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gk Winding Jjj jnfrlliptwr.
^rTmjSIIED AUGUST 24,18,52"^; n 0 ftfHEELING,' WEST.^A.y T^DNESDAY MOBNIKG. FEBRUARY 25, i885. y yOLUTVirF^"X"VXTTT.?vrr\fRR'R 1 an,
I J ?
tfo frtMtgtmx:
"oar?: >'??? ?5 Mini ?7 Fourteenth Street.
Tiik JJepublicaria of the House q/ Delegates
have heroically placed themselvei
between tiie people and the Wall street
tyadiittf in whose interest the .Mason
Tn bill has l>een concocted. This is the
meaning of their refusal to extend the
session. The people will approve the
pliant light made in their behalf. It ii
I a fortunate thing for the people of Weet
I Virginia that the minority has had the
courage to perform tills vory great public
,rtU" on Incline is not the
I SAIU.x* iiu... -
pleawuitest amusement in this world?
t4j*ci*ll.v a Pittsburgh incline.
rn i jh)L!..\k tax on ever}'telephone
will cost each renter just five dollare more
a year. The company will see to that pari
of it. The coat to Wheeling will be about
?,.">00 a year. As the clown says to the
ring-master, "Here we are again!"
It is proposed to extend the session flfteen
days. Fifteen days means S10.00C
extra cost to the .State. What meaauree
pending are worth the money? Gentle*
men who vote to extend the sessfon roust
be prepared to answer this question to
their already tax-ridden constituents.
And if the session should go beyond the
fifteen days (as it will) the .cost will be
proportionately increased.
Without any previous canvassing, and
to the j-eneral surprise, a revolution lookng
to the cutting off of the Pan*
handle and annexing it to Pennsylvania
has been adopted by thu popular
branch of the Wheeling Council. It is
impossible to mistako the meaning of this.
Though the movement is not likely to be
successful, it indicates very clearly that
Wheeling resent* her bad treatment at the
hands of the State.
Tiik city of Wheeling ought to have a
pest house. It should not be a difficult
I matter to secure a house at once somewhere
in the county far enough from the
ritv to ue removwi iruiu u ucuau
lion. It is of little use to placo guards
about premises wliere small-pox exists.
Guards can't fence in the contagion. II
j tie llret case tliat appearod in Wheeling
hail been isolated there would not be four
ca*es in Wheeling now. What will Council
Jo in this emergency ?
If oar Democratic friends now had the
two days and a half they spent in considering
tlie bill to prevent the "catching ol
rabbits with ferrets"; if they now had the
several days they spent in a partisan attempt
to kill co-education at the University;
if tliey had the time they
spent in useless debate on the
prohibitory amendment in order to defeat
it for partisan purposes; if they had
now the more than a week thus uselessly
8|K?nt, there would notbeeven the shadow
of an excuse for thu extension of the session.
The Republicans aro not responsible
for this waste of valuable time.
Tins Legislature has shown little disposition
to pass any measure proposed by
a Republican. This is particularly noticeable
in the House. Now aioint commit
tee has been appointed to select from the
mans of bills those which ought to bo
passed. The House has appointed four
Democrats and one Republican?Judge
llaytnond and Col. Lucas, uhrewd men
and party leaders being on the commlttec,
The Senate has named three Democrat*
and one4Kopublican. On the whole committee,
Uien, there are six Democrats and
two Itepublicans?throe to one. The
Democratic majority in tho Legislature
doss uot justify this discrimination.
The composition of fcho committee
shows what is expected of it. It servef
notice on Republicans that they have
little to hope for. Unless they ubo theii
strength for all it is worth the Democrat*
will nse them tn pull thel.r chestnuts out
of the tire. If fair work had been wanted
from the committee it would have been
fairly mailt* up.
Tiik Democratic leaders in the House
of Delegates are playing, the-role of the
gift-bearing Greeks. Worsted in the
fight for what they have sot thoft hearte
on, they have laid a trap and invited 'Ite
publicans to step into it. They say that
if Republicans will agree to extend the
*?ion Democrats will pledge themselvef
not to vote for the Mason tax bill "as il
wa* reported from the committee." Thif
?t.ii u? a |uuu euuugll UHp U UlOy WOTt
dealing with children of very tender age
They haw only to strike' two or thret
wonls out of the bill, put in others thai
mean the samo and they have kept theii
sacred promise! And this proposition ii
made without so much as an audible
The spider was equally polite in his at
tentions to the lly. Now this fly was abl?
to take care of himself when he stoot
where it required a two-thirds vote to on
snare him; but when, in a moment o
weakness, he placed himself at the mercj
of a bare majority, ho fell upon an evi
I day and his light went out in darkness.
I Turku are in addition (o the appropriatioi
I hills a few measures of general imporUtiioi
I which ought to be passed before tho las
I day of the session. One of these meas
I una is Senate bill No. -10, introduced bj
I Senator ilrown, of Jackson. Tho bill re
I cogniiesthe notorious fact that with re
I R*rd to aseeosments onr existing laws an
I worse than worthless. All onscrupuloui
debtor, by the shTewd use of his prefer
I enee, may leave bona tide creditor! y
I whistle (or their money or any part of it
I There are other existing abuses, wbiel
I every business man understands. Somi
I of tlie most glaring of these the bill o
I Senator Brown seeks to remedy. It doe
I away writh preferences, and provides'16
I pro raUkdlstributioh'^a very obvious im
I provement on the prteent law. The ac
I tignee is required to give bond in a sun
equi to tho appraisement, to gi^3jj>pd \
I the court, and to settle the cstitefSlrW
I taj# reasonable tirao. The bill oontaln
other good features for Q&beneilt-of tlv
men of the State. There is an
other bill to amend tho present aUact
| 8}*nt laws, now very defective, and thi
Ho ihouhl go through.
^S"T1TV IY tt? wv
Tim Court Martini Yertlict, Approved f>y the
Preildnot, Deprives Bhu of Ilia Rank
S anil Unit or DU Pay-Other Wa?hlocton
New it of General Ioturont.
i . j ' ;
i Washington, D. C.f Feb. 24.?The And,
ing of the court martial in; the'cue: of
Judge Advocate General Swaim and the
sentence of the court as finally approved
1 by President Arthur in made public this
t On the first charge?"Conduct unbe,
coining an olllcer and gentleman," the
court llnde tiiat Gen. Swaim was not
guiltv, but guilty of conduct to the prejudice
of good order and military discipline.
On the second charge?"Neglect of duty,
in failing to report facts.concerning Col.
Morrow's pay accounts," not guilty,
i Upon these findings the court sentenced
, the accused to be suspended i from rank,duty
and pay for three years.: .
, President Arthur, after oxamininjfand
- 'considering tho findings and sentence, rei
turned the record of the proceedings to
the Court with the following communication:
Exbcctivk Maxsio.v, Feb. 11.
