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I gltal gstatc jlfl ciits.^ I
1 * j
I Kril EsUte Ajfput and Stock Broker. I
I fptciil attention Kiveu (0 Colliding KoiiU and I
I feaenJ nuntfemeut of Red Estate. Can /ut I
I tiit U*t o! nltrrtut?.?. I
fl gj'C Wheeling, W. Va. /
I riJIEi H. HUSKY, |
I fleal folate Agent, I
I Collector and Noury J*ubJlc. I
ftfu)n*l ftttentlon given to iUntluK i[oru?i, Coj. I
I wtln< Ki'iib. J'ufihttH- mid Halo of Ko?l jfrtatei /
Siiiiitl 1Vh*1?m Ceftiilwl, iK-til*, Lftwew, Akwc
?rtU *a<l t'Un'f MrilUiJ liotrumeiiU j?rvfMtm!. f
ptCvUtiUoa ol AcwunU ft Hjxx'lJiJiy, and jirumpt I
orf|[.R y0 m, MAHKCT BT. I
m (Suctwor to Alex. Doac, Sr.)
I t'lalc, Slock ami Jfoncj- Jlrofcer. (
tiuiin Mt.'i'l. iloii*w Rented and Uonto fjoi I
wvO. JJcket Slfti'l, cor. Twelfth. j
-r.;: wii(fiin>{. w. Vk. /
business (Cavils-. I
I grtriiK'N jiicui-i-uuciii.
I Builder,
flrifk aud Wooden IIuilcJIti^M Erected. 1
I jjcck Valk'ji Sky Llglit*, ('oiitiU'nsaiiil Shelving. 1
ju trurk j.rouij'ily AtU'inlctl to un reasonable
I "SSW-Alley 13. rear of Capitol. Jtcsldenrc, ,
fiiwmt' H"-1'- sl'"l'111 rwr. Jul
I jj H'lLiJKLMS, I
I j?f4lrisj of all kinds of furnltiue.
I j({i furniture made lo order.
I Commission Jttcvciumts.
I lllifVWKT, C. i>. Efint.KmiS, i
tieacnl. 0/ D. Egg f(* ton dt 80S, Hpcclal.
I ftiirtlnOnUn. Klour, ft**!*, Proviaiona, Choose t
and Dried KrulUt. 1
a 1C7 \VAHHI,\?TOVPt. Hilmgo. f
2'tclict ?i)cnt. j
Tuiiu' THIFTKOH kuhoi'K ?
w!; ill o? to Wheeling from Uio Tort of Ant- i
nrp. by Usluleamcni to New York, Including i?rt?li'iuii"
oil tlio oceiin mid ntllroad fare from New _5
U;. fur further information call nt I
,.'1 '-.'17 Mnrkot Street. |!
<Atlor?cij-at-^aro. J
Attornoy-at-Ltitv, J
No. 131S Market Htrect,
Ml WitKKU.Vg. W. VA. ?
Insurance (Companies.
I Ormt-So. M) Mai11 Struct. 1
CAPITAL 8100,00000 {JJ
I I>**a jceiientl Firo Itwumiico Btuluou. Farm 4tw
I pnij.ii>-. unl Dwelling Ilotuca aud coutunU In* i?>
wicd for Uirve or fl re yean.
DuuccToia. Ijju
| Henry ft-hmullwch, Alex, LaiiRlilIn, lea
Mu I'. Campbell, il. K. iSclireiix, am
tend (iuliuau, W. II. Robinson,
BonJ. FUher. ?tt
henry 8CHMULBACII, President Sol
I.V.L ROIKiKIM, Secretary. Jyg
or WHKM.KO, W. VA., g,J
CAPITAL. 1100,00 coi
Iiunrw ftgaitut It*# <?r damage l>y Arc anil llsht .
Bin; nil rlavotnf dwirnblo properly, ?U*o insures . J
ariiud uu l lie Wrtltni WHtun. ^ r
/. K. Viiirc, PrwMcnt, M. Roilly. VIco President.
J. L Stnwhlcln, tk-c'y, Jm. 1?. Adaum, Am'I See. I
1)1 HECTORS, . J[J[
N.Vtnra, M. Ki-llly, L.C.BUM, 1
J. 11. lloiilw, C. W. Fnuislielm. cu
giiinnctal. (
V ?
(uriTAl u .tm.ooo. w,
Wi, A. Imtt -PrfxlilolU wl
Wm. a Kimwjx Vico-l'rraldcnt
PmIUou EugUiid, Ireland, France and Uormany. ??v
Wo. A. Iwtt, Wm. B. SIrnpwn.
J. A. Mllllcr, John K. llotsfora, !?
K. M. Atkinson. Victor KoMiutmrg. fai
Heury hpeyvr, ttr
artl F. P. JKP8QN, Cmhlor. :
CAPITAL. " ~ fo
J. H. .rralilont J1
luw Liiniuun _ Vice-lrostilcnt
J. S. Vtnrf, H. liorkhelmer, 0
h. Untfilln, W. ElliUKham, tl*
L 8. IvkpUlu, A. W. Kelley. at
John Frew,
Drafts Iwned on England, Iroland, Scotland and M
J^l'KK l intlN^
Practical I'liimlicr, m
Cus iinil Steam Fitter, ui
_wrS|ipf|iii attention given to Jobbing. J )'2Q
1418 Market Street. [J
WHcatlng and Ventilating of Public BulldlngaJ 8'
DttiUnp and Factorial a Specialty.
..?U2I I y.
lUM. HA UK A SON; ri
Gnw null Steam Fitters,
AU work done promptly at reasonable price?.
jjoulsuiUc & gasUulllc.
(tonUrille & NathTill. Rail rami.)
loUmktUIr, XuhTllle, Decatur, Mobile, Mor'- .
goraery and
"""on -H
World's Kxponition ! j
For Ratea, Mape, Ac., wrlUrto 1
B. 8. PARKER, A. 0. P. A. j
Cincinnati, 0. I >
C. P. ATMORE, Q. P. <fe T. A. !
--no7 I/>n|tvlllo. Kt.
gtano fttoutng.
lVntu* vrUblnR to have their Piano moved ou or
*tout AprU 1st will pleaao leave order* at
Jr? WW Market Street, I
jffcrttcal. '
A Queen1! Opinion.
J. M. Queen writes from Johnston, W. =
Va., that he has been sorely afflicted for
several years, hut he was urged to try Pb- =
run*a, which he did, and lie now feels
that he Is about over his trouble, and considers
it the greatest medicine in the
world. He says he hns to go or send a
distance of fifteen miles to obtain Fbruna,
but it will repay him for this. j
Ellwood Shallcrow, former editor of
the Saturday Journal, Wheeling, W. Va.,*
sayi: "Gent/eme/it Some time ago I ,
was afflicted with a pain in my back in tho
region of the kidneys, and suffered con- I
6idcrably. Having read your advertisement,
I went to Logan & Co., of this cltv, i
and purchased a bottle of Pkruka, which
I took, and it resulted in the complete re- c
moval of the pain. I think I can snfelv 1
recommend it as a superior panacea for
pains." s.
