed postponement. Sho
further stated that he hud on'ft former occasion
threatened to shoot himself if sho did
not agree to marry hint, and that since that
threat they had formed their engagement,
Ik'foru he left her yesterday morning he
showed liis revolver, but mid nothing unout
using it upon himself. She had, at the time
of informing him of the postponement of the
wedding, also returned his engagement ring,
with the remark that lie might wear it awhile,
but did not say to him or consider thai their
engagement was at an end. It was about ft
o'clock when lie left for bin home, and he was
Ihon, to all appearance?, in his usual good
Isaac Aahtou, Uio father of the deceased,
hud goueabout his work ns usual in the morning,
not noting the ahsencoqf hia son, until
lie saw his horse siundingaaddled in a hollow
near the house, when iae started partly to
search for him and partly to attend to nt? usual
ilutioa. In a nince of w*niis nt?nr Mm
the father found the bod/ of iiis sou lying oh
the ground, with the wound in his head exposed
to full view, the you eg mun having
fallen at 'full lenulh on his left aide. The
body was cold in death, ilia revolver was
found lyinj* partly within his overcoat between
the jnsule coat atul overcoat, two ut
the chambers being empty.
Jlr. Asbton summoned assistance, and the
body was taken into the. house and notice at
once tent to the authorities.
The locality where tjie body was found
wan thoroughly searched by several of the
ne'ghbors, but no evidences were discovered
of a idruggie or the presence of other persons.
Homo blood was found 011 the leaves near
where the body Uy. It was the opinion of
l)rs. \\reirich,.Dlackford, Williams and HerYey,
who carefully examined the body, that
the wound was auiliciest to cause iustant
j The revolver was of 32-calibre, and belong|
cd to a nephew of the deceased, Charles Asli|
ton. Several witnesses were exumined besides
those named above, but no additional light
I was thrown upon the mutter, it appeared
from the evidence that Newton had had no
j dijlJcnlty or quarrel with anybody, and that
j he was held in high esteem by all bis friends.
The Coroner, after hearing all the testimony,
I concluded that the etiso was clearly one of
suicide, arid so rendered his verdict. Mr.
Ash ton's father, however, refuses to entertain
I the belief that his son died by his own hand.
}{Us I'owoU, the betrothed wife of the dead
man, is a bright littla brunette of seventeen
years, of prepossessing appearance, and was
completely overcome by (motion when
shown the engagement ring taken from her
lover's hand tor identification. Jfer testimony
was frequently interrupted by out
uur.iia ui grid.
The tragedy has cast a gloom over the good
people of the neighborltood, and Ur. Asfiton
and family huvothe warm sympathy of many
friends in their presentilisiretB.
rus'.ioil in n Cau) ltiiuk.
Dan McCarty, a well known Martin's l-'crry
coal miner,who resides on First street, above
the furnace, met with an accident at the
Laughlin mill bank yesterday morning about
$ o'clock, which resulted In hip death a few
hours later. McCarty was in the act of leading
a wagon in his room at the hour slated,
When an immense slab cf slate fell upon
him, breaking his back, crushing his left leg,
bruising his ekulj badly and breaking his
nose. The slab was of such large proportions
that ft required three men with crowburs lo
raleo it sufficiently to allow the wounded
man to he extricated. He was at once taken
to liis homo und J)rs. Blackford and llervey'
summoned, but he was past J; up; an aid, and
died shortly after noon. Dcceasnil wps I a
vmm nl(l unit tvna ? tiiitntlwii* /?f tlin 1/?!?!..?
? ?.VIU?V4 U1 tuv JIKIgUia
of -Labor.
James Hwcry had his right foot crushed in
the West Wheeling eosl iiijn'e yesterday. by
falling soapstone. Doctors Todd end Wagener
were called and amputated hia foot..
J?!-"?*?"""! Cut to IMcce*.'
A horrible nftair tcojf place last evening
about 10:30'o'clock in .tiio lJ. & .0. yard#
at J'ellaire. At that time u freight traiii 1
was being made up. Harvey JUugu was one ;
of tlje brakemen employed. 1 lis was on top ,
of a oar, when lie slipped and fell, falling
directly in front of the cflrspvbjch were in
rapid motion. tfa vascat to wJncenusat,~ttj)cJ
death nmsl have been instantaneous. He was
a young man, ill years old, o/ sober, steady
habits, and had been in the employ of the
road buteejjprt time. His home was at Warnock's
Station, and ha wiisa nephew of Jackson
iJaugh, a conductor pi) flj? J3., Z, it C.
-t'oiirl juii! CrlitiJnnl Xtxcx,
Yesterday Albert Price and Robert Richardson,
charged with stealing two wagon tires,
were brought jjjto I'art 11 of the Circuit
Court. The indictment of J'pcp contains a
count for prcviousconviction of pstit luropny. 1
which nmkc3 the offense punishable bv Imprisonment
in the Penitentiary. Price, <
tlirougU h;s counsel, Messrs. Allen and ilarsball,
plead noipfilty and demurred to the ,
indictment. lie was remande.d tp jail.
Richardson, who was indicted simply" for
petit larceny, plead guilty and was sentenced
by Judge Jloyd tot?n (lays' imprisonment in
tlio county jail. Richardson stated tbflt he 1
was drunk, and Price induced hij# lo atpal
/ho Jpntt
John S. Kobinson and Frank r. Xuzum,
Jvsn*, v/cro asiifint'tl to defend Morris Me- <
Adams, Judgo I loustoa, big former counsel,
having withdrawn from the case.
I.urche, aliai Moeken, alias Merig, plead
not guilty to the charge of grand larceny, and
demurred to tlio indictment. Hon. J. II
Goon ic his counsel.