The record in the foregoing case of Brigade
General David G. Swaim, Judge Ad1
vocate General of the United States of
America, is hereby returnod to the general
, court martial before which the proceedings
were had for recon&ideration as to the
findings upon the first charge only, and as
to the senteuce, neither orwhicn are believed
to be commensurate witli the offences
as found by the court in tlf&'first'and
second specifications. Under Unit charge
the attentionof tho court'is incited to the
accoinpanyipg communication of the At,toraey
General under date of the 10th
tnat-^whoao* vieiva' rtpon tho matterare
submitted for reconsideration, have my
Will UIICIitC>
[Signed] Chester A. Aktihb.
The. communication of tlie Attorney
General is a long review of the whole
case and a criticism of the.finding of the
court, in which he expresses the opinion
that (Jen. Swaim should have been found
guilty of the first charge. The Court reconvened
upon the return to it of the
finding, and, having reconsidered ita previous
action, adhered to ita finding upon
, the llrst charge.
The Court; revoked its former sentence
aud adjudged a? follows: "To^be suspended
froi*. rank and 'duty for twelve
1 years and to forfeit one-half his monthly
j>ay' every month for the same period."
, This sentence the President to-day approved.
(iruud Preparation* for the Unliorlug in of
President Cleveland.
Wabui.votox, D. C., Feb. 24.?A little
over a week more and inauguration day
will be at hand. The city is filling
tip with strangers. ,who have come to
stay until the festivities of the occasion
are over. Among tho new arrivals are
many ex-Representatives and ex-Senators
' wJlO'Tkaye - come*.- to s?e ^'hat^lityk
theySrill have in getting arf oUico from
the new <tidiriin1stratioii.?- The streeto-are
already beginning to show evidences of
the preparation for the coining event fn
tho hunting'and-flags which nre displayed
from the building# and 'the .long
stretches of wooden stands with their
tiers of .seats rising one above the otjicr
which have been erected in theputilicrefterVAtroosalong
the line of march. The pro1
cession whian will escort the new President
from the White Iiouse to the Capitol
and return is porhaps the jnain
feature> of the inaugural I ceremonies,
and will probably bring in lino
from twenty to twenty?fivp thousand
men. There will be a large representation
of the re?'jlar troops and military organizations
from a!! part* of the country, besides
i between six and seven thousand
men in the civiu organfcitions. In a<Jdi*
tion to this parade, whlob will be the feature
of the day, there will l/e fireworks
and a ballat night..>
The estimated cost of the day's festiyU
ties i9 placed at $35,000, which sum is
1 mostly eontrinuieu uycitixens 01 mo viatrict
of- Columbia. The subscriptions
I now amount to $20,000, and It is c,y
, pected that tho sale of ball tickets,
stand privileges, etc., will make up^
1 the balance- As attmpia item of the expenditure
it may be stated that tho decorations
for the ball-room in the new I'en*
. t?iou building will cost over $15,000. Tho
supper for the guesta nt tho ball is to be
1 cooked in 'New - York And -brought to
' Washington on a special train.
i Proprietors of boarding houses and
lodgings are preparing for the hjjmsL It
' is thooKlit that there will be a hundred
UidiJsaha stfanger^lD'tlie'dlty'to witn^te
i the inauguration ceremonU*,
' In an Old llulldiug Sown Cor*JeM Medical
1 Directors,
1 Ev*feirn.ut, 'Im; 24.?In an old
i building situated on .Court House Square,
near the centra of tWyjlty gud vhicli lias
for a number of years been used by the
1 Evansvillu Medioai College, a disgusting
i discovery was made yesterday. Be'
coming dangerous tbe building( wiu
i abandoned last week and the premi
, BC* left open. In the yard at the
rear of tho building wero fuund parti of
human bodies scattered iround promiicui
oualy, while hero and t lier? mongrel dogs
t were fkhtiugfor the possession of a bone.
r Ttrtlie' pirret of the building, which was
apparently mado the place of deposit-for'j
subjects after tliey hail been on the dls>
secttug table, about twenty-five bodies,
whito mil. black, of both sexes,.were
- scattered'about the'floor, la tile room
, used for dissecting purposes were five
. tables. Pour of tliein wore standing
1 against tbu wall, covered with blood: hair
anil other oD'al that has adhered to them,
f The other table was in position, and bad
, apparently been recently used, as parts of
i a human body were scattered over the
floor aud -looked as though they VU.
longed to a fresh subject In one
corner was a common collln, which
had never beon tinder ground, bnt had
3 probably been taken thus by somo entert
prising undertaker. In many esses the
- ghouls had lailw} to remove the stockings
from tho feet of the bodies. Every room
' in thebuilding contained some portion of
' liuman remains, and also old clothes, hats.
- bonneti'flfe; Tbe'premlsea were visited
> by hundreds during the day. The officials
have taken no steps toward cleaning or
fumigating the pises.
3 < Old CllUem Oone.
Spritl njialcilti lif iddlicuivf 1 ( i *"1
J Ertmiimulf 0.,'FebY"t4.-ijo?eph 0.
D Poyle,( freight, spat of tlio Cleveland 4
( l'ittiburpli railroad, snil ono of tills city's
oldest landmarks, dropped dssd to-night
1 when about to retire. The cause of the
r death was supposed to be heart disease;
> a
llnii^rra ol a Thaw.
0 -1'imintmon, Feb. 24.?The present Ice
P bound condition of tho rivers ia causing
great aanrehension lor the safety of.fl.-j
s 500,OOrtarerth of coal aud craft lying along:
e thajJIo^ngabela.: The weather Is raodi-i
erallng.-andln case ol a sudden break In
i-1 the heavy ice, which has been forming for
it weeks past. It would be Impossible.to save
a largo quantity of coal now loaded.
Willi the Pr??ldent-?lect?Mr. Mann log's
Cabinet' question centres to-day in the
VWtSf'Sei^rlibitf .traftfany* The '
Mississippi Senator is known to have been
"upon the hooks/' so to speak, for some ;
time>rand his recall ,to Albany at this time
Is generally interpreted as settling the
matter in Mr. Lamar's favor.
Speaking of Manning's appointment, a
gentleman acquainted with the facts is
quoted in the Oraphic as saying:
"Mr. Cleveland did not until recently
think of putting Daniel Manning into his
Cabinet, and Mr. Manning did not desire
it himself. He is probably the only man
mentioned in connection with a Cabinet
position who really desired not to l>e in
the Cabinet Since his interview with
Mr. Tilden, however. Governor Cleveland
has seen the strong arguments in favor, of
selecting Mr. Manning, and these are
nothing less than the wishes of 31 r. Tilden
himselr; who knows all the prominent
Democrats of the country, and what ones
itJs best to trust and rely upon, lie has
now, and has':al ways had. the mostimElicit
faith in,- Mr. Manning and has a
igher opinion ot him.than ot almost any
other man. Consequently his advice to
Glover Cleveland,' in favor of appointing
Mr. Manning to a Cabinet place has met
with the recognition which Mr. Cleveland
would accord to no other inan."
' Do you think anybody but Mr. Cleveland
will have much to do with shaping
the policy of the new Administration ?"
