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"gvomri* %ton ffltttrg.
fSFfi |Pi
i 1 ^^irae i
Tbia nedfdM, eottWntng Iron trith"mm
vwubt* tunica, 'luJcUy and Mtnt-lctjily
l orrt Hy.pciHiIn, indUcMlon, WciUtueu,
I uijiaro Jllooil, Jf alatia?i Itllla and Fcvcrs?
n Uii aiV^fol" nirremedy for DUcnicaoftbe
ICWney^ nnd^Khren pI>wef pccallftP to
VTntnen, and all who IcailKdentaryJ^c*
itdo9 not Injure thetwth,ctn?eheno*cho.or
pmjIICU OTIUWflUtiUi.?**? , ? ....
It enriches and purl/les tbeblood, ntlmulalcs
the appetite, aide tho assimilation of foot], relieves
Heartburn and Belching, and strength*
en* the muscle* and nerves.
For Intermittent Fevers. Lassitude, Lack of
Energy. Ac., K hat no equal.
JO- The gmuinfe has above trade mark and
c-^aed red line* on wrapper. Take no other.
browi cHMirit.ro.. wo.-rnr***.
5?rg ?oo'fls.
?' c
* *
# "fr
J Arc offering the J
J balance of their J
i,* Winter Wraps at *?.
*' ? >_
% one-half price.?
* -fr
{ Underwear from J.
J 15 cts up. ;
* *
********* *********
Geo. M. Snook & So,
' The Greatest Sale cn Record!
worth of Silks, Satins, Cashmeres,
Velvets, Calicoes, Muslins,
Flannels, Blankets, Ladies'
Cloaks, and a full stock of Hosiery,
Gloves, Laces, Ribbons
and Notions, in general. such
as are to be found in a first-class
Dry Goods House, must and
will be sold without reserve to
the highest bidder.
Come one, come all, avail
yourself of the opportunity for
great bargains.
fcSPSnlo will positively commence on
KATUltllAY. January 17, al 2 and 7 1'.
M., and continue every Tuesday. Wednesday
nud Saturday until tlie full stock Is
disposed of.
1XO-4- Main Street,
J, C, IIERVEY, Auctioneer.
I'. S.?Wo mill liold Private Sales every
lay. and goods will bo offered at the
lowest prices.
Doors open troiu S A. X. until OF. 31.
l.OGO Yuril* Simpson'* Blnck and White Mourning
1'rinu .tyg qu.
f.OOO Yards Heavy Fiut Color Ginifham at 5 cts.
T\?ft Bak * So* Island Muftlln at 6c ner yard.
100 dozen W. i A.w Napkin at 75 eta and 8100
per dozen.
ISO 10-4 White Table Cloth, extra quality, $140.. ~
100 dozen Heavy Ribbed Merino Host} at 12% cW?
a P*ir.
10 packfirac Plaid Naniaook at J 2 >4 cts a yard, red
and blue all over.
Embroidery and Nainsook.
* Embroidery In white.
II. Emslicimer,
ja21 IS and 20 Eleventh Street.
unlroi No*. uml Fourturutli gtrent,
New Advartliementa.
Loit? Ladlea' Necklace.
Frank Davidaou at Zano Street Church.
For Reut? Uouac* ou the Itlaud?E J. Stone.
Not ice Jo lJuaiuea Men.
Marshala Halo o( Steamboat Emma Graham.
Luteal Kngltab Stylea?Dlin,*er.
opera Houw-Uallejr Slave.
Coiumiaaloner'a Sale ol ValuabloReal Eatato?W.
J. Vf. Cowden.
* *
* ++ * .
Last night's Express completed onr
lluo of Norfolk*. We hare them In Illue,
Cherlols, Yacht, Flannels, Grey anil llrab
Woostetls, Plaids anil other fabric*.
Gentlemen or the Kink will please call at
the Star. It. (iUJinLINU & CO.,
ill) Twelfth Street.
We hare now In slock a fall line of the
abore Jackets; also, an extra bear)- qnalHit
ror butchers, anil a fall lino uf Scotch
Wool Underwear, warranted not to
ihrlnk. C. HESS * SONS',
Merchant Tailors awl dent's Furnishers.
Niw Hxurstuut: House Blankets toe,at
K. M. McGilun A Co.
You had better go early to bo anre ol a
eat at Kane Street to-night. Frank draws
a crowd. Doors open at 7:30,
Slntteri of Minor Moment in and About the
Tnr sunny aide of the street was popular
Theke wu a "white wash" in the police
court yesterday morning.
Minkie Madders in "Caprice" at the
Oj>cra House this evening.
"The New Magdalen" at Charley
Shay's Theatre again this evening.
Recorder Hook yesterday issued one
marriage license ana recorded two deeds
of trust.
The Republican who predicted that it
would be a "cold day" when Porter Smith
was elected Sergeant was a true prophet.
The Onpitol clock is still dark at night,
the south dial, which was broken by last
week's storm, not yet having been repaired.
Tkk Rcyinann Brewing Company began
cutting ice in the creelc yesterday.
The ice is of excellent quality, being thick
and clear.
The river is still falling at this point
and at all i>oints above. The ice is still
so heavy and thick that navigation is entirely
The Woman's Christian Association
will meet in the Fourth street M.' E.
Church on Saturday, the 24th, at 3
o'clock v. m. A cordial invitation is extended
to the ladies of Wheeling to be
CincuiT Count met vesterday, but owing
to tbo confusion prevailing abojt the
Court House incident to the city election,
adjourned without transacting any business
until to-day at 9 o'clock. The only
matters now before the Court are those
connected with chancery suits.
A certificate of incorporation wag
yesterday issued to.the Good Hope Merchandising
Comimny, of Good Hope, Harrison
county, which proposes to establish
and conduct a co-operative store. The
incorporators number 33, and the shares
are $-"> each. The capital stock is limited
to $10,000. of which amount the sum ol
$3,025 has been subscribed.
Stranger* in the City and Wheeling Follu
Ijiwrenco Carr, Kw].,of Charleston, is ip
the city.
Milt Harrison, of Pittsburgh^ was circulating
among his old friends in this city
Mr. William M. Horn and wile, ol
Taylorstown, are visiting friends on Fourteenth
Mr. E. M. Pearson, Manager of the
Whirling Pottery Company, has been re
electcd First Vice President of the United
States Pollers' Association, in session at
Miss Edna Keslar, one of Pittsbugh'i
young ladies, is the guest of Miss Adt
Frasher, of the Inland. Miss Keslar is i
neic<? of Hartley Campbell, the well knowt
dramatic author.
Mr. John McKelvey, formerly of thii
city, now of Dakota, has been visiting rel
atives here for several days. He left foi
New York yesterdav afternoon, whenc<
ho will sail on Saturday for Liverpool or
the steamer Brittanic, of the White Stai
line. He goes to visit friends in Ireland
I He purcliaeed a round-trip ticket of Join
Bailie,Jof this city.
Dr. M. A. Newell, of Baltimore, StaU
Superintendent of Maryland and principal
ol tlic uaiumore normal ccnooi, arrived
in the city yesterday. He made a tonr o;
the public schools of this city with Super
intendent Birch and this afternoon, he
will address the teachers at their meeting
in the Third ward school house. Mr
Newell is a finely educated gentleman
arid one of the inostprominent^nstructon
in the country. He is very highly thoughl
oi by the people of Maryland.
Another Merchant*' Meeting.
