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DRY Q00P3?
black Silks.
Colored Silks,
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Heavy lmrclinses this week in
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Notice?Third Ward Republicans.
Hoarding wanted by a lady.
Situation wonted by young mat).
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Desirable residence for sale.
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THE usual merchants' lunch at IheXctr
McLurc House Sample Rooms daily.
w Thermometer Beeord.
The following Bhows the range of the ther
. moineter, as observed at Schnepfa drugstore,
k Ouera House corner yesterday.
<1 1K&1 18A2
t 7 A. M. 12 M. 3 r. M. 7 r. M. |7 A. *. 1 H. 3 r. M. 7 P. V.
- M to 57 ( IM 40 40 SJj
?.<' indications.
F't Wahiiisotox. D. C.. December 29.?"For
Tennewee and tlie Ohio Valley, generally
fair weather, with light variable winds,
slight rise in temperature and slowly falling
> -. barometer.
For the Lower Lake regions, fair weather,,
south.to west winds, stationary or slight rise
in temperature and stationary or slowly falling
; Skkokant-at-arns of the House of Com?V;
mons, Mr. D. \V- McDonnell, Ottawa. Canada,
thus indorses the Great German Remedy:
\f. ,4I used St. Jacobs Oil for rheumatism and
:'J found it all tlmt it is claimed to be."
Ilrlrf ,>utr* ont itrrtnl Kvruln of Minor
Tut final meeting of the present Board of
Cototnlttiloners will be held to-day.
Tut Pottery will probably not start ud before
Monday week. The Attn Is bui>y taking
Tiitxc will be a meeting this evening in
Labor Hall, Eighth ward, for the purposo of
(electing a Council ticket. This movement
is made by the United Labor Party.
Josxnt W. Moroak was yesterday appointed
administrator of tlieestateof Mrs. Elizabeth
Morgan, deceased, and gave bond in the
sunt of $200, with J. J. Woods as surety.
Tilt Mwnnerchor flinging Society gave one
of its delightful social dnticej at its ball livit
evening, that was largely attended by members
and Invited guests. Mayer's Orchestru
furnished the music.
Tilt ladies of the United Presbyterian
Church lust evening gave a supper and social
in the lecture rooms of (be church, that was
very largely attended. The occasion was a
delightful one, and the aupperexcellent.
Ci.ikk Hook yesteriloy admitted to record
a deed made Dec. 28,18X2. by W. W. Arai'tt
and Guy It. C. Allen, special commissioners,
to Thomas Bradley, in consideration of $600,
for the west quarter of lot 01,on Klgbteenth
JMUK .iiriMriillMX, iue iuui1 WI1U WRSRtaUbed
by Mike Lane in the Sixth ward last
Sunday, was reported to be dying by J?r.
Kdwards last night. The Doctor said lie could
not live till this morning, and might die
ihortly after midnight.
JIkaervkI) seats will bo placed on sale this
morning at Wilson it Haunter's music store
for "One Hundred Wives," at the Opera
House \ew Year's afternoon aud evening.
Tbpy will be in good demand, and persons
wishing to secure desirable seats should go
Yjutkuoay, while John Ditiuar was on a
ladder cleaning one of the lamps at the west
end of the suspension bridge, he was seized
with a lit, and fell. Jle struck on his face,
but received no serious Injury, though he
bled alarmingly at the nose. Only the fact
that he was at tue lamp by the pier instead
of at another preveuted hi* falling Into the
Tiik Stute Commission on Public Printing
yesterday awarded the contract for furnishin*
(he stationery and doing the printing and
binding for the various departments of the
State Government. The contracts for print:
log and binding were let to Charles 15. Taney,
ui uie I'larksuurg uiiu lum iur juriusuing
the stationery to \V. J. C. Dulany ?k Co,,
of Baltimore, who have held the contract for
several terms. The law requires the contract
to be let to the lowest responsible bidder.
There were uuuierotis bids lor the printing
fVewmuut UonnI|>Iii Reference to VnrlouN
Mr. Charlie Hoed, of 8teubenville, was in
the city Wednesday evening.
Miss Jennie Swan, of Washington. Pa., is
the guest of Miss Mamie Mcllwaine, of Capitol
Miss Grace Blake, daughter of Squire Blake,
is visitiug Miss Ella uud Emma Ewing, on
Twelfth street.
Meuiaiues Woodward, Evans and Irwin, of
South Wheeling, have returned from Wheeling,
Alabama, where theyhave bt-en visiting.
Miss Ella Itaiup, a charming young ludy,
entertained a number of her friends on
Christmas afternoon und evening at her home
on Sixteenth street. It was in honor of her
guest, Miss Ullie Benson, of Bellaire.
A .Small Crowd but n Cretlltnbto Enter*
The audience ut the colored folks' meeting
at Washington Hall lust evening was shamefully
small, but the exercises were worthy
of a crowded house. After an instrumental
performance bd by Mr. I', Bell, an address
of welcome, appropriate and well vrorded,
was delivered by Mr. F. W. Wright. Owing
to the absence of oue member of the Arion
Colored Quartette, MessrB. Moore, Dorsey
and McCullough appeared as a trio. They
sang "Moonlight on the Lake" and other
popular selections beautifully. Col. Alex
Turner spoke eloquently as is his wont of the j
Progress of the Colored hace. J le said the
sun of the race was at high noon, lie urged
colored men to act like nien, and to show
self respect about hotels and other public
place-; and claimed the right, of cojored
children to attend the school nearest their
home, instead of, as in this city, coming from
remote parts of town and climbing a hilj
which a rocky mountain goat could not
ascend in slippery weather.
i?.?f n\:nv...i ...?.i? . u ?
I IUI. VIIUUIU maur u unci ajiccuu UUlUlllt)
for ItH graceful style und common sense. He
urged the colored people to educate the
young, and to practice industry and economy
that they might acquire a competence ana
win positions of influence.
Messrs. Moore and Dorsey sang "Lnboard
Watch Ahoy" iu a manner which brought
down the house. *
Chairman George T. Jones declined to speak
at length on Statt- Politics, but euid he and
every colored man in the State was a Republican,
because no other political pari/ had
made the corner stone of its structure that
clause in the Declaration o." Independence,
"All men were created free and equal.'1
Mr. Beasley, George \V. Welcome and Kd.
