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onr poops.
We hare just opened the
handsomest line of Em*
broidered Table Cover/",
Mantel lambrequins, 'J*able
Scurfs and CarriageAfghans
over exhibited in
this city.
A Tery largi stock ol
India Lawns, Embroideries,
I'srasolft, and KuuFmbrellas,
bought at reduced
prices, will bo sold the
mno way. Uest bargains
...?1 of.tho season.
HA/< nyrn;?> G2+
r v:"""'-*
Owing to the great sncccts which attended
oar Sates of
AND ?y.
As advert tsed at greatl j reduced prices,
ire hare decided 10 continue the same,
thus n ll' ii ding purchasers ua opportauit j
of securing ihe greatest
A. Siedenbacti & Bro.
WE mo still RelUng t'lnt Secnuckor
at Oct*, a yard, an Ji M'.ierGoo^Blu
proportion. Do no miss to see our Fino
Eleventh fctrcet.
u 27 Si reel
New AUvertiNeiueitlM.
Notice?P., W. & Ky. Railroad.
Regular Tuesday Jfacket for CincinnatiNew
Auction Sale at People's Restaurant.
Notice?Redemption of Public Building
Loan Bond?.
Wanted?Book-keeper and Collector.
PreBtrving Kettles? C. E. Btifel & tioaa.
Thermometer Kecord.
The following Biiows the range of the ther.mometfr,
aa obatrved at Bchnaj Pa drue stor?,
Opera Hou*e corner, Saturday: 7a. u , 76*j
12 m , 94?; 3 p. m., 0-1?; 7 p. m., 86?. Bundm:
7 a. m., 76?; 12 u? 9s?; 3 p. m., 9g?; 7 P. m.,88'.
Washington, D. 0.. June 22?1:30 a. m.?
For the Tcnneesee and tbe Ohio Valley, local
showers, partly cloudy weather, variable
winda, generally from northeast to southeast
in the Tenne&bee, and from east to south in
the Ohio Valley, Blight fall in temperature
except iu eastern lennes&eo stationary temperature.
For the Lower Lake regions, fair weather,
east to tonth wind. ntalinnnrv tnnintrntmn
in the eastern poition, Blighlly cooler in the
weatorn'portion. *
- Tbc 4lnr?? YcHtorclay.
A fire alarm was rung iu from box 37, q<
' Reymaun'a brewery, about 0.30 o'clock yesterday
morning. occaaioned by a bit z j amonp
Bime rubbish arouiid tbe brewery coopei
abop, which waa started by some children
who were playing with matobes. Tbe deEarim'ent
appeared in ita u&ual good time
ut its servicta ware fortunately not needed
us the bltzi bad been extinguished by tbt
brewery employes with a hosi belonging tc
the establishment before any harm waa done,
CJreeiibncU NioniperN.
On Monday, July^a party of prominen
members of the Greenback Labor party
amotig whom will be Hon. J. H. Burtt, o
this cny.-Colonel Freer, Benator Ha$a ant
Mr. Coonrod, will-start overland from Har
riaville, Ritchie county, for Charleston, paw
ing througu the countieBof Calhoun, Gumei
au?i Wirt, and making two speeches a daj
a\route in advocacy of the Greenback causi
aua Jb usion. On tbe 10?h prox. tbey will at
tend a meeting of the Greenback btate Ex
ecutiye Committee at tbe Permanent Beat.
X -?*
" 1 Jim Utntli.
The body oNJimGulley, the yonng work
hocBo prisoner who^was drowned from tin
city brick barge l?at weekrwaa.recovered 8?t
; urduy, and Coroner Bchultze impaneled ?
'jury, which, after hearing the evidence
lound a verdict ofydeath from aceidentc
drowning, while attempting to escape fron
custody. Charles Bradley, Gulley's fellow
prisoner, wbydays Gulloy told him of his in
lantion to .drown himself, baa mysteriously
i disftppej^red in the meantime,' and hia evl
dencsBj^as not procured Guiley'a real nana
is >ro0ul?y, but he baa long beeu known bj
Jfp Sorter copnomen.
Clilldio. * Home Con.mU(op.
u.vniigu micciu |; ui iuo inuy uiauprertt oi
1' tbe Cb ldren'e Home, whh held on Friday,
Jun? 20ib, for the purpcsecf electing (flicert
lor the ecsuicg year. All the old clllcers
wfre re-eltcted, and the committees are as
Admission Committee?MirsA.Llst, chairman,
Mies Etnma Fowler, lliwi A. Logan,
Mr*. J. C. Koy, Mrs. J. Atkinton. lire. J.
L. K cp, Mrs. Geo. Paull.
v-Iobtruction Committee?Mis. J;. V. L
Hodges, Mirs A. LoRan, Mjs B. 0. Taylor,
Mrs. G. Lamb, Mrs. Geo. Paull, Miss M. Taylor.
Houwbold Committee?Mm. J. 0. Hnpn
Mrs. 8. 0 Taylor, Mrs. J. Frew, Mrs. H. M.
Harper. MUs J. 0. &>y, Mrs. 8. Langhlin,
Mf8.jN Kichardson.
Binding Committee?Mrs. J. J. Jono*,
Mrs. J. U. Hnpp, Mrs J. Frew, Mrs. 8.
Laughlin,.Mis&Julia Atkinson.
Porcliasing Cvmmitfce?Groceries: Mw. J.
0. Hupp, Mm. 8- Langhlin. Dry Goode: Mrs.
:P<- Harden, Mrs, H. M. Harper,
UtiefNoUiou Oorreut Kvenla of Minor
Tnic Knlgbta of 8f. John frill picnlo on the
Blatn Fair Grounds to-day. \
Jimmy Mahton baa accepted the challenge
of Hull, of Uellaire, to row blm a sculling
race. >
Tu* annual distribution of premluma at
8t. Joseph's Academy will take placo this
Twc annunl entertainment of tbo 8'guin
Collegiate Institute will be held at the Optra
Houmj thin eveuing. The Opera House oroheatra
will play.
Tiixtitarlieht Social and a large number of
friends excurted to Steubenville on the
Telegram ytstesday. Kramer's band acoom>
panied tbe p?rty.
MATiR'aorchr3tragaye an enjoyable and
ftUcctbkful picnio at tbe State Fair Ground
8atnrd?y. The attendance and order were
both excellent.
Hknky Fiibadir waa fined $10 and costs
and bonded in tbo sum of $160 to keep tbe
ti?ao? for one year by fequire Arkle Haturday
(or w!fe*baatlitg.
Hutouin attempted to break into Mrs.
Woodb' icnool, corner Fifteenth and Jacob
Utreet8,baturday morning, but were diacov
The sudden tbuiider-atorm that sprung up
yesterday afternoon did not relieve Ibe oppressiveness
thai prevailed all day yesterday
and lait night for wore then a balf nour.
Wright, alios Martin, and Charlie Daly,
two of toe Wheeling ciooks arrested at Cam* I
bridge, were on Friday convicted of burglary;
Frank Snanley'a cate will be tried to-day.
T. M. Ddbbat, Democratic candidate for
Slate Auduor, was In town Tu??day looking
up his fenc?8.?Xtw Martinsville Mttsenger.
Now in the uameolall ine candidates, who
is Durrat?
A WrrxaL county woman blew out the gas
at the Howell Houhe Friday night. Though
the bluuder was not discovered until the next
morning, the usual result was averted by the
faot that tho windows were open.
Joun Moonky and Thomas Day, two Island
boys, were arrcbtod Saturday night. They
not into a fight in the Second ward, and adj
>orofd to tne Island to have it out under
! ib-roli* They will be up in police court
this morning.
mn. h F. Shaw, Sapsrlntondent of the
Bmck Diamond tyatern of railroads, was in
I the city Saturday, having jaa returned from
a prospecting tour ti>rougu Braxton connty.
Uh reports the prospects for the enterprise
as very encouraging.
'Ius proceedings against Natalo Luccheni
for compouwdii-g a felony was dropped Saturday
by gqnireBuchanan, the Italian agree.
ing to return the monwy, $C50, paid him by
E ioch Ball on condition that no would not
proeecuto the letter's eon for theft.
, Tuk open-air concert at Capitol Bquare
Saturday night was attended by nearly as
lar^eo crowd as the first one, In spite of inI
dicationsof a storm. Ths programme waa a
finer one, and some improvements were
noticeable in its rendition. The idea grows
in favor weekly.
News nud UoMlp id Helnttou lo Vnrlona
Mtis Mary McClung, of this city, is visiting
uuvY iuuko n.iu tue viaiuug meiuuBia iouu uu*
vantage of the proffer of a special car ten,
dored thorn by the ,Klm Grove road to viait
, Wheeling Park, where they spent several
hours. Last nbht a bauqaet was tecdered
the Pittaburghera at ihe Brunswick.
, The now lodge eurta under the most
, auspicious circumstances, and will be in tho
coursa ol the next few months ono of the
uuoDgesl organizations of the order.
\ Tho Pittsburgh K,kj will leave this morn,
ing for.tbeir homes.
.The "P?t?ui" fnvoment.
Su iUafficua Letter. * - " " . f
' That was a timely reeoluMon introduced in
; Counr.il by Mr. Hild'eth wito a view to pro
tect tho city vgainst the payment of a royalty
: on tb<* "patent'.'brick pavnuenL It baa bad
r the t fif-'Ct of bringing out a disclaimer from
1 two members of the *"oard of Public Wo/ks
that it was never their intontion to chirgo a
i royalty. In fact tboy aa>y it was distinctly
understood from the two members foresaid
1 that Wheeling waa not to be charged. That
1 ia very good as far as it goes. Bat we undftr>
eund the pateut ia the j jint property of three
tiersons, one of whom ia not a member of the
ward, end has.never made any declaration
t on thBSQbj-tct.'.'What ia to prevent him from
, enforcing his claim for royalty? ~He is a
t bueintts man atid will probably look at the
I matter in tubuginesa light. A disclaimer
- from his partners doesn't amount to any
thing, so far as it gcen toward eiisuring the
city agpJnst the payment of royalty. Now
' that Air. H ldreth hao wisely taken the mat
i i?jr np ii is xo oe nopea ne win not ;es go until
the city la amply protected.