1 As will be noticed by an advertisement
in this morning's issue, all those firmi
represented at the meeting of merchant*
held at L. 8. Delaplain & Co.'s store
Wednesday afternoon, and all other llrmi
1 which desire to belong to the permanent
organization it is proposed to form for tin
protection o/ Wheeling merchants^.arfi.requested
to have representatives present al
a meeting to be held at the Court House
this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock, when the
committee appointed at Wednesday's
meeting will make a report, suggesting
what plan should be pursued in organic*
ing permanently.
Frank S. Davidson, the humorist and
vocalist, will appear'this evening at the
Zane Street M. E. Church in his original
monologue entertainment entitled
"Smiles," which has been endorsed by
the pulpit, press and public as the most
refinedi?humorou8 entertainment in existence.
The entertainment is to be given
for the benefit of the church, which alone
should till the edifice. The nature of the
> aknnu
UllierMWuiliciii, iivnoir,!, snuum mi DUHIcient
to do this. Mr. Davidson combiner
the rare faculty of singing well and reciting
in a flrot-class manner. lie appears
in Wheeling for one night only.
Minnie MmiUi-tn To-night.
To-night at the' Opera House Miss
Minnie Maddern will present her new
play "Caprice" to a Wheeling audience
lor the iirnt time. The advance sale of
Keats is good, and the audience promises
to be a ilattering one, both in sizo and
quality. This is not to be wondered at when
Miss Maddern's popularity here in other
roles, and the Irish praise which her new
play has received, are taken into consideration.
Reserved seats are on sale at
glftm IIiivoth in Town.
Tho wholesale) glass buyers are corameucine
to arrive in the city to make
their annual purchases of glassware from
the Wheeling factories and those of the
vicinity. Among those now here on this
errand are Otto Doltinger, of J. Dolfinger
<fc Co., Louisville, Ky, Albert Jack, of
Greer & Jack, of Chicago, and W. it.
Bailey, of Chicago. The business is a
little late, but is now picking up and gives
Rromise of coming close up to the*Bvmge
)r the season.
Inauriuico Coinpnny Election.
At a meeting of tho stockholders of the
Standard Insurance Company, held in
Wheeling on Tuesday, the following hoatd
was elected: S. George, William Ellingham,
W. F. Barth. J. II. Pipes, H. G.
Lazear, F. jTTark's, J. B. Soinerville, II.
llorkheimer and J. C. Palmer. At a
mooting of the Directors, held yesterday,
the following dlHcers were elected: William
KUingtiam, President; S. George
Vice-President; H. C. Uiricb, Secretary.
Kkv to Harvv Ehglish grammar for
sale by Stanton <fc Davenport. Price one
dollar and twenty-five cents.
Th* 4 Want Soap.' Ask your grocer for it
Thermometer Record. - ?
The following shows the range of tho
thermometer as observed at Schnopf's
drug store, Opera House corner, yesterday:
7 a. m., 1?;. 13 13?; 3 p. it., 15?; 7 r. it.,
Washington, D. C., Jan. 23.?1 a. ic.?
For Tennessee and the Ohio Valley,
Increasing cloudiness, local snows, easterly
winds for Tennessee and southerly
winds for the Ohio Valley, warmer weather
and falling barometer.
For the lower lakes, partly cloudy
weather, local snows, wanner southerly
winds and falling barometer.
At X. Gutman k Co.'s Retail Department,
corner Xain and Twelfth streets.
In a few days ire will be ablo to show to
the yonng men of Wheeling, Bellalre,
Bridgeport and Martin's Ferry the flnoat
and largest Hue or Xorfolk Jackets west
or the Allegheny Mountains. These
goods are now being made for ns by one
or the leading manufacturers ot One
clothing In Boston.' Walt and seo them.
The Sergeant cy Loit, and Council Ilopelei5
Jy Democratic?Thompson Slain in the ?
Iloune of hU Frlenda, and Hen won ' 'J
Forgotten by the Bepnbllcane. J
? I
The Republicans yesterday elected
Jacob W. Grnbb Mayor and reflected
Frank W. Bowers' City Clerk, and that is
all As usual politics was taken little account
of by voters, as the result will show,
Mr. Gt-ubb and Mr. Bowers, Republicans,
und Porter Smith, for Sergeant, and John
Crockord for Wharfmaster, Democrats, all
having large majorities. The Democrats
have a majority in both branches of the
new Council, which will Bland: First
I Branch, 9 Democrats and 7 Republicans;
Second Branch, 10 Democrats <md 12 Republicans.
This means civil servico reform, as the
Democrats understand it, which is, elect*
ilaeiMilila nnaWinna
ini; weuiuuiiia m h? uvohhuiu
However, owing to the poller pursued in
1 tk e past, tiiere are few Republicans to turn
The election passed off quietly. The day,
though cold, was bright, and the air dry
i and bracing. The vote cast shows a de
cided increase in most of the wards over
that nt the municipal election in 1883.
j Fully as much interest was taken by the
. public at large as two years ago, and more
I than is evinced in the average city election.*
There was a large crowd in the Second
Branch Council Chamber last night as the
1 official returns were brought in and pre[
seated to Mayor Miller, as required by the
ordinance. The canvassers had in most
1 cases kept up with the vote, pretty
well, the ticket being a short one
> and easy to couut, and most of the returns
were in by 9 o'clock. The Sixth ward was
" the slowest in completing its count and
' bringing in its returns. The canvassers
' were not done completing their work here
' until nenrly 11 o'clock. The Fourth
ward was the first to report, coming in
i about 8 o'clock. It was closely followed
by the Seventh, First and Kighthr 'The
? Mayor and Clerk Bowers left the City
I Building about 10 o'clock, when the reI
turns were complete, with the exception
[ of the Sixth ward.
The new city officials are: J. W. Grubb,
Mayor; F. W. Bowers,City Clerk; Porter
Smith. City Sergeant; John Crockard,
The Council will contain the following
new members:
First Ward?J. J. Kinney, First Branch,
and Barney Shanley, Charles A. Miller,
. /' ir ii 1 x r
, a. v. iiuiicu wiu at w. wbwuu
1 Branch.
1 Second Ward?C. A. Wingerter, First
1 Branch, and C. R. Tracy, W. II. llearne
! and J. B. Crawford, Second Branch.
' Third Ward?1'. B. Dobbins, First
- Branch, and Georce B. Caldwell, W. F.
1 Peterson and J. K. Butts, .Second Branch.
Fourth Ward?Peter Ferrell, First
' Branch, and Frank Smith, Frank Healy
' and Robert Crawford. Second Branch.
Fifth Ward?William Myles, First
1 Branch, and L. Delbrum?e, John Wuter:
house and John Voeckler,. jr., Second
Sixth Ward?John Gavin, First Branch,
and Frank Gruse, John Scott, Jonas Pickett,
Pat Wier and B. F. McKmlev, Second
' Seventh Ward?H. P. McGregor, First
Branch, and S. P. Hildreth. Lewis Jones
and John Clator, Second Branch.
Eighth Ward?A. J. Schultze, First
Branch, and R. M. Gflleland Otto Jaeger..
H. W. Schrabe and J. W. McCoy, Second
Candidates. =
1.2 _S|4|5 6 7 8~ ?
For Mayor?
J. W. (irubb, R... IIS 462 4 10 292 .V>1 375 .WO
M. PoIIocJt. 1>-.... 332 240 2J9 315:330 01.', 19) 3Sn 2773
F. W. Bower*, K_ 43". 150 |7? 439,?0 553 3S0 563 3fi0l
0 Hell, 1> (33U Ml 290 aai.Mu '51 158 3G4 2743
City Sergeant?