Anderson made short addresses, and several
otber musical performances comprised the
Ohio Darkle*,
At Georgetown, Harrison county, Ohio,
about ten miles from St. Clairsvilie, the
schools had a Christmas treat Saturday even*
ing. The exercises hud not progressed far,
when three negroes and a negresa nampd respectively
"Lem" Joutz, Arch" 1'ields,
"Mose" Sanders and Mrs. Sanders, his wife,
attempted to break up the meeting. They
*ere ejected from tho school house, but Boon
after attempted to raise up a disturbance on
the streets. The Marshal determined to arrest
them and deputized Emmet Giesey, a
school teacher at Adena, and K. L. Harurave
oenlof Tl.? !? " -
bouse anil fastened the door. Having been
refused admittance, the Marshal announced
that he would break down the door. ,Vs the
door opened an arm was extended and foqr
shots tired in rapid succession, Giosey received
oue hall, whloh made a severo but
probably not fatal wound. Hargrave was
slightly wounded. The shooting occurred
about midnight. The negroes were lodged
in the Cadiz Jail, and will have a hearing today.
"Arch" Fields or "Snowball," one of
the negroes, was formerly n 8L Gtaircville
barber and sold the Wheeling dailies there at
at the llepublican Convention.
i'orrrctlDK n IteulMcr Itcjiorf.
Wheeling, Dec. 28.
To the Kditorof the Intellgenecr.
8ik: I ask spaco in your columns to correct
two statements in this morn log's Jlcijuter
In relation to the proceedings ofthoconven*
tion of colored citizens held hero yesterday.
The statement aforesaldjs_deslgnated "Under
a misapprehension ot the law," etc.
Now, there was no misapprehension of the
school law on the part of the delegates, und I
am glad that thq IUyirter has obliged the
public with the two sections of the law. Section
IS, given in the article, is the most important
to the'colored people of thoState. It is
the enforcement of that scetiou that we are
demanding, for. under the present status,
no colored children whose cases couie under
that section are reaping the benefit of the
objective point aimed at in the section. The
section tuus made a dead letter should be
rupuuiea. iue oerouu statement antagonizing
the names of Mr. Campbell mid Col. Sterling
is a mistake in to to. Nothing in reference
to the above named gentlemen was spokeu
in the convention. G. T. Jokes,
Chairman Colored Convention.
Urnu?l Convert TO'iiitfhI, i
The Saal Family, of Saxony, consisting of
the nine Saal Brothers aud father, styled the |
Saxon Military Orchestra, will give one of
their magnificent performances at Washing*
ton Hall to-night, with a programme composed
of selections from such compilers as
Donizotti, Strauss, Von Weber, Verdi, Waldtenfel.
Wagner, Ac., and from what we bear
rtgarding them, they will have a crowded
house. Such orchestral music and performances
have not been heard in Wheeling for
many years?not since Theodore Thomas or
Gilmore were here. Their programmes are
sufficiently varied so toat everyone can enjoy
their own style and ideas of music. For in*
stance, from the grand overture of Tannhauser,
by Wagner, to the bright and sparkling
waltz or quadrille, everything in tune
and time, and no .uncertain movement or
sound. Peoplo who love music will be sure
to hear them either to-night or to-morrow
night at Washington llall. Reserved seats at
Lucas' music store.
New Year (!nrdi.
Call at Intelligences Job Rooms for
ueat New Yeur Cards,
or the nonrU of Kdncntlon-Au Itupor*
lnut Committee Heport Connlderetl.
Lout evenin# the Board of Education met
in the Board's rooms, the meeting being a
special one, held for the purpose of settling
up'the aQairs of the present Board, the term
ofseveuofthe members expiring January
lit i The members who will step out are
Messrs. Bingell. Caldwell, Criswell, Htl*
dreth, Todd and Walt. Mr. McCully was
elected to succeed himself. Last evening
President Wilson presided, and all were
present except Messrs. Acker, Arkle, Jepson,
wait and Wilson, W. A. One reason for the
large turnout, was the fact that the report
of the sjteclal committee appointed about a
month since under a resolution of I)r. K. A.
Illt.lraiti tn enmlilai- " hlin fn?
economy and greater elUciencv ia the man*
agement of our Public schools," won to be
the malu feature of the evening, anil an Interesting'time
was expected. The committee
reported us follows*
lltmheil, That it Is the sense of this com-1
mittee that tbo grammar schools of the city *
should be consolidated with a vlow to economy
and greater etiiciency. , . ,
HaoUol, That a rule I" ?dopted requiring
the ayes and nay? to be taken, and spread
upon the journal upon all questions; involvI
lug an appropriation of money.
hx'UaL That a rule be adopted requiring
I the Superintendent to furnish the principals
with blanks to be filled out by parents, enterlug
pupils la the lower rooms of Division I),
showing the date of birth of the child and
residence ,
Accompanying this was a minority report
from Dr. iitldreth : "Dissenting and dlsapproving
of the first resolution, us too indefinite.
1 herewith otter the following as u
minority report."
IlcJuketl, That upon opening the Public
Schools in September, 1883, the scholars in
the higher branches above the grade of grammar
schools, as spccilied in the School Law
of 1879, be removed to and occupy the Filth
ward school house, which is hereby set apart
for that purpose, or as mucli, thereof as may
be necessary; and further, that tint boundaries
of Centre District (Fifth ward) be so constructed
that the unoccupied part of said
school house may be used for tho primary
school aud said sub-district.
The question coming up on the adoption of
tli o minority report Dr. Kildreth made a
speech of about teu minutes duration tiiat
was tho ucmoof conciseness and showed careful
study and research, lie showed wi at
had been the cost in erecting the schoolhouses
of the city since it was formed into
an independent school district, lie carefully
reviewed what the exuense of u irrummur
rootu in each sub-district was at presenthow
each wus in fact a high school with u
few scholars in each bub-district und how
they should be grouped together, thus saving
an enormous expense in the way of salaries,
lie commanded the closest attention and was |
deservedly congratulated at the conclusion of
his remark*.
Mr. J. C. Miller moved that the reports be
refeired to the Committee on Teachers and
Schools, and that Dr. llildreth be requested
to furnish the committee with thy manuscript
of his speech. These motions prevailed
after somo little discussion, during which
several gentlemen took occasion to endorse
the Doctor's views and assert that in sending
the matter to the committee they had no
desire to defeat its purpose.
The Committee on Accounts recommended
the payment of bills amounting to $184 7o,
which was ordered. The rules were also suspended
and one or two unimportunt bills
ordered paid.