Part I, Judge Jacob, adjourned tiil Friday ,
illorniSg " i>art JuUyc Boyd, till this ;
Tim genuine Sau.vtoo.v Hjun Hocj: srm.vo
Watkk, for fmle by all druggists by the doz- 1
fi?i mi \ >?rrn 5"l'01!- ?" orilcrB to I
tlio^HRit Hock Spring Co., Saratoga Springs, 1
_,W DMtk, Agent a|; Wlieelinp, ami It. K.
McConahey, A^diu at ItrldReport. juw.
Go to tlio Fourth Street M. I>. Church !
social tins cvenlni; and take your aunnpr.
Tbeiic uil! Ijo a festival andsupreriiiven bv 1
5 ,0iPi-r? ,I'rMb>'1lE'I?n Cl'H'ch at Wesiffoocl's 1
Hull, tridayaud Saturday evenini Nnvi?m 1
berS4and&. Then wllf bV? h?by'fl,?w iJ
connection with the festival on Friday even- *
Np matter what your ailiuont fa, Brown's I
Jrou Dillcra will surety benc/lt yott. ?, J
| It'llKKMftfl'A W'ATIIg WdHKS
An tliey will A|i|irnr In n. Work on llie
A wmII known,r,?ntlcnian of this city recent* F
ly received from Mr. James It. Crocs, 0. E.,
of New York, a blank to be fiHod out and re #
turned to him, tlto Information thus furnished
to bo used in coiu{illlii?n work on the
"History und Statistics of American Water
Works." 'In tbil work it will appear aide by
aide with similar statements from the water
works of all the cities and tows of the coun* Y
try. It is uot until uti attempt to compllu 1
soiuutliiiitf of this kind (a made that the lack ^
of anything like a serviceablo record of the i.
work frigs of our water sysleiu in (lie past it v
seen, fcotne of tho questions and tlw answers
appended aro of interest here, and serve to
I brlliif Iioiiid tn tlm mlnili.if Mil**,""'
ling some facts In connection with tho wale* f
works which ?ro worthy of consideration.
A (ter describing the to(K?gt apliy of the town,
stating that (t was to tiled in 1782, mid Incor*
ponded as a city In 18.0, mid that water al
1 wotks were llrst built In 1831,and giving the i,
I aourco of supply, the paper says, lu answer
I to the question, "Ja llie water JlJtitrtd?" 8'
I "No; not the slightest attempt Is rnado to o
| do so. Tho pumps are constantly troubled /t
with leaves, etc.. drawn through the pipe*, c
land tho pump barrels are bmtly cut witn ,
s-uul. flie inhabitants take the water just ?
us it comes from the river, at times so muddy s|
as to shock any community Intelligent ou
the subject," r
I After u description of Ibo pumping ma- ^
clilnery, the reservoir is thus spoken of; r<
/'Built on the hillside; capacity, 880,000gnl* It
Ions only; walls of 6tonc, built ou u natural u
bed of Ilmestono. It Is 150 feet above tho I'
lower portion j of the cfty, but tlie houses are
built on t e hills froiu twenty-live to titty
feet above Italevel, 11 iaen:irelv Inadequate, <j'
containing less than four hours'supply. It d?
Is cleaned nnnuslly, und often ln;s from *
eighteen to twenty-four Inches of river allt O
on the bottom." 8,1
There are thirty-two and one-half miles of tt
water pipe laid and 300 tlre-nlum in use. ami 1
tlu? daily consumption is estimated at 3.000,OOO.galUms.
In answer to inquiries ra to the number of n*
Rate# ami tnus or service connections, the *
cost of works to date, receipts to date, ami a]
other important particular*, the brief hut "
comprehensive reply is given, "Nobody ?i
knows." II
An inquiry as to the bonded debt and rate ft
of interest calls forth this comment: "It has
been extended from the public moneys, and ?
no systematicaccount Jcept previous to ISS'J, w
This ih au 'old Virginia town' mid has been fr
run on 'old Virginia principle.' The frame *'
fact lias been characteristic of the managemunt
of our streets" autl alleys department.
All this has, however, been clumped by late "<
legislation, and in the future aouio more <le- l>;
Unite account can be given."' **
llnocr the heading "General Hemarks" the 01
information is conveyed that "The olden- j\'
gmcs are nearly plnycd out. No systematic *
account was ever kept of the cost of repairs, v
which have been simply immense. The
Worthiugton pumpwa* erected as a safeguard
against accidents, and since its construction to
hits done a largo majority of trie work very c?
satisfactorily when its ioc.?i conditions am
taken into consideration. The Superintendem
deservesgieat credit for the work tie has ?
gotten out of the old works, which has been
Ji t tie ihort of phenomenal, when tl?{?g?jtnd w
shnckly condition of the foundations and the
untiltered water is lak?n iuti {consideration,"
Accompanying the paper is an abstract ot j?
the receipts and expenses for 1830 and 1881, ?s
which are in the aggregate as follows: {c
Itecclpta lfcH) $53,Mil 89 hi
KxpojitUturiM, Jssv.,,,,, JJJ.7D142 tr
lieci'lptf, 1861 5(1,0Si n.
KajHriidlluren, 1SSI Ostitis 40 ^
In the latter vear 418.00.1 wnn snnrvf nnnn
tlitt now buildings ami boilers, ami tile new ]\\
thirty-inch tuaiu ww also laid.' at
" itr.vM.x; thkji i.\.? Sj
Knmc .Scpiich About ili? Central Police '
Yesterday was a good average day for busi- t0
nets at thl! Central Tolice Station, and the
scene as each new consignment to the tender J11
mercies of the grated" cells were those that j"
are witnessed every day by. the habitues of Is
the locality. Jailor McNamara, were he dis- l><
pofed to recall his experiences and observu- f'<
lions, would at ford au Interesting interview,
but it is only by a personal visit that one '?>
cdn form a corrcct idea of the sometimes U
funny, sometimes pathetic scenes which arc cl>
to he seen in the otlico of the city jail.