"Yes, Mr. Tilden will have more influence
with Mr. Cleveland than any other
man, and as Mr. Cleveland feels more and
more the necessity of having some one of
great experience and foresight near him,
Air. Tilden's influence is on an increasing c
ratio, so that it is possible the weight of r
atinnintr thn nnlii?v mnv full iinnn hid V
---I- *~rr?? ? _ , -r;? ? n
''What .sort of a policy do you think 8(
Tfldea wouldpriynato?"1 % ' I *
' "Orie that was eminently safe, yettwld- J
Nothing would be done the consequence 1
ofwhicn would not be fully considered v
beforehand. Tilden's plan is to win pop- v
ularily for his party that Mill injure its re- ?
tentjon in power. He beneBts the country 11
thafchis party may be benefitted, and he y
knows how to go about it. That is the n
kind of policy to have." ?
"Rnf tn liu mnra onnnifln linn- ivnnld liu 11
act on questions like the tariff?" []
. "Mr. Tilden is not a theoretical politic
cian. He has no fixed principles. He
always does a thing because it is politic. w
If he sees that the people want tariff reform
. be would give it to them. It would "
all depend upon what he thought the P
most popular course to follow." .
"Do you think Sam Randall has much ?
weight with him?!'
"No; bnt ho hfla with Randall. He J'
likes Randall, however, but X think he ^
sees the impossibility of Randall ever .
being the Democratic candidate for Presi- {
dent, being from the strongest Republican u
State in the Union and a high protection- e
ist One thing air.' Tilden sees very e
clearly, is that after preaching economy u
and retrenchment for a quarter of. a cen- cl
tury, the Democratic party must now put 9
it into practice. The people demand that A
the excessive war taxes be reduced, and f
will* stand no mere fooling abont it, and
likewisotho National expenditures,which H
have grown to such huge. proportions, "
muft also come down." w
"Dp.jou think ithere. will be any at- 8|
tempt made to rebuild the navy ?" *
"No j it would be contrary to all tho 2;
principles and traditions of'the Demo- 1
cratic party, which is the party of re- 11
trenchment or nothing. Mr. Ti'den lias
always held to tho doctrine of Monroe and
of non-interference on the part of this ?.
Oovernmeat. and Jefferson's principle
of a decentralization of National ppfpftitr.i ^
"So you think Mr. Cleveland will be
pafe in following Mr. Tilden's advice?" 0
"Perfectly safe. Indeed, more so than
if he reiisd, on his own judgment, as he
has* bad "no exporlcnoe in National af- i<
The gentleman qboted above said further
that he had good reason' for knowing tj
that if r. Tilden h^d advised Mr. Cleveland
to adhere to his ci^l service position, but *
had done 90 more from a knowledge of fc
Mr. Cleveland's fiyed determination to do T
so anyway than from any innate admire*
tlou for ciyU servioe reform on his own
part, P
He believed that this WAS a shrewd fj
move on the part of the latter, as ne there- jj
by rot nearly all of the rest of Mr. Cleve- 12
lftno'p policy into his hands, whereas, if
he had talked against t]>o civil service J
-policy, he might as well have ad4res3fld*& B
stone wall, and might have caused u rup- c
tnre witli the President-elect, and would 0
certainly haye weakened his position with a
him. Mr. Glevelaud, J;e tjelleyed, was "
going in for civil servjco reform aboye [j
everything else, and nothing would make V
him change his determination?he w^s P
not that kind of a man?and thin was one l(
of the things most deeply 'engraved dpon *
Mr. Tilda's njlnd. 5
?:? ??? ' S1
Col, To*> Oplijltrrp Strongly Favors Lamar [j
for a CaUlnpfc P)W,
NkwYokk, Fob. 24.?Colonel Thom#s 3
V. Ochiltree, the Texas irrepressible, was e
discovered in a Fifth avptjye reading 10019
room to-day, with a Galveston papeaheld
before his eyes and a pile of Houston pa- '
pers in hi* lap, n
"What! not deadyjit?" ejaculated the F
reporter. ... J
''Not while tho American eaele screams. ?
or Bismarck Uvea to Lio taunted," replied i
the Colonel. iTi f() <, <
"Wbat's tlie news?howabout the ('abl- ,
net?" 1 " /
"Tlio thing that Grover Clileoiaad ought
to do to ahowthe country that Mr. Blaine's >
-Augusta speech ia all wrong, is to pot '
Lucius (lulntns Osssiua Lamar, of IIississippi,
into the State Department. He Is
the very essence of conservatism, and the *
courso of an administration in which he *
was premier, would prove to the country, f
beyond all donbta or oavll, that Soijthw'n :
men ctnlbe trtiated,and tliatthe SotiUi is !
not what MrTWifne painted it Lamar is f
tlie ablest man ifl 'tae Democratic party
idn<??ulto?rf?d^<Wkilng le(HL* It is H
a great inlatakeJor Clevejjuri tolikfejjhree f
t?ueh men as Lamar, Ru nrd and Garland {
out o( the Senate. ^tthe buly Ukegoho it J
"Well, as to thattbere isanunderstand- '
theoffier feawipinherobeia. tKoopebe- f
liaves that he would go into ihp Onblpet 1
except on condition fnst he bo allflwSd to ,
shape the policy of the administration.
Vet no one quite understands bow ne is i
going to get along with Wanning for Bee- :
retary of the Treasury, becanso they art }
known to differ-widely )n their opinions. '
Consequently nearly everybody in Wash- l
ington-'-thlnks that dho wholr thing may :
break up and tlbeCiibinot be formed frttfn
?n entirely dilfkrent starting point." jt .
- '. ' Yfi .??.
s? Jjiopsmsot c?w,
Lou|svii.i.|,'Peb. W.^Eioltement still '
prevails at Mt, Sterling, Ky., over tfje I
shooting of OBiMr Q111 and the abduction |
of Jlin Scott by A. U^Downng.'-OiiLla !
W?d4>das was repo^ftq^Magjjot ,
recover. The jail had to be guarded for .
fear of a mob. About twenty-flvo of Jfc- |
Bowllng'a friends came to town this morn- i
ing to eeeblm have fair play.-They say (
he la craay. Mis* Scott) left without ,
money, was sent home by toe railroad authorities
Eli? Terrible Daah Made by Two Ctat oc't
Loaded with Co?l, iu Cranliluj; luto a Yo
Hoiu??One Man Killed and Severml the
Others Very Serloaalj Iulured. wil
Pittsburg u, Feb. 24,?a thrilling accilent
occurred on the Castle Shannon the
Kailroad coal incline, Carson street, near v??
