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bnr poops.
iiv.ytlc'"- :
Wo begin our First Cloaranci
Halo TO-DAY. All Goods not hav
ing mot with a ready aile -oar on
tiro stock or Hummer Goods and al
Keiwimnts, Odds nnd Kmlc, will b
cfl'orcd at pricos tliat will insur
for them a speedy fc'alp.
C* "
A?T?K JULY 4th Store closi
at <5 P. M., Saturdays excepted.
*) >' .:>'V 'v.,' , ' ...
1104t Main St.
For tha Next Sixty Days.
To make room for tho Fall Sto<
TT6 have made great ntfuctions
all of our Departments.
Ladies Intending to purcha
Summer Goods, now is the oppo
tnnlty to see u complete stock ai
at very low pricee.
110-4- Main St.
lleginning July 7th, our Stoi
will close at G o'clock P. M., fcatu
days excepted.
18 and 20 ^ Eleventh St
18 and 20 * * Eleventh St
18 and 20 KloventhSt
m <
18 and 20 Eleventh St
18 and 20 ? Eleventh St
JJI14 8URGI80N & HON, ,
yfbecllny, W.Va
All operation!! w?rr&cto<1. now
XJ Jii JN "X' -L O -l- i
Entrance 1205 Market St.
Offfo Ff?nr??B_to 1 *? * ? 3 to fi ? * wpr<
m Mdtymm
Utllre: Ao?,2B mid 27 Foiir>*eulli Hit *.
Mew AdvertlMouieutH.
For Sale?Baggy Phaeton,
Lost?Gold Bracelet.
"Wanted?A Reliable Man.
Notice ol Stockholders' Meeting.
Great Offer, in BookB?Stanton & Dave:
Thermometer Hccortl.
The following shows tbe range of the the
mometer, aa observed at Scbnepl'adrn^etor
Opera Hon?e corner, yesterday: 7 a. m,, G9
12 m., 83?^ 3 r. m., 87?; 7 r. 87?.
< ,)VA8Hi3!STon, D. 0., July 15.-?1:30a. Mr
For Tennessee and the Ohio Valley, slight]
tcnrnmr fair wnatliAr. with variah
For tho Lower Like, fair weather, wesieri
winds in the eastern porliou; variable wine
in the western portion and slightly warme
Died In the Night.
Jeff Pear], the well known proprietor i
the skiff ferry between the wharf and the I
land, was found dead at an early hour ye
terday morning in a shanty-on a Hit boat i
tho head of the wharf, in whichhewaia
customed fo Bleep. Coroner- Bchuilz* wi
notitied, and after examining a few wltuessi
concluded it was unnecessary to snmmon
jaiyorhold a formal inquest, and gave
certificate of death from natural causes
Pearl bad been complaining for eorao tim?<
pain in ~hia chest, and his death wbb n
doubt due to congestion of the lungs caure
by exposure. His body was removed to h
family's residence north of the water worki
Mr. Robert Gibson, of this oltv, wko r<
cently started west with hia mother, spec
last Sunday at tho Gait House, Louisvilli
with his bride. It appeira that tbia popula
yonoii Wheslingite baa stolen amarohon hi
friends by being married bo quietly.that ?er;
few' knew of the occurrence. Hewsflnioi
ried on Wednesday, Jnly OSb, to Miss Nelli
Ashcom, of Everett, Pa. The wedding wa
necessarily very quiet on account of tho seri
ous illness of the bride's slater. The cere
niony took place at "Millwood," the aomme,
residenco of the bride's psxenta, four mile:
from Bedford 8prings, at high noon. Tbej
l*ft that evening and, joining the Wheeling
party that Mr. Gibson was a member of, precorded
on the trip to the southwest and th?
Pacific coaat. Theywill spend aeveral dayj
at Pueblo. Mr. Gibson is generally liked in
this city and hia many frlenda will wish for
Aim and his bride a prosperous and happy
Jf/e and a pleasant trip.
- ? . i.
t'#oM Underwear.
V. J/adies' and fenta Veals' reduced from 75s
to 35a and from'0Oo to 25o each.
yjr ,. ; E. U. MCGilum&CO.
Hii?r NoInoii OurreiK Uwn<? of Minor
Two plain diunka wero in tho lockup at
, midnight.
This dry ap*U 1hr?atena to cut the black* i
berry crop ihOrt
Thkik ( a pretty general complaint oI
dullnewof buaineia.
a 1'ahty of Bellalre.yonngladleaplcnloked
at Wheeling Park yeaterday,
Tim boyn have already begun toa?vnup
tbelr jiennlfis for the big show on the29tb.
Lama Livr.?'Nr. George B, Preaton, Chria.
8pouul, Joseph K. Kempton and P, LI. Fleming.
Fran* Maultok and John Harrington,
rk both of Honwood, got home tafe and oouuu
from Chicago.
s Ir the campaign has tho fame effect all orer
tbo country that it baa In Wheeling th* cane
end drum manufacturer will all be million
jhii nie piup> m ma 1'irst anuoeconu
1 wurcu will be blown out tc-day. and hareafter
one word h dny will bo blown out uutil
? the work Is completed.
Jrbuy Donavan waearrfBled last evening
on ? ctiy warrant, for his assault on James
0 llobortnon, foreman at the United Engine
house, Saturday nfgbt.
Autihc Mvlki haa fluiahed for Mrs. Georgo
Wincher a larun crnvon nloture of her father,
the lata IUv. Jospim WillettB, which Is now
on exhibition at Nlcoll'u art store.
k*mdknt3 nlom; tha Chapline street pavement,
sciuth of tfco creotr, are rfquested not
to sprinkle the pavement to-day, aaitwillbo
swe pt otlokua la order to g] veil a coatol Inr,
Ci.ei k Hook ytslerday, admitted to record
a d?fcd mrde December 1, 1883, by Joseph
Kltbcsrtand ml* to John A. Kitbcart. in
conbld*ratiun of $3,300, for part of lot 9 in
the Eighth ward.
?vxdax many of thn Irading oarsmen of
Wheeling, including Biiceland, tfelalng and!
\VeiBRerb*fr, rowed djwu to thin olty to vifilt
M .in ton and Hell. They rowed over the I
HellMro noura*. and were well.plea&ed with
it,?Jielhiirc Tribune,
1 Thkhe are a fow Plumed Knights that have
not yet been measured for their uniforms.
? They should call at Urillea* clothing atore,
on Main street, early this week and be
. ntfflaared, as Mr. BrJlies desires to have all
' J the uniforms computed by tne latter part of
next week. llo has already completed a few
and thoy are beauties. They cro well made
and will be serviceable long after the campaign
is 1
Mewrsacd UoMslp lu fti?lntlon to Various
Mies Jennie Green, of Wheeling, is visiting
Mrs. Jobu "Wilson, of this place.? Washing'
ton, J'a,, Reporter.
IMeis;B. Mike and Dan Dinger left last
evening for New York and other Eastern
points on a business trip.
Mrs. J. 0. Morrison and daughter Annfe,
of 8iater&ville. are visiting Mrs. Wheeler, at
No. 99 Bouth Broadway, Island.
Mr. John Salade, formerly mailing clerk at
the lNTKLLi?ENcm cilice, now a resident of
Chicago, ia visiting relatives in town,
ik Mr. Hanson Murray, cf this county, is
lvint? verv ill at the residence of hia brother,
111 Oliver Murray, E<q , of Went Alexander.
* Prof. F. H. Crngo, of tblsolty, Prof. Shields,
of Keyier, and Prof. Glttings. of Clarksburg,
gg left for Madison, Wisconsin, Sunday evening.
Messrs George Johns, Joseph A. Bell and
r* James Cummins left yesterday morning for
id the South Brknch of tho Potomac, where they
will spend two weeks in fishing and recuperating.
Tiw following residents of Wheeling arrived
at the Deer Park, Md., Hotal l?Bt woefc:
Mr. 0. Laughlin, Alitsa L. A. Laughlin, Miss
Lissetto Laughlin, Mr. Samuel 0. Laughlin
| and Mrs. A. M. Cummins.
II Charles Matthews, a popular sheet roller
from the Btnndard mill, and T. Rosenberg, of
Bridgeport, leave to-day fur two a week's trip
through Canada. It is rumored that Mr.
Matthews will bring borne a bride.
James R. Cowden, E?q., returned lastnicht
from a trip through the Youngstown (0.)
rft district. He toya the Ohioans received the
LU nomination of Cleveland very coldly, and
]> that the Democratic ttoket is geneiaily regarded
aa a weak one by all Democrats when
he met while gonr.