Mr. Aaron Shrefiler, Alma, Marion coun
tv, 111., write*: "Dr. S. II. II aktma.x & r
Co.1Columbu3,0. Dear Sirs: Myself and
wihrtiave taken three bottles of your mod- _
icines and received much benefit by Che ,,
use of them. My wife was troubled wjth
neuralgia, headache and weak stomach, ?.
Her headache has not troubled her for the
last two weeks, and her stomach is much ,
better. She took only Pehuna. I used
both medicines, nnd my general health is
so much improved that I feel like a new v
man. Mv stomach is very much better, ,
and the lilAKALIN Ijteps my bowels nil q
right. We intend to keep taking the medicines
until we are permanently cured."
Evans T. Jones, Prospect, Marion Co., j>
D., says: " After having taken medicine
from "different physicians of this place
without any relief, I was induced to try *1
iour Peru jj a, which I purchased of Cook js
tlro9., druggists, of this place, and after
jsing some six bottles of the same, I feci ?
i-ery much benefited. Am sure it will j*
Innlly work an entire curc." V
T.'J. Ewing, Cattletsburg, Ky., writes: J
1 In the early part of last winter I conractcd
a severe cold, attended with a bad .
rough; then, being exposed during late
lood, added to my disability. I have 11
aken your Peruna with goo<l results. .
My cough has entirely left, soreness is ,
jone, and mn increasing in flesh.
Thomas Bradford, 314 Western Avo- 81
me, Allegheny City, Pa., writes: "I have rc
ind liver complaint for three years; I ..
bought I would have to quit work; I have .
aken two bottles of your Peruxa, and 1,1
im well."
S. Wolf & Son, Wilmot, Ohio, write : f?
1 We handle Jfout goods, and they give "J
;ood satisfaction."
lOfJAiUVtfcAM s
Cli ron |g^ Vwron? Pluwi. C
gSyj~~ftjCSSq ?uirk. Nun- Cnrw. #iT4
r?>r.ti)tn]i0^ ipj-.i. yriffcti pivc ?
j?&nd twstommfwCoicbrMod Mthll^\VorV% J; J
reo. Coll or write. F. D. CLARKE, M. D. M
ft. 234 VIWE ?TBEET, CIWQtNMifH onto. m
>r. .T. E. SMITH, a
No. 1101 Cluiplino Street,
Near Fourteenth Street
Iho hest evidence of a phyaiclnn'a iucccm Is tho W
llmony o( hi* patient*. 'Iho iiiereiuinu do- to
udx far my professional services prove that 1 havo
lit honorably and fairly with those who hnve .
wilted inc. 1 never iiM* a patient'* name with- ti
; poriftlviuii, though I have muny hundred cer- fc|
rates from those whom I have t-uted after they
1 boon pronounced incurable. A thorough mod- w
1 education with many year*honpital experience
I familiarity with thcraputlctocnt*, a clone ubvanco
of temperamental pecullnritlc* nnfl striot ?
I'Ution tohfgleuic management insures enrnw,
nre in possible, and I frankly give tho patient my
Home Proof. &
- . -?y<
Cidney and Liver Diseases mm luiuiiuiuuntu.?
Ill-red terribly?"Nothing wonted to help mo;
il<i not net out of bed. Dr. Smith cured ine." ,
ZKI'II. I'HJWJIS, WliocW W. Va, kl
'atnrrli, Polypus <t/ Nuao, Impaired voire.?8 uf- i
?1 for ywiwi mtont medicine failed to help me. 01
, Smith completely cured me." I)
or SiKtldul A Co., Wheeling, W. Va. U
)yspopslnnmi Ulcerated Stomach.?''Treatment ,
year* failed to give me relief. Dr. Smith cured P'
THOMAS HOLT, Inniinincu Agent Kr
'iu.-llftd thorn for fourteen your*. Dr. Smith
red me." LOUIS K. WASHINGTON. 1]
Vrtifula, RunningBdre* on Head ?''My son wim
lietcd for fourteen year*. Nothing seemed to !*<
lp hiui. Dr. Smith on red him." tl
Market Street, Wheeling, W. Vn. P.
^inccr.?"SulTered for yenru vflth Cancer. Had It tl
tout three times. It returned after coch operam.
Dr. Smith uurod mo without knife, caustlcor
In." Mm. 11. M. OUC'UTT.
111m, FlatulaoJ-Anu*.?Flat on my back for 18 a!
?ks. ItcjMtiU'd dying. Dr. Smith cured me t|
thout knlfo In Ato wceka.
WljolemUe flroccr, Main St., Wheeling, W. va. a
Ulcerations of Iteetum, Prolaptms and Pile*.?
Va* dvun up to die and pronouueed incuruble. tr
. Smith cured mflvlthout kulfe," 'c
WASHINGTON DKLANY, Martin'i Ferry. <1
Rov. II. O. Ladd writes:?"Dr. Smlth'a prufes- ji
malacrvlcca Id my family have beeu moot sails- ?
tory, ami I common j him to all aa a gentleman 1
id a skillful pbyiddau." 1,
Mrs. Margaret Kolk my*: "I had boou itiflbrlng
r seven year* and ucuted for many physlcijma for
uneiMla. Dr. Smith said I nad u tape worm, and P
eight Iwuw removed a monster 109 feet long." (J
Kemalc Complaint*.?'Three years In hoapltol.vfor
males, gjve mo peculiar advantage? In flich canes. ..
Penotu cured oi catarrh. diui-aws of heart, liver, tl
jinach, kidneys, akin, blood, norvoua affections p
id weaknesses of men and youth, acrofula and i.
thma teolfy to my success, "
I'll.* cured without the knife. o
Patient* at a distance may betreated by Icltcrnnd u
tWaotion guaranteed. A chart for self-examlnaimseu
ton reed pi of two thrco-cont stamps, and
I vice returned freo. (I
Consultation at office free. Ofllco hours from 9 a. >
, to 7 p. *t.. daily. Call on or oddreis, .
' john etsmith. m.d.t u
No. i?m CUgpiiao St., Wheeling, W. vm
Swift's SpcrlOfi cured mo of rheumatism three p
onths ago, after my ]ihyKiofaitR had exhausted
olr remedies withoutglving relief. ft
C. P. Goodyear, Att'y at Law, Brunswick, Ga. r(
I hftvo been afflicted with rhonmatism nearly
rty ycaw, unci a few bottles of Swift'* Spocitle J
ired inc. It if n God-send to tho sufflsrlng. n
j. li. Wallih, ThoniBoo, Ga.
I havo been entirely relieved of severe rhenma* p
mi In my right arm by the uto of Swift's Specific, a
id ptuwefl through lost winter without a relapse.
Sidney Hkkukjit, Kd. So. Cultivator, Atlunta, Ga. "
TWENTY YEARS.?! had been a sufferer from 8<
mutualism twenty years; was reduced toaskole- .
m: could hardly get about, even on crutches. 11
vift's Si>ecl(lc has cured me sound and well. e
v,u. Mihwiium Mnrnn. Cfl. J.
