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Sfa MMuftrnv
| ~~oaee7Su?. as and ?7 Fourtcentli titrcet.
I The Mayor is right. The Chief <
police is wrong-criminally wrong. Whej
does Council Aland ?
The Chid of Police might liave save
himself all this if he had only done h
duty, lie doesn't seem to have been i
liberty to do that.
Ir Council wants to do its duty it wi
ask the Chief of 1'oiice some very pointc
questions on the llealy cose. Let him d<
/end himself if he has a defense.
Tin people aro with the Mayor. The
till be with Council if Council takes tlj
right side. A line opportunity preson
' "if tn make and unmake reputations.
,,lman: or, ??' "* ** A
O/ra. tflllT
to being said about gambling
Wheeling to read with i?tere.td^
l? ,1,0 moral vineyard. In some?W
every community baa a taint
the leprosy.
S,s?ltoSUte administration went
Wellington to wrestle with the Big Inji
lhe President hasn't been feeling bo wi
lie is afraid of another incursion oft
,.i??jvfd n.tiona of the north.
Vumvmi may be said by tliu Engll
pruw, the money-lender* oT Europe w
ire carrying Hussian promisee to pay i
apprehensive of a4 Anglo-Kuasian w
The indications are all in that direction
iT n"^iry to inform the K>t;i>
tUt the Chief of Mice has the Is ,
?.???'? leave to put an end toprodi
Hon and Sunday liquor selling? He
not required to contine hiraseii to routi
mil gambling hells. ,
To-MOBUOW night councilmen will hi
.cliauce to say what they think of Cb
Smith's "masterly inactivity" in the i
charge of hisswora duty. The people
tills community are in dead earnest, a
they are very desirouaoi knowing whet
Council is with them or on the side of I
brazen law-breakers. GovriiNoB
Wlieos doesn't mean tl
the Senators shall have it all their o
way if he can help it Hence his visit
Washington to let the Present kn
what a very bad lot of Senators the W
Virginia Senators are. The harmony
dicated by this and other recent procei
ingd to not short of immense.
Tin Weston Krpublican discloses t
lact that "tlio patients at tlie Hospital
tho Insano have not had any egga to (
111 the last two years." Well-how col
they have tlieru'f Musn't tho gentlera
of tho stair have their "flips"? Unli
the working capacity of the Westou he
Is prodigious they can'tsupply everybm
Ir Porter Smith to ousteftjfoV Jailing
do his duty a Democrat will tike his pla
The Democrats have the majority
Council, and it thoy had not Republic!
would doubtless see the propriety oi ele
ing a Democrat under the circumstanc
There ought to be no room to cbargf
partisan motive In so grave a matt
Kor this reason, If things come about
they ought to, the 'Intsi.uubnciih lioj
that no Republican may be named for t
vacancy. Does the Intklmokncbr exp
a vacancy? That la further on.
So. w* wbli It distinctly umlynWod thai
am utterly oMM?od to ihla Krt*t Iniquity tuai
(atrlf houeywwblni ourolty.tuloiu?*ndblMl
the wuund tututc HU of ouryoutBTtul
tlnlru to ice the utmoit rigor of thul*w onfor
liliut tho pttnblew, aud we caJl upon *?i
Swith to do In* duty at oaw anddo it wolj. f
we have a word to the hypocritical
iMituuKNCKR. Ho know* full wall thai prep?
Uontwm on loot by Porter Smith Vo?o aX
work tn Mich a ranuuer aa would haw ?WCtui
rrudied It out.-" Y<riUu"-l'aletti InterrUu tn I
Tho Duo Italian hand raised in t
Chiefs defense is not well disguised. *'V
iUs" means Truth. Shakespearo fa;
" Doubt Truth to bo a liar," but in t
c*sc charity can't go so lar. When i
Porter Smith intend to begin ? When 1
Mayor urged him to go ahead he gco?
at the suggestion.
?i ?
Tuia appears in the Washington c
mpondence ol the Cincinnati Cominert
Ga?iif: "Iho appointment ol Hauler,
West Virginia, is very llttlo better ti
that of Higglns, so far as political char
ter is concerned, llaaaler ia a profeaiioi
politician and 'practical' in his dealg
01 course in private character he Is bet
than liiggins." The corrcapondunt
misinformed. Col. Haaaler-is not a il
gins kind ol man. lie' ia a Jolly good !
low and fond of a good time, but ho ia ]
a leader ol political thugs and hag ;
Wen a professional "aport." Nothing
much has been said ol Ifiggina, bat Hi
ler doesn't deserve to be claased with bl
furthermore, nothing la to be gained
recklessly asaaillng every appolntm
msdo by the President
It baa been intimated through "I
columns ol the fty'tfrrthat the Imi
otsi ta, instead of attacking the Chie
Police for rcfualng to move on the g>
Ming hells, would hotter pay Its attent
to the Prosecuting Attorney, to the aalo
that sell liquor on Sunday, to the hou
ol prostitution, and perhapa to suni
other evils flagrant in thia cominum
The IxTKi.uaKNciai would be glad If ov
one of these abuses, including the Fr<
cuting Attornoy, could be extlrpatei
one:. Hut every work ol regenerat
must have a atarting point, and the ji
dent reformer doesn't blindfold him
and whack away promiscuously.
While the IsTiLuautcau is interest
ilsell In the caae of the Chief
Police the Itrgitltr might with so
profit to itaelf and tbe roiumoi
quit defending that officer and show
the chronic dorelicUon of the Proaeoul
Attorney. Meantime we beg to an
tile (ifjiiltr that it ia not alirewd ?no
to divert thia newspaper from the mo
in hand. Nor Is It necessary to replj
detail to tho Ktg'ulir't mUcellnuwus
idiotic Insinuations. The public is atu
|n? very tlio roughly to that phase of
? _
^ A Church OcU Outa Temporary Injunotloi
rc Uutralulnf Hkatlna on Certain Llaji. 1
Firs la Hancock County? Uurilcroua
Awault by a Lunatic at ITaycUavUlo.
ig 3i*ctal Bupolcli l? UK Inlllllumcer.
it St. CuiHnviu.it, 0., March 22.?Lis
Saturday the Trustees of the United Pre*
byterian church of this place, by Hon. L
" Danford, attorney, filed a petition witl
!<1 Judge Kelly, in Chambers, against the
" managers of the skating rink, alleging
that the noise and conluuion made ut tli<
rink, which is in closo proximity to theii
^ church, ao serioualy interfered with theii
' loug established weekly afternoon and
evening worship, that their meetrngs on
Thursday of each week, and the last Sat
ie urday of cacli month and the threo dayi
:e meeting prior to each quarterly comma
u nion service would have to be abandoned
; or the rink closed. On these occasion!
they therefore asked the intervention ol
the court Judge Kelly granted a temporary
injunction restraining the defend"
ants from opening tlie rink on the oceac
eions prayed for until the case ia finally
:e heard and determined. This procaine
,[ is attracting conBiderable attention here
and elsewhere.
