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gtOtt %UUX?.
ill i I
ThU mdletno, combining Iron with pure
regetabto toiifc*, oalrklr and completely
ttiirtu Ion, Wmltiir**,
I hi jturo Blood, Jlnlal in,C'hliUnJid Fever*
"it U on un&Stajr remedy for W?e**? of the
Kltlnrjrit nnd 14vcr. ,, .
It in inrnluflblo for DImubm peculiar to
Women, mid all who lead tedentary llvef.
ltdoci ?ol Injiiru the teeth,Causeh?jdncbc/>r
preduro coiiatlpatlon-ofArr Iron mrdleivetdo.
Itcnrlchcsand purifies the blood, it Imulnto*
tho appetite, aldi the awjmllatlon of food, re >
Vi ,n.,lrn an.t fU'trhliKT. and strength
IIBVW - -on?
the muscle* and none*.
For Intermittent Fever*. Loarituae, Lack of
Energy. *? ?11 h,w no
?r Tho pcnulno hw atave trade mark end
c-oNtcd rod line* on wrapper. Take no other.
Hwm*lltMIM?U.I"?.TI?n*r ?
ffiio. ?1. SnooU te (Co.
Spring Ooods!
just received]
Jersey, Gros Grain' and
Summer Silks at the lowest
prices ever known.
Gro, M, Snook & Go
Worsted Dress Plaids in
rich combinations, prices
ranging from 25c to |r 50
per yard.
Gro, M. Snook & Co,
Cashmeres, Tricots, etc.
Over 100 pieces, representing
every new shade in the
market. We off^r a solid
rr>c/? nf PaQlimorpcnt! ni/c
Vi*"" ? ~oo/o~
per yard, former price 50c
per yard.
Geo. M. Snook & Co,
Jersey Jackets for Ladies
and Misses. A large number
of new styles not heretofore
shown in this city.
Ladies' Jerseys from 50 cts
Geo. Nl. Snook & Co,
Lacc Curtains in rare and
beautiful designs, and Hamburg
Embroideries and AllOver
Nets in endless variety,
at fully 25 percent
below former prices.
Geo. M. Snook & Co.
Dress Ginghams, Satteens,
Lawns, Prints, Seersuckers,
Sheetings, Table
Linens and many other seasonable
goods have just
been received?all of which
we have marked at'prices'
to suit the times.
gtU iSaa&s.
Snenial Sale
vpuuiui VUIU
Ami continue Every Artomoon until
full stock Is disposed of.
HO-1 ainin S tract,
mart -
.A.11 W ool Buntiug
104M Double width Goihmoro it 12)<c.
SO Piccea Fine Yard-wtilo Ctahmora i( 1230.
13 Piecc* Rxlra Fine Quality, 42-inch, In all now
colors, nt 6%c.
1 Oku Coidwl and Twill Droa Goods at 19)fo.
fOO Jerncyn, Flno All-Wool, at fl 00 and up.
25 down Thread Glow* at 10c, chcap at 2Sc.
' ' '
18 and SO Elcreullj k'lroct.
I ?
ifo SnMliqtmr.
Onloo: No*. JSB nnd in FourUonUi Struct.
New Advert! foment*.
Sale of Household Good*. ' .
For Koul? Furnished FrontBoom.
Wanted-Hltnatiou to Learn Bricklaying.
Jobber*' and Manufacturer*' AMociatioii.
Stockholder*' Meeting-Holrooiit Kail Company, i
Healed Fronoaala for FuntUhing Coal.
Jorser llelfer For Kalo-ti. 1'. Crawford.
Barealns Jn Grgaiu-Haumur.
? Wall Brnahea-B. If. LUU
Diamonds?I. G. Dillon. >
VftccJuaUon?Logan A Co,
Spring Wrapa-J. H. Rhodes & Co.
Chapflno .street Blnk-Oraud Hat CarnivalFourth
Warner'* Safe Cnro?Third page.
Thermometer KecoM.
The following shows the range of the
thermometer as observed at Schnepfs
drugstore. Opera House corner, Mondav:
7 A. m., ly6, 12 if., 33?; 3 F. 35?; 7 p.
*, 34?.
TVauhwotox, D.CL March 10.?1 *. v.?
For Teunossee and the Ohio Valley,
generally fair, warmer weather, winds
generally westerly.
For the Lower Lakes, snows, followed
by fair weather, slight fall follo.wed by
ruing temperature, and westerly winds.
pit asp iunuAiKS.
At 12 1-2 cents a yard, all wool Black
At 121-2 cents a yard, Doublc-wldtli
. Cashmere.
At 40,50 nnd 00 cents, alt colors Misset
Jerseys. So such bargains anywhere.
EJJSHElJIUt, Eleventh St.
I SPEYEK BROS, extend n cordial Inrl
I tiition to all Kerchants nud Milliners tc
' attend their SprlugOtmilug of Millinery,
{ constating of ail ilie vory Latest Novel
ties, at bottom prices.
,,, %'
V'Eharo Just received# now slocko
Hold Spcclncles.
JACOB W. ORDBBj the Jeweler,
Cor. Twelfth and Market Sts
JERSEYS of ever)' description, tin
largest stock in tlce State. IVIiolcsali
only. SPEYElt ltltOS.,
1302 Main St., Wheeling:, W. Va.
A largo assortmcntof Snrlng nml Sum
mer Stuck, constating or the latest rurle
tics In Coatings,Suilluirs, J'nnlnloonlnp
fcnd-Ovcrcoatliiss, which wo w ill niaSi
up In the latest ami licst styles and al
lowest possible prices.
Also a run line or Uciits' FurnUlilun
1 MERCHANTS anif.Milliners enn nud dc
save money liy calling on Speyur Bros.
Tlioy have the largest stock or Milliner}
and Notions in the State. )YJioIml(
Matters of Miuur Moment la and About the
"Yacup" at Charley Shay's to-night.
Tiiiibe deeds ol trust wero admitted to
record yesterday.
A kegui*au meeting of the Hoard ol
Education will bo held this evening.
I Tim work oi packing up the Slate
archives, etc., for shipmeut to Charleston,
goes steadily on.
"Hat Caiinivai." at tho Chapline street
rink thiB evening. Tho attendance kids
fair to bo immense.
A i'aktv ol Wheeling gentlemen will go
up to Little Washington tills evening, to
attend one of tho skating rinks there.
Tliey will return on a late train to-niglit
As exchange says "all tho Wheeling
ice dealers are full." They evidently attended
a banquet wliero the flow of 'the
1 bowl was greater than the feast of reason,
?ZatUKillc Dial.
A.NOTtniR good andience witnessed Prof.
Billings' last appearance at the Chapline
street rink last night. In addition to Ilia
former feats, Prof. Billings gave the finest
performance of tho bottle trick over seen
in tho city.
M. Gdtman & Co., tho clothiers, have
had a bulletin board orected at their store,
corner of Main and Twelfth streets, ana
will give the weather report as received
twice a day from the Signal Office at Washington,
D. C.
An interesting series of meetings are
being held every evening of this week, to
bo continued next week, in the lecturoroom
of the .First Presbyterian Church.
Tlin nnftlnr. Dr. Ciimtinirlinin. nrenehefl fit
7:30,'and much religious interest is manifested.
State ScpgaisTKsB?sr Morgan announces
bis intention to appoint two Arbor
Days tbis year, one in April and one in
November. These days havo already been
productive of much good in creating a
lively interest in tree planting and culture,
and much is yet to be done.
