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1104 Main Street.
Cull and sco the changes in price!
in Dress Uooils and Silks. As iv(
Jiavo a larger stock tlian wo cari
alio lit carrjliig wo Imvo this daj
rciluceil the prices that It will as
tonisli you.
All goods in theso two depart
ments marked in plain llgurcs am
no do vial Ion.
A. SjsdenbaGh&Sro.
llO-l MAIN ST. ~
W* have conraoncfd cur Clc*rencc
t'?lo of fllki, Satin* anil *11
Slimmer (ioodc, and Intend to ?ll
11. EMsllElMKR,
Eleventh Street.
J)R& 8URU1H0H & SOU, ~~
/fiicellu#, W. V*.
*11 npmtlnnn wnrrftnt<\l. nnSO
jy\i. H. W. ORR,;
Office tinnm-0 x. v. to S r. v. ' uprlO
Entrance 1205 Market St.
Offpf Wnnrv- 9 In 1 T v.. 11n f. r. w. win!
I'LY nt 1W5 ChapHno ttrtot. ]eC
Retail Urocerr, who h?n experience. Goot
wmjcsRlreu Joronu who can Oil the place, will
reference*. AddrfM URQCER. thliortlon. |fg
to MdJlpw
4>IIIr?*: -7 1'i.iirH rnili NCrcel
Hrw AtlvorilRoiuviilN,
$2,000 to Loan?J. D. Ewiug.
For Sale?Houses?Joseph A. Metcalf
Real Estate ApexU
For Cincinnati?Steamer St. Lawrcncs.
Wanted?A Competent Cook.
For 8heriIT?Wm. Prince.
Attention, Sir Kuights.
Stock# For 8alu?I. Irwin, A?8nt.
lJriatol Axle Qresa?? Isaiah Warien.
How ia the Tiino to Oil Your Harness.
Uookj, I'eriodlcaia and {Stationery?C. H.
Wanted?Chambermaid?Head ot Lolal.
Wanted?a Youdr Man?Head of Local.
THE largest lino of J rar.H Pants and
riill<1r(>ii*ri niilliluc In tint ril v.
SPLENDID lino or all klmlg of FarDishing
30 Tirclfth Street.
1004<Much Uuggr Umbrellas nt tlu
Stur. D. UUNDUSCi Jc CO.,
HO TvrtrfMi Street.
BEAUTIES in Hosiery, Neckwear,plali
ahdWauey, Underwear, ut tlie Star, 31
OUU lino oT"IH>jV, Clothing has bcei
ratoeked. Wo uliovriianny excluglvi
fltjlesat very moderate prices, at thc ot,
tubllthed lleadqnnrleM fur lJojs' Cloth
Jng In the City or Wheeling.
Star Clothiers nnd Ucatb' b uriilxhere,
U0 Twelfth Street
LARGEST lino ol'Spring (ioodslnthi
city, comprising 3UO diircrcnt l'ultprn
of Suitings, 1O0 different Patterns o
. rantuloonings, uml Go dint-rent Tatterm
of Spring Overcoatings. Made up li
livst btjle, at C. IIESS ?t SONS',
No. 1321 & lasa Uariet Street.
Tlirriiioiut'tcr lifcunt.
The following ahows the raDge of llie tber
mometfr, as obwnrodnt 8chnepf'i drussatore
Opera Houia corner, yesterday: 7 a. sr., CG?
J2 u, ?S?; 3 r. 87?; 71\ m , Sl?.
rolicc fonrt'l'ulnlN.
John Aitum1 and John iiuttoy Trrro till
two men arrested Wednesday night forpar
ticipatlonin the light, which originated n!
the Merchant' reataurant. They were flnei'
$10 and corts each ics'.?xdav In Police Coart
Slews. Oaua and Foater w<r? diicbarged, thi
evidence showing that thty were not U
hlaiue at all in tbn mattar.
Frand Uallelt and bis wife, whoee quarrel
wai mentioned inycatordav's Imslmqixcm,
were both arraigned, and Hallett was lined,
while his wife was dismissed.
llomluir kMRvoii*.
The Excelsior Homing l'lceon Oinb, ol
Baltimore, cunt to Thomas Campbell, the
'agent of the Haiti more ?t Ohio Railroad Company
at Uellton, ton carrier pigeons, to be
turned looso yesterday morning at 9 o'oloc*.
The calculation is that they will reach Haitimora
in live and one-half houra. The wonIn.llnAl
r\1 tli&in ht>(U pnndn.ii
th?m on a straight line home from such a
f;reat distance, after having been cooped up
d acloaa express car, and tbat passing oyer
the mourUalnn and rounding the numerous
curves on thn line of the llaltimore &Ohin
road In Maryland and WmI Virginia, and
roost of that distance at nlp.ht, pczslra the
man who can ??e clcar through tneObicigo
Convention, and hia hla man named before
any ballot la taken. H. 8. White wrote on a
' allp of-paper and tied faat tooneoftbem
when they were atartod home the folio win);:
'This lot of pigeons are eolid for Arthur,"
Thomas Campbell thinks they are for 8. J.
CnxArxrr Hon, ltakea, Bpados, Bhovali
^ JUttocka, at 8, E. Boyd'i, Uuket square,
UiI(IKo(mm Current XtmU of Minor
Inter (Ml.
Thibi Ii talk of another cbanse In the time
o( the H*ltlmore ? Ohio looel trains,
'I'm Udlea cf the Pint M. E Church o!
Hteubftitllle wlU hut an excursion to
l'uor. 0. It. CAiienlerleloed the scholars
at Fresher1! College yesterday molding for
one hour with * lecture on phreuolcgy.
The Council Committee on Fire Department
wu to have made ita annuel tour of In*
apeotlonyrsUrday, but felled to Ret a quorum.
Tna Wheeling market! ere now abundantly I
supplied with all luiionable frulU and Y?etables
stprlcee which do not Impoterlah the
EoMi'iToa En1 kirk uji the U. AO. Right
of Why Ordinance la drawn up and reedy for
the ca lalderatlon of the Committee or
Clii< Rock yesterday admitted to record
a deed made June 4. by the dtt of Wbeeltoc
ti juiimu. Wiley, lu oonalderatlon ol$l3 is,
tor a burial lot in the l'euluiular Cemetery.
Eqcih* Akklk yolerday required Mama
John vj.t, oolured, to give a bond ot |A0 to
keep ib? peace for tlx month). 8ho w? acmned
c( threatening bodily Injury U> B?U?
Lin Uabdih, who Urea ou ArmatroDR'e
fljat, on the riyer.wai arraigned before Eqaire
ArklelMt night on a oUnr?e o( deatroyitig
hid wllVa household furniture. Ua wu
jallod for a hairing to-dny.
Tu* Salvation Army la the only Individual,
firm or corporation thatcau excel Blind Torn
in his cwo Held, It can play the earn* tuue
Id thru different kaya on ee manjr dlflerent
Instrument!, and elrg It In a fcurih key, aimultanwUely.
At * elated communication of Wheeling
Lodge *0. G, A. F. it A. M.. held iu Mawnlo
Temp'-HaatovanlnK, the following wara duly
elected officer* (ortne eneulng Mawnlo yra>:
Allen Urock, W. M ; J. D. MoFaddan, H. W.;
ti. 11. ilcCormlck, J. W; F. P. Jepeoo. Treaeurer;
Ueorge F. 11vine, decretarj; K. II. Llat
and M.Emahelmer, atewardi.
.11 aimauruaaaun pmjeu iui niRfii mr a
lelect h-clal hop given in WestwooU's Hall
In the i'ghth watd. It waa a pleasant affair,
the only drawback beinr the beat which at
tlnm*aialmojt unbearable. The committee
liavlnK the dance lu charge wra compiled of
Messrs. Harry Aamus, Ban, bchuler, Gbai.
I Decker, Harry B-ybold, loud. Woblngton
and Acgust 2Jar?cnner.
At Washington, Pa, & t*n*year-nld boy,
glvlDR t?ln namo aa John Rider, of Wheeling
?tole| I from the money drawer in Samuel!
, it 8lefc?l'? ?!ore Wednesday afternoon. Mr.
tiumnM mired tbe money and itarted in
nutHult of the lad, who bad purchased a
handkirohief from him a abort time prei
viotii. When tbe boy aaw him approaching
he dropped the money. He wm arrnted.
I EccsKTARtor Btati Btaxhaku yesterday
IriaedAcmiflcaO of Incorporation to the
Union Pulp and Paper Company, of Pittv
bur^h, hating arapltal of $5,0C0, with the
privilege of incrcattne it to $100,COO; and another
t) tbn Oaiher Mica Mining Company,
of lVnn?ylvenlaand North Carolina, with
cnpiU! e'.ock of $126, which may be increred
by the sale of additional aharea tc
i a hdoklioht plcnio wri gifn lait ntyhl
on Jobu Kbbert'a place up Big Wheeling
creek. It wis Tery largely atlendtd bj
youiiK folks from Fulton and this city.
About ton large wagon loada went out from
) this city and a number drove out in buggies,
, Kramer's orchestra accompanied tha gaj
" crowd. The nartv from thia nil* rat baa*
' ftbauttajrliqht. Nothing occurred to spoil
any ons'a pieuure, and all w?re enthusiastic
' la apenkios of the good time bad.
Tin Qerman Pioneer Society bad a rojal
good time at Wheeling Park yeirterday. It
' give a Dlcnic there which wu largely attend'
| ed, ati'l paaud off wlthoat an incident U
mar tie pieaanro of tba day. The Open
LIous# band and orcbeatra wag engaged foi
the occasion, and contrlbated much to th<
enjoyaent of the plcnlckere. The Park it
admtribly suited for the accommodation ol
a large plcnio party, and new waa this betI
ter dicionitrated tian it was yesterday.
Newa?ud Goaalp Ju Holatloa toTurloni
Poop I e.
J. B SomerTllle, cf Welliburg, wudowr
Will B. Day, of Wheelirg. is in the eitj
to-day itopptng at tiie Imp*riML~-SUuieiirUti
Meu:a. Hngh McMahon and John Mc
Donald, of New Cumberland, came dowr
leiteyeningto get the returns hot from thi
Theaddren to the Bellaire graduating dim
will h? rft>1loar?H h? HnnrlntanHarl Matlf
of the BteubenviTle public schools, former)]
of Wbieling.
Judge George Llnch, of Argentine, Kansas
who has bean visiting bla relatives ani
friendiin tbla city for aeveral days, lcftfoi
bia bone last evening.
' Rev. ?. J. Hart, pastor of the Disciolei
Citurcb of tbia city, ia conducting rem*.
meeting at Holllday'a Cora tbia week. Tb<
attendnce ia good. He will be home U
preach n usual on Sunday.
People b*re will be aorry to learn of tb?
, death cf Mra. A. W. Haldeman. The sac
event ocoarred at her mother's home neai
Hanovirton, Ohio, Wednesday, after a pre
tracted Illness of severs) months. Mr. Hake
. man, a member of tbe firm of N. A. Halde
man <tCo ,of tbiscity, has many friends heri
who will regret to hear of bis sad bereave
ment. >
Hod. W. 8.8imonton, of Cameron, ia at.
nouncei as a candidate for renomination foi
the Hoise of Delegates by the Republicans o
iiarihall county. Dr. Bimonton during bL
, service in tbe House won tbe confidence o
the Republicans and tbe respect of theDemc
crats. He wai a valuable member of the
minority, and deserves rc-election at tbi
hands of hie constituents. His experlenci
elves him an advantage of which Marshal
Republicans should avsll themselves.
