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i gc.ll grfafa jiflcutg. \
^ (J. Slll/H,
BmI Estate igeot ind Stock Broker.
tturntloa given to Collecting Bents nud
patnl management ol Real fttate, Can fat
Ah the tort of reference*
CT:fl Wheeling, w. Va.
tames A. HENRY,
lira I Estate Agent,
Collector ant! Notary Public.
fLMmi] attention given to Ken ting JIojwck, ColSJk?.I?,
Jtoghwt wid Bale of Keol *tate
??,,1 iYu>l<m!< (.crtiflcd. Dcwli, Leases, AgreeZaun!
tiiluT written instrument)! prepared,
"iviltvtlou 0.' Account* a Specialty, and prompt
ganvle. omcs, Ka faj lUHKgr m_
(Bnctwtor to Alex. Bone, 8r.)
notary pubuo,
il fcjjilo, Slock and JIoucj Broker.
ute* MtM. Mouse? Rented and Itenta Colj.
eriiui Market Street, oor. Twelfth,
guineas (fatilff.
iri>ciit?r mid Builder, I
Brit k ami Wooden Buildings Erected. J
X.Viillfju fikyl'Iglita, Countoniand Shelving. I
work j.minptly Attended to on reasonable
HOI'?Alley 13. rear of Capitol. Hesidenco,
ruth Mrvet. Shop In rear. Jh3
ItfiiriDgOinU sjuunm IUIII1IUM
jttluruitoronjjule to order.
IjpAlfUSllJSU 1S58.
IiSwmoii'sN'ail City Cigar Works,
i-j Dwlcr lu l*xl, Plug *ud Smoking Tobawx*.
lim/iut) Ctpu> Mid ttjwi.
Mr1 Wheeling. W. Va.
| Commission ittevchants.
Gtneral. Of D. Kgglwtou ii SON, BpcclAl.
I coMMissxoisr
IktainUmiu, Flour, tfotds, Provision*, Choose
giid Dried bruits.
I + 167 WASHINGTON' 8t. Chicago. I
glchct 2igcnt.
i*!r oil 00 to Wheeling from Uio Port of Ant- 1
rr by f&?t * tour era to Now York, Including pro -.
villi tin* uctnnnnd railroad furu from Now |
fur further information coll at
^ 2J17 Market Klicct J
| ,Attov?et|.at-gaw. *
lj|r II. UKAilNE,
I Altomoy-at-Law,
| No. 131# Market Street, '
I insurance (Companies. *j
OrricK-No. 120J Main Street. it
CiHTAL..^ 00,000 00 * <
ivo? general Fire Insurance Business. Farm ?*
f.- iui(l Dwelling Houses and contents In
livi for three or tlvu years.
EarT Munulbacb, Alex. Langhlin, ?!
I .iiMcui.tell, H. F. UollMM, a
luri-l Uuictau, W. II. Kobiuson,
HeuJ. Visitor. fc
y. J. ROWERS, Secretary. ly22
Of WHEKU.NO, W. VA., m
BtRTAL 4100,00 c,
burns.wiii-t |i?k or damago by firo and light
Dr. ikv** o! desirable property, also insure- a!
X^ <> on the Western waters. In
IS. Viae*. President, M. Rellly. Vice President
LLeiiuhlcJu, Scc'y, J?ta. 1'. Adams, Ass't Sec.
MKKCrORft. til
J.Vwce. M.HcUly, L.C.BtUel l"
LI Hobls, C. W. Kmnxhelm.
glnanclat. ?
?? *1
CAPITAL .1176,000. g
ii. A. Nht....... ^.President .
fiMuwra .Vlce-Pruddcnt J
tafrooKugUuil, Iraland, France and Germany. ''
ohuctoiw. fl
A. Iwtt, Win. B. Simmon. 1,1
J. A. MH1W, John K. BoLsforu, 4i
f M.Aikiiiwn. Victor Kowuburf. *,
?? F. P. JKPflON, Owhler.
IUPITAK 12#),1*0.
IS. ViKCTt ....Prwidcnl
lactt Ui'flHLw ? .....Vico-Proddent DUUtCTOM.
' ?. Vance, B. Horkhelmor,
f. Uu^.iiiti, W. EHlusham,
kf iKUpUdn, JL W. K?3loy.
lobn Frww,
Lnuctl on England, Ireland, Scotland and
"tannin F.nruM!.
_ JOHN .T. JOKKS. rwhtPf.
- - 1 ?IT
jj?ml)tns,(fia?St i&tcafflg tttittj) "
[w: I'irroiS, ,,
PU. I lib MAIN BT1UVE.1,
toctical 1M umber,
Gas and Steam Fitter, a
attention ulvwn to Jobbing, j y30
1 t?
1418 Market Street, 1
TUatlug and Ventilating of Public Bulldlngal t
ami Factori<* a Specialty.
tyM. HAKE & SON;
Gum ami 8t<uim ITitterei,
AH work done promptly at reawmabte prices.
?autsulUe& jjnsltuHlc. '
(toufarrllle Si Nuhrillo Railroad.)
frtoulnnio, Kiubvlllo, DreMur, llobllo, Moo*Komcry
orld's Exposition !
For Rate*, Maputo., rile to
^8. PARKER, A. Q. P. A.
Cincinnati, O.
A Queen's Opinion.
J. M. Queen >vrlles from Johnston, W
Va., that'he hat been sorely afflicied To
teveral years, but he was Hrged to try Pk
runa, which he did, nnd he now feel
that he it about over hit trouble, and con
tidera it the greatest mcdicinc in tin
world. Hesayt he has to go or tend i
distance of fifteen railea to obtain P*au
na, but it will repay him for thU.
