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II a new remedy, nrlRlually cotnpotindfd
m.il IntmlMtrO lo Uim wedlial pmfeoloji,
uii'i tbon to tlw pui.llc at targe, by H. II.
11 art man. At. I >. IHtua prmcribed II: to
?.v?r ??,?P tiattenta?lth the moat gratify*
Ilia reaulu. ?????????????
It* effect upon the antctn la entlrel* nu
ll I; o that of any other remedy, awlll U?*
unlr tncillrlna neetl?l In almoat everydl?*
raw to wblrh Mall lilielr. (In Coiiitlpa
tluti. DUeaacsof tlio Liver and Kldneya. i
Masai.in iIkmUI be Riven wlthlt.SBffl
Pkruma I* rouji?o?5dor purely te?5t5EW
Ingredients, w?rh one, aorotdliiR tomedb
tal author*, a K^t remedy;lu Itaelf.??
lir. llartinau baa Mirceeded In extract
lute and combining the actlva principles
??f iIicm) InirralU-ut* Into oiio atntwiVcim
taue; ami a cure ticcfljurlly follow*. There
UuutauuruaifltwlU iMiwhnoradlv
eaM< It will not rut*. ???????
Notnithstanding the Great Ad
ranee in the Cost or
We will ?tlll malnUiu (he old prices u the /ol
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Wheeling, W. Va.
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Tfternioiunier Kecord.
The following shows the range of the ther
mometer, as observed at Bonnepf's drag
store, Opera House corner, yesterday:
1882 1888
7 A. V. 12 M.8 r. M.7 P. *. I 7 A. M. 12m. 8 P.M.7P. M.
&'.) 79 78 70 | 45 til 62 50
Washington, D. 0., October6?1:30a.m.?
For Tennessee and the Ohio Valley, fair
weather in Tennessee local rains in Ohio
Valley,east to sonth winds,falling barometer,
stationary or rising temporal are.
For the Lower Lake Region, partly oloudy
wmtber and local rains, southerly winds,
tailing barometer, stationary or rising
lemperature^ ?
Plcimnat Surprise Furly.
Wednesday evening a number of the
friends of Mrs. Wta. Goering, of North Main
street, pleasantly surprised that lady and her
husband. The occasion was Mrs. Uoerlng'a
birthday. She and her husbsnd were invited
out to a neighbor's for tea. On their return
they found their handsome rcidence.at No.
701 Main street, bri.liantly lighted up and in
t le pos-ewion ofyfriende. They-.had brought
musicians with ihemand after congratula
tions had been ottered dancing was indnlgi a
in for Beveral hours. Everyone had a de
lightful time. Mr. Goering is connected with
the Central Gists Works oflloe.
Kifrptlou on Itae Month N14c.
Yesterday Mr. John Miller and bride (uu
Miss Lena iisnner) returned to this oity from
Chicago, where they were quietly married
last Monday. The news of their marriage
caused quite a ripple of surprise among their
many friend* in this oity, and tneir return
wai pleasantly anticipated. Yea It relay Mr.
Miller was warmly congratulated by all his
?ssociates, and isst evening srdeligbtful re
ception took place at Henner's Hotel. This
was managed by the Miller Glee Club, of
whiob Mr. Miller is a member. Kramer's
.orchestra was engsged and the yoang folks,
>*ab.-mt forty couples, danced nntii after mid
night. A very nice supper was also served.
Mr. MI Her is a popular tobacco merchant
on the Sooth Side, and bis brido is the eldest
daughter of Mr. Banner, proprietor of the
hotel In the Center Market Square bearing
eia name. They are bcth admired In their
circle and commence life toother with the
best wishes fom their friends.
Jacob 8nv>bb, Rag, has presented the City
Fire Department with seven of his "Mam
moth Lifting Jacks," such as he is making
and which he calls the "AJsx." Chief Dun*
nine is highly pleased with the gift, and saya
with any one of the jaclca he can lut any en
gine, reel or wagon in the department and
hold it up aa longaa he wants to.1 Heretofore
it haa been necessary to use a h?tvy screw
jack to raliean engine when a wheel waa to
da removed, for the purpose of lubricating
the axle or to: any other purpose.
HHnrMitCMon Cur.nnt Bvrnuui HJuOr
. In(?rr?r.
Philo Kimmuly has at rack a good rein of
coal on bis Mt. de Cbantal (arm.
Tun afternoon at 2:30 o'clock the Women's
Union Benevolent Booiety will bold its reg?
ular monthly meeting at Mozart HalL Sev
eral matters of importance will come up be*
fore the society, and alt the members are
earnestly requested to be present by tbe offi
cers. '
Tnr. Spanish-American Electric Telephone
Company was chartered yesterday. It pro*
noses to establish and maintain telephone
lines iu Spain and the 8panish colonies. The
principal ollice is at Baltimore, and the capi
tal stock in $l,0f.O.QO3, of wbich $500,000 has
been subscribed and paid in.
Moiumy nigbt the rope at tbe Central Glass
Works gas well broke near tbe top. .Th?
rope and tools were recovered about 10
o'clock Wednesday night and work was re
sumed and continued until last evening,
when the rone broke near the "jars," and tbe
men are again Ashing for tbe tools.
Olkkk IIook yesterday admitted to record
a deed made October 1, by Cecilia Wells t*
Clark Hanes, tt al., in consideration of $1,0C0
for the interest of the parly of the first part
in 220 acres of land in Richland district Also
a deed made April 0,1875, by Martin Connor
and wife to Michael Connor, in consideration
of $800 for the north half of lot 2 in iquare 1
of the Eighth ward.
La%t evening a man dressed like a coun
tryman and carrying a small valise, entered
Hushes' grocery store, at the corner of Mc
Cuilocb and Jfourteenth street, while the
proprietor wai ouuand told the boy that two
days before he bad been in there and had a
$5 bill changed, that Mr. Hugaes at tbat
ime had but $3 in change to give him and
that he wanted the $2 at this time. The boy
handed ovr.r the money. Mr. Hnghes is out
A stable belonging to Andrew Hamilton,
situated in the alley south of Virginia street,
between Penn and Brosdway, caught fire
about one o'clock yesterday, it is supposed
from a ciijar stump. An alarm was sent in
and the department was promptly on band,
but bo ii.fi tmmabie was the building that ir
was almost .totally destroyed before tbe
Mimes w?reextinguished. The loss will be
$800 or $400, fully coyrered by insurance in
Deddridge's Agency.
AY?m ??<l ?)0?*Jf> is Beffli-eoce lo Yurioas
Col. Bob McEldowney, of Welz?l, is in
Mr. John Fitton and sister, Miss MolUe,
have returned from tbeir eastern trip.
Mr. Tom Kennedy and sister, Miss May,
are borne from a visit toCbarlestown friends.
Mrs. Roeeman Gardner and daughter, Mary,
of 8teubenville, are visiting friends in tbe
city. ? ? ?
Miss Jessie Wa?soo, who brs been speeding
a number of months in the west, has return
ed home.
Mr. C. M. Sbinu, of Faitmont, a special ex
aminer of tbe Ponsiou Bureau, wai in the
city last evening, and left for Citneron on
the 1:55 train this morning.
Col. Ed. Behon, of Point Ploasant, is in the
city, en route io tbe monthly meeting of tbe
B jard of Directors of tbe penitentiary, which
will be held at Moundsvllle to-day.
Rev. Samuel Steele, of Huntiogton, wei
in the oily yeslorday. Mr. 8teelo wrs for
merly a Wheeling pastor and hrs numerous
friends here. He will be here during the
Wheeling to be supplied Willi Natural
UMimm Brooke County.
