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I Gtrmmistiontt't Salt.
m ^ urns
M iadren Klomaa Sttel and Iron Work
it Xoundsrllle, W. Va.
cr rtrtue ol the authority rated lnuibythod
M _J0f (he circuit Court of Marshall County, 1
euteml lu the chaucery came of the Marshj
cmbit ban* s*ainst Tin Audxvw Kloaua tiu
iSjlroauwW.aod other*, on the wat day
ftbrjsff.lw0'tad *co?led in thjujeery o?J
?5jfa * J"l* * 15V MUftft paNIo iiucUo
r7^f tiiihfti ?wl t*?' bidder, at the /rout door
Mtnull County Court Home, m iloundsviU
I " ifcvMV, TUt 131MV OF APRIL, JJffl,
solliuf Mill I'rvprty knowu as The Andre
rjaoifl died ?ud iron compauy Works, which 1
Sato iM following piopcrty, real ?nd persoui
nut li w wy: A lot of land situated lu the tOM
(/ jjuuodirlilr. In the county o/ Marshall, nut
bt.fl Si. ^ (iie Edition to what was former
tyrtruM fcJl?bethtowu: aho, lot Mo. 3 in aa<
mo. I) lug ^ >b? *ud lu the rear of lot nun
btrea ouc, tieri'iUAfter tueutloned; alio, the soul
HJ of lot >0. w In said town, situated on Wat
m pj c *UifU; al*o, Jut Ao. a in iiid town, in wfi
iu lometiy kuowu ju klizaOetb Tomllmon'a *,
itua to hliubcUitowu, wfiich lot is iltasted c
m ueofiionrerbank weitof the iJaltimoro <t oh
H drjet. slw>, * Pluc* 01 t*ud lu Wmbluutuu DIttrji
pi 1U Mid town of Mouudsrllle, lying south we
g[ Mij depot and on the bank of Uie Ohio rive
13-iMliiX tlif same piece or parcel of land c
ftirti fluid* the Itolhug AIllI erected by the Oh;
YtLtylruu Works, ajid u bounded as follows: it
H fiiUJiu at ihe northwest vomer ol * lot In sal
u?3 aold by Charles Ttiumpbon to James Bull
nn: Uicow.* southwardly viiree hundred f.-u
titsiK irtstwardiy to Uie ohioriver; thence nortJ
B nniJy to the south side of Mound street, an
urxvtmbuUrf *trvet eaitwtrdiy to the t>e*ii
slut, cuuulnlug two acre*, more or leu and beiu
ttoisae property whlcft was oonreyed to the OhJ
B Vsi>y iron v> ork* by Charles I bowpsou by d? c
(UieJ SUn^i 4. lAW.aud recorded In lH)od hook N.
S, pwe in tbe Clerk's office of Marshall connn
M jJjOJ the ^J, Utie, luterest and esute forme
m 1/ belaiftog to the Ohio \ ailer iron Works in an
le u Ao. 1, in Mid town of Mouadsrjjfe, situat^
wj UiewaUnUu of.Wound street, on me bank<
?i* ohiu rirer, snd immediately opposite said rol
I klimjw a UDlu Kallroad Company to ?a1U Obi
I vHwlrtin WorJu for the term of liny year* at a
I MDMlnwt offlv0 doUan' b' *u Nl*WDe9l t
undated April 1. Ml aud recorded id Doe
B Huk So tMuceVUt, in uiil Clerk'a office; nit*
5j u* bttlWlwS. improvements fjxturea and a|
MzZwa* now on mid rolling mill projior ty, au
Limemachinery,oiiKiuci, hofieni and tooU pei
a me work* in operation, and ail thu tl:
I m-i aoJ appliiiKW uo" belonging or attached U
afitim idA'*'Qg upon tho said Andrew Kloina
II fiuxl wJ iron Company property at JUound
rllk til ul which projwity in mora fuiiy* di
11 ttritwi 10 tlie dtxtl of trim given by A. V. Kit
!n,p, c. M. KIonian ami ?. Garrotter*, au
! JkJy wtro, to IMnlel Umb, triutee, dated Uie tin
H 4?5u! JUr, tsiii and recorded in Trust Deed Doo
xj. t uxe JW, Alanhali county Kccordi,
I m Twucr oAPt:-Oue-fourtb of the purcbaa
II meer cuh in iwud, one-fourth in aix montbi
oac-iuiirUi in twelve moutiii and the reniaiuiu,
I iwrtiiia eighteen month*. the deferred paymeut
bj uar iuu.rc?t /rum the day of attle ana lu bo at
tared by the bond* or note# of iho purchaser vrlt!
II twlMcurii)', aud the title to bu retained until lb
mxtw: money ia all paid.
| Hit title lo uio above property if believed to b
Hficct. but aelliug an btieciai Commissioner* w
H vtii convey only *ucl? title a* ia vested in ua b;
ik Court iu the decree above named.
j. l i'aKKINSO.s,
| Special CowmUaloneri
Bond and security has been given by Mid com
juniuDcft w required by law.
A. 0. BAKER,
Qui of Circuit Court of Manball County, W. Vi
0 *reoty ouu Dosirublu Lots In Daniel Zan
jtuoeitcail Tract.
la pcrauauco of a d*cree of th? Circuit Court c
OiluUiuuty, West Virginia, eutered on the 3D
iayof January, JM6, iu the caao of Cninmur ant
oth?ni against ludtanaAIodword* aud other*, tb
umienigued special Coinmkaloueri will, on
Winningat S o'clock a. m., sell at publio auction
?t tie (tout door of Uio Court IJoiuo of ublo couji
jr, H>*a, the following dweribed real property
iltiuted eu Wheeling buand, In the City of WheeJ
log, W. Va, that ia to lay: Tho north ono-balf c
the flora^touJ tract of Daniel Zano, deceaied, tb
whole of which tract contained twenty uuo acre
an>l uue rod more or ieaa.
| I Under the authority of tlio said decree tbo salt
eomwLalouen have earned the piop. rty to bo di
vided Into convenient parcel*, aud huve laid oi
itfivta and alley* through the same. A putt show
in* wch parcel*, itrceia aud alloy a baa ooeu pre
| pifo.1, and may be ?eeu at tho Court iiouso, iu th
. j.? llrt,,!, iVarlr nf ?h? (Vilmtv CnitM
Muted ctipick of Mid'plat may be bod on applies
Uoa to the uudcwlguou.
Tho said property will first bo offered as a whole
tad alterwiirda lu the parcels kbown on said plal
tod will bo sold in whichever way may appear lb
awtadvanumoiis. .....
Tuxi ur Sals-Uqo third of the purchase none;
or n> much more as the purchaser may eleu cash li
]ua.|, the remainder lu two equal Installment
MMblo respectively lu one and two yean fr >in th
Sir oi isle, with Interest Iroui thai day, th? pui
cfluer Klvius bis note* lor the deferred install
oeau, aud the uUe being rouinod to seijuio lb
Wtnentoltbem, \v. P HUUBARD,
1L fc. KU8SKLL,
Special CommiflEloneta.
J. Onivitr, Auctioneer. . ,
I Certify that buud has been given by said Specla
Cosuiisiouen as required by ine ?aid decree.
mr? Clerk of ?ald umrt.
rji 11. HKfflXBS,
Jtf Whkkumo, W. VA.
Artigtlc Photographer,
tfW ^prxnlte McLnre House. City.
gat? and Caps.
Sew Styles of STIFF HATS just received at
. a. A. BKUTER'S, 1101 Main Strcot.