? Few men are kept sb busy as 8tate Superintendent
of Free richools Butcher. Oa the
Fourth he attended the Commencement of
ho R???n Mnrmkt Hnhnol at Concord: from
? the fifth to the eighth he conducted the Mercer
couniy teachera' institute at Princeton;
on the twelfth there<jw?s a meeting of tho
' Hoard of Regents of the State Normal schools
at Parkereburg, and on the thirteenth he left
, in attend the meeting of the National Educational
Association, ut Madison, "Wisconsin.
Considering themeaua of communication be
tween verious placca in the interior of this
State hia-lot cannot be considered altogether
# a happy one.
1 lio I.iurnt HiuikeWiory.
a Andrew Campbell, residing near Franklin,
nine miles west of Bellalre, narrowly escaped
being bitten by a copperhead sntke a few
dnys j?co. A correspondent of the Bellaire
Tribune tells the story: A boy who was assisting
him on the farm had caught a young
rabbit, and for safe keeping bad deposited it
in a hollow Btuuip. When ready to start
? home the youngster reached into the stump
for his pet and failing to lind it requested
? Campboll to aid him in securing it Campbell
throat his bund to the bottom of the
stump ana feeling something soft and yielding
concluded It was the coveted cotton tall.
He could not gras^j it. however, to remove it,
* aiid seizine a lence rail cplit tho stump in
twain. At this jancture the deadly coppei,
bend thrust its head viciously from a creyice
i in the stump and buried its fangs in the
pantaloonu of the boy who waBatanding near.
A violent kick from the terrified youngster
dot ached the bo Id of the reptiie and it was
quickly difpatched. When Campbell realized
that his baud had been in contact with
the poisonous snake his neiyea became completely
unstrung and he could joarcely walk
? Little W?thivjetanfH Oni Wells.
The* Harvey gas well, near Washington,
Pa. ifl now down to the depth of 900 feet.
v Mr. Gibson has experionctd considerable
difficulty in boring, tae strata differing from
= tbat of the Heta well. The driil has passed
it through three veinB of .coal, and lias struck
=: two pockets of pas, one of which sent a blage
aa high oa the walking beam. Both eoon exhausted
themeelves. He has also struck a
heavy stream at salt water. To get rid4of the
troubles he will pnll out the four hundred
feet of caslrg now in the well, ream out the
cavity and extend the casing one thousand
L~ feet. This he expect* will effectually cot off
the salt water?tho bane of the driller. *
The drillers at the well-near Hickory,-have
experienced similar difficulty, but now have
their casing down as d hope to proceed with?;
out further troublo.
' ' The Kneli veil, near Wrst Middletown, jb
now down nearly four thoussnd feet, and
tho workmen are pushing steadily deeper.
ly Flrelotilliufr Cbnurjr.
'fl A-few niglits since the house of Edward
, Stockard, of Gilmer county, which he had
/ just completed, was consumed by tfre to18
gather with all its contents, the occapants
r* barely escaping in their night clothes. Mrs.
Stockard was awakened asout 2:30 a. v., by
the roaring flames, and after arousing her
" husband, grabbed h babe and rushed for the
- door to giv<* the alarm. As she opened the
? lion. <ha tlinina ktiiI intanim hnat drnvn hor
bark, and as she turned sho met ber busc*
bund,who took the child and dashed through
the- iUmes and out doors. Mrs. Stooeard ret
J" treated to therm of the house aud escaped
a through a window. Both husband and wife
a were terribly burned, and Urn, Siookard ia
said to be Berions'.y injired.
)f 1 -? -
o A Koyd Jt>r?<*lUeuiliil \Siraw."
d John Hulme, the East Liverpool, Ohio,
Is breeder of carrier pigeonp, will send four of
a. ids best birds to Pittsburgh on next Thursday
morning. to be started on a P?s!d?ntfal
rsce. Twocf 'he birds will renrcpent bla'ne
3. and Logan, and the other two Cieveland'atd
it Hendricks., K;ich bird will baye tbe name
?( of the candidate it tepr^.eurs attached to its
j lea?. Controller E. 8. Morrow, will fly the
a Republican team, and Aeaietant Asaessor
0 L-ukina tbe Democratic team. The Hicht will
. be from Pittsburgh to East Liverpool Ohio,
e a distance cf forty-^ipht miles, and it is
a mated that tticy will make it iaabc^tan
. hour and a quarter.
r Acchtcnt to Jlrn, Dr. Filirnrds, #
s Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Dr. T. O.EdwardB
r was driving in her buggy , out the piko. and
j when near Greenwood Cemetery oue of the
wheels came oil of the axle, letting the bed
> of tbo bupgy drag. This naturally frighten1
ed the hors?, and'be ran off, dragging and 1
jerking tho buggy after./iftn and breaking it :
1 into small franmonta, Mis. Edwards was
thrown out early In tbe race, and fortunately <
o'caped Willi a v>ry./ew scratches, none of J
thtw serious or particularly painful.
Lijlx thread Gloves, iu good styles and
colors, at lOo a pair. i
E, M. McQillin & Co.
. j . . * j *
Df Ike Uet<lilHt4-TH PlCallir Imilllllll
(o> II?I'm tip?cl?i-l Flu to Kill Ike
(mwi Tidihiu Ctltll-Cuitll
FolUleil Uoulp ? Dolk Kldci.
A local Committee ol Arrangements, b?TInn
111 cbUK< the pr?p?r?tlom lot tha Demoflrntln
Htata Contention. which It to meat In
this city on Wedu?sday, July 23J, mades
tour otloipeotlou of the filatu Fair Groundi
yesterday in B*arch of a building commodious
enoughjind otherwise suitable for the
deliberations of that body. Charley flhay'i
academy had been secured for tho meotiuj
some time ago, but at the rate the back coun
lira are sending delegates It is easily bcoq
that thla hall would not more than accom
modate the members of the convention, ant!
lis it is desirous that there should be tome ac
commodatlous for Bpcctators, it was con
eluded to sicure a more roomy building.
It was proposed several weeks ago that th(
grandstand at theBtate Fair Qrouncsmighl
be so arranged aa to accommodate the con
ventlon, but this suggestion was not heartilj
approved by the local Demooratio leaders. It
has now been concluded to hold the conven
tion in Machinery Hall, on tho fair ground
whifib structure will be temporarily suppliet
with benches for the occasion. It has beet
l lgges'ed that the seats used at the olty'i
concerts on Capitol Bguare mi . ht be borrow
ed for the occasion. They would giv<
abundaut accomodations for a thousand.
I A. peculiar plan is proposed for tho ueasioi
of the convention. It is the intention of tht
i local committee to have the first meeting li
Washington ball, ana let tbe temporal
organ'ztUoa be there formed, the appoint
ment of committees made and other prelimi
nary work doue, and then adjaurn to mee
at Machinery Hall, on the Island. This plai
will probably be adopted. It is ezpeotei
that the convention will be the largest eve
beld in tho State. The counties iu teleotin
delegates era paying no attention to th
numberj allotted, to tbem 1b the call.
A Hectlug to Arrnuge for tbe Trip t
! A 'largely, attended, meeting ol the OhJ
county delegates to* the Republican Btal
Convention at Parkeruburg, on July 30, wt
held at the Lincoln Olub rooms last night, t
make arrangements to go to the' coaventlo
"la style." Col. George B, Caldwell preside
and Mr. P. B. Bobbins acted as Beoretary. J
was reaolved to invite the delegations froi
Hanoock,Brooke, Marehall,WetS9laudMario
counties to join the Ohio county deiegatioi
and go down over the Ohio River roa
on the afternoon of July 20. A con
mittce consisting ol Messrs. N. JJ. Scott, (
G. Bchotnld, George B. Caldwell, B. I
Dovener, C. 8. Howell and C. B. Hart wi
appointed to make arrangements for specii
accomodations and reduced rates on the rai
road, and to secure a band of musio to ai
oompany the party. 'The Plumed Kuigh
of tbe Lincoln Club, whose handsome uo
fornib will be completed by that time, wi
be invited to go along in a body. There ni
aaventy-biz ot the delegates auu as many a
iciiiaics, aiiu u iuiu tun cuuuKu tu ?u au -ai
ducement are Becared, is expected thi
several hundred persons will accompany tt
Tlie Tcmpornuce Cancan.
It is generally predicted that there will 1
an interesting time in each of the two Sta
conventions. In the one here next week
particularly lively time is anticipated. Thei
are a number ol Bide issues to complicate tt
already rather mixed party aituatioi
Among these, prominent is the prohibitio
sum lion. The call of L'rof. T. Marceliua Ma
shall. for a caucus of the delegates favorit
prohibition, has already been printed in tt
iATELLioencbb. This caucus is to meet at tt
8tamm House on the evening of tne 22d.