Yesterday morning about ono o'clock
old John Dimmey .died after a ten days'
illness. It was a case of general decay.
He rfSs Wdeiy known all oyer the city as
"Crazy Johnny." Ho was a well known
character about the Baltimore & Ohio
depot, where ho did odd jobs for the railroad
Tim annual meeting of the West Virginia
Statu Teachora' Association will bo
held at Keyser, Mineral county, commencing
Tuesday, July 7U),and continuing
throe days. Hon. Georgo E.. Price, Prof.
D. W. Shields, J. A. SharnleBs, T. It. Carskadon
and J. H. Morwooa have been appointed
an Exccntivo Committee.
Tnit Island team defeated the Capitol
rink team in tho'first two games of foot
ball at the Capitol rink last night. The
members of the victorious team aro"Bml"
Sadler, CharlesH.Copn.F. Donaldson, J.
Fallonro, Harry Fink, Heinlein brothers,
G. Beaumont, Col. Tappan, Ed. Jones,
Geo. Kurner and Will Hammer.
The fancy dress party to bo given at the
Island rink to-morrow evening, is going to
be a very nice affair. The arrangements
aro in charge of a committee composed of
Mrs. Bruos, Mm. Father, Mr. Chad. II.
Copp and Mr. K. B. Burt. Several very
couilc costumes and a number of handsomo
ones aro boinggotien up for tho occasion.
Two 0PFICKR8 from Zanesville were in
the city yesterday, and left for home with
Doc Campbell, a man charged with stealing
a borne and buggy' from a liveryman
named Grubb there. Campbol! says be
was onlv on a snrae and hired the team.
intending to drive a short distance, but
forgot to stop. The published story that
he Is the same Campbell who was arrested
at Parkersburg for stealing chickens, and
who claimed to bo a descendant of the
poet Campbell, Is without any foundation.
Blnungor of the "Allmmbrn "
At n meeting of thei directors of the Alhambra
Palace liinlt Association held last
evening, Mr. 0, D. Thompson, the well
known mill man, was elected manager. A
better selection could net hare been made.
Mr. Thompson Is popular with all olasscB.
is a perfect gentleman and has splendid
executive abilities. He will make a manager
who will not only conduct affairs to
the satisfaction of the directors, hut also to
that of the general public. The rlnlc Is
being put up rapidly in the best manner,
and with no drawback will be opened on
Monday, March 23. It will be the largest
rink in tho city and will be fitted up with
all the latest convenlendeo.
Till, only Gold Medals over awarded to
a proprietory medicine, are thou given to
St. Jacobs Oil aa the best pain-cure.
n-LB. 0. T.
Titrrk or four hundred people will engage
in tho hot carnival at Chapllno street
rink this evening. Some striking hats
will lie shown. -Tho attractive list of
prise* offered by tho managet? baa excited
tho greateat Interest in tho event yet
felt in any occnrrencein * "Wheeling rink.
1 Of coune the great aim will be to<wear tho
largest hat, or the smallest hat,andsocuro
one of the prises. The amusement afforded
to Uie ipecMon will be immenie.
s... ' f *? &
or Their Knforc?d lU?t-Tli? Bcfiiter'i
Feonllnr roslUon?AXiill In (Jie Activity
cit* the OniniiHler?? Few NJgliU Piut.
Folly of the Let Alone Policy,
For tho put three nights there seem* ti
have been a lull in the aptlvlty, which be
fore characterized business in tbogamblini
dona. Night before last apparently bu
two of then resorts were open, and las
night but one could bo learned of when
any game was ih process. An unusua
number of well icuotrn sporting character
are still to be seen about tho streets ani
in the bar rooms, wbilo the windows o
the rooms where the votaries of the card
and other gambling devices were wont t
congregate are dark, and the tables de
serted. Even tho one or two resorts whid
attempted to breast the storm found bus)
ncsa dull, their usual patfons fearing tha
tho City Sergeant might rise to a senso c
duty npon seeing his plain v'olation of hi
official oath Bet forth in cold type, an<
make soma faint show of discharging hi
duty in this respect
It was said that one or two keepers c
gambling dens had removed their kit
tlm uitv or nrincenled them "until th
I storm blows over." One man was see:
making for a depot with a hand bag, an
a passer by who managed to jostle the ba
says ho heard tho unmistakable rattle <
the ivory chips. However, most of th
i places are duly ostensibly closed, and e
i soon as tho publicexcitomentdiesout wi
be opened up again in lull blast, and ru
witheven more boldness, in the hope <
making gains to compensate for tho prei
f out dullness of trade. That is to say, tb!
is their programme.
It is well understood that Mayor Grub
, will report to Council next Tuesday nigt
liia vain ollorts to spur Chief of IViic
! Smith up to the discharge of tho duty t
! is sworn to perform, and a great deal <
curiosity is expressed as to what actio
the Cify Council will lake. Tho case :
sticb a plain one that an opinion prevai
that Capt. Smilli will wish before be :
done with Uio matter that he had been th
feated when ho was a candidate for h
' present office. Tho public has alrcad
I wished thij.
Unfair Treatment of 8?nc?AUt Smith hy h
| Deputies.
"Of all the lame excuses I ever Heard
man give, I think that of Portor Smith,
that he has not been in office long enoug
. to find out*>vhero tho gambling plact
are?is about tho worst," said oneofth
\ numerous gentlemen who talkod wit
Ixtklliuknceu reporters yesterday aboc
the gambling evil and the present cxciti
^ent over it. Continuing, he said: "J
Smith doS't know?which of course is a
in youreyo-rwhy uCu'tgome of hisdeputie
toll him about it? Time arid time agair
early in the evening, have I seen th
officer that patrols Market street talkin,
with the knights of tho green cloth, con
gregated about tho doorway leading t
Mike Brady's place, over Johnny Long'
saloon. Now, do you suppose that office
didn't know, just what was going on u]
there ? It's nonsense to suppose any thin;
Throws Some Light on the Situation as t
On tiling.
A woll known gentleman interested in
fly saloon situated in a building in whicl
all forms of gambling is carried on, Baid
'.'It wouldn't make mo feel very bad to se
tho business broken up. Hardly a da;
passes that some broken down sport don1
strike mo 'for a stake to enablo him t
o&her get out of town or tako anothe
whirl to try and even up. What I say i
a fact, when I tell you, that tho gambler
oi the town, the fellows who do nothhij
elsoforalfving,havo noverbeenina han|c
row than for the past six Smonths. I'v<
known somo of them to bo without i
quarter to their name for day
at a time. They've been play
jjig among themselves mostly, tryinj
to rob each other. All their former pal
runage has gone into the new places tha
have opened. Tho JJcLuro House garni
has about wrecked the old places. Thi
one that was over Harry Huuaer'u placi
wiw compelled to close up oti account o
the McLnro llouso rooms, and Bob llrunt
the well-knOwn colored man, lormerl;
head waiter at tha McUire, who ha<
charge of those rooms, finding his occnpa
tion gone there, weut down on Watei
streevand opened up a dive there. It It
these fly games that have played the mis
chief with the young men you people an
harping on. They'vo caught iho crazt
from thein and gono to playing."
