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I emmtitlontt't Matt.
I U or nut
I itinw Borau SW and Iron Yforki,
I ?t iouodirllle, IV. Va.
I Brtlrtocot Ike authority reeled In u> br tbodoI
tneof to* Court of Manhall County, \V,
Va, ty* chancery came of Uio Marshall
owairiiuiJ(?pia>t The Audnw Kloinnu blcel
tyilroo ivupiay *ad othun, on the 2j?t day of
I FtbnMTi to ' honied In Chuoccxy Order
V 1l?*? JftJ? jrOI *11 ?t public.uciio?
I tut&e h(jhUj *ud bat bidder, at the front door oi
f tie Jfinuall County Court House, la iloujidevUJe,
I * ]ft&!iur, THK l!lh DA V OK APBIL. JM5. i
I utIUlIatJIlU ^pertr known u Tim Andrew
I jiJteaiiiJi?i?iidJiouu>inpMi7Worke,wiiJclila.|
I onto U? Ulowlnr MOPcmr. real ami nowuS.
I Till n 10 w: A lot of iiiil iJiuaM jn the town
I o( JloamUrl/Jr, In oolimjr ? Vaiaball, nun.
I bend il. I? ?? jo wbat wu /orwerli
I imiu Kliaabetlilowo: alio, lot No. i in iSJ
I fc,n.ifliu,wiliea.l?uilto it.re.ro/ lot a urn
I toivi UK, ? '?" oeuiloliMi; alio. Uio aouti
bgllul lot Ao. U in uld town, eUueu-d on tV?S I
I 13d Cilreeu; ?iKP. lot AO. a lu uld town, in Mat
I lu (jnacriy kuo?li u uu*mi, Tumllulon'Iid. I
I dJaoa (o uUah-iiiiowu, wnlcn lot if jtmud on I
I ueoMorirerbauk ueato* tie Baltimoreiiuliln
I dual: ?1?. l-l?? o| land in IVuhlnjtou UliWct I
I ujJ fniaid towil o/ Slouodirille, Ijfinj aoutbweal
I onaiddrtolandou ilie bulk ol Uio onto river I
I isdtaii* 16' Uje pica or oarwl o( lan d on I
I wWdiiuuilJ IkeKolJiiiK Mill 0r?ut?lbj-tlieOwSI
I VillejrIron ttorki, autl l bounded aa /oilowa- lu. I
I jit Blue ?t Ike ni>rUii?e.t corner oi e lot In 'old
I Uio told t,f t-lnrlei Inompeun to James Buffi! I
I rio; Ikeua* <outliw?rdl)r tiireo liundrvd WI
ikrart wotaanlly to tbe ublo rirer; tbenceooru'l
I wirJU lo u,e ?iuti, aide of JUouud atiSf ami
I utiwirlibald ?iaw eaitwinlijr to tbo
* oini.cniitaJuliuetwoacrea,moreorlm indlSIS,
"" WMd lotnooblf I
1 Sdfflwn lurk* by Charles Ibouipwn by dtod
I L Jdiunb I reconitd in Deed Hook No.
I vatttT* in tlie Clerk's oilce of Manhalicoomy;
I JillTii the rUM, title, luterest and estate formeriVfekmiing
w 011,0 WWW.Wa *"<*
wSffi Un old Jowu of Aloundsville, situated
nn the wutn side orMound street, on tbe baukol
JStOhio riw,iU'J lmm(dUte!r opjxWW ?M rollv!Xt
Iron Work" for the term of llity yean it an
iMMlrent of Ore dollars, by an agreement or
Kffid April 1,1#74, and recorded in Deed
Ck.So.2t,p??e2??. 'H Mld Clerk'i office; alio,
in the balldiux?. improvement^ fixtures and apMfttamftt
nowou Mild rolling mill property, and
ill tiu;msdiiuory,eugint!s, boiler* and tools peruJnliiK
u> tbe worki in operation, and all Uie Uxtura?nd
appliaufes now beJongiugor uttaclied to,
orliln* sua beiug upon the-kuid Andrew Kloman
SJ sud Iron Company property at MouutU!
rille. ?II of "kicn projieiiy Is more fully de crikd
iu the deed of trust given by A. (J. Kinmu
C. 11. Kloiaan and IV. h. Carrothera, and
their wives, to Daniel Lamb, trustee, dated tbe tint
dv of May. 1?A and recorded In 'Irust Deed Book
su i puv m, Marshall county Record*.
Twuor SALKi-One-fourih of tne purchase
sooty null in bliUj- one-fu#th In six months,
one-fourth iu twelve mouths and the remaining
Idirtfj iu eighteen mouths. the deferred |?ymeuu
loU*rluUre?t fruin the dayol sale and tube soWftil
by the boii'li or notes of Uio pureha?cr witb
nwd security, mid tbe title to be reialued until the
butciuM) money Is ail paid.
The title to tbe above properly is believed to bo
strive; but idling aa special CowuiLsslouer* we
rill cuuvgy only such title aa is vested in us by
Uw Court iu the decree above named.
OAM 1.1. L I Mil and
j. l. Parkinson,
Special Commissioners.
Bond and security has been given by said complitioncis
as rwjuiad by law.
A. 0. BAKER,
Clerk of Circuit Court of Manhall County, W. Va.
seventy one Desirable Lots in Daulol Zaue
j humwlwui Fract.
In pur*uance of a d* cree of the Circuit Court of.
Oblo County, West Virginia, colored on tne 81st
day of January, 1M, in tbe case of Cranmer and
otiiena&uustludiauaMcrftvords and otlien, the
undersigned Special Commissioners will, on
beginning at 9 o'clock a. x? sell at public auction,
at the fnmt door of (be Court lioiuo of Ohio coun
ty, W. ia, the following du?cribed real property,
limited on Wheeling island, in tho city oi Win el
lag.VV. Va, that is to say: The north ono-half o;
tbe bora^tead tract of Daniel Zane, deceased, the
tula of which tract contained twenty one acre*
md cue rod more or leas. , :
Under the authority oi tho said decree the said
eommUioucn nave earned the pi op rty to be divided
luto coaveuieut parcel*, aud have laid ou
itnxU mid alter* through tho aame. A p>at ahow
luK iuch parcel*, iircuu and- alleys has wen prenared.
aud war be recti ai the Court Uouso, la the
odlce ul Ucorxt) ilook, Clerk of tho County Court
Primed copiw of aaid plat majr bo bad ou applica
tiuQ lo the uuderalgneu.
The wild property wilt first be offerad iu a whole,
and afterwards in the parcel* ahown on aaid plat
aud will be told in wmchever way may appear the
mmtadvantigiou*. .....
IkflH# ortiiL*?Ono third of the purchase money
or m much mow a* the purchaser may elect cash iu
baud, ito remainder In two equal installments
parable respectively iu ouo and two yours (r in the
day of ale. with iuterwt from that day, the pur
coaier giving bis uotes lor the deterred imUll
menu, and Uie utle being retained to seoure the
payment ol tbwa. p. HUBBARD,
SpccUl Commissioners.
J.c. Huvir, Attctlonwrj
I wrtily that Wild H? l?f ? Siren li? will 8l?cU)
S10" " ""'BK
mr7 filerkof ?ald
Mary Aguea Blake, 4c., ") In- the Municipal
?. VCourloI Wheeling.
Margaret Blake ?nd others. I Iu Chancery. '
Bjr Tlrtuu of a decree of the Municipal Court or
Wheeling, made aud eutered io the abore untitled
rau* uu the 'M day of February, 1883,1 will, on
TUESDAY, the Slit HAY OF MAItCH, 1885, begin
nlnsj at 10o'ctoek a, m., at the front door of Uie
Court llouw of Ohio county, In the City of Wheellug.