First, about 7 o'clock this morning, which the
resulted in the death of one man and the bel
njury of two others. August Belter, tho jjj
)ld brakeman at the head of tho plane, |,a,
'00 feet up the hillside, hitched two lieav- Cla
ly-laden coal cars to the wire cable and Jpl
itarted them down tho 8teep grado.' Justlyj
is the cars began to descend, the hitching jf0J
>late, to which the cable was attached, but
jroke, and the care, freed from the rope, ^
lashed down tho declivity with frightful ^
Velocity. Their combined weight was Wal
;hree tons, and as the piano is at an angle hei
>f twenty-eight degrees, the speed was
earful, the aij cutting aJ swath in the ^
ooao snow beside the track. They held bui
lie track, and in an instant they had ^
cached tho bottom and passed under she
he platform like a flash, and bea
hen jumped almost across Cur- Jtjm
ion street, "where* they were x?ir
lashed to pieces. One portion struck a a cr
lide wall ot the old Kim homestead and ^
nade a deep hole in it at a point one foot s?o]
rom a windowf in a vertical line, and 20 bin
set below- where the runaway car1 struck bee)
n 1859. The air tfas filled with flying pou
oal and for a moment after the collis on 55]
lothing could be seen in the immediate els<
icinity. ' When the dust had 'cleared abo
way two men were found lying on Carson waa
treet just at the entrance to Able, Smith Ti
c Co.'s glass house yard. Two teams at- ir0i]
ached to heavy wagons stood near by, tran
he horses restless with fright. The men raar,
cere assisted to their feet, but neither 0f I
rere found seriously hurt. Under the liar
mployes' shanty, attne iooioi me incline, jj0p
ly the mangled remains of Fritz Belter, a half
oung German, whose duty it was to re- as*f<
aove the ropei from the cars upon their 40 f<
rrival at the platform at tho foot of the g,531
aclino. Msheadand breast wore crushed, 0f 0
ie evidently having been strnck by one of f|0u:
lie curs. A portion of tho platform was wa8
plintered by the collision. Tho body Tl
as removed to Ward's liver}* stable. tain
The injured men were Thomas Hart and otiic
lartin uarey, two teamsters in the em- Wati
loy of the 611go mill. Hart had his nose tran
roken by flying coal, and was also badly ed a
ruised. He was taken to his home on was
ourth street Carev received a slight in- ner
lry to his leg, and ho would not stop 35 ft
rork on account of the wound. mea
Superintendent Bailey took charge of rigg
lie plane after tho acuulent He found yon 1
liat the hitching plate had he^n broken, barr
vidently by the frost It had been strong 8,-JOI
nough to bear the weight of several tons 238 1
'heir thip 'barf *ero being hauled to the 0?n;
Ity over the ooal *oad, a distance wan
f four miles. It was tho duty of Seal
.uuust Belter, father of the deceased |)oa,
ndlhe'top braKeman to examine all care 10,3efore
starting down the hill. Old man and
ieltor was almost lieart-broken over vain
ip accident- Ho seemed to think (bat it h?9
aa Lis fault and wept bitterly when
[leaking of. his son's death. The body
as removed to his home, corner of Kutli r '
ad Mulberry streets, Mt. Washington. OCJ
he deceased" was 24 years of age ana untarried.
This is the first time in gQ years that an *
jcident of tlie kind has happened. The Cou
Id Kim landmark has withstood two col- ?m<^
sions. A family named Grai2, at present ...
ccupyiag.the house, wore badly frighten*;. '
J wnqPJbe* par stniclr.fint no .riionbber T1
[ thefamily was injured,- i\y 1
ahuman Treatment of *a Mother anil Her COlu
Weok.BIinded Son. It ?
F|TtW('W? I'eb- ? ).?A-cilation against
ie large estate of the late Joseph I'isher j.^j
as issued yesterday bf life widow agaijit (or t
>ur ot the sonj and beira of t|ie estate. T1
he story of the claitp of >30,DUO ilovrsf doip
9d an annuity of $1,500 * year, covers a .""JJ
erioil of twenty yean, shit Is a recital fit \y. i
lial d?peption,trickerysndgraaping liflrd-, pep
cartpdness t)i?t are beyond Ijg- 'm'
eL Twenty years ago Joseph Fisher
'as a wealthy farmer near Sewicklj, nCii
(teen miles below this city, He had live
Iiiliireu,' al| bays. pn? w?a p W'lMK;1 has
lindcd imbecile," and needed (be cloeist ,jra\
tteution. At Mr. Fisher's death he lift a jnst
(III, beqqeslhlne hislarglr estate to hi? j]
>ur sons,' all ot w|iom were formers, with jtini
bis copditiop I "Jhjf one half of t|ie "taj
roductqf the fprnis wsstojofuruedpyer jn y
j his ylfe (or the support of hursSlf \
nil b|B Iflnjtic son. llardly bad. pcn
[r. Pisher been buried when the f uj; t(,o
ona began a systematic disregard JV6 \\
'jandotea of the will, They one and all rij.
efuBedfdgtvejhplt^rto^llBjrtnotliernpir ani)
mbedle brother in tpeirowii homes. On gate
lie test part pf tb? eaUte, dosn in,#, out
eep Woilbw, y/at? d|lipi<Jafci|, ono-nx>m; iuon
d log house. The song up the roof,
iUDg on a door, and moved their luna|c
brotbor and moln6r"!nto it They Sep,
urnubid Itwltbope bed, Stable jntlphpir.
'hey bade the mother titcxhariie of the ?
iiact brSOier and trouble them aa liltle as
lossible, as they would see that enough
5 eat tyoa furnished her.-That was in ploy
6?. almo.t twenfv yeiKj-igo, T|]o im- fold
leclle was about!;! yearsflfSje, and lira. ,
'ialior a weak, (lelipite-womap of il.
fontju flpw by, and pew Into years. 'in8
iyerr.week t(ip? wpMld.be the
92 bouse enough provisions lor the rell<
?oolf in unmo anil ruvaolftnallv aha nf (ha
iole HOIU would lwk in upon their motlier
nil (eeble-m|nded jjrothef. bijt Wiey noyer fad1
toyed long. The sight ot the rnieery apd. (?m
amlor there smote their guilty oon- ?VCl
enccs, and made them Bind to hasten 1>rcI
w?y into, the pure atmosphere. Some- J"0
iipes tho widow fell ill, aud Ijy for days, kaJ<
iihils MiO wesk-ffiinded son rived aboqf. S?li
ier, sometimes trylpg In hl( childish way ? ?
o minlstor to her wants. " '"ur
As the years rolled on the son be*me
fliorfi (arioua and] harder to raw- j^W
ge, wlitle the strength o| his mother 1
lecllnod. The wretchedness of the hovel mar
nereased. The .filth of years accumula- ie s
ry became more settled Hie neighbors her lip
Tin to make inquiries about the Inmates of bis
he sequestered cabin. They were always o a
mt off by the sons wlthast.ry about two
>oth mower and son be|ng inssne,' But The
lie neighbors finally Investigated, and ajra
o'iDd sleMfftl State of wtchMpei, and and
afebAt' Mp? fo/i
ier health recovered* and she was advised anoi
o enter suit fajr ooe-J'aU the prodqpt o( to
swtt&.nwei: a?
ilaim ot ho naif and her ^pert-minded ton boy
bent" >>180,000, | " Wj
f boy
Cmwpo, Fek.iH.^iThe Inler Oaim't lto
3ran4 Haven (Mloh.) ipeeigl ?y? j S,
iropeller illchlgw, wWol?.l?s been Ifel "ot
ocked in the lake 4*r some weeks, and will
row which a porflpn of the crew enmo
isbore Rorosi twenty, miles o( lbsfew - :
lays ago because there was danger ot the 8'
larbor to night. , All on board were well. F*?