The Principal DUIIOuUjr Willi Clly Sorgoam
In conversation with a leading Pemo
crat, a well-known politician, last oven
ing, the topic of the friendship of Chief ol
Police Smith and the RtguUr for the gam
biers came up. Tho politician referred tc
the Ilegitlei'i defense of the Chief, and iti
comparison between tho present Sergeam
and ex-Chief Bennett Said the Democrat
"I am not defending Tout Bennett. ]
Lavo nothing to sav about tho .way ir
which ho run his ofllce, or his policy to
waul gambling. But Tom Bennett ba<
too much sense to lot an open scandal
like that at Frank Ilealy's saloon a few
weeks ago pass by without taking
some steps to avoid convicting
himself publicly of neglect ol
duty. There was n shooting scrapo on
Sunday morning about a game of dieo
Both tho men engaged in the difllcult)
were arrested by Capt. Smith's police, ami
the whole story was sworn to in I'olict
Court, whore the Sergeant Is required U
bo present in person or by deputy. He
canuot deny that he know that llcitly wat
violating two or throo ordinances that
Sunday morning ; but if ho ever took any
stepB to bring him to iustico it was kepi
very quiet. Lack of sense is tho woral
fault I'orter Smith has. If he were running
for City Sergeant to-day ho couldn't
bo elected if be had no opposition."
Tnm tte htidllgtnccr, Uomlat fit. 29.
Growing out of it Gamu "if Dlco In Prank
The saloon known as tho "Clubllouso,"
situated on Market Btrect opposito the
postofDeo, and run by Conncilman Frank
Healy, was the scone of a shooting scrape
yesterday morning at an early hour. Tho
affair grew out of a gambling transaction,
and George Watson was the victim, receiving
three wounds from a revolver in
the hands of William, better known as
"Buck" Muldoon, a son of the South Side
saloon koopor.
Watson and Muldoon had been throwing
"poker" dice /or the drinks in Healy's
saloon, and quarreled about a dollar won
by one of them from the other. The
game was stopped, and Watson went out
the back door into the yard. Muldoon
followod, and drawing a revolver, 11 rod
three shots at Watson, ail of which took
cfliwt, one Ih his right shoulder, one in his
rlghtarm and one in his loft loin.
The shooting took place about a quarter
before six o'clock. Watson, as soon as he
had his wound examined and dressed by
a physieian, wont to tho rosldonco of
Squire Ralph Arkle and swore out a warrant,
but up to a late hour last night Muldoon
had not been arrested. He is probably
hiding to await tkeresultol Watson's
injuries. The pounds are not dangerous,
but aro extremely painful.
Tho occurrence draws public attention
to the character of Healy's house, which
' i; V*' !
lly Mr. Murphy and till Coadjutors la Uie
Wlir A(Kja<e.Iat?mpamne?-Tb? MvcUiif
La*tNlKht~Oiunb)lDgOouiM In (or ft
Khnro of U10 Talk?Tile SiiaeohM.
Again was the Baptist Church crowded
to overflowing last night to listen to the
apostlo of temperance, Francis Murphy.
Every aeat in the largo church ediflco was
occupied while benches lined the side
walls and chain lined tlie aisles. Standing
room was at a premium: Tho audience
was largely composed of young men, fust
such aono as Mr.Murphy said ho lilted to
meet, lie said be also lovod to see old
men come forward and sign the pledge.
It gave assurances to young men that after
many years of service in King Alcohol's
traces thoy found it demoralizing and
were ready to disown it and sign the
Murphy prescription which cured them of
intemperance and prepared them for
Ohrist s kingdom.
In speaking of men's safety ho said be
had a word to say on something that mutt
bo looked after. Tho Iktili.iob.vcer was
engaged in a noble cause in its efforts to
clean thlstity of an element, that sowed
not, yet reaped rich harvests, which must
be driven from tbe midst of toilets, And
God's peoplo could do no better work than
aid iu this reform. "If there is a man in
this house to-night who is addicted to the
habit of gambling for God's sake let him
pause. How can ho bear to waylay a
workingman on his way home I'am work,
fleece him of bis last dollar bill and then
send him home to bis wife penniless?'1
Hisnppeal to the gamblers to sign a pledge
against gambling aad be honest men was
very forcible.
Ho urged upon the people the necessity
of visiting more and seeking out the destitute
to ''minister unto their wants." Go
out on errands of morcy to-morrow and
, [No proceeding were ever instituted
aiminet Mr. Hcsly for the plain infraction
of tbo city ordinances of which he was
guilty on this occasion.]
Vlsws of Gaultliuff Kxiirnuad at Yritrriluy'*
A largo congrogation assembled In tbo
> First Baptist Church yesterday afternoon,
in. response to tho call issued by tbo
? Womens' Christian Association. The dot
votlonal exercises were conducted by Mr.
t Murphy. Many requests for prayer were
i made by those present who had an Inter
1 est in the welfare of somo dear friend,
s Mrs. Xyle, president of the Association,
1 read several requests that bad been pre[
sented to her. She spoke in a very feeling
manner of the destitution she encoun9
tered in ber errands of merey.
0 ltev. Dr. Smith spoke very feelingly, and
. told his experience in the convention of a
, young man in tbo city of Philadelphia
who was under tho intluence of liquor.
" The ycung man staggered up tho aisle und
t knelt at the cbsucel weeping bitterly,
if One of the elders of tho church came to
bim and said, "That man is under the fn!
iluence of liquor and should be ejected."
"No," said lJr. Smith, "go to his side. He
i] under the conviction of sin, and liquor
, or no liquor he seeks God's pardoning
. power, and we are directed to help him.
And before that man left the church he
_ wss converted, and to-day stands a living
j testimony to the fact that God dots not
? and will not desert tbo drunkard if be but
j seek 'him. And that fact culls to my
? mind the necessity of the christian people
of this city coming to the rescue of the
it iKTXLuaKNcsii and the city odlclal who
? is trying to stump out this evil, and ujwn
1 their knees pray to tho living God that
the vile dens of iniquity now Infesting
:B our city may be wiped out of oxistence,
and that all temptations may be removed
r from our sons and daughters. It can bo
i done if the Christian people say so, and
it will he done, with God's help. Let us
'o ns Christian people throw ourselves bodily
j to Ihc support of this movement und
? grasp from it drunkard's and gamblers', hell
the many, many young men who are eviili.iiitn
a?* 4 It a wind 4/1 rriIn (livnnrrti *lir?
I8 vile influence!) of these gilded places."
j. Kev.G. M. Sliott rose and mid all be
jj could Bay was amen to Br. Smith's re?
marks, and may God speed the day.
Presiding El(ler HUe endorsed what
Dr. Smith said and romarkdd that he was
surprised upon reading the Intku.kiknthu,
b that this e\;il existed to such an extent in
thei community. He said the Christian
, people kept themselves within their
homes and churches too close. They
~ should move around more and learn what
h was going on outside the churches, and
is wherever satan's quarters were dbcovered,
it was their duty as Christians to
. support morally and financially all move"
meats looking to the eradication of these
it vilest of the vile dens.
.. After many testimonies from the conI
gregation tho meeting adjourned, all expressing
themselves as willing to enter
" noartily into tho work of redeeming
? drunkards, bringing them to Christ and
i wiping out every ovil tliat existed unlawO
fully In ou'r midst.