Swift's Specific boa relloved mo of rheum*ttorn ?
hlcli at ono time threatened to *top my mlnUto- p
itl work. iuev. W. A. Kihk, Crow Ptalui, Ala. J,
Swift** 8pocIflc Is entirely vegetable. TrcatlMon <>
lood and Skin Dteeaiwi mailed free. I)
delO Tub Swift Briciric Co., Atlanta, Go. H,
gold by LAUUHUN HH08. <k CO. and LOUAJLA J
0.. Wholesale and Retail. ?
. c
a W?cortl?llf recommend _
O jdfA&P foufO*?Ui#l*?l tcinaty
WBlou?fc?Gocwi(l?? lj
maissasvri <i
Bn| Vfdral/bytb* Alcott X- tl
Cl'ndnneU 8R38 Hudx*. H. Y. 0
MjjDrjnJtt. B
y-TThag LOO AW A CO., Agontn. 0
A fliTOrit? prrsaHptlim of on# oftbl a
But notvd and unccowtal iiMxUltBta In tbo U. a. C
(now retired J tor thecuro atXervoum DeblUtv, f
JLoit IMnfiaod, J>*oay. Hon! *
Uplal a MAlea cuvoluiw/We. Dnifigiau caaQUu, t
Addrtu DR. WARP < CO.. logtthm. Ma. fi
OI'KO. ST1HCNUTUKNKIV Kto.. Imii Intwwtlnit j
|ony n.n>no?rP>ttti in wly loTS?
Mlnaa wa ?riHlu>r_ta?t intwu no artd?ntn oi humUI.IU.
T*r* bubly itulor?<tInfmrtwl iwnwm ma* wi (
aaalil clri'BUm itwnoli particular* br mldti-winl 1
Kftllt*Uim?M.'>' S V -r?U,. Krrmtmi hj (
rnrr TDIAI Thotuandi of coma of Nery J
lorvou* prostration, result* of indiicrotioiw, ex- (
mm or any cause, cured by NBEVITA. Strong 1
lalth that it will euro everyoawprompt* me towna 1
i t *. iM package on recoipt of 12 oenta for pottage ,
mi. rfrtn.otjw.>v?t<uxnhtmgn.m. hvi7 '
?Mlk?n( *ntb?l vwa.aM full 4MtrtMk>a nf ih?
II. II. U * VV. A.M.. M.l>~ <?W. UllTit.*? Tffc
nil ro Anakesis"mr?lJffi
ill l tl 5F? ',r Hildi. Prico fl, at Drag*
Sb it&Mtgtmx
OtQcm i No a. ~5 nail 27 fuurt??uth Street.
I Long Debate Over the Itaaklug Hill?Lil
tlo Other liuftlaoia.
Kov. Dr. M. Sessler, Itabbi of the. He
>row congregation, made tho openln
?rayor in tho Senate yesterday.
Mr. McCrcery presented Senato bill SI
o amend Obapter 32 of tho Acta of 1877
oncerning licences to sell liquor, and in
urics by tlie illegal sale of intoxicants.
Mr. Byrne, No. 82, to regulate the work
tig and proper ventilation of mines.
Mr. Brown, No. 83, concerning teachers
Mr. Woodyard, No. 84, to authorize
ounty boards of examiners to issue corti
cates for life to teachers.
Mr.Switzer, No. 85, amending tho schoo
iw in relation to teachers.
Mr. Coburn, No. ??, amending tho lav
oncoming tho jurisdiction and powers o
ounty courts.
The Senate refused to pass Senato Bil
io. 8, to appropriate $0,000 for tho con
I ruction of a liormal school building a
Senate Bill No. 1 was then taken up bj
'ctions. This bill, introduced by Mr
Irown, covers one hundred printed pages
ud amends the law concerning the pow
rs and [jurisdiction of justices of tin
eace and constables. Pending its con
deration the hour of 3 o'clock arrived
ud Mr. Scott demanded the special order
enate Hill No. 41, to require banks tc
lako quarterly reports. On motion o
lr. Scott, a recess of ten minutes wai
iken in order to allow. .Mr. S. P. Iiildreth
ho was on the floor of the Senate Cham
L?r, to make some remarks on behalf o
io b&iks of Wheeling.
Upon reassembling an ainendmontof
ired by Mr. Dawson the day before, wai
illidrawn. Mr. Flnyd then offered i\
ibstitute for the bill, requiring annual
(ports in aBtated form.
Mr. Byrne pointed out that the original
ill had for its object furnishing informaon
for the Comptroller qi the U. S. Treasry,
whilo the'substitute merely intended
* keep the people posted. He thought the
icidental good accomplished by Senator
:ott's bill would 1)0 great.
Mr. Switzer moved that the bill and
ibRtitute be committed teethe Judiciary
jminittee, but this meeting with objects
bo withdrew it. After several other
nendments were proposed Mr. Smith
ado the same motion, substituting the
mnnittee on Banks, etc.
The motion was again rejected, and seval
amendments, ottered by Mr. Dawson
id others, were adopted. Each cliused
ore or less discussion, aim mo urn was
ider consideration for over two hours,
was then marie the special order for .'J
m. on .Saturday, and ordered to bo
rinted in the meantime aa amended.
On motion of Mr. Burgess, the Clerk
as authorized to have any bills printed
hick the Judiciary Committee desired
i have printed,
Some talk was Indulged in of an execur
vo session, hut before action was taken
le Senate, on motion .of Mr. Woodyard,
Debate on Taxation?The Usual lloatlno
Rabbi M. Sessler, of tho Jfyl/rew con egation,
opened the llouso with prayer
New bills were introduced: By Mr. Gileson,
by request, No. 113, to amend the
mrter of the town of Grafton; by Mr.
ennis, 114, to enlarge the powers of
oarils of Kduwtion in reference to IJip
irchose of text books for ijse in thp
hools of tho State; by Judge Haymond,
15, extending-tho time in which railtads
may commence the construction of
icir loads; by Mr. Snyder, 110, to apropriate
money to pay the expenses of
ic State Immigration Agent.
Mr. Oxiuy altered a resolution, which
as agreed to, authorising tho Sergeant
t-Arms to employ a competent and
uatworthy person to take charge of tho
oak rooms, at a salary of not over $1 50
Mr. kiidloy offered a resolution calling
>r a committee of two to wait on the Auitnrand
procure information concerning
le payment of the inonoy duo banks.
ho resolution was adopted, and Messrs.
aidley and Itusmisel were appointed.
Petitions were presented asking tho
assage of tlie prohibitory amendment by
ol. White and Mr. Jvdwards.
Mr. Glover offered House Joint Ilesuluon
No. 11, autltorisjing the State Board ol
ublic Works to insure the Stato House
uildingfor six months, to whicli Mr.
tanleton objected and it- laid ever
nder tho rules,
Mr. MeWhorter's resolution oll'ored the
ay beforo thatthe llouso adjourn at 12:30
. m. daily was agreed to by a vote of 33
) 32.