Opening dsy for the celebrated Dunlap Bilk an
Btif Hsu on or before March 1.
W Slxlccuth ?tn*L Ladloa' suid Mlsaa
Buiw, Larv, Chip, Felt and Boaver IUts, etc.. a
tend, bltarhod, colored and flnl>bed In thelatei
nj.i I'rompUjr. iiillluers' work doueattheusui
Mwint poM
\a JUT* renovated to present styloa at moderal
gtf***. by Wm. flralovrsky, tho Practical Hatte
Kwhurub, l-a. Leave your orders with L. I
w^'.tw, WhA???ng wVI?
I'ictuws and &*t ptatevials.
Ti epoussE wohk!
Or Embossing on Sheet Metal,
rwitockof mi,Toolianil Uatcrlali at P
ptiMj, Juit recolvcd at the
?14 K. f*. Nwoij, Agont
thing, (Slats attfl (guecrtswaei
Bent o(
Nail Taper and llorders
At he Lcweit PrlcM.
Louisiana State Lottery.
lS?i2S55^r """erltUomitioiiol the ito
ili? C* J0IIXS<>f. COTlajton, Kj.
isoQiai orer.by Kxprt*it ay c
giclttt ancitt.
^li fcT,ckeu ijr
ta>, wanted.
' Bw'' " ??.*0., will do wtll to notUr
"? Second-hind Dialer,
St.. nntvwUn PnrtnflW
_ &ttotntn?at.gitut.
W. " ?
wwnaaim. w. v>
j-_ _ .'''UNKLIW
tea v> POtJNJ>RY,
CintinnmU, OkU.
**???. a*"*-'S6H ? SMITH
' Wtettoa. -t
Superior Excellence.
The reasons for PERONAte superior ex*
_ cellence in all disease and its Modatof'
crandi, are full/ explained In Dr. Hart-,
man's lecture, reported in hit book on the
I?* u Ills of Life and IIow to Cure Them,"
jj from page x to page 10 though the whole,
el book should be read and studied to get the
full value of this par excellent rctnedy,
" These books can be had at all the drug
oi stores gratis.
?. W. D. Williams,' U. S. Pension Agent
and Notary Public, New Vienna, Clinton
w County, Ohio, writes: " I take great
J* pleasure in testifying to your medicines.
J I have used about one bottle and a half,
a- nnd can say I am almost a new man.
' ? JI ave had the catarrh about twenty vears.
Before I knew wliat it was, had settled on
A the lungs and breast,butcan nowsay I am
almost well. Was In the army; could get
no mcdicine there that would relieve me."
a ? Col. 12. Finger, Ashland, Ohio, writes:
*' I nm happy to say I have used several
,t bottles of your medicine called PEKUNA,
r, and my health has been greatly improved
? by it I cheerfully recommend PKRUNA
? to all who suffer with heart trouble, as
d being an invaluable medicine;"
l; Rev. J. M. Ingling, Altamont, III.,
j! write#: " My father-in-law, who resides *
d with me has been using your PEKUNA
for kidney disease, which has afflicted him
[5 for forty years and couldget no relief unci
til he saw your medicine. I induced him
to try a bottle, which he did, and the one
a us has given him more relief than all
jj the other medicines he ever used."
" Mr. Robert Grimes, Rendville, Ohio,
writes: " My wife has been an Intense
0 sufferer from chronic catarrh, and after
? every other remedy had failed she cdhid
menced to use your PerOTA and Mana- ,
l? 3.im. They have helped my dear wife
5 more than anything the has ever used. .
r- She has now taken two bottles, and is so {
much better that she will never quit its ,
[j use until she is entirely well. It lus won- ,
? derfully improved her sight. We think
? J'eruna and Manaluc wlll'cure any j
j disease." ,
it R. Palmer, Pastor of tho A. M. E.
k Church, No. 193 Canal Street, Wilkes- ,
e barre, Luzerne Co., Pa., writes: " Hav1,
infused your Peruna, and by experience
IT m. nKniininfMl its vulnn T VL'rito
h asking you to please send me five boltlcs
i of Prruna and one of Manauk by exu
press and oblige, your humble servant."
0 Cook Bros., Prospect, Marion County,
e Ohio, writes: 44 We have a good trade on
f pERUflX, ourxustomcrs speak well of it.
row tcASrwann DUkhn.
" Qnlrta, Vara Corn*. it*'A.
- lamMMwgyy'f!'.?? *!?
; MmKfsa
Jj Wo.ggq WNP ?tWT.ftWCyv*ntf ?WUfr
1 Dr. J. E. SBIITH,
No. 1M Chapllne Street,
i, Near fourteenth 8trtet
The best ovldcnce of a physician's success Is th?
1 testimony o( lila patient*. The increasing de8
stands for my professional sorviet* provo that 1 have
* lealt honorably aud fairly with thuao who have
. tousuited me. I never use a patient's unrne with*
x out pennUalon. though I have many hundred cer*
: tiflcatea from those whom I have cured after they
I hiui beeu pronounced Incurable. A thorough med*
leal education with many ycarsttospltal experience
h and familiarity wtth thecanutlo acenbu auloso ob0
tervaucoof temperamental peculiarities and strict
? sttuution to hygienic management insures success,
' a cure is possible, and IlraiSkly give the patient my
; I-Iome Proof.
_ Kidney and Liver Diseases and Rheumatism.? |
\ Buffered terribly?"Nothing seemed to help me; ,
; could not get out of bed. lir. Smith cured me."
F Catarrh, Polypus of Now, Impaired >Polce.-8uf- |
fered for ycara; patent mcdlclne fulled to help me. ,
' Dr. Sxullh compIcUil&cdred mo."
Of Spcldel & Co., Wheeling, W. Va. ,
Dyspepsia nnd l/lco rated Stomach.?,srreaUn?nt
for years failed lo ftvo me relict Dr. SraJtli cured '
me.1' THOMAS UOLT, luaumuee Agent ' ?
. Kits.?Had them tor fourteen yean. Dr. Smith ,
Scrofula. Runu!or Sores on Head.?"My son was 1
affllcred for fourteen yean. >othlng seemed to )
. help him. Dr. Smith cured hlto."
Market Street Wheeling, W. Va.
Cancer.?"Sufltorod for yean with Cancer. Had K .
~ cut out threu tlmea. it returned after each operation.
Dr. Smith cured ate without kirife. cauitlcor
pain." Mr*, n. m. ORCUTT.
Pile*, Fliiuhi of Anua.?Flat on my back for 15
weeks. Reported- dying. Dr. Smith cured m?
without kulfe In five weeks.
Wholesale Grocer, Main 8t. Wheeling, W. Va.
Ulcerations of ltantum. Prolapnus and Pllea.?
. "W*? givon up to din and announced luourable.
Dr. Smith cured me without knife."
WA8HIK6T0N DELANY, Martin's Ferry.
Rer. H. O. Ladd writes:?"Dr. Smith'* profes ftrtai
>jrvlcai tn my family have been moat satisfactory,
and I oommend hia to all as a' gentleman
and a skillful phyvtoUn-"
Mrs. Margaret Kolk aavst "I bad boon sufTerinp
for ^ren yean and fcoated hr many physicians lor
dyspepsia. Dr. Smith said I had a tapo worm, and
- la elgutlumrt Amoved a mooater 109 feet Ion*."
femalaComplalnta.?Three year* In hospitals for
tanaloe, fire me peculiar advantages In suob ease*.