0 In Wcit Virginia, uppuiltc Toronto, O., DoI,
Htroyed by Fire.
]. Sjxetal Ditpalch to tlie JrUrlligtHcrr.
e Tohosto, O., March 22.?The large and
finely furnished residence of Squire James
Freeman in West Virginia, opposite Toll
ronto.'wnn destroyed liv fire this morninil
o while all tlm family butMr. Freeman were
e at church. A small portion of the furuir.
turu on the llrct floor was saved, but everything
in the upper rooms, including
clothing, etc, was destroyed. The loss
will exceed $11,000. So insurance. The
lire was caused by a defective due.
Is A Jailer Nearly iinckrd to Dvuth With a
g IUi?or?ArreuM for Murder,
Oorraptwdenoe tte InkUiamcer.
Favcttkvius, W. V*., March 18.?Thii
e town was thrown into considerable ex f
citement about 11 o'clock to-day by a sell
riousand probably fatal cuttingwhlch Mr,
)f Wesley llodgere, turnkey at the jail, re
d ceived from John Kinney, a lunatic con
sr lined there. Kinney is an old man, about
le seventy-two years of age, and was brought
here for safe keeping from Coal Valley,
about one week ago. ile seemed to bt
11 very quiet, and during a part of the day
" the turnkey would let hint out of tho cell
0 to the stovo in the corridor. lie wa?
* searched when before the Justice of the
't Peace and also when brought here, but kg
l* weapons of any k*nd were found on-hiig.
'* To-day, as Mr. Rodgers was ,joplenishing
the tiro in the corriaor,
accompanied by one at. Sheriff Mc0
Vey's little boya, Kinney steppe^ up
behind hiin and struck him with a razor,
>r cutting him from the back of the neck
fl. nearly across the face,.severing all the
d ligaments and cutting the small artery on
D the side of his face. The jugular vein
was not cut. Kinney then began cutting
18 at the little boy, but ledgers caught him
is up and got him through-the door, which
r. he pulled to after him and called for help,
as his strength was failing and the lunattc
was trying to pull the door open. His
sisters, one the wife of the Sheriff cime
- to his assistance and they nui Deeded in
n getting the door locked. By this time
,8 several mon came and hold tiodgers'rnG|ck
. to keep him from bleeding to death'ontil
a physician came and stopped thoflow of
' blood, Mr. St. Clair and others having in
a the meantime secured the ra*or from the
r# lunatic and locked him in h[s cell.
' Couriers were.dispatched' fpr Mr. McKey,
the Sheriff, who with apOflse was af?
# ter a man bv the name of Gote and a woe
man named Jerrold, for whom warrapts
,t had been issued for murdering the woman's
husband. They were captured' in
Nicholas connty.
? A I'AITI'IM, \H4\7,E,
If ' rbe New Joriey Stat* lluuuo Partly Destroy*
JJ f(l tyr Flro.
sr Trenton, N. J., March 21,?Two explo*
,o sions were heard in the Quartermaster
f; General's office, on the first floor, at tbe
If northwest corner of the State House, at
3 tills morning. The explosions were fole
loved by flames that shot tlirough tbe
r. windows. In ten nflnutestlie apartments
were in ruins.
The flames followed the steamplpes to
Is the floor above, and quickly set fire to
d the offices of the ClorktaCbsnpory. From
10 these the conflagration extended to the
. Geological Museum on the third floor. In
a this were many vslusblo Huito relics, but
tbe most valuable hail been sent to the
New Orleans Exposition, a month ago,
r. Battle flags were rescued by flreracn at
,, the risk of their lives. This sword and
: saddle of General Kearney were destroy51
ed. Tbe flie then moved back toward the
n dome, and it looked' as though the Su>
prame Court room, Gb?ncery Court room
and Legislative Chambers would have to
go.. The books and documents were res'
moved hastily from the gIflces of tbe
ir Comptroller, State Treasurer and Heorotii|(
ry ol State.
The fire waa finally cheeked atT o'clock,
*' although the engines are still playing on
' the rufiwin order that access may be bad
it to tbe Chancery vaults, where exceedingly
jt Valuable papers relating to thousands of
? estates are kop}, The vaults were not
burned, but are believed to be full ol
s- water, which will cause almost as much
ii. damage as fire. The loss will not fall heIW
low I $100,000. The part destroyed Ja the
, facade ol tha original State house, hull)
11 in 1805. Only the Museum, Quartermaster
General's office and Chancery office,
were completely destroyed. Other ijeijart!
e mentj were somewhat d&msged by wster.
The Chancery and Supremo Ootlrt Wms,
, and Senate and Assembly Chambers, re?>
main intact. The entire building was
a- worth $900,000. There Is a liberal Insurm
anceon tbo strunture. The explosions in
tbe Quartermaster's room are thought tc
have been caused by eonflned Kill, which
e* in somo way ignited.
' ThsLtnihawHouu, Clilisago, Burnt-gap.
row KMapss?Que Woman KIIImI..
l' Chil'aou, Uu , .March Jl.?At 8 o'clock
this evening fourteon flro engines popree
water into tbe UugUam Hotel, whtiiti wsj
"J a mass of flame from basement Co garret
The Ore originated In o?o of the lowci
rooms from a kerosene lamp, which wai
'* aecldently overturned. At the time thf
of restsurand of tbe bouie contained ow
io hundred gijesbut supper, and as man]
more wen) in the rooms. Tbe people Ic
' tbo restaurant h#d no trouble invgettini
"I1 out, but several persons In the nppei
ng rooms hsd a very narrow rseapo, Tin
ire flames spread with marvelous rapidity
> and before a second alarm was turned it
were bursting through the room. A gen
nd glncs which coul^bs^brot^ht^jila^
he Two members of the Ire Insurance na
fcNj etisped tbe tumbling brjski
and timbers. Two others were pinned
fast, but after long and strenuous efforts
were linallv extricated. The lege of both
were eeverely bruised. Patrolman A.
' Jones and John Walsh are believed to
have been suffocated beneath the wall.
No trace of them bad been found up to a
I late hour.
Policeman Marks saw two domestics at
one of the second-story windows after it
was supposed all the inmates had been
rescued He rushed up the burning staircase,
and a few moments later appeared
, dragging out both the women, who had
been rendered unconseioui) by smoke.
The hotel, which is a total loss, was
. erected Immediately after the great fire,
, and, while it had a substantial-looking
outside, has been called a fire-trap. It
was formerly known as the Burdick
! House, then as the Crawford, and recenti
ly as the LanghamV Cuinmings & Howard
r were the owners. Shaw A Son leased the
. establishment. The latter'B loss is $50,;
000; insurance $12,000. The building was
1 valued at $150,000; insured for half.
