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gawnnt'i gran
^ !
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Kidney* nod IJver.
It is Invaluable for Blseaiea peculiar to
iVotnen, and all who lead tedenbuy live*.
ltdoesnot Injure the teeth, cauie headache,or
produce corwtipatlon?otArr Iron wtdMna do.
Itcnrlchoaand pnrlflea the blood, rtlmulate#
tho appetite. aJda tho malmilBtlon of food, relieve*
Heartburn and iJclchlug, and strength*
em the musclcs and nerve*.
For InterxnlUent Fever*. lassitude, Lack of
Enerjgr. Ac., It has no equal.
Mir Tlio genuine haa almve trade mark and
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l/)PfllfT11 Hltlfl r--' I t*f "
Or tad farewell 2le?tiDB?-Fr*ncil llarj^r*
<knT?wa>w-ia.iw)?B.;( j,
TCirtnom.t0r Kccord.
The following shows the ipse of the
thermometer as observed at Schnepfs
drag store. Opera House corner, yeeterdav:
7 i. M.; 39?, 12 *., 40?; 3 p. it '; 43?; 7 P.
*., 35?.
Wasbikotos, KO., JfarohJ J.?1 A. h.?
For Tennessee and the Ohio Valley. fair
weather; followed Gi Tonnesseo with local
reins, variable winds, generally northeasterly,
falling barometer in tlie western portion,
rising followed by falling barometer
in the eastern portion, slightly colder in
Tennessee, falhm; followed by rising temperature
in the Ohio Valley.
For the Lowor Lake region, fiirweather,
northerly winds, shifting easterly colder,
followed by warmer weather, falling barometer
in the western portion, rising fol:
lowed by falling barometer in the eastern
AVE bare just received a now stock of
Gold Spectacles.
JACOB IV. GBUDU, the Jeweler,
Cor. Twolfth and Market Sts.
| A largo assorlnientof Spring oniSnmmcr
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iiUbAU uniKiiijiai
Mutters of Mliior Muinout in and About the
Tub usual matinees at both theatres today.
"The Octoiioon" benefit nt theOpora
House this afteruoon and evening.
J. Napolkoj* Bo.vapabtb Little, the
Philadelphia cream pop man, was sent to
jail yesterday by Squire Arkle to sober up.
Clebk IIook yesterday admitted record I
a deed mado February 28, by Agnes B.
Luke and ltobert Luke, her nusband, to I
I Lorilla F. liullardf in consideration of $10,
for lot 20 in Graham's addition to Wheeling.
O.v Saturday afternoon and evening
Aimeo will presant her famous English
comedy, "Mamzelle," at the Opera House.
~ Thu play is fall of-laughablo surprises,
and forms one of the moat pleasing entertainments
seen at this house this season.
The United States District Court and
the State Supreme Court of Appeals both
met in this city yesterday, but in noithor
was any business of public iuterest transacted.
The Supremo Court of Appeals
adjourned till Saturday, and tho United
I States Court will meet again to-day.
Dan O'Connkll, Charley Fisher's well
known white pacer,one of tho finest saddle
horses in tho city, fell in his-etnll at Nine's
1! ? -inVln nlnlif nml In onmn 11'n V
tlVCr/ OMiUlO iaai>'i4igitv ......... uw...v,
broke ono of Ills legs so badly that he had
to be shot, Dr. Robinson killed him. Tho
unfortunate accident will be a source of regret
toovory lovcr-of lino horse fieehin
the city.
Evkrvjiody ought to attend the inoqster
mass meeting to be held at the Capitol
rink on Friday evening, March 14th. 1885,
I at 7:30 o'clock. It is to be a farewell ovation
to Francis Murphy and every seat
ought to be tilled; not only for that reason,
but the proceeds are for tho benefit of tho
Woman'aChristian Association so recently
organized in this city and which has
already doge such a gooil work. The gentlemanly
managers of thtTHTIirwiU provide
seats for 3,000 peoplo. All the choirs
in the city aro urgently invited to be
present anil use their voices U> help make
this meeting a success.
' lion. Joieph 8. Miliar to be Provided for
by Cleveland.
The Parkereburg Stale Journal lias the
"Our informant mentioned an important
fact which has so far escaped tho
notice of the press of this State, and it is in
regard to ex-Auditor Joo Miller's candidacy
for appointment as Third Assistant
Postmaster General. It is thought that
Mr. Miller's chances are Al. He is aided
in his candidacy by Vice President Hendricks,
by virtue of tho tact that tho exAuditor
has a brother residing in Indian.
apolis who is a warm friend of Mr. Hon1
dricks. It might be added* however, that
a great deal of importance (Toes not seem
to attach to what dir. Hendricks may de
Bire. but ills assistance, 01 course, ia inucu
to ba desired."
Humors of theaame general naturo have
been current for some tim'o. Jlr. Miller
sometime ago said that he was not an anpUcant
for any public position, but his
many friends at Washington and here de?
dare that his appointment to a good position
trader the* new administration is a
certainty. v
Willi No Foundation In Fact-A Peculiar
The Register yesterday contained the an|
nouncement that an evening newspaper,
or a Sunday paper, was shortly to be
started in this city by E. E. Mann,now
telegraph editor o? that paper, and Char*
ley Howell, of the Pittsburgh Commercial
; Gazette. Mr. Mann said to an Ixtkluoenckh
reporter yesterday that there was no
truth in tho statement, and no foundation
In fm-tforit Ha had not bden consulted in
reference to the publication, and could
not conceive Kb purpose. It has precipitated
his retirement from the stall'of
the filter, which has lately lost several
. pood men. Mr. Mann contemplated
r severing hi# connection witli-the paper
. in a few weeks, but has now resigned his
position, to take effect on Saturday next
It is laid that after Mr. Mann's retire'
ment Mr. J. B. Taney, with an assistant,
will comprise the editorial staff of the
Jitgiiler. ^
| Jacques Kruger will present his funny
comedy, "Dreams, or Fun in a Photograph
Gallery," at the Opera House tomorrow
evening for the second tiipe this season.
The piece is a more confused mixture of
comedy, farce, burlesque and spectacle
than when it was lust seen here, and the
new company does not "lack spirit or
variety. Many new and taking songs have
been added to the piece, and it does not
lag for a moment during tho entire performance.