Pereqpa cured of catarrh, diseases of hoart liVyr,
stomanh, kidneys, skin, blood, uervous affections
and waaknaaMB of men and youth, scrofula and
asthma testify to my success.
Piles cured without the knife.
Patients at a dlstanoe may be treated br letter and
satisfaction guaranteed. A chart for sclf-cxamina.
tlon sent on rooeipt ot two thx?t-C?ut aiampe, and
0 advice returned free.
Consultation at oflloefroo. Office houn from f a.
v. to 7 r. daily. Call on or address,
JpHN E. 8M1TH, M.D?
), Xal?4CfcapliM?t. Wheeling, W.Ya.
1* Ini \m ???*
'? Hilly - ^Wir
u El b
r yr^ rSS
* From experience I think Swift's Specific I* ? w7
_ valuable remedy for cutaneou? diseases, and at the
- aamo time an Invigorating tonic.
Jamiw Jackhon, Chief Justice of Ga.
Atlanta, 8ept, 18*4. i
INOCULATED POISON.-After trying "all the
~*l Oiarift'a RnMlHn hSBCIlruil OlCSOUUd
auifwe 1 i'oTa UirrIble b 1 oixt polton contracted from
a nunc. Mm. T. W. lb, Greenville, a in.
OAK.?A lady.here has boen sntirely
cured of poison oak poison by the uie of two bottle*
of 8 8.8. & 8. BiuDroao,
Tlptotivlllc, Touu.
!. ULCERS 26 YKAR8.-A member of mr church
- hu boon cured of an uloemtod leg of 25 years
\ standing with twoboHcsof Swift's Specific.
P. II. Ckuuplsb, PastorMeth. Ch., Macon, fla. .
Swlft'a Specific U ontlroly vegetable, Treatise on
Blood andukln Diseases mailed free.
Tiik Rwirr flraciric Co, Drawer 5, Atlanta, Ga,,
or 189IV. 23d street, N.Y.
Sold by Laufhltn Bros, & Co., and Logan A Co.,
Z wholesale and retail. 1 Jal
25 V.rTF
Tbo Grntot MaJical Trinmph of Ult Agt!
Losaofappetlte? llowela costive, l'aln In
the bend, with a dull sensation In tho
at hnclt part* 1'nln nnder tho shoulderblade,
Fullness nfter eating, with ndlaIncllnatlon
to exertion of body or mind,
Irritability of tempor? Loir spirits, with
a feeling of bavins neglected Home duty,
r Weariness, Dizziness, Fluttering at tb?
Heart. Dote baforetho eyea, lloadaebe
oror the right eye, Bcatlesaneaa, with
? lltful drenma, Highly colored I'rlao, and
'A'UIT'S FILLS oro especially adflPtro
to snoh cagei, quo doau offiootg suoii a
- change offeolinf aatoaslonlahtliqsufrem.
* tammasBtsssn
= ffiiitllM
~ Mxongthens^inewtefc,rept^thewMta?M .
852. US tmpartaBe^Sgor ocniwtooed.'
Sffici? VlTSurray vin New York#
~ fe2ft-rni?ivr
> fflT FREE!
ag A.ftwita prvicripdoh of ?m of ths mow
???* noted and luccewfid inodaltiti in th? U 8.
(now reiircrt) for tha euro of Neiroua Dahlllty.
Loat MimtioiHl, Wenkneaa and tlprnv. Sent
hi in plain scahd euvclopo Pre?. Dniggiiu can fill It.
Addrni DR. WARD & CO., Leul.luu, Mo,
OfflQ* t Nos* ?fi fuid 91 FoartMatli Street* J
????? c
yvtmtoraiortU Doai Up that I'niavorjr Mam- f,
ure la inn* Htjle. ,
to the Editor e/the Jnltlllociictr. },
St*Senate Bill No. 119 has keen very g
generally denounced by nearly all diain- tl
terested parties who have examined it;
and, as a rale, all that has boen necessary
to cause decided opposition to it, is a thor- Jj
ough inspection of it. Outside of the er- ^
ratio gentleman who claims to be the au- tl
thor of it, and a few other devoted friends cl
like the Senator from Kanawha (Mr. ?
Byrne) none have lately been found so poor ?
as to do it honor. Especially is this true b
since its sudden and unhappy demise, dur- f
ing the- dosing days of the Legislature, {
which unexpected talcing o(T caused about "
a doien Democratic Sunatora who seemed pi
unduly anxious for its birth to go so far as "
to disclaim friendship or, evon sympathy, J1
for it. But the challenge to point out its >
evils has been made, nevertheless, and
as there has been no public acceptance of P1
Uds, and as those who opposed the bill ?'
should be ablo to give a reason for their tt
conduct, and, inasmuch, as the task is an "
easy one, though, perhaps, not brief, and
as the public, no doubt desire and have a
right, to be fully informed on this subject, W
the use of your widely read columns is
desired to present a portion of the greater "J
wickedness of this iniquitous measure. ?
For the purposes of this article, refer w
enco will only be made to three points of T1
danger and destruction in the bill. It is
true that it iB so full of corruption,
such a huge and loathsome sore, that {"
nil that is necessary is to press upon it
snd offensive matter will How from it; but ,
it is scarcely right to utilize all the space J"
of the Istellioexceii for a month or so, in 1,1
the details of this tragedy?so three glaring
evils will bo enough for the present. The j
indictment will therefore contain the fore- ?
iroing number of counts, as the lawyers {*'
1. Tlic bill is designed as an engine of cl;
ippression, to tlio peoplu of the State. P'
3. It contains none of the exemptions of 811
benefit to tho agricultural and manufacturing
interests of the State. P
It does not permit the deduction of
lebta from credits.
rnoor or tii* chahoes. h(
For convenience, the present tense is SO
iscd above, and in fact, the spccial champ- 8U
on of Senate Bill 110, does not by any ab
33 cans consider it defunct, judging from bis go
iterances in the public press. In this bt
jrosecution, about all that will bo needed a
o convict will be to let the accused speak n?
'or itself. Concerning the first particular,
reference to sections four and live of the W1
jill sustains the charge. The sub-head to
;hese sections, is "ltomoval of Assessor on ju
CJomplaint .of Auditor," and the sections 0I]
fully provide how this may be done, for
lisobeyirig the- Auditor's orders. Before tb
ueing removed from office, however, the w
unfortunate assessor is to be fined a couple
)f UmcS, not less than ten nor more than pr
)ne hundred dollars. This is supplo- Ui
mental assessment with a vengeance! m
rhisisa'tax withering machinery to be dii
under the control of one man, that would
jive an executive officer a power for oppression
never before heard of. This
feature alone is enough to everlasting Fa
iamn the bill.