House bill No. 17, a bill to permit the
snstriiL'tidnof plank walks along tho nub'
o highways, was read the second tuno,
nd the rules being suspended, the third
mo also, and passed with its title.
^exemption kjiom taxation.
The House then took up Houso Joint
esolution No. 2, proposing an amendlent
to the Constitution of the State. It
Jieit retolreil by (he Lcf/Muturc of West
7ri/inia, That the following amendlent
to article X of the Constitution of
lis State be, and the same is hereby,
roposed, to-wit: That Section 1 oi
.rliclo A 01 UIO UOIlSUlUUUti, uo lb iiuw in
0 stricken out and tlio following bo injrtcd
in lieu thereof:
8ec. 1. Taxation shall bo equal and uni>rm
throughout. tho hjtate. and all proprty,
both real and personal,shall belnjcutl
1 proportion to its value, to bo ascertaind
as directed by law. No one species ol
roperty, froui which a tax may be coljcted
shall bo taxed higher than any
ther species of property of equal value;
ut property used for educational,literary,
ciontilic, religious or charitable purposes :
11 cemeteries aud public property; agri<
nltural products grown directly from the
oil and tho products and increase in numor
of livo stock produced within thie
tato during tho year preceding tho first
ay of January and remaining unsold or
liat day in the possession of the original
wner or his agent, may, by law, be oxmpted
from taxation. Tho Legislature
hall have power to tax by uniform and
nual laws all privileges and franchise!
/persons and corporations,
Mr. Snodgrass favored the adoption ol
ho resolution in a forclblo speech. H<
aid tho farmers were a class to them
elves; their property could not bo con
ealod from tue assessors, as can that o
ither classes, and thereforo they bear ai
in just proportion of tho burden of tax
itioii. Ho said tho farmers had a jus
ilaim on the Legislature in thin matter
ind it was but their right that they shouh
xs put on an eqnal fooling with othe
'lassos of peoplo in roferenco to the pay
nent of taxes.
Judge Haymond oppoBod tho adoptioi
>f tho resolution. lie warned tho agricul
ural classes to bowaro lest thoy decreas*
axes on other property and incroaso thou
>n land. Tho manufacturer whoso pre
lucts produced during a year and unsold a
ts end are exempt from taxation, roccive
;he benefit of the exemption not only s
far as labor enters into tho product, bu
upon Ills invested capital. The Judgo lai
lown tho rulo that a man should be tnxe<
iccortling to the amount of protection h
receives from the government, and th
nmouat of protection received is onlyt
bo determined by the amount of propert
be owns.
In closing Judge Haymond moved t
lay the resolution on tho table. M
Gilkeson.who was temporarily In the chai
ruled that this motion was not inorde
tho resolution being on its first readim
and the only question in order was, "8h?
the resolution be rejected?" From this
decision Judge Hayraond took an appeal. .
y After considerable random debate, it was
J developed that the resolution was on its ,
second reading. The appeal was with=
drawn, and the motion to table put. The
House refused by a vote of 23 to 30 to lay 1
the resolution on the tablo. i
The House then, although not Quite <
time under the now rule, adjourned on ,
motion of Col. White, by a standing vote
t. of 42 to 0.
!* Story of a Man who could Drink It or ^
B Leave it Alone. '
Burdetle. ,
, "I can drink it or Pcan leave it alone!"
said Herbert Tlirope, proudly. j
Herbert was tlie son of an only mother,
and eho was a widow whoso husband was 1
dead. Ho was a young man of rare [
promise and still rarer fulfillment He ^
>' graduated at college with brilliant honors t
behiud tho bat, the envied idol of liis
I nine. Life opened itself before him J
voluntarily, like a sick oyster. But, liTasI e
1 in an evil hour?say about half past early t
in tho morning?the tempter with a small
v voice came upon him. I
f He became a slave to tho foe of young j
men, the D. 1). t
1 Not tho D. D. who picached to a large ^
. and fashionable congregation. 0, no. s
t Tho other I). D.?the Ijinion Drink. g
He weakly yielded to the fascinations of v
f his Daniel Iloone companions?Thomas i
. and Jeremiah, liill Yards, and the rest of a
, tho boys. v
"0 shun the glass," pleaded tho fair i
) young girl who liked him. v
He Baid ho never used the glass. He v
, was shaved at the barber's, and ho wore c
. a flat scarf that hid his iiannel shirt andjf,
) didn't huve to bo tied.
f "Fly the temper," liaid his pastor.
) But ho said it was all ho could do to fly r
( a littlo kite for thirty days, and he wnsn t {,
. very fly anyhow. And with this brutal e
[ ami heartless jest?which in his better a
moments Herbert Thorpe never would g
. have altered?'the white-haired old pastor tl
j went away and crawled under a lonely g
i tree and died, some tbirty-eigbtyearelater, n
of extreme old ago and starvation, brought
on by two donation parties in the same a|
"Do not triflo with it," begged his
friends. s(
ati(i Herbert Thorpe stood up and a
uttered the proud sentence which this sad tl
chapter opens. "1
can drink it or let it alone,!' ho said, a
Could lie?
We shall sec.
* * te
A space of period has elapsed, or per- II
haps, not as long as that.
Herbert Thorpe enters the palatial barroom,
where the stilling odors of decay- Ii
ing ciyar-stuinps, stale tobacco-smoko and 01
sawdust, cheese, sandwiches, and the human
breath divine lure men to ruin. G
"I can drink it or I can let it alone," he Y
whispered to himself as ho ordered what ti
he wanted, and suggested to tho gentleman
behind tho bar tho propriety of hur- C
rving up tho same. That gentleman ct
shook his head with the firmness and immovable
conservativeness of the JJartholdi ci
fund. W
"|)rinks aro cash," he said,
And Herbert Thorpe turned sadly away, 0
with the Great American Desert raging
in his parched throat.
He* "let it alone." st
. ct
Ltiicolu iAiiI Stiuitou. rc
rhUadtlphia Record. . gc
I think 1 have a now Wnooln-Sjflntop it
story. At least the Congressman who told di
it spoke as though he had just discovered 31
the document which is its Wis. It was
an application for a Chaplaincy in the
army, with a series of indorsements by ?
Lincoln and Stanton on its back which
ran over the available space on the nppli- e<
cation and down on a slip of paper which 811
had been added to receive lupin. These
wpre the indorsements, efloli heinjj
flatud; "Dear Stanton; Appoint this
man a Chaplain in the ariuy. A. Liucoin."
"Dear Mr. Lincoln: He is not a *j,
preacher. E.M.Stanton." Three or/our
month elapse evidently, and then we have:
"Dear SUm ton: He is now. A.Lincoln."
"Dear Mr. Lincoln: "Hut thero is no vapancy.
E. M. Stanton." "Dpar Stanton i
Appoint him a Chaplain at large, A. Lincoln."
