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Efib Mdtypmx
oIIIcu: >'on. s3 unci 27 Fourteenth Street
This time the O'Donovan Itossa has ti
himself up in a good deal of a scrape. T,
murder in his oflice is a new phase
Wiiilk business men are considers
what they shall do on their own accou
in the matter of natural gas, Ohio coun
might adopt Mr. Peterson's suggestion
make a test on tho Poor Farm.
Mk.Samuki. P. McCoumick seems deU
mined to collect internal revenue. 1
lias felt this way about it before. No
why is it that he always feels it necessa
to approach the place under cover? Ci
it be that he fears West Virginia Kepu
licans are not hilariously with him?
When* the President looked around f
nn Arthur man in West Virginia to mal
Internal lie venue Collector he was nece
sarily limited to a very narrow circle,
there were anything to harmonize ju
now it cculd be said of the President thi
he had harmonized with a vengeance.
Tub meeting of business men to coi
eider the best method to obtain a supp
of natural gas . for Wheeling was not i
well attended an it should have been. Bi
wo have begun to move, and that is spin
thing. It may be that the next ineetir,
will develop a greater public intern
From all the propositions submitted, t
gether with the good sense of an intell
gent committee, a feasible plan should I
Histoiiy will say of President Artln
that even in the last days of his admini;
tration he endeavored to pay his politic)
debts. In West Virginia he had nomoi
active and zealous friend than Samuel 1
McCormick, of Grafton. Mr. MeCormie
very much desired the President's nom
nation at Chicago. Though he waged
hopeless battle he joined with othc
gentlemen who desired the same end an
strove to get Maine out of the way an
put Arthur in the lead. In the Martini
burg convention he came to the front i
the Arthur interestand went down wit
ttie Arthur guard, overwhelmed by tli
popular tide.
It will be remembered that before tli
campaign had opened there was a movi
meut on foot to make Mr. McCormick Co
lector of Internal lie venue. Theprote
was so deep and loud that the project wi
abandoned, and when the two West Vi
ginia districts were consolidated tli
tumult was quieted by the reappointmei
of General Duval. Then camo the eil'o
of the Commissioner of Internal Bevent
to force General Duval into the Arthi
phalanx, followed by General Duval
assertion of his independence and that I
his resignation. This resignation is no
accepted on the eve of President Arthur
retirement, and seemingly for no othi
purpose tlmn to give a faithful henclmui
a job.
There can lie no pretense that this aj
pointment is made to please. West Vi
ginia Republicans or to benefit the R
publican party in West Virginia. If
vote of the party had been taken tl
choice would not have fallen on Mr. M
Corniick. He is appointed in payment
personal services rendered or sought i
be rendered. The appointment takes i
higher form.
It has been understood that Gener
Duval was willing to await the appoin
ment of his successor by President Clev
land. If so there was no urgency in tl
matter, and it would have been mo
seemly to leave the vacancy for the ii
coming President to fill. It may be th
the Senate will take this view and refu
tu tuiuillu hic1iu.o.u-mvm,
Thu Greely ICullvf ShipM.
"Washington, D. C., Jan. I).?A bill w
passed in tho Senate to-day directing tl
transfer of one of tho vessels of the Gree
relief expedition to tho Trensury Depat
raent for a revonuo cutter, for use in tl
waters in Alaska, and authorizing the r
tention of the other two for u*e in tl
Navy as surveying vcsseln, or otherwifl
In submitting tlie report Mr. Caraeri
said the revenue cutter now in Alaska w
insullicient for the purposes of the gover
ment. Mr. McPheraon inquired- wheth
there was any intention on the part of tl
government to return to the English go
eminent the ship presented to the [Jmt<
States for the put poses of the (freely H
lief Kxpedition. Mr. Cameron replh
that under the law, us it would stand wit
out the passage of this bill, tho Secreta
of tho Navv would be required to sell i
the ships forming part of the relief exp
The New I'ontal Note.
v.mw v.H.i* l)o/i !) _Tlui ITnmor Ij
Biuik Note Company, which lias the co
tract for printing the now lilac post
notes, has been advised that orders will
issued from the Postofllce Department
once to nil tho postolllces in tho count
now using the old yellow notes, to suspei
their issue until supplied with the nti
ones. Tho old notes are printed on pap
from which castile soap and water wou
remove tho writing ink. Shrewd con
terfcitcrs discovered this and have rais
numbers of notes and collected tl
money. The now notes are being print
at the rate of 2,000,000 per month. The
an; 2,000 olfieestobo supplied. Uuv!
tho now order all tho principal olllcea u
uow using the lilac notes.
A I'it(Ml)ur?lu?r'n Fully.
riTTsntfROii, Jan. 0.?It has just leak
out that Herman Smith, chief clerk
Andrew Carnegie's iron mills, has elop
with Annie Marx, who was until recent
an inmato of a disreputable house
Second street. Smith was highly resjK*
ed, moved in the best Booiety, and was
active member of tho Lawrenuevillo M.
Church, and his friends made every eff<
to hush tho matter up to save tho m
from disgrace, hoping in the me&ntil
that ho would return. To-day, howev
the wife herself made tho storj putyjp.
Nut urn} Gnu tttr Conciliated.
McKkwivht, Pa., J?n. 0.?Tho' lino
pijMs convoying natural gas from Murra;
villc to this city has keen llnliliei) anil t
gas was running to-day. )t will bo u?
JO Btipiilv fuel lor wood's Kolling 11
and tip Union Gas Company, which
now laying pipe about town, will sect
its gas from the line, which is owned
tho Carpenter tins CDiupany.
Vour .J"I'll MoCtlUough.