Reference to tbe forty-third section of (a
the bill shows that all the exemptions to ur
protect the agricultural and manufacturing
interests of the State, exemptions on
the statute books of West Virginia and Je
the mother State of Virginia, to a greater hc
dt less detfVeo for nearly llftv years, are J?
swept away. Not even a spelling book is J1'
emitted from the capacious maw of this
ievouring creature. And to sustain the P11
ihir/1 anoiiiflfiatin'n nn nfuminiitinn of rris
lions flfty-BW-and xiity-aix demonatrntes
that in assessing, debits are not to bo do- th
Jucted from credits. No matter what a
man's liabilities, nut a cent ot the notes or l',j
other matters due him, can ho use to oflset j?]
them. Tiiis beautiful, gaudy and migni- ,
[iceut idea, ipeans simply that an indi- d?
vidua! must pay taxes on what ho owes. vi:
The first point of guilt, herein made out, ,t
Is as monstrous as anything which could qu
be preferred as a ohargo. The effort to Hi
make the Auditor, a creature of supremo re
authority, has already been oondemned te:
by the people of the State. Sections four Oo
Bnd five of the bill aro only an effort to rj.
give the officer named above unlimited all
power to issue assessment and Stipplemen- p,
tal assessuient orders. An effort to amend ,i
these sections, in the Senate, was denorni- th
natcd by gentlemen who now desire to jn
explain away their course, "a thrust at pt
the Governor and Auditor." ac
As has heretofore been stated, Cooley |o
on Constitutional limitations, settles lit
this matter In the dearest, most sensible pi
aud most positive manner, Qn such a In
question as the issuing of orders-by an ns
Auditor, declaring a statute null and ca
void, and setting np something as law 8;
which never has been cnMtctJ by a LegU- nr
lature, Cooley uses language which may ;ic
bo applied to thu benefit of tlio people UB
against the oppressor, with certain effect to:
In tills Instance. Be says that it is a jj
principle of Anglo Saxon law, a comer ra
stone of liberty, that those only should e(,
pay the tax who vote it| no<! fanes wrung
from Urn people otlierwiso, became plundor.
"Moreover, an assessor must show
statutory authority for all he does." The
people of West Virginia must vote a tax, J
through thoir legislative representatives, av
before it oan be collected from them. sn
A glance at the second charge against < <
this bill shows the utter uselessness of this < '
attempt at cruel oppression thst seems to fn
be contemplated in sections four and five. ?
No exemption* protectingagitcnitnw anu "
manufacturing lute renin being permitted, W
what could be the use of enacting these nc
sections? But ono answer can hesug
posted and that is they are to sustain the
executive power in wrongs already dgno
against the rights ot the people,
Going directly at tho second o<linus fea- of
ture of the bill named herein, the doctrine m
laid down in Cooloy is found to apply here th
also. Owing to the taot that three Domo- de
cratic Senators did not agree with the th
other twolve, saving nothing about tho di
situation in tnellouse of Deleg?tes, Legis- hi
lativo authority was lacking, and the peo- M
pie through their representatives were. a(
found still voting in favor of exemptions yt
protecting manufacturing and agricultural hi
Interests. In fact if the Democratic majority
had been kept compact and- had repealed
the exemption statute, their action ar
would havo been repudiated by the peo- ni
pie, through the b?llot box, and a suW cli
quent legislature would bavo righted tho
wrong done,
Such Democratic members of the State m
Senate, as opposed all exemptions, found- (jj
ed their views on section one of article ten
of the conitltutlon | yet invariably voted
against givingthepeopie the right of passing
upon an amendment on tbi< very hi
question of tax exemptions. This in the ki
face of the most positive utterances, by hi
resolutions passed by large majorities in
the conventions of evory political party in
the State.
Further, the very section of the con- in
stitution on which such gentlemen as the ca
Senator from Kanawha (Mr. Byrne) and nt
tho Senator from Mineral (President lit
Price) together with all the upholders of tu
Senate Bill UP, and the late State adtninls- gl
tratlon, rely, tiodi not sustain them. They Pi
pursue a shadow while the substance el
eludes their sight and grasp. True, it ?
is Just and right that taxation should P
be equal anil uniform throughout the A
State, and that no one species of prop- ai
erty, from vkieh a. tax may bt counted,
shall be taxed higher than any other
species of property of equal value, Some
gentlemen have lost sight of tho ids* in w
the constitutional provision, comprehend- a!
ed in the italics above j but beyond that,
even, their trouble is in too striot construction
of the language of the ponstitutlon.
Any one, with a half way decent b
knowledge oi the tax question, knows D
hat absolute perfection in carrying, out
he idea of in tqual and uniform system ^
f taxation,-has never been attained and
irobabljr never will be. All that can be 1
lone la to work toward the standard, and i
0 keep aa near up to it aa possible. In (
oing that, to refuae to recognise the difB- (
ulties, In the way of attaining perfection, 1
Jr those who make and enforce the laws '
9 blind themselves to the danger of undue t
aate in a journey towards the right, is as t
roes a crime aa to intentionally trample c
be rights of the people under foot c
serious jcvjl or th? hnu 1
The whole mibjectofgovorumenteliould J
a to distribute all burdens, so that they t
'ill bear as lightly as poesible on the .
ody politic, and not to so pursuo an ideal, ,
lat serious injury will be done to a great v
lass. Here is the serious evil in this bill, 8
ud in the views of all those who oppose .
amotions; the burdens of taxation fall ,
lore heavily still, on those who already i
ear the greater part of them. Ii this ,,
]ual and uniform taxation? The effect of
tws providing for taxation, not the <
leal contained in them, is what should i!
b considered. That which declares itself >
be just and yet is not so, is but a s
lockery. A man might have his eye i,
ted on the infinite dome above him, and r.
t tumble Into a pit. Obstacles in a legal ?
ithway must bo considered. So to carry .
it the very spirit of the constitution in ?
lis instance, it is necessary to remove J
le obstructions otherwise in the way, ^
id to do this exemptions are nocessary. ?
hat is to say, there must be exemptions
1 order to secure equal and uniform taxion.
Some of the bunions that already i
11 to4 heavily must be removed, and not
Jiers added. This is tlio whole situa- .i
on, and he who wilfully blinds himself ?
i it must not expect to be held blameless
hen he stumbles and- falls. ti
iiao count?muv'a decision?penalty, w
Finally the third count in the indict- i>
ent is reached. The guilt of the crim- p
al is too apparent to justify an argument t?
i? >. . 1... ?II ..... i ,l
Ii-Iigtii, utic , ] Oit 1U|> uiu uiuiiri 14 uuk
^ducting credits from liabilities in assess- H
g personal property, be illustrated for a "
oment. Suppose a man owes ten thou* a>
nd dollars, and has the same sum due P<
m in good paper; and that is all of bis n<
lancial condition. What is lie worth? vi
lie answer, apparent to a six-year-old to
lild, at a glance, is nothing. Vet this J'1
oposed bill would tax him on ten thound
This question is vital, not only to the fa
eat wholesalo men of Wheeling, but to ot
most every merchant) mechanic, and ca
rmer throughout the entire Stato. What
isinesB man in West Virginia but what
is some liability, and at the same time
inetbing due him? Is this thogreat fit
m of concealed property in the State in
out which so much has been said? If th
, the revenues will never be increased oj
- a tax on it. The whole idea is simply sj
contemplated monstrous outrage/that g>
eds only to be known to bo condemned, m
The verdict of the people of this State, di
lio are passing on this matter, must nec- ?
sarily be that tho accused is guilty. The ?
dgment is that the crime being a base 01
e, the criminal must be annihilated. Bl
It does not matter that the judgment of Fi
e people has been forestalled a few J*
?eks; simply, juatico was done. The Re- C>
iblicans~m tho. West Virginia Senate Ci
omptly executed Senate Bill 110.
nder their oaths, as they viewed the
atter, they had the right to do this; and m
i ti. P. W. Moum
Harritville, March 21. ' lfl
Winter* Killed Vluei. CC
rm ami Oantcn. th
When winter has passed away and the #
st days of spring appear, the fruit-grower
nd those interested in horticulture) nutally
enough, goes forth to examine tho ?
ndition of the orchards, vineyards, etc.
9 comes to a Delaware vino, or it may
Homo other variety subject to mildew j
i cuts through tho hark to ascertain its
ndition, and he finds it black and dry.
