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Drnvkh, Col., Aug. 29,1882,
Gum?I cannot tlnd words with which to
mpress my gratitude to you for the cure your
N wilt's Specific baa effected In my caso, I
wasnlHIcted with the hurrlble blood disease
lor three years, and after spending some time
ht the Hot Springs, considered my case a
hopeless one. I used only one dozen small
buttles of 8. 8.8., and there Is not aftlgn of the
disease remaining. My sores arc all healed,
Juy t)iroat|giy^yn of that
Is e nil rely terrible dtawt.ll;
1 HtDBfc m flfc IMonao, ltelng
a drug cleric, I have seen so many hundreds
of men dosed with Calomel, Iodide of Mer*
(Miry and Iodide of Potash, until they wore
made complete wrecks, that I shudder to
think of the misery which has been brought
on tho human family by the uao of Mercuiinl.i
for Hlood Diseases. It la a crying shame
that phyyiciuua will uot acknowledge tho
ineiit of your GRAND lllood JieUiclnu. Use
my name as you wish. I refer you to my
present eiuployera, or to iloasra. Collins
Urus., Bt. Louia. J. it. IUtr,
Broadway Pharmacy, Denver, Col.
If you doubt, coino to tee us, and we will CURK
YOU, or charge nothing I Write for particulars anil
aropy of tliulittle book, "Mea-ago to tlm Uuforlunate
SullorluK." Aak any DrusaUt u to our
ui) # 1,000 JU'wnnt will bo paid to any Clicm*
1st who will find, on analyst of 100 bottles of H.
?. ti., one particle of Mercury, Iodide of PotflHtlum,
or anv Mineral aubitance. 8WI FT SPECIFIC CO.,
Proprietors, Atlanta, (la.
l?rlec uf Hniiill Nlr.e, . 81 00
Lnrtet> Hlxv, > J 75
Tlie t>ci.l evidence of a physician's kucccmi Is tho tea- ?!
tlwoiiyof hi* patient#. TfioliicroiwiiiudutnHtKlsfor *
jay ptoli'tfiluurtl Rerviccs prove that 1 have dealt a
honorably and fairly with thorn who have consulted ~
jne. I never use a patient's liamu without j^nnisMou,
though I have many huudrodcertltlcatwi from
thowi whom I have cured alter tbvy had been pronounced
Incurable. A thorough medical education,
with many year* hospital experience and familiarity
wilh theranutlo agenta, a clobO observance of terniH.-rHmoutal
i>ecullHrltles and strict attention* to
hyKletilv lanmivineni Insure* nucctw*, 1/ euro Is
inhibit;. and 1 inmkly give thejmtlcut my oplniou.
JUUllUy UIIU 14?ti j^jncojKja mm lviiuuuiausui.?
Suffered Terribly.?"Nothing seemed to help mo;
could not net out of bed. Dr. Smith cured me."
" Wheeling, W. Va.
Catarrh, l'olypusof Isoso, Impaired Voice.?Suffered
for years; patent mediclno Jailed to help mo.
Dr. Smith completely cured inc.
of SpeUlel & Co., Wheeliug, W. Va.
DyKpepula and ulcerated Stomach.?'Treatment
for year* /ailed twelve me relief. Dr. Smith cured
me." TiiUAlAS HOLT,Insurance Agent.
Fits.?"Had them for fourteen years. Dr. Smith
cured me." LOU 13 F. WASHINGTON.
Scrofula. Running Sores on HcatL?"My Hon waa
afflicted for fourteen years. Nothing seemed to
lioiphfm. Dr. Smith cured him."
Marketstrect, Wheeling, W. Va.
Cancer.->"SufTered lor years with cancer. Had it
cnt out three times. It returned after each opera*
don. Dr. Smith cured mo without knife, cam tic or
Hlen, Fistula of Anus.?Flat of my back for 18
weeks. Rei-ortcd dying. Dr.8mlthcured mo without
knife, iu five weeks.
Wholesale Grocer, Main St., Wheeling, W, Va.
UloemtlouB of Rectum, Prolapsus and Piles.?
"Was given up to die and pronounced Incurable.
Dr. Smith cured mo without knife/'
Martin's Ferry.
Kev.n. O. Ladil writes:?"Dr.8mlth'sprofe?iioiittl
wrvices In my family havo been most sfttlsloctory
au<i 1 commend him to all as a gentleman aud a
skillful physician."
Mrs. Margaret Kolb says:?"I had been suffering
for soveu years and treated by many physicians for
dyspeittla. Dr. Smith said I had a tape-worm and
iu elgut hours removed a monster 1W feet long.' ;
Female Complaints.?Three years In hospitals for ?
/emalcs, give me peculiar ad vauw^es inwuclieaic*. r
l'eftons cured of caLirrh, diseases of heart, liver, E,
stomach, kidneys, skin, blood, nervous affections g
Mid weakuesM-'s of men and youth, scrofula and
milium testify to my success.
Piles cured without the knifo.
l'atleuta at a distant may be treated by letter aud
satisfaction guaranteed. A ehart for self examlua- lion
sent on receipt ol two three-cent stamps, aud
advice returned free.
Consultation at otflco free. Ofllce hours from 9 X.
M. to 7 P. dally. Call ou or address
1 v qifiTH u n
mT\2 No. 1117 Chapllne Ht. Wheeling.' W.' Va.
a J* Jk,
# //
Tito 0,000,000 Children
In tlie United Statci
Who Sulfur Tain,
"WHO Fret and Cry,
"Who Have Pule Frcm,
Who Jlave llail llreutb,
Should llsn tnuglillii's IViirm Sjrcp
The Clillil Who?? Hloop Is Disturbed,
The C'lilUt Who Wnkes In Terror,
The Chllil Wluwo Apju'tltc In Vornclom,
Tlio Chllil Whoso APIMtile Varies,
Tlio Child who Vwn Not ThrJr?.
Tho Chllil Who Ih lCiimclatocl,
The Clillil With Inlernul Irrlutloa,
Tho Child With Sallow Completion,
SlirtaM Uso Liiughliii's Worm Syraji
So DMe/vso Pa l>ani;erous At Worm*,
N'o Child Is Krefl From Them.
Th?*y Cnuse Dlsenso Tliftitmelves.
Th?y Aggravate Other Complalnta.
The (.'liild'o Cure When Teething!
infjot cordial
tlDfrKVS TUB GC1U6 ! Atxavs I'aik } llKrutcw
Mothers will linil It very valuable: theplillil will,
!'.<* rrlirtvii.uel iulmiumiu s!rn>,<iiuttrake 17)direrctimfor/aUn,
Wi' giiuranto#
muku Untie,ami will refund Uwinric" of every on*
hoi iIoIuk us represented, Sold by all drugglati.
Trlco 125c. per Bottle, j
IsipoHltlYo and effectual remedy lor all Nervous
nikkxuua l.> ntrnrv stnmi vnunir or nM.nmlol
or leinAlc; such as lmpotcncy, Prostration, Una of
b'trctwUi, liws of Vitality, Defective Memory, Impaired
Brain Power, mid Jisenacii from which an
tuumtutM uriut? of life spring*, all of which cannot
fnil t? undermine tho whole system. Every organ
Is weakened, every power prostrated, and many
/umiAOf(ll?t'?#e*regflaeruwu which,i/notcheckcd,
pave Uic way to an early death. It rojuvhiato# ago
*?d rciuvlgoratcs youth. K*4U pttckaao contains
mifllcleut for two weeks' treatment. Wptcforpam*
.pblet. which will bo sent free, with full flakJculars.
Sold 1>y all Driifajhla at 50 ccata a n?ix??o, or
Rwolve Mckasea for 85 00. WiU bo sent frt* by mail
on receipt of raouer, by addressing . ?
A enro guaranteed. Buffalo, N. Y.
lXV?i>N A CO., Whola*lo and Eotall Acenta,
J.vjECTiopf, ta ti voaltivo euro Tor alt DltrcbnreM.
b.inKltijr. nuuu-tine uj* PainfUi Bencatlon? or do
j? rihae? passages
H ra S ( O w bottle, for snlu by tJi //fueH
M ??ii!Rl5t*.or<MHtbvKxmr>an onr?J*
M * -U)ior i.rlc?, JOHN O. rAHK Ce SQN1J,
><B?r 17&and 177Syoriu?orot?U CJIKOINNA.TI,
>?ar OHIO, riounn mention tlil? yapi*. * *r *
Vor ??le by LOO AN' & CO.
l ?ta receiving the largest and finest stock of
<>wdJ?*ertT tiroujdH toJhJj city, and J guarantee
It to In jHtttf, jvhiph .w^J Ihj told cheap. Alto,
Krixtt*. Xuu and Christmas TtpeOrnameuut. Vine ?
filled twxw a spectajtr. I'aU on
' Tl^OS. F. HKY.MAN,
A hand-oine (trcMut will U? glttJJ lo Cfioh
fhuer ol Holiday Gaudy, '
rfi*. wqtfwa ^*60*
Vrv iSSEiiSd WiwJ
flofo wVl #**?? I'xlrncl il thn only
UHUalXIli i|HH-Iiro f<>r thin df?rM&
Colli tulfcad, Jro. Onr ' C'aliirrlif'iirr,"
ppclftlljr prtp"i*d to iii< ? ? c?-rluiiH c**m, Our
rtn?n! Ny riii|>?? Invuhmbl.i for lino In c?.