Ellwood ShaUcrots, former editor o
the Saturday Journal, wheeling, W. Va.
says: "Gentlemen: Some time ago i
was afflicted with a pain in my liack in tlx
region of the kidneys, and suffered con
siaerably. Having read your advertise
mcnt, I went to Logan & Co., of this city
and purchased a bottle of Pur una, whicl
I took, and it resulted in the complete rc
moval of the pain. I think I can safel)
recommend it as a superior panacca fo'i
Mr. Aaron Shrcfflcr, Alma, Marion coung,
III., writes: 41 I)k. S. B. IIartaian &
o.,Columbus,O .Dear Sirs: Myself anil
wife have taken three bottles of your mcdicinc*
and received much benefit by the
use of them. My wife was troubled' witli
neuralgia, hcadache and weak stomach,
llcr headache has not troubled her for the
last two weeks, nnd her stomach is much
better. She took only Fkhuna. I used
both medicines, nnd my general health U
so much improved that I feci like a new
man. My stomach is very much better,
and the Maxalin keeps my bowels all
right. We intend to keep taking the mod*
icines until we nre permanently cured."
nvans *. joncs, rrospect, Marion to.,
O., Rays: 44 After having taken medicinu
from 'different physicians of this place
without any relief, I was induced to try
Sour Par una, which I purchased of Cook
;ros? druggists, of tins place, and after
using some six bottles of the same, I feel
very much benefited. Am sure it will
finally work an entire cure."
T.J. Ewing, Cattletsburg,Ky., writes:
41 In the early part of last winter I contracted
a severe cold, attended with a bad
cough; then, being exposed during late
flood, added to my disability. I havo
taken your Pbruna with good results.
My cough has entirely left, soreness is
gone, and am increasing in flesh.
Thomas Bradford, 314 Western Avonue,
Allegheny City, Pa., writes: "I have
had liver complaint for three years; I
thought I would have to quit work; I have
taken two bottles of your Peruna, and
am well."
S. Wolf & Son, Wilmot, Ohio, write :
44 We handle vour goods, and they give
good sfitfeflretfffn." .
! tr? n I c<% W*rrna? DlsffMf*
l?ur* Cures. M*4
yrUletl gtiaraMten pii*t?
Urseod twostninpifwoS&nupd ftoJInUWorics,
rre^ Call orwrlte. p. d. CLARKE, m. o.
Jr. .T. 13. SMITH,
No. 1104 Clmiilinc Street,
Near Fouriccuui Btnjcu
riio best cvldenco of a physician's success In the
itlmouy of lib I'UlIi-nu The increasing do
xwU fcw my profmdotud services provu tliut flmvc
alt bimonthly ami fairly with those who lmv<
iioiiltLHl me. I never use a |wtient's iiuute with
t iK-TuiUxloli. though 1 hnvo mauy hundred ccr
IcaU* from tin wo whom I have enrol after they
(I beuu pronounced Iiieurublo. A thorough mea
il edui.ittlon with inuny year# hospital experience
id familiarity with Uieniitiitic nueiiU, a clone ob
rvunceol tcmpcmmcutai peculiarities undttlric1
tendon tohyxletda iiuuuiKuineiit insures success
jure In possible, uud 1 fruukly give the putiunt rnj
i I lome Proof.
Kidney nnd Liver Dfeenses nnd Rheumatism .I
Herod terribly?'"Nothing seemed to help mo
tuld not get old of beiL Dr. Smith cured me."
ZKTII. PHILLIPS, Wheeling, W. Vs.
Catarrh, Polypus of None, Impaired voice.?Suf
red for yean; intent tncdldno fulled to help ine
r. Smith completely cured me."
Of Spcldcl A Co., Wheeling, W. Va.
Dyspepsia mid ulcerated Stomach.?' Trcotmen
r years failed to give me relief. Dr. Smith cunx
c. TIIOMAS HOLT, Insurance Agent.
Kiln.?Had them for fourteen yertra. Dr. Sniltl
Scrofula. Running Sores on Head.?"My son woj
Meted for fourteen year*. Nothing seemed U
dp him. Dr. Smith cured bin."
Market Street, Wheeling, W. Vn.
Cancer.?"Suiftrcd for years with Cancer. Hail I
it out three times. It returned after ouch opers
iiu. Dr. Smith cured me wiUiout knife, eauxtlco:
tin." Mkh. II. M. ORCUTT.
l'ilcs, Fistula of Anus.?Flat on my buck for 1
eelu. Ite|M>rted dying. Dr. Smith cured mi
Ithout knife In five wooks.
Wholesale Grocer, Main St. Wheeling, W. va.
Ulcerations of Rectum, Prolapsus and J'ile*.IVas
given up to die snd pmnouncod Incurable
r. Smith cured me without knife."
Rev. II, 0. Ladd writes:?"Dr. Smith's profe?
anal sendee* In my family hnvo been most satin
ntorv. and I commend him to all as a gontlomai
tid it skillful plwtldau."
Mm. Margaret Kolk says: "I hud been suflbrini
ir seven year* mid Lcated by uiuny physician* fa
yspetmla. l)r. Smith wild 1 naA a tni? worm, am
i eight liouw removed a monster 1W feet loug,"
Kenmlo Com plain la.?Three year* In hospital* to
males, give uio pmiliar advantages In such caser
Person* wired of catarrh. diseases of heart, llvei
o-tnch, kidneys, skin, blood, nurvouii affection
ltd weaknesses of men and youth, scrofula am
tUimti testify to my tiiiocaw,
I'ilut cured without the knife.
Patienta at a distance may be treated by letter am
i Us faction guawnleed. A chart for self-exam I nt
on ?eut 011 receipt of two tbreo-cent stamps, am
dvleo returned free.