Now come* a proposition which makes t
reference to this caucus, but if carried 01
will have a decided effect upon it. ThiB pri
jsct is to have a great big Democratic boon
a sort of a 8tate ratification meeting <
Cleveland's nomination, on the evening Dr
ceding the convention, the same night as. tt
caunus above referred to. Many promiriei
sneakers, good music and an intereBtii
tiuie generally are promited, and the pr<
ceedinga will be made as irresistibly attxa
tive as possible.;
1 Tlie Contempt Caac.
The Intklliokkcku contempt cose wi
probably figure iu the Democratiotitate Coi
venuon. 11 is leareu, nut uunaiurauy, l
oome of the ltsadera of the party that the on
versal disarproval of the court's decisic
may rtact on that party, and it ia said area*
lution somewhat after the style of tt
Charleston Btraddle on the Auditor's asses
ment order, will be introduced in the coi
vention, expressing a desire that a constiti
tiooal amendment be submitted to the pe*
plo limiting the power ol cowls to pnnii
for contempt, and also fixing some limit 1
the Legislature's power of summary pr
cednro. A. few Democrats think that tl
two judges whose terms expire tbia year wi
be renominated, but the genenl diepcaltia
ia to regard them bb Jonaka, whom the pari
must throw overboard.
JBol II I'ttudiUnta.
Several of the papers in the.poulhern en
of the btate, notably the Charleston Time
have atserted that Auditor Miller is again o
the track as a contestant for the Democrat
gubernatorial nomination, fiir. Miller g(
home from an ixtendud trip over the com
ties in the Fourtn district Saturday, and to
reporter who met hira at the Capuol yeate
duy he eaid that he wee not a candidate, an
that all publications to the eiTect that he wi
were made out of the whole cloth. Stil
Mr. Miller is believed to feel a deep interei
in the remit of next week'a convention,
Ladle*' JDrenHlog- Jackets
received this day, at low prices.
e. M. MoGillin &Co.
K1VKK filfiWS.
Notes About ibeHieainboats, Bank Brlel
nucl Telegraphic UeportN.
Captain J. H. Morris, of Ev?nt>ville, is i
the city visiting hia steamboat friends.
Captains Jnlea Wehrman and Phil Anshul
were registered at the Btamm House yestei
The Andes arrived at 10 o'clock last ever
ing with all the freight, she could carry o
the pieseut atsge of water and a cabin full c
pasaeinners. .
The Elaine entered the Parkeraburg trad
in the Piprnal's place ye-Bterday, and th
Willie Austen took the E aiue's place in th
aieubenville trade.
Navigation ou the Little Kanawha is likel
to close at an early date. It appears that th
riprapping of the Bhacktown Lock 1b sgai
out of repair and leaking badly. At the rat
the leakage ii now progressing the pool abov
thp lock will soon ba so low as to be uiinav;
Pilots continue to report tho river belwee
here and Cinoinnati-iu wretchod oonditioL
that it is full of obstructions, causing navi
Ration to be both troublesome and dangeroui
It is to be Jtop'd t.'j.at Ojlonel Merrill will ge
the snag boat Woodjrgjt" tg flgrk as soon a
A loaded brtcfc boat - in tow of the W. 13
Cole was sunk on Friday evening near th
month o( tho Little Miami river, caused b;
tbe swells ol the steamers Andes and Ohit'
both being dose together. A colored firs
mau of the Cq)? who was on the brick boat a
the time of the accident was drowned.
The Andes i? advertised to leave here thi
Afternoon, at S o'clock,, for Cincinnati. Th
AndtH id a large, steady running stern
wheeler, commanded by a set of excellen
gentlemen who never, fall to please the!
patrons.- Her cabin and state rooms are larg
and elegantly. fitted up, and her freight ac
cowmodatlons are ample enough to meet al
demands. Captain Charlie Muhleman is ii
Oil Cut, Pa , Jnly 14 ? River 7 inchcs am
stationary; weather otearand pleasant.
VnBtNBBJRQ, Pa., July 11?River 11 fee
5 inches and stationary; weather clear. '
. Pabe&b, Pa., July 14.?River 1 foot 1 incl
and lalliof: weather dear and pleasant.
Bbownsvill*, Pa., July 14 ?River 3 fee
and stationary; weather clear; thermometei
PiTKBURan, July 14.?Monongahela river ]
foot 0 iuchcs aud on a stand,; weather oleai
and pleasant.
Mobqantown, W. Va., July 14-River 5
Inches aud stationary; weather clear; thermometer
Rick's Landing, Pa., July 11.?River 3 feet
J inches and atatfonarj; weather clear; thermometer,
An elegant line of Mcqaettea with borders,
eceived this day,'
Jv. M. HoSuipr & Co,
' . i
' J. ' r- '
Brio Bnll-Vnrlotia hems of torrent In*
The piking of the Cemetery Hill road ia still I
advancing, though slowly, from the lower
Mr. Al. Bogcs, ofthe Bellalre Goblet Co.. I
left on Batnrday evening for his home at
Oadla.' I
Rev. W. W. "Walker and wife have gone to
Mrs. Walker's home In Virginia, for a
month's vacation.
The ateel works are at work again. The
new boilers are being added at the sooth end
by the old boiling furnaces of (ho nail works.
, > Mr. Bam Tieke, a former Bellalre man, and
favorably known by his rendition of the
' cripple in the "Two Orphans," is in town on
' Borne of tlio heavy beer wogons that drive
i recklessly round the corners are in the habit
. of damaainff the nroiiinim nviir th*ontt?ra
with their small wheels. T.
Chris. Blppoa'a new aiore room ?n ThJrtyflevonth
cteeet, now ubout finished; hai its
large front windows of American plate gUuu;
certainly as clear as any,
Robert ObiBbolm baa perfected a model of
aBinoko conanmerfor locomotives, which is
shortly to bo tried'on an engine, to demon*
atrato ihe value of his invention.
John l'ratt died yesterday morning from
Inj orles received from a cave In some time
ago while digging a collar. He was a membur
of the Liberty Hose Company No. 1, and
the flro department will tarn out to the
The Browns played the Regulars, ol Wheel*
ing, Baturda? afternoon on the' croek
ground*, and beat them by % scoreol seven to
one. The Maulers had a good game there
Friday afternoon, winning by eight t) six
over a picked nine, all of the runa being
made in tho last three iuninga.
Wm. Zlmmer, who came back from Call
fornia some weeks ago to obtain worklnp.men
for the new gla?a home of which he Is manager,
took hack with him1'John Madden,
Patsy lMrrett. Michael 'Oonfellu and John
Martin, from.Bel I aire. J. .These. are all excellent
woikmen, but diBsatisiled with the pres*
g entatute of the glasa buBlncao hero,
e There waa a big crowd at the Baltimore &
Ohio depot yesterday afternoon to eeo the
glass workers off for California. Relatives
from Bridgeport and Wheeling and It Beamed,
all the glass workeig in ail th? factories,
werq there, with the families of the men
from here; The bteuheuvillo train broughi
0 down Samuel Houston (o join the men and
;e a score of relative and frieuda oumo along.
u Altogether there was auoh a leave taking at
is ajldom seen.
o T ,,
r(| Gas Well JVblf*? ilrvtlnutVM tiututun
n Uou, Jtic., Jtic. it
u Drilling is still in prcgreea at the Fat
3, Handle ga? well; , ,,
d Qamnel George has conveyed the gaa-fron
i- tlie "Will o' the Wiap" well atMidway to hii
). paper mill here.
* Kepublicaca here look upon the nomina
" tionof Cleveland as the wtakeat that hli
jj party oould have made.
DI Although bubin<83 ia a little dnllatthii
lB time of tneytar all of He mechanics'ari
j. bu>y. Ihe end of the boom is not yet,
11 Prof. Frank P. Bt. Clair, of Lexington
re Ky., arrived here on 8aturday. He will
J- bpend the heated term with hia lrienda here
> W. L. Brifgs, the well known marble
" worker of thin place, left ou Friday for t
16 trip to England and 8Jutland. He expecti
to be gone about three months.
DaJzjll Brca. & Gilmore have had theii
melting furuace at their glaea works in Mid
? way heated up for Bome time piat prepara
toiy to maklogglass. Thus far their expertr0
menta tave been a success.
Ie General I. H. Duval shipped a car load o!
a. mincellaneoua gooda and live atock to Glen
in dive, Montana, on Friday, to be used in con
r- nection with /arming. His son Hardin weoi
ig along to care for tne stock. The Genera!
ie left for Montana yesterday to look after hii
it, interests there.
The Democrats assembled at Barth'sOperi
to House on Saturday evening for the purport
it of ratifying the nomination of Cievelaud an(
> Hendricks. The crowd was a small one. anc
J. there was a fair sprinkling of Bepubhcaui
Jf present. J. 0. Palmer, E:q., 0. B. Turne;
e- and John Blankeiieop, Jr., addressed, thi
ie meeting. The Welltburg cornet band fur
it nished the music.