UrrhU fcflocttom, In uliiiplo mid Inexpensive,
Rheninatlsra. Heuralsia. r
ttou turn cured ?o many chki-m of tlicfo dll*
IriwJjjjf coiiijiUliilH uh tho
Htomucli, None, nr from any caw, la?pmll?
ly controlled ;uul utopped,
Dipbtberia aud Sore Tbroal.
promptly. It in a Bitro euro. Deluy U
For Pilri, niiiKl, nifcdinu or Ilclitag,
it i? (Ue uruaU iit Jtuiwu rvtuciiy. I
Caution,?POXD'S HXTHACT haa been im(.
tattd: The ptnuint /hi* the iivril.i "J'OMJ'S
HXTRA QV' blown in the gin**, unit our picture
trade-viark on *urrouiuliu<i lm/hrr<ij)/icr. ,Voii?
other it nenuiiw. Always ?n*(*t nil hnviwj
rQSD'HRXJ'HA CT. Take noother preparation.
It in never told in bulk or bymeaturr.
nrrctAi.TjrH a*o toilkt Annci.xjt.
POND'S EXTRACT 50c., $1-00, $1.75.
Toilet Croam 1.00 Catarrh Cure 75
Dentifrlco 50 Plaitec 25 4]
lip Salvo...'. 25 lnhalcr(Glas$ 50c.)1.00
Toilet S<wp(3 Cafcci). CO Naja)Sy/Jn#o 25 n
Ointment 50 Medicated Paper... 25
Family Syringe, $1.00. i,
Launch, read pa^m la, 18, 21 aud of our
>'?w lhnnjiblnt, which accompany each bottlo, ?
g^fir~ouu Ukw Pamphlet wrrit IfUTonr or u
OtT?l>KKfAIUTIO?HBjmTl'KEK0MAI,ri40Ayi0N tl
TO !
14 Wost 14th St., Now York.
Full litioof abovo preparations displayed
i one of Pond's KxtractCo.'a Show Casesand i,
)ld by Logan Co., 903 Slain Street, Wheel)g:
also byC.SJccnkeinocJIer, corner Market V
ml Twenty-sucondBtrecta, Centro Wheeling ^
A Positive Curo for all Femalo f
Complaints. |
Ladies' Tonic Is prepared by the Women'* Metlicaltn- y
* stitute of Iiuifilo, N. V., aiul lias been lived successfully i
by ladles for years. tl is it jure tare ("t #11 i-'ciiwie I
Complaints, Sickuiul N omnia Headache. Dyspepsia, and
all weaknesses caused by thoseIrregularities which tie
' to common to womankind. Thill* no I'atiHt Mtditim, t
but is prepared, alter yean of Capericnce, and rrtom* t
mended, knowing that ft will give new llfeto anybroken
down, worn out or over-worked member of Ibc tcx. I
Kr ou have tried other ttuieiliei without succest, do '
not be ducourngcit, butjjlvc "LADIES' TONIC" a 1'
tinclt trial. It tuiir/ailt to civctfwitAaml/frmJtttnl
relief. v
If you ate troubled with any wMknest or complaint :
common to our tex. lay aside the doctor's prescription 1
f^r once, and (ry "Ladies' ToniiVwhich we guarantee f
will positively ru^r you. OnwBottlo la SulUcient. .
Women's Medical Institute If an Association of ll'itet I
anil Meters of years' eipcrlcnic, vlio give advice anil ?
answer letters from lailiu./'rr. f
5500 will be kI*o '?r anycate of Female Weakness I
or inability which " Ladies' Tunic" will not cure. This
I* Is a ftnaJIJeoitci, made \>yreth>?tlble lullet who know U
from ex/trim't what "LADlliS' TONIC" can do, f
Send stamp fur circulars. 1
Sold by Druggists. Prico, tt.OO.
At wholcsalo nnd retail by ?
uolSluw LOGAN A CO.. Whct'llilK. W. VlL r
It comjMitod of Herbal and Jlucilntjiuous prod- {
HcU,?Hicijpt'i*i?cato thomihatmtco or the
Luiik'i espectorutea |he ncrld matter ,
that collcctd iu the Bruuchinl Tubes, nnd forms a U
nothing coating, which relieves the ir- g,
rltatlou that cnutit* tlio cough. It cleauin
the lung* of nil JmpiirltJen, Hirrnuthtua ,
them*vhcn enfeebled by dUeu?e, invl^r. ?(
ntcs thb clrcnUuou of tho blood, nn?l briiccuhc ti
nervous system. Slight cold* often etui In j.
consumption. It U dangerous to neglect ,
them. Apply tho remedy promptly. A K
tcstof twenty.yo:?rs warrants tho o^berlion that d
110 remedy lmtf ever been found that linn n
prompt in It-effect, as TUTT'S EXPECTORANT. "
A single done raises tlio phlegm. ttubduw ?
inflammation.aud its-iuc speedily curra themo?t U
obitinatccough. A pi easant cordlul, chll- q.
drei* talco It rradlly. For Croup It Is
Invaluable and Hhoulif bo In every fumily.
In 8.1r. nml Si Itottlr*. U1
tutt'S r; ;;
Cures OIiIIIm und i'ovei", l>y*i>ej>ylu, il
McklIeuduuhe,1Iilloiia Colic,t'onmljui- .t
tlou. UhtiumatlmiblHIcH, Palpitation of ;f
tlic Henri, imzkixicm, Torpid i.l vci\ niirt J"Fuiiuile
Iire?ulurhlcs. If you do not "feel W
very well," a lunula pill stiraiilnles theutomucli, J]
io?torca tlie iippotitc, impnrts vipur to tlio system. n<
lJu.Tirrr:?Dear Sin For ten years 1 hava lr
Ixhiii u martyr to J)y*pfp?ln,CVn?t?pation nml k
l'ilci. Lustspriug yoiirpillswt'rorccomracndeil
tomo; luiedtliem (butvithlittlofaith). lam P
uow n veil inun,havo pood appotite, dilation u
porfoct, reb'a'lir Blool*, liilpfl gono. ?nd I luivo ,,,
pained forty pounds solid Jlcsli, Tliey are worth .
tliclr w^irlit in pnld., 11
HEV. R.h. SDCPSOK, LciifsviHe, Ky. m
Ofllce. H5 Murrny St., IVon* York. ft
/ 1)11. Tt'TT'S IHANTAIj of UMcfulA
'Receipts PllKR ott
bngo.Ln.mo Back, Sprains and u
Braises, Asthma, Catarrh, ?
Coughs, Colds, Soro Throat, u
Diphtheria, Burns, Frost 0
Bites, Tooth, Ear, and Head- b
ache, an d all pains and ach os. Jj
Tlie tott internal ami citanial lainc.jy In the 1
wot'.i!. Urerjr bottle cu?ra?tecil. Bold by mulicina g
4xjhn eterywhete. Direction! la eijjht Ungiujti. ti
JVice jocentund ^
FOSTER, MlkOWRN&.C0., Prop'ri, J
' DUFP/.6?, K-V.,U.S.A. t'
'\ "For cramp oCih^ero'niich. collft dlar-M :
! rocca, or vomiting, lake WuiiVA,?? CSaBC?2\ 1
/ 'Torcouc^r-MIima, nt^uWats; Bhortf V ?
Ml! Of breath, tako WtHWU. DSM&vewinB * J
' >^>pri?rpnlo catarrh, bronchitis,pleurisy; \ |
f fiw.uitjiajpX ouy klnd?l'ruuxA. *' QB \ '
. 'I'EjicfjrA lt 4iie purest, moat prompt nntl >N t
/ cflciiat rauliclnu knovm tftcian. ?' peawkau \ (
/ "I'UHU.va ts Hifli Jws? VfpoU?r, V r
' tonic, flnost lnvisoriiior w-tlio*body*had ?
/ BlaO." IWWfCTmFWFBMM \ (
/ "If you enn't Bleep, tako l+awxxCll i i
I yemlf or worries! mentally, can't rest, taVo V
/ i'ua.v,/' iBEaagr^w.nvavmmi \ I
."{lftCO.wllUxj-jttliJ fortlio least Impurity or f J
/ ffilneralxiuipntayu/fcaucl/^'1' CSS \ \
> i^olfVffmrhrrp.' rorKmphlot,wr!te?n V .
I n; Jljrurj-.UAN i Co., biboru; Ohio. J '
/ If r?u w? riefc, fcU partly, cr In'any.vay \ f
f TCi^tow? ^ j
JwV J)y ?il ixuKgUU, " '
Sb I?MIfagmx. i
illlcnt Noi, siK null H7 FourtwMli Nlirrl.
l*K4INI>U?l).UAKi:itO!?ft^. t
1llkn mack ay iictchixion. ?
I anil tny eou?lti WllUdlr t
Auil toiMfil k |nit together, '
Uurni suck It wu tkiat Molly browed, \
Yot It wm nipping ? either. f
'Kore Ui'onte! To see Dick burs the wencb
Sot all the Inn folks laughing! '
They dubbed lilrn pearl oI cavalier* U
At klasluic and at quailing. ^
"Odd U*bl,' nay* Dick, "The fuu.'k In rare, \
And rurcljr bnrnt.fftlr Molly; 1
'Twould cure tlio nouiett Crop-ear yet ]
Of 1'loiiM Melancholy."