The pleco itself is of the
sketchiest description, but the funny business
in the photographer's place, perpetrated
by the people who go there to have
their pictures taken, and the eccentric
comedy actingof Mr. Kruger, gives something
like substance to the entertainment !
Reserved seats are on sale at Baumer's
music store.
A Bar* Motlcil Treat.
ThoArion Singing Society, the leading 1
Herman organisation of tola city, is arranging
to give a musical entertainment
at tES Opera House, Tuesday, April 7, that
shall eclipse anything in the musical line
that baa occurred in this city fora long ,
time. The committee having the matter
in charge Is composed of CoL F. Belster,
Prof. H. Shockey and Mr. Frank Gruae.
They have engaged the famous Mendel*- i
sohn Quintette Club, or Boiton, to take tl j
prominent part in the programme, which c
will be one oompqped of musical genu. r
Exusousxts on Crayon Paper of i
Photographs can be h*d at 'Kirk's art I
store, 1005 Main itrevt, 19
Model One?The Committee BeporUend '
Other Paper* Intelligent!j Considered.
Kcdnced Llceoiea Aiked for?Another
Loan Ordinance Proposed*
The regular semi-monthly meeting of
Council held lut evening waa in many respects
a model one. In both branches
business was disposed of in a businesslike
manner without any long-winded speecheb
being made or funny breaks indulged in.
Tho Second Branch waa called to order,
by President Sweeney at 7 :S0 o'clock and
the minutes of the last meeting read and
approved. The absent members were:
Messrs. Delbrugge, Harrell, Hildreth, McKinley,
Shanley. Smith and Waterhouae.
On motion of Mr. Tracy, tho report of
Mayor Grubb in relation to tho controvcrsy
between him and Health Officer
Garrison regarding the small pox cases on
Chapline street, which was laid on the
table at tho last meeting of Council, was
taken up and referred to the Committee
on Health with instructions to investigate
the matters therein contained and report
to Council.
On motion of Mr. Healy the rules were
suspended for tho purposo of considering
licenses. Frank Wilhelra was granted a
rebate on his license to keep a coffee house
at No. 3322 Jacob street and granted a
license to keep one at No. 3305 Jacob
street John bchaefer was granted a rebate
on his license to keep a coffee house
Ul ?>o. ilm- iuar*ei> uiruui, uiu AxctiiiMiu
Lillie granted a license to keep a coffee
house at that place.
The regular monthly reports of the various
standing committees were then taken
up and the bills embraced in them ordered
paid, as follows: City Prison, $3144;
superintendent City Prison, $115 32; Fire
Department, $228 50; Accounts, $290 25;
Health) $112 05; this sum was for paying
the guards and nurses employed during
the recent prevalence of Btnall pox in this
city and for supplies furnished the afflicted
The Committee on Health reported that
it had examined proposals for the removal
ofkitchon garbage and oflal during the
coming year and had awarded contracts
as follows: W. F. Baker, Urat district, $280;
H. Kreis, second district, $420; Henry llotzer,
third district, $425: .Lawrence Clark,
fourth district, $300; Charles Steiuman,
fifth district, $343. These awards Mere
confirmed by Council.
The Committee on Accounts reported
that it had examined the books of the
Clerk and Receiver for the month of Feb*
ruary, had found the same to balance and
cancelled all vouchers. The books showed
the following balancesi General fund, to
balance $532 40; Contingent fund, to balanco,
$038 82; Appropriation fund, to balance,
$2 00; 10 percentlevy fund, to balance.
$840 29.
This committee further reported; that
the clerk of the JJourd of Public Works
had u resented the warrant book of the
I Board and requested the couimitteo to
audit its accounts; that the committee had
asked the Board to. furnish its minute
book wherein its original orders were entered,
and to which request the Board
liad replied through its clerk,-that it
I would bo pleased to meet with tho com*
mittee once a month on its auditing day,
for tho purpose of jointlv'oxaming the ac[counts
of the-Board.' The committee in
i view of its present labors suggested to the
Council tho adoption of a resolution providing
a special committee, consisting of
threo members from the Second and two
from the First Branch, for the purpose of
auditing the quarterly statements of the
The Committee on Fire Department reported
in relation to tho resolution recently
adopted by Council enquiring as to who
was responsible for alleged cruelty to a
horse at. the Vigilant engine house that
was clipped during the cold weather, that
tho horse had not been in the least damaged
by the.clipping, and that it was done
as a sanitary measure.
The monthly statement of Receiver
Dunaway, showing the balances reported
by the Committee on Accounts, was received
and ordered filed.
The same action was taken with the
monthly report of City Clerk Bowers.
Following is an abstract from Mr. Bowers'
General Fund? Amount of orders issued
during the month of February. $8,419 *15:
amount of orders paid during the month,
$1,783 40, leaving unpaid ordure to the
amount of $0,035 80; there was redeemed,
outstanding orders to tlie amounttif $4,275
04, tearing at tlie end of the month
city orders outstanding to tho amount of
$200,753 01, an increase of $3,300 02 during
tho month.
Contingent Fund?There was issued during
February to the Board of Public
Works orders on this fund to the amount
of $40(108, for which there was a suOtcient
amount to the credit of the fund to pay
all these ordors.
Included in the outstanding or unpaid
orders for the month of February there is
sn order issued on account of interest on
the loan of 1877 amounting to $3,330.
The City Water Board reported that in
accordance with its rules and regulations,
it bad employed Col. IN. Wilkinson to
make an examination of the books and
accounts of the Board and presented Col.
Wilkinson's report. The matter Win referred
to the Committee on Accounts.