Secretary of State Slilnaker yeiterday is
sued a certificate of iuorporation t j tbe AC
ton Natural Gas Company, formed for the
purpose of sinking natural g:s wsllls in
Brooke county, laying gas pipes in Brooke
and adjoining countin, and supplying gai
to other perjons In said counties lor lighting,
healing and manufacturing purpes ?. The
orlncipal ollice of the corooration is to be in
Wheeling, and $300 bn oeen subscribed h
tbectpifil s'.ock, while the privilege is rc
'aineu of increasing it to $1C0 0CD, The
shares are $1C0 each, and the following prom<
inent gentlemen of Wheeliuc bold one share
cach: John Frew, J. V. L. Rodierj, Bonje
min Fisher, Walter K. Duval rid Alexan
der J/king.
The primely object of the (minany is tc
conduct gas from-anoint bslow We'sburg
to this city.
lu Fnvor of Prohibition.
The following resolutions were adopted at
the meeting of St. Clairavillei Frooytory,
belli on Wednesday it Concord Cbnrcb. nesr
Centrevllle, of which Rev. J. K. Mckalllp.of
Bellaire, <n Moderator; and Kev. M. Jv.
Belli, of Bridgeport, Clerk:
WuratAS, Tn? opportunity u given for
the fir.t time to the people of Ohio to vote
on t te prohibition ot the manufacture and
sale of intoxicating drinks es a beverage and
thU without respect to party; therefore
Hmtcul, That we re|olce In the privilege
thus afforded un ei c,tl?.sns, and that ei a
Presbylsiy we throw toe weight of our intiu
ence In 111 favor, and urge oor people to vols
for the prohibition amendment and that
alone, at the coming election.
KwM, lhatwe regard this ?s a crisis in
the oonll ot with this gigantic evil, and that
all true men, without regard to party, are
Imperatively called to come to the help 01
the Lord awinit the mljhty.
Rmlred, That this paper be read from our
pulpits on next Babbatb.
?/ a. K. BI'HU Itakr.
To morrow evening, Holllday Post G. A.
R. will give a bean nakc-i regular old fish
ioatd army supper, to oooslst of hiked beans
and pork, black coffee and hard twk. All
the members of the Foi; aod those of neigb
boring Posti, in fact all old toldiers, are wel
come ta come and attend and enj>y then>
galvet. The exercises will commence about
7:30 o'clock. There will be recitations, two
or three abort apeecbrs and plenty of music
-army songs lu all can join and Bins which
"with a spirit that shall move the world
along" ri they oied in the dark days of
1881-05. Afterwards aappsr will be wried,
and with enpper there will be more tongs
and reminiscences. The entertainment will
be free to all old soldiery.
A Detectlv? Foiled.
A man giving hla name as Peter Mactoire,
arrived in the city yesterday, end boMtod
that he bed deoerted from the 10th U. 8. In
fantry, s'ltioned at 8an Antonio, Texas.
Jeff. Davis, the colored detective, got hold of
him, and proposed to hold him until he
conld telegraph ti the Secretary of War and
find if the rnsn was wanted, ihe cruel te c
graph company refused t> eeni Jeffadis
patch. While ne was acting ?i a committee
of one on ways and means, an attache oftbe
U. 8. Barracks scooped down and carried
Magolre off to Columbus-so Jeff says. At
any rate, Msgulre left with a military look
ing stranger. ,,,
We have an elegant line of all kinds of
Underwear in plain and fancy color*, at
nrices which cannot fail ?o pie#* our cus? i
mers. Our line of Fall Neckwear Is uniur
parsed. Just received another Invoice of
Dode Bows for atindlng and turn down ool
iarfl D. Guhdmko & Co,
Leading Fninlsher. 36 Twelfth street.
Mr. Parlour,
Of Boston, the veteran and best umpire of
b?e ball, will eurteil the grand games be.
tween the dashing Provldeoca ?nd cham
pion Tolsdos.
Gico. G Mum's sausage will be on sale at
the Corner Grocery, at Bridgeport, 0., to-day.
Cincinnati Ksaarelon via B. A O.
Oa Friday, OctobeV 5th, the Baltimore ^
Ohio will Mil excursion tickets to Cincinnati
aad return for $5 Tickets good golngnn
regular trains on the above data and good
returning until October Bth, Inclusive.
> jilimblr laforiiiitllon.
John Roemer is receiving evenfBsv addi
tions to hl? large stock ofGoofe Car
pets and Wall Papers, whicto heoffhrs l se
than ever for oaah. Call smd examine before
purchasing, and oblige Johu Bobmkb.
Hip Great Bout Bsee at Wellabnr*, W
\m? October Otb.
Saturday, October ti'h, the P., G. 8t. L.
I Railway Company will aell exourslon tickets
to Wellsburg for the benefit o!. thoee desiring
to witness the race between Clatorand El
Hott Fare for round (rip 00 centa.
I am receiving my fell stock of women's,
misses and childreiis shoee and mens floe calf
hand-sewed shoes in all the ditfsrent itvl*
For nlea iweet braad n?e Vienna rr??ed
Y?t,U AU grow* keep It. www
A Ttrf Dramatic Recital the Mltaeaa Htaad Iij
Ik* Murderer of Dr. Sekaekard', on Trial for
Hit Llft~TM Oitlmoay Flilifced T?
terday -Ii Hckaell# laiaaa I
The trial of Guentber Schnelle for the
murder of Dr. Bchuchardt la March last
was resumed in Judge Boyd'a coort yester
day. The prltoner wai not so llstlefi.ason the
previooa day, and seemed to take an active
interest in the proceedings. He was visibly
nervous, and at times trembled like an old
man with the palsy. In the fore part of the
day the crowd of spectatoisin attendance
was not so large as on the previous day, but
gradually increased until the seals without
the bar were crowded and many persons
standing in the aisle. The sensation of tbe
forenoon was tbe story of flchnelie nimself.
who was called to tbe stmd by the defense
immediately after the 8'ate had rested. It
wrs of a highly senritional character, and
was listened to amid a silence as deep as that
of the grave.
The llrst witness called in the forenoon was
W. S. laris, of the Intsllioekcib, who testi
fied to an interview he had had with the
prisoner at the jail tne latter part of April.
Schnelle had slid that he had killed Or.
Scbuobardt because tbe Doctor bad ruined
Sobnelle's mother, and then refused to pro
vide far 8cbneil? himself, or do by him as he
should. The prisoner also raid that before
tbe murder he had tried to get a large bull
dog revolver from one of his brothers, bni
had failed. Tbe smatl five shot revolver he
nadiised was tiken from a drawer in hin
father's home. Tbe prisoner had raid nib
bead wes better, bui still pained him from
the results of the wound. He was able to
walk around the room. One or two other
[trj-oneu were in the room, one of them a
United 8f*tes pri?uuer, named Norman.
When (he witness ti'dl called, the prisoner
did not tilk very willingly, but after learning
that the viaitor wai a newspaper man he
spoke quit* freely.
Capt. Jack Arthur, keeper Of the city lock
up, testified to Schnelle's having beer, con
liuedinhis keeping when lirst arrested, but
ne did not remember of any conversation
concerning the crime.
W. H. Davis, keeper of the county jail,
told of hearing Gcentber ask one of his
brothers if he had killed the d old a??
of a b-?and when answered In the aiU m
ative. ask for a pistol to kill hlratelf. He
als? heard Bcbneile at various other times
acknowledge the killing and give hW reasons
for it, which were i hat Dr. Bchuchardt had
seduced his mother and afterwards refused I
to acknowledge Guentber as his son; that on
the evening of the murder tbe Doctor had
applied an opprobrious epithet to him and I
cur<?d him and put hit hand in his boeom as
if reaching for a weapon. Mr. Dayii had I
heard the Interview with Mr. Faris and all I
other talks tbe prisoner bad had while in jail,
dchne'le had first intimated his motive to a
German reporter, who translated the atati-j
meat in tbe prisoner's presence. Ho said I
then that Dr. ticbuchardt had wronged bis
mother. Afterwards he spoke more dt'ioitelv
on several occasions.
Frank Auber, who arrived at tbe scene of
tbe snooting snortly after it occurred, de
scribed tbe scenes which followed. He iden
tified a pistol shown him by Prcsecut jr Jo:
dan a* Uie one tikeu from Guentber by him
aftar tbe latter had shot himtelf.