Consultation at olUcc free. Office hours from 9 A
. to 7 p. m? daily. Call on or address,
N'o. 1WI ChaplineSt., Whoolliig, W. Va.
8will's 8podflc cured me of rheumatism tint
lonths ago. after my physicians hail cxhauste
lelr remedies without riving relief.
0. P. Goodyear, Att'y at Law, Brunswick, G(
I have l>een afflicted with rheumatism neafl
irty years, and a tow hollies of Swift's 8j>ocit!
arid nio. It Is a God send to thosuflbrlng.
J. B. Wai.mch, Thomson, Ga,
I have been entirely relieved of severo rheumi
ism In my right arm by the use of Swift's Spoclfli
nd passed ihroURh last win tor without a relspse.
Hidnky llicsuutr, Kd. 8o. Cultivator, Atlanta, Gi
TWENTY YFAR9.?I had been a suflbrer fmi
tieumatlsm twenty years; was reduced toafkeli
an: cuuld hardly get about, oven on crutehe
wift's Specific hss cured mo sound and well.
Mks. Ezra Mkrsjion, Macon, On.
Swift's Speelfle has rclloved mo of rhcumatisi
rhieh at ono time threatened to stop my minist
lal work. Ittv. W. A. Kirk, Cross plains, Ala.
Swift's Specific Is entirely vegetable. Treatlso o
iiraul and skin Dlmwcs mailed free.
- Uh MMligwni
r OOtca t Km, to mill ft Fouri?nth tftr?1?s
Ono more unfortunate,
C TrtmtltiK the faka,
i Itahly Importunate,
Tried on the akaUi.
Plot her up umderly,
Loosen tho itrapa,
f Yuhionod ?o tenderly,
Uuuiiod toznlabnpc
I Oh, ltWM pitiful
3 That ?he ihould lion,
When it whole city full
Mint MO her drop.
lick her up teudcrly,
Smooth out hpr draw,
: Fiuhloacdaoalcuderly,
1 Made tocarwn.
r Out iho Mlrutk trustfully
Skating galore,
Down nIh* catno buitfuliy
On the hard Door.
licit her up tenderly,
So mod and ?o true,
Faihloucd no tcudcrly,
1 What could alio do?
Bumping Inhumanly,
Jolting the ueu,
1 She Li pure woinauly, .
And trie* It again.
Pick her up teudcrly.
What doci she care?
Fashioned no teudcrly,
So plump and ao fair.
Berao Suggestion* o? to n How Sjatoui of
llutldlng the Olly'a Thoroagtifnro?.
To the &tU?r oj the Intelligencer:
Sta: Now that tho question of making
some changes in tlio laws governing city
ofDcials is before the people would it not
be well to make some radical changes in
the method of raising revenue for strefifc
improvement and sewerage, also theinethod
of expending the same. The most of
our large cities havo long since abandoned
the system in vogue here at this time
and substituted something like the follow
ing, which, although it has ita disadvantages,^
all systems must have, is considered
the best that has yet been tried for the
following reasons:
It prevents any dobt being contracted
for improvements without the knowlego
and consent of tho property owners interested.
Improvements can bo made as fast us
the people feel able to pay for them, and
the tax they pay is used on the inprovement
from which they derive their benefit.
It prevents the possibility of any trouble
between the City Council and Board of
Public Works, the duties of each being
clearly defined.
It prevents the possibility of blood
money being used to secure tho improve- '
iuent of one portion of the city to tho
detriment of other portions.
It prevents the necessity of this ward or
that ward pushing ahead any particular
man for that board in order that this or
that work shall be built, and selection can
- ue mime wnu a quuuiicuuuu uiuuu.
It leaves the matter of what improvements
shall bo made with the people'
(where it belongs), thereby regulating the
amount of special improvement tax they
shall pay.
Many people in this city aro ready and
. anxious to improve the streets. Under
i the present system they aro unable to do
\ so. It will allow the people in any out.
lying ward to improve their portion of the
' city.
J Chapter LXXX, acts of West Virginia,
passed March 14, 1881, provides: "That
1 any street maybe improved alter three!
fourths of the property owners interested
Bhall petition for such improvement, and
that the expense shall be assessed agaiust
such property, in proportion as the none.
fits derived from such improvement shall
; appear to the committee making such assessments,
and that this special tax shall
. be paid withinsixtydays aftertheechedule
. ahull bo placed in the collector's hands.
It also provides penalties for non-payment."
t flow there aro saveral reasons why the
1 people will not avail themselves of the
i provisions of this Act Prominent among
them areJiifiJpUowingi
J The amount each individual is to pay is
an unknown quantity, and depends on the 8
report of a committee and the subsequent
i action taken bv Council, and iroiu tliis {
decision there fa no appeal. This ulone
r will act as a bar against its general use. 1
i Again, the bent (Its derived from any
b street improvement cannot bo correctly
determined except by actual test of time,
and it is impossible, in any case, for the
- benefits to be equitably extended bv the
u City Council, as in many cases the bene*
ftts are not tangible, and may add more
in the way of comfort than money value.
J The time allowed to pay such special
tax without penalties (sixty days) is too
? short and people will not take the chances
5 of being called on to pay an amount much
more perhaps/than they might reasonably
r have expected would be their proportion.
Further, if wo understand the matter,
8 in case a street should be improved under
1 the provisions of tin's act, it would not exempt
the property from paying also, the
l 10 cent levy for general improvement and
J from tho very nature of this law, it will
reinaiu inoperative aud would in most
- cases work injustice.