St. I/h'is, Jan. D.?John McCullon
left this morning for Chicago, where
ays ho has important business to
(end to.
L.tJ In New York City by a follow Fenian?Clr
|lC cuiiutantUl Kvldetico Hint O'Donnvan
of Kuma wrb Connected With the Crime.
Antecedents of the Murdered Man.
New York, Jan. 0.?At a la to hour thii
nt afternoon several men rushed out of No
l-v 12 Chambers street, in which building it
to located tho olflce of O'Donovan ltossa and
tho United Irishman. In a few secondt
,r. afterward a man covered with blood totl0
tered down stairs to tho hallway and Hani
lW on the front stoop, while his blood covered
rv the sidewalk in streams. The most intJj
tenso excitement ensued, and a large
crowd flocked to the scene. Several ofiicers
rushed up, and seeing a few men
. .I.! ..I.. i. i -...i rut..
mUKHlg lOWiiruB viiuuiuuroukruui. uuu \siiy
Dr Hall, followed them. One of them, a
?L. tall-man, was captured and brought back
to where the dying man was lying.
8" "Is this the man who stabbed you?"
I' asked the officer.
st "Yes, that is the man," said the bleedttt
ingman; "hut, by heavens! if I'm going
to die. 111 die game and there will be two
of us!"
With that, and beforo the bystanders
n* could realize his intention, he drew a rely
volvcr and fired two shots in quick succesjo
feiou at the man standing before him. One
, of the balls took effect in the thigh of his
would be murderer. This still further inc'
creased the excitement and the neighborig
hood became wild with all sorts of rumors.
lt The man who was stabbed proved to be
Capt. Thomas Phelan, of Kansas City,
aged 45, and his assailant, who he says
i- stabbed him, gave his name as Kichard
>e Short, of 801 Tenth avenue.
An ambulance was summoned and Phelan
taken to the ChamUbre street hospital,
in a dying condition. Ho is stabbed in
the neck and breast, and several other
s* places.
e There were rumors that he gavo away
?, some sccrets of the Fenian organization,
i. A printer named Schmidt, who has a
. composing room on the same floor as
Kossa's room, says: "I was at my work.
fi viitil<l..ii 1 if T ln?iirii ii nniHA in l^iiMa'fi ntlino
>r with tho upsetting of a table, followed by
, loud and angry words and, curses. This
continued for some seconds,- when some"
thing heavy was thrown against the wall.
5- A man cried out something that sounded
,, like hel]>! but I am not sure whether
. that was the word or not. Then the door
was banged open and four men ran down
16 stain*, each trying to push the other out
of his way. Blood was trickling
,e down tlio face of tho las? man. They were
, hall down the Hairs when the mail with
" the blood trickling down his face got the
?- lead of the others, I then ran to and
st opened the window of our ollice, which
l8 looks out on Chambers street. Then 1
saw the man with the blood on his face
r" fall on the sidewalk, put his hand to bis
it-' hip pocket, pull out a revolver and firo at
it one of the three men, which one I cannot
tell, aa I did not get a good look at him.
I think he must have beef} phot, because
lu he pulled up his coat, placed his hand to
ir his breast and stepped forward as if going
's to fall."
w "Did you see 0'Donovan ltossa among
?H the four men ?" Mr. Schmidt was asked.
,r "I can't say that I did."
in The police claim to liavo a letter from
Kosaa to the wounded man, telling him to
0. come on to New York to his ofllce; that he
^ had important, business for him. Phelan
r* was asked by Fireman Cottrell if he wants'
ed a minister or priest. "No," lie replied;
n "I don't want anybody, I Uon't believe in
10 any religion. Jam a follower of Bob Ingeraoll."
c* News of the stabbing and shooting
of spread rapidly and inquiries were made
to on all sides as to who l'helan and Short
l0 were. Phclan appeared to bo known to
many men identified with several Irish
revolutionary societies.
al Itossa wns condemned by a number of
it- his.compatriots for giving publication in
e. his paper this week to an interview
" printed in the .Kansas City Journal,
10 purported to have bueij Imc] with l'helan,
re giving a detailed accoitutof the operations
a- of tho dynamiters in England. Threats
a, were made against Itossa's life, and itie
said his immediate friends had deter8e
mined to form a bodyguard to protect
Short, it is said.oamoto thiscountry with
08 the man who in tho summer of '82 shot at
*L' Jim McPermott in Captain Ityan's saloon,
^ on Charm hers streot. ljp issaiil to bo a
t- native of Cork, whero be was one ol the
le principal leaders of the movement directed
e- by O'JJonovan Rossa.
ie A Jong interview in the Kansas City
ie. Journal was published by Phelan lately.
>n rhelan was one of tho originators of the
as skirmishing fund am} was stone time suan
pected of being tho famous "No. 1" mener
tioned by infurmer Caiey in his evidence,
ie lie has been an Irish Nationalist all hie
v- life and always been prominent in rovolujd
tionarv movements, fthort is said to be
e- one of the Irishmen who wore driven tc
?d this country by tho treachery of Jim Mc*
h- J)ermott, of Brooklyn, who is now bery
lieveil to bo in the pay of tlio British govifl
o- Thelan says the man who stabbed him
and whom no shot is named Burker,
Jolm F. Kearney accompanied l'helan
? iutoltart'a office. The other fwo nien
00 Photon dow not knowt He ci\mu to New
n- York by appointment witty Kearney.
a] Ro??a boa visited Jiis office sinco the
^ affair, but cannot be (oi\nd to*nfght,
Tltn Kuwh At PholunU Home.
rv Kan?as Ciw, Jan.-The uuwsof the
id atnbbini; pf Cftfltaln Thomas l'helan in
w Now York, created quite a stir ol exciteIj
meat in this city. His absence was nol
u. generally known, and only a few (rjonilf
id were aware o( liia visit to Now York,
'"J l'helan took exception til ooinments if
s" 0'Donovan Rossa'apupor upon the inter
ro view published here and left for
" Now York City Tuesday night with tin
r0 intontioiu, it is stated, of asking an explanation
or retraction of theni. Hero
presented to his wile he was going to St
lxiuis, and sho was not aware of his mis
0,1 nlon to New York until informed tliii
of oveningof tho encot^utef there.