"Kgitdl" My* 1, "hero comelli one u
Hath been at'i prayers but lately." \
?Sooth, Maxtor l'MlMMJod-lJarebonea stepped H
Along the greets ivdatoly. # j
Dick Wlldulr, with a washing bow * I
And touch of lila Toledo.
Gavo merry Xmas to tlio roguu 1
And bade him wiv hU Credo. * F
And eke to pretty Molly? ?
'"Twill cure your M(QC]ltic?,"Myn Dick, ,
"Of riom Mwlaneholy." *
Then .Master ltarobn?en Mopped mid frowned, <
My heart Blood ft'lll ft minute. i
Think* J hoth Vick and 1 will tiHritf. J1
Or else tlni di'vJl'n In It! ' ii
For mo I care 'not for old Noll ?
Nor all the Hump touuther,
Vet, fultli! 'tU i)t'M to U? alive H
in pleaamt Xnnw wcuther, li
Ills wondilp, tiarebouev.Kilmly nmlled, f
"I Jove not blown nor brawling; J
Yet will 1 vivo thee, .'ool, ft pledjp'!'' V
And. xooka! hewtlDlck sprawling ,
When Moll and 1 Uolped Wllilulr up, u
No longer trim and Jolly? ?
"1'eel'nt not, sir Dick," wya aaucy Moll, I
"A Pious. Melancholy:"
hcrvoiiiliiic OlmtiiclcN itml Mnklni; {!
llcmluny. ll
cir York Tot t. ti
"People," said Major Eaton, "often come k
ere and want to know why tlio whole city r
r tlio down-town district, at least, is not 'I
otted with our lights. They do not realize c
tat in three years we'have done more for a
lie introduction of the electric light than 1<
lie gas compauiea did in the first fifteen a
earn toward tho introduction of gas. n
But notwithstanding our troubles the n
imps already put in have been supplied ii
jith electricity without a moment's break
(nee wo began to furnish light la8t Sepauiber.
In the middle of October we
. ere lighting eighty-live houses, containing J
,000 lamps. To-day wo are lighting 220 A
ouses with 5,0511 lamps, of which an aver- *
ge of 51,000 are in constant use. ..
"Wo have now begun to charge a fixed. J
trice for the light, our charge being at tho ?
ate of $2 for one hour's light equal to 2,000 h
audio power, or. to put it in a shape more si
asily understood at present, our charge for (]
ight is about equal to tho cost of gus at $2 b
thousand cubic feet AVe are puttiiig our P
ueter bottles in as fast as we can make and "
est them. 0
"The businessof putting isolated.plants Cl
ar electric lighting has gone on falter than
he introduction ot our public system be- c
ause one plant is only a repetition of anilher
nearly similar plant Wo have now
51 plants in the United States, einploying
0,102 lamps. The business began a year s
,nd a half ago, and since that time we r
mve not once failed to satisfy the pur- s
baser. Not one of our'plants lias been ii
liscontinued, but on the contrary fourteen o
dants have been increased?quadrupled
n certain ciieen. In ' this city the
'hurbers'store in Heads street, the Herald
tuilding, and the Times building are t
unong the well-known places where the *
it'ht i? fltrntahott nJnntc I:
"In Boston wo have 050 of our lumps in 0
he new Bijou Theatre. The footlights J
lave been clone away with, the lamps J
ringing the proscenium'nrcli and giving a
nore.beautiful light than was ever obtain- \
with gas. The actors are delighted with
t because the air in the house remains
omparativeiy pure. These lights can be t
urned up or down at will. The work of c
rntting in the boilers, dynamos, wires aud j
amps was done in thirteen days. The en- f
lines aud dynamos are in a buiidmg 500 g
eet away from the theatre."
'rotn (be Detroit Free Prow. 1
A tack is a jimple, unpretending sort of I
, young nail, noted for its keen repartee a
vhen pressed for a reply, and possessing a
he peculiar power, when standing on its
end, of causing the cold shivers to run J
own the back of a man in mere anticipa- v
ion of what might be. jj
Tacks are in season all the year round, tl
ut the early spring is usually the time -?
elected by them for a grand combined
ll'ort, aud then they flourish everywhere
)r at least a month. Since the inaugura- C
on 01 me unie-uonoreu ceremonies ol a
ouse-eleaning, every thorough liouseeeper,
with long experience in the line of
uty, so takes up the carpet as to retain all s*
le tacks in their original places, thus pre- cl
anting it slipping from the shaker's hands,
nless the tack breaks or his lingers give
ut But the triumph of the tack is not ai
implete at this early stage; it patiently G
bides its time, and on the relaying of the 1?
irpet issues forth with double force. Af- ft
>r searching the whole house for a paper ?
f tacks, without success, the unfortunate
lan drops on his hands and knees to hein,
and immediately discovers four tacks
t least, and as he rolls over aud sits down \\
? extract these, finds the rest of the paper b
nmediately under him, and unless he is
man accustomed to put up stoves and
)in stovepipes, the chances of laying the -A
irpet on that evening are slight, hi
a selecting u tack from a Baucer he
[ways inspects the points with
is fore linger, as the tack
istantly loses its head when they come to
lows. In argument the tack is sharp and
ointcd, but the display of either or both ^
epends largely on the amount of pressure >?.
mployed liy its opponent. Iu direct eon- di
"list to a good joke the amusement generlly
begins before you sco the point, ami
lis fact is easily demonstrated by walking G
jo floor in your stocking feet, a well-kept C
join on such an occasion averaging two
icks to the square foot. " "
The future of the tack gives great prom50
of more extended usefulness and un- .
inited possibilities, as several of our most
tninent college professors, haviug care- "
illy studied the efleet of a sharp tack Qf
iasonable length placed properly in a a,
hair or under a eot, are about to intro- f j
uce tackB and do away with spring-boards >
1 our college gymnasiums.
Wanted?lint h. 81
irciJifa, (N'cv.r Enterprise. 11
Old miners have great respect for rats of P
le lower levels. They neither kill tho '1!
its nor suiier them to be killed by green
ands. In tho first place, where there is
0 other reason, a uead rat left under- ?
round would scent tho whole level, and, ^
1 the second place, tho living rats devour u
ny bones, scraps of meat, or fragments of
ther food left in the mines, which would,
y their decay, vitiate the air, generally ?"
,ot and unpleasant at best, Rats also gjvo w
earning when a cave is about to occur. 01
'hey feel tho pressure of the settling ?]
round even before the cracking of the 1
imberB is heard, and come forth upon the
oors and scamper uneasily about by j,
lie scores. lror these and other reasons ri
tie miners have a friendly feeling toward tc
be rats, feeding and protecting them, si
n nearly everv miue the men have ouo fa
r pioi'c of the little animals as
lets, and these1 are quite tame, coming out
?f their holes to be fed at lijnch time. t.
VJjcp rjits poino into a new ilnft or crossut
it is uopp'niered >1 good pign?js thought c
o mean that the mep will ptribe ore, The
>tber day, wbilo the men were &t work in h
he face of the new west crosscut on the 8
!,70O level of the Sierra Nevada Mine, a
at pame jp to them, traveling along the 8
ine 01 w> pouwe^efj mr-junc. come ot
ho now hutids wanted Ip |t|l! it, l?it tlie '
ild miners would uot allow it to be hilrt.
riiey said it would briug luck to tho cross
;uf, So they fixed up in Hie roof of the J
Ifi t a fjpit Its ? bouse for tho rat and a
jiaced (ood ni.'M i)t |)npd. in orilcr that it t
nicht find it* new ijuartohi j)|-oDtablo ?s "
* 011 us comfortable. There Is much talk
miong tho minora about tho coining of
:h$f fjt. and the men on tho new crosscut
ire .very proim o! it, and have high hopes
jp account o! its pfeaepep. l}'p I'nto tho
map jvho shall intentfopally {fill that
Sjoff-a jyoyadftriit.
flop Spro/ulii,'pneuijiiitisiii, Mprcufial ,
Poiwp, twd nil hlmi dm?i, w|f o S, ,s, s,
riit- Prncllcnl. Value or Okcmi* Wlldc'*
"Jcr#l?nd Lender.
The Inte (esthetic craze may lead to wine
roo?l results, as regards this hud flower ml.
nirer. It is only a lew years tflnce we found
i substitute in the cotton seed of the South
or linseed meal. As the demand for the
southern 6eed is constantly growing and
ve are dependent upon the. ?South for our
iiipply, ft follows, that increased prices nro
iniiiinent in tho near future. It may neem
i trifle odd to aw*ert that in tlio hud flower
ve have plant equally as uervicable. Let
w look at It. It can be grown iu any
ocation that Indian com flourishes,
t will yield more flood than corn
iud the uses it can he puttouro more than
aried, In the west its stalks have been
uccessfully used as fuel. Iti the east its
Daves have been mixed with tobacco and
uauufactured into cigars, and it is claimed
hut the llavor of tho weed lias been imiroved
thereby, certainly it render# tho
veeif less harmful. Stoclc rellah the leavoa
ml eat tbo seed when ground. Kvervono
:nowH the uOectlon chickens ovinco tor It.