I KieU 4 Son, picture frames, and Har.
den's Hand Grenade Agency suffer a.
total loss. Insurance unknown.
1 The firemen never ceased their efforts
- to rescue the two missing patrolmen, and
I about four hours afterward they were
i found in the basement of the building,
: next the hotel, buried under broken floor.
ing and fragments of the falling wall.
They were taken out alive, and will prob.
ably survive their injuries.
The escapo of Mrs. J. A. Murray and
[ child was marvelous. The lady occupied
I a room on the fifth floor, and was unaware
of the danger till.too late to attempt to descend
the stairways. She reached the
fire-escape, but at each floor found the
, hole in the grating too small to admit the
passage of heraelf anil infant. She was
therefore compelled four times, with the
flames bursting around her, to seat the
child upon the platform, lower herself
1 over the edge, and reach up for the little
one. Mrs. Murray reuchud the ground
without assistance, and a quarter of an
[ hour afterward had wholly recovered from
the effects of her terrible experience.
Mrs. Belknap, an elderly lady, was
killed, jumping from the fourth story
: into the alley.
worse Til a.% supposed.
Five Penton* Knuivn to iiuve Been Killed
uud Four liiully Wounded.
Chicago, March 22.?The lire which de'
strayed the J.augliam hotel last night
proves to bo much more dreadful in loss
| of lite and physical injuries entailed than
was snpposod until a late hour last night.
It is now known that at least 11 vt> perilous
' was killed and four injured. J ust before
, the south wall of the hotel 'ell upon the
. Faxon building a number of persons besides
those of the lire insurance
' patrol were inside tho latter buildL
ing assisting to savo goods, as no
I immediate danger was apprehended.
There is no means of knowing just how
' many of these volunteer helpers were in
' the structure at the time, but excavations
' have proceed to an extent whirb justifies
I the bopo that all the dead have been
, found. Bo fur as known those at work in
the Faxon building when crushed by tho
1 falling hotel wall were as follows: Capi
tain Edward Shcppard, James Boyd,
Kuute Thime, l'atrick Mullens, John
Walsh and Frederick Jones, all of the
lire insqranuo patrol, Wi|iam Bean,
piano tuner, and John Hennesey,
clerk, both employed in the
building. Mullins and Thime being
near tne rear ol the building,
were forced out through one of th? windows
by tho rush of air as the building
fell ana are not dangerously hurt. Captain
Sbeppard and Uoyd were pinned
d wn by the falling timbers and rescued
alive about midnight, botli seriously hurt,
but it is believed they will recover. Walsh
and Jones were taken out ahout t o'clock
this morning, both crushed to death,
li an was alive when foiind and token to
the county hospital where he died at 6
o'clock this morning. The body of Henneasy
wa? recovered at U o'clock (o,night.
Soon alter (lie walls fell the wreck took
fire ana the firemen turned several streams
on the blazing mass to save their comrades
from being roasted to death, though
?t tlie imminent risk of drowning ftemThe
water was toe cold and drenched
the poor imprisoned fellows, chilling
them to the njarrow". Mra.G. Y- Belknap,
wlio wo? killed by Jumping from the upper
window, was tliu widow of Colonel
Belknap, who died some years ago at New
Orleans. She has many friends in Cincinnati.
iler remains are still at (be city
Auodittr Hotel (turned,
Fort Smith, Ah*., Maroh 22.?The
Grand Cental Hotel burned this momingi
loa? WO,000. Most of the furniture
was saved. A woman was badly injured
by..jumping from the third lloor. The
bnilding was owned by Win. Fishhook,
who was yesterday defeated for United
States Senator by Governor Berry.
of the Principal* Pa|!? Covered With
B|ood?1Tl?e Olher Eicaped.
Lawuusck, Kass., March SI.?Quite a
stir was created in this place yesterday
affernogn over a due) between a young
man namisd P. A- Newlmrg, from Leavenworth,
and J)on Crew, tho sou of tlie Republican
candidate for Mayor- Til" difficulty
grew out of a little squib that appeared
in the Lawrence Journal yesterday
morning, giving an account of a "snipe
hunt," in Which it wag ?t*ted tiiat Npwliurg
held a Hjn.k and candle for several
hours waiting qntil the snipes were driven
in. Crow waaapcuset| of lieing tlie author
of tho story. ?m| wl.eu requested to apolo?ria?
refused to do bo. and intimated that
Sewburg might go. to sco his Satanic
Majesty. A challenge was sent and accepted,
(he, weapons to be shflt-gunq at
thfrty pace., jfchn DonnelF apted
second for (Vow, mul Kd (rairljeld fof
Newburg, with Herman Haje ? referee,
nil prominent businessmen. It Das undentoqa
between the seconds that the
giins wore to be loaded with blank cartridges.
W(tSn tj|0 word to flre was given bflth
weapons were discharged, nnifCrow |el|,
while a quantity oi chicken blood ipsde a
respectable cqrMP pf h|in, The crowd
nisned MP Iq see wli?t the result fas.
Neiyburg, thinking they we going tfl arrest
him, drew a revolvpf Wld began to
shoot right and left, while the crowd, two
Sundred in number, dispersed In every
irecllon. But the revolver, too, had been
loaded with blank cartridges, so no
1 was injured, Jiewtarj WP brought'eyer
tp tho pity (mm Ihsmarpk Qrove, where
the dijel lrt(d taken place, and consulted an
attorney, who infqrined him that Grew
hudtoetiwouuded anddefinedHU(Newburn's]
oflbnsa. Newburg decided that it
was best far him to leave town and he took
the first trajn for Topeka.
pit* to |.m-k of unifri. #
\Vn.|(!suaitux,Pa.,Marcli 22.?Tito strike
among the laborers of slope I o( t];e S|i6codipany.
The strlkp 1| djip (o alartfll
orders % rogk rolled pats ql poa|.
Dp?nlt. AH?eV? ?S|(?U? f Rlofc.
I OllWHWiim tU-, MMoh iU.?Uyntmit?
was placed under the skating rink
last night by an unknown person and exploded,
tearing out the md of the building.
A large crowd WW in the building,
bi)t qo une if as hujt, ' '
llMVteat tbt Tun Venri.
' fofiTRiji Nfoxaop, yA.,'Mari& 23.?A
onow storm setln'ktS o'clock this mofnlne
and laited' all day. It war the heaviest
Iter* (or ten futon,
Hou. Joseph S. Miller, U. S. Commii
sioner of Intornal Revenue, a very fai
Idea of whose genial countenance is cot
veyed by the above portrait, arrived a
his home in this city yesterday morning
spent a few hours with his family, ant
left, for Washington- again last evening
He'was in town for so short a time tha
very few people knew he was here at al!
and many au office-seeker who yearnet
to see him, but only learned of his visi
home after he had left the city, was sat
last night. He received no busines
I It may be observed by the above por
! trait that Mr. Miller has a twinkle in hi
left eye which seems to Bay, "My name ii
Governor Carroll'* bettor-Senator Goruini
Speaks Hid Blind.