Buptdbx, pile tumors, fistulas and all die
?* eases of lower bowel (except cancer), radi
cally cured. Address, World's Dispensary
Medical Association, Buffilo, N. Y., and en
^ close two (3ct.) stamps for book.
a' I'll HUM.
7 Best printed Lawn* 8 3 per yard.
l* E. M. McGilun k Co.
in t t
A lard.
I. Bowing lo the icscrutable will of ihe A1
migbly, I dPBire on behalf of myself am
j. family to express our sincere thanks t3 thosi
B. kind friends who,"during the sickness of m*
,jj late son, George Armbrecht, rendered sucl
0 timely assistance and gave us their warmes
0. sympathy. We desire also to thank thosi
ie whose. loving hardB placed lovely floral trl
11 bates on the ccHin and grave of our Jovet
in one. Especially do we desire to express ouj
U Mr VTi.Tr>r1!otr tnhnto Ion
dex words of condolence as we stood over thi
grave of George softened the p&ln and an
gnish we felt at parting. , To Hermanr
,(j Hchockey and the choir of 8t Pdul'a Churcl
, are also dne onr thanks for the appropriati
,n mnsio ygn^ered 5t the laBersl, Tq#Ho
ic these friends for their bind and couBideraU
3t words and attentions daring par */fectior
3. are we deeply grateful and the debt of grail
- tude is one we can never hope lo f ally repay
j. Respectfully,
J jxpiJ ABMpapcHT,
iB Wheeling, )V. Fa., July 14.
|| Crocbet Snfii
lo while and colored from 65o np.
E. M. MfGuuir & Co.
A pittlZK Kiao FIASCO.
Tlie Dempnej-l'tilljainra Fit lit Post,
poned? C'lnfiitlug tbe N(nk*N.
BALTiMOHK,Jaly 14.?The prize fight arr"
ranged to take place to-day betweon John
n Dempeey and Geo. Falljamea nejur thU
city, did not come off. T|ie police took
z Bteps to prevent if. Dempsey and his
t- party, it is stated, went out to Rosebank on
. Back river, Baltimore county, seven miles
from the city, this morning, made and
n entered tjie ri?u apd tf&ited until tep
if o'clock, when Fulliamea #ot appearing,
they left the ground. It fs stated that Fulle
jamee objected to Baltimore ng the b'flttle
ie ground and to one of the rtfereeB.
e William E. Harding, who represented
Richard K. Fox in the glove fight for $2,?
y 00U between pulljameB end Jaqk Pejnpsby,
e sent the /olio wing diapalch iu reference to
n thestakee: "To Richard K. Foi: Demp6
eey waa in tbe ring at 9:15, waited until
.? and claimed mQuer.'?FalJ?3Qiee did
appear on fighting grounu?Dbut did hot 're-)
main. Dempsty ia entitled to'tfrG Btakea
? eg FalJjamea wap not arrested and the
' police did not appear on the ground."
, uuB XQinui Bpni a telegram claiming Uie
j stakes/or Dampsey.
s ??
A Horrible Accident.
!. Pirfs'tURGrr, Jaly 44.?A Dispatch Johnse
town, Pa., special saye: Thia morning.
f while Zichariah Taylor, aged 18, was put1
ting a rod in a reel at the Cambria Iron
1 Worki, the red hot rod by some means
waa thrown over hiahead and drawn tightJ
ly around his neck almost decapitating
. him and litetelly roasting his neck and
I shoulders. Thomas O'Neill, another work*
r man, sprang to his assistance and with his
0 bare hands untwisted the rod. Taylor will
. die and O'Neill waa badly burned, ,
1 ?
1 A Fmndnleui DrnxKliI,
Chicago,.It w., July 14.?Mr. Bellman, a
1 well known druggist of this city, under in*
, dictmentfor.colluBion with Daniel Carri.
gan in obtaining money by fraudulent
vouchers on the Medical Bureau of the
J United State* Naval Department, waa released
on $5,000 bail to-day for hfa appear1
ance before the Supreme Court of theDis'
trict ot Columbia. It is said the frauds in
question amount to $30,000.
DUtreftM of FiNbermen.
St. Pikrrk, Miquelo.v, July 14.?Ten of
! the crew of the fishing schooner, Abbie F.
Morris, arrived here in dories. The
schooner was run down. Four men were
missing. Albon Johnson and Edward Elson,
Swedes, of the crew of the fishing boat
Anna and Mary, were drowned tending
Lack Buntings in all nalora, 8 and 10c per
yard. E. H, Co,
' :.v ' 1 ; <7 '
Bpitkl from ? Kulan Nil llrt lo Ike HJilllWa
? tka floor Mil tkn Drpot, Ilckil kid Tilivapk'
ooieiH aid KrIIrr IIorh art1
Totally Dtilioitd, Lwr $i,3C0,
Hhonly alter 10 o'clock last night tlimea
were observed on the rout ol the lMlimo ;e &
Ohio depot and eating house at Benwood. It
li supposed thdt the llrewai causcd liy sparks
from a passing englue, The root wu an old
one st plnu ahlngUa and very dry, and the
Harass spread with great rapidity, the entire
roof being ablaij in n tew minutes. Word
was telegraphed to this city at once, and Captain
Dsvrlea and a nuubrr ol other Haiti wore
.bOhlo rftlolala ucut down mi n?i
leaving tho city about 10:20 and reaching the
scone of the fire In about fifteen iulnute?.
Ab they nrrived the root fell in. There being
uo means of chocking the lire, the building
was rapidly consumed, the whole Btruoture
being a mass of .hissing embers when the
traiu duo here shortly after midnight left
Benwood. This train was delayed aBliort
time by the heat, but came in only a few
minutes iate.
The burned building was a two-story frame,
eighty feet lonjr and about thirty wide. It
was built in 1871-2 at a oo?t of $2,000. It was
valued now at about $1,809. There was no
insurance upon it The uorih end was occupied
by the telegraph and ticket cilhes ot
the company. Tho company's' books and all
the railroad tickets were saved, tho only
property belonging to the company which
was burned being a small quantity of furniture
in this cilice and in lue waiting room,
which adjoined it on the Eouth. The telegraph
wires which piqued through the buildlug
were of course broken, but through connections
were not impaired. Thero were no
bars in the yard near enough to tho tiro to be
tioutu of tho waiting room was the oating
house kitchen, south of it the main dining
room, and the south end of tne building wa?
the lunch room. The eating house was kept
bv Asa Mood v. whoee furniture win nearlv
all saved. Hfii Ion wilt probably awell the
( aggregate to $2,500, bat hits portion of this is
oovertd by insurauce. The names ol the
| companies could not be loomed.
Mr. Moody lived In the second story of the
, building, but bis family wan away from
home. His Icbb is mainly on household furniture,
as the fire was confined to the upper
portion of the building lon^ enough to allow
of the removal of nearly everything from the
lower story.
The fire might easily have been extinguish,
ed when discovered had there been any sort
of means of combating it. Aa it was, there
was no water and no way to throw water.
' The cit'snne worked nobly in saving all th*
3 movable property, which was all that could
be done under the circumstances.
While every ono sympathizes with Mr.
3 Moody in his lots and iniury to his business,
few will regret the destruction of tbi) comi
pany's building. It was a barnlike wooden
> structure, entirely inadequate to the ueedsol
the station, and out of keeping with a
stopplrg point and dining plaos for all
[ through trains. It wsn the gentral expression
last night that it wa3 to be hoped that
' the company would substitute for the burned
- building a baudsome and substantial struc1
ture fcultable for the uses to which it is to be
J put. If they do this tbe fire will not be regretted
by residents of Beuwood or patrons
* of the B. & 0. company.
A TonnR Knicilktimttu Stripped and
^ Mlnriert Ov?r Hie 1'lnlnn,
0 jiaiia, Kbb , July 14 ?M. BouEBaud, a
wealthy cattle owner, whose herds range
[ in the unorganfz id territory of Northwesti
ern Nebraska, has just returned from the
annual "round up" in that region and reL
latcs a tale of the plains that is in some
1 respects a counterpart of the orthodox
1 Mezeppa. When Bonesaud reached hi?
9 rauch, about the middle of June, he found
, his cowboys nursing a young man whom
- they had rescued from the back of a
When rescued tho modern Mszappa wa?
- lashed to the horse, entirely naked and un<
conscious. _ The animal w?9 about broken
f down, as if from Jong running, and was
" easily larsoed by the cowboys, who cut the
thongs and released the strange captive.
This happened about two weeks before
Bauesaud'a arrival, and during all that
time the stranger had lain in a stupor.