C.l>.Tb0UM0U,K 330.101 103 *42191 135 3* (?l 2891
P. Snath, V 151 331 357 44b 43! 774 232 435 3462
11. Scutum. R SO 33 321 3W.1AK 435 27C 403 2#H
J. Crockard,!>..._ 147 3W 484 186 431 761 167 3717
For Katldmttoiu 303 135 310 313 371 .... 292 3*2
For Rejection-... 375|l37l25? 3111127..... 142)314
Grubb's msjority, 797.
Bowers', 858.
Smith's, ouy.
urucKuru a, J,IUV.
The returns from the Sixth ward arc incomplete,
the vole on the l.oan ordinance
not being obtainable hut night. Without
the full returns it is impossible to judge
of the result, so close is the vote. To
adopt the ordinance, there must be three- i
filths of all the votes cast, tor ratification.
Fint It'iirrf: First Branch?William A. .
Isett, Rep., .353; John J. Kinney, Dent.,
Second Branch?Barnev Shanley, Dem , .
40!); Charles II. Miller, bem., 420; A. 0. '
Harrell, Dem., 303; A. J. Sweeney, Dem.,
380: J. G. Kline, Hep.,305; J. U. Halterfield,
Itep., 308; Geo'ge Gnndlins, l!ep.,
377; S. \V. Cunningham, linp.,321.
Second IFiird: First Branch?C. A.
Wingerter, ltep., 304; Simon Ilorkhoitner,
Dem., 313.
Second Branch?C. R. Tracy, Bep., 377; |
W, H; Hearne, Hep.. 370; B. if. (itillyard, i
Hep., 310; J. B. Crawford, Dem., 328; t
Henry Weisgerber, Dem., 314; Charles i
Tieman, I)em., 313. ]
Third Ward: First H?ncb?P. B. Dob- i
bios, ltep., 435'; John 117 Hall, Dem., 322. j
Second Branch?Geo. B. Caldwell, R?p, ,
430; W. F. Peterson, Kep., 308; J. JR. ,
Butts, Kep., 38L; Henry Statu m, Dem., '
252; John Freiso, Dem., 26(1; Robert i
White. Dem., 351; Johu Kobrecht, Ind., |
142; \vm. Freise, Dem., 25; Robert Simp- j
son. Dem., 14.
Fourth Kami First Branch?George
McKown, Rep., 387; Peter Ferrell, Dem.,
397. I
Second Branch?Frank Smith, Dem., i
423; Frank Healy, Dem., 432; Robert .
Crawford, Dem., 475; Abe Stamm, Itep., j
353; John W. Armstrong, Rep., 201; ]
Charles LoelHer, Rep., 348.
Fifth H'ord.' Fiist Branch?Fred Under- ,
mau, Rep., 207; William Styles, Dem.,858. <
Second Branch?P. Bochinnn.Rep., 238; ,
Col. N. Wilkinson, Rep., 255; X. K Whit- )
taker. Rep., 307; H. F. Behrena, Rep., (de- ,
cllned to servo as candidate) 21; Louis
Delbrugge, Dora., 307; John Waterhouse,
Dem.. 325; John Voeckjor, Jr., Dem., 330.
Sutn Il'ord: Fint Branoh?William
If. Williams, Rep., 507; John Gavin,
Dem., 081.
Second Branch?Silas Hathaway, Rep.,
404; F. H. Crago, Rep., 400; A. D. Work,
Rep., 520; J. P. Heinline, Rbp., 402; Or- .
ville Carroll, Rep., 499; Frank Gruse,
Dem., 705; John Scott, Dem., U70; Jonas i,
Pickett, Dem., 705; Pat. Wicr.'Dem., 001; c
B. F. McKinley, Dem., 710. ..
Seventh H'anf: First Branch?II. P. Mc-t ?
Gregor, Rep., 358; J. E. Hughes, Dem.,
Second Branch?St P. Hlldreth, Rep., C
306; Lewis Jones, Rep., 339; George g
lUtor, Rep., 348; E. C. Myen, Bern- 23S
oseph Shaefer, Sent., 198; Simon Keim
>em., 197.
Eighth Ward: First Branch?A. J
chultze. Rep., 616; John Rav, Dem.,401
Second Branch?R. M. Gilleland, Rep
Ot; Otto Jaeger, Rep, 491; H. w
chrabc, Rep., 6IU; J. W. McKJoy, Rep,
03: William Wolvington, Dem., 443
Ldolpb Hildebrecht, Dem., 400; Charle
toling, Dem., 430; William Boles, jr.
)ein., 372. !
om? Scraping* From tb? Dtbrii of tb
It ia 'all an' 'aif.
It was a cold day.
Whoae victory ia it, anyway?
The Garden Spot did'nobly In som
Watch the new Council wrestle with tb
The Eighth ward never goes back o
Frank Bowers.
Dick Bird is giad be aoooped in a coi
itabulary berth.
John Armstrong says he was not fui
ling lor Council.
Mayor Grubb will look well behind tl
First Branch bench.
Wiiliafos and Fugate are glad Thoin]
son carried the primaries.
Mayor Miller smiled trimly as he res
off the returns. It wasn't his funeral.
Fete Terrell succeeds Uncle John Bo
ing, though McKown pushed him close.
There are several good men on the o
force whom the citizens will be sorry to s
Johnson and ex-Jailer, ex-Polic
man Davis are reported candidates fort!
Porter Smith will be extremely popul
until bis appointments on the police for
are exhausted.
It is pretty generally understood tli
Old Ireland will have a big show on tl
new police force.
Manager Tracy went tnrough 11
lightning. He ought to be a good wi
puller in Council.
Clerk Bowere felt worse over tho pw
pective defeat of Receiver Dunaway tin
he would have over his own defeat.
The ambitious Republicans whowor
ed agaiust Thompson will wonder wh
struck them when they run for offi
Messrs. Williams and Fugate, who we
candidates for Servant before the Itepu
lican primaries, did the clean thing t
Neil Thompson. They did all they coo
for him and cherished no contcmptiL
feeling over their defeat
Junkins, Dunlapand Barum, Bennet
policemen, worked for Smith, or at least
is so understood, and it is also undersUx
that they are safely booked for positio
on the now police force, although it
whispered that efforts will be made
have Smith knife one of them.
T j be Installed by tlto tfir*t?Oou. Dura
Future Plan*.
A reporter of the Intelligencer call
on General I. II. Duval at his ofBce
the Custom House yesterday afterncn
for the purpose of ascertaining when h
successor, Mr. S. P. McCormick, of Gri
ton, the newly appointed Collector bf I
ternal Revenue for the District of We
Virginia, would take charge. It usual
takes about ono month's time for tl
filing and approval of-a new man's bon
and the making of a proper transfer, b
Geueral Duval expects Mr. McCormick
he in full charge by the first of Februar
He had no idea, when questioned, wh
changes Mr. McCormick would make
tfife clerical force of the office.
General Dural in retiring does so prot
of the fact that his oilice has alwavs su
cesafully passed the closest examinatio
and that he is the oldest Uollector in tl
country, in point of continuous servic
lie desires .to he on his cattle ranch
Montana with biff tons by June, t*p as
be in time for the annual' sprint; ".roun
up," but his duties here may detain hi
beyond that time. The General does n
intend taking his family into the far Wei
They will continue to make Wellsbu
their home.
And the Dad Effect on tho Gat and Wat
Tho cold weather of the past three <
four days has had itseflect on tho gasai
water pipes. For the past two nights tl
street lamps have burned very dimly, ai
many of them have refused to burn! at a
Bursting water pipes arc reported from i
over the city and plumbers are in the
element. This is their bonanza seaso
and the ice and coal men do not go aboi
the streets with saddened counteuancc
The WatcrWorks force is kept busy flyii
about the city keeping the fire plugs ope
In many instances fires have bee
built to keep the plugs from freezit
up. There aro two or three placcs th
should receive attention. One is c
the east sido of Market street b
tween Eighth and Ninth streets whe
the bursting of a pipe has made a vei
disagreeable place. On Jacob street ju
below Twelfth, there is another had lea
A colored woman fell there Wednesdi
night and besides being severely bruise
had a finger nearly cut off. Twelfth stree
between Market and Cbaplino, is in i
usual abominable winter condition, cove
ed with ice and very dangerous for horse
Allrgcd Grnvo Kobbery.