"Dear Mr. Lincoln: Thero |s no 0
warrant of law for that. E. M. Stanton." di
"Dear Stanton; Appoint him anyhow. A. w
Lincoln." "Dear Mr. Linooln; 1 will not, Mi
E. M. Stanton." And ho didn't. lint ap- tc
parently he told the applieaut that he g<
could loavo his application on tile, for nl
there it is among the dry old documents, fa
"* ai
VnKMir Girl* Plu}ing Muu. j)(
W'afhhiijlnn Star. f0
A Vassar Collego girl tells this story: \\
We had a theatre wUh a stage fitted up ai
with a drop-curtain and scenery and ti:
thero wo gave famous theatrical porform?
nnces. One of our favorite pieces, I re- t
mem lier, was ,,f?no stoops to uonquer." n?
The actors were all ijiria anil bo was the uj
audiejico. But a portion of the audience tr
! wore handkorehiefs tied around their is
| right arms and the girls composing it were
i understood to bu gentleman. Of course
they escorted the ladies to the play and
' stamped their feet on the floor to express hi
their approbation of anything partjcijlrrly H
. lino.
i When the curtain fell at the close of an
act tho "gentlemen" all grabbed their hats
from under tho scats and rushed into the ,
. hall. There they paraded up aud down JJ!
' in front of the theatre, shouting to each P.1
other: MWellt fellers, what'Jl yer tako?" 81
and "Reckon it's my treat; come up to
tho bar an order yer pfaen. and MSft?ay, .
Jim, got any good eatin' toSftccerin yor 18
clothes. g
Do you wish freedom from aches, pains,
ntn 0 'Plum nnrllv 4lin lilh/u] Ul
nuiiot tiv. i *?? "J
strengthen the urinary and digeBlivo or- m
guns, builil up your broken down conitl- ?
tution by using l>r. Uuysott's Yollow >
Dock and Sarsaparllla. It is gratifying to
know that amonij intelligent communities
tills slmpte, linrmlt'M,yets Obelivo remedy g
sells (nstcrtlmn tlio many linmliiig hitters, <3
iron medicines and pretended kidney
cures, all of which bo rapidly weaken and .
ruin the stomach, liver, bowels and kidnoyshy
exciting tlioso delicate organs to
unnatural activity. PAW Jj
$1,000 00 we offer to anyono detecting P,
oven a trace ef common grease In Strum
Genuine Wax Soap,
"Mamma," asked little Carrie, "can you
tell me jvhat part ot Heaven people live in .
who are good, but not agroeablo?"?MmIteth
Sunday Utrald. ?
Catarrh of the Illmlder. ^
' Stinging, irritation, inflammation, all
Kidney and Urinary complaints, cured by ?
"fiuclm-paiha. SI.
I ?*? 0
Stop That Cough! C<
\ By using Dr. Frarier's Throat and Lung *
. Balsam?The only Buro cure (or Coughs. *
i Colds, Hoaraeness and Soro Throat, and a
. all diseases oi the throat and lungs. Do
. not neglect a Oough. It may prove fatal.
, Scores and hundreds of grateful people
owe their lives to'Dr. Frazfer's Throat and
j Lung Balsam, and no family will ever be
.. without it after once using it, and discov- "
. oring its marvelous power. It la put up ?
in large family bottles and Bold for the
. small price of i5 cents por bottle. Fraiior
Medicine Co., Prop's, Cleveland, Ohio.
Saratoga High Bock Spring Water (or sale
, by druggists. Wholesale agents: Logan & ?
Co., Wheeling, W. Va., and J.O.Dent4 i
t Co., Bridgeport. Ohio. mi t
8 $1,000 00 we offer to anyone detecting s
' even a trace of common grease in Strunr y
t Genuine Wax Soap
,1 ... c
1 "Hackmtack," a lasting and fragrant ]
e perfume. Price 25 ami SO cents,
o Shiloh's Cure will immediately relieve ]
o Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis. ]
y For Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint, ]
yon have a printed guarantee on every
0 bottle of Shiloh's Vitulizer. It never fails
r. to cure. |
r, A Nasal Injector free with each bottle of
r, Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price fiu cents.
I, Sold by Logan & Co.. A. T. Young and i
1 Chai, Menkemeller, tow I
The Outdoor Syatsm of JUlIoC Rapidly
Growing Ob?oI?t?? i
Qin. Tlmet-Sfar.
The following extract from the report of
the Detroit Associated Charities will prove
interesting to thoso who have studied the
question of keeping the poor and needy in
The city of New York, with a population
if 1,200,000, hna practicality abolished outdoor
relief. Coal is given to the poor in
tho winter months, commencing with January.
Twenty thousand dollars only of
outdoor relief was given last year and that
*.o tho indigent blind.
Philadelphia, population 850,000, has
given no outdoor official relief since 1870.
Brooklyn, next in importance as to popilation,
was the last city to abolish tins
lystern. It is claimed that no unusual in:reaso
in tho number admitted into the
vork houses and houses of refuge lias re*
inlted in either city.
Tho Associated Charities of Brooklyn
ind Philadelphia assert that this cutting
iff of official out-door relief has caused no
uttering to the poor in their rcspectivo :
We feel bound to repeat tho opinion ex- .
>rcssed in our report last vear. However
lecessary somo system of out-door relief i
nay bo for tho present, and however "
risuly it may bo administered, it is a contaut
temptation to the improvident to
eek alms rather than work, and until it is
'try much reduced or abolished, tho num>er
of this class will continue to increase.
,nd will be a growing threat to the social A
welfare. It is not the mothod of adminis- "
ration so much as thesystom itself which
je think at fault Tho evil of pauperism
rill be materially checked only by a rigid
urtailment or ultimate abolition of this
3rm of relief. .
A fokmeu invalid writes: "I was greatly 1
wlucedin health and strength, caused by *
ad blood. 1 had a dozen boils in differnt
parts of my body, and suffered many
cIicb and pains, while the least exertion
ave me great fatigue. I look threo botes
of Dr. Guysott's Yellow Dock and
iirsaparilla and am completely curetl. At 7
ight J enjov refreshing, dreamless slum- r
or, and all day I leol energetic and vrong.
' daw
One of tho attractions in a dime milium
is a "human fly." lie probably
imo from Canada. Anyhow, it is known
tat the human fly there al>out the time
-fly time, so to speak?a big bankdefalition
is reported in this country.
Decline of Mnn. p
Nervous Weakness, Dyspepsia, Imponce,
Soxual Debility, cured by "Wells'
ealth Ronewor. SI.
The Rev. Geo. H. Thayer, of Bourbon,
id., says: "Both myself and wife owo
ir lives to Shiloh's Consumption Cure."
Are you made miserable by Indigestion,
onstipation, Dizziness, Loss of Appetite, ? <
elow Skin ? Shiloh's Vitalizer is a posivo
Why will you cough wlion Shiloh's
uro will give immediate relief. Price 10
a., 50 cts. aud $1. ?
Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy?a positive I
ire for Catarrh, Diphtheria, and Canker J
[outh. j
Sold by Logan & Co., A. T. Young and =
lias. Menkemellcr. sow
Foil seven years Allen's Brain Food has
ood the strongest tests as to its merits in
iring nervousness, nervous debility and
storing lost powers to tho weakened
snerativo system, and in no instance, has
over failed; test it. $1; six for?5?At
uggifits, or by mail from J. H. Allen,
5 First Avenue, Now York City.
? rrhsdw
Malaria positively cured with Emory's
andard Cure Fills, a never failing rem
ly; purely vegetable, contain no quiniue,
tgar-coaU;d.--25 centa. ttiisaw
The'Want Soap.' Ask your grocer for It.
Kmouy'h Little Cuthartie Villa aro snffiently
powerful for the moat robust, ^et
te muest for children and weak const it uJI13.
Tick 'Want Soap.' Ask your grocer for it.
Auother Lite Snveil.
Mrs. Harriet Cumnungs, of Cincinnati,
hio, writes: "Early last wintor my
uignter was attacked with a severe cold,
hioh settled on her lungs. We tried
iveral mediuines, none of which seemed aj
i do hur any good, but she continued to gi
;t worse, and finally raised largeamounts
: blood from her lungs. We called in a
mily physician, but he foiled to do her .J
ly good. At this time n friend who had ~
jen curcd by Dr. Win. Hall's Balsam
r the Lungs, adyiBcd raetogive it a trial. ~
re got a bottle, and she began to improve, f
id bv the use of three bottles was en- ^
rely cared."
The public buildings in England have a tl)*
ird time of it. The contractors knock rei
jwn aoout hu per cum. on eacn ouu 01
icm, and th^n the Feniana blow up what [1!
1 clL?BurdtUe. wl
"Hough (III ItAtH."
Clears out rata, mioo, roochoa, flies, ante, =
cdbuuB, Bkunks, chipmunks, gophers. 15c
rqggiita. _
Tine1 Want floap.' Ask your grocer for it
Tho difference between homo and a
>arding house is, that at ono they haVo
illow shams and at the other they have
lam pillows.
? -|?? +
Hon, Judge J. M. Coffjnduby, Clove- ^
,nd, 0., says: "I have used scores of pile J
ires, and it affords me pleasure to say
lat I have never found anything whicu
vea such immediate and pormanent reBf
as Dr. William's Indian Pile Oint- 1
ent." Wholesale Agents: Logan A Co., ,
fhoeling, W. Va., and J. G. Dent 4 Co. 7
ridgeport, Ohio. daw ^
$1,000 00 wo offer In any ono detecting
fen a trace of common grease in Strunz's
enuine Wax Soap.
A Now JYork florist, in laying down
onquet reenlations, remarks: "If you =
md a bouquet to adorn the house, it
loulil be In a basket or a majolica vase, ^
le latter lutying tho advantage of being
retty to preserve after the flowers fade, j
[e forgot to add that it should be sunt in
riio.uiiMitpne.ni in
Sure care for Blind. Bleeding iind Itchig
Piles. One box has cured the worst
ises ol twenty years' standing. No one eed
suffer live minutes after using Wil- (
ams' Indian Pile Ointment It absorbs v
miors, allaya itching, acts aa a poultice,
Ives instant relief. Prepared only for
'ilea, Itching of tho private parts, nothing
lse. Sold by druggutta and mailed 011 renipt
of price, $1. Frailer Medicine Co., .
'roprietors, Cleveland, Ohio. 'Wholesale
igenta: Logan & Co., Wheeling, W. Va., ud
J. C. Dent & Co., Bridgeport, Ohio.
Th? ' Want Soap.' Ask yonr grocer for it. ]
Tlios. Naat is goingto lecture. Wo breathe
fervent prayer that, for tho sake of Mr.
last's family, he may draw better than he
as for the last year.?Buffalo Eiprm.
Dr. Fnuder*. Itoot Ulttar..
Fmzier^s Root Bitters are not a dram hop
beverage, but are strictly medicinal "]
11 every sense. They act strongly upon J
he Liver and Kidneys, keep the bowels u
ipen and regular, cleanse the blood and n
ivstera of every Impurity. Sold by drug- 4
fists. $100. Dr. Frazier's Magic Ointment .
-the greatest blessing that been dlscov- I
red in this generation. A sure cure for 5
Soils, Burns, Sores, Cuta, Flesh Wounds, y
ion Nipplea, Hani & Soft Coma, Chapped :
Lip* and Hands. Pimples and Blotches.
Price 60c. Sold by druggists. Frailer J
Medicine Co., propra., Cleveland. Ohio. .
Wholesale agonta:I?gan&Co., Wheeling, \
W. Va., and J. 0. Dent 4 Co., Bridgeport,
5hio. d*w
$1,000 00 we offer to anyone detecting >
even a trace of common greaie In Strung
Seaside Wax Soap.
gs. 8nH'? (ftngb Syxnp.
IFoMtl^Curt of Coce^ Cnld.ji
Hoarseness, Bronchitis,Croup, Influ-H
enia, Asthma, Whooping Cbugh, In-|
cipicnt Consumption and for the re-I
liefofconsumptivepersons in advan-|
ced stages of the Disease. ForSaleg
by all Druggists.?Price, >5 Cents-fl
3vy Woods.
Dost and Less
Colored Gro Grain Silks at
5 cents, worth $1 oo, on our
;iieap Counter for a few days.
Tabic Linen at Marked Down 1
rices. '
Remnant Counter strll in full
. S. RHODES & CO.'
gaming g-Jools.
i E3Bi
fiiiiiiiifiifH i
Slettw gacluts. t
iu steamer
Swing to thn uncertainty of the weather during
o month of January tlio rummer Audi* luut deTed
her Sow Orleans Excursion until Tuesday,
ibruary 8. ItWi, The A udea vcUl remain at Nov*
lean* at len>t seven day*. Faro for the round
p. Fifty Dollars, luuludliiK lMwrdlnunml lodging
it 19 al New Orleans tieuuru your roonu before
uuary 27, by ajii'lylug to
IftttTTlu* Willing. W. Vr.
n 11. 1IIGU1NS,
L* <r
|o8 WKKKUWO, W. VA. .
3ARSONS, * 1
llo27 ] I
crayon poimura i
" *
M.vletn' -A-rt Studio,
;hlna, ?Inns ;tud Quccnswiire.
Tea and Dinner Ware,
t full sets or open stock. ntid quantity to Milt. No
liottcr kooOm made.
]n28 Market St.. opposite McLure Hnnso.
JalO * .11-10 Main Ptwrt
ana Gays.
New Styles of STIFF II ATS Just received At
0. A. BECTKR'S, 1101 Main Street.
Opening day for the celebrated Duulap Silk aud
tiff Hats on or before Match 1.
ja!5 0. A. BKOTER
lX U Sixteenth street. Ladies* aud lilacs'
trow, Lace, Chip, Foil and Beaver Hats, etc., alired,
blcacned, colored and Onlshed In the latest
ijrlcs promptly. Milliners' work dono at tho usual
( count. noM
Of HATS renovated to present styles at moderate
harm*. by Wm. oraloivksy, tho 1'ructlcal Hatter,
IttsuurRh, J'a. Leave your orders with L. 8.
fnnlstnn. *4 HtTtemth ?tm>t Whirling. nog*
10 barrels very Dae Sweet Louisiana Oranges, Just
eoeived by
1&14 MM Market Struct*
games St (Strftcv.