Tbe btate rested at this point.
Judge Boyd inquired if the defenaa wonlt
| examine any wiIncases.
1 "Yes. sir/' raid Col. Arnett; "swear Guan
A painful silence fell tipon tbeanembly ai
the pale man arose and took the oath. He
slopped to the witness stand quite steadily
anu Del rayed less nervousness during the ez
ami? ation than while other witnesses wen
on the atond The iury watched and'lfatenec
intaotly, and every person in the room hem
eagerly forward tnat they might not mils I
word. .
The acca:od said bis impression was hi
wao born about 1852, though there was n<
record of bis bit tb. Tne fetnily then lived it
Centre Wheeling, where the Arcade falcon
now fo. He ana his mother were tiken ou<
of the bouse in a fc oat at the time of the b>j
tlood. Tbe priaoner.Jiied with Dr. 8cbuc
bardt neirly four yeara. He had not been
in Wheeling for five yearj until this year.
When be lived with the Doctor he had tilled
The prisoner told of bis wanderings alnci
leaving this city, in which lime he had a gool
tunny adventures. He was married at Alien
town, Pa., in 1Q80, became the owner ol i
drug store and was well to do in the world,
but bis wife died in childbirth, his store we?
burned, and be was left a wanderc. He wai
In the Newhall House tire at Milwaukee.
Guenther raid the old Doctor once took hire
in bis arms when he we a a boy and raid
"There is not a drop of Schnelle blood in
your veini; 1 am your father." 'At this time
liuenther's mother was aick, and she ront foi
Mrs. Schncbardt, and told her the Doctoi
and she had bad iilicit relation!, and thai
Guenther was the offiprinf. The boy wa?
biding under atable lb the room and heard
the whole storv. When he came oat bi?
mother said, '"You ravsl, you have be in 11*
tuning. Ltatenera never near any goodol
themselves." 8lie then t jld him that the
criminal intimacy between her and tbe Doc
tor had begun when ahe first rime fa thin
country. t?he worked for him, and he had
first dllered her silk dresses to yield to him,
and when Bhe refused bad given her wine
and taken advantage of her weak nan.
a so r km if fc ccusr.
Mij. Bshnelle charged her eon tolemniy
not to tsll his brother or any one of this,and
he did not, but kept it a secret in his own be
som until siuce the mnrder.
When Guenther returned to the city In the
early part of tjie preient year, old Schnelle,
his repu ctl father, complained that be .had
cobvb oack to eat him out of hou1.) and borne.
This co worried him ti at hereiolved to take
blsown life and put himself put of the way.
His mother'e form cime to bim in a dream
and told him to go to old Bchuchardt and
tell him what be knew. He went, and his
father, hie real father, who had to deeply
wronged hla dead mother, came in! > the
store. He invited Guenther to alt down.
While he rat there Bobert came in. The
Doctor told Robert to come in while he ex
amined a patient. "Why, don't you know
tbeman?'*8iid Hubert. The Doctor cime
back and siked what he wanted. "Don't
vou know me U the prieonerasked. "Don't
you remember you once told me you were
my father, and that nOVaTtfrop of Sohpalle
blood ran in my veins i*"
With this tbe Doctor rrw angrily and raid,
"That woman who curaed me ao many yean
Ilea under the ground, and I bad jost begun
to bava reit when the devil aent you to cuue
me, you black of a He ahrtad to
ward the back ottce, and Guenther followed,
crying, "Is it not enough for yon t> have
rained mother and then po'ioned her? Why
not let here ml rot, and that of your dead
wife/ Yob would never have tbe money
that fsyou'j now if it had not been for bOr."
He responded tbat be had no money f> loan,
and tbroft b?i band in Jj'a coil.
??Then," awl Schnelle, "aTfslon.'r:me over
me; I wai urged tosht othim then and there,
ana I could not help ir. Iti iraedeiif my
mother stood ap before me and raid to me.
'Couragti DjIiI'- Iftwberthea plain, ana
I raw ber a<nin after 1 had ahot uvgelf, and
shertfd: 'Yon did right! You did right!
Here the prisoner stopped, overcome by
bis emotions, flis tongue aeemed to refo?e
to speak, and a deadly pallor oyerapread his
face. 8oon, however, he reooyered and went
on with hie at Try, raying that whan he vent
to the drug store be bad intended t? shoot
himself oqjy. go did not know whom to
call Father, ss one bid s 44 bp wea flo* his'
father, and tbe other had oaued bin, and
he thought ha woald be better oat of the
world. '?
Upon hie otorr> examination 8ohnelle
acknowledged that he had tried to procure a
better pistol .'rom bis brother, but failed.
He had promised hie mother on her death
bed to kill the Doctor, but be went there only
reeolved to kill himeelf ff the Doctor did not
confess aiain that be wea bis father. He
shot the Doohr. do* becaoia of his promise,
but beciuse ha put bi| hand )n hie bosom,
ss Gueutbur thought for a weapon.
He had never asked Shucherdt to give bim a
house and lot. He had prenared a paper re<
citing that the Doctor wsa bis father, which
fie wanted tbe latter tolsign. He did not re
member making the remark to fcla brother
Louie about ehooUng ?be.old s? ol a b ;
did not remember saying anything to
Dlckescheid at the time of the murder about
tinishing bim, too: did. not remember bia
brother aaklng what waa tbe matler with
bim; if he wn drinking.
In answer to a question by Ool. Araelt the
prisoner said: "I fired the fatal shot because
1 could not help it."
| At the conoioston of Hchnelle's story the
coart took a recess till 21 m.
Upon reassembling at 2 r. u. the court
room was veiy quickly crowded. The first
witness called was Dr. W. J. Bates, ir., who
said that he considered suicide or an attempt
at suicide as prima facie evidence of a disor
dered mind. Some hypothetical questions
[ were put to him, resulting in rather nullify
ing the eflect of his original statement
Dr. J. W. Morris wss next called. He did
, not consider himself au expert in regard to
1 icanity, and had given it little thought.
His testimony wss not Important,
Dr. G Ackerman hkd visited and conversed
with the prisoner He did not think be was
laboring under mentil hallucination or at
berration. ~
The defense also desired to put Dr. C. F.
Ulrich on the stand, but he could not be
I found, and the Bfite called
a brother of the accused. He testified tbst
he had bad a conversation with the prisoner
ona8unday evening before the killing of
toe Doctor, in which Guentber had com
plained of the Doctor's not having provided
fir him. Robert had t >ld him that the old
folks (the Doctor and bin wife) had given him
properly, and Guenther hadeiid, "Why in
the world didn't be give me some?" The
witnen was avked by Mr. Jordan if he had
not heard the prisoner at the time of th?
shooting demaaa of Dr. Schuchsrdt tbst he
give him a house, and if he did not shoot be
fore the Doctor could reply. "I did not,"
said Robert.
Dr. Ulrloh having appeared, wss called to
the sta^nd. He thought the prisoner was la
boring under some mental disturbance at the
time; he could noi call him insane. His state
of m.nd mlelit result from his troubles. It
was timply a little confusion of faculties. This
often led a person to have perverted ideas.
Brooding over a real or fancied wrong might
lead.to this state of mind. The symptoms
be hud noticed might have been produced
by the excitement of the trial, excepting one.
Tne Doctor did not consider .himself an ex
a half brother of the prisoner, was the next
witnen. He had heard Guenther, on the
afternoon of the shooting,' eay in the yard at
their father's house, "Where is be? Where
is the old ? I want to see him and
get satisfaction; and if I don't get satisfaction
I'll make it!" Just before using thisex
pre:siou Guenther asked the witness for a
revolver, and be told him he had none.
Dr. K lloje. physician to the county jail,
had seen the priioner about every week since
he was imprisoned, and bad never seen any
signs of insanity on his part.