Now in order to ehongo from tho present
system to the one outlined below it
" would be nfecessary to discontinue tho ten
cent levy, or continue it at such lower rate
as would provide funds for general repairs
and minor improvements to be placed on
unimproved streets, as crossings, alleys,
In tho *placo of the 10 cent and general
j levy make all permanent improvements
by a special ordinance providing for a
u spooial tax to be assessed on the abutting
y property along tho otreot, and authorising
in tliB Board of Public Works to improve the
street at a maximum tost qf?ilollam. j
wliioh amount ?lmll bo determined from 1
i- tbo Oity Engineer's estimate ol the cost ot '
^ proposed work. Providing also for the '
, improvement of nny street or portion of '
street between two cross streets 'after a j
J petition shall be presented to Qounoii j
J signed by the ownors of throe-fonrths of '
all tho front along such proposed im- 1
provement. Also providing for the im- 1
? provcuiuntofany street in tho city, which I
o- in tlie opinion of the Oity Council, tlio interests
demand it, and the abutting ownn
ers do not petition for the same. In this
caiM tho tax must be assessed and collec- 1
. ted in advance of the construction of audi >
work. This condition of things might I
- exist in case of a short cross street be- <
tween two paved rtroets,
In any case the tax la to be assessed per 1
foot front, (or average depth of lots on 1
both Bides of tho street along that portion !
where improvement is to be made, and 1
not on valuation of properly, or estimated '
benefits. Tho abutting property should 1
pay the entire cost, less cost of street in- '
tereoctions, and l-#h of tho whole cost 1
_ of work, which should bo paid out of the
general levy. The tax may be collected
in mlvanoe of Uio work when tho oxuenso
is not too heavy, to he paid in one year,
i in which case bonds may be Issued on the 1
i street, or that portion of it improvod, and :
v provide for interest and redemption fund 1
| l,y annual pnepl#l to*.
Tho advantage* qx this syqUioi over the
one now in uso are many and may be ,
stated as follows I
The oity in any case does not Incur a
, debt for improvement, as all debts created
; are lions on tho property actually imI
proved, and If'overy street in tho city
MtQttld tended In this way the trade
; journals would not npt report Wheeling
I In debtI
No bonded debt can be made except by
_ request of property owners Interested.
The peoplo would derive immediate
it- benefits from their improvement tax, and
* not he obliged to wait a lifetime for their
'ng improvements,
na It doeanot delegate tho anthorltv to any
P set of men to say what work shall bo done.
? It leaves that to tho peoplo.
g The principal of doing city business
U through these boards is oorrcct, but their
H duties should be only executive,
g. It would provont tho sectional Jealousy
?_ that exists in our city at this time.
I,, Property on improved streets would bo
bit more vsluable by reason ot said Improvo>?
inonts and In every esse the special tax is
E a known quanlty. Unimproved-property
? would hare ? mora stable value by reason
of being exempt from improvement tai
in other words .exempt from paying othe
people's taxes.
Parties interested in property could m
lect with a positive knowledge of wh?
the improvement tax would be, and 1
tbev desired unimproved property the;
could select it, knowing thst they had n
special tax to pay from which thoy nee<
expect no direct benefit.
The objections urged against this aye
turn arc: First, that the tax being as
se?sed per foot front is unjust, as soim
property is more valuablo than other, am
as such, should pay more than its portioj
of the cost computed on the front.
We answer that it is the ouly equitabli
[.way to collect this kind of tax; ft is tin
j simplest way. not open to the errors ii
valuation or benefit assessment. And a
[ a rule, wo may say that tho most objec
! tionablo location on a street, and conse
auent least valuable (per foot front) de
lives the greatest percentage of benefi
from improvement. We may-further saj
that the value of city property increase;
and decreases nearly as tho front increase!
and decreases.
Tho improvements on abutting prop
erty should pay no part of this tax. The]
are temi>orary at best and mav bo swep
away nt any tune, but the land remains t<
still be benefited by a good street, anc
further the benefits derived, are generally
in proportion to the front. But allowing
the objection to bo well taken, and the
system is still much better than the ono it
use/ as the present system collects im
provement tax from all of tho property in
the city and a large portion of tins property
in side street* and out wards derivef
no benefit, and if the system is continued
uiey cannot nope io, uuriug uiu prcouui
itineration, as necessity compels certain
Btreets to bo kept up, and the most of them
require renewal.
Tho second objection, that as some
Btreets, owing to heavy traflic do not last
as long as others, and for this reason the
city at large should build thorn. Thi? is a
long sinco exploded objection. As experience
has shown that iu case a street is so
situated that it is subjected to a heavy
traflic and that this traflic docs not add
anything to tho earning capacity of the
property, then tho city at largo should assist
in paying tho expenses to tho extent
)f the wear over the average of other
itreets. This can only occur where tho
tieavy loads aro hauled over a residence
street. It has beou found that in the business
portion of all cities tho cost of good
itreets kept in repair is in about the same
atio to earnings of property. In other
vords whero a great amount of business is
ransaeted ronts aro high, and vice versa.
If Wheeling has any streets that should
e^uiro assistance the test of timo will cerainly
show what ones they are. and the
natter will then have to be adjusted as
nany other tax problems are.
Others object thatunder this system tho
nanufacturer does not pay as much as he
hould, being one of tho class that use tho
mproved streets the most.* It is impossi)le
lor any system to reach all classes, uness
we return to the old toll gate system.
Phe manufacturer will be one of the firet
o avail himself of a good street and pay
ds pro rata. Hut the pftaent system liujoses
un improvement tax, but does not
urnish him tho road. As many of thorn
lannotavail themselves of tho little good
oad we have in tho city, and this can bo
aid of a large portion of the people paying
his tax.