A spenal from Warrentonl Ohio, to tl
BellaireTtV&twtf, of last evening, contaii
tlio following rather sensational news:
It was discovered yesterday that tt
body of Mr. John Capito, buried in tl
Warrenton grave yard, had been-take
from the grave by some unknown partie
Mr. Neily, the janitor, went to the gnn
yard yesterday morning to dig a grave ft
Sir. McCormick, wheu no discovered th
Mid of the rolgh-box in the Capito gral
protruding from the grave, and with th
issistance of two other men made an ea
imination and found the ton of the colli
liad been removed, and the body wt
jone. The clothes and slippers of th
corpse wero left in the colliu. Bellaii
ioctors are accused here, as the authors <
the outrage.
* Going Back to Imtli*.
Rev. Dr. J. Sumner Stone nil! lecture:
tbo Thomson M. E. Chapel, on the Mam
to-night, on his experiences nnd observi
lions in Ictlia. A great many people i
the city have expressed a desire to hen
liim, and this will be I heir only opporti
lity, an <Ke Doctor will leave next Monda
lor India. His wife, neu Mils' Elson, wi
woompany him. Dr. Stone will alt
preach at fhomsou Chaptl 8unday;nlgh
Ilia lecture this evoniug will be ill nitrate
^y various articles allowing the peculia
lite nnd religion of the people of Indii
So doubt the church will be crowded.
"ifow Cro?? Wm the Bl&ii?"
This question was asked In a recec
law-suit concerning a man who had acte
anpleasantly. The answer was, "he \rn
io cross that when he called up tho cow
itmilklng-tlme it made the milk sour.
Probably this poor fellow has dyspepsia
Lint the wont dyspeptic cau be cured b
jsing Brown's Iron Bitten. Mr. J. M
Jourtwright, of Codora, Minn., hnddvi
lepsia, bat now writes, "Brown's Ira
Sitters arc truly the best remedy I eve
ised tor dyspepsia and billons complaint.'
Grey Blankets $150, now $100.
Grey Blankets S- 00, now $160.
Orey Blankets $2 SO, now $2 00;
Grey Blankets S3 00, now &! 50.
Bed Ticket Sale.
E. M. McGij.lin 11 Co.
Tmsk 8. Davipkw, the very popula
lumorist and vocalist, will give oneof liii
harming entertainments, entitlec
Smiles, at Zane Street M. E. church to
Oxtv a few pairs white blankets left
!ome at once if you would secura a bar
ain. E. M. McGu.ua & Co,
, The Card Price Advanced to St 25, With the
i Usual Discount*, by a Meeting of the
^ Manufacturer* of Wheeling and thin
f Vicinity?The New Card Adopted.
For some time there have been signa ol
e a revival in the nail trade. The demand
lias increased, but this was attributed bj
the manufacturers to the fact that prices
had reached the bottom, and speculator
were buyingin view of an anticipated ad
e vance. To avoid booking orders at pricei
considerably below the cost of production
e the manufacturers of this vicinity met oe
? Wednesday in this city, with a view t<
n calling a meeting of the Western Nail As
sociatTon to secure an advance in the can
*- rate.
The meeting took an unusual and nn
l- expected turn. The five mills of this city
and the five across the river were repre
ie sentcd. After some discussion, a proposi
tion was made that the meeting make i
new card rate tliat would bo more satisfac
ton* than the old ono of $1.85, and this ac
tion was adopted.
A new card rate of $2 15 was adopted
with the usual discount of 10 percent ol
for carload lots, and a further discount o
Id 2 percent for cash in 00 days.
so The Riverside mill sold a block of 50
kegs yesterday at the new price. Thi
e- price, after the discounts, is declared b;
*e the manufacturers to be still less than th
cost of production, and it is made t
ar ascertain whether the increased demon*
ce is a healthy one of a speculative charactfei
If the trade is still active another ad vane
. is probable in the near future.
The course adopted by the meeting i
10 very unusual. About one-half the mill
in the Western Association were reprt
ke seated at the meeting, and it was cor
eluded to take independent action to sav
time and tronble.
>B- An Associated Press dispatch receive
in last night announced that the Wester
Nail Association had adopted the nei
card. This indicates that the advance nit
with the approval of a majority of th
ce mills elsewhere, which is equivalent t
the action of the association. .The ac
re vance is about 1G por cent
j j Current New* Items of Intercut in tho Gloi
tie v">J.
W. Janes is confined to the hous
with rheumatism.
it Bonnistecl's ice liouso is taking ii
ckI some excellent ice from the creek,
ns The Ben wood ferry-boat has gone int
winter quarters immediately below Met
to cer'a wharf-boat.
An unsuccessful attempt was made t
rob G. lieslop's house, in tho Secom
ward, "Wednesday night.
r> A special meeting of the Druids is calle
for Sunday, wheu Adam Weber, th
ed Grand Secretary of Ohio, will deliver a
in address.
an Another crowd of towboata' crews lei
,:g their boatB here yesterday and went t
. Pittsburgh by rail. They wore from th
"" Luci Keifer and Sam Brown.
n" Luke Owens, a young man who ha
?t been making his home with his cousin
ly Luke Gavin, and who has been sick som
weeks, died Wednesday night
The waste steam in the city power hous
p is now conducted into the smoke Btackf
10 and tho noise of the exhaust that so an
y; noyedall tho neighborhood is no longe
The B., Z. & C. narrow gauge has adopt
l(j ed a new time card. Trains leave Bellair
lc. at u in the mornining and 2:45 p.m., an<
u arrive at 0:25 in the morning and 5:55 ii
tlt! the evening.
:e. George Keller's grocery wagon slit
in down the hillside above the cattle yard
to spilling a load of groceries and breakini
d- the wagon. The place on the road isi
m bad one for teams to pass and there is nt
nt cettintr around bv anv other wav.
it. The following public school teacher
rg have been appointed to solicit and receivi
contributions of all sorts for the aid of th<
numerous scholars who are now in almos
destitute circumstances at home and hav
er insufficient clothing: Misses Lizzie Tay
lor. Sadie Armstrong, Allie Calhoun
or Julia Faupel, Nellie Battelle, Ella Grove
ie .
uj TO'KighCi Clilldreu's Carnival?Tlioie Whi
Will i'ake Fart?News Xolci,
ili This evening there will be an unusuall;
ir interesting time at Senor & Hill's rink
n? The event is a Children's Garni val unde
^ the auspices ol and lor the benefit ol thi
ig Ladies' Union Benevolent Society. 1
n. large number of masters and misses wil
jn be down from Steubenville, chaperpnei
by Mesdames Henry Anderson, John Mc
in Lore, W. A. Long, James Bair, Miss Ix>ra
e- Bair and Mr. Charlie Long. They will bi
re dressed in rich costumes cot up for a siuii
ry lar occasion in the city of their residence
Bt where their perlormanco was a grand sue
k. cess.