9 at once decides that it has been inred
by the winter, without evor stopng
to think that it might have suffered y
>m some other cause. Had lie paused
r little reflection on the weather during
n latter part of the past summer and
lied to mind the wet and humid atraos- 0;
lere of August of several days in success- a
a, accompanied by scalding sunshine, M
llowed again by showers, he would no 8i,
ubt hare remembered the tact that his j0
nes wcro attacked by mildew, and that ](,
uch ol tho foHitye had fallen at least six I)
it'ks before it should, and before ta
had performed the functions re- <ji
lired by nature?that of ripening ci
o wood as well as the fruit. And hern <jt
Bta the true caufe of the so-called winr-killed
vines, for when the leaves are 8i,
ice off no furthur progress is made in j?
wning either fruit or foliage. There are k
10 other causes as well, that at times m
oduce ft similar injury; excessive dry
iatlier during autumn at times injures th
e roots and arrests the progress of stoV- bt
I! the necessary chemicniB required to
operly ripen tho wood, or excessive wet
id warm weather in late autumn, fol
wed by sudden and sevfre cold, with rc
tie or no (rost in the ground, finds the m
ant in an unripe condition; tho wood
ted trith-thin, watery sap anil nnpre- .
red for severe weather, and injured la
nes aro the result. Had the season been eg
regular QUO the plant would have been a
operly ripened, and therefore pro- ra
ranted hardy. But this damage Is not
ually discovered until spring, and t herore
the blame rests upon the froat Icing. B,
le same may also be said of poaches, Bi
Sj>berriea and many other forms of veg- Cj
AVUat a l ie. C'
"Whilo in India," eay? lord Garmoylo, r,
was asleep in oiy bed one night when I
roko fooling lomething very clammy ?
eking to my great toe. It was a cobra. ,
itting my hand beneath the pillow I
ew out my revolver, took aim, atiQt off ?
e toe with tho snako attached to it. Tho g,
e was subsequently examined by an ex- l,
rlcnocd surgeon wiio discovered that it q
u impregnated with poison. Had it c/t
it, therefore been for -my prcsenoo oi ?
Ind, I should never baveeeen my native
igland again." _
RusmIu In a Had Way.
Russia baa nearly run out oi money, and
oms to have no friends among tho nations |
tturopu. iiic miiu:a?give win governed
all manner ol botheration and
reaton its destruction. Russia is like n
ibllltated dyspeptic without funds. But
ere is hope tor the moat debilitated
rspeptic it somebody will only supply
in with a bottle o( Brown's Iron Bitten,
r. I U. Thorpe, Ohariton,. Iowa, was
Dieted with debility and dyspepsia of live
inrastanding. Brown's Iron Bitters cured.
A singer In a Michigan college paper
ixioualy inquires- "Why comes not
y lover to meV" Have yon thought to
lain up the dog?
rh? llorifonl <11 ra&nno nnd Couk Book
ailed free on application to the Humford
jemical Works, providence, It. I.
Angelina?"The man I marry mast be
indsome, brave, and elevcr." Tomp- ?
ns?"Dear me I How f?fortunate we 7
ive met!"
Piles! rues!) mm 11 (
Sure cure for Blind, Blooding and Itchg
Piles. One box has cured the worst
ses of twenty years' standing. No one
led suffer five minutes alter using Wilim's
Indian 1'ile Ointment. It absorbs
mors, allays itching, acta as a poultice,
ves instant relief. Prepared only for 1
ilea, itching of the private parta, nothing fi
se. Hold by drupgista and mailed on re- J
ilpt of price, $1. Frailer Medicine Co.,
ronrietors, Cleveland, Ohio. Wholeaalo
gents: Logan A Co., Wheeling, W. Va.,
id j. C. Dent & Co., Bridgeport, Ohio. ft
WW ^
A New England man baa a trunk strap ^
hich has lasted forty yeara.. Must bavo
I been girls in his family. $
"Bough on Hats,"
Oloan out rata, mice, roachea, flies, anta, >j
Bdbugs,akunka,chipmunks,gophers. 16c "
, ?
Popularity nd IU CaUM.
Button Bwcvn.
What 1? it that determea a girl's popuarity
In society ? Is a question often beard
n these daya of social strife and aggraniiaoment,
and a question that no one is
juito able to.answer in a word. It Is not
jecsusc she is rich, it is not because she is
cell dreveed, or even prettyit 1b not
hat he' (airy godmother bestowed a witty
ongue to amuse tho dullards; it is not bemi
use Bhe is "rarely intelligent,"or "highly
iducated," or "so amiable"?no, nono of
heBe desirable qualities would render the
topnlar girl .more popular than she is,
hough perhaps she is fortunate enough
o possess one or more of them for her
toclc iu trade. The girl everybody likes
teed have neither money nor beauty,
vhich, in the world's estimation, contitutes
social power; but she must have,
,nd does have, a gracious manner, a cerain
graceful bearing, decided intelligence,
flstinctive generosity, and, above all, the
;reatest gift over awarded to woman?peronal
inatnctisin. Beauty is called the
atal gift, hut personal magnetism, which _
3 independent of beauty, is the gift of ~
>ower, and, though scarcely recognized at
irst, only relinquishes its hold with death ?
tsclf. The popular jjirl always has this
iscination in more or lesa degree, and if
tith it go the othor attractions oi happy
ircumstances, she rules the indisputable
uecnof her small sphere. Iler friends X
0 not analyze the effect she has on them; \
(ley simply like her, love her, and later, 1
1 hen the tune comes, adore her. ;
A Plucky Servant Girl.
IctrjuxA Courier.
A servant girl of Lislo laid a wager that f
bo would fo into tho charuel house at I
idnight witiiout a light and bring out a al
ead man's skull. Accordingly, at the V
me appointed, she wont; but llio person
1th whom she had made the bet, Intend
lg to frighten her, had Hid himself in the
lace. When he heard her descend and St
ike np a skull he called oat in n hollow, aI1
ismal voice, "Leavo mo my head I" The
irl very coolv laid it down, and said,
Well, there it ia then I" and took up
aotherj upon which the voice again re
sated, "Leaveme my head!" But the I
eroic girl, observing it wob the same I
)ice that bad called before, answered k
i her country dialect, "Nay, nay, friend;
o' cannot ha two heads I"
Tug Bicycling Ar?ci, London, England, ch
ys that St. Jacobs Oil is without doubt Ti.
ie of the most useful articles a wheelman '
in have, in case of a sprain or bruise. pe
l>r. Vmitl'l (loot Miller .
Frazier's Root Bitters are not a dram
lop beverage, but are strictly medicinal lir
i every souse. They act strongly upon nC
16 Liver and Kidneys, keep tho bowels
ion and regular, cleanso the blood and
'stem of every impurity. Sold by "drugsts.
SI 00. Dr. Frarler's Magic Ointcnt?tho
greatest blessing that has been
scovered in this generation. A sure ??
ire for Boils, Burns, Sores, Cuts, Flesh yj
'ounda.Sore Nipples, Harder Soit Corns,
liapped Lips and Hands, Pimples and
lotcbes. Price 60c. Sold by druggists,
raiier Medicine Co., proprietors, Clevend,
Ohio. Wholesale agents: Logan &
y, Wheeling. W. Vs., and J. 0. Dent &
j., Bridgeport, O. daw I
It was a damp day when Hoali's Ja
other-in-law got left. to
Hon. Jodoi J. M. Com;<bubv, Clevend,
0., says: "1 have used scores of pile
ires, and it affords me pleasure to say r
ot. T Yism naiiB? fnnn/l nrltinh I
ves such Immediate anil permanent re)l
na Dr. William's Indian Pile Ointout"
Wholesale Agents: Logan & Co., '
'heeling, W. Va., and J. 0. Dent & Co.
ridgeport, Ohio. iuw
A husband at home is worth two in a
l>?c!tue oC Mud.