A DinusuuiNiiEn AUTHOB.
- The Poet Mnr?m? of (be world It
At thi McLure Hocv lr.it evenIn*, a itrik
. Ing looking individual with dark hair ant
| piercing black eye?, wearing bia baton thi
, back o! hla bead, approached the oonntei
- nod with a flourish rtglitered ai "Prat
Zjdaker, Cleveland." Throwing down thi
pen, he announced that he wai no ordlnarj
mortal. He wri a mnaician. an orator, i
: gnat author, poet-laureate of the
t world, and be expectsd ibortly tc
: wad the queen. Hii very ramrrkabh
convention aoon attracted a crowd nboni
him. anil after a brief informal harangue, hi
wai induced to go to the parlor, play on tbi
piano and alne. Thai he brought ontar
arm load of little Damphlela, which he com
menced?3 aolL He explained tbattblawr
an anawer t j Inger.oll, and U asld well at 11
cent! a ropy.
The book bri a frontianiece, a portrait 01
the author, bearing th? jfgend, "Ztdaker,
i'oet Laureate of the World, reu?r of Inger
anil." Ad KiterUk at verier re/eu to tbi
worda below, "Sew Word."
The title page of the book reada tbna: *'Wi
come with vene to greet you} Aa Wishing
tou bn saved our Mother's Kirth, who ii
. Protecting ber Daughter. A title thua given,
1 Reaourcu of IngercalUam, bearing a d- scrip
tionot Fountain of Crimea. A Good Nlgnl
' to Fading Bud and Flower. By Znlaker,
Poet Laureate and Author."
. On the reverie of the titla la the In scrip
won: "T?a? warning i. J&nnrea ancorameK
act of Congress by. Prof. Ca<aiu? Marceilni
ClajL::edakor. For thil Law Js Mighty!'
Tho'dpdlcaU'jii is yet mora novel: "Reapec1
! tally dedicated to Orange BIcimjju and BrI
dal Vinfa; the Americau Princui, my foturt
Bridi!" iA further note says that '.'The Prer
may Inhale th?Bxqulalte and Elaborate P?
I tume of the Valupiuous Aawer within, with
I out the alight :st molestation whatever.'
Taken all la?ll, Prof. Zidakcr and hi* bool
are about as frmpllcablo aa any comblontioi
, that hes been iota in Wheeling for a genera
tlon. Both remind one strongly of thi
early history of tyilUau, and his erratli
* fl-rltlnci. He exorr.iifc nla Intention to can
: veia the town to-day for the gale of hla book
Ha came hye from SteubtnvUU.
/ _ _ The Glua^SADnr^Mnrenu
. ' A aub-commlttee of- th?.flt?cutlve Com
' mlttao of the organ's itlon of GlMa L!*nufac
l turera of the Ohio Valley, formed inlhiarit'
5 a few months a?o with a view to forming^
f pool, caipe down to tbia cltv yeaterday, anc
, wero In session with Wheeling, Bellalra anc
. other manufacturers all day at the room* o
the Ohio.Vallev Protective Union. The pro
csedinsa were kept vary quiet, bnt conalde:
nblfl progress wm made lu arranging m<no
details ol the paoling agreement. The project
there la now no room to doQbtrwlll bo sue
* ceiafally put into execution.
; { ?o Coancll fleeting.
Aatrong effort wn made yeaterday t(
irrangj/praOouncll meeting tola evening
tor theu-Urpose of forther considering the
) various lailroad questions now pending, tout
* it was defeated owIor to the fact that al
. prtasnt there ia considerable work thatde<
1 mands the attention of. the various commit'
. tees, and that a regular meeting will have to
i be held next Tuesday evening. The Com
> mlttee on Claims la called for tonight, and
It la probable that the OommitiM>on 0?ti.
! nano.'S and 8!reets and Alleys will also meet,
An Old Woman Killed. u:;V
An old ladv named Mrs. Jackson was instantly
killed vesterdsyon the Booth Branch
IU11 road now beta* oonstruoled from Green
Spring to Romney, W. Va. Mrs. Jackson
was oook lor Mr. Gordery's camp. A defective
brake gave way, starting a car of rail,
road iron down an incline into theoook's
car, knocking it over an anoonstracted
bridge. Ibis was the first accident on ths
Ma. Gtotoi Vrrrau, Jr., Aberdeen, Dakota
Territory, writes: Both in my family and
table I keep constantly a supply of 8u
Jacobs Oil and find It to do ths best remedy
crer used. ^
Tn* warm weather and low prices has created
a great demand for Ladles' and Children's
white suila.Th0 lug, orders placed
with manufacturers are being rapidly filled,
each dsy bringing us fresh goods, and the
most remarkable bargains in these garminU
eter placed on sale.
K. M. McQitom & Co.
Hosiery ?nd Glove* vv.
Are alwayi a ipedalty with
Vtin Altita.hr Haaillea to JtaM J. (JaiOrtd.
A CkuacMrlalle Kpmh wklrk JniiU'i aa*
Ki?lalaa Ui |i ^nkH'? riultr
(kbrlijul of Wlidj" rttUoa.
Tu.:/; ?' ' '?
One hundred and thlrtj-Dre turn win In
iba ball of the Houie of Del*Ratti U?t night
when, considerably alter elj(ht o'clock, Denla
O'Keefe, Kiq, roae upon the platform
and called the uitellog to order by nomluatloK
Councilman Porter Btullh for chairman.
The ailectlon waa ratified by the anetubly,
and on Mr. O'Keefe'a farther motion John
0. 1'endleton, Eiq,, was chbeen aecretary.
Mr. Utullli returned hla tbanki for the
honor, which ha aiid waa not meant for him
personally, but as-a representative of the
workiDgmen of Ohiocounty, aclaia of which
the Dmocrallo party had ulwayi beou the
Mr. O'Kaefe then announced that the
mielloR ?>i aaseiubled for tha purpoa# ol
hearing an addre* upon the lnuee of the day
by Hon, ?. W. Wilion, of Charleston, a man
known to every peraon in the hull, whom ha
proceeded to iot/oducr.
what dat?
This <in?ry muit have at once inggealed
llself to the tuindaof those present, when the
orator announced to tpeak upon''the Itauee
of the da*" launched ont into an arraignment
and denunciation of Alexander Hamilton
and the old Federal parly. At lint he
wan cc:rilonally Interrupted by mild
applauie, but the audience Boon settled down
Into an ominoui alienee, while thoughtful
Democrats present knit their brows In Irowna
of preplexlty, or dlsappolnlmsnt, Well
known opponents of Mr. Wilson's candidacy
tor Qareraor imll*d, well content with the
ruin he wei wreaking upon whatever hopei
he may have poomedfvr thoaupportof hla
party In this county.
Hia speech waa ?t> exceedingly indlacreet
one under the clrcumstaicea. It would have
been exceedingly otTenaiva bad it not been
txce'dlngly amusing. It waa illogictl, fragmentary
and without apparent aim except to
Bive toe old Federaliata and tb? new llepub*
cam hark.
a winx RAMUS.
He oommenced with colonial history;
jumped down Into the British politics of to*
day; hopped baok upon Alexander Hamilton
auu the Continental Congriat; waded Into
Hamilton's banking system, and swept along
w nun ms lnveoiiYO upon ia? proiem
national banks and (be Republicans who
creatrd then'; and then started to rsad the
Ulll ol Bights, arraigning homebody for hay
lug in soma ago violated each of them. This
was enough. Many of his auditors knew
enough about their rights to know they bad a
right to decliue to waite time listening to the
reading and expounding of the National
fundamental law by oue who evidently
knew no more of it tnan they did themselves,
and they departed.
Billl he neut on with a desultory racket dlrtcted
against Federalists, Republicans,
monarchists and the corrupt Brltlah government.
Withal Mr. Wilson had the bad taate to attack
Qarfisld, quoting from a speech of his
In Mew York cuy the declaration that "The
principled cf Hamilton are waxing and the
principle of Jclhrson are waging in the
land," and then remarking, referring toOarHeld,
"Yet this man, with all the odium that
i surrounded and covered him, and with this
, on top of it, rtceived enough Itipnbllcan
votes, with those he purchased in Indiana,
, to have himself proclaimed 1'resident of these
Untied Mates."
1 Blaine, also, cams in fcr e at are of his in"
discriminate abuse, Referring to bim as
' "the tatooed man," ho said, "There is the
| whole gang cf them at Chicago; any one of
them might be tatooed as bad u Blaine; and
let them .nominate whom they will, he will
bs tatooed and tabooed, too, before we get
' doue with him."
These cxcerpto aro fair specimens of bis
style and matter,
The audience sat and waited patiently- to
1 hear what he might say regarding titatfc
lunpa. After ha had ranted over the acta of
i the Federal a'd the north wing of the Whig
party from 1601 to 1840, he jumped beck to
r 1812. and from there to 1660, where he began
t a review of the acts of the Kepublicau part;
down to the present. His features were distorted,
his eyes ahcno and his voice shrieked.
Never waa such ranting heard lu that hall
1 before. Mr. Wilson eclipsed bis famous
9 eflorts when he used to tear the railroads, the
"grinding monopolies," as he dollghted'to
call them, to pieces for the bone tit of the
. Legislature. II there is left in the category
f of orioles one which he did not charge on
the Republican party, It is not now recalled.
, Perhaps what rouged his ir? most was the
I hanging of Mrs. Eurratt, ip which Gen. W.
r y. Hancock, late Democratic candidate for
President, was largely instrumental. Bis in,
dignation over that and other acts at the
I close of the war was only equaled by that
, over the way lu which "Usufruct" Tilden
" was treated.
After he had shown up the Republican
party In euoh a manner as to make one won'
der why it ever existed at all in au enlighten1
ed age like this, he paused (ante enough to
r say to the workingraen that the Republican
' party was not the friend and protector of the
" workingman. He bid for their votes by say'
ing that he was proud to say that he was at
' nnn tlnia a workinsman himself.
He had earned bli bread by the aweat of
r bis brow and be tbauktd Qod be oould
f do it again.
, The Republican party win, be said, the
I party of the capitalist solely. He did not
. want to array oapital against labor; be honor,
ed a man who by energy and boneaty made
, money; bnt he did not want to see men put
s In power solely be anBe they bad money. He
j warned Intellect to have forueahow.
Tbia waa construed as a whack at the
Davis-Camden-Baker-Faulkner ring, while
be represented tto intelletnal element
He breathed heavily and gazed aronnd
i with a glaiay glare as be reached this point.
There w?i no fpplaui*, and seven more men
and two bojs got op aad went out.
* The time bad arrived to say something
1 aboui Htato Issues. Ho said it in a style
something like (his; "This Republican
party talks about being able to carry this
titatr; it bowls about tariff and reaasesamenL"
llion he tackled reaaeBsmentl It was a
hard Job and be thundered through it sadly.
Tne Governor and Auditor, he said, bad
dona w'uat tbfy cooceiyed to b? right, and
they nor tbo Democratic party should not be
abased. Whtt had been done bad been done
in strict accordant* with (be Constitution.
If it was wrong, the peoplo mlclit rectify it
, by voting on a~constitutional amendment.
j Then pausing to Uko breath, bo want clear
' off bio base a^alu and howled forth the start.