A few dayB before Bouseaud left on hie
return journey to Omaha, having a little
. medical knowledge, he succeeded in re>
1 storing tlie patient to consciousness, and
3 hia recovery waa rapid. When able to talk
r he said his name waa Henry Barbank. He
i was an Ungliabinan, and 34 yearn of age.
t About three yeara ?go, at Falmouth, ?ng3
)and, he forced a partnership with a friend
j named Thomas Wi.'oon, come yeara his
' senior, and with him came to America to
embark in the cattle business. They oast
3r about for awhile, and lloally settled in
. Northwestern Nebraska, where the range
i was unlimited and herdera few axd far
i apart They built a comfortable ranch - fcy
) a little stream, where Wjlgoa's wife refgn\
fid m housekeeper, atteudeu by two or
- tlnee female domestics. Burbank, who is
1 a handsome young gallanf, found it agreer
able, while Wilson w^s absent riding about
the ranch, to make love to the toilers wife.
This coBtirtjed /or eowe months, until in
the latter pal of May, one of the cowboye,
who had a grievance against Burbank, sur
prised him and Mrs. Wilson in a compromising
uituation, and reported it to the
woman's huBband. whoge jealousy hadalrt^Uy
been arouFeij/ That night .jJarbaok
waa captured while g-jleep in bed by Wilson
and three ct his men and bound before
" he had a chance to make any resistance.
After mutilating him, "Wilson had him
' Btripped of every bit of clothing and bounjl
i to the back of a \yijd byoncbo. which we3
i started. off by a vigorous laahing before
. morning. . " .
JJurbank became unconscious, and wn,
1 therefore, unable to tell enything about hiB
terrible trip. He thinks that the outrage
1 waa committed on the night, of May 27.
and he waa rescued on tb? jnorning of
June 9, which would make seven days he
had been traveling about the plains on the
horse's back, without food cr drink, and
1 exposed to the sun wind. Wilson's ranch
is about two hundred mil' i from the spot
where Burbank waa found, hut it iB ha:dly
poEBiblc that the'broncho took a direct
course, and therefore muat have covered
many .more milca in hia wild journey.
When fully restored to health burbank
proposes tn jpka a yiait ut retaliation on
( '^ileon/and m this he will t|e back?(J by
'fhoueana^f men,
Mow a ltoller Nkntcr Expert Gave Ills
Crime Av>ny.
Grkknsbcrg, Pa., July 14.?R. V. Carpenter,
hailing from Philadelphia, who has
been an Instructor of roller Bkatlng at the
rink here, was arrested at Lai robe yesterday,
on a telegram from this place, on a
charge of theft. About a week ago Mr.
Alexander Culbertson, one of tho owners
of the Greensburc Roller Rink, visited the
Latrobe Roller Rink. and. .while skating
aome" person stole from JiIh. ooat, whioh
hung near the dref sing room, a fine gold
watch valued at about one hundred dollars.
No clue to the thief could bo obtained at
that time, and Mr. Culbertson had&lput
given \\\a watch up for gono,
Yesterday Carpenter camo to this place
am! trnrit tn Waiclnn^nm'o U..11 ??
examine a pair o! roller ekateo, and while
leaning over lie pulled oat hie handkerchief
and tho watch dropped out. He at
onceatarted for the depot and ran up the
track. Evidently understanding that he,
had been caught he started for J^atrobe. I
Upon arriving there he was ameted audi
brought back here, taken before a Justice
of tho peace and bound over to the next!
term of court in the sum of $000,
hcu hide.
The bset Shado Hut in tho market, at 25j.
k. m. wcgillw &Co.
HonKiNd Globy Bakihq Po? dbr, housekeeper's
deligbt. Bold by nil iVadine Rrocerp.
Gso. 8. Fkk y. Proprietor.
1410 Alain Street.
If you are failing; broken, worn out and
nervous, use "Wella* Health Renewer." $L
The VluAQolal World.
N?w York, July 14.?Money market llat at 1 peroont,
closed at 1 percent offomJ. Prime mercantile
papor 6*6 percent. Starling Rxchingo bank on'
bill* Arm at 14 rs><! denmnOtl &5>$.
Railboad BoNDs-ucnorally firm.
Stocks?liuslneta at the Stock Excbacgo to-day i
opened with au Irregular markot, Oue to rumor* i
that (un bur lollurts la the dry goods trado w*re .
imminent. An tbe morning woru ou and ftllute*
were uot reporWd, a firmer, tone prt vailed, under 1
the leadership of Pacific Mall, aud prloca aavanced i
X*\% penMut. <
In tho afternoon tbo market waa dull but strong. .
wlib fractional reactions; Paclflo (tall wbn bought '
lor (lei man account, several thousand ?hares bar- ;
lug been taken during tho d?y. Tho Improve*
meut In prlcoi lata lu tbo dav, compared with the
lowest polut touchod rnugtd from H to 1 yA perceui. |
l oo Mtin were unusually IJ.ftt, f toting up only
a ilttle over 169,000 ?h<tr? s. The ui ?iket?lo od dull
and Urm. Com partd with Haturdajr closing prices
aro M to 1 percent hlgbet.oxccpt to Jersey Central,
whlth In J percent lower. 'J hero w?s active business
in mining stoca during tbo mornlug, tbe ailea i.uv- ;
lug amouuttd to near M,a i abates; market s'.roug 1
and prices gener-lly b'gher.
U. ci. hh. lOQX; V. u. 4S*? USM U.S. now41. M#
Pacific Ca of 'it), 123; Central Pacific, 108>fc Erie 6tfi
Lehigh & Wilkes., M Louisiana consols, 67: MIim.uri
6a, 102# BL Joseph, 108; M.P.4 B.C. flrntis 118
ai.kod; Tunnoavoetj, old, B7>f; do new 36;*; Toms
f.uiltlc land grants, 3*H; do bio Graudc, 4V
Oulou Paclflo firsts. 107; do land gtanU 107;
do (inking fund, 101; Virginia Cs, Sa; Virginia
consols, extra matured coupons, 83; do oeferred,
4: Adams Kxprcm, 126; American Kxprera, 'JJ;
Canada Southern, ?9k; central Pacific, 85H; Chu?
apeako & Ohio, 6S> do 1st preferred, 12; do 9d
preferred, 7; C., C.. C, A I., Mj; Center A Rio
Urande, 8%: Krlo, 18; preferred, S7; Port Wajue,
125; Hannibal <k Hi. Joscoh, 88>f; do preferred,
shked; Kantian dt Teias, i4&; Uko Kilo A western,
MH; Lake chore, 74ft Loulsvlllo A Nashville, 27#:
Louisville, New Albany ?n Chicago. 10; Memphis ca
Charleston 1st preferred, 10; do 2d preferred, 5;
Memphis A Charleston, 23; Michigan Central,
H7; How Joreoy Cents*i, 66#; Northern fficilic, l',U>
do preferred, 43)4; rtorthwnttuiin, 93; do preferred,
124 Ki Now York control, 10l}{; Ohio Uoutral,
ljCOhloflMlaBliailppl. 17; do preferred,4 ); racltlc
mail. 4(5; J'fttebureh, 66W, Ite?alni(i24^;;tit. Lotilidi
ftin Frouclwo, Yi%\ do preferred, 2i>?; 8t. Paul,
67ii\ do picfened 1C4X; Texas Lucille, 9)$; Uolon
faddc, MX; United btate* Express, 51; W? et.
L. d P., C; ao ore/erred, Wuin, VirgoExpress,
1X0; Weatera Onion, 64 &
HrcaditnlDi mid l'roTlRionN.
Nkvt Yook, July 14 ? Floor Una; receipts 2 ,000
barrels: exports ';,?t0 barrels huperflue, fcUto uud
western 82 &0?3 '20, common to good 3310a3 03; Mlum
sot* patent proiM* 86 75*0 86. vsheatspot "r*dc?
>vulc lower; options opened Btroug aud
h'ghor, afierwarii.s weikoued aud Bold aowu
Sialic, closlni; tlim with a alight recovery, reoclptH
170,too bushels; exporU 830,000 buahels; Ho
2 Chicago-82*930; No. 1 uululh UHnUSko; new rod
oblo 8105; No. 3 spring lOSt ungraded whlto 81 01:
So. 2 rod July nominal Autnut, unlet. 4X2,000
bushels ftt.97J4*asJ^,cloh?ug at W}$c; September,
NHlefl 1.211,000 bumifU at 97%*9 %c, Clohlng at
97jfc: .October, .saloa 8Cf(,000 bushela at 9aJ?c*
Si 0J, doing at WYfii November, tuuts
Ml 1,000 bufchela at 81, outfal. 01J4, cl't-lnR at
si December, sales h0.' .0 buhltela at
8i Q/Jitti 03K.I icioIok at SL 02ft; January. Kales
00,1 '.'J biuhuls at 81 03%al OS, ciuelng at 81 OB*;
February, Hiles IS,000 bushels at 8t Oftftal 06x.