This finished the testimony, and both sides
Mr. Jordan opened the argument for the
Stite, holding chat the murder was deliber
ately planum, and that the motive h id been
shown, while there was no evidence of tbe
prisoner's insanity. Mr. Cowden followed
for the defense, and bis colleague, Col. At
nett, spoke next, a recess intervening lot
supper. The Colonel made a powerful
>pcech on behalf of his client He was fol
lowed in an able argument, and at periodb
really eloquent address, ny Mr. Frame.
The chargo was nlven to the jury, and it
retired into Part II about 10 o'ciocx.
For an hour tbe large orowd waited
patiently, but there was no sign of a verdict
Then the soectalors began to thin out
Meanwhile the accused sat at the table, hie
chin resting on bis hands, chatting with his
brothers or bis lawyers. Occasionally be
smiled slightly, and seemed to be freer from
worry than at any time during the trial.
Eleven o'clock passed and the crowd was
still smaller. Midnight approaohed and a
mnior came from some undefioable source
that the juiy was on the eve of a verdicr.
Again the restless crowd settled back in their
cbalrs, only to wait again. At 12 tU
jurywfi brought into court and dismissed
until D o'clock this morning.
murullw CI.J.THI* Thl.
The tteml-aonual.mcetlDgof the Womsn'a
Foreign Missionary 8ociety of the Presby tery
of W.stalngton, held in opening session
Tuesday evening in the Presbyterian Church
0| Cleysville. The pastor, Rev. June. U
Leeper, presided, end Key. W. Bpeer, 1). D.,
and Hon. Q. I/. C.amner, of Wheeling, nude
addresses which were listened to with much
interest. Mm. Happer, of Canton being
present, was asked to eay a few word.inre
latlon ti her work in that oily of a million
Inhabitants. She consented to do so, as she
desired to say a word to the boys present,
and alio to the men, who could not hare the
orivlles* of hearing her next dsy, when only
women were in attendance. Jberj are U10
women whose names are enrolled M members
in the thirty-eight churches of the Presby
li ? ?d Vh? gave isst year t0(tha carts, of
Knrfliirn Mif'ionB. the turn of $3,810.40.
ThameaUog w? opened at 0 a. u , be
President, Mm 1). A. Cunningham, in the
chair bvaioging. After the devotional ex
ercises Miss Noble made a most bcantifal
o^??rr*iof welcome on behalf of the people
^ OU??viUe! to which. Mis. Cunningham
responded in an appropriate manner. Lsttera
were then vead from. ftev. Mr. Dnnlap and
Mra. Kwing, missionaries, the oue at Pelcha
ban and the other at Allahabad, India.
Mrs. Happer, who for the last thirteen and
a balf yeals hi* been a diligent worker in
the missionary field at Canlon, Ohina^ ad
dressed the meeting, telling mnchthat^WM
interesting about the work there, and of the
oeople, their customs, etc.
Two committee'' were tben appo nted,one
on Iteiolutionsand theotberon Credent ala.
Mrs. Williams of Wheeling, the efficient
Secretary of miEalonary literature, then made
aniddresson 'Our Publication}' speaking
J? those which ate publi.bed by this Woman s
Foreign MUsionary Society. The meeting
tbeu adjourned until the afternoon.
The meeting having been called to order
and a hymn sang, Mrs. Slorer, of Elm Grove,
?id a paper entitled "How' to Interest
i Tonng People I Foreign Missions" which
in eined a ereat ileal of praotical advice on
thatsttWeot. The President, Mrs. Canning
K.n, followed with a report of the meeting
I held' at Syraonse last April, to whtoh i,!? ""J
a delegate. The committee which had been
anpointed in the morning then made their
report. Thereportol thelommlttoe on Res
olutions was ordered to be printed in the
Frethylcrlan i/a,liter. One of the most inter
esting. Knot the molt Interesting eieroises
nt the davwes an "Illnstrative Band, itwas
?Sm$! ofstxtecD y ouug folks ton:.Wash,
inttton and we* conducted egaotly a, they
are in the habit of conducting the monthly
meetings! The subject oboesn wa, China and
WU a Dsrtioularly Interesting one, as there
was at the meeting one who had Already
riven nearly foorteea years o! her life to the
Service of her Maiter in that country, and
Who hopes to return thero shortly to take up
the work ibe so mnoh loves, and which noth
ing but ill health has caused her to lay down.
This Band imagined themselves a band of
mls'ionarles makiog the journey, from Phila
delphia to Colna, and the route wa de
acrbed and the places th-ough whlohthey
M-eef vera brought very v yHjly before
thoseprtsent. After the conclusion of the
.T.rrlMe hv the Band, and the transaction of
tome businesshjr the ??,cifhJ',rtai*Slo^1 was
of Washington, prayed, the DomIorj w?
sung and the meeting was dismissed.
Aeutdcntton FlrfBiW^kleslloa Place.,
CJeriuiMii'el.beaU.M, Klc.
Miss Pruden got home yesterday from a
trip to Pittsburgh.
Mr. and Mi J. John Robinson returned yee
terd.y from avuit to Allegheny.
The funeral of Mr. John W.gnei, yester
day afternoon, wri held In the German
church, and wri attended by a lerge number
of people.
Henry Lorlog, a Oleveland iPithbargh
Bremen, wri aquswed between two freight
cot in the yaroi'veslerday, the bumnenTe?
ttg them come together joat close enough to
utU one of bis ribs ioqse from the breest
The election. i>e to be held at the nana!
pU<? thla time. Id the Pint ward at the
toee house; Becond ward, Mre. Bhaniey a
room, Third ward, at the Mayor'e ortloe;
Fourth ward, at Hell's old meat sbop, at the
northwest corner of the Bqttare; Filth ward,
The manufacturing establishments have
cut requested to ceeee fOf}f Monday
o? account of the German celebra
tion. Some of them have agreed to do 13
aid probably all will. Manv.of the1 men
hare arranged for displays of tbjlr fades n
the prooerston and all want to ? se the affair.
The prooeselon will start from City Hail and
bo north on Belmont to rhirix-sixth then
back to Noble and on up to Gravel Hlll llien
np the front street and back and go down
Guerne>y t J Central avenue, then to the C.
4 P. d.pot down Onion ti the Belmont
House, baok to B-lmont end down to City
Hall, tiien down Union to Twenty-fifth street
and the place of meeting.
Xtxt Tlindir-ia Irnf of Whom ??d Tats
Nmr Eqisiltd la Ik* Cltj?4 flliaatle la
daitilal raradf, Follows* *J aa Appro
priate Calt kratloa?Llit or ff aioaa.
The parade to be made by the Germans of
this oily ana vicinity next Thursday bids
fair to eolipee anything of the kind ever
before seen in Wheeling. It will be immense
and worth coming to see. The indications
now ere, tbat it will be moet decidedly the
feature of t'ae bi-oentennial celebration of
the first German cattlemen, in tbis country.
Citizsna are at the head of the undertaking
who never do things by halves, and who will
tdkd pride in making it all they claim It will
be. Every society is going to strive to out
shine the others, and the business men, with
an eye to their own interests, will endeavor
to make their wagons ai attractive si possi
ble ai a matter of ceurje.
The chief marshal, his aids, the marshals
of the divisions and tbeir aids had a meeting
at Cap*. Aug. Holt's last evening teat wrs
largely attended. Mr. George Bawer^sr.,
presided and Mr. 0. A. Mayer was Secretary,
assisted by Mr. Henry fiieberson. The meet
ing was principally held for the purpose of
arranging the order in the procenion of the
various societies that have made application
for places in the line. It wrsof course de
cided at once that the Pioneer Society, having
first s'irtad the idea of a celebration, should
head the procesiion. Considerable discussion
ensued ss to the disposition of tho other So
cieties, but it wss finally settled that the
oldest should follow the Pioneers and the
rest should follow according t> the date of
thei; organization. Thus the. order will be
Mounted police: Chief Marshal and staff;
Pioneer Society with three wagons such as
have been described in the Iktklliukacu
before; WilllsniTell Lodf&No. U, 1. 0. 0. F.t
organizsd 184(1, with one wagon; German
Benevolent oociety, organized 1847; Logan
Tribe No. 1, Bed Men, organized 1863; Tur
ners, orgauixed 1853; Mconerchor Hinging
8ociety, organized 1855; Concord Lodg* No.