11ns statement that it there was any blame to
I be placed any where in the matter, it ahould
1 be placed on the Republican party; that party
' bad adodted the provision in the Constitution
1 that the Democratic party was uow being bo
harassed over.
1 The Herniation this statement caused allow'
ed him to slip cif on the tariff question. It
[ was a aort of bugaboo like the Qhineao quee'
tiou, used only when the Kepublicau party
J was going to the wall to catch the aupport of
1 the lairing claswa. PafSlng reference wib
made to tue tarln of J8K7. which rfftred
an opportunity to go. buk . to v 1801
' again, end he indulged iu another fifteen
' mlnuto laudation of Jefferson a'.d the grand
! principle* of the Democratic party. .
Wb n he brhfi/ touched on Btate iasnej;
' hia manner showed that he kney himself to
' 1)4 on dangeroua ground. Ho told a few
\ atorica that were atalo and nnprotllable, tnarl*
1 ed at fusion and predicted that if every liem'
otrai worked on Hlec'ion day the Btate would
I be theltaby WGQOmfjarlty.?..
The general iojpreetion of the apeeoh waa
well Indicated by a prominentcitizin'a re1
ha mn.ln. I
"Great hea7*n? ! and thin man wanta.to be
Governor of West Virginia '
The Nluwbcrry Crop.
Jtarno*Ik ?W?tWjc.
The strawberry seesonat this plaee is now
fairly opened and shipments are balnc ()iiily
made lo Chicago. The prices received (or the
* first bnrrit? lent there were not -np to tho ex*
' pectationi, owing to the funt tb?tvthe market
-u well supplied with the Illinois crop, Much
^ betKFprUes will do doabt be received ntj:t
week, ri tho-bolkofithe Illinois berries will
be marketed iu gfew days. Theeopply from
1 Barnesvllle will Ve mqoh larger man ever
* before. Not only is the aorms largely in*
creiaed, but from pr?ieut prcopec's tbj crop
promises to be much above the average in
; nroduc'lveiieti. As neor aiwe are able,.to
judge, there are about one hundred acres of
uroducing plants in this vicinity, which will
be largely Incrersed by next year, nearly; all
of the present growers having increased the
1 amonnt nnder cultivation, and (t number of
> new growers bring added to the Hit. -Join
1 Bcolea .this year, as in the pail, is the largest
* grower, having about eighteen acres ready for
* nicking. Ha la fullhw?d hw t--?<
' Josapli Bteer with eight acres, tho Barlow
Brothers with fl?e acres, Isaao N. Vail, James
1 Edgerton, 8arau?l Hlllea, Robert Cowbq, R.
' 8. Barnes, William Bryant, with bat little
lees, and tbise In torn are followed byat
' least twenty others who are crowing for the
1 market The crop la variously pnt at from
eight to twelve thousand bushels, and will
put at least $79,000 in the pocket* of the
growers of this neighborhood.
A Loat Child Found.
Officer "Cheery" Reed yesterday picked up
a little girl, apparently about .two years old,
wandering alone on Chapline street, south of
Sixteenth, with no clothing but a simple
slip, bare beaded and bare footed. It could
not tell Its name, or whore it lived, or any*
thing else about Itself. Reed left it with a
motherly woman, expecting the parents to
report the lose of the child to headquarters,
but up to midnight nobody had claimed the
baby, nor had any case of a missing child
been reported to the police.
Sklnnjr Men.
"Wells' Health Benewer" restores health
and vigor, cures Dyspepsia, Impotence. Sexual
Debility. $1.
Without nu Kqnal,
Our popular unlaundMed shirt at 60 cents
E. M. McGillw <fc Co.
RtuABLt Buds, tbat never fail to grow,
re sold by Boyd. No old stock offered.
Eyery thing Now ?nd Fmh Croj>?t JBojd'a*
9 * m,' ? ' * <v Jl '.I
To Compel tii? iimior or Brooke
Coaair lo Ofcf-y Order*.
Auditor Millar yeaterday petitioned tbe
Bupreme Court of Appeals, by bla attorney,
Henry M. Bueeell, Etq., of tble city, to Latue
a mantfatmu compelling Aiieeeor lluchanan,
of Brooke county, to obey the instruction* of
tbe Auditor embodied In Uie uaetaraent
order o( February, 1883,familiarly known aa
the "Supplemental Areeiement Order." The
petition was received by tti? Court and taken
under conelderatlon. ItvU fX|fCted
a declilon will > be-rendered i to*
day. lb* application will eltlierbe refuted
or the court will Ueue a mandamui niif, which
la an order lo obey tba loitroctloua of tba
Auditor un!ea tba Aateetor can abow good
etna* why be'abould not doao. If tbe
Attestor /alia to appear by tba time named,
or If be appeal a, but falla to abow good cause.
In tbe opinion of tba oourt, why he should
not act In accordance with the Instructions,
a peremptory mandamna will be Isiutd.
The petition la a voluminous document.
It cltee the conitltutlnnal provlilon that all
taxation aball be tqual and unl'orai, and tbe
declalou of this court in the ewe of the Ac.
dltor against the OhetapaaketIt Ohio Railway
Company, which virtually betd that any aot
wai QDoonitllutlonal whlcb exempted pro*
pertr from taxation. It then quote* tbe |ot
of 1881, which example from taxation cer*
tain agricultural and manufactured product*,
and represents tbat tbla act la reptgnabllo
the conatltutional provision qaotct). . i
Governor Jacksjn and Auditor Miller my
tint tliey would have Inaugurated proceeding*
of th>a kind Iouk bko II they could bate
found an assessor who frankly and boldy
eld he would not obey the order. Thia they
could not do, until Mr.- pBucbanan wae encountered,
Then the liane waa at onoe mad*.
? *' 'inpreme Ovnrt or Apptale? | V
Tble court met at 10 a.m. yesterday, with
all the jadgea present, and tranaiotod the
following button*: i . i, f. A t
N. Btanabury'a administrator! appellee, w;
8, Hlndman et al, eppellunts, tram Urockt
county; appeal aud aupemdear; case submitted.
K. MarllnR, ar.'a administrator vi John Itobrecbl;
from Ohio county; continued.
Blmeon Johnson w. B. dt 0. K. K. Co; from
Marshall county, continued.
Btate of West Virginia.vs.. 0. A. McCown,
executor; from Hanccck county; aubmitted.
Cynttitu Btewart vs. Bamuel dtewarttial;
from Hancock counly, continued. *
Thomai Fawoett A Sons ?i L\ 0. A St, L
Railway Company; fromltrooko count]; tubMllUd.
V .
William Bodlktr is Lewis Appl'gati; from
Brooke county; submitted.
M. Iloilly etal. vs. K W. O^lebay el al j
from Muolclpal Court of Wneellug; aubmitted.
T. L. Hornbrook et al., vi, C. Y. Luoii (I
al.; tnm Ohio count j; submitted.
Francis J. Hitilwood vj tbo cltr ol
Charleston; from Kanawha cJthity; writ ol
error allowod?bond #1,200. w- "isW
Meters. J. 0. Marshall, of Hancock county,
LO. Wright, of Brookfa c jinty, and H. C.
bhowalter, of Ritchie county, were admitted
to practice in this oonrt. &> A
AdjauraoduntlllOA x. to day.
l'lrntnnt Driving.rurljV'vs ,vt.
The first driving party* of the semon took
place last ovenlng. A gay party of Wheel
tug's society folks left the city about U o'clock
euroute for St. 0 alravlllf. Aftera charmim
drive of about two and a half houra over th?
Belmont county bills, the pretty little count]
wot waa reached. The party a'cpr*ct at thi
National hotel aod alter bruihlngotf tbodnn
of the National pike eat down to a sump
tuous supper. Spring chloketr and waf
flja were the main feature of U.t
bill of fare and a ride home by moon'
light waa not. ibe leut attractive pari
of the evening's programme. The party waj
made up ai follow*: Mmsiu. Charge Ms'
Irwin Singleton, Alt Oxtoby. John L'at
Alex. Laughlin, E. Hildretb, WaJker Frluell
Ai. Glass, James'Hall, Thomas Burke, 01
Rbod a, Charles Hobbs. Harry Fraixheim
Will Delap'aln," and Mitwa Hattie QIms
Louise Oummlns, Laura Lukeor, Carrlt
llrncs, Zuina Fresher, Calilo Beall, o
Brooke county, Mollis Faull,*Dee Little
Bailie Whittakcr, iftle UpiiegraQ, Nautili
RukcII, Louiao Lungblin and Jennie Bloom
llt'U.buu*, I'llMI
Files, roachw, auw, ocu-bugs. rats, m!cf
gophers, chipmunks, cleared oat by "llongl
on iUta." 13 %
Lmbroiuofftl Nnlli
Are shown in beautiful deaigr.s by
K.M. icGiixi* &Co.
Joji lot of $5,000 wcrihof Men'a Clothing
which waa bonohtat CO cents on the dolls;
and will be aold the a&ma way. Call and at<
them at Twenty-Unit and Mam atresia.
J. W. Fibril.
I'lio Mpcclnl Rule of Wblle Uootfa
Will commence Eaturday morniog as adver
.ised. These Roods are now in atock.andthi
prices which have been* placcd upon then
will bs a surprise to the cloe?at ncd mos
critical bayer. E. M. McSilua & Co.
Wnw you want a first-claw Bu^gy 01
Wagon, go to Boyd'* ;
Tki "New Imperial" Plow beats tbem all
Take itnpoD trial with any and. all othtra
Keep them slf and pay (or the plow thnt doei
the moat satisfactory work. It ia cold by B
E. Boyd, Wheeling, W. Vs.
Motes About tbrNrrnmbontu, Bank Brloli
nud Telegraphic Kf port*.
The river continued to fall ycatarday ant
tbemarkaof lest evening indicated a deptl
in the channel of only 5 feet 0 inches.
The Andes will leave Cincinnati far thli
point to-day at OF. u.,,Aay orders for hei
should be teal by telegraph this morning.
The W. N. Chancellor will pan down at a:
early hour thia morning. Yesterday tbi
bcoua passed up and tbo Emma Grahati
. Capt. J?d. Maddy arrived in Cincinnati
from Florida Tuesday evening He comei
to consult with Commodore ; Williamson nnc
will return to Florida no as to be there ilon
day next, to tiko the Chesapeake out in hei
regular trade.
The ateawtr Fleetwood has. left (be uppei
Ohio trade and henceforth will run betweer
Cincinnati and Loniiville. The Ohio will
itep into the Fleetwood's place in the tjpptj
river trade. The Ohio.has bsen ruunlnf
from Cincinnati to Memphis.
The Regular and Cheeapeake backed on!
from the whai/ at the same time yeitjrdaj
and would probably have had a vace liitd no;
the Bfguiar backed too far and run hor aterc
on the Island bar. Tbo Chetapeake w><
around the bend beforo the Regular gotcH
Rule {I waa fipentfpd, it clnirned, atthi
requtat of steemboat owners,and the amend
ment cannot be annulled or modified excepi
by the supervising inapt ctois themselves, and
then only at a mep^ng convened for (hi
purpose. The feeling against tboejgend
ment is daily growing attpoger, bnt there li
but one remedy and that is .through petition.