1 clot-lug at 81 05ft; April, silts 16.000 bu?bel? ut
5i 07#. Cora, spot ]ot?^*ftc and Apill %*%q
lower and cloang at about lnxlde figureB: recti;, w
641,000 bushels; exports 70,000 bushel*; .ungraded 47a
tiu; No 3, 6fi; No. 2. MJ^iOlc; Ne,* 2 July btu
CUkc, clcslng at COr, Aueuai 60%ti6U?{c, acting ut
OOfto; September GOjft>6o>ic cloning at 6%; Oct jber
OOft'UiO^c, clotting at 60%c. oauftft^c lower;
recolpthHi.Wj bushels; export* 112,CO J busliels; Treatt>m
mlit-d X&UHiXliK trhllii w/>?!(>rn lUv
quiet aud tiiiu. Coll'ee, spot fan; Klo iltrn at iCo;
options. dutl aud eisier, clobi g stoidy.
me bolldtjs have tended to tes.iiut business
here; aalea 4,250 bags uio ho. 7 August at 8itoc;
beptember atHJie. October m 8.4Uc; lJccembei ;at
8.6< n February at 8.66c. Sugar quiet; aiiu:ov*<io
11 a-lCe: Jarouica 6%c; U,mould A0%c;
powdered 7Mh7^c, granulated til Bif j. Solves
quiet aud steady. Kice steady aud lu f*ir demaud.
Tallow dull &uu wo<t tgits westeru Irtish higher
and Arm at 18)?c. Pprk uomina ly unchanged.
Lard lower; we?teru steam spot 7,H*;c; September
7.E0a7.5ic; Octobor 7.60a7.6?e; December 7.00c.
Uutter dull aud weak. Cheese quiet aud hrm.
imiCAUO, 111, July 14?Flour dull aud unchanged.
Wheat quiet and wjker: opened firm,
advauced dt.iined %<ic and closed % .:
below Saturday: Mies rangeu; July 81^a8/i>?c,
eiOHfed at 8l%c; AURUst82}Ja83Xc, cosed at
a 'pterabcr aosed at 82%c bid; October
8!%*85%c, closeu atsijjc; No. 2 Cnlc.'ro spring
sold hi 8i5ie, closed at 81%c. Corn tasier huo.
dull; o.enea unchanged, urcllued %i%ci Huemated
slightly aud closed at under cutnrduy;
cuih 50^ai0l^c, closed at &t%aro>$c: July tOJ4
a5l}fo ciosta at Wjfcs; August 6lXn5iXc, closou
i atoi%cbid; sieptember Closed nt 51^c,
October 50451c, closed at bufotoxa year 43ali%:,
clostd at 4o%e; May 44}4ai?%c, closed at 44)40
, oats dull auu a*v.ado weaker; oith iOj; JulyvJi
29!4c, closed at 29c; August 25Jic; September 25^*
2i%c;year2t}flii25Xc, clc ed at2l}?c; May 28>?a
2%. Kye hrm at tile. Barley steady at Wititc.
i FlaXEceu ,dull aud nominal at gl 4'Jii &1.
. 1'ork, quiet atd Hrm; cash $i00ual7 00.
July auu August $23 0?: September ?2t 7.; Oat-;
ber ?1'J 60*20 t J; year $ 2 OJ. Lard fairly aclire
aud iccedod 7Kul0e; c"h 7.05a7iCr, August 7..0i
. 7.15c, closed at 7l2X*7.15c; September 7.20a7 3.'c,
closed ai7.27X47.8C3; October 7 37Xu7.4iXc, cloieo
7.40a7.4i%c. a uiJc meata quiet; sUrouijlcw 6/joci
. short ribs 7.70c; short lear 8.3jc. Wbfc/?y Si 10
liuttor quiet aud euiy; choice croAicery 17*;ti8}<jo;
lauoy dairy Hil4%e. EtK?iu i-dr demauu at ioa
1 lbftc. Afternoon i^rd?mical, August 83c asked;
September He; October S4Jic bid. Com, July 60^;
<.ugust ft&c Mj; September 6ix*5i&; uctober
tflscasked. Oata. Juiy :9c; August 28o; September
2i^c oW.^Pork^Octuber advanced 2oc. Lard, oc
bjlltxuqkb, mo.i July u?Flour easy and
, dull: wt'hieru tupeiflue a '25m r1.; extru a > t?al CO,
fcimtly H'.tta5&0. WiiCRt. western lower aud dull.
' ciO. I winter Kid spot yt^*y5c; August U6%
a!?7c; tcnujmber 97%s!f7XV* v-urn, weitem higher
i uud dull; mUei spot G' jailed; June SlXcajnajj;
July M>i?6Uc; August 69A6oj^c. Oats btcaoy t>nd
(lUltt; wcB.ernwiuMs 5&a4tHr, mixed B5aSkSc; *ouu?
ivRiila ttiii.c. Use quiet at 6ju68q, Hay lirm;
prime toihoice lNiunisyivanU aud Mwyinuu fcis oo
; a>5 CI pfuvbioi 8 tiuiet h?d btcadyj mua poik
$17 U5; buU xnQiV. felioufdera una cle<u rib ?ldcs
i Packed "JtoM/SrU. Bacou, fchouldem be; wear rib
cities lOJijc; hums I5aicg. Lara, rc lined 934c. But*
ter dull; vrtatwu P?cktd tillc; crcaracry Italic.
?88?lUftl f M ]P?*i UcCfeo flimor; Kio careoof, ordfuary
10 (air V>a1C~ busar hither, A sjit 6ftc.
, hiiiaiy t\eaay fti^U5,
jpffu/ADttJUU. July IJ.-FIour quiet aud steady;
we^iurn vriuter low grades 11 oo^-i ?>0; Ohio H-Uaa
5 10; iudlaua {4 75ab 60; UU Louis and Southern
illluolk f> W)a5 GO; vsluter wheat jtaliui 85 0ut6V5;
oiscoti&la Si 60*5 -5; AUum^t* pateut plows
85 <6a6 2o.' vthtjAl dcpliupa H?Hc, eloseil dull?ud
wean: S( red July Voa9"c; auhiu; yiKaW^e;
Btjpwmber Cctobor Uo%a'J9)tc. toiu,
option# quiet; car tun ic?rcc; rejected mixed 67c;
Ko.^??iwjc; Btfamer filKaGac; s41 mUed Glide;
*iHmtxtdJuiy GUatiic; -?ugust (Wa6lc; neptember
tO>g*G.c; Uctobcr GiuGlJ^a Oats tlrm; t>o. a white
aa?y; *0. a whitelYovislous steady; ue*
mevsnofM 6 5'Jal'i CJ; kmokoj hamsHal. j. Laid
Uvudy; ftftued S.'25*>8.3ic; iteain 7.10^. ButUr
jivaay aud iu laic demand; creamery extra >)*
Jiix >o;K and Bradford o^Uuly, i'*,, txtr* 17
albj; co. llrmu HaIGC. Kg43 quiet; cxtrai 17%*
bKc. cheese quiet and ucai; whiu ;UW &Ka7c,
WbuikjJlraier atU 15,
Clncim.S'atj, 0., July Ji-rfiour in fair demand;
fpmli* t-J ibt-j Do; latyj ?1 K'J*o id, vvn-.at, tttiuur;
new No. * r?w hlabSQ. Mjru Unu, dcw?iui roou;
.,u ?, i-iunjhi:, vaw ufcsier. r*o umuutl 33h?3t .
tfyo <*Uiii *>'Q. * 35u6f ?. fork qui.-i at 8IC Ou. Lard
dull and lower ut 0 5)0.5. Bulk, lacauweaker;ihoulders
5%c; short ribs SV^c. t ncou lir?: khQUlde:*
7c; ahoit ilbavftc, ihori clear y}fo. wnbiky 111 i;ood
demand fat o7. Um^irtoaV); creonnry'JU.'J.:;
dairy 141.5c, 1 luu.-t.tl oil B.^idyaua firm at 57c.
fans heavy at W*iU\n. ClicciQ bWudy aud la lair
aejuacc\i iftcto:y CmXc,
Tolsiio, O., July I-l,?Wheat quid and firm; No.
1 red Vv^cjJuly 88r, Augun jwj^c; September
Jliluj; (Xt'Uvt J>ic; jo^rSSc; No 11 ill Si ui; M) 3
si?"uik s-?>'Jlc; rijicud Celtic. Com uulct and
stcacy; hlji mixed 65j<e; No. 3 ?pot July or August
Scuumtcr M'Jic; r.l 3cd 5^c;.no
;rai!e Vic. Oal5Q^?H?^d Crui; . 2*u. 2 wnlto coai.
loiil ?*, r*6.1 tpo* or July ?3cj AugUW '^6c;
September ViJ?c? '
TriusvrLB.Tx . July 14.?Kat'oial T.ariilt corllfloattaop.-utcWi
COc; nlgbe?t COJ?c; lowest tf%j;
closed at 60c; thymoma fjr the entire oil rcgioi-s
79.41S lurreU; chitrt?j.H4D(8Ubirrels. 'Reports that
thellcll'mau well hn? be:u drilled lntoaaua me no*,
truo 't'i.e wail will probio'y bo lu to-alg'nt or
early In tho ruon.lug. The Gmie WvlllaCorns 43
birrels au hour.