During the severe illness of Clerk Pendleton
the minutes have fallen far behind. The
past week Superintendent Birch has been
busily engaged writing them up. They were
all read lost eveiuing and approved.
The now members will ue ovornjn and
the Board reorganised for the ensuing two
years Monday evening next at 7 o'clock.
The Wheeliig ?k I.nkt* Erie Kontl.
The following dispatch was received yesterday:
XewcomRrstow.v, 0., December 23.?It is
reported Here to-night, on apparently reliable
authority, that Jay ?joui<] has purchased
a controlling interest tn thu Wheeling &
Lake Erie Railroad, which conneots with the
Panhandle at this place. Should this be the
case it will furnish a lit subject for speculation
in railway circles.
As this rumor was "important if true" in
th'is locality, an inquiry was telegraphed to
Judge Cochran, at Toledo, asking if the report
was true, and it brought the following
response lost night:
Special Dispatch to the Iutelligencer.
Toledo, 0? December 23.-?I[ave no information
continuing the report that Qould has
purchased a controlling interest in the
Wheeling 4: Lske Erie railroad. The property
is decidedly in demand, and many of
its friends would be nleaspd to know Gould
u?d it. Hut ye believe a still better fate
a waits the road apd Wheeling.
it. If. Copkbak. |
The KiiuIImIi l.uitierau AnnfverMiiry,
The twentieth anniversary of the English
Lutheran Sunday School was celebrated last
evening at the Opera House by the performance
of W. W. Doane'a cantata,"Immanuel,"
under the directorshin of Prof. Malmene. i
The performance was a gratifying success in
j every particular. The "programme opened
with a few miscellaneous performances,
among thei|| a solo t>y Mr. C. Kug Dalley,
| with chorus, ''Golden years are Passing By,"
and a recitation by Miss Jennie Sylvia.
The leading performer* in the cantata
I were Mr. John Liller, Mr. C. Z. Dalley, Mr.
I W. K. Wims, Mr. Harry Knapp, Mr. Deloe,
and Misses DeKalb, Lowry, Yalirling, Knapp,
Cline, Leonhart, Sadie Fry aud Vogel.
I'art I consisted of Pronliecy and Part II of
the Advent Many of the performers were
| encored, and thp larg? audience showed the
highest appreciation for the merit of "the performance.
? rr-i r-?
Makv persons seem inclined to dispute the
Idea tfrpt j.h:> nine 8aal Brothprs, advertised,
are really alj brothers or members of
one family, hut we are reliably informed
' that as kuch statement has bpen heretofore
disputed, they are pmpared to otter positive
proof, by church certificate with seal, in
proof of their parentage.
J S Wcteman, Oakland Y Wlngand, Klvrla
H Ijilljs, ('olutnbus W Welcant. Columbus
3 D jlair, \\as1driittpn E Tliopi?, Waynesbu'nj
CHenjng, ??t 0 |t It r F. No'rrfs, Dayton
S 0 Juliyardh, Pittsburgh M U Wise, Wayncsburg
KSouth. Waynesbnrg II J Snivel}*, MasMlIon
G T Fleming. r'aipooitt CC IticharuH, Fairmont
I K D lireen, Chicago A Stevens, Fairmont
J Wilson. Atlca C \y Hone, Ualtlmore
.1 W ttradshaw, Pay ton A W Cramer i w., Wells'u
W Eagan, Chmvllie J Ilaybnrn, Claysville
W F Knight. ritubargh CS Hewsor, New York
i J II Allen, 11tUbnre|i It M Shaffer, |? A 0 It It
Rev W Webb. Trjuueln'ft A LCordnor. Springfield
}; Ucllrjde, Philadelphia T List 4 \v., JMltsburgh
K L ilinticr. I'llilutlJlira 0 Went, StenWllJe
O-.M-Mnniford, I'hilnd'a il Sullivan, New York
1J P Francis, Newark MrJonctfr w.. Ohio
C Weachtcr, Pittsburgh, J 51 McCouncll, Clove'nd
J K Stewart, lUirlingtou Maggie Stewart, Hurl*ton
S Drajicr WII Snendley I
J Ilartman I' F McCoyo "
_ JJ K Naglp VI niters
llFPIayjon Tony Eddlnger
(i tiroyes ' Jlh# Alleo Iloberts ,
illss Annie Sidney Miss A TowumjihV
The above Company Is ru?|njj through to Washington
and Wayncsbuqj, and will appear at Wheeling
on Hew Year's Day,
Tiik Publishers of tlie Richmond, Ya., Jin-1
qitircr heartily recommend Dr. Bull's Cough
gyrup and say; MJt lias hepn will ttfed in
our ofllco ntul composing room, and has |
cured our city editor of a very bail case of
Tlit* Nnul family.
Old iuan Saul and nine little Saals (all six
feet in height) are all thorough musicians
and produce the very finest orchestral music
tobe heard in a lifetime. Don't fail to hear
them at Washington Hall, to-night.
TlicPHPW(l|i|rCoiil?t?ll'or t||e M'n(vli,nt
tlif filar ClolblHir'Klorii,
The announcement made through tho
columns of the News-Letter, Sunday last, hy
D. Gundlinc <fc Co., the enterprising proprietors
of the Star clothing house, that they
would give a valuable watch to the person
guessiug the number orcomiug nearest the
number engraved upon the works .of the
watch, has been the means of creating great
excltnient among all clusses. The watch to
be contested for has been placed in the
hands of Mr. Joseph JefFersou, teller of the
Bank of the Ohio Valley, the number of
which is known ouly to him. A book in ,
which guessers are required to enter their
nanii'J and numbers is now open at the Star.
No money is asked for a chance. No purI
chase of goods in necessary. All that is required
is that you go there, put your name
upon the list and any number you way
choose opposite it. The book will) remain
open until tho 81st of January,1883, whfln the
person guessing the number or coming the
nearest the one engraved on tho work* of
tbe#watoh will recelvo the same.
Kvkry lover of fine music should hear the
Saal Family?Saxon Military Hand?perform
nt Washington Hall to-night.
Btllalrr, Martla'a Ftrrj sad Cimberlaad
5?ira~The McCoj'i Station )(ard?r-C., T.
V. * IT. Depot Horaed-Tha Tobacco Crop
MotIbi?>clsliborhood Ittou.
Cumberland expects to have a new glass*
Young Barton, the young uian bruuUy
b?atcn at McCoy's Station, die<l y??t?rday.