'i Worul oruooil,"
Wo may lie nearer heaven among the altitudes
of monntain range*, in a -literal sense,
but,pure aa th$ airmny be thereabout,the ilia
? which il'th is heir to eeerna common to all
mankind. Mr. A.;F. 6Wri?r, dealer in gen1
merchandise,,.. Fetterman, .W.?"K Va.,
, wno,viu tl o;cure ot these ailment*,'~d ?1s in
I tho beat remedy.- known :to mankind, writes
i lhat his wife was aevere.y illlioted with;
r spinal meningitis and\that the poyeicians
gave ber only temporary relief. H* made
' external application of 8t. Jacobs Oil, the
great pain-enre, which did her, ho Bays, "a
? world of good:" aliio that Mrs John Towels
' received Beve'eirjary to her arm, ahoulder
and side and it -was thought she would not
recover,-8U Jacob* Oil was applied, which
rtsulted in a permanent cure. Mr. Samnel
[ H. Gramm, lumber merobant, haB used 8t.
Jacob* Oil in his family for neuralgia and
| other aches and pains, with the most eatfafaci
tory rcsaltp. Mr. John Grlnnen received a
severe sprain to his back and was cured" by
tit Tannlin Oil M? * ilillilim D"? ?- I
b?s used Nt. Jacobs Oil for all klndioflioosehold
accidents, with a euro in i?ach cue, and
would not be without it. Mr. Edward Weooel
Buffered terribly with nenralgia, and
dootors lulled in Riving him relief. He applied
at. Jacobs 0 1 and waa cored. He sajs
' bewonld not ba without it if he had to seod
? hundred miles to get iU'-V.. This budgetfof
curea from oue nlnce is a eamnle ol ' tie evlrience
to the?fli'acy of thu Great German
Remedy, the fame of which baa apread over
the world.
Axothkr new arrival of Phaetons, Jump
Beat Buegies and Storm Spring Wagons, full
leather top and all, warranted, at great bargains.
J. W FjcrbkIh
Cor. Main and Twenty-first Streets
friends in wesiernport, aid.
Mr. Frank Stnrnm and bride returned Saturday
evoniug from a three weeks' bridal
Mis9 Emma Lobenstein, of tbls city, is the
gatst ol mus Annie Smith, of New Martins'
1 T. H. Norton and family, of Pittsburgh,
' are via.ting Mr. M. Bartholomew, in Kirkwood.
Mr. P. J. Tierney, of Weston, and hisdaugttnr,
Mis-j Mary registered at the titamm
House laat evening.
Miss Virginia Hopkins, cf North Main
street, is the guest of Miss Dollie Lockhart,of
Little Washington, Pa.
Hits Alice Beeee, a charming young lady
of We libnrg, is visiiing Miss Emma Gammon,
of the -oath 8ide.
, Mr. L. Colmar, Jr., returned last evening
1 from Philadelphia, where he has been on a
bu'-lnew trip'for the paat week.
Frank Hennig, the actor, is expected home
to-dey, Keene's tn gedy company, of which
he is a member, having closed its season.
Mi^es.Minnie Donaldson and Bessie Hutchins,
cf the Island, have left for Washington,
Pit, toattei d the college commencement.
Dr. C. Bchnepf and wife returned Saturday
morning from a pleasant trip among the
lar?e citiea and summer resortaio the east.
Bev. Bishop K*in during the past week
W..O k?.in >1 >> 1 >.iuru*i>1 r? fka .ilo nf onr.flrma
lion to cl&uea in yarioua parishes in the
8iate. .
Mr. James Jepaon left, with his family,
Saturday lor St Joe, Missouri, where he has
: accepted a position and will make his future
B. I?. O. K.
A. Lodge of the Order loilUnted In the
It nil Lily.
A Ledge of Elks wac instituted in this city
yesterday by a deputation of Pittsburgh
Elks. The preliminury exerciaea were held
' in the Encampment room of the Odd F?l?
low's Hall yesterday afternoon, and were of a
; most impressive uaiuro. The Charter members
cf Wheeling Lodge No. 28 are Oharlea B.
Ott, Eiward Lirkin, H. A. Milter, Jr., Camden
banc mora, 0. 8. Howell, Oaciir Beeley, 8.
B. Harrison, Mai Gutman, J. K.. Hall, W. L.
Hofr. A. A. Frai.z-teim, W. H. Linebart, G.
D. Caddie, B. B. Davtcer, T. H. B. Hatsse.
' The initiation of membere waa conducted by
tbo visiting Elko.
t he new Lodge wi'l be known aa Wheeling
; Lodge of E;kB No. S8. After the initiatory
ceremonies were over the members of the
Aid a Streak EaceiaUr BeialtfSatarday Sljtht'i
Hinulloi aad the Tale Thai Hi>|i Then by.
A Cm of Wrong to Make 0nt'i blood
Uoll?i*roofa In Black aad While.
Saturday night about 9 o'clock, while the
iqaare on Market street Booth ot Twelfth was
thronged with people, a sensational scene
was witnewed in front of the Capital restaurant,
and within an hoar half the people'
in town were talking of the affair. Everybody,
nearly, guested at something like the
troth, but few knew even a part of the story
of wrong and infamy which was behind the
street incident At the hour named people
in the vicinity noticed a ictrn j tmween Mr.
W. H. S.ielb and a wonuu. The woman
was Mm. Anna Hajinan, and different veraluns
aro given of tne meeting. Mr, Bhcib
saya the woman aisaulted bim, and tbat in
an effort to catoh ber bands he accidentally
struck her on the cheek. The woman iaya
ebe wanted to speak to him, and accosted
bim, but he refustd to stop. She men
caught him by the coat to stop dim, when he
struck her in the face, and caught her hands
and held her in a vicc-liko grasp which left
her wriata red for hours. Bhe aicked -vigorously
at his shin*, until amated b? 0111 ser
Bird, who wan attracted by the bclIUj.
Mr. Bhetb savs the woman bai been frying
to blackmail bim for srveral weeks, callirg
at bis store once or twice, atd once even coming
armed with a pistol, and each time made
a demand for money, lie refused to be bied,
and abe threatened him, even declaring she
would call on bia wife and tell hor some
damaging story. Bhe also wrote a blackmailing
letter, which he turned 0Y?r as soon an
received to Chief of Poiico Bennett. He
denies that he ever wronged the woman, and
saya she is cruy, and tbat her bister told him
When she was locked up, her slater appealed
to Mr. Bhelb'to ball her out but he
declined. Mrs. Uayman herself said: "Will
Bh**ib, are you goiug to allow ma to ba locked
up?'' aud he replied, "Yes, with four lock*."
To the casoal observer, the appeal to the
man for assaulting whom oho waa incustodv.
stirmeil strange, bat in the li^ht of her story,
which is amply proven by documentary evidence,
it won not only natural, but must
have struck him with peculiar force.
a woman's wboko&,
The woman tel!s a'story. of suffering and
irjastlce which must appeal to the sympathies
and arouse the indignation of every
man with a spark of justice in his compose
tiou. 8he declares luat Bhrib mined her,
and has maintained a criminal intimacy with
her for over three jeers. Mrs. Hay man is
the divorced ?lfe of Tom Haytnand, who
formerly k*pt a j ?*elry repair snop on Main
street north of IC'.eveath. Something over
three ye&ru ago, her husband accuscd her of
unaue intimacy with a Pittsburgh drummer,
and meeting the drummer at heilaire, Hayman
shot him, the wound being but a
trilling one. ^Mrs. Hay man shortly obtained
a divorce, and she now says tihelb furnished
the money to pay the costs, and indaoed hei
to seek the separation, telling her that she
must glyo np cither himself or iur husband.
Since that time she bai lived v.art of the time
here and part of tho time at Pittsburgh or
Allegheny, bat all the time Mr. Sheib has
maintained his intimacy with ber, and she
exhibits a largn number of letters, covering
this period, which ?ho received fr >m him,
which corroborate her slory in every detail,
abac{liucku3 0atn.
Mrs. Hay man told a reporter Saturday
night shortly alter tho was locked ap thai
about the time she obtained her divorce she
met Mr. Slieib one day by appointment in tbt
First Preebvieriun Cnurch, of which he wp?
organist, and in a conversation there she px<
pressed the determination not to come between
him and his wif-, and said the would
go away. He refos-d to allow her to do bo,
and made statement* which rtfljeted on the
character of his wife, adding that he loved
airs. uajm?u ueuer ianu an me worm, unc
finally, she atili beir.g deaf to bis entreati?8;
he opened the Bible, and landing in the
palpit, solemnly ewore never to let her wanl
ior lova or motey, aud a* coun nhe
coald be free from bis wife tc
marry her. As a memento of this plighting
ol his faiih he sfierwnrd gave her a ring witt
the oate, March {, 1881. aud the letiera 4,W.
to A.'" engravad iat?:da it Tbto ring Bbf
shoved to the reportor. It is a plain golc
ring and very heavy. This date wan etiei
ward rt girded by the pair aa eacrod to their
tryst, and Mr. 8heib always aimed to spenc
it with her until this year. It wcs abon
this time that hie love began to wane, Mrs
Hayman now thinks.
tub climax ok dick1t.
In all thete three years, the relatione ol
Bheib and the woman were of the closes: and
moot intimate. The letters received by Mrs.