)ne bushel of seed will yield a gallon of
ill scarcely inferior to the beat olive, iu
act the olive oil of commerce
i now largely adulterated with
t. It can be used as a subtituto
for linseed or cottonseed meal for
ny purpose that they are applied to. In
ueding stock, however, experience has
irovcd that the best results are obtained
k'here it is mixed with other meals. More |
an NtilJ be said of it, the flowers of the i
untlowca makes a good dye, and the busy
ivu buukb iiiuui ior uiuir uouoy auu wax. ,
i good eoap can bo rnado from the oil,
lie stalks produce a fine iibro that in
tilized by working in silk. It is easily
rown, un important consideration in
la favor. With this plant at our command
tie cotton seed and oil of the South can bo
ept within reasonable }>rice iu the future,
irovidud the farmers utilise this plant,
'lie farming community nro slow in accpting
new ideas, and it is well that they
re, to a certain degree, or they would bo
id away by many erroneous theories. In
dvocating the claims of this plant wo do
ot claim to have discovered anything :
ew, but the lino of our thought is that it <
i a good thing to test. 1
A Sure Cure for I'IIcn. :
A sure cure for Blind, Weeding,Itching and
Ucerated Piles has been discovered by Dr. i
Villiam, (an Indian remedy) called Dr. Wil- .
am's Indian Ointment. A single box has <
urcd the worst chronic cases of twenty-live ;
ears standing. No one need sutler live min- '
tea after applying this wonderful soothing i
ledicine. Lotions and instruments do more
arm than good. William's Ointment ab- j
Drbs the tumors, allays the intense itching,
particularly ut night after getting warm in
cd,) acts as a poultice, gives instant and
ainless relief, and is prepared only for Piles, i
iching of the privato parts, and for nothing
ise.j ,
For sale by all druggists anil mailed on reeut
of price, $100.
For sale by J. F. Shirk, Logan it Co., also
lhas. Moenkemoeller, Wheeling, and 11. K..
lcConahey, Bridgeport, 0. daw
Health journals my that to retain n i
ound constitution a man must lie on the '
ightside. Yes, but which is the right
iue? Every lawyer, preacher and editor ,
a tho country thinks the side ho is lying
n is the right one. 1
"JLjmJIcm Tonic." ,
The Great Female Remedy is prepared by
he Women's Medical Institute of Builalo ,
f. Y., and is their favorite prescription foi
adies who are suffering from any weakness
r complaints common to the sex. It is
old by druggists at $1.00 per bottle. Ladies
an obtain advice free. Send stamp for
lames of those who have been cured.
At wholesale and retail by Logan & Co.,
Vhceling, w. va. daw
The Italians have gone into the cretnaion
business more extensively than any
ither Nation. An Italian widower, who is
>ermitted by custom to marry again in a
ew weeks, can't bother to keep anybody's
rave green.
XcrvotiM Dcbltlfv
When all other remedies fail Da. Fiuzier'b
Ioot IiixTEUK will cure General Debility,
.oss of Appetite, Dyspepsia, and all diseases !
rising from a Disordered Stomach, Liver
nd Kidneys.
"For several months I have been afllicted
,-ith Fever and Ague. For weeks at a time
was confined to the house, my suffering j
fas intense. I could lind no relief uutil 1 i
eard of your lioot JJitfers. I have taken '
ue Root Bitters for two weeks and they have j
astored me to my former health.
John llo land, Cleveland, 0.
lor sale by J. F. Shirk, Logan it Co., also 1
has. Jloenkemoellcr, Wheeling, and 1L K. j
tcConahey, BridgeporL daw i
A "pibe eater's" implements are like a j
>fa, because they belong to the funny- c
newer. " " j
Mtin DlHi'iiHRftCnrcti,
By Dr. Fkazier's Magic Oixtmkat. Cures s
i if by magic, Pimples, Black Heads or i
rubs, Blotches, and Eruptions on the Face, I
laving the skin clear, healthy, and beau till.
Also cures Itch, Salt Jtheuiu, Sore 1
les, Bore Lips, Old, Obstinate Ulcera and ?
ares, etc. j
Sold by all druggists and mailed on re- *
jipt of price, ?0 cents. :
J. F. Shirk-and Logan it Co., Agents at 1
Wheeling, and lL K. McCouahey, Agent at ?
ridgeport. daw 5
"What is sweeter than taffy?" asked J
ngeliue of Augustus. "My sweetheart,"
e replied, and she believed him. \
"FJisI n cough, carried me o/J' ?
Ami then aeoilln they carried me oft' In!" <
This will not be your epitaph if yon take *
Diir cough and Dr. It. V. Pierce's "Golden *
ledical Discovery" in time. I?. fa f/>f
cak lungs, spitting of blood, nigfit sweats >
m tbe early stages of consumption. By all *
ruggists. mtIjah* <
"You have lovely teeth, Ethel./ "Yes,
eorge," she fondly lisped; "they were a ?
hristmas present from Aunt Grace." 1
[orNfonl'g Aeid i*ho*i?hule ill WchkIcU- j
Prof. Adolph Ott, New York, says: "t used J
, for seasickness, among the passengers, dur- '
ig a passage across the Atlantic. In tlie {
lurality of cases, I saw the violent syiupmis
yield, which characterize that disease, <
ud gave way to a healthful action of the l
motions impaired."
"You are weak," said a woman to her
)n, who was remonstrating against her 1
larryinj? again. "Yes, mother," ho re- 1
lied, "I am so weak that I can't go a.step- ,
Tbiit lliMbuiiil of. JIliio *
i three times the man he was before he liein
using "Wells* Health Henewer." $1. ,
ruggists. 1
Glass napkins can now be had for $75 J
ur dozen, which is a fall of $25 in six *
eeks. However, the old way of wiping ]
ft* your chin with your plate is good
lough for winter weather.?-Ddroil Free
If>m?ioENT parents who allow their cbil- <
ren to eat heartily of high-Beasoned food, j
ch pies,.cake, Ac., will have to use Hop Bit; J
:rs to prevent indigestion, sleepless nights, ,
ckne?s, pain, and, perhaps, death. Ko
,raily is safe without them in the house. 1
"Hackmetack," a lasting and fragrant per- i
ime. Price '25 and50 cents. I
Suiloh's Cure will immediately relieve
roup, Whooping cough and Bronchitis. |
Foa DvuricrsiA and Liver Complaint, you
avB a printed guarantee on every bottloof ,
hiloh'a Yitallaer. It never falls to ciijre.
A Nasal Injector free with each bottle of
hiloh'a Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents.
Bold by E. Booking, agent, under Odd Tel- 1
jw'a Hall, and by 11. H. List, 1010 Main
Go to your druggist for Mrs. Freeman's
few National Dyea. For bright new a*ul dtir- ,
Klllt,r ??. n.l ?
W. w.w. UUVUUB1CU. vuiur ITU III
wo to live pounds. Directions in English
nd German. Price 15 nenta. daw
Hpui lurtar 1? dUpaie (iii^denth
Not only 16 ilio teeth, lint breath;
It taluuthe mouth, and (oourmu lo
Give* ft most Rhantly tlnce the while.
Hut If we've ssozodont close by,
We may Its worst asMtulu defy.
^ TrjiMW
VV|iy bp weak 1 Why not be liBillliy.robiisU
Mid ?lr.ontfj by Broum's (rop {Jitters?
K(in Toils Moiiaj unci Stock*.
Nxw York, Dwcxabcr|7(J.~Moner 6?; per cent,
dtocd 4aA per nrnt Prime jaorcantilo piper 6as per
nimt. fii'irlimi Exchange bankcni bills 91 84J<;
demand li 84)f.
Qov??NM?Hii?Weak and 14 |>erct>nt lower for On,
}i |*er cent lower for 4^? registered and 4a coupon,
biu unchanged for its and 4%1 coupon ami 4s registered.
U.S. 3a 103U LeUigh A Wltt?U..JOOK
U. 8. 6a, C*teud?l....iu:i^ 8t. I'. A 8. C. Units..... 112
U, 8.4w,ioupoui...li:i U. I'.bonds, flraUu....U0%
U. 8. 4?,C0UlH)iia?..,.l2t)^ U, P. Land (?wnt*....J)(H-?
Ptclflc w of 9J 129 U. I'. sinking fund?l 17)$
Ccutrnl Pacific flnbUiffk Texas Pao laud kta?.? 67
Erlo seconds. fiflft do. Klo Grand illv.^. 82
IUilboai) BoNM-Ovnernlly weak.
Htatk Krcumiuks?Ir/vgular on a moderate
volume of buxluesa,
Louisiana cornels.... CJ (Virginia Us iw
Mk-ourtCi. ...112 IVlrvlnlaconwla, ex*
Bt. Joseph 1W | tm mat. coupon*.- 015?
Tennessee Us..,,,,,.,,,.., 4% Virginia deferred... IJ}i
Tennessee to. new.** 41 | Kx. dlv.