Col. Wilkinson's reports shows the assessments
by wards to have been as follows:
First,$11,010 50;Second,$3I,175 70;Third,
$37,013 55; Fourth, $13,840 191 Fifth, $15,357
74; Sixth, $24,830 13; Seventh, $10,000
8(1; Eighth, $13,002 87. Total, $140,- ,
705 03. To this is to be added short and
supiilementary assessments, making a to- .
tal of $150,030 31. From this amount is ,
>. L. I
IU UO ucuuticu uu^'Pii* ciiuucvua uosessments
to the amount of $12,540 S8,
leaving a balance of $138.1186 2;) that was
collected au J accounted lor. REDUCTION
The Liquor Dealer's, Innkoopers' and ,
Browojs'Protective Society of Ohio county,
presented a lengthy petition asking that
the city coffeehouse licenses lie reduced 1
from $300 to $250 per annum. The peti
tion set lorth that the members of tho Society
were willing to bear their share of I
taxation, but that In view of the Increase
of Stato license ordered by tho late Legislature,
of from $100 to $150 per aunum, .
tho county tax they were called upon to j
pay together with their water and gas
rents, they felt that they wero taxed too i
high. They asked that the Council in ,
considering their prayer, take into cousid- .
eration the dull times, the depression of
business among all classes, and the loss- ,
they "suffered from the flood." The petition
was referred to the Committee on Ordinances
for report. '
A resolution offered by Mr. Commerford,
instrncting the Committee on City i
Prison to Inquire into the advisability of ]
prodding prison suils'for the prisoners 1
was adopted. Mr. Commerford a idea is (
understood to be this: A man wearing a
fairly good suit of clothes may be sent up t
on the hill for thirty or sixty days and be t
unable to get out tie has to work on the t
stone pile, and at the end of the time he i
was sent up for, his clothes are in a sorry j
condition. Provided the city furnished
mita he would have saved his own clothes -i
jnd in addition, the city suit would act as
i partial safe guard against escape*. f
A resolution offered by Mr. Myl4s pro- ?
riding for the replacing of the broken J;
dock (aces in the State. House tower was ?
Various unimportant papers and reao*
utlons were referred. ?
Mr. Hsam offered a resolution instruct- c
ng the Committee on Ordinancea to pre- n
lire for submission to the people anothe* ft
irdiaance authorising tho making of a 0;
lew loan for the purpose of taking up the
utstandlngordtnof theclty, tliatft will be
ioticedarelncreasinginajuoiint.andreliev- ei
ng the 'embarrassed financial condition tl
(the city." The resolution was adopted 4<
after being amended, on motion oi I'rwident
Sweeney, so as to provide that tbe
ordinance should contain the' retraining
provisions contempUted in. the wcent
proposea aia noi pass iue wgir,
Mr. \\\w r^Sbred fncb u
ordinance, which TU referred to tbe com
Memi. W.<T.?ubtoiandH-;^.Bta eli,
special commlsrionerj/ln a petition,
let Jorth that they were commlsalonedto
ell t tract of land on the Island'eaitof
Penn and Booth of Ohio streeta, Thev
asked that the ci^r carb and lay gas and
water pipes through a atreet SO feet wide,
235 feet aonth of Ohio street and running
from South Front to Penn streets,
that they proposed to reserve out of tlie
tract. The city by doing this could avoid
the expense of a condemnation auit and
at the same time enhance the property to
be di spoeed of. Tbe matter was referred
to tbe Board of Public Worlta for report.
In tho First Branch ;Mayor Grnbb presided.
The absentees were Bingell. Caldwell,
Donaldson, Hodman, List and Wingerter.
This Branoii concurred with the
Second in its actions.
Excursion Ticket* to N?* Orleans.
Cheap excursion tickets are now on sale
via the direct and popular Pan Handle
route. For tickets and full information
call on oraddress J. G. Tomlinson, Agent,
toot of Eleventh street. Wheeling, W. V?SOT
A Little Episode at Charloy Shay'4 Theatre
La>t NlghU
For the past two nights Florence NoHe
and Harry Jackaon, supported by an unusually
strong dramatic company, headed
by Hal Clarendon, formerly leading man
with Dion Boucicault, and an actor of line
ability and high reputation, have been
presenting "Queen's Evidence" at Charley
Shay's Theatre. The performance was in
every respect a fine one. Laat night,
howover, it was somewhat marred by a
little by-play, concerning which a very
sensational report became current about
the streets in.an incredibly short time.
I Toward the close of the first act Gilbert
Midland, one of the characters in the
I drama, fires a shot at Matthew Thornton,
the villain of the plav, and accidentally
shoots his wifKatt J/e/fauf,blinding her.
Just before this piece of acting was gone
through with last night those of the audience
who sat near the stage heard loud
voices in tho wings, one saying:
"When you lire that gun X want you to
shoot above my wife's head!"
"I know how to do that shooting, and
will 'tend to it myself, was tlio response.
The play went on. and apparently
nothing came of this evidently angry colloquy.
The curtain went down at the end
of the first act, and Mr. Jackson, the manager
of the company,- appeared before the
audience just before the orchestra commenced
the overture, and said:
"Ladies and gentlomen, I regret to say
that it will be impossible for the performance
to proceed. My leading man, Mr.
Clarendon, is under the iniluenuo of
liqnor, and much as I regret it it will be
necessary to dismiss the audience." <
These words reached Manager Shay,
and he rushed behind the scenes and put
a sudden stop to this programme.. The
audience was retained, ana the play fin*
ished successfully, and if anything with
more spirit than the night before. Mr. Clarendon
admitted to Col. Shay .that he had
been drinking, but no person in the audience
would have suspected it from his actto
*! /? !%/?/ a/itat* In fl?n /toot n1nv.
ing tlio role of Gilbert Midland with fiyce.
Florence Noble (Mrs. Jackson) personates
Kale Midland. Col. Shay blamed Mr,
Jackson lor the whole difficulty, and considered
the steps he took altogether unnecessary
and uncalled for. It is said there
has been bad feeling between Clarendon
and Jackson for some time.
Eememder that the best amd the cheapest
footwear in the city can be found at
the Assignee Sale of Boots and Shoes, No.
40 Twelfth street.
"Mother Hubbard*" on llollerSkate* at the
Capitol Kink.
Tho'"Mother Hubbard" skating carnival
that took place at the Capitol rink last
night added another event to the list of
highly successful and largely attended
ones that have taken place at this rink
sinco it has been opened. There were
over one hundred young men and boys
that took part in the funny spectacle.
They met at Franihelm's Hall, whore
they donned their wigfc, false faces
and llowing robes, and headed
by the rink band and "Jack."
the. colored servant, all in Mother Hubbards,
marched down Market street to the
rink, Jack acting as the drum-major. It
was a highly amusing procession and Attracted
a great deal of attention. Arriving
at the rink the largo edifice was found
to be crowded with people. The spectators
occupied all the seats and nearly all
the standing room, whilo the surface
was crowded with those not in costumo.
The surface was finally cleared and the
motley procession filed in and putting on
Bkatea proceeded to furnish fun for nun*
dreds. The entrance of the masquers wag
greeted with cheers and yells of laughter.