Tho objection urged against tho change
s, that as a portion of the city has been
uiproved by the general levy, thoy (those
in unimproved streots) desire to continue'
a order to gut even. Tula is certainly a
,'ery natural way of looking at the matter;
>ut have thoy computed the numbor of
rears it-will require at the present rate of
>rogrena? There has considerable work
wen dono this season?yot to be paid for.
i-'huii every cobble atone pavement in the
iity requires immediate renewal, and to
riake good streets new materials must bo
ised. This will require all the fundi* that
an be raised under die present system for
ome years to come, so that the immediate
>rospects of therebeing any improvements
nade in outlying portions of the city are
lot flattering, and unless a change is made
hose unimproved portions can again conribute
to the rebuilding of these old
If a change should be made now, we do
tot see that any streets excepting those
ately paved would have the advantage to
ny great extontover unimproved streets.
Is in most cases tho streets are so nearly
torn out that they are of little value, and
he conditions are probably as favorable
tow as they ever will be, for tho change
o be made.
Would it not bo well for the people to
Uoroughly investigate this matter before
taking any special legislation. The prac.
jcal workings of this system ran be lully
nveatigated in the city of Cleveland, Ohio,
vhere it has been used for iifteon years.
The sewerage system should b6, treated
lomethlng in the same way, only tho city
ihould be divided into sewerago districts
md the application in this csho would be
nore extended, as main lines should be
rant by tiie auuumg properly along ino
troot through which it is kid assisted by
ill of the property along tho linen of every
atoial sewer draining into it; and the tax
ihould bo assessed in tho game way and
110 amount could ho accurately Jeteruined
from a well digested plan of the
mtiro system, It appears to have been
ho policy of tho city in the past to build
is improvements iirst and make plans aud
istiimites of cost after tho work in competed.
This way cannot be relied on aa a
nlo to givo good results, or satisfaction,
is any extension or addition requires
note or less patch work.
Now, in view of all of tho facts would it
lot be well for the city to discontinue the
'rule of thumb" plan and imitate tho exiroplo
of our cities that have fine improvenepta,
vif: Make plans and estimates of
111 improvements in advanco of construcion.
l/so only such materials as time
md oxporience have shown to bo the best
or the purposo. Maninulato these
naterials in the best way Known to engineering
science, and a marked change
ft tho nannml nniiDnrtinfin nf ll)i> nitv u-511
io tlio result. The timo liu passed away
vlion it was noccssary to experiment with
retried BioUiriala at the 0x5101180 of tlio
lublic. R.
H'hertilig, January 20..
Do you wish freedom from aches, pains,
lores, etc.? Then purify tlio blood,
itrengtlion tin) uilmtry and digestive ortana,
build up your hruken down constiiltion
by using Dr. Guysott's Yollow
Dock and Sflrsaparllla. It is gratifying to
mow that among intelligent communities
,liie Bimple, harmless, yeta ffcctive remedy
wlla faster than tlio many humbug hitters,
ron medldnes and pretended kidney
Hires, all of which so rapidly weaken and
ripn the stomach,1 liver, hnwels and kidloysby
exciting these delicate organs to
unnatural activity. mw
Tnii 'Want Soap.' Aak your tracer for it
Owing to colannial' annexations during
tlio past year, Germans, llko Britons, arc
now able to say that the sun never sets ip
the German Empire.
wftjwlh qtefijl'ts,"
Clears out rats, mice, roaches, Dies, ants,
bedbugs, skunks, chipmunks, gophers. 15c
Fon so von yoars Allen's Brain Fowl has
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curing nervousness, nervous debility and
restoring lost powera to tho weakened
Minenitivo system, and In no instance, has
u ever fulled; test it. $1; six for$S? At
druggists, or hy mail from J. H. Allen,
315 First Avenue, New York City.
Tug'Want Soap.' Ask your grocer for It
Mai.ama positively cured with Emory'i
Standard Curo.l'ills, a novor failing remedy
; purely vegetable, contain no qulninoi
sugar-coated.?25 cents. ttuuw
Choky's Llttlo Cathartic Pills are sutllciontly
powerful for the most robust yel
the safest for children and weak coiutitu
tlons. ttiimw
$1,000 00 we offer to anyone detectinf
even a trace of oommon grease in Straus
Genuine Wax Soap
r HMaipnld Commotion c?n?d bjr That
llewarkable Statament of a Pbjitolaa.
The story published in these columns
j recently, from the Rochester, N. Y.,
y Democrat, crested s deal of comment here
? as it hss elsewhere, Apparently it caused
1 even more commotion in Rochester, as the
. following from the Bame paper shows:
Dr. J. B. Heiiion, who is well-known
? not only in Rochester, but in nearly overy
| part of America, sent an extended article
to this paper a few days ago which was
duly published, detailing hie remarkable
: experience and rescue from wliat seemed
" to ue certain death. It would be lmposaible
to enumerate the personal enquiries
which iiave been made nt our ofllco as to
the validity of the article, but they have
been no numerous that further investigai
tion of the subject was deemed an editorial
' necessity.
' AVIth this end in view a representative
" of this paper called on Sr. Ilenion at his
residence on Androws street, when tiie
following interview occurred: "That ar'
tide of ygurs, Doctor, has created quite a
' whirlwind. Are tlie statements about the
' terrible condition you were in, and the
l way you were rescued such as you can
| sustain?"
"livery one of them end many addl;
tional ones. I was brought bo low by neglecting
the flrstaud most simple symptoms.
I did not think 1 was sick. It is
true I had frequent headaches; folt tired
' moat of the time; could eat nothing one
' day and was ravenous the next; felt dull
pal us and my stomach was out of order,
| but I did not think it meant anything
' serious. The medical profession have
for years, and^it is high time it ceased.