Hajmau breathe nothing butlovc,ana would
do credit to a sohoo??';oy lover, so far na gnslj
is concerned. Nono of thom pigrpd witb
Mr. bheib'a full came, but to onp familial
with bisque aud p'caliar hand writing there
is uo mi&tuking them for another's Mrs.
llajman sorue time ago wsb taken ill with
an atlection peculiar to her asx, and this has
grown worse,-affecting b?r m?nd until she
baa frequent spells of aberration of n fii'.
treeing nature, uuder tbe influence of whtyh
she sometimes rav?a and somotimoa weeps,
while fitr S'fU-r, who has cartjd for her ail
this time, dees not rfcre leave her alone while
sufferiug from one of be* appjjs lest she will
do hertelt violence. Of llm Mf. fchiib was
constantly informed, and toarceJy a letter
posted between them id which bhb dops not
express solicitude for b6r health. Finally, a
few weeks ngo ho induced her to conia here
from Pittsburgh tbai tuu might have the attentive
care of her sister, iiii* 4m?nda
Hively, with wlicm ebe hat siuca beatiliving
at 181 'I bofl street. one chw* here with lh?
express understanding that Mr. 8heib would
aopportber, ?ud st hi# solicitation, bo she
says, and in one of U'fl leitwg jio propels
Buob au arrangement, and in toother spooks
oi.it as conanmmateJ. The contract was not
kept, however, by Mr. t>heib, *nd jt was
tbo a'rait into whioh this forced her which,
Mrs. Hayman eaye. d ove her to desperation,
and ltd hor to insiet upoj} an interview witb
her recreant lover.
was it ulackvail? .
MrB. Hayman and her sitter claim that,
in view of his proaiUe, they had a right to
doxnand mouey of Shoib. A- few weeks ago
Mrs. llhyman culled on him at hip store, and
said, "Will, if yon wait to net rid of aic,
Bay bo like a man, and I will trouble you no
mora." Hisrep'y, ahetmye, was, "I do not
want to get rid ot you. 1 love yon hb much
as ever.'' "Whan she left he olfared her
money, but aha spurned it, 69ying she
wanted him, not bia moiifcy. Afterward Bhe
at'tmp'.fcd to aeo hitu, but failing, wrote a
threatening letter to frighten him into au
interview. Thla wa'i the. letter he gave tc
Ohief Bennett 8ho oven sought, Satnrday,
to procure the publication in tne newspaper!:
of a warning to him, but of oonrso failed.
Sick in mind and body, nbe fcappanpd to pasi
him on the street Satnrday night, and with,
out promeditation addressed him. Than
followed the scene wbicti led to her arrest,
8he declares aho was prepaied to go awaj
and never see Shftib again if ho would but
; eay good-by.
When she was smfited, several of the by
stnndere were v*ry indignant that the men
was not also token it;to custody, and twe
men in particular declared that she whs Aral
availed. and denounced the onesided action
of the officer. Mrs Hayman was nustled oA
without a ohanco to wiwrtain these gentle
men's names, out mey-appeared interested
in:*the ewe, and will doubtless appear in
police court this morning.
Among the numerous letters , from Sheifa
which Mrs. Hayman haa preserved, J?a?
onongh proofs in black and white to condemn
him - forever. Ia nearly all he encourage!
her to expect substantial tokens of his lovo.
This is au extract from one:
Bend me word how you are, and
If there eopms to he no change for the better I
guess I had batter arrange with Amanda for
you too* me bark here, go you can be cared
for, at least till you get well. I sent you
some money last week and send you come
more in this, and some day I will get you ont
of debt altogether. Now, if* you
can, darling, write me to let me know how
you are. Bending you a mountain of love
and a thousand sweet kisaes, I am as ever,
your Babt.
This nsmo "Baby" is a pet terra applied to
him by the woman in one of her spoils of
aberration, ar.d the whole family adopted it,
and he uses it habitually.
In ann?iier letter he eayt:
:TU1-something ia satisfactorily
arranged I shall care for you, and aftor that
I will do so too, for my love for you will
never have a limit, and you will always be
dear to me. 80 sending you my beat love
and many'a kiBj . y : I am always
. 4 .'v"( BOMS GQOIGS BITS. , i
The letters abound in rcadablo paragraphs
which show had tho author devoted1
hlmnclf to literature he would have made
his murk. H?? sometimesmoralists, u under
dst* of ISfij 10:
' Your In iter was a very pleasant one to
read, and 1 feel sure it expresses your true
feel logs. Always keep before you the Intention
to have a cheerful mind, to cultivate
contentment and a determination to make
the beat of eren discomfort In this way half
onr troubles vanish, and happiness over the
mastery obtsiued over one's gloomy self is an
almost certain reward. VM* There la
much you should thank Providence for, and
It la more thau probable you will yet tee
many happy days." -in? --.i>.
This is in a different vein :mj
"I would have given a bushel of dollars to
have hsd von here to*day. This la the first
idle time I have had for two weeks, and it
would have been so nice to bave<yon here in
my room where we could ta^k and kiss and
kiss and hug; even if it ia warm weather. * *
The wind .was blowing toward Pittsburgh to*
day, and I sent you a ki?s tor it. 'Did you
feel it and hear it amack? For fear It went
Halray I send you aizteen in this aod a lot of
love beside, which I hope will be real we!*
come trow . ' fr- mBabv."
This one wm written when Mrs. lineman
was living In Pittsburgh:
Wiohisdat, June 11,
I pat off writing hoping to BarpriB#
yoa by a visit. This.is now impossible,
nil yon will have to come to me.
Bo niy Bogar-plum, if it salts yon to come
down next Wednesday, write me what time
to look for you. If you come down oh the
evening train go to Thoruton's for suppei
first, tben to the room, as it will be belter so,
tbe way folks come aud go up and down tht
stairs last then. If through the day you can
walk in anytime. ? I love you and
want you. I enclose you eome money in
this, out of which keep enough for youi
ticket, and when you coiuo down I will bavt
some more for you and von can send some
back to Allegheny.?. . 1 wouldlathei
have you use discretion than run risks Always
your . Bab*..
v v:MiW- atriaxnckto hiswijftw*?^jjg
The language which Mrs. H?yman allegei
Mr. tiheib used about his wife is not repeated
la his letters, but such paralgesia the folio*
Ing are frequent:
'"May 10.
The Madam aot awsy Tuwdaj
and I am quite relieved since, Now
Put, I seuu yon my hut love and sympathy
and hope it will ba as Rood a) medicine foi
you.' I wl?h I could kits you. I know i
would be pleasure for us both. You havi
alfo ihe teat, love of Babv
* * You would hardly real'sj'non
rnUcrable I am day after dayMhavem
real, genuine pleasure rf any kind, sava my
ni?m tries of you." 'w 0
. I feel sure it is as you s?y. < Nc
woman loves me better than you do. I wan
uonetolove cue cowell as you.- Iher<
klea you a thousand times. 1 am always, ai
of old,
Yours, W.
I understand, not from her, though
tb?t the Madam was going to leave the 5il
. or 6th of next month; whether it is true o:
- not, I do not know. '
In one letter, which is without date o
. addiew, but l<< postmarked "Wheeling, De
cernber 18 1B82,1' he aaya ''The Mm." has dia
covered Mil, inrougb epics, and is about t<
l'livo mm, bat as sue promises to avoid pab
licity he does not care.
Hers Is a tptcimen of the letters, witl
only a few umntereatiog sentences omitted
Tlie author was a voluminous corr<jepond
oat, aad Mrs. Haynmn sayn she destroyei
the worst ones at his request:
Eumdat, June 3.
- Your very, very welcome letter came 01
Friday, and I wauted to auswer then, bu
could not, for I waa alone lu the store ai
week. + + + To begin with, I am so glai
you are bettP.r, even if yon. gat on bu
slowly, and I wish you betterment ever;
bonr in the day. To-day I am so loneaom
and feel bo forsakon I hardly know what ti
do with myself. 'There is no one here I oar
about even talking to, and you are far awa;
from me, sick and troubled. Even m;
heart has gone out to you to-day, and
em doubly lonesome when I think of yon
The f<*tea seem to keep ub apart in spite c
onr will and wiBb. titill 1 draw a little cod
solation out of the fict that, as there is to b
no worbnien'L strike it will make businet
good acd X shall therefore be tho sooner abl
tu iquare up my indebtedness, and tba
means good news to you ?>nd I. Now witl
alittlesncceesin buumera and a little mor
hft'dwork, and close living and attention t
i IT lira, I will soon be able to abaps a coura
for thefature that 1 hope will bring me a Iff
tie of life's sunshine in my latter yean;
would give most anything to see you to-ouj
to talk with yon, to love, k'sa and nug you I
my heart, to hear yonr troubles and conaol
yuu, to teaie and e^en torment yon if tb
others things woulda't suit. + + + I sor
of looked to Bee Amanda about yesterday
and maybe she is here, for I could not ge
out to see anyone-. Jf not Rive her my bea
regards. I have had your pipture in gooi
nee of late, but ntill keep it at tho store
Looking at it mates me want the origins
1 badly. + + t I enclose you some money
J Bending yon my beat, best love and man;
' IrtMaen haliavn mp fivor TJakv "
The following ia part uf a letter ip His
Wbizuso, May 22, (1883.)
Pear Fiictul:
Your lettar W03 * welcome one; because i
told me jist bow ipnttera ptood, { was a lit
tie burpused ttt what was tbe matter, bu
hope that danger and the worst is over. !
aui sorry she bas tbe recurrence of tj ght]
spells, because it indicates that she is far iron
well, but having them at such intervals stii
proves gbp ia mending on the whole. I am ec
thankful for yourUiRfil interest, and willow"
you a big debt. 1 thought oonsider&ble ovei
tbe idea of your moving to Pitttburgh or A1
legheny, and tbonght to suggest to you tc
look nhont ana protpect a little as to tbe ad
visability of pq doing. While you are uj
there you can do conafdurabjy better in tba
way yourself than another could, and Jf yot
see a reasonable chance of making asucceti
pf f?je matter I will try to lurnisb the means
of so doing. f cgqpot offer advice about it
only be active ip c*se you depltfe, and foi
Anhjp'a sake and the kinflneas ypif havi
shown hor and fPe> f will dp all I can.\ J
might be a good thing fop yoij to removi
from here, for there are many cb&ncpg }n f
largo city to one in a place like this. Ye
every ijoudition has its drawbacks. You car
weigh tlia better than I can. what ii
the frit to do. 1 am po uiuch obliged fo:
yoor letter, and hope to have auoibej- at ai
early day. I euclose you a little most*;
herein, a?-d Wilt send you more in a dajT-'o:
two. With nmuy tbM&'j believe me tin
cerely Your Ifoaptf, 8.