?y The young folks and the character
d, they vrill represent are as follows: Missei
't, Mollie Anderson, flower girl; Edith Mof
ta fat, flower girl: Kittie Moegrove, flowe;
r* girl; Fannie Talle, Little Miss Mullet
Belle Sarat, Miss Jingle; Stella Hill
Fancy; Kate Bair, Winter; Blanche New
ell, princess; Alice Bair, flower girl; Cor
jo die Labauch, fancy costume, and Nannie
is Hare, fancy costume; Masters Howarc
Moffat, nnnce; Fred McLave, Princt
>e Ho val; John Means, page; Burt Long,
?e Naiad; Will McEldowney, fancy costume j
in Clarence Stewart, lago; Earl Mahon, Hubs'
sian prince; Fred Powers, prince; Char
'o lie Lowe, prince; Dean Hare, fancy costume;
Clayton Anderson, page; Jim Mc
ie Cracken, lather Hubbard; Georgo Wintf
Mntlmii U..I.K?wl . Tnl.n
- i?111;' i ? iiiuvuvi tiuu??iu. vviiu viutoii;,
i? Topsey, and Will White, dude. There
c- has just been -finished at the rink some
n very desirable improvements. The suris
(ace has been enlarged several feet, and
I*-* the seating capacity has been improved,
o A private party from yEtnaville had ex
? elusive use of tlio rink alter 10 o'clock
Wednesday evening.
TKe .Etna and Standard mills are rnn<
ning steadily.
1, The ferry boat had to lay up yesterdaj
i- on account of the ice.
o C. D. Moore is pushing the new rink in
tr the Third ward as rapidly as possible. *
The Laugblin Nail Mill Company liave
?! been making some large shipments ol
^ nails this week.
Services have been held at the Presbyj
terian and Methodist churches ever;
iT evening this week.
*' Fabmkm wishing to be successful with
sheep should guard them against exposure.
But if in sheltering liis sheep the
farmer exposes himself and catches cold,
<1 he must use Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup.
g Baltimore & Ohio special excursion to
>' Pittsburgh Sunday next. January 23.
Rate for round trip $1 50. Train will leave
v Baltimore & Ohio depot at 8:50 a. m., and
f returning will leave Pittsburgh at 8:30 p.
' u., Eastern standard time. Tickets good
? for this day only.
? You will miss the best treat of th? sea?
son if you don't go to the entertainment
at Zane Street to>night
Fin* Good*.
The Red Ticket Sale at E. M. McGillen
A Cu.'n presents a grand opportunity to buy
firet-claragoodaat low prices. We quote
French Tricots and cloths in desirable
shades at $160, former price $2 00, and all
r other fine goods in like proportion.
, E. m. McGilli* & Co.
| Excursion Ticket. to N.w Orlaani.
Cheap eicuralon tickets are now on Bale
via the direct and popular Fun Handle
. route. For tickets and (nil information
call on or address J. G. Tomlinaon, Agent,
foot of Eleventh strctt, Wheeling, W. Va.
Accidents and Incident! In W?t Virginia
and TletoltT.
D. H. Milligan, Esq., was yesterday appointed
by the Belmont County Probate
Court as Receiver -of the St. Clairsville
' Bailway Company, [narrow guage* to give
bond in the sum of $10,000.
William Mcllvaine, white walking along
Pigeon creek, in Washington county, a
few days ago, heard a gurgling sound in
the ground, and upon examination found
it was natural gas. He inserted a funnel
1 in the ground,and on touching a match to
. the top a flame three or four inchcs in
( height burst forth.
Somewhat of a sensation was caused in
Cumberland, Md., Wednesday night over
* the elopement of 3liss Lee. tne pretty 17i
year-old daughter of Josepn White, a Hebrew,
a livery stable keeper. Her father
' is now troubled with heart disease, and
very much troubled by his daughter's ac>
tion. The runaway parties eloped Mon;
day night and were married at Meyers*
I dale. The young man is Melvin, son of
ex-Sheriff Basil I. Garlitz, of Cumberland,
crier of the Circuit Court
[ A resident of Tiltonsville writes to say
that the report about that place being
" swept away by the flood is a mistako; that
3" every cellar was dry, and that the town
is sir and one-hall feet above the high
watermark. The place is not only offering
an acre of ground for a glass bouse,
but also twenty acres to any company that
, will start up a rolling mill or similar
ii works there. A newly-erected yellow
( ware pottery will start up in the near future.
The shipping facilities there are
0 good.
8 At 6 meeting of the new Board of Dif
recto re of the Waynesburg & Washington
8 Railroad Company, the following officers
0 wero elected fortty year- President, J. F.
1 Temple; Treasurer, I). W. Braden; Super'
intendent, C. U. Bower; Auditor, J. T,
? Kogere; General Ticket Agent, Julius F.
Lemoyne, vice Demas McCallum, resigned.
? The road is doing well and increasing it?
? earnings each year. It has no floating
'* debt, and has paid considerable interest
>' on its bonded indebtedness, and is now
c aiming to pay its back interest entirely
and put some money to the credit of t
'? sinking fund, looking to the dischargo oj
D the principal. >
Baltimore & Ohio special excursion to
e Pittsburgh Sunday next, January 25,
p Rate for round trip $1 50. Train will leave
'* Baltimore & Ohio depot at 8:50 a. m., and
returning will leave Pittsburgh at 8:30 p.
m., Eastern standard time. Tickets good
for this day only.
" The entertainment at Zane Street to*
night will be attractive, fascinating and
e beneficial, and is only 25 cents.
[1 Linen*.
A large invoice Table Linen, Napkins,
d Towels and Toweliugs opened at
f . K. M. McGillin & Co.'s.
0 Baltimore & Ohio special excursion to
^ Pittsburgh Sunday next. January 25.
Hat? for round trip $150. Train will leave
. Baltimore <& Ohio depot at 8:50 a. m., and
u returning will leave Pittsburgh at 8:90 j\m.,
0 Eastern standard time. Tickets good foi
a this day only.
t Our Flannel Stock has been fearfully
o reduced. Seethe Red Tickets,
e E. M. McGillin & Co.
^ The V.'hl?ky Pool.
i, Peoria, III., Jan. 22.?The auditing
e committing of the whisky pool met here
to-day for the purposo of auditing claims
J* against of last year's pool preparatory to n
meeting of tho association at Cincinnati
r next Tuesday. Tho committee deny there
is any danger of a disruption of the pool.
T It is asserted that one firm in Cincinnati
e is . making all the trouble, and that the
A firm wants its claim paid beforo it has
a been audited. Members of the committee
say as soon as the amounts of the out1
standing indebtedness are ascertained
I, they will be paid in full.
g 1
Trying to Starve Them Oat.
o Emporia, Kans., Jan. 22.?Tho Rqmblican't
Arkansas City, Mo., special says:
s General Hatch has surrounded the boom*
B era at Stillwell with the intention of starvJ
ing them out He allows no one to ap
proach them, but lets any one leavo who
0 desires to. A courier just in reports
several are leaving aheady, as provisions
'? are running short. The Oklohamites have
* been trying to raise money here for thoir
relief, but without success. No firing has
been done.
Y The Features of the Sloner and Stock Mat.
r New York, Jan. 22.?Money amy at lalJi percent,
closed offered at 1 percent. 1'rimo mercantile
B paper percent Sierllug Exchange bankers'
, bills firm at 84 S3: demand (I at;.' j.
1 Stat* S?cuRiTii?-Qulot.
1 Railroad uoni?-1 regular.
3 Stocks?The market opened % to % percent
lower, but soon recovered percent. Before
the tint call tho pressure to sell coal shares was re,
newed, and a decline of ^ to 1 percent took place.
* Lackawanna fell offl percent to ???. DeUware &
p Hudson to 06%, Jersey Ontral ItftoM. Other
ocUve shares sold down % percent to 57 iu sympa'
, In tho afternoon tho market was quiet except for
. Louisville'& Nashville and Kansiu ii Texas, which
. developed weakness. Kansas tc Texas declined from
15ft to l li Louisville A Nashville from 23>$ to 23.