Washington, March 21.? The bad ap
pointment of Higgins in the Treasury De
partment, by the influence of Senator Gor
man, still continues to agitate thepublii
mind. There is no doubt but that he wil
have to bo removed, of trausforred, ii
spite of his strong backing. Kx-Governo
Carroll, of Maryland, has written a lette:
of remonstrance to Senator Gorman, ii
which he says:
"No one knows bettor than yoursol
that he fully and most ably represents th<
type of politician tbat every utterance o
Mr. Cleveland, both before and since b<
became President, pledged himself an<;
4An.noaMu tn nvntd " Tfnt,
HIC puivj >UU??W?m??ij vv ?.?.
withstanding this Secretary Manning ii
said to have expressed.himself as deter
mined to retain Wiggins. TJifs will' prob
ably bo dono under the cover of tho clalrr
now put forth-to avert further criticism
that Higgins is not AppointmentrCierk
but that ho is carriod on tho fraud roll
and is only "acting Appointment Clerk.'
A petition was submitted to the Presi
dent to-day by Senator Gorman, signed b)
the municipal officers of Baltimore and bj
many prominent business men of thai
city, indorsing, the appointment of Big
gina to be Chief of the appointment divis
Ton of the Treasury Department, as a mp?
of integrity, and onp in every way compe
tent to discharge the duties of the ofllcc
assigned him. Senator Gorman says thai
he has no answer to make to ex-Governoi
Carroll's letter at present, and that he had
been fo much engrossed with the afl*ain
of bis constituents and cithern, that be had
not been able to give any attention whatever
to his correspondence. In due course
of time, and as soon as possible, he would
answer every letter received,
"The attacks made upon me by tho Bepublloan
press," lie said, "were perfectly
natural and not unexpected,^because it is
well known that I have been in favor always
0/ placing in position the men- who
co-operate with and indicate a will|ngncsf
to ronder service to the pemocratio party,
Criticisms from rival* are also to be ex
Kcted. The venom of those whom he
sserved, and who still cry for more, nc
public man can hope to escape. I entyr
Utfn thatDemocrats, with a ffafr regard tc
the ciyil service laws, #re entitled to ad
minister this Government The workini
Democrat* always receive fpprn |qe met
coiif ideratiou than wen of greater pretensions
who contribute but little to tho sue
cess of the party."
? A win) nu.vr
For Fraud* In I'rruitutT Uvrrh.iulilil
Itip lluoki In ttial llrimrtit^QDt,
WisiiiKtiWi March 21.?Jn a verj
quiet manner, and secure tfora (ill obserration,
an examination of the books of tli<
Treasury baa been going on for'tho pasl
few days, which it is expected will continue
through the best part oi tho lie^l
month or so. Tho expert df tflilpd for Ibis
work is Mr- 0- N. Jordan, c^-c^ahier pi
the Third National flank ot New York, e
friend of Secretary Manning, and a gentleman
well, versed in financial matters. II
is not yet known how far bock the investigations
will bo pushed, bjiVirw t)ie papers
fallpdforjt is opt improbable that
eighteen or twenty years w|ll be covered.
The only assistant the expert }iat
is a eUort-hand ma| detailed (rote
the Treasury forpe. Two-two gontloinsn
are locked in a rooin.on the second
floor, next to (Jiff office 0< the Commissioner
of InteriiantavcnijO, an(l usually occupied
by (he flepufy Commissioner. The
VreuUfer and Assistant Treasurer art
summqued from time to Ijipo to explain
matters which t)te expert is studying out
So far It Is not understood that any fraudf
have been discovered, or that any fault it
found with tho book-keeping. Any attempt
to interview thw Ml the department
who iiaye ftc-eesa to the expert1!
room niee(s with evasive answers .of a
(lend silence, which is ouly calculated tq
oxsmrerato tho Importuned o( a very nalu
r%l pSoueedtng on ihe part of the sew Administration.
Tlio campaign cry olopiiiip,g'.l.i-nooks ol
tbe Treasury is at laat put into execution,
but ihoae \\no are familiar with department
methods knoyr that .nothing bens#tional
will reward tfce search- An accurate
amount of every dollar received and
expended baa been kept nndorthe llepnbUcau
Administration uy officials ajno?e?l
and aa ,ia(iable aa can be found, roost
of whom will be retained for their fitness
by the Democrat*. To get at anything improper
the experts will have to sq the
authority under which tho ^Vwury has
hpea sotkiWi aim examine the recorda
of Congress. With the merit*, or propriety
of any legislation calling for monoy, tlic
department can noigctitaelf imasj judge,
All It?an dais lo ?? that accounts are
presented In proper form. With tbi
method ctf- making up atatesprita gome
fault may he found, lint no rf'.auge thill
can be suggested o? instituted in figurei
can al(ertne fact that tho basis for all re
porta will remain tile same as ever, anc
every dollar will l*e apoouuied ton an f?i
bac|! Ut the expert may care to go.
Wa?I!X?toi|. Match ?V?Ji is nndpr
fltflftd Hutt ejj-jirej(idei|t Arthur will re
roajn (tp-p until the (done of nextweok
Ho baa been entertained-at dinner bj
frlenda almost every night fcirice he lef
the White Homo Nearly all of t|i? lead
ing members of the IdplolbaUc Corpa wU
have dined him hefbrc he leaves. ""The;
take tine metins Hf totnfning tbe cpur
twea wtilcli h'e exfendod ta idem durlrti
(he tints he was'I'rosideul. TBey'cui
now have Sir. Arthur aa tliuir guest, bit
while he war President hecoold not entc
the residence of any foreign Minister* no
accept hosuit&lities of any cbaractcr fron
8bstbsced TO DEATH.
A Horrlhlo Triple .Murder; for wbleh Tw
Georgia Negroea will Hang.
Oaiiiuji, Ga., March 21.?Mose Keato
nnd Peter Johnson, two negroes, were t<
day found guilty of a triple murder an
sentenced to death. The story of th
murder, as told in court, of Keaton's wil
shows shocking details.
About 11 o'clock oue night of Decembei
Moses Keaton alias Jackson, and wile an
another negro named Peter Johnson wen
to Stephen Goodwin's house for the put
pose of robbing him. The former pre
tested, but her husband drew a knile am
told her if Bhe did nut stand at the gate o
tho front yard and give warning of ap
proach hu would kill her. The men at
tempted to force an entrance, bnt alarmei
Mr. Goodwin, who called to know who i
was. Ho was answered by Moses, whi
"It's me, Mr. Goodwin; mo and Peti
been out 'possum limiting and got col<
and thought wo would come by and see i
. you Are bad gone put."