Nervous Weakness; Dyspepsia, Imponce,
Sexual Dobility, cured by "Wells'
eolth Keuewer. SI.
Ad vine to Mother!.
Are you disturbed at night and broken
your rest by a sick child suffering and
villa with pain oi cutting teeth 'I II no, ~
nil ut ouee and get a liottlo oi Sirs. Win- S
>w's Soothing Syrup (or Children Teeth- r
g. Its value is incalculable. It will reivo
tho poor little sufferer immediately,
epond upon it mothers, there is no misko
about it. It cures dysentery and
urrlran, regulates the stomach and bow- AD
9, cures wind colic, softens tho gums, relues
Intliiuimatious, and gives tone and
icrgy to the whole system. Mrs. Winjk'b
Soothing Syrup lor Children Teethg
is ploasant to the taste, and is the preoption
ot one of the oldest and best (eale
uursea-and physicians in the United
atcs, and is for sale by all druggists *
roughout the world. lrico 25 cents a A
ittle. uwsdw
Don't Dl? In tl?? Houm. AD1
"Rough on Rata" clears out rata, mice,
aches, bed-bugs, flies, unto, moles, chipunits,
gophers. 15c. AD1
An enthusiastic Blaine girl in Oakland,
st week, paid an electiou bet of 100 kiss- AD1
. The next day the young man claimed
rccount, and the girl has consented,
ther than throw tho caso into the courts. AD1
Stop That Conch I
1 using Frazier's Throat and Lung W
ilsam?tho only sure cure for Coughs,
jlds, Hoarseness and Sore Throat, and
1 diseases of the throat and lungs. Do
)t negleet a cough. It may prove fatal.
low s and hundreds of grateful people '
ce their lives to Dr. Fraiier's Throat and A
Zm caiwitn, auu no i?muy wm ever do
utit after once using it, And discoving'ita
marvelous power. It is put up ^
larflo family bottles and sold for the
nail price of 75 cents per bottle. Frazier
edicine Co., Prop's, Cleveland. Ohio.
iratoga High Book Spring Water for sale
i druKgista. Wholesale agents: Logan &
d., Wheeling, W. Va., and J. 0. Dent &
x, Bridgeport, Ohio. paw
Salunltoix OU. AD
Entnnoe 13* Uulut BUeet. j?j
Dfflr^Hnnw?Qtnl y. y. apH rhfl
Ho Corering to Roof o( Mouth. ??
No Doitroy log Semu of T&ite.
?rVitaUwd Air, ana TMlh Extracted Without
wrtt 1203 Muktt Street. 1
?V EST AUL13UKD 1871. A
jiy Best Gum TttctU. $7 ffl
Ttrth extracted without jmIu by *new Ahm*- ft
letlo. Local Aprt!P*llon. Oou ire oot put to ^
eep) Teeth filled wit returnable.
hB. 8. H. CALTlWETiL.
aril J?oob 8U? Cor, TMrty-fltth fit. a
gc. Cat<oi
Dr. Carson's
thalrdayaln lunatic aayluma or h*t? lun^lnto pr
of iMdldnt, tad daalra to plact I All T051C wbara
pill form, ao m to mm It laron|D Um mall In plait
, llundrtidi of tuUmonlaU or paaltjw car* of.
lo my oBce. which war# iccompfubad aolalyby U
net uiliflta ma tfaAt no ntdlcltw known to tba art
nantly than this. E*#ry form of Htrrotia Wrakp
Sparmatorrbcra, Proatatorrbota. Impotancy, ate., li
it an lndoraamant of It by tba dUUnfulahwi adhor
by barter uaad It ao aacemf ally in hU own large i
SINCLE BOX, 81.00;
Address DR. CARSON, 723 T
, Wa b??o known Dr. Canon for aarar?l yaaij, m
ht lltarally traa; In ract, in our own Laud* tba Ton,
la an hanaat aud rallabla pnyaiclan.
gtfl (&OD&S.
Will open this morning a nev
ock of Ladies' Brocade Velve
id Silk Mantels.
ace Curtains!
Our stock is new, Pattern!
oice and at the right price
:autiful Lace Curtains at $2 5c
:r Pair and upwards.
?oU#? and Cuffs.
1% AMTMl
\\ ?/| V finest goods
ftv y ever made,
// m 111 Llotn, both
f I Linings ??o Exterior*.
L B Aik tar tlwn.
u. sonnebobn.
Agpnt for wheeling.
jn thb
Zwj rnrnm
-? make money 1
fZRTIBS "wise
/ERT1BK dealers
fotms acknowledge
raon .
pertise dc tub columns of a
(tehee widely circulated
? newspaper,
? *i-nan
fKBTBS not order Printing
? of any character until price!
reB Blmve been obtained at the
??n8EBAItT "itklliokhujsii
m WtcordUlly recnuimotui
0 M JourU m th?b**t mnotjr
MtjjtrCam IQ ^33 known lou?t*Gooo.rhu*
fs 1 jsftdsmap"
11~u * luk.
BK'ciMlcniuSDH HlduKi T.
_^9L. cmq- VE oUbrSnnWfc
1 frk. #1.00.
gPrrtm I/OOAX A CO., AgCTtt.
'ill our? Disease* of the Kidneys, Gravel, Gloel
etures, end all Urinary and Urethral Disease*
voua and Phytic*! lability. Seminal Weakneni
aoi vigor, Premature DecHne la Van, Earl;
iay, Impotency caused by errors of youth, <u
tes, Ac. Syphilis 1q all its forms, sore tbroo
1 noso, ulcere, eruptions, scrofula, tetter, sal
urn and all blood and skin diseases. Femal
Ucness speedily cured. Gonorrhea, cured in
a, Price# 00. Bold in Wheeling, W. Va., b
f. Booking, Loo am ?b Co., Druggist*. Bent b
n??i?i. tat
goHe* STuttts.
Roller Skates
I'M gtcwe gontc.
i Nerve >Tonifi| 1
[ i
ll^if!?n.bl*^k&eya&thflVaffactJoTtbtKMrnnrf ? w
1 * PP;?,^ 'ro? oMrvAtlon, to all part* of the world. ?
sSbsS b
?m. r?pacl?lly that of tb? Uvneraiive Gr*an>, auch as JLi
i compUrttljr cur*l by U,?od often by a alnfle bo*. Ifelovr BSE
Of 1IXA1.TU AKP lloNH, Dr. Ullt, WbOfcOOWl Ot 1U VlrtOM . yt
md lucrative practtca. trail
SIX BOXES, 85.00.
welfth Street, Washington, D. C. Lo
. , jrinnxoTo*. n. C.. JUinrlfttb.lM. 2<M
jd we know what lie atalta In the above advert] nemeot to ?a
icuakdoiMUuali mora U)?ut>JffU"Clnrc|alDi? forIU lie Ar
w. II. HALE, II.1).. Graf
.Editor It iui.t? ?xi? Hunt.
. i =5 Cum
<5vOCCvies, ScC. Weal
1 BaUI
I wholesale; ^
Fork Packer ud Cnnr ol Uu Otlebnltd gjjj]
"Bed Bird Hams,"
I Glnoi
Nos. 1309 AND 1311 MAIN STREET, Zl
i Wheeling, W. Ya. 8t.Lc
My own Cure of Choice Smoked Meat* reoelreil Ohloa
^ dailj direct irommyPoxk Home at Manchester.