There wore all kinds of "Mother llul>
hards" and only a few of the wearers ,
knew how to vear them. Tho result was
that there was more awkwardness displayed,
probably, than was ever grouped ;
together before. The programme connlstted
of marches, races and general sk&ting.
rhe entertainment was a novel one and
there was not one present who did not
enjoy a hearty laugh over it.
Rrmjjmb* that the best and the cheap- .
sst footwear in thp city can be fotjnd at
the Assigueo Sale of Boots and fthoes. So. ,
40 Twelfth street.
Strang ?ra In tb? City and Wheeling Fqlks
Mr. Lou Swabacker has returned from a
business trip Kaat.
Judgo Jackson and Clerk Moore, of tho
United States Court, are at tlie McLure
Mr. S. P. Hildretb, Cashier ol the Commercial
iiiult, is In New York city on business.
B. P. Melglien, Esq., Prosecuting AtLornoy
oi Marshall county, was in town
Miss Francis Williamson left yesterday
[or Weilsburg, to visit her friend Mattie
State Senator C. L. Brown and wife dolarted
for their home in Jackson county ,
ast night on the Andes.
Dr. Christian Schnepf, the druggist, who
us been seriously ill with the typhoid
fever, was reported slightly better last
>veni?g., ;
Squire 3V J- Louis, publisher of .the
Braddocks, Pa., Sun, is in tho city. He
lasnot visited Wheeling before lor twentyive
Messrs. A. Rnhl, Jr.,and Lou and Frank
Und, of Columbns, 0., returned homo |
resterday, after a pleasant visit at the rodlenoeofifr.
John Kbbcrt, of the North" I
ind. j
Peter Ripley, an old Wheeling boy who I
las been in the regular army for over 1
wenty years, has been visiting his jrotber,
w. H. Ripley, of North Wheel- ,
ng, for some weeks. He leaves to-day to {
oln his regiment in Texas.
Mr. Hayes, of Cohn, Sampllner A Co., J
Vheeilng, is in the city to-day, and as he c
i the lucky winner of the bet of fifty "
;isses from one of our lady clerks, hi was t
u real luck to-day, but was somewhat ?
bagrined when the- lady paid him with J
ifty "sugar kisses."? IMhirt Independent, u
In the death yesterday of his youngest I
on, Mr. John H. Winder, foreman of the h
*T?u.ia?*na? composing rooms, is called f
pon to mourn the loss of his fourth o
hild in a'short span of yean. The una- J
ial bereavement that has befallen his
imlly draws out tho deepest sympathies
f their friends. ^ ?
RgxratiEB that the beet and the cheapit
footwear ib the city can be found at
le Assignee Sale of Boots and Shoes, No. n
ITwelUb street, II
V. *
i. u
At the First Baptist Cbnrch Last Nlght-A p
Large Number of Pledge Signers are Dae. I
rated With the Blue Ribbons?The e
x . Public Warming up to the Work. a
The audience attracted to the Pint Bap- c
tUt church last night to hear Francis J
Murphy was at least fifty percent larger g
than* that of the night before. The u
church was crowded down stain and up. J
Indeed, few more people could have been J
crowded into the commodious edifice, f
which lias a s&ting capacity , of about c
1.200. Tho aisles and the open space t
about the altar "were crowded and the I
seats uncomfortably packed; Shortly 1
after six o'clock the people began to gath- 0
erinthe porches in front of the church, r
and the house was well filled by the time
announced for the meeting to open.
As on the night before, the music was a (
leading feature of the meeting, the sing- C
ing being led by a large volunteer choir li
and accompanied by the organ, with Miss
Mary Amick ns organist, and two cornets, f
played by Messrs. Frank Kasley and Frank >
Kerncr. BHW
The meeting was opened with tho hymn ^
VAU hell the power of Jeturfniuiier' .
the congregation joining in the singing ?
with spint. Revi Q. M. Shott then led in (
prayer, and tho choir sang,
"Oh, sing of his mighty love." g
Mr. Murphy's remarks were not long, J
but thev were received with a much more
hearty Interest than those of the previous c
night. The enthusiasm had perceptibly
increased, and a more appreciative or re- 1
sponsive audience could not be desired. r
In the course of his remarks Mr. Mar- s
phy took occasion to express his appreci- a
ation of tlio kind treatment he bad re- s
delved at the hands of tho ministers of v
the city, and of tho assistance lout him in t
his work by tho daily press of the city.
| |Mr. Murphy said he was not a lecturer; 8
he knew nothing of that business. lie a
only desired to save fallen men, and his h
business was to use his effortain that work. a
Ho cautioned the audience against severity g
in dealing with liquor dealers. The traffic i
is the evil, and the best way to combat it b
is to win those engaged in it from it by a
kindness. He tola the story of his own v
experience of intemperance in a most ti
affecting manner, and described his descent
into the deptlis of degradation step j
by step, with Bach feeling that many in u
tho audience were affected to tears.
la speaking of bravery the orator illus- h
trated his idea by a reference to Phil. _
Sheridan's famous rido. Tho mention of H
"Little Phil's" name ovoked enthusiasm
unequaled at any other time in the meet- a
fog. ?
After the remarks of Mr. Murphy he
left the platform and pushed his way fl
through the crowded aisles, going into b
every corner of the church and*shaking F
hands with all whom he could reach, ana ti
urging them to como forward and sign the fi
pledge. Many accopted the invitation, j
and over 250 signatures were obtained. T
On the platform most of the prominent b
pastors of the city were seated, and b
they helped on the good work. Tw0 T
tables were placed near the altar,, one on fc
eacb8ido of the pulpit.. Hero Rev. KJ. b
Hart, G. W. Atkinson, Capt. John Carlin, ^
Noah Beck and John Cowl received the
and with the assistance of sevoral ladies cj
decorating those who had signed the tl
pledge with the famous Murphy badge? 4(
the blue ribbon. Pledges were alro passed
through the crowd down Btairs and up. A
few of the signers were drinking men.