1U, I. 0. u. F., org in'/, id )85'J; Germania
Hinging Society, organized ISti'J, with on*
wagon; Beethoven Sinning Society, organ
ized 18o9; Gel mania No. 7, K. ot P., or
tanizdd 1870; tit. Aiphonsus Society, organ
ized 1871, witb one wagon and motto*; Or
der of the Harugari Noa. 292 and 284, organ
ized 1872, with one wagon; Mt. Zion Benev
olent Society, organized 1875; Arion Society,
nrgan'zed 1879, with two wagons; Druids,
Hermann Hsine Lodge, organized 1881;
KnigUJi of Su John, orgsnizM 1881: Mozart
Hinging Society, organized 1882, with one
wagon ; Sobwabenguelschait Society, organ
ized 18:2, witb one wagon containing person
dressed in the ancient Schwaben custom;
German Beneficlsl 8oc*ety, organlzsd 1883:
State and city officials, speakers and invited
guri*s in carriage-; bulcbere, bakerj, confec
tioners, In wsgons maklog sausages, cakes,
bread, candies, etc.; also other trades en
gaged making their goo is.
Thus far Uie order given is the one that
will be carried out next Thursday. The mar
shals will have rnoiher meeting this week to
decide the order for the remainder. The firms
and persons who desire to take part In the
parade and bavo been given permission but
nave not been a .signed places in the line are:
Riverside Furniture Company, three wsg
ont; Bridgeport delegation, two wa.iont;
IrbeL/. Furniture Company, two wagont;
Employes' Union Fl nt GIs-js "Works, Mai
tin's Ferry, one wagou; Rsyniann Brewlog
Company, two wagons: William 8chwe*t
feger, two wagons; G. Mend*l & Co., ote
wa^or; Roney'a Point cit:zena with three
wagou; gardeners of the vicinity w tb four
wsgons, and everyone mouuted; C. Stiberl,
three wagons; H. Frank, onewf.on; Hsltted
& Handlan, one wagon; N. 8chu.z, oni; John
Snyder, one; Bacbmau & Myer, two; 8chmui
bach Brewing Company, one; Muhn & Brand
fr?i, one; Beitz & Finding, two; Wa) then it
Tieman one; Charles8eaorig!it. twe; Wheel
inger Volksblatt, one; Central Glass Works,
two; Albert Franzbeim, on?; J. G. Hoffman
& Sons, one. There are a number of othp.d
that have signified a desire to taae pu t, but
rs yet have made no application. Tne
ma*-ha's postooned further arrangement of
tbe line in orner to allow tbcbs who kave not
yet applied to do ao. This they should do at
once, by calling on or addrrilcg Mr. C. R.
The ma; ,bals were much pleased at receiv
ing a communication from tbu oftkerj and
clerks at the State House asking for a place
in the protx -sion for a four hor.e decorated
wagon, repr Sent'ng We it Virginia. The re
quest was readily granted. It must be un
derstood that all the wagons will be decors
txl. The butchers have- engaged the Bt.
Claiuville and Bellaire cornet bands, and
there wilt be at lea it three other banda in the
proce lion.
There were numerous commit he meetings
yeetetday, bntou'iideof lest night's meetirg
end that of the bake;j, very little was done.
The bakers met at Bebler'a and elected Wm.
Grewe rs marshal. Ihe bakers, in additi* n
to tkeir wa-otis, wilt march, >be'r uniform to
corslstof buck pan'i nod white caps, stilus
and aprons. A loaf ot bread s'xteen feet
long will be curled.
l in1 necrei.
The Baltimore If act, say it ia preposteroui
to speak of substantial success without in
trinsic, UHtjuestion'd merit 8t. Jacobs Oil,
the great pain-cure, la a moat pronounced
example. Its immense sale Is due to iU
'Jerry Dennj,
the noted third-baseman, will illustrate some
of his renowned agile feats at the grand
games Saturday and Monday next, tie it
par excellence, and has superseded all fall
competitors in the way of home runs.
Tint "Cook's Delight" attracted much no
tice at the Exposition, where it was approved
by hundreds of housekeepers and cooks.
Sold by Geo. W. Johnson's Sons, 1210 Main
Urnnd Milliner/ Opening;
At Miss K. Body's, No. 1119 Miiin street, on
Thursday. Friday aud Saturday, October 4tb,
5th and tiih.
UftcleftN Frljcbt.
To worry about any Liver, Kidney or Uri
nary Trouble, especially BrigLt's Disease or
Diabetes, as Hop Bitters never fails of a cure
where a cure is pouible. We know this.
MlRcelliqneona No(m Uniliereri Aloog a lie
I.evee-lfllfKfitplilr Ke porta.
The Blaine parted dawn wltb empties and
(be alarm went down light.
The Little Anna and the Diurnal are the
down river paoketi for this morning.
The Courier will probably be out on Satur
day. She haa been nand'.Dmely 6 ted qp and
Yeeterdaj'adepirtbreiwei*: c. W. Batch
elor, for PitNbnrgh, 10 a. v.; Little Boone, at
10:30 a. m., for Parkersburg, and Frank
btein, for Marietta, at U:30 a. m
The Iron A^e, of Gray'a Iron Lice, which
has been lying at the foot of'Fortieth street
with ih barges during the low wat jr eea'.on,
got away for PiWiburflh tat eyenfog.
The channel marlfi on the levee lilt even
ingincicat da depth of 0 feet in river at
this point and the water.) were still rialog
slowly. Buslnen wai lively on the levee.
The Dauntless Nellie Speer and Veteran
No. 3 finding enough water to float them and
their barges, pt'sed up Tor Ptt'iburgh yester
day. They have been laid up in toi? vlelri:
Charlie Anderson, a Wheeling boy, is ?v
slstant clerk to Al. j.fllaven, the jolly clerk
ontheBmmeQrabam. At pre:ent, oothof
these gentlemen are running on the ?. P.
The 0. W. Anderson wrsdue uo Int even
ing and expected t > go througu to ^ittSr
bargh. CaDt. Jack Harrison is in command
and Alex; Voeghtly in the cftlce. The An*
deraon is a fine low water paoket.
/The Jennie Campbell, Capt. Ed. Horn
brook^ nandsome towboat, came up yester
day morning from Wegee where she has
been laid up dnring the low water season.
She tooi on anumoerof stores and left Int
uveniDg for Cincinnati.
Uaiuo, Qctobpr^.?Hlver 8 feet 0 tecbes and
riiicp; Light rain this afternoon.
Gwomjwao, Pa., October i-River 1(< feet
] inches and falling; weather plow.
Oil. Cnv, October-t.?River '4 feet 11 inchee
mil falling] weather cloudy and oool.
MokOAMTOwif, October 4.?River <) feet and
falling; weather clean thermometer 08*.
Rica's Lahdixo, October 4 ? River 11 feet
md falling; weather clear; thermometer 64?.
Bbowmvimjc. Pa., October 4,-River 11 fe*t
II lncbee and falling; westhrr clear; ther
To be Erected at MotandavHIe-Tba Mile
The Moundsfllle correspondent of the In*
tillioenckh sends the following:
Messrs. Pearson, and Kitsen, of Bridgeport,
Ohio, were In town veaterday loosing up a
location for a playhouse. The gentlemen,
who are prominent glsss manufacturers,
make the following proposition: If tbeciti
7. ins here will loan them $*,000 for four vears
at 5 per oent interest, thny will furnish the
balance of the capital necessary, and at once
begin the work of putting up the bulldinfo.
Mayor Weaver, ex-Mayor Purdy and W. B.