Velvets! Silks!!
| _Nl
We vull offer This Morning
our entire stock of Velvets, Silks IUU?
and other Dress Goods at ?
*** * kkkXkkKkAkkkktkk Sotb
$ i i}
* i r?rticn!?: s * 4s
i . J
| AM, ON J jo
; TERMS I ! ^
* i V?
p. in.
rhat will make it to the interest
p. m
)f every one in want of a dress ..$)
:o call at once and make a selec
ion. . Qi
Choice H
Wraps! ?
Bt. $
That we will sell low.
at. w
Bbues & Goffer. i
J22 \vhl
ffiVCCCtlKS, fee. oomu
Pork Packcr ami Ciiror of tho Oclobratod
"lied Bird Hams,"
(OS. 1309 AND 1311 MAIN STREET, &!i
WliAftllnflr. W. Vn.
My own Cure ol Cboloo Smoked Weata received
[ally dlroct from my Fork lloiuo at Manchester. W?.'l
General GS-roceries ?
In thoStato.
Solo Ajcnt In tills City Tor , jjhn
I Ant
Romford'* Yuutt Powder in Bottle*. , Cadi
MisNuinurtt'n "Olor}*" ToUiwA. I Deni
McAlpInV'Onward" Tobacco.
LotUer'* "Silver Coin" Toboooo. : Newi
Dul'ont'*HporUuir. Mining and DilutingI'OMrdcf" 9?lu
Celebrated "Seal Bkin" Cigara. I/ja*
"TAYItfR'S BEST" Roller ProccM Fancy Fam- All
ly Flour in Barrel* and SncTa. fu6 pul
Damsons, Clicrrlcp, ItosiiliorrlM,
(Jiilnrr,, I'cncliOH, lllttckliorrlps,
ilmwlicrtlM, Fincapiilo,
rrnc to nntno nnd guaranteed to contain nothing
juttho fruit ond pure supir. G
I'ur up In r>. 10 nnd 20 pound pall* and sold at "TTT:
he extremely low priccjo! 10 cents a pound, by | * J
It. J. SMYTH, g
Ja17 Cor. Market ami Fourteenth fit*.
EtKtrie Applimcei are tent on 30 Days* Trial. jjoHr
11/ UO are foffwlflif from Kwnrow Dnturf. ?*H?j
W Lot* ViTALrrr, Lack or Nboti Joaci on ?ruu
too*. VTiirnw Wuinau, mid All tho* <U*?mm Html
of a Pntofub K*tvM ranltinif from *iwn iu?d Toroi
Ornma Causm. him?v1y rellaf u4 complete rertoradon
of URALTn.viaoaaad Manhood ocjAaAxrgn. tfeCc
iVSr A (Uvoriie prescription of cne of the roort aji*-,
noted ard wccetiful ireclnlid# in the U. 8. pi/Jj?
(now retired) for the cure of Jferroo? Mobility* ?
Lo*l Slunbontl, WcukncM ?nd Deeny. !*nt ??
in plain icaled envelope Fife. Druggitti can fill tt
Addreat DR. WARD ft CO.. Louisiana, Mo. ciilo
?* nxaki
108 Tint Mrert, Cincinnati, OKU. tho>
The trpeon whlrh this paperUprlnudla from the u;;
ahova foundry.?Kditob Ixtblumkmomm. B:S
Ktwipaptr Advartlslnic Burc?n (10 8PBUCJ r. X,
[nt will nig m folio w??Wheel! ug time:
No. 83. ti o. 1 So. 11
uaytouno. Local. No. 87 Dolly No. 83 Dally
cay?? a. m. p. x. a. m a. m. p. m.
0:38 4:10 7:00 8:20 6:30
lalre ?. ":lh......... 6:40
aulngton-. 7:80
rrlvcm at p. m. p. m.
ftoa... 4:00 11:06 1:10 10:16
r. x. A. K.
aborland ?... 2:40 7:00 2:80
ihlnfton City- 7:00 7:20
Urnore. .... f :00 8:80
o. MS. M and 87 *tojt at all Hutlotia.
Mo. 2 No. 4 No. G fEsr
liouno. No 14 No. 12 Dully Dally Dally
?ve? a.m. p.m. A.*. p.m. P.m.
?lln? 7:35 8:40 9:U 7:06 11:20
aire *:10 4:16 10:0ft 7:45 12:06
rrlveat? _ ^ P.m. n ^ n in
Latruiu. ii:vu v;w **.io ?.?w
ark 1:20 10:16 3:82
imbus 2:40 11:80 6:15
A. M.
sinnatl - .. 7.*2C 4:tt 10:00
iuslcy. 6:90 8:66
P. M. .
anapollK. ,?... 11:0* 7:06 4:46
A.M. P.M.
-oois. 7JO 8:46 7:80
A. M.
*ga 6:40 ?:00 7:20
City?. w.|... 8:00 8:801 9:00
iuudsvillc accommodation oaves Wheeling at
k ii. in., and arrival at Moundsvllle at 12:1a p.
laily except Sunday.
uinincton accommodation at 4:10 p. m.
ncsviile Accom. leaves Wheeling at 7:35 a. m.
8:40 p.m. Bollalre at 8:18 a. in. and 4:16 p.m.,
r accept Sunday.
rncsvfllo accommodation taken off.
A O. Bleeping Oar* on all through train*.
rough Coach from Wheeling to Columbus on
2, leaving Wheeling at 9:16 a.m., arriving at
mbus at 2:40 p.m.
wo connections are made for all points South
Southwest. North and Northwest, making this
limbic route for oolonlsts and person* moving
o great West, and to whom particular attention
:kuM to all principal points on sale at Depot.
eplng car accommodations can be scoured at
itTlckot Office.
ML B. HAA3K, Ticket Agent B. & O. Depot.
Ticket Agent. under WcLure House,
n> T. o(T
T. DEVRIE8, Oenoral Agent, Wheeling.
' 81 ON, B, AD,
and after DECEMBER 21, train* wiU arrive
lepart as follow*?'Wheeling time:
r Pittsburgh?#"Adully and 4:10 a.m. and 0:20
, daily except Bunday.
r Washington?4:10daily aud 8:26 a. m., and
uul ?:20 p. m.
>ui Pittsburgh?10:65 a. m, uud7:0C and 11:05
., dully, except Sunday.
>m Washington?1:10unity and 10:65 a. m., an4
md 11:05 p. u). daily except Sundti).
!. K. LORD. Gen. PSM. Agt. Baltimore, X*.
<?. M. KINO, flen. Hupt. Pittsburgh. 1*.
?. SMITH, Pass.'Agent, Pittsburgh, Pa.
nc table corrected to Novain ber23,1884. Traiua
Panhandle Station, foot of Elovcnth streot.
public lauding, as follows-Ccntral Standard
?which is 85 minutes slower that Wheeling
going ho urn.
[ually Dally AcI
Pas*. Paw. com.