Ihe will attenipt to maxe Ihii port to- ' l
norrow. ^ |; gjj
Thj'Want Soap,' Art your grocer for It, rem
New A Dublin Kdltor Bounced from Fmllainui
iched on Account of an Unfortunate Uumark.
I ago, Ho Poses aa a Sort of Celtic Cata*
I the line, "Who Goes, Bnt Beturna."
d 29,
1 by Lon'do.v, Feb. 24.?Gladstone in the Con
' Ser- mons this evening moved to postpone a
1b of notices of m^ions until *after the order c
mors the day, resuming the debate on North
cean cote's motion of censure against the Gov
and ernmenk /or/^ Egyptian "policy, was dii
U10 pose^f. In response to an interrogator;
Bris- put by Ellis Asltmand Bartlett, Conserva
Md tivef Gladstone explained he had neve
Hundred Bailors Lgat with Thr*
la in B?c?ut Hnrrlcanea.
>?ew Yobk, Feb. 24.?In all proba
) oflicera and crews of at least
an steamers which sailed from
rk last month, and should have res
ilr ports ot destination somo time
1 never relate their experiences it
rifle hurricanes of January 27 an
ich have been vividly describe!
?e who crossed the ocean on the
, Alaska and other staunch vesse
i regular lines. These three stea
ong to the class termed "0
imps," vessels that run to and
ts where freight can be obtained
re no regular haven. They are
ndon, which sailed for Leith and !
on January 22, and the Preston
wood, which sailed for Avonm
Bristol two days prior to the Clan
He of .these vessels carried passen
each carried s large and mlicelian
'lie Fernvood was au iron, water
. vessel, divided into five (presumu
er-tight compartments,with iron I
ds. in addition to steam power
i rigged with three masts for fore
Bails, as an auxiliary in case of
cement to her machinery, bhe
It at Newcastle, Eneland, in 1877,
i owned by J. E. WQburn, of Lon
i was 280 feet in length, of 34
in, 24J feet. in depth o( hold an
>0 tons grots measurement,jj She
imanded by. Captain Roberts, and
ew of thirty-one others. Hor c
aisled of 22,400 bushela of wheat, 5
cs of floor, 15 barrels of sperm oil,
rels and 25 tierces of pork, 20 barre
f, lo4 packages of wood ware, 233
nda of bacon, 200 barrels of hu
078 pounds of oil coke and 24,000 bi
jfcorn. The vessel waa valued
ill onnnM nnil vnn nartlv IncnrM
also the cargo.
tie PreBtou was also a water-ba]
vessel with six bulkheads of se
averse compartments. She wasc
ided by Captain liooke and had a c
thirty-three, She was built at V
tlepool in 1882. and was owned bi
ner & Co., of that port. Her rig
brigautiue and her dimensions w
dlowS: Three hundred feet in lenj
>et beam. 24$ feet depth of hold
) tons measurement She had a ci
5,514 bushels of wheat, 1,300 sacki
r and 420,420 pounds of oil cake,
valued at $200,000.
io Clandon was commanded by C
Fittick and lias a crew of about ft
re. This vessel was likewise of
tr ballast tvne, bi|Ut of iron, with
Bverse bulkheads. She was constri
t Low Walker, England, in 1878 i
owned by J. E. Milburn, of Lon<]
dimensions were 285 feet in lenj
>et beam, 24\ depth of hold, 1,7011
surement, and she was |m|l'-l)riganl
2d. She hod a large assorted cai
listing of bushels of wheat, 1,
els of sugar, 700 cases of canned go<
) staves, ZOO barrels of lubricating
packages of wooden-ware. 4Q packs
tanufactijred wood, \ napfcqge of hi
j, 4 packages of furniture, 10 whe
log of agricultural implements, 227,
nds of tallow, 25,541 bushels of <x
10 sacks of Hour, 100 barrels of d
45 jjags of clover seed. The vessel
ed at about $2pQ,0QQ and her pa
partly insured," '
>1 Note*-Industrial AffAlra-Porsc
rpmdaux of the InUillQcnctf.'
uLK^yoyo, W? Va.k ?eb. 23.?Cirj
rt convened 'last week^and is;dc
I work. The Grand Jury found si
ihone Cam
lasin deration a line from,this pi
10 Virginia Monitor, a small, fl
rnn quarto, has niade its appearai
i published at Pennsboro by 31,
y. 'y ;
jas. p.'Ifaddoif, of Cairo. will u
ly be the nominee of the Republic
ho County Superintendency.
10 late extremely1 gold weftlher
? great; injury to Uio wheat in
lings are rather dull hi the oil regi(
3. Stilea''has'reduced wage? 2b <*
io- Mount Farm Company have n
their workmen to be ready for w
t Monday, - * ?7?
)1. Van A. JJeyely, tof tho Democ
invented a proWpfjby, which, pbo
riiifa dr ahfkipd 6f,a picture* maj
intly transferred into an electrotyj
r. A. Rutherford of Petroleum, is
1 in "Wheeling. W. p. Styles |s \
;ing in'' theifiui City and his inter
ie liwiseui U>uUIaiu*3.
elephono luio is being built fi
nsboro through the southern par
re am proud of our own Senator A
He's the right man in the rinht pIi
if nur Democratic friends take D
Miller (or a "anposer" they will I
their mlbtnke bofore the present
adjourns. Ro'
a uoi'saouiilks.
rnted I'roqi HlB 3?ut]i?r REil Jloff r
fits Fattier.
ew Yoitic, Feb. 24.?Thomas P.
rn. aged 18,' delivery clerk, in the
1 of the l'oetal Telegraph Co to pi
'? tale of1 his ?e?rcl| for
her to police Superintendent \
this afternoon. "*\Vlw>n
years p]ll Ills parents qi
[d and 1.H lath' r tool; a t liil.l
fonii.i. 'The inoUci^iratVad| tl
ir/teturned tu Now Vork, where t
d tor two years. Then another i
tk occurred. The husband
wife locked , up as ft d>
nil i||0 mother was released she ag
I<1 her ton and' brought him tq the
nahas house, this city.
iter she teal: the lau to Flaekecsi
j.,, where she had obtained empl
It. It belni! the father's tarn tost
ought ond discovered Uis wife and
iccidsnt. The young ThoipaajeJu
0 with his (other ?0 t||e uarent 1
arreted (or hreqkjnj; a window,
way he had the yonncster commll
juvenile asylum. 1 le remained th
years before hip mother found h
n she tn^le arranmaienta fa tube I
before. Mrs. McCiown was to cc
him. At NmyarkjMcGown lived v
ther woman wlw?U?iWWMp,rd?
n]l ^praptherTlffi. McCj<
in another pursuit, and reached N
'n. Alter many months Thomv
* ?*?
c|t has continued ever kloee. He i
1 the police U**id-h|in In finding
hen Thfr police bellere the story,
:gc'p hjm-iiit:?; ' .:
J-A RalMllv* of K<as|d*Bt Artliur.