Yesterday the |jrst arrest of the day, and at
the first of OlUcer Hartford'* career lis a co
policeman, was Jack Zimmerman. A reporter
asked Jack what he was in for, and ro? trj
ueived the laconic icsponge, "Drunk." ki
"liver, in before'/" Thi* evidently struck ov
Jack as a good juke, for he leaned hack, held ?f
to the iron baia and laughed heartily. Then r>r
he explained that he looked upon the al- be
Ifged Workhoujo on the hill aH his lmmi> ox
having spent a largo part of his time in the '?
institution for years, lie was gocd humored,
ufj'i see'med to take his arrest as a matter ot C'c
course. Ho oply l>uil one thing to complain 10
of, and that was that prisoners Jn ihe lockup
never get anything to eat unless tliey are Ja
kept over Sunday, when tkey get but one or
meal. Lieutenant Sylvis promised to tend nc
hi|? up something to eat, which apparently of
completed tub hnppincs?,
Shortly after Zinnuei twin's arrivjil Officers Y*
Birdand" jugate arrived, half dragginir, haif Sc
carrying an old man, very drunk, and having tie
a bad cn to J) the bide pf }}ig hpatj. JJe had of
fallen through a large glass in a shop win- ff{
dowon Market street aud received the iuju- ve
ry. The iuilor searched him, bringing to co.
light 3 dangerous looking ravnr. Ho was ?!*>
recogiiiiiJdas John Honey. Who was discharg- foi
eel from the Workhouse a few days ago. lie
was conducted to a ceil, where lie sink upon Kt
the board bench which forms the only thi
couch of the prisoner, and was (juickly sleep
inj^thc sleep of the intoxicated. pr
'rfio hcfitarilvaj gaye hlo nn?)c as ^Villiam
\V. ltogers, and wan ted a doctor Bent for. He an:
was arretted at the Kino house, where he had cai
been violently attacked with delirium tre- St:
mens. He had thrown himself down to sir
Mtfh a snake which he declared was attacking
him, and risen wjtb thp &|?iti t'lf bid no?? Qci
?..u .. v.nvu iuv jurtfjjcuu. wnen pjaceu rie
In the cell he plead tobc set at liberty, saying ex
iv lot of little devils wore pulling nil his teeth. th<
Last evening Jabtz Gosney, who was re- Wtn
leaned ffORi dnrnnpe vijc at the exniratjon of fox
tiis ninety-ninth (estimated) term of impriu- col
onment yesterday morning, was brought sta
back by Uilicer Combs, who had found Itlui foe
in his normal condition?tight?at the Bccoml ial
ward market. In front of the City Building sin
lie grew tired, anclconcludcd not to go fur- tin
ther, but D|t)cef ^ifjj pa}})p to Cojfj^v assi;- ^yj
lance, and with the persuasive Snippers" in- "bi
duced the prisoner to change his mind. fnc
Tin's morning the City Workhouse will 1
Imvo four worthies n^dc^l to it? ingles. th<
To-day hoout the 'sauie ivenus will So "en- mc
acted, or perhaps there will bo the variation pm
of a woman's arrest There are few day,-3 in ?sb
which at least two or three prisoners aro not wil
in McN'amarn's care. If
Our thousand dollars to l'ituburgh and wh
New Votk's heat doctors; pronounccd dying; ito
I'eruna cured me. Mrs. 1s*uuajj.
Banish ill health, nervousness, vexation,' tt\|
fret fulness, elc., by using Brown's Iron Bit- cftI
ters. * - _ _ daw on.
iffiiih twkr KtiVfttii, ['1"
Ucuci-nl Uivcr Siotcs null I.ovcc I.n* ca<
t'atilc*. . 1
The Emma Graliam is due down at an 1"
?i>rly hour this morning. j;*
The Belle Prince passed up with a tow of get
tan bark, and the II. 51. Graham with eatves. bei
The C. \V. Anderson, which is now running mc
in the rittsburgh-Ironton trade, pawed down Ch
H ;o 4. ;j. * qn.
The Diurnal dannrtiwl nn linirt
burir, and'tlio regular daily packets appeared , I
mid departed as usual. tin
Tho river fell about Qvo iupljcg ywtpntay. 00
the marks last evening indicating a deptli of 1
i jar feet seven inches. Business was mod- Wi
errtte. Tii
A Cincinnati lirxii will furnish the oleclric tln
jghtrorthe new Will S. Ha vs. She will 1
nave sixty illuminators distributed through- 1111
r>nt her different dej)/>rtnipn|*.
The United States Lighthouse steamer Lily (U'
passed un Tuesday uyening and lay at
ateubenvflle' last night. Conimiinder Mc- ^'a
Cook was in charge p usual and \ya$ 99- ",(
companjod by hia wifo. , t?rc
The pretty W. Chancellor paseed'up ?
about 8 o'clock vesterduy morning with a .. 1
good trip. The Chancellor will be due down fl?.
in rpute for Charlton and 11)0 Kan{i^ha Jo? 1
morrow morning. Jt iaa bpat |n every way J
worthy of tfte popularity it eu,joys. ??'
riTTsmjaoii, November 22.?Ulver 2 feet 2 ?ir
iuches ?nt| fulling. Weather cloudy atid n
CfXctN.VATf, November 22,?ftivcr nine feet ,na
:iinb inches and rising slowly. Weather clear cot
>nd wanner. Departed: J. W. GalT, 3Iem- (0j
phis; Slary Houston, New Orleans. <\>
Ixjpisy?GovernU>r ??.?Kiytfr on a
itand at five feet nine Inches in the canal, con
Unsineas moderate. Weather clcaf and cool! nos
Irrived: Wyoming and Queen City, Clnciii* lloi
?ati. Departed: Wyomicg, Memphis; Queen ma
Jity, EvansvHIe, at
tite or AfTrflr* (a the Kaastrhft Ville j nu<l Kiic< '
In the Stute ami Nelnliborliooil-Aftother
Mlraruloui Cure In Wntrrn
l'eauijlvanU-Utlitr New" Xotei.