V Ctmrgea Against lloui. ^rllnelon,
)" Washington, D. 6., Jan. T|;e Sim
publishes ?n jfltfryieiv with Genera;
an 1 IstOK eanoerntng the oharges lie has pre
K. ferred against Lieutenant Garlington. Thi
>rt General nays the charges <"71'La'jn new
an matter, not upon by" the Proteui
00 court, consequently tfiey (Jo pot sonrtic
sr, with its fltpltUBE Hi reifoct on ltresldon
4fthur. 1 "
.,i .. . . . .
The OoTeromeut Uujlng I'lcturc*.
0f Washington, D,. 0., Jan. Q.?Senate
Sherman torflay reported favorably fron
1)0 the Library Committee amendments in
OT1 tendei| to be proposod to tho sundry civi
1111 appropriation bdl, appropriating $10,00
is for tho portrait of Gen. Thomasby Mrs
lro Kansoin,and $15,000 for the painting of.thi
by Electoral Couimljaion Uy Mrs. Fassett.
JfataJUy to Hoy SICAtora,
Potwviw.*! Pa.. Jan- 0.?Aa a numlie
gh of hoys wero skating on a pond this after
ho noon tho Ice gave way, and- four of them
at- ranging in age froui 12 to 16 years, wen
drowned. The bodies were recovered.
1 For the Fatal Hhuutmi; of his Wife a\
; Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
Grafton, W. Va., Jan. 9.?A warrant
. was issued yesterday for tho arreat of William
Varnor, on the charge of shootinj
ilia wife. Tho ofilcers, wlio were on h?
track, found him this afternoon, hiding in
apJIo of rails on a farm about two miles
j from the place of tho shooting, lie waa
arrested without resistance and commitj
ted to jail to await tho result of his shot.
I Mrs. Varner is still alive, but no hopes
j are entertained of her recovery.
After his arrest Varner confessed his
cuilt to the detectives, W. T.Wirt and
. John Lloyd, of tho J). & 0. Railroad, claiming,
however, that the shooting was acci'
i Public feeling is very high, and it was
. feared for a long time "that ho would be
taken from the officers by the indignant
people and lynched. The circumstantial
' evidence against him is overwhelming,
, and his own statement of the affair is so
preclusive of the excuse of accident that
there is no doubt he will hang for the
Varner is about twenty years of age,
and was married last J uly to Mary Weaver,
who was then about eighteen years of age.
i It is said he treated her badly and they
lived together only a month or two, when
i she left him.
Vnrnor and Two Otliorn Out Again.
' fycclal Dbvatfh to Ihe liUdUocHcer.
Gkaftok, W. va.,Jan. tf.?Threoprison,
era escaped from the county jail ut
I'runtytown to-night. They aro William
Varner, who was put in only a few hours
before tho delivery, to await the result of
tho gunshot wound supposed to have,
been inflicted by him upon his wife, and
Arthur Evans and George Iiardman, two
boys arrested some weeks ago for complicity
in tho robbery of Baltimore &
Ohio 'freight cars. Hy 'some means a saw
came into possession of the prisoners,
with which thcv made an opening in a
door, o dec ting their escape. Oflicers are
in pursuit of the fugitives, but up to a late
hour they have eluded arrest.
S. 1*. MoConunck'* Hut C'lmlkuri fur General
DiivuI'h 1'lnco?a Civil Servluu J oft.
Washington- D. 0., Jan. 1).?Tho Fres
Ment to-day sent to the Senate the nomination
of Samuel P. McCoriniek, of Grafton,
to bo Collector of Internal ttoveuue
for the District of West
Gntflon Slate Standard, Jan. U, 1WS5.
Mr. Samuel McCormick, of Grafton, was
appointed a special agent of tho revenue
department, and from the 11th day of
April, 1884, to the 30th day of tho same
month gild ye^r, ljo trayeip4 \q and fro
in the land, ostensibly, so it is said, as a
Government employe, but really
as an agent to ,sectiro voto.s f?r
Mr. Arthur, The story illustrates the
methods of the President, and explains
apparent idiosyncrasies of the late West
Virginia campaign. This story may not
he true. But the following itetn$ taken
from the big hook uf the United States are
food for reflection: Samuel McCormick,
Grafton, W. Va.,for mileage from April 11,
188^1, to April I'D, 1KSU, both dates inclusive,
$18 L'O; fees for the same time $84 8(5.
The hooks of tho Revenue Department, if
more closely searched, mightdisclosetJO^e
othi?r flWl further amounts for ox>eclai service.
WOULDN'T SKI,I, 15,000.
The Gantx iYoll nt LiUla Washington Excited
DrlllcrH for Oil ami Farmer*.
Washington, Pa., Jan. 9.?Washington
ia becoming thoroughly elicited oyer the
prospects of tjie development of ? new oil
territory in this region. The Gant* well
is besieged with oil incn, and bribes as
high as ?1,000 have been offered tho guards
to allow some ot the straugers to take a
peep into the derrick shanty.