In one letter.rpference is made to ibj
drowning of "my youDg man" down'tbi
river. This is important as identifying thi
writer. He continually speaks oi 'the gir
in the atore" and "ray ouMide help," arc
complains of hard work and big freight bill
in nist-tenthp of the letters. Taken ai i
wuoie, ine corrosriouyo'ico, laneu in oor
nection with the action at the writer q/ (faTex
letters now Ib enough?(o digest* man witi
any human nature in his oonpoti
tioo. - Wbe'he: tie story will bi
admitted in eviiieupo in the police court thi
morning can only bee'en aft?r thp BUemp
is made. The woman can jpbably lie con
yicted of aiBiult, in which case her tliirtyrai;
hours of imprisonment will probably >
lengthened Into nearly as many days.
Mr. Bhelb said to an Jjitilltskncbr re
porter last nigbt that b? h&d noptijng to 9 1
to tbe public, except that he asked aotuptn
eion oi judgment uutil the faota can be'titafc
It was reported last night late, that Mn
Hayman had attempted to commit suicide it
her cell at the lookup, but this waa deniei
Fourth or J0I7,18S4.
"With their usual liberality the Cleveland
Lorain tfc Wheeling Railroad will Rive hal
fare ratea 00 account of the day we celebrate
A.11 regular local tickets purchased and datec
Jnly 3d and 4th, will be honored for rc
turn passage July 4th to Tth, inclusive/With
out further charge, on any regular pttoeogei
train. j*
^ a m . .
Reliable Bxsds, tfcat never fail to grow
are sold by Koya. No old stodk offered,
Everything Now and Krowh Oropat Boyd'a.
Frvx thousand new styles of JOarpels, Wall
Papers, Borders and Window Blinds, OiJ
Cloths, etc., etc., at manufacturers' prices /or
cash. Call roon if yon wlsfi to save money
at Nos. 2019 and 202L Mainstreet.
Johx' Romib, Agent,
Twohardred boxes cooice Messina Lemons
juat received and for sale at low market rates
by , /. , q' 0. a Fkiht,
. ,-e.T 1410 Main street,
Bkt Gal vaulted, Fencing Wire, price.six
cents per ponnd, atjBoyd'a. Market 8qnare.
"/"rjOwiaf Jtnrs?ln%'-. ' In
wash dre?a goods at 5 cents per yard, and
also a bankrupt lot of men's c'othtng at GO
' cent* on tbe^IplUr, J,W. Fiaiii*-,
./ .So, : ' /
V/:;' . , , . :'v - w
Br 8avml Brawls aad Mowa?Aa Interfiling
Sciiloa of Police Coart thla Horsing thi Be* a<
anlt?A Bin Docket of Caiea Oat or the 81
Uiaal Baa of Bailuiia There. tl
This morning's aeislon of the pollen court ft
will be one of the most interesting for?long
time. Ia addition to the Hayman?8belb
assault case, the alleged prize fight of two b
Inland boys, a number of plain drunks and h
three women and two men arrested In Nellie ['
Campbell's house of Ill-fame on Eoff stroet at J
an early hour vesterday morn'n?, that old n
veteran, Tom Hill, of Sixteenth street, will N
be arraigned for disorderly conduct and re- ti
tilling an officer. Tom was "raising old Ned" b
at the Central Hotel, on Water street, when rl
Officer Huff arrived and took him into out* &
iudy. Aauaual, he resisted so strenuounly that b
It took threemen to gut him to the lockup,
and a great deal of excitement was occasioned G
on the streets by his transit, yelling like mad, a
to the city bastlle. n
Latt eventur a row of some proportions oc- d
1 enrred on the ?lm Grove train due In the t
uu; nuuut isisu u vtUUfti AI1U UXBOl ODglO W
of the fight could Lot be learned, bat at f,
i loast half a dciau participants were engaged c
' In it, two of them PittsburgherB. Olll set A
, Morris arres'ed Peter Gorman and Mtunael h
> Walcb, and Offloer Montgomery Thomas o
i O'Hara, on the arrival of the train In towft; a
Toe conductor of the train was not to blame, n
bat be aud tbo motor crow did good service
' m restoring order, as did also several passeu- j
gtriu A number of witnesses have been o
> hummoned, and the case will be thoroughly n
' investigated this morning. Ij
' ^^Co'cal Mei'inou by k?v. ?r. Nniltli nt y
' I'unrthhlrectthmcb, c
Rsv. Dr. John E. Smith preached a sermon p
yesterday, morning tbat bad considertble ^
looal coloring and thereby created, more jj
comment about town than the sermons j,
usually preaohed do. His text was, "tic* ?
member tne tiabbath day to keep it. holy. n
; ti.z days ebait tbon labor," etc. His Oral d
1 point was tbat tbe 8abbath was made for (l
9 man and not man for tne Sabbath, and in ti
this connection he went into tbo origin ol j
r 1 the day, his slatbrnente boiug purely script* 0
) I ...?1 "u.. 1 ... -
1 mm, imou buhijkiu tun UQlUrtJUI lilt
tiabbitli, tirat as a da; uf rest lor ail toilers,
aecond as a day of devotion. A cotnpari'
son was lustltuied between tue Jewish dab1
bath of olden time atid the ono of to-day;
I one largely ritualistic which waa abrogateti
B at the coming of Ooriau
lhe neceaiiiy fur a tiabbath day waa the
next point touched on in both a physical
. and moral wey. I j support of the lirat argui
men t under una uead waa the fact than uo f
r man can work continuously; hia frame demands
rest. Mo time tuat haa ever been
r experimented on, has proven to give thai
~ nteded reat that one in beven does, and refer*
* ence was made to the time when the
? French tried to substitute one in tea. The
* fnural argument was that the d.y came
in between employer aud employe,
and gave 10 burden beat*
, era rest bo much needed. Sunday is God's
intervention bstwteu labor and capital,' It
1 also acted as a reatraiuton averice. Man
j having no higher objtct in lite, no tima for
nigher thuUgbH, the ambition of the soul,
no matter what it might be, would iuterfeie
with the nubier aud purer thoughts thatBuu*
day briugu forward. Dr. Bmith drew a pic*
I ture of a Babbathleas time?d. void of all hope
: and the existence ol a moat horrible vaadslaK?.
i lhe constquehce oftiabbath Uetecration?
II displeasing aud dianonorug God a observ*
1 ancea aud not a recognition of a D.vine gov*
f ernmeut, and tho fact that it waa a sure preB
couiser of social aud National decav wer- *1. ?
J cqueutiy touched ou. He referred to the e
0 biawry of tne Bcotch and Puritans w show- H
F ing that no BabDatb ketpiag pajplo bad ever q
? anownsucb decaj; tbey raioid great men
1 notwithstanding tne extremes tney went 10.
Referring to toe btaie ol btfiira m the ciiy 1
1 be eaid thai tbe men who flagrantly violatea t
tne tiabbatb, who weie tne most conapicu8
oua traojplera uuwn ol Uod'u and mau'a lawa
8 were men wbcBe busintBs notoriously dt- c
? graded bociety, wboae boabt was, tbat ttuocns c
j* were open t>Y?y Sunday ana tbat twice ta
much cesr was BO:d on Sunday tban any *
? other day ?n tbe we?lt. #a referred to the
? (not tbat license had been given
Wheeling Park .Asaooiation to Btll (
j beer. He waa Yery severe, saying 8
that It waa a degradation on tbe community; 1
' tbat did smallpox exist tbere it would not fc
D work half tbe damage that the beer cold ou e
" Sunday would; tbat more men ftpd women a
. would be ruined there for time and eternity ?
, ihan by any other thing that bad been per- y
' mitted by the authorities. _ He inveighed g
anaiuat the (Jommibfiiohers b?caute c
j not a momber had 'raised hiB
, yoice in protest and gave the newspapers a t
j turning over (or uot protecting, while un'tbe t
other nand tbey hud praised tne excellence t
of tbo Sunday music at tbe Park. He ap- \
' pealed to all parents to see to it tbat their
children did not v sit the Paik on bundty. ^
Held for Karder^VVrsouaT, School qui} ,
Other Hole*. a
t Mrs. M. J. Brand left Saturday for a visit t
. at Detroit."
t Th'g evening the B]alne Clubiueets'agajn,
I in City Hall. E
' The advertising car of Burr Bobbins'cirona b
j waa hero Saturday.
J Mrs. John Kirkpatrick la visiting her
'I *1? IT II O? l.l. "
uau^uici, mio. ii. a. oxuiiu, near ivanaiDgton.
Thetyqaor Daaler?' Association of Belmont ?
County will hold a uiaetluy at Bellairo to*' *'
morrow. 11
A meeting of the Business Plan's Protective
Union is called, after a long interval, lor
^ueauay evening.
Besides the Burr Robbina' clrcuB on the
ninth of July, Bellaixe will have John }lob:
inaon'B on the 22J. \. J.
There were communion services held at p
Ihe Fiipt PreBbyteriRn Ohnrch yesterday 11
morning. R*y. j. K. MoKallip w?ta not as- u
aiated by anyone. jt
W- B. Ndylo? will put in machinery for
the manufacture of paper boxes, a great {J
many of "which era used right hero at home
by the glass housjs and tobacconists.