If the cipuinf and piloli are |?articularlj
anxious (or lta abrogation thpy bad bettei
??nd Id the'r petltloca at once.?C/n.fyfja*
Commercial Gawrtle,
?li8 fcandsome sldewheal aUamer 8f.
Lawrence is ttaa n*> tc-day from Cincinnat1
on her way to Pittsburgh. Bbe rill paw
down Bandar morning at 6 o'clock on her re
turn trip. The St. Lawrence erjiyg the en
viable repalation of being the moat popnlai
through picket on the {Jpper Qhio. Bhe bai
ample facllltiea for accommodating botfc
shippers and passengera to their entire eati?
faction. Her cabin and state rooms an
roomy, ber t*blp all that could be dealred
and bercfll^ra cUver and agreeable.
The Marietta Timet eaya: On Mondaj
afternoon .wblla John 8weenoy, the steam
ho$t builder, of .Wheeling, and Captain Dodt
Berry were abont-driring off the steam fern
boat on the Harmar sido. the hor<e frJceten
ed and backed " himself, ho*jry aa4-Mtf
Saeeney into the-rircr, where theWater wa<
several feet de*p. Captain Berry ttufceeded
in jumping out before the bog^y w?iit over
board. Tha fen? bauds ancceeded in raacn.
in* the horse, baguy tad Up., ftfesncr with
oat any other damage than^Merero wetticg
Tbla is the set son oUe year, above all
othiw, when wrsonjrdealrirg to take i
pleasure trip wontyftakpt on* on the Qhic
rlrer. Wheeling h? two Cincinnati packet*
Ujb Andes and Jtt. Lawrence, on either oi
which the ?ouo*trip to Cincinnati can bi
made in sir days. A pleaaanter hliort trip
COald not j>#raade. The boats are elfgant ic
all their appointraontsand theoflloersalwayi
ej?rt>WSniMlytji to qts^o it p'eawnt /or theli
patropi. Theaoenery alonw lbs river Is un
equaled in this country. Ewanlonisls aw
llelng ?De -,a 0in?ln?*u'fOp Bight
Uwt, editor, of .the Monndsrilie
Herald.,made * trip Into WeUsl county and
down the river a abort dlstacce a few davs
fliuce, and the following is what he has to
UV annnt thai lt<tn .rrft.nf.l ^lfT?r " U1W
tween the it earners l^gujarandChcmpeako
at Proctor, that has been ro.'errcd to in this
polama:- "Oa thexw?y-down,the steamer
Regular wis engaged In ?a"racaiwlth. the
Chesapeake, alarming thapaaceogva so much
that some of the laitlea lolt the Regular at
Powhatan. We attempted to act gUlsnt,
and In order to reannre the ladles,' see bow
muchiteaw the b?t was curving, batatwohundred-po&nd
engineer insisted .that ve
shonld not?and we didn't; hnt we protested
a^alnat the action of the cfjloers of the boat,
and only wonder that; pswengera will ran
ach risks. At Proctor the Regular ran her
atsgiplank Into the! Chesapeake and the
contest wu ended for that day." ' Hero ia a
chance for the local Inspectors to do a little
Inveatlgatlng. ^
OasnsBiio, Pa., Jane8.?River' 12 feet
and on a stand; weather dear.
On. Car', Pa.VJnne 5.?River 5 inches and
on a stand; weather dear and pleatant,
Parur, Pa.. Jana O.i-Rlver 1 foot 0 inches
and on a stand; weather clear and pleasant.
PrntrouiH, . Jane 6.?MonOngahelaV. river
2 feet3 lnohea and oa a stand; weather dear.
Bxowkstiia*, Pa;; :Jaae 5.?River 8!feet
and atatloaary; weather fair; thermometer
B2\;>v.".t. vPAaxxa,
Pa., Jane 3.?River 1 foot 8
inchea and on a stand; weather clear and
warat.J-,'* :J,-. / Vvr - ..
i Loot No. i. Pa , Jane S.?River 5 feet 11
lnohea and fallingjweather doady; thermomeUr"5\
Moaa moww.'W.Va., Jana 5.-RI var 0 in ohea
and on< a . stand; weather dear; thermom ttr,88Y^..
- .i ;
Rica's Lakdijio. Pa., Jane 8.?River 8 feet
11 Inchea and falling; weather dear; thw
jsomiterSi0. . .
i ^ 1 1 *
A CrowlM laterMt n Ik* D<rlilri Mosul
i>pro?ehu-fke?ii oa tki Htnata aid ituit
| .ttti lit fetllalli t?u<a LmI Slikt-Cfcma
! '.u for Blalaa h Hope Bovlfta.
j Cl 910* s* :,'i ! i .( 1 1 : . >i
Up to last evening there vu a notable
ltok of excitement in Wheeling over the
proceedings of the Chicago Convention. A
certain quiet interest, of coane, prevailed,
and inquiries as to the progreis of the prallmlnarlee
were fmjuent Out there was no
noise, nono of that feverish impatience at the
delay of the lightning on the wires, which
characterised tue people here In 1800.
Last evening, after the Conventlin rear*
aembled, and it wu announcsd on the InTttuouicin
bulletin board that there was a
bare possibility of a ballot last night, tho excitement
suddenly grew interne. Till a late
hour there waa a vast concourse In front of
the- InTtMjouoia cfUoe waiting for the
lightest Intelligence from the Convention.
cubsm rju auiRi.
Favorable mention of Ulalne'H prospects In
IK< httllatlna nwi??lr?M nlknalmtln ?liu?
which Incrtused the crowd, ami oa tho new
comers rtad the newi the cheera were renewed.
About town the Blaine element, which had
been quiet and retiring before, full their
hopes reviving, aud a more cheerful eet of
men it would be ililllnilt to And. The*
gathered In little knots, shook hauiawith
each other and smiled the old Ooff amlle of '82
There wan an anxious etrlug of in<|uirlee
I from Niiburban points, also, Uellalre, Mar*
tin'a Feiry and Bridgeport kept the telephone
operatota from going to sleep. The
people thkre Deemed to be as solid for Blaine
! is those on this aide of the river, and news
enppojed to be Itvortbh to the I'lamed
! Kntght was received with varying expressions
of delight, from an unthuslastio "Dully
for Blaine!'' to a ferveat and reverent
"Thank Qod!''
, A opinion.
; To th4 KdUor o/tht JiHelltuaver.
Pia':?On the third day of'be Convention.
Vet i cannot change my expressed views of
the past three ytatr.
It will te General 8herman.
1 prefer John Bhermau, another prefers |
Blaine, but the maista prefer Qeneral Hberman
an J Boh Lincoln. That's the ticket.
Then what a campaign.
That ticket elrote Itcelf, sure as God. '
Peivatx 1)AI./sll.
(AiMwell, 0,, JuneS, ' '
, i # Norton Known.
The following private dispatch, rec?lvwl
ynsterday, wss bulletined on tho Irtslli(Kucbr
window, and created considerable
1 enthusiasm:
. Coioauo, June 5.
IT. F. i'clerton, Wheeling :
Til>inn wilt K?lha mm havnnct a ilnilht. '
B. 1*. No utok.
Keecal Do I hen of Hni Ylruinlnua nod
Ihelr Neighbor*.
The commencement cxerclsesat Franklin
oolleg#. New Athans, will cccar on the 2ii.h
last. There are seven graduates.
A carrier pigeon II <w from Wheeling to
Eut Liverpool, a distance of 40 miles, Id an
nourand iiftecn minutes one ut?y last week.
At tbo dedication of the new Disciples'
Charcb, atFlnshlnp, Bur.day, May m a collection
wu taken, and a debt of $1,400 llqulda
The wool market bis not' jet opened In
Belmont county, but a few salca have beeu
made at 30 cents per pound. In ono Instance
it is reported that 35 cents was paid.
A tent meeting will bp held in 8L ClalrtTllle
by the 8eveuth day Adventlsls, beginning
baturdsy evening, June 7.h, and con*
tlnue as long a? the In.exott may demand.
The time for holding the annual Pennyroyal
Rsunion, In Guernsay county, Ohio,
few been changed from Augu?l27lh and 2tftb
to Augnst 20ib and 2lit, In crdtr to accorn,
modate the roansgers of tbo Barueevllle Dla,
trict Pair and avoid a conflict of datep.
J A Mr. Robinson, of West Virginia, representing
a New York firm, Is prospecting for
oil at Jscobsburg and Bethel, 0. The Gazelle
ssys that he has lea3ed nearly 4 000 sen* of
land, and will put the first tret well down
within sight of Jactbsburg. Mr Robinson
will return this week, from a business trip to
Parkersburg, W. Va., when work will Immer
dlittlv emumpnee.
! . , .
Ynrloua Ilrnm of Local Hewi nud Car*
teal UoMlp,
[ Freight trains came in a* usual yeaterdsy
" from Mttsbuigb, the Smith's Ferry bridge
I being replactd.
J. H. Gaston *111 have twelve, if not the
wltole thirteen, (f the Bellalre delegates in
. his favor for Probate Judge at the County
Convention. '<
The operation of trepanning was preform.
edon Mary Mantel! ytaterday, to relieve the
. lLtUmmation canted by a f?U on the ice rei
ceived last winter.
Tom Lilly w?a armted yesterday ty Marshal
Burke, charged with keeping a gambling
piece. He was bound over in the suxnot
$2U0 to answer the chorda at court.
i Rev. M. Heir/.?, of the German church,
will be absent on business and pleasure for
I several weeks. Ilsv. W. Braun, of Wheeling}
will preach lio;e once cr twice daring this
The branches of the Noble street sewer to
the street coraera are being put in. Work
' on the Bouth Beltaire, N.neteenth street.
sewer b?i been bignn. Tbesewer pipes used
1 are intde to undergo a very close inspection
> and the work will be thorongb.
' The Supreme Court of the Hlate has refused
to hear an argument to set eeido ttio verdict
1 of the Common I'leas and District Courts in
f the caso of 0. 8. B. Biron acalnBt the I'ennI
sylvaniu CompAny, In which the judeemant
' in favor of pialntiil was $8 000 and cosls,
r with Interest from February 11,1882 Thla,
it is said, ends the cue, and the judgment
r will probably be paid in a short time.
I Jutt Ktcrlylu^
' Another lot of carriages, Jump seat*, two and
: threo spring pbseione, cog carts,' piano box
and out down front bngglce: all full leather
1 trimmed and warranted; alto full platform
r and three rprlrg wagons for lips money than
1 eyer before offend in Wheeling. Call, gee i
i and price at J. W. y?rrel'8, corner Main and
Nxw Carpets, Wall Psptri, Window Blinds,
Oil Qloths, P'aao?, juit received from the fact
[ tory on eocntgnniJnt, and yill sold at
manufacturer's pric?? for casta. Obraper than
all othe?8. Call soon at Noe. 2010 and 2021
; Main street. Joua Kokmju, Agent.
' fhyfciVVjf Cuj
; Had a on millinery coolie, trimmed and un,
trimmed bats and bjnnets, bsi madeonr
r sales immense. A-buudanco of goods to select
froin and loy prljej wbst customers wani
and what customers i-el at " " " '
I fi M. MpjiLUK&Cp.'e.
! Happ Garden Plows, Cultivators, 8eed
Bowers and Tools of ?72iy dsscrjptton sold
" by Boyd, Market Sqnar?>.
I Tbe Hi-ht of All,
1 Tho mournaetaire kid cloves at Scents per
J pair. 15. At. Mf)QitL}H it Oq.