9 Near the close u moderate buying movement set in
a and prices advanced J4 to 54 permit from tho lowest
point of the day. The market clused firm. Busi'
nesi was light, the sales amounting to ouly 198.812
r shares. Compared witn last night, clodng prices
. ore % to lkf percent higher, except for Central
' Pacific, St. l'aul, Denver & Rio Grande, Louisville
? & Nashville. Kansas Jc Texas. Jersey Central, New
York Central, Erie and Texas Pacific, which are %
. to% percent lower.
TtautacMoux 77,000 shares.
U. 8.8s, 1U1 : U. & tyfi, 112K: U. 8. new 4s, 121H;
I Pacific6#of 125; Central Pacific, lO^fi: Erie, 63Ji;
liihlvh^WlllrnLfVI ukid: LouIhIm!ih mninli. 7*
5 Missouri ft, 101; tit. Joseph. 116: 8. P. A 8. C. firsts.
? 117^;Teuno?ee6s, old, 42k; do new. 42>{: Texas
; 1'iu'liic Land Grants,87: do AIo Grande, 64: Union
. Pacific firsts 111J$: do Laud Grants. luB: do Sinking
Fund. 117>$: Virginia 0s, 38; Virginia Consols,
' extra matured coupons, SS; do deferred, 6; Adams
Eiprow, 132; American Exnre*. 00; CanadaSoutb.
era 29jf: Central Padfle. SIM; Chesapeake A Ohio,
bH; do fint preferred. 10; do sceoud preferred bH;
C., C., C. & I. 31; Denver A Rio tfrande 108k;
. Erie. 13; do preferred 24 asked; Fort Wayne. 122&
, llanulbal A 8U Joseph, 3nU: do preferred, 88*6;
Kansas A Texaa WA\ Lake Erie A We*torn, 11K;
' Lake Shore. tu%: Louisville A Nashville, Z\W,
Louisville, New Albany A Chicago, 19; . Memphis
I A Charleston. 1st preferred, 10; do 2d preferred,
' S; Memphis A Charleston. 28; Michigan Centra],
M; Missouri Pacific. 93U; Nsshrllle A Chattanooga,
34: Now Jersey Central, 82%; Northern Pacific,
. 16k: do preferred, 38; Northwestern, WXA; do pro"
ferred, 124; New York CentraL MX: Ohio Central.
IV: Ohio A Mississippi, 17&; do preferred. 68;
, Pacific Mall.V.S: Pittsburgh 13d; Reading, 1% St
Louts A San Francisoo, lSido preferred, 8?; 81 Paul
72K: do preferred, 101: Texas Pacific, 12; Union
, Pacific, United Htates Express, M: W, 8L L. A
P., 4; do preferred. 12}?; Wells, Fargo Expreis, 105:'
Western Unlou.67>f
i flreadstuffs and Provisions.
Nxw York, Jan. 22,-FIour dull and unchanged;
reoeipts 11.000 barrels: exports 2,300 barrels. Wheat
1 spot lots \W4o higher; options opened Ka)fo
[ lower, alterwards loljto higher, downs with a re.
action of Katfo; receipts 17,OJO bushels: exports
271,000 bushels: No. 2 spring 95c; ungraded white
. Wo; No. 2 red February, sales. 020.000 bushels at
. 91V.MLr?ic, closing at *kV?\ March, sales 838,000
bu-uelsat WUaloJic. cloning at IQJfc; April, sales
?12,000 bushels at MMfiftio, dosing at 9&fcc; May,
sales 2.400,000 bushels at wyj&n/fi, clodng at
97Me; Jnue sales 72,000 bushels at KHatec.
dosing. at tt'tx Corn, spot lot sod
options Kal&o higher, closing steady; reooipu ill,1
0W bushels; exports 123,000 bushels; ungraded61a
SWc: No. 8 6&oS8c; steamer &2kiS%u No. 2,
Hake; No. 2 January &2Ka6S)fo, cloning
at MBfc; February tCaWXp, doafng at 80Hc;
March Msfiokc, dosing ut jjOtee: April 4!%tt
fiOu, closing at Wo; Msy 40^flZo, dosing at 4%
Oats]rfa%o higher; recelpUU.0U0 bushels; exports
aijCroWhoU: western mixed 86a87Wc; white wntern
87a40c. liar lu good demand. Coflec, spot
lair, Riodnll; options 16a20e lower and active; Kio
No. 7 spot 7.90c: sales 70.000 hsgs January and Februsnr
7.78c; March 7A8a7j?c; April 7.03o8.00o;
a06oS.10c; June 8.1548.25c; Uctobor 8.45c.
t demand fair and market firm; centrifugal
refined sctive and strong; C 4%s5}*c: jdwfiualattf
and steady. Rloa Arm aud lu gooddemaud, Tallow
nomlnaT Beef steady. Lard weak: western steam
spot 7.00a7.l0c; February 7.Wa7.08o: March 7,iai
7.16c; April 7i*7.23c; May 7,?a7.82c; June 7.30a
Chicago, Iua, Jan. 22.?Flour quiet and unchanged.
Wheat unsettled, but generally firm;
market opened steady, dedlned He, ralliedJfc. de^wfii)o!0,CbrnhI?K
Seedy smfa^deflmer1
cash 87%a39c; Knuanr 875jafflc, February JtSii
and a shade firmer: casb27Wa27Mo; February 27>4a
27^0, closed at March 27Ha27#e,
elosed at 27Ho: May SlaJlkc, closed at SlaSlfe. Bye
quiet at file. Barley dull and nominal at ftlatte.
Flaxseed quiet at 1148. Pork quiet, nominal and
unchanged; cash 113 OOaia OS; Febuary US (X*
120ft: March 91210al215, closed *tfl212)4*121A:
3UJH2 39*12 45, Clottd
quiet and shade carter; cash 6.70a6."2.V; February
8.70*0.750, dosed at fl?72)<c: iMarch flJQ?8jSc,
cloMdat tJCMMXc: May effiW.CC^ dosed at
c.97Ha7.00c. Bulk to eats In (air demand; ahouldera
4.86at90c: abort rib 6 06*6.07Wc; abort clsarfl.50*
655c. Butter tirm; creamcry SSaJSc; dairr 28a32c.
Qa firm at 26c. whisky steady and unchanged
attl 18. Afternoon board?Wheat quiet; February
and March declined Kc. Com Arm; January,
February and March advanced He. Oats steady;
February advanced He. Fork easy, declined 2>?a
5c. Lara quiet; January declined 2)?.
panomlraxa, Pa.. Jan. 21?Flour Arm and
in modern to demand. Rysilour in fair demand
at 1323. Wheat higher; &*. 2 red January 90a
W^o: February w9ja91Ho; March 92#al2Kc; l
Aprif 9lksMKc; May, 9&ata<c.- Corn, opttaa
quiet ana ateedy; car lots In flavor of buyers: no >
grade 42a4Jc; No. 3 mixed 45c; So. 2 yellow <9>?a,
50c; No. 2 mixed January 43a49)fc: February
4SK*UKe; March and Oata
atrong; rejected vrhlto 9Sa38c; No. 3 white 38a
SiKc; No. 2 white 3?%iJlc; future* higher, but
dull: No. 2 white January 38a39c; February,
March and April 87a37Kc; JUy 37X*33){c.
Baltimokk, Mo.. Jan. 22.?pi our steady end quiet.