' Kir cant NuptlnlH Up In Ilrooke County
8 Yimlurfliiy.
* Yesterday afternoon at ono o'clock Mr.
j D. 11. Sawtello, of Ohio county, waa married
to Miss Clem S. Bane at the residence
of ber parents, at "River View Farm," in
0 Brooke county, The event was ono of
the .most brilliant and fashionable that
a has taken place in this vicinity for a long
i. time, and was witnessed by a large uum:
ber ol relatives and friends, soma of them
a from abroad. Tho elegant mansion was
t very artistically decorated. Jfjowers i)nd
potted plants were plcaslogly arranged
' everywhere.
a Tho attendants were Mr. Dodo Waddell,
r of Short Creek, and Miss Jennio Ault, of
a Bellaire.
It wan shortly after J. o'clock when Mr.
8 Sam Busby announced tho approach of
5 the bridal party, and the gay company
' that filled tho largo parlor stood asido to
a let it enter., first carao tho groomsman
1 and brides maid, followed by tho bride
8 and groom.
i no certjniuuy w?s iicnuiuicu wy ncv>
J J. D. Walklnsbaw, of Wellaburg. The
- bride was dressed in a lovely costume of
1 blue reed compose Bilk, with ornaments of
s cameos, the gift ol tbe-erooni. A fairer
9 bridge it would be hard to im#gino and
) tbo groom was proudly cognisant of tlie
' fact.
Following the ceremony and congratu'
lationn glvon nail received, the entire
' companywas Invited (a partake of a mag
nlBcontfy prepared repast, and an gppe'
tiling collation it was, and the guests dis'
cursed it long and heartily.
Mlso liano's marriage, leaves a void in
1 the society of this neighborhood that will
1 be hard to All. She fs the second daugh'
ter of John Bane, Esq., one of the prominent
farmers of Brooke county. Miss
Bano has always been a favorito and very
' much admired by all who have mot her.
Mr. Sawtelle i? a live, progressive young
fanner and like his brido io extremely
. popular both at home and abroad.
r The presents were handsome numerous
and useful. The following is a partial list:
' Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Bane, sot silver
) knives; Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Wilson, silver
, disband knife; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. litis,
byt silver table spoons; Mr. and Mrs.
Jos. Sawtelle, tablecloths; Mr. and Mrs.
' Geo, Sawtelle, five dollar gold piece; Mr.
[ and Mrs. WillMagee,Bllverteaspoona;Mr.
I and tire. G G. Sawtello, 25 yards of carpet;
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wilson, bed
[ spread; Mr. and Mm. John Bano, books;
Mr. Coleman, bed spread ; Misses Jennie
| and Estelle Ault, silver pitcher; Misses
, Nannie and Micha Wells, silver forks;
: Dr.and Mra.Me.Masterg. silver sugar bowl;
M. V. Davis, silver castor; Miss Jennie
Magee, silver sugar spoon; Miss Ella
Magoe, silver butter knife; Mr. "Dodo"
; Waddell,silveributter knife; MissesAnnio
, and Katie Wiugortor, handsome embroidered
table cover; "Grand Ma" Bane, out
glassware; Mr. Luke Conant, silver cake
> 1 \tL CAlltn 1 11 tr. i...
' I.ydla Iionar, table cloth anil napkins;
1 Misa Sallio Wilson, embroidered towels;
: Miss Cora Busby, splasher; Miss Lila
Suwtell, table clotlis; Mr. and Mm. Wea;
v?r, lamp; It. T. Bane and Bister, lamp:
' Miss Annie Bonnr, handsome banner
worked in clienelle; Mr. K. M, Wells,
carving knife and fork; Sam Busby, two
etusy chairs,
Murder In Wayne County.
M the mouth of Hurricane Crook, on
Sandy Ulver, eighteen miles from Huntington,
in Wayne county, W. Va., James
Valance shot and killed James Burton.
They were partners in the saw-mill business,
and the trouble grow out ol Burton's
intimacy with his partner's wife. When
accused by the injured husband Burton
stoutly denied all. Mrs. Valance had
been driven from homo -by her ht'shand,
wbo then set out to find Burton. Valance
met him and requested him to makoan
affidavit of his innocence, when he finally
admitted the charge, whereupon Valance
shot hi in dead. Valance made no attempt
to evade the law. The sympathies of the i
neighborhood are with him. Ho has not ,
been arrested. ,
frrettt * |x,rt. J
"Have yon heard of the latest wrinkle?" j
asked one of Wheeling's lively young mun .
of a reporter last evening.
"So, what Is it ?" 1
"Why,'jour people are ho hot after tho
poker roouu that wo don't care to visit '
them Just at present, bo In order to risk <
our money and have a little fun, we aro {
spitting at a crack for a quartor. It's great 1
sport. !
:, 80,000 bolts wall papers and bordors to 1
match, wholelalo and retail, at manufac- \
turors'prices. 500 window shades made v
np ready to hang, from 40 cents np, also
carpets, oil cloths, ruga, mats, Ac , to,
cheap for cash. Mail orders ribllefted.
Satisfaction guaranteed, at Noe. 20IU and a
2031 Main street. Joun Roausn, Agt. fci
IOV biiu (icupig jkiiuu mo/ mu uuu luiguir
ton; thatin their destitution God's people
are seeking thom oat and willing to aid
them. He urged the people strongly to
pome forward and sign the pledge. It waB
the first step, oxe that no man should he
ashamed of, and one that would be a blessing
to thorn. He spoke in tho interest of
brokenhearted mothers, sorrowing wires
and poorly clad children, who are reaping
the fruiW of sorrow and misery through
tho intemperance ot sons and fathers.
Mr. Murphy painted a beautiful picture
of a distressed ship at sea being driven by
billow after billow toward tho rocka of
destruction that pierced through the surface
of the water. The captain lashed on
the bridge, four men at the wheel, men at
tho anchors ready to drop them and stay
tho ship's mad career if the rocks could not
h o passed at the harbor gate in safety.
Bilt, alas, the rudder couid not do its
work, and before tho rock could 'be
reached the anchors wero dropped
tho ship stops, tho wavos clear hor
decks. A life boat goes to the rescue,
which cannot save more than one or two
men, but out of the fifteen hundred who
were 011 board, the one or two were worthy
to be saved, und the crowds on tho shore
urged tho men to the rescue. So,
friends in this good work, if wecanBave
but one or two from the destructive ship
of Xing Alcohol, let us to the rescue and
in God s name urge this work.
Mr. Wash Baggs made a characteristic
speech, which was warmly applauded. Ho
said it was bis intention to go through the
Stato shortly and plant tho good seed of
temperance and Christianity. The Murphy
meetings revived him, and ho had no
nnotocy to make to the people and stood
before'them as an evidance that a drunkard
could be reclaimed.
At the invitation to come forward many
responded, and among tbcm vera many
so-called modorato drinkers.
Among then) was Mr, .John II. McE'all.
Mr. Murphy conducted blm to the pulpit
and introduced bim to t|ie audience amid
great applause. Mr.MoFall said he had
joined the army some years Ago, but alter
four years service ho took French leave,
but now voluntarily returned to his old
commander to remain. At tho conclus'on
of Mr. Itcfflll's pointed remarks the apfilauso
u'aa dcf kitinsr, Slid none entered
nto it more hcartly than Mr.Mnrnhy,
At the meeting this evening Prat Commander
Thomas Chambers, of the G. A.
R, and others will speak. A big time may
be e*pepte4 by all those who attend.
The seven tfigbts work of Ifr. Sfqrpfiy
has reunited in sepqring about signers
to the pledge.
The cornet was at hand last night and
die singing was much improved.
Strnngore la tbe City am} Wheeling Folk*
.Abroad. ,
0.0. Dowey, Esq., was registered at tho
Starnm IIoiiso yesterday.