But Ualvaniied Fencing "Wire, price nix
cents per ponndj at Boyd's, Market Bquira.
' Kamjacr UrfiMtiooili
Io ev?sr^ quality, lo every style, and jUwajn
atthelowei t prices. E. Ml McQiluk & Co.
Jurr think oZ It, an eight.foot Step Judder
for $2 00, aix-foot for il CO, .with patent
bucket support, at Boyd'a, .Market Square.
30f, 05r,nud 70c,
Are the' {](nf?jnt whiph a good Black gilk
can be bad at onr special rata o( Bilks. No
such valne hai ever been offered and it is ex*
tremelydoubtfnl if alike opportunity again
occurs ?o suoure such great value as at this |
present offering of tteae KOof?.
" - E. M. McOlLUMifeCo.
AtfOTITKB new arrival of Thaotons, Jnmp!
Seat Buggies and ?StO|rm Spring Wagons, full
leather top and all, warranted, at great bargains.
J. W. Fkuekl, |
Cor, SJftin iind Tifgaty-first Qtreeta. |
At H3o 1'er Yf?r?l. j
. The 8umroer Silks whioh we have marked
i at the. above prlco are hsyirg a wonderful
B3io. xuuga nnu, rjjiecv 10 secure a UkrjftlQ
i from this ?p:elat ?ile mail not delay Id par.
ohulDg., I(. , . E. M: MoQilmh & Co.
"Btul.'.'fifteen or tvrenty pieces of slightly
damugtd ctrpois loft, at two-thirds thair jlrat
C08W ; ' J. W. FlEMU y
H*ATxjcjiaToa for all ~ * ln<U of Gardening
Tooli and b?eda. ~ B. B. Boyd'a, Market
mijbi.'? '". "...
\. < v &'rlUe ?r Ballroad Laborers.
,, eoukiiait, Pa., ; June" 5,?Five. hundred
laborers, employed by. the; OolllnB Bros.,
contractors, on tho South Pennsylvania
road, struck yeeterday. Thev congregated
at Somerset with banners flying ana armed
with clubs, but committed no actB of vio*
lence. Daring the evening a number of
them got into a free flcht on the Diamond,
and one man was fatally injured by being
struck on tbe bead with a stone. The
contractors will pay the strikers off to-day
or to-morrow, when trouble is expected, as
about two hundred Italians who appear to
be leaders, will be discharged.
I'.'.V. v Hue 11 (til Yesterday,
At Ohlcago? Buffalo, 12: Ghicajro? 5.
At Wfslrn?Columbus, 11; fWish'n, 0.
At Bay City-Bay City, 4; St. Paul, 0.
At Baltimore?Baltimore, 4; Toledo, 1;
Baltimore Unions, 12: Boston Unions, 15.
At Cincinnati?Gin., 5; Metropolitans, 2.
At Phlladel'a?Athletic, 5; St. Lonis, 0.
At Pitts.?Indianipois, 11; Allegheny, 10.
A Ticket Broker's Malclde.
Columbus, 0June 6.?John T. Emery,
a member ol the firm of Ward Bros. 4 Co,,
ticket brokers, suicided here to-day, being
lightly deranged from ill health,
Continued /row JXrtl I'agt.
with a largo and very raluable collection oi
specimens gathered daring the crulae.
The Albatrow visited during ber cruise HL
Thomas, Trinidad, Qull olTara, the Island
oiOuricoa, coast of llajrtl; Kingston, Jamaica
and a number of bayu to the oast ot the
island, New Grenada, Asplnwall, llama
and Key West. alao at each of these points
the surface, shore and bottom of the soa
were thoroughly searched for the wonders
of marine and animal life, and the results
carefully preserved and packed in cases,
which are now at the Smithsonian. Tho
collection amounts to many tons in weight
and numbera fully half a million spedmere,
some of which are extremely rare
eo much so that each in many cases be*
comes of itoelf a scieutiQo prise. Among
tbuHO is the "Kock Lily," an animal which
grows lirmly on rocks at tho sea bottom,
and is in form and general appearance very
like the "Tiger Lily," The atem is smooth
and ia covered with a number of branches
like tbu potato of a Mr. These petals are
the mouths of the plant which feed, it is
supposed, upon tho small forms of Jelly*
usn rim iiko ammaia. llut three opecimons
o( the plant-animal have until recently
boon found, ami of these nono wero per*
, feet. Sometime bIrcc, however, the United
States etHAtner Blakp, while crawling just
east ol Havana. discovered a number of
I specimens cf thin 'Grange plant-animal.
1 The Albatross having iraporlor appuratua
| for examining the bottom visited this
place, and in two daye succeeded In eeI
curing about two hnndred perfect apodmono,
which will be considered an tx<
| tremely valuable and rare collection by the
scientific world. Another valuable sped*
men fouud ia a curloualy shaped black-Ash
which is said to bo entirely now to the
scientific world, an infant 11 ying iieh no
more than an inch in length, and huge
scarlot star-fish nearly two feotin diameter.
TUciUrnud Jarjr Ml Xluutrenl <toi?lder>
IpkiliiriM AKulUBt hie Prisoner.
Nxw York, June 5.-?The llov. Father
Doucey, who was with JohnO. Eno,the
defaulting Trealdent ol the Second National
Bank, whon'ho wuh arrested, was in
Canada on a buBlnua visit, and merely
happened to meet Eno there, lis did not
leave with him, and was In no sense his
companion of travel. Father Doucey, Is
now In Montreal.
The interest in Eqo's case at Qaebec romains
lively. When he was arrested on a
Montreal warrant the prisoner, and his
freinda denied that ho had brought any
stolen money whatever in Canada. His
lawyer, it is alleged, procurod him a little
on advising him to leave New York, and
the balance of that fonnd about him was
lent him, it is said, by Father Doucey. The
suiu tuuuu on aqo whs aooui *<.ouu, Uu
ascending thebeucb Judge Clnuveau asked
the Crown counsellor il thoy were prepared
to proceed with the prosecution. Mr. P??l*
letter said tho Crown felt its duty to be to
watch tho taie and see that justice was
done both to the prisoner and to thd prose*
oition. As proceedings were taken in the
name of the Queen, it was neccaeary for
the Crown to lead the inquiry; but he desired
it to be well understood that no witnesses
would be summoned by the Crown
unless their names were indicated and supplied
by tho private prosecution, lie
would like to know if counsel for tbe
proeecution had any witnesses ready.
The Court ruled that as the case before
itwes "The Qieen vs. Eoo," the Court
should only rtcognizsthe crown as prosecuting.
Private parties to the prosecution
mcsi advise with and aaiist tho Crown.
Mr. Davidson, $ C., for the Second
National Bank of New York, said there
were no witnesses in Quebec for the
prosecution; tho witnesses were in Montreal
and he was prepared to proceed there
before the magistrate who itsied the
warrant or beforo the Terminal Court of
Queen's Bench nowsitting there, lie could
not see any justification lor a refusal to
have the prisoner taken to Montreal before
thejoBticewhoisjuedthe warrant for his
Tho judgo cited authority fDr thi detention
of the prisoner by tho magistrate backing
the warrant, and referred to the pe:uliarfact
olFabej'a absence, who had sworn
to facts in Montreal upon which Eno was
am sled.
The private prcaecntion having demanded
a pestponement of the case till yfetorday,
Judge Irvine wanted to be assured
that witnesses would be there then, and
that the opposing counsel would be
fiofiucu iu uiuvcuu. air. jjayiubuu
refused to give any acsurance, and
Mr. Irvine, contending that it
was ft uselces wBs'e of time to continue
factions proceedings any longer
moved for .the discharge of the prisoner.
This application was refused and the cooit
decided that it could not be granted, bat
that the prisoner should be remanded till
to morrow, when the as* should proceed,
witnesses or no witness*?. -s
Meanwhile It was understood that fwrny
hai gone to Montreal to lay hii information
against Eno before the Grand Jury, when,
if a true bill bo returned, nothing Dot force
can prevent his removal to Montreal.
llenry Wnttcnion hnya TIlilcu ii Inex?
ornbl?ta Ilia Veronal.
Louisvillb, Ky., Jane 5.?In rej;ird to
Tilden'e letter declining to accopt the
Presidential nomination to be presented to
the New York State Convention, Henry
Wattcraon in an interview, in) the Tints
to-day aytj "Mr. Tilden'a reaolntion
not to allow the use of his
name or to accept the nomination h&s
been inexorable since 1880. He baa comraunicated
this resolution to his friends
with candor and decision. He has at no
time cnaivccited or -imitated. The
statement made bv Mr. Hm* tn
I Mr. Dorsbeimer ia Irao, and Mr.
Tilden's frienda have proceeded upon
this knowledge of i?, \?ilh bis entire
consent. of thc^e using Tilden's
name in connection with the nomination
know these things ai well as I do and are
using Tilden for dishonest purposes oi
their own. He would not accent the office,
far lpf? the nomination, and this will be
authoritatively communicated to the New
"Y ork State Convention.
GEN. B&QCOCft'ft I) E ATI J.
8?f HUipfc) In fbfUir^iiCcri on (be Florida
' Conil.
Washington, Joue 5.?The Secretary of
>Yar hp^ re^iyed the following ielpgram
from Mr. Q. \V. Benjamin, dated Astor,
Florida, June,-^th: \ ?
"General Babcock, \fltU the clerks of the
Viith and Sixth J,ight Ifoase dhtrlc% ar;
rived on the tender Pharf J r. IF Mofqulto
inlet June 2d. A larse whale boat with
Beven men went cff to him about la o'clock.
On hpr return Babcoekand partyjynbM>~l
in her lo com. skore^OV.Sronler'bw
lhreakft?B**;5*Bt5i?Ini?*fto? ?? v,.?\? I
the boat ailed and capa!>?d. The General
held on to the boat until the reached the
snore breakers, when ho and all hands
were lorn from the boat and he, with three
othCTB/were drowned. I am here with
their remains on my.way to Wfjhinaton."
..P?. Secrotajyof War has telegraphed
the signal officer at Jacksonville, Florida,
to cause the remains of Bibcock to be embalmod
and sent to Washington.
KlcvnteJ ItnllronJ In N?. I.onla.
St. Lcuis. Mo., 0one 5?-The elovatod
railroad bill, which h?v? been dragging
along in the Municipal Assembly for
many months and which every body
thought waa killed, was taken up by the
Council last night and parced. As it had
already paused the House it is now a law.
Anumbor of New ...York capitalists are
concernod in the enterprise, and the
projact win no aoubt bo speedily cairied
oat. The road will ran from the business
center to the western limits, with branchcj
to tho northern and southern suburbs.
- Ibe Nlxlb Victim UlneuTered;
J3ixt,Mo ', June 5.?The searching
; party j yesterday. diacovered'the'rie.
maina o( John Andefaon, the sixth victim
of the PleaMnton,' Kanaaa/morder, concealed
in a deserted coal shaft on the
Miaaoorl side of tho State line. He had
been shot in the head and body and thrown
into the pit. Parties are scattering over
the connUy in search of Wampler, the
apposed murderer, and his capture is
Erouablc. The County Oommisslonera
aye offered $500 reward.1/ Extensive
Brewery Bnrned.
PrrnauKGH, Jane 5.?Tho extensive
brewery of D. Xalz & Boas, together with
the ice house, malt house and,stables,
and two dwellings, in Allegheny City,'
was totally destroyed by fire this evening.