Mr. Goodwin opened the door and lei
tliem into the rooln to the fire and went t(
it bed again, but, instead of remajninf
, awake to let them out again, he went u
j sleep, and by his own tiretbey plotted hit
; murder. A knife and an ax wore used tc
: do tho execution. Goodwin was dispatch
ed/lret, and then Richard Gregory. Both
; Were murdered while asleep; but when
! the negroes came to Mr* Gregory slit
I awoke, and a struggle ensued. Mrs,
s Gregory begged for her life, but, tlndint
tho llends remorseless, she fought for it.
, Jlcr struggles were useless', however, and
' 83011 she was a mangled corpse at tho feet
ot the murderers. Her body was so
bruiscil and hacked with knife and ax
as to be almost beyond recognition.
The murderers searched for the booty,
but no money being found they loft
' tho houso covered with blood to join the
woman outside, and then went to the
* lot and took their horses and buggy, Mo
sos saying there would be a "time" in the
. morning when the bodies were discoverod.
When remonstrated with by his wife
i he ordered hor to be silent, and said ho
I would do tlie same thing over again. Af1
ter an exciting chsse of ten days, in which
r the murderers went 400 miles down in
. Florida and back, they were caught in Co[
linnbus, Ga.
A OK.NKIluirs ACT.
' A Proprietor Koducee wagea or hie Em.
plora* and Kaatorea old Kate*.
.} i ruaia'Ktiii, iiJiirua -l.?rio-uays ru1
mora of a strike against a reduction at the
Pittsburgh Steel Casting Company's works
* were rife. One of the proprietors said:
"It is true we bad intended making a
reduction in all of our departments of from
5 to 20 percent, according to the wages
paid. The notice was posted two days
ago, and since then I have been on tenterhooks
to see how tho boys would
take it; All ray employes have been
with me, man and boy* for the last
thirteen years. I thought I understood
them, and I did. Not a wor4 was
said. In fact,.they accepted the induction
much easier thftn j did this morning. 1
called tho boys together and made a Tittle
sneech, telling them that it was impossi,
ble for me to make the reduction and still
t feel like a white man. I told them to
. economize as much qs possible, both in
I their time an4 work, and we would pull
. through the hard times together at the old
I wages or sink in the attempt."
The men in the employ of this Arm are
, among the beat mechanics in the.city, and
receive tho best wages. The pullers-out
receive from $4 to $7 a day. Elsewhere
they are paid $2 60 a day. Other classes
of work are paid for In proportion. JThe
, number of men employed is 150.
I I i ^ I I j" I ' I _ '
J?oui>}? tfr owning.
4*0*05, U., March 22.?George Wilson
and George Dickinson, of Hamilton,
Ills., were duck hunting in a canoe
this city to-day, vfhen {hey were attack
a "f !|? 3"J upset. Dickinson sank
at wee, but \yilaop floated nnon a cake
ot icp to, the bridge,,a a^ojt distance below,
Where he grasped a rope let down to
hint, but be was not fcbld detain his
hold and (ailing into'the water was1 also
drowned. Had he remained %; the ice
be would have been renotied, naaotne man
in a caijpfl vras wa(t% (or hiin a short die.
tanpe helpw, : i . 1 ; ; '
, "'floV'J'Wt t
%'liMfi i8l-rA 8??tloman
1 whocalled on Attorney General Garland
reports him as saying: "-I do not intend
i to remove- any clerk Jin this department
. who lias proved himseU to be ejjiyent,
and whose services are fipj?i?ar? lor the
' perlornmngp t^e yorlt ot the gfficfl." '
I Lq.gqoonlng N'rurly !?.* ?
I B.utihoki/Md., Starch ;22,?A Bpecial
, to the American from Lonocqnlng, Md,,
' sayB: Fire destroyodj alitlfiat %>, jjntire
business portion ?f thp viHago tbls^ttiorn[
destroyod"by Are iiil$8l, * i '?**?
c,.r.r?a aVrni a i'?w.
[ WASIUJibtcw, p. Q., Mwh 83?JWt*
dent Cleveland has rented ? pew ih the
yirst yreabyterian chiwcli of thla olty, a)
> which Rov, flr. Siinafoiandj formerly
Chaplain the United States Senate, is
! p??tir,
news is biiiet.
A fita at Belletoute, P^, destijojed aevJ
eral buildings, ^088| ,
The troper&turo on Mt. AY?shingfeut
, Friday night was 48? below Jew.
i Tlin \>nion pl?ni"g mi)l, Hncyrus, 0.,
, was destroyed byflrt'. loss $20,000.
The Stephens' mansion on Kyie's 'arm,
near Uatavia, was burned yesterday. Loss,
Lack of orders has thrown tlx hundred
employes o( tho Voltnlawti (Pa.) Iron 0oa>.
puny out o| work.
AH- Vernon (OjI Democrats have recommended
Colonel Jul hi M. Armstrong for
raatintJter at that place.
The boiler of n saw-inill near Pine BlttfT,
Ark., exploded, killing 8. 0. Morris anfl
injuring a number of employes,
The Southern ?poi? *nU handlo factory
at Henderson, k-y., wss burned yesterday.
4-ona, fJO.OOO; insurance, $20,000.
Mrs BlapkcnbPcker wan burned to d"ath
nonr Florence, Ky. Tt\e hause t?ok Uro,
and it WRS (inpnusibJo to resets her.
The receiver of"$Be Harrison wire wojkt,
St Louis, has sued the ej(-Vrcsident fof
$102,270, alleged tfl haya bveu overdrawn.
The Continental Sugar Keftnenr ware*,
house, South llc^n^itMen^wousand
Six out of tho sixteen contestants Mhe
son Square Harden, New York, are lying
at the point o| death,
Jaoob Yantrftw, a family living near
Sbelbyvllle, lud., committed suicide by
hanging. Despondency on account o'
financial embarrtsaments.'
f tVm. 11. Parks, htakeuian on the Baltic
; (eaves a tflfeUnd child at ^owark, 0P **.