Wat Vistula, proceed to toll at public auotlaa,
the lollutflur named real (*wte, that latoaay:
The nurth one-halt (%) cf lut numbered nine M
In iquir* titimbered twenty tlx (!M? In (bo town of
Bou.n Wheeling, with all Uie bulldinga and Improvement*
TKltsio OF SALK-One-thlrtf, ofu taucu more
m the purchaser may duct w jmr , |ji wsh on the
t|%r nl M'}?. W Ihp'rtddlie'o/mniFtop oqbal
Fai'almMi, pafabjJ i^ptfyely fo il* W-* *
twelre (ii) niQiithi from the day qf ift'g, thp credit
(niialmeuu bearing jiilere?l t?um <Uy of ttlp, and
UjepurchucroMCwIng uotef therefor with per
outl iceu'lty lor tho payment o( muic to tho will#
Uctlun of the underilgtred fpeclal ComwUaioner,
p*yalle at laid rei|>eciire datcn, aud the title to be
retained uutilthe whole of the purcbaie money la
J. C. nearer, Auctioneer.
I hereby certify lhat boud ||M been glyen hf the
*14 it iC (illchriit, Special CtftjmluJOner,
at required by law, and by the term* of tho decree
catered lu the abore eutitlcd cauae.
Clerk of the Municipal Court ot Wheeling.
glctuuw and jtut Ifiatttlals.
V) ipjneit mo
Art Exhibition at Kirk's
wiU be continued one mow week.
contribute receirod dally. rorll
Or Einbosgiiig on Slipel Metal.
Pull atock of Patterpa, Tooii and Materials at reduced
prlcca, J tut rocciyetl a( t&o
F? 1* Knffli- Agnnt
rp~u. muexss,
Artlntio Pliotojyraplior,
PAULO 118, 4
kh-1 Oprvwlto McTmro ffome. Cltr.
gat? and gaps.
JJATSI ' ' " " "
New St; 1m ol 8TIFP HATS Jtut recelred at
Q. A. BBUTER'S, 1101 Main 8tre6t
Opening day (or the celebrated Dunlap Silk ?u<!
Wff H*u on or before March 1.
_J*1S q. A. PEtHTR
W Sixteenth itrccL Ladlea* aud Sllnea'
r. Lace. chip, Felt aud Ikaver Hata, eUfct al;
ww, blwciml, colored and flnUhed Id thelataat
gwprompily. Milliner*' work done at itowoMl
.V HATSreuoutedtopreMntitjrIeaatnoderaU
by \Vtn. OnUowiiy, the Itattod Hattw,
HtUbunsh. ftu Leavo your orderi with L; B
w?v>utnn WhooHnr n/V>?
gtnno?, (Ptaawt, St c.
aaaas-? ?*%%
One M.ian A lUmlln 40 (D
cjlltnd I^J ihem u
- am IU mnar? MWIO gTOBI'_ISSanttfl.
OmUwtiMmtoUiponol cutoff WcarttiK Al
M>1. Boon, Bxn,*o., win do well ty notify
JUHTH, tje IXooiKlhmd D?l?r,
W lift Mjukot bu, opiialu roito04*
With trtnr 41mm. lnu?lutil< lor U? lut Una .
yean. Our
DropgUt, T. J. Andenon, recommending
"Hop Bitten" to me,
I used two bottles I ''
Am entirely cured, mid heartily rcoommend Hop
Bitten to every uuo. J. D. Walker, Buckner, Mo.
I write tbli os a
Tokeil el the great appreciation I have of you
* Bitten* I wii afflicted
With Inflammatory rheumatliml 11
Yot nearly
Seven yean, and no medicine aeemed to do me
Good!!I *
Until 1 tried two bottle* of your Hop Bitten, and
to my surprise I am ai well to-day ai erer 1 was. 1
hope "You
may have abundant success" a
"Intblrgreataud" 0
Valuable medicine:
Anyone! wishing to know more about my *
cure? "
Can learn by addressing me, E. M. \
Williams, 110810th street, Washington, D. C. j.
1 comlder your &
Bomedy tbe best remedy In existence n
For inulgestlou, kidney r
% ?Complaint J*
"And nervous debility. X have just" tl
Beturued * V
"From the sooth in a fruitless search for health, ?
and find that your Bitten are dolug me mere c!
Good! ? tl
Than anything else; e;
A mouth ago (.was extremely
"Emaciated! J1" ., * ?
And scarcely able to walk. Now I am
Gaining strength ! and ?
"flesh i" ' *
And hardly a day panes but what I am oompll- tl
? * ri iu
men ted on my Improved appearance, and If Is all b
due to Hop b
' Bittern J. Wickliflb, Jackson, al
Dit. is
ors'ntw ranulne without a bunch of irreen IIopn i?l
on the white label. 8huu all tbo Tile, poisonous f,
stuff with "Hop" or "Hop*" In their name. H
mrlft-KWMW tl
Ojinorffi l
(Vara Cam. ? J" .t HI
iKitablubBfl lcni prttlmH ouaranteo given -]<
zsar?TE= linerrru caati umlcrtnketu ,e
Jur&md two ctarapn for Celebrated ITedlealWortu, b:
Tt*v. CKll or writ*. F. D. CLARKE. M. D. ?
no.aaa vim street. cincinhati ohio. J
DrTj;BrsmTHf, 5
Ko.X 101 Chapllne Street, |j:
Near Fourteenth Street. ir
T t3
The best evidence of a physician'* Jraccew li the
testimony of his patleuU.. The Increasing do- e<
mauds for my professional servicesprovo that Ihave e,
dealt honorubly aud fairly with those who have "
consulted me. I never tlse a patient's name with- 01
out permission, though' I have many hundred oer- o;
tlllcatcs from those whom I have cured after 'they
had been pronounced Incurable. A thorough mud- Vl
leal education with many years hospital experience
and familiarity with thoraputlo agents, a closo ob- c<
scrvance of temperaracutal pccuuarltlw and strict j
attention to hygieulc management Insures success, "
a euro la possible, and I frankly give the patient my ai
opinion. < oi
Home Proof. Jj
KIdnojr and Liver Diseases and Rheumatism.? tj
SuUered terribly?"Nothing seemedi to help me; ic
could not get out of bed. Dr. Smith cured me."
ZEI'II. PllILUP8, Wheeling W.Va. ?
Catarrh, Polypus of Nose, Impaired Yuloe.?S?f- ft
fered for years; patent medlolne failed to help me.
Dr. Smith completely cured me/' V.
Of Sncldel i Co., Wheeling, W. Va. n
Dyspepsia and ulcerated Stomach.?'Treatment u
*.r_? c...li. ..it,._,i ll
lur VOUI UU1BU MI Kite 1'iu iuiiu. VI. wiuimi vu.vm
me.'' T110MAB 1I0LT, insurance Agent. p
Fit*.?Ilad them for fourteen yean, lir Smith ij
cured mo." LOUIS F. WASHJNqfW *
Scrofula, Running 8w? QR Head.?'.<<(> ?PP WM 81
afflicted for fourteen yotrs. Nothing tpqppg {fi ir
h* ??. V 0 ?
Market Street, Wheeling, W. Va. C
Canoer.?"Suffered for year* with Cancer. Had It li
cut out three times. It returned after each opera- u
tlon. Dr. Smith cured me without knife, cauaticor .
pain." Miw. H. M. QRCUvf, U
^PlUa, al
Wholesale AfWfi ,? wa h
Ulcerations q Hpiitura, Prolapeua and Plica.? "
"Was given up to die and prouounced Incurable. )'
Dr. Smith cured mo without knife." tl
WASHINGTON UELANY, Martin'* Ferrr. >.