Loss $S0 000, on which there is an insur*
ance of $40,000, equally distributed in
home and foreign companies. The lire
was caused by spontaneous combustion
and spread so rapidly that by the time the
flro department arrived tho flames wero
beyond control. William Hoffman, an
employe, was fatally injured being hit by a
Bpllnter throw* from the roof.
Ilorarord'a Add Pbo?pb*tr, Iocompnra.
ble In Blek Headache.
Dr. Fred Horner, Jr., Bilem, Va., b?jb: "To
relieve the Indlgwtlon and so-called tick
headache, and mental depmelon incident to
oertaln stages of rheumatiim, It ii Incomparable,"
A Btnlihl Vl?ry About lb? Tnruer* i
<* i ' Cniurrun ruilctirr.
Cfliaao,, Juno 5.~Wldely. divewthd
and exiggerated accounts of tho encounter
between Georgo Turner and Brewster
Cameron having gone oat, the following
authentic nccount in (orniahod tho Amo- }
elated Preaa: Tuesday evening George
Turner, a delegate from Alabama, rnut
Bfowstur Cameron, lato General Agent of
the Department oi Justice, In the rooms cf
Frank ilatton, in the Grand Pacltle, una
threatened to omult him becnuse cf bis
testimony bifaretho Springer Committee,
which alleged the dishonesty of Turner
White, U. B, Marshal for Alabama. Col.
Sharp, Cbbf FoetoQlce Inspector, and
Col Thompson, General BaponuUndent oi
tho Hallway Mail Btivlce, advised Mr,
Camoron to avoid trouble, which be did by
remaining in llatton'a room till Turner
and his crowd, who were in the hall out*
atdo waiting for Cameron, Inlt the build*
lug. Monday night, about 11 o'clock. Mr.
Cameron and J. ,w. Bawman enterod the
malu hall leading to tbo rotunda of the
Grand PaclQo Hotel and mot Georgo Turner,
Paul Btrobach and Mr,
Chas. J. l'iilhatu going out. Turner
and Btrobach, on seeing Cameron and
Bowman, turned and followed them, and
upon overtaking Cameron Turner endeav*
oredto strike him a blow on the face,
whichOamoron wanlml nnrtUllv anil
returned by glvirg Turner a Mow over tlie
head with tils cnuo. Suobach Attempted
to strike Cameron with hi? umbrella and
was knocked down. Ah soon ai
Btrobach cot up loin he and
Turner pnt their bands on their hip-POckelB
and advanced upon Cameron, who dropped
hi# cane and put hli hands in Mi overcoat
pocket and warned bin assailants to
stand back or take the consequences. No
revolveia wero drawn, but it 11 presumed
that all the men wero armed,for Turner baa
boon threatening Cameron lor several
days. Cameron tn? i thus far reaistedibe
pursufalon of his friends to have Turner
and Btrobach arrested for arsault upon the
grounds that their arrest now would bo
AttauitoroatlMwa. .
Cubkwllk, Tknk., Juno 5.?At the
preliminary examination yesterday < f Ransom
Morrow and others of the party of
outlawB, captured Monday, the State ex*
amined a faw. of iti witneesw. Thojus*
tico commlttco the prisoners without
bail. The wituerses all identified the
body rf Dick Overton, found In
I tho cave. Williams, an outlaw,
and Andrew llambrick, Bill Morrow's
, father-in-law, testified to Bill Morrow's confession
that they helped to kill John Brown
1 and Dick Overton. The testimony of the
witne!8e3 was full of the moat bloodcurdling
details. They <\U raid that they
bad been threatened with death by the
gang if they revelled anything. Borne had
been run out of the country. It was Bhown
that a man named Steigh had been killed
for hinting at knowledge ol Brora's death.
Rnllrond Nnrvej lo be Hadr.
Naw Combbstown, Juno 5.?Meetingaare
now being held at point? along the line ol
tho ML Vernon, Coshocton A Wheeling
Railroad in Coshocton and Tuacarawiti
counties. The survey will be commenced
at ltoecoe in a few dajs, and a line be ran
throngh thia place along the bank ol
the Ohio Canal, and the competing Unci
will be asked to show what they can do on
right ol way and subscription.
Instructed for (he Old Ticket.
Coshocton, 0, Jane 5?The Fifth D.'etrict
Damocutic Convonlion'to-diy unanimously
renominated Hon. Beriah Wilkina
for Congm?, D. II. Gaum?r for P/eaidential
Elector, and George \V. Jewett and C.
6. Brady for delegate to the Chicago Con*
ention. They were nominated by accla*
mation and instructed for Tihlon am) Hen.
drirks. i r j
Wnlkid OII H Iill* ANlerp. I
I St. Loois, Jun6 5.?The I'otl-Ditpatchl
I special cays Lieutenant Rice, Quartermaster,
U. 8. A., walked clT a train while in |
moiion near Mexico, Mo , last night and
was instantly killed. He was cn route to I
Chicago from the wtst. He was in his
night clothcs when found, and is supposed
to have been in a somnambulistic
state when he met his death.
Evangelical I.ntberaa Mlulwforlnm.
Bkamnq, Pa , Jane 5.?The one hundred
and thirty-Beventh annual meeting of
the Evangelical Lutheran Ministerinm. of
| Pennsylvania and icent States, met this
morning. Four hundred ministeis and
lav delegates are present. Theministurium
will bo iu session all week.
Tbs Nliadonr o! n Crluie.
Louisville, Ky., Juno 5.?Col. Thomas
Bnford, who killed . Jad^g Elliott, was
brought over from Indiana to-day, poverty
stricken And dyirg and returned to the
Central Lunatic Asylum from which he
eacapeu over a year ago.
Clnclunntl'M ftou I'uper. I
Cincinnati,* June 5.?A two-cent independent
morning paper, called 27? Sun,
appeared this morning without ennouncr.
raent. It ia understood to be managed by
the Enquirer.
The STewB-Jonrnnt Hold.
Cincinnati, 0., June's.?The Neut Jturnal
web Bold at auction by order of the
court to*daj for $25,000, to Edgar, M. Johneon.
representing the guarantees and
creditors. ,
Don't Intend to Bralgn.
London, June 5.?Lowell informs the
Associated Press that he has no intention
of resigning.
The Plnitneinl World.
New York, Judo 8.?Money market c<iy at 2a
8 percent. clcs.'d offered it '1 percent, t*rlme mercantile
paper6*6 percent. Stirling Kxchtnte bank
era' till* a'rong at II MJfc Sterling txclimgo dc?
m*nd 14 83KGO
V KUN MKMTK?Qa te l.
luiuwip UasovMrrrtiuUi'.
STOCill?Th? market wji wm v-??"???" L
out ihe dir but dcicd firmer. " ' - * 1
Tmm tLlloui argr' gated 466X10 ihatrt
D.B. 8a. 101*: U. H. 4*i UW*. U.8.newtt |
1MK; Pacific 6i of'95. Central Pacific, HV.Krle
W>H; Leh\*h <Sc Wukm., 91Vi; Lon.'.<ikr.a u) uuli
TOK; MU?ourl W, 105; Bt. JmouJ', U3; tt. P. it g.-c.
Gwti, 115^: Tennerace *z, ola, ilj<: do uew, U7k:
Tons Paado lan?l grants, 4i>4: do ruo u ramie. -47>i:
Union P*cii5c QnU, 112; do UuO k.ali*. 10i5U:do
linking fundi, 103 a*kcd; VlrglnU C?, 40: Virginia
consols, extr* matureq coupou*. C7: oo doforrcd, 4:
Ad?mi ?*prea, 12*; American Ei pros, 92; Canada
BouUiorn, ?G>?: Central l'?<iflc, 4*>*: Ctkaupeaico A
OUlo, 8Jtf: do l?t preferred M; oosd preferred,
9K: C., a, a A 1, 4134 Mked; Doi'or & Rio
Urando, 10?- Krlo, 14}{: priforred. 81; F.irt \*ajne,
180; HftDnlDklSSt Jw*eph. WiU; do prefajei.to'S
uked; Kanm &Tot??, i5}$: Like Krl.C ?*?Ve?tcm,
10; Likebboie. Et& LonUYlU* - Kuhvlle,
LouUvlUo, Wow Allaay a Chicago, .110:. ilealE"i
?t Uharlpktan 1st preferred, l<v-ao 2<1 pre?! ,
ij MorarhU <k Caa?l5A0ri'. 2V. Michigan
U*l, Utoou^i. rtciao, SJJ4". NashvUle &
tnalUii>^-;ra8j*jr5w jeiwiy central. North
21: rto preferred, <3: Nortbwataiu.OX;
1 do preferred, 1V9; Wow Yon Onlral, lOlJi: Ohjo
I Cutual. ? Ohio A MUaiuJppi,!!': do preferred, 60;
1 Pact tic Mall. 4QJ<- FHUbunib, 1ST; Iteaill :jj. WW
HU Lonl* ASaa Kraodaoo, 19: do preferred, S3; Ht
1 Paul, 7.5{* do preferred. 1C<; Texas taciOc, 11J$:
Union htdflc. 4'iJ4". United Btatoi Express. 41; W.,
r.t. L4 I' ,6Vj: Uopreferred, 18)4; Wclis, P<rgo Express
1(3; Wateru Uulcn, 63JJ.
BrMditnmmiiil froililRDi,
Kbvt YobKi JU30 6.?Klwir Hull 1
otm>ul(j,OM oarrola: export* a,iOO barrels; mjcillce
ante find western |2t3i3 ?5. Wheal loot grades
K*K2 hlulicr; op Ian* opoued hUUer, I bin
weaker, declined ana cloud tletdy; receipts
123.000 butheU, export* 6">,000 bullion; No
2Ublttgu SiuWJ^s uiRMccd red 82c>tl 19: No. 8
rcl97o No 2 roi li UJial oilC; No. 2 rod Juno
nUon 489.WQ bti'hru CS}(, dotlaz *t
It KJi; July, wltti 1,210,010 buthe's nt 81 OOJC*
I 0IJ?.cl(ulnn&t8l 03\?: AUKU?t,twl?n ST2,C00bu*holsatll
Ol^tirx, clotdiiK at II I-t\{; September,
ale*M2,*Xm buabots at |i 0!>%il 0t>i, closing at
II01% oct' bir, inIcs 72,(0) butael* *t 8107al u7X,
doting i>t II07; December, it'ci 13,000 buthtlial
II 10al 10X, dodug nt It 10; Julf, isles 4S.C3)
bu?hdnat|l. ll^tl UK. Com, rost lots Kajic
lower, rtcclpts 1st,<W0 bushels; shlpxcnu to.iuo
brnh'lr ungr*dod fisMc-Ne. 8,C0s?t?*ujer COk*
ei^c; No. 2, 0?fi6g<c; No 2 white 09# old No.
?, GSVCc; No. 2 Juno (QiCJKt, clost un at 01k July
GU6&XP, do*ltig nt . (3ftc; August ClJJuCIc,
dmlnz at 6<J4cr fionteinber doling at
CKic, 0*ts H*to h'fher. roedpu h7,000 busnels;
cxporH 01,CtO bu?helH- western ralxod S?i-t:c; white
wait ?rn 4 "aWs. Hay f?Jr a?d marnot flrtn. Ojffee,
spot fain Moduli; option* dull and Ulshtly lower
and nurket fiiturolus: lUo No. 7 ion 8.15c; sale*
U0 ban Hlo No: 7 June at 7JtSi7.0:s sUea. 1,743
bags July at 8.0*051 ah ?,2,0M bigs August at8 2fi
8^c; rates, J.2'0 big< September at 8.8318 400;
tilc?, 1X30 b<g? October at 8 41?H.4te; Mies, 2'.0 Ugi
Sotumber ?t 8 C03. Com ine?l dull and nominal."