Mr. Y. J. Itearick, an attache of the
Pittsburgh Diipalch, is in the city.
Delegate George Edwards, ofMarahall
county, was in the city yesterday.
Mr. Jfollo E. Horner," editor of thoPnrkersburg
came up last night on the
Hon. J. J. Woods returned from Washington,
D. 0., yesterday morning. M. T.
Frame, Esq., who accompanied bim to
urge the appointment of Commodore Darren
to the postmastemhip at this,place, returned
Mr. George Hi Eljeling, a son of Mr. A.
0. F. E baling, of this city, who has been
attending tho Pharmaceutical College at
Philadelphia, patsed a creditable examination
yesterday and will graduate at tho
annual commencement, which takes place
next week.
In speaking of an article'on industrial
education from tho pen of Prof. W. H,
Seamon, son of Cant. Henry Seamon, of
this city,.the West Virginia School Journal
says: "There can benono better prepared
to discuss tho subject in its relation to
West Virginia than the distinguished
young teacher who favors us this month)
wiui a contriuuuon. rroi.aoamon is one 01
our own West Virginia boys who by ilint
of amergy and perseverance, combined
witli eminent natural ability, baa risen to
occupy tbo useful position lie now holds
as Professor of Chemistry in tho Miller
Manual Labor School in Albemarle connty,
Stago of the Water and Aloyomonts of tlie
It is rumored that Com. S. B. Coulson
has sold the steamer Josephine to tbo
United States Government.
The Elaine departed for Parkorsburg at
II ?. with a (food trip. The Diurnal
will be this morning's paekot.
The river was falling last evening with a
depth of 7 foot 7 inches in the channel.
The river was fllled with large floes of ico
nearly all day yesterday, which rendered
navigation a little slow.
The reports from above last night wero
as follows; Pittsburgh, 4 feet 8 inches;
Lock No. 4,8 feet 10 Inches: Brownsville, '
0 feet 8 Inches. At all of these point* it j
was falling and tbo woatjior was clear and i
Tho W. N. Chancellor will pass down '
lo-inorrow morning onronte to Charleston j
and all way points on the Ohio and Kan- j
awlia rivers. The Chancellor Is a fine <
packet, commanded by a fine set of officers.
Shippers should have their freight on hand ,
by this evening, as the hour at which the ,
chancellor la due is 4 *. ?. She passed 1
ip at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. ,
Tho Pittsburgh Commercial-QaifUe says; J
Japtain T. H. Mong. of Gray's Iron Line, J
:ame into tho city last night from Haiti- u
note. He said at tho Union depot; "Tow- ''
mutiny has been very dull for nearly a "
ear past and I see nothing of promise in
he outcome of the next few woeks. The co
is very heavy in the upper riven,
rhicti when it breaks up will interfere
ritli navigation for some time."
Skltuty Man. gl
"Wells'Ifualth Benower" restores licaltli 'J
.? . . j *
: > ? y
" i i
Artistic and Attractive Momentoei of the
Tho custom of presenting relatives and
frieiids witli ifpproprUU) tokens of "Eater
Day baa grown to be a set feature of tbe
observance pf ?asteirt]<le, and it is certainly
a most fitting and commendable one.
Yearly, tbe makers of this kind of articles
surpass their own psst cfibrts, which,
when made, seomed unsurpassable. The
products of the artists and printers' Bkill
this year ought certainly to leavo nothing
to be desired. At J. B. Wilson's, 1302
Market street, the most novel and attractive
of the Easter tokens are to be seen,
and one who cannot find in her stock
something that just meets bis idea must
be barren of tasto indeed. The most
novel are tho Easter cards, appropriately
inscribed and decked with clusters of natural
floweis pressed. They are from Germany,
and tbe famed eidelwoiss is tbe
prevailing floiver. The parchment covered
tiny books, with poems or quotations
for tbe day, are also lovely, Bouquets,
satchels, cards and other articles give variety
to tho selection.
Most of Miss Wilson's stock is from the
house of White, Stokes <S: Allen, of New
York, who cater to the moat refined trade
of New York. Oae who desires just the
correct thing cannot select amiss from her
An Old Wlieellog Sinn Dead. <
William Keeline died at his home at J
Council Bluffs, Iowa, last Saturday, ills I
remains were brought to this city, and the .]
funeral will take place Sunday next from j
the residence of Mr. Fred. Meyer, on Main >
street, north of Eleventh. Mr. Keeline J
was a native of Germany. He was born i
near Frankfort on the 8th of June, 1820, c
and was 8(1 years of ape. He came to this
city when 12 years old in company with j
his parents, and grew to manhood and t
American citizenship in Wheeling. He f
went to Council Bluffs twenty-five years J
ago, and has been closely identified with \
its prosperity every siuce. He ivas a poor J
man when ho arrived there, but died very
11 at carnival at the Chaplino street rink
this evening. Fun alive. The most en- j
tertaining exhibition ever given in a rink, i
Attractive prises. Big hats. Little liats. <
A Jinfo f!nir?{/? liofn. l.nrffi <?rilVVll. *
Don't miss it
BSTL. H.'0. fT~
Kxcnrftlun Ticket* to Now Orleans.
Cheap excursion tickets are now on sole
via the direct and popular Pan Handle
route. For tickets and full information
call on oraddreaa J. G. Tomiinson, Agent,
foot of Eleventh stnwt. Wheeling, W. V*.
Tho Features ot the Money uud Stock Jtar.
New York, March 18.?Mouey easy At UlK per- J
contelosingat 1 percent Primo mercantile paper p
4a5 perceui. Stcrliug Exchange banker* bill* I
flrmcrat*l83X;domand84 8fl. ?
GoVEiuSMBSW-^irong and dull except tho.3 per- c
cents, which are quoted ^ jtorcent lower. * *
jtaii/hoaj> Bonus-Only moderate business; and '
some more flclivo issues tiuow further declines. 8
8tatb SEcoamKs?Somowhatmore active. ?
Stocks?The market wa* irregular: at times quito ?
feverish and decidedly more active tliaii for several
days past. Tho weakest spot In the market .was si
Pacific Moll ?nd Union i'acitlc, which decllued u
heavily ou reports of threatened stroublo botween t
the tiro com panics. JfedflcMail was the highest at a
the opening when it sold at G0J4 and closed at 6% ^
a loss of 2% percent with sales of 89,480. $,
Union Pacific was feverish all day add showed a p
net decline o(JH percent Central Pacific was also u
wenk on light dealing-, declining 1# percent A s!
I break in the market to-day brought in fresh buyer#, 1<
i and bulls and beats are rejoicing over the Increase
of biutinc* 'promised. Lehdlag bulls express tho n
I belief that the market may sell somewhat lower. ?
but tliat the decline will bo followod by a decided
reaction at an early day. The Gould party say U r.
Gould is now iu Charleston and is expected. hero
this woek. They claim thnt tho ImUoampaign will c
be sorted soon after his retnru. Transactions 253,- ji
<B9 shares.' r
0.8t8s, 101: U. 8.4kb, 111k; IT. 8. now -U, 122k; |
Pacific 6s of 96. 136; Contra! Pacific. 112#; Erie, e
Lehigh A Wilkesbarro, 98 asked; Louisiana
Consols. 7M?; Missouri 6s, 103>J; 8t Joseph. 116; & P.