This afternoon at 3 o'clock a gospel temperance
prayer meeting will be held in the
same.church. Mr. Murphy will bo pros- u
ent and there will be music as at the tlj
evening meetings. This evening another bl
meeting will be hold at the same place, M
Mr. Murphy is particularly desirous of
securing for auditors drinking men. He or
says he cannot do tetotalers any good. He wi
wants to reach the men felio are in need of <i<
salvation from the onree of rum. JJ
? 1 dt
TI10 Ialaad Kink. rv
Notwithstanding the many attractions (?
on both aides of the river last night, there
was a crowd of nice people that lilled the
Island Rink and enjoyed thewondorful *}
performance of Erank Melrose, the great ^
one-legged skater. He is the greatest at- &
traction-that lias yet appeared at this JJ
rink. Several attractive features have ]a
been arranged for-next week. To?mor- aj
row n|ght a fancy dress party w^ll take
place, over which the Island people and q
several on this side of the river have been do
in a state of expectancy for several days. ?f
The new manager, Charlie Clouston, is a w:
gonergl favorite with the patrons of the wj
rink and aims to make the place popular. jj
Fa*t, FMter, Faateat? I?lnnd Blnk To.nlgbU >j|
The management have made arrange* $
ments with Mr. Harnr D. Norton, cham- Wl
pion amateur bicyclist; to race against tn
time at their rink this evening. Mr. Nor- Pton
won the championship medal of Kan- <&
las City, Mo., and second medal for cham* pr
pionship of tlie State of Missouri at same
place. All who wiah to see a fine exhibition
of speed on the wheel should not miss
this opportunity. Fancy dress party tomorrow
night. Big attractions for next no
week. x|< "J
Opening of k
The new North End rink, comor of Main ?
anil J"iXth streets, will be opened this even- j*
lie positively, livery thing is in complete j
omer and the management proposes to put Ki
forth every endeavor to make it pleasant J:
for the crowd that bids fair to be present. 3!
Mayer'o full brasa band has been engaged ?*
for this evening. This rink lays claim to S>
being the largest, best lighted and best fir
ventilated of soy in town. Its floor is of dt
maple laiiron edge, and it is thought by J
those who have examined it, will be the J?
best |n (own. in
' .111 i .1 lie
And Every Species of Itching and jgj
Burning Diseases Tosl* IS
tlroly Cured. jjji
ECZEMA, or Salt Rheum, with It* agonizing itch- J-1*
log and burning, imtnntly relieved bjr ft warm <">
bath with Conccn a Soap, and ft Hlnele application V?
jf cnTitTHA. the great Bkfn Cnro./Thu repeated J?J
lally, with two or thr*o doaea of Ccticoea Kx- frO
lOLvenr. tho Now Blood Purifier, to keep the blood
ywl. the peraplratiou pare aqd unlrritftilog, the L5
jowela open, the liver and kldneyi active, will
ipeodily cure EcJcma,TetUr. Ringworm, PaorUrii, 'W
Lichen Prurltua,fccftJ.He?d. Dftndruff.ftnd every
ipoolos ol ilching, tcaly, and Pimply Humor* of W
iioSoalo and Bkln. wheu the beat phyildant and W'
ill known remediea tftlh jjj
Will McDonald,-SM2 Dearborn RL, Chicago, ' <
fMoefully acknowledge* a care of Tcaemft or ilftlt <LU
ibeum on bead, neck, fact arm*, and lea for ?cv- ?u
mteon yean; not able to walk eicopt on bund* and (
tneca tor one year; not able to help himaelf for ohi
^Ight yean: tried hundn-di of remellet: docton tec
jwuounced bli ca*e bopeleaa; permanently ourod poi
jy Cyncvftft Hnokmriblood purifier) internally, lftx
ind cl'iu'ura and CouccftA Soap (the great akin al,
tnrea) externally. yi
Chaa. Monghton, Eaq., hurra, 28 btftt* 8t, ?c
Jcaton, it porta a oftM of Bcaemft under bia obaervft*
Jon for ten yeftit. which oovered the pfttiant'i
?ody and Hmba, and to which ftU known inethod*
if txeatmcut bftd been applied without benefit,
rhich waa completely cured wtoly by the Ctiri- ?*
pea Rkmkdio, leaving ft clean ana health i kin. eta
p. ii. Drake, K*ij , Detroit, Mich., luffOrcdun- Oat
old torture* from Kcxema, which appearod on hla m
anda, head and face, and noarly dotroyed hla dnl
yea. A fter a moat careful doctoring and a oomul* Por
itlon of phyticlana failed to rellevu him, he used low
[if Cent 1 RA Rcagoiia, ftfid waa cured, and hu caal
Bnulned ?o to dftf. a IS
Mr.^hn^Ul.WJJkeabarre, I*,, writeat "I JJ8
ave ?u iff nil from SaltKbeum fororer eight year*, jm
t Mm* ?0 had DM I oouldoot attend to my btuiraforweekafttaUme.
iu0a^Mdfi^;ta"raU"r'rnw' gj*
loMbr^arotiUli.Mci! Ociccti, Vote.; Sj
B01.TMT fiiSoir, a cu. Pom? www inn Sfiii
IIMICALOO., Baton, sum.
BaoO lor "Bow to Cur* Skin OliUMl."
narket Arm at 83Wo. Bye culer at 87c. Barley
Urn ana uncbaoirafl. Pone doll and nominal at*
H275aW0Q. Xard quiet tut Arm at 7.00c. Bulk '
a eats firm uud uncbanired. Bacon dull and on*
Jhanfed. Whiaky active and firm at #1II. Butar
duU and drooping; Northweatarn extra creamtry
38aMo: fancy daTir3fa21c. Eggs unaettledbut
fcnerally lower at 23a2Jc. Cheese quiet and tinBaliwoxi,
5Id., March 10,?Flour steady and
juleL Wheat, western higher and dull; No. 2 win^rA^t^WHc:
?Xa?Kc; April 87Kj
I7!?c; Corn, western steady and
lufet; mixed spot 45Ka4s?c; fresh March 48 Ka
Ifflic; April 48^0} May 4^ia49Kc; steamer 46tfa
Iwa . Ooia Arm and -qpiet; western wblto-SFaWo;
alxed S8aS7c. Bye quiet'at 72a75c. Provisions
Heady andquiet. Kfjs higher at 25a2Cc. coffet
0., March 10.?Wheat Arm; No. 2rati,
?a?h and March 7t?hc; April 79Ho: May 80fcc;
fune 81Xo bid: No. 2aoft 860. Com qnlet but
Inn: No. 2 cash 44c; Mar 45c. Oata dull and
lomlnal: No. 2. siVJc. (floreraeed quiet; prima
ash and March 14 85; April H 96 asked.