The-3-V.na Glass Company got a judgment ?'
against the Pennsylvania Company for $120, ^
the value of the,pota 1 at by the high water. ei
Cho claim for loss from delay at the works c
by reason of the want of these pots was not
s allowed. ?
a Tec castings for the new wtfer workp ?
0 engine pame Uatufday, and wero unloaded at t.
1 the power houpo in the evening. The ma- w
\ cblnery will be nut to work aa quickly as
8 poEsible. Many of the houseo on tbuhillpuieB.
l and even the unper rooms of other houses,
: bave had no water all summer.. Those who u
0 do have it are needlessly lavish witn it, tho6e
x itfijjrc'who havo none. *'
A'CTumgd oi pijuntnation made an Incor- u
b reot announcement of appointment oiteaob* 7]
b era on 8aturday. The present high school ?
t teachers are all rc-appointod, Messrs. Clark s
r an$ Mert? and MUa Gorljy. The principal- 2;
C ship oi tho fiocond ?ard and the primary t;
room onGravl liill ar? atill vacant, Qne C<
may not te filial fjrsome time, as the grad* ||
to be taught there la not yet decided, and jj
the other room may not be needed at all lor *
j" some Umo. '' - h
[ ft was reported veaterdav that t^e ftatie J
. 8lcckda!e, which' ?ot; up ui'h t*t hi noon, ci
had stirred npihe body of Jamea Cook. A n
? graat many colored people were dowu to the b
, uceno of the accident all.day; John&on had
1 a Ufcartng-'b^orC'Mayor Cooper and was" {J
to rJ8wer at court without being ,per- b
BjittffJ vi> give ball, Johnso^'a own dp- d
oount ie that Co?k ant) he desiring to ptyug'e
places tipped tho ekifif In pawing onji an?
-other and that he jumped when be saw the tc
>; skiff filling, and .that he tried to aayp Cook li
j but mi&taoH hia hat for bia head kn^ by U
. that time Cook had disappeared./Charles
Pratt, of the Gteainfr Tolegram. paid John* g,
r son held (Jook'q hmd jn the yater.qud then w
tipped tl>0 ?Mif over with hie 'foot. Tho3. *\
AiklnBon, u'so of the Telegram, testified that #1
, Johuaon held the skiff over with his foot fi
, until it filled with water, then he dived p,
out. Jores Elaon alao thought Johnson held m
Cook's head under the water, although all pl<
1 tho tMtlmohy f? fjUlned by au ajtemptio _
1 duck OooVf'Foe Mayor wsj utifiadiij Bind- J]
' ine the oasa to court to have duller inuasI ion r?
lion. ? J
? idj
HKAoqu.vsTKBa for all kinds of Gardening 2
Tools nad Bfledfl. 8. E. Boyd's, Market IV
Ml ? J?j
A Fntp Oiler. ot
The Voltaic Dc!t Company, Marshall, Mich., v*
offer to eend D*. Dye's Voltaic Belt and Ap- >
pllances on trial, for thirty days, to men,
young or old, afflicted with nervous debility, 111
lost vitality, and kindred troubles. Kr
Bee advertisement in this paper. TThsAw ^
OmurwT Hoes, Rakes, Spades, Bhovela JX
Mattooke, at 8. E. Boyd's, Market square, ni
' ^ 1
n Inqniit Held on John Smith's Be- J
.uftlni-No A?Kll|?nce. ,
About 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon the J
orkmin engaged in re-digging the well at i
le Water Works for the new pump became
*are tt at they were near the body of John 1
tnith, the boea carpenter who was caught in 1
lecavlcg well hut Monday afternoon by
in horrible stench that greeted their nos- 1
lis. The body was found about elghteon
at,below the top cf the dobrla in the well
[tor the owing in had ceased. It was
artly under the edge cf the crib; in fact
10 cutter in its downward course would \
ryo cut oil an arm, and that would have
een all that would have been found inside
hi crib b&d not tile stench caused the men
> work slow. The body was in a horizontal
oaMon, resting on the right side, hot down,
ead to the west and still wearing a hat
Tola scratch or break of the skin was no*
ceable, except on the Augers of the riahi
and. which were Btrinued of fljah tn th? I
ight jiint. Bmlth wai probably stunned
t ihe drat and before ho recovered be mua
avo tuUocate\ to death.
As soon as the body w?u found Contractor
hiaholm telegraphed the man's family, who
re with ralatives at Harrisvlllo, Ohio, havIK
left their Wellsville home since thoacoi*
ent, and yesterday representatives arrived
7 take charge of the body. Coroner 8ohullz?
raa also uotitled as ?oon n the body w*?
mnd. but as la nearly always the one it took
ooslderable time farthat worthy to arrive
iboat 8 o'clock, when he did get there, all
e did whi to order tho body taken out and
onveyed to Friend's underiakiog rooms,
od set the inquest /or D o'clock ywterday
When that hour h*d arrivod th?ro was no
lry on hand. Constable Bnroggins was snn>
ut to hunt up a j uy. Bv 10 o'clock he rr
iirned with one composed of the following:
itlph Arkle, Jacob Hwlzar, Joarph BnafT-r,
lauiel Whitehead, William McOlure, El
ood HhftHorcM, Thomas Fox, Daniel Fizatrick,
Edward Btmer, William Irwin, 1
Villiam Ki z and William Ualley. The dl overy
wi?a ?hon mide that there was no pa r
on wh'ch to take down the evidence,
he jury was taken to the wareroora to y'ew
tie body, and camo back to the store with
die faonaaud uandtbrooiefa to tneir noses,
[r. Uhal crJ<iR passed abound theonulf which
run thankfnllw mmiomI. H ?? ?
ixflnrgion Haivu n? mo Oriuncratfe Knllouitl
On account of the Democratic National
lonvention, which meets at Chicago July
th, the Pennsylvania Company?Ft. Wayne
bate?and the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati ani)
It Louis Railway?PaniHaodle Haute?will
ell excursion tickets to Chicago and return
t ra>e of on* (are Tor tha round trip, (rom
ill tickfs stations on tlieir lines. Tickets
fill bo sold from July 3 t to 7th and will bp
;ood for return paE ".age until July IS.h inclusive.
Arrangements have been made (or addi?
ional coaches &nd eloping oars Bofficient to
ueet the yoah, and pB^ecgers will b? carried
brougb quickly and tafely by the Pennsyl'ania
When you want u first-class Buggy or
Vagon, go to Boyd's.
+ ?--- Jog
lot of $?.000 worth of Mon'a Clothing,
yhicn was bought at 50 cents on the dolUr
,nd will be boIu the same way. Gull and see
hem at Tweuty-tirst and Main streets.
J. W. Fkbbkl.
Hakd Garden' Plows, Cultivator, Seed
lowers and Tools of every description Bold
iy Boyd, Uarknt fiquwr*.
... . fblrngo i.'ouvenilou, .
The Baltimore & Obio Company will cell
xcuraion tickets from Wheeling or Bellaire
3 Qhlcogo and return for $10. Tickets on
ilejnlv 31 to 7'h inclusive and good returnig
until July l?th.
Tax Langdon'a Citv Rnttor Craokeri.
'III? Fluutipml World. ' .
Hew. York. June 20.?Money unusually active:
ill loans advaucea lai percent; clo ed offered at 4 .
2:eeut, i'nme mercantile paper 5*6 pcruut. fctw
uk Exchange haulers' bills we.it at M MIX; dg?
iani *4 ?>$.
QoTKftSMBNT??Weak on sale* ol pccuUtlYoholdIuil&oap
Bonds?Lower, especially for Union
ai-Jnu )ibu c. 'ilitj slukluK x'uuus broke to 111) and
ie(in>t8to 103
8tv cks?'Tuo. took Kxcfiangft wes to-day tlio fcone
[ gre?u oic.t?mem, and tbo fluctuations were f.-e- i
ucut and vloicut. At tho opnuing t c maraot was
Wcr and prH-sfell percent fortnoEenrai
list, and 1%i3;J4 for ttrj-o -all *nd Michigan :
cutral Tlia dccliue was oue to ropqrta Hint a i
:?(}lDg clo hlu* co ceru y^i In troub.tf, but this
*fc6uiw:queiiily dcnt'U. About Hi.5 itbecamu ,
^o-M) tl}>ik l*Y?o auuuut of Lackawanna bad
ounc?l:'od lu. aud tuo b:ar* lun&od|at:ly started \
i covpr.' v?hi. Ii tesu .ted lu a large adv ?nce Lacka* .
auuaand jlla.iuil Padtlc were tuo great features .
i apecuutlou. tho former rising 8X neruom tu I 5, j
at} the letter 0]| l<3119- L?wb cioc? v.-s worth %al
Luicui uuio t'.nu rfuul*r, aud as hmb as iy. ptrjut
was paid for the u?o of L*ctaw.uun. Other ;
save itiaxes also couimaudcd a premium f r u c. '
Tuo Bhtip rl o lu ,L?c.awauiiA and MImoujI
aviflc had ?t fivoiablo eff:ctou thoseuer&l lht aud
riCM r<301 to 8 poicsui,. Wo?tern Uuiun tol* up 3
? 8. Union HarlMiivsxtn ??/- *-i. ??'