UnitedStates Marshal 0, W.Atkinson re*
iirncil yesterday from Charleston, on tho
ilg Kanawha, anil from him an Ixul*
iukm'ku reporter obtained a number of
aluuble facts pertaining to that locality.
Three of tho government locks and dams
rein runningorder and aro in dally use.
bey are all above Charleston, and therefore
ro a great benefit to navigation, as prior to
10 damning of the river coal could not be
lipped by water, except when tho river was
Igli. They are models of workmanship and 1
icccesfuleuglucerliig, They aro constructed
f first clasa masonry, and aro built to stand
>rever. A fourth lock, four miles below
hurl eg ton, ia almost completed. The dam, J
owever, wilt not ho begun before noxt (
The Ohio Central Uullroad, which connects (
harleston with Toledo, Ohio, by an ull rail J
jute, in about completed. The track is hII i
kid, but thu ballast has not yet been put in, !
or havo thodopot buildings been erected. i
twill, it is thyught, be a month or six weeks
efore passenger trains arc running.
The bridge which carrier the Central Ohio .
i-er the Ohio at Point fleasant is fair!v un*
or way, and by unring >vill ha completed.
. bridge is also building overKlk river, at 1
harleaton, and will be completed about the
itne lime. This road will be a great heneilt j
> the "I'ermnnent Heat," c
Another railroad down 131k river,called the
Kluek Jack,", will, it is claimed, ho built at t
i early day. It has already been surveyed, {
nd parlies are now ready-to put It through,
hie, to Charleston, is the moat important of ,
II the railroads that ciin como into it. Tim '
Ik river valley is full of the beat varieties '
! coal, and timber is also abundant. Once
da road is constructed It will ho a great I
eder for Charleston. 1
Another steam ferry is to bo nut in opera- t
on over the Kanawha at Charleston. It
ill run "slanU'wllcuIttrly" across the river c
om the wiiurf to the lower railroad landing. ,
, is thought that it will pay its operators $
\ndsomely. n
The new system of brick slrcct paving is t
nng rapidly extended through the princl- |
il streets of the town. This style of paving v
both cheap and enduring." It is notbifg u
oro than hard-burned bricks set oti edge, f,
ith u bid of hoards .covered with sand,
rom what wo beard about it, Wheeling i.
ould do well to use the same kind. .
About a itoz.!n business houses are now ,
lllding, and ultogetlier the outlook for tho
wn is encouraging. It will grow into a j;
ty by-anil by. |,
The Stale and Custom Houses are steadily g
Ivanclng towards completion. They ore ^
)tli good buildings, nud creditable t6 the r
iwn and the State.. Mr. Atkinsou says be ,
as impressed with the superior workmanlip
exhihlted on both nf tlifsu buildings,
r. C. C. .Kcmb'.e, of ibis city, Is the superinndentof
construction on botb of tbeiu. litknown
in Wheeling as ait excellent archi- fi
ct, and it is not surprising to bear that he C
is required extra workmanship by the con- i
actors. Ua hum knows what KOod"work is, g
id is industrious enough to do bis duty, be n
ill always get a good job out of buildings 1
i is appointed to construct. Mr. Ketnble p
is botti the knowledge and the industry, o
id the result therefore issuperiorhuildings a
lie most skil'ed mcelianici who bavo iniccted
both of these buildings, pronounced
lem as porfcct as experienced arti.-ans can ^
ect out of stottc, brick and wood. Mr. ^
emble has added new laurels in Charleston \
i his well-earned reputation in Wheeling. -j
The. Urand Jury of the Federal Court mude ^
inety six presentments for violations of pos1,
currency and revenue laws. The Court, Si
ldge Jacks >n preaidinz, began November 3
t and adjourned the 18;h. The cases dis- ],
>sed of were principally civil cases and of *\
it very much importance. Tiie new DIs- j|
let Attorney, Judge Flick, mudo a Rbod s|
jpresMon upon boiii the bar and people, f,
? ? u b<j\ju luwjf.r nuu wears ueneral GofTs' a
oak with both dignity and ability. f,
There will be a special term of this court n
Charleston, Juuuttry 4tb next, to try three y
unterfeiters who lmvo been in j.til six n
oaths, ntid whose eases wt re not ready for i,
!al ct the present term. This shows the w
nil heart of Judge Jackson. Although u
errnn will) business at the regular terms w
hit) court?, ho would not allow these poor ^
isonors to lie irt jail another fix months
fore they are tried, and therefore made an
tra trip to Charleston in mid-winter to
ar their cases,
The ne*t regular term of the United States
mrt will he held at I'arkersburg, Jauuary
. This is the Circuit Court and by right
oijld be held by Judgo JJond, but Judge l)!
clcsun generally bus to preside, except three
four days each term. He is on tbo bench c!
arly the entire year, and onlv gets a salary II
The coal resources of the Qrcat Kanawha jj
illpy are ranldly developing. llefore many w
ara'it wil\ ueyond doubt, be the great coal jJ5
Id of the ltepubiic. Tho different strata
coal show Sy feet above water level and 170
:t heneftlj} the surface. There is a six foot '
in of semi-anthracite, making 1)3 feet of jV
id strata in all. l?rofeisor Amuead, of honn,
who visited tMj? sppttou a few ypars be p
h(s death, in a vritten report to tiie Geo- ??
;ical Society of J,ondon, btatcd that the
inawha Valley was the richest coal field ltt
at had yet been discovered upon the globe. la
Mr. Atkinson says that thrrq afc four
aminent aspiiants for the tfmted States ci
n&to in the Old flllrd District. This is not pp
rpnswg, as that section generally bus a in
ndldate for most all of the oillcea Sit the th
ite, Mr. Kemttt he believes to bo the
ongest In the way of votes of fli^y af them,
. Hereford yiU yroluihly lie tho next, .
yemor Mathews tfie next, and Mr. Quar- ll;
r the next. They /ire nil at work, and all {"
pect to win, as it seems to be settled In I?