General Groceries
In the BtaVo. Zan
and 8
' dairy
i Sole Agent in this City for
f Kumford'i Yeatt Powder In Bottle* No *2
' MoiSamara'a "Olorr" Tobacco. %?*
McAlpin'i "Onward" Tobaooo.
Lotticr'a "SUtot Coin" Tobocoo.
DuPont'aSporting.Mining and Bluting Powdt f ?di5
? Oelebrated"8oal Sidn" Ogata. *
) ROYAL PATENT, Bronaon'a Boat. Beet In tb? Depot
market. fobs T.
Men Mackerel. ? Mackerel
in 8 lb. cani. ?5iJ
Fresh Mnrkoral In i lb. cans. ttt
. Mackerel in kit*. VV
Broiled Mackerel in S lb. cam.
Codftah Plain, Codflnh Boneleas, Codfish Bulls.
Pickled Salmon, Froah Salmon. vn*
French Sardine*. Sardines In Tomato Sancc. ;5r
American Sardine* in oil, Bardiies iu Muataid. .
Freah Lobster, Baratravia bhrlinps, Deviled
Cnbi, Flutiou* liuldlm, Ac.. Ac.,
1 ? ^Froi
It. jr. SMYTH'S, 7!M?
feblB ? Cor. Market and Fourteenth rtreets. g. p
"OWN MARK" OF jjgj
I Strictly Pure-50 eta a Pall. TtJif p
; mr20 iMB MARKKT STP.FKT. _ tlmoT"
. Shunblug,(5as&iftcain?ittlnjr
Gas ancl Steam F'ittex*
Juat received, a let of Chester1* Patent Adjtiitable
burner*. NewM
Upoclal attention given to Jobbing. mrH B^dla
' WllUa:
1418 Market Street.
WHeating and Ventilating of Public Buildlngal nl,
Dwelling! and Factories ft 8pcdalty.
YY&l. HARE & SON, Mount
Gum una Steam Flttora, Pim
No. 63 TWELFTH BTREET, ??nm'
All work done promptly at remtonabl?
insurance Companies.
! rvmo valletTfire insurance J1 '
Omca-No. 1209 Main Street.
lAPITAL...^...... *100,00000
Doee a general Fire Imuranoo Btulneas. Farm
property, and Dwelling Hou/ms and contents in- Loarelurod
tor three or five jean.
in n -- OlOUDC
DH1CT0W. Pltubl
Henry Bcbmulbiich, Alex. Langhlln,
Jobn P. Campbell, E. P. Bohrew, Harriil
David Gutman, W. H. Hoblnson, Baltlm
Ben]. Fiibcr.
HENRY 8CHMDLBACH, President. W?jjj
J. V. L. BODQKB5,Secretary. " lyffl gg|?g
^he franklin insurance co.
or whxxlxko, w. \x.,
JAFITAL. r 4100,000 ?f?
Insntea against lo? or damage by fire and light
oing all clatfee of detdrable property, alio injure*
largoes on the Wertern watera.
omens. Jotof.
N. Vtnoe. Prwddont, M. Bollly. Vice Prosldont cadjZ
I, L. Btroehlcin, Seo'y, Jss. P. Adams, Ass't Sec. Dennii
N. Vance, M. Beilly, L. a fltiiol, gjPg
l. H. Hobbt, O. W. Franxbeim. Jolu
) J* CinciS
ginanxlal. Bu ^
Bank of the ohio valley. ',u,
Car* tl
CAPITAL. .?..f175,000. ElUtto
1 lnmbu
ftu. A. Inrrr.......................?.....M^...........Pn*Ident apolU 1
*Tu. B. BiicweN Vice-Proidont For 1
Drafts on England, Ireland, Prance and Germany. *>w to.
D1UCT0X8. Ticket
? Wm. A. Xaett, Wm. B. Slrapeon.
1 J. A. Mllllcr, John K. BoWord,
E. M. Atkinson. Victor Roncnburg.
> Henrr 8oef er. Q?
mra F.P.JBFflON.OMhlar.
, CAPITAL. _....^.?200>00a Cond
I. N. Vxncn .President
1a*0h. LAoeHuy...^? ?VlofrPretldeat
PI^BS. piubu;
J. N. Viujoe, B. Horkhotoer, Alloctn
. B. Laughlln, W, BUIngbam.
L. 8. Delaplaln. A. W. Kellojr. Bocba
John Frew, EMt L
Draft* taued on England, Ireland, Sootland and M .
upolnuln Kuropo. Otoroli
JOHN J. .TOKUS. Cjuhlnr.
fReal gstate Scents.
fi. o. SMITH, Jgg
Real Estate Agent and Stock Broker. Ml
Special attention given to Collecting Bent* and
general management of Heal Estate. Can tat Bridge
- iuh the beat of reference*. Bellalr
mylO Wheeling, W. Ya.
r <Bw?(?ot to Alex. Bone, 8t.) "rinir
< Real Estate, Stock and Monej Broker.
3 Eatatea Sottlod, Hotuee Bented and Renta Col*
f tectod. N11U Market Htrcet, eor. Twelfth,
r lyai Wheeling.w. Va. Bajan
" CarcHttisstoH gXcvchants.
- B. Daykwcrt, 0.1). Eooumtox, chleai
General. 01D. Enlotton A SON, Spocial. rM\ t
1 C00s^3^issx03sr StSt
Jimlen In Onln^Flonr jJaMt^FKrllltta, CkeeM All1
} Jrf IP w?HHiKOTnv bl. Chirwn.
A towmihlptoget npclube for TUB WHEELING
WKKKLY IM'KLUbENCihU. fend for Spoouou) WM
rrHgpr.TNff tfcELM GROVE B.'K.
g :: ? " JiSJ. S;$ ?
ooF.M. 9 " ' 2:00 P.M. >:4Q
. on imtSATI.
wre the city at IA.K.ud mry hour twills
a. ?.^hSS^??
6 Baperiotondent.
? will ran a* foUows?WheeJiBK tine.
Ko.k.| Hoi i rSojl
ur bound. jxx*l. So. *7 Dtliy No.M D?ttr
lr?_ ZT r. ?. a. k *. *.
alugtotu. 7:80
ug 'imrnj
borlftud ............................ it4U 7:00 i'XQ
ilnKonatT. 2i?~~ J5S
[more 8HX ....... 8.80
, to, M aod 87 flop nail Btatlom.
No. 21 Wo. 4INO. 0
wmovvn. Ko 14 No. u l^yD^y
ITC? A.M. P.M. A. M. P.M. P.M.
fltrf 7:85 1:40 9:15 7:06 11:20
Jro. 8:10 4:15 10:05 7:45 12:06
JrtuSl? U:2C 7:00 ulu ?i? |;<0
irk................ ??? 1:20 10:15 8:82
nV . . 8:40 11:80 6:1?
QQAtl 7? Moo 10:00
unky. - o:80.1.W..I o:oo
jupoUI- 11:00 7:06 4?4fi
A.M. p. M.
nMf 7:80 6:45 7:80
B? 6:40 9:00 WQ
u City ..f T8&>| 8:80 9:00
iindirma aoooramMatlon lOTj Wheels! *t
a. jn? and nrrlvt* at Mouudflvillt' at 12:10 p.
ily ozcopt film day.
inltiKtou airoumuKltttlqa at 4:10 p. m.
tiRvillo Aocom. leave* kneeling at 7:85 a. m.