Ber. H. 0. Ladd writes:?"Dr. uftdw- ,
slonal ?errl?f & rj ftwjlr WWOW* mwtfsalB- K
anfKVW ?8vstolju 41 * IWW?? p
Mn. Margaret ?ilk says:'<! had bmo sufltaln* w
for soven years and treated by many pbr*lc}ftW M P
dyspepsia. Dr. Smith said 1 had ?tape wornvaod n
In eight hQUM removed ft movutcr V? fwt ion*/' n
Female OomplalnU,--Three year* In hospitals for w
females, give me peculiar advantage! in such cases. a
Persons cured of catarrh, diaeaaea of heart, liver, it
itomach, kidneys, akin, blood, nerroni aflectloni
and weaknesses of men and youth. ggflfMia atla P
sathma testify to mv WjKjplk ^ H
Ha 1?H Chapllne 8t,W*wllui, W. Va. J
mmm s
??? b
From experlenoe I think 8wlft's8pedflo Is a very n,
valuable remedy for cntaneou* diseases, and at the 81
aamotlmo an Invigorating Ionic. e
Jxmib J acre*, Chid Justice of Ga.
Atlanta, Sept., Ito4.
nCOflpLATBO POISON.-A Hpr trying all t&s "
fl'.her remedies, Swift's Hpefiflp has purcd rap sound 1
?od well of a terrible blood pohfln poptripcted ftc.w fi
?none. T- w? mi erewni*i \
POISON OAK.?A lady hero has been entirely ?
uure 1 of poison oak poison by the use of two hoi- ,
ties of 8 8. & B. S. Bradford, 111
Tiptonvllle, Tonn. I r
p.?. ciii*rWl PvturUeili. ctf!iW3o, ?i. i
Tre*u"?n S
0H'i?WWS?,fS"N. Y.' '' AU"U' J
.S&&<*' ?*-??? f ,fr ;
WcM^M BAW*(.'lcan?e? the Hmi). ?'
Mi^^o^^EAn] fisPwy*'i
Mtt<rEV?R^^|Uoni j^"1" 'be 1
K, y SciiHMof fault ?
BjSaj^V^^Wind Stuoll. A quick 1
poBlTire Core,
&g,E? j
s^egagggf*"^ complaint* of uu ob* ,
k. Untie lypo, and
I * * MrnlobjmDnjp
lUMUllMlwimnwllir. Wrt-MWFJW 1
' mm
41 y
OfHotiyo;. 18 lid ?T Fonrteenth Btnat. J
&rta?lit. J(
The Joke on the gentle plumber '
Now silently steals away; 8
And the jcsfc on the new wring bonnet n
Will linger along till May; ?
And through the long, botcummer, ?
1 Like the cum of a fearful dream, i
Will float the ancient chestnut n
Of the girl that like* loe?cream; i
And the Joke of the bo/ and the apples u
Throu<h the autumn wind* wffl sound; M
But the Joke on the wretched ko-mau a
Lastetli the whole year round. j
in Addreai to Stockman, Farmers nml All y
Intaraatod In tile lni|iroveniaut of Mailt- U
Producing Animals. X
At a meeting held at the Seventh Ave- I
ue Hotel, March 12,1885, lor the purpose
I inaugurating a movement directed to- u
rard establishing a Fat Stock Show in
tiat city,;to a committee compose^ of J.
V. Aitoll, Pitleburgli, J. C. McNary,
Iouatonville, l'a.,and J. J. Walker, Walkr'a
Mills, Fa, waa delegated the duty of
reparing 011 address setting forth the ob!cu
sought ami urging ui>on the public w
10 claims of an enterprise 1n which a
ery large number of tlio people have aliady
manifested a deep interest. In disharging
this duty the committee ask the '
loughtful attention of the reader to the
cplanations and points submitted below.
"In ttw> tirut nloim n fow nrnrda ATnloln.
lg the nature of the proposed exhibition
ill be in order. Among those who are
liormed upon this subject it is well
nown that England leads the world in
10 rare development of; meat-producing ?
nimala, and in the quality of at least the
eef and mutton, if notofthe pork, placed
eforethe public for consumption. It is
[so a matter of undisputed fact that this
i due more to the peculiar nature of Enlish
live stock exhibitions, and the stim- jj
lus which through them is ufl'orded to 11
le producer, than to any other cause. J"
hofcnglishexliibitionditfers from the rep'sentative
American agricultural fair in m
inking ripe,or thoroughly fatted stock, a ?n
adlngand all-absorbing feature. In the dl
merican fair the position of honoris with- cf
it exception Riven to breeding stock, oi
id food animals are either altogether 10
;nored or thrown so completely into the J"
ickground as to attract no attention. A bt
milt of all this is that the English shows v
t Smithfleld, Islington and elsewhure,
hich liavu virtually placed Great Britain
i front in the production of high-class
Kats, are recognized and known all over B('
le world, and their reports are read with el!
iterest and quoted as the highest author!- wl
r wherever advanced agriculture (tlieSret
isential ol genuine civilization) has plant- *
I its foot, It is not too much to say that
milhlleld has done more for the advance ?[
I the business of stock-raising than any
t.e hundred old and well-established agn- . '
iltural fairs in the United States. ?e
The wide-awake stock raisers oftliiB
>untry, and especially those of the West,
ave not been slow to recognize all this,
ad to feel the need of a similar stimulus .
11 this side of tho Atlantic. As an CM- ?'
rowth of this understanding u (at stock ,
low was established some years sjnee hy L
16 Illinois l'ldiird of Agriculture, anq re
wated ;n the city of Chicago. It is a ,i?
latter of history with which all are ,,
imilar that this lias been a grant! sue- .
;ss. Those in a position to note its in- ?y
uence are a unit in the assertion
thin? ever undertaken in this eminl -I- *
as done as ninp|, m tlie ppict^ca? im; {
rPYemm^pj ffiojt pigiluanj animate
j ha*the Chicago phu?-. It m the center
nnoal|y for vast orowds ol the most ?-> m
reE?ive ol all agricultural people, gather- a i
d (rom all parti of the United States and ut
anada, with no small number of vtaitprs w
om Europe?and {|\e?p WOWW curry
ome with (ncuf <i sens# of praetioal
Bjjjopstrqlipn io no olher way obtainKoting
the good results of the Chicago to
shibition, the enterprising people of Kan- CI
is CiU-und the Missouri Valley, t\\a (y
ears ago, organized a sliovf of a similar oa- >'
ire, and the two exhibitions already held all
avt> bee# strikingly successful. Itissafe
i say that both these fat stock shows are ea
cruiuni'tit fixtures ill their respective lo- or
illtles, and must continue like their great in
altera at Smithfleld, to grow in useful- W
ess and interest for unnumbered yearq to I8'
Dine. Thus lar, however, Qb)oegi and
nd Kansas City IIJ" tlie only points bold- .
ig fat ;tos? exhibitions, in a, country ?
abfe of sustaining a do^ufl of ?|mo?t, if *
ot aitoactlief e?u?l magnitude1'be
Umchaa poflio when Chicago and rl
Kansas City mflst to supplemented by
llier fat stuck shows. The comparatively
iw who make a yeariy pilgrimage to .
leso points come back full of the need of if
imething similar nearer home, and the "
ntold thousands of people vif ho, by reaso'n
f having to go so far, #50 annually i|erived
of the attractions and benefits of
iicb exhibitions, are I'lunyirlnij for addi- ,,
onal facilities of that-uature. For mure
:ian a year past general attention has
een turned toward Pittsburgh aa the
atural location of the third American fat |tt
lock show, and it ia indisputable t^S(
verytbing is ripe for tj;c in^ptlofl o( the ?