;ir minds that some one in that end of the U
vie ought to have it. |n addiljoi} to these H,
ir Juijgp PeryiisQn, wl;o has, it is generally
jceded, more brains than all of them, is
ndineliko a cluck on tho Ice, with one ]?
it under hl? wing, waiting for (lie Senator- [ j
storm to blow over him. Probably the !
ihng Senator from Mineral will, <j.ifry off [j*
! prirc himself, or will n?Vt\e the man who |?
I}. HpW u wily politician, and "has the
ar'l," which now-a-daya is an Important v?.
tor in electing a Senator to Congress. j?
'he Republicans have a little muddle of "V
if own in. Charleston. From time iiume- {?';
irtal Uierb have been two factions in the "j;
rty there, and they still live and are Houring
like a grren bay tree. When they [
II bury the hatchet is im Qp?m question.
tboy wo^lrt !J?y aside their petty griev- f(t
tea and git up a party organization, Kana- V
a county could be carried against tho
urbons, Mr. Atkfoeoty tl^iit^s, by at least
e hundred majority. There aro now about
00 Green backers in the county, who would
, or nearly all; fall in with the ^etmb|i-? *8
js if there was do wur o! faptiotis going
. T|ieje j\evpr \\'03 a Uner political iuturo UN
a county than there js for Kanawha, if ra'
; Republicans would only quit lighting nc
>1, nili
["here are now hvo Republican newspaper^
Charleston,which ought to be bov,yht 'rtut
some enterprising Republican from this "e
\ of tho Slate and fused into one livo, encrifi
paper. Mr. Atkinson regards if. as the
it opportunity in the 8tate for an invest*
>nt in the newspaper business, Jn iS&S CI
arleston will b<3 tl\u fjawtol o.f the St?te, m;
d wil} be a superior point (or a paper, an
t is reported that i\n iron U\iU 1? to bo built
j coming sutunier, near iirown's Station,
the C. iV P? roa"? by Pittsburgh parties. ?
^ ganc of carpenters arrived in Little A
ishington via the Pittsburgh Southern on U
esdny night. They will at once prepare
iber for widening the trestles. ,
)avid Kennedy husked for "William j?'
tchey, of Jhiffulo township, Wa3hingtoti j0i
,mty, icy bushels of care of corn in one 2
y and tied and set up the fodder.
?Vm. Lippencott, of Greene cQtmiy, Pu.,
s recently driving a yoko of oxen along ]
5 creek bank near .his house, when they
>wdcd him p\*er a cliff of rock, and he fell (
no twenty feet. Tho hide of his face and j
id were severely cut and bruised, his ankle
splcced, and he also sustained sotuo other i
ioua lu juries. , ^
ihe. name ot tho postoflke at Mount Kreen,
Pendleton county, has been chanced to ]
cleville. The sneeiul srrrtrn of
rbour county, has been discontinued. &
ilollloe lias been eHtnblished at Victor
potto county, -with Jaiuea R. Sinscl as postster.
The postotUco at.Warner, McDowell
inty, lias boon discontinued, and mail uoes
^ jSpriuB,Wyoming county. Mnu\ancy
Dutneld has been commissioned post misa
at Rock Castlef Saui'l J. Elliott nun been
aiyisaioufid postmaster nt Uosby's Ilock; a
toftjee 1ms been established atCountsyille,
me county with Silas B. Counts as postster;
Geo. A\. Lewin has been commissioned f
Leachtown, and James 0. Connelly, at ?
Kaoiooth, The above comprises all the late
changes In AYeat Virginia, as Bhowu by the
I*. 0. Ilullttiiu
The blast furnace at Mingo Is turnlnn out
at present from seventy to eighty tons per
day. It la under Geor^o Deairs supervision,
Rev. J. 0. Cowdeti, of tie Second I'rcfhy*
lerlau Church, WasbtiiRton, lias received a
cull from n mission church in Denver. Jle
has not yet publicly determined upon Us acceptance.
The Alderson Stulejinuu says: News has
reached tbla placo of wliat uppeared to be a
horrible murder In Mercer. Mr. Robert
llansbarger, of this county, was the victim.
lIiu.&barKer, who la a cuttle dealer, went to
the Vrlneeton bank lust week and started
back by the way at Clnodall'a. Tho next
morning lila liorse came up without any
rlilor,and friend*, fearful of hisfute, followed
tlie trail and soma dlMtaiirn hm?lr fmimi Mf
1 I'm blood-stained overrent, but up to tho
hreaont time lib body, neither dead nor alive,
iiii" he?n found.
The shipments from the mines of the Cumberland
coal icglon for the week eiulltiR
Saturday, iVoveniber 18, 1882, were WJ.OXi
tool, mul the total 8hl|>ioentn for the year to
that dute 1,221,232 foiifl, a dccrcusc of 708 iM2
ton?, tus compared with the corresponding
period of 1881, 'J ho shipments to the Jtalilmore
& Ohio railroad were, for tho week, tli,?
371 tons, for the year, 8111,813 tons, u decrease
jf 5103,700 tons as compared with last year,
l'hu canal shipments were, for tho week, 17,l'2'J
tons, for tho year, 235,787 ton?, a decrease
jf 213,011 tons as compared with 1881. The
fhipim-'tita by tlio IVnnsylvan'a railroad
-vere, for the week 0,108 Ioiim, for the year,
115,444 tonF, a decrease of 104,130 tons as
xunpared with last year.
Mr. J. 1). JohnEon, of Philadelphia, was In
own Monday.
Dr. George A. Close, of Bellaire, was In
own yesterday. .