This case will add one wore to ti>? loug list
of criminal cases before the Common l'leiis
Court at 8teubrnville. Carnahan, the one
doing the deed, l? ?? ball, Ids father
going on his uoiul. Barton was about
The ile|?ot of the C., T. V. it W. Hallway at
Tuacarawaf, bttrned to the ground Wednes*
(Jay morning about 3 o'clock. The tire
caught in the wareroom, but its origiu Ls unknown.
Fortunately there was not much
valuable material stored in the building.
uic dooks, papers ana everything else properly
belonging to the building were consumed.
Tobucco, which is grown so largely about
I Barneavlllo, baa so fur been slow In making
its appearance in tUe market. Tliopast week,
bo we v or, it lias bad a boom, and In the last
few days wagon after wagou loaded with the
golden leaf has arrived in Baruesville. Over
balf the crop Is now in the tying and packinn
bouses. The hearta of the growers ure
also made happy by an advance of one dollar
to one and a half a hundred, which has occurred
iu the lust two weeks.
I In the last report the writer neglected to
mention the talk of Deputy State Superintendent
Houck, on the subject of grammar,
lie gave his trials and tribulations in his
attempt to get a knowledge of his mother
tongue through the medium of a text book
ougrammar. It was very amusing, and the
teachers wcru ull sent home iu a good humor.
The exercises are growing moro interesting
as the institute progresses. The singing of 1
Miss DeMosa seems to grow butter each time
she appears before the audience, aud each i
night she has been loudly encored. The
regular instructors oil seem to have not only
the attention but also the undivided interest
of all the teachers. Yesterday's exercises
were opened with singing by the entire 1
audience, ltev. J. 11. Johnson, 1). L)., U. 1'.
minister of this place, made the opening i
Prof.'Kennedy gave a very interesting and (
instructive talk on "Word Analysis." Prof.
Ilouck followed on the subject of Orthography.
lie took the ground tiiatgood spellers
could not be made by either the oral or written
methods exclusively, but thnt they 1
should be combined.
A short recess followed, after which Dr.
Woods, of the College, gave a short talk on ,
temperance. A quartette of male voices sang
a most beautiful selection, and sang it well. .
Prof, Sanford, of tho Washington Union
school, read an ably prepared paper on Oral
Teaching, lie made many good points, and
was loudly applauded at the close of his remarks.
l)r. Mendenhall gave u talk on natural
philosophy which held the undivided
attention of the entire audience during its
delivery, and all seemed sorry ^hon \t was
Tli?i doxolony was sung by the Institute
and the exercises or the forenoon wore over.
In the afternoon the exerciso were opened
with sinRing "Beulah Land," which seems to
be a favorite with the entire institute. Prof.
John Kennedy gave a talk on "Primary
Heading." This was followed liy an instrumental
duett, Mis8i\nuip2dooNsou the piano,
ai>d Mir. UcCojiaughey on the organ. They
were loudly encored, and gave another beautiful
selection, lid winLinton, A.. B., Profes
sor 01 ueoxogy in wasmngton-Jeiierson college,
gave a most interesting lecture on the
subject of "Gulf Stream Dredging." lie gave
wauy specimens of animal life obtained from
the bed of the ocean within the \iu\Ug <yf thu
famous Gulf 8treaty.
Supt. Spijigl^ qi Westmoreland courtly,
gave an interesting talk to the teachers. He
is u pleasant speaker, and his remarks were
well received. Miss DeMosssang a solo, and
us usual was loudly encored.
The exercises of the afternoon slewed wttb
a short, but ve^y spirited talk by Deputy
Superintendent ilouck. is wonderful, the
power ho has to hold an audieuce.
Two hundred and eighty-nine teachers, ure
now enrolled, aud the very best of order and
the utmost Attention shsraoterlkes all the
meetings. Yesterday the hall was crowded
to its utmost capacity all day, many being
forced to stand. Dr. Mendenliall gave his
illustrated lecture on motion qt night
to the largest audience jgt assembled,
lie is a yery pleasant speaker and a great
favorite witll a Washington audience,
Mr. A, J. Mercer and family are home
from a visit to Steubeuvillo.
George Caiupoell died Wednesday evening i
at his home on Gravel Hill of consumption.
The school teachers did not have their salaries
docked on account of the Christmas 1
Miss Clara Kent, who has been shut up
many months with sicKqess, is gUle to be 1
out doors agi\in.
A young boiler at the Null "Worts anil a
well-known liellaire lady|wiU|ke marriedsoon
oltec New "Year's.
Dennis Murphy, who is uow assistant yard i
master of tlte Valley road, in Cleveland, is
visiting relatives here. /
Chas. Stephens, of the flrin o{ Palmer, !
Fuller it Co., large glass dealjrrs of Chicago, :
is the guest of J. NY. Sanders. 1
The SchenUsnverein had a Christmas eel- ,
ebration atZilch's Hall last night in '?hlcu
the children liad a good sl^rp.
Another ^banter wight be written to the
Grayel Hill ghost story, as the haunted house
was not deserted by the n\ysterioq? itoifcps, as
was thought, >
Messrs. Ifolliater, of Bridgeport, Homer
Bodley anil Crawford Thoburu, ot Wheeling,
were here yesterday, the guests of their
school mate, Lyle Thoburu.
The divorce suit of Mrs. lloaa Meek against
H. D. Meek, has been decided for the plaiutifl'
without opposition, and she has been given
the custody of the children.
A petition 1; l^eing circulated in the Fourth ,
ward asking for tho removal of Officer Ilenry
Nagle from the police force and the appointment
iu his place of a citizen of the Fo\irt|i
In the last session's memoirs Q( the high
school, kept by one of the scholars, it is stated
that Jennie Duncan is the tallest scholar,
John ltodpwig is the smallest uiul Mamie
Randolph the prettiest,
The follovclni-ninnoi-M ln?iall?/i Wmi.
nesday evening by Lodge 2/7, P. it A.M.:
Edward Jones, w. M.; Adolph Johnson,
8. W.; Dr. J. F. Smith, J. W.; Fred Hollman,
Secretary; Chris. Hip pug, Treasurer; T. J.