Thesymptoms I have Just mentioned or any
1 unusual action or irritation of the water
' channels indicate the approach of kidney
disease more than a cough announces the
coming of consumption. Wo do not treat
the cough, but try to help tho lungs. We
should not waste our time trying to relieve
the headache, pains about the body
or other symptoms, but go directly to the
kidnoys, tho source of most of these ailments."
"This, then, is what you meant when
you said that more thun one-Imlf the
deaths which occur arise from U right's
disease, is it Doctor?"
"Precisely. Thousands of diseases are
torturing peoplo to-day which in reality
are Brights disease in somo of its many
forms. It is a hydra-headed monster, and
the slightest symptoms should strike terror
to every one who lias them. I can
look back and recall hundreds of deaths
which physicians declared at tho time
were caused by paralysis, apoplexy, heart
disease, pneumonia, malarial fever and
other common complaints which I see
now were caused by JJright's disease."
"And did all these cases have simple
symptoms at first'/"
"Every one of them, and might have ,
been cured as I was by tho timely use of
the same remedy. I am getting my eyes
thoroughly opened in this matter and
i think 1 am helping others to seo tho facts
ami weir possible uanger aiso."
Mr. Warner was visit at his establishment
on North St. Paul street At llrst
lio was inclined to be reticent, but learning
that the information desired was
about Briglit'a disease, his manner changed
instantly and he spoke very earnestly:
"It is true that Wright's disease lmd increased
wonderfully, aud we find, by reliable
statistics, that from 1870 to 1880 its
growth Was over 250 percent. Look at
the prominent men it has carried olf:
Everett, Sumner, Chase. Wilson, Carpenter,
Bishop, Haven, Folgor, Colfax and
others. Nearly every week the papers record
the death of some prominent man
from the scourge. Recently, however, the
increase has been checked and I attribute
this to the general use of my remedy."
"Do you think many people are afllicted
with it to-day who do not realise it,
.Mr. Warner?"
"A prominent professor in a New Orleans
medical collcgo was lecturing before his
class on the subject of 13right's disease.
Ho had various fluids under microscopic ,
analysis and was showing the students
what the indications of this terrible
malady were. 'And now, gentlomen.' ho
said, 'as we have seen the unhealthy indications
I will show you how it appears in
a state of perfect health,' and ho submitted
his own Muid to the usual tost. As he
watched the results his countenanco suddenly
changed?liis color and command
both loft him and in a trumbling voice he
Haid; 'Gentlemen, I have made a painful
discovery; I have Blight's disease of the
kidneys. And in less than a year he was
dead. The slightest indications of any
kidnoy difficulty should be enough to
strike terror to any one."
"You know of Jir. Ilenion's easo?"
"Y(J?, X have both read and heard of it."
"It is very wonderful, ia it not?"
"No more so than a great many others
that have come to my notice as having 1
been cured by the same means."
"You believe then that Bright's diBeaso
can be cured."
"I know it can. 1 know it from my, own
and the experience of thousands of prominent
persons who were given up to die by
both their physicians and friends."
"You speak of your own experience,
what was it?"
"A fearful ono. I had felt languid and
unfitted for business for years. But I did
not know what ailed mo; When, however,
I found it was kidney difficulty I
thought there was little hope and so aid
the doctors. 1 have since learned that ono
of the physicians of this city pointed me
out to a gentleman on tho street ono day,
saying; 'Therogoes a man who will be ;
dead within a yoar.' I believe his words
would have proved true if Iliad not providentially
used the remedy now known as
Warners Safe Cure."
Dr. S. A.I^attiraore, although busily engaged
upon somo matters connected with
tliu Ktaln Mn?wt nf Haaltk ftf -"lilnU l " I?
one ol theanalyists, courteously answered
the questions tiint were propounded him:
"Did you make a chemical analysis ot
the case of Mr. H. 11. Warner some three
years ago, Doctor?"
"Yes, air."
"What did this analysis show you?"
"The presents of albumen and tubo casts
in great abundance."
"And what did the symptoms indicate?" I
"A serioiii disease of the kidneys."
"Did you think Mr. Warner could recover?"
"Nosir. 1 did not think itpossiblo."
"Do yon know anything about the remedy
which cured hltnV"
"Yes- 1 have chemically analyzed it .
and tind it pure and harmless."
Wo publish the foregoing statements in
view of the commotion which the publicity '
of Dr. Ilenion's article has caused and to
meet the protestation! which have been
made. Tlvj doctor was cured /our ytan
ago and U w? and attending to his professional
duties to-day. Tho standing of
Dr. llt-'llion, Mr. Warner and Dr. Lattlmore
in tho community is beyond question
and the statements they make, cannqt
for a moment be doubted. Dr. lienion's
experience shows that Uright's
disease of the kidueys is one of the most
deceptive and dangerous of all disease,
that it is exceedingly common, and that it
can bo cured.
Mew Britain, the antipodal island recently
.acquired by Germany, lias a population,
among which grandlathcra count
for naught, every man's Influence and
standing being measured by the length of
his puree strings.
Stop Timl Coughl
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Balsam?the only sure cure lor Coughs,
Colds, Iloarecncss and Sore Throat, and
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i not neglect a Cough. It may prove fatal.
. Scores and hundreds of grateful people
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' Lung Balsam, and no family will ever be
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ering its marvelous power. It is put up
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Ohio. n*w
A company bus been formed at Louisville
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No one having the slightest acquaintance
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that the surface indications are excellent.