UoImmm qolet aud utMUly. Rico Arm and In
moderate aemand. TaIIow active and Ann at CKi
6H% Turpentlno dull and lower at Ko. Em,
waWrn lit*h Arm and In- goal, demaut
at 17c. . Pork and ,bccf heavy. Lin
dall andlinvy: western steam Hpot quoted at
H.2Ta8.26x July M6aU7c: Auguit 8.47?8^0c; September
8 6&*8.57c. Butter dull and in buyera favor.
Checae doll aud lower, western flit 7al0;.
Chicago, lu-,3une 8.?Flour quiet and unchanged.
Wheat regu'ari dull: nmket tluctuited
within a rompmuvely ?m?U range, opened a
thtile bettir, dcclluod ttajtfs. Milled, men ic^ed
to and deed Xc lower for Julr.Xo for August
and He for September than cltVmg flcunscf tm.
BlaShfcO. clo?c<l at 5lo bid; Septmbor 5l){<9iH?,
doted atWK-Jbid. Corn quiet and Una; advauoed
K7Hc: Utptember W*68HC,dcwd *t ts^o. oata
nrtnor, higher and moro actlrc jadvancxt lWalJft
lor June: lalKc July; l*MKc defer. edJ?tu?E
tanh. MHiWMc. doted at ia*c: July
JowdatSjio; AURU?t MJJc, clctd at29*o: fttpl
l?nb?rWKa ?ear a7Xa2S;; Clovdat 27X.t7>&
tiro quiet at fllSc. Barley noralnal.Umoihy dull;
(Ur to cholco f127altt. Flaxaeod quiet at
U 00, Pork dull without nuy Important
<iun?K c**h H8 76*13 M; Juno lis in ,
19 2fi; July 119 17Kal9 27K. cloaod at 119 n#* :
111); Ausuat S191U19 to. Lard iteadjorand a 1
ihado hltbon caah and Juno 8.02Ka8 06c; July .
L17^?S.'j5o; Auguit 8 80*8. Si Wc- Boxed moatiln
noderalu demand; ?houlder? 6.93c; abort rib* 8.33c:
ihort clear 8.65c. Whlaky, tl 18. Butter ateady.
:holoo croamerr iBiXXr. fancy dilry 16aic?. Cbce o
lull; full cr??in chcddan and (lain lO^aUc; ehed- '
Ian ia7V(. In Rood demand. Hides and talow
unchansedd. Sunn, rat loaf TJiaSe; granu* ,
atad Ibia itaudard &HO. A ftemoon board- n he* t,
lulr i0fa&9Xc: Au*u?t 90)iaC0>Jc; tfeotcmbcr91X
igijjj, cltKd at 8?Ha89Xc. .Com closed, 66Vq
(uiy; 67}i?3 Auioit, Qau loldiW^c JuoojW}}*
....... . ^, , . . . ., V,
I3U0 Join ?VoAoruit. Pork. Junf ll'j -filly
liUiA Auguit 110 30*193fl. Uid, JuljI.17XCS AU- I
lUlt H.30M.HHC.
PntLxannu, June &,-71our, fmh ground
iteftdr (or old itcck. Wheat dull and rlo*ol notul*
nili So. 2wd JutiflII as*iC4K: Jul/It 0?X>1 0?HJ
August II 0Ml (OH; September |l OUl 06. Ooru,
optioni sluggish; car lou quiet; reject*! mixed ?0cj
f>o, ? quoted at COtflAr. steamer eJ*#tc: Mil W,
Mil mixed June euaiHc; July BiVU.'iCihuguit
?Ja??c; Meptember 6J*uc. 0?u drm, no. a mutt
kfaJVXc; No. 'J white 4tc. Kggi nimieitiuUKaJOo.
Uhvesu quiet; full cmn wutero lOSo,
CiWcuiNATt, O., Juue 6.-riourhMTyalll40e
4 65: Isncy |i00*#l\ Whe*t U a*jrt No.i wailM
101. Ooradull; No. I mUed MaMo. Oat* Una;
Na a mixed ssy4c. Itye dull) Na 2.?ftc. B*rlef
uonlaally uocham d. ftwkquietetliSOO. Urd
lal*|rdemand *t?778c. Hul* ineatsrtull should*
era ?,V<c; aide rib ?H?. Bacon Arm |and unchanged,
wblny ?toady *t 1111. Butter MiJer and not
quoUfly lower. Ken higher at MXalfto C'nooM
?*sier and notquot?bly lower,
B*LTM0ki,Ju0? 4.-riour steady. WhMt, weet*
em tinner and dull: Ko:t winter red ?pot tt WHa
1 Oil; June II OVftalOJ; July II OJ54alMty Auguit
II OIXaltrAf ?torn, western tinner and doll;
mlielstoiS Ho bid! Juno UHaMtt July eifcaO'Js,
U*ta higher: white Mailt: mliod M*a7c; Kyo quiet
at 68*700. rtorliiona quiet aud i*iy. Kite Urm
at loo. Whisky higher *t II 1ft,
Touik), O, f J una ft -W heat dull and lo*tr Na
I rndcaah VlK97c: June M^c; July iM^c; Auguit
UO'*o: Betilsmbcr KTJtc; No. 3 aotl if OlS. Com In
lair uemand at lower r*t? a: high mlx>?l Wo: No. V
e**h aud June Mcj July &Hoi auguaift'Jj; rejccttd :
MteMkc: no grade 48c. Oat* quiet andBrm: no 'J
whlto?f? No. cash and JuneMo u*td;July 84c;
August Wo; September Wc,
UH HtO?k,
('utcioo, June ft.?The Ikomi' Journal reports: ,
llop?Kecelpta 10,000 held: shlDiuenU 1,800 .
head: market slow and lOo lower: all sold; rough .
iHuikliw 14 UMA ft Vi; packing and shlpplu* I4?<*
675; ships HO*476. Cattle--Booalpu7,8 0 head:
shipments 1,600 head; market s'ow aud 10*ra .
Invr. r t\?rllrnUrl* mi irra>a?i<.' ntimrl vrailra f A >?iU
7(0; imodto cbofott (dipping W26*C70; common
to medium ft u:t6tO;R?Mlr>?na M40a5 2S:Kr*>a
Texan* II 40*3 corn led Trxani |S 4i)?0 10.
Hlu*p-ll?vli'U 2,300 head; ihlpmeula 100 head;
markot dull; cholco to cxtia 13 CCaA 60.
Ba*t LinutT, Juuo 6.-CattU?Market, tjilcca
uni-hinged; priito It 60*0 10: (air to good (0 0k
C 40; coaimou U 28*6 60; mi'lpta "CO bead; ahlp*
ineuli W4 head. Uo?a? Market **ry alow; wcelpt*
1,401 head; ahlpmeola 9.0 head: Philadelphia*
Dt&aSM. Yorker* II 76aS 16. t>hoop-Muk?t extremely
dull, oricci Hcoirtrom yealerday; ptlmo
II 26*1 "6; (air to pood 13 25*4 00: common |2 00a
2 W; rocclpu 7,<K3 head; aMpmouW 1,400(Had.
Cincinnati, O,, JuueS.?Live hog*; common and
light (4 00*616; packing aud butcliur* I48M6 60;
ruouipU 8,800 head; ahlpmenla 1,200 head,
Oil Cmr, Pa., Juno 6.?National Tranilt Company'NcortlRcatv*
opened at <6)?c; hlghoat "Ofcc;
lowe*t ^^y^r, cloaca at 74ft1?. maIwi 1,037,000 barrein;
rum ?x>.#03 barroli; ihlpmcnt* 02.000 barrel*:
cleimncc* 6J.M0 barrol*. O.l Cltr Oil Exchange
atock 8160 bid, 16 26 *ak vd.
Bradford. Vl? June 5.-Crudo oil dull acd
ateaity: total run* 02,831 barrel*: total ahlpmenla,
71,878 nurcli: charter* 63/09 barrel*; clearanof*
2.7C8.000 barrel*; Uulted l'lpo Line (yrtldcate*
opeued *t,7ij;<j aud cloaod at 76c; highlit 7u?c; lo w?t74j<C.
PrmBDRan, Pa., Juno 1?In tho aflornoon the
downward courae coutmucdat7IMo< whcnthomarket
ralliedto76Xo, then brokoto74Hc,andclowd
at 74^0.
Trroivnxt.PA? Junefl.-Op?nedat76Jic; highest
7Go; lowest 7IJ4d cloaod at 7iJic.
Dry Good*.
New York, June6.?The market wait*quiet**
uaual wl.h only modcrato rcqutil (or nrw apartment*
otaummer fibril*. Tbo volume of bualueai,
howorer, 1* largely In excea* o( the apparent do
N?w York, Juno 6.?Cotton oulet and itoady;
| luuiradulj; Juim U.51cj July ll,71o: Boptcmbur
Jwrl0.99? JauturjFcbrnirr 11.17c; iUnli
Absolutely Pure*
Thli powder never Ttrls. Aotml o! pnrlti
I itreoRth and wbolcaomeaw. More economic*than
iho ordinary klnda, and cannot oo Did It
I competition with the mnltltudo ol low tert.
ihort welfbt, ainm or pboipbate powdet*. flow
oblt r* cm
I 1M W?1I rlr^t- W
" Issues from a spring deeply
embedded in a roek, &d is therefore
Oscar Liebrclcb;
Rtgius rivfaar, University of Berlin.
" Flirt water is only to be obtained
Of all Cnctrt, Dru&iitt, frMim. Il'at. D?x!tru
An Old Soldier's
11 Calrert, Texaa,
May 3,1683.
" I wish to ezprcu my appreciation ol th(
Tiluablo qualities of
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
aa a cough remedy. T.
' Whllo with Churchlll'i army, jrat kcfort |
the battlo of Vlcluburg, 1 contracted a bq*. |
tero cold, which tcraiuaUjd In a dangeroui I
couglii X found no relief till on our march '
qoiqo to a country store, wbtTtf, on aiklog
for ?ome remedy, I wu 'irgod to try Avto'a
wul waa rapidly cored. Sine?
thoa I tATQ>^raioPECTOiui.cbn?taiitly by
mo, (or lanQly use, and 1 hare found'It to U
"kH Inraloablo remedy for throat and lunjt
QMfeMti*1*'; JfcV&C J?TWv..WmrteY."
Thousands'of' iwtlmonlalB'certlfy to the
prompt euro of all, bronchial and lung
affection*, by tho uio of Aye&'b CitEnn*
Pectoral.' Being tery palatable, the youngcat
children toko It readily. "...
Dr. J.C.AyeriCo., Lowell, Mast.
Sold by all Dmsglits.
jldvxztibk atbm
|||| AMSW?