It was reportlq-i?i|jl|t that one n\an
had oven cruwlet) under tho floor of the
derrick to ascertain, if possible^' the wtuatiqn
of affairs, Qi| everts and capitalists
are arriving on every train, and the farm
era wuuiii u ruuiiis ut iu miics are ut'ing
seen regarding leases upon their proper*
ties by these i?arties, a* vull a? Uy t^e
members of thQ home pqmnany yftyi flrjHetf
the well- *
Thousands of acren have been secured.
Tho roport current on the streets to-night
that the well had been sold for $?3,000
proves to bo incorrect, as a correspon*
dent is informed by one of tljo directors.
Married a White Conchiunn to u Ulack
New York. Jan. S^eii Islanders are
again discussing tho xuntrimonlal eccentricities
of a coachman who lives in Stapleton.
Forsomo days Mrs. John Bowald,
who lives in Roffstreet, Clifton, hasbccty
asking the aid of many prominent Germans
to cfldeavop to atop Iter son John
from his announced intention of marrying
a negro girl, or quadroon, Clara Bradley,
who lives in Rocky Rollow. On Sunday
evening the couple were mampd at tlie
house of Miss Hjatlltyyfe hither, by the
Rev. Ad^lpb tfuehne, of the German
Lutheran Church in Staple ton. YestfiTt
day a meeting of some of tlib cftur^ otticials
was said to jmyy Wn neld to ask
the pastor to explain his wijlingness to
perform the coreinony. Mr. kueiinu said
to a reporter tl'iat ho did tfcat
Miss Bradley TO * WUfA*.
A Cnittnln Who Siijm hid Order* are From
! Dover, N. II., Jan. tarjo was
1 frightened last night by the. bass drum of
' tho Salvation Army. The city wa# fttke^
to nay tho resulting daniaces. Mayor
i Hose in portion i\ot?fted Copt. Thompson;
, of thefcalvatiou A rmy.'that under no con,
ditioua will lie ul law'them to parade with
! magic* Thompson replied that he took
. hia orders from Heaven, who would t\ot
j allow ua earthly power to di^qto. Ilo
. telegraphed to Saco for gcune o< the'Army
. there to come up ok once. Meanwhile the
Mayor i? gutting the police in trim,
null Dozing the W??>vK Man.
BiKxiKitAv**. Miss., Jan. #1?A party oj
bull <lo;ers in Franklin county wen\ to the
house of n ncjrft Saturday night lor the
' nqrposoui whipping hlra. They demknd1
?d admittance, and being refused, one 0!
the party, a young inun nomeii_**urrjiy'
1 hi.~tt'ue door open 4m\ jasRed in, when
. his brains T,cro" \|ln\vn out by a charge
] from ft ihot gun. The rest of the party
I tied. The coroner's Jury returned a vert
diet of justiliable homicide.
Something; Like V^mlerhlll'i Will.
JfcWi, Jan. U.?The will of tho late
' George Gardner, a millionaire of this
> city, directs tho annual payment to Ills
wile of 1,101 troy ounces ol pure gold
I and $10,000 additional. The weight speci}
fled represents the weight of Mrs. Gardner
at the time of her marriage?about 95
e PounJs- tlThe
Chinese Must Go-to School*
San Fftutgugo, Cau, Jan. a?Superior
r Judge Maguire decided to-day, in the case
. of Mamie Tape, a Chinese girl ten years of
ace, against Mrs. Jennie M. Hurley, prin1!
cipai of a public school of this city, that
Chinese children bom lp this country are
entitled to admission to the public scho
t The decision is bused on the Fourtee
Amendment, which secures equal pr
leges to all persons born within the Uni
? States, subject to their jurisdiction, i
the State law, which provides that
' children shall have equal facilities for
> ucatiou by means of the public scho
j The decision created much surprise i
| excitement.
1 An Earliur Bout ThU Year Than Usi
Over Production.
I'ittsiil'roh, Pa., Jan. 0.?The gl
manufacturers hero lmvo inaugurate*
movement to have the factories el
down two or three months earlier t
year than usual. Some of the manul
turera want to close down on the iirsi
April and others on the first of May, <i
continue over the regular summer va
tion. This question will ho settled at I
meeting of the manufacturers' associuti
in Washington, L>. 0., next week.
Prices of window glass since the stri
I hflvo linen knnt ud and the product!
has been much in excess of the denial
This state of affairs, the manufactur*
claim, is strictly necessary and that if 1
factories run full time tins year there v
be heard the usual cry of over products
The O'Hara glass table ware worl
which has been shut down for some til
ou account of the dullness of trade, v
rfsuiue Monday, Riving employment
three hundred men.
From tlio Stnud|iulut or the ClevelH
Clkvrland, 0., Nov. 0.?The Iron Trt
Review, in its annual resume of the iron a
steel industries of Clevelaud, shows a to!
of 147 establishments in operation in IS
as against 135 in 18S3. In 1884 an av<
age of 14,0^7 men were employed, coi
pared with 17,114 in 1883. The aggrogo
capital invested in 1884 was ?21,547,000,
1883 $21,Lit',500. The total value of t
year's product in 1884 was $23,-01,500.
18S3 it was $32,411.(100. Prices the pi
year deelinod from 15 to 20 percent. At
rule manufacturers look for an improv
inent in trade early in the present year.
Gloomy Outlook tor JtaUruadn.
St. ho inn, Mo., Jan. 0.?Oapt. R.
Ilayes, Senior Vice President of the M
sourl Pacific railroad, who has just i
| turned from the East, in an interne
stated that railroad interests generally ?
in a verv depressed conuition am} busine
very dull everywhere. l[e tiiiuU there
almost q uufversalTaok of confidence
rallrpads and does not believo any ne
road will be constructed in tho nfcar f
J\. rt BBIV S r AU.yUJ'.*.