n Mlcpimj,'llDf,j?eb.rii4.?Atrs. )
, mother of 'Agriili Herndon, the
, to'o(.fieiirt (HMiPB'to^ay at
sit i.lit M if
don' men^one(1 abandoning the Soudan afte
gerej the capture of Khartoum. Hehadmerel;
eous said the evacuation of the Soudan b;
Egypt had formed the original policy o
My) the English Government; that policy re
|u]^. mained unaltered, but recent events hat
she prevented its immediate execution,
and Sir John Lubbock. Liberal, resumed th<
de- debate on Northcote s motion of censure
was He said ho would support the Government
and in- any measures necessary to benefit
don. Egypt.
feet air. Charles Stuart Wortley, Consent
id of tive, said he thought the Government had
was acted with the climax of meanness toward
had General Gordon. Redmond, Home Kuler,
argo opposed the Premier's motion, and was
,7seconded in his opposition by several Par;>50
nellites. The opposition became so noisy
Is of tliat the Speaker interferred, and when
,217 silence was restored he announced that he
gar, thought it was his duty to inform the
jsh- House that he thought the subject had
. at been adequately discussed. At this the
, as Parnellites nearly all joined in a prolongel
howl and derisive cheers. William
last O'Brien, editor of the United Ireland, and a
ven "Home Ruler, shouted out: "Wo will reum
member tbis in Ireland!"
rew Thia remark was greeted with cries of
,'est "Oh!" "Oh!" "Name himl" "Name
r R. him!"
nraa Thn SnPftknr ihorpunnn nnmprl (VRrtan
rere Gladstone at once moved the name of
{tb the member be suspended.
and O'Brien Jumped up and shouted. "That
irgo is the honor of my ambition."
? of After the uproar vfliich attended this
She passage between the Dublin editor and
Prime Minister had subsided, Thomas
'ap- Sexton, Home ltuler, row to a point of
>rty order. He was summarily, overruled by
the the Speakor. A. division was then called
five un. Gladstone's motion to suspend
net- 0 Brian resulted in a vote of 244 for the
and motion and but 20 against it The Speaker
Ion. when the vote had Tieen recorded ordered
;tb, O'Brien to withdraw from the House,
ons O'Brien aroso, straigntened himself up to
tjno his full height, and excluiming with great
ri), precision and sarcasm: "Certainly, sir;
000 I will withdraw from the House with
,.l. ,.???. nl^aciiH. than T untoHil ft ?? n*.A
oil, strode out.
iges The Furnellites objected to a resunipird
tion of the debate on the motion of cenels,
sure, because it would prevent the diseus887
sion of the motion by Redmond relative
>rn, to the conductof the Irish constable, Murork
Wag Qladstone-O'llrlen episode was
fgO quite sensational while it lasted, and
Gladstone's conduct was firm and deter*
When the House had settled down to
. business, closure was propastnl and voted,
by 207 aye? to 4ft noes. I'arneil expressed
dissAtiofautlon with the tally, and as the
protest was insisted upon, a division re!HJJ
sulte<linthe adoption of Gladstone's moling
tion to resume debate on NortUcflte's mo*
xty tion of censure?222 to 1|V
ipa. M AltTIN *8 FKHRY,
acQ Potato Day In the l'ubllc Schools-New*
Notes and Pornounl-.
|ve. Tho Ijuglilln mill started up yettcricn.
Mr- Spcnptr lost a fine cow yesterday
(ram lung fever.
io?t Qhas. Sedgwick left vwtfrdsy for a trip
<"* through U|C Wert,
h Miss Oly Dull', daughter of Thoe. Duff,
our ' I""' toller's bouse Monday oi con
>ns. Several of Martin's Vewy'a people ex,nk
pect to go to Washington to attend tbo injjj
" The Women's Union Benevolent Sooletv
oti- will meet at tho house of Mrs. Joseph
ork Waters at half past ono o'clock this afternoon.
j The Excelsior, rink had its floor ground
flown yesterday and everythingjl*ed yp
'1,6 for the Carnival V^nigbt. The new
electric latnps are a great improvement,
llsti ! Y^orday was potato day in tho public
Jr." schools of Martin's Ferry, the proceeds of
w which are to bo given to the Bonevolent
Society. The total proceeds were 14 bart
0# rels of potatoes, 7(J ponnds of colTpe. 87 cam
of fruit, 105 miscellaneous packages, 5
r (tarkii of Hour, bundles of clothing, $1 in
Jjjg, money and 8 loaves of bread.
Bes- A Probably Fatal Hu ruing-An Old Faqlu
r. ioned Party.
jjr. Bud PemH lost a fine cow j estertiny
(rom milk lever.
Mr. Stewart nan, 01 osiera Virginia,
.. is viaithig friends here.
A. young cliiltl of Mr. Rosa \Yo?da died
um" Monday aiternofln of scarlet fever,
"tyi ; The reaidenta of the valley about two
hu tnilea back o( Bridgeport contemplate
fy. building a (iew church.
was I. Mr. McCiean, the leader of the Island
- Rink orchestra, hair accepted tho position
, of leader of tho orchestra at t|io Jlaaamoth
1 W Kink hero,
!?J". There waa an old-fashioned carpet tuclfllla
|Dg at the residence of Mrs, H. E. Wells
hey Monday night. About twenty-five port
sut- sons were present itelreahiuenla were
i'hu serveu at iw u c^ou*, micr v\ men uiey
an- Wer8 entertained by vocal and instruIji
mental music nntil a late hour,
A little two-ypM old phi III of Mrs,
t, A (lams WW severely burned yesterday
* jfteraoon. Mrs. Adams went ont of the
. room for a few minutes, leaving the child
alone. It was plsylng around the grate,
when its clothing took fire, and heforo
assistance arrlypu U ?w sa seriously
blamed (liftt It is sot expeutetl to live.
jjj Beltalr? llrltb.
:ted Kev. T; H. Taylor will conduct a jevival
,ero at the M. K. cburtl) i\t Qulnoy.
iifl, C'lajouce Brfggs and Alice Knrns were
ilm married Monday evening by Rev. B. Q,
her Wallace.
th? Treasurers Arch" and Rodewig liavo
' ? drawn their city and township funds from
'Jtft. the county, treasury.
' A Welshman Darned Vail beathlswUe
* . at his'home on Gravel Hill till she was
r,. e seriously hurt Ho was arrested.
Jtai A new school room has been' fitted np
had to accomodate some of the overflow at tho
i a Fourth ward building. It la in the baseital.
her, Mr. John Tinnerty has leased the
iov Bradley lots on North llelmont street, and
hff has begun the creetlori of a roller rink. It
and will be 120 by 62 feet. .
A gull-Was- wounded by Philip llafTev
while flylq^Qer tho Ice yesterday, an I
|v?" :' ^Wtlon-E of the Open Ilonse was obthe
talned for Bellalre peoplel)y:J-.?. Boblnirgtw
son for Friday night's performance of
I offl'!Prlla"br Erainctt, and1 the seats were
Hqilall s^ldaafuttfthe numbers could be
1 marked off,
17 TUB NtonT8K8SIOS8.
Maria Work la Ilia 8?nale and Mucli Talk In
tha Hotue.
i. In the Senate at last night'ssession more
work was done than in tlie same period
it before during the session. About a score
of UiUs were read the first or second time.