WKW niffHnl! lF repre: "
m fe W inio boiiiR. f?t8b?>glt g
) by all pdds the vlact (or ttys exhibition; g
et if tfcgte \jtiQ should plm? it upon its
set turn their backs upon it, the effect _ V
, ill be to drive it ebewfim. , *
This brings 11s to th? mcotlng of last
reek and U? action, which can be tyetqilpd 8,
n a few words. Jt Tfna tjccidta} to. flrga- *.
harea of $25 each. f?he stockmen pteaflt,
bowover, wore of the opinion that it c'
iad better, on completing the organiia- 1
ion at a meeting to be called a few (lava
atfcr, be placed at $15,(XX) or |2fl,0u0.i A,
emporaryffejWefl*,lie(iretary'anil liie- ,
(jtive pbmnuueo wfro chosen, with 111
pedal preparatory work assigned them, f
,nd to rciJort at the next meeting, oqn- S1
erning availability o( ftitos, ?Ml|8(iriptiqns J?
warefl, ete. A la,r amflunt cu stock waa
?Ven a( the (fleeting, and a number of $
lioae present wero ready to pledge the '
ec?rlng of various amounts of additional 01
ubacrlptiona. The special features to be "
ncorporated in the exhibition WMP 4th i
Incd as follows; A
1. MeaUprodnoIng animals i?arlpe con- '
lit|on for'tho ploek.
V. Horaos for brooding purposes excluiyely
(which debars the introduction of ,
urf sMrts of any kind). Jj
3. I'airv products an J (ippliauiHat
>V'e woita appeal to farmers and stock- [>
H?n {or financial aid for this enterprise,
or the following reasons:
:uCU.1dUtW B
h|e proof ol the valneof hload and method, j1
Seeing1 is believing, and the qvidenpe of Cj
be senses to the stock-.ralaer Is an argu- ?'
dent beyond question. Such an odqcat- g
ng influence cannot hutcontribute largely ?
Award improvement in farm atqi-k and y
he copseonent innttud prosperity of L
arming, {tmnstbotb stimulate and de- *
relop the farmer, and a(Tord a wider use-, fi
ulnesa and a greater profit ta the hreedor. 11
And this good cannot he derived from fat ?'
i|ock shows located in the West. ?
a. Jt must create a still higher and heU ?
[or reputation for the (toek grown In tri- ?
kutary regions. The diaplay of first-clasa, ?
llnely finished animals will attract from a <iiatance
tho very clajj ?( people whom
[armors and breeders ire most desirous of
meeting-^peoplo who can be brought here
in no other way. These visitors will
?*ay with them tho.lwtfng impressions
made by theocoular demonstrstlnj 0f
merit which fat stock shows best furnish,
tod new ones will follow from year to
yew, each to'spread s'lll moro widely a
knowledge of and an acquaintance with
our people?a knowledgo and acquaintance
which oannot be otherwise than
sources of profit to both 1st stock and tine
took prodneera.
3. It will make this a point for holding
pnbllc sales of puro-bred stock. These
sale* naturally gravitate toward centers of
special live stock enterprise and activity.
It la undoubtedly troo that sales of tills '
kind will iollow consequent upon the location
of a ttt stock exhibition here, both i
luring the progress of the showi and at
ither seasons of the year. Our people
teed the ad vantages of having these sales
rithln easy reach, for as It now Is a largo
lart of the Ohio valley is utterly devoid of
he good by which, they are attended.
J. A fat stock show will stimulate the
ocal market. Its existence will encourage
be production and marketing of better
lock, and this in turn will result in brineax
out a greatet number of buyers, with
orresponiilng advantageous competition,
'he greatest weakness of the intermediate
markets lies in tbo circumstance that
uyers depend upon .finding good stock
rhen they do visit such points to seek it;
nd nothing can so certainly remo^f this
ilSculty as to stimulate a higher grade of j
Don't wait for a solicitor to call upon
ou, but at once signify your willingness
) aid, and the amount of stock which you
rill take. Address correspondence to T, ;
I. Barman, Secretary, Pittsburgh, Pa.
The Gat and The Hoy.
inntapolU TrlbuM.
The cat sings on the fonco.
The cat is sad.
You can tell that from the song It sings. .
Cats sing most when tliey are mostsad.
The boy hears the cat and is sad too.
The boy has a toy gnn.
He thinks if he could shoot the cat it .
ould make it less sad.
Kind bovl
At least it wonld make It sing less. .
The boy hides behind tho bush and
Has he shot the cat? .
No, he has shot his pa. '
How his pa howls! .
He isthe sad one now. ,
But the boy will be sad soon.
Wijl be be spanked?
You bet your uttermost picayune he ,
ill?spanned till he la blue. (
ThoShoep llualtfeta, j
Uiiml Stockman, j
The aheep business has suffered greatly j
om mismanagement, and from unduo t
ttidity of the flock master* themselves. ,
o business can withstand mismanage
ent and the pell-mell haste of its natrons
escape from the tumble. Such mis
uiioguiuciib yjuij ujuivco uinvwio nuino
id pulls ii reasonably sound business
iwn about tho ears of a panic-Btrickon
owd. - If many wool-growers had oxerled
a liitle more judgment anil ooumnc 1
holding their slieop, aud quietly.culling
it and disposing of the poorer .ones, the
isiness would never have been so greatdemoralued.
Dinner Gone to lVailo,
The food that raises a rebellion in the "
imach as it is swallowed does not bestow >
ther comfort or strength. The stomaoh
iilch for sometime alt?r dinner keeps
nding up gaseous reminders of what baa
ieu eaten, is not in good order, Tone
at stomach up with Brown's Iron Hitters "
id eat your dinner joyfully and heartily,
r. J. B, Chandler, Clinton, Iowa, says,
used Brown's Iron Bitters with jjreftt "
ineUt for dyspepsia, alter other romedies
id failed/; (Tub
use of Iodoform AT moron rials in -j1
0 treatuifp,; whether in the "
ITO, ,?f atinnowMes or ointments?
OflM-bp avoided, M tliey are both in- ?
riftus anil dangerous. Iodoform is easily
itected by its ollensivo odor. Tho only
liable catarrh remedy on the market to-. '
iy is Ely's Creain Balm, btiiliu hee Sow 0
1 poisonous druits. lias wired thou- ,.
nii.3 of MiU chronic emeu, where i
[ fltiief vcmt'ilies have failed. A jiarticle
applied iptJ eaoh nostril; no pain;
rotable to use. I'rlce fifty cents of i'.rug^
awww o
A process lias been ilitpaverd by which '
oltsand waitmmn lio removed without .
scar, ?ni| (he Wemocrats are trying to
,D it,oji tho noBtoflloes.?Xcwman hule- >:
cAnf. {
Young Hen I? lloml This, ti
Tin Voltaic Bki.t Co., at Marshall, li
ten., otter to wild UteW colebrattiU Klsc- ?
0-voitaw ftcw and other kukctiuo Ap- u
1-VNi.'** on trial (or thirty days, to men "
o?ng or old) afilioted with nervous de- ?
lily, low oi vitality and manhood, and "
I kindred troubles. Also for rheumatism, 81
luralgia, paralysis, and many other dig- Ji
ses. Complete restoration to health, Yig- ,
and manhood guarant#?i- No risk is }'
curred as thirty >b\ya trial is allowed. n
rito thMa ?t oace far illustrated pampbi
true. uwvdw ?