BtuuFORD, Pa.,, July 14 ^-Crudo oil dn)J and
ktcad*; tQWlmus (orfaturday ?ud fcuuday 77,Vfctt
U?rreta; total >hlp acuti 794-$ barrcs; cliatiera
<\?8ll barrels; c:?<\ranc?s 2,IH6.iUi> barre s; United
nttcc, lo*esi nice of
day aud doted fctpc^o; hlfifavRt price (k.%0.
Oil. ClTV. P*.. July H.?The NiihiM Transit
(OcUflcavcs oi'tued ?.t Bl'c, >?lRliest lowos?
fcWio, Hid rl?iis3 at ttk'. Sd!e> l.WP.U/o Imric/s;
ciolraucea 4,a&O.OCO binels; iuub 72EU7 barrd^a,
shipments ?s,5i8 barrtlr, chartera 49,841 barrels.
Oil City Oil Etching stock 51i.5.
PirranuRQH, Pa.. Ju^y U.-la the nftoraoon
tho market ww ateady. but declined to t'JVJ?, r?!.
lied aud advanci-d to 60&c. and c!o??rl a t ftu. u-.
xnycU dolug,
New Youc, July talcum steady; United
60}Jo, refined 7%?7%c.
JUWIMOUS. Mn., July 14,?Petroleum nominal;
rcflned 7>?a7%e,
Phiudku-hu, July 14.?Potroleum stendy and
uochu^a. L1,oHlttoU.
Chicago, July 14.?Tha Drown' Journal report*:
Live ho<??Receipts 19.0C0 he id: snicmonts c.oco
head; market quiet and weak at 10a lower: mixed
554 OM5 -0, heavv 13 2 a5 55; lluht 84 90a5 50; Ulpi
f(00*4 75: u,'03 hotd utisold, (Jaltlo-Reccipts
7.800 bc&d: shipments 2,000 bead; market fairly m*
tlvo; shipping grades uneh*ngcdi Totat?a luai5o
loweri eaport Kradts 16 7fta7 \l%\ aood w choice
shipping steers IS XO&6 ft; eooimou to medium
*5 4J*6 00; coanuou Tcxruh ?H 70*415; good to
clioioe 14 2S*? lb Bheep?Receipts e,200 head;
?hlpmenu2C3he'd: market dull, weak and lower.
Interior to /air 12 M?S -10 per cvrt.: medium to
uood 83 50a4M: choico to HxtmW 25: lambs
22 OOa4 50. Tho Drown' Jnynm I Live pool cablegram
reports: CailiQ~Mu;ket \v$Utai I4%*l5c for
K .cd to e^oioo Amei^jajj catuo. Sheep?Market
sieady; bcs*. 15?1C?
KAKr LicKjmr, July 14.-Cattle?Market active:
tjttt 85a7 CO: ROO1 85 5)aG 75; Ulr $? "5*6 25,
receipt* 2,94i head; shipments 2.6S4 fteau. Uorh?
Market s ow: receipts 4,6 0 haul; shipment* 3,<00
head; Philadelphia* |5C0a& 8): Yorkers S6 33:tf)50.
| 'hocp-MaJliet fair at a shado h'gher than last
I week's clot lag prtcea; receipts 6.400 aead; shipment*
11,600 held i
j Cincinnati, 0? July 14.-Llve hogs actlvo and
I Arm: commou and ligut 54 IbaJi 40; packing and
butcher* 85 KJa5 70, ttectlpti 810 he&d; khlpments
, 300 head.
Nbw York, July 34?Cotton ea?y: futures
inactive: July 10 8'Jc; August 10.94k dcpumibot
10,86c; October 10 toa Novoaber'10 42c: December
10 43c; January 10 51c; February 10.63c; Marth
10 75c: April 10 87C.
Cincinnati, o., July 11.?Cotton dull; middling*
u'-i i Dry 0004?,
Nkw York, July 14.?Thore ha* been more doing
Ja blenched cottouB, wide sheeting*, dark prints,
Unnels, blanket! aud ether Maaonable tpedaltlet.
Many buyer* were pment, butiolcctlonn weroKOQ*
>ralhr in moderate quantities Amo*kea# Pendaa
tl'Khamnwere opened to-day at JOkc," and had
rery eood attention. la woolen good! trade was
rery light.
A Ntnrtllnir l)lncDT?ry.
Mr. Wm. Johnson, of Htiron, Dak.. writes
ihat his wife bad been troubled with acute
Bronchitis for many years, and that all reuedlea
tried gave no permanent relief, nntll
lie procured a bottle of Br. King's New Diajovery
for Consumption. Cough*, and Golds,
which had a magical etlect, and produced a
permanent cur<% It Ib guaranteed to onre all
Diseases of Throat, Lungs, or Bronchial
Trial Bottles lOi nt Logan & Co.'a Drag
Store. Large 81x4 $1.00. mvmw
A party of tourisln wero overwhelmed
by an avalanche on Mount Blanc yeeter*
tlav. Onft person wn killed.
-siI nft ?
Tuo i*?i trnwJy for C'huliTu, Crnmita, IllarrWa,
IK riitorr. fummrr Cunitiliiliil, l?jr?pf p?lu. ??d ?M?r
(i/UfHomtu* ami *auiit, hitn*iuet<) In li* Jkruf.
InW. bj K?riraa-Uttt?r*l C. H. A. U?comm?n(l?4 bj tl?n.
W*rr?n, I'urmjunlitutril; Hon. Kriiiinih lUrtxr. Solicitor
I'. H. Trwmrf. ftml oib?ri.' 'il cu. HolJ br bru||liti
unt Onlrjt?rmtu?lfourli?in?liblo?dl? bottlt. Holt
cwtvrt.wr*. THt CHARUS A. VOpailCO^J,> A
Enrroa TNTXUJaiNCKit :?PlcMe announce mo as
aranilldfto for Juatlco of thu Pence for Union l)lstrlct.
M archill county, Mibjrctio the dcclklon of
Republican Primaries, July 10
_Bkwvood, July 2. jt'i
The German Fire Jnsuianco Company liaa do
clared a dividend of live par ccnt, payablo on (r
alter July 14.188L W. 8. FOOBE,
)y3-i fh.? Ptcrfttwry,
$2,000T0 L0ANI
hare charge of Two Thouwnd Dollars to loan
for a number of years Ibo amount must all be
loaned tu ouo loan, and bo very amply ?ecu red by
uneHCuntbcred real wiate In thl> vlciuity, and the
prompt payment ol In to/eat must bo jusuroa. Enquire
J. D. EW1XG,
J 027 No, 11C0 Main Street.
The annual meeting of the BtteVholders o! the1
Buckcyo Glass Company will be held in McLalu'a'
Hall, corner Market and Twelfth ftreets, Wheeling,
W. Va^, on MONDAY, July 2J?t, at 2c'cloc* r. *.
ij7 J. F VIL'.ER, 8ficr*ta'ry.
ad dealers
? rnov
IK TB2 C01DMK8 07 A
; ~ I
advhutme widely circulated
advkrtibe KEWSPAPER,
advkbtise (?-Do not order Printing
or any diameter until priccs
advertise |iaTe )JC(!n obUiined nt the
FATWvnnnv wavtc
- ?? Ji. S3
Brightest ami Best,
Fullest ana Fairest,
Abl?t> Acllvir nr.d Fearless.
fexccls In lu Nmvs,
r? - ? . lu it# Commenti,
Excels In Its Farm IK'iiartment,
Excels in Stories for the Fireside,
Excels in Slattor for the Ladles,
Excels in Literary CrltlcUm*Excols
in Lubor MnUvru,
For (IlA Ytfi.ln.... Wan
Tho Farmer,
The ArtUau,
Tho Miner,.
a The -Mannfactnrcr,
The Politician, and
Tho Goneral Header.
Prints Full Weekly Market Reports.
Prints tho LntestNews In Condensed Form,
Covers tho Foreign and tho Homo Field*
Covers with special caro
West Virginia* Eastern Ohio and Wttlerix
Gives special attention to
Stato Development, t
State rolltlcs, (1A ?
Stato Industries, y?J
Oil< Stato Farnilnc,
** * Stato Lumbering.
Tho Ixtuuozxceh will bo the Jlost Wclcomo
. The Congressional and Legislative Reports will
bo full.
Special'Correspondence, always ? feature or
tho Intelligence!!, will bo glvcu a moro prominent
place than ever.
Stato Correspondence will bo frequent and Interesting.