Senate Bill Ho. 86, amending the law
concerning county courts,' their jurisdiction
and powers, was on motion ol B.
n.rnce rejecwa. Among me measures
U read the first time was the Prohibitory
if amendment. Senate Bill Xo. 5? was rejected;
also Nos. 103, 8u,113.109 and 114.
.. Most of these were bills whose objects
1. had been accomplished by House bills, ,
and they were postponed (or this reason. .
' Others had been adversely reported by the
" committees.
r Tho President an'nonnccd as members 1
r on the part of,the Senate of the commit- '
tee to select silcb bills from,'those pending I
' as ought to be: passed, Messrs. Flournoy, !
/ i? layu and Scott
f The Senate adjourned at 10:05, on mo- 1
. tion of Mr. Hays. '
. In the House of Delegates last night 1
Mr. Edwards presented a resolution limiting
ail speeches to 6 minutes. It was f
i adopted. % '
Mr. Marshall moved toextend tlie ninht '
t session frota 9:150 to 10:30, but some op* 1
t position beingmade to this, modified it to ?
1Q, o'clock. This motion the House re- ,
jected. L
House Bill 27 and Senate Bill 65 were J
passed, and the house proceeded to the []
consideration of bills on their second read- J
' in*. Of the two bills named the/ormt'r 1
establishes the Independent School Dig- 11
trict of West Grafton out of Sub-District w
No. 1, of Court House District in Taylor *
county. The latter extends the Time for c<
the Correction of Erroneous Assessments. w
In making the motion to take up bills on
their second reading Col. White said he j
hoped to see in the printed acta of fliis c5
Legislature something beside ants estab- w
lishing independenfscnool districts.
The real reason such slow progress has 01
been made by the House in its business
was never ouueriuusiraieuinan just uuer *r
this motion wm adopted. Nearly half an
hour waa spent in debate on a minor ft
amendment to a bill extending the time u
in which sheriffo' and clerks' fees may be
collected by distress from two years to 01
five years. It is also worthy of note.that K
not a Republican spoko duringthe debate. PJ
The House adjourned at 0:30, after lu
again refusing to extend the session to or
U'M, on ii -jtion of Mr. Stapleton. (1*
v ta
On the Victims of the Wei Ulnar* Kyjiluklou. ^
Local LejfUlation.
The Coroner's jury, which convened at be
Weliflburg on Saturday to ascertain tlie m:
cause of the death of the Helsely family 1,1
and the son of Lucas Wallers, concluded W
thoirdeliberations last evening, their ver- pr
diet being that "The Helsely family and co
John Walters camo to their death by the jjj
explosion of natural gas." j"
Tho gas company dug down to the main th
at Helsely's oorner, where the explosion th
occurred, and found the cause of the es- U*
oaplngjjas. A cast iron elbow connecting aa
the main with the "drip box" had been gri
broken by the frost. The ground at that h>
point is froxen to the depth of two and onehalf
feet Council has passed the follow- th
ins oxdinanoo as a means of safety from kii
Are from natural gas: da
lie it Ordained My the Town Council of the
Tmrii nf MWtnlnirfi: a
-J J C[
That it shall be unlawhi! lor any person WI
or pefwm or. firm, to leave or permit 8U
any stove, fire place, grate or burner in ?n
any house, storo room or office, which is fl0
heated or lighted by natural gas, to call' va
tinue burning, or bo burned while the j>
dwelling house, ofllpe, or store room is iia
temporarily Of otherwise unoccupied, 0j
and any pereon or persons so offending >el
shall lor every such offense be fined not wl
less than five or more than twenty dollars.
The gas company thought that it would on
be almost' aa impossibility (or them to
oomply with all the requirements of the
ordinance passed by Conncil on Monday, try
more particularly aa to the placing of es- tt,
cape pipes to every joint of the mains. 0j
A meeting of t|)e gas oompany was held m
at Its office last evening, which was at- nt
tended by a large number of citiiens. j[
The gas company agrees to place threo cscapes
to each square over the gas mains a,
and to do every tiling in its power to place ^
the gas under control and make it safe as ;n
far as the msins are concerned, Five cit- OT
izens were appointed to wait upon the
cititeng of the town with a petition asking ju
Council to pass in view ut the ordinance 0[
passed on Monday, another ordinance re- ru
quiring the company to place escape pipes <?
at each alternate corner and one at each |w
alley; also to drill a holo in topoi mch j,,.
box cap covering a stop cock convoying ^
the gas into tUu houses) also that the gas tj,
company have their superintendent exam- ,j,
ine the valves and supply connections and
Irnnn ihnni In ifAAil U'nrlrlnn nivlrr onil
that the high pressure pipe Bbail carry ti(- j?
teen pounds anil the low prepare three t|,
pounds; that a practical (dumber be em- |y
ployed to examine the pipes in all houses &
and tlie cellars. jn
A. Prospect for a Big lllvcr and Muck D*m.
go Don*.
*Lut evening shortly before dusk it bejan
to snow, and the beautiful continued ^
to come down during a good portion o( the
night. At times it fell very thickly and 1'
the fall by this morning will haw amount- 1)1
ed to five or si* inches.? was moderating w
yesterday ?nd the indications last night at
veto that it was about to become warmer, fi
Should it Jo bo anil the mow turn into m
train, aa predicted by "Probabilities," J?
a disastrous freshet may be looked se
(or. The river being gorgod, the break up so
would cause great dniuago. At mid iu tlie all
vicinity of Pittsburgh apprehensions are di
already felt for the million and a bail m
dslUls worth of property belonging to the al:
coal operators that is lying in a dangerous dc
position. A sudden break up would prob- In
ably destrdy.all that and much other sp
property at points below, gl
Heporta from above last night were,that as
it was growing, warmer and snowing ht
nlopg the Monongabela valley. There in oi
already considerable snow iu the iqouu- loi
tains, and this fall adilud to that, In ease pr
of a warm rain or thaw would make a
rouslm; bin py?r> .
The snow of last night interfered oon- Is
IderaKy with travel. Traim coming into af
the city were late, the street can could not wl
keep the track* and walking was a slow dc
<Wl disagreeable task. ec
omtlnl TvruiH. "
A bill bsoame a law yesterday which th
prescribes the following terms tor State
And county officers;
The terms of officers not elected or appointed
to fill a vacancy, shall b gin re- u
sportively as follows: That of the Gover- P1
nor. Secretary of .State, Stato Supcrlnten- al
dent of Free Bchbote, Treasurer, Auditor "
and Attorney. General, on tho fourth day lt
of llaroh next after their election; that of P1
a member of the Legislature, on the first }'
day of December next after hjs election; I'
that of the Judges of the Supremo Court of
of Appeals, the Judges of the several Circolts,
the County .Commissioners, Prose- *
outing Attorneys,,Surveyors of lanrfs,' As- If
season, SheriUk, Clerks. of the Circuit f
Courts, Clerk* of the County Courts, Jus- >o
tlcee of the Peace and Constables, on the
first day of January next alter their elec0on
' ' 1 ->:. 4
MmnsfEirn.** A Ro?t announce an In- rt
teresting race at their Cltapllne street rluk a
to-morrow night. See advertiiement. fo
Told by the Manager of tba Doom Company.