Deputy Auditor M. T. Cortland returned'
jome Monday from si trij> through the West-,
ill sums. I
Hev. Dr. Crawford, of Moorefleld,1 will assist i
he pastor of the Presbyterian Church at
losninunion services next Sunday.
In Common PIeas Court, yesterday morninr,
a writ of attachment wan issued against
,Vtu. Garner, for contempt of the Court.
Tho young Hrldgeport burglars, who were,
irought to jail Saturday, spent, tho greater
tart of Subuath crying. Tliey will probably
waent to tho Reform Kami.
Mrs. 8arah McConnell, of UhrlchsvUle, Ima
ntcied suit against tho St. Olairsville Com any,
operating the Northern railroad, for
1(J,0<J0 damages, for injuries received-at an
ccident in July last. Mrs. McConnell has
elahit'd us her attorneys ex-Judge James
'atrick, jr., and A \V. Patrick, of Ulirichslllt?,
ex-Judgo 0. W. Carroll and W.S. Kenlan,
of St. Clalravillc. lion, borenz) Danord
will probably represent the defendant.
Tho Democratic papers of Eastern Ohio are
looming Auditor '{/. X. Colli.md for Statu
auditor. Mr. Co llland says positively that
ie will not be a candidate for the nominaion.
If lie would utlow his name to be used
ie would undoubtedly be nominated, as he
i well known and very popular all over the
Hate as well as at his home. 'In 1S77, while
unnii'g for County Auditor, Mr. Co/Hand
an eignt hundred ahead of hit* ticket, alhough
the Democratic majority was uuusully
On Tuesday evening a crowd of young
oiks assembled at the residence of John A.
lampbell, Ksq.. ami spent a pleasant evenng;
also, a committee appointed at the con
relational meeting of the Disciples Church
djourneu to the.hame place to confer with
frdcrPattiu in regard to employing him to
trcachforonr neople. A free exchange of
pinion was had, but no definite conclusion
rrived :vt.
One of the most hrilHant weddings that
as taken place in our town was that of Mr.
Inben, of the southern part of Texas,. to
lisa Kinma D. Campbell, daughter of Mr.
,oyd Campbell, at'the residence of the bride,
lie ceremony whs performed by Elder Patio,
of Wellsburg, and there were a few of the
ride's moat iutimote friends gathered in to
e the twain made one, among whom were
Jr. and Mra. L. IL Hruwn, of Toronto, Ohio;
lissKmma Daniels, also of Toronto. Ohio;
lr. John W. Oilison, of Pittsburgh; Mr.
lobert Gibson, of this place; Mr. Will Harder,
of Shawneetown, 111. The whole
tmily were gathered in, Mr. C. P. Campbell,
brother of the bride, coming all the way
om Bradford, Pa., and Mr. and Mrs. Chanlan
from "Washington oounty, Pa. Mrs.
hapman isn fiist-rof the bride. The cerelony
passed oil' in elegant style and the
appy couple departed for ileadvilly, Pa.,
here they will stay for a short time anil
len g> direct to the southern part of Texas,
here Mr. Maben is eneeirmi In rniirmi.i
uaineaa. I
"J. N." still hangs about.
Itobert "Warner, of the First ward, will
iove to Michigan. % ,
The "Gypsy Queen" company is talking of
resenting another play soon.
The Mite Society of the First Presbyterian
jurch meets io-nlght at II. G, "Wilson's,
orn's Addition.
Many people Vere to be seen yesterday ami
iy before every time ihe sun peened out,
atchinj; the laraespot upon its face by lookg
through smoked glass.
John Dunn was fined two days in aucceson
this week for drunkenness, and the secid
demand on his pocket hook was more
an lie could meet, lie is on the stone pile.
Dellaire has an ordinance that is said to he
ntrary to the Constitution of the United
ates, as it discriminate ugainst peddlers
id hawkers from other States to the advance
of cltuens ol Ohio.
The gas company has offered to furnish the I
ty gas ut $18 per post, and Council has ac-1,
the bid. This i*a much different way, 1
the matter u( promptness, than was tak'cn
y )asi Unto a coutract was made.
x wAYNusittma miracle,
A series of miracles appears to have been
augurated. -The .Wuyneisburg Republican
intsa long account of the Huffman .care,
which is ftddoii another similar cure, the
ftunato 0110 being a daughter of Mr. 15. II.
Hier.y, the Way nriiburg photographer, whose
fiction being similar to that of Mr. Hunan,
has been the cause of a feeling of sym;lhy
between tlieiu. The Jfepublican tells
e story as follows; "Mr. Rogers came from
s hoiuo yesterday morning, and says when
i returned: home on Sunday evening he
and his daughter sitting up in a chair. 8he
id n't beSn out of bed before for over two
ar*?couldn't, raise her head from tho pilw?from
spinal affection, and had been
Iccn to Philadelphia before the celebrated
iysicinp.s of that city without obtaining any
lief. Only twice in two years had she been
ised up In a sitting position in her bed and
on each time she went into spasms. She
iputes her restoration to the power of pray,
She has been . v*-v nonitai-t
no, praying ranch ami otiicru have prayed
' M?r pby?lclttn. Dr. Ilodd, Is astoundat
lier suddenly improved condition."
"I woult]| not like to live always, 1ask not
Way, We do not wonder, with such a
Idas yours, but J hero is a bright .side to
ery thing, anil sunshine even for those
eked with pain. Dr. liull's Couj-h 8yrup
ver fails to euro tlifi moat stubborn cough,
l'ilE literary exercises- at the Fourth M. E
"urch social tliia evening will be worth
Kfdactlou in I'innoH.
Present slock of pianos, Bteinway,-Knabe
nckorinof, Hallctifc Davis, Emerson, Hardftp,
Guild, Ac., at the very lowest prices,
nl urcafc t-AmtMinn fn* Mat n?n J
, a ...? ,u,t xwt, vaii cany uuu
lure great bargains.