? - . now
; ADTEimsiNa* - :
ADvmiai NEW8PAPEB, f
... _ . ;
1DVXBTISB ESrDo not order rrlntlig 1
? of any character until prlcea
iDVXRTlss have been obtained at the j
IDYKKlIHKlOTyiCEi, "l: i
at m
Sea. a tad ?7 routMath ttmv
Bfifti cwisTsoini
iftgjEBSS 1
Nuito (orbibjr * month oil Mttil? i1
wnmRU proteircd, -Jn?iultw ItnmtdUw'.y. ulo K
us MUD UtreU T
WANTliD?11Y ONK OK 11 IK i.HT t
QKSTBKe llouiei lit hiUlmitf, ? *'? >
riua 'Jr W. V?. n. .<*t>. u. k ?n<i t.A If
MJfcr. Old hoiui with Ime \M* lu tlii.,wu* I \
and the moat dcatrafoln lino 1f soul* lu tl.u liirt!1 I I
To the tlubt wan n i*'o rtuice. Add:**. iil 14
TKtCF 17. Haltlfrfln Vr?tflmin itl I Ji,
pon KG ST. " 1|
TO RKNT OR SKU^AT xiot'xfAW 11
Late IV*, Vd.a ntw ColUpv.ten t?otji |?
bath-rcom, thoroughly ItmiMwl. in ?i>|,t oi .^1. m
torn ill HulUlle lo? ixmnllrit inU tWgltig, ii. !l
drt? J. O- KaLLOS. tchujluillic, X, \, 44* S
mr? wwar* [a
J10K 11KNT. ~~ |
Email Btorc room, 10U Malu Urn-L B
Lodging rooQ lUd alaw ofllcv.
.ii. roaoj-. B
i.' Ko.,7 0.B. tuiicmHou*, Eg
' Tp1ct>hnnn >?PA. m,":
jlJ-A. iiermtctn, tbe i/ptlcJiiti. tcu llrocKft *i<k H
wheeling, ue*t irnk, bo *111 Wilt Uum?.'uiu H
tor * 'OT d?T?. lri.? Wj
1*>IK fTlTY Wii>R llOikH, \ n
WllKUJSO, JllUfl l.ttM | hi
W?lcr Rfnt* (or tho?lx month* tuJliK Kiua. "/i
bcr30. ISM ?ie now due md u#jri l?;u *i U.e oi I
ol the City V ?t?*r Hr.trd, No 11U) Vain BtHttii !
n?ldooorb fjie the SOW of Jute, Ik'l,?i5l*cs*i 1
ol lOperceut willlw?llrwtM. "l A
AUX. Nft. i
i> KRAL Meeting ol tho BUxkliililtri U l!< ^
Bcnwood ltoa * ork*. J
A ipwUl md Rcnetel meeting of tie Sto&hoij.' 4
eraoi thoHenwcod lion Wcik* h?? It en c?kU4t?
Uio Bo*rU o! Dlnctom to bo Leld ?t ibi> frtwiti ?
ofllce of the corporation, ho. 11 t?u Poirhtu? >
itreet, In the city of Wheeling, \\e?t \Hin<?. M <3
tHUutdtr, tle !Mt da/ ol Juue. ItM, H i u'clufc. S
M.i let ilie-puijxne of cotnut'erli g ami ulibUriu A
meeting a rew>lutlou to txiera tie tin ^ cltL ?
continuance of ??ld cm |orMKn for f.liyjr*iu sS
yond the lit d?y of July, tbe dated ifc,u. 3
plrttlon of the tlico limited for iuixit tu,mu?ta a
the a#mtnent for its foiniMlcn. -v.
By order of tbeto*rd. 4
AiOJ^ZO LOIiIMG, BtcxtUiy, !<
Notlco I* hereby glrrn of my luu ir.Inn tocfo I'S
the old resolution ?t thektccial una n?icn.iB?t. la
lug, notice ol which U ?tove given 1?
M. nuf I MA.NK. {'
One o( the Stockholder* of u;il t?!|mnt|ga. ft
xaYii I
J} ?nwenr ?ud u*li Houto. I'MtKion ?u,q til
September lit. Enquire ol J01IN Kail), .v?*
MiLure Home. u;c ?
Forsale-a fifty uoksk-rowyi \
Kcgluo with mtiubrsc&u, In kik.i tuutlt* ^
order. c*nbcK?ii lu oierdllou ?t our '.uun, !
Price re?r?u*ble. Kcr further mttkuUr? nil u i
offlcc or addtts* JOI1N u. llulTilAlo; a son. <
For sai e?at mountain lake $
I'AKK, M?l-t ? dcflrtblo Coti?y* cl Uilt ?
nicely lutnUbul rotxno. beautiful lu^'lot, la
j?nls from LcjhjI una Fwltlllce. Kor uusual S
oa or Rddrttn A. H. HPEKKV, 1*. M., Uouuitj j3
Lake Park. bora'lt conniy. hitl. tcy^
One three *cre, and twelve one ocjo '
building lotb
Adjoining Bcech Bottom Station, P., A ??I
B. High river bolttm. Termitmy. ??
myio H. oiiKPHERD. 3
Valuable Beal EiUtecn I?. K, corner l*enit'
fourth anaMarktt?trtel?,'.n theCiij u! totutei, |fi
W, V*. Lot 122 feet bj K? fett; tow otturltdbjg, EE
J. Bllllrtu u a wngor. and blackmitb HI
W. V. Him* * *<"? M
myrj 1SC0 KtrMfcUtft. jW!
pOR 8AU5.
Tke property aituated oa the *onthw?t??a?/oJ {{3
VireluU and York itrm?. two full !o'j with pel M
tlx roomed houw. Will divide It and tell rcmr m
lot aeparatc if dciircd.
< o. o.BMnn, m
Real Estate ?\u?M a:>u hroVir, Eg
Jc4 !/.' ? Mnuatrot. E3
pOR BALIS?00 U H'i'R Y StAT. p
Ten acrra of choice high bottom lei.J, rlx cLn p|
below Wheeling,on Ohio Liver and u. AO. R. it, Cm
Improved >f a ub?tiuti?l brick lic,u?e, U ruei. &jfl
kitchen andcutbuildli'.^*, tltiuilcd m a Kiotttl Ka
maple. Ulnar and poplar trtr*. .\l?o, a ?<>?! Kitelion
of fruit treta. Apply to [?j
V. V. HOOK L HRO.. lrCO Market 8l. fig
Or B. W. MORROW, on tho prtmU>. ar. j'.i|
No. lOii Vain Strut, Fninlre ol :i
dell ' At Kx^kange BacI 2
Forty ncrtu, illnalr d about thirteen mild to
Wheellrg, on tbe Chlo BitO- ma tu tlm UitU Jfi
iheP., W. &Ky. Called. Kuty ci timleiiU a
the l>?t of water lor Ici.tlJug law*; iklu lit a
umc. For luiiber iulcnuition rn.iil'i'u! %
JAMUK A. nkShY, fl
miZt Real ratnto /n'ut. itii M?it?t?t -1
pORS^LE. '
At Cost, Ftlco SHMMrUi! |j
THREE NEW COTT.w.vo . ^ ?
tral Park, In tb?t rf>pcliritfu*j:cr H?it, Jlradr la
Tille Camp Ground*. l'.r<iU.ro ot
D. K. 1U.OOR8, V ticclbR, W. Vt |$S
or J. W. BOBLftV. at Camp Xrourrtr. rnpl Jjd
JjiOR HALE. 'f,
A Ant-clem farm of 126 acron, wl'-h jcwl In- ffl
proTcmcnls, onohalf a mile (too*, the Mtfwil
road and the tfempBeld lailnay, ant tisM win
from Wfccc.lug.' *111 bo fold upon rcuoutU
term*. tor partlculari lnauiru of
> Al.KXANDHH I'.O.'iR, 3
Real Krtato Agent, corner Twelilh au>I Maikttiu J
febl. .'i5
Situated rn W? P. A B. K. R., (old flccj-ft'i) Q
bout two milri tut of tbo (Ilty ol Vlntili f. ?. ya
Va., and about two milt* Iff m dh'o jim.aw'* t
tag of MO acici of ccal and EO orn? tur'.nx iU a
coal,and known iithe "\Mlloy Men (ml I-X
erty." W. \\ HOiili A BKO.. ' *
myl litoMith-tPtnd..
The Farm of tfioJ&to Dr. John EuRthb,ccC.il:- |j
In* fifty acre*, iltnatcd on the fc'outh fork o1 eku| ,a
Creek. Ohio ccunljr, on 0., C. * P. rr?d, * t??
macadamized road, lewn inllea from Whiillnr.cM f
mllo from Ciluton P. 0. fe'Md faim h iulUt!?ta
market gardening, ha*g:od iIwuiIIuk bomr. mttf- yjj
falling aprlDB anil well of water rl>,nt at ihei?fc m
ahd g io<l orchard In foil btuliiK j'nr p?rlI(tM
enquire on'ttHTprmUtJi, or.adim-ni J.a.er >.* BSfl
KNGLIHH, Cllnl^jrrOhlo Co., W. V*. r.jfi g|
--ggiRS-A-XjE! i
A Steam Ferry Uont, Ferry ani f$
Ferry-X'ri vl If ges.
Tho undcr?lRnod wlU.lf noliuU ct prlriVnk jre?
btloro ili&k time, 0:1
NAHJHIHY, JtiNE 21, IfcSl, |||
Attho fcrrr landlrj: of Ibc Vhtelln? EJi
wheolina Krrry, In ilio City rf v* htx'Udk ifi'ifa mi
pnblloauctloii. their.S!e?ra Kurt ua
and the wild Kerry, trailer will rll jilvlwpi |Bfl
connected therewith n* well ?.* ml right*.of hm- twa
Ins* and rtadwsy^ li tdlrg to (r ro:ini-c?ln* tfctrr- n?
with which th? undtrlnicd c*u or ft-r rr- rat
erent therein In con tied Ion with th? u*o?mw S|
the benefit ol aalri Fcrrr. For h lull <!* cilitUn ffififl
itld property and privilege* li foimnllt tt t?a * tfffl
had by railing ou Curl?t*au Wolf on txuid 01 UJ mS
boit at the Kerry, to WlllU m ttol'. ? - Mioripi' |?S
P.O., V, Va? Uy exnaluatl'iti u( the dw4 ,lJ 13?
rwerrattom therein cl Wll.Um ?o (?nd ot? ? l&S
to Selah Chamber'iln. liuUecJw.C T. V. AOs
K. (!o, found In the t.'lerk'H office 'MidLil.
I'ouitof Ohio Count? In l:ccd itook Mj. 7?. ?*5
I?1,0r.w caIIIur tn 1!. It. Daren -r, uttornM t-hw. .
No. ll?a ChapLno Krict, V. liMsllnK. W; Va.; ' J
: 1: .. ' \cnmhTiAf?w\'i'v |
T.inPPQm cmvti'M I '
JUaA?ox Oilii?i7, E I I
^ ' LOWEST riilCEi,'. [/ |
" j
^eauinoBMnaleMi jjrlii>h y<v.i, I'.rrnn r
?1^3?*^ Striped IWbrljrptn Uudrme*;.
5?J!, y"?n Collar*, SUndlnR M<1 Turrdo*o. .
Mw. ?b|t< "I 'Mcy BhlrU?n.l I
,M?a *?Mjr >lrlt?l and,solid Color*' 11*11
(8ncocwor to JonwA IJItcJIK
Shirt Manufacturers
Pppoilte, Pp?rt Hguw, I P?1

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