pliludetrhia1, Pa., MafchlO.-Wool dull; Ohio,
Pennsylvania and Weat Virginia XX and above 84a
MJc: extra 81a33c; medium 82a34e: coarse 29aJ0e. s'ew
York, Michipm, Indiana and wcafrn Ane 28a
lOo; medium 32asSc; eoarso 29s3lc. Fine washed
lelaine 87a88o; new waahed combing S7aI8c: coarae
lo 82a33c; Canada waahed combings 32at5o; tub
nraabed comblnx and delaine 2$afflo: bright uniraahed
dothlug 22a25c: .dark unwashed clothing
ICa20o; EastOrcgon 17al8c: Valley Oregon 22a2Sc;
s'ew Mexican and Colorado lflal9c; coarae carpet
nroollSalAc; pulled extra merinb 28a27c.
Oil Crrr, Pa., March 10.?National tranait oertiflsates
opened at 78><c; highest 8l){c; lowest 78%c;
sloaed at 80J?p; sales 5,283,000 barrula: ckaranoes
1.188,000 barrels; ruus G8 232 barrels; shipments52,190
barrels; charter* 15.714 barrels. Oil City oil Exchange
atock no bida: W 23 asked. Tlie monthly
report of the National Transit Company, to bo pub- ,
llahed to-morrow In tho Derrick, ahowa 07,699 gal- !
lona Incrcaae In the acceptance over hut mouth; ,
120,718 gallons decrease in .tho credit halluces; ;
KM.8C8gallons decrease In tho total HabUltiea; 841.- ,
B2 gailoua decrease in the groaaatocka: 10,988 gallonalncreaaeintheaedlment
and aun>lu*: 114,GOt
gallons decrease of tho receipts; 91,010 gallons insreaae
In the deliveries.
Trroimut, pju.Marcb 9.?National Transit certiDcates
opened at 78Ko; highest JSIKo; lowest 78Kc;
loM-d m87%c: shipments for entire oil reaious
J2.1W barrels; runa for entire oil reglona, 63,212 barrela;
charters 15,714.
PrmBUBOii, Pa., March 10.?The on market waa
itrotJEer and active; opened at 75)?c and closed at
. T''^ ! ; I
lag* of tlM tt'aUtraud MorcmanU of tl*? I
SUatnbOAU. ' ]
The wnN on the levee yesterday were i
Teller than they hare been' lor a year J
ast. The piece was corered witli freight
utwu being received end Bent off from ,
arly daylight until'dter dusk.:"Wh<jl8- J
tie merchants were lending off roods i
bat they had had ready lor shipment J
Ince the flmt of January. They were j
onsigned to river towna not accasdbleby i
nilroads, and which U has not been 1
ble to reach dnrlng the cloae:of
avlgatlon. The Andes got away at 9 '
'clock last night with a tremendous trip, i
avlng been obliged to refuse freight, i
ill the packets that stopped here yes- '
orday arrived and departed with all tney
ould carry, and the prospect for u con- j
Inuatlon of this rush of businoss la good, i
irovided the rlrer does not get too low. j
ast night the marks indicated a depth j
f 0 feet 0 inches in the channel and the ,
iver was still slowly falling.
Tho Chancellor passed up en route from ]
Charleston to Pittsburgh at noon, and the
,'ity of Vevay passed down for Cincinnati
ut evening. Both had large trips. ,
The Diurnal had so much business of- '
ered yesterday, that it was not until 4 r.
t. that she got away for Parkersburg. i
The towboat Hope was sold last Satnrlay
to the Sea Lion Transportation Oomlauy,
of Catlettsburg. Herformerownera ;
pore the Kramer Bros., of Clarington, and j
'aptain Barnard, of Bellaire.
Captain Charlie Muhleman, of the |
teauier Andes, will leavo Cincinnati next
rook oft a two weeks' jaunt to the Now i
>rleans Exposition. During his absence, ]
Japtain Godfrey Mublemau will be in ,
ommand on the Andes.
The news from St. John's rircr, Florida, ]
s that the electrTc light steamer Cheaaleake,
built here by Sweeney & Son, Is i
fleeting with phenominal success. There
re twelve boats running against her, yot
he Is reported to be clearing $800 per I
reek. Tt is the helghth of the fruit season
here now.
Captain AVes Corns, well known in !
teamboat circles as one of the very best I
nd most reliable pilots on the Ohio, who j
as been laid up in the Marine hospital
t Cincinnati for some time past with a \
evere caso of the dropsy, was on tlie j
Lndes this trip. He is still quite weak,
ut with the assistance of his son, was | <
ble to stand a watch at tho wheel. He i
,-aa in good spirits and his friends hopo ,
liat he will soon be fully recovered.
The CJ/W. Batchelor arrived from and \
epartod for Pittsburgh yesterday. She s
ad a large trip both ways and did not get J
way from here until aftornoon. This was J
er first appearance since the time slio
ras caught in tho severe wind storm of t
boat three months ago and blown on the *
>cks at Lazlerville, where she was
3verelyrdamaged. She managed to get
n the docks at Pittsburgh before the ,
-eezeup. '* a
Last week Mr. John Sweeney, of tho }
rm of Sweeney & Son. the popular steam*
oat builders of this city, loft on a" tn\to
outbern points on a look-out for coq- f
acts. He expects to secure a contract J
om a New Orleans party, ono from a r
rem phis firm and one from the Natchez ransportation
Company, this last one to
ofor astern wheel ooat 245 foetin length .
v 35 feet beam, with 22 inch cylinders,
no firm has already considerable steamoat
work on .hand. It will urobably
uild a ferry boat for Capt Ingl en right to
ike the place of the barned Climax.
RKMEMnsa that the best and tho cheap5t
footwear in the city can be found at
le Assignee Sale of Boots and Shoes, No.
) Twelfth street,
be Features of llm Money and Stock MarkeU.
New York. Maith 10.?Money market euy at
1)4 percent, doling at 1 percent. Prime mercanle
paper 4 percent. Sterling Exchange bankers'
lli d uU at STfilX; demand*! 80.