P Aboutfiva hundred Oklahoma Vboom[
en'- hafff collected at Uotieeville, KlW.,
J 51th threats to cross into ludUn Territory
t Jiihn lluetctter, a Van, Wert salooor
keeper;, was shot bv an unknown inan on
r Ins way home from hit salootv The wound
a is not fatal. Cieo. Thatcher was, arrested
? Y V : ??? ' ?,V
Ji.l \Ti' i:i i
y . ?i
d The Arab* Concealed In n DeUle Ruth i
6 the British wd Create Great Havuc It
e Their Kulte?A Surprise That Game
Very Near Ileitis gticeeiafnl*
' "
^ Suakiii, March 22.?While detatchmec
it ot the English and Indian infantry jve
> making a zeraba seven miles southvrest
j Suaklm to-day, they were suddenly su
,f prised by a rush of Arahs, who we
massed and concealed in the defiles we
- ofHosheen. The English formed asquai
* as quickly ns possible, hut the camel
5 mules and horses were drawn backincoi
fusion on the troops, causing a stamped
' and amid the clouds of dust the Aral
[ penetrated the south and north (ides i
the square. Meanwhile the marines an
t Berkshire regiment, who were on tli
1 oast and west sides ofj the squan
| maintained a continuous fire, lio1<
, log tho enemy at bay, while th
i chargeofthecavalryandfirefromthogun
- at the Hasheen zeraba checked the on
| lliught of the Arabs, which at tho onsc
, threatened a serious disaster to tho ISril
. ish. General Graham reports the Englis!
! losses, so far as known, to bo 2 officers am
22 men killed and 33 men wounded. Th
losses of the engineer's transport corps am
Indian troops are. not yet reported. Ai
unofficial estlinato places tho British killet
at fifty-two anil the w untied a
eighty-five. Near all the casualties were dm
to spear thrusts received in hand-to-hunt
engagements. The Arabs got between tbt
transport train and the zeraba ami spesret
men ot the trans|iort corps and killed tl?
auimals. They fought savagely, refusini
to give or take quarter. General McNei
who commanded the zeraba, report!
vaguely that there were several thousand
rebels in the fight and over one thousant
were killed or wounded. McNeil is blamci
for not taking precautions against u stir
onk noon's hot fio iiti.no.
The enemy began the attack at 3 o'clock
this morning. They were repulgod anc
the ground clewed by 4 o'clock. Th<
damage done to transport material yester
day was immense. The whole British
force remained in the Held during
the night The camels and mulei
were hamstrung by the Arabs and
scores of camp followers were cut up,
The Arabs were scattered about in the
whole vicinity intercepting the native
fugitives. The appearance and yells ol
the Arabs was so sudden that the whole
assemblage and transport animals were
mixed with the natives, who became
panic-stricken and surged on
the' zeraba, making resistance hopeless,
The scene was indescribable.
Arabs glided and crept in all directions
among the animals. The Haddegdawas
swarmed from the bush like magic and
attacked the &eraba fiercely on all
sides. The Soudanese coolies were mistaken
for enemies and many were killed by
friends. The Berkshire regiment and ma.
rines stood firm and oool and fired volley
after volley into tho ranks of the enemy.
The naval brigade, inside the zeraba, alk
opened a hot fire. Tho Indian troops
held their own gallantly, as soon SB they
were able to close the equarg again.
Eventually unable to tUe rattling
lire, the enemy diwgeared as they came.
The Eighty-eighth AimU .Tnurjr of the Birth
or Emperor WlMitm,
Berlin, March 22,-^he eighty-eighth
anniversary ot the birth of firoperor William
was observed with muuli enthusiasm
|nd rejoicing. Till) streets of the city wore
profusely decorated with banners. In the
morning the Emperor received the members
of the Imperial family and foreign
I'rinccs, also (be old servants, a number
o( whom have Ueen attached to the housebo\d
for forty or fifty years. At the signal
of (he morning gun, the bands
qf |he regiments In the garrison
played veleotlons of sacred' music.
Deputations of soldiers from all tlio regiments
afterward attended Divine service,
the I'rotestant soldiers at the military
church, and the Catholics at tllg Church
of St. Michael. During Un> forenoon the
officers \\ere mustered before the Imperial
(lalace and deliled past in front of the
window where the Emperor was stationed,
while a salute of 1(10 guns was fired.
In the evening the family banquet was
held In the Palace, (Juiint von Hatzfeldt,
Minister o! Foreign Affairs, entertained
the diplomatic corps in honor of tho occasion
TCIiolosole hi Ooreii.
Pan F?4.s, March 29.?The City of
Peking, arrived IMl afternoon, brings
Hong Kong advices of February 21st.
Oorean advices state the fathers, mothers,
wives and children of Kin Gioukukin, J.
Sarhllau and 8. Kohan, who are leading
members of the Independent party ol
Corea, were hanged at the palace gates
February 2d. Eleven o'(l\er Cofeans who
sympathized with the cause were hanged
with them. The parents, wive* and
children of four of these lattor were alBo
banged. Kin Gtonkukln, who sought
refuge In Japan, will soon come to the
United States.
WoUelvj iu Peril,
I/jstws, March SI.?Reportaftrora other
parts of the disturbed region are extremely
conflicting, bat there is au apparent
likelihood ol General Wolseley's being
shortly pnt an the defensive. That
(taman has succeeded- in arousing Arabia
seems certain, and news of a serious
nature from Yemen is expected soon.
Tho formidable Senousji, in Tripoli, arc
ssld to be ready, too, to assume the utlensive,
as they are known to have been
<iuietly hfyokyig the Mahdi for a year past.
How tho Wart Id 111" 01(1 World EtneAt
4nter|<?u M?rth?nt?,
N?w Tfons, March ?!.?War among for.
eign powers means prosperity in the Vnited
States, ft is Bald to-night that England
is negotiating for the purchase' of
Ericsson's latest invention In gun-boats?
tl\o Destroyer. The vessel has been lying
for a long timo in the Brooklyn Navy
Yard. Krlcsaou tried tasell ft to this Government,
but was unsuccessful.
Worthlngton A Co., the sleam-pnmp
men, are executing an order for engines
Had a pipe-line to convey water across the
desert to English troops at Khartoum, so
as to make a desert route of march practicable.
Armour A Co., the ','^ieago ijieat packers,
to-day reeved, SA otoer for fivS milUS5
W? W 'or 'be British UoveraFrom
tfntlemna who,gave this inurination
to-night there come# glao a hit
of secretViistory rogarJing ;ito frenvh interdict
against American potk. That
IntewW WM. suspended lor about t?
weeks at one time last fall. Naune could
understand why. It is stated that dttrinn
the suipendon a ffrench agent And a hall
db^en subordinates in this city were btisll v
engaged in b.uyipg pork (or the Frond
army in Tonqufn: As a-09 as tbay bat
all the' pork they wanted the iutcrdic
" a UurrlM? B*tU? lletwtau a )Uu and a
a r?roelot? HajtUff,
r. Looiskillt, March 21.?A. fierce battle <
between brute and man was reported yesno
terday. Gottleib Hartman, a German i
who lives juat beyond the city, on the
Street road, recently imported a fine
blooded dog from Germany. The dog was
a mastiff, and a ferocious brute. It was
its ponderous in strength and as savage as a
ro Southern bloodhound. Mr. Hartman in- n
trusted his premises to the watchfulness ,
abd powers of tho animal, but little ,
** dreamed that he would be the victim to 1
re his sentinel's faithfulness. c
tt Last Thursday Mr. Hartman was called h
? to the city on business that detained him ?
until a late hour in the night. His wile ,
*> has been ill for some days, and to more '
o- securely guard the premises and protect b
e the family he unchaiued tho maetiir be- 8
fore leaving home. About 12 o'clock in n
the night he returned and, forgetting that U
" be had turned his dog loose, carelessly C
d entered tho yard. He had neglected to b
e take his night-key with him, and not "
wishing to arouse the family he went to a *
rear window that he knew was .easily 1>
' opened and was attempting an entrance "
e when his faithful savage dog attacked ai
is him. f
Just aa he raised the window, the dog is
sprang upon him and seized him by the Jo
it arm. Mr. Hartman tore loose from the 0
.- brute's fi-st hold only to begathered in a is
Ij firmer grip. A terrible struggle ensued, 8<
, the man fighting for lifo, while the dog ac
was aa tenacious and ferocious as a tigress, it
B The man's arm was lacerated, and he soon
i became convinced that he was but a child P?