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t'tiAtm: Tpro
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jju M rwrnura' KftUca v1?h j. tfjartojtt "{
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Lea & Pcnlotf NVorcartcn&lre Banco. Brid
Lnpcrti tho most ddldoui tuto nud taat to te2r
of ft LBTTUU from V &<T
TLKMAN at Wnd- Eft AllU
TeuYfcA^FRR-1Flf/Hf git
niss mat thdrBHEM _
souco to liljhly os-l^bbJ IlCiT ?fc COL? *,<?
tmnral la Pitt
IS? tlinaER;: Sggj ^EATS, ~A!
tSo m<?t vrbc lev CAIWE, dec* nwt
one wkuoe thai uH8| J'Ji
tiiKiiu bjiu
SUrosttttft U on ?very 1??*6 oC ilENCINB "V
Bold uul nial Ulrotwhout 'Juo worltL H1"
iOEKTH munn! trarr ed stium. ,,
%vw vim k. i
UoSSftflTELUalntCKIl, JOB HOOMfl, Km*& ' ]
***+ ??
? ffflwP 'lv<5l U^K"
[ni will run ai oilow*?WheellM Umo:
turmtTKD. toS'. Ho.n Ptiir Wo. a d?iit
as. F& rtM > ?:& "?s
nnington........ 7:30 ?
' ?? V.-.Ot, 'iS 10:15
W >" f. M. a. X.
nbflrliml -- 2:40 7:00 i'M
ihlngton City. 2 "****'*' l$Sl
Umorc K:3?
0. 86. 8* and 87 ttop at all Htatlotu.
Ko.2lMo.4No. 6
rat bodXp. No 14 No.12 Dally Dally Dally
eavo- a. m. p.m. a.m. p.m. p.m.
nt.g , 7:85 8:40 9:16 7:06 llsflO
lain. ...... 8:10 4:15 10:06 7:46 12:05
cSrSlSJZ.-.. lift 7:00 m!5? ?:? 2:40
rark............... 1:20 10:16 8.82
2:40 11:SU 6:15
a. m.
dnnatl.......... 7:25 4:C0 10:00
datky..:..^... 630 pSj?
lananolbi........ .. 11:00 7:06 4:45
a. m. p.m.
[/rail .? 7:80 6:46 7:80
DagOw~..~~ ~~~ 6:40 9:0. 7:20
UBW (;ny_ 6:00 8:9C _f|00
ouudavlUo accommodation oaves Wheeling at
5 a. m., and arrive* at Moundavllle at 12:16 p.
lally except Sunday*
annlnirton accommodation at 4:10 p.w.
inoaville Aooom. leaves Wheeling at 7:85 a. m.
8:40 p.m. Bellalro at 8:10 a.m. and 4:16 p.m.,
y cxcept Sunday. _
unemile aooommodatlon taken off.
A O. Sleeping Cur* on all through train*,
fcroujjh Coach from Wheeling to Columbus on
2, loavlng Wheeling at 9:16 a. m., arriving at
imhtiH at U:10 ii. m.
oae connections are made for aU points South
Southwest, North and Northwest, making this
Usable route lor ooloulrta and pereoua niovlng
10 gnat Wort, and to whom particular attention
cS to all principal points on lale at Depot,
ruml nir Mr opmrnmnflttfoni ran haiionuroa at
ot Ticket Offloo.
r. H. B. HA ASK, Ticket Awnt B. AO. Depot.
Ticket Agent, under ilcLure IIouhc.
T. DKVRIEB, General Agent. Wheeling.
Jlimwo iPirJSBUKGH i)JVr
i aud Alter DKUKMBER 21, train* will arriro
depart u follows?1Wheeling time:
ir I1tt*buixh?8*2^ daily aud i:10 a.m. and 6:30
dally except Sunday,
irWsahingtou-4:lu dally aud 8:25 a. m.,an&
aud C VJO p. ia.
omPlttsburgh-10:65s.m.and7:00 aud 11:05
i., dally, except 8uudar.
om WMhitigioit--} .lutfally and 10:55 a. m., i?4
and 11:05 p. in. daily except Suudaj.
3. K. LORD, Gen. I'm*. Agt, Hjvltimoro. I A,
108. M. RING, Gen. 8upL Pittsburgh. Pa.
F. SMITH, Paw. Agent. ritUborgb. Pa.
mo table corrected to November 21, IHsh. Tralui
j Paubandle Station, foot of Kioventh street,
public lamliug, a* folio its?Central Standard
9?1which la 86 minutes slower that Wheeling
Daily Dally AoPaw.
Pass. coto.
A.M. P.M. X. x.
?-Wheeling ?.? 6:16 3:15 0:*
vo-Benwo<xL .......... 6:35 3:35 6:S>
ndsviUtt.....~ 7:00 4:00 7:M
Lug ton. 7:50 -1:60 9:06
tor....................... 8:05 5:06 8:45
Martinsville 8:25 6:25 10:.Tf
Is 8:?5 6:35 10:60
mUlo ? R:55 5 11:*
ndly (Mabnnoras) 9:10 6:10 12dC
9:45 6:45 i;?
Eamstown (Marietta)... 10:40 '7:4L 8:66
enburg,' W. V? ...".-..I 11:161 8:16 5:lf
oowo WORTH.
Dully Unilj- Aot
Pas*. ra?. com.
A.*. P. M.}A.M.
e-Parkenibnrg^ .. 8:80 8:80 8:8*
*o?Wllllamstown (Marl'tta) 7:10 4:OT, 7:45
lairs 8:08 4:66 9:45odly
(Matamonuij..^ 8:40 5:30 11:00
iibtiiio. i 8:65 6:? u:s3
Is- 9:l& r?:oi 12:21
Martluvillc 9:25 6:10,
tor. 9:46 6:82 1.1)
[naton ....... ......... 10:00 8:60 2:00
n&rvllle. ... ?... 10:47 7:45 8:45
food U:10 8:10 4:85
oil us . .....,."....^.111:30 8:80| 6:00
utcngur traliu daily Including Sunday. Ao*
modatlou trains mo dally exccrt Handily
Ticket Agent, Wheeling, W. Vu.