? ??i? ?ii
If the spoilsman will look above the
or of this administration he may find
aiuu iuscribed: "A public office is a
ihiic I runt. No trust hero for you.? ?
\ilaJtlphia Priu. j]
Dcciiuo or 0
The Pemooralic pilgrims to Washington L.
ay consider themselves lucky to get '
lly one thing?Home. ? Boston Timet.
An Knd to lloneSuraptnir. a 1
Edward Shepherd. Qf liart!aimrb', 1)1, j1
ys: "HftYtM received eft m?ch he?eflt .l
W fflefWP Httera, 4 feci It my duty to *
t sieving htimuuity know >> H?ve
a, runtuwt Bftte on my leg for eight
iatei my dootara told mo I would,have j
have the bone scraped or leg ampu- j
ted. I used, instead, three botMcg ?| <
Icctric Bitters and seven hS5H UuyKli'na i
rnica Salve. a8d wy le. (s n?.w wmnd
id ? ?tctric patera arp Hold at J
?y ^nla a bollW, a\\3 Butklui's Arnica (
dve at !V'ic per box by Logan & Co.
"Sweet Face in the WitHlQ\v"*=-ftamo- '
at selling stamps i.n posttiil(ce.?Jfaeon 0
?;* i
Vllt.l Plleal I I11??l 11
Sure cure (or Blind, Bleeding smd Itchig
Piles. One box hp WCII tho wont
ises of twenty icwa' atanding. No one i
sed (HjU'er fivli tuinutea after using Wil- j
n? h Indian File Ointment. It absorbs ;
unors, allays itching, acta as a poultice,
ves instant relief. Prepared only 'or
lies, itching ol the privets Mfls, nothing "
se. Sold by ilruguisuj and mailed on reilptofp(lce,||.
Jrajier Medicine Co.,
roprietWSi Cleveland, Ohio. Wholesale
Rents: Logan & Co., Wheeling, W. Va.,
id J. 0. Dent & Co., Bridgeport, Ohio.
1 %'J 1
"Now, then," ?|id one spirit to another
; the sennoe, "what are you crowding
'^r5ie iact is," was the reply, ''I'm ??
d politician and want la get a place in
te Cabinet.'WttwilOM Bulletin.
, -zm ?*
y using Fraxier's Throat and Lung
alsam- -tlis Oflly siira cnre 'or Coughs,
old*, Hoarseness and Sore Throat, anil
il diseases of the throat and .lungs. Do
ot neglect ft cough. It way prove fatal.
?fej and hundreds of grateful people
we their lives to Pr. Frazler's Throat anil
ung Balaam, and no family wiU e?cr be
ithontit after once using It, and diacovrjng
iu marvelous power. It la pat up
l large family bottles and sold for the
nail price of 75 cents per bQttlo. Frailer .
lediclne Co.. Prop's, Cleveland, Ohio,
aratoga High Hock Spring Water for sale
y druggists. Wholesale agents: I<ogsm ,t
iq., Wheeling, W. Y(h and J. 0. Dent A
to.. Bridgeport. fthln.. n*w
A Clear Skin
is only a part of beauty;
but it is a part Every lady
may have it; at least, what
looks like it. Magnolia
Balm both freshens and
% : ' " - < ...
?X PRINTING neatly and promptly eucutfld ?'
the wmuQiMCM job u/riuk
A Viu-Old Boy That Vtl|bl fsveatr.flve
Xorwalk, (fton.) Hour.
The mother, a slight little woman,
whb weighs, porhaps twenty pounds
more than her son, tagged ajriy at bis
royal highness and finally managed to
eat him upon a lounge, and the reporter
was given every opportunity for 'examining
him. The boy haa an
unusually pretty face, large, bright
blue eyes, and light hair which
has a tendency to curl, Uis complexion
is fair and his little nose has just
enough 'pug1 about it to be interesting.
Bis arms are so large that it is with diliiculty
that h'o can raise them to hia head,
while his legs are simply great bunches of
fat, which are utterly incapable of snsmining
the weight of his body. Tbe boy
look a great fancy to the reporter's hat
tnd rained sledge-hammer blows upon
llie crown with his fists until his mother
took it away and gave him two sad-irons :
to play with.
The irons weighed six poands each, and .
:lio boy appeared to handle thorn as easily
is an athlete handled a pair of 20-pound
lumb bells, lie moves about on the floor .
with a peculiar hitching motion that is
rery amusing. He haa eighteen teeth, i
mil eats, his mother says, almost everything
excepting pastry and candy. The
joy is bright a^a dollar, very active considering
his great weight, and well proporioned
from the top of his curly iead
o the soles of hia chubby feet
iVhen born Saminy weighed be- .
tween four and five pounds, and
then three months old he weighed only
.0 pounds. At the end of six months his (
veigbt had increased to 40 pounds,.and
to;, at the age of 13 months, he weighs
ihnnt 7R. Tno fnthor nt iko hnw \f?
lenry Tompkins,1b employed by l'lmchur, g
iiwco & Co. He ib a native ef Armonk,
{. Y. Mrs. Tompkins was bora in Sligo, a
reland. The couple are ol ordinary
icight and build. They were married in
875, and this, their first child, was born
n Vista. The youngster has never been I
ick a day."
Salvation Oil always cures pain. It
bould be the companion of every travelog
man. It extinguishes pain, whether
esulting from a cut, a burn, a bruise, or ?
sprain. Get only the genuine. Price r,
nly twenty-five cents a bottle. 13
A change in the officials ol tho post- P
(Bees will probably cause a delay in the
istribution of the mails far a time. The
ew bands will want to read all the postal u
ardsufltiitbeytire of the thing.?ikiton ty
A Startling Diaooverr.
Mr. Wm. Johnson, of Huron, Dakota,
rites that his wife had been troubloil with
cute Bronchitis for many years, and that '.
!! remedies tried rave no wruwucnt relief,. .
nlil he procured a bottle of Dr. King's
lew Diwoyore for Consumption,
long!# and Colds, which had a magical
lfept, and produced a permanent cure. It
> guaranteed to cure all diseases of throat,
Digs, or bronchial tubes. Trial bottle ten
?nts at Logan & (Jo.'s drug store. Large |
ii! $100. mwf4w i
A gentleman in Denver is to enter a
Ijjt against a skating-rink for injuries re- ?
liiveu by his daughter in falling in front
f tho building. If she had fallen inside _
othing would have been said.?itoifon
'cat. ________
.YcIvUms to Mothora.
Ar? von disturbed at ntaht and broken
f your real by a sick chil:i sutlering and
rying with pain of cutting teeth 1 If 60,
end at once and get a bottle of Mrs. Winlow's
Soothing Syr 141 (or Children Teethng.
Its value is incalculable. It will reievo
ttlO poor little sufferer ininiediately.
lepond upon it mothers, then is no misike
about it. It cures dysentery and
iarrhuw, regulates the stomach and bowls,
cures wind colic, softens tho gums, touces
inllammations, and gives tone and
ncrgy to the whole system. Mis. Winlow's
Soothing Syrup for Children Teethng
is pleasant to the taste, and is the procripuan
oi one of the oldest and best feiftle
nurses and physicians in the United
tales, and is for salo by all druggists
iirougbout'the world. Price 25 cents a
Ottle. llWSAW
There is a growing impression that
ome one is going to get left.?Boilon Poit.