Lucas' Mtjbic Stork,
1142 Main Rtreet,
\8 regards musical compositions ot note, America
undoubtedly younif. a grew* ileal hM, however,
Hue the lust lev years, been accomplished. The
lowlne lire all by native composers:
lenobiii. (k300) HyS. G. Piatt
A Brand Opera of much merit,
St. retcr. (SI CO) By J. K. I'alne. I
A well known Oratorio,
Redemption Hymn, (aOcts.) By J. C.D.Furker.
A hojt. but eouiplcto find Jmpieedve work.
Jhrlsttnas. (80els.) By A. C. Gutterson.
\ sacred Cantata for Christ wan time.
Jall ol Jerusalem. (JiOct#.) Ilr II. K. I'arkfwrst.
An Imprcalve and musical Cantata. t
16.h Psalm. (80 eta.) By Dudley Buck. I
A first c!o*s sacrod romposltlon.' |
'raise to God. 1*4 CO) By 0. P. BrUtow. \
An Oratorio, Noble words nnd music,
klshnzjir. (Sl.cO) By J. A. Butterfleld.
Grand and beautiful scenic Cantata.
i , A pplcodljl oriental tncrvd OmUta.
tin Lord. (60 eta.) lly W. WUllami.
h/ay VhrlHuwCtuUtii,
Jon Munlo. (Sl.M) fly uudloyBuck.
, , A. lejjend ol the crimdrn, set lo mutlc.
'IcnJc. ($i 00) }>j J. R. Thomas. . Will
do (iU'doow) for a wlulorconmt.
sew Flower Queen. (<5cU.) By 0. F. ltoot.
^cw RrrajiRvraontol k fnmouMCttntHt*. ""
taming Ship (*0 cm.) mid Stoim K Inc (28 CU \
BjrA V.&kpr. U*j and strlk)^ (*nl?W
OUVEU D1VS0N ft Gbn Umlo'B.
MTSOS *it CO., S13 Hroad ?*)-, New Yoit
Absolutely. Pure.
This Powder itovrp varies. A mntvel of purl;?
atrviigth nii'l wholwomoncw. More roouomliatl
thnn Iho onlltwry Mnds, aii?1 cnimot by Mild In
twnju'tHion hIUj Hit' mijltitudoof low ttut, t>hurl
weight, alum nr iritnsiduto powder*. Hoi.n only
nrirruw KM U'ull fitwt. New Vnrlf.
tyillcurc dyspepsia,heartburn, malaria,
kidney disease, liver complaint,
and other -wasting diseases.
cmichcs the Mood and purifies the
system; curcs weakness, lack of
energy, etc. Try a bottle.
nm tr\ ^
an itMd
is the only Iron preparation that
does not color the teeth, and will not
causc headache or constipation, as
other Iron preparations will.
Ladies and all sttfierers from neuralgia,
hysteria, and kindred complaints,
will ftnd it without an c<jual. i
. !
On no other two articles |
have we over had such an |
enormous demand as on B
Wraps and Plushes. Our
sales of'these have exceeded
our most sanguine ex- :
liectations, and at times we ;
liavo not been able to sup-8
, 1 i
n i"j t-itu nuuutui uur LitUie.
I In order, however, to meet
the increasing demand, we
have recently purchased a |
magnificent line of Wraps1
and Plnslies, and an inspection
will unquestionably
prove that we are
Fine Mack and Scall
Pluslies for1 Sacqnes - ul
Specialty. I '
Wheeling, W. ^i"n. ^
no'ja ?
TpoH lit:sr.
P*rt ol Uve RtounOl ttoor *?d nil of the uppsr
partot Ibo Old Smith lWcwiry Bulldlvi, cotmr
Seventeenth and ClmpUno Htwt*. Building I* Jo
feet by 140 (ueU Will Immj far Ave jcnr\
HQS y?- W* .MtttMstn-ft,
V V rial Comj*nj'? Mine*, two milw out on U.
T. V. ifcW. U?ltnmd, Tlililjr.KiMMl. hiewily miiw*.
Blend/ work KiiimnMPd iJrhTjof mhilim.iKiuWt
hi, 7a HMitMiCr ton. J. K.N\ A'tKllrt. Huuu
| A OrdiKl tltft Hook. A richly IUU%UMIH\
book oi Mnuular beautyj u Ge?u of l.itmuuo i?y
100b?tauthor*. KnUmwl una newly ilmiotfiwa,
i a book lor tho Hume anil I* Ircultle; Mijh.hU t.>
I every twiw wll* fwi everywhere, alike In limn or
country. ltn?lor?eil Ly tho 1'iew, t'.Wruy ?n*l IW
! nkvisA n\to chiuira to muko money. Sejm lor
1 UmUikI mil dortlfMou to N. U. TllOMlvos ?v
t:o , |'nt?U>>UT>. St. tmiln. Mo. mdTTlmvr
pHo rosAi.s 10 sup i? i .V coal
i I'rotKwi* to f?ml? J> tlio I'ubllc Kehootnof tin* city I
with t'onl ?1uiIcr tin twiit uhool ye?r. will W
i received at tho otilevs of Uio Bottu ot hdue&Uou ?u- I
I 111 Iliun"l?y, FowiaU'r'A itvSi. Al'Xiu'cluk ? . I
! ut which tlmo tlvu Hoard will lueet u> exumhie \
bids Ami award contract. Kach i>n>|*wi! iniut i
I (ti.wKy at what tnto \kjt bu*utd the bidder?III mv '
i ii)y cdotineHool M'pvrntely with clean to|> eoil (mui
1 thu date ol lhoroatjipt *vtn?
HiKIJ C(l<* ?int
or me iirveent icuool j c*r
I Tho jH'twm or pen-on* ?ho?o Mil or bid* ure
I ecpttd win be mjiilrvtl loviiWr into a writivii eontr?ct
Willi the NciucI.hikI toglvennnielent kmulu
tokeei? tho mmo. .