Stocks-TIio net result of the forenoou'a business
in the stock market was a fractional decliuo on the
general list from last night's closing price* At tho
opening prices \vemX*i>H percent lower than last
night, but were stronger during tbe next tlftccn
minutes. From U::ki to 12, the market was heavy,
the Kpeclal feature being Delaware, Lackawauna A
Western, which declined percent to 1'27K. During
the next half hour the market was com paw
lively steady. Tho general result of tho hour and
ii half following showed little change of prices,
though the tcudcucy wan a low range, hi the last
hour tbe market was strong and the net result was
an advance of to 1}{ per emit, pud on many
Blocks thehlghcMl prices of the day wcro made. Tho
mom *ctlvo were Denver, Delaware, Lackawanna A
Western, Western Union ami Union I'nclflf. nil of
whlflh wereHronif lulho llunl dcaliMu. Mutual
Union Telegraph ad van owl to 25 from lix.
Ailam* F.xprew........l34 NmIi. & Chat
American KxpreM... ?l New Jersey UctiL 70
Canada ,Southern 67ft Northern Pacific 40
CJ. c. A I. C.... .. 3k do. preferred Wii
Leutrnl 1'acltle sqk Northwestern ?.137;?
Lhwaiteako A Oido? do. preferred 154
do. 1st preferred.... 33 New York Ctmtral...l2S
do. 2d preferred 21 Ohio Central l?k
C., C., C. AI .. 81 Ohio A Mlsm nvf,
Denver A R. (I 40 ilo. preferred - IK)
*M? SUk Pacific Mall ?
do. preferred 86^ Pitubuwh '
tort Wayne...- 13IS lU-adliiK .. 62ft
Uau. A .St. Joseph.... 4ft dt. k * 8. K...? 3J
do. preferred 77k do. preferred 60
Kah.ua a I'Adiic. 83k St. 1'aul ...K/7k
|*ko Krlo AW .. 30% do. preferred- 121k
Lake Shore 110% Texas i'aclllc 40k
Louisville A Nft*h... fl3>i Union I'aclllc 102k
L. 2S. A. A 0 03 United Hiatus lix CO
M. A (J. lnt pref M,.?. 10 \V? St. h. A J'. &>k
do. 2d pref'd 5k do. preferred 64$?
Uau. A Cha* 44 Welto, Ka^o Ex......?12?
Michigan Central 110k Wcatorn Union- 81
Mo. I'uciflc. 102k *Kx. dlv.
New Yojoc. December 27.-Cotton quiet At 10k?
10,-16c: futures steady. Flour, uncimnKcd; re
selnu 46,490 liAntla: exports 5,600 barrels. Wheat
cash lota linn at a Might advance; options opened
better, but afterwaids declined %a^?u. closing dull;
receipts 5,600 bushels; export* 12,100 bushels; No, 2
mrlnir luniilnul* unirriutoil whiti,* . ?,? ?nu...ci inly. .
iteamer No. :i red Wc: No. :i rod SI WU: steamer
So. 2 rcil SI (W; No. 2 tod SlOiggri lift: un- i
graded while O&aSl 12%: steamer No. 2 S7?^a87%c:
No. 1 whito nominal: Ne. 2 red December. sales <
12,000 bushel* al 51 OJftal OOtf, closing at SI 09ft; c
January sales 110.000 bushels at SI Qy%al iOV?, closing t
it 810"% February sales 401,000 hush- 1
els at H1554 all'.% closing at 811154c. "
Cora unsettled und Xtil^c lower;
March &%c; January 6t } *(!, closing ut C3^c. Oat#.
%nVhe lower; receipts 17.W0 bushels: exjiorts 077
bushels; western mixed 44a47c; white western 4Ga
JOc. Hay ilrrn nt OOaCSc. llojis, dull and nominal.
Coffee, quiet and unchanged. Molasses dttll and
weaker ut -JOaADc SiiL'sr, dull and cutler: fitlr to
zood rellninc ij%a7}i,e. Ulcc quiet and steady.
iVtrolenm?United 70c; crude ii%a7%c; refined
7J^*"Ke. Tallow, quiet and steady at 7}i,a{'C. Uosln
ilull and easier at 81 C2>$al 72%. Turpentine, quiet
and firm at 67){e, JIrks, western fresh linn; /or
(roh good to prime 27a2Sc. Leather, steadily held;
hetn leek solo 2lc. Wool, dull and nominal: domes- .
ticlleecc :i2alttc; pulled 18a40c; unwashed 12a3le;
Tesas italic. J'ork, steady and firm ut SIS75. beef,
HUlet and steady. Cut meats, dull and nominal;
long clear Ul)?c*y55i;. Lard, lower, prime steam
Ji0 7GalU80. llutter, dull and weale at 17atlc.
L'beese, demand fair and market firm; western llat
Chicago, December .27.?Flour dull and un*
changed. Wheat In fair demaud, but al lower rates
regular 72%c December and year; 53c January;
nine February; W^aDDjie May; No. 2 red wittier IMc; .
So. 2 Chicago spring itejjfe; No. 3 Chicago sprint; 76c;
rejected GOiuilc. Coruaeilve, but weak and lower
?l 57%c cash; 37^ia571<Ie year. IvKiU'J^e January;
l9/?al'JXe February: M%a52J?c May; rejected 35c.
Oats unsettled at 3'.t%c cash: 40c Dtcemoer; :i5%c
January: 85%c February; :;okc May. Uyceutler at
57kc. Barley steady and nncnatiged at 80c. FlaxveoJ
shatter at SI 27ul 18. Dressed Iio?h firmer, hut
no higher. Dutter active, but weak and lower.
Eggs unchanged. Fork active, but a shade lower at
?t7 20al7 25 cash: 317 20al7 50 Jatntnry: 517 32}$a
17 85 February:S17 -I5al7 47% March. I.ard fairly active
and a shade higher ut $10 42kal<M5 cash arid .
January: 810 52%al0 55 February; S10 G2j<iU0 05
March.' Hulk meats, stronger. shouldeis 50 00: short
nh S'JOO: short clcar S'j 30. Whisky, steady and uneliamred
at S116. CTaII?U'lmut -ubi..- -
er, except Februaty, which declined kn^c. Com,
active at 51%o year: 69%c Jauuary; 45>>io hebruary;
62%a52c May. Onus, easier, dccHueu %c. Poflr,
easier, but not quotably lower, except January,
which declined2}?e. Lard, easier, but not quotably
baltimokk,Decetuber27.?Flour, dull audsteady.
Wheat, we*tern steady and quiet; No. 2 wluter red .
siH)t 81 OT^al December 81 07%ul 08; January
31 iiSal 0dk; February 81 lOal 10>5: March 81 U^a
112. Cora, western stendy and qulel; mixed ?>ot
M^easked: new Whittle; ycar63M;c; January 61^
iiCl^e: February GlatilJ^c. March (H^aGlJSe: steam*
er 00c bid. Oats, easier, but with more luqulry;
western white IGa-tSc; mixed 41al5e: Pennsylvania
it it Sc. Rye, a shade better at G5aGGc. Hay, steady.
Provisions, steady and quiet; mefs pork St'J 25; bulk
meals-, shoulders aud clear rib sides jiacked ?s 00a
10 25; bacon shoulders s3 *J5; clear rib sides 811 75;
iiams 81100al5 00. Ijvrd, rellned SL1 "5. Gutter,
llrm; western jmeked and roll 22a2iic. Hugs, lower; "
'resit 2S<i2Vc; limed 2la2ic. Petroleum. tinner: ruined
7a7}?c. Cotl'ee, firm at Sugar, dull.
kVhlsiy, steady and quiet at St lS.il 18%.
Chicago. December 27.?'The Dtqvct'm Journal re*
Ifogs-Kecelpts 84,000head; shipments 1,100 head.
Market f-ilrly active eany, but closed 5al0c lower,
nixed 85 DOiU 15: heavy S3 90a5 70; Unlit 85 50a0 20.
Sheep dull and drooping at S3 75a3 -10.
Cattle?Kecelpts 0,500 head; shipments 1,800 "
if ad. Market dull and 10al5c lower; liberal re*
iclpta anticipated; prlmeSGu0aC50; goodtocholco hipping
S57!'uOOO;common to falrSl 00a5 00; butch* I
r's dull and 10c lower at 32 25at 15; stackers 8310a I
12o; supply fairly cleured.
Sheep?Receipts 1, COO head; shipments 800 head;
low, weak and a shade lower; quality very poor;
ommou to lidr82 57aH 50; medium to good $3 60a
, 00; choice to extra St 00a4 75.