Dr. FnuUr ? Koot HlUvra. _J
Frnzier's Root flitters aro not a dram 1
hop beverage, hut are strictly medicinal fl
It every sense. They act strongly upon JJ
lie Liver and Kidneys, keep tho bowels
peu aud regular, cleanse the blood and A
vaten) of every impurity. Sold by drugists.
$100. l)r. Fraiier's Magic Oint- 1
icnt?Uic greatest blessing that has been ?
iiscoverod in thiB generation. A awe
uro for Boils, BurnB, Sores, Cuts, flesh pr
Vounds.Soro Nipples, Hajdwr Soft Corns, 1
"happed Lips ntld Hands, Hmplei and
tlotehca. Mce Sold. by driwglBta.
[rasier Jtfediclao Co., proprietors, Cleve- 1
>nd, Uh'iq. Wholesale agents:.Logan & 1
to, Whcoling. W. Va., and J. C. Dost A 1
!o., Bridgeport, 0. daw
Buckleu's Arnica Salrf,
The best Salvo in rtw> world for Cuts, .
iruises, Safes, t'lcors, .Salt Rheum) Fever '
ienes, TfttW, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Tor^s and all Skin Eruptions,and positivey
cures Piles, or no pay required. It is
luaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or
uonuy refunded, l'rice 25 cents per box.
for sale by Logan (i Co.
The president is receiving so mnny let- <
era from applicants (or placet th?t bis j
unit is brought in en evnrpui wstron and ?
i junk dealer Is kepi html al work in hagling
up the TWlO paper.?-Fa/l Jiinr AdW"Wt
"Kougl, on llnU."
Cleans out rats, mice, rdSches, flip*, ants, ce
ledbugs, tkunks, .iliijmilinks.u^phurs. 15c ?
Inireiwta. w
jt. jgnir? (Cough jbjvnp. S
For the Cure of Coughs, ColdiJ
Hoarsens, BroncMtu,Croup, Influ-I
enza, Asthm*, Whooping Cough, In-I .
ciplent Consumption and for tht te-l ,
cedstagcsgftheliiscase. ForSalel j
by all Druggiatt.?Price, ?5 Centt.|
Bcntist*. <
Entrance 1306 Market Btreet. ;
Oflia Bnnra-P In 1?.?..?tnltT.lt. ?W<
No Cororing to Hoof ol Month.
No DcMroylud Scnw o( Taite.
urvtUlUcd Air, and Teeth Extracted Without
UR9. MOKRMON, DenltoU, ;
ntrti 1806 Market Sweet
Bent Oil in Tooth. #7
Teeth extracted without pain hj ??w AnnasUntie.
Local Application. rtou an not pm to
) T?th lb '.OT?b*^LDWKLI?
ratio Jacob 8L, Cor. Thlrti-MUi at. I1
gc. Cation
flr, Carson's
Tills medicine baabcctniMd by mt In toypractii
their day a in lunatic aaylutna or baveaank Into pm
ur medicine, and dvilrv to placa tbli TOXIC where ll
pill funn, nuto a?nd It UiroD|fa Um nail In.plain'
Ilniulrwdi or luUmonlaU or poaUivo .cum or ci
In my office, whlcb were accompiUhed aolely by the
nc? aatUfiaa me (bat no medlcio* known to tbt prof
nantly tbau tbla. Every form of Nenroua Weakn*
ttpermatorrbu1*, Proataiorrhcua, Impolcncy, ate., la <
la an liidornamentoNtby the dlatlnitulabed editor o
by bavltur ui?d U aoaacc*aarn)ly In ula own Ursa at
Address DR. CARSON, 723 T\
, ,)Va bav? known Dr. Caraon tor aevaral ya?M. an
Ulltarally true; In fact, In ourownbandaUltimate
la an bouot aud reliable pby*iclau.
grg (Goods.
/3 DQ I
v v i \ r 11 ui
LS. Rhodes & Co.
V ,'1.
Will open this morning a new
tack of Ladies' Brocade Velvet
nd Silk Mantels.
.ace Curtains!
Our stock is new, Patterns
hoice and at the right price,
leautiful Lace Curtains at $2 50
er Pair and upwards.
tot A T3"DVCQB6s99P:iUA:''luy''t:-VKNr-M
XI t\ W~5^/i;?it<.y,r.nrlnuniurouji
ARacxcalCurE FOR ? 5/loo free lodalro&cts or
nmn n Wrnknfiss 'i^vuiguuiu
uuuauvud|njnlsr(UK| bn|?rtan?
f?*YSIOAL gas-' JfisdpK
p- J)?CAY, Hflsyiui RuncmrUutius
A^eamon. ||*i|nn to builnm, or ?um
Tested for overOlS0*,' lno, toeon*tojf?c? In
THOUSAND OASES. Hsgjpi,-?. ujrdircti?rpncaikw
lb-flu tho se*l or JlkAM Ita
Tflxee H?a -Krffis.'
A TRIAL BLfe,"r" ftiwttwfcol thi ho.
1, ? MOK&Sr OffissSjesa
Jliroo MogUu, 7.oogJrtPHmth mS muuU vfcor.
300* N. Toath BU, ST. LOV2S, MO.
P11 PTURip PERSONS! Not a Truw.
ylfrmmw ?
nnOITIlir Curv without Mcdiclne
m In foot d*y or leaa,
Han's Soluble Medicated Bougies.
N'O nauaoon# dean of ouhebs, oopabla, or oil oI
adal xvwhI, that we certain to produc;? dyapgpaia
dentroylug the ooatingi of the Hlnmach. Price
.60. Bold by all dniRglxu, or mailed <>u receipt oi
loe. For further particular tend ior circular.
P. 0. Box 1683.
J, 0. ALLAN 00, nllRF
BS John Stroai. New York. UUIILl
tfjf. Whan d?hlUtyt esluwrttd
A lM?Wcw? pnun&ture d-cuy
in *i.J .failure to, perform llfVa
% *duU?aprr>i>r-rljrareoaaMa 1/
_ _ > jjt J"d?vVl0n uii*niuBboS<*\j
lew and ?|rae? iMlhod* and abMlnta tliorHitur*a<
Ktill inforoatlou and TraaUaa fn*.
Mama CoamltiaR fnyatclan of
Will cureUi??a?ata tfco Kidney*, Gravel. Gleet,
rlctnrwj, Rod ?U Urinanr and urethral Dlieaaca,
id now, ulopn. eruptions, aoraiuJa, tetter, ult
leum and all blood and *k!u dlmawes. Fennile
eakncM upccdllr cnwa. Gonorrhea cured In 8
it*. Price 1*00. Sold In Wheeling, W. V*., by
V Logik & Co., Draggwo. Befit by
nUmUfld. **
rXJ fi EquiLFOB CuRWfl
WH'BM- ,5rfncrri,<wK?Nt5S
nMArsii rowusfVi 11 l-l
Wietasc. hi lit 'J A
H H Vv M*r*tUut tuittn,
I ra^Kim'aoSm
y NervcRcstorer
* mU Djwrn & N?*Vt Onlyntrt
irt f*r A'ert f iMwf ><//, 'ft.
kH.IIJLB If ?Unrt?Ut ft* UltlAflf
k>*> TrMtlM an t f? trial tioul* (in M
mi to n?.KUN&n AHhat.h?%Mrw*.n.
"* * ^gJgiCK r.
I nm still selling Tiokott to ot tmm Europo >1
abulou* low prloou U. F. BKHREN8,
Urocer and 8tc*m*hlp Agent
2317 Market St., South Branch, 8801 Jacob St.
Attorn ey-nt-Lnw,
No. Wis Karkot street,
111 FlM llfNti OtMiiiiiaM, OhU*
'< Strut gontc.