.'I'lie tight to ix?icctany mid nil bldil* teamed. ,
Hid* >liould be oik'.'okmI In ?ealed envi-in t* i-tr
dor?ed 'Trotxwals tcnupply mil," mul juMnwtit
II. H. I'hNDliKTON, i
Clork Itoard of Kdiioailon, i
noil No. > '! Koniimilh mim i.
A nice littlo Cottage Iloussof three ?>?>???,
hull, porch and nuntry, No, (12 Korty-IUih
street. Will lie soldcheap for cusli.
no?2* (*KO. 8. T'OW.VAI.I..
night hundred and twenty-one acun of tltu-lr
timbered land, about live miles tontbmtof I'fwiton
V, II.. *>'. Vtt . (in the Wrtlers of the Klk Hlver.
The Und Is undetl?dd with cuul unit the tlniU-t e?n
btstlonted down Kilt Klver tn market, Al>? 4uo
acre#t>f UinUwlland In l'erry iminiy.'lViiiiwM'i',
W. V. HOOK fi HRO.,
oc7 l.'SCO Market fltmit.
Eleven acres on the hill above town.
H. FORBES, Wheeling.
No. 7, U. 8. Custom House. Telej lnne K-fl,
you SALE.
.ISO Acres orOltlo Co., Vi\ V;iM Linn!,
On the Hempfleld Railroad, two miles fn>m Wett
Alexander. l'a..atnl on the National load. Suitable
f-?r a dairy farm. * 11 watered ami ilmbcm'.
But a few *tc|>s from the door to Italinad HlntUm.
(UilnioreSCio&hijU. A11 barnsand ?]u*d.? tt?jtil:ul
un a well regulated !/tnu.
For Information iu to orlee, Ae., nil-'ies*.
noifrtuw UV-c Afoxandi-r. NVnslilmtiin i'n., Pa.
O P Eli A." IIO US
The Largest, Itest anil moat Complete Com* S
poiry Ever Organ teed. |
under tlie I'oreonal Dlrcc'lmiitt
Sfr. N.D. U01SKR.T3 1'nof'it aM? Manuke,
Tilt-Great I TIi? Only | The Ccnilinl
1'oi'ut.An I'kicrs?ScntMticmtrcd nt Wilson A Hot*
mer'w uiuricmata ??ttud uficc 'l uctdny, Noveiukr
!lst.at75o>.'iils ixi'S 1
TUESIt.IV K\ ?XIX?, NOV. Ss'lli.
JClie Only, Xlic OrttflmiU
WILL Al'l'K.lfi
riio Grand Comic Opera Coiiiiiaiiy,
From Timlin Theatre, New York,
Caul Hutu mans SJ?Ji**:fr.
H?e LargfKt and Most Completw Korean Orj;iii?!zi*
lioit In America,
[u the last and greu'Wit Kuropvan OiismthSinvr*!,
In Turt*: Acts, Ly .lulmnn sinuis
Tlio iv'jLorvy TV:i,r!
iVidi Orfj;IttfiI Oust anil Mine t.uree nml hmcifut
Choriutthul made 1W success In SVmv York.
l*ItlClv3.?l'Hrquet ajul brw Circle He- I
served Seals Sl.vft. Uullery, W) renin; KesmrtJ
scat# 75 cents. Sea It on m!e at WUmii iv Uaumei'i I
nusie t>tore, wile lo commence Saturday, November I
?th. """ 1
New York Dental Couijisuo'tf Oli'icPi
10v0 MAIN ST., tVHKEXf.VU,
During the pnst year Thousand* 0/ Ttrlli Imvu liren
t-xtraclf'} nl '& cans cjcii.
$8.??, S8'00,
fi*s civcn /or foinkw Kj tnr !fon 0! tfith. M) rt?
M?U5 bKA McCdUMK'K ,V liKU.
jQRS. Suetilsos i SON,
t-\ -m ~7\~r" m ~r c-i m c?
J-/ -CJ JLN J- ~L -i- -> 1
No. 1143 JJariet street. Wbeellu*, W. V?.
AllnimntUntm wamntM
.adies' Satchels & Pockelbcoks
Ever brought lo lo Ihe cJly, being bought for W.h
Prices always as low its consistent with quality of
LKlTIIKR GOOD3 ill KKHl variety ?!?"*)? '?
Wholesale and Ketnll Booksellers nil J SuttoMft
no21 1301 31 \UK KT STRKKT.
The largest slock anil best wwortmfnl I"
lie city.
Sold retail at wholesale prices by
Joseph Griivcs,
will la TU'KI.F I'll ST.
y> hen I tay euro I do not menu mcrulj* t? ?i?l'
iem for a time nnd then liavo tlicm leiurii W>";
mean a radical euro. I hive made tlicdlM.-n v oi
Jtf, KpJJej?j-orFai}J?ff/iJeVm,#*a llfeloHXHuu).
warrant my remedy to cure the wont c?h*. th-'
iusq other* bavo lalled in no rearoii for not no**
weiring n euro. Kc*?d at once lor * InMtiH.'*
ree IJottlcof my Infallible remedy. Give
m! rmthfllM*. 11 r<iK(?vnn r.nthililt for A trial,IK"
will euro you. Adtlrvi* "r. II. <(. ''OSJv
1H1 I'ml Sinrft. Sew
o ,t itvt:ti i tst:?t UftT'-h i/?r
tlxlm: In 1,<C0 eoi>4 newnwpeniwnt fr* * i
rwidZQ. K KOWKI.T, CO.. jOFigwrgfrUNJ:
. ew.p.p.f Ailnrtlilng Jlurm" IW fc""'TRKKTI,
WIlKHIJ Al>- tlEPMI VftDlf
iuvUemaavlycUlu IQbHB

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