Stewart, ti. D.; Joel Strahl,Tyler. 1
Guernsey street is to run jbrouch Sheets'
Addjtion. along the east aiijeof the residence
of tho late E.G. Morgan, and after crossing
Indian run, join the front street of Urayel
Hill. At tbe tate at v.'hiph the run bottom
has been illled up in the last fewyears.it
will be not long before the street can be used, '
There was qeite a row at JHlfn Haggerty'a 1
that is being talked about now, as the police I'
are hunting pfter u number of the nortics
that were engaged In it. Albert l[cC\|llo\lgli
wus cui severely auuui iuc ttcwl week
with a broken beer mug, and U hfla alnce
proved more serious than was thouRht at the 1
Invitations are out for a reception at the 1
0. A. R. Hall Saturday evening.
There will be a big time at K. of II. Hall
to-night, at the installation of ollicers.
It is expected that Col. 4- & Tnylor, candidate
(or Congress,- will be here to-day or tomorrow.
The members of the Library Association
yrill meet at Dr. Ong's otllce Saturday afternoon
at 3 o'clock to elect oOlcers,
The Odd Fellows gave another of their nood
feasts and entertainments "Wednesday evening.
Tlio hall was full, and by the assistance of
Miss Flora Williams, J. C. Gray and others.
The music was grand.
It was reported in the Uti/ister that Mayor
Mitchell and Geo. llobinson voted at thellel*
lrtireconvention, illegally. The truth is that
Mr. J. H. "N'au Polt was a delegate aud desired
to leave, lie asked Mr.:Mitcliell to take his
place, and he did so with the consent of the
ntW ,l?lo..ulnu ?? ?-?- ~
I'lC lUtlUBUI]!. UeO,
Robinson acted in like manucr for a delegate
from Guernsey county, which was all square
and fare.
K. Savage, Esq., of this place, has printed a
card in which ho says: "I was born-and ;
reared to manhood by Democratic parent*,
and if I thought to-day there was one drop
other than Thomas Jefferson, General Jack- ;
son, Democratic blood in my veins, 1 would
tnketny knife and open a vein and let it out.
But with all my Democracy,'if I am able to
get to tbe polls, I will cast my vote and ufo
my influence for Colonel Taylor, for the rea- I
| son that I have beeu personally acquainted <
with hiiu for the last twenty years, and 1
know him to be u man in every aense of the
word, '.and fully competent 10 act a* one
of the councilman of this great American
There are about two hundred children la
one fquareln this cltyaiuth of Market street,
according to the numeration ukeua/ewdaya
It iiiald that Market street merchant
will loon t?k. '"?
success ?o(i ijaa a host of friends, who will
join iu wishing hliu ton wyaQt,
Tbe'frlenda of the Children's lfome are
Jtlat now quite busy petitioning the County
Commissioners to locate the inatittulon at
various points In the county. There la but
little doubt but that a site will be selected
near the river und north of the city u few
miles, for many reasons. > It must be located
at a point easy of access and convenient for
obtaining a lurae iiusntitv nf wmIuf in ho
used for i!eating"waa'nlng and other purpose*.
Mr. Hatch, of Cleveland, Ohio, represent*
Ing the New York Kquitablu Life Insurance
Company, wrote ajtollcv (or John Fraticy,
of this county, for $10,000, and one for his
son for a liko amount, and was given a check
by Mr. Krancy for $1*00. "When Mr. Francy
come to examine tUe policy he discovered
that it was not according to contract, at least
as he understood it. The next day he took
a train for Cleveland, and upon arriving in
that city met Mr. Hatch unon the street and
inquired of him if ho still held the check
given him for $000, Mr. Hatch informed
him that the check was at his ollice. Franey
atutcd that he wished to tee the check, as
it was dated on Sunday through
mistake, and therefore of no value.
They proceeded to Hatch's ofilce,
and Mr. Francy, upon obtaining possession
of tho check, proceeded to destroy it.
informing the agent that he had not fultHled
his contract in writing tho policy. Tbeinsurancc
company has entered suit, apd the cose
IMUUH.WI iu uvuiivui vjuuaiuernuie i merest.
The above statement was obtained from a
friend of Mr. Francy.
Postmaster Wise, of Uellalre, was In town
Charles Fawcett, of Xenia, is visittne at St,
Two more prisoners were brought to the
County jail yesterday.
Mrs Mary A. Liveriuoro will lecture Monday
evening on ''The Coming Man."
Professor A. A. Clark, of llellalre, has been
jpcndlng the week near St. Clairsville.
Mr. J. C. Kintner started Tueeday on a
two weeks trip through Illinois and Iowa.
The Belmont county delinquent land list
occupies about seven columns in this week's
Messrs. George .Steenrod and E. (3. Amos,
accompanied aberitl llillus to Columbus as
Rumor has it that a prominent member of
the St. Clairsville bar is now to become a
iMisa oituiu i>iooro, o( i'ittaburgh, formerly
a resident of St. Clairaville, is visiting Mrs.
W. 1'. Frazlor.
The audiences ut the Farmers' Institute
have been far above the seating capacity ot
Sheriff Ililles with a number of deputies
started, yeaterday morning for the penitentiary
witu the following: Utho Gilniore colored,
four years; Charles Deal, eighteen
mouths: Johnston Lewis, colored, two year*.
Mrs. Nancy Bonur, eighteen months. The
sheriff will go from Columbus to Lancaster
to iilace the young Bridgeport burglars in the
Reform F#ru\.
, Ilev. Poineroy delivered his big temperanco
lecture Wednesday night.
Mr. Joseph Bell received a telegram from
Wellsville stating that his brothers wife died
and requesting the friends here to attend the
AN i h#8iH. Fickes wlillo working at Porte.,
Minor vtCo's. llrick works on Thursday
fell in an attack of heart disease, and when
found was in an unconcions state and remained
so for fully an hour. He was acting
as engineer and the steam running down some
of the workmen went to the engine room to
ascertain th* cause anil found him. He was
anicti better last evening,
The Sunday School Convention is in
progress at Kairview and while things are
K?ing along iq a harmonious way there are
very (e?r ?irauKers present and the contctjUoiiceisadeartli
of iutercst. Like some othor
things those who never attend Sunday .School
during the year do th<j moat talking. The
better plan no doubt is to point out the roud
then ts<:$ the lead. Example for surpasses
aud precept.
UJg flow of Statural 41mm at tlic Wo1Ih?
IturgWell YcHlcrduy.
The -fondest hopes of the stockholders
Ike Tunhamlle Gas Company have been realteed.
At 9:30 o'clock yesterday morning at a
ilepth. of 1,310 feet, a vein of gas equal to jf
uot greater than that of the famous McQuigan
well was struck, causing the workman to
stop operations. Tbo news spread over the
town uktf wild fire, Hundreds of citizens
visiting the well to witness the escape of the
>"ire has not been applied as yet, as it would
aouBume the derrick and other buildings.