Humphries promptly ii.tarested themselves
in the matter, and the proposition meeting
with such hearty approval among the citi
zens that the gentlemen were able to see in a
short time and from the substantial encour
agement received, to confidently assert
yetterday evening, that the enter
prise was a fully inured aucceis.
The location selected for the works is im
mediately adjoining the Kloman mill pro
perty and the ground purcbe sed by the Ohio
River Riilroad Company for their depots,
and fronts 75 feet on the 0. R. R., running
west 240 feet to the river. It is proposed to
donate the ground, or at lesst a portion of it.
Mr. Humphries started a subscription for
this purpose and succeeded in about twenty
minuteein raising about |350 of thesum nei
essary for this purpose. Three-fifths of the
loan bai alroauy been secured at the rati?
proposed, and no difficulty is anticipated in
obtaining the balance. It is proposed to
erect works for the manufacture of bottles
and fruit jarsonly, for the present That the
works will be under way within the
next thirty days tbere >s little doubt.
This enterprise, which was co ausniciously
inaugurated, and it might be eaid accom
plished yesterday, has been canvassed, talked
about,planned and hoped for, the past ten or
twelve years, is sure to add more to the ma
terial advancement of our town, by furnish
ing employment for a large number of men
and boys, and thus bringtng to and circuit
ting money, than any or all of the industries
now carried on here. To wide-iwake mer
chants and buiinen men generally, as well
as to property holders, the advantages to re
sult from the establishment of the works
cannot but be apparent, aud that they will
break away from the old fogy "penny wise
and pound foolish" system which his for
ages pint kept the town from tiklng the
place among the ciiies of the Ohio Valley to
which her natural, es well es artificial ad
vantages entitles her, by contributing liber
Uy towards aecurlm th* greatly desired ob
iect, just now to easily obtained, no person
9 skeptical enough to doubt.
The KlverMud Vnllejr Knllr iidn -1'riMou
Crowded. Kir.
Ten gondola loads of iron for the O. R. R.
arrived Monday. Vies President Thompson
writes to a gentleman here that owing to un
avoidable delay the engine end construction
train will not reach here until Monday or
Tuesday next.
The nine or tan thousand crort ties gotten
out by Frazler ?fc Kane were sold by the as
signee Saturday last, at from twenty-two to
twenty-three ceuti each in the woods. The
principal part of them were jurohesed by an
agent of tne Elm Grove railroad.
Henry K. WHinotli, convicted of robbing a
pas to Hi cu and aentenced to a two year term
?n tho Penitentiary by the United States
Couit at Clarksburg, was received at the
prison a f*w days ago. That institution now
contains 241 prisoners, or 18 mere prisonera
than cells. The Board of D rectora will hold
their semi-annual meeting at the Peniten
tiary tc-dav.
Mr. John Hornbrook, formerly of Horn
brook's Mills, this county, now a promi
nent merchant at Captina, was in town a ew
days ago. Mr. Hornbrook is very much
elated over 'he prospects of a speedy construc
tion of the Ohio Valley railroad, ns he confi
dents believes that his town will be largely
benefited by the building, au i operating of
the road. The one great drawback to the
prosperity of Captina, and other towns sirnu
larly situated, is the apparently increasing
unreliability of the Obio river as a means of
travel and traffic. The buildingof the road will
give towns on tbe Ohio aide a prompt, and at
all seasons of the year . reliable outlet for the
immense products of tbe surrounding
country purchased, and handled by the
merchants of the river t>wns, aud thus
enable them to pay belt r prices, at least,
during the suspension of river navigation,
for grain, wool, tobacco, ifco., &c.
ii]ti uniiii aiAunMi*.
rbeMock qnolnllon* Uo Up and I?own.
FrovlktoMN la Welter DerftnnU.
The ato.'k *aikei opoed yolciday bmoewhat
ower. An imp'oven'tnt pi ,?1"
?,t and (he beau twUcoat*' 01 tho marke . JThe
'"vSniieiSi'lM tike ?mo, without nolleeiKe
rai'W Mil lower. PrOTl^n..?
lu fair demand .taltgb'l' idTnttocd rate*
THe riuHUfittl World.
3, ilOOJiJ'8. P. A 8.0. UnU-JW
8: &
?M??6?o?'Ss.3a u.P.?lnklDgfnnd-116 ,
Lehigh <b Wilkes.--1W
STAT* 8 KCU RITI**?Dull. '
TvmlEi&nioonBols..." 70 I Virginia 6a....... ?6
lfflSurf^? K? IVlnIula.eoMoli. ea
1W I tra mat. coupon*... 41 &
SfeSSSTKr- to Vglnij deferred.... ?
Tennetneo 5b. uew.... 86 I Ex. at*.
?<'???" lowc-'tud |
then advanced percent, the latter,in Ortflin A
T.SJSloentS. Eton UttO a. *. tue impure
aiuto&ii.oiclI'ml (ram 63 to57# auu O'wen
"?U:k?w?un.rcoolTct ?,""i''8.,aP,Svii lX
I Ti^'iiUnentai wei?iwnnd=uon?, wlHw up to
149' Nortnern Pn-Jfic recoteted to 81%.
! r.ii u>iiV n 1 her itocka X*% i>er cent. !?10m thh Mao
' until nearly 1;30 r. *. the market wafQBlet aud al:
irSt dSf. Aboui the tune mentioned a report waa
^ i.ird tint tho leadeuvreie in conference to
dffli5?*n! to ffi 'he hear raida. Blmnltaneou*
lv with till' announcement tho ahtrpcatdilye of
mo day ?i< made na lomeiltawi. particularly on
M.nttiba Orttou Navigation and .Norhww tn>.
The former broke 2 pilnta?olC%Orj?WI ?*jJ"
c?tlou '1% to) 10)4 and Nonhwesteru
Ki Shark not packed b/ ?Ve bean ylthied but
^STt^aoKSSd. better (?!)?, pret.lbd
?nd Vbe Ixuui ill'WCd iiwe (H.joflBon to Hire
rnoflt. Ilndct ihl* 0|0=tM ?? rtwnceolX to 3X
percent WV"uUimM. wUti ?w?Mlltity onIhe
l -v up pi.detlyl 1 the tame ol the ihirf to
raiMrt wm tho rermted conference ol Gould >nd
vHSidiKeedy tUttded to. Itwis cnttenUyitHcd
tbtltbe r.plt'lliK In .lunlion ?^tWQJffort
Sommonl tatting hoora hid ?l;Wdto
Ub'd In takius up the Healing debt aud in ptovld.
Lamwille ANrdnlUe t>69J6. L'
MichUaa tontraMi 87K. Jer.j
Manitoba to its. Union Padflo'o
Union 1)80. Ah compaiod Wi'h
lnt.Jomeaharrs ahow au adT^nraofH.oK 1 *
??ni vholnit'T J* La?W*QB*i olheiaare
H*Mi per can I* lower, exajpi for Oiciton Na\ ^a*
"?Sxtt *iel'fic. 'v?to"? p Sultd, 0?iht.'oreinnai
M?oTi5.? &.nrp<illm.n (*'.oT.t I'JV
Tranudioua t(S,0.!)?narfi,
Canada Bouthern^.^ 62Vt Northern Pacific...... S2;
central Paciflr.. --t-r f? do prti?nod...m?? C
ChSSS*^ OWa- Northwegera-. id
SSaS?jS.rwi:::: yx?.?
ioiWtSSSn."^." " pSttoKiji?...... r
J Btd.^fa=:.iS!
??; ?5 'A
M HnailituBli and ProVlaMii.
Kew Yoik, October 4.-Flour dulh'teccljU 16.