A l.itrgo (ufir^aiiu la tho South H'Ul W?
Yokk, Jan. 0.?The busine
failures in the laat seven days, reports
by R. U. Dun <k Co., number for tl
United States421); Canada 28; total 457.
This is far in excess of any previoi
chronicle (or the sumo period* The i
oreapp is l^rjiely |n the South and Wei
where failure* are notably twice as nut
erous as during ordinary weeks in '84.
A GborKta'linuk ASBI^ON.
Auousta, Ga., Jau. XJie Pouk
Augusta, a bank chartered by the Sta
many years before the war, has made a
alignment to Harper Bros., attorneys, f
the benefit of its creditors. Tho capit
.stock is one hundred nud fifty thou?i\i
dollars. Depositors will be paid \t\ (i\U.
Clunk t'jiHnrc.
Nrw Y<*RK,4an. Ut?1Stiaf |W, Hormi
A Co., waqufacturQrs of cloaks, tiled an i
aignment to-day to llenry Kice; preft
ewces fifty thousand dollars.
Tho Ohio Milton^
Columbus, 0if Jan. ft.?The State Mine:
Aswpiflltap spent the day in oonsideri
the reports of tho commissioners, ai
elected ao President, John McBride,
MassWon; Vice President, N. It. Hyse
of Sand Run; Secretary and TretiatW
Ebenexar Lewis, of MasaiUon,
'Resolutions weyo adopted condemni:
gyndicflteii ami calling upon the Legisl
ti^e (of legislation to prevent strikes m
lockouts, and endorsing Gov. Uondlj
policy relative to the Hocking YftU
strike, in refusing to call out tl\o troops.
Fnct?rte?Sliut Down.
Pinwnoii, Jan. 9.?The workmen
tho nut factory of William Charley \\\
those engaged at AIcMntry'p faotory ha
been notiftei) o? a reduction of wages
(rom ten to tifleen percent. The men l
(used to accept and both establishm*;;:
closed. It is thought a comnrQ^fra \T
soqn bo arranged and \YWli
PlTT?nW.H, Jan. u.?-The puddling i1
narVmeut or the Union iron mills
Oarnegie Bros. & Co., resumed opcraii
to-day after several weeks' \dU'?e?8.
V*-? '
Tl\? K*l?o?Ulon.
^\\? (Iklkans, La., Jan. U.?The mt
meeting for consideration of the *t)Ulrs
the Exposition hrotyght lorth good i
results, ^\\o attendance was large. . ?
hibliow are jubilant and the Vo*rd
Management are satisfied they havetaki
a great stride tftwu?us obtaining inui
needed fonds, The appointments of Coi
Vftitteeg on finance, transportation and |
cention give general satisfaction.,
On Monday different bree\\a or beef w
1)0 killed and weirftyd In a competiti
test of production.
? . Whitman, of Chicago, wv i
pointed superintendent of tho tpfloh sh<
exposition; entries elc#p February a.
"WW^Ou htnrulimiHe ltnrne<i.
Ralkuih, N. C., Jan. 9.?Last night
tiro broke out In the large tobacco
warehouse at Durham, CQl^eteiy destrc
ing tho building f^ftd kite smoking tobac
estab^^h Su^nt of Z. J. Lyon & Co. Blac
jell's Durham Company lose ^00,fi
pounds of leaf tobacco. ;u i^io. warehoti
II. A. Reams \osi a, bo at the same quan
ty, \\\ t^e leaf tobacco in Lyon <k Qo
f&ctory wag burned, but ^he tyiik of t
manufacture^ tojja&p was saved. Rean
loss $- "?,00i,\ ',usu *ance $21 ,.">00; Black w<
'Vchaaxi Co.'s loss $25,000, insurance $2
SiOO; Lyon A Co.'s loss $20,000,
?Unnon Democratic Heiiilment.
Salt Lake, Utah, Jan.9?A largo a
enthusiastic meeting .was held last ny|
of Democratic clubs compcflfd of you
men of promine&t Mormon families! j
felss Young, a son of tho late Preside
Brigham Young, was a prominent sper
or. He said: 'Here is a complete unl
of church and Stated
A Mormoj\ Pffod oflt, <'A lie
Young responded: "I guess it is t
ohurch has absorbed tho State."
A number of others spoilt) in the sai
?? -*** r-?
Cleveland at a llnll.
Bdccalo, Jan. 9.?Tho charity ball hi
at the Genesee was the moat brilliant a
aucccaiful affair of tho kind ever given
thia uity. particularly go when the toll
ol the ladies and the beautiful decoratic
of the hotel arc taken into considerate
The presence of Presidentelect Clevela
did jnuch toward bringing this about. T
best classes of Buffalo people were prese
cd- And OniMeti tlio Lom of One?"Hough
ols* ItaU" an an Ingredient of CoQee?,
in Girl Near Kant Liverpool Charged
With 1'olaoulng on two Occasions.
lal. Special Dispatch to the IuUUigencer.
Stsubkxville, 0., Jun. tt.?Informati
oss from East Liverpool says that at a pai
* a glyon near there last niglit by Miss Am
oso Vonfosson, the following parties wt
his poisoned by a paper of "Kough on KaU
he- pot in acofleo pot: Daniel Vanfosson ai
10f wife; Mrs. Collins, mother of Mrs. Va
in(j fosaon," aged 85 years; Ilenry, Matt:
ca. Danny, Klmerand Annie Vanfosson; Mi
the AnF.iH MeBane, Mr. Jumes McBane ai
}ou little Allie Mcliane.