OovKiti'MEXTS?Quiet with an advanoe of X pcrnt
in 4K"- *
btatb Srcuarna*?More aeUvo and prioet genall)*
Btockh?The general market continued qnlct
Ith a itrong undertone. nnd In the early
Mllngf there was a flight dtclino from hut
enlng's closing price* in the geooral lUt,
lit le l<ockawanua, after Queuing % percent lower,
rclined rapidly until sold at 1(CV?, which vraa
ached before 11 o'clock, and on tho large bale*
urn that prico rallied to 106%. and continued dur>
x the day between lOGJiaUB#.
Transactions 242.000 shares.
KUUU WU? Wl 4KJI WUHM 1 UUIIk, 111,1, 1.111,,
Lehigh & Wiikesbarre, 98 nsked; Louisiana
tnsols 75; Missouri 6s, 102)4; 8t Joseph, 115>i;8. f. i
B. C. flnts,'121: Tennessee 6s. old. 47: donew,46U;
xju Pacific Land Grants, 86)4: ?o Rio Grande. 63
ked; Union Pacific first*. ll;i; do Land Gnuiu,
do Sinking Fund, 117K; VirginU fe, 3D; VirnU
Consols, extra matured coupons,^; do de- .
rrad, 8; Adams Expr.**. 183; American Express,
; Canada Southern, 82K; Central Padflc, 84);;
lesapoako & Ohio, SK; do firat preferred, 11:
iseoond preferred 8x(; u, C.C.& J,$4%; Denver &
0 Grande, 7*4; Erie, 19K: do preferred, 27; Fort
ayne. 120; Hannibal it fit. Josepn. 38: do preferred.
% asked; Kansas & Texas, 18&: Lake Brie &
estern. 16; Lake Shore. 65)4; Louisville <b Nssh- i
11*. 32K; Louisville. New Albany A Chicago,
; Memphis A Charleston, lint preferred, 10: do
oond preferred. 6: Memphis & Charleston. 42;
[chlgan Centra], 61: Missouri Pacific, W:Nashlie*
Chattanooga. 4fJ%\ New Jersey Central. 40%:
jrthern Pacific, do preferred, 43W; Not thjstern.
WA: do piwerred, 123: New York Con- s
d, 8QX-, Ohio Central l; Ohio 4 Mississippi,
tf: do preferred, 75; Padflc Mall, GOX; Pittsirgb,
137U; Reading, 17M; St Louis ?fc San Fran- r
ieo, 3M4: do preferred. 37; Ht. Paul, 74*4: do .
den^lOCH; Texas Piclflo.1^; Union Pacific, I
United States Express, 60; w. 8t L. Jt P., 4)4; I
1 preferred. 10; Wells-Fargo Express, lOti; Weal* I
n Union, CO. I
Breadstufis and Provisions.
PHiutMLreu, Pa., March 10.? Flour; there wss
? Improvement in thodemaud and with liberal
rerings favored the buyer*. wheat opened Arm.
vance<l J^aJic. subsequently declined *a*4o and
ised easy; car lots, demand fair and marko Arm:
i. lPennsylvaii|sredW)<c:No 2 red March MM f
fojAprflWgc; May June Wa*>>$ [
irn, opMons Me higher and quiet; allots favored
lycra; No. 4 mixed 47c; No. S low mixed 47c; No.
mixed 47#; No. 3 ht|b mlxtd 4S?c: steamer
7. 2 mixed 48)40: steamer No. 2 high mixed
*c; NaVreUow 43*c; No. 2mixed^o; MareBl '
jrii And June ,4?Ja4?c. Oats, out lots wholly .
>minal: fntqres dttll and stoady; No. 3 white 80
8X5: No. 2 white OXo. Butter dull and weak:
JWVork >\*\o and Bradford county, Pa.. extra* f*28c:
good to choice 15a20c: rolls 7a15c. Egja 1
ailgedT 100,1 dcmana 27ll27Xc' Others un- q
YojSil&si?^"TPlon,r *55? wedpta 28,000 .
rrels; exports 10,000 barrels; oxtra Ohio ft 00* V
?f St. Louis #3 ooafio, Wheat, spot lots a shade
uunr; options advanced, laifco. closing with
rt fcirw roling firm; reoelpts M.000 bushels; ex- x
grsi^ wlilte^^Na^Marxi 6l5a5^c&
r *tpiHc; a prji 81 VailW dosing lUM^c; May
?b*de ftronger: receipt 107fin burhcJfflEWv?00
SJWew; wtstwn mixed 88aJ0o; r
white 39a4lo. Ilsy steady and in falrdcm?nd. v.
ffoe, spot Mr; Rio dull; optlom opened a shade
*** . **7. dull, and woak, (air
t??d refining quoted at 4 13.10c, Molasses
ady. l^llow st^v/Turpentino dull at 81c. r
n. wostern fresh, firmer at 80c. l\jrk steady L
?^qul?tana .
'ty^^ltoner; western steam ?P0t 7.22i<c; t
irch 7J3a7.2fie: April 7.2*5; May 7.8Sa7J7o: June
lot Jnlr 7.48a7.60c; Au*u?t 7^7 Me. Butter
stand Wvy at lOaSSe. Chee* quiet and unutgtd.
SiSil00' ufi1"* 10 ~F1?ur gulst and uninged.
Wheat stronger and unsettlod; the
WV?? dispatches, together wltfc the
lUntution of bad wop reports, oaused a stronger
52&M*1 \? ddlUonreoedod
H?. rdliod a trifle, and elosad lalHo
jiIo?7? XoiMo.?minoT CmVdemSdffir
1 rmirk,.nrm: olo?l >u WihcthuMWrtS? ./
ei t "
iIuU mtwlj! ouh 2?;'lSroh'^^,A^ ?
Rfsmsssssk ?
Sl-S?arjvj#g 1
Ho; short clsar 6.7Sa6J0c. WhUky steady and 1
rifiSMwp .
who: New
Youc. March 10.?Petroleum Arm; United
HHc; refined 7fta3c.
New York, March 10.?Load dull; common$365ft
u Stock.
Chicaoo, III., March 10.?Tho Drovert'Journal re*
jorts: Lire hogs: Receipts 21.000 bead; ahlpmenta
(,000 head; market weak and fiolBo lowor: rough
Moklnc SJ35i4 GO: packing and shippiog 14 65*
l to; light ? 2Sa4 sTstaps S3 25a4 & CattleHeoeipta9,000
head: ahipments 3,000heed; market
iloWi oemand weak and 10al5c lower: cattle1 of
.030 to 1,300 lbs., *4 20B4 Ml: 1,300 to 2,flU> lbs..