? v.,8 cn TO io
iJ4 cUioco, Burliutfton & Clutncy to ill, I
ur lb wester a ltJ-6 to U J>4, Louiivl Jo & Nashville
* to i9,8t. Pabt 2tf 10 67W, Now :iork .ontral
% to 1 Q'4, Bock ljuaudsi# tollBK, Paclflo Mall
& to I'lluoli Central tu 116, Mis??\irl
ftdQC iiroicriccl 1% to 4?}?,aud Ko9it\iuu l?er* <
jut ta 24. TUq auvanru orousUt about reatlza* J
onv, aud MUtourl I'd title fell o(V toU4>5, Luck*anna
to 10i% nqd ttie rumalLderqtvnuactive
&tft to l porcent. When tbe bankn Btatjmtut
19 madp rubllu a frtsh buying ra<jyoro$mt net 1
I'Mtid pric?H rallied % to 1^4 percent,.uuUdo of
ii?ourl^*plAQ?ilii JUtrJtavYiiutiC. vrbicii joj.o l^y
ad o}Txp?R?qTP8-K- The exhlblt-r.f thu asu*
Rl.d biiuka vefy-favonblo, showing g*iu ia
fsoivo of $3 033,575, which p acta the anouut held
y oauk* above itgul rtqul I8,075v,- Liita
iu tbe afcruoju tuo boira Mattel a?t.jry
latty P. iltiuUugtoa and some o: his
?d f?ne?l*or'Wcru embimvaS, *ud nwutsv was
d up wpidly p?? mem. Simultaneously
tlyea w*u? ngaluRi ue*rly all lo?dloR utocfc*
id pllcci were forfced dovya I to4}$ p:tQa.tVlii the
jupral 11 >t a-d oab purcentft Luoknwana* aim
ir-ourl Put 111c. i>n;.iu i-ac|Uc (all ? ff4S k erceut
i MS, catibU* flouihern l>4 to fcs>{, Qutncy '2% ?o
iitW Nottuwestern 4 to Co preferroi i>?
t sw, st. l'aul- 4% to C3>$, lUioijp tylaua*aj$to
r%, LadkawA na0 JCy, toulsvtl.Q AiKakhvUte
x fa iCtf, au'd Lake -bore A% to7a^;- In the l^t
[ictm intuutca the market wan llrmer aud theie
tM a general recovery if to 3 perteat, namely:
? Paul peroeat id (h)6, central racl3o?>4to
lAknniiorrti^io'4%, Northwestern t to 87)4,
hode Wand 1ft to 103J$, Lnlon. Pacific 1 to:?%, 1
csteru UulouitoW>%,P*uHc Mull 1J4 tu 37ft,
mlraiu l)i to 9$, dth%url Pacific i)J to 05. (
Khigau central, hoYftffO?? vo^uu\ieu weak and ]
ORfld atfii. . - .
lu tho la?l hour ^cro \yero 2.C?0 thues oj Lxck. ,
fannji, SU I'nul and Wwteru Union bought lnun? t
!r the rub* lor uon.de.i*t:ry. Tho ro?uli of; the t
Idttflactuatlom durlugthootiy w#a tolenvo he t
arliei Uto,ularl7 ch*uked an fomparod wl h 1
st night, though the ui?jorlty vrtta lewtr, \lz: t
mada j^juiliern 1 p?rre.t, Chlcigo ?S? Alton 1
ivcuti.iumnurdciiM 'iyc porcctit K io nM-f??rinri
;p='W",'? iiiiuuii i? ;
J& lPh aw lior.cui, Noitlitm
a? *jsra1
1'rAUH CttO'iR VJl.ClXI bh?r(jH, I
n.d. a*. iot% u. a. i'xs, now; rj. q. ncw a.
feiK1?^6? ui *r?cioo, no**Mkca I
le fi8k. l^bUti & w likes. W; Louisiana consuls,
k|. Mlmourl 6?, 105; Be. Joseph, iWJ; m. p. a 8. C .
iu, 115 mod;Tonuiceo u tila, k7k; do n?w sn' t
xwi Pacific land grants. S5K*. do ttlo Grande' E
Union P-clQo tlr.U, 1Crt% aaiod; do land
lUM ICO; do sinking fund, lQy; Virginia 6?,
inn then went after torno paper and ball
ozw others went out (or beer. The one reurntd
with the paper and the oonnabl* bad
3 bssantitfier the ones that wont (or beer,
t wai now atier 11 o'.o'.ock, and business was
roereailni; about aa rapidly aa it ever dot*
i a Coroner a ooart.
There bad b'im about one dtr-n wilneiao
amuioned. Tbty were all men mat bad
een encased on the well. Mr. Kt'z wn ohoe:i
foreman and Mr. Arkle did the wrltlni!
chul'zmt 81111, arest and talked whenever
h?re waa an opportunity. Tbe taklnn of tbt
sstimony ougntnotto have occupied over
n hour and a bait's time, yet It waa after S
'clork before the taking of evidence war.
luisbed. To eome toelr evidence wan rrad
ver and to others it was not. All lestia d
hat it w?s from three quarters loan hour
nd a half's time Iroui tue time that all osme
mt until the mvir k took place, that it wat
rom l?> to 25 minutea from tte time
Jhlsholm warned all to keep back until the
avlng took plac*; that a fence waa erected to
;eep all back; tbat Smith, who acted &s bos*
luring Ohisholm's absence, ridiculfd the
doa of a cave, and that he wes naturally
A verdict vroa found to the effect that t&e
leath of Smith was in no way the fault of tire
lonlraotor or anyone elBt; that bad be obeyed
os'.ruclions he would not have been killed;
bat all precautions had beau taken to save
JllNt liC(I?lVlllK
Another lot cf carriages, jumn seats, two and
hree spring phaetons, oog carts, piano box
,nd cut down front buggiee; ail full leather
rimmed and warranted; also full platform
ind three eprirg wagons for 1(83 money than
ver before offend, in Wheeling. Call, see
,nd price at J. W. X'errel's, corner Main and
?wenty-first utreete.
Just think of it, on eight-foot Step Ladder
or $2 00, six-foot for $1 50, with patent
tucket support, at Boyd's, Market Square.
Stiil fifteen or tweuty pieced of slightly
lamaged carpets left, at two-third* their tint
oat. J. W. Fkbcxl.
W5?VlnriaUooniiolii,oxtr? matured coupon", 40: do
leforrvd, 4; Adama Kxprctw. 128; American Bxprots, .
57; Canada Southern, 3234: ?. entral Pacific, 80}i;
CbOMpo&ke A Ohio, 6H: do lit pr fened OK:
lo 34 preferred, 9 0., 0., c. A 1.83: Deu?er &
Rio Gnrnrte, W Krlo. 18>^t pivlerrod. 80; Fort
Wayne, 127: Hannibal A 8t Joaetjb, 1B8K: do preferred,
88K aaked; kanm A To?u, lAi' L*ko
Krlo A Western, OK1 Lako ehore. 74 JS; LouUvlllo A
Naahrili?, 26H. LouUrlliO, New Albany a Chicago,
10; MomphU A Cbarleaton lit preferred, 10;
lo 2d preferred, 5: MomphU A Charleston, 25;
Mlchljcan Ceutrml.caS: Mlmourl Paddc, 9):.NMh?
rlllo A Chattanooga, 80: New Jersey Central,
tt: Northern Pacific, nxA do preferred, 42M North*
fre?te'n, 87V. do preferred, hO: New York <>en?
Iral, 98: Ohio Oertral. 1?: Ohi.i A MtaMppi,
17W: do preferred. 47; PactnoMall,37K: Pltuburah,
ISO; RcmUdr, IPA St. Lou la A Ban t ranciaoo. I'M
do preferred, 83jf- Bt. P*ul, (01 ' do prefer.cd
MK; IVxaa fadUc, 74$; Union Pacific, 85, United
Statei Express, 48; V\?ct L. A P , 5; do preferred,
IVJ 4; Wclia, Fargo hxprem, 98; Western Union,
UrfadatnOli and Prefliloni,;
N*vr York, Juue 21,?Klnur dulls rccolpta 18.000
bar re la; ex pur la 0,000 barrels Wheat,oura wblto
1010*6 50;.it. Loula Si 10*0UO; Minnesota patent
proeeta ft 75?8 30. *hcai, put lo<n HaJiC l.Wcr.
optloua opened a ttlUo Umar,kfieiw*rua advanced
S.hJ-41' at.d cluaed llrin; rtuu^u 22,uC'J buthula. txpo.taltfO.OJO;
No 'iUulcagu OJaiijtfc; Uo, a 1. I.
.;I}*?94j; ungraded red 7Uafl 01; No. 8 rid 0>>ic,
..w. - IW ?? V?7?? UUHIMUUU nsu VI 12, M). 2 R'U
Juuoquotodat wXc.Juiy, wilts iftfj.iXO buhhols at
W#c?#4 00, cloning at V%o; August, aalu 712,
OJJ OUHlieLI Hi Vl lll%al 02,UiO*lUg at 11 QM\ Hop*
wtnbor.aaU-a 4U0.U0C builieU at i QJtfil 0.#, eU?*
tog O.tober, swoa'24,0C0bu?bels.ull W*1
04Jtf,Ch??ugat II Oi>i; December, n?Ich 40,100
buihe.s *t 8i u7ai o7)i, dol.g at ?1 07^. Corn,
pjt louiH^o lower and options oiti?cd M?%o
tuwer, iucovcrm rnoiioi thedecilno Mid c.o?od
Hrm; reoeipu tO.Ouu bush-.la, txpoiu l29,Cj0bu?b'
ci*; uugr?aed i>7a62c; No. i stealer
(W&aObKo; Mo 'l 02K*03>4o: old ?>o. u csxc; ungraded
white tWsGlo; :*o. a Juue 61^?C2)(o, cIomi.1
teiHoi J'dy 0>5r>i", cloa d at Mifa, August
clueud hi bepteuibcr 6lK?MJic,
closed *1 04%c; Oclaber U?U lower;
receipts ill,UUJ buuieui; export* mu bushels;
mixed wuiteru 8Ga38c; whito west* i
urn Maine. U-y tlrw and steaoy,
?ud In Mr demand liopi quiet and Urm, quo ah
2Jh1Wc. (JoiVeespotlal ;Hu> quiet, opiloussolumore ;
irteiy on * icclluu o( U?o uotuw, Jul/ ?ho?lng ilio
gio tualwoaki.es* owing toiho uu*r appioath m
uu.olordulvo.lea; mdoa'2,760 tMga lUo ao. 7 July
at 8 lfca8 20c; August ut 8 SCO, Boptimb. r at 8.4'Ja
?.6:c; ^closer at 8.65c; November nt H.CjC, toin<
ber at 8 6^ 8 700. Hugar qultt; Mu covaco i%c;
L-eut:llUj>ai t>ya; cut loaf auu emtio 1 7)4a'iHc,
grtUUUlOl OlflOib^C. MolnS'CH UUltit ttUJ Uu'
changed. Jtitodemuidfal and market firm. Tali-.w
dull aud oa?y. lU*iu dull at 9i'2&al27>{,
Turpeuilao qulot aud steady, i?ggn, WtSleru lri?u
?,e*ayaii(tlu (?lr deinaud. l'ork dull aud uomlu?l:
til mess pork quoted at $ 6 ?'J. tut mcais
dull. Lardstruug; wo?u?ro steam spot 7.76c; July
7.6oa7 8J?i Augun 7.70*7.5*5?; bepiombor 7.?&*8,0(Jc:
OctoiKit 7.97>tc, November 8 00a jmttcrdull auu
diojplng. Oue^so dull aud lower; wo-aum llat 4*8o.
umcAOO, 111., June '21.?Flour quiet and unchanged.