This child is the only ono who has die
though all are in a critical conditio
0Q Annie Vanfosaon made the cofl'ee.
u)j An investigation is in progress,
urs Auoclatid J'rat.
he East Livewool, Ohio, Jan. 9.?A par
'ill was given at the residence of Mr. Vanfc
?? sen near East Liverpool last night ar
u(! eleven persons were present. The cofli
rill was passed around, and soon after drift'
to ing all suddenly became ill with sympton
of poison. A child, a niece of Vanfosee
died at midnight, and tlio balaui
are not expected to livo. A papi
u" found in the bottom of tho coffee pot
supposed to bo "rough on rats," as a be
me of tliat poison was in the cupboard tt
lid dav before and has disapiHjared,
tal" Mr. Vanfossen's daughter. Anna, wh
is addicted to the use of onium, is sui
^ tn httvtt nurnetrated tho terribl
ir- crime, although alio denies knowing nnj
n- thing about it. Shu wan taken nick t\ls<
ite but less severely than the uUiera, an
in soon recovered.
lie On Wednesday several scliool childre
In bcoilme very sick niter eating sonic tall
ml ?lio Imd rnude, ami which had been give
i a to tlie children by borjounger sister,
e- An investigation nosconnuenced to-da
but owing to the utter iirostratk'U i?J ?
the unfortunate victims, but '.idle test
many was taken. It will bo continue
S. to-morrow. The stomach of Allie McBan
is- will be token to l'itt*burgh and enrofuli
e- analyzed. The excitementeuutiimes ui
uli&toui f
!W . n.
r? A ft;c?ihunviU? tirocery Cloned.
jfxciul to the liiMllpenccr.
Stkuiikn vi lle, 0., Jan. I).?The grocer
jn atore of L. II. Walker, on North Fuurt
iw street, was dosed by Sheriff Sharp to-daj
u- on a judgment taken at Cleveland by D
w alker, his lather. 'Alio judgment is lc
$2,040 47. <
mt J'nparM to be I'liblUlird.
Washington, D. C., Jan. 9.?The papei
8? called for by Senator Ilnwley in ft re*aH
?d tion offered by. him in ty\Q &maU> yestoi
?f day, requestfna the President to con
municate to the Senate a historical staU
us ment concerning the public policy of th
n- executive department of the Conferral
?t, St at or during the late war, whU-h he
u. recently been filei} fa War Di
partment l?v Ueneral William 1
.Sherman, \yifl probably be sent to tli
Senate tomorrow. Tlioy consist of an ai
of tngvaph letter' from the late Alexandf
te Stephens, of (Jeorgia, to Herehel V, Join
in wn^which was recently published, and
or socretnnwsagerfront Jefferson Davislofli
al Confedenitp Pongri'FS, which was capture
at Ifichmond, together with acominunia
lion from Gen, Sherman in reference t
ihe document*.
ln NEWS IN liltlKF.
is- The Unitod States Seuftte fcw ad toume
?r- till Monday,
Tn& Ilnuao at last evening's sessio
passed twenty-one pension bill and ac
, journed until to-day.
ra Much excitement exists at Dover, Ki
n8 gland, over an alleged plot tq blow up th
id royal barracks with dynamite.
of The first tldufl Madam Cloves Hugtu
u said after her acquittal was: "Thank Uq<
;r| 1 shall now see my children!"
At Dodgeville, Wis., in A quarrel yeste:
ng day, Onrad Kemlev* an old citizen, wf
la killed with a eU\h by his son, aged 19.
V1 Hoston ottlceis arrested Michael an
' * Andrew Prosby, on the charge ol stealin
W trunks containing $fl,00Q worth of liuina
ThecorowMte* appointed by the Soutl
of WuMcrn railroad association has recon
i mended the continuance of the pool K
two years.
An accommodation train was throw
01 from the twk near l'armingdale,. L. ]
Thurnday night, ami Henry lJurtwrtl, ei
i\* uiiuutr, and Joseph Dalzell, fireman, wei
W killed.
At Philadelphia yesterday Tiev. Jabot
mi unmnueu, {ooioreui, a uisnop 01 u
le- Methodist ICpiflcopifl Church, was aweste
0( uiul taken before a magistrate out)
on charge of perjury.
A human bV.uII to which was attaohod
paper tag inscribed "A. T. Stewart," wi
found in a priyate residence at Ilobokei
It is supposed to havQ been thrown inl
of the area for a joke.
e. A Toronto dispatch says that during tl
1 past year the number of immigrants a
riving in the provinces wan again,
o* 1)7,5lf> the previous year. Of the tot
en 58,489 went to tho United States.
I!h At Wis., the planing mill an
,n* feetoflnmberbeloiigingtothoSco
re- Lumber Company, was destroyedd by fir
U)S8 ?'20,000, not inpvjed; caused by ove
'N heated oil beiug hailed on a large stove.
Ne JndgeWUon, on behalf of Mrs. A.'
Htowait, offered an endowment (<w
J' cathedral at Garden City wl\iob woul
procure $15,000 per year; U is reportc
that the offer waft defined, being inad
a A Dispatch from Molbotirno states th;
the King of Samoa and the Uerman Coi
^ sul have concluded A treaty securing i
>y- Germany throe aaats in the council of tl
ico Kingdnm,thereby largely increasing Ge
jlj, many's influence.
>00 Princes Edward ami George, sons of tl
Prince of Wa\es4 writing an account i
their \aysye around tho world. The woi
V W based upon diaries kept by the Prints
J and will be ready for publication in Apr!