Toledo, o.. December 27.?Wheat, quiet; No. 2
ed spot 'J7c; December or year VGUe ?dd; Jarnrtry
9<2<c; Februarv mste M.iro?. fit <v- m.?? ?i nw/
torn, quiet ami steady; No. 2 spot 5G%c; year &5Vs?j:
anuary 5'?%e; MavKtcbld. Oats, steady; No. 2
pot I'JWc: Uecembcr or year 42c; January :t7^c;
Jay 38 kc bid. Closed?Wheat, dull: No. red spot
December or year %c bid; January 07!<c; February
"JUc: March 5i00alQ0& bid; April M0% .May
?l U5J^. Com, quiet; No. 2 si>ot held at hoc; year
i!#: old; January 51&C; February held at 51%:; May
i'ic bid. Oats, dull; No. 2 spot or year 4Uo bid;
'antiary arc bid; May 3Sc bid. t
I'iiiLAiiKi.riiu, December 27.?Flour nominally l
mchunged. Rye Hour dull. Hurley steady at g
!3 Sl'/j. Wheat quiet; No. 1 red elevator 8110; De:ember
81 OSul VJ; Janusry Si CM W'f; February illG$?all(%
Corn, December options advanced
>%c, later mouths dull; %n%c lower; local lota
itroimer; steamer 62a63c; No. 8, yellow GCc; sail mixid
and yellow 72u75o rejected; February 67c; sail
nixed December 74a75c; January 6'.K>Ja62i^c; Feb nary
61%c. Oats quiet; No. 3 while 47a473^c; No. 2
vlilte 4Sa48}{c; No. 1 white 49c. Provisions steady;
new pork, quiet and unchanged. Butter In Rood
lematid and tlrm. Eggs steady and unchauged.
Petroleum dull at 7c.
CtKCiKKitr, Dccember27.?Cotton In fair demand
il9%c. Flour quiet and unchungcd. Wheat easier
it?J5a(JGc. Corn ut^eltlcd sud lower; No. 2 mixed
lomltial at 51c; spot 8l%a53c; December or year
2^c; January y laltfc. Outs active but lower at :Wa
10c. steady with a fair demand at 62>?e- liar- .
ey In lair demand; extra Nos 3 fall held lit 7.ia7fW'
rone 317 Man BO. Ijvid active, at S17*-13. Hulk
neats dull aud nominal; shouldets $G 50; clear rib
IS 75. Bacon, quiet oud uuehauued. Whisky In
;ood demand ami /hiii ttt SI 11. butter, quiet and
KiST l.iukitty, Pa., December 27.?Cattle?Rewlpus
102 head; prime $C OOaG 25; fair to irood 80 50*1 "
i 8u; commou. $-100a I 75. 1
Jlogs?lU'celnu S00 Jiead. Market active; Phi la- \
lelphlas 86 4i)afi CO; Baltlmorcs {G '25aG 80; tine
I'orkcrsJG OOutt 20.
Sheep?Receipts 800 lu>ad. Market very flow; C
prime it 75a5 00; (air to uood S I 53; common 82 50
ill 00. .
New Oruak'a* December 27.?Coflee strong hikI
dgher; Hlo cargoes, common to good common 5a
iS^c. .SUKnr, Inferior common to good commou
^i5JhC;lrtlr to fully fair GaGJ^c; yellow clarified'a
'W, granulated S}(fi. Slolttn-iCt, tcutrffugal 21c.
Titusvh.i.k, Ta., Dcccmbcr i7.?Petroleum?Oil
)pcnctt at753{c; highest 77%c; lowest "ib%c\ closed
it 70S?c; shipments 57.07S tmrrcls; charters 07,202
jarrels: runs 87.1^1 barrels.
J'rrrsmntou, Pa., December 27.?Petroleum quiet _
mtllrmer,United certificatesclosed ?t7G%c; rettned
%h7^c for Philadelphia delivery.
Cincinnati, December 27.?l.lve Hogs, 11 rm; comnou
8o25uG20; packing and butchers' {G15aG -JO,
Thk genuine Sakatoha High Rock Spuing
Watkk, for sale by all druggists by the dozill,
bottle or gallon. Address all orders to
he High Rock Spring Co., Saratoga Srings,
ST. Y.
J. F. Shirk and Logan it Co., Agents at Wheeling;
and R. K. McConahev. Acent at I
[JridgeporL D4W |
The Rev. Geo. h. Tuayer, of Bourbon,
Lnd., sava: 4,Both myself and wife owe our
lives to Saitoh's Consumption Cure."
Are you made miserable by Indigestion,
Constipation, Dizziness, Loss of Appetite,
Yellow Skin y Shiloh'a VitalUer is a positive
Why will y'oo cough when 8hiloh's Cure will
give immediate relief. Price 10 cts.. 50
els. and
Shilou'b Catarrh Remedy?a positive cure
for Catarrh, Diphtheria and Canker Mouth.
Sold by & Booking, agent, under Odd Fellow's
Hall, and by R. H. List, 1010 Main
Plij'Nlcnl Nuirvriiii;.
No one can realize, except by personal experience,
the anguish of mind and body en- .
dured by sutrerers from dyspepsia, indigestion,
constipation, and other diseases of the
stomach. Burdock, lllood Bitters are a posl* ,
tire cure for this direst ot all diseases. trice i
$L 00. , ww i
"Why suffer from a state of 111 health ? "Why
be troubled with dy>j>epsia ? Browu'n Iron ,
Slttcni wi|i pvhp yoi,. piw
TIiIb remedy will net in li arm out with tlio Pernio
tyrtttin nt All tlrncn, titnl alto Immeillntolf
uj?oii tli? kbdoiulual anil uterlno uiimclo*. undfe
tors thotn to & boaltliy ami atrong condition.
Dr. MnrcliWaUterlnoCathollcon vrlll euro fallInyj
of tho womb, Leucorrhrco,'.Chronic Jnflamnia*
tlon aud Ulceration of tbu ?Vomb* Incidental
Hemorrhage or Flooding, Falnful, Bupprciaed
aud Irregular Monatruatron, Kidney Complaint,
lUrreuneBS uml li especially adapted to the change
of life. Hond for pamphlet true. AUIuttoraof
Inquiry freely answered. Address aa alK>ve. P*??r
ante by all drupglata. Ne>*iil*.o 81 perliottl^
OUUi/.o 81.30. Bo euro and ask for Dr. Mur*
chlsl'n UtoiluoCathollcoa. Takauootlicr.
Wlinloaalo aud Retail by
LOO AS <fc 00.
Hop. Dittm nro tin; INirost nml Uest
Hitters Ever iMude. ,
They ora compounded from Hops, Malt, lhichu,
Mandrake and Dandelion*?tho oldest, best, mid
Host valuable tnedlclncs la the world and contain ]
ill tho bj?t and nostctirutlvu propcrllmof all other
;enictUen, being tlm greatest Blood l'urlllcr. Liver
Itegulator, ami Life and Health Restoring Aceril on
artli. Nod'.??useor 111 health can powdbly Ion#
,'XlKt where tbctiiUllleM arc used, m vailed and
perfect are their operation**. 1
They Rlvo new life and viiror to the a Red and In- '
Irni. TorH wIiomj employments eAUsoirreguhnlty
>1 tho bowels or urinary orjratis, or who require an
XpetUT, Tonic and mild stimulant, Hop Rltter*
ire invaluable. being nlghly ctyntlve, tonic and
>tlii\ul?tlt)K, Without Intoxicating.
So mutter want your /cellnp or symptoms are, 1
ivlutiihodUeaw or ailment in, umi Hop Ulttcri. ?
Don't wait until you are sick, but if you only feci
jiuI or miserable, use Hop Bitters at once. It way
tavo your life. Hundreds have been saved by so
loin*. 8500 will bo paid for a aw they will vol l
. moor help. J
Do uet buffer or let vour frieuds suffer, but use \
nd urge them to use Hop Bitter*.
Kt-membcr, Hop Hitter* Is no vile, drugged,
Jrunkeunostrum, buttlie Purest and Best Modi* i
lino over inado; the ."Invalid's Friend and Hope," I
md no person or family should be without them. I
fry the Hitters to duy. duU-TThMW |
_ 1
Munn. fit Mlim Ihinct',
CURES AND Alrolioilmi.Opium ilul
, ttitr. Hix-nimiorrluuii.
\h Hcmlnal AVtukticw. lm ^
\>i ..A )*)Uncy.Syii!illl%K<'ivf.
Yck IBM n'aaaii nil Ntrvtuicnwl I
Wv VT llIooilUiM-artn. To Or
Kynun. Uwyt'.n, LiterFai!8#er??
. nryMcti. Mi-n-luintw. 1
HHBUrc&Splfcr Hunku*, l.mlU" iuuI h!1
?>??" Hilrtiwry emAiSSjftv
I iitin Iinini- ^
/ajrVykvJ I litrll!i*!< of tint blood,
V*^ \\ I 't'imacli, Itoivi-U or
Sh quliv a iii'trutonic, np*
Yfl xHrxi!iia\ ivtlwr or Htliniilmt.
! I. liivuliinlili' Tlumshfc
NEVER FAILS. ??i S'.'t SSUf'fll In.'"
"-"tirlHnrs St. ilo?
OH'fj ClitniUU ami Hot* I'rop't *t
Vounr Mm auJ othcn *ho auDcf
from N>rvuu< euJ l'lij?le?l Dibil* i
Ity. Kihaunloa ?o4
their nunr (loom/ CoiwqueMM,
tlo quickljr ami radically ctjrtd. I
- Tfc? Remedy U |>ut up lu boid. So. I (lattluK ? nwctb), 93,
N?.a (e ?u*h to effect? rur?, uolr.i tn t***rn ??? ?,1 05t No.I
'luulacttirro month*), ft. Scot tij matt lu plain ?r?pi?r?.
lllrrrllnnt fur lilng arruni|<MB7 rirti Jlui. l'ain|>Met dctrrl- I
bins Uil* vll?ea?e aud mode ot euro wu M-tld ou application
mr ?KEBl
i?nt c on c niiuc
A favorite. prescription of one of tho
moat noted ami Biiccwsful nwclallits In thu U.S.