Wheat, western higher but quiet; No. a winter red
spot 91tfa9lty?: fresh Jauunry W5$a91j*c; Februarv
91}4*92a; March 92%u5aXc; May ttftattc. Corn,
weatern higher but quiet; mixed apot 49%*60c;
Jauuary -WkniSKc: February 4#$ai8>?c: steamer
c. Oata firm Hut dull; weatern white 37a3Sc;
mixed &Ja30c~ Rye higher at 72a7Sc. l'rovisioux
quiet and eaaier. Efcgs higher and Arm at 80c.
Coffee lower and dull: Bio cargoes, ordinary to fair
#%aU)4c. Wbiaky nominally ateady at 91 ltel 19.
Cincinnati, Jan.22.?Flour quiet and unchanged.
Wheat atrong and scarce; No. 2 red ?Ss#7c; receipts
1,000 busnels; shipment* 500 bushels. Corn active,
firm and higher: No. 2,42M2Kc. Oata?troug and
higher at Sic. Bye, demand active and pricea advanced
to 7<M71kc. Barley unchanged, mk quiet
and Arm at 912 25*1250. Lard quiet and uuchanged.
Bulk meat* and bacon quJct aud unchanged.
Whisky steady and in good demand at
fill. nutter nrtn and uuchaoged. Eggs strong
and higher at 23a26c. Cheese quiet aud unchanged.
Toucno, O., Jan. 22.?Wheat quiet and steady:
No. 2 ted, caah January and February 81 Wc; March
&-%C; May to J ic; No. 2 tail tss%p. Corn dull but
Ann; No. 2 caah 4lc bid; January 41o: February
40Kc bid; May iMip bid: May 43)*o aaked. Oats
duD; No. 2 cash sw)4*? aakod; Jauuary 30)fo bid;
May 21%a32o. Cloveneed dull; prime 9149 asked.
Live Stork.
Chicaoo, Ilia, Jan. 22.?Tho Jhorer't Journal rei
ports: Live hoes?Reccipta21,000bead: ahlpmetita
600 bead; market strung; rough packing 94 25a
4 50; packing and shipping ft 55*4 73; light 9125a
4 55; nkips9a 00*4 30. CatUe-Reccipts 7.000 head:
sblpmcuta 2?0Q bead; market active; exports
95 75afi 25; good to choice ahlpplng 930U*5?U.
stockeri 93 5Uil 00; feeders 13 75a I00. She*p?Receipts
2,700 bead; shipments 2,400 head; market
" ~,n'" ?""".Mflft.#*.
I active; common iu.mu ****,
, choice |4 (Wa4 GO.
' East Libkety, Jan. 22.?Cattle market alow tad
' unchanged; receipts 1,363 bead; snipmeuta 75W
' head. Hog market slow; receipts 3,(XX) head; ship
meuta1.800head; Philadelphia*Si S5a4tt): Yorkers
, giTJaisu. Sheep market dullaud unchanged; recelpu
4,400head; shipment* 3,OJO head.
Cincinnati, o., Jan. 22,-Live hogs firm; common
and light S3 Ma4 70; packing and butchers
$145a4 90; receipts 1,700 head; shipment* 2,4U)
, head
\ On, Crrr, Pa., Jon. 22.?National transit ccrtiflcates
opened at 69>{o: highest 9%e; lowest GS5$c;
! closed at CSJic; sales l.OUO.OOO barrels: clearances
, 4,000,000 barrcis;ruus50,413 barrels: RUlpmenU U5.301
barrels; charters 10,317 barrels. Oil City Oil Exchange
stuck no bids; $t 7.'? uked.
Bradfoiid, Pa., Jan. 22.?Crude oil sluggish and
apparent!* neavy; National Transit aud Tidewater
runs Wednesday *2,928 barrels; total shipments
71.670 barrels: charters 1,037 barrel*; clcarances
3,0rW,0CW barrels; National Transit certificates opened
at live; closed at Cue; highest a%e; lowest to&c.
Titusviixk Pa., Jon. 22.?National transit certificates
opened at ?A?c: hlgbetto^c: lowest fc%c:
closed at &>%e. Shipments /or the entire oil
' regions M.asi barrels: runs fur the entire oh regions
45.&J1 barrel!; charters 10.217 barrels.
PnraBt'JWii. Pa.. Jan. 22.?Tl#afternoon market
was stcidv; declined to 69c; rallied toGO&e; fell
, back to five at the cloie. Trading was light.
New Yoke, Jan. 22.?Petroleum steady; United
60c. ?
Philadelphia, Pa., Ja 1. 22.?Petroleum 7J<c.
Dry Goods.
! New York, Jan. 22?The market, although
buyers hare given much attention to the spring
oH'eringti, there has been less new business thau
ie*teniay. almost whol'y due to excessively cold
, weather that has prevaflrd in all aeetioni of the
count'y. Press g>iodt>a>e iu better sale, while 'or
men's wear woolen* the inquiry mentioned in the
former reports Improves, with business moderate,
but growing slowly.
New York, Jan. 22.-Cotton dull at 11 ll-16a
1 11 lH6c; futures steady: January 11.10c; Feb1
ruary 11 Ota: March 10.13c: April 11.24c; May
ll-36c; June 11.47c: Jnly l).57<*?\AuKurt 11.07c; Sep>
tember 1130c: October 10 JHc; November 10.71
Hailing gowdev.
Brand* advertltod as nlnolu^ly pttr*
Ptaea a can t/>p down on a iiotitovenntil heated,the*
remove Uic mvur Mid smell. AcliwnUtwUI not to r*
juiml to ootcot loo prwwioo or amiouou.
m auLTurcuEss m* never bum QiDrrioxro.
In a million hrtm?? for a quarter of a century It Lit
tooil tlie consumer*' reliable test,
Dr. Pricc's Scocial FlaToring Eitracts,
The dHUUm ud nalura I fluor kwMiJ
Dr. Prlco's Lupulin Yeast Gems
For Llffbt, Healthy Bread, Th? Beat Dry ilup
Yeait tn tho World.
chicaco. - ?T. ioui?.
]>niljr, Semi-Weekly and W eekly.
The year 1885 brinn tbo country to a new departure.
A party out of power for a quarter of a century
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and woman ought to follow that hUtory a* It is
made. It will touch every condition of Ufe,
whether for weal or woe.
iir uirri/i v/ iiitpi i inrtmrr.
int wttMi initLLibtnutti
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desired. It is equivalent to *ouh commission, as
they can readily bo sold and tho money retained by
the getter up of the club. It Is not ueocaaary for
all the names in the club to come from one offlce,
nor is It nocntsary to sond all the subscribers at oue
time Subscriptions may be tent as but as received,
ono or more at a time, and a record of them
will be kept at this office. Tho premium ooplos
will be sent at the request of the agent aa soon ss
b? has sent sufficient subscribers to entitle him to
One oopy, 6 months.-! 160 | Two copies 1 yoar. J5 00
One copy, 1 year.?. S DO | Five copies. 1 year-10 00
One month t to I Six months ...ft 00
Three months. 2 001 One year - 8 00
Specimen copies of either edition of the Imtkluoancxx
sent (roe and postage paid to any address.
We want an Agent at every Postbfflce In West .
Virginia, Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.
Remittances should be mado by registered letter,
pnstoffico money order, postal note or ebtsk.
Piiuutoa lxmuoncn, ?l\ i
Penont wuhlm to lur? thtlr PUno mored on or I
About April 1st will plMM loirt orden it J
' / ?
gaMng jPowu^
Absolutely Pure.
Thin Powder ncrer rario. A nirreJ of
tresfth tnd wboUyoaene* Uan ecoaSgl
than the ordinary kind*, and Cannot be km*
competition with the mulUtu-ie o( low t?t
inc W<)| Kow v^,t
goc gent.