Pipes will be luid us soon as possible to convey
the nas from the well, when it will be
ignited. Then look out [at the grandest illumination
that this section of country has ever
witnessed ftovu natural causes.
When a reporter visited the well a score of
small boys were amusing themselves l?y holding
their hats over the mouth of the well to
see how high they would rty with the air. A
board was placed o\er|the mouth of the well
and three men stennpil
bined weight was not sutHolent to hold the
b&ud in posiijon,
Everybody oonyratulutes the company
upon their discovery. Mr. W: C. Barclay,
the prime mover in the organization of the
company,has for many years held the opinion
that gas could be found in that locality. His
perseverance has been rewarded.
About 2 o'clock Thursday morning a tolerable
heavy vein of gaq waa found, large
enough to put the workmen at the well on a
very sharp took out for accident*. As the
S03 that was escaping from the well was sufllcient,
had it been ignited from the torches
about the derrick to havo causcd their instant
destruction, Watchfully ami carefully
with tht*ir lives at stake, the drill was kept
moving until \13;) yesterday morning, where
the great body of gas was struck. The tools
were drawn and luid to one side. Visitors
thronged the grounds all day long, looking
on in wonder and astonishments at the power
of the escaping gss, as the small boy would
try to hang his rat on it, or stand over the
mouth of the well, oniy to have the clothes
almost blown ofi'hiin. Connections have been
telegraphed for and arelonkou roron'the 0:30
i*. m. train. If thi*y como an effort will be
made to laau the gas from the well to-night,
and set lire to It to prevent it taking tire and
consuming the derrick and machine liniltl. I
Ings. The gas well is the whole talk. Every
body in town that can get out of doors bos
been thore, or will be inside of the next
t\yenly-four hours.
An Kvvut in K'nur Life,
To hear the wonderful Saal Family, consisting
of father and nine sons, in their magnificent
orchestral performances. Don't fail to
hear them at the "Washington llall to-night.
KeUiictlon In IMaxhin.
Present stock of pianos, Stoinway, Knftbe
Cldckering, Hallet & Davis, Emersoa, Sardman,
Guila, itc., at the ve^y lowest prices.
Mid great reduction for mmi. Call early ana
secure great b^rflkiue.
Lucas' Mcbic 8torx,
1142 Main street.
CuitEs Ohl Bores, Ulcers, or any disease
arising from fu?/>ure IMxul?jtir-S. S. S.
1H??. iJIIKISTMAK. 18 St!.
Ex?ur*iou KnlfH Tor the ClirlHtiiin* Ilnl*
UIh^h, to mid From nil Station* on the
PlttNbureli, C'liiciiiimtl ?V- Nt. I.odIn
Riiiluny?l?nu liiimllv Konle.
In accordance with its time-honored custom
the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati & St Louis
Railway Company sends a Christmas greeting
to its.patrons and the general public, with
the information that cheap excursion tickets
will be sold to and from all stations on its
lines on December 22d 23d, '24th, 25th.
2i)tb, 30th and 31st, 1882, and January
1st, 18S3. All tickcts L?G0<1 for return
until January 8J, 18W, The rates will be
made exceedingly low, affording everybody
an opportunity to spend the Holidays aiuong
relatives or friends at a distance or to visit
the large cities and otber points of interest
on the lino of the great '"Pan Handle route,"
at a very moderate expense.
Agents of tho Company will cheerfully furnish
time tables of trains, rates of fure, and
all desired information upon application.
10, 22 * 29.
New Year's Gifts, both ornamental and useful,
at reduced prices, at John Roomer's Dry
floods, Carpet Hiid Wall Paper Emporium,
S'os. 201^ aud 2(t?l J^ain itrttt,
Absolutely. Pure.
. l'hla Powder never varlea. A marvel of purlljr
atrciigth nnJ wholewtneuew. More economical
than ihoordltmry Windit, and ritnnot bo mild in
competition with the muHHudo ol low teat, abort
welglit, alum or plioaplinte iKiwtlcr*. Hold OMLY
OCI7-MW VM Wall HtrtH't. New York.
The Secret
.( .1.. i _/
oi inc universal success 01
Brown's Iron Bitters is simply
this: It is the best Iron
preparation ever made; is
compounded on thoroughly
scientific, chemical and
medicinal principles, and
does just what is claimed for
it?no more and 110 less.
By thorough and rapid
assimilation with the blood,
it reaches every part of the
system, healing, purifying
and strengthening. Commencing
at the foundation
it builds up and restores lost
health?in no other way can
lasting benefit be obtained.
Dearborn Ave., Chicago, Nor. 7.
I have been a great sufferer from
a very weak stomach, heartburn, anil
dyspepsia in its wont fornj. Nearly
everytninj; i ate pie mc distress,
and I could eat but little. 1 have
tried every tSiirgrecoinnicmled, have
taken the prescriptions of a dozen
physicians, but got >10 relief until I
ioc* llrown'* Iron Hitters. 1 feel
none of the old troubles, and atn a
new man. I am getting much
stronger, and feel first-rate. 1 am
a railroad engineer, and ni?w make
my trips regularly. I can not say
too much in praise ef your wonderful
medicine. 1). C. Mack.
Brown's Iitox Bitters
docs not contain whiskey
or alcohol, and will not
blacken the teeth, or cause
headache and constipation.
It will cure dyspepsia, indigestion,
heartburn, sleeplessness,
dizziness, nervous
debility, weakness, &c.
Uio only llrown's Iron Hitters made by
)!rown Chemical Co., Ualtiir.ore. Crossed
r.d lines and trade.nurlc on wrapper.
FRIDAY and SATURDAY, DEC. 20 k 30.
<*raml NtUiirtlity Matinee.
The greatest of all American Plays, replete with
humor, sentimental and pathos,
A romantic stage picture of life in thoGiant Bed*
wood Forests of California, introducing the I'nittient.
Brightest and most Bewitching Little Singing
and Dancing Souhretie ou the Mage.
Marion Elmore,
Sup'|K)rted by the Original Company direct from
Ilaverly's Theatre, New \ork.
New and Characteristic Scenery, Costumes and
Properties. Metropolitan cast. Positive Character
Admission, M) and 75 cents. Reserved Scats,
$1.00. Mutlnce prices, '25 and M) cents; o:i Mile at
Wilson & Uaumer'a music store, Wednesday. Decem>)cr
'27th. . d e2.r?
nriitul Holiday Matineent !S I*. 31.