(How retired} for th??ctir??orXrrtoii* itrMlity.
I<o*t jriinliooit.trraT,>tcnHHU'\ Jtrcuu> Sen*
InplKinHt'fttiHJcnveloin'/i'tf*'. Uruggiataum ulUC. <
Addreat OR. WARD & CO.. LouiiUna. Mo.
Coum\T^TUTmmo .
il-BU \ la
long ?xi?rletiee in curlnc?IUeftM> or the ltlood. fikln und
llonc*.?>ervoti? J>cMlltj. 1 in potency) drirMiild I
ucakncM, lionorrhirat hjrnhlllUu and Mcrvarlnl
AUrcllona ?t>ccIolly ircutrd on acltnUlla principle!, I
?llt? ?af? and iiiig rctuedlei. Call or wrlle for Llit of Ijorc 1
tloua t? Iw anivrcrrd by tboic <tr?lrlng treatment by null, \
<\'r hum tattering frura llupturt hunld ?rnd their ad J mi, A
and Iraratomrllilng to tlielr ailianlagr. It l? nut a (ruu.J
-tddrcaa, 1>1L HUTT#, 1 li ?. 8lU St., 8U UttU, Ho.
Kprfiillly r?>?torc() hr th? tiio of Vltaliur JV#uf?
m?nt, which fi!!V>ciualU cure* ?**Voti? J)?"blJlly.
I<o?t Virility. Prcmnlnra Drcity. and
*U troubles url?lnu from ornr-wnrk una vxceisei.
foniplr orVKnllnc mitUH frr?l,M'nlnl,btk(l>
fcmiliig I>r. \Vliltllrr. 171 IUcoHt.. Cincinnati "?
Strangers and visitors will do well to remember
hat this Restaurant is one of the most popular and /
iest-catered institutions in the city, and Is now in \
ood ruimlng order.
iloSl No. 122G MARKET 8TUKKT. .
Thoso tloslrliiy to wuko money
T on small aud medium iuvuHitucnts q
wain. provisions aud utoclc
AjpBo him-cuIiuIoiih,cundoHolivop.tnittiiL'on
?iur i?liui. From tony 1st,
.. IRSl.tothonresontitato.oninvest- WHEAT
"JMJtsof$10to#l,?mc?sii profits *1
rr ? m. UaV(J ,JOyn rt,llli/x,({ |Ulll ,mlll ^
frfcifrluH tho original investment. l'rotlu
paid first of overy month, still Icaving
tho original investment inakQTnrtTO
fngmotwyor payutilo on demand. a
OiVJUIYO Explanatory circulars and state- a
j. _ _ meats of fund W sent freo. Wn n
V?nHH5H want responsible aumits, who will li
cIqU RAt< S< report on crops aud introduce tlio 1,
ip b v*/ w }>]|U|, Liberal commissiona paid. i,
Ittojor illoelr. CltlcjiKo.lll.
lieopcr and Bettor than LAUD for Cooking Pur- ^
poses, Hud
maaufactukeii oxi.y nr
im,a-TTl).?w 1
nPtlAlAHIA forSoldlers,Widows. TArrnti
I (alvlUlulMU lions appropriated ami *01 kl?C
force dootilctl. Prompt work and home* made happy. Fee i
Jio. Applynow, VWIdoWs. re-married.nnwcMilleUdurlng J
*idoolKKol.GreatntcntmINCREASE"^. Uoiinty
and Hack 1'ay and l)ischarz?;i procured. Vturttrs entitled to
Hi dues under new laws.ra A TCMTC,0,llHW'
tort. LauJ H'.irrantit^ J\ I bIM I O procured,
bought and soli). Thc"MJRLD& SOLD|ER."<?'*el!y
|>.t|>cr). Sample copy fiee. SrmUuiup for lull Instructions,
Hanks & Ixumty talde. N. W. FITZGERALD & CO..
t'cnsloa, 1'atcnt & Land Att'yi, Washington! D* C*
200 Boxes Fine Now Layer Figs.,. *<
50 Boxes Extrn LargeNcw French Prunes.
nnOH . 1810 M AftUPT UTPPWr .
vg' IpCMTCnro rG*,nff flhAr* c
r / A AuLII 10 -'est filing our >?//,
v\\tR Ifltahon futia Sshto I amn*
other louscho'.d articles.
b?33Vj^t'10 bcstso-lns--nicies ever put
fcbraSanV-j on the market. For NtimplM
^ andTernu.'iddresstho
V&jffjjfl CLIPPER .VTFtt CO.,
.. (UVtTfn.l
Mo. 288 Walnut 8t., Cincinnati O.
Confectioner*' Boxes, fetqslo Boxes, Cedar n?d Iral*
lation Cedar I loses ?nd Boxen o( all kinds, nt tea- mmblo
prices,bo to Henry Uorrl*, l'ftpcr mox Manufacturer,
comer Kouitcenth and bouth street*. .
over Fnuizoll's Hardware Store. A variety of J
t'hrlhtmus Boxes Hultnble for Sunday School*, Ac. ,
Order early. Don't foreet the ad'lrea
uoVO HENRY MORRIS, Proprietor,
W KM mm m w
C urn itn to 1
uulUSji |
O ^ I | Our New Pattern! nr? now
Carnfits Nsws
UvlipillOl WOTKY ?uil IKOIUIM&
H- 1 0llr wortment ol Run in renr
K ffg ""oMjJnfrrraT'iiiAasS
11U C.U ITAFE8THY, null uuuy olliun.
LinojeumJll Cloths!
Folding Chairslss i
ho three leading fActorleii ol tho country, 3
Chamber Setslill i
ft * I fTheso goods wo have
Parlor Setslss*:
iny other house In tho city.
Constantly on hftnd all tho latest style*. MET ALIO
furnished on short notlco,
-AND- 1
1,006 Bags Prime ami Choice Timothy Seed !
[or sale. 1
Phamix Pttlent Flour always in slock. 13
Try it. It is the best.
Headquarters, for AliBUCKLE'S justly
Celebrated COFFEE.
Call to see us.
Jos. Speidel& Co. '
Grocery Trade.
Wo lire receiving daily from our Agents in
Choice consignments of NEW CHOI'
We opine that these goods have readied ottom
figures, and we cordially invite the ?
Dspection of trie trade as they are the finest J
,oods that have ever been otiered in this
"We arc making a Specialty of c
Lnd carry a larger stock of these goods, to- 8
;ether with STAPLES, than any other llouac n
n the State.
Pile Largest Wholesale Grocery House 1
in West Virginia.
I tRke pleasure in announcing to ray old patrons z
uU to the trade generally, that, since the late tiro
t my establishment, I have thoroughly renovated >_
ay miUlHuir* nml mil <?"? ?*? ?
irgc and varied a stock of general groceries Mid d
'revisions- as can bo found in Iho tilate. These .
oods a ruall new and carefully selected.
My own euro of choice smoked meals delivered ,
llrccl from ray Pprk House at Jlaiichester. >
I have been appointed sole agent in the city lor '{
ho following leading specialties, viz:
tuuiford Chemical Works' Renowned ?
Yeast l'owder li> Hetties.
'.J. Kilter's Fruit llnltcrs ami Preserves, i
Frank Slddal's Wonderful Soap.
Varil's 'White liornx Soai>.
Ward's Elcclrirying Soap.
IcXainara's Glory Tobacco.
McAlpin's Onward Tobacco. Vojniau
& Ilros'. Colobratcd Pittsburgh
Smoking Tobacco.
luPont's Sporting, Itllie, Mining and
lllasting Powder.
IcConacilsriilc (fold Sheaf Patent Flour,
ltcst In the market.
Silver Star? linker's l'lour.
lialier's (>cm Flour. I
llflj'llPH IlilAAti Vlmif
,Nos. 1809 and 1311 Mnln Street, =
Jj2B Wheeling, W. Va,
Vienna flre?d.
Extract of Htcf, c
8SBMiSrrtI,B,,id a:
folates Toilet So*ps, mid the finest Hue of GenrnUWb
and KovelliCR ever In the city. J
(tc^1 130G MAItKKT HTRHKT. R
5UV Thinner's Cut Gl?w Bay Hum.
Buy Thurber'u Klotidn and Toilet Water n
llm* ThiirW. ,v''* u
Uuy Tlilliber'it Plum I'hiIiIIiiej.
Hiiy Tlulrbcr'n Canned Goods. "1
liny i linrliiM'a wtitle Poiincr. :
Buy Tliurlier * Whole ltollt-d Ox Toiuuu. .
Iluy Jhurber'a JlUfcJ)roi?m? nuil French fcwr, C
. ? At MoMECHeW
Marltet^-ilri-fi J,
J^urs, NUTS, KU'J'S, :
Niiln to silver, Nil Is to gild, Xuta to cat,
S'uta to crock, Xnta Tor soli-, eh ,, K00lj J
ll II. F. BElIiiENS', *
tlelO 5217 suJ221U Market Streel, 1
rtctoj to NOV KM BKR 26, 18*2.
Mali. Kxprwn, Kxpna*. Ateom.
Pittsburgh 8:!10 A.M. Iffir.M. 4:00 f.M
Allnheuy 8:40 its 14 iiu ?