100 barrel*; exporta 710barreli; roiwfloe State and
WW em ?l:*M Si. Wliett, .pot toll JftHjp and
her. aalea 192.000 buahels tt II 11 ' "
??- *-i 1114 0001
ai uyL doalnc at II Uk: December, aalui l.560.000
bushels atll l&al 16& dosing at |l lAJfcJanuaiy,
ailea 801000 buahels at It lial 18H. closing at
II 18)4. Corn, spot lots unrettled ana la2kc and
opUom ??attc lower rcoelptii *20,COO buahela; ex
porta fS.W0 bushels; ungraded Mafllc; No. 3, MHa
57Sic; No. 2. oW io e cvator 60a60)fi afloat; No. 2
68%?Wc, cloaiug at 68J<c; January 57J4a5fc, doa
iug at bThfi. Oau flroi; receipts 675.00) butbeJc
western mixed 2U83c: white western C7a42c: old
No. 2 Chicago 36K?'- Coffco tlrm. Sugar firm.
MoIb-vk quietandttr?;New01eana30a66c. Tal
low rteady. Hoiln Arm ?tll 52kal 67H- Fork dull
and nominal: uew men 111 75. Be ?i quiet and firm.
Cut meats nominal; long dear middle 0Jic. Laid
atrong; prime Ream 8..Cjs.J;c. October h.I5?8.23k
NoTember7.27a5.CC:; December 7.Ma7.Bc. Che?!8
quiet and tlrm.
C?iCA?o, October -L?Flour ttcady and unchang
ed. Wne?t, retalar quiet and lower at 95%<'J5kc
October; 91c November, 93a99%c December: llOua
101K January; II 07XH 07? MaytNo. 2 Chicago
spring '.?Ja9)%r. No. 8, ?'c: No. 2 red winter f 1 UK.
i-irn quiet ma weikcr at 4744c cash aud October
4?%at?&c Bovombm: 46)<c Dot em ben 46c year; 4*5$
ab>?cMay Oats dull ard a ?hade lower at 27^o
eash; 27}<eS.7<Ki ^u>ben28A?a)4o November ?8Hc
Deramber; yean lljte May. Rve nom
inally unchaugcd. Barley quiet at 60Ka61c.
Flaxseed tlrm at f 183. Fork iu .'air demand, but at
lower r?u.\ at |10 &0il0 r j caah; no 52Xal065 Oc
tober: $ 0 42ka10 fit November and December;
?10 ?0a1U 85 year: |10 22){alO ?'? January. Lard iu
I ilr demana. but at lower rates, at 7.8!c c*fcli and
October; 7.62 Wa7.(E 3 Norember and December; 7.60
a7.52jwo Tear. 7.00*7.62Vc January; 7,7Qi7.T2fr Feb
ruary. Bulk mea' i dull and nomioal; ?houldera
465c;abo't >lo GJic; abori clear[>Xc. Butteraud
eggaouht and unchanged. Whisk* ateady and uu
onanxed. cail-Whwu. ac'lve and Arm; advanced
J<c lor Octobor Corn iu good demand and eaiden
declined Xo for December aud '># for year Oata
In fair demand; advauoed He for October and No
Tember. Pork in fair demaud: di Mined 2Kc for O
fobcr. advanced 2Jic fir November. Lard iu fair
demand; lCc hlgber forOctober.
BALTiMoaa.October 4 - Flour Arm and undtanged.
Wheat, wealem Meady and quiet: No. 2 winter rod
spot Ii USat cs;Octobor gl 08 bid; November
Illegal lOJf: December |il8->fcill;JS^;January II16%
al lti#. (inrn, mixed apot 69aMXc; October t^a
58Kc: November WaWJic. Oata ateady: western
while 86aH4c; mixed .'II.85c; Penoaylvaui* 86a35c.
Rye quiet at Clitic. H?y uudianged. Provisions
I iwer; mew pork 113 TO: bulk meaU.ahouldeia and
clear lib aide* packed, 7a7Hc; bacon ihouldera 7Hc:
clear riotldea 5^o; hamt> Lard, refined
0yAv. Butter?tody: wuiern tackod 10a20c: cream
ery 20a2Sc. Kkua iower at '/la-iti. Coffee firm; Rio
caijoea ordinary to fair OJJalO^c. Sugar firm: A aolt
&{c. Whlaky quiet and ateady at |l IBal 18K.
I'lliLtDEM'Hu.October 4?Flour firm; rye Hour
ic?rce and drm at I10J. Wheat opsntd lower and
do^da??ady; No. I red 96c: r'imerll 0]^! "0.8
II0JH; No. 1 red fresh |l 09U: No. 2 red October
It t Dai C9H: November |1 UXtl lljtf; Pccember
II 18^al 14: January II l^tl 16J<. ? 010, optlona
Hat and lower, except January which laateidy; car
loia active: mixed ateamer 60HtMi0 j: nil
mixed October &7^a!S|<ic; November WSa'SJ^r;
Deocinber 66JgaS7c: January fSa57c. Oata in m?d?
orate demand. Kna In fair demaud and market
firm at 2 l?2(c. Oinera unchanged.
Tolxdo, O., Octol?jr4.-Wheat quiet and eaiicr,
No. 1 wtilto Michigan It 08; Na 2. ?1 C0H' No. 2 red
winter It 04)jal 07; October 1104^ bid; November
II (GV(; December ll e.sJanuary 11 KM. Corn
dull und, nominal; hi <h mtxod 62^ar?3c: No. 2 arot.
October or November 52c aaked. Oau dull: No. 2
?pot, 29He Odober 29^c; November SCiie; Decern
?eratkmikc. Cloverwied. primo apot 11 SJaiked:
Noveml>er Si 93 bid, I) CI rrted; December I) 03
bid, 13 lOfllked; No 214 66. ^
Cincinnati, Octoter 4.?Flour ateady and un
changed. Wheat easier at II f tKal 05 caih: IIC6^
November. Con weaker at 51 MJ<c. Oataeitlor
at ;tC3caidi; SOWc Novemlier. Rye dull and eailer at
at &7a&7>ic. 1'ork atronger at |1175al2l)0. Lard
lu Mr def and at 7.62W%105. Bulk meals stronger;
ahoaldeu f c; dear rib 6Hc bid. Bacon Arm; should
er* G^c; clear rib Ofte; dear 73<c. Whisky active
and Arm at It 13. Butter, creamery lower at 23a27c.
Ott. Crrv, Pa , October 4.?Potroleum opened at
II hifchcfft It 14'.; lowest II12^; closed at
It 137^. 8*ies, 2,817,0(0 barrels. Clearanceaycater
day 6,733X3) barrda Bhlimeuljynterday, Suited
) ire Line, 66S>?iba^?ela; Tidewater 8,012 barrelv,
dally avera-re for the uojth, 72,265 ban-els. Char
ters 63,838 barreh; daily avoi* jt for the moath
4'.4,151 bar. els
BdiDror.D, Pa.. October 4.?Crude oil ateady.
Total run* or Wednesday 63.884 barrel*; total ahfp
ments 74.3T3 barrelr charters 6.833 barrels; dear
aurai 6,545,000 Imrrels. United Pipe l ine certifl
eateio^eued at^lS^ and doted at II1IJ4; highest
Pitwiiukoh, Pa.. Octorber 4.?Petroleum dull;
United certillcatei firmer, doaed at It I3jf Iu
tho alternonu aeniou the market waa quiet
aid not much doing; opened at II 18k; declined
to II 18& and closod firm at |l 13^.
TiTUaviLLX, Pa., October 4.?Petroleum opened at
I118W; highest II 14: lowcat |i 12K;doMd at
|113Charteii 63.1*?8 barrelf. BhlpmenU 74.2W
Nsw York, October 4.?Potioleum quiet; United
.BALTi*oax,Octobcr4.?l*etroleum unchanged.
Live Niock.