It will be in two volutfteaanu be profusel
l,jj illustrated,
2 - At Cleveland Robert W. Wright, f<
l(4 many years a prominent journalist u\ \\
ICast and well known auUwand uiag
zine writer, died ve^tor^a? morning (
congestion o{ the hfai'n, aged 09. He wi
nd one o( the batters of tho Whig party i
Wisconsin before the war.
n? At Pittsburgh an oil lanm in the ham
. f of an old lady named Catherine Jamisc
exploded y^ateJfday marulng, setting fii
houan and burning Mrs. Jamisoni
lit- badly that sho died before assistance a
oi? rived. The tiro was extinguished wtyhoi
muqh damage to the house.
,lrt At Louisville, Ky.. in a Iwr room Qgl
10 Fred Eekler waa killed and Jarael Smil
fatally shot Smith first hit Eckler c
316 the head with a brick Jkilling b\m inatan
ly. Eckler's brother Frank drew a piat
and ihdt him through the neck. Tl
,w parties are colored, yrank Epkler waa a
* I rested.
, The Houae jCommitteo yarterday r
*n ferred to tho Oonrt of Claima a caj
eta pending in Congress twenty-nine teai
ms A claim was made for $25,000 by Cnarl
in. F. Swain, of Brooklyn, N. Y., as a recoi
nd penae for reining a shipwrecked ere
he from an uninhabited ialand near Ca|
nt, Horn in 1849,
II?r Loyalty Could Nut Stand the Strain of a '
War with America.
?8 Qubuec, Jan. 9.?Le Courier Du Canada,
a newspaper, discussing the recent article
on of the London Times on the Nicaraugian
a canal dilliculty and the possibility of a
rupture between England and the United
States, adds: j
"There is no doubt Canada would become
the theatre of operations, and in
on our case we would have a right to protest
rty and refuse to allow oureelves to be
slaughtered like sheep. Wo are asked to
endure all the calamities and all the hor,re
rors of war to defend England's interests
j," in Central America. This is really comiul
ing it too strong, and we hardly think that
n- our loyality will permit us to onter upon \
ie, so perilous a path."
rs. ?m ? S
. An Ei Soldier Shoots Himself Fatally at
'jj? St. Louis.
St. Louis, Mo., Jan. (J.?Major Charles
B. Brady, until a week ago subscription
clerk in the Republican office, and well
Lv Irnnu'n in Maannfn nnd MIiac nularo <inm.
ib- mitted suicide Into last night by shoot*
id ing himself through the head, at his
*e home. He was in the army during the |
k- war, tind served nart of the time as one of I
is Gen. McClelland body-guard, lie was I
n a native of Brooklyn, ft. Y., where his I
' relatives now reside. He leaves a wife and |
;r two daughters, _
is A Oinclmiatfau'a Hulclde.
x Cincinnati, 0., Jan. 9.?Henry M.
10 Guield, Jate teller of the .First National
0 bank, committed suicide last night at tho
)- residence of 0, H Tudor, his brother-ine
law, cashier of tho Union National hank, on
i' Walnut hills. Ho resigned his poai>,
tion in the bank last May, and had not
d since found employment This is said to
havo depressed hts?pirits and led to his
n death. Ho was unmarried and fortv-twA
y years old,
n ? .
tier rotary Martin nt Detroit,
y IJetiioit, Jan. 0.?.Secretary Martin, of ,
{1 the Amalgamated Association, arrived, in
J this city to-night Irom Pittsburgh, and is ar
e in conference with the Euteka Iron wj
y Company at Wyandotte ooncerning the
i- resumption ol work. Sometime ago it m
was understood work would ho resumed rn
as soon as tho tne? would accept ten percent
reduction, the oilicers ol the local
branch of tho Amalgamated Association
hetng so iufosmed.' ci|
Criticizing the Ouuuii'm Guvarnmsnt.
r. London, Jan. 9.?The Marquis of Salir
ishurv, tho Conservative leader of the (r(
House of Lorda. has written a letter '
to n Conservative, in which he con's
derotta the Government for vacillating in
j. its foreign and colonial policy. The
nation, he savs, linds itself opposed by
European coalition and the colonies
>* justly dissatisfied at the Government's
j- failure to prevent Germany from annex
o tag contiguous territory, |n
,g A I'.ll. It-U. ? U. Coat Pout. to
I'lnt.AUKt.i'iilA, I'a.. Jan. 0.?Tho Penn- ,
L'. sylvania and the Baltimore dt Ohio rail10
road coinpanica have practically agreed Sti
J" upon a pool on Bolt coal coming to
! tidewater at BoBton, Philadelphia and
New York. The agreement will give tho
j: Baltimore <(: Ohio-4'.!aTid~tlio I'tmitBylvania
? 55 percent.
l- 111VKit NKW.H.
0 Statu of the Water out) Movomunts ol tho
Karly yesterday morning tho depth in
j tho river was over 17 feet, but in a few
hours it commenced falling and Inst ovenn
ing there waa R depth of Only l(i toot 3
I- inches in the channel and ti,e river was V
{ailing steadily. RoporVs from above last
?- night were as follows: Pittsburgh, 10 feet W
10 II inches and (ailing; Greensboro, 14 feet
v 10 inchoa and falling; lticea' Landing, 9
| feeitt inches and falling; l-ock No. 4, 12
feet and falling. Business on the levee
r. here yesterday was lively. All She local _
l8 packets wero on time and tho river during |
the afternoon was full o( towboats be- X
([ longing to the <oal fleet.
* The Diurnal Is this morning's Parkerebarg
The .Scotia is due down at an early hour
't this morning enroute for Cincinnati*.
,r The sunken coal boat at Black's Island
is very much in tho way and should be
n removed as Bjwedily us possible.