A. M. P. M. A. M.
e?Wheeling.?....... 6:1ft 8:16 0:21
i>?BeiwoodT 6:? 8:35 0:50
jdsvlUo- - 7:00 4:1)0 7:90
ngtou.... .~. 7:60 4:50 9:05
ar???. ?... 8:05 5:0T> 9:45
Martinsville ...... 8:iS 6:25 10:Uf
Is 8:85 6:36 10:60
wvllle ? 8:65 6:5ft 11:?
idly (Matftmoras) 0:10 0:10 12:3C
larys 9:46 0:46 1:55
aiiistown (Marietta) 10:40 7:4C 8:6ft
W va~..:.. U:lf? 8:15 5:lf
ooi.sq WORTH.
Dal It Dally Ao-'
Piun. Paw. oonu
* X.K.
r.U. A. sc.
a?rwrkcniburK-." 6:30 8:80 C.-35
-o?William* town (llari'tta) 7:10 4:05 7:48
ann 8:03 4:65 8:48
idly (Matamonus) ?... 8:40 8.i- " "0
nviUo. 8:86 6:45 It-88
\jl .... 8:16 6:01 ia.21
Martinvfllc 8:X 6:10 zv*4
lor. 9:4'? 6:82 l.u
i ly ton 10:00 C:M> 2:0u
odavllle 10:47 7:45 8:48
rood 11:10 8:10 4:88
ullW 11:80 8:80 6 K)0
wngcr trains dully Including SundAy. Ao>
i tdatioh trains run dolly except tinnday
Ticket Agent. Wheeling, W. Vy
LOUIS' JUJLWAY?Panhandlo Route.
ae table tor tMtftul West corrected to NOV.
fttf. Trains 'cave Panhandle Station, foot ol
>uth Htreot, nrur pufcjjo landing, u follows -al
Standard time:
nntttsn Kn?t i i*a
BTATIOKB. Kxp'H KxjVfilExp'i
l.U. P.M. TVJA.K.
??Wheeling 8:46 12:46 4:1? *:*> ^
ro?Wellsburg t\'?\ 1:26 4:61, vfil
joavillc 7:05 2:12 6:25 <J:M
burgh 9:25 8:?j 7:10|.... :
p. m. a. m. a. h. i
iaburg 11:16 1:10 4:IN
more.......... ......... 7:40 7:40
llngton 8:50 8:50
ulolnhla^. 3:0ft 4:35 7:60
7orfc. C:10 7:00 11:20
p.m. p.m. p.m.
8:C0| 8:00| 8:gU.?~
qo wo tot..
' Jfac. |i)cnn|Wait Ao
ctatkV/-1, Kxp'i Kxjft Mall. C'm'ft
"" a.m. p.m. a. m. p.m.
c?Wheeling-..^, 8:20 4:10 f.:45 12:M
k*o?SUMibcnviilo 0:83 5:25 7:05 2:12
I?..-......... 11:20 7:25 ... &: 16
itoou- 7:4oL..mn. 4:W
p.m. 1a.m.
irk . 1:45] 1:?| 6:4.1
in but ... 8:ort K:00
o- oluinbus 3:20 8:^5.........
m-Iiuyttm. 15:67 7:22.................
iunatl 7:25 7:30 .......
tuapolix. 10:20 11:37
a. m.j p. m.
onli........ *7 :3d 7:80
u35ri!?iliy except Bundajr.
Uwa.*V'? palnca drawing Itoom and Bloopln?
through without ffuage from 8UsobcnTllIo
lol'hl(?.'iSi./|l? ud York. Wwl to J o
on, cinciMtf, loutmui IudU*
UirotiKh Uckltt. rthockji, ."lctT11"*^"
nmodatlorw,an'l ansr further Inform* 0H^J
>JNO. (). TOM l-'NaW, Tlckct >t
lo Station, foot of JOwouiii ulrwjL or at Cilr
it Office, uud&r JtfcLni* iloujw, IVbeelln*.
tn'l riMi. ?nd Timet Agent. l'ilUbiimh. n.
ideiucHl Tlmo Tnble of Jfcauiigcr Trains corI
NOV. 16. 18M?Central Standard Timor
ooino wist.
p.m. a.m. a.m. p. m. p.m.
urgb-.?.? 11:20 8:00.,..? 12:46 8:35
lieuy? 11:80 8:10......... 12:66 8:45
A. M.
wtcr 12:20 8:66 1:40 4:80
Liverpool. 1:0S 9:42 2:20 5:18
laniL. ? 11:10 8:00 2:00
una.. 1:00......... 9:42 8:81
1:65 10:25 . 4:10
:il 2:20 10:58 4:33
P. M.
rvlllc. 5:55 10:00 12:66 2:46 5:55
6:15 10W -1:10 s:05 0:21
Ito...... 6:24 10:30 1:26 8:14 6:30
envillc. ... t:45 10:67 1:45 8:36 C-.60
ant- 7:02 11:10 2:02 8:48 7:06
n'? Ferry 7:00 11:65 2:41 4:20 7:41
pport 7:48 il:5ft 2:48 4:2* 7:48
tfft- 8:00j 12:10| ?:00| 4:40 8:00
ooino east.
A.M. A. *. A.M. p.m. p.M.
lro..M 5:10 8:20 10:25 8:80 4:15
wort. 532 5:33 10:5n 3:47 42ft
urs Jfeny, 5:80 8:41 10:45 8:4ft 4i?J
ant- .6:04 9:23 ll:lfi 4:18 5:14
wivllle. 6:20 9:81 11:88 4:85 6:31
a to? 6:89 9:80 11:51 4:58 5:60
7*?? 9M MM ?:13j 5:5?
tvllle-. 7:25 10:30 12:45 5:50 6:20
r<l~ ~ u:24 8:41...^. 2:60
f. M.
neo.~. 12:00 4:25 3:35
Omul......... 2:30 6:25......... 6:55
a. m. a. m.
ir<x: 5:80 7:60
Zivorpool....... 7:86......... 12:55 6:00 4:28
CHtcr 8:25 1:40 6:40 5:80
fhuny*. 9:15 2:25 7:25 6:15
bunch g:2ftU.tw..[ 2:35 7:85 6:25
trains <Uily tuccopttiunday.
ilu Icrin* Bridmpon ili i. ra. mitf m d|.
OTinocUon it Y.IW Creek tor Cloretand and
uldCWc?*o. . K. A. KOKB,
(. a. b^mnrmmn'!cr"<,tld,"a?ml
Qoneral Maimer, Plttobargh. Pa
ini jlwr monda y, Not. 10. hm, tnlni on
V.?? K. G. R. R. vrlll rnn m follow:
ing too city lit l^Aving wiicoi'u i*?ni at
OA. M. 3P.lt. 7:30A.M. 4:i0 P. M.
10 * 5 " 9:80 " 6:00 "
? " 7 " 12:00 M. 8:00 "
nr.*. 9 " 2:00 p. M. 9:40
~ on iomoayv.
e the dty at b a. m. and ?rery lionr until 9
* $upwlmcu4wU

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