?lor many yean, for tba treatment of Nirroni Vroti rarinatorrba;*,
Impotcncy and all affection* of the Kidney*
ulu. Ijwv*never lo?tapatient who used It. but It W : .
,wbo, bad it notbjen for iu timely lielp.wouldhave ended
Bftnrtfnkm. I am now ?Wli[f ap lboacUra prietlpe 4
. will do tlie moat Rood. 1 havo therefore bad It put up In
wrapper*, free from obtervatlon. to all part*or tfic world.
!?? teMnRKSSHS^;
ewlon will mtore lo?t vitality more rapidly and jwrtna. <
a*, especially Hint of tba Generative Unratii, tucb a*
completely cured by.lt. and often by a tingle box. Bolow
f Hkai,tii akdHoWk, Dr. llale, who luiow* of IU virtue*
id lucrative practice. - .
SIX BOXES, $5.00*
velfth Street, Washington, D.'C.
, . Wj?ni*oTO?n. C.. Mtf iah. lBI. .
I we know what lie atnto* In tba abovy wTfertlwuimt to
baa done much tnoro than the l?<toM-lwlmi? for it. lio
Kdln'r Hkai.t ' Inn IIumk.
Kvoccrics, Sec.
Fork Packer and Oarer of the Celebrated
# "Red Bird Hams,"
Not. 1309 AND 1311 MAIN STREET,
Wheeling:, W. Va.
My own Cure of Choice Smoked Mcata received
dally direct from my Pork Hotuie at Mancheiter. .
General Groceries
In ttie Bute.
Sole Agent In this City for
Sumford'i Yeast Powder In Bottles.
WcNam*ra>"OJory" Tobaooa
McAlpin's "Onward" Tobacco.
LotUer's "Silrcr CoinV'Tobocco.
ROYAL PATENT, Bremen's Boat, Best in the ;
market fcb6
Mesa MackcreL
Mackerel in 5 lb. cans.
Fresh Mack oral in 1 lb. cans.
Mackerel In kits.
Broiled Mnckoml In 81b. cans.
Codfish Main, Cod tab Bonelew, Codfish Balls.
Pickled Salmon, Fi*jab Ralmon.^SnMMBflHR 1
French Sardine*. Kardtoes In Tomato Pane*.
American Sardines in oil, Sardnea iti Mustaid. , ]
Fresh Lobster, Baratravia bhrimps, Deviled
Crabs, Flndou Huddles, 4c.. &c.,
Iebl8 Cor. Market and Fourteenth strecta.
ii i.i.n,,riu<n I
11 Ut I JUCflUC.UIUC<tt O I
Strictly Puro-60 cti a Pall. i
mr20 litOfi MARKET STREET. j
Gas and. Steam Fitter ]
Ju?t rerclved, a lot of Chester'* Putout Adjuata- ]
ble Hurnen.
Hpeclal attention given to Jobbing. inrl4 !
1418 Market Street, j
arHeattug and Ventilating of Public Building"! (
Dwelllnas and Factories a Specialty. I
"yyM. 1IARE 4 SON,
Gum Iiud Stciun Fitters,
All work done promptly at reanonable prior*
U7 1
Insurance (Companies.
Omca?No. 1203 Vain Street.
CAPITAL. 1100,000 00
Doeaa general Fire Inrarance Bniinom. Farm
property, and Dwelling Houmm and oonlenu Inland
for throe or fire yean.
Henry Schmnlbach, Alex. Langhlln,
John I'. Campbell, H. F. Behreui,
David Qutman, W. H. Roblnwn,
Ben]. Flihcr.
J. 7. L. BODOKBa, Secretary. jyO
'1AP1TAL , ......1100,0C0
Intures against lou or damage by flro and light
alng all oIimm of deelrable property, alao Imurw
cargoes on the Woatern water*.
f. N. Vance, President, M. Bollly. Vice Prcridcnt
f T. QtwwtMaln Oaa'v la- P imu't Bon
N. Vanoe, M. RaUly, L.C.Btifel,
I. H. Hobbn, C. W. Fnuuiholm.
financial. j
OAriTALuMiH i.tl^OOO^
|V*. A. Ism.................. President ,
*/u. B, Simpson Vico-PriaJdent
Praia on England, Irobuid, Fianoo and Germany, '
Wn, A. Inert, Wm. B. Simpson.
J. A. Mil Her. John K. Bofrfort,
E. M. A tklt mon. Victor Koneuburg.
Houry 8peyer,
mr21 F. P. JEP80N, Caahler.
CAPITAL.... 4200,000.
I. N. ^Prttidrat
UMUK. LAOOHLm ?....Vloe-Pro?ldci\t
J. If. Vance, 8. Horkboiwer,
p. Langhlln, W. EUlufhaa,
JL 8. Delaplain. A. W. Kdley.
John Frew,
Draft* laued on England, Ireland, Scotland and
all point* in Europe.
3tm* 3. .IOKKB. nmhtw.
glial gstatt
Ueul Estate Agent and Stock Broker.
Bpodtl attention given to Collertlni Bulla ari
Kcnetml management of Bead lfttato. Can fnr
nlah the beat o( reforoncca.
mria Whecllnt, w. Va.
: Real Estate, Stock and Money Broker.
Bttatea Settled, Hotuei Rented and Reuta <?1
looted. *rn?3 Market Btrect, cor. Twelfth,
1TJ1 Wheeling. W. Va.
ffiommlsstou glctxhants.
B. DivtHKjaT, c. 1). Eoouomw,
General. Of D. Ejfglcaton A SON, Special*
f ileelen In Oitln.^nr^PoMi. ProTlalona, cboeae
Jrt im WAHHlKnTtW St. nhlcaio.
8:30 5 H 9:io ? ?? ?
11:00 " 7 u 12:00 M. 8:00 "
1:00 p. M. 9 " 2KB p. M. 9:40
Leave the city at 8 a.m. and erery hour until 9
p. m. &1n8m& ' in?
Lcavo Wheeling Park at A* m. and every hour
antii iokm. a HKBflca.
, no6 8op<rioUndent.
bulM will run u follows-Wheellng time:
No. 88. voTi Roll
hit bod 1*0. Local. No. 87 Dally No. 88 Dally
Lety?- A. M. P.M. A.M 4.M. P.M.
Wheeling ti? 4:10 7:i0 8.4 6:80
BoUalre 7:1ft 6:4?
Minulngtoii_? * 7 JO ???-..
? Arrives at t. M. p. *
Grafton......^.. ... 4:00. . 11K* 1:10 10:16
% P.M. A. M.
Oomborland-... 8:40 "7:0C 8:80
Washington City- 7:tt 7?0
fcltlmorf : 8.-QI 8:10
tto.86, tt and 8? nop at aU Stations. ' *
" No. 2 Mo. 4 No. C
WMTBQuyp. No 14 No. 12 Dally Dally Dally
Let re? a. m. p.m. a.m. p.m. p.m.
Wheeling?......... 7:85 8:40 9:16 7.*06 11:20
BelUlre 8:10 4:16 10:06 7:46 12:06
I Znuuivlllu. 11:90 7:00 12:18 ?J? 2:40
Newark.......... 1:90 lOUft S:W
Columbus....,..,.,. 2:40 11:80 6:16
Cincinnati....... - 7:26 4:0010:00
8enaoakyMHMMU. ^ IM .,1 8:66 * '
Indlanapolia. ?11:00 7:0ft *4*45
^ > . A.M. P. M.