The new hollow steel shaft for tho tow3_'
iKint Harry Brown reached Pittsburgh
ru Thursday from Krnpp'a gnn works in 1
Germany. It will'be fitted in place at I
io onco- '
A A..ni , n;nn;nnai; ?
(1 correspondent at Pittsburgh under date of:
10 5th inst. '"i'ho coa! business is dead as a
doornail. 1 never saw It so dead in my
life. Nobody wants coal at any price. J
" ilid not Bell a hargo lost week and other
: dealers make Hsimllarstatomenh I don't
know what the cojd business will coine to,
but I believe Second pool coal will sell for
even cents, if at all, inside of a week."
10 Tho Ilelle of Shreveport, the magnificent _
fr Cincinnati-New Orleans packet Uiat struck S
?l a snag and was wrecked at Island No. W!
recently, went down in about forty min- t(
wtea after snagging, and although she )iad tr
d over 100 passengers on hoard, only one
<t life was lost, that botog James Uooro, of hi
Now Albany, ImU She was valued atJtO,r
000, and insured for $12,000 In Cincinnati it
T' The coal (loot Commenced passing yes- P
<j terday. Ths bqats went by in the follow- m
llj Ing ordor: L. w. Morgan, Pacific, Utile
-d Krcti, Wm. U. Horner, Jatnes A. Black- tC
more, John F. Walton, Fred Wilson,
Annie Roberts, Torn Dbdsworth
at and B. D. Woods. They were
ii- all bound for J-ouisville. Several passed
to down after dusk. The present run into
eludes so far as reported, 072,000 bushels
r- for. Cincinnati and :i,190,000 bushels for
Louisville. This will be considerably ini0
creosed by to-day if the weather remains
Q( favorable and tho water holds out. a
v Kverytldng down the river will bo able to
t reach homo on this riso. w
il.' The Pittsburgh Outmereial QazcUc of
ly yesterday has tSo following in regard to a ei
dangerow* place In tlie Ohio: The lato ?c
ir tj?61? the rivers has been destructive to
;0 jfver craft. Tho run of ice has been heavy h<
and continuous. On Tuesday morning n
5f the towboat Joseph Walton lost three III
u bargea above Muslapha, a point 220 miles i
n down tho Ohio. She had in chargo a 10
petty heavy tow and waa newly opposite lj,
, Xfustapha, where there is an Island. The
boats usually do notpasato the right of the
Island through the channel, butkeep on
the narrow pass at the left The channel
J proper Is fUlled" with great rocks along the
[J island shore. At tbo head of 'the island
p the steamer Veteran, about two weeks
ago, lost several barges of lier tow. These f
it have sunken in the pass and ronderednavi h
jation very dangerous. A couple of days m
"t sfter the sinking of the bargea the steam'
boat Telephone m making the ran through w
D> struok .a wrecked barge and was sunk.
>e Thia increased the dsoger In the left pass, ln
* and tho Joseph Walton directed her tow
through the larger cbauneL Her tow waa
e- too large to he nandlm in the awift curie
rentand three of tho barges were awept on
s. tho ipcksand sunk. They will be a total
ea loas to their owners, Joseph Walton & Co.
u- Kach barge was loaded and tbey were worth T
w $0,000. The river opposite Mustaphals I
je now one of the moat a tngerous points on f
the Ohio, 1
g. ga. gnctstnm & ?o.
Yon "Crimson Hue" that frets the Eastern sky
Is but the messenger that proclaims
Vhen it does come all the ''Reduction Sales," the "Clearance
iales," the "Marked Down" and "Sacrifice Sales" which have
een inflicted upon the people of Wheeling will be as a puff to
Ied Bargain Buzzard;
Which will swoop down upon Wheeling Monday next
IT MEANS that we are to have a surplus of thirty-five
lousand dollars' worth of choice Dkv Goods, Carpets, Notions
id Millinery Goods which our large and extended business
ill not permit us to carry from season to season, and which
ust be sold inside of thirty days, no matter how much we are
impelled to lose.
IT MEANS that to sell this amount the very life must be
it Irom the prices and values annihilated.
IT MEANS we must actually yive two dollars' worth of
jods for one dollar in cash.
IT MEANS we must fill Wheeling with wonderful bargains
id charge to profit and loss.
It requires an unusual nerve to face as severe a loss as such
slaughter of prices inevitably brings. Hut we would rather
ventory the money than the goods, and we are certain our cusmers
will be made better with the goods at the sacrifice than
e money. We will "screw our courage to the sticking point,"
iffer the loss, and give our customers the gain.
/hen we will display to all that comes?and . all Wheeling
ill come?
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Millinery and Notions,
With the average merchant the old stereotyped "Clearance
ale," "Reduction Sale" afld "Marked Down Sale" are as sure
) come each year as January and July. But customers are as
mch puzzled to disoover the "Sweeping Reductions" claimed to
e made after the announcement of the sale as they wer# before
. But with the RED TICKETS bearing the reduced price
laced beside the original ticket with the original price, both
larked in PLAIN FIGURES, customers are enabled at a dance
i discover the reduction made and are also assured of our deirmination
to stand by our advertisement no matter how much
md every day during the continuance of this sale our stores
ill be "Painted Red" with tickets displaying the Lowest Prices
icr made on good and desirable goods. Newspaper space is
10 valuable to squander in an attempt to give prices or to state
jw low they have been made; besides, the town has been
node&with circulars giving these, and the Red Tickets speak
ud for themselves, which are more convincing than any price
>t we could give in this advertisement.
o this Great Sale, which will continue to February 1st, every
orning during the coming week a Special Sale of importance
ill be arranged for, particulars of which will appear in the morng

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