Rooms for ukst-ix hub.
brook's mock. Apply to \\. v. IK/jri
BKO.. 1800 Market itrwt. <jA'
Dwellin* flotuc, at prucnt occur.lwl bt t
ltndv?No. 1119 Miinfct'eet. PoSKiiioiirlr-n i.Z,
1.1&S. ALEX. HOG Eta.
or kent-a few vkuy d?!
rable moini for ofllcw or lodging-room*.
containing 8 rooms, bath roum, hot tnd
water, and all modem cotwenlcno. I'rlrt.ie?
per month. MRS. it. K. WHlTTAKQi '
J*17 ** 1513 ><cnbptiw. .
or ren*t-t 11 k des1karle
Brick Dwelling Home. No. bX M?h a,,.
AUo Kculdeuce on ?outh Ilronlwaj. Maul. |>*
st**lon Riven April Ui. Apply to r. SWEENEY,
Ko. 23 Virginia atrti'U )??
ok kent-tiiestohk.uuom.\xd
Dwelling House lately ocruided by lbo&u
F. Hejinmi, No. 101*2 and 1QH ilaln itrvel l>??u.
lnjr and ?tore-room can bo rented *ejxr?wljr u
ply to Mm. BKNTZ. So. 10'4 Mwln nnvt. Ul?_"
Home, on tho (arm of W. J Warden iltuM
flre ml!et emt of the eltjr, up Edgingtim'i Lit
Tho home U beautifully l<?e?ted, ami would taU
b ulce Hunmer residence. An orchard <?f rxO
fruit and room fur gardening. I'Dwe^lou era
A"riU'lsa- Aw,1"? \V. J. wabod,
jalO Ko
From April lwt.
Storeroom No. 1*K Market aircct in PaUtfiSttL
now occupied by ilia Jennie 11, Wilton.
Enquire of H. FORBB,
Telephone A, ffl. No. 7, U. 8. Cmtoa Hit*.
por rent.
Two Fire-roomed IIoums on Twentieth Uiwt.
Two large House* oi? Fifteenth rtreet.
Two Store-roomi with Dwelling*.
Bereral ufllcc* und Boom*.
Enquire of H. FGIU.ES,
Koom 7 Cuiloin Hwut
Telephone A-M.
j^or rent.
Thelhrec-?lory Dwelling,
TVo. 11-1 a Market Strecf.
Now occupied by Dr. J. 11 Surglwon. Apply u
1U1 Market ?tr?.
jfor rent.
The commodious Pcaidence on the reran*
Twelfth mid Eoff streets, now oceupkd tj It
A 1m> four rooms 1 routing the rlv??r,on lhe?c?o4
floor, number 1003 Main street, *ulublcfur?Ue-j
without chlldrt u.
Ja13 H3) M>ln.<tmt
For rent or for sale?ihi&
noo House frontins on M.iu and Sod
stneta, numbered MJ7 Muni street. ami1M
street. It h a three-story home with aprfmiw
and a hydraulic elevator. Will rent or *clL K?
station idven April 1.
For Kent?Six roomed llous". No. W ^rrntwrt
it-cot. Desirable residence, No. ft) .North frwt
street. No. 71 Seventeenth street. Four tu?
No. 7i> Seventeenth street. No. 2107 t?iT?0rt
No 1111 D'lUroore street. Three roinn? HM tut,
W2K Main street. Three room*, wroml il<br, M
Main street. No. WS Market street Sioiewa
and Dwelling. No. 2153 Main street.
>orSale-83j< Acre Kara at Hberranl, Msokd
connty, W. Va.
For further information cuqulre of
Real Estate A*ent *uil Notary iublfc
JftCO Msr'nft *tn?t_
gw sale.
Cloth l'arlor Set of 8 pieces, one Hat ?
Lounge, Mahogany trimming, one Walnut
robe, double doors, one Btd Room Sot, one ? ?
Table, marolo lop. All in first claw eondltM ?
of superior quality. A poly immediately st.va
Fifteenth street. A. U KICK.
For sale ok rent-tuk u?
three-story Brick Building. Nos. SO'JsjrfJg
comer Main and Twenty-Ural street*: douwrrt*
rooms, 4?k\ and Bobbed basement: k?w?"?
third storle* containing 14 tooms, fluUh?diW?
nlshcd; bathrooms, wash bouse, ic.,on nu*
able terms.
N. B.?The above bulldlug would makes
did hotel. !?_
jgonds for sale.
Tho LaBello Gl?s Company, Bridgeport OW*
desires 10 sen ir?,wjoi uicir rim ?
These bonds are soserured u to make tW? jarmtnt
nctrtaluiy. Inquiries rcfcmrtlltn; "JJ
be promptly answered, either lupmun orw?
W?r, by ' K. P. KIIUM& Preside*
jig or 8. C. DUNLKVY. SvaUrr,
'ihe streets of Belltview Ad?llt!on sre
and tho lot* are now for sale on ressotisble u?i
The loU are huge and streett forty feet wide.
Persons desiring to purchase will call on
]a20 Or J. f* WOODS. tso City. ^
Valuable Real Estate on N. E. corner 1W
fourth and Market street*, In the City of t>Tw?*
W. Va. Lot 121 feet by 6C feet; now occupM ?f *
J. HUUrtti aa a wagon and blacksmith shop.
ap19 imp Market B??L
Fonr two-story Frame Dwelling Houk? ot ^
ket street, near the 11. A 0.Shops, two hstMj"?
rooms each, and two bavin* four rwfl*
Mnit be fold Immediately. I*ill sell s?awwi 8
deal red. Will net 10 percent^on the Inmtflgp
Apply to H.H. lUNKMABj*?
dela ?? Market ?jgg.
Ten acres of choice high bottom land. il*
below Wheeling, cm Ohio Hirer and H. ?i *.
Improved by a substantial Crit ic hou*. 1
kltrbenand outbuilding*, sltuatwl in
maple, sugar and poplar trees. Also, * 5'*"
tion of fruit trees. Apply to .. ,k,.a
Or 8. W. MORROW, on the pretn !>?* __51JlOBSAXE.
81tnated on W., P. & B. R. K...(old Ilcmi
two miles east of the City of w heclltw, ? \r, a
about two miles from Ohio river, c?i:.*i^tlnt^ ^
acres of coal and 30 acres surface and eon.
knowu u U? "Willow (iljn j'jso.
mrl ' "|?<I
a Shares Central Glass Company.
10 Shares Wellsburg National Rank.
15 Shares Juticr*.>n Kali Mill.
10 Shares Belmont Nail Mill.
JO nhares Manufacturen Insurance to.
fi Shares Peabody Insurant* Co.
1 Share BrllUaat Sail Mill
Ja23 Ko. at Twelfth
yj with Valuable Lauds, near the City. >ai
ur Kent. , . ,ii] *3
As I am oompelled to move to the city I * ^ ^
my residence together with much or litw j
Farm and Garden Lands, to ?ult nu?na*? j
lon't sell will rent. There Is oti ttio p?**? ^
tenant house; also a lance new stable, usm. . j
srlb and wagon shed, all under one ^ j
loads of good stable manure, hauled <l'.r|p
jut two years. Mo*t of the land l? well
tardenlnjr purposes. There Is al*? ?? ? "L
ands with never-falling snrlog' of
lelds. A laree portlou ol the land U **":
md eligibly located for Building I^a. *
m such If wanted. Some have Urn *> '1 an > ^
in. Terms will be msde ca?y and to sultP?^
trs. For further Information aMi J*'Ly.
all on. P. L.

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