The Boom Claimed to be Not the Uu.
mixed Kvll It Has B??n Represented.
Facta About the Lumber Trade.
. : 1 '
Major Bradford, Manager of tlio Klk
River Boom Company, and a large stockholder
In tlio concern, met "an Ixtkluaiscm
reporter yesterday, and told him
Ills story of the movoment to repeal the
exclusive clause of his company's charter.
Major Bradford says that id the first
place there is not one dollar of tho stock
jf the company owned in Pennsylvania,
>r outsldtf of Charleston. The kill now
pending in. thu Legislature, if potsed, he
taserU would rain the lumber business of
Charleston, and consequently strike a
leavv blow at tlie Interests of the very
action for whose beaoflt the passage nf
iie bill is urged by its friends.
lit) savs there is now no Umbei'cut on
he main stream, Ihe forests all having
M>pn clearetl: hut all tl?? tlmha*
loated ou the stream is cut up on tlio
ributaries. Forty or fifty people, are enAged
in lumbering in tlie section covjerud
>y the company's franchise. Kocli man
irands bis logs with his trade mark, and
hey are all floated down on the periodic
reshets. Generally the ends of tho logs
ecome covered with mud, and to fish
hem out and ascertain whose property
ley are is no eaBy work. If each man
ere to do this for himself'.at booms
mattered along the stream inextricablo
infusion would arise and no man's logs
ould bo secure.
"This bill." continued Major Bradford,
is not asked for by the )umbermen|of tha
rnntry. It is in tlie interest of parties*
ho have little sawmills along thestrearos,
id who desire to construct booms of their
vn to stop the logs at their mills."
".Sow just think," he went on, "there
e usually about four rises a year in
le Elk when logs can be floated ouL
bout 100,000 logs couie out anuually.
f these, one concern in Charleston buys
m uuuaoont .:>u,uuu, ana mere are eleven
hers which take the other 70,000. You
e how impossible it would be for the
tople to do their own booming. Theso
0,000 logs, if floated out in rafts, an avage
of 25,000 on each freshet, would rplire
500 rafts each time, and theso would '
ke four men each?a force of 2,000 men
all, who must be gathered at a moment's
itice. Vou will readily see thatis out of
e question."
"Uur company would willingly build
torn* along the stream if they wero deanded,
but they are not. The people up
ere prefer to raft around the booms, and
i would get no toll."
"As to tue idea tnat the Legislature doived
the neoplo of the franchises and
nferred tnem on the company," conluedthe
Major, "tliat is erroneous. The
mchises wero created by the act which
corporated the company. Previous to
at time no person had a right to boom
eElk. We chargo$1.50 boomairo per
ousand?23 or :>0 cents a log. Wo aro
listled with this though thore is no
eat profit in it. I got into the company
' being a creditor.
"This assault upon us reminds mo, by
e spirit which actuates it, of a different
nd of an occurrence which happened
iwn there some time ago. Below our
om was a lock ind dam constructed by
Pennsylvania.syndicaro"of which Don
imorou waHTiie neau. it caused aslackiter
pool nine miles ilone, on which n
sain boat oould run, ana which was a
eat advantago to our boom. Mr. Mollan,
of Charleston, was oyer in PennBylnia
tryinp to buy tlie dara and perfect
whon a' ruob, many of the memlers
,ving no interest whatever in navigation
the stream, tore out about a liuudrod
it of the dam and let the water out I
is actually indicted for taking part in
at mob, and one of its ringleaders gat
i the grand jury which indicted mo I
"Now to show you," Major Bradford
ireued, "what view' is taken of this by
me of the peoplo affected, here is aletr
from Charleston,.in the interest'of one
the largest lumber mills there, asking a
ember of tho House to exert all bis inicnce
to defeat the bill introduced by
i. Uiuiiiouu, no un |inraiij;u WUU1U gTHYUiy
it injuriously affect tlie lumber Interest
Charleston, the construction of other
oms in creeks entering the. Elk retards'
lumber destined for Charleston at least
e freshet.
"Here is another letlor, from a large
iber firm, which says: 'The passa&o
this bill would eventually prove this
in of the lumber business of Charleston,
r the reason that if others are allowed to
?om the river there will not be sufficient
iBines8 for the preaent Boom Company
justify it in keeping up its boom. Willi
at gone we wonld lose most if not all of
e logR we get from up the Elk.'
"Here is a still stronger letter, from tho
rgcat lumber firm of Cliarleston, ahowg
from tho history of the business, there
at it owes its existence, almost, cfertainita
preterit greot proportions, to our
K>m, but I will not trouble you by readg
it, 1 merely wish to convince you
id tho public that there are two sides to
lis cane,"
Tcrrillo Dniamlta Kxoloilan.
Stoxk Mouktaix, Ga., Feb. 24.?A die
trous accident occurrod hero UMlay
rough an explosion of dynamite. liirgo
lantities of tho explosive fire used in
astinp granite in Stone Mountain.
A drill was made this afternoon, Into
lilch the explosive was placed, with fuso
tached, and tho hands retreated a aultlent
distance, for aome cause tho dynaite
failed to oxnlode. when l&L TfnlW*
uper Hamilton and Wyly law were
nt to clear out tlie drill. They had ho
oner touched it, when a terrific txplu)n
wn* heard, the rocka scattering In all .
rections. It waa toll)' believed that tho f
en were killed, but they were lonml
ivo, though ' terribly mutilated. Tho
ndly explosive had blown Lite rock itwny
im under thoir feet, leaving them on Uiu
ot whore they 11 rat stood. Hamilton
ves a thrilling account of his sensation*
the tlirec men stood in the smoke, with
lge pile* of gran)tc lljlng np Into tlie
r from alwut their feet llolmea Iikh
it hla eyesight, and will die. while it is
ohable that tho other two will livo.
An DViniWe RreltK
most distressing, not only to the |ternon
llicted if he have any pride, but thoiu
Ith whom ho come* In contact. It U a
ilicate matter to speak of, but It has part[
notonly friends but lovers. Had breath
id catarrh are inseparable. Dr. Sago's
itarrli Remedy cures the worst case*, as
otuands can teatify. .
? Mardl Uru Onralral at New Orient,*.
On Tuesday last. February loth, tho
ens of the Carnival festivities waatuirecedentedforgayety,
Tbousanda from
I portions of tho world thronged tliu
reets, after witneoing the ceremony of
le drawing, and gave loud-spoken aproval
of the honesty of tho 17ith Grand
onthly Drawing of Tho Louisiana State
nttery, under the exolusiva management
Generals G. T. Beauregard, of Loulsfnija,
id Jubal A. Early, of Virginia, and somB
162,500 was scattered about. It will all
> over again on March 10th, of which M.
. Dauphin, of New Orleans, La., will innn
you on application to him, in* -
Kxeurilon Ticket* to Kiw Orl^ni.
Cheap excursion tickets ar? now on salo
tlie direct snd popul?r Pan Handlo
mte. For ticket* awl hill information ,
til on oraddrostj I. O. Tomllnwin, Agent. .
otolElevosth stmt, Wheeling, W. Ya,

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