:40 p.m. Bellairo at 800H.ro. and 4:15 p.m.,
liwvfilp ftoooraroodntlon taken off.
k 0. Sleeping Gars 00 all through trains.
vugh Coach trom Wheeling to Oolumbttf on
, leaving Wheeling atflUAft.m.tarrtrui|at
alma at 2:40 p. in.
o oounocUons are mado tor all points South
outhwost, North and Northwest. making tliia
rablo route tor colonists and persons moving
great Went, and to whom particular attention
am to all principal polnta on sale at Depot,
^hj^qtfaooommodatlons <*n be secured.
a 4 0. Dopo..
Ticket Agent, under kfcLure House.
K T. LANS, Trav. Pismmci Agvnt
W. M. CLKMJCNTB, Jf. of T.
?. DBVRIE8, General Agent. Wheeling.
B. A 0.
ind alter UKcEMBEK 21, trains will arrive
jpart as follows?Wheeling time:
Mttsburgh?8:2ft dally and 4:10 a.m. and 6:80
dally except Sunday.
Wsahlngton?4:10 dally ana 8:15 a. m, end
id 6:20 p. in.
n Pittsburgh?10:86 a m. and 7:00 and 11:16
n WMningtoa-^fwcially and 8 28 a. m. and
id 11:06 p. m./rfyexuept Sunday.
K. LORD, (Jen. Pass. Agt. UaltlmTv, Md, '
H.M. KING, Gen. BupL. Pittsburgh, i'a.
. SMITH, Pasa. Agent, Pittsburgh, 1'n.
o table corrected to Govern beria, 1884. 'i raJ u?
Panhandle Station, foot of Eleventh street,
ublie landtag, as follows-Central Standard
-which is 86 minutes slower that Wheeling
eonfe south.
Dally Bally Ac-'
Pass. Pass. com.
a.m. p.m. a. M.
-Wheeling.,.....^ 6:1ft 8:16 6:25
?Beuwooo.... 6:Sfi 8:35 6:50
Isvlllc... 7.-00 4:00 7&0
Uton 7:60 4:50 0:64
r.M. .
.................. 8:06 6:05
[artlmrille 8:28 6:25 10:W
. 8:85 6:25 10:50
rtlle 8:55 6M 12'8ft
lly iMatamoras) ?... 9:10 6:10 12.V.
jys 9:46 6:45 1:6#
niKtown (Marietta) 10:40 7:4C 8:56
loniy. w. u;*D| e:ioi 0:10
OOIHO worth.
D&llylUaily Ao>
Pua.1 Pass. com
jlk. P.M. JLM.
-Parkenbttrg^ 6:80} 8:80 6:85
?Williams town (Mari'tta) 7:1? 4:06 7:45
. 8:03 4:65 9:45
ify (Matamoras)..... ...... 8:40 5:80 11:00
r. M.
?... 8:56 8:45 11:25
. ............ 9:1N 6KM 12:21
(art^Illo^.. -9:2N 6:10 12:50
r ?. 9:45 6:82 i:?
rtotlj lQ'.ON 6:60 3l<#
Isville. 10:47 7:45 8:45
Od a.................... llilOj 8:10 4:85
tog- r.. ll:80| 8:80 5:C0
jn^er tm:n? daily Including Sunday. aojdatlon
train* run dally exoept Sunday.
Ticket Agent, Wheeling, W.Va.
OOIfl RAILWAY?Fan handle Koute.
3 table for J?ast and tfeit oorrected to NOV.
4. Trahui leavo Panhandle Station, foot of
th street, near public landing, m follows1
Standard timo:
: Pltu. Kait I Fast Pac.
rrATiOM. Kxp'? Kxp't Exp's Kxp's
A. M. P.M. P. M. A.M.
-Wheeling^..... 5:45 12:45 4:10 8:20
-Wollsburg ?.. 6:28 1:25 4:1U 9:10
nvllle.. 7:06 2:lfl 538 0:83
irgh... .. 9:25 8:25 7:10
P.M. A.M. A.M.
burg........... 11:15 1:10 4:15
ore- 7:40 7:40
A* M.
e7pbIa.M....m:..<HMM 8:05 4:85 7:50....^.
orlu." 6:10 7:00 11:20
P.M. P.M. P.M.
8ioo| tm 8:85j
" Pae. Denu West Ao>
7AT10MB. Bxp's Kxp'B Hall, c'm'n
A.M. P.M. A.M. P.M.
-Whocllng.... 8:20 4:10 6:45 12:64
-BKubenvUlo-. 9:88 5:25 7:06 2:12
.............. 1130 7:25 ...mm., 5:15
on-...??..?11:25 7:40 4.C4
P.M. A? X.
t 1:45 1:66 6:45
bin 8:00 8:16. . 8:00
-Columbus 830 8:35
-IMyton.... 5:57 7:22. .
naU 7:25 7:30
spoils..,.. 10:20 11:87
A.M. r.u.
ito. 7:80 7:80. .
Q-......... 7:80j 6:65}
mini daily except Sunday.
nan's Palme Drawing Boom and Sleeping
arough without change from Bteubonville
Philadelphia and New York. West to Go*
a, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago, Indlauind
St. Louis.
Lhrough ticket*. baggage checks, ileeplngcar
Bodacious, and any further Information at>INO.
O. TOMLIN8ON, Ticket Asent, at Pun1
Station, foot of Eleventh stroot, or at City
Office, under McLure House, Wheeling.
Manager. Columbus, Ohio,
a'l Pmi. Mil Ticket a pint, riilibunh, ! ?.
etued Tim? Tabid of PuMUKCr Tralm cor*
NOV. 16,1864?CentnU B Snd^Tlma:
II a. m. r.n. r.?.
11:20 8:00 ii':? 8:85
BOT- U:80 8:10,..^,. 12:56 8;4S
12:20 8:56 l:4C 4:80
IvcrpooL...... 1:06 9:42......... 2:20 6:1B
r. k.
aid............... 11:10 1:0)...^ 2:00
lrf)0?.-?. 9:42 t:W
i:B6 10:25...^. 4:io
I 2:? 10:68 4:18
F. M.
iUo............... 6:66 10:09 12:65 2:46 6:55
6:16 10:80 1:10 8:06 6:21
??"V ?- 6A* W'.? *tfi 6.30
nvllJo. 6:46 10:67 1:46 8& 6:60
nt-. 7:02 11:16 2:0/ 1:48 7:08
' F?ny_. 7:00 11:56 2:41 4:30 7:41
port 7:48 11:M 2:48 4:28 7:48
?...1 8:001 12:101 8:00 4:40 8;00
A. V. A. X. A.M. KM. p.'?r.>
6:10 8:20 10:29 2:80 4-i?
port. 6:22 8:83 10*7 8*7 i'S
fe~ S;5 SIS ffig Jig tU
BSsc SIS SIS ii;g Jig {is
te= fiS iSiSgi S!m tiSS
1 |.w *2^0
<?_ 13:0) 4;? |.?
t10 ?? 2:90 6:26 6:16
^ A.M. A.*.
-trerpooL^ "'im 13.56 '"c^ool"'iTIa
kf- 8:2?......... 1:40 6:40 6:fO
Mmiu ?... 8.05 2.-26 7tS 6:16
gr?" ?I ??f 2:? 7:5| 6-',6
THln? dnily excopt tJuaJ*r.
Cowl JUu?(vfi

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