The greatest moral and exciting drama on the stage,
100 WIVES,
And tho Unrivalled
A New American Comedy Drama in Four Acts, by
Special Scenery, Costumes and Music.
Matinee I'rlces, 25,50. and 75 cents.
Kvenius Prices, 60 and 75 cents.
Seats on salo at Wilson it Uaumer's Music Store.
Wasliiiigtoii HCa.ll.
IIKCKSIKKK 21) null ;to.
All Thorough Arth.ts.
Ailmluilnn fill hihI W<inni? ?* - '
rc ' ll(?2H
Hop Hitters are tlie Purest unU Best
Hitters Ever Made.
They arc compounded Iroin IIopn, Mill, Htiehu
Slnmlrake and Dnndcllon?tlie oMe?t, bMl, aod
mo>t Mluablo medicines In tl,o world and contain
all the b;st ami mo?t curative properllcnor all other
remedies. being the greateit Blood 1'urUer Liver
lleguUtjr, Hud Life >,,d Health Hwtorlne Aiem on
earth. No disease or 111 health can iSlli.lv loSS
exist vvliero these Diltcrit are used, ?o vai Si iSI
perlccl are tbelr operations. . "M ,n0
.. Tliertlvo new llle and visor to the aaM ....I i?.
urni. 10 ail wnoee employ inoaw cause Irregularity
of tho bowel* or urinary organs, or who require an
Apctlzer, Tonic and mild Stimulant, Hop Bitten
arc invaluable, belnj? nimbly curative, tonic and
itliuulatlng, without Intoxicating.
No matter wnat your feelings or symptoms are,
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Do n*t xulTor or let vour friends Buffer, but u?e
md urge them to use Hop Bitten.
Bemember, Hop Bitters Is no vllo, dningod,
drunken nostrum, but the Purest and ?e*t Meiicme
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and no penou or family should be whhont them.
Try the Bitten today. d*?l3TTh>AW
J} billsgo
iud27 Fourteenth street, wlnswyou qau b? accwamo
Uttdat litwlQQUtt,
(Winter Garments
lVo liave Just Opened Our Latest
Invoice ol'
Seal Sacques,
These garments are all the latest
December styles and are so attractive
that they at once recommend
themselves to the most critical
lmyers. AH of our Seal Saequcs
were made to order by- furriers of
the highest reputation, and can ho
relied upon to give satisfaction in
fit and durability. We would call
special attention to our line of superior
fur lined Circulars, which
we bought at a price enabling us to
sell them for $15.00 less than
Geo. R.Tavlor.
AVe are opening Daily a Choice assortment
Ill our Uho suitable lor HOLIDAY
PRESENTS, to which we Invite attention.
Dress Goods!
We arc giving rare bargains.
The genuine HOtfN'ET SILKS
wo have in all the finest grades,
and are giving excellent value to
all purchasers.
' '' ;' !
California Blankets,
Geo. R. Taylor.
dell *
T. V. A W. Rollrotd. Thlitr rood ?t?!?*iOU,oaC,1
i:,irw?^s,"^nrcn"" ? tfss a?
? "-^i'
poR~Riin\ ?
vStitiS'S!#?1 Hoo*,, K,
O'W" Mfl'i ti? wh'S
only to Inmlllci wlttiout children iri.i.i.r*1
per mcmili, Includlug iul "? I-MmJu
-*2 JAH.L ?.?...
FROM JANUARY 1.1,18s."
A Btunll Store Koom with u huihII dwe||iL.
house, Meat side Maiu street, betvrveu T*tiiL
and Kleveuth.
de!5 1. 1UW1S
Part of the Krouiul floor am! nil ol the una..
part of the Old Smith Hrewiry inilldltiii. ton/,
seventeenth and Chaplluo meet*. Buildup U v
foot bT 110 feet. Will Wo lor five year*. 50
P08 No. i:U? Mwtkfi mh4.i
Tlie r?'tjrulur hiiiiiiaI meeting of the Stm-khald,-,
of tho-l.timFlreaud Marine Immrancc t'tmunJ
of Wheeling. fortlie election of Director*. nfo.;
told at the otUcc of lh??coiii|>itiii, No. Uf. Nmk-.
treot.ou Momlay.Jauuarybtli, wtwooathi'U^i
of ywid W o'clock.
dfjj J. (? OKH, SM iy'im |
Thonuuual mootloK <>I llio Ktookboldru of tb
Whielltig A Klcn drove Railroad fftr the clwtluu a
five Director* towrve for the cmulng year, ?nd tb?
trttwactton of any other biulnes* that mi* ?? I
Miuro we said meeting, will be belli ut ihe fno'
pany'* otllre on THURSDAY, January 4, iw.-,
tween the hoursol 21\ m. and 4 p.m.
del'M-iK K. .1. KUTTKU.fWv
The miiiunl meeting of Uio StocklioMvn ol th,
Katlonal Bank of Went Virginia, at WheeliiiH wi< i
he hold at the Bunking HuUoc on Tucnlar 'j.-, !
uary'.?, 1?M, between the hours o( l nmi4 i-. \ h.
the election- of Directory, hiuI the IrmiMu-Uon '
auy other bUkineii that may conio before them
VTHKKHNO, W. VA . Deo '.'7. iKSj. ,|eV
The annual iiieetiuis of the Stockholder* ottl#
Wheulllig and Belmont Bridge Company will U
held at the olllcp of the Company on Monday tf,t
bib day of January, Ihsx between the hnim 0|
aud 4 o'clock i'. for the election ??f nine main*
gers to serve during the ensuing year.
de?5 J(K LAWPON, Ste'r.
This annual meeting of the Stockholders of th<*
I Steadman Uulch Mining aud Milling O.mu&jr *ii|
1 ba held at the otlice of the Compauy, In WhtvliBr
W. Vg.. on the 24th day of January, ltvsi, at Jr.*
for the election of heven (7) Directory, and fir'thj
| transaction of ?uch other buslucsa m. may be pr*.
I Heated.
I dol8 8. U. NVKl.LS, Secretary.
, . ....... n.C tlUVUj IIOllllf.1 Ul? tyf
primary elee. Ion, for the selection of the Hrpubll
, can candidates Jor the cuMttag city election, will
I le held at tlie usual voting places in Hie icvtrti
ward of the city, on SATURDAY, DKCKMBKK
j sotli, between the hours of Sand " v. ?.