J in the paws of his foe. The sight of blood tu
1 seemed to increase the anger of the mai- th
t tifT, which fought him with indescribable
J ferocity.
i It waa evident that if was a battle to the
J death, and Mr. Hartman drew a large dirk- a"
I knifo from hia pocket and plunged it into en
i tho brute's throat. He plied the weapon frc
J several timea before the dog would lot go
1 tola hold. But growing weak by the loss *7
i of blood, the Tiruto finally fell to the vl<
I ground and expired in a few minutes. to
I Mr. Hartman was terribly punished, ag
1 I lis arms, right thigh and both shoulders cai
were bitten and lorn in a frightful man- be
ner. Dr. Pay ton waa called and is attend- soi
ing the patient, who is suffering intense Th
[ misery. It is feared that amputation of sts
^ ma iuii* orui wm uu necessary. ??
Tlio dog was a valuiibiii one, awl Mr. tin
5 Hartman had refused $200 for it only a be
few days previous. He says, however, hci
i that it is a sure cast of death for either pe
. him or the dog, and he had to kill him to W
i save his own life. It was a fierce struggle on
[ between man and brute. wi
: is
[ What a Uornnn OatUullo l'rtont Sayt About an,
Hl? Mliter. .
1 CiircAdo, March 21.?Tho. Hev. Father jro
Maurice J. Dorney, of tb'e Catholic Church No
of St. Gabriel, located near the stock
yards, has created something of a senna
tion by announcing that not only has he wo
| become convinced that miracles are lov
wrought daily by' the assistance of the
Virgin Mary, bat' he even has in his own ?
family a living illustration. His sister M"
Johanna, he says, has been inflicted with
a chronic trouble. Yielding to her re- 1
quests he took her abroad and visited the its
celebrated waters oi I/mrdes. He arrived m
there August 3 and began a novens, or
nine days1 prayer. On the ninth day Pal
the young woman visited the baths, wh
and just- as Father Dorney had tra
finished, saying mass she came to- i_r
ward him perfectly oured, whereas formerly
she had keen uuahle to walk or u<!<
bend ovor. Johanna is now tho heroine dei
at tUe pariah. Kveryone knew of her con- sel
dition when sho went away, and the nrf
whole pirish is edified with what they ofli
oonsider the kind intervention of the Bios- i
sed Virgin on behalf of the child. With- bet
out any o her inoeutive than the sight of wo
the cured girl the congregation at tit. Ga- in
briel'a has reached a pilch of religious fer- cat
vor that prompts the faithful tofill the au- pa:
ditorium every night to offer thanks to exi
Gad and tho lilessed Viroln. whether rec. ho
ular formal Berviuen are announced or not. mc
Hundreds of uvtin more miraculous cures lal
than ttiat. ol hia sister, father Dorney 3Sf
, says, camo under hia-personal observa- lot
tion. and lie now proposes to deliver a tJr
public lecture next week and announce goi
, his belief in'tlie prfttwnal aid of the Virgin fai
Mary in modern times, and show to the wo
audience his slater in proof of hlsjiositiou. lot
hi* throat 1.00k* hotter, bnt tho ruth at !!n
vliltor. tire* lllru out. tui
Nkw York, March 22.?General Grant
slept part ol the time last nighi in his tht
chair, A consultation was held at 2 ?g<
o'olook to-day by Doctors Sands, Douglas nu
and Shrady and it was generally consider- cm
ed that the jiatlent's throat looked much
better. There J)as been no pain or senea- p?
tion of uneasiness about the throat for a u
1 week. The General took somo food to- <
day but he has no appetite, and only eats trii
as a matter of necessity.
When Dr. Douglas called to see General
Grant to-night he found him In the parlor. K
; The General immediately walked up stnlrs to
to his room and said he felt very tired as clc
there had been a threat many visitors during
the day. Ho retired ahortly after ten
and Dr. Douglas thinks he fell into a re- fn
(resiling slumber. '?c
The Goneral is very anxlons that tho 'e
weather should moderate so that he can 1
take bome outdoor exerclso in Ills carriage.
i.nuuvllln gambler* troubled.
Louisville, March 21.?When the
Grand Jnryreturnedlrom itsdeliberationa '
In the Jefferson Circuit Court yesterday Ms
Judge Jackson ordered the proceedings of not
that augtiat body held secret from the 5?
press and public, in order to servo a capias Ur,
on each parly indiotcd. One of the cifl
Ciraud Jurymen, however, stepped
aside with a reporter and gave away
the proceedings to a local reporter,
thus violating the Court's orders, The b,r
paper got? scoop, o( course, hut tho Jury, let!
man will not get his reward until the next gee
meeting of the Grand Jury. To-day tho ?At
Clerk of tho Court gave up the following
list o( those indicted yesterday: Anderson
M. Waddell, J. K. Watts, John Warder, npi
two, for runninff the game of faro; George ter
Itapp,Ueorgo Wilson, two.keno; William vu]
H. Hudson, poker. There were two K|n
other persons iudictod lorainalleroOenies, yj?
but these woro considered too small to ],ol
note. Tho Urand Jury is working very foc
alow, because the partica wanted fur gam- ?jt
bling an now out of this jurisdiction. |0 i
wiu Adjourn Bsoq, JjJ
Washington, D. Q,, March 22?It ia 0),
probable tbe Senate will adjourn without
de^iy before the end of tho week, and ,
possibly it may do ao by Tuesday or ,
Wednesday. 'gMSlowi from this Uiuo un,
til ailiouioment are likely to ho held in>
, chiefly in secret. A cosaiderable number ?u
o( nominations are expected to-morrow |ra
and Tuesday, Timo not consumed in
. tl'.eiv vonsldjeiptioQ wUl be spent on the ?