StLonls 7:80 6:4ft 7:10
tBllCaftt ? 6:40 9.-00 7:28
gyMMClty^..,.. 8:00 i:lj 9KK)
"Tioundhviiio mooSSo3moS IpmtVBSEingat
11:86 a. m., and arrive* at Moundavllle at 12:16 p.
m. dally except Sunday.
Mannineton accommodation at 4:10 p.m.
ZanwvflJe Aocom. leaven Wheeling at 7:88 a. m.
and 8:40 p.m. BellalreatftOOa. m^nd4:16p. in.,
' ItanaVvfi^iuSoramodiUon taken off.
B. A O. Sleeping can on all through trains.
Through Coach from Wheeling to Columbus on
No. 2, leaving Wheeling at 9:16 a. m., arrinm at
Columhui at 2:40 p. m.
Clow connection! are mado lor all points Bnnth
and Southwest, North and Northwest, making this
a detlrablo routo for colonist* and persons moviuK
to the great West, and to whom particular attention
U$?kots to all principal points on tale at Depot.
Sleeping oar accommodations can be secured.
Deoot Ticket Offios.
T. B. B. BAAfiX) mckrt Awnt B. A O. Depot.
Ticket Agent, under McLure House.
JOHN T. LANE, Tn?v. PasseuKer A Kent
R. T. DEVRIE3, Qenersl Agent. Wheeling.
B10N.B.4 0.
On and alter DECEMBEB 21, trains will arrive
ind depart as follows?Wheeling time:
For Pittsburgh-#:'.* dally and 4:10 a.m. and 6:80
p. m., daily except Sunday.
For Washington?4:10 daily and 8:25 a. a., and
1:06 aad 6:20 p. m.
From Pittsburgh?10:65a.m. and 7:00 and ll:lf
p. m., dally, except Sunday.
From Washington?4:iudally and 10:66 a. m., and
7:00 and 11:06 p. m. dally except Sundaj.
C. K. LORD. Gen. Pass. Agt.. Baltimore, Md.
mmo ir irrun iun n.
.u. IUt1U| UDU, .-U|i?. I ilMUUIKU. I B.
E. F. SMITH, Paaa. Agent. Plttaburgb.Pa.
Time table corrected to November
leave Panhandle Station, foot of Eleventh utrcet.
near public landing, u follows.?Central 8taii(lnr?
rUne-whlch la 85 minute* Blower that WhoeUuc
ttoa: 1
some south.
Daily Dally Ao
Pa*.Pi?: cow.
a, k. p.m. A.ar.*
Leave?Wheeling.?....,... 0:16 8:16 6:26
fcrrlvo-Bon wood 6:8S 8:35
kfoundsvllle 7:00 4:00 7:80
illariagton 7:50 4:50 9:66
Proctor . ? 8:06 6:06 VM
New Martlnrrlllo 8:25 5:25 10:10
Jardla 8:85 6:85 10:60
Hrtenvllle ~. 8:66 5:55 H-85
friendly (Matamoraa),.,? 9:10 6:10 12.10
St. Marys 9:45 6:45 l:bft
Mlliamatown (Marietta) 10:40 TM 3 54
Ptrkenrbum. W. Va. ? 11:16 8:16 6:16
i ooma woCTw.. - - .
" ~ Dally | Dally AoPaaa.
Paaa. coin
A.M.'PH. A. M.
Leavo?PnrkcniburK 6:B0 8:80 6:86
Arrlve-Wllllamatown (Mari'tta) 7:10 4:06 7:46
Bt Marys 8:031 4:56 i 9:45
Friendly (MaUmoraa) 8:40 5:80 11:00
31iter*vllle. 8:56[' 6:46 uSft
Sardla......................................... 9:15 6:01 12:21
New Martinvllle 9:28 6:10 12:BO
Proctor ... ? 9:45 6:82 1:80
Slarington 10:00 6:50 2.-00
Mounditvlllo............................... 10:47 7:46 8:<5
Benwood.................................... U:1M 8:10 4:85
ffheeUng.,.^.^.u.....^^.^~. UtMj 8'JO 6-.CQ
Passenger tralua dally Including Sunday. AuDommodatlon
tralua run dally except fiundav,
Ticket Agent. Wheeling, W. Va.
LOPIS RAILWAY?Panhandle Ron to.
Time table for East and Weat corrected to NOV.
16, 1584. Tralna leave Panhandlo Station, foot of
Eleventh utrcet, near publlo landing, aa follows?
UentralStandard time:
1 Pitta. Bast Fast Pae.
mnom. Eip'a Rxp'a Exp'i Kxp'a
A. K. p. M. P.M. A.M.
Leave?Wheeling............. 6:45 12:45 4:10' 8:20
Arrive?Wellsburg... 6:28 1:26 4:51 9:10
3teubenvllle. 7:06 2:12 5:26 9:88
Plttaburgh 9:25 8:26 7:10..
P.M. A.M. A.M.
Harrinburg.. 1106 1:10 4:16...?
Baltimore....... .... 7:40 7:40...?..
. A.M.
Washington .. ?. 8:50 8:50
Philadelphia. ? 8:06 4:88 7:50
New York.......................... 6:10 7:00 11:20
P.M. P.M. P.M.
Beaton 8:00 8:00 8:85
Pto. Dean Weat Aowatiow.
Exp'a Exp'i Mall, c'm'n
A. M P, M. A M P M
Leave?Wheollng. 8:20 4:10 5:48 12:fc4
Arri ve?Steubenville 9:88 6:25 7:06 2:12
Cad la. .3w...? ... 11:20 7:25.. 6:16
Dennlaon ?........?. 11:25 7:40.. . 4:C4
P.M. A.M.
Newark 1:45 1:55 0:45
Columbus. 8:00 8:16 8:00
Leavo?Columbia 8:20 8:28
Arrivo-Dayton, 6:67 7:22
Cincinnati 7:25 7:80
ludlauajKjllN 10:20 11:87
3t. Lool* "~7-sb| *7-80 ...
Chicago. 7:80 6:66 .........
AW trains daily excapt Sunday. ~
Pullman's Auace Drawing Room and Bleeping .
SSfiSra '
Hokot Office, under McLuro lloiue, Wheeling,
Ml wri-ofS"'' Ohio,
_Om'l Ful and Ticket Ajtint. pitubonh. p.
Cpndenjod Timo Table of l^wenger Tralna corrcctod
Nov. 16, l&a?Central Bu^ffiTlme:
IW. , P. M. A. M. A. N. P. M, p. w.
HUbnijli 11:20 i;oo . $,3, rj!{j
Allcjluwr U-M l;lo U:? 1:5
gg1??? WW 8:6ft 1:40 4:10
HutUropool i:os?:42alao 53
Cleveland......... 11:10 1:00 J:oo
Hirenm. .. 1:00 9m.., lM
tt= fc 83= ?|
SiS 2& ?fl J;g S3
Toronto.....,"..."..... A:M 10:80 1:26 SJi 6:80
BtotibenvlUe. 6:4ft 10:57 1:46 sX 6 w
? 7:02 11:16 2:W ?:? 7S
Martln'i Vvrrj 7:00 11:86 2:41 4:20 JiJJ
BrldMport 7:48 U& 2:48 iM 7:4*
Bclfflre. 8:00)12:10 8:00 4:5 {*3
B?iiAire.^ Vwl^SblioSi
?fer= sis ig|s:ll lis
glgafez: S;? }}:y j;s ?;>{
Twoalo css 9:50 ll:ai 4*3 Im
SSSfcr- '!?iSin 11 tig SIS
Btjvi 11:34 1:44 Vlf.
&&== J3 j? = III
Sfgsrr -sk J? & ~ra -ss
SShtar? Sl$ ?:? 5:W
WK. A.

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