I candidates for?>oth Branches of Council and i
Member of the city Krecutlve Committee treilvj
| to be selected In each ward.
1 By order of the City Executive Committee.
C. P. HAMILTON, President.
| J.l). KLSON.Kec'y.
The uudersljiiied oilers twelve very dt-slnl!#
BuililliiR Lots, 60x100, In tbecentie oi vHtuaTillv.
very cheap, for sale. Inquire of
de7 JKtnaville, Ohio,
! Eleven acres on the hill abovo town.
H. FORBES, Wheeling.
I No. 7, TJ. 8. Custom House. Telephone F-fi,
The.undersigued -will x>ll AT COST, or whuteur
j am be had therefor, the entire stock of gooA-i la
Store Room No. 41 Twelfth street, lonsl&tlMg U
1 taney UoodH, notions autl Toys.
de25 A^lgneeof W. K. Hutchlm
i Eight hundred and twenty-one acre* of Dnri/
timbered land, about live miles southeast of BmI
ton U. H.. W. Va., on the waters of the Kile Kim.
The laud Is underlaid with ami and the limber na
be floated down Elk River to market. Aho i.teo
acres of timbered laud in Perry county, Temuaiw.
W. V. 1I0GK tV llltO.,
oc7 1S00 Market Sttevt
A very desirable Residence on South Front ittwt,
near the Suxpemiou Bridge? contains4.) room?, Ut!i
room, hot and cold water, gus throiigliuut, ea?l
lent cellar, lot CO feet front; every part compltte
within and without for design, arrangement
convenience. Apply to ALhXANDKit HO.nk,
Real folate Agent und Broker,
delG llCit Market Street. Ott BItitk.
For sale?a valuable piece
of ground east side of Chapllne strut, oa
whicli stands an old frame tennemeut, tiinnUfel .
1116, between Eleventh and Twelfth meets-being
the only available building lot in that .very <ktin>
bio locality. Tennseasy. Apply to
Real Estate Agent and Broker, 11C3 Market Hmr.
"Ott's Block," corner Market aud Twelfth t'AtW
Beautiful Residence at Kim lirove.
For cash or in exchange for city prjjiertr.
property in new, containing U rooms. attic nil
tower, with bay window, built after a iui>l?rj
style, with every convenieuce, Iwatol on l?ri?
plat of grouud.of rich soil improved, welifeuted,
and eligible in all rejpecta. Apply to
Real Estate Agvutand Broker,
dc2I llfcl Market Street, Ott Blink.
two story dwelling, numbered & oa
South Penn street. The house is eonveuiint.furuished
with gas, water and Bath room, fliibncl
attic, and excelleut dry cellar, and in a very dwir?bio
neighborhood, wltbin a ahort db.tance ol the
Citizens' railroad. The price Is very reiuoaiuw
terms easy. Apply to
Real Efitnti' A?*nt mul ttmW Vn I1M Mirtft
street, "bit's ffioclr," comer Market aud Twelfth
streets. uoiT,
1109 Oil All,IN E STIIDKl',
Between Eleventh and Twelfth Sta.?Writ
8ide of Chnpline Street.
The building is a three-story brick dwelling, obtaining
ten well arranged rooms, with mtlleat
bath-room; lias all the ino<lcrn improvement* ia
KM and water arrangements; IN THK UKST COSL1T10N;
the location and neighborhood very drisiruble.
The smallness of the family is the only
cttUBe lor helling. Price very reasonable, and teim*
eiwy. Apply to william alkxanukk, kn?tor,
Bridgeport, Ohio; or to alkxanl'kk h0>h
Keal Kstate Agent and Broker, 1163 .NUrkctilfitf,
Ott's Block, corner Market aud Twelfth jjirreu,
Unrnhrnnl/'o DarL I
iiuiuuiuun o i aia >
On the National Iio.nl,-1^ milesdisUuit froiadif
of Wheeling. contalnsubout fifty acres, rlcli ??t*
soil, eligibly located, of convenient aaw. mrrouiJed
by grand natural scenery. Originally laid off tf
tlio late ThoraaH Honibroolc, Esq., who inailc it *
lilo's study by bibor And emit expense, to msw?*
what It is, n beautiful and popular hummer Itejort
Tlio work on tko hirit whs commenced aboci
twenty-llvo years aeo, during which time the trw.
shrubbery and otlier ornamental attraction* M"
made it a delightful hummer retreat during U
warm season. Jt ha* been vUlted by large nuiourj
from a distance, and patronized by thousand* J
the surrounding country; It has no equal torn""
dreds of miles in poiut of size, natural KtcWj
purity of air, ejcclleut water from welu c*
Besides its drives, promenades, lawn*,
gymnastic and other obhets of amusement. tb??
is a great variety of Kveigicens,
Norway, Austrian, Kcotch, White ami lltinl?*
I'lucs, the Silver and Balsam Kits, Norway .^rw*.
Red Cedar. Heath-Caved Cypress, Lawnm lYpsj*
Cedars of Lebanon. Maples; there is the .Nor*?J.
buver, buw?t. sycamore: weeping ireca Hm?- - riety,
the Wlllovr, Birch, Larch, A?h andlKla:*
well sclectod assortment of Fruit Tries, Wiludis*
Apple, 1'cnr, Peaches,Cherries,Plums,Ae.: MiWJ
Uhs of various kinds uuil a irrcHi variaty of 5n?uw
and house plant*. There art' that' comforUW
dwellings, with stables and other outhouits:
nine beautiful building lots laiil oil*and HM*
with ornamental trees and shrubbery; *:?> wjj
more low ou name sldo. The Kim GroveStietft*
Line baa its terminus at the south Kate entrant* ?
the Park, the il?pot of the H. A 0. Branch K. *
abdutonotblrd of a mile from thu north eiitrsw*
gate. The place ha* muny attractions ilurlnrW
aumnier. A party wishing to sccure a btautiw
country residence with the surrounding ol tru*.
shrubbery, flowers and singing biids, this I- a P-**
to meet their desires. Otherwise, It can
ably used as a public resort, hh?1 if inan**id JUJ*
cloualy, would 1)0 a good Investment. .
Tho price and terras can 1h; had from the suw"
the helrii of the late Tin*. Ilorulirrok.
Heal Katate Ageut and ^
1163 Market Street, Ott filcck.cur. of ^h'Ie,A
Twelfth atreeu, Wheeling, W, v?.^/

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