Rochester.. P:28 " 2:W ' 4:55 "
Heaver " 8:01 ' 5:01
K. Llver'L tu 07 " :?:84 " 6:43 LeaveWelUvtlle.
10:18 8:45 6:55 " 0:40 a.m.
Toronto... )0:5? ,f 4.25 CM4 " 7:W "
Bteuben'e.. 11:18 " 4:45 ' 7:03 7:lTi "
Mar'i F'jr.. 13:10 P. M. 5:40 " 7:65 " 8j!M
Bridgeport 1'418 " 5:48 " 8:12 ' 8:42 ?
Belulrv-... 1IW " 0:10 * 8:15 8:55 '
rivkb mvwoN-aoisa kaht7
I Accom. | Mall, j Kxjiru*. j Aivoiu.
BolUlro..... 6:00 1J?. 10:40 A.M. i.OOr.u. 4:40 ?.M,
BridKonort 0:10 " 10:50 3:10 ' 4:63 "J
Mar'? F'y.M 6:17 M 10:57 " '117 ' 5:01 M
Btcubou'lo. 7:0.1 " 11:54 " 8:10 5:58 '
Toronto 7:21 " 12:13 p.m. 3:81 " C:l? "
WrilfriJlc. 7&1 " 12 tt 4:13 ? C:S3 "
K. Liver'1... 8:1V " li'iJ " 6:C5 "
Boaver 0:04 " l:W ? 6:40 "
RocUcMct.. 0.10 " *05 " 6:45
Allegheny. 10:20 " 2:55 " 7:M "
PltuTjurtfh 10:30 " 8:C5 M 7:43 ?
tiurriitburg '2:551.*
Baltimore 7:00 '
Waahlug'n 8:22 "
PhlladeVic. 6:15
Now York 9:25 ?
Bostou 6:10 p. m
NOTIC?Train* leavluK Befialro at 0,00 a. m. ami
100 v. M. conuect at Yellow Crock (or C'.ovelaud,
All twltis dallr exocpt tiuuday.
K. A,,FORI),
Oouoml l'ancngor ami Ticket A?eut.
WM. A. BALDWIN. Manager, I'ttuburch.
Time table lor Kant and West corrected to JUNH
till, 1881
Tralui leavo l'aultaudlo Depot. loot oI Eleventh
ilrcot, near Public Lauding, uallr. uxconi HnniUvi.
miouowr: > ' .
Mtt*. Kail Fm Pac. i ac"Wheeling
Time. lCsp'* Kxp's Kxp'> Kxp'? c'in'n
Lcnvo- a.m. p.m. p.m. a.m. p. v.
iffhecllng 6:32 1:67 4:17 . 8:62 6:47
7:0f? 2:30 4:50 9:26 7:1H
Jtcubenvlllo 7:R5 8:10 6:20 9:65 0:1U
tlttiiburgh 10:00 6:10 7:30 ..
p.m. a.m.
SArrlHburg. ... 11:15 .... 4tif.
a&Uliaoro.. 7:46
a. m.
iVartiington 9:16
Jhila<k'iphU .. 2.66 7:60
N'ew York 6.16 11:16
i. p.m.
Boston -I ~.| 8:001.?
I'ac. Oin. I Went Ac- M?
ttxp's Exp'? Mail c'm'n c'm'u
Lcaxo? a. m. p. m.ja. k, T. m. p. if.
ffheollug......?. 8:62 4:1*7 6:3-2 1:67 6:47
IteubcnvUlo.... 9:66 5:20 7:36 8:10 8:10
Cadli ~ 11:45 8:00 5:65
Jcnubon- ...... 12:01 8:15...._. 6:10...^
Newark .. -.... 2:26 '2:40......... 9:26
Columbus 8:30 8:46 ... 10:3C
Leave? a. m. a. m.
Jolumbus 8:60 8:55 .... 8:55 0:66
Arrivo? p. u.
)nylon ... 6:26 7:00 ... 7:00 1:30
Cincinnati 8:00 8:00 4:00 '2:40
p. k.
ndlanapollB 10:50 12:30 C:00
k, m. i p.m.
It. Louis 7:80 8:05 8:0i.........
Chicago 7:30 7:60) 7:M'|
aundfl^ oxprcKfiCttVca tYneciiug at 8:M a. m.. ar?
tvvis nwiiauurg wax. X.. BUMbCIIVlllO 9:65 A, M,,
miking close connection lor western points.
.Trains leaving Columbus at 3:50 p. m. ami 8:65 a.
c., run dally. Through Chicago Express leave?
JoJujnbiiB daily, except Sunday, at fcoo p. u? with
ileeplng car attached, arriving In Chicago ^t'7:80
lext morning. Berths cau bo secured lu ?dvanec %
Jnion Depot Ticket Office. Columbus.
Pullman's Palace Drawing Room Sleoplug Cats
hrough without change from Btenbenville Juwt to
Philadelphia and New York. Vent to Columbus
Jinclnnatl, Louisville, Indianapolis and Bt. Louis.
For through tickets, baggago checks, Bleeping car
iccommodations, and any further information, ap.
>ly to JNO. Q. TOMLDs'SON, Ticket Agent, at Pannuidlo
Depot, foot of Eleventh street, or at City
ticket Office, uuder McLure House. Wheeling.
Manager, ColumbuB, Ohio.
flgn'l Pas*. and Ticket Agent, Pittsburgh. la,
On and after November 12,1SS2, passenger trains
ylll run as follows?Wheeling Time:
'iiwunnun No. 43.? No. 5 No. 1 No. 3
AJTT BOUND. UciU Dal]y Dallj. N() DHj)y
Leavo? A.M. A.M. A.M. r. M. P. 51.
Vheeliug 7:10 1:55 8:10 2:40 5:10
Icllalrc 2:06 8H5 6:*20
Arrives at?
P. M. T. M.
irtfton - 4:00 C.0C 12:18 7:15 9.28
A. V
namDcriailU...^...* 9:50 4:37 1:3G
p. m,
PiWJlIllgton City 2:25 9;20 G:20
UUtlmoro 3:35 10:40 7:20
'blladclphU....! 7:40 8:05 12-50
iCwYorV...^ 10:50 G:50......... 3:50
p.m. a.m.
lofiton 4:20......... C:)0
"Dally exempt Sunday.
No. 43 and No. 9 stop At all Stations.
vkrt nnnvTi No. 2j No. 8 ^0.10
WMT nop.tp. N-?.c JMr^allr Dally
Leavo? a. a a.m. v.u. p.m.
Reeling 8:40 9:15 3:15 11:15
lelbilro, 9:20 1Q-.C0 3 55 U:W
Arrive at?
P. H. a. m.
ancsvllTo : 12:45 G:35 8:05
lowark .. 1:50 7:40 4:10
'olumVuB 8:10 9.20 5:80
a.m. P.m.
indnnatl 8:00 4:00 S:(U
andufiky 7:C0 9:?r?
a.m. p.m.
ndlanapolla 11:00 7;05 12:55
a. m.
t Louis 7:80 7:55 7:30
a.m. p.m.
folcago 6:00 8:00 7:E0
ranwis City ~ 8:50 8:80 9:00
..w... V m.u v,auiiinut;i- Aceommouitiiou
jnves Ilellniro at U:'iO a. m. and 53 p. u. dnlly
scept Sunday.
B. <fc 0. Sleeping Curs on all through trains.
Close connections are miulo for all points South
nd Southwest* North and Northwest, making thin
desirable route for colonist* and persons movlug
a the great West, and to whom particular attention
cave Wheeling 6:40 a,*.. 1:30 p.m., 4:40 p.m.
No trains run or. this Division on Sunday.
Tickets to all principal points on Kale at Depot.
Sleeping Cur KcoonimodutlonH can be secured at
>epot Ticket OiJIcft
T1IOS. II. B. HAASE, Ticket Agent.
JOHN T. LANK, Tiav. Passenger Agent.
W. M. CLEMENTS, M. of T.
R. T. DKVRIES. flen'l Agent. Wheeling.
I'llUeUMO Cliroinos lit 99 cents each. Also Hie
irgest stock of Cabinet Frames, Easels, Photograph
ilbums, Picture Frames, Looking Glasses, Kngrav*
it's, Oil PiiiuUngs, Parlor BrackeW, ?tc? in the city
l cost.
I'nrtraits.a Specialty.
All a'lttinirs hvtlin IllRlnnfimnrmo ?.-???
?CM Opposite McLnrc House.
M'lTAL 8200,000.
>\ Vance. 1'rcsIOcnt.
, N, Vnnce, J 8. Jloriheltner,
, LatiKhlln, I W* KUlnahuin.
i. 8. Ljelnplatn, A. W. Kclley.
Droit* Issued on England, Ireland, Scotland and
11 point* In turopc. .
JOHN'J. JOKES. Cwililor,
A PIT A L 1175,000
ITm. A.Ihkit President
i'M. 15. diMJto.w Vicc-I'residfnl
Docs n Gem-mi ISatiHng Business
'* mills"' ' i fp-n-stapmn,
' >i vis, ! &'">k- boulor.1
taV&iw. vltl.rko?ubu^
?'? r.p.jewon.cmbitr,

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