LODI8 RA1LWAY?Panhandle Route.
mo table lor iCast and Wort corn*tod to NOV.
1884. TnUM leave Panhandle Station, foot ol
enth itreet. near public landing, as followtml
Standard time:
Ilttx. Hast >'ut Pac.
STATIOKR. Exp's Exp's Kxp'l Exp'"
A.M. P.*. P.M. A.M.
re?Wheeling... ..... 5:45 12:45 4:10 8:89
fo?Wells burg 6:? 1:23 4:51 0:01
benvlllo ...... 7:06 2:12 5:28 9:M
.burgh ... 9:2> 7:10
P.M. AA.K.
rlsbnrg.. 11:15 1:10 4:16
Imoro-.....^. 7:40 7:40
bington 8:50 8:60
adelphla. .. 8:06 4::t'. 7:60
York. .. 6:10 7:00 li:tt P.M.
P.*. P.*.
on 8:00 8:00 8:85. .
goino vrnrr.
Kxp'H K*p'B MAil. o'm'n
a.M. P.M. A.M. P.M.
ro?Wheeling- 8:20 4:10 5:45 12:64
ve-Bleubcuvlllo.. 9:83 6:25 7:05 2:12
.. ?... 11:? 7:25. . 6:15
nlson.. 11:25 7:<u......... 4:01
P.M. A.M.
irk 1:45 1:66 ? 0:4*
tubus.. 8:00 8:15 8:00
ro?Coluwbua 8:20 8:25..................
re-Dayton~...........~.. 5:67 7:22
lnuatl 7:26 7:80
auupollii..................... 10:20 11:87 ...v~.. ~
A.M. P.M.
<ouli .......... 7-.80 7:80..? ~.
ygt) 7:80 6:66
1 jralni dully cxccptSunday.
11k?<ui'? I**Inoo Drawing Room and Sleeping
through without change from Btmibenrllio .
to Philadelphia and Now York. Went to J o
bua, ClncIuuHtl, LouUvllle, Chicago, Indian
IM and Bt Louii.
r through tlcketi*. bngg*go chock*, ilooplngcar
mmodationm and any farther information apjo
J NO. O. TOMUNBON, Tlckot Agent, at Panllo
Btatlou, foot of JHevcnthstroot,oratCltj
ut Office, under MeLuru Roiuo, Wheeling.
MMajcrjOrtumbua, Ohio.
3en'l Paw, and Ticket Agent, ritUburgh, Pa.
tideiucd Time Tablo or liuwengcr Train* cor*
d NOV. 10, 1884-Oentral Standard Time: v
going weft.
' r.u. a.m. a.m. p.m. p.m.
?ur%h... 11:20 8:00 .... 12:45 3:35
Sheny.? 11:80 8:10 12:.% jj;45
a. x.
letter.. . 12:10 8:66 1:40 AM
Liverpool^ 1:06 ?j:42 ......... 2:20 5:14
p. m.
11:10 ........ 8:00 2:00
a. m.
OWL. ? 1:00, . 2:42 3:31
moe..... ilS' "*" }9;?i ? 4:10
xd 2:20 10:&j .... 4:83
ivlllc... ? 6:55 J0t09 12:86 2:46 6:66
ay's. ?:15 10:80 1:10 8:06 6:21
nto 6:24 10:80 1:2G 8:14 0:30
benvllle. 6:45 10:67 1:46 8:35 6:60
last .......... 7:02 11:16 2:02 8:48 7:08
lu's Ferry-. 7:00 11:56 2j4J 4:20 7:41
wport ...... 11:M 2:48 4:28 7:48
Ureu... 8:00 12:IP, 3:00 4:401 8:00
going tin.
a.x.uv. a.m. p. U. V. m."
lire.?..........-.. 6:10j 1:20 1036 8:80 4:15*
(report............ 5:221 10:87 t:47 4:28
U!r? Ferry?...... 6:3M 8:41 10:45 8:48 4:80
llant... 6:041 9:25 U:ir. 4:18 6:14
benviUo. ~. fl:2W 9:81 11:88 4:86 6:31
mto? 6:*H 9:60 11:51 4:63 6:50
ktf'B 6:4J 0:W 12:06 8:18 5:88
Isvlllo? 7:25 10:80 12:45 6:60 6:20
ud ... 11:21 3:44 2:50
moe~... ...Ju-OU 4:26 848
tt-'and ..J 2:80 0:25 6:56
a.m. a. m.
15 SoC.~". "rxLti? ij':? '"<?& "Tan
hettee............... 8:2Sj......... 1:40 6:40 5:80
Sieny-.....,.^.... 9:18..???. 3:28 7:25 6:15
nrgh ?-I 8:251...^ 2:35 7:?5| 6:26
ll train* tijtfly roopt duudajr."11^ I
rain leaving Wdtfcport at :33 a. at. dl?
connection at Ydlow Creek lor Cleveland
sago. Train arriving at Bridgeport at 2:48 n. m
ics direct conuooUoa At Welnrville from Clare
laud Chicago. K. A. FORD,
Qoncral Manager/ Ptttebnrgb. Pa
nend after MONDAY, Nor. 10.14h trains on
i W..% K. O . R. R. wlll rtin a* followSBgtEe3tyat
Loaviug witter* Far* at
:m a. m. 8p.lt. 7:80 a.m. 4tt)p.m.
JO ? 6 ? 9:80 ? 6:00 ?
:00 m 7 12:00 m. 8:00 ??
.hup.m. 9 " 2:00 p. K. 8:40
o* buwdati.
caTe the city at 8 a.m. and overy hoar uutilt
cave Wheeling Park m 9 a. m. and every hour

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