Wheat la fair dem?ud mm uiueitled,
jpei.e-i weak aud lower, but with markka
luiprovemt-utlu Htovk,advance J l%d%c, aud theu
Da uulavorabio u?.w# f.om u strott, dtc iuwd %
'%c, Kgdiu iftilloi uua closed over tuo lauki
Ugurea yesterday; Mlea ranged: June
clowd at Mfcc; July ?5K?M)ic,- ciwed at 8C%c;
August 87a8nHc;8cpujmber 8-^865ie: No. U Lidt>gu
bprlug o6aW54e, cloaed at 8&J4^%c. Corn m
{ouddemai-daud uutottel, aao .oa by the bame :
lull iOLC.-H 81 wln-.ni; Ctt'h 56^c, clo ed at kia
b)%n June 54S*S5->(1^ closed at bj^c. July 65?t6c,
cloaod at August cloaed at
dOyt:\ September (niaio^e, tlosid *t otisc; October
wuajKe; year 48Sa4bJ^j. oau dull vud tanlti
casbai^asl^c: June 8iKo: July Sl^a3;c, cloud ,
at oi7Wi * m*u? X174UMM, ciosta ai V7Ji?2SCJ CD
U'-iub^r 2G%i2 c; year V6%atti&ic, clot-ed at 26)?c.
Ryo uua ?t taj*. Barley uuil at 62a65c. JJUubccd
dali aua ea?y at Si Mui 61. fork quiet ai lOaxUc
lower: cash $18 18H;July! 90>ai& 6, closed it 19 26:
Annus! $19 60, closed at $19 25; tcp'onbor
119 2j; October jf.b 60: year $13 IJ Lard. diuuud
ajitve; adfauced 80?85c; cash 7 42>4a7 60c; July
7.63c. clotod at7.67%a7 60c; August7 4ta7 76c, closed
it 7 7<S>?7.76c; fce^tembor 7,tua7.8<Sc, cioted at
7.85*787*0; ic'ibet *749*7.9:3: Dtixmber $ .60a
7 7jo Bulk meats in fair domaud: shoulders 5.8C3:
4hortriba7 7jc; short cle*r 8.2.C. Buttor quiet aud
unchanged. Eggs 16a16J<c. Ythlsty steady aud
uuchHUit'd at #110.
Cincinnati, O., Juno 21.?Flour dull and unchanged,
nutatduli aud nomi-iai; No. 2 red 51 02.
receipts 0,7.0 bushel*: shipmeuts 2,000 bushels
Ooru heavy: No. 2 mixet 57Hc. Oate, dull and
drcspliiK at35%o Kye quiet at 67c. Fori dull and
lower at $ & 76a!6 87*. uird firmer at 7.4uc7 6C.?.
Bulkmeat firm-6houldereec;?lijitrlb8V;c B con
dull; ?boulder* "3c; 6hoit ribs 9tfc; abort clear
Ahlsky 11'm at 3107 Butter quiet aud uncnaugtd.
Chtebo quiet anu uoch?nged. Egg hea> y at 13aib%c.
Puiladkli-hia, June 2l.-*lour wiak. Wheat.
No. 2red June JiOlal 0I>$: July $10 %al Ql&:
Augustti (Jl^ai i>l%; teptcmbo $1 03*1 0.iyK Lorn,
options quiet a; d steady: c*rloti in moderate demand
bi.h mixed 67a5&Xc; sad mixed June 6Q*4a
<J2c; July C^W0?Kc: .vugust 6l>*<62c: aeptcmber
oi>iah3>ic. u.tn quiet; No. 2 mixed 85Kc; No. 8
white 3od36*<C, No. 2 white 37X?Sjo. E<rb quiet,
extras l7>^aioXa < h ete dull; Ouio flat cnolce
8>{c; Mr to go..d 7a7)^c,
Toisdo, 0. Juno 22.?Wheat dull;;No. 2 red
csiti 9i^e; July 9i}?c; August 93'ic; September
9tKc;Oetjber 9r?Hc. ''-cm dull; No. 2 o??h July
Maugust ??ked. Oats quiet and weak;
No. 2cif1i July o3j asked; Ausuat 2S&c; September
Frrr?BO*OH, Pa., June 21 ?An unsettled feeling
coatrollediu oil cinles when opened this morning
w-K distrustful, and fe?r wdarxpiened b7 mtu>
dealers th it the thee a of a utmber of operators
known to bo heavily woighted. Would nntp?8i ihe
Clearing Houtc. Fortunately tuo foars proved
groundless, witn one uacaption, and that a small
unatr. T. B. Wilgmwaiu able to tike 17,Cj0 b?rrela
bought yesterday at 65^0, and that amount
was Bold out to day o * hU account. Thedlfl'ereure
w#s only 1 ho market opereiat 66%c. Iu
theaftornom a telling fever ?elz>d the trade and
while not much oil changed bauds, pile es quickly
dropped 10 62c. trihu rallied to 64c. bioko to 60kc,
but tccovercd ugalu nnd c ossd withkbetter fueling
at 64%c bid. Tnd soisious were uot marked by anv
uniiMiai excutmcui. vraao wtts vu y ?ca:cu and utiwilling
to purclixso. humors ml' otitis tho credit
ut cett<dn men and flrmi lu the oil trade were freely
circulated during tho day, but la every lhhUt to
thoso pointed to as on the verge of 'allure met euKagemeuts
promptly. Ono lanw dealo: * hc?j uatno
hia been on the tonguca of luukeu and opor tura
loraweek, revived c4hh remittances t om busiues?
E?scciates In New York toK^y, wnich cnabl d
blm t? margin oil down to 4Cc* barrelaud His
thought now that he will be able to Ud J over difficulties.
Oil city, Pa., Jure 21.?Yarket opened at 55){a
57c, droppsd to MVjc flncluatel between 62J^c aud
BSJicall d*y with rapid ?nd excluble fluctuation?,
clood at65o bid. ludicatliUB of better pMcts prevailed
at iheciose: sale* i.lCJ.OlU birreli. cls?r?ncei
7.7M.0C0 barrels. The fallowing aio the Hhlpmenw
and rhariorj fur yesterday: U l<edshlpmeuisGO, 81
barrels: tidewater snlpmeuta 3,231 btireli; average
B2,b87 b irrulBchartern 84,76 J barrels; daily average
42,051 barrels; refined New Yor* 7Jic.
TrrusviLK. Pa . June 21.?1 he failure of Garrlsou
ycueid y c*"?i:d coutldBtable fear lu tho oil trade
thatoiher dfSHSiere would follow wit1* a repetition
nf theicrent panic Tho selling yesterday coupled
to that broke ilie mmket to b&% cents. Mhttois
went along smoo h to-day until leports arrived of
tho nan* frtiluie In Mttibuifch Thin was the lasi
>ir?w Tiade xmhod to ?eli and the it arret dropped
to 5l%c, bat dosed firmer at 65c.
Beidford, Pa., Juno 21.?Crude oil weak and
lower;- total runB for FiUay 77,221 barrels; totnl
shipments 63 4Q5 btirela; chart're 84,762 barrels;
ole?ran0M ?460.',0j0 burieR United Pipo Line
ceHlflcaU'fl opened at f$! highest price of the day;
closed at 65%c; lowest 5lc.
TrrnsvnxB, Pa., Juno 2L?Opaned at 55c; highest
65^c; lowest filKo; closed at 55c.
Nxw York, Juno 2L?Petroleum qulot; Uultcd
Bio,crudc &%\G?iQ.
I.lvo Nlocfe.
Chicago, Juno 21.?'Thn Drovert' Journal roportf:
Live hotB?RccelptB 10,500 bo d; auipments, 2,COO
heid; market verywek and 10ai5clo*er. rouah
packing *4 69a510; nacklnz and shlnntno anrw*. .?*
lieb* 81 C0d520 Kklpn 83 00d4 bO. 6,tttO?Recclplfl
l.fl'JO head: ahlprasnt/i 800 head: market actlvo
ami itoady: exports gG 5047 00; good to cholcj shipping
95 15&6 60: common to medium S5 2M6 00;
uraa Texanb 83 0)a5',00; corn (ed Toians 15 20a
G15. Bheep?KecfipU300 head: tmipraents 200 head;
mwknt s; ady; laterlor to fair J2 25b8 OOpercwt;
medium to good 83 Cla3 75; cholco to exua 84 0(1
Raw LatBTT, Jono2l.?Cattle?Market nothine
flolnjr. all through rons'gnmeutv, receipts 2,185
he*d: Rhlpinucts none. Markot s'ow: reiclpts
2,900 heart: ahlnmonta 1,600 head: Phlla?*elphf*?|8i
7 V. Yorkora {5 2fia5 85. fehecp-Markct
nothlugd.lnganlc'osoddull; receipts 1,000 head;
ihlpmenta l.hOO hrad.
CxnoumxTi. O., Juno 21.?Lire hogs firm cammon
and light 84 joaft 80: packing aad butchers
ISOOu&O;receipts, 490 head; shipments,l,C40head.
New York, Juno 21.?Cotton Ftrady at H M6a
11 V-lGci luiurc* steady; June 11.18c: July U.16o:
\ugunt 11.82c; Bcnlemwur 11.12a October 10.71?:* oranber
10 65c: JecombAr 10.55c: .Tannery 10 64c;
February 10.78c; March lO.OCc; April 10 Wo.
Dry CloodN.
Nkw Yobs, Juno 21.?Ak usual to the elf kIiik day
al tho veek t'o-demand h ?a bean exceediugly
ilghtaul the market very dull,
Kew York. Juno 31?Leather a'""*"
icuve; himlock aole 25t^Kc. '
A ?lng'c doso <"1 fmford'i Badical Cure Inetantly
e!ieYta?hQmr,*tvlnleut8noezloR or Head < old*,
ilonrx the head as by magic, uops watery tlis*
>haigca lioia the b use and J1J o?, pxntenis RIi ginn
>{oW a la tho Heart, cures Kcrvoun Headache, and
nbduisW'bil a and Fever. lu fhromc Catarrh it
!lean6e*tho ocbaI pwegca of foul mucua, rea'orea
he (curcs ul nnc 11, totio and hearirg when affect*
ill, fretathe ho.id throat, and broncalal tubetof
ffeaaive matter, aweeteng and ptjrtllea the bru&tn,
top? the cough and arreata the prcrfctea ot Catarrh '
award* ('oumiwrtlop.
OtioboUl> Kad*cal f'uio, one box f'a-arrhal Solrent
and aajtford'M Inhaler, all in one pack*g , of
ill drucBh's.lnr 31. A?k lor Hanforda Kedlcal
u-?. Vorrt* Dnuo akh Ohkmicat. i Q., Boston.
^ v-u m tJollluH'/ Voltaic Klectrta Plaator
V?2?? m |* initantly affecta tho Nervoua *ysgfan^
n 2 um and batiUhon ralru A pcrftct *
QSBE3 ? .<* Electric Battery combined with a
rnrflfS S ?. 2 FnrouR Master for '25 cent*. HanSctSt
S?3 nlnllltf n?<n ?? ???
tGm*. 2 fc 5SI?i2U ?trcocihbn< Tired
9 MuksIcb,proven'*. ii|?nuc.middocs
lho Urau than
?}?a SSSJSS^ in tbo world.
]^TU* "?!?! ??.
^ - -> ,J ' '
Absolutely Pu^ j.l
Thl? T>owaor ncror urlci. Atnirrol ol W. kH
itrengiti *tid wholwinoncu. More cconnmil^ KB
Uimi the ordlnanr kino*, md conn/.. If
MmtoUl on wltS the mn'tllado cl tow v? 11
!i? ? Juii pbc"J"'-t *>">' ? & If
IfW W M .t?,. u''Y j
" The Presidential fleimigi." |S j
Harper's Bazar, !
"II is the I Vatcr to which m mint I 1
look?1 Lancet. I B
O/allCrottrt, Drutfiiti, & .1 tin, I I'm/, Dtaltn. RsS
lodging Boom and Law Cilice, 111
No. 7 0. 8. Custom lfpny, I wg|
Tolpnhnno A-SB. }>]Q f,
WANTED. | |;|
Want ed-experienced hands 51
lo war* on thirtr. cull at tve kzccl?*r(
bblrt factory, 1318 ^larfcot street, cr?uge i m'rtk,
up je?) &||
^uenib wanted? if
from $5 to ?20 per pny
can bo made by live ?genta cmiv??iti|? lor buine'i js1
now book tweuty years ?>f cowrm*. 1uo?o?- 5?
dtr* la grafton lor *300 worth ol tho work in ttwe "vs
day* for agency addie. i & ]
r. ii. o'bhie:;, m
general awnt, effl'
jell* ?'r?>tnn \\\ v|. a,
pok halfci
or sale or rknt-hte klgls ?
brewery ?nd halt houoo pcaesiion ritm 9
september ibl enqulro ci j011n kfcld, hew m
mclure Ho'ims.
For sale low-journal and 9
ledger, lull bjtmd. rm'afida ?rdu:.d?. '!%
'"ood as no f. enquire of a. j. bwikmjt, >o 12 h
twelfth krwt. ]t20 .49
For sale-a fifty uohse-i ower i
englno wiih attachment*, in g<xd lontut 'la
order, fan bupcen iu o| entiou at our tanotry. :3j|
''rice reabonablo. for further pciticulari oil it
office or addiees john o. liufl'mann a bon.
xny31 i
j^or sale.
one three acre, and twelve one toe
adjoining brech bottom 8tntlou, p,, w. & fy.b,
b. high river bottom. terttfc to#y. ;
mylo h. c. bhepirybd.
jpor 8ale.
valnablo ileal btateon n. e. corner twenty.
fourth and market ?rt'el?",lu the city of vhitllii
w. vo. lot 122 feet by 6b f?:'et; dcw cccujlcdtja,
j. ellifriu aa a vrngun and blacihn ith *hop.
\y. v. hogtf a hbo.,
api9 ; 1800 market etieft
por sale?country seat.
ten acres of chelco high bottom land, ?li icllea 111
below wheeling, ou ohio river and h. a 0. b. b, ';-s
improved l-y a tubstaiillal brick houw:. 11 rccdl k'
kitchen and outbuildings, dtuatcd m a tiiote ol
maple. ?ut<r?r and poplar tree#. albo, a t,ood *eloo
tlon of fruit trees. a only to
w.v. hogk & uro., 13c0 market El
or h. w. morrow, on thi* premium.
j^or sale.
No. 1044 Main Street, Zuijairo ol
, M. JKyKBBfl,
At ExCwitf BialL
J? OB tiALE.
A flrst-cl?!B farn of 126 acrci, with food Ja?
provemeuu', one tall a zr.ilc Jiozn ilit ^iitioLal
road and the /.tirplleld railway, and eliht mild
Irom VYheoJug. v- ill be hold urcii icbmuIIi ?
terras. Ifor particulars Inquire of
_ , alkxandhh bone,
Heal Estate Agent, corner Twolftb and Narkttitn
lebl- J
81tnated m W., p. & B. K. It., (old DnepfeM)
about two milt-s east of the City of V hfcllti, W,
Va., and ubnut two mile* from ublo tivtr. uml>t*
Ins of ^00 acrca of ecal and ?0 ?cr(* Mirface nd
coal, end known as tho Willow <Im (to! hopeny."
w. v. nock a bko., )
jam iisru't rtrrcu
60 Sharci Junction Null Mill. ;
10 bhares Jercraon Nail Mill.
2 Share* Top M11L
8?t 8naj?? tstreet Hallway Co.
IB Shares Kranklln insurance Co.
10 bharcjs.W^llsbttJff Ocb<o.v> ?;m ivnw \
10 Shares Panhandle (il&saCo.
jclO L 1RA1N, No. 21 Twflfth StrctL \
ThoFarmof tholafc Tr.Jelm EnglM,contain* i
lu* fifty r.crea, situated ou tliC Eoutb hoik o< Hort
Creek. Ohio c? uiity, en G., C. a P. r<*<5, a icod jmacadamised
joad.'teven milts from Whirling,ceo i
mile lrom iMntou P. O. H*ld l&)m l? *>uiti*blefor
market gardening. hwigood eilinj; lioute. nertffalling
miring and well of water rlf.Lt fct the- <l(or,
and g od orchard In lull btarlng. tor particular!
enquire on tho prinihts, or adajcM J.U. orJ.M.
ENGLISH. Clint"!), ( hMK W. Vn. m'G
Riu;Effiic> SAJJE;
' or a
Stock of Goods iu Glen Easton, 31arfihall
Urder an order made by the Clrrult Conrt"of
Marshall couut7 lo >cver?liulu wndlne ihenln. J
made on tho 7tli day o! Ju^e, 11M, l will te?l *
auctl'n. at ibo ?'oro room of H. li. Wootfiuff,
Men Haston In ?AU1 oouoly, on
TUESDAY, JD>E 21, 1881.
commencing ht D o'cltck a. m? the penonal pcpH* J
ty lrviod npou uudcr attachments in thld in oicc ?
hulls, to wit J tho Heck ofTjrods und ttwebwdM j
lately in ihe patwtalon d il.il. Vi ootfruil. InGlta .1
Hafcton. " J
Tho wild needsaud merchandise will to ?o dii?
whole, or in large lot*, ai Iinoy clcct on ibuoiT |
lI sale. ,
'l rusts o? Pat.k -One ba'f ol tho pmcbihe xnorej
?r mo e if n?e?K*ry, m ca'ib, ?nd the tenauicrr
la two cquai Installment?. ilme and fix noutM
from day of rale, the pun b?ter to ?iccu e tbcMw
his several negotiable notes with lutenat, and k??
personal leturlty. .
Tho purchaser of the whol" slock, If b* tinic?
rlred. can octnitv and dobuslmwltithi-rtoreroeB
la which thoRwiilKroMr tte until the fiiht oijn
* prll, lESo, by ptyltg a icwoutble retm ?&<" .
nijon,.,,B r?.
?)R& SOUaiSOiN & SOili
AhecMLK. * Vfc
All oporHttftn* wanMitHl. n ?)R.
H. W. OKIt,;
TH UT! iVT T ? T.
Qfflco bouts?9 t. w. to 6 r. a. ''PrlL
COE, TWJlLil'U 4 MARKtT H18.
. EnlrjowUOi.aluWSl
Qmct.Hourt-stolr.il.', s to sr.*, ""

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