M USa5 90: Texani 83 93a4 75. Sheep?Keoeipts 4,900
lead: shipments 1,600 head: market opened
itrong and closed weak; inferior 12 60*2 75; meHum
to good S3 00a4 00; choice sheep Iambi 14 25a
I 68.
East Liberty, Pa., March 10.?Cattle market
reak at unchanged prices, receipts 909 head; shipments
1,102. Horh, market active; receipts 1,200
lead; ibipments 8,M0 head: Phllsdolphlas 8515a
180; belt Yorkers |5 OOaA 15: common $189*4 90.
Ibeep market dnli at unchanged prices; receipt*
1,200 head: shipments 3,400 hesd. Shipments of
logs to Now York to-day 11 car loads; no ship*
ncnt of cattle to Now York to-dav.
Cincinnati, Murch 10.?Livo how iteady and
Irm; common and light $3 fitiafi 00; packing and .
>utfihem$t C0a5 25; receipts 1,303 bead; shipments
45 head.
Dry Goods.
New York, March 10.-^lthough less active than
csterday tboro has been * very fair demand from
gents and many miscellaneous aswrtments have
wen called for to. the extent oI a good volume of
New.York. MarchlO.?Cotton quiot at 11516c;
tuurcs steady; llarch lU25c: April lL29c; M?y
l.42c; June lJJBc; July ll.finc: Aiwtwt ll.C7c: 8cpember
11 27o: October 10.77o; November ltUBoj ?
tecember 10.C2c. . r
galiiwj fPowdtc.
Ilrandi advartitad u abaolntely par*
rueaaeantopdown on a bot ttore antll halted.Um
rvrauva Uiacovarand oaell. A cbemtui will not M r? (
qulrad to dfloct the praaanoa of ammonia.
iti iiuutin-uus tas never box oenmasn.
In a million bomaa for a quarter or a cacturjr It bu
itood tba cooaamora* rallabte twt.
Dr. Price's Special Earoring Eitracte,
Tta Uraaf ?t,??l <?ltdio? aai aatormUwar I? .tad
Dr. Prlei's Lupulln Yeast Qems
for Light, ll(*lUiy Draad. Ttia Baat Dry liua
y?fil in tha World.
ftHtCAOO. - ?T. LOUIE. J
S*. fflutman & Co.
iorner Main and Twelfth Streets.1
Just opened and in stock en- 1
ire hew line of SKATING :
iUITS for Children, in' sizes 4
013- *
* j
tew Styles, New Styles, j
New Fabrics, New FaJjrics, y
ilegant Assortment,
Elegant Assortment,
Lowest Prices,
Lowest Prices. ,
. B
"all and see them 1 j
Call and see them 1
$g??Largest and Finest 1
.ine,of Children's Clothing in ?
ie city. J
Cor. Vain and Twelfth 8ta? ?
. ? a
J of a Flrit-clara Grocery. - >
tfavlwc to aarome the dutlta of City Collector In ihort
time, I am compelled to cloee bualnoaa ud /
rxmo of nj itock of titaple and Fancy Qrooerirt. V
uch Im new, freth and dctlrable, together with 01
e famltnre and flxturca, including ihelrlng,
ow caiea, counters. Male*, one bone, new wagon, m
*ne?, and every oth>r appliance neoevary for Fi
nducihiK the buidueM, which are ail In first- di
^condition. There In alio in the itock alarge ta
of, *lilowand ipllt baaketa. The itore U loca- a
I at ho. 1068 Marketitreet. where a tool buil- ot
n ha* bwn bnllt up, and la Mil carried on, and u
aff low lUrtat Bt.. WbwUnr. W. ik. a,
* S
gaMns gmxi&tc,
/wALiitaQ ^8
Absolutely Pure.
lfcii Powder nerer Uriet. a marrcl of no*.
Itnofftb and wbotenmeaM. More eSaS'."!l
lhaatte ordinary kind* and cannot taJS u
ora^t^wlihlhemulUtudo oi low UifiLS
,f* w?u at^,i Vmt^
Testimonial Benefit Tendered I
It. 1. TAl'LECKE & CO. I
Popular Prices, 75,50 & 25c, I
rititml KMtt in* on ?'< 55 I
Thursday?Marcli II!. I
Or, Fun In ? riiotograi>li Ualltrj. I
IKKnted by the Inimitable ComtlUn, I
Jacques Ivruger, I
(Tito Original rhotoftapbcr) I
XVIBYTUntO ifov.
the coeruuEs,
AflmlBlon 10 and 55 wj ?,1?'111 I
jaie of scflU at Baumcr'a, Tue*lay, March 10.
mfl I
Charley Shay's Academy ol Music. I
Wheeling's PopuUlj Family Themlre. I
niuht8?i?? 8S nnd 35 CenU>
MATINEES?10, 10 and ?5 CaaU, H|
Bpvclnl Engagement for
MONDAY, March 9.
Miss Florence IVoble,
Tbo Eminent Actnw, and H|
The Great Comedian, io the
supported bjraSplentlld DiamiUeOunpW
Produced with all Ik' original electa
Matlbeoa ffedowdwr ?od Saturday.
Hondalj March 18-Tbomp?u UtuUitn.
rort) ? ?
Saturday Afternoon and Nigiit,
MAUCU 14th. II
Eetnm of the world-renowned artfrte. ^ D|
Hrtrt>*??******* ********-^ I
:+ .?****** *** ? ??? ? "" I
*S?HS32F I
The Crest lMay ?r SorprLwi.
pin maKwux'""1 n
"Protty u? ?' l'ieturc. H
'?=& 1
gji; Jtolt. __
fESggS181* I
r?r p^SIum inquire OTUjWg&g. H
? t tonal"'!' I
ValMble Bad *"uu ?? ^, citi <i n*'M
^M4Mutat?o??'l?Ul' jnopirfM' H
r.Vfc **. 1
slow Wioellnt. ?JJJ&'iJSJk boo". "J21
raS SStW-hS'Abo., !*?*uUS. H
? vnaaow,??
??" *i5,f5i ffi. ? ? ?> "AS?1 H

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