<k8.0 firsff 122^ naked: Tennessee 6s, old, 49x: do
new, 17y%\ Texas Pacific Land Grants, 85; do ltjo" n
Grande, MM; Onion Pacific firsts, 113#; -do Laud I
Grants, 10); do Sinking Fund. 119; Vwiulafls, 8U; I
Virginia Uowols, extra matured coupons. 4i!; do o
deferred, C; Adams Express, 132; Amorican Ex.
press, 91; Canada Southern, 8Wi: Control Pacific,
81 ; Chesapeake A Ohio, 5J?; do first preferred, JO; :
do secoud preferred 6)f; C..C.C.&I, 84; Denver A
Kin Grande,'ij; ErlOjfgjz do preferred, 2a; Port
furred. 83#Kauuw&TexwlHtf; lalto hie
& Wontcm, 14^; take Shore, 08}*; Louisville &
Nashville, 80%: Louisville, New Albany & Chicago,
23; Memphte ?fc Charleston, first preferred. 10; do
second preferred, 5; Memphis <fc Charleston, 401
Michigan Central, GO; Missouri Pacific. 90%; Nash.
vjlie4 ciiaiittiioi^rtt. 40; Now Jowoywentnu.aJW;
Northern Pacific, do preferred, 4ak; Noita.
western, 0*ij<; .do preferred. 131%; New York
Central, Ohio Centra], %\ Ohio & Mississippi,
16K: do preferred, 75: Pacific Mall, 57K; Pitta,
burgh, 188; Beading, lfl)f; SL Louis A mr fTftfti
ss^ tsz
4vU; United States Express, 60; Vf. SI.L. 4P.,
Wf"*? E,|ln*,Wl
Uremlstufifl and Provision*.
N tw Yon*/ March 18r-Plour dull; receipts 28.000
barrels;export* a.100 barrels. >Vheat, spot fnu dull;
options opened lower, tatarad>TWioedJtta<fo
glaring with a re??l!o? uOrao; receipts WW
bushels; exports a j, 1)00 bushels: No. 2 springJiSo:
ungradod whllo Wo; No, 'J red March,' sales 79,000
bushels at 87%aH7J{e, closing at?7Uc; April,'sales
G- 8,000 bushels at S^aSHkc, closing at 88c: May,
sales 1MI,000 bushels at. BJ%a90Xc. dosing at
BflSfl: June, sales 9'2,000 bushels at OO^nQlUo,
and options 'Aimo. closing firm; rraefota jftOCO
bushels; exports 05,000 bushels: ungraded 48)?a0e;
No. 8, 4?Ka49?ic: No. 2 March49Ka)9%c, closing at
4%c; April WXuityic, closing at 48940! May and
Juno AQfoWc, closing at -tafia; July WXrilXc,
eloslug at tt%c, Oata kale ulghpr, receipts 111,000
budholsr ojeports 73.000 bushels; western mlxod
37o88c; white western SHatoo. Hops nominally UH?
tftuuged. Coffee, spot fair; Kfo firm attftio; options
at*luulu lower auitfess active; sales 10,280 bags;
March 7,25a7.30c; April 7.20a7.2Sc; May 7.85c; Juue
7.45c: July 7.60c: August 7.00cs September 7.70o:
October 7.80c. Sujrar dull and nominal: refined
nnied; confectioners A 513-l6e; gmuwwted WKa .
Mousses quiet and steady, fallow easier at flat%e,
Jtosln dull, Tuspeiitlno steady at :tl1 $a32c. Eggs, #t
western fresh quiet un?| steady, i'ork aull ana a
barely steadr. Lard jrealrer; woslorn steam sixit ?
7.2*Kc: March 7J7crApril 7.20c: May 7.26a7.j70; 2
June 74J3o; Jnly7.41?7 42c. Butter dull and easy, Z
Chec#o quiet end weaK.
Chicago. ill0.1 March js.?Klonr dull and nn> =
changed, fueling woafc. Wheat In Mr-demand,
opened easier, hut on the reported decline In consols
prices advanced %c, soon decllued %o and ?
fiuctuatcd and closed ?jo under yesterday. Crop m
news was again dftctmntglpg, but lltUc orcdouco |
K?5K I
April 74a74Me, cloaed at 7lXo| May 7^a7?S,
closed at 7i%c: Juno Winsfap, closed at 8ro2o; *
?so. clmed?t r?: l&y 11^IXacS?oir?t4ix? I
sg&fer# *;??!
st 03c. Barley dull and luminal at 03c.
Flaxseed quiet at Si 43. Pork firmer and a shade
higher: oash 912 80a)2 85; April 112 82kal2 85;
and uufihanvetl*. flaah ILSSnf. fifKm Anrll A?ln> Mov '
6.96*6. V%o; Judo 7.05c. hulk menu In lair de*
mend; ifiotildei* 4#k4.UOci ibort ribfl.lWJ.20o;
ibort cloar fl.70afl.76c. Whisky vtaady and uu. '
changed at ?i 15. Butter dull and lower: cream- Uc
erv ttatto; dairy 23a2l^c. Kk8s carter at 16J#i Iftfcc.
Afternoon Board-Wheat Armor, advanoed hj
Wo. Corn steady; advanced kaj<c. Oau ntcadjr; ,
March and April advanced He. l"ork nominally '
unchanged. lard stoidv and unchained. ??
IUltijiork, Mn., March 18.-Flonr dull; Howard ?
rtreet and western/uporAap ?2 C2*3 00; extra SS 10a 7
n 65: family g*m\ 7S. Whoat, western steady and
Sitttfotft's jtafltad Ctette. J
Ttatpilrt, ?;?(. Mff, ?ml cITuciIyo American lb
UiMtaiUm ol tt Itdv Haael, American Hoe. Canada mi
Kir, Murl?old,*ud Clorer-BIiwom, callcd Hanford'a Ini
RjuiIcaI CuraferC.tnrrh, wltb one box naurrhal foi
(olr.fit and ottoSaolonl't Jmprorctl Inh.ler,*11 In lit
>no pwkiLM, mar now bo had ol >11 drunUU (or Ui
II (*i. AaklorSanlord'a Radical (lure. tm
Complete local anil ConaUtuttoual Treatment 1
or uvcry form of C'aurrb, from ? Maple cold or Jec
nlluenu to Low ol Smell, Taate ud Ilearlne, r
kjugh, Bro&elllttf, ami CiUrihal Coiuumption, In ?
rvrry package. \
Lad PublloBpeektri without number tm their wli
iruwut uacfuluew ud auccuu to SuuJonl a Radical Wl
;oro lor Catarrh. 8.1
Her. Ur. Wlwln aunt "One ol the Uat rcroedlea A.
or Catarrh-uay, tbol??t remedy we bate found All
n a lifetime of anOerlns-la Sanlord'a Radical 1
tan Itclearathe head and throat aolhoraUKhlr on
bat. taken each morulni on rliloi, then are no >ut
inpleaiant accretion, and no dlaagreeable hawking ten
2 of to! "and SS c"**' *8
Mdb iSdre?IEfir fficfc^Toa on!
ron?>Djtpo*)?nCinonoAi,Co., Boattro. J?
cOtUNs* mSSK'ftiarWk B
IClTwH^TKO^^^licTVe:? S
8p?x" CVT&n'S; &!
liootln* hum thranxli the Loins and Back, try or t
io?e Master*. I'laoedorertbeplto/theStoraaoh, O
ley prevent and cure Ague hunt, Bilious Oolle, lttfl
Her ComulaluU, and protect (be mtem from' a
lotiMud ulie Mo. mrt-mluw n
nfiedsr?*o. Hr? quiet *(72,750. Rajrflmi. Pro
Slier, mm phM lttiafc: rawmeir jliso,
ttrovrnkatlgc. UoOfcc dull: Itloaumtx.ar^lrurf
?5y Tffilfc oF"**f ^ ! A WiUky
RaajDarxu, Va., M*rrh 18.?Floor, no 1m>rovL'iiK'iii
In dcnuuH: Irayon owratiiw onlr u>
n?t DamwlUto vmou. Wlic*t ^R higlicr: car
1)U>U?dy;No.a rctlTlMSOUc: No. SPeuiwylvaul*
Kima: Ho a ml Murct BBoMVoi Aptfl #ex?
nliwl 47Mol No. 2 Jo WiiBXo: No. 1 jaiow ??0i
fo. 2 mixed ilnrvh -t9&JV)?c; April MiWat!; May
vhlto87aS7Ko. Butter dull and drooping; roll* 8a.
Oc. i?ffflflrm;axtni8 VM!9%c.
Cctcwkati, 0., March 18.?Flour steady and unbarged.
Wheat dull at 8Se86o: receipt! uono;
hipments BOO bushel*. Cora easier; No. 3 45c.
lata aetlvo and firm ntsWa&l}4c. Rye w^rro aud
Inn at 06%u67Mo. barley lu fair detuandond unhanged.
Fork qutot at 112 75. I*rd quiet and
indulged; Bulk meats and ihouldcn easier;
houldcr*4W; short rib fiftc. Itacbn quiet and unhanged.
Whisky steady nttl 18. Butter weaker;
iortbwentcrn extra creamery 30*32o; fancy dairy
Oc. Jjggs in good demand but at lower rates at
5)4*160. Cheese dull and unchanged.
Toledo, 0.; March 18.?Wheat quiet and steady;
fo. 2 red CMh and March 77^c; April 78c; May
SKc: June SOKc^JuIy iOc: So. 2 soft Sic. Com
lUlet: No. 2 cash and March 48&o; May 44c asked.
?ts dull and nominal; No. 2 JfaWc. Cloverseed ,
lull; mammoth $198; medium & SO. i
FrrrsBUEOK, Pa., March it?The oil market
ipeued weak and unsettled to-day at TJgie, and
ipon unreliable field new* declined to 78c at one >
'clock. A few minutes-biter a dispatch uunouncng
that the Markliam well, from which so much
rai expected, had bccu shot and felled to rcupoud.
rhls news created intense excitement and value*
uraped to81)$cln a twinkling. From this there
ras a slight ruactlon to ti&ic, but the market railed
again under heavy short covering and closed
trongat 82)jjo with the tendency stiii upward. .
eroding throughout the day wok heavy and blocks ]
if from 25,000 to 60,Out) frequently changed hands.
View York, March 18 ?The petroleum market
ras excited to-day. The quotation of 79Jic was
Irmly held until the circulation of a report that ,
he Markbam hud been opened aud proved a largo
tue, when the price went off to 78c. A largo buyug
movemeut followed and there were heavy
inters from the West, sending the price toSOe, Ad- .
Ices then received were that tho Markhamwell
vas "no good." Shorts rushed to coyer and prices
urthcr advanced amid much excltemeut aud re>eatod
fluctuations lo 82%c, at which it closed. .
More was an Increased demand for oil certificates
ifter the board closed. United 82#b.
Bradford, Pa., March 18.?Crudo oil;National I
ransltand tidewater runs Tuesday 47,985 barrels; !
otal shipments 5:',825 barrel; charters 5,KU bar- |
els: clearances 4,100.000 barrels: National transit
iortlflcatca market closed excited on report of tho
darkham well being very ligat; opened at 7tf? Cc, adraneed
to 7V%c, broke to 77%c, row In two minutes
rom 76%c to too, broke to 8tWc aud closed strong
it 82)40.
Oil Oity. Pa.. March 18.?National transit certifl
ate* opened at 7Jfto: highest 82Xc; lowest 77Jfo;
dosed at S2^c: snli* 5,6so,GOO barrels: eltaranccs .
ione;runs-d.G95 barrels; shipments 48,903 bar*
els; charter* 6,832 barrels. Oil Exchange stock 93 35 I
>ld,SI25aiiked/ |
Trrcsmu, Pa., March 18.?National Transit eariflcates
opened at 79c; highest 82}?c; lowest 77X^0;
Josed at 82}{c; shipments Mr entire oil regions
J,Wo barrels; runs lor entire oil regions 47,9b5
torruls; charter* 5,883 barrels.
"Baitimobk, Md? March 18.?Petroleum nominal- <
y steady; refined7Ka7Kc. "
Utb Slock. .
Chicago, III., March 18.?The Drover? Journal re*
torta: Live hogs: Becelpts 12,000 head: shipments
,030 head; market strong and 6c higher;- rough
lacking 91 60u4 75: packlng'aud shipping M70a
00; l?jt 94 45a4 85,-r slope S350a4 80, Catlle-Beeipts
4.300 head; shipments *2,800 head; market
tcady: 1,030 to 1.250 lbs. ? 6Ca5.25; 1,800 to
.COO lbs, 85 40115to. Sheep-Receipts4,000 head:
bipments 2,500 head; market sternly; good grades
at I ier stronger; Inferior tofalr ti 50u30J; medium ,
3 0(al00;goodtoohoice94'.?5ti510. 1
East Libkhtv, Pa., March 18.?Cattle market
low; prlmeSO 0&025; fair to good $5 2fia5 60; corn- I
ion 8t Mat 75; receipts 70 head; shipments 005
cad. Hojrs, market active; rooelpts 900 head; <
blpments M00 head; Pbilsdelpblas 8530u5 30; I
rorkers U00a5 06. Sheep markot active; prime
"> OOaft 25; lair to good 84 00; common $200*300;
ocelots 1800 hesd: shipments 4,400 head. Shipten
ts of hop to New York to-day, 0 car loads;
blpmeuts of cattle to Mew York to-day U car
Cincinnati, March-18.?Livo hogs quiet; comion
and light 93 80a4tKJ; packing and butchers
145*500; receipts2,200 head; shipments520head.
I>ry Uooda. 1
New Your, March 28.?The market is without <
hnuge.ln respect to the good- trodoin progress at obblug
hand*, and a like movomeut nurka a cor- ,
esi>ondlng distribution by agents, though tho lat- V
or request is madu up M>cdaTiy of very mlscollanous
SHBortmeuts of seasonable specialties. c
Cotton. ?
NrwYowc, March 18.?Cotton dull; futures quiet
nd steady; March ll.3lc: April 11.25c: May 11.87c;
uno ll.t'Jc; July U.5Qc; August 11.03o: Septumcr
u.230; October 10.70c; November 10.6yc; Doember
W L.'l" O. T.
Safeittj SowiUe. |
^AKlfl6 :
Absolutely Pure, JThii
Powder never wit*. A manol of pnritj,
reojtb And wbolcwment*. More economic^
tan the ordinary kind* and cannot be sold tr
impetltlon with tbo Multitude of low test, ?bon I
olRbt, alum oLnborohato powdbi*. Koldoni.y i? I
1*1. KUV'AL BA JuN<? POWDEB 00., I
w*ii a??w>( v?? VwV, I
flcio &dvtvtlstmcni&.
-lat Carnivals
This Evening.
PrweiiU will be given aa follows: '
ro lady wearing largest hnt-ctnnry bird and
ge. . . 2I
ro lady wearing smallest hat?handsomo gold dl
ic? silver mug. in
rogentlbmanwoarlng largost bat-pair Feoton K
:pvrt Skates. ?
rogeutlqmau wearing smallest hat-S3 worth of ?
upon tickets. r
HNP r . RQ9R At KSTLZtl Propcletnn. JJ
Central ^otlccs. $
J Reveal*Put, Present and Future: gives ad of
? on money, business and family affldrs." Honn tii
m. 1 to fly. tt. Kft. go Wthth stmtf.- nr* by
> ^ f
offin* of TUB cmrwatjtt Board. ) oi
, , J ViKtx iva. W. Va., March H, lfiAV f ^
Sealed lYoposals will bo received at the odlco of p
?Clty Water Board until Patmtfsy, March 31, -L
?, atAo clock P. for furnishing aud deliver- j
t to tbe City Water Works. Mlxedsnd Clean Coal m.
r one yoar, beginning on the ant day of April, 0n
Ifc Psyinent to be made monthly. The cm- mt
etor togive bond1 and security for tho fulfill- be
snt of the contract. - St
rho City Water Board reserves tho right to re* gu
t any or ail bids.
nrll ALKX. UPDKQRAFF. Bec'y. jjj
'o all potaons holding liens by Judgment orother!??
<mMUlS.,r?*1 "J P*rt thereof, of t
HUm H. Winters, of J. M. 1 boruburgh. ol Bailie -=
2?ornburgh, his wife, of Robert Pordyce, of Listle O
!itte?r l, 8l,^m, ?'1?' n
njmniun<?ofa<leonoofUi?Montdi?ICoun 1
Vbcellnii, rnidc In 11 rant,. tboreln pending, to
il?t the real e?lato 01 the ?ld wllllKn II. Win- 7
M.Thornburab, Hullo tt.Thurublirxb, Itobert Pit
reS'Slmraiw tbs?ni[i^lon'"n'uilioaathcra* p!u
you arc hurchy required to pnaent ?ll cUlma
dI1I"1.<^F.,1.?.' *ou the uM will- ,,
1 SsraBffiSS n>proi>iinrb,a<iju K. mora- A'
*b, KobertVordycc, Mule X. Jfordyoe, Urmia ?
junnuand AI [ml tilrom*. or either of tbem, ?"
'fhere llonaonthereeleetato ownedbribtin, bei
JUier of tbem, or any put of It. for adjudication _
Bei ?OtT.pTlna HroeL id tho _^L
. ^'? ooontr, Wait Virginia, on ?
>elore. Tbundty, tbo loth aiur of April. 1185. T7
Hen under uy band tbfe Rib day of lurch, f
" JMBPfl B. PAULL and
rtttR - Commiulouer. mx
J . "
glaucrttte gsfracts,
"Vnnllln.I.r m??n.Or imgc, cte., flavor Cnkn,
Drriiiujt.l*U(ltlIiiiia.ifc>Mii? delHiilely nml mil'
uriUlyu" the Trull from wlilch tbeyuremafo
ntwtto MY THK
Price Baking Powder Co.,
Chlcngo, III. 8t. Louia, Mo,
mtKlM .OF
Or. Prloi's Crtam Baking Powder I
Dr. Prlco's Lnpnlln Yeost Gems,
Best Dry Hop Venal.
FOXt BAT.T7 23IT ozsocBsa
S*. CSutmnn St ("To.
iFUjlSGr-A TsTT~
Roller Skates
A Pair of Elegant Roller
Skates given away with every
BOY'S SUIT bought at
BOYS' SUITS in all sizes
rom 3 to 18 years of age, and
in elegant pair of Roller Skates
jiven away with ever)' Suit at
BOYS' SUITS in every qualty
from a strong Knockabout
suit to the Finest made, and a
)air of elegant Roller Skates
;iven away with every suit at
These Suits will be sold it -1
nuch lower prices than they can I
>e had elsewhere, and a pair I
>f elegant Roller Skates will be I
fiven away with every suit at I
Boys, we have the Roller
Jkates in all sizes, and wc have I
he Suits in all sizes, prices and I
[tialities, and we want you to I
i< . f ' i I I
all ancl get a suit, ana rccuiect
that with every Suit we sell
ie give away an elegant pair ol
toller Skates.
Call soon and see the finest
nd largest stock of BOYS'
CLOTHING between New
(ork and Chicago, and get a
>air of elegant Roller Skates
3r nothing.
rho Stockholders ol Greenwood Ccmclcf? |
ircby notified that an clcciion [or matron' m
rvo for tho ensuing fenr will be IwM al ihf Kx
iftngo Bank of Wheeling, on Thurxday, March &
itwocn th^lioun of 10 mid 1'-' o'clock a. m. I
mrlfrn W. 0. WiLKtSWy. .?c'y,
I'be luinual meeting of .the rtockhoMcff'rMe
utual Building ana Loan Association, will ft B
sld In Aaaociatioii Ilail on SATl'KDAY. SUIf?
>atC o'clock r. for the burpo* of rltrtln*
rector* and trauwetliig any oilier MiWuw'M
ay be ofl'ored. NotnJnatInrii will be Bade ?t
mo place on March H, at 8 o'clock i*. x.
7. P. MlUJUt, W. c. UASVLAS.
N Bocretary. intMriit^
a ipeclal meeting of the Stockholder; of j* M
heeling Hinge Co.Ta ber? by callcl f?r TliurM H
ternoon, April 1C, 1SW, at 2 o'clock. Iteekartrf H
tbe company expiring May J, M\ a ri*""'1! 0
11 be oirercd in the meeting extending the'm
the continuance of the corporation I"/ 'ri, H
ne, not exceedlm; fifty year*, a* may be denw H
tho atockboldew.
C. J. KAWf.TXG, President. M
. . J. C. BBAOV. Secretary.
Stockholders owning more than out-tcnth01,
pltaUtock. ?*.
torauant to a resolution of the corporator*^ I
<nnU Oaa Company, of Wcat Vinrfula. ad?F?
tho 19ih day of February, A. I? 1?& Pf^|] H
letfng of tbo utockliolden of aald rjjmp'V
held attheUwofllco of Win. II 1"w'm' ' i H
b Market street, In the city of Wheellafi*-1
ite of Weat Virginia, on . H
TODAY, Till at til DA V or UARCII, A. ft MJ
nmencing at 2 o'clock r.to elect a WJ"?
ectora, adopt by-laws and tranwet any^
sinew as may be done at a general mec Mi* H
arl2nr Bccreyiry of CornorntM*
imniMii. Wuriuyo A Www ?r ftft <jM
Wm**u*o, IV. Vi., March 1* ?* '
ho annual meeting of tbe Stockholder*B
Ubnrgb, Wheeling A- Kentucky l!?'!r,.T.c3- H
iy will be held At thoiiriiiclpa(o81<voi .w H
ly lu the city of W fioeunif. la."?
1 o'clock r. m , for the pnnv*o ?t H
Jtlon for dfrcctora to aerve /<r tin*k ,r H
I the trani|4ct]on of auch other bu?iu<?.*"
properly braugh t beforu tbe meet^ H
irl>nt JLmiiI B
SILLS-' n/irtiiiia'
0 to the IlffKlUaKNWR JOB H
- 27 Fourteonth atreet, whart jofl emw*1? h
UM.tUimnoUn, .

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