Chicaso, October 4.?The Drover 1' Journal re
oorta: Hogs?Receipts 1H.OOO head; ahlpmenta
8,000 bead. Market alow aud flalC! lower packing
C4 "Sat 75; packing and sbinoin^ 14 Ka5 15; light
|4 8 Ja5 :y, akipa U C( i4 25; cie 'd weik. Cattk>
Ke^eipia 8,(30 head ablpmenta 4 6C) head; market
bii k and firm; export* fitOaG C);good lo choice
rbiiipiog 15 8O16 r J; common io medium It 00a
510: rajigo alewlyi Toxana If flat ft: balf-breeda
ftr^i4f >. uativ jflC0,riO). Sheep?Reoelpta?,(CD
hoad; ahlpmenth 1.'. 1 heal: market aieadyand
III ai; Inferior tn fair f2r 2"> good 13 75; choice
ft (): Texu 12 39a3 50. I a-nbi 1(3 lbs. |3 50 per
K?*t Libertt. Octobar 4.-Cattle-Recdpli 1,400
head. Market mow at y rerd'v'a prlc^ Hog*?
Receipts 8,.V) bead. ?>a>ket slow: Pnlladdpblaa
15 4015 fiO: Yorkers 15 25 ?6 i\Y. gMr era 14 75a5 (0.
Hhocp?Rccelnta 2.C 3 head. Market very du" at
aboutyeateuiay'a pile i
Cincinnati, October t.-Uve hogs active and
Arm: common nnd light II (XU5 .0; packing and
Lutcbera 14 50<r, 35; iccdpbi 1.K0 head; ship
ments 1,5.0 head.
Nkw York, October 4?Lead ateady; common
14 80a4 32;;: reflnml 31 ni^ai 35.
Absolutely. Pure.
,TbU Powder navorvarloL A naryul of purll?
fcnen^ih and wholwomene* M ro ecououtca
(ban tbeordlDKty kinds, &bd cannot be aold li
comreii?lr.n with the mnltitade of low t?tl, ihor
weight, alum or pDcpbate powdrm. Sold ohm
IK Can . royal baking POWDKK CO..
'??'7 1(W Will; Htwt. n-w York
J. S. RHODES & 00.
litre now an Na'e the Urgent and
Best Assortment or Fine
Dress Goods,
Black and Colored Silks,
Plain and Brocade Yelvet;
And Seal Plush,
NotnlUstuidliigllie advance In Velreta
Re are gUU telling our entire stack ?f
I. S. Rhodes Ko.
yon KENT OR 8AJ.E, ' ?
fat* In J. 4 J. It. BUrr-i Ad.in?
Offlot on Chupllno ' "lAr.
2 lodging room la Bailey, Jfloc*.
H. FOR?h.h,
Telephone A-M Ko*7 tru*tom Hon*.
yOB rent.
^ "cor, Nr. ?CJ
.witiu?isiai'a^cl52j0gl,nl'?l io ucni
lfl21 JAMK8 L. iuwlev
= ~ ?????Main sfr..',.
If OK SALE or rent?TH V i ii>
feu clog, and in the hi? iiS# barn *u,i
on lino of P., W. & Kr Jt h..' r**lUv?tioi?
ZESt0*?- Pi1 lh? ?SoWw vSift!lU U"'
l/OR SALE, cheap?THF Mncr iT"
$s as
Wigp LA8KIN.11I1 'wMio Oi i:p.
(ho town oi ?oun<UTlllr do|";t0?ii"?" -?1 la
? ? MouudtvlUo. a V,
jtt Wiaroi Rlronldo Kail Mill.
30 bhares Bfcnwood Null Mill.
i?oih*rf*nbeIJti,n) Ntt,t am.
? fe*bidy ituunmco Cb
6 ftharw La Hollo GUm oo
UnZ?L'Z;TAl.aS'n *****
WM. HALLKH. AuctWr A(hnju''?nu,r.
JPOK SALE, cheap. ~
AtSARDIS. Monroe county Ohio n ??? ,
Store-room, 80*84 feel, with trini ri ?., ? ? ,or*
suss? ttftar"/ur '??
jess iwih&'SMSf.g.fi Va
JpOK SALE, "?"
, -52 Cor-.rolTw.lrth'jgr.ite..^"-.
Y'ai'uabi.E farm
FOB sale.
Urn/ tnT-"
JOUUI of Ihe N? Jooat Roid, S? uhiliff fi? ""l0
uvuto. iiki boooc/ SBlii.i f?i'!,,'V'>""
??cl. u wAXr,lL?i,yi/J?^ J' oUicr null
ocl-ww SAMUEL n. kinney.
Kirn lug and Gardening Land*.
I will wll hi public miction, at my icildoncorn
Big Wheeling Creek, in Maraball county, We?t
Virginia, alio o'cloex a. v., ou
in parcela to mil purchasers, ir.y Farm containing
176acre*, 50 acre* cf which 1? rich bottom la .<1,
wellknltfd for gardening purpose*, and the re
mainder gooa fanning land. tfa'd faitu 1* well
watered, and haa on l? two dwelling ho::n t.ial>le
and other out-building*. Alio, a Good Young
Tenniof Silo?One-third r*?h, and Iho reiidtn
in threo equal aunual iuatuJU.ienu with lm?i?t
payahlu annually: the purchaaarA giving their
notoa, aecuted by doea ef trust on the probity lor
the deferred payments
For further particulars nil ou I. F. JOSF8, At
torneyat-Law, Wheeling, W. V*.,or the ?ub*tlbir
on the premiie*.
Th? above tale if adjourned until {TUESDAY,
Ootob.-r 9,1SS3.
orH-MWFtW gayraf. '.?RIVM-TUT
Oc-'obrr 1) unci 10.
Fl'th Feuon of tho kecoguizid P'.ar Company
of America, iaigtr, Fetter aud Stronger than
Ever I'etermlutu to maintainmy forme. lteputa
tion ai having iho Beit Speedily t-'omtmuyou the
Now York Nlur Coiuliiual ion!
Headed by the great and only FAT KCONEY.
The Woirieilul Egyptian Jtif Icr, Val Jean.
Toitack A Steel, ilia ureate l Drcjk-iucfc Sour
and Dance and (Irole'q'te Team.
The Electric Three, t-alihit, lialevand tli'lan.
Sharpie/and Wcat, Musical UUm face Comedy
Ar lata Blair dell and (ranger, tbu Rellutd Vootl
and ekelsh ArtlMi. The Frtiuier 1'oftturets and
Coutortionh'i of tho World, Kowe and .'tho,.
Mi* Dollie Davenport, the mo?t ptauiug Vt ..?l't
now t efore tho public. M'-t Katie llooney, tltu
Faultier Little Souiirctte. In Initiation* of the
great and only kooncy.
Tho entertainment will conclude with T.u.ult
and H'eel'a laughablo aflendwj In <??" a.ene, on
tlthd, lNNEfccPER AND THE M?.?KftY
Fell Brar* Band and Orchf itra.
Evening Friccj, 75 an<l wiceui'; no extra chaw
forrtaervedH.au. Na'loec jirites. u viv. l i.aia
75 ceuta; admioiona M> and V5 cent*. ftcaU on - tie
it Wilson A Banner'* xntitrfc ?tore: aalo to com
mence Saturday, October fi'.i ?,'? _
Harry Palmer'* Come ly Company <>l
Every evening, and Wcdncsdiy and Satoniny
A pietiy Chromo Flc ure given??evury lady n
ting iheThfatre. IMiv^n n?n?? ;_i_
To Order for $9,00.
Gentlemen detliing Pei.'ce! FflUngPbltf* mart-'
a tuernn.k ar Sa?5c and duiablu mnu-M-r ihouui
eare order* wi.b 111.
.Collar* and Caffr. Cndc-wcar, Boaicrr, fctil?
(lea and HaodkVi-chlc.'H for men.
Special Bargain* In Broken Unroof Cudctwjr
0 per cent leu Uiau regular pncca.
lones & LiitelL
1322 MaKKET bTKEEl',
Storea?New Yo.k, Pittsburgh, Allegheny and
Wheeling. ' i'.':.aL
We have a fine ralectioo of
Monuments and Jleud-StoneH,
Which we wlli tell at very low rate*.
aprt7 Hixleetilh n't, iu*r Ntotie Brld^A

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