, treaties. _ w,
Karglnra Caoikl, w'
[ CuvauNu, 0., March Si?The police
1 of Canton, (X, to-day arrested John Clark, hii
r of Cleveland,' and Frank Cline, oi St do
I In their possceaion vreru found articles
stolen from places recently burglarised in
L Canton and surrounding towns. They >
I had a lood asaortmsnt of burglars'tools.
\ The prisoners were held on a cba'ge ol ai.
burglary. I
rbe Hnion Gintralljr llwkifud Check#
Movements In Merchnndile ? Wheat
Acreage Smeller Thau Lut Tew?In
. ilnatrlil UIiuUod-Wool Mi.rket.
N*w Yonn, March 2\.?BrQidnet'tJmiral,
in its commercial summary Bays that
he cold weather checked trade during
he week, and irom almost all tbe largo
itiea word is telegraphed that the season
i business circles is backward. The shiptents
of dry goods from Boston and New
'ork are about as heavy as ono week ago,
ut takings are no larger. Jobbers in dry
oods continue to monopolize the bumess
reported, and makers' agents await
te depletion of stocks in second bands,
ollections in general lines, which were
alter during the early part of the month,
ave fallen away.
At Philadelphia leading merchants reort
no rush of business. At Boston the
Qgering winter westher retards trade,
id at Cincinnati business drags, though
lere Is no tendency to lower prices. There
some-disappointment at Chicago owing
the lack of increasing activity, and at
leveland the delay in seasonable traffic
attributed to the weatbor. Attbelarger
luthern cities there is a moderately
itive trade, except at New Orleans, where
continues of a band-to-mouth character.
The general industrial situation has imoved
to the extent that the strikers on
e Gould system of railways have gained
eir point and returned to work.
Bradtlrtrt'i advices from southern Indla
are that the loss in wheat from doused
acreage and other causes will be
un 10 to 20 percent. The worst pros
ci is reported in Jianiaa, where our adten
are baamhm extended inquiry f4>oint
one-third lew acreage and serious dain9
in tho autumn-sown crop from other
uses. Seeding of spring wheal lias be< n
gun at many points in southern and
iie in northern Minnesota and Dakota.
ie total acreage there is believed to ho
tionary or slightly decreased. In
9 southern portion of the region specified
re is some diversification of crops, tlax.
ing largely sown. In the north the
-eage to wheat is somewhat larger in exctation
of a smaller total crop this year,
hile It is probable that reports of debased
wheat acreage and damago to the
nter crop may have|been exaggerated, it
quite certain that the autumn-sown
leit has been injured by various causes
d that Were has been less ol it planted.
There is little change in iron and xtEel.
ading rail mills have bid $2(1 per ton nn
n contracts and have been underbid,
t more than 5,000 tons of the 15,000 tons
lers reported to be in the New York*
irket are considered doslrablo on acint
of tho financial condition of the
nld-be buyers. Prices of iteel rails are
fer tlian ever before.
rfaet Kllf In Ton??Increased Dtumnd
for Mtcllnm Wool*.
Iostom, March 21.?The Adcerluer, in
weekly review, of the wool market,
a: The market has been easy in tone,
rticnlarly for Ohio and Michigan, fleeces,
ich have been pressed for sale, so that
nsactions in Ohio fleeces lin^fyqn.
gor than for soveral weeks. There has
in a marked disposition on the part of
ilorsnottoletan opportunity go by to
I wool, and at the same time manufactirs
have Uc^wiim disposed to make tho
>rs that they did a week ago.
I leading leaturt) of the market baa
m the increased demand for medium
ols. A great many worsted mills are
the market, but they buy with extreme
ition and are extremely unwilling to
t the prices of two weeks ago. For an
tra lot of No. 1 combing 35a36c might
obtained, 'bit' 30a35c is the range for
ist lots. We reporrooe sale of fine dene
at 37c, but that is now extreme, and
i30c form the selling prices for most
s. Some delaine is held at 37c and 38c.
iwashed wools are generally cheap, and
>d lots are in fair demand. There is a
r inquiry for the better grades ol pulled
ols, but manufacturers want to buy at
ir prices, and are more than ever diainned
to pay full prices. In general,
ire is not the anxiety concerning the
anclal standing of manufacturers that
ire was a year ago, and the tono in
new matters is satisfactory. Mannfai?rs
on their side complain strongly
it there is great pressure upon their
ints to give more time; that claims aro
merous, and orders are frequently
pptruto Effort* to Prevtnt Their Taking
p Their Reitldeoce In the Joliet Baftlle.
3iiicaqo, March 21.?In'the Ui 8. Dis:t
Court this morning, Kmory'jL Storrs,
behalf of his clients, Mackin and Galiair,
who ware convicted and sentenced
the penitentiary in the Eighteenth ward
ction fraud case, addressed* Judge
esham, stating that it had come to bis
owlcdge that there waa a. scheme on
it to rush Mackin and Gallaglior to Joliet
nitentiary on the noon train to-day.
'. Storm appealed to Judge Giesham to
p between his clients ana the peiritenL'lic
Judge was powerless to stay the exition
of the sentence imposed in the
strict Court Judgo Bloflgett was next
pealed to, and he ordered the U. S.
irshal who haa the prisoners in'chargo
I (n inlfA thnm iA.Tnllof OltK
tliu meantime a motion lor a writ of
or is being nrgned before Judge
esham, who will probably render a deIon
on Monday.
Dcelln?m to Accept the Polphin.
Vasuikgtox, D. C., March 21.?Secrcy
of the Navy Whitney baa written a
:er to Mr. John Roach, in which the
rctary declines to accept tho vowel just
npleted by Mr. Roach. Tho Secretary
s ho found that the Dolphin did not,
>n her trial trip, come up to the
ma of the contract, which oal'a for adeopment
of 2,800 boras power by herenea.
He aaya, however, that the Adory
Board report that the deficiency of
se power required waa not due to dolive
workmanship or materials, but that
l bettor coal the teaaol wonld oome up
toe requirement of law. He, therefore,
igests another trlcl trip for the purpose
lomonstratlnj; that thia auppoaition ia
Pw?7 Thoroughly llwliid,
?iTi?BU?aii, March 22.?FritaSchnelder,
Allegheny City, waa found thismornt
by his wife Ijlng in a pool of blood
the kitchen floor, with bia skull
ctureil, three rlbe broken, and bia
? mashed to a pulp. In the yard
evidence ol a scuflle and a bloody club
found in an outhouse. Schneider,
>0 cannot recover, charges Patrick Hodra
a fellow workman with the assault.
id gcrsvras arrested, but strongly protests
i innocence. Schneider's statement ia
ubted by the authorities.
IRMIiKKUHr?On Bandar crealisr Karen a,
S, at l(i:40 o'clock, al the raldeun ol bli Ulhtr,
. M? Jooob street, Joan a. AaMUAtcnr, In th?
l jear ol Ilia ana.
funeral notloektittlMr,

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