$1.00 ONE DOLLAR A YEAR. $1.00
Eleven Copies for 810.00.
Address; ... %
W. V?,
ammo yowpgn, I
Absolutely Pure. L
I Thti nowrtn* ntw ? ?<? ' ? '*
i strength and nholewmtnfw. Woto ecctLv?i Si
1 than tho ordinary klndi, and cootiot oe tcldn B9
I competition with tho Multitude ot ion \Ji H I
short trclKht, alum or j>hotphiU> rowi!f?. *,5 |
I oni/r jh cms. H S
| <f* Woll itii.c! >j Y n
0 LET-A laroeT rTSto
Front iUoin, iccotid tlcor, Apply 6tho.nj
i Mihu^rtet |Ti
j|? ycflr?,*.tBY ttororoom, ccrncr ct Ntln i?d
I Tenth streew. I omjcuIou Riven Keptetuber 1. lui I
V. E Z1N>. ^
A nicely furnished front rocw, veil kultcd {M, j
lodglcg ap?rtmcut for ouo or two gontknen.
Enquire at !
^ ^ 1065 MAIN BtREET, npittlq CT
For sale?a large tnvoSoryB
Frame Houioon theJalanri. ^o. \c virvla'tHM
itrcet. Jinqulioof P. bHAhKEY, lO^iiirktils, |^|
brewery and Malt llouto. l'oHvsloti ulna la
beptombcr 1st. Enquire oi JOHN h;JD j,w 19
McLure Home. nra I'M
ValaabloRoal foUtoon W/K'corner' 1? Ml
fourth ttud Market street*, In tho Illy ol ^ li
W. Va. Lot 122 feet by ?feet; tow omiv'rtuV MM
J, Ellifritz hb & wagou and blacksmith iii ,v 1
, W, v. 11UUK A BSO
ftprO 1300 S'tr'^clSink fl
An Elegant Kranlch & Each Vlano.fqu&reGnU 1
Boscwood Case-used about a j<*r. VlllUioH M
at a great sacrifice. Call r.mi teu. j
ic27 v. w. baumtr a
My PLACE at Elm Grovo, contalnlDg atout tta |1|
acres. Cbu bo divided luto tbrco ]>)ico. Yuh* $|
slon and term* to bull purthawr. j
j U. FORBFS, 9
No. 7 U. B. Cuttom llouic. '?
Telephone A-8C. ; lib^ ffl
1 RAT.F.,
One three aero, aud twelve one acre Js
Adjoining Beech Bottom Station, P., V. iHy.l |9
B. High iiver bottom. Terms ut>y. I
mylQ H. f. bDEPHBD. .9
titfiiruuKi jucce oi properly known ci ^
LaBelle btor?, corner Chaplinu mil Ihiitj fx Ijj
streets. Lot lCCxlOf feet, liumediate pumiics. ,'?
For termh apply at the oflke 01 "A
20 Shares Jefferson Nail Mill,
89 8h?rw Juuction Nail Will. !>M
86 hharcs Citizens Street Railway Co.
10 Shares ^ ellibuig bm Co. m
13 Shares KxchHu^e Fauk.
!8 Stimea Klru it Marine Insurance Co. 'a
8 Shares Top Mill. $
_Jy9 1.1KWIN, No. StTwcUthSE*
I offer Jot gale rny rcsldcncc, No. ?515 fhflhi Ji
street;' the houte is nt w, conuins live loom ?vi fl
basement kitchen buu eicelhui celUr; bit iu. B
water, bath, watai-lioute, a gctd htatlu sti.4 iuk fl
riage houke, nnd in will nbauco In jjoctwdai: ?
Enquire on the premitct. !
Ten acrcs of choice high bottom Uuil.tlxcEd !|h
below WhcelinK. on Otolo Rim and b. A 0. H.S.
Improved by a wfcstanlial brick iiouw, Jl i?? JH
kitchen ana outbuilding*, Mtuatta iu & Krae d v@8
maple, suv?r snd t>oplar tret*. aIbo, a guduto }'m
lion ol irult tutu. Apply to
W. v. UOuJ??v JiBO..JXOHuiet?L M
Or R. W. MORROW, ou the inrnkn, ml ||K
No. 1041 JIalu Sttcc*. j
Enquire ol II. JEF ?ES5, jJ3
do!3 At Kxrhf.pRoEMh j|js
A Pa?m of about 149 acres, mc?tl7lroprcTtdi:' f|l
In Rrain aud Ktoin; pi ct-j ol choice ntlug
dwelli R,.bani, Ac. A rood llt.uiiJg cui*t} ;
Inrne cU6tom;"a>!ord ijuw circular mw rr,ill's
water power), nil JuRood lix. Gwdp!o?r?ii|K*
tlement, iiOjtUftlleii?.om D. AO. It. ft. 'He &
doulrablo property I'a the county. Xdihus )
I. X. L, , i
JC27'" Pare iDtc'iflgoncpr OtHrc. ?'" * $
For Bale by
jjiOB SALE.!
Bltu.tMon W? til U. H., iold
about two miles fast ol the City of V bcclliig.
V*., and about two xnllis Jiom Ohio ilvcr. iw;M
i Jng ol 300 new* ol con! 30 b-:rti tuihit i> h|
coil, and known aa tl o "Willow oltn c<al iKVrwj
| ortyL" W. V. H jut A im,t |||
F0R bale, [I
Valuable Real Estnto aid IlnlMliifi ij . j
Centre WlitcHnf.
The undented Isauthoriwd to offer lcr '^H|
the balf lot frontltg thJrty-thHeiW)fi?!iftii 'I'tMm
Unostroct, uii'l rum.lug Iihc1: me fcuvdtca u? H
twenty foot (120) on Ajley HebUtii, s*H tnrw^ fl
belug ou the wuit >ide oft npllre mm et a. H
the g>uthwc*t corner of wld i Iwthlue iiruf tsf Sj
Ulcy *lshtecnr"Tfce:?i < u Mid Jull !o?Jl
brick houscB, now rcmlng /or MM) I'1'- t 9
tit'o to paid property lh good, Tc.ton of ttlf.t"*; B
For lurttcr ItiScrioctioa oil ujon iH w
tgntd nt my. dice, >o I'M ('.iriiIIuc J jfl
Unvid Geltcr, So.'JSil V.ocd *trtei. ... c0 1
15. H. D0VENF& I
i*1! A (fnrnerfnr *tr* * 9
The Foisyl'n properiy For 5ft 1
^hoparcol of ground south of Fitbrr s toW' S
| which whh for iever?l jcur* U'CJ by the <1 ' ! *] a
street, fg/or tale. * ftcornprifcb tfie ?oucb WlfT* &
' 5nm l^e south half of Jot 8 In folium lJ0"r* M
Uld Town of Whcelirg} nnd. t f> kti- wn *7 58
made In 1371 by \\\ C. cmlth. ( It/ Kurvtra Kg
frauffgfl of 83 feet ti foche* ati .*?')< : J
ifronugoofsnfeetaiiKhefjinthiij)! eiuef-'W 58
baa h depth from Market utrei't to (.'bap 4.tc '*{ a
nf 2(9 feet. Tftuprorony. whlfh WW f :r ?'?[" a
year# c'aimcd by ttw cjty, h?> leva Jtrlly ?-j }v
dually decided tibeloin to Hlcu Kn.fjts.yj
'.ere Una Incumbrance tjiercou. a li q it?t.ow ? a
di^nves have been felt'ed. ' S
There la *Uo for wile a pajecl ol jrrour ."I. * I"1., >j
dwelling tlwe n, fronting* bout 67 f'it H i""!* fa
on uhaiHlue snoot, immediately bou.1i ol t*? Eh
lots and ostordltit; buck vrett*a*dl; *to.n,Y? B?
feet OX iache?. wbich parcel Ik cor iptrt w lot - N9
and a*raallnttii?ofl'tliouortb !<! jofM 3 "ir Kg]
d eg rail's Addltlou to the City of ,A bailor- K8
Tbero Is a no for saIb n Krcel of crouco in^e* rb
djately south of Ibe German, J.utbtran ' {"^i 19
wrnlih purcel la a jmit nf lot '1 in ??M fig!
Addition, and lionU about 11 Iwt 5U ffl
Market *tr. ot, Atxl?xtundu bici 1S4 Jttt C>?lnc-f. HJ
?3 ?bown by wld plat. . Iffii
tAddre*s inquiries in regard to tbo tf.% JSJ
?rV' to D. L vMH or AM. IB.-KI.VK, AtttfW"* EH
alien Port i th and itiquii le* In itgard to we t*? I
pafcft'aton M ff ja
Oil K4"SS'??^^ I
rILcd. as^4"**^' B
C'fryt)UV LOGAN A f'-O., ^fe03Ci